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There are two 100 point bounties just waiting to be grabbed on the questions below. Rather than see them wasted I will be happy to award them to anything that helps point toward an answer, including paraphrasing of comments so far, but there is only 24 hours left to award them so act now!
Q: Identifying Australian soldier named Bennett in World War I photograph (1917)?

PolyGeoFor more background to this question please see Identifying Australian soldier named Williams in World War I photograph (1917)? This is a photograph of what I believe to be an Australian soldier from World War I named Bennett, and I would like to identify him. It comes from a page from my gra...

Q: Finding birth/baptism/marriage record for Priscilla who married printer Henry Hughes probably about 1810 in Breconshire, Wales?

PolyGeoI first learned that my 4th great grandfather was Henry Hughes, a Printer, from the marriage certificate of my 3rd great grandparents Elizabeth Hughes and William Lewis on 26 Apr 1839 at St Giles without Cripplegate, London, England. From the 1851 England Census I knew that Elizabeth had been ...

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"Hey Danny, I wanted to let you know that you recently entered the GeneaBloggers contest - the MyHeritage Black Friday Giveaway - and you were confirmed as a winner!" @JanMurphy Cheers!
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9:30 PM
@DannyBarber So you won? Cool!
9:48 PM
Yea!, " You will receive an email from M­ark Olsen at MyHeritage once your accoun­t is upgraded." that's the second email I got :P
10:43 PM
@DannyBarber Congrats! MyHeritage can be frustrating, so my advice (same for any service) is to check out the YouTube channel and learn how the search works:
11:00 PM
@DannyBarber That's great news - congratulations!

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