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12:00 AM
Q: how to keep a tag wiki for an empty tag

YEZEmpty tags are deleted after 24 hours, if I understand correctly. Right now, on Mi Yodeya, we have a tag which has been used in the past which we do not want used. It currently has a warning as the tag wiki. The tag right now has only one question, which was migrated and will be auto-deleted a...

@msh210 ^^^
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4:30 AM
@barlop [Just catching up on back-read in this room.] When I read what you wrote here, I thought "Sim shalom at mincha on Shabas? Is that a thing?". And then I thought "Wait, I have a vague recollection of reading that on Mi Yodeya". So I searched for it and found it -- and then realized that it was my own post. Sheesh.
@YEZ Thanks for asking. Let's hope there's a solution (or workaround).
4:51 AM
@msh210 See my meta post. (It should arrive here via metaman within the next few minutes.)
@msh210 Equivalent minds...
Q: Blacklist the Torah tag

YEZAs was until recently indicated on it's wiki, the torah tag is unproductive. Now that it is an empty tag, the wiki warning not to use it is gone. I want to request that it be blacklisted. (The wiki had read something along the lines of "DO NOT USE THIS TAG. Virtually every question on this si...

@Meta-Man I hope nobody reads that too quickly and thinks I want to blacklist the Torah.
5:10 AM
@YEZ :-) Shoulda titled it Blacklist Torah.
My father likes to say that when yom tov comes out on Shabas we "duchan" without the Ribono shel olam.

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