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@jrh It doesn't make sense trying to inline the information. Although I should probably improve the question to compensate for the broken link
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1:41 AM
@JohnGB isn't it considered good practice on SE to include part of the referenced site in the text on the question, in case the link breaks again?
A: How do I write a good answer to a question?

tvanfossonGood answers do more than simply reference an external site and suggest that the OP refer to it. Answers that primarily reference an external site should include a summary of the information so that it becomes a primary source as well as a reference. This will help the answer to stand the test ...

@jrh It is when that is a key part of the question. In this case, it was simply an example, and trying to inline the text, breaks the flow of the question.
It's subjective though.
I guess as long as the question gets updated it makes sense
I think it's pretty likely that Microsoft will break the next link too, though
maybe update it to include UWP? Or is it worth keeping Windows 8 docs around for people that might have to support Windows 8?
on a side note I'm really curious to see what the UI would look like if somebody tried to support XBox one, Hololens, desktop PCs, and phones with a single UI...
@jrh It would be a terrible UI :)
I can only imagine
"Click or tap or scroll over with the joystick and hit X or nod your head to continue"
"tap out 'move up 10 pixels' in Morse code"
1:51 AM
"Please enter your name. If you are using XBox and you actually got this far in the application please call us and we'll just type in the information for you"
well, goodnight
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11:35 AM
not to bring up another thing, but are "why did X do Y" questions considered on topic in general?
Q: Netflix "Change Plan" screen review

user855 I am an interaction design student and learning to evaluate UI designs with an new perspective with this education. When I looked at this screen I started wondering why is the screen designed like this and not anything else? I mean there are various ways this could have been designed? Why is ...

Q: Are "Why did ________ do ________?" questions answerable?

Jimmy Breck-McKyeRecently I've been seeing a lot of questions asking why a particular vendor or organization chose a particular design (for example, this, this or this). These questions can certainly be interesting, but I'm not sure they fit into the SE model. They can't be answered (well, not unless a represent...

the meta topic seems to have two mods presenting different viewpoints
was this decided? Or is this on a case by case basis?
IMO it is possible to answer some of these questions, though it takes some digging
A: Why is low contrast between active and inactive window title bars considered a good thing?

jrhMicrosoft gave some explanation for these changes to Visual Studio in this article: Visual Studio 11 User Interface Updates Coming in RC (May 2012) (emphasis mine) Another area of requested change relating to user interface controls/chrome has been for us to improve the overall sense of ...

also, not to call out slyimperator, but isn't his (highly upvoted) answer, that came after this meta discussion, pretty much case in point what the first answer in the meta question says is bad, yet the question is still open? It's kind of inconsistent. (Note: I like both the question and his answer, personally)
IMO consistency is important to figure out what questions to answer, it's kind of a problem on SE in general, but sometimes I can't figure out what questions will stay open just by looking at them.
@jrh In general they are considered off topic, as most of the time the only person(s) that could answer that are the people that did it in the first place.
So it tends to be speculation more than useful UX answer.
Some are indeed possible to answer, which is why we don't close all "Why did X do Y?" type of questions.
Usually though, the resources needed aren't public.
I guess the only reason there'd be an answer for the netflix question is if the designer just happened to have a personal blog or wrote a book (e.g., Neilsen style)
fair enough, thanks

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