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12:03 AM
can somebody edit out the chatter on this question? gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/284011/… I tried, but the OP rejected my edit.
Q: NullPointerException: Unknown Error

TDM 2I was attempting to test a mod I was working on, but recieved the following error: java.lang.NullPointerException: Unexpected error at net.minecraft.client.audio.SoundManager$SoundSystemStarterThread.playing(SoundManager.java:501) at net.minecraft.client.audio.SoundManager.updateAllSound...

12:16 AM
@TimStone They really are.
@Ash Probably the same way we ended up with a couple street lamps at our family cabin; They occasionally get knocked over by someone driving into them, and then your grandpa is free to load them into the trunk of his car. >.>
A local pro wrestler showed up to a "hardcore match" recently carrying an actual stoplight that got blown down in a wind storm.
i assume the windfall rules apply
@TrentHawkins hahaha yeah probably like that
@KutuluMike wat
he brought an actual stoplight to use as a weapon.
just set it up in the corner and put someone through it. but no one would agree to do it, so he ended up doing it himself.
12:30 AM
@Sterno well I finished deus ex, I'm just waiting for the very long and unskippable credits to end.
cc @Unionhawk @TimStone
Yeah, pretty much on the best ending bit
12:46 AM
I think I'm going to be playing Styx next... I might do thief 2, though. I'm really not sure. I'll likely stream whichever one I played.
Being able to rewatch my gameplay and easily get clips of failure and goofiness is handy
1:10 AM
@Wipqozn Styx is great
@RedRiderX It is. I got to the point where you ned to replay the missions, then enver got back to it
but I'd love to just do a full blown replay of it / finish it
but I've also never played thief 2 past the second level
The ending of Styx is surprisingly decent
@RedRiderX Come sail away, come sail away... come sail away with meeeee!
well I forgot to doa wash, so that's a thing
maybe I'll play some tonight
but tbh I have no idea if I want to do thief 2 or sytx
@Wipqozn urmom is hard
cc @Wipqozn and @fredley on that sick burn
1:19 AM
Q: Uxie problem in omega ruby need help plz

TheawesomegamersHey guys I need help with Uxie . I have the other two and red forums a lot I have the same team that I used to catch the others no happiness problem. I did not tamper with time I even beat the elite four again tried using me sprit and azelf in team also checked in between 8 and 9 and I caught the...

@GodEmperorDune urmom is a sick burn.
Will be doing Goblin, because obviousl
The game did not like me alt tabbing right at that second
yeah this game doesn't like it whne I alt tab
don't remember it being like this before,but probably loading behind the cutscne
1:57 AM
@Wipqozn I'm mildly disappointed you didn't kick the bucket
@RedRiderX lol

Proposed Q&A site for questions on the Ayurvedic system of well-being and health-care.

Currently in definition.


Proposed Q&A site for anyone interested in psychology, students, professionals at all fields of psychology (Biological,Behavioral,Cognitive,Social,Psychoanalysis).

Currently in definition.

Q: Who voiced toad?

Ashton Tanner-GouletI was playing New Super Mario Bros 2 when I came upon toad and repetively jumped on his mushroom head and heard his character go "ohh" "owe" "ouch" etc... And realized that those noises cloudent be computer generated right? Maybe computer altered but only a human could make the original noise. So...

@Wipqozn wait you can turn invisible already?
@RedRiderX apparantly
2:01 AM
I guess I forgot how this game works
@RedRiderX I'm doing really well
For totes
Well I have to sleep at some point
@Wipqozn have fun kicking buckets
"What the hell was that coming from behind that pillar? Eh, probably nothing"
I love how the secondary objective is the slightly more immersive "I should" and the primaries are "make your way"
I mean I guess it can depend on the context
2:38 AM
Seriously. Everyone in Prague is awful.
god I forgot how fucking god awful the controls are in this game for jumping
Play Thief 2 instead.
excuse me while I jump around like an idiot for 20 minutes trying to grab a ledge below me
Solve the mystery of the ghost in the library
I probably will
2:42 AM
Shouldn't you be in bed 10 hours ago?
Even I'm getting tired.
@Sterno oh god yes
I'm going to be really regretful tomorrow
3:13 AM
I saw Sausage Party
that was equally hilarious and fuct
Q: How do I decorate the windhelm house?

Chronos MythOk so I just bought the windhelm house after doing the stormcloak questline. I did nothing else in windhelm (aside from rob everyone blind without being noticed). However when I went back to the steward with 10000 gold to spend, the option to buy decorations was not present. Am I supposed to do t...

Wow, the guy sitting beside me is using a Blackberry Passport
does he have a flip phone and a mullet?
3:31 AM
@KutuluMike hue
@PrivatePansy tbh that's a great phone and I'd probably own one if it didn't run blackberryos or whatever
@arda Dat form factor tho

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