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12:00 AM
Welp, at least I got "game 7" right
(Given the quality of baseball play in the rest of the world, I think that calling the MLB finals the World Series is more fair than just about any american professional championship other than the NFL)
how come teams from the USA always win the "world" series? What kind of bias is that?
If you are good at baseball, you go play in the US.
@MattGiltaji The Toronto Blue Jays have won several!
ok, let me edit it, how come teams from USA and USA, jr always win :p
12:01 AM
@MattGiltaji Other countries are obviously too intimidated to even attempt.
@MattGiltaji the teams are comprised of players from all over the world. (Well, okay, North America, South America, and Asia mostly.)
@MattGiltaji Well, there is also the World Baseball Classic every few years.
@LessPop_MoreFizz True that. I believe they won in 92 and 93 among others?
@AshleyNunn Yup!
The Expos probably would have won in 94, but the strike. :(
@LessPop_MoreFizz My parents were more into baseball than hockey at the time.
Eventually they switched, not sure why. I used to go to a lot of Jays games, which to me meant a giant soft pretzel and watching birds and things fly over the SkyDome (or whatever the heck they call ti now)
12:05 AM
@AshleyNunn I would say it's because the Jays got bad, but the Leafs are equally bad or worse.
Those Jays teams were pretty great... Olerud, Winfield, Molitor...
@StrixVaria The jays have been a pretty good team for a couple of years now.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I forgot baseball even existed until I saw an ad for game 5 of the world series, so I wouldn't know.
They've been a few injuries or one or two pieces shy of winning the east a few times, and have been legitimately scary ever since Bautista found his power stroke a few years back.
I remember going to a Jays game in Toronto in...2007? They had Halladay (or some spelling) and he was really good.
nevermind, it's actually sd_doomsday_event
12:07 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Bautista is a badass
This is one of the few things I know
@AshleyNunn I am still convinced he is going to be busted for PED's someday
@StrixVaria Oh, the Leafs are not so awesome, but we are all weird and loyal
@LessPop_MoreFizz I wouldn't be shocked
Q: I got a skin changing app for minecraft. I tried to upload my skin, but it said I don't have minecraft. Why is it not letting me change my skin?

EmmaI don't know what to write or do here so I'm just typing. I need help uploading skin to minecraft blah blah blah

@Lazers Oh, that question text
@AshleyNunn He went from a second rate utility guy with a .400 slugging percentage for ~5-6 years, and then overnight, he just turned it on, and he slugged .600 all of a sudden
12:11 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Aye. Hence my lack of shock if the PED use ever comes to light
Between 2004 and 2009 he hit 59 home runs.
in 2010, he hit 54 home runs
I mean, that is just not normal.
Yeah its kinda weird
pssh, I get that kind of performance increase in my incrementals all the time
OH GOD the bumper cars are ridicolous
Okay, spaghetti soup (made with alphabet noodles because I found them and why not) was the best idea
12:18 AM
bumper cars?
...protip... don't google 'knulla kuk' at work.
In other news, I didn't realize that Nintendo still owns the Seattle Mariners
@LessPop_MoreFizz I forgot that was a thing.
And I thought I was the only one who posted videos nobody clicked.
12:36 AM
1 hour ago, by badp
user image
Meanwhile on Valve servers
(the server crashed as we got to the bumper cars)
@LessPop_MoreFizz Gooooooooaaaaaaaaall!!!?
@Sconibulus Even more impressive.
Billy Butler is an archetypal Fat Baseball Player
and scoring from first is essentially a ~300 meter dash situation.
so, this is a very fat person who is on a baseball team for his ability to swing a bat and throw a ball - he's built like a pudgy weightlifter essentially - doing a 300yd dash
12:54 AM
according to my cheat sheet, he's done it like 15 other times this year
I think only really pretty good people get Gooooooooaaaaaaaal yelled at them 15 times in a year
this is my cheat sheet by the way; because I know nothing of baseball but a little bit about statistics fivethirtyeight.com/liveblog/world-series-game-7-live-blog
> Always corrosive. Projectiles fired ricochet off surfaces. Increased accuracy and recoil reduction rate, decreased projectile count and reload speed.
That's the legendary effect
Well, too bad I don't have $501k
@Frank I didn't really find it that complicated. I am finding this criticism akin to those who criticized Inception as "too complicated". Did you get all the way through season 3? I watched it all in one go, so maybe it was confusing like 4 episodes in but I didn't notice since I didn't pause after each one.
I don't think you're stupid or anything, which is why I'm finding this criticism of the show odd. My experience did not match yours.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Red Right Hand was already kind of creepy on its own
1:07 AM
@Sterno Yes and PJ Harvey makes it creepier.
@Sconibulus It has less to do with his own skill set and more to do with the ballpark he plays in and the lineup he is part of.
And I never really questioned his ability to do so. I merely pointed out that watching him do so is a magnificent sight.
See also: That time Prince Fielder stole a base.
> Billy Butler scores 21% of the time in his career from 1st when a double is hit, compared to MLB average 45% this year
So, he is less than half as good as other players at what he did.
Yeah, I saw that, I was only questioning your characterization as "much more impressive"
@Sconibulus than merely scoring? Yeah.
Q: What are the new unusual effects for Scream Fortress 2014?

meme scientistDoes anyone know what the new effects are? I also heard there are 2 new effects for taunts.

1:32 AM
Q: How do i make mods work without METAINF?

EthanylisJava 1.8.0U20 makes forge use a tweak making modding MC don't work. What the **** i do? I delete METAINF but it keeps recovering. Aswell, the wiki says that since the new launcher, the MCFiles are downloaded from a site, so it says that they're not removable unless the downloads get a failure. ...

1:43 AM
Q: How do I control these bumper cars?

meme scientistIt's so confusing, I'm trying to turn and it does it really horribly, someone said you can fly in bumper cars, I can't figure out how. Also once I turn into a ghost how do I respawn? It seems I can't respawn and there's no timer

Q: Super Smash Bros Brawl low FPS

DiegoI have trying to play with my brothe but the fps doesn't allow us to finish the game. Could i use any settings to make it faster? Windows 7 Ultimate RAM: 2.0 Procesator: Inter Atom CPU 1.66 GHz 32-bits Does Aero affect the perfomance?

1:56 AM
60fps on YouTube is glorious
2:07 AM
@RedRiderX plz gieb
I'm not saying that I think he's wrong, but I'm sure many others will definitely think that!
Well, of course
Makes me wonder
@Unionhawk are you the pope?
But yes, "God is not a magician" pretty much sums it up
@badp I hope not
Make sure you doublecheck
Not last I checked
2:11 AM
Q: What's the name of the game which has level that you fight with zombies?

user1754665There was a game which I do not remember its name anymore where we played a level under a church (like a cemetery) and the dead bodies came alive. I am thinking of a Wolfenstein serie, but I am not sure.

@Lazers All of them.
2:33 AM
@badp no u cant hav it!
Whooo pushing through on git issues @OrigamiRobot style!
No pants!
I approve of this
Q: Are the Items out of the Achievement Item Cauldrons giftwrapable?

Shadow Z.I know they are untradable, but can you giftwrap them, then trade them?

TBQH I really don't want to know anything about what you are pushing through with no pants on.
I pushed through urmom @OrigamiRob style.
Also woah I can autocomplete @ mentions in mobile chat? This is magical!
2:42 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz flags :P
(no not really)
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yes!
I discovered that this morning, it was magical
@TimStone no more mangled names!
I discovered urmom this morning, it was magical
3:06 AM
Being unable to sleep while still feeling gross and sick sucks so hard.
3:19 AM
@Lazers 2 edits, "What the **** do I do" is still in -.-
3:39 AM
@AshleyNunn :(
You can hang out with us until you can sleep
Q: How to send a counter-offer when an AI civilization initiates a trade

EllesedilSamatar Jama Barre would really, really like to trade me for some Firaxite. So, he's sent a couple trade requests seeking 1 Firaxite for 90 turns in exchange for a favor. I'm not particularly enamored by this offer and would like negotiate a counter offer. It appears that my only two options are...

3:55 AM
Q: How important are cards that can draw a card?

Mark GabrielNovice Engineer, Gnomish Inventor, some class-specific magic cards, etc. There are cards that when drawn, can draw an additional card. Of course, having a healthy hand is important, but how important are they? How much should I prioritize using these types of cards, and how much should I put in...

4:08 AM
Q: After updating to windows 8.1, Minecraft won't work

ROTFLBYDYT5441Minecraft has always worked great on this computer, until I updated it to windows 8.1. I'm not entirely sure if it's because of windows 8.1, or java, or my graphic cards (Which it claims to be, but I've updated all the needed ones), or whatever. All of my other games work great. Anyways, here's t...

2 hours later…
6:08 AM
Q: Tag synonym suggestion [tinkers-construct] -> [minecraft-tinkers-construct]

shanodinAfter concluding that Unionhawk is correct and The tagging on Minecraft mod questions is a mess, I thought I'd go about tidying them up a little. Going by Fredly's upvoted answer, we want to get rid of the minecraft-mods tag on questions which relate to specific mods, and retag them with more rel...

2 hours later…
8:29 AM
Q: Kittens - where did my concrete go?

B TIn Kittens Game, my workshop seems to be missing the concrete button. I know I saw it there before. Did they remove it from the game? And if it's not removed, how can I get the button back?

Morning people
Issue of the day: I set up a wordpress site yesterday: today the backend gives an internal server error. awesome.
That's !wonderful
8:44 AM
meh, it was far from production, so it'll be "clean ftp, remove all tables in DB, restart.
would one message be enough to push the last part of that stupid gif of the screen?
Nope it wasn't, all moving parts are gone though.
Don't you have the burninate script?
@5pike I might've accidentally uninstalled, or FF got factory reset or something.
AAnd that + lazy = bad.
9:44 AM
Q: Is there a finite amount of Siege Worms and Krakens?

JimmeryIn Beyond Earth I was wondering if Siege Worms and Krakens were spawned by Alien Nests, or is a limited number of them were scattered across the map when it was generated? Is it possible to elminate these aliens from the game?

10:05 AM
@DwarfSlice Oh my.
> As a child, Cuoco was once a regionally ranked amateur player in tennis,[6] a sport she took up when she was 3 years old. She stopped playing at the age of 16 in 2002
I'm not sure why I'm sharing this.
The hell? I was randomly logged out of chat and the site.
@Arperum Coincidentally, we're going live with our new Wordpress site, right now.
Fingers crossed that nothing breaks.
@Arperum That's just the MiM setting up
TIL Coconut Crabs are a thing which exist:
Damn, that's huge.
I wonder how they taste.
10:18 AM
@Wipqozn That looks like a giant spider, to me.
@Koviko Agreed.
That's probably what they really are. spiders in disguise. We're basically all fucked.
Are they aggressive?
@5pike I don't believe so.
But that's probably just a trick.
Probably too slow to be much of a threat, anyway.
Make us lower guards.
10:19 AM
Unless they are really spiders.
Spiders have no speed limits.
@Wipqozn Spider crab, spider crab
@Koviko That is horrifying and adorable
@Wipqozn they have 10 legs, we're extra screwed
10:23 AM
The antennas are creepy
So, I didn't ask yet
But these are Australian, right?
Most creatures that are unfamiliar to me are either Brazilian or Australian
And since they look... creepy... I'm guessing Australian.
@Wipqozn Aww, look at its floppy legs.
Naah, they're not poisonous and they're not out to kill you
They live on certain islands in the Pacific and Indian oceans. They used to be in Australia, but were killed off there.
@KevinvanderVelden They just want a hug. Of your face. While you sleep.
10:27 AM
@fredley well then you shouldn't balance fruit on your head while you're sleeping
@Wipqozn Seeing a black one makes me feel like this guy got a custom-skin on his.
I mean, it's nice and all to wake up and not have to get out of bed for a midnight snack, but it does attract the crabs
@KevinvanderVelden You can't tell me what to do!
@fredley I'm just saying it might not be a good idea, if you don't want crab hugs at least
@KevinvanderVelden bed crabs worst crabs
10:28 AM
@KevinvanderVelden That's what they want you to think.
According to Wikipedia, they can grow to 1m in size
That's about the limit for creatures with exoskeletons they reckon
@fredley Damn, that's a lot of crab.
> While the coconut crab itself is not innately poisonous, it may become so depending on its diet, and cases of coconut crab poisoning have occurred.
@fredley damn, sneaky little creatures
@KevinvanderVelden little big
10:33 AM
The German name lit. translates to "Palm tree thief"
Night bring progess
@fredley So, they just have to work on it.
@badp How are you not bored of this game?
@badp I was told this is bad, so I stopped playing it. But you seem to be enjoying it, so now I'm torn.
@Koviko I don't think it's rational
10:38 AM
@Koviko Wait, so you were playing something, someone told you "it's bad" and you stopped... Does that work for everything? In that case: internet is bad. You should stop it.
@Koviko don't play it. I don't think @badp is enjoying it as much as just being unable to escape
@Arperum Origami was very insistent on there being better games. And then I started to question myself.
@Koviko I can be very insistent about the internet being bad, and I wouldn't even need to lie.
and 30 seconds long break every 2 minutes and a half
I don't blame you for stopping, I just don't understand why you'd let someone else take the decision for you.
@badp 39 seconds actually.
10:42 AM
Now now that's way too risky
@badp Less risky then a random 10 second break.
It's just adding a 10 second break at the end of the 30 second break, and removing a second for safety.
@KevinvanderVelden The fact you think that just proves they're secretly spiders in disguise trying to fool you.
@Wipqozn spiders are just trying to help! Look at the adorable spider!
They are even musical
@Arperum I'd a need an alternative.
10:52 AM
@Koviko What alternative to clicker heroes were you given? I haven't found any that can hold my attention for long.
@Arperum I'm enjoying the Incremental Zoo. :)
@Koviko That one got boring to me.
Even with the pokemon mod?
@KevinvanderVelden haven't tried pokemon mod.
I feel like it's challenging me to keep up with the "new species found" timer
And I'm not even kinda close.
10:57 AM
18 hours ago, by Batophobia
user image
@KevinvanderVelden Meh, still the same game though.
Yes, but adding pokemon makes everything better
@KevinvanderVelden Everything?
@5pike It's pokemon! Of course it does
@KevinvanderVelden Even the holocaust?
11:03 AM
@5pike Are you saying Nintendo lied to me? :o
@KevinvanderVelden No, I'm just trolling.
11:17 AM
@Koviko I didn't know I wielded so much power!
@OrigamiRobot You made me realize I was basically just cookie clicking.
11:30 AM
I have been imbued with invites to Google Inbox. Anybody want?
If so, email me your email address. My email address is what you'd expect it to be.
@fredley Me, please.
@5pike ok
@5pike I think it's sent
Nothing yet.
@5pike It might take a while to come through
Apparently I sit like a man on the bus and that isn't pretty.
11:42 AM
@AshleyNunn wat
@fredley that's what a lady told me just now.
48 secs ago, by fredley
@AshleyNunn wat
This sounds like the start to some Victorian era novel
@AshleyNunn Would it be a good plan to tell that "lady" that she sounds like a 200 year old bat?
I think it has to do with how I don't sit with my knees all neatly touching or whatever.
I actually take up space on the bus and don't try to make myself disappear.
(because it makes my hips hurt)
But yeah, people. Aren't they grand?
11:47 AM
How very unlady like of you! Time to start some crazy victorian adventure where you learn to become A PROPER LADY! Decorative umbrella nad all!
Q: Error Minecraft

user91097Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/google/common/util/concurrent/ListenableFuture at net.minecraft.client.main.Main.main(SourceFile:40) Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.google.common.util.concurrent.ListenableFuture at java.net.URLClassLoader$1....

@AshleyNunn Correct response is to say nothing but fart, loudly.
@Wipqozn And stay at home, tend for the children, absolutely do everything your husband tells you...
We'll take you from this:
To this:
Look at how much happier you'll be!
@Wipqozn That is clearly missing a pork chop and a beer.
11:48 AM
See the smile and joy in that womans face!
@Wipqozn to be fair, with a dress like that, you can sit however you want, because it hides everything
@Chippies Just like any proper dress.
@TimPost you called?
@TimPost It also needs a ray gun. And an airship
11:49 AM
@Wipqozn so that's what they're for...
@fredley I!
Oh, @wipqozn you have shown me the light, I see the error of my ways
@AshleyNunn Good. Now we need to have a few montages, and then a dramatic climax where we all learn that you were the best you all along.
@wipqozn you don't know that already?
11:52 AM
@Wipqozn It'll be like Grease
@fredley Except with more hats.
I always loved the core message of Grease: "Change everything about yourself to be accepted by popular people"
@Wipqozn And less grease
@Wipqozn The good part about proper Victorian dresses is that you don't need to go anywhere to piss. You just do it where you stand.
@fredley you mean I am not supposed to do that?
@AshleyNunn No no, you should be doing that. Everybody should try and be as much like cool people as possible. The alternative is a life of misery and regret.
@MartinSojka ...
11:55 AM
@fredley I'm not joking. Many of them were specifically designed to allow for that.
@fredley good I am on the right track then ;)
@MartinSojka This is not a fact I needed to knoww.
@MartinSojka I went to a pub once, there was a photo on the wall of how the bar was in victorian times. The entire frontage of the bar was a urinal so you could just stand there and take a piss without even moving.
And now I am horrified
How did things go so wrong so quickly?
11:57 AM
We included anything related to victorian times into the discussion
That just never goes anywhere good
@fredley Can I get an invite to Inbox? I'm interested in trying it.
Your mom never does anywhere good.
@Koviko Yes, email me your address and I'll add you to the list
@AshleyNunn So next time someone accuses you of not sitting in a ladylike manner, just say 'at least I'm not pissing everywhere'
@fredley I like this idea.
The best part is it sounds like you're accussing the person of pissing everywhere.
@fredley How do I find your e-mail?
12:00 PM
@fredley this is the best idea ever.
@fredley Still nothing. Takes ages, it seems.
@Koviko It is what you'd expect it to be, given I (obviously) use gmail.
@fredley porkchops_are_lame@gmail.com?
@fredley the.diamond.chop@gmail.com?
12:02 PM
@Wipqozn wipqozn.is.literally.the.worst@gmail.com
@Wipqozn no underscores in gmail addresses, n00b
Oh, right. Oops.
I'm literally the worst, and I should delete my account.
Nice edit.
@Wipqozn tricky tricky
12:04 PM
@Wipqozn Not falling for it.
@Wipqozn Bloody peasant!
Don't abuse the modulo operator, it has it hard enough as is.
cc @KevinvanderVelden @FAE
@Arperum facepalms
12:08 PM
Knew it. Called it.
I feel like I'm missing a joke.
@Arperum I love these.
@KevinvanderVelden Hey, it's an improvement over the default Dutch joke of "neuken in de keuken" I've heard a lot of people who think that means hello.
The joke is that's not what that means
@Arperum what.
12:08 PM
@Unionhawk I figured, but I'm too lazy to type that into google.
I was hoping someone would take pity on me and translate it for me.
So am I but I understood the meaning of "not that" by the facepalm
@AshleyNunn Yup, Dutchies teach that to random strangers they meet. I've seen them do it + it being used way to regularly.
@Wipqozn the dutch text roughly translates to "goddamnit my damn bike has been stolen again"
@Arperum @AshleyNunn I have never heard anyone doing that
@KevinvanderVelden whoa, it's like @Arperum is talking to himself when @KevinvanderVelden replies to him.
@Wipqozn predominantly red avatar versus predominantly blue avatar D:
12:11 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Every single instance of that happening was Dutchies doing so. I think on Metalcamp 2011 it was teached to at least 50-100 strangers
@KevinvanderVelden No. For some reason people keep mixing you and @Arperum up. I've done it myself. I'm really not sure why we do.
I'm going to go ahead and take all the credit for that
@Unionhawk Feel free.
12:12 PM
The Lonely Planet guide for Hungary includes translations for phrases such as 'My hovercraft is full of eels'
@Unionhawk You and @OrigamiRobot both
I should watch Monty Python at some point soon.,
As soon as I get a new tv I plan to watch the Godfather.
Best movie.
@OrigamiRobot high five
@fredley sounds like a useful book.
What happened?
12:13 PM
Man, tab completion on mobile. This is the best.
@OrigamiRobot @Uni high fived you, why aren't you high five-ing him back? :(

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