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12:00 AM
I meant to read this past hour, but then I got busy with things. Most annoying. I blame @GnomeSlice. Also, @Fluttershy.
This. Listen to this. It's terrific.
Okay, time to work on the solar power satellite some more
Maybe I can get one that doesn't shake off all the solar panels when it unfolds...
12:15 AM
it cancels out my healthy dinner
but I don't CARE
I am just getting to dinner :P
@spugsley this is a great idea
Yaaaay Zone 2 unlocked
12:32 AM
gahhh why is Kingdom Rush so friggin difficult
Which level are you stuck on?
Q: My minecraft keeps crashing (modded) help with fixing it!

Gravity skills-- System Details -- Details: Minecraft Version: 1.6.4 Operating System: Mac OS X (x86_64) version 10.9.4 Java Version: 1.8.0_11, Oracle Corporation Java VM Version: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (mixed mode), Oracle Corporation Memory: 249727864 bytes (238 MB) / 502792192...

@spugsley So. Jelly.
Also, super many thank yous for all teh poker explanations, Bridge.
12:55 AM
I wish Frogatto & Friends would get more media traction
I'd like to say it's on par with Shovel Knight, but I haven't played that yet.
But it's reeeeeeally good
@spugsley Did you ate at any given moment, the magnificent of Nutella Milkshake ?
@spugsley This is how you Sonic? :o
@Fluttershy Cookout
@spugsley I still wanna go there. :( Is it appropriately greasy?
@Michel I've never had one but it sounds yummy
@Fluttershy oh very
1:07 AM
@spugsley I'm sold!
Speculations: MapleStory 2. Anyone with any info about it?
For those who need some uplifting, this video has it
@spugsley If I ever visit can we go to this place? It sounds like it has yummy greasy food
@AshleyNunn oh my goodness yessssss
@spugsley Excellent
1:12 AM
@spugsley What about me?
I love how the formatting help page itself has a collapsible section of its information to hide more detailed information.. but I could not find a markup tag to do that in a question/answer situation :D
@James It's likely not in markdown, and also, when would that -ever- be useful?
seen that 30000 line Miencraft error report?
Id like to shove it into something smaller :D
Or hiding a lot of images to improve rendering speed
Or inlined videos and the like
@Lazers @AshleyNunn That one :)
1:28 AM
Now I want a milkshake though
We should all meet up near @spugsley sometime
@SaintWacko That would be cool by me :P
1:45 AM
We are currently performing our read-only test. This should be completed in the next 5 minutes. This is ONLY a test.
I'm on my way to the immigration authority to get a certified proof that I'm not a citizen of this godforsaken country
I didn't even know the immigration authority provides this sort of surface
We are ending our read-only failover test. We apologize for any inconvenience.
@PrivatePansy They'll likely have experience with it if it's something that Singapore regularly requires.
When I moved over here, I had to have someone the city I'm from sign what basically amounted to a "certificate of singleness" for the Dutch government stating I wasn't currently married. The American consulate here created it for me to have signed.
@FAE Fascinating.
It's actually something extra special the Chinese embassy requires for those seeking to renew their passport if they're under twenty one, and one or both of their parent is not holding a Chinese passport
1:56 AM
@AshleyNunn Yeah, it's completely useless in America, essentially, as we don't have a centralized marriage database, so I could've just been lying, haha. The Dutch government knows that though, but they still need something.
@FAE Interesting. So it is something they track in a country wide database thingie?
@AshleyNunn Yeah, the country's not very big, so it's a lot easier to keep track of 16-17 odd million than 300+ million. You're registered with your city, which is then in the government database, so even if you move to a different city, they'll still know you're married, afaik.
We have completed our Read Only failover test. We found a few bugs and are squashing them.
@FAE Huh. Interesting.
2:01 AM
@AshleyNunn Yeah, so you can't really have a marriage on each coast or something, like some people have managed in the US.
The lady in my town hall thought it was really funny though.
@FAE Yeah, I can see why it might be a good thing to do, but it just isn't something I would ever think of ever
@spugsley the milkshake xD
@AshleyNunn When the consulate told me what they needed, I was like, "Wait, you need what?"
Okay, sleeptime, nini all
Sleep well!
2:09 AM
Q: How Do I Set My Invisibility in GMOD Server WIth a Mod

xXEaterofSoulsXxI can set my invisibility but people can still see the weapon I am holding. The only item they cant see me hold is the tool-gun. Is it possible to set myself completely invisible with ULX or with some other mod.

> "I have delved greedily and too deep into the historical forms archive, and have awoken a terror of paper and ink," announced Dotted Line. "What you see before you is apparently CV-451, the Official Petition for Change of Name for a Princess Alicorn (Non-Regnant) of Equestria.
> I have never seen this form before. I did not know of its existence. Before your Preliminary Application for Official Petition for Change of Name for a Princess Alicorn (Non-Regnant) of Equestria was filed with our office last week, I had very little concept that I would ever, in my lifetime, have need of a Form CV-451."
2:34 AM
My cat is mesmerized by my sparkly nail polish. This is amusing the heck out of me
@AshleyNunn that's amazing
He just doesn't know what to do. It keeps catching the light and he is like WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU WIZARD
Sorry i have not been on i was on vaca to hawaie and goin to geroga to morrow
Q: Minecraft pe mods

stizzle84I recently updated minecraft 0.9.1and it said there will be mods involved. I was wondering how can I get the mods and how much do they cost? Can some one tell me how to get the mods for minecraft pe 0.9.1.

2:47 AM
@AshleyNunn Alice (the new cat) is the sweetest cat I've ever seen. Carter really wants to meet her, but she is scared of him.
@OrigamiRobot Awww, kitties :)
Sometimes I want another cat but my house is so small
@OrigamiRobot so much cute!
@AshleyNunn I wish I could get a good shot of her face. She has really pretty markings on it.
@OrigamiRobot very Parker-like fluff
2:56 AM
Not as poofy as Carter, but just as soft.
parker is helping me review
and mobile twitter does'nt rotate images properly
I anticipate lots of helping from this kitty.
Norbert is watching Trek with me
If you aren't petting her with both hands at once, she will try to fix this problem.
second cat?
2:58 AM
And Norbert got bored of Trek, and is now hunting a spider. :P
3:13 AM
@BenBrocka Every time I see your cat I am startled by how fluffy he is
he's rather fluffy
Norbert is a lot less fluffy
@BenBrocka I love his fluffy. I want to squeeze him to deathhhhhh
Q: I cant download or bookmark missions

youngethughey it wont let me bookmark or download any missions from the social club website i cant find any missions on the website just races and i want a playlist for mixed up with coke does anyone know where it is i'm level 50

Q: Warframe keeps crashing my computer

DavAs of Update 14, I've had consistent computer crashes. If I am ever in a Void or Derelict mission, something like an ability can cause a crash, my graphics are as low as they go and II have nothing else running. Is there any advice to prevent these?

3:43 AM
it's been the same one for 3 YEARS AND NOW IT'S GONNA BE GONE
@spugsley frantic refresh
velocity 2x is too good
4:00 AM
yo :D
do we have any anno 2070 experts here?
Q: Anno 2070 Sunken Research Labs

pipjaOkay, I have no idea how one looks like, and what are the chances of finding one in a continuous game. Please advise. Cheers.

hm dats my question indeed
Pretty good timing.
I haven't played Anno 2070 in a long time; I'm probably one of the few people here that does.
4:04 AM
@spugsley it still hasn't changed for me...
@Ktash me either...it's changed on gaming.SE maybe there's some magic thing I need to do elsewhere
@spugsley It is likely caching
@spugsley Not if I refuse to ever refresh chat
And it will show up eventually but since gaming and chat.se occupy different space sometimes chat takes forever to catch up
4:05 AM
@TimStone It will happen. You will forget.
@spugsley :o I LIKE THAT PICTURE!
eh. Still not showing. Whatevs
@TimStone the footnote is awesome
@Ktash it's much more real me than the 18 year old in the current picture :p
@AshleyNunn I know, Chrome has pending updates too. :(
4:06 AM
@spugsley I peeked, it is one of my fave pictures of you
@TimStone hahaha you are basically doomed
@AshleyNunn I like it because I actually showed my teeth and didn't feel horrible about myself!
@TimStone you're a monster
@spugsley It totally shows that you are like 'hey I feel rockin' today"
@spugsley A modster, even.
@spugsley And because you look so sexy
I also updated my website today to include some commercial photo shit. And I got to add links to my NY Times mention and my gallery show :D I'm feelin fancy
4:08 AM
@Frank darn, such a niche crowd
> Featured Artist. New York Times
> Featured Artist. Huffington Post
That's because you are fancy!!
@spugsley Because you are hella fancy
Q: Champions with physical changes from items?

RandomizerIs there any other champions that changes their appearance from items/etc? Considering that such don't have/wear skins. E.g Cho'g and Zac's size depends on their HP, that they grow large enough if they reach like 3k+ HP or something. Another is Rengar who changes his appereance from gaining sta...

Q: Can Chrom Marry Someone Else?

Colyn1337By default Chrom becomes wed to Sumia relatively early in the game. Marriage has the support rank of "S" on the Support menu. When inspecting Chrom's available support options I saw that there are 3 other possible "S" characters. Can Chrom marry someone other than Sumia?

Alright, sleep attempt time.
4:41 AM
Q: Is there any effect when placing buildings next to each other?

congusbongusI've noticed that if I place power generators next to factories, little connecting wires appear between the buildings. The AI also likes to build in this fashion, surrounding factories with generators. Does this have any effect, and if so, what effect? Does the effect depend on what buildings ar...

4:51 AM
Ugh, I've been stuck in a traffic jam for twenty minutes caused by what appears to be a poorly configured traffic light
> I need a sword. Something large, of fine craftsmanship and sturdy. Must be able to cleave a moose in half with one to two blows. This is extremely important. I need to arm for my time machine and i cant bring a gun to where im going, i dont want to give myself away as a time traveler and i have to fit in. I would prefer something from the renaissance period, as i am trying to save king louis VIII from bring executed. If all goes as planned, the present will change and i hope you all enjoy not having france a part of this planet anymore. Youre welcome in advance.
5:08 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Pft. That's assuming that changes to the past change the present, and don't just split off into an alternate timeline. I mean, sure, he'd get to enjoy a planet without France, but the rest of us have equal odds of just being short one time-traveling idiot going forwards.
@PrivatePansy So.... You're driving just about anywhere in Winnipeg?
6:09 AM
Q: My follower attacks me when I pick up items i placed in my house. Skyrim xbox 360

Black FlameI built my Lakeview manor house and I decided to try and pimp it out and make it look cool. Try being the key word lol Most of my items are stolen, just because I steal a lot lol and for some stupid reason, getting my follower to empty chests and carry a crap load of items for me seems to make t...

6:39 AM
Morning bridge
7:02 AM
Q: How much damage will my Snowball do to a blaze?

FlauntingSo i want a good cheap way to kill blazes, I have noticed that snowballs are relatively effective but how much dame does it do to a blaze so that i can make a piston crusher to leave the blaze to be a one hit to a snowball.

7:22 AM
Q: Are empty fuel tanks cheaper in Kerbal Space Program?

CoomieIn previous versions of KSP you could adjust the amount of fuel in your tanks so to get better TWR. You can still do it in KSP 0.24 but now the fuel tanks cost money. My question is: if you reduce the amount of fuel in the vehicle assembly building (ei. before launch) will the ship be cheaper?

7:32 AM
@Batophobia your game doesn't like me crafting 200 things in 20 seconds :(
It stops removing the messages that I crafted something
Also, totally unrelated, I made a thing that allows you to craft things without having to set the recipe up for each thing: pastebin.com/q2beDdec
Q: What is the terminal velocity of a sheep

FlauntingOK SO HERE IT IS - an alternative timing mechanism, I am building a trap and i wanted to try something different to set it off. I want to drop a sheep for n blocks high so that i have a delay before the trap is triggered. the timing needs to be very exact but i don't know how the falling mechani...

8:14 AM
Q: Why am I still gaining infamy even though I am wearing NCR armor?

zero298Am I misunderstanding how faction armor works? It's my understanding that while you are wearing faction armor, NCR for example and attack another faction, Legion, in this case, I would not gain infamy. To test that, I donned some NCR armor and fought some random Legionares. After a few of them...

infamy! infamy! they've all got it in fe me
8:30 AM
@KevinvanderVelden How does it work?
@fredley you run that script which creates a function. Then you set up the recipe and use that function
9:06 AM
@KevinvanderVelden I see
I'm not sure what to do next
That's always an option
Upgrade all the villagers!
I couldn't make a redstone torch, so not sure what else I can do on the redstone front
Are there any tools I'm not using? Couldn't equip bows
Can I build a portal?
9:09 AM
Can you make obsidian?
Oh wait no
That's mined
I've got some
From diamond pickaxe I assume
Probably, I've got a few of those as well
Ok I can craft TNT
Not sure what to do with it
Made a bed, again, what do?
Hmmm, enchanting table, I should do that
you can't make golden apples =[
I can make paper, but it's not made automatically, sugar is though
So I don't have enough cane to make enough paper :(
What tool makes cane? Need to make more of them
9:14 AM
jeah, it's a bit steep
You need 300 sugar cane to make 1 book
@KevinvanderVelden I've made axes and hoes and it's piling up again now
@KevinvanderVelden Only need one book for my enchanting table
... why was I thinking of the thaumonomicon recipe?
But you need 30 cane for one paper, and 30 paper for one book, so 900 cane for one book
9:17 AM
Oh right, even worse
@KevinvanderVelden Got 10 paper so far
I wish you could unassign villagers and not lose the tools, that's just cruel
<3 my script
Also, how do you make books? ><
Ooh, it needs to be in a 2x2
Can I just refactor this game @Bat?
I don't like the giant else if that is the crafting table
This is a much better way (this message is in no way self promotion cough cough)
A: How could I implement something like Minecraft's crafting grid?

Kevin van der VeldenYou have to remember that Minecraft only uses a very small set of possible recipes, so there is no need for anything all that smart. That said what I would do is find the smallest grid that fits (i.e. ignore empty rows and columns to find out if it's a 2x2 or 3x3, or 2x3 (door)). Then loop throu...

I'm stuck in the labyrinth
9:20 AM
Oh, right
wat do
Uuh, you need 9000 sugar cane for an enchanting table
Jup, 10 books
@KevinvanderVelden Oh
Also, wat do in pyramid
9:21 AM
how do I get out?
No idea, I play it like I play minecraft, I don't explore =p
I automate!
@KevinvanderVelden but...but
That looks really really weird
9:22 AM
The variable naming is kinda weird =p
Bla, I have 2 experienced blacksmiths and a supreme one, I'm still getting iron ore faster than they're smelting it
@KevinvanderVelden Given @Batophobia's workplace, I'm not surprised
Yes, the hivemind was strong yesterday =p. 3 people saying the same thing ><
My game is a post-scarcity economy in everything except sugar cane
I know the feeling
I've almost got enough sugar cane for an enchantment table!
9:26 AM
@KevinvanderVelden Woo
I take it you don't have chefs?
@Kevin three people?
I have supreme
@badp well, one said the same thing with different words
Episode 2 was always a little weird
9:28 AM
I think 3 people said explicitly 'quit your jawb'
I know the two of us said "find a new job" at the same time
16 hours ago, by Batophobia
company I work for doesnt have version control
Oh well yes
'There's only three developers, so there are never conflicts'
Yes D:
I've done that with 2 developers, we still had conflicts
huh, books are made automagically, but paper isn't
9:30 AM
I've got a spoiler about the game but I'm not telling yet
I didn't know that you could do php style development with .net
I want you to feel it
@badp classic ASP is very much PHP style development
9:31 AM
@fredley Aw ewwww
@PrivatePansy Yup, I was working out why the alert hiding wasn't working
I found out!
Well that explains... that yes
@fredley Ah, JavaScript generated elements
How far are you along with paper?
9:31 AM
So. Singapore's censors decided to ban an Archie comic because there was a gay marriage featured in it
@KevinvanderVelden 1 book made
Hurry up faster
89 left!
Then they decided it was okay for an X-man comic to have gay marriage, because someone inside the comic objected to it, so it was a "balanced treatment" of the issue
Oh god you know what's worse? alerts aren't removed from the DOM when they're hidden
good god
9:33 AM
That's what we figured, yes
I can't make this stuff up, it's so unbelievable
You know what the correct response is to someone complaining about gay marriage? Mockery
@private we now know to add Captain Singapore, Defender of the Balanced Treatment in our fanfics
2 books
Sonac: listen up Knackles
Singapore: ewwwwww no just no
Sonac: shut the fuck up Singapore
Knackles: shut the fuck up Singapore
Smut: intensifies
9:36 AM
@badp Smut. ಠ_ಠ
Hmm, I might have told the game to make 200 diamond axes
@private what's even the point of marriage
@badp Tax breaks, duh
@PrivatePansy Those are often scaled with the number of children
so, indirectly, to the amount of smut!
@KevinvanderVelden I've automated paper making, so it'll make it whenever it's got enough cane
9:43 AM
@badp also inheritence, access in hospitals, prisons, etc. Also some pensions in case of death of one of them
@fredley how did you do that?
@KevinvanderVelden pastebin.com/fqYy6RQN
Always assign setInterval to a variable, so you can turn it off!
Hmm, 100 diamond pickaxes
Did you make an enchanting table?
I've got up to 5 books now
Yes but I'm not telling you because spoilers
@KevinvanderVelden Fine now I know there are spoilers!
9:48 AM
Also villagers get really expensive
163840 apples is uuh a lot
var autoAttack = setInterval(function(){if($('#attack').offsetParent != null){$('#attack').click();}},500);
@KevinvanderVelden I'm on the level above that :)
I has cake!
nom nom nom oh wait you can't eat virtual cake =[
I have a clock from somewhere
All this random stuff turns up and I have no idea why
Putting together random stuff I think
Also $('#alertBox').children().remove() ftw
@KevinvanderVelden Thanks
Dear God I want to write this game from the ground up
9:57 AM
Collaborate on it?
Oh man, how did I miss this gem of a question title
Q: My cocaine refinery can't produce output because my storage is always full of weed. What should I do?

NoneOfYourBusinessOnce I get a hydroponic plant or a hash ranch, I have a really hard time producing any other type of drug since my storage gets spammed with weed. Is there anything I can do about it besides only using growboxes? Can you disable or sell facilities somehow?

Make a a new version of it with items from some FTB mods
@KevinvanderVelden I'd be tempted to do more with villagers
Instead of capping villager acquisition by apple cost, have them build structures
These structures start out cheap to build a small village, but expansion into a town/city etc gets more and more expensive
Once you've acquired 2 villagers by apple-based exploration, they will breed to fill available space
Also villagers wear out tools, and explorers may die
Sounds interesting, would also make it possible to require the user to come back every once in a while
10:03 AM
@KevinvanderVelden DAMN YOU @KEV
That was the spoiler
Is there a decent easytag alternative?
I need to write basic metadata on 85 or so music files.
I typically use foobar2000 on windows for that
I've also used some name based autotaggers which I can't remember the name of
And once you get to higher structure levels (large town/city) you have infrastructure costs that impact how fast you can grow
10:05 AM
Sounds cool
@badp I use mp3tag
e.g. if you don't have enough farms/farmers your villagers will start to starve. If you don't have enough roads they can't move around and don't work
For anything more heavyweight than Windows Explorer can handle
@PrivatePansy does it do .ogg's?
Eventually the game ends up being DF
10:06 AM
Hmmm, lemme check
it does, good
What if we made it so you could actually plant the buildings on a map and watch the villagers move?
I used it to batch convert some files with ID3v2.4 to ID3v2.3 because Windows doesn't support the former
@KevinvanderVelden in a few revisions you will have reimplemented Minecraft in JS
That would make it run even worse
10:08 AM
@KevinvanderVelden Yeah this is getting a bit labour intensive. Modelling that stuff is hard, as in NP-hard
@fredley not necessarily, could just be implemented as a task list, when a villager is free it grabs the first available task and does it
@KevinvanderVelden I guess, that still doesn't solve the moving around thing though
Which is accomplished by pathfinding to the target position over the roads, waiting there, pathfinding to the next thing
@fredley they can only walk on roads, roads are read into a simple graph for movement
@fredley What game are you referring to?
@Flaunting We're thinking about how to expand @Batophobia's game
@KevinvanderVelden ORLY. How about when it grows into a city? We're sailing dangerously close to travelling salesmen here
10:13 AM
@fredley Damn you
@fredley naah, travelling salesman is finding the optimized route that visits every node on a graph. This is just standard pathfinding
@KevinvanderVelden Hmmmmmmmmmmm
@KevinvanderVelden Ok. You can do that part :P
Awesome :D
Worst case of A* is linear in the number of edges btw, so that's not bad at all
Especially since all that information can be cached until the road is changed
@KevinvanderVelden We have a long weekend here, seriously considering doing this as a project (sorry @Bat...)
@fredley I'm on holiday starting tomorrow, 11 day LAN, I'll have time inbetween gaming :)
10:21 AM
@KevinvanderVelden Awesome
@KevinvanderVelden I've got a server we can run it on (mamota.net)
Perhaps you should ask @Bat before you completely steal their idea.
@RonanForman I think we're going to end up going in different directions
Very much so
I'm assuming @Bat will turn up here soon anyway, he's been pinged enough times...
10:22 AM
na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na @BAT PING
@Bat isn't autocompleting. I'm not sure they will get the pings
*NaN *NaN *NaN *NaN *NaN *NaN *NaN *NaN *NaN *NaN *NaN *NaN *NaN *NaN *NaN *NaN *NaN
I mean it's Javascript you're talking about :P
@MattЭллен he'll get back eventually, possibly
@badp Is that a pointer to NaN?
@fredley no, it's just an overloaded operator
10:30 AM
@fredley It's the There I Fix That For You operator

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