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4:13 AM
Q: What are morphisms between regularity structures?

Zachary SelkIn Hairer's notes A Theory of Regularity Structures he defines automorphisms of a regularity structure on page 28. I will recall the definition here: Is there any way of extending this to morphisms between different regularity structures? For example, one would probably want the polynomial reg...

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7:16 AM
It seems that my edit on the question Guidelines to prove that $2^{\sqrt{2}}$ is a transcendental number? (to remove a deprecated tag) lead to a meta post: Restriction on editing closed questions.
Q: Restriction on editing closed questions

Praphulla KoushikGuidelines to prove that $2^{\sqrt{2}}$ is a transcendental number? question bumped into https://mathoverflow.net/ after making an edit. I am not sure if that adds anything to the question. Should there be restriction on who edits a closed question? Even though if it is just tags. How about re...

Maybe I should add to this specific situation that my edit to this question was mainly to remove (abstract-algebra) tag. This is one of the deprecated tags and AFAICT there is an ongoing community effort to remove those tags and replace them with more suitable ones. In this case (abstract-algebra) was the only tag on the question. A recommendation from a moderator was to retag questions which do not have other suitable tags first. — Martin Sleziak 2 mins ago
Aug 9 '17 at 1:34, by François G. Dorais
For , I think it's a good idea to first retag all the questions that don't have any of the obvious replacements: , , . That leaves a little over 200 questions...
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10:26 AM
I should say that now I have some trouble with my internet connection, but I hope I will be able to access chat (at least to some limited extent).
@MartinSleziak how does it make any difference for closed questions... — Praphulla Koushik 50 mins ago
Well, it does not matter whether the question is closed or not, if a tag is supposed to be removed, it has to be removed from all questions.
It is true that diamond-bearing users might have other methods for removal of tags - even without bumping. I mean burnintation and merging. But they can be used only in some situations. As a moderator said here in chat: "Nothing beats manual retagging."
Jun 16 '17 at 18:14, by François G. Dorais
Nothing beats manual retagging, but it's good to avoid excessive bumps. If there were more retagging enthusiasts, we could have a retagging spree for a few days and get rid of stubborn bad tags.
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12:05 PM
I think that blacklisting the deprecated tags should at least partially solve the problem: The existing deprecated tags should be blacklisted. We would be sure that those tags do not appear in new questions and the existence in old questions would be less of a problem.
Considering that the speed of the removal of deprecated tags is about 10 questions per month or perhaps a bit faster, this might take quite a long time.
At the moment there are 891 questions with the deprecated tags. Although most likely not all of them will need to be retagged - at some point the remaining instances of those tags will most likely be burninated or merged.
For example, there are currently 103 questions tagged with no top-level tag. I hoped to get this number down to 100 - that's why my several recent edits were retags of questions having this tag. It seems that choosing a closed question was a mistake. (Although as I wrote in my answer on meta, I still think that if the question stays on MO - even closed - it is better if it is correctly tagged.)
I will mention once again that there are several users on this site that help with removal of the deprecated tags: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/44938414#44938414. Although the examples linked there are mostly tag edits to recent questions.
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3:45 PM
BTW, on the timeline of that question I see that it already got two delete votes.
> today votes daily summary N/A Up: 0 Down: 2 Delete: 2
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6:46 PM
Q: Nambu Vinogradov bracket

Jim StasheffHas there been any work on homotopy Nambu brackets or even better on strong homotopy Nambu brackets?? Ordinary Nambu brackets appear most recently in work of Takhtajan.

All three tags were created in the same question. The question has no top-level tag.

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