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12:00 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Thanks to N64 era graphics, I have go clue.
@LessPop_MoreFizz millions per second every time I play a videogame?
12:15 AM
@Sterno What game?
Q: What does the flashing red alert mean?

Fredy31Sometimes during gameplay a red light flashes with an alarm. I can't tell what triggers it, and what makes it go away. So what does the flashing red alert mean?

@Wipqozn Because it's catchy! And if you watch Duck Song 2, it ends with @Wipqozn-style humor
@Sterno I like 3 the best
Great finale.
@Fluttershy Tormentum - Dark Sorrow
12:24 AM
In Soviet Russia, hands shake you?
@LessPop_MoreFizz I like how the kids in the back start fighting for apparently no reason.
Just kind of like, "Well, everyone else is doing it, I guess we should be dicks too"
Q: What defines "Looking an Enderman in the eye"?

BenIn Minecraft, when you look an Enderman "in the eye", it will aggro the mob. But what determines "Looking him in the eye"? Where does the cursor have to be? How far away can you be? Can I "look through" blocks like glass/water/leaves?

There has to be a ringtone that plays a ransom selection from a group of tones.
spider ban spider ban Ineffective spider ban They don't care No respect Here they come Anyway @sannewman
12:39 AM
So when you get a Text - "Hey! Listen!"
then anther "Hello!"
and another "Link!"
this would be amazing
Daniel von Bargen passed away recently (today maybe?)
He was a pretty funnny guy
1:10 AM
@Ben this?
it's a common app and I just clicked the first one, so there is probably a lot more
Q: What is the chronological order of the storyline in the Five Nights at Freddy's serires?

0-frame linksI'm curious what the timeline is for the events so far for all 3 games of five nights at freddys. From playing FNAF 3 I'm not sure if I'm wrong but it seems to take place shortly after the events after FnaF2, which happens after Fnaf1, but some people have been telling me it's the other way arou...

@Lazers re answer, I don't know about this set of games in particular, but personally, after destroying the link is dead thing with canonical and in game sources, I take game theory with about 3 tablespoons of salt (plus pepper, to taste)
@Frank I now think they are losing their minds.
@Rapitor Did not know it was a thing. Dang it. could have made so much money :P
Q: What does trigger the hallucinations? (or are they random)

Fredy31Been watching FNAF 3, and hallucinations seem to be happening at random, seemingly without any patterns. So do hallucinations happen at random, or do they have something that trigger them?

Q: How can I get rid of hallucination side effects?

Fredy31After an hallucination, the screen just fades to black and comes back repeatedly for a few moments, and then it comes back to normal. Can I get rid of those hallucination side effects faster, or am I stuck to play with those side effects until they clear out?

1:59 AM
@Rapitor Is this a moba?
@StrixVaria yes, third person shooter, like smite. here's another vid with game footage/interview
looks quite fun honestly
@Rapitor I like Smite. I'll probably wait for Blizzard's thing, though.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I don't know this band well, but I like Mr. Grieves.
Q: Determine the difficulty of the deathless quest

Ethan BierleinI'd like to do the deathless quest, but I don't want to attempt it until I know how difficult the enemies will be. How can I find this out?

@StrixVaria Blizz Fortress 2? I'm looking forward to that one.
@StrixVaria you have a great deal of wonderful music to discover.
2:04 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz At least I'm listening to Doolittle again now.
@StrixVaria I've always been a Bossa Nova guy.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'll listen to that one next.
I've been meaning to find new stuff to listen to on the train anyway.
Also the band Kim Deal started with her sister after the Pixies is even better.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I've heard this before.
I feel like it might have been in a commercial, though.
Probably. It's literally one of the most iconic riffs of the 90s.
2:13 AM
I didn't listen to music in the 90s, at least of my own accord. I didn't care about music yet at that age, and all my parents listened to was Pink Floyd, Yes, Kansas, Led Zeppelin, etc.
Question: Did Elvis ever sing about Chicago?
If not, was there another figure in music known as "The King" who, at one point or another, sang about Chicago?
Sinatra potentially
That is to say he had a song called Chicago and was maybe called "the king"
Hmm... does the term "The Vicious Circle" ring any bells?
"In the Ghetto" (originally titled "The Vicious Circle") is a song written by Mac Davis and made famous by Elvis Presley, who had a major comeback hit with it in 1969. It was released in 1969 as a 45 rpm single with "Any Day Now" as the flip side. == Song information == It is a narrative of generational poverty: a boy is born to a mother who already has more children than she can feed in the ghetto of Chicago. The boy grows up hungry, steals and fights, purchases a gun and steals a car, attempts to run, but is shot and killed just as another child is born. The song implies that the newborn will...
So, yes yes yes.
2:30 AM
Q: Are there multiple animatronics in Five Nights at Freddy's 3?

Mr. AdviceI've been watching videos about FNAF 3 and my friend thinks the only animatronic is spring trap. In the videos I saw the player got killed by withered foxy but he still doubts me. He backed himself and said that the other animatronics are just hallucinations made by spring trap. I'm kind of confu...

3:13 AM
Taxes are stressful
@LessPop_MoreFizz Every time I hear Elvis, all I can think of is Lilo & Stitch
Oh, also, @Yuuki did we agree on 14/15 weekend?
@Ktash I'm sorry to hear that.
Young Elvis was a fuckin' fox with the voice of an angel.
3:26 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz About Lilo and Stitch or taxes? lol
ur a fuckin' fox with the voice of an angel
Also, it's called a crawdad :P
@GnomeSlice I am nowhere near as attractive as young Elvis.
And I couldn't singhalf as well as him either.
@Ktash The song is called Crawfish, and it is probably my favorite Elvis song.
King Creole is a great movie in general.
3:32 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz I meant the animal, not the song
@Ktash I know what you meant. And it does nothing to diminish the songs amazingness.
3:48 AM
@Ktash I'm okay with that weekend.
So, 14/15 it is?
Works for me. I just couldn't remember, but I'm fine with either
3:58 AM
Man our llama game is so 4 hours ago. Time to make a blue and black vs white and gold game I guess. Slow it down Internet.
4:08 AM
it's in my body
Got denied from Harvard http://t.co/JDqVQuvumH
I’ll get this right eventually
@spugsley ME TOO.
my throat was so scratchy today. Idk if it's allergies but I'm not taking chances
@LessPop_MoreFizz and then missing because we're both on Nyquil!
@spugsley I don't think its working. :(
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'm feeling very very very loopy so I think it's working
4:16 AM
@spugsley it is my fault for buying NyQuil pills instead of liquid so there is no alcohol in it.
Maybe I should have a beer.
I am sad that it isn't working because I know the mere fact that I took it means I am going to wake up tomorrow as the thirstiest person within 100 miles because that is what nyquil does to me.
4:28 AM
keep water by your bed
@GnomeSlice it is hard to drink it when asleep.
don't sleep then
or get a humidifier
oh you're one of those people that drowsy drugs actually make drowsy
@GnomeSlice Most don't. Nyquil does because it's the purpose, not a side effect.
4:46 AM
Q: I don't have a minecraft save

WtangI was in a minecraft command block and I acidently pressed x does that have a save or not course I was in the command block for about 3 mins so I don't know what to expect when I log on

5:44 AM
My nurse is my hero because she managed to place a new IV in my crappy veins first try so I could make friends with my saline drip and it isn't in my elbow anymore and I think secretly she is a wizard.
(apologies for the run on possibly confusing sentence, I am tired)
@AshleyNunn you... had an IV in your elbow? o.o
that sounds very unpleasant >.<
6:05 AM
God fucking dammit Tim Schafer
the internet at large seems to be at least partially in approval
@Unionhawk Lacking any context, I'm going to assume he ate a baby.
"I shouldn't talk about gamergate, so all my gamergate jokes will be made by this sock puppet." ~@TimOfLegend http://t.co/gAluica0fg
6:22 AM
@Unionhawk I liked my assumption better.
@chippies it wasn't that bad as long as I remembered not to bend my elbow because that would occlude the line and it would beep but this new one is in my upper arm so I don't have that problem anymore
@TrentHawkins Yup, I could potentially get behind him eating a baby
@Unionhawk gamergate is still a thing?
I thought people got over it some time ago
Okay, clarification received
Got it
I'm glad I don't know anything about gamergate
But I do know things about sock puppets
And no that was not an invitation to have someone explain it all to me by the way, I DON'T CARE I NEVER CARED
okay I'm done
6:34 AM
there now I'm done
That was therapeutic
6:51 AM
Q: Can i play on my PS4 while my girlfriend plays on a Vita?

Jethro PennyThis may be a dumb question but i have a PS4 with a PS Plus account. I want to purchase a PS Vita for my girlfriend to play on. If i add my PS plus account to the vita will she be able to play games on it while im playing on the PS4. eg while im playing Fifa she can play Little Big planet on the ...

7:51 AM
Morning @bridge
8:29 AM
@5pike I killed a Lagombi yesterday too with my new blades, it went super smooth.
With your fire blades?
Yup. He basically melted.
He was dead by the time my first hot drink ran out.
Indeed. I guess it did help that I looked for a monster that I expected to be weak to fire.
I didn't look it up because I was already in bed and my phone was out of reach (one of my extra alarm/wakeup systems, having to actually get out of bed to stop the stupid alarm)
8:46 AM
Ah jeez, what a "great" question from a customer:
He asks if his websites sets cookies
@5pike Browse to site: check if you have cookies. Disinfect as needed.
Yeah, I know, but the question in itself is so dumb...
@5pike Absolutely true.
9:37 AM
I'm so bored. Entertain me please.
@Arperum No.
@Arperum No.
@KevinvanderVelden Booh.
@5pike Booh.
The booh-ing doesn't line up as pretty as the no-ing. Overruled
@Arperum Chart out some stuff for MoHun.
9:47 AM
Fine, have the entertainment of crappy questions @Arperum:
Q: HTML in Cyber Space!

bruceUsing html and java can i make a box and spin it around in cyber space, i remember years ago there was a code. I have built may pages now and look forward to learning more of html. Or may I be more specific and say that is it Java or html that can make three dimensional figures.

@KevinvanderVelden Because you name is too long.
@Arperum I disagree, @5pike's name is too short!
My name is perfectly fine, but @Arp could have used @Kevin (which is also 5 characters)
@KevinvanderVelden Nah, I like his real name. It's of perfect length.
@5pike not with an arrow reply
9:49 AM
@5pike Then there would've been no reply arrow and that would've resulted in different length again.
Oh noes
Let me try something:
All the noes
Ok, that doesn't work, sadly.
@KevinvanderVelden This is hilariously confusing.
@Arperum I also like the red cube image at the end.
9:54 AM
@KevinvanderVelden lolwut
@KevinvanderVelden It's not even a 3D red cube...
@Arperum I think it's his signature or something
Q: COD4: Modern Warfare Single Player close unexpectedly

NewGuest96I have a problem with my COD4's iw3sp.exe, as i run the game, it exited during intro/load of the game without any message. How can i fix this? Running on Windows 7 32-bit. *Multiplayer works just fine

@KevinvanderVelden Based on his avatar being a red square, that might be right.
Beginner question. — bruce yesterday
That also adds something to the confusion.
10:00 AM
> I have built may pages now
It's a bit of a toss up, do you VTC as unclear what you're asking, or VTC as we don't allow questions about where to start
I assume that's "many pages", so how he still ends up with beginner question...
@KevinvanderVelden ... That's just mean.
@Arperum thank you
Don't worry, I'm doing it to my self to
Q: Where to find Ultimate Survivor Bundle items and outfits in Dying Light?

Tuss LászlóI just redeem the Ultimate Survivor Bundle DLC and can't find the outfits in my "backpack" at Safe Zones, nor the items in my inventory.

@KevinvanderVelden I JUST GOT OVER IT. I WAS LISTENING TO PREMATORY. (Which I'm going to see Saturday :D)
@Arperum If that requires me to set up a whole room to play portal in a really good VR-enviroment, I might actually do so.
On the matter of music: those who like Trashmetal: Check out Bliksem and Prematory, both bands are pretty damn good. cc @StrixVaria @RPiAwesomeness @AshleyNunn?
10:52 AM
Q: Minecraft: LAN options

MichielMy team and I are hosting a LAN-party this friday and we expect about 20 people to enter our Minecraft: Hunger Games contest. The problem is that we have no firewall or router access, and all attendees will be on the same school network. What is our best option for server setup? Do we rent one?...

Q: Training Zombies in Black Ops 2

user13068I have the original zombies pack (green run) on my PS3 and I want to know how I can train Zombies properly to reach higher rounds. The lava in particular seems to be significant obstacle in training. In Tranzit, I end up dying in the bus around round 25, and the only place where I'm able to move ...

Dammit. Now I want to see Bliksem again. I blame @KevinvanderVelden
and when you see Bliksem, you will want to see @KevinvanderVelden, and blame Bliksem. The cycle continues.
@KevinvanderVelden No. This Bliksem:
That picture didn't really look very NSFW.
(Also: it's female vocals, and not that harsh, so you might like it @KevinvanderVelden)
@Arperum I also like Huntress so
11:02 AM
@KevinvanderVelden Yup, definitely check them.
@Arperum The video is...not good. But the song is!
Huntress always reminds me how I was an idiot and didn't go to the signing session when I had the chance. I also forgot the Sabaton signing session that weekend. Dammit Graspop.
@StrixVaria I'm not really watching the video. So I can't tell you.
They are at some point between known in the metalscene in Belgium and getting International shows.
According to Facebook they are the support for Flotsam and Jetsam on their upcoming EU tour.
They played on Metaldays twice too.
Q: how can I make mods for Saints row IV

somerandomguy123I want to edit the map . I want to return the crib from saints row the third to its place. And import a few 3D models.

Q: Mod to change mining level

Biblosomeone knows an mod which allows to define which level is required for block x and which allows to change the mining level of tool x? I already searched on google but couldn't find anything, maybe I'm just searching with the wrong key words.

11:08 AM
@Lazers sloooooooooooooooooooooow
You know you're slow if @5pikepoke tells you that you are slow.
11:24 AM
Alright, Bridge-ians, be awesome today while they poke fingers in my brain meats.
@AshleyNunn Go you!
@AshleyNunn tell them to be careful with your brain meats! It's important and stuff
After all if they install the hug gun like I asked I don't want to have to use it right away when I am still all dopey ;)
@AshleyNunn I hope the borg treat you well.
@MattE.Эллен resistance is futile and all that ;)
11:29 AM
Q: Civilization 5 tactics for Prince difficulty and beyond

user13068I was new to the series when I first purchased this game a few months ago(with the Brave New World expansion pack), but after playing the first 3 difficulty modes I got a good hang of the game. However, when I tried playing on the Prince difficultly level, I was brutally defeated. Within a few tu...

11:44 AM
In other news, this is kind of surreal: thechronicleherald.ca/metro/…
I used to work at the sobeys discussed in the article, and I was supposedly there the night this all happened.
I've been contacted by the lawyer representing sobeys a few times to see if I remember anything (I don't). I now work at the chronicle herald, aka the website I just linked.
@AshleyNunn BEEP BOOP <3
Jesus christ
Basarios Tears is a monster drop in MH4U, aka the tears of a monster.
That's fucked man
Hunters are the real monsters.
Especially @OrigamiRobot, since he didn't buy MH4U
You can carve it from them... you can carve a monsters tears.
Shits fucked, yo
But it's eye bag has precious gems!
11:59 AM
@Wipqozn I've gotten multiple tears from different monsters already.
@Arperum Yeah, those are account items thoguh.
I kind of forgot about them actually
The majority of those tears you get are account items, which you trade in for money at the end of a quest
@Wipqozn Oh, so that's why I've been getting some extra money at some quests, as if I've sold an item.
@OrigamiRobot gutted
@Arperum Yup
Hey @Flyk
12:55 PM
Flyk Status: Not here.
in Monster Hunter, Feb 16 at 19:07, by Sterno
@Wipqozn is the greatest monster of all.
Still no Lifehacks moderators
I guess you don't really need moderation on a site where everything is awful anyway, though.
1:12 PM
@Sterno So true
1:29 PM
Last night I had a dream about the zombie apocalypse. Turns out I'm totally the kind of guy who would just shut the door on you and leave you to your fate if you're being stupid or slow.
So the Huge hardpoint got fixed so that you can use less than C4 weapons on it, but it's still terrible for gimballed weapons
i'd probably just slap the biggest/strongest weapon on it. like a railgun
a huge railgun would probably one hit small ships
@Sterno I would do the same
Don't got time for that shit
@Rapitor If it hits.
The C4 PA wrecks small ships. If it hits.
Which is basically impossible at any significant distance.
1:37 PM
railgun is still hitscan isn't it? it just takes time for it to charge up and shoot
It's a projectile.
Q: How to beat Nano-virus without cheats?

LeGamerI'm stuck on Nano-virus at the moment. Basically it's the one where the world automatically knows you're there since the virus escaped from a lab. Is there a way to beat it easily without using cheats? (I don't have the full version)

@Sterno My daughter can hold her own bottle, but chooses to drop it so that we have to go pay attention to her again.
@StrixVaria Yup.
She can't even really think yet and she's already outsmarting me.
1:41 PM
It gets worse. So much worse.
My daughter was sick a lot in December. Throwing up, etc. I'd spend more time with her at night before bed cuddling her and whatnot when she was sick.
So now, when she doesn't want to go to bed quite yet, she'll tell me she feels sick.
At first, she was obviously faking, but she's gotten really good at pretending to actually be sick.
One time, I didn't believe her, and she vomited all over her crib a few minutes later. Oops
she can vomit on command?
You should tell her the story of the boy who cried wolf.
No, she was actually sick that time
@StrixVaria She's already scared dinosaurs are going to eat her, so I'm not sure it's a good idea.
1:43 PM
@Sterno But the moral!
Right now I tell her our cat will eat them if they come in the house. That seems to work.
Maybe it can be the boy who cried dinosaur
In other news, people who don't put foreign key constraints in the database on columns they're clearly using as foreign keys should be shot.
It's 2015. We stili have accented letter flavoured mojibake.
This is òwful
Q: I can't find the magic mirror

TheCuteHamsterIve been playing terraria on the PC for 10 hours total now and I still have not found a magic mirror! Any idea how i can increase my chance of finding one?

Q: Palico quest explanation

dkieferWhat does it mean if there is a star on one of the parts of a Palico quest? I noticed after I beat the monster for that section, there's a Palico standing on the chest. Do I get extra quest rewards?

1:53 PM
No turning back now.
@JasonBerkan that is quite the mess.
@Rapitor Tell me about it. I have to haul it out to the trailer this evening.
@JasonBerkan I think that point came way before this photo was taken
2:05 PM
The newest MtG Planeswalker is autistic.
@Sterno does not show you the database scheme I'm working with
You'd be so busy shooting people
@OrigamiRobot archetype of non-creature spells :D
Oh oh of course that happens
We are running Windows so Eclipse wants to use its own perversion of ASCII
We might as well be using EBCDIC
@badp Is this a worse design decision that Javascript's Date class? Fight!
Q: Recreate skyrim save file

David MulderSo, after reinstalling Skyrim and stuff my save file has gotten somewhat corrupted causing random crashes. So, I was thinking, is there a way to export and import just the following things: Character levels & perks Character inventory Completed quests But discard Stored items General state ...

2:17 PM
> The new platforms don’t stop development on the core PC game and the next major release for PC is something I’m very personally excited about. We’re calling ‘Power Play’ – and it isn’t the speculated PvP modes! It is however a major update that will be coming first to PC and we’ll reveal more in the coming weeks.
Good morning, Bridge
@badp That's what I use at work
It's pretty cool. Basically: "Set your own percentage on what you wanna give to itch.io" (where you = gamedev)
@KevinvanderVelden Unless the minimum is set to a non-zero value, you KNOW the vast majority of people won't give anything back.
@Frank the minimum is set to a zero value.
The previous revenue sharing model was: There isn't any, you get the money (presumably minus banking charges)
> You might be saying “well that sounds pretty risky, what if everyone sets it to 0?” We think that’s a risk we’re willing to take in the spirit of encouraging the generous and supportive community that’s already developed around itch.io.
2:25 PM
WTF is itch.io and why should we care?
Maybe I'm just too cynical, but leaving your fortune in the hands of the internet sounds like a plan for failure.
@Sterno itch.io is a game store, pay what you want, seller can set a minimum if they want
Oh, I see. I haven't heard of it because STEAM
Honestly, for a game, I'm either willing to pay what they're asking, or $0.
2:27 PM
@Sterno Pretty much this
Too much mental stress to try to determine on my own what I think a game is worth
@Sterno Are you getting Cities Skylines? It's only $30 to never have to play it.
I agree most of the time, though some games (like Dota 2) I've bought cosmetic stuff because I wanted to support them (I mean, not like valve needs support)
@StrixVaria That doesn't sound like a game that I'm interested in not-playing.
Fair enough.
2:30 PM
Age checks on websites are the dumbest
They are also the minimally required (by law) effort to keep children out
@Sterno Blame COPPA.
It might as well change to "Are you old enough to lie about your age? yes/no"
@Sterno I'd be more ok with them if the Submit button said "Totally not a lie"
I regularly put in the oldest possible year they allow, just to see if they do any sanity checks.
2:32 PM
I tell websites my birthday is January 1st of whatever year I land on when I spin the scroll wheel.
"Yes, I am 98 years old and very interested in Call of Duty."
@OrigamiRobot there's another way?
@OrigamiRobot exactly this
sometimes I like seeing how far into the past I can actually go with it

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