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8:06 AM
Here is a more complex version of the query that finds posts which had given tag at some point in the past: Posts which had given tag in the past. The new query also contains LastActivityDate.
The query has to look in two tables, which I did using inner join / maybe somebody more familiar with SQL knows whether there is a more efficient way to do this.
Here is the original query which only looks in PostHistoryTable: data.stackexchange.com/mathoverflow/query/787716/…
All of that is mostly based on what the query from Arthur Fischer's answer to: Can you tell who created a tag
Q: Does it make sense to have both "surfaces" and "curves-and-surfaces" tags?

Alex M.I have noticed that there currently exist tags surfaces (with description "A surface is a two-dimensional topological manifold. The term can also be used to describe a smooth surface, depending on the context." and 145 questions tagged) and curves-and-surfaces (with description "A surface is a ge...

Suggestion to merge these tags made by quid in 2014. I suppose this issue might get a bit more attention now that it was posted as a separate question. — Martin Sleziak 28 secs ago
A: Help improve tagging!

user9072Some merge/syn suggestion: curves and surfaces both into curves-and-surfaces (one might want to keep them separate but then one might remove the latter)

9:12 AM
Just in case some of those tags gets deleted after this discussion: curves-and-surfaces tag-excerpt, surfaces tag-excerpt. (Tag-wiki is empty for those two tags. The tag (curves) has completely empty tag-info - not even tag-excerpt.)
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11:09 AM
Q: Synonym by a moderator which needs approval?

Martin SleziakWhen I look at list of tag synonyms I see there a pending synonym rsk-correspondence $\to$ robinson-schensted-knuth and François G. Dorais♦ is listed as the creator. You can also see that this synonym is still waiting for votes on the corresponding page. I know that regular users can suggest syn...


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