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3:23 AM
Q: Why doesn't Superman check every lead mine to find Batman?

anta40I've been reading the Injustice series (of course from Year 1). If I read them correctly, Batman have gone underground for 5 years without being able to be tracked by Superman. How? By hiding in secret hideout in an Alaksan lead mine. Lead blocks his X-ray vision. I'm curious why Superman doesn'...

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8:32 AM
Q: Was Gordon Walker based on Blade?

RedCaioIn Supernatural we meet hunter Gordon Walker who ends up fighting vampires (and other demons). I started wondering if this character was influenced by the Marvel comic book character Blade. Blade also fights vampires, and the two vaguely resemble one another in outward physical appearance and bui...

8:55 AM
So, Comic Book Shop, meet Comics.SE proposal!
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5:51 PM
Q: What is the Flash "jogging" or "normal" speed?

Jorge CórdobaIt has already been established that the Flash can reach and surpass the speed of light. However, if has also been made explicit that such a feat is not easy for him not cheap in terms of possible consequences. As such I assume that could be considered like the top of his range, a sprint that he...


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