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3:01 AM
@FrankLuke, you finished off the last of the translation questions (other than the special one)? Thanks!
So how should we tag this one?
Q: Who is an authority on what can be called a "Bible"?

ThePiachu(I'm not entirely sure whether this question is in scope of this SE, but this appears to be the SE closest to the issue) In Poland, there is a region called Silesia, which is inhabited by people speaking a distinct dialect, which can be quite different from the Polish language at times. One of t...

It starts off sounding like , but then the question it ends up at (which is the one in the title) is not really that.
12 hours later…
2:34 PM
Decided to shrink the quote in this post in light of recent meta discussiong ;)
A: Who is the "elect lady" of Second John?

Dan O'DayAccording to the NET translators notes: This phrase may refer to an individual or to a church (or the church at large). Some have suggested that the addressee is a Christian lady named “Electa,” but the same word in v. 13 is clearly an adjective, not a proper name. Others see the letter...

@DanO'Day :-)
@DanO'Day BTW, when I saw this question I wondered if it had much behind it; the wording made it sound like Wikipedia introduced the term "elect lady", which seemed a weak basis for a question, but @Soldarnal has a good track record of good questions. So I wondered if something in the text used that phrase (text isn't quoted in the question), but didn't go digging. Your answer, however, helped me put all those pieces together. Good job.
(Our site targets experts, not novices, of course, and I'm assuming that an expert in Christian scriptures would know that, even if an expert in a different part of this site's scope doesn't.)
3:08 PM
@MonicaCellio glad it helped
4:03 PM
@MonicaCellio Do you have any suggestions for improving the question? I acknowledge I was rather glib while writing it up as I had found the Wikipedia quote somewhat humorous.
@Soldarnal Yeah, the wikipedia quote is good. Consider adding the quote from John too?
@MonicaCellio Okay, I've updated it; would you consider it improved? I did want to retain the Wikipedia quote, because that was the impetus for the question. But I also want to make it better for search engines and non-experts stumbling upon our site.
@Soldarnal I just saw that (and you may have seen a new vote:-) ). Thanks! Good point about search engines, too.
@MonicaCellio Oh, thanks :)
4:44 PM
Heh, weird. I seem to have been given a Nice Answer badge for this a few hours ago, but it has 9 votes, not 10, and there's nothing interesting in my reputation history (like a vote retraction). I wonder if somebody upvoted and then withdrew it within the five-minute window, but in the meantime the badge script ran? (Not worried or anything; it's just a puzzle.)
5:02 PM
(However, I didn't get an Enlightened for it, so I guess badge scripts run at different times.)
1 hour later…
6:21 PM
@MonicaCellio That's my guess. Badges are never removed, so it's yours forever. (I don't think I voted on the answer. So do I make it more strange or legit? ;-P )
Is Richard back?
So is "anguish" not a valid translation? — Richard 16 hours ago
7:18 PM
Dan - I am working an assignment for work right now... can I touch base with you later this evening? Thanks... Joseph
@Joseph I'm not sure if I'll be able to be on here or not tho, but at some point we can cross paths
maybe we should set up a separate room for this so we can continue discussion for days if necessary (assumign we keep missing each other
7:41 PM
@JackDouglas Only a little bit. I got a new job, so no more video games (which pushes me back to the SE sites). ;)
8:15 PM
@Richard hey, welcome back! I've seen a lot of your older posts here and it looks like you have a lot to contribute. I felt bad that I seemed to have missed you (mostly).
8:29 PM
@JackDouglas the answer on which that's a comment looks like a duplicate to me. What does it say that wasn't already said in the one from Galactic Cowboy? Am I missing something?
@JonEricson looks like you (and someone else) made an honest badge-earner out of me. :-)
2 hours later…
10:48 PM
@DanO'Day - I just signed in at the chat room you mentioned. Please post any questions for clarification.... and THANKS.

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