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8:01 PM
hi guys
@spugsley heya
@spugsley ey b0ss
man, if I accepted all of these Chinese work from home offers I've recieved at work today, I could be rich! :P
@djsmiley2k What are you trying to do? PS4 (for whatever crazy reason) doesn't recognize the vita if you plug it in via USB.
k seriously how do I change the user I am on playstation
rick, nah remote play
but now my controller is guest and the vita is me XD
8:13 PM
@djsmiley2k Ah. That's a pretty good trick. Disconnect remote play, turn off/on controller again?
my vita always connects as 'tim bowers' aka me :/
I don't want it to, i want it to be guest
oooo create guest account on vita
hmmm can't?
drat it keeps disconnecting the vita atm
normally works fine, grrr
About the only thing I use remote play for is to change the music my girlfriend is listening to when I'm in the bathroom. That's pretty funny.
Q: New Gaming PC within my budget

user122921i'm trying to buy a new gaming PC for myself and my budget is around $1000 (can stretch to around $1200 or so if needed). i know i want my GPU to be an nvidia GTX 970, and my cpu to be an intel i7 4790k. beyond that, i'm not sure what is the best configuration for the money, where to buy (avadire...

Right, gotta go.
Woooooo 100%
8:25 PM
@GraceNote for more yesterday's news today (you have the luxirous choice of two timezones to make that "yesterday")
it gave the guest the trophy D:
@djsmiley2k NO SOUP FOR YOU
Hi @spugsley, how are things in the land of waterfalls and creepy caves?
@GodEmperorDune I miss it. I'm back to regular work and today sucked so much
8:32 PM
Q: Do un-blockable hits count toward the achievement?

GuyFor the Point Counter-Point achievement you have to complete the Deathstroke battle without missing a single counter. But some of Deathstroke's attacks I cannot block no matter how hard I try. No counter icon comes up, and he hits me no matter what and does damage. So do these hits count toward ...

@spugsley :( anything in particular?
@GodEmperorDune arrived on location at 6am. Left at 2:45pm. Hour drive there, hour drive home. Made 115 dollars.
so not worth it
Are you at least getting good non-financial things, like training, skills, resume building?
Now I need 100,000,000,000 studs :/
> Let me take you through the average Warp travel procedure.

The Captain calls down to prep the ship for Warp expedition. At that time, 12000 slaves who have never seen the outside of the work galley begin shoveling the dead bodies of the previous workers into massive furnaces along with whatever hard fuel source they have in storage, like a brutal Mr. Fusion. A field of pure psychic FUCK YOU is generated around the ship and the blinded, mentally traumatized man inside a metal egg begins screaming unendingly as he charts a course through the Warp, which is basically a giant ocean of pure e
8:37 PM
@djsmiley2k that is a very large number.
yup even with x3480
There's grimdark and there's Warhammer 40K.
@GodEmperorDune I've learned some stuff for sure. And I really love my coworkers. But it is crazy hard work for that kind of pay :/
and they keep telling me it'll even out that there will be days that are much shorter but I haven't seen them yet
100,000,000,000 at x3480 = 2605 purple studs.
I only ever maxed out the Star Wars one, where the gold bricks built a fountain that spewed studs, so you could leave your character there overnight.
8:40 PM
@djsmiley2k usually there are some areas where you can farm a bunch of studs
In lotr, it was bree
In the marvel/DC there were some rooftops
yeah tehats where i am
And the easy races
I usually prioritize getting stud multipliers first and then leave it on while collecting everything else
Although I also like to break every damn thing in sight :D
@spugsley that sucks
cc @spugsley?
@Yuuki omg
@spugsley "omg, you're a horrible person, @Yuuki" or "omg that's hilarious, @Yuuki"?
8:48 PM
wtf the studs aren't respawning
@Yuuki hilarious, obvi, do you even know who I am
Q: Clash of clans want to return my account

GalFirst i am sorry if my english is bad . I was playing clash of clans in my iphone ( game center ) and my iphone is broke and i cant use him to move advice . and i have Lg g now , and i dont have game cetner . but i found ש solution , i can log in in another iphone ( of my friend ) and log in to ...

isn't it just grand that we've come such a long way with HTML 5 that we can now recreate flash loading screens and loading times in all of their native browser glory
@djsmiley2k even after an area reload?
@spugsley Just had to double-check if you were an imposter @spugsley.
9:03 PM
@spugsley I tried to kill all of the children in my vault, but it wouldn't let me send them to the wastes. I had to wait until they were fully grown :(
@GodEmperorDune lol you're my favorite person
Bethesda, on the other hand, is @spugsley's least favorite dev studio.
@Yuuki why would you ever need to cut so much chili
Q: Do we have some kind of anti-spoiler policy for question titles?

Lucas LeblancAs you may or may not be aware, a certain video game came out yesterday. I enjoy looking for questions that I may be able to help out on Arqade, but I don't really want to spoil myself for this game; I'm slightly behind because I have not finished Ground Zeroes yet. Yesterday, the questions about...

@badp Certain Southern dishes, Sichuan cuisine, etc.
9:09 PM
@sepialazers I thought that was about @retrosaur's question but it seems that @sterno is actually at fault
@fredley I don't get it
@GodEmperorDune How to turn your iPhone into a necklace?
@Yuuki Shoot it with a gun
@AshleyNunn That survey was amazing
I suspect there will be a lot of Catherine persons taking this survey
@GodEmperorDune You could call them Catherine People.
@fredley I lolled
@fredley It entertained me greatly, so I figured it might entertain someoen else :)
She's the only Catherine Person on fb afaict
@AshleyNunn Some excellent questions in there
I liked: "On a scale of 1-5, which is your favourite?" 1 2 3 4 5
The "type randomly into this box" I suspect will not actually be that random
> "Are you or are you not, in fact, a dingo? (please reply only if you are Tom Wheeler)"
9:22 PM
(obv 3)
My 5 random words were: Random Horse Battery Staple Password
@Yuuki dingo stole my baby... Good riddance
@GodEmperorDune I imagine there will be many submissions of an erectile nature.
I wonder if someone's willing to spend enough time to make an ASCII rendering of a penis?
Oh I meant that making on a keyboard does not actually generate anything close to a random distribution
@Yuuki Have you ever read Internet comments before?
Dammit phone
@JasonBerkan have you ever......DICKS!
9:24 PM
@JasonBerkan I'm pretty sure someone's willing to do it, the question is whether someone will submit that instead of just typing "penis" over and over again.
@GodEmperorDune I held down alt+shift a lot for good measure
Inb4 flagz
@fredley way to tell the text parsing to get rekt
hah, playing the forza 6 demo. and @twobugs you will like to learn, there is a new option for drivatars: "limit aggression". I recall you complained about that
t10 fix
@GodEmperorDune I just mushed my keyboard with my fists for a while
I basically made it clatter like a machine gun. I noticed it was mostly home row letters
9:27 PM
@fredley I'm arriving on the 5th, at around noon. As far as I know, we're going to the Doctor Who Experience on the 7th, and we're staying in London until the 12th. But that's the only concrete plans we have.
@Frank Cool. Probably best to hit my up at my obvious gmail address.
@fredley I didn't get it, then I listened to it with sound.
@badp How many times over have you watched it now?
@fredley 2
@fredley this is that thing I watched on my phone Sunday evening you asked me what the check that noise was.
Sorry, meant to @Frank that
@Rapitor YES
Y'know, if we're going to reopen a question, can we at least try to make it gaming related, rather than just listing generic OS junk? If all it's about is OS functionality, it shouldn't be here.
Oh god, I think the A/C in this room is busted.
9:47 PM
@GodEmperorDune Oh my.
I don't think I'll attend though.
@GodEmperorDune I'd totally love to do that at some point
Yeah it's kind of short notice
But sounds like it would be super fun
yeah, it does sound like a pretty great time
It's almost 7PM, I should probably eat something.
9:51 PM
It's in Arizona, which is close-ish, but it's also on the 25th and 26th, which is... never mind, Movie Night's the weekend before.
But I also have school and work to worry about.
@Yuuki for some reason I thought you were east coast US
@GodEmperorDune ... How? I swear I've left so many "I live in Texas" hints, it's not even funny.
@Yuuki must be my inaccurate headcanon acting up again
Including saying that I live in Texas on a few occasions, though you would have missed those to think I live on the East Coast.
@Yuuki lol, including a comment directly to me about how you live in texas
Yeah I'm blaming my headcanon
9:57 PM
Your headcanon is so broken
My headcanon is so broken I don't recognize myself in pictures or mirrors
well that was fun, now to back to the wait.
@AshleyNunn that's the magic of headcanons
I'm not actually two bugs
Sorry for ruining any headcanon
Q: Games automatically crash

Eisler 485I don't know if this is the right site to ask this in but, whenever I try to launch a game, like say TF2 or Hearthstone. I am running these games in Windowed mode. The window turns white and says (not responding) at the top of the window. I have no clue why other than a faulty Processor. I ha...

10:13 PM
I only need to upgrade 3 gems to 30 to get the Champion journey reward
cc: @Arperum
Twist: @twobugs is, in fact, three hamsters.
Named Bob, Jill, and Hamtaro.
@Chippies Nice! I just got slayer.
Don't ask about Hamtaro. He's... different.
@Arperum champion is pretty easy
a lot easier than slayer, imho
I had 3/5 the moment I finished slayer
Answer my question so I can get out of the desert!
(aka I am tired of the desert)
(the desert has a lot of things that kick my ass)
10:17 PM
Q: How do I find the worm-riding manual pages?

Ashley NunnIf the rest of the quest is any indication, finding these pages is going to cut some more time off of my long wander in the desert. Are they like the stone rose, and I just have to adventure to find them, or are they like the black paint that I could buy from the Black Market (and thus use no adv...

On it
Fine rederences and all
Fairly certain they're like the stone rose.
dune references
10:18 PM
(Also I keep forgetting to stay hydrated, which I suspect is not helping me in teh desert)
Although I think they're not necessary if you've explored the desert to 100%.
@Yuuki I thought they might be just because there's a lot, but I wasted time looking for the black paint and then realized I could buy it, so...I don't want ti keep wasting time.
@Yuuki I'm not there yet. at 70% currently.
@AshleyNunn A UV-resistant compass could help.
Although if you're getting beat up by the desert monsters, sacrificing an off-hand slot is probably not advisable for a Turtle Tamer.
@Chippies I currently have 0/5. But that might change quite soon.
@Yuuki Well, I figure if nothing else, in 30 more fights I will get through it, if hte 1% exploration per kill holds out.
10:22 PM
KoL Con is tempting
@AshleyNunn Yeah, that's about right. The compass would increase it to 2% per kill.
Well, "per adventure" but you don't really have non-combats in the desert.
Unless you're not Ultrahydrated.
Q: What cheat codes can you get in Shower With Your Dad Simulator?

SeiyriaThere appears to be a code entry screen, but how do you discover codes to enter in, and what do these codes do?

Q: How to access United content after adding key to account?

KroltanI found an old CD copy of TrackMania United (2010 edition) and decided to install it. It installed TrackMania Nations. Then I logged into my account, went to the profile and selected "Add paying key". After a bit of waiting, "TrackMania United has been added to your account". But I don't see any ...

@Lazers2.0 ... wat
I played that there Shower With Your Dad Simulator if you've not seen already. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvUdy7MkTtw
@AshleyNunn sorry for delay, got pulled into IRL work things
10:33 PM
Holy crap. Torment 7 hurts. cc @chippies. I was not able to solo the rift in < 6 minutes :(
Q: What different ways can you shower with your dad?

SeiyriaThere appear to be some unlockable game modes and some locked content (most namely noted by "Dadlockable content" and [LOCKED] in the main menu). What is it and how do you unlock it?

Q: What unlockables exist in Shower With Your Dad Simulator?

SeiyriaIn the main game mode, you can unlock items such as a Razor and Soap. What other items can you unlock, how do you unlock them, and what do they do?

@seiyria Is that your game or are you just a fan of having no idea what game you are playing?
@GodEmperorDune No problem
Is mobile chat acting funny or did @lazers repeat the same questions?
Although I might've been distracted from killing everything by the goblins all over the place.
(not a swarm, just many goblins)
10:35 PM
Aw, someone downvoted my question. Probably because the wiki likely has the info. I just like to use it as a last resort.
@GodEmperorDune 3 questions by the same person for the same game.
But I only saw em once each
Nevermind, just a blast of similar questions from ... Ya @james
@GodEmperorDune Different questions, but very close to each other in terms of content, all by the same user for the same game
@AshleyNunn sounds like you need an "@downvoter, EXPLAIN YOURSELF!" comment
Yeah, i think I'll pass
10:38 PM
I almost have close vote power... So close to super downvotes
@Yuuki demanding explanations for things you disagree with is the American way
Plus the "why am I downvoted" meta question is always fun
are board games on topic here?
@Aequitas Nope, there's a board/card games SE
10:43 PM
@Yuuki something something data accepted
Now if it is a video game based on a board game, that would be okay
@badp our memes are too dank for you, begone
10:47 PM
Tier 30 rift done. Easily.
@Arperum Rift 30 is T7, I believe.
@Frank Yea, according to the game it seems like that anyway.
I was unable to speedrun a normal T7 rift though.
Actually this is a better link forums.kingdomofloathing.com/vb/…
10:53 PM
@GodEmperorDune I wonder what interaction it'll have with the new Barrel Full of Barrels.
If it doesn't have any interaction, I might have to slap someone.
Oh my, an accessory that gives +50% item drops?!
Even if it's a temporary, that's still really good.
@Yuuki two rows refilled per adventure at the barrel full of barrels
And you can see mimics
I'm gonna pick it up just because it doesn't compete with anything else.
That's always good.
I'm subbed so I have it already
Camp Scout backpack was BiS for the longest time simply because there were no other competent back items.
@GodEmperorDune Ah, I'm not.
Maybe I should do that.
Part of me is considering a sub, part of me doesn't know how much I'd use the extra bits
10:58 PM
I'd give it a few ascensions before you consider IotMs.
Yeah, I just wanna be like "hey I think your thing is cool here is some money"
@AshleyNunn the paid items are awesome for the most part, but definitely not mandatory. If you want the 70s volcano charter, it will be gone tomorrow
And only available by buying from other players
I imagine the price is going to be high considering it's probably a better meat farm location than the Dinseylandfill.
But to me it was cool but not as world shattering as dinseylandfill
Dinseylandfill is more automate able though
Eh, not really.
11:01 PM
Shit now I wonder if I should invest
There are plenty of mining scripts out there, I think.
The problem with Dinseylandfill is that you have a lot of start-up costs.
Whereas you have pretty much all you need at the volcano. Don't need to go look for +meat equipment and buffs.
volcano has higher floor, dinseylandfill has higher ceiling
Pretty much.
But the issue is getting to that ceiling is also expensive.
Oh yeah
Maintenance costs for buffs is pretty costly and deducts a lot from your profits.
11:04 PM
2/5 soul of evil is dead.
It's literally the first chapter of the game. The very first mission you get. Explained in the first minute of the first mission. And all it says is you need to rescue him. There is no twist or surprise being ruined. Is this really considered a spoiler? — Sterno 4 mins ago

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