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12:20 AM
finally getting around to watching this. Holy shit these guys get it
> Reactionary politics is bad politics
can't say I disagree
damn I hadn't thought of this 'intellectual honesty' thing as he describes it as even being a potential issue before either
@GnomeSlice Without intellectual honesty and mutual respect not many things get settled.
Thought I don't know what that vid is talking about didn't watch it fully yet.
Yeah, he's talking about things like people who were angry at things Obama did now applauding Trump for doing basically the same things
And how you can't just blindly cheer for your guy for doing whatever it takes to win because now you're standing up for people doing bad things
and it goes both ways
I'm about halfway through but I think i need another break
this is damn good commentary though
12:36 AM
@GnomeSlice Yeah to get elected to something like a President you almost need to become a symbol to your voters.
And if you become a symbol in your voter's eyes you loose all your rough edges and they lose focus on most elements of yourself that they disagree with.
> If you were pissed at something when Obama was doing it, you should probably be pissed if Trump is doing it
And if (as a voter) you see your symbol do something, of course your symbol is going to have your best interests at heart.
they're your guy
You trusted them
You aren't stupid you know who to trust.
Anyone else use Skype often in here?
Also those people that doubt your symbol just don't get it.
12:55 AM
Q: Minecraft baby zombie riding a zombie villager

Liriouslithium So I was going down to my lab I made and I saw a baby zombie riding a zombie villager. Can anyone explain this?

@Fluttershy for chat, yes, less for video
@Ash Ah, okay. I'm having video problems. :(
@Fluttershy oh, I am less able to help the.
@Ash No worries! Thank you though.
Did you check for updates?
I have my Skype set to update automatically but it never, ever does this
Nor does updating always update to the latest version, sometimes I get a newer version that then also has an update because reasons
1:11 AM
Is that if you kill all royal guard dogs except greater dog?
@TimStone Yeah. It's up to date. The issue didn't start until I updated it, actually.
Oh, hrm |:
But it's hard to narrow down, because I had a Windows update, Skype update, and Logitech update all at the same time. >_>
So it was one of those three things.
1:49 AM
Q: AutoHotkey script problems

DaleI want Autohotkey to loop the following commands: Shift+Click (opens box for how many of a stacked item to sell.) Enter (inserts the nuber of items in the stack) Enter (puts that number of items in the sales window.) Scroll down (onl...

@Fluttershy we were forced onto it because the head office wanted to use it for conferences with us (as opposed to the old method of using a telco service to create a conference call).
it took way longer to set up because it didn't work for our new computers, first week using it we had to work from home which required VPNs which skype didn't like and refused to work with and after that no one ever calls me anyway. annoying because now i can't have ipod going
2:15 AM
Q: What should I do with pokemon go or candies that i cannot use

Charles M BakerWhat should I do with pokemon go pokemon or candies that i cannot use to evolve, like Taurus?

2:25 AM
i forgot i had a day off thursday. i should then complete Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment then and maybe move onto Witch and the Hundred Knight a day earlier
@Wipqozn Oh, hey. RE7 in 26 hours
@Sterno what's RE7 (almost reads that as ME7)
Resident Evil 7
@Sterno actual release?
2:29 AM
Game or Movie ?
@Martin1 the latest movie is no. 6 isn't it?
Game yo
I don't even know anymore lol
Does anyone know if the new game is going to have any co-op features?
2:30 AM
@Martin1 i hope bloody not
I believe it is fully single player
aw :[
Multiplayer pretty much ruins horror games IMO
Survival Horror set in Zombie Apocalypse would be good as co-op if it doesn't do what Resident Evil has tried in the past
like giving everyone enough ammo to waste
I mean, if you want a co-op zombie shooter, there are plenty of options out there
2:33 AM
remember the good days back in Resident Evil 4 where you had to carefully aim at a Ganados head to save on bullets
curious how the Japanese game will be named since Resident Evil in Japan is called Biohazard
Q: how can i get some one else in minecraft comes alive to be divorced (npc)

richard2017so in my modded survival world i wanted my npc son to marry some random women but it turned out that the women was marryied and im to lazy to go get another women/kill the husband so is there any way I can get the women to divorce her husband thnxs if you know and thnxs for reading this.

you can get married in minecraft now o_o .. been a while
@Martin1 modded minecraft yes
oooh haha
though it's only, to my knowledge, Minecraft Comes Alive, a shame since it's crap compared to Millenaire as a village mod
2:40 AM
this is my first time here in this chat... is anyone else on here while at work ?
@Martin1 yes
work is so boring, i think i'll be hanging out here quite freqquently :D
I totally forgot I own Tyranny
top 3 story-driven games???
Bad Rats #1
2:52 AM
@Martin1 i'm going to do series since i could name 3 in one series. Final Fantasy, Tales of, Yakuza
Tales of ?
speaking of Yakuza, does anyone know if Yakuza 0 is a remake of the first game on PS2? i saw an image of the characters for it and i notice some characters who are supposed to be dead
I think its a prequel of the original series
@Martin1 Tales of Phantasia, Destiny, Eternia, Symphonia, Rebirth, Legendia, of the Abyss, Innocence, Vesperia, Hearts, Graces, Xillia 1& 2, Zestiria and Berseria
2:55 AM
I've never played the series but I'd say I'm into gangster games (like Sleeping Dogs, GTA, Mafia). How would u compare Yakuza to those games?
thinking about buying the new yakuza
@Martin1 i've played the first 2 on PS2, not like Sleeping Dogs, GTA or Mafia from what i think. first off you don't really run a criminal enterprise and you enter into separate scene combat (like older RPGs) where you brawl with your enemies. it's more favored for the plot
Hmm I see. I'll have to look up some gameplay vids :)
@Martin1 if you get them play them with the Japanese Dub. the second game didn't have an English Dub and i can say the voices are much better. you get a better sense of how deranged Majima-san is in Japanese than in English
Does the Japanese audio come with the English version of the game ?
They had that option for Naruto Ninja Storm games which was bomb
3:35 AM
Q: How do I exceed the maximum health limit?

WondercricketI was going through the different accessories and I stumbled across the Adamantite Bangle, which increases your health by 10,000. The maximum health is 9,999. My math skills aren't the greatest, but I trust the calculator's answer that the Adamantite Bangle exceeds this limit. How do I allow ...

@Martin1 yes for the first 2 on PS2. the first game came with the English Dub with the option to switch it to the Japanese Dub, the second game didn't have the English Dub but you still had subtitles and english interface
i have Yakuza 4 for free from PS+ but i still yet to get Yakuza 3 and 5, not to mention i havn't played 4 yet so i can't say if those 3 do or not
i hope they came with the japanese dub though
3:57 AM
@GnomeSlice Yeah I liked it.

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