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Hulu to Turn Ralph Ellison's 'Invisible Man' Into a Miniseries http://bit.ly/2z8FabD
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Q: More similar children's book

bfhahaI read Chris Van Allsburg's children's book The Sweetest Fig and very love it because it has an unexpected ending. So I think that it is not only a children's book but also appropriate for an adult to enjoy it. My question is: Could anyone suggest other books which have the similar plot to me? ...

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9:32 AM
Whether we need a tag might be arguable, but we certainly don't need a tag.
Nice, well-described ID question - needs more upvotes.
Q: What is the message of "Seasons of Glass and Iron" in terms of men?

Rand al'ThorI recently read the short story "Seasons of Glass and Iron", winner of the 2017 Hugo Award for Best Short Story, which may be read in full online. Since the main characters are both women and the only way men appear in the story is as their oppressors (Tabitha's husband, Amira's father and suitor...

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3:06 PM
Q: How did Snape figure out the stuff he had written in his Advanced Potion-Making book?

EJoshuaSThe first thing that we're actually shown is Snape's modifications to the Draught of Living Death potion. Some of his modifications, like crushing the bean instead of cutting to release more juice, seem like reasonable things to try. Even adding juice from 1 extra berry seems like a reasonable th...

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8:27 PM
@Bookworm Maybe he created spells the same way as people in the world of Septimus Heap:
> The Charm contained the Magyk imprint of the spell. It was often a piece of parchment, although it could be anything. Marcia had seen Charms written on bits of silk, wood, shells and even toast, although that one had not worked properly, as mice had nibbled the ending.

> And so this was how a Magyk book worked: the first Wizard to create the spell wrote down the words and instructions on whatever he or she had at hand. It was best to write it down at once, as Wizards are notoriously forgetful creatures, and also the Magyk will fade if not captured quickly. So possibly, if the Wizard were
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BTW, @Hamlet, I've sent you an email. It'd be great if you could reply to it, since you don't seem to have noticed it ;). Thanks!
(to ward off questions: no, I didn't use mod tools to find his email, don't worry)
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grumble grumble I need to memorise the beta rep thresholds.
Gotta know who can VTC around here.
Anyone with 500 rep.
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It'd be much easier if there was a constant ratio between beta and graduated for all the privilege levels.

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