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12:39 AM
Wow, you can also use 僕 when referring to someone else? That's almost like an opposite meaning ("me" vs "you").
12:54 AM
@kuchitsu You mean like when talking to a child?
3 hours later…
4:18 AM
@snailplane Okay. But that won't be the enough reason for closing. The voters only needed to add that in the comment line. ( I am not closing though. ) — Kentaro Tomono 53 mins ago
@snailplane Could you not please "modify" the original question even to the levele of your question up completely? To be nice is not necesssary means To help the quesioner from the very start. — Kentaro Tomono 50 mins ago
4:58 AM
@chocolate 10k おめでとう!
@chocolate I don't understand what he means in this comment
5:59 AM
@Flaw It is pretty much incomprehensible, isn't it?
That comments section is going to need cleaning up later.
I'm confused because your edit wasn't a big change
I think he's a little unhappy about the question receiving close votes when he thinks it should not?
I don't think he really understands how the site works.
I left a comment about the close vote system. I hope it helps
This site is by the community, for the community.
If you argue that a question cannot close just because some users say it should be closed. Then a similar argument exists that a question cannot stay open just because some users say it should be open.
I moved the discussion to chat:
6:15 AM
Q: The particle は (wa)

STK OscarI'm studying Japanese with みんなの日本語. In one page there are this two examples: にちよぅびは なにを しましたか. どよぅび なにを しましたか. Why one of them have the particle は and the other hasn't? It's a mistake or something? Thank you.

my eyes aren't playing tricks on me right
the う in the sentence is the small one right
there's something wrong with my browsers font. the う looks like a different font, but it doesn't look small enough to be a small う
6:26 AM
Q: Saying you'll do/have done something for a certain amount of time?

NoodleI wasn't sure how to properly word the question, but I'm asking how to make sentences such as: "I have lived in America for 10 years." "I will go to Japan for a month." "I have had this job for a year." "I left for a few minutes." "I will leave in an hour." And so on. How do I structure it?

I feel that this isn't exactly a proofreading question. The sentences are incidental, and the intention is not to ask for an ad-hoc check of the sentence or for a particular phrase.
It's asking about the grammar required to express duration.
(It's a general question, as opposed to being a specific checking question about one sentence/phrase)
6:44 AM
@Flaw ありがとう ^^
@snailplane おおっ。。 plane になってたのね
@Flaw おお・・なるほど・・・(close に投票してしまったよ・・・ゴメン!)
It's okay to vote close. The community should decide the questions we want to keep
It seems like I cannot undo my close vote...
on the other hand I'm surprised that some other questions have received no close votes which I feel are of the proofreading type
especially questions that are titled "Help with this sentence"
Vague question titles are my enemy
7:24 AM
Q: So I am reading through a text and I am not sure if my translation of this sentence is correct

user13701The sentence in question is "困らせちゃだめよ?". I know that 困らせ is simply a causative form of 困る and that ちゃ is a feminine casual ては. I translated the sentence to "So you're not troubled anymore, are you?" I don't know why, but I've got the nagging feeling that the translation is incorrect.

how is this question title not attracting any proofreading close votes
And now for something completely different.

It's hard to see the line between acceptable and unacceptable "how do you say X" questions.
Q: Rain on your parade

user13689How can I say something like "I hate to rain on your parade, but..." In Japanese? If there is no equivalent then kindly teach me how to say "Sorry to disappoint you, but..." Thanks!!!

this seems idiomatic and it doesn't seem to be a trivial "what's this in Japanese" question
yet it got enough votes to close
while other questions attract no close votes:
Q: How to say "clean up" (for example a house or a room) in Japanese?

Ernestas GruodisI'm trying to compose the sentence, which starts: パーティーが終{お}わる時{とき}に~.. I want to say "After party is over, it is hard to clean up the house." Can you help me?

7:56 AM
@chocolate Yes! I went back to snailplane :-) But this time I put in a space.
It turns out people were trying to look up "snailboat" and they were finding that gross Urban Dictionary page, so I thought it was time for a change.
And one of my friends told me she liked snailplane better than snailboat :-)
8:08 AM
おおーあの urban dic の。。ww
@Flaw これは、close しなくてもよかった感じがしますね・・
reopen に投票しましたけど。。一応
9:12 AM
@l'électeur お帰り!
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10:44 AM
Ouch that urbandictionary page. :D Just a coincidence I assume?
Someone should destroy that urban dictionary page :-( :-( :-(
This is my official explanation for my name:
in English Language & Usage, 16 hours ago, by snail plane
Planes are slightly faster than snails, so sometimes snails like to use them to move around.
Mine comes from misheard lyrics. :\ j-lyric.net/artist/a001c0c/l005c86.html I only recently realized that it's actually くちづけてる.

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