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12:01 AM
@ablaze Alekha Shalom. Hope to continue seeing you around :)
@ablaze aleichem shalom
I wish we could get Dude to be a bit more careful about following site guidelines. He's a pretty prolific answerer, and he probably has a lot to add
It's actually remarkable how persistent he is even when many of his answers are downvoted
He could be a good contributor
12:18 AM
@YEZ (Oh, looks like the Stack Exchange app does indeed send chat notifications. Yay!)
@ablaze Wait, you're able to reply to a chat message from the SE app?
@Daniel Aw, no, looks like the notification just bounces you over to the browser
@ablaze There is an app that you can download for SE chat that allows you to reply
it's a little rough
but it works
@Daniel I’ll probably just hang out while I’m at my desk
@ablaze Ya, the Stach Exchange app life is rough
12:21 AM
Q: ChatSEy - An Android App for SE Chat

fredley Screenshot About Completely overhauled styles, including default and dark themes Reply to, star and flag messages Slide-out Sidebar for easy menu/star list access Tweaks to make typing easier (including Return -> Send, @username completion) The app works by injecting extra CSS and JS i...

I don't know that they have it for iOS
@Daniel They do....I've never used it, though
@Shokhet a StackExchange app or the chat app?
@Daniel I think it's an SE chat app.....
trying to find mention of it on stack apps or meta
Found a request for it, without an answer
Q: Include some chat capabilities in iOS app

Enrico SusatyoCurrently, the app notifies users when they're mentioned in chat. However, when we tap on the notification, we got redirected out of the app to Safari. Is there a chance we can get some chat capabilities in the app, so that we don't have to login again in Safari to quickly reply to the messages...

.....so maybe I'm wrong
@Shokhet I think that's referring to the official SE app
ChatSEy is a third-party app
@Daniel I've been wrong before, I'll do it again.....
12:28 AM
which I think is only for Android
@Daniel I knew that
@Daniel I also knew that
12:45 AM
@ablaze Hi!
Welcome to Mi Yodeya and Bam!
@Shokhet Thanks :)
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1:52 AM
2:10 AM
@ablaze welcome to Bam!
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3:30 AM
@DoubleAA just out of curiosity, how often do you know the answers to your questions when you ask them?
4:01 AM
out of 80
not counting deleted stuff
4:16 AM
@MonicaCellio Thank you!
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5:34 AM
@YEZ A quick scan reveals four more that I didn't answer but knew the answer to. So we're at about 10%. On the other hand I have 9 open questions with no answers :(
6:12 AM
@DoubleAA That's OK, i also have nine unanswered questions... And 21 fewer total questions than you.

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