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12:29 AM
@Shokhet (or anyone else interested) I took a photo of the relevant passage from my copy of Rabbeinu Efraim: dropbox.com/s/kef3h8hkg2us3yu/photo.JPG?dl=0
@Matt Thanks! I'll take a look.
@Matt I read it, but I think I'll read it again.....there's certainly a lot of room to say that all mentions of werewolves are only symbolic in nature -- taking the last one as an example: "וכמו שנהפך האדם לזאב אפילו שהוא משנה לאדם בכל שעה יש לו זנב, כך היתה רצועה יוצאת מחלקו של בנימין ונכנסת וכו'."
....but I'll still take a closer look at the other examples; some of them came a little close to not being symbolic.
Thanks a lot for the picture of the sefer, @Matt!
1:34 AM
@user6591 :P ....wait for mi-yodeya-series catches up to 6591 ;-) — Shokhet 19 secs ago
@Shokhet that's what I think too, he's just explaining why the comparison of Binyamin to a wolf is particularly apt. His peirush is full of those kinds of things
I'm going to couch the link to the photo to an answer to that werewolf question...
and now that I looked it up online I discovered that other people beat me to posting it up online: bdld.info/2010/12/14/lycanthropy and zootorah.com/RationalistJudaism/RabbeinuEphraimWerewolves.pdf
The second one might be a better one to link to than yours, because your's is a little dark, and could be a little difficult to read.
indeed. I linked to both of them to the answer I'm about to post
A: Werewolf in the Torah

MattDespite this being an old question, it recently came up in conversation, so I'll take a stab at it. Three of these sources (the exception being the Chizkuni, which I found myself) come from a footnote to Eliezer Brodt's article on ברכות הראייה printed in Yeshurun vol. 26 There are indeed a few c...

1:51 AM
@Matt You did some research for that one; +1 ;-)
2:08 AM
not really, I knew about them from seeing them all before, just had to get them down together. And to think, all that came out of a conversation about your hat!
3:00 AM
@Davïd BTW, apropos of nothing, feel free to pop into this chat room any time you want to catch up or whatever. Presumably when your life is less hectic. :-)
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@IsaacMoses I listened to the first coupla seconds of the first link you posted and heard a misaccentation in the very second word.
9:31 AM
@IsaacMoses @HodofHod 78.5% here.
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2:02 PM
FYI: Dreidels are traditionally made out of lead, not clay.
4 hours later…
5:40 PM
Spontaneous Purim Torah on ELU: english.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/winterfest (hat-tip WAF)
6:32 PM
^^^^ my mother sent me this :)
@Shokhet :)
@Shokhet That's terrific!
@IsaacMoses You want to send your kid off to smelt his own dreidl? or would you rather them use play-dough?
@CharlesKoppelman Mine used Lego bricks. :)
@IsaacMoses ps --- hat-tip? really?
@CharlesKoppelman WAF told me about this phenomenon
6:37 PM
@IsaacMoses no, i get it. i just wanted to groan at your pun
...in appreciation, of course
@CharlesKoppelman Ha! No pun intended or even comprehended until you made it obvious. :)
@IsaacMoses ah. well, then. i will still groan, but mix that with a chuckle
@CharlesKoppelman I support this coinage
@IsaacMoses k. officially adopted
6:57 PM
@Shokhet awesome
I like my new hat because it's huge.
If I post enough in a row, it gets even huger in chat!
I almost swallowed @CharlesKoppelman's gravatar with my hat.
@YeZ :)
@YeZ Enjoy your handegg :)
@Shokhet I inflated it as much as they would let me. I do like the idea of a frisbee inside a football helmet.
Anyone know where the gemara that says בן סורר ומורה never existed, and we learn the הלכות only להגדיל תורה?
@Shokhet I searched "להגדיל תורה" in סנהדרין, couldn't find it....IINM it's in פרק בן סורר ומורה
@Shokhet Well, yes, that is a 175 gram official UPA disc.
and it's a discraft, so it's the disc of choice.
@YeZ I don't know what that means, but it sounds impressive :P
@YeZ ^^^ same.
Discraft = name brand?
UPA = Ultimate Players Association. 175 grams is the regulation weight of a game disc. Discraft is the cadillac of frisbees.
@DoubleAA Thanks :)
in fact, "frisbee" is actually the name of a brand, and the item is really called a disc. Kinda like kleenex.
Sanhedrin 71a, because I'm too lazy to open a gemara myself :P
@YeZ Really? I never knew that.
Everyone calls it a "Frisbee," regardless of brand, IME
@Shokhet Right. Like Kleenex (in many places).
7:08 PM
@YeZ Everyone holds up Kleenex as the example of that, but I've never seen that phenomenon, myself.
@Shokhet I saw it myself, and I stood on the grave of the person who called it that!
@Shokhet about that gemara, I knew that I would get an answer as soon as I saw @DoubleAA's gravatar drop in :)
@YeZ Okay, that's a little creepy ( if it's a saying, fine, but I've never heard that as a saying either.... )
@Shokhet It's from the Gemara you were searching for.
R' Yehuda responds to the claim that it never happened, that he himself saw a ben sorer umoreh and stood on his grave.
@YeZ I learned that perek about 4 1/2 years ago, and haven't had much opportunity to look back on it, since.
@YeZ Aha.
@Shokhet well you can still find my comment retroactively clever and amusing.
7:11 PM
@YeZ :)
I actually skimmed the page a few times for that gemara, and didn't immediately spot it. @YeZ, can you give me a hand? .....top, bottom, or middle?
And you just answered the question that I'm trying to! :P
@Shokhet If you give me a link. I'm too lazy to click more than once right now.
@Shokhet well, we can help him get the 5-answer hat!
@YeZ :)
@YeZ @Hod's script works in chat :)
towards the bottom
@Shokhet 7 lines before last mishna
oops too quick.
7 lines befor that.
@YeZ Well, בית המנוגע might be the same idea......
the whole discussion of the last 15 lines before the mishnah is examples of those things. Ben Sorer is 15 lines before mishnah.
7:16 PM
@YeZ Thanks! :)
@YeZ Got it. Thanks a lot!
@Shokhet Pleasure.
@Shokhet I assume this will shortly be posted on that question.
Yes, it will :)
OK JNF has the best use of the fascinating hat.
A: Why study non-practical tractates of Talmud?

ShokhetThe Talmud asks a very similar question, on Sanhedrin 71a: אלא לא היה ולא עתיד להיות ולמה נכתב דרוש וקבל שכר [...] תניא, עיר הנדחת לא היתה ולא עתידה להיות ולמה נכתבה דרוש וקבל שכר [...]תניא בית המנוגע לא היה ולא עתיד להיות ולמה נכתב דרוש וקבל שכר However, this [the Ben Sorrer Umoreh,...

@YeZ Oh wow, that's cute :)
I wonder if hats show up in the user-onebox.....
Nope. Oh well.
7:39 PM
I don't really think that rev 2 was necessary, but one of the commenters was grumbling about it. What do you (anonymous plural) think?
7:50 PM
I'm always tickled when someone favorites my question, this time, within two minutes of asking. I wonder who it was.....

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