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Q: Are there analogs to “Abba” & “Ima” for in-laws?

J. C. SalomonI know that “אבא” and “אמא” are originally Aramaic translations of the Hebrew “אבי” and “אמי” which have become adapted to Hebrew, especially in the accusative case. Are there similar forms in Aramaic corresponding to “חמי” (or is that “חותני”?) or “חמותי”?

Off topic?
4:21 AM
@DoubleAA Compare:
Q: Formal Hebrew honorific for one's mother

Isaac MosesMany men, when going up for an aliya, tell the gabbai their name as, e.g. "Reuven ben Rav Yaakov", even if "Yaakov," the father, isn't actually a Rabbi." I believe the reason for this practice is to honor the father by not saying his name without an honorific. Is there an honorific that's used c...

@DoubleAA As-is, I'd say "clearly yes." If it was edited, consistent with the intent implied in the use of the k-a-v-h tag, to something like "what should one call one's in-laws instead of by their names, in order to properly give them the requesite honor?" I think it's borderline, but passable.
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@DoubleAA are you trying to make a minyan in the 20K club?
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@IsaacMoses More like a Zimmun of active members with non-binding delete votes.
@IsaacMoses Why no close vote?
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Nobody ask a question! We currently have exactly 613 of them!!
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@Shokhet Too late.
@Scimonster I got the screencapture in, though :)
@Shokhet Is that a screenshot of a screenshot? What's MSPaint doing?
@Scimonster Freehand circle, and laziness.
@Scimonster Are you still up or did you just get up? It's 7:40 AM!!
@Shokhet Got up for the early minyan.
@Scimonster Gotcha. You're usually not around this late (12:40 AM)
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@Shokhet I agree.
@msh210 Okay; expect a flag.
@Shokhet Have fun.
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Q: What does "not constructive" mean, how does it differ from "too chatty"?

msh210When flagging a comment to be deleted, the possible flags are "rude or offensive", "not constructive", "obsolete", "too chatty", and custom. I'm trying to figure out what "not constructive" means in this context. AFAICT, there are two possibilities: The comment is not particularly construct...

@DoubleAA @Shokhet What's unclear? It's not the best-asked question, but it seems pretty clear. He's heard that, in contrast to dirty stuff generally, stuff that's dirty because of mitzva use is a good thing and nothing to be ashamed of, and seeks sources on that.

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