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7:29 AM
I see we have another "hot question" that's "Why is it this way?" when the reason is nothing to do with UX.
1 hour later…
8:45 AM
@DanHulme Which question is that?
The telephone one?
1 hour later…
10:06 AM
@JonW yeah
10:43 AM
I'd still say that technical limitations can come into the UX sphere. You have to work with / around such restrictions when deciding what designs to go with.
But I don't really like those 'why does something do something the way it does'. quetsions
I agree
3 hours later…
1:57 PM
@JonW remember the Blog? Check the UX mod chat. Was wondering if we could track down the authors of the 4 ready/almost ready to go articles and see how else is around with interest
The UX mod chat?
I know Benny is still around but I'm not sure where to find most of the others like Myrddin
that room we never use
Hmm, I checked the list of chat rooms and that wasn't there.
I think it's deleted for inactivity
2:17 PM
So anyone present interested in shaping up the blog? There's a Trello
@JonW "Show frozen/deleted rooms" is a mod button in the bottom right.
Only like, 25% or less of the network actually have live mod rooms. The rest have dead rooms that are random between people who actually effort to unfreeze/undelete them, and rooms that the mods just use the whole "I can talk in frozen/deleted rooms" privilege.
@GraceNote So it is.
Ooh, there's loads.
yeah I've always just talked in the deleted room. The 3 times I've used it
Or there is the TL too.
TL replaces the need for mod-only rooms in most cases
Which is kinda why it was practically discouraged back in the first two years.
2:21 PM
What, TL was discouraged, or site-mod room use?
> 539 days later…
Damn has it been THAT long?

 UX Blog

Room for discussion of the UX blog and upcoming articles. Join...
Dusted this off
I set the thing up back in 2012
Sign. Anyone else want to answer this question and say "it's because of pulse dialing technology"
Q: Why did early telephones use a rotary dial instead of 10 individual buttons?

blueintegralI was watching a video of little kids trying to figure out how to use a rotary phone, and it was not immediately clear to any of them how the rotary mechanism was supposed to work. That got me thinking: why was the rotary mechanism used in phones at all? It seems like individual buttons would be ...

I thought about it, but I still want to be able to show my face in here
Only had half a dozen people chime in with basically that exact same answer.
2:31 PM
One of those posts where it's best to pretend there's only the top two answers
The top two answers carry the votewinning combination of BIG HEADINGS as well as LOTS OF IMAGES. Guaranteed upvotes for those.
> Don't forget block quotes
Good point.
No blog, only buzz feed
5 weird tips, surely
2:40 PM
bUX feed
Sorry, quite right. "You'll never believe these 5 weird tips that can guarantee upvotes on the stackexchanges"
Local man gets upvotes with this one weird tip.
Moderators HATE him
Should I make a meta post about the blag?
2:46 PM
It is rather "throw crap at the wall and see if it sticks" isn't it
Just saw that myself.
@JonW blanking on what to write beyond "please blog. Here trello. Shorter articles this time"
I'm assuming the next trade show is where they announce the 9" Galaxy Nero!
Don't forget the 6.8" Note +
Galaxy Gear presumably fills in the ~2" screen space market
he should have put Samsung's smart TV's in the same line-up

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