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@JCPedroza I don't want to comment over on music fans, but some questions there would actually work here, such as:
12:28 AM
Q: I think we should start allowing the analysis of (all? some?) musical works

JCPedrozaAnalysis requests of specific works (time signature, harmony, etc) are currently not allowed in Music SE. I understand why: "Questions on identifying (or finding) a particular song, genre, instrument, etc. are off-topic since they are rarely useful to future readers." I agree with this, but I a...

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@percusse - if your question is simply the title question, I'll edit it to just focus on that, because it is obvious from all of the answers that the bit that has thrown us all is the rest of your question. You have included a lot of extraneous information which just obscures the key question.
@JCPedroza One more question!
@JCPedroza Did my answer make sense? I like it, but I think there will be some challenges...
9:03 AM
@DrMayhem You are kidding right? Rant is not welcome? Is this kind of a joke?
This is not my first SE network, hang on while I get some examples, because apparently that's the your only idea of moderation works
Ranting gets closed everywhere - as it is not useful
Q: Question quality is dropping on Stack Overflow

TomalakI'm seeing a rapid trend towards worse and worse question quality. It gets to the point where I'm asking myself *"Why did I even help this guy? He neither has the will nor the capacity to understand the answer; I have just been wasting my time". That happens more and more often lately and is pret...

Some sites give a little more leeway, some a little less
wait while I gather stuff
this is stupid as I need evidence to make a point but anyway
@percusse why are you even doing this?
You say you want to know where policy comes from - that has been answered
now you just want to rant
Ranting in chat can work
9:08 AM
That is not answered
okay, which bit do you need clarification on
why don't you just read the rest of it instead of using mod hammer whenever you don't like sometinhg?
plus what is wrong with my question answer me please within your beloved policy?
There is no insult and there is no problem with the language?
percusse - the rest of it was you pointing out a bad question that got closed, some better questions which hadn't - which is why we all asked for clarity. You eventually helped us understand what you wanted was to understand how policy is set, yes?
So what makes you think the tone is against policy?
the rest of your question was a rant
9:09 AM
Yes but you are altering content
plain and simple
And ? The policy for rant is given where?
Plain and simple please
It is SE wide - let me get the link for you
In the meantime would you care to delete this one too meta.music.stackexchange.com/questions/534/…
It's not SE wide by the way I know at least 4 networks.
I think you are holding the network standards a little too highly
@percusse that question seems fine. You have articulated yourself well.
9:13 AM
Which is practically the same thing
@percusse No - I am active on many SE sites, and this is definitely much more relaxed than most. It has to be, as music is sooo subjective
You are not the judge for the articulation
it's the community as you keep saying, based on the downvotes
so that's not even arguing
@percusse I am one of the many many judges, yes. That question has 8 upvotes, and no flags. Seems fine
you are making a case for your own behavior using the network
@percusse of course.
9:14 AM
And the question had no downvotes
what's the problem then?
even an upvote?
We have as a baseline the SE way to work things. Read this:
To prevent your question from being flagged and possibly removed, avoid asking subjective questions where …

every answer is equally valid: “What’s your favorite ______?”
your answer is provided along with the question, and you expect more answers: “I use ______ for ______, what do you use?”
there is no actual problem to be solved: “I’m curious if other people feel like I do.”
you are asking an open-ended, hypothetical question: “What if ______ happened?”
your question is just a rant in disguise: “______ sucks, am I right?”
Each community then modifies behaviour over time, based on subject etc
Where a post is ranty, mods will step in straight away
Bravo, so it's not pure policy
No they don't
there is some timevarying nature to this
which you were rejecting from the start
now you say well it evolves
@percusse Hahahahaha. Okay - they step in when they see it.
@percusse Preventing rants isn't really an evolution - they are bad
by SE definition
which is one paragraph in my question
all mods check against other mods for guidance
9:16 AM
that you consider as rant
@percusse then you posted a wide variety of questions - which didn't add to your question, it just hid your question
As @JCPedroza also pointed out
you are not removing rant, you are altering and watering down my question
As I commented back to him and he agreed partially
unlike you
he can take an argument back
@percusse those comments remained in as they were constructive
You can't cherry pick as you wish
this is not moderation
@percusse now that - specifically - is childish behaviour that is just unnecessary
9:18 AM
this is not your blog page
it's not childish
I enjoy when people get back to me with an argument
not constantly telling me how I should behave because they don't like the argument
liking is not an issue here
@percusse Yes, of course we can. The comment trail that you and I had went round and round a bit, and eventually ended up with me understanding you wanted to know where policy was set. So at that point the comments were deleted as unnecessary
you are essentiually censoring
@percusse yes, so you need to deal with the fact that while you may not like something - it may not be your call
Same applies to you too
moderation doesn't mean you walk around and fix things based on your liking
did you consult any community member here before doing that as you say we have a community
@percusse Don't I know it. If I could, it would be very different
9:20 AM
I can imagine if this is your restricted version
so can I get back my question. I don't care if it is locked
It's not going anywhere with this strictness anyway
but it's not my question
@percusse I think you need to re-read how SE works, how mods try to do their (undpaid) job, and despite sometimes not wanting to, we put up with rants from folks.
@RoryAlsop You constantly think that I'm not aware of these but I've been around enough so please stop with the teaching tone.
I am aware of it
@percusse Personally, I think that it is a valid question - it is outlined in various areas, but the fact that you needed to ask it despite being a member of various SE sites implies that it should be asked.
And it is not as dramatic as you portray here
Yes but it is not my question
I think there is no drama
9:22 AM
so you can delete it then
you really don't read it anymore do you
I think that really you asked a question that was initially not clear to me and others - it has been clarified, and now answered. As usual, rants have been removed - and I think you maybe just took that a little too personally, but that's okay
@RoryAlsop Which part of you just rewrote my question doesn't get into your line of sight?
Either delete it or roll back please
It 's your words, I didn't ask that
@percusse I will repeat myself then: is your core question,"How is policy set?" - as this is what you appear to have asked in various comments about 3 times
Which you have deleted
@percusse is that your core question?
how is it set? or who sets it?
9:25 AM
I don't understand the idea of not choosing any of these options. I haev a clear question which you disagree, then fine let's delete it
you put what you like to see
so I don't know what kind of issue this is happening here
then rollback to my version no
@percusse Why do you not want to provide the clear question? It is clear to you. But not to me or JC. Please clarify
@percusse No - pecause a big chunk of your question is a rant
for no reason
Because it is clear to me and people answered it. So some people don't take as you do
but fine if it's gonna be locked
either leave my version or delete it
As is, that doesn't even make sense
@percusse 3 folks answered. 2 asked you what you were trying to ask. Examples:
Because the rules do not apply here. Only imposed to questions people don't like. So this place is not moderated but owned. Then would you close all these questions or would you get a little bit more responsible and act more towards community?
because you wrote the watered down version and locked it
= a rant
Do you realize how many questions about why is that closed, why is this site so strict, why is this off-topic asked way more often than any other this site that I know of? .
yes I do - not many. Many other sites are much stricter
9:27 AM
fine I want to delete my own question.
how easy is that?
Not many?
I can count 5 as of now on the front page
@percusse Sadly - and I'm sure you'll be upset at this: you have answers that are upvoted, so deleting your question would cost them rep, so no
Meta rep
@percusse Which is fine. Percentage wise that is lower than on some sites, higher than on others
you are not joking right?
meta rep
@percusse Where questions don't fit a site's scope, deleting them is essential
@percusse Ahh - good point. Sorry.
9:29 AM
ok I want to delete it, so?
@percusse I think you can - if not, I think I can
give it a shot
I can't
(I forgot about the meta rep bit)
Give me just a moment
Okay - that is deleted as you asked.
Watering down should indicate to you why we see that as a rant. The guidelines on objective posts are quite good, in general. A question that is inflammatory will never get as good quality answers as one that is entirely objective, because some will agree with you that the status quo has problems and decry the powers that be, and others will take the eact opposite stance and argue - and arguing doesn't work in the SE model very well
@percusse if it's any consolation, I don't think this one should have been closed:
Q: How to find complex tempos?

Fat JoeWhat methods can I use to find the time signatures of strange/complex songs? For example, what are the time signature(s) this song uses? ...

Because the title question actually sounds incredibly useful
For things like this, if it gets four reopen votes, mods tend to be happy casting the 5th, because then our votes count as one, as opposed to the normal binding vote we have to deal with

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