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5:09 PM
@kalina It's coming for you...
evning peoples of the interwebs
anyone finished "The crimson Room" ?
@Michel I think I finished that 10 years ago. when it first came out.
I just found it now =P
5:20 PM
It's really not very good.
IT got a lot of hyper about being difficult, but the hitboxes are very, very small, so it's just about clicking every possible pixel until you open something.
I can't access the "item" that should exist below the curtain.
I mean. must be something there.
I'm missing "one eye" to open the red box xD~
I got my ACT scores back!
@Ullallulloo The exclamation point implies that you did well.
@StrixVaria 30
95th percentile.
I have no idea what the ACT scale is. I only took the SAT.
5:32 PM
@StrixVaria 0-36
95th percentile is pretty good, though. Congrats!
@StrixVaria Although I didn't know my score when I posted that.
@StrixVaria Yeah, I ran out of time on a couple sections.
Q: Where can I find the last "eye" to open the red box?

MichelI just discovery the Old game " Crimson Room. and it's not very hard. but the "clicks" are hard to do As @wipqozn said in the CHAT IT got a lot of hyper about being difficult, but the hitboxes are very, very small, so it's just about clicking every possible pixel until you open something....

Someone find me the person who started the stupid "Name a <band/song/movie/whatever> without the letter <whatever> in it. Bet you can't!" meme so I can punch them in the junk.
@Sterno I have never heard of this meme
5:37 PM
Congratulations! It means you have successfully avoid Facebook! Cheevo granted!
@Sterno Or just avoided the kind of people who do that on Facebook :P
Er... What's a Cheevo?
My mom and sisters would probably cry if I avoided themm
Oh, achievement?
@Sterno neither I
@Sterno Why is this a thing?
How is that difficult at all?
5:40 PM
@Sterno I'm on Facebook a decent amount and have never seen this either.
@StrixVaria It isn't. And whatever ad company posts these damn image-memes does it so that whenever people comment on them, it spams their entire friends list to let them know. It's basically just an advertisement for whoever posted it. AND PEOPLE KEEP RESPONDING BECAUSE THEY WANT TO FEEL SMART
Some of my friends aren't of the highest caliber either.
And thereby prove they are stupid.
No more * - *
They look like this:
Been seeing them nonstop for like 3 weeks
5:42 PM
lol never saw
"Counter Strike" btw ....
@Sterno They need to die in a fire.
The worst part is, that's an image, not text. You don't need to use an emoticon. You could just put a damn smiley face in there if you really wanted to. Or maybe some dancing penguins. Be creative!
I hate you, world.
System Shock
easy when is a game =P
Too easy
5:47 PM
@Sterno That's so dumb
@Sterno I hate text emoticons much less than the actual smiley faces, thank you
@YiJiang'sEvilClone 6 Vs
Oh. Somehow that's less than I thought there would be.
And it's not like there aren't bands with minimalistic names. U2.
@BenBrocka What if it was a clown's face, and it was less a smile than a sadistic grin?
I am ready for Etrian Odyssey IV to show up.
Huh, an Intel Atom powered Android tablet.
@Sterno Deus Ex
@kalina NO NO NO
5:55 PM
@Sterno no no no no NO NO No no no no...
So wrong I was forced to type in all caps
I'm ready to play!
New toys? For me? Oooh... I promise I won't break them this time!
@Michel I'M FAMOUS!
5:56 PM
Ah, so there is a x86 version of Android, and a compatibility layer for ARM optimised apps
unrelated to x86 android
@Sterno I block all those stupid accounts I see like that.
And I've also removed repeat friend offenders from my "feed list"
It's fucking annoying.
@Wipqozn same, and the apps
I think I've removed every "open graph" app I've ever seen. It's all spam
@BenBrocka Every time I get an invite for everything I just choose "block all from this app"
I don't use Facebook, so I've never been exposed to these silly games
5:58 PM
I rarely see invites anymore
@kalina These apps make me consider deleting my Facebook account, but there are a few friends who I can only contact through FAcebook.
I mainly just use Facebook to share baby photos with family (who all use it)
And to chime in on people's retarded political posts
And to call them stupid for posting memes
and to be a dick, pretty much
I hate the default VIM colour scheme.
I always need to bg=dark
Anyone have any experience offering freeform reporting from a database to end users?
just send them the database and tell them to work it out
demonstrate intellectual supremacy over them and then enslave them
6:02 PM
@kalina User friendliness. A worthy goal.
How do you define "freeform reporting"?
@fbueckert I wasn't designed to be user-friendly
@Sterno They're currently using straight up SQL. Something less dangerous.
Ideally, I'd like them to just click on tables, add a filter or two, and it'll generate the SQL itself to create it.
so they could just go all "truncate tblImportantDataWeNeed" on it?
@fbueckert I was born, the doctor said to my mother "my condolences, this one is going to grow up to be a sadistic bitch"
6:04 PM
@fbueckert Like access garbage or what?
@BenBrocka Fun fact: the client currently uses Access.
Q: Where can I find the last "eye" to open the red box?

MichelI just discovery the Old game " Crimson Room. and it's not very hard. but the "clicks" are hard to do As @wipqozn said in the CHAT IT got a lot of hyper about being difficult, but the hitboxes are very, very small, so it's just about clicking every possible pixel until you open something....

@Sterno I love being a dick!
@fbueckert create them a nice data.SE style frontend
If all you need is filters and on a per-table basis, just toss all that junk into a jqGrid and let them use the built in filtering and sorting
6:05 PM
If they're literally using SQL you could just restrict them to read-only access if they're only doing reporting. Then the worst they can do is tie up resources with shitty queries
@Sterno I've ported their DB over to SQL Server, and tripled the tables in the process.
The idea is to offer them something simpler than their current process.
@fbueckert ask them what reports they want and create them for them
@fbueckert Build them a cube and let them go to town with Excel pivot tables.
@kalina Works great for the short term. Not good for when we don't have time.
Some reporting software is simple enough for people to learn. Our HR director can do some simple freeform stuff with Cognos and it doesn't let you break anything
6:06 PM
Side requirement: Has to play nice with Sharepoint.
@fbueckert solution: demonstrate the need for somebody well versed in such things and then walk away
eugh sharepoint
Once you make it simpler, you limit flexibility. In my experience, people don't usually want to query on just one table. They need to join a few together. Which makes a generic freeform solution (which isn't essentially sql) pretty hard to implement
I don't know what free options there are for that though, Crystal is pretty bleh and I'm not sure how you actually install/if you install cognos
might as well make it solve world hunger while you're at it
We made some SSRS reports once and it turns out the users greatly prefer being able to do everything in Excel, because they're silly.
6:07 PM
@Sterno Yeah, that's what's tripping me up.
Oh right SSRS, never tried that
I'm thinking writing some stored procedures to traverse tables and automatically find relationships.
Anyone in accounting will prefer to do anything/everything in excel, in my experience
Everybody at the place I work prefers using Excel
Can you just let them dump the tables to excel, then play with it there?
6:08 PM
for everything.
Including schedules
@BenBrocka Maybe. Not really feasible, though.
If the ways they typically join the tables is pretty common, you could build some grids that output that, and let them filter/sort from there. But that means you're locking them down to however many pre-defined report types make sense
Once they actually need to specify the joins themselves though, I say give them read-only access to the DB like Ben said, and wash your hands of it :)
@Sterno Yeah, that's what I'm trying to work around.
@Sterno Eh. I try to find something a bit friendlier than, "Here's the DB. No changing! Bye!"
There's gotta be a way to dump two tables at SQL, and let it generate the SQL to link them.
If they're already using SQL, unless they're the ones bitching about it, change is probably more unfriendly
@fbueckert Honestly, if that's what I was used to and it got taken away, I'd be mad. Once you understand enough SQL to do your own queries, trying to get by with just filters and the like makes you sad
6:11 PM
@BenBrocka They're using Access. Unpossible to be more unfriendly.
@Sterno They're using the criteria editor in Access more than straight up SQL.
I'm actually importing some Access DBs to Oracle right now. Not fun
Apparently no one who uses Access believes in data integrity.
One has a smattering of SQL experience, but they're the only one.
So infinite permutations of queries?
I'm thinking SSRS is going to be the way to go. Not sure how I'm going to get the joins working properly, though.
Give them your private cell number and tell them to call you whenever they want a query run. Maximum user friendliness!
6:15 PM
I was hoping someone had some experience with offering freeform reporting to clients. That's a hard cookie to crack, though.
How many different relationships are you dealing with
@tiddy Couple dozen tables. Maybe twice that in relationships.
user image
6:32 PM
@Wipqozn LOL ???????????
Dammit, Visual Studio! Include the dependent project in the deployment solution! You were working last week!
@Wipqozn thanks xD
So now trying to log in on Opera Mobile gives me a "Sorry, your request could not be completed because it looked suspicious" error instead of the generic error before
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Looks suspicious? RACIAL PROFILING!!!!1111
Worse, this might be browser profiling!!!
6:40 PM
@YiJiang'sEvilClone >:O
(probably not. Likely to be a bug on either the browser or the server side)
Also, bacon!
Also, apparently our SSO Subscribe to Application thing doesn't currently work.
I wonder if someone configured it with the wrong email address.
(or at least I think app subscribe requests are emailed to app owners)
So I was saying, r/mylittlepony has this thing for mane swaps imgur.com/a/YTSJI
Buy some apples!
6:55 PM
The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, Statutory Instrument 2000/2334, incorporates European Directive [http://eur-lex.europa.eu/LexUriServ/LexUriServ.do?uri=CELEX:31997L0007:EN:NOT 97/7/EC] into UK law. They apply to contracts "concluded between a supplier and a consumer under an organised distance sales or services provision scheme run by the supplier who, for the purposes of the contract, makes use of one or more means of distance communication" up to and including the moment the contract is agreed. The legislation provides rights to the consumer and obligations wh...
So this piece of legislation seem to imply that UK consumers can obtain refunds for digital goods up to a week after purchase
I wonder if this invalidates the 'no refund' clause found in most store's ToS, like Steam's (though Valve isn't a UK company, hmmm)
@YiJiang'sEvilClone I would seriously doubt it, especially due to this exemption:
> Audio or video recordings or computer software if they are unsealed by the consumer[10]
> (d) Concluded by means of an automated vending machine or automated commercial premises
At the end of the day, nobody knows until a judge says so.
That said, I have a UK friend who has returned multiple games on steam.
The vending machine clause shouldn't apply, but the AV materials one does, unfortunately. Seems to rule out almost all digital purchases, in fact
IE10 for Windows 7 was apparently released today
@Sterno I don't know anything about this because I don't have or know how to pump my own gas.
7:04 PM
It depends on what a judge would count as unsealing for a steam game. Adding it to the library? Starting the download? Finishing the download? Installing the game? Starting the game? Playing the game?
The intent seems to quite clearly be for physical goods
@Powerlord I hope it comes down from Windows update or something people will stumble into
@BenBrocka "It is available via Windows Update as an optional update; however, if you've already installed a pre-release version, it will be updated automatically as an 'important' update. "
@BenBrocka It's not Christmas yet >.<
@Michel "Look Tommy, look what daddy got you - a brand new version of Internet Explorer for Windows 7! It's what you've always wanted!"
@Powerlord Should it be offered already? It isn't for me
7:09 PM
I just wished that all softwares got their up to date versions. There are people that still uses win 95 and IE6
@Powerlord checks off IE10 to never install
The only thing I ever use IE for is to download Chrome if I have a new install of Windows.
The problem is not ME. it's the user that still do that **
@YiJiang'sEvilClone according to a quick google, digital and perishable goods are excluded, but I can't find that specific wording
@CruelCow Delivery would imply completing the download
Though it could simply be granting the license, in steam's case
@StrixVaria same here
@CruelCow I thought it was supposed to be. I'm not at a Win7 computer to check, though
The office is stuck on WinXP until they finally get around to upgrading... later this year or sometime next year.
At which point, we'll be moving to Win7
7:13 PM
We're moving to Win 7 as machines die or people want/need it. IT has been win 7 for a long time but AP doesn't want it for now (I think they have apps that don't work)
Next year? After Microsoft winds down its support for XP?
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Support doesn't wind down until April next year.
So, we're still more than a year out from it
I'd be glad for XP's death due to IE6/7, but China is the biggest user of IE6 and it's almost certainly mostly due to pirated copies anyway, so I doubt EOL will matter for that anyway
And realistically, IE6 is dead aside from them
@BenBrocka Sadly, they make up such a chunk of the userbase that they skew the results pretty dramatically.
When you're viewing visitor info based on browsers.
@BenBrocka On the other hand, Maxathon, the most popular browser in China has for quite a while now in cooperated a dual trident/webkit rendering engine
7:23 PM
@fbueckert Depends. It's fairly rare that you care about user agents from china for small/mid sized English sites rooted in a specific country/countries. Even rarer is it enough to add support for IE6
@YiJiang'sEvilClone that sounds like a nightmare. So does it require even more special code than just webkit?
It uses trident for any website that breaks on webkit is what I remember
Oh, that's not so bad then
I've got a free copy of Bit Trip Runner here
Message me if you're interested!
Google Drive is showing some problems to you guys?
7:40 PM
@Michel Seems fine here
Must be my internet then. thanks @BenBrocka =)
It sure is nice not being able to loot a body because I called it inside of a crawl way.
Wait, did I say nice? I meant to say test your game better, that's terrible design.
@Wipqozn Because going through a corpses pockets when it's currently stuffed into a claustrophobic crawlspace is easy to do.
@fbueckert It is when it's at the exit of the crawl space.
and I could easily drag it out.
Seriously, bad design, but I'm just pointing out that it would be hard to do in real life.
Because everything must conform to real life!
7:45 PM
@fbueckert Sure, but no in this specific case.
It's at the exit of the crawl space, I'm not in the space at all.
@Wipqozn Yeah. Drag body out, search it, stuff it back in.
It's morbid as all get out, but eh.
Well, Kobo decided that my ereader breaking was my fault, so no replacement. Argh.
Q: What skins can I unlock in Bit Trip Runner 2?

RetrosaurI know there's different skins you can unlock in game for Commander Video. My question is that what are the skins I can unlock? What levels do I find them in (or what do I have to do to get them)? Are there also other skins for other characters besides Commander Video? If so, what are they, and...

Q: Is there a list of the "current" limited dragons anywhere?

aslumI've found several lists of all of the dragons that are limited, but nothing where I can see what Limited dragons are currently available, and how long is left to breed them. Clicking on each dragon to find out if it is currently breedable is kind of a pain.

Q: How should we tag "Bit.TRIP presents Runner 2: Legend of Rhythm Alien"?

RetrosaurI've created the tag bit-trip-runner-2 because it's a lot easier to remember, but should we change it to make it more in line with the name? For example, should we go with: bit-trip-presents-runner2-legend-of-rhtyhm-alien bit-trip-runner2 bit-trip-runner2-lora

Q: What characters in Bit Trip Runner 2 are unlockable?

RetrosaurIn the level screen, there is an option to choose different "characters". What characters are available in game, and how do I unlock them?

Q: How does changing the difficulty affect levels?

RetrosaurThere are different difficulty options one can choose when playing levels. Do the amount of points you get (for example, getting gold bars, using jump pads) scale with difficulty? Are there just more hazards? No checkpoints?

Our time as gamers has hardened us to all emotional conflict. We are sheer practicality.
And greedy as hell.
@AshleyNunn Seriously?
@Retrosaur You don't say.
7:49 PM
@AshleyNunn Because you used it?
@fbueckert seriously .
And I tried fighting it, no dice.
Some of those questions sound vaguely like list questions. :/
@timstone apparently.
@AshleyNunn How high up the chain did you get?
@AshleyNunn Did you try applying a large hammer to their heads?
7:50 PM
@fbueckert tier 4
@AshleyNunn So they're basically throwing you under the bus.
Here's where talking to your local newspaper will garner all sorts of bad PR for them.
@fbueckert Emotion not found, press A to continue
Eh I am too lazy for that. Too much work, too little payoff.
@BenBrocka Damn not given. Continuing on.
@AshleyNunn Spite is its own reward.
7:53 PM
Mother f--the last version of this software didn't require a reboot. Why do they make server software that requires a reboot :/

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