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4:02 AM
Okay Steam, you go ahead and give me those three coupons for a game I already own
What a scamp
Q: Minecraft NBTexplorer with multiple generation options

jcykimI'm pre-generating a vanilla 1.7.10 map. After it's pre-generated I want the rest of the world to be empty air, but I want a safe landing zone (1 layer of bedrock, 1 layer of water) between the map and the air chunks so players don't fall into the void by accident. air __________...

At least I have the decency to keep my mouth shut if I have no idea how to help the OP
but Frank is a clear example of someone who jumps to conclusions
"Hurr i played league of legends so dota 2 should be EXACTLY the same thing"
cc: @Frank
oh wait I don't think he's online
@Chippies If you're referring to what @memescientist is saying, don't bother. He's been ignored for close to a year.
I suspect it's flagworthy, though.
4:12 AM
oh nvm, you're the first icon on the list
@Frank ah, I see
@Frank it probably is, but I'm not good with judging that
@memescientist Game X is Y. I have played it. Can confirm.
@Chippies I'd say antagonistically calling an active user an idiot, and resorting to personal attacks, to be pretty flagworthy.
@Fluttershy I thought gamers weren't so sensitive.
@PedroTamaroff It's not about sensitivity. It's about being a decent human being. The generalization is appreciated though!
@PedroTamaroff For the most part, I don't really care what people call me. I've been called some pretty bad things, and I just don't care.
But nice to see enforcement of quality results in loss of temper for some people!
4:17 AM
Hm, yet "idiot" is pretty soft.
@PedroTamaroff I'm not arguing whether this is or isn't flagworthy; he's been ignored for probably over a year, as I find his opinion not worthy of any attention.
@Frank Good.
What do you guys think about Civilization V?
I'm just saying it usually gets taken care of before it even crosses my threshold of offensive.
@PedroTamaroff With the Glorious PC Master Race mod, I'd say it's pretty decent.
@Frank Hm, I guess I should download the mod then.
@PedroTamaroff It's horribly unbalanced. Don't use it if you want a challenge.
4:22 AM
@Frank Wait, come again?
The mod makes the game unchallenging?
@PedroTamaroff It was done for kicks and giggles.
2 days ago, by Frank
user image
Hehe, OK.
@PedroTamaroff The unique building gives something like +10 to food and something else to each tile.
4:39 AM
l8er sk8ers
@memescientist Yup. Later indeed.
4:59 AM
@memescientist Nice. I actually invalidated the flag. I guess ignoring you is not a bad idea after all. =)
5:16 AM
Q: Can I move my downloaded games from PS3 to PS4?

BenWe have a large collection of downloaded games from the store, mainly PSX gen (Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, FF7 etc.) and I was wondering if we can move them/re-download them onto the PS4?

5:50 AM
Q: Steam game from Mac to PC

FrankieIm using a Macbook right now and i bought Rome 2 Total War with Steam. However I've just bought a new gaming laptop which is windows.... I wonder if I'm able to download my game on my new laptop from steam. I do know that Rome 2 Total War works fine on both OS Thans for the answer!

Q: What's the different between "Reincarnation" and "I Want to Adsorb"

Memor-XLooking at the List of Bills in the Classroom Assembly it seems that Disgaea 3 - Absence of Detention on PS Vita has a new bill called "I want to Absorb", it costs 1000 Mana and it says in the description Improve a character's abilities by absorbing another character Considering that the d...

Tsk... really shouldn't read the transcript to see what I've missed from people I ignore. It is inevitably more of the reason I ignored them in the first place..
Q: What Factors Determine HQ?

Memor-XIn Disgaea 3 you have an Honor Quotient, at some stages I notice it sits at 103, at other time it drops to 100 which seems to be the default level. After grinding Practice Map (Tutorial Stage in Chapter 1 After the 3 Tutorial Stages are passed) I now have a HQ of 116. I am wondering what determi...

6:42 AM
Betty Blocks

Proposed Q&A site for developers who use Betty Blocks as an development platform

Currently in definition.


Proposed Q&A site for people interested in how terrorist groups work, what is a particular terrorist group up to, what it feels like to be a terrorist-- advantages and disadvantages; how terrorism has affected humanity and its history.

Currently in definition.

Sport Statistics

Proposed Q&A site for people who wish to analyse sports using historical data. This can be anything from ranking players to predicting match outcomes.

Currently in definition.

@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment "So, how does it feel like to be a suicide bomber? Can any successful one share stories?"
Q: Can I disable unit upgrade from a ruin?

Fr33danI dislike the "Advanced weaponry" ruins perk that upgrades your unit. Is there anyway via a mod or custom configuration to disable it and leave the other ruin perks intact?

7:22 AM
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment What is "Alkida Conspracy"...?
7:40 AM
Silly scientist of memes. This is clearly a case of the teflon pot calling the stainless steel kettle black.
> Has the book "Coup d'État: A Practical Handbook" ever been used in a successful coup?

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