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7:18 AM
I have replaced with in Another diameter-perimeter-area inequality. Deprecating was recently discussed on meta. (No action was taken so far.) Should that tag be removed from this question, too?
Q: Another diameter-perimeter-area inequality

filipmRecently I learnt that $$\DeclareMathOperator{\diam}{diam}\DeclareMathOperator{\per}{per}\DeclareMathOperator{\area}{area} \inf\frac{\diam(C)(\per(C)-2\diam(C))}{\area(C)}=0$$ where the infimum is taken over all plane convex bodies $C$ (say, with non-zero area). In other words, there is no non-tr...

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10:23 AM
The tag was created in September. Now it has two questions. It also has tag-excerpt and tag-wiki.
Q: Non-Abelian fundamental group? --- a bizarre example

wonderichFor the quotient space $G=G_0/G_1$, knowing the homotopy groups of $G_0$ and $G_1$, one can determine homotopy groups from the long exact sequence $$ ... \to \pi_n(G_1) \to \pi_n(G_0) \to \pi_n(G_0/G_1) \to \pi_{n-1}(G_1) \to \pi_{n-1}(G_0) \to \pi_{n-1}(G_0/G_1) \to .... $$ But in pract...

Q: Quotient of a Fano variety by a torus

GiulioWe work over an algebraically closed field of characteristic zero. Let $X$ be a Fano variety, and $T\cong \mathbb{G}_m^r$ a torus acting faithfully on $X$. I think we can canonically linearize the action of $T$ on $-K_X$. Is anything known about the GIT quotient for this action? Is the semi-sta...

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11:29 AM
Jan 20 at 11:26, by Martin Sleziak
The tag existed on several questions: https://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/10243/2018/11/17 In some cases the tag is not displayed in the revision history.
I see that the post where the removal of this tag was suggested has been deleted since then - most likely by moderators. meta.mathoverflow.net/posts/3971/revisions
Nov 17 '18 at 10:33, by Feeds
A: Help cleanup tags!

YCorI suggest to burninate discrete-series. It has 7 occurrences at the time I'm writing. 4 of them are concerned with the meaning of discrete series in the context of the classification of unitary representations of semisimple Lie groups or analogues (the "space" of irreducible unitary representa...

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3:04 PM
The tag was created in August. It now has two questions.
Q: How to value the extent of separation or mixing of point sets in plane?

rube wangAs the image presented below, the reddish point set is totally separated from the blueish one and the greenish one, while the blueish point set is quite mixed with the greenish one. A number of point sets on the plane. Each point set takes up a simply connected domain concave or convex. The poi...

Q: Enumerating all partitions induced by Voronoi diagrams for clustering

CookieMastera classical results by M. Inaba et al. in "Applications of Weighted Voronoi Diagrams and Randomization to Variance-Based k-CLustering" (Theorem 3) says The number of Voronoi partitions of $n$ points by the Euclidean Voronoi diagram generated by $k$ points in $d$-dimensional space is $\mathc...


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