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12:20 AM
@NewTopicChallengeSuggestion Wait, Tündér Lala has an English translation? I didn't know that. I thought it only had a German and French translation.
I like Tündér Lala personally. That said, among the children's books, Abigél is more famous, both because it's better written and because there's a TV film adaptation made of it with screenplay by Szabó Magda herself. Abigél the book has translations to French, German, Romanian, Italian, Latvian, but I don't know if there's an English translation.
And the TV film is made with very good actors too.
@b_jonas Also translations to Czech and Polish. Abigél may be more well-known than the adult books in fact.
@AlduinTheKhajiitiNord Shakespeare has translations to a lot of languages, and some of them are better than the originalis. You may want to find some of those translations.
@AlduinTheKhajiitiNord You could also start with books whose prose is easier to read than Shakespeare (that would cover just about all of in English literature I think). Isaac Asimov or the Harry Potter books with their straightforward language are good for reading in original.
12:50 AM
It looks like Abigél has an English translation published in 2020. Good luck getting access to that.
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8:40 AM
@AlduinTheKhajiitiNord If you are looking for books that are easier to read, you can start with graded readers (see Language Learning Stack Exchange) and the suggestions I collected on my own website.
@AlduinTheKhajiitiNord If you want to expand your vocabulary through reading without constantly looking up words in a dictionary, the strategy you need is extensive reading (or "reading for pleasure"). This requires that you choose books in which you already understand at least 95% of the words, so you can guess the meaning of new words based on context.
9:03 AM
@Tsundoku Wait, there's a language learning stack exchange separate from ell.stackexchange.com ? Somehow I didn't know this.
9:51 AM
@b_jonas Indeed. I am a mod on that site :-)
I don't know how I didn't notice that site before.
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12:19 PM
Q: What was the play 5-10 years ago where all the dialogue consisted of generic words describing what might be said

scottefThis might have been a short piece rather than a full-length play; I heard about it in a news story. I don't remember any details, but the idea was that instead of actually speaking content words, the actors all just used dialogue which was generic and descriptive, although conveyed plenty of emo...

Q: Searching for middle school literature texts from the 70's

B. GoddardWhen I was in 6th, 7th and 8th grade in mid-70's, my school used a series of textbooks for the literature classes. I thought they were excellent collections and I've hunted for them several times over the last decade. I remember a few of the stories, but don't remember which of the 3 texts each...

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6:00 PM
Q: Why is Mr William Collins never refered to as the Rev Mr Collins in Pride and Prejudice?

Jan ReconMr William Collins is an ordained clergyman in the Church of England, and becomes the priest of the Hunsford parish. I realize that neither Miss Elizabeth Bennet nor her father particularly revere Mr Collins. But I wonder if there is a reason why nobody refers to Mr William Collins as the Rever...

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7:59 PM
I just found out that Philip Roth's novel The Great American Novel has a main character named Gil Gamesh.
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9:22 PM
Q: Was Frankestein's Monster really an illusion?

devI am investigating about Gothic Literature, more concretely about Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, and realized there was a theory on the possibility of Frankenstein's monster being an illusion (some info can be found available here) Do you know if is there any paper or specific publication mentioni...


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