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12:02 AM
There, now my new awesome dinosaur art is replacing the stupid John Green poster that I was too lazy to remove.
AND my recycling box was waiting for me when I got home.
@AshleyNunn what's wrong with @JohnTheGreen?
No, he's cool
John Green the author is not my favourite thing in the history of ever
then why did you have a poster of him?
@GodEmperorDune She thought it was a @John poster.
12:04 AM
@GodEmperorDune Because I liked the quote at the time when past-me bought it
Now I have replaced it with the above dinosaurs
yeah that art is fun
Reddit front page is starting to look a bit more normal now.
so anyone taking bets on how long until reddit catches fire again?
Depends on if the admins actually learned anything.
If not, I'm gonna say 2 weeks tops.
12:08 AM
@spugsley the reddit drama?
nope. The gashed foot O_o
@spugsley I hope this isn't referring to your foot ;)
OMG, VintageBeef, how did that work?
@AshleyNunn hahahahahaha lol that would be gross and hilarious
12:12 AM
I nkow, right?
I just earned an achievement for Endless Legend by clicking on it in my Steam Library.
Didn't even launch the game.
easiest chiev ever
The pop I bought from the weird iranian convience store of tasty awesome is apparently a "Taco Bell exclusive".
Sangrita or Baja Blast?
Baja Blast
I am just like "I am so confused about life"
It's tasty, though
12:17 AM
Yeah, that's not bad. I don't like most Mountain Dews but I enjoy that one. My fiancee really likes it, though. She was excited when they released it in cans/bottles.
@TimStone I like the blue one because it reminds me of Pepsi Blue
12:35 AM
> "...in February of 2015, I received a call from Ellen stating that I was to be terminated in less than a week. When I asked what the specific reason was, she had roughly stated that 'because of our discussion, you are too sick to properly fulfill your duties as Community Manager.' "
I am officially out of fucks to give.
@Frank "I'd recommend explaining where that came from" - No thanks. I don't intend to teach you math. — user 5061 36 mins ago
@Yuuki You (and the OP) are making that out to be more than it is.
He deleted his AMA, so it's more than a bit sketchy.
I don't know what to do, I'm out of popcorn.
@Yuuki i read it this morning
it sounded pretty bad
12:50 AM
but it is obviously biased
and people started with the chairman pao type stuff again
it may end up being a wrongful termination lawsuit
but the former employee ended up nuking his posts and the ama thread itself
so who knows
@Yuuki holy shit that is scary and amazing
they may have just decided to let a bunch of people go this week
It doesn't sound like any (US) laws were broken. If he was off the job for more than 6 months, that's cause, along with the inability to relocate, for termination in the US.
@MBraedley Cancer is covered under the ADA.
12:54 AM
@Yuuki And that matters how?
@Yuuki What the crap is happening in that gif?
@Frank Sugar reacting with potassium chlorate.
@MBraedley the weird thing is that they fired him right before he said he wanted to come back
but i'm not an employment lawyer
and he said they paid for 12 months of cobra coverage, which is more than generous
@GodEmperorDune but wasn't that also right around the time they were moving headquarters?
@MBraedley not sure, he talked about them already being in SF and he was going to move there within a few weeks
because he couldn't relocate while in recovery
there was some speculation that victoria was let go because they were shutting the NY office down, i don't know if it is substantiated at all
1:04 AM
I'm not saying it wasn't a dick move, just that, without more information, too much is being made of it.
@MBraedley such it the way of reddit drama
@spugsley oooooh
(and no blood showing so YAY)
that really does look alien
yeah, that's very little editing on the green. I just desaturated the reds a bit (my skin photographs very red)
1:11 AM
or i'm just used to California being so brown i forgot what green plants look like
it was just really super green
I definitely need a food thing
I don't have any groceries and it's going on 10pm :/
I am bad at adult
also stores are closed and/or a mess tomorrow because of july 4th
Come to Canada! Our stores will be open and mess free :D
@AshleyNunn and if they're not, at least you'll get an aplogy
1:24 AM
Q: which is better? (flight time+speed)

user117456I have terraria and I just recently got frost wings. Then, later when I was farming in my dungeon I got a bone feather used to craft bone wings. so I was wondering, "which ones are better? frost wings or bone wings?" please leave a comment or answer if you know anything that could help or know w...

@Lazers2.0 no, do not leave a comment, that's not how this works
1:49 AM
Looking for things to do~
This is an awesome Space Oddity cover
professor-layton-miracle-mask is 29 characters long
Q: Professor Layton: are there multiple solutions to Alchemist's Lair 08?

MobergIn Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, are there multiple solutions to the Alchemist's Lair 08 downloadable puzzle? I find that the four flasks in the bottom right corner should be able to be connected in 3 different ways. But when i tried another one the flasks turned red even though the num...

2:11 AM
Aw, I think I killed my plant :(
All the leaf bits are falling apart
I think it got too wet
Bridge, I have one more arm to take off the runners.
To give you a taste of what I'm working with, here's one page from the manual. My copy doesn't have English.
I think that's a good idea
Q: How does the experience system work on Flick Kick Football Legends?

GabrielOshiroI find this game amazing, it is like a soccer-pokemon hybrid. I have been trying to figure out how the experience system work, unfortunately with no success. You might be able to help me. When successfully passing the ball, which player gets the experience, the passer or the receiver? Some play...

2:30 AM
Q: How do I set my default (spawn) property?

mugen2099I own 2 properties in the PS4 version of GTA V (Del Perro and Eclipse Towers). Right now, Del Perro is my default one, how do I make the Eclipse Towers my default (spawn) property?

@AshleyNunn It's kind of telling that we receive only three days of training to fire our rifles, but 2 months of training to drive those death boxes down the highway
@PrivatePansy Yeah, that kinda sums up the state of things...
Q: How does the stamina store work on Flick Kick Football Legends?

GabrielOshiroBefore purchasing stamina on the stamina store I have some questions: How long stamina reserves last (both greater and maximum)? Can I buy both? When buying stamina refills it says Regain some stamina. How much is some? Thank you.

@Lazers Why do I think those pictures are at least semi promotional in his latest questions?
2:48 AM
Oh, I see. I don't see anything that screams promo to me, just like....screenshots.
Q: If my officers die in a campaign, do they die in single missions?

Steve V.One of the loading screens for Door Kickers tells me that Your officers don't die permanently in Single Missions, but your tactics still suck. Which is awesome. But let's say that I play a campaign (maybe even an Iron Man campaign). Let's say that my best dude gets capped in the first mis...

Is the Lord of the Rings FF card game supposed to be hard as balls?
Because if feels hard as balls.
3:04 AM
Q: Terraria: I defeated skeletron 💀 and have 4 qualified houses and still have not obtained clothes/dryad.

MiaNot a terraria genius, so sorry if these NPCS can't be obtained this way. Mostly explained from title, I have four qualified 🏠🏡 houses, and I defeated 💀 skeletron, and still have not received clothier or dryad. Again, sorry if I'm wrong.

@Frank Those are just screenshots. I used to play that.
Ugh, I wanna watch Fury again for some odd reason.
at least he's going about presenting his point in a dumb way
@GnomeSlice His point is inherently incorrect.
I am not anti-vaccine. I am anti-thimerosal, anti-mercury. They have taken some of the mercury laden thimerosal out of vaccines. NOT ALL!
Twitter is not a good place for that anyway
Maybe I'll watch that film
but probably not
3:29 AM
Q: Riding in a Minecart

user117464I have Minecraft PC 1.8.7 and when I begin riding in a minecart while facing North, I continue to face North throughout the ride. How do I face the direction of travel?

3:54 AM
Q: Why isn't this working with armorstands

Derek SturmI made 2 custom mobs, a Fairy, and a ghost, both using armorstands, after the command block creates them it assigns them a scoreboard of either Fairy or Ghost, I understand why it doesnt work, but I dont know how to fix it. Ghost: summon ArmorStand ~ ~4 ~-4 {NoBasePlate:1,ShowArms:1,CustomName:...

@Lazers2.0 I really really want to edit all those emojis out of that post
4:34 AM
@PrivatePansy I wouldn't roll it back if you did.
5:04 AM
random thought of the evening: I wonder if SpaceX, NASA, ETC play KSP as a way to engineer and/or simulate prototypes
I know people at like NASA and stuiff have played it, no idea how seriously they took it or anything
5:17 AM
@GnomeSlice They've actually taken it out of all the vaccines that prevent your kids from getting, y'know, dead.
The only common vaccine that still has it in greater-than-trace-amounts is the flu vaccine.
Yeah, NASA engineers do rocket science when they're off doing rocket science at work :P
6:01 AM
@TimStone Which is stupid because the only thing the mercury thimerosal did was preserve the vaccines. Now they expire a lot faster and thus cost even more.
Just because mercury is a component of the compound doesn't mean it'll cause brain damage or act like elemental mercury.
Yeah, the FDA only poked vaccination makers about it because of the "theoretical potential" for it to cause neurotoxicity
Especially since more vaccinations were added to the <6 year schedule, getting the vaccines was more important than having people worry about the "what ifs", but people opted to be dumb anyway >_>
Sodium reacts vigorously on contact with water, it pretty much explodes. Chlorine is poisonous and has been used as a bleach. It's been used as a chemical weapon by the Germans. That obviously means any compound of the two should be banned right?
Sodium chloride would kill you just by you looking at it, right?
If you're going to ban thimerosal because it has mercury in it, you better not have any f--king table salt in your pantry.
reaches for the airlock release
6:22 AM
@Yuuki man, fuck table salt
2 hours later…
7:57 AM
muhahaha! morning @Bridge
2 hours later…
9:32 AM
Q: How to make the forge option appear?

GUESTI read the instructions to download the latest forge and did EXACTLY what it told me to do. but then when i wanted to run the forge, i cant find it in my edit profile thingy. I tried 5 more times, but nothing changed. can anybody tell me what the heck is happening? stress level 100%

9:50 AM
Stupid heat. I want to go to a one-day festival, but it's too fucking hot to go sit in the car and drive for an hour.
@Arperum Yeah. I'll be going to the lake soon and throw myself into the water
@5pike Have fun!
10:23 AM
> Valve official quickplay and matchmaking servers are no longer listed in the server browser
@Chippies remember when I said they forgot to place ther patch notes for D3 on eu.battle.net? It took them two days to notice.
1 hour later…
11:32 AM
Q: I cant connect to another world in minecraft pe ipad after the new update!

Erynwhen ever i try to connect to some ones server it just says invalid username so if you know how to solve this problem please tell me! Thanks alot.

Q: Will buildings disappear (and chunks change) if I go too far?

JohnSomebody told me that if I travel too far my house will disappear(possibly with my treasury). Is it true? Will the chunk change if I travel too far(I travelled some tens of thousands blocks,but the house was there,but I don't know if it happens with millions of blocks far). If so,can I preserve t...

2 hours later…
1:15 PM
Q: Minecraft Vanilla elevator

John KlubertanzHow can I use command blocks to test for whenever a player is standing on a certain block within a certain area, and then teleport them?

@Arperum something something timezones somethign excuses :P
@Chippies Not even, they even posted some other post in between.
@Arperum was the update available on the PTR before though?
or did they update it same time as patch notes were available in EU
@Chippies Yup, that post was made three days ago, the patch notes were added yesterday.
Oh man, you guys were playing Terraria and you didn't tell me?
1:22 PM
@PrivatePansy we were too busy playing Terraria to tell you
also, plenty of people mentioned playing it when the major patch launched couple days ago :P
I mean playing it together, multiplayer
Idk anyone that plays together here, but that's probably because I wasn't invited
@James was going to set up a server, but turns out his server box is on Linux and the linux server is not native, so he has to wait for the people to reverse engineer it for the 1.3 patch
other than that, I haven't heard anything about anyone playing together
@Chippies Neither was I.
I've been playing with wife, as usual, so I don't really mind. Although we were looking forward to @James' server
1:44 PM
terraria party at @Chippies house
1:54 PM
Q: What are the maximum levels?

lewlcatI would like to know, what is the maximum level in Fallout Shelter for a: Dweller's main level. Specific SPECIAL stat (excluding clothing bonuses).

2:14 PM
Reddit on fire update: Reddit no longer cares.
@Unionhawk Half of reddit still private? or did they give up?
I don't know, all I know is there's 100% less pitchforks on /r/pics
@Arperum Most are back to normal. The mod from one sub with 160k subscribers decided to close it permanently; its subscribers added 2 to the end of the subreddit's name and carried on as if nothing has happened
@PrivatePansy That whole thing ended up in a sizzle. I did not expect it to die down this fast.
Not really. Go and see reddit.com/r/iama
2:25 PM
Q: Do different vendors have different sell prices?

Justin SearlsI don't have a good read on whether I'm better holding off to find a smith to sell my vendor trash weapons or whether any merchant will do. Sometimes it seems like payouts are better when it's to the appropriate vendor (books to a book seller, etc.), but I haven't been able to prove it.

Q: Apply and effect when left clicked/right clicked with minecraft?

ChickenatorIs there a way so that I make make it when I left click/right click with a certain item it applies an effect? I know that you can apply attributes to wearing armour and things but I want it so when you use the item it applies an effect on your player. Is this possible with command blocks/command...

The top 6 non-stickied posts are still about... well
@PrivatePansy Yea, well, it's not completely done with burning, but in general reddit isn't a blazing hellfire anymore (or not more than usual)
Q: When is it safe to sell books and contracts?

Justin SearlsI'm sure most people have answered this for themselves (because this inventory UI is so limited), but now that I have dozens of books and contracts in my inventory, am I safe to vendor trash all of them once I read them? Is there any risk to shedding one that I'll need later?

@PrivatePansy Oh right the telltale game
I thought mojang was adding this to minecraft and was so confused.
I'm still confused, but less so.
It looks kinda interesting to me as a thing, but it is also weird.
It tries to mix together two diametrically opposite genres
And the graphics falls into this weird space where it's trying to keep Minecraft's original voxel aesthetics, but also extend it enough such that the characters can do things like talk and bend more than they can in the game so that Telltale Games can actually tell a story
Q: Mods for roleplaying

Micheal106Hey guys i was just wondering what you guys would think are decent roleplaying mods . Any suggestions would be great. Im trying to make it a more realistic gameplay so mods like climate change , eat and sleep etc etc would be brilliant.

3:44 PM
That's an interesting idea, but I haven't really liked Telltale's stuff that much. I'm not really a big minecraft fan either.
Maybe we'll get fewer Minecraft bug reports now?
@Yuuki Hell isn't that cold
Bahahaha, someone bought the domain cutest.horse and set up a redirect
Someone bought Walmart.horse
Oh, it's down now
Awww. Where does it go to?
3:50 PM
It was just some goofy fake Walmart page, but like really fake so nobody would fall for it
@twobugs ... I don't get it.
@Yuuki The concept of squatting on well known URLs but with humorous domains is funny to me. Don't read too much into it
.horse being a top level domain is awesome, for example.
So, news. This:
is turning into this:
Probably from all the copper from pennies that people have been tossing into it.
@Yuuki what even is this
@badp Natural geyser in Yellowstone Park.
Used to be called "Morning Glory" (probably because it would erupt occasionally in the morning) and is now called "Fading Glory".
4:04 PM
@Yuuki such a shame that it got ruined
national parks are one of the things that the US has not messed up yet
or were, i guess
@GodEmperorDune We're working on it.
@Yuuki According to the Mojang employee on r/Minecraft the Windows 10 edition is basically a Windows 10 port of PE
@yuuki why do people have to ruin things
@AshleyNunn people suck
People are the worst kind of people!
4:11 PM
@GodEmperorDune yeah, I am noticing that.
Q: CSGO- What are the ranks?

KeithThaHumanSo I started cs:go about two weeks ago and apperantly I am on corporal rank 5 BUT when I googled the ranks, I don't see corporal. I am new to this game and I just want the ranks to be explained. Thank you, -Keith

Q: Game freezes when i enter my house

Micheal106It is really annoying that every time i enter my home in any city the game freezes on me. It gets past the loading screen then a few seconds later it completely freezes! Im playing on Pc and if anyone has any ideas to fix this please let me know . Thank you

Huh. TIL that C-3PO and R2-D2 hate each other.
@AshleyNunn i mean back in the 50s we screwed up a bunch of things because we didn't know any better, but now we do know better and are still screwing them up
@Yuuki i always thought it was a lovers quarrel
@GodEmperorDune No, like their respective actors actually hate each other.
@Yuuki oh, o.0
4:12 PM
Same with Mulder and Scully.
i thought british people were physically unable to hate anyone
Also, Shia LaBeouf knocked out Tom Hardy.
As in Transformers dude knocked out Bane.
> Hardy addressed the incident later, saying, “I got knocked out by Shia LaBeouf, actually.” He added, “[It was] behind the scenes. No, he did. He knocked me out sparko. Out cold. He’s a bad, bad boy. He is. He’s quite intimidating as well. He’s a scary dude… He just attacked me. He was drinking moonshine. I was wearing a cardigan, and er, went down. I woke up in Pnut’s [Hardy’s trainer’s] arms.”
Just because people have to work together doesn't mean they have to like each other, I guess. :p
It's kinda weird, considering who the actors portray on-screen. But I guess as Patrick Stewart would say...
i actually got sucked into the world of TNG actors trolling one another on youtube yesterday
4:17 PM
Man, I love living in the city. Last night was a art market, today I can get lunch from food trucks downtown and then on my walk home hit up a cherry festival for dessert and to see a friend perform poetry.
@AshleyNunn we used to have cherry festivals... they are cancelled because of the drought :(
@AshleyNunn And you get to look at cute gifs!
user image
@Yuuki idk why puppies can only seem to figure out how to run for a couple steps before the legs don't quite do what they are supposed to but it is adorable
... I think I wanna go watch Inside Out today.
And maybe fanboy over it for a good two weeks.
@GodEmperorDune this is just a tiny thing in a local park that one of the neighbourhood groups is putting on. But I love that stuff is always going on!
@yuuki I want to see that movie at some point. It sounds like something I would love.
4:21 PM
@Yuuki it's that good?
@GodEmperorDune I've heard it's good.
And any good Disney/Pixar movie makes me fanboy for a good amount of time.
One thing you should know about me. I love Disney.
maybe we should movie night it once it hits streaming
IIRC, it already has.
I think.
i mean legal streaming
i thought it came out like a month ago in theaters
@GodEmperorDune Yeah, I got an email from Disney Movies Anywhere.
Never mind, it's available for pre-order.
Ugh, I'm so tempted to pick up some of these Disneynature movies.
Curse you!
4:25 PM
@Yuuki i thought they were recuts of planet earth?
@GodEmperorDune Earth was, but Oceans isn't.
And they have a number of species-specific features like Chimpanzee and Bears.
Q: Can you reset the nether?

Micheal106Im new to minecraft . I finally got into the nether and was disapointed. I could not find a nether fortress . Can i reset the nether? If i can please let me know. Im on Pc

Holy f--k, when did the elemental phials get so expensive?
@Yuuki they've been expensive for a while
@GodEmperorDune I remember when they used to 5k tops.
4:33 PM
but it seems they changed from being made with powder to being made with a cluster
Ah, it changed in 2013.
Dammit, I feel old again.
Don't think I can complete the rest of the dungeon right now.
Unless I feel like chomping down on my queen cookies.
Time to farm stats.
Forgot how good Conspiracy Island was for powerleveling.
Boost ML as high as I can go, down a queen cookie, drink Jungle Juice.
yeah thats why it skyrocketed in price
Part of me doesn't want to buy the new IotM because of all financial troubles Asymmetric is going through.
i want to buy one before they are all gone, but it is like the equivalent of $100 now
Why spend $10 on a game that looks like it might go down soon?
@GodEmperorDune I just got it because I missed the first airplane charter item.
4:45 PM
the dinseylandfill one is pretty fun too
one of the zones is built for meat farming
i can reliably pull 2k an adventure in there
without needing any potions or anything
Time to go pick up a pizza!
5:06 PM

Micheal106For the last 8 minutes ive been trying to get a Npc to move. Its Delpine at the inn and she wont move . I havent started the main quest yet and she wont die! any advice on how to get her to move?

Q: Skyrim - My Follower Is Missing/Lost

StimalusSo today I was completing a few quests and after I cleared a dungeon out i wanted to trade with my follower but he wasnt there!I checked the WHOLE dungeon and no sign of him.I also dont have any quest which makes you have another follower.Also if I try to recruit another follower it just says I a...

5:37 PM
@Unionhawk Fancy
I know I am in Canada because every food truck at this event is selling some form of poutine no matter what kind of food they sell
That's because poutine is fantastic.
It's one of the best things.
The one I got had kimchi and bulgogi and siracha mayo on
It was great.
Going out for supper with a friend, but what to get.
I'm thinking I might get seafood chowder.
Now to the Cherry festival to see about dessert. :p
That sounds tasty.
5:43 PM
@AshleyNunn Also, I'm enjoying the assassins apprentice
Oh wait, no, the telltale thing
That looks pretty dumb
Not going to lie
I'm willing for it to not be dumb
5:53 PM
I've yet to play any telltale games
No, definitely
5:57 PM
Man, @TimStone is the worst kind of person.
Alright then.
There is no maybe, actually, telltale minecraft looks dumb
5:58 PM
I walk away for 2 seconds
And now I'm just confused
6:00 PM
Excellent. We've successfully Bridged for the day. 'MURICA. FREEDOM.


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> 27 messages, 3 users, 0 stars
That's how you know it was a good conversation.
6:03 PM
All bsns, no shenaniganery
Now that's just silly.
I'm just linking to images that show up when I google the first word I think of.
Get out of here with your silliness you Canadian.
@TimStone That reminded me of this
6:04 PM
...You started off with pineapple?
@TimStone Yes
Now that's just silly
It's best not to to think too hard about these things
I'd assume you were drunk if you were the kind of person who did that at 2pm
But you're not, so
I don't even know what to assume
@Unionhawk It's 3pm
i just have strange thoughts
6:07 PM
That doesn't help your case
Turtles have a lot of time to sit and think.
Found some fireworks for the Reddit company picnic. http://t.co/UwLVuGyCef
I love how everyone is replying "2soon"
Q: Skyrim - Console Command Help!

StimalusSo my follower in skyrim got lost and i cant find him anywhere. I have tried to use a console command to get to him (Stenvar) What i did was i press ` key to open up the console and all that I achieved was some stuff like Compiled script not saved! or item 000b998c not found for parameter ObjectR...

@Unionhawk Those people are just weak
6:10 PM
It's not like people died in the process of people setting reddit on fire
The worst that happened is a subset of the internet threw a tantrum over things
"too soon" is never the answer
I disagree in some cases, but in this case...
the only context I ever see "too soon" be used in is gun debate
Okay, I agree with that particular point. Yes.
but it wouldn't surprise me if it were used in other context such as "IT IS TOO SOON TO DEFINITELY SAY GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL"
6:17 PM
Q: What's the best equipment you need to kill the Ender Dragon in MINECRAFT?

JanI got THE END portal ready an everything but what potions and what enchantments do a hell of a lot damage to the Dragon? I know about the ender cristals healing the dragon BTW. Just in case, its in the XBOX 360 for whatevs. Thanks:)

I mean in the context of distasteful jokes. It's never too soon to talk about important things

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