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12:00 AM
But it would also be weird to stick her in the Black or Red slot to fill out the color pie
Well... Oath of the Gatewatch has this art:
it's possible we'll have planeswalkers in all five colours in this block.
From the story, it seems pretty unlikely that Chandra will show up before that set
Sure, so she probably won't be in the BFZ set at least.
Yeah, that's what I mean
But Kiora is going to still be at least blue or green, so we're going to have some overlap. Might as well be blue-green.
12:03 AM
The question is: who would be the Black planeswalker? Liliana is apparently confirmed not to show up this block
And Ob Nixlis lost his spark a while ago
Oops, not all five colours, that last one's Gideon:
Yeah, they're the Origins walkers, minus Liliana
Maybe Nixilis will get his spark back in Oath?
and/or steal someone else's.
The thing is that according to the MTGSalvation Wiki page, Ob Nixilis will only get his spark back if Zendikar is destroyed
But I guess he could theoretically steal Kiora's spark or something
Maybe a vampire planeswalker will awaken or something
12:23 AM
I just read through that MTG Salvation article on him. That sentence about needing the complete destruction of Zendikar isn't cited (so ??? don't know what it's founded in or what the authors actually wrote), and Checking in on the Planeswalkers has promising take on him getting his spark back for a much lesser cost:
> The Lithomancer imprisoned Ob Nixilis beneath the earth and embedded a hedron into his skull, extinguishing his spark and suppressing his magic. [...] With the hedron removed [by Jace], Ob Nixilis has been unshackled. At last he can feel his power returning, and he eagerly awaits the opportunity to regain his spark . . . and take his revenge.
Yeah, that one was kind of vague about that
Oh, here we are: Dreams of the Damned, penned by Ob Nixilis himself.
> The power is returning to me. I felt this world shudder when Bala Ged was destroyed. In that moment, I could smell the Multiverse again. My spark is within reach. I know what I must do. And that the only cost to regaining my spark will be the complete obliteration of the world I hate most among them all?
He may be being a bit overdramatic here.
So, theory: Ob Nixilis had to free the Eldrazi to regain his spark. He did so. He has his spark back or is getting it back. And now the Eldrazi are here, which he considers as good as Zendikar's complete obliteration.
(which is a pretty reasonable way to consider it)
12:43 AM
But Ob Nixilis wasn't responsible for releasing the Eldrazi, as far as I can tell
That was Nicol Bolas
@doppelgreener And since he only felt a sliver of power returning after the already freed Eldrazi destroyed Bala Ged, I don't think the thing about destroying the world is an exaggeration
Hm. He did get his original spark ignited through absolutely everyone in his home plane dropping dead simultaneously via terrible rituals.
Anyway, my point was that the paragraph you quoted is describing things that happened after the Eldrazi were released, so "I know what I must do" is not referring to releasing the Eldrazi
Oh, right. That changes things.
Most likely, he's going to try to help the Eldrazi kill the plane
I'd theorise he might be helping with whatever Kozilek's doing underneath, but that might be like suggesting an ant might help a human construct a bulldozer.
12:52 AM
@doppelgreener Well, it does describe him digging and finding something, so that's reasonable. And he is much more powerful than a mere mortal
Oooo, fun. Then he might still be an ant, but he might be a useful ant who can do something Kozilek can't.
He probably doesn't have the power level of an Eldrazi Titan, but I think that providing substantial assistance to one isn't beyond his abilities
is or isn't?
Yeah, he could be doing something handy. I'm interested to see what. :D
12:54 AM
The Chain Veil probably granted him extra power when it transformed him
You know, it's actually looking like that Chain Veil is getting quite important to the story
It's currently in possession of Liliana, who used it to cause Garruk's current transformation. Garruk, who is now weakened by the very hedron that used to bind Ob Nixilis. And Liliana's story involves this mysterious planeswalker "The Raven Man", who I expect to become relevant at some point
Since Liliana is the only Origins walker not involved in this block, I expect that she'll be important in the next one
1:09 AM
But no seed pack ;_;
Still, that is fantastic.
I haven't had the best experience with seed packs. I'm happy to go without
My Origins seed pack had Noble Hierarch
Honored Hierarch?
And yeah that is underwhelming :(
I didn't play it in my deck
Q: Zendikra vs Eldrazi

user13649Is the new duel deck zendikra vs eldrazi consider standard until the battle of zendikra comes out? I have been playing it for a few days and I don't want to waste money buy more of those cards if I can not play in standard.

Is the duel deck even out yet?
1:26 AM
I think it came out last Friday
@murgatroid99 Yes.
OK, I'm pretty sure the general answer to that question is "No". Those decks have cards that were last printed in Zendikar and definitely won't be reprinted
Oh, there's a dupe. That makes it simpler. But I would feel a little dirty almost-unilaterally closing it as a duplicate of a question I asked and answered
1 hour later…
2:53 AM
@murgatroid99 I don't think it's a dupe.
Why not?
Is the new question the same question, and do our answers look alike?
The new question's motivated by confusion about the relationship of duel decks to standard decks, especially when they're previewing soon-to-be-standard cards.
That's not answered by a "here's how to check if your cards are legal," it's answered by "here, let me explain the situation around duel decks to you."
@doppelgreener That's not exactly what "duplicate" means, though. A question is a duplicate of another if it is covered by the other
@doppelgreener But I see your point here
Mm, I don't think they're close enough in this case to consider this one covered.
Or rather "you can maybe find the answer somewhere inside this one if you understand the subject enough to know how you're meant to find the answer in there".
which doesn't cut it for newbies :(
The thing is that the reason that older question exists is so that we can avoid "Is [list of cards] legal in [format]?" And in some ways, this is a subset of that. But I guess this is specifically focusing on the fact some new "sets" don't count for standard, which is somewhat orthogonal to the other question
3:01 AM
Oh yeah, this is radically different to that question archetype.
I mean part of it is ("are these cards standard / going to be?") but.... we'd be doing a disservice to them to pretend that "here's how to check your cards are standard" fully answers the problem they're facing, as I mentioned.
10 hours later…
1:10 PM
@doppelgreener They didn't ask "going to be". You made that up.
@Rainbolt ok.
1:26 PM
Is there a site that has more spoilers more quickly than MythicSpoiler?
I know they were added within an hour of the announcements at PAX because I was watching it live
I think that would be the best place to go if you want the latest information on what is "going to be" in standard
I say standard, but they have spoilers for non standard legal sets too. That would be important to note
WotC does hosts a thing in PAX? They don't do that in Aus. D:
I think it was PAX...
Now I'm not sure. Roommate shoved the laptop in my face and made me watch
Mark Rosewater spoke, and Doug whatshisname
They also announced an art book. You can buy an art book for this set and it is pretty thick
It has sketches and finished pieces from the old zendikar and the new one
I saw that! They had a news article on it a couple of days ago.
It does look super pretty.
3 hours later…
4:40 PM
To invest in Zendikar Expeditions or not to. That is the question.
This is the first set where I bought a box. Though "investment" is probably the wrong word for me, because I likely won't sell anything I open
Well also tis actually a low chance of getting a Zendikar Expedition in a single box XD I mean, actually specifically buying the single.
With intents to resell at a later time for a higher value
Oh, right, I misread that part
I figured XD
From what I read, there's actually a fairly good chance of getting an Expedition card in a box
4:45 PM
Really? Tis slightly less chance than getting a foil mythic. It's currently estimated at 1/200 per pack.
Oh right, one per case, not one per box
Which means that you have about a 1/6 chance of opening one in a box
5:39 PM
1 hour later…
7:10 PM
I was too late
You didn't miss anything
Sorry, I'll try to be slower next time :)
Just the old "spam as many offensive things as I can think of in a two sentence post" deal
Oh, I can see the answer. I was just expressing my disappointment that I didn't get to delete it myself
Oh, right. I forgot that it remains
I momentarily forgot that delete doesn't mean delete
7:29 PM
Yeah, pretty much nothing on this site is ever permanently deleted. Though I think there is (or at least used to be) some irreversible information loss when an account is deleted
3 hours later…
10:56 PM
Hi everyone, would asking for a chess download recommendation be on topic for this site?
Are you talking about the game of chess as a program?
I'm pretty sure that software recommendations are off topic almost everywhere. You might want to read Q&A is Hard, Let's Go Shopping!
@Rainbolt That's mostly true, but it's subtler than that. There are some cases where certain kinds of recommendation questions are allowed, depending on the site
Q: Multi-Game Deck Building Tool

Jim McKeethI play Magic: The Gathering, one of my son's plays Pokemon, and the other plays Yu-Gi-Oh! I got a deck building tool for my iPad to build Magic decks, but I am curious if there is an app for building decks for all three card games. Ideally one that knows the rules about different styles of decks...

For example
@murgatroid99 yup, a downloadble chess game
@Rainbolt that's why I asked in the chat before posting
@Aequitas Yeah, that wouldn't work here. Questions about chess programs would properly belong on Arqade, and game recommendation questions are off topic there
in The Bridge, 18 mins ago, by Ashley Nunn
Now if it is a video game based on a board game, that would be okay
11:02 PM
@murgatroid99 must've missed that oops
Wait, I thought questions about electronic MTG games were on topic, so why not electronic chess games?
would you happen to know of a chess game that's small in size (<10mb pref) and supports two players, preferrably has rules/tutorials and AI but not necessary?
@Rainbolt Oh, wait, you're right
I didn't read the close reason carefully enough
I don't want to be right. Questions about electronic games should go on the site for electronic games. But I don't make the rules :-/
We do in fact allow questions about video versions of existing board and card games
11:05 PM
Assuming they are otherwise on topic
@Rainbolt of course
Though it seems like most questions about stuff like Duels of the Planeswalkers ends up on Arqade anyway
I'd still vote to close this one because it looks like a shopping question. But luckily I'm only one guy, and you need five people to close a question.
Sounds like murg would leave it open, and he generally falls on the side of the majority of the community in my experience
@Rainbolt Actually, no
It's borderline
Did you know that we have a chess stack exchange? chess.stackexchange.com
@Rainbolt i do, i asked there too
11:08 PM
What did they say?
no response
They have nothing about software recommendations on their meta
From the question I linked earlier, it looks like we allow questions asking for recommendations for tools that help with playing a game. It's a fine line between that and asking for an implementation of an existing game. But we also specifically don't allow questions asking for recommendations for a game
So who knows what they would do
@Rainbolt I don't think we do either
11:10 PM
This is kind of similar but not quite: meta.boardgames.stackexchange.com/q/663/6692
well I won't post a question but would either of you two know of such a game?
Are you looking for an engine or a game you can play by yourself?
or a game you can play with others?
with others but locally is enough
Do you need it to be available offline, or would an online chess game work?
the main thing is it has to be small because internet is VERY limited
online won't work
11:12 PM
@Aequitas Windows 7 comes with chess
@murgatroid99 ooh reals?
i'll check that out then
@murgatroid99 is it good tho
I've never downloaded a chess "game" before. I've used Houdini and a whole bunch of chess engines. Technically you can play against the chess engine, but it's a real pain to do and the interface sucks. It's meant for extreme chess engine testing.
I play on chess.com, and I love it. That's all of the chess stuff I know about.
@Aequitas It's a relatively minimal implementation, but chess isn't a very complex game
It has AI, and I'm pretty sure it has local multiplayer
what's a chess engine? like an AI?
Sorry, Houdini is the engine. Arena was the interface
A chess engine is an AI
Arena is a thing that can communicate with the engine
So you load the engine into the Arena program, and then you can simulate games
11:17 PM
ooh cool
You can download Houdini 1.5 here. It is 1.1 MB large. Make sure you click on the right link (it says download houdini 1.5 free here) cruxis.com/chess/houdini.htm
and i'll need arena as well?
You can download arena here: playwitharena.com/?Download:Arena_3.5
17 MB
@Rainbolt i'll prob try the win 7 one, thanks for your help tho
You'll have to look around for instructions on loading the engine and as for the interface... just click all of the buttons and eventually stuff will happen. I remember having a headache with it
Yea no problem. I wouldn't do all of that because I can't even beat the windows 7 chess ai. Not even close.
Time for dinner. Gnight room.

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