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12:11 AM
@FAE The AI received a lot of criticism, is it that bad?
@Michel It can be frustrating sometimes, yeah, but it depends on what difficulty you're on
@FAE So, in harder difficulties they are worth to the level?
wow! new world has Brazil hahahahaha
@Michel Not sure what you mean there :o
@FAE with a greater difficulty comes a greater challenge. So the AI is better, but is it on par for that level of difficulty? (on Hard they look like on easy? (because on easy they are REALLY easy for what I read))
@Michel Ah. That's kind of hard to say because there's like... 7 levels of difficulty or something, not just easy/medium/hard. I haven't played on the way higher ones to be able to tell you.
12:26 AM
@FAE no problem, just wondering if you could have a challenge versus AI
@Michel yeah, definitely
=) Weeeee *happy
@Michel and there's Steam workshop support so you can download all sorts of mods and player maps
@FAE I never used the workshop. What it does ?
*Ok you pointed out the mods and maps... just wondering if this is it
@Michel It's steam's integrated framework for people to make stuff like mods/maps/etc. for a game
12:32 AM
Nice! =D
changing of subject* This answer is a spam or just "not an answer"?
A: What defines a 'quarry' in Civ 5?

TakashiOn parade series of mysterious rocks and buildings  By Takashi The rocks and stones might tell something to you if you saw those mysterious ones introduced in this page. If we mankind found the truth about the stone civilization left in the world, we might be able to find the peace. The followi...

@Michel Spam.
Wee! I got this one right! =D
*The last spam flag was a miss =X
@Michel I just looked at the price the sale is on for, the Civ V complete pack is definitely worth the price for the amount of gameplay it offers.
IMO, anyway
12:35 AM
@Fluttershy are you a female or male pony IRL ?
@FAE You are one of the person in ARQADE that I respect the most. So your opinion is very valuable by me =)
@Michel I am male.
@Fluttershy Cute ^.^
"the OS X version does not officially support mods, although working around and moving files from and to certain folders will enable them" >.<
WOP 4tw
@Michel Aw, thanks. :)
Your welcome =)
@Michel I think he is!
12:39 AM
you two know each one IRL?
@Michel We do! She's my girlfriend!
@Fluttershy good taste =D hehehehe
@Michel Thanks!
12:41 AM
A: How do I get 200.6% map completion?

Dansomeone could highlight this fucking room please ? hahaha...damn !!! I DONT see it !!!!!!

Did you guys meet here or before arqade?
@Michel here
~Waiting gf to come home, so I can cook something for her... and she forbidden me to play games where I can't stop when she's close to come home
@FAE @Fluttershy Is this recent?
@FAE Nhoiiiii really nice =D
@murgatroid99 it's been 2+ years now
12:44 AM
@FAE Huh, somehow I completely missed that
2+ years ... was right after I broke up with my ex-wife (near to the end of the D3 contest), and vanished from arqade... I missed a lot of things
@murgatroid99 Oh, huh. Well, you're caught up now!
@FAE Yep
@Michel Yeah, I remember that. :(
@Michel What are you going to cook for her? :)
I really don't have a clue =P
12:47 AM
I made a terrible lunch today >.< I tested some stuff that went WAY TO WRONG >.<
but, she loves my cooking skills =)
I'm really good at lots of things xD
I'm good at games, cooking and stuff :3
hahahahah *getting hungry now o.o
@Michel I'm not very awesome at cooking yet but I'm trying to learn!
I am awful at cooking.
I can make a decentish chicken alfredo now though.
I can mow a yard pretty well though...
12:49 AM
I'm learning to do deserts.
@FAE One of my favorite meals!
I made a nice chocolate cake, and an awesome (REALLY AWESOME) Nutella Milkshake
@Michel *desserts :) Otherwise, you're learning to make a dry, sandy area, hehe.
But, I'm really good with meat and garnish
@FAE Damn, I took a risk there... I wasn't sure and I didn't google-test the word =(
@Michel It's okay, lots of English speakers mistype it too. :)
Native English speakers I mean.
12:51 AM
I remember the "last-meal" I made for my ex... That was so delicious ... and I almost didn't ate T_T
@Michel Aw, don't focus on it, it's in the past now.
Was a piece of parmesan cheese wrapped with a thin seasoned meat beef, wrapped with bacon deep fried.
@Michel ...okay, admittedly, that sounds really good. >_>
the cheese melted (was a small square), and made the meat so tender and the "juice" from the meet was stunning (Like Gordon Ramsay would say hehehe)
and, above that, I made a sauce with tomatoes, onions and garlic. Seasoned to perfection!
And some rice with corn, cheese and bacon
@Michel You're making me hungry!
12:56 AM
Another speciality of mine was 5 cheese lasagna (not sure if I spelled it right =X)
@Michel You did!
@Michel yep :)
I use seasoned ground meat (salt, pepper and shoyo (to complement the saltiness)), ham and mussarela cheese between the layers. Each layer receive a portion of ground meat with a specific cheese.
Parmesan, Mussarela, Gorgonzola, Provolone and Gouda
I wish I could know how to cook like the people on Master Chef... they get some weird ingredients and still make good dishes :(
@FAE @Fluttershy are you two living together?
@Michel We are not.
@Fluttershy May I ask if you guys already planning on something?
1:05 AM
@Michel I live in the Netherlands with my other boyfriend, Jochem. I'm polyamorous, so I have more than one relationship at once. @Fluttershy and I are currently long distance. He's still in the US.
@FAE did you live with your bf? or by yourself?
PS: Did you guys already meet ? :3 <3
@Michel I live with Jochem, not by myself.
Ok, I know that I'm being a little (lot?) intrusive, sorry for that =X
@Michel Yus! She visited in December of 2012, and is planning a return visit in a few months!
@Michel haha, it's okay, I'm fine with it
1:08 AM
@FAE your bf from "home" is also an polyamorous person ?
@Fluttershy !! Great!! =D
@Sterno 28/Pony/Equestria, u?
@Sterno #WantTranslationPlease
@Fluttershy ancient/indeterminate/here
@Michel Nay, the b/f I live with is monogamous. I have another boyfriend here in the NL who is also polyamorous though, and he has other partners.
1:09 AM
@Sterno hawt
@Fluttershy let's cyber
@FAE But, the one you live with knows about the others? right?
@Michel oh god yes, otherwise that's just straight up cheating
1:11 AM
@FAE Thanks for that =D I was hoping for this ^.^
@Michel That's basically like asking "Are you an awful person, or not?" :P
@flutershy r u a girl
35 mins ago, by Fluttershy
@Michel I am male.
1:12 AM
@Sterno I know, but I "love" @FAE and I was praying that she wasn't "that kind of girl" =)
@stizzle84 He is a pony, a male one... but a pony
Of course she's not. You can't be a person like that but seem super nice in chat. Unless you're a serial killer.
Crap. Is she a serial killer?
@Sterno I never thought to ask...
I have a point @Sterno
Everybody's a cereal killer.
ba-dum tish
1:13 AM
Oh man... I kill so many cereals.
@Frank !!!! ~run-to-hugs
That's @Wipqozn levels of bad.
I should be ashamed of myself.
@Frank That was so bad I should deowner @Wipqozn for it.
Except, as usual, that's already been done.
@Frank I have not killed any cereal for months
@Michel Nah, they all know about each other and are friends too. :) Like, me, Jochem and Fluttershy play online games together and stuff.
1:15 AM
@FAE This is a good relationship =)
@Frank Bad @Frank, no SAO game for you!
@Michel It is. :)
@FAE I'll take it.
@FAE I can't bring myself to love more than one at a time, but when I'm single, I love a person for "a night"... so, I keep my "word" hehehe
About that pic bobmarly is back baby!!!
@Michel It's not for everyone, for sure. As for what you're doing, as long as you're adults in a consensual relationship and are okay with whatever you're doing, it's all good. :)
1:21 AM
AHHHH!!!! @FAE My last cook diner was a can tuna with green bell pepper, butter, pepper, salt, shoyo, mustard, tomatoes and some other spices (to "remove" the can taste from the tuna). Then, I slice a bread in half and fill it up to the top. Put some grated Gouda cheese on top and hit the oven for 3min~5min
That beauty was soft, juice and stunning!
The taste of tuna was alive, and the cheese was so juice
@Michel With all those scare quotes, I'm not actually sure what you're trying to say there
I ate watching Malevola =D
@murgatroid99 I leave it to your imagination .... BWahahahahahahahah
@Frank Why is Hollow Fragment so expensive? :(
@Michel you'd say "juicy" here :)
@FAE >.< English is Hard ...
1:26 AM
I challenge Michel to the ice bucket challege!!!
@stizzle84 Did you dump a bucket of ice water on your head?
@stizzle84 are you joking, right?
It's winter here ! >.<
Q: Does it matter that my Panty Shot is Naughty?

agent86I'm on my quest to defeat the Dark Lord, and specifically this time I'm bringing the legendary merc Panty Shot along for the ride. However, he appears to have spawned with the "Naughty" modifier: (Yes, that is his name. No I did not pick it.) I've had a few odd adjectives applied to some of...

Yep i did
No im not joking
@stizzle84 link for the video please =)
1:27 AM
Im on mobile
Nvm i dont want u 2 get frost bite
Where do u live
@stizzle84 <3
Brazil =P
Usa usa usa uk
@stizzle84 Technically, it actually takes temperatures significantly below the freezing point of water to cause frostbite
Ice in brazil in winter!!!!!!
@stizzle84 It's like you are sneezing .... usa would be you swallowing air and uk would be the actual sneeze
1:29 AM
> Multiple exclamation marks are a sure sign of a diseased mind. -- Terry Pratchett
Shit well there goes my coffe good night
I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself
Nvm mom got me a new 1 yay moms
I moved a little above from where I was ... so now it's hotter than it should be =/ (winter on south of brazil may reach below 0 but the lowest I get was 0 with the thermal sensation of -10)
Now, it's actually hot ...
1:34 AM
@Michel it's 3:34am here, soooo yeah
22:35 here
10:25 pm*
@Fluttershy are you polyamorous too?
It was 41 here today.
@Michel I am not. I'm monogamous!
@Fluttershy Celsius? Wow
@murgatroid99 Yep.
Tomorrow's gonna be even hotter.
1:36 AM
Llook who i found taking the day off
Makes me glad I live in California
@Fluttershy where the heck are you?
It basically never goes above 85F here
@Michel I live in Missouri. We just hit a heatwave. :(
@stizzle84 OK, why do you keep posting these random pictures?
1:37 AM
@Fluttershy it's like the north of brazil ... the major temperature that I got was a little above 50 celsius (if I recall right)
Idk i like it
Damn in florida we hit a record 110 degrees today
@murgatroid99 AKA 29 Celsius
@stizzle84 43 Celsius
Justing messing with US metrics hehehe
@Michel Yeah, I was too lazy to convert
Guys guess wht
@murgatroid99 ^.^
1:39 AM
It feels like just yesterday that we were arguing about US Customary vs Metric in this very chat
@stizzle84 I gonna have sex tonight?
Ok, lunch was good =)
1:40 AM
Im fucking 14 years old u think im gunnu have sex
Oh wait, it was yesterday
OK, dinner time. I'll be back soon
We argue about Imperial vs Metric at least once a month.
@murgatroid99 Have a nice meal
@FAE do you work with what?
I'm almost sure I already asked it to you at some point ... o.o
@Michel Do you mean do I have a job?
@FAE Do you?
1:43 AM
Panties, relationships, and metrics. I've been missing out on quite a bit it would seem
@Michel Nay, not currently.
@FAE and professionally ? What do you do/like/want ?
Mac is hungry ... battery 1% =(
0% *
> I'm scared Dave. Will I dream?
@Ktash Just the usual Bridge business.
@Michel Tough question! I'm interested in many things, but I have to get my high school diploma declared valid in the Netherlands before I can go to university. I also can't afford to go to university until I get a job again.
1:48 AM
@Ktash You forget food!
@FAE Where you from ? i though that you were from Netherlands
@Michel I live here now, but I moved here from America.
Ahh so you are born in US :3
I need to get a degree =/ I have a good work and a good salary (to the city that I'm living) but it's because of the work experience that I have (5 years web-development specially with javascript, php and c#)
@Michel Actually not, I was born in South Korea, haha.
@FAE you make my head spin ... Every time I try to picture how you look, you change places and makes my imagination go flat
@Michel you have me on FB :P
1:54 AM
I know ...
But I don't remember faces on the chat :P
@LessPop_MoreFizz Hello!
Oh boy, it's the Simpsons episode about how Homer and Marge met!
Also the first appearance of McBain I think.
Q: Severely Annoying Fishing Pond Glitch?

KorrigusOkay, so I'm trying to catch the 15-pound lunker in the fishing pond as an adult to get the Golden Scale (which is frustrating enough in itself, with the way the fishing seems to work...). I use the fishing rod, and attract the attention of the big fish by the log. Except, EVERY time I lose the ...

2:05 AM
I'm back
@LessPop_MoreFizz You think correctly.
This marathon is the best.
I spent $20 online in August
is that a lot?
2:07 AM
@GnomeSlice With games, food or stuff?
Worth it!
Just checking my paypal stuff in my bank statement
Feminist Marge.
@LessPop_MoreFizz ?
Are you sure $21 is not a lot for one month?
Because my mom is probably going to comment on it when I go home for the weekend
2:11 AM
gf arrived
time to say nite nite and cook
@Michel Night!
$25 already in August
I should probably stop
"I'm gonna drink a lot of beer and stay out aaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllll night!"
@GnomeSlice Whether a certain amount is "a lot" really depends on your particular situation
@GnomeSlice we've spent 80$ this August on paypal :x
shouldn't need to spend much more for a while though
2:16 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz This sounds like me in college!
if you can support yourself and have extra money, why not spend it?
@gnomeslice 20 dollars is a lot if you have no money. It's not much at all for people that have some money.
I have two jobs now
@Fluttershy Homer Simpson's plan for what he will do after graduating from high school!
@GnomeSlice think of the 20$ as 2 hours of work
2:18 AM
I just had to provide tax information to Steam... <_<
@Jennybeans is an enabler, she makes money and I feel bad for telling her not to spend it on silly stuff, because she earned it. Thus we have spent 60$ on an mmorpg this month
@Fluttershy did you sell that many trading cards?
@Gnome you're employed now, right? As long as you are paying whatever rent you might owe and spend appropriately on groceries, the rest of the money is up to you to spend or save as you see fit. (Just be sure to set some money assisted each pay period for a "rainy day" fund.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Apparently? Once you hit 150, they ask for your info.
Also, @LessPop_MoreFizz, I am under onus to you for introducing me to The Thrilling Adventure Hour. I dunno if I've mentioned that yet or not.
2:29 AM
@fluttershy it is so good.
I cannot wait until all of you people catch up.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yeah, I had to do that too a while ago. If you don't give it, you're not allowed to sell more than 200 items. No big deal though because they don't report it to the IRS unless you make over $20k.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I shall start on this soon
20K seems like a.... Higher than is appropriate threshold for irs reporting.
(I was under the impression hat the magic number was somewhere in the 500 dollar ballpark.)
> The United States Internal Revenue Service requires us to report gross sales for, and provide IRS Form 1099’s to, only those subscribers who are U.S. citizens or residents and who exceed 200 sales transactions in a calendar year and also exceed $20,000 in gross sales proceeds from those sales transactions in that same calendar year, from all of that subscriber's accounts.
Solution Architecture

Proposed Q&A site for this will be a place where application and solution architects can raise questions specifically for architectures. Architects need support in achieving some non-functional requirements and that causes changes in the architectures.

Currently in definition.

Scepticisme Scientifique (French Skeptics)

Proposed Q&A site for proposed Q&A site for skeptics in French. Proposition de site Q&R traitant de sujets relatifs au scepticisme scientifique et à la zététique.

Currently in definition.

@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment ... No.
Please, just ... no.
2:42 AM
@FEichinger You don't have to follow or commit to it.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I did not like the first episode of Colonel Tick Tock
@orgiamirob neither did I.
Colonel Tick Tock was basically a giant concept joke early on, where the plots were very formulaic, short, and dumb, and the theme song was like four times the legnth of the actual sketch. Eventually they figured out how to do other funny things with it, but it took a while.
On the other hand, how great is Moonshine Hollow?
3:00 AM
Moonshine Holler was the best thing I've ever heard.
Q: What affects the driving of the truck directly?

RandomizerI want to know the things or events that changes the performance of the truck (except the upgrades on the shop), just a brief summary or even a small list. One of those that I want to know is for example, if the rain speeds up the truck, or does it modifies the handling a little bit, like from ...

@OrigamiRob Moonshine Holler keeps getting better. The newest one is literally in Iambic Pentameter.
g'night all
No such thing!
3:08 AM
Q: How does Elsa resolve the practical problems of living in an ice palace?

CugelWhile Elsa's ice magic is aesthetically effective on a superficial architectural level, the choice of ice as a fundamental building material presents a number of practical difficulties. How, for example, does Elsa's construction manage its water supply? Pipes of ice would freeze the liquid they w...

goddamnit Scifi.
@LessPop_MoreFizz What I want to know is why that has so many upvotes
My initial response for anything about how something involving magic works is fairly straightforward: "It's magic." — Ellesedil yesterday
@LessPop_MoreFizz Note the 44 upvotes
@OrigamiRobot Hal Lublin is he unsung Workjuice Player VIP.
See also: all the narrator parts, Philip Fathom.
3:16 AM
The pan episode of beyond belief was also amazing
Little goat legs!
Now I wanna listen to it again
Beyond Belief is the Fan Favorite!
@Spugsley hai.
3:27 AM
@spugsley Best time
@Ktash I worked today and got paid so it is my treat yay!
MAGIC. NOW. Fart noise.
Q: What makes a Question worthy of "Protection"?

BenI'm merely asking out of curiosity, but what decides whether a question gets protected or not? Is it votes? Content? (Though that could be argued - by extension; votes) or is it a Mod choice?

@spugsley Yay
3:52 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz wtf
4:03 AM
@gnomeslice MAGIC
4:31 AM
Tagalog Language

Proposed Q&A site for people who want to learn the Tagalog language.

Currently in definition.

4:47 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz He's a street performer apparently. Not actually crazy.
although I guess he might as well be
Q: Is every bullet fired by an elementally gifted weapon charged with it's parent element?

EnderIf a weapon is of the Slag element, does this make every bullet it fires of said element, or just the shots that proc the effect? In field concept, say I'm using this here rifle: If I shoot a critter with the above weapon, and I shoot a burst of say 10 rounds, (ignore the mag size you see abo...

5:05 AM
I never said he was crazy.
No, this is still spam.
1 hour later…
6:47 AM
Oh god why. Politicians: I hate you all.
Belgium is having a new government, and they have the plan of increasing VAT from 21% to 22% Because 20% of anything you pay going to the state wasn't enough.
I might also mention that ~40-50% of your income goes to the state anyway. PLUS whatever you pay on VAT and other taxes on buying stuff.
@Arperum Pretty much the same here.
Q: The Download for SWTOR stopped at 99.95%?

Lydia G.So, I've reached the end of my "quests" and stuff on the planet, but because the game isn't "fully downloaded" it's not letting me leave. It's been stuck at 99.95% for downloading for about two or three weeks now, and it's kind of pissing me off because I would like to move on in my gameplay. To...

@5pike IIRC Belgium was in the top3 if not the worst country of what you keep from your income.
@Arperum Yeah, and it all trickles away into corrupt pockets.
@5pike Yup, because lowering the income of a minister/other random politicical post is not going to happen.
6:57 AM
@Arperum Ha, they typically raise their own income.
That's a development in any parliamentary democracy.
Overhead is too much for the state to handle, so the budget is constantly a mess. MP have the ability to change their pay, so they raise it because they can. The power of the people is muddied through complex election systems and long parliamentary terms.
Taxes get raised because the budget is insufficient because it has been drained in a variety of ways, and the people can't veto it.
Sounds about right
And on top of that, maintaining the budget relies on keeping the economy flowing. Which then means being strongarmed by the industrial lobby.
There is a reason authoritarian systems keep coming back over and over again, one way or another. The massive lag between action and reaction, and the power of the media in steering public opinion - that's what's keeping this cycle at bay.
If we weren't convincing people that the system works, and that we "have to do this", we'd have single-party governments and dictators all over the place. Until the dictators mess up and the people take their power back.
In all honesty, as fucked-up as the Roman system was in terms of oligarchy and monarchy, the ability to have temporary dictatorships was a damn good idea that might even have a place today.
But then again, you have the media spinning "dictator" as inherently evil without any merit at all, so that's out of question as well, I suppose.
7:25 AM
@Arperum hello there Belgium
@FEichinger I thought about that but the problem with that system is that there were actually no safe guards that prevented the dictator from actually extending his powers indefinitely or running a coup d'etat.
Dictators were honor-bound not to do that, and how well would that work today?
7:49 AM
Q: Why this flush didn't win the game?

Tom BritoSorry for the tag, I had to add one. Could someone with reputation create the 'pokerstars' tag, please? The other player wins with a straight, but I had a flush, why I lose?


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