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Q: On downvoting Comment should be compulsary?

Aakash MoryaCorrect me if I am wrong, Don't you guys think that there should be a provision by which user has to compulsory add the comment after down voting any post? If this happens we can get help in identifying due to which mistake the post was down voted. Please provide suggestion. Because I am sure ...

Q: Can I bookmark a question and check back later?

MarkSome question raised by other users interested me. I want to bookmark it and check back later (see whether good response come up). Is this feature exist?

Q: Check dates when marking "exact duplicates"

John-MWe should check dates on questions marked as duplicates -- specific example: (Question 1) How to read all recurring events from share point calendar list using javascript - asked August 4 2016 @ 1525 GMT (Question 2) how to read all recurrance events from sp calendar list in SP hosted app - ask...

Q: How to handle questions about the (SharePoint) Dev Stack

Danny '365CSI' EngelmanRe: how to implement the lastest angular 2 version with sharepoint hosted add-ins With the new SharePoint Framework and all other goodies we will get more and more of these non-SharePoint-but-related questions. People will run into all sorts of trouble... NPM questions, TypeScript questions, I...

Q: Flagging a question that is "probably" off topic

hoffie4I was wondering what the general policy is regarding flagging a question that you are fairly sure is off-topic or not in any way related to SharePoint? The key here is a lack of absolute certainty, most often due to a lack of comprehension. I sometimes see questions that look like they have nothi...

Q: Reviewer declined flag on own post

Erin LI just had a flag declined by the person whose answer I flagged. Then another moderator came along and flagged it for the same reason I did; it was a link-only answer. So I lost a point even though my flag was correct. Should the person whose content is flagged be allowed to review that flag the...

Q: Question put on hold, should I have had a notification?

EniloracMy question was put on hold but I didn't receive a notification. Should I have received one?

@SPDoctor No I won't migrate it. But I want to make it clear that discussions doesn't work. And I think that "90% of all 'developers'..." is generalizing too much. But let's keep it open and maybe edit the question to be more clear in intent of jQuery loading. Cheers and see you at the ESPC2016 :)

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