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5:05 PM
@Wipqozn Who will you believe? The Internet or me? :P I still think The Warrior's Apprentice is a better start - it deals with Miles (the main character of almost all the books). Shards of Honour deals with his parents (who are just minor characters in the rest of the series).
Actually, if you don't have much time, find and read the short story "Mountains of Mourning".
@Frank Yes
@Wipqozn Okay, open up your farm.
@Frank whoa man, never on a first date
@Wipqozn Do you want seeds or not?
@Frank ...yes
Just let me get to town
I also need to wait 40 in game minutes
5:11 PM
@Wipqozn Waiting on you
Waiting for it to be 9
@Wipqozn You can save the game, and continue after.
I don't have too long.
I'm not sure hwo to actually do online
oh I getcha
I do it from the game menu
I thought I had to do it from the guild
Nope. Title menu.
I opened my farm
5:14 PM
Can't find you.
now it's opened
I couldn't proceed without having 3 gifts
So you're getting 2 iron and 2 weeds
What a gift, he probably has enough weeds =p
I have no idea what's oing on
@Wipqozn Iron, get!
@Frank thanks
5:18 PM
And your seeds should be at the guild.
Q: Minecraft Forge server crashes on startup

AstroNot sure what I'm doing wrong, here's the .bat file output. C:\Users\joejo_000\Desktop\modded server>java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar forge_server.jar nogui A problem occurred running the Server launcher.java.lang.reflect.InvocationTarge tException at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.in...

Q: Not working exp remover cap for BGIEE

Jaroslav KotowskiI tried to remove ex cap for android for Shadows of Amn EE described at forum. Played Black Pits to the level 11 and after importing main character to the Shadows of Amn, the level counter stopped at 161k exp. What went wrong?

Q: effective way to kill the boss in the city of florennum in swordigo

Anonymous.XI have managed to reach the dungeon in the city of florennum and I've encountered a boss which seems to be a curruptor disguised as a sorcerer.Any way I wanted to know which attack/combinations of attacks are most effective against it

@KevinvanderVelden faithinhumanity--;
Not really sure why that's a minus, to be honest.
Q: if Iexplorer doesn't open your app

Vecksteinsimply click on backups, then on the left hand side of the screen (the list not the icons on the right), click on App-Domain.com.mojang.minecraftpe. Then click Documents,then com.Mojang and finally Minecraft worlds. Then just drag and drop and or all the worlds onto your desktop. :) Connect the...

@KevinvanderVelden and the comments are about what you'd expect, sadly.
6:24 PM
Q: What is the keybind to select the ranger's pet?

Eduardo CopatI'm playing Pillars of Eternity as a Ranger and I find it very annoying that I can't select my pet through the keyboard. I have to click in its icon every time. Is there a way to keybind the ranger's pet selection?

@Rapitor why? I hope it's because the comments =p
@KevinvanderVelden nope, it's because she's annoying and tackles the issue in the completely wrong way
Oh dear.
Q: 3DS XL Nintendo I.D. Linking

KaijūSo, I have a 3DS XL and I also have a Nintendo ID Linked to it. I'm planning on trading it in to get a new 3DS XL. Would I HAVE to do asyatem transfer to get my Nintendo ID if I deleted it off the system? If I got the new system and deleted my Nintendo ID off of my previous 3DS, could I just put ...

6:40 PM
7:02 PM
I think Story of Seasons has an even worse desire sensor than monster hunter..
Q: Does the increased Blood Shard cap apply account wide?

ChaseCYou can increase your Blood Shard cap by doing solo greater rifts. Is the increase to your cap applied account wide, seasonal, general or only character based?

@KevinvanderVelden Hahahaha, the Koch Brother's piece was by Rand Paul. Wonder who's looking for some campaign funding there? lol
7:22 PM
My eyes are having grumble focusing
Maybe it's because I've been in a freezer for like four hours today
Q: MineCraft Help! Items After Death?... Will they Return back into the game?

Sheena Raquel MaroneyIn mine craft will the items in your inventory after Death because of being far away from home..after digging in a mine. I got out of the mine but was far away from home and couldn't get back to it somehow. so I killed myself to get back to it. question here is the items that where in my inventor...

Dupe, right?
Ravines are for whales
Maybe I shouldn't correct that one actually
Q: How can I stop forgetting spells in ADOM?

neuviemeporteI am playing a gnomish Elementalist, currently at level 19. I have managed to reach quite nice levels on some of my offensive spells (most notably, Burning Hands is P:+24, E:15d3+43), but I keep forgetting them all the time. The first number, the one the help says reflects "how well you memorized...

Q: Minecraft Server Hacked

Jordan.McBrideI am the admin on a server, and a new person came on the server for the first time. He asked for a book to "write a story". We gave him the book and he gave it to the owner. The owner opened up the book and it De-Opped him and op-ped the player. The player then went around and World-Edited removi...

7:43 PM
@Rapitor I don't think I have you added on Elite.
Q: What PC horror game is this?

GlazeeIt is a game that i played when i was at my mothers job must have come out during the 1990s for PC. I remember doom like graphics but some enemies were walking on two legs like a human but upper body was like the trout of a anteater. Can anyone help me to figure out what game this is?

Roulette was fun. I am broke but I played for THREE DAYS on 100 bucks so not too bad at all :D
I was up the first two days but then in the end they took it all back :p
Q: Create [tag:nintendo-network-id]+ synonymise [tag:nnid]

Mathias711There are some questions specific about the NNID, but we do not have a tag for it yet. Those questions are mostly tagged as 3ds, 3ds-xl and/or networking. I think we should create this tag, and retag the related questions. If this is okay, I would also propose the synonym nnid -> nintendo-networ...

8:00 PM
I want to be best friends with this creature
@spugsley Why do I have the feeling it looks cute but would probably eat me
@AshleyNunn I know, right!
It's face is so dumb and hug-able but it's probably dangerous as fuck
@AshleyNunn Probably because the thing looks pissed off.
It appears to be some sort of smug phallus whale. That...is unsettling.
8:02 PM
You know how I feel about group movies so not happening :p
It's in 3 hours though so I'll calm down now.
@Yuuki Not at the current moment, but I will be later!
@spugsley Also, did you see me recommending a book at you? Because I think you would like said book.
@Yuuki When are you going to start the poll for next movie night?
Q: I excerpt edit is not removed in the editing queue

Mathias711I just created the nintendo-network-id excerpt, but because I have not enough rep yet, it has to go through the queue and get accepted. However, immeditaly after I submitted the edit, I got the orange 1 in the upper right corner. I pressed it, and the queue turned out empty. That happens more oft...

8:04 PM
@Wipqozn Either tonight or tomorrow night.
@Yuuki heh, you've got a quick turn around :P
Well, wanna give plenty of time for voting and whatnot.
@Yuuki same name as here
@AshleyNunn :O I didn't. I've been away and couldn't get pings while I was gone
Q: GTA V Pc, is there a way to have hud recorded (map, race timer etc)?

Senor BeardIs there a way to have the HUD recorded in the footage which you record using GTA's built-in record feature? When I use the in-game recorder, it records everything else on the screen but the map, health bar, race timer, etcetera are not visible

8:11 PM
@spugsley You should read Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. It is SO GOOD so far and I think it would appeal to you.
@AshleyNunn I'll check it out on Good reads :D I'm trying to finish the last book in Night Angel. It's so bad and it makes me sad :/ It's like an entirely different author wrote this compared to the other two
I'm really struggling to finish but I only have like 40 pages left
@spugsley I don't remember the last book all that well. Perhaps for good reason.
@AshleyNunn the writing isn't bad by any means but the plot is just so messy. He tried to do too much :(
@spugsley There are almost certainly razor sharp teefs hidden behind that lipless mouth
8:39 PM
You know... I should have just rejected and edited it myself... :/
@Ktash Done.
I'll write one to replace it, since that would have been the easier solution to start with
Q: Modded Minecraft Not Working!

MasterChiefM101So recently I decided to make my own mod pack but for some reason when ever I try to get a large amount of mods the game becomes incredibly unstable and will randomly crash and bug out at times. I have has my friends test out the mods I am trying to install and it works fine for them, with no cra...

Tag excerpt suggested
Approved :)
8:53 PM
Wow, Monodevelop just generated a 42-line long XML comment.
Those words mean nothing to me! :P
@AshleyNunn Good... loud evil laugh :D
Alright then.
Q: Grand theft auto V has exited unexpectedly (after notebook fix update)

StefanFor some reason my GTA V still keeps crashing even after the update wich should "fix" the problem with 2 graphics cards. Also when I try to run only with my intel/amd graphics card it ends up giving an error that directx 9 wasn't found on my device? Wich I get for my intel but not my AMD. It has...

Well, now I'm doing a bit of an edit spree for tags... Because why not
9:02 PM
I am working on fanfiction. Yay getting shit done!
I got some studying done today, so that counts.
Q: Controller Problem

ErikSo, I just got a PC X-Box controller, I downloaded JoyToKey and a config file for Minecraft, but when I move the stick to the left, it goes up. When I move it down, it goes right etc. Can someone please help me?

I wanted to get more done but then jumper blocks frustrated me and I am hating this storage stuff chapter more than printers (it seems like a bunch of stupid confusing data, and I am not sure why all of a sudden my brain is just like nope nope nope nope nope)
So the tag seems to be mostly about the series (with 1 about the first game). Any issues with me retagging these to be where appropriate? Only a few questions there
@Ktash I don't see a problem.
9:05 PM
ah, actually two are about the first game
Just maybe, if you're up for it, make wikis/excerpts for both, to clear up confusion?
Yeah, that's what I'm doing now
Thank you <3
Can I use [tag:] markup in a tag wiki excerpt? No, right?
I don't think so.
9:13 PM
Alright, done
Uno mas
come on game... i just need 1 emerald
@Yuuki What time do I need to not forget?
@John 11:00 PM UTC-0.
1 hour and 30 minutes.
@Yuuki thanks :D
9:29 PM
@Rapitor Big House?
Or is that the Upgraded House?
i think its big
upgraded needed the bricks
It's nice. Way more space and a bathroom!
its been like 2 game weeks without a single emerald
this game has an even worse desire sensor
I need Gold. Like lots of gold.
Desire sensor?
9:32 PM
It's a Monster Hunter thing.
Basically, the game "senses" what items you're trying to get and lowers the probability of them dropping.
@GnomeSlice when a game knows you want something, it will never give it to you. and when you dont want a rare thing, it will give you tons
How does that even work
Ask Capcom.
Or Marvelous, I guess.
Oh, I have the Mushroom/Honey Field. I should probably use that.
9:35 PM
@Yuuki yeah its a good thing that field require no maintenance, i always forget about it
Yeah, but the Bee part doesn't produce during Winter.
Which sucks because guess what season I won it in Conquest?
Oh well, more time to get stuff to make Perfume, I guess.
does Tea die in winter or just not produce
@Rapitor It doesn't produce.
9:36 PM
k good.
Same with fruit trees.
well. not good... but better
sewing studio is dumb. you can't really make any outfit for a long time
@Rapitor Sewing Studio is where I get all my money now.
@Rapitor Yeah.
9:39 PM
Sewing studio makes ridiculous amounts of money
The profit on it is ludicrous.
Almost gamebreakingly so.
Flax -> gold dye -> gold flax cloth
yeah, but that process takes a decent chunk of time
@Rapitor Not if you do 10 at a time
Isn't 25 the tag character limit?
9:41 PM
Like, multiple of 10 - they process parallel
I do whatever amount ends up with a 24h process time.
i'm dying linen black (to make wrapping for gifts) and its going to be like 5 days to dye a stack
@Rapitor Well, how many cloth are you asking it to make at a time?
30? Because that's where your problem is.
Rather than 1 stack of 30, split it into 15 stacks of 2.
It's much faster.
9:43 PM
You guys are so ahead of me
@AshleyNunn I have no life and thus can invest a lot of time into this game. I dunno what @Rapitor's and @5pike's excuses are though.
@Yuuki I'm unemployed!
But also easily distracted.
@Yuuki i got it on launch day?
9:47 PM
@Yuuki I have lots of experience with harvest moon games.
I've played them, but as with many things, I am terrible at strategy.
I just kinda futz about and do whatever.
thats all i do
RIght now I am saving up for a chicken coop and trying to figure out how to get more recipes.
Recipes: Purchase from a trader, win a festival, eat at Raegar's restaurant.
Those are all the methods I've encountered so far, there are possibly more.
did you get far on the relationship side of the game?
9:51 PM
Blue Heart and currently going steady with Lillie.
I've hit purple with Mistel
pretty far
@AshleyNunn's such a charmer.
Going steady with Angela
i'm green steady with iris
9:52 PM
Yeah, I'm not terribly good with relationships in Harvest Moon.
I tend to forget to talk to people and give gifts.
which is quite the grind because there is no more events for a while
so she's just going to drown in fireflies
To get Angelas last event, you also have to have good relations with the doctor and her mother (the guildmaster), which is quite a pain.
@Yuuki I have a daily routine I follow to make sure I do the stuff.
I now have two chickens: Nugget and Wings.
Right now I am also working on making Raegar like me because I need that later.
@Yuuki <3
9:55 PM
you only have 2 chickens?
Sadly, I couldn't think of the specific name for rabbit meat (like venison, beef, pork, etc.) so my Rabbit is named Stew.
I don't have any chickens yet :(
@Yuuki hahaha I like that.
my rabbit is Fluffy, because those things are very fluffy
My chicken coop is full, but I don't have any rabbits yet.
@Rapitor I don't need any more than 1 Egg a day.
So I'm considering selling one.
9:57 PM
@Yuuki faster egg factory means more stuff being sent out to requests
that's probably the only reason why i have so many
I use eggs to make food for stamina
I have a Golden Watering Can so stamina's not really a problem for me.
@Yuuki Same, but I have so much crops to water.
268K G shipped today. Eat your heart out, Giorgio and Fritz.
10:02 PM
because I already had three pizzas this week.
This is a travesty.
I need to get better tools.
I don't even want the Root Crop field.
Q: How do I divorce my husband?

AshI thought I was on my mods account and I wasn't. I logged on and saw that my mod stuff wasn't there. Including my MCA husband. I had built a large house that took me a while to make. When I logged on on my mods account, my husband nor my child was there. I even tried calling them with the mod's w...

Q: How do you spawn ONLY zombies in Singleplayer?

xXPikminXxI'm making a maze where you have to fight zombies and get to the end, but all these other mobs start showing up and I cant figure out how to spawn only zombies. Also, I cant use dispensers >-<

@Yuuki Yeah, but you unlock some more crops, I think.
Also, I apparently need to make a ring for Mistel. Gosh. So needy. Give him all the presents, make him a ring....
10:04 PM
@5pike For winning a Conquest?
@Yuuki I think so.
Q: Tag change request [final-fantasy-type0hd] -> [final-fantasy-type-0-hd]

KtashIs there any reason the tag for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD to be final-fantasy-type0hd? The full tag final-fantasy-type-0-hd seems to be within the character limit, and is a better fit, imo. It also better fits the format we normally use. Only one question seems to be using the tag at the moment. I...

The traders always had new crops for sale, when I won a conquest.
@5pike Are you sure it's not because you sold stuff worth a certain amount of G to them?
Never mind, some things are Conquest unlocked (although they're also time unlocked).
Looks like it will be a while before Mistel gets his Ring, as I have no idea how to create it and suspect it will take a while.
10:09 PM
Rings are made in the Sewing Studio.
And the easiest one is Silver + Fluorite.
If I were to ask the question on the site, I'd title it "I like it, so how do I put a Ring on it?" even though that's not a helpful title.
But it makes me giggle.
Do iiiiiiit~
and it is so rep-vaccuum-y
1 min ago, by Yuuki
Do iiiiiiit~
But I wanna.
Damn it, @Yuuki this is all your faaaault.
There, I did it.
So I am treating myself to Chinese for dinner, and looking at the local Chinese place's site, and laughing, because it says the following: We specialize in Szechuan, Shanghai, Cantonese, Taiwanese and Singapore. Vegetable Delight is also on our menu. " I think that means that they also have vegetarian dishes, but I just like the phrase "vegetable delight"
10:16 PM
Rrrrr... "szechuan"...
I hate Wade-Giles.
@AshleyNunn Chinese food is pretty rad
@Wipqozn I got my tax return yesterday so I decided even poor kids need a treat now and then.
@Yuuki ???
I just copy/pasted that part.
@AshleyNunn Wade-Giles is a form of Chinese romanization, one of the earlier and thus more common variants.
It's where we get Peking, Nanking, and Szechuan.
I also don't like it.
This is the same website where lunch special is spelled "launch special" after all.
@Yuuki How should it be said/written?
Pinyin is the more accepted version these days.
10:17 PM
genuine curiosity
Q: I like it, so how do I put a Ring on it?

Ashley NunnI know that in order to unlock the later events with the love of my life, I have to give them a Ring. Like everything in Harvest Moon, I gotta create it somehow. How do I make a Ring so that my love knows exactly how I feel about them?

@AshleyNunn Beijing, Nanjing, and Sichuan.
@Yuuki Neat. Learned a new thing today.
@Rapitor You'll want a lot of those later though.
10:22 PM
im sure
i save everything
You'll need more of those than Emeralds, I think.
I don't save a lot of things that I get commonly like bottles
I should grab a bite to eat, too.
Food is good :)
Going to a party in about an hour. I'm basically just going to put in an appearance, and then leave. I figure an hour is long enough to not be considered rude, or something.
10:36 PM
@Wipqozn That's my usual rule, back when I had friends that did that sort of thing.
A friend of mine keeps inviting me to parties she has, and I never go, but this time it's for herbday so I figured I should make a point to attend this one.
Q: Why am I losing this title?

CaneI am playing CK2 with my friends in the Byzantine Empire. He is the emporer while I picked a duke in the kingdom. When he got enough money, he then created the Kingdom of Greece and gave it to me. But now, even though I have Agnatic-Cognatic Primogeniture, and I have a son, my friend (the empo...

@AshleyNunn She's basically my only friend that does.
@Wipqozn I did not know there was a holiday for that
@John I think april the 20th is considered a herbday by many. Don't think it's the same kind he meant though...
10:42 PM
@Chippies Oh that's totally what he meant
Oh, I get it.
Adolf Hitler (German: [ˈadɔlf ˈhɪtlɐ]; 20 April 1889 – 30 April 1945) was an Austrian-born German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party (German: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP); National Socialist German Workers Party). He was chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945 and Führer (leader) of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. As effective dictator of Nazi Germany, Hitler was at the centre of World War II in Europe, and the Holocaust. Hitler was a decorated veteran of World War I. He joined the German Workers' Party (precursor of the NSDAP) in 1919, and became leader of...
Also Hitlers birthday
And here we see a prime example of the older generation trying to fit in with the younger people and overdoing it.
@Chippies Are you calling me old?
Because I'll have you know I'm completely wild!
Heck, sometimes I go to bed at 10:30!
@Wipqozn Wow, slow down there, slugger.
@Wipqozn I think that would be hypocrisy coming from me, considering the Bridge recently found out I'm 70
10:45 PM
@Chippies I'm not sure if you're actually 70
@Wipqozn I can't be sure myself anymore
OH! D3 level
Okay, thanks for context chat
19 hours ago, by Yuuki
Man, @Chippies is ancient.
19 hours ago, by LessPop_MoreFizz
@JasonBerkan 4/20 isn't for another 3 days, please to hold all High-deas until then.
@Yuuki what time is movie?
10:56 PM
@AshleyNunn Shortly. I should set up the room.
@Yuuki Do I need to wear a shirt?
@Ktash The question you must ask yourself is: do you want to wear a shirt?
@Ktash I have a shirt, so if you have pants we have a whole outfit and are good to go. :P
10:59 PM
@AshleyNunn It's laundry day, but I do have pants on
i did laundry this morning
@Yuuki Most of the time yes. Otherwise the people walking by on the path outside give me funny looks
My mom took my laundry today.
And usually the kids point and stare
Well I'm off. Later ladies and gents.
11:01 PM
@Wipqozn Have fun :)
11:18 PM
I'll leave you guys to the part where the brother turns into a mecha giant and wipes out London with an army of laser seal army ops
the part where tom cruise hacks himself into the animation and rips it apart from the inside is pretty avant garde.
@badp ಠ_ಠ
@badp dual monitors duh
11:27 PM
Q: Is there a way to spawn zombies at certain coordinates?

HannahFor my adventure map, I need to know if you can spawn zombies at certain coordinates using command blocks. I cant just have them spawn naturally in the dark ._.

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