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10:29 AM
The tag is not for book recommendations, right? The tags and are probably more suitable for questions such as Introductory text on geometric group theory?. (I have noticed this one since it was recently bumped.)
Q: Introductory text on geometric group theory?

Gian Maria Dall'AraCan someone indicate me a good introductory text on geometric group theory?

10:41 AM
The tag-excerpt for books specifically says:
> Questions in which books play a key-role, such as questions on antique books, e-books, difference between various editions of a book, etc.
> For questions asking for recommendations of books on some subject the tag textbook-recommendation is often more suitable.
Looking at previous exchange with quid about similar question, I suppose would be ok.

Tags for questions about book recommendations

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I have asked about a few similar questions in this chatroom: chat.stackexchange.com/search?q=recommendation&room=10243
11:12 AM
I have retagged the question. Feel free to let me know if the choice of tags is for some reason problematice.
11:36 AM
@MartinSleziak Only questions, not answers.
> Edits, answers, votes, comments and other such touching will not trigger a notification in the inbox.
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12:55 PM
Since some tag-related issues are now being dealt with, here is some old pluralization request:
The tag projective-module should be renamed projective-modules to keep the style of the other tags. — Dag Oskar Madsen Jun 25 '14 at 23:03

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