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12:03 AM
@john I never know if I belong at these things
But I am heading over there to see what sort of adventure it will be.
@AshleyNunn Only one way to find out
@john that's what @WorldEngineer says too
@AshleyNunn He engineered the world. He can't possibly be wrong.
So I am wearing my second favourite hat and my Toroto shirt and we shall see what the night holds. Worse comes to worst it's near a Cafe with good pastry so I can always bail in the name of cake if stuff isn't awesome
@john oh yeah I suppose you have a point there
@AshleyNunn glhf!
12:30 AM
Q: Survival games one server many games?

Big Ben GamerGuyKSPMCHow do I make Survival games have more than one game at a time on spigot?? I am using a dedicated server for Survival Games :D.

Q: GTA 5 save file deleted?

BuckySo don't ask why but I got GTA 5 on my Xbox One first and then later on my 360. I had advanced pretty far on the story on my One so I bought it on the 360 but when I started up it was the prologue. That was fine. But today when I started it up on my Xbox One it started at the Prologue! I don't kn...

1:07 AM
just had my first work shift today
I'm starting to not like this whole "responsible adult" thing
my whole body hurts
What were you doing?
Stocking shelves in a grocery store
@Chippies i know it's horrible!
1:28 AM
user image
@StrixVaria That is a winning text
@StrixVaria Yeah... That is neat.. except it wasnt that color last time I saw it.... Wonder how many times this has been done now :D
That was the one Isaw :)
1:44 AM
@chippies the working part of being an adult sucks.
Q: How can i repair a damaged Minecraft World 1.8.8

Topspin222I have a minecraft world that was damaged by switching versions to 1.3.1 Pieces of what I have built are missing, and some blocks that weren't in 1.3.1 are missing. I have no idea if I repair the damage. I have a backup, but it doesn't contain every new thing. I wonder if I should just use it, or...

Q: How do I earn the "So much room!" achievement in Game Corp DX?

ladenedgeThe build area in Game Corp DX seems to be static based on the city, yet there's an achievement for "expanding" it. How do I earn this achievement?

2:16 AM
@John I went to the tech people thing! I had fun! There was free beer.
2:37 AM
Q: Can Thresh's E cancel dashes?

TrapHappyI was in a game the other day, playing bot lane with my friend. We got ganked by a Jarvan, who proceeded to place a flag behind us and try to dash to it. But, due to my epic skills and reaction time I landed an E and threw him off of us before his dash finished (totally a lucky shot). I was wo...

Free Beer is a wonderful thing.
2:54 AM
Q: Are collectibles and choices independent in Until Dawn?

Leon7CThere are quite a lot of collectibles scattered through out the levels in this game and they're easy enough to miss as it is, but can the choices I make cause me to miss any of them? Am I able to get them all of the collectibles in one go, or will I have to play multiple times? I feel as though w...

3:06 AM
Ladies and gents, I present the work of my last several months.
Q: How to play a map on skyrim

Jaketr00I recently subscribed to 2 things A Stanley Paradox (game mode) Windfall Island (map) I would really like to play either of these but I cannot find a way to launch anything like this. I have mods like Craftable Lockpicks and Faster Vanilla Horses working fine, but maps/game modes don't. How...

Also, I should cc @Jin, since I know he likes these things.
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4:26 AM
Q: Clash of clans loss village, i want to retrieve

user126605User name: Biboy Clan Nmae: DEMI GODS Clan level: 3 Town Hall level: 7 please retrieve my village at this device

Q: ProjectE's 'Matter' pickaxes and mineing other blocks

thepieddragonI can't help but notice that there seems to be some inconsistencies with what a 'Matter' Pickaxe in ProjectE can and cannot 'right-click-mine' between various Minecraft modpacks. So that made me wonder; Is there something in the configuration files that would allow me to add blocks that the picka...

4:47 AM
Image comics is having a 50% sale on their DRM free digital comics imagecomics.com/highlights/image-nycc-2015-sale. Quite a good selection too
Sex Criminals vol 1 & 2, Saga vol 1-4, Ada + Alex vol 1-3, Morning Glories vol. 1-8, Rat Queens vol 1 & 2
All pretty good stuff
5:36 AM
> You install the doghouse at your campsite, and a delightful Halloweener dog moves into it almost immediately. His nametag says BOWSER.
> October 05 - A new animal has been added to the Crown of Ed. Congratulations to Clopedion for solving HotStuff's fiendish cartouche puzzle!
the new animal lets you breathe underwater... without any penalties
holy shit that's OP for the sea
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6:58 AM
Q: How to change defending settings in PES 2014

MVSRI loved PES 2010 gameplay and dynamics when I first played it on my PC. So, recently I bought PES 2014 for PS3. I am not able to proceed with defending as my players keep making fouls or getting yellow/red cards when I am trying to defend. Are there any settings to tweak defending difficulty to...

7:14 AM
Morning chat
7:24 AM
Hmm, I wonder if I can port the ascii->png diagram thing to python (shaky.github.bushong.net )
Would be cool to have my code automatically document itself with that
@KevinvanderVelden use plantuml instead
the syntax is far easier to produce, too.
7:39 AM
Q: Minecraft super secret settings won't change to normal

Jackie mcgHave reinstalled the game pressed sss hundreds of times F4, Fn+F4 nothing works it's been like this weeks now

it will even do packages automatically for you
@badp how did you get that? what is it?
Well I'm talking about python bindings I've autogenerated from C++
7:43 AM
thank you!
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9:00 AM
Q: How exactly do shields work in Elite: Dangerous

KeithHow do shields work in Elite: Dangerous? (I realise that this is several interconnected questions) What affects raw shield strength? How much stronger are prismatic shields? How can I see my exact shield strength? What affects shield recharge rate? How does power management affect shields? Do ...

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10:18 AM
Q: What happens if I fulton resource containers from my own Mother Base?

LoboDemonIf I fulton containers from Mother Base (Not FOB) Will my resource count drop when the container leaves but then add back on when it arrives back (minus the GMP cost of the fulton)? Is there any point to doing this?

facedesks How could I not see this stupid bug?
Don't try to compare with something that you haven't set yet ye bloody idiot.

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