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@Powerlord can't wait until it hits 50+ in Buffalo and the 8 foot wall of snow melts into a flood.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yes, that will be fun
@Ktash teeheeeee :3
someone needs to hurry up and answer that question so I can bone this dude
this ice cider is less good than the other ice cider
I don't want to bone him until I know I can still bone other people
@RedRiderX They did a full video for that
@spugsley I volunteer to be a test subject
12:15 AM
@Ktash Oh?
@RedRiderX It's in 3 parts. Part 1
Oh right I just finished that one
@spugsley Urmom... yadda yadda.
@Ktash I do very rigorous testing. Let me draw up a release form
@spugsley In!
I had a better response, but it is not bridge after dark, and you are not on steam...
12:21 AM
@Ktash lol I also may have just given myself a fantastic fic idea so thanks for helping
@spugsley Always glad to help anytime you need inspiration for that sort of thing ;)
Q: How do I get the "Overkill" achivements in Minecraft for Xbox One?

AndrewWhat enchants do I need? I only have Iron Swords, no diamond ones.

12:44 AM
1:03 AM
10 days until KH 2.5!
1:15 AM
@Chippies omg wat
I am on the bridge on my other PC via remote desktop
I wonder which uses less bandwidth
@Chippies I'm sorry, I don't think that's a cat
@Chippies Oh hey! It's my cat!
@spugsley Your cat is not a cat.
In other news, Cowboys and Aliens is a good movie, and pairs well with Granville Island Winter Warmer.
1:20 AM
That movie was silly
@MBraedley Totally a cat! @spugsley owns one just like it! I'm sure of it!
but I enjoyed it
@Chippies I do! They could be twins!
I thought those "cats" were indigenous to the Americas, but that phone number seems to indicate otherwise. Unless that's a phone number in South America.
Oh, I was slightly wrong, there are some on some islands of South-East Asia/Oceania
@LessPop_MoreFizz ...what in the fuck
@LessPop_MoreFizz tableflips, goes back to Lilo and Stitch
@AshleyNunn Yay for lilo and stitch
Makes for a good date night, and I have chocolate. Life is good.
1:44 AM
@AshleyNunn That sounds wonderful!! :D
@LessPop_MoreFizz Why is it okay for you to post about vaginas and not me
also this microbiome thing sounds scary
@DwarfSlice It's all about context
@DwarfSlice Uh....I don't know how to respond to that
Because you are basically saying "lady bodies are scary", or at least that is how it comes across
@AshleyNunn doesn't it sound fucked up that you have more microbial cells than human cells in your body?
@AshleyNunn No, not that.
@DwarfSlice Not really, no
> "I don't know about you but I think poop smells not so great," Heinz told This Week in Start-Ups. "We think, on an airplane you're breathing 90 percent farts, right? So it'd be good if they were good smelling."
That would be nice.
1:50 AM
@DwarfSlice we're all really just hosts to all kinds of other species, considering how many microbes and bacteria there are within us.
we're like walking planets for tiny things
@Chippies It's still fuct when you think about it.
@DwarfSlice the vaginas part is literally the least interesting and useful or important part of the article.
The issue is gross dudes taking credit for a company a woman founded.
I posted a video like that one time
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yeah that's really dumb.
@DwarfSlice I hate to say this but you are kinda missing @LessPop_MoreFizz's point - it's not about vagina microbes, it is about dudes being absolutely shittacular
I understood that.
I just didn't have anything useful to say on that matter.
What can I say that will improve things for that woman
1:52 AM
@AshleyNunn I think he's just commenting on the product, not so much the @LessPop_MoreFizz's point
It's stupid and it sucks.
I'm more commenting on the linked article motherboard.vice.com/read/…
@Chippies Right, and commenting on the product is totally missing the point
1 min ago, by DwarfSlice
I'm more commenting on the linked article http://motherboard.vice.com/read/cola-flavored-genitals-and-other-potential-uses‌​-for-microbiome-hacking
@LessPop_MoreFizz because talking about something other than what you want to talk is missing the point?
@LessPop_MoreFizz Wow, those guys are assholes, it sure sucks that they would do that, jesus I hope those guys die, what terrible people
Or accidentally make their dicks smell like cabbage
1:55 AM
Annnnd that's my cue to do something else with myself. wanders off
Yes! Captain America 2 came in from the library :D
@RPiAwesomeness like, the comic book?
there's comic books in libraries? o.O
@Chippies like, the move :)
@Chippies It is when his initial reaction was to complain about the subject matter of the article and how he'd 'get in trouble' for it where I didn't.
@Chippies there are!
1:57 AM
@RPiAwesomeness and movies in libraries?!
@Chippies ik! It's really crazy
I haven't been to a library in years and I remember them to be tiny and boring
@LessPop_MoreFizz I was joking, Jesus Christ
The library in my town is pretty cool
@LessPop_MoreFizz He may or may not have missed the point with that sentence, but what followed had nothing to do with getting or missing the point
1:58 AM
@Chippies Sorry, my library-dar went off.
Libraries are AWESOME
@AshleyNunn ikr!
@AshleyNunn oh right, you're a frequent library visitor, aren't you
Q: Sticky Piston not moving block for a Door?

Sentinel GamingSo I have a 2x2 Compact Sticky Piston door but when I flick the switch only 3/4 blocks are pushed for the door to be shut like so and I am wondering how would I fix this. Notes: I am using Minecraft 1.5.2 because some of the mods I am using are no longer supported past that version and the desi...

the library I used to go to was smaller than our apartment is right now, so...
1:59 AM
and they have movies and books and music, and downloadable music and books and even sometimes video games and one of hte local libraries near me is saving for a 3D printer
they didn't have computers
and comics and magazines and graphic novels and computers and events and stuff
they are GREAT
I guess libraries have progressed :P
Hm, I wonder if the local library here has any comics or graphic novels
@AshleyNunn Yeah, I wish my library would do the 3D printer too...I'd definitely help with the cost ...
I've only been there with wife to print or scan stuff, lol
haven't seen any interesting stuff, but it may be hidden in some room or something
2:01 AM
@RPiAwesomeness I was at a nicely ritzy event last night to help support the library getting the printer. :D
@AshleyNunn kewl :D
The horrible part is that I stayed up all last night at a sleepover/hangout with a bunch of friends watching Transformers (4?) and playing games...and I've got Church tomorrow. So I'm tired and need to be able to get up at decent hour and not be a zombie...
Bother my lack of sleep yesterday...
Now I can't watch Cpt. America 2 :(
@RPiAwesomeness But you can tomorrow :)
@AshleyNunn Yes :D
Q: Dragon induced merger

Dragonborn-catI was riding a dragon and my friend attacked me when I got of!why did he do that?he was the kajett caravan guy that sends you on the moon amulet mission.I really liked him but I had to kill him:(.

2:25 AM
Q: Halo: TMCC check version

tPlummerDoes anyone know how to manually check version or check for updates? I assume are supposed to be automatic, but I didn't see one come through Thursday and I can't figure out either what the current version is it what version I have. ... Should I just cut my losses on this game? So many fond me...

@Lazers We don't have a tag for the MCC?
Q: GTA 5 saving issue XB1

Charles SiegristWhenever I try to save whether it is with my phone, autosave or sleeping in a bed it always says "ALERT Error in Content Enumeration." Please Help!

Q: What should I do with all these trinkets?

spugsleyI have way too many unusable items/trinkets. Everything from dolls to gemstones to flags. I know in past Dragon Age games, items like this could be given as gifts to increase companion approval ratings. I'm not sure if this is the case or not but what I do know is that I have way too many things ...

Q: Where can I get trained in speach?

OreoI want to increase my speach skill in skyrim so that I can sell any item to any merchant (with the perk). Where can I find someone who will train me in speach?

@LessPop_MoreFizz Yes it is
2:55 AM
Also, woohoo, 55 unique canadian beers in one month.
@LessPop_MoreFizz One of us, one of us ;)
would have been much higher if I wasn't terrified of trying to find bars with actual craft beer lineups because they would probably need me to speak french and aaaah
so every time I ate out it was nothing but rickards as far as the eye can see. Which is meh.
@AshleyNunn I am leaving this godforsaken country in ~16 hours. HOORAY.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Hey, don't blame us for Quebec
the rest is pretty good
@Yuuki any idea if I can respec?
Archery is boring as fuck
I'm literally falling asleep during combat
3:11 AM
that's when you know your build is good!
3:33 AM
@badp I got hold of windows version of BL2 and I cannot get Steam to recognize it :(
@SaintWacko :O
Did you register its key with Steam?
@Powerlord No, I mean I'm trying to install it on Linux. I was hoping Steam would pick up most of its files and I'd only have to download a few
but it's not working
@SaintWacko Oh.
I was only mentioning the key reg thing 'cause BL2 is a SteamWorks game.
or at least I think it is.
@StrixVaria I'm not sure which level you're talking about.
They probably use a different install location or something dumb like that and that's why it's not seeing the files.
Hmm... should I make popcorn or ham sandviches
...oh wait, since I'm playing games, butter on fingers is probably bad
4:14 AM
Q: Which map is the best for farming Foxfire Clusters?

KovikoI'm interested in farming Foxfire Clusters to make a Mawdrey backpiece. Which map(s) is/are the best for farming Foxfire Clusters? I'd like to be able to get at least 4 per day to keep up with the daily food crafting.

Q: Minecraft pe cant login

Ashten galutiraI can't login when I put /login monkey it says please pick different username or if you don't know it pick a different user name

@Lazers is that even a question?
4:33 AM
4:46 AM
Tomorrow, I build. And maybe panel line. And then the Sith Gundam is almost complete.
Q: I cant make a barracks

David GrinbergAccording to this wiki, armor and weapon racks can be used to make a barracks. I have built an armor and weapon rack in a room, but it is not giving me the r button option to make a barracks. What am I misisng?

@spugsley Old beardy dude?? Yummm
I know
5:10 AM
5:24 AM
Bonus points if it was in a 1v1 match
@spugsley I warned you about archery being boring.
But yes, you can respec.
It's an item you buy at the blacksmith's in Haven. First time is 1G, after that is ~350.
@spugsley So I think in my subsequent playthroughs I'm going to side with the Mages as a Templar and side with the Templars as a Mage.
It feels it makes much more sense in this game than it would in 1 or 2.
@Yuuki I'm thinking mages this time around. I haven't decided yet
5:39 AM
I feel this is the one DA game where both parties are dicks.
It's been rather one-sided in the previous games.
@spugsley Are you talking about Blackwall?
@Yuuki yarp
he's all beardy
so. beardy.
@Yuuki who you gonna romance? I'mma guessssss Cassandra? :p
(i was so mad I couldn't romance Cassandra as a lady playable character)
Yeah, Cassandra.
She's so adorable in her romance storyline!
5:49 AM
Want an example?
Her favorite books are Varric's "terribly bad" smut series.
And you convince Varric to give her an advance copy.
@Yuuki Today I learned @spugsley is Varric. :P
5:51 AM
6:37 AM
Heyo Bridge
How is everyone?
1 hour later…
7:58 AM
Q: In clash of clans how do you tell if enemy troops can be deployed in certain area?

CeleritasWhen buildings are too close together enemy troops can't be deployed between them. How do you tell when they're close enough? I built a wall around my main base (including town centre) but attackers can still deploy troops within the wall. For ascetic reasons I like having my village spaced out...

8:23 AM
Q: How to add rank/kill counter in amxx mod (CS 1.6)

HanzeI've installed AMX Mod x for CS1.6 successfully for offline play. now i want to add a counter for kills and deaths (lifetime). it'll store all kills and deaths made by a player permanently. is there are any plugin available for this?

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9:26 AM
Q: Why i can't reach Redcliffe in Dragon Age Inqusition?

Alist3rI'm playing Dragon Age: Inquisition. I'm in the first zone (Hinterlands) and my main quest is to go in Redcliffe but i see a closed gate on the road for redcliffe. I read that i've to close i rift before the gate but this not appear in my game.. What i've to do? Thanks

9:42 AM
@spugsley But can you romance some woman as a female character? otherwise it's a super dum decision. If some NPC's would be purely hetero, that'd be nice, if all of them are, that's stupid.
Q: Is there a location in Draenor where there are tameable pets within seconds of a stable master?

dlanodIn Northrend the Dragonbone Hatchlings were known to be very good pet leveling battles because they respawn quickly and are located very close to a stable master to heal and resurrect your pets. In Pandaria the same was for the Jungle Grubs in Krangasang Wilds. Is there a location in Draenor ...

10:27 AM
Q: Who can help me and test a new mobile app?

DanielPlease sing up over here http://promo.myleisureapp.com/getitfirst/ Thanks

Q: How long do followers stay branded in SoM?

Bram VanroyIn Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor the player has the possibility to "brand" enemies (Uruks, captains, war chiefs, caragors and even graugs). By doing so, those enemies will not attack you and when you get into a fight with other, non-branded, enemies your followers will fight along your side. My...

Q: What is the difference?

ArceusMaster0493What's the meaning of these phrases in League of Legends? Does it all mean "Lots of kills", or is there any difference between them? Killing spree Rampage Legendary Godlike _____kill Ultrakill

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11:48 AM
Q: MCEdit still usable?

TrudleRBack then in ~2011/2012 it was pretty usual to use MCEdit to transfer objects into other worlds. Can you still use this tool? I remember some issues, if you hadn't updated it to the current version of Minecraft, but I saw that the last update of MCEdit was in 2013. My last world fucked up after ...

12:42 PM
Q: Does magic intenity x2.5 in Master of Magic bring disbalance (replaces city development and army creation)?

user2136963I started playing Master of Magic two days ago. For the first scenario I chose Tauron and easy level. Initially the game was a bit hard, but I managed to kill two enemies before it crashed (emulation issues). For the second attempt I chose custom hero: Nine books of sorcery, sorcery mastery and ...

1:35 PM
Really Valve?
You still haven't fixed that?
I mean it doesn't even seem that hard.
Just put a bubble with the currency underneath the price.
You don't even have to change much.
1:54 PM
now to sit here for 1 hr and 15 min waiting for my ps3 to ding my trophy unlocks :D
might as well tidy :/
2:04 PM
Q: Why are there huge chunks in my world that aren't loading?

nickyy AllyA while ago i started noticing these small patches in my world that were unloaded, and whenever i go near them i start glitching out. And so i closed minecraft and opened it up again and noticed that the whole area around me won't load, and this really frustrates me because i had the same problem...

Q: Are there any persistent results from exploration?

TyralionThe E:D galaxy is full of unknown (grey) systems which players – if they have the right equipment – can explore and then sell data from to a faction when they're docked in a station with the Universal Cartographics service. I haven't tried exploration myself yet, but when I do explore a system ...

Q: How do I turn off headbob?

RaestlozTitle says it all. Googled for about 15 minutes but got nothing. Inquiries in Ubisoft official forums and reddit are met with silence from everybody. Checked GamerProfile.xml for "head", "bob" and "sway" keywords, nothing.

Q: War to home base

user92903Is there a way to copy my war base to my home base in clash of clans? I know there is for home to war base but I want to copy my war to my home base.


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