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12:02 AM
didn't get devil room after killing heart :/
12:15 AM
@djsmiley2k As he takes damage, his damage increases. The redder he is, the more damage he does. Lasts all floor!
nod ty
12:30 AM
@OrigamiRobot what system are you in?
assuming you're playing in open play
@kalina Kremainn
woooo accidently did boss rush :D
and survived.
@OrigamiRobot check your friends list
@kalina done
12:51 AM
apparently any message I send you in game fails
Q: Do weapons re-appear as loot in NG+ and on?

Finn RaymentI'm getting on to mid-game on my first playthrough of Dark Souls, no NG+ yet, but a thought struck me. When I reach NG+, will all those weapon drops re-appear? Eg, I got the Great Scythe, goto NG+. I know I will still have the Scythe, but will I be able to goto the location it's at (no spoilers)...

#1 perk of being home: STEAK
1:14 AM
1:31 AM
Bah. My siblings and I pitched in to buy a laptop for my parents. Now one of my sisters is raising a fuss about her share, since we're counting her and her husband as two people.
Q: Does background noise play a part in the Alien being able to hear you?

EnderIf there is already a lot of background noise, due to machinery or an alarm for example, will walking or running, (instead of crouching), still give me away?

She wants it done as couples, so it doesn't cost them as much.
Which costs non-couples more (and more significantly, lacking the two-person income thing, if people share costs for living stuff)
Neither way of splitting things is more right, TBQH.
The real problem is that you didn't have this figured out first.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I don't see how splitting it evenly among those whose names are going on the present thing doesn't make the most sense
1:39 AM
@AshleyNunn think of it as being split among the siblings with the spouses left out of it entirely.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Which then means the spouses should have their own present giving responsibility
That isn't any more right or wrong... It's just different and should've been agreed upon first.
Q: What MMR do Seasonal/Temporary Maps use?

DanteOriginally asked on the Riot forums here. Seasonal/Temporary maps refer to Ascension, Poro King, URF Mode, etc.

1:52 AM
@Fluttershy I had a Samson run earlier where I held on to an IV bag for most of the run
^ Warning, quite nerdy, but very cool at the same time
Xbox One portable
@RPi_Awesomeness there have been portable kits for consoles for a while now (I didn't watch the video, got people over)
and by portable I mean giant suitcases
Q: Can my two cities send resources at the same time?

Omar AltaherIn this region I claimed two lands and built up two cities and both produce the materials needed by the Great Works. I pressed that power button in Great Works tab with both cities and some resources were sent to the Great Work, but the question is, are the resources being sent from both cities o...

Q: What hardware is really necessary to run Minecraft at 60 FPS?

AndrewI'm getting a new PC soon and I occasionally play a little Minecraft. When I do, I usually run very redstone-intensive worlds full of fast clocks and command blocks in singleplayer. What should be my minimum hardware to get a constant 60 FPS on these normally laggy worlds? Also, is Minecraft main...

Oh no, ThePirateBay got raided
2:07 AM
Yeah, that happened last week at some point IIRC
@Sterno More than a week ago, iirc
I don't hit it much. Was just looking to get a TV show that was on my DVR but didn't record right due to some breaking news from the Ferguson stuff
As usual I am bad at the concept of time
@AshleyNunn It probably happened sometime between what I said and what you said. I am bad at the concept of time as well
2:09 AM
If it happened more than a day or two ago it is all kinda a mush
@AshleyNunn Time is relative; lunchtime doubly so
even yesterday and the day before are often mushy for me
I can usually remember yesterday
I can "remember", but sometimes I can't tell if the things I remember are from yesterday or day before
By remember I mean "I know what events happened that particular day"
2:11 AM
especially if the things happened in the morning-noon
all mornings are a mush to me
Speaking of time, it's now time for breakfast for me
Now what should I have
Well obviously
Dang. I just got three very rapid upvotes & an accept on my answer here:
A: What hardware is really necessary to run Minecraft at 60 FPS?

RPi_AwesomenessMainly, you'll want to go for CPU power over GPU power. Minecraft is very CPU heavy, so a good CPU is crucial. That said, skimping too much on the GPU is something you want to avoid as well. I would agree with what Chippies commented - it's going to be rather opinionated as to what the minimum i...

That was surprising.
It's a good answer
2:23 AM
@RPi_Awesomeness it's a good answer tho
@Chippies Thanks :)
I usually avoid questions that don't have just one strong answer
Q: can the Pokémon missingno make a gamboy card blank?

Malcolm DavisonIs missingno as dangerous as described on YouTube? Can he cause the game to decay while playing?

I think this is our 50 000th question
I'm almost tempted to ask for a downvote, just so I can get that other hat :)
@TheBird956 Depends on the type of programming. A strong CPU is definitely a must for C/C++ programming, as it will improve compile times. PHP, not so much, since it's stored/run off of the users PC on a specialized system. — RPi_Awesomeness 9 mins ago
PHP is not run on the users PC
it's run on the server
2:30 AM
@Chippies Exactly
so you got that part half right
It's run on another system off of the users PC.
I am pretty sure "runs off of the PC" means it runs on the PC
because things in English don't have to make sense
Yeah, I probably could have worded that better
eh, I'm sure no one else is gonna care about it
2:33 AM
nbd, just posted a clarification comment.
Honestly, having a good CPU is generally good for programming, but I don't really think compilation time is necessarily the best thing to optimize for
@murgatroid99 but do you really need an amazing CPU for programming?
@murgatroid99 It was a quick comment to counter an incorrect comment - you're correct, it's not all compilation times.
I mean, I guess visual studio can be kinda cpu intensive
Ooo. I need 3 more upvotes I have the Handegg hat...
2:34 AM
@Chippies IDEs can be resource intensive, and it's always nice to spend less time waiting for compilation and running and everything
Q: Does Terraria for Android need an internet connection to run?

Tomáš ZatoI have big technical problems with buying things over internet, but when I discovered new Terraria version for Android has been released I was really excited. I really like the game and I decided to figure out how to buy it. As I was reading the comments I begun to have a strong suspicion that t...

I don't think this question deserve -4, honestly. Cleaned it up and made it better - it's a pretty good question, actually
Especially because I've experienced similar frustrations with other games as well
@RPi_Awesomeness and, as the response to your comment pointed out, PHP isn't necessarily run on another server. It can be just a scripting language, and you can run it locally
@murgatroid99 Yes, but it's normally run on a server - and the OP said he would be running it on a server.
@RPi_Awesomeness That's true
@Chippies Unfortunately, I live in the real world
2:38 AM
@murgatroid99 where's that? Never heard of it
Must be in a galaxy far far away
Again, I quickly typed that comment to counter the partially incorrect previous comment. Had I taken time, I would have been more clear.
has anyone here bought Hack'n'Slash and actually loved the game?
the game seems like it could be a good game, but it's just buggy
@Chippies I had it gifted to me, it was entertainingish for the little bit I played
I even managed to ignore the major micro-stutters I was having for whatever reason
but I did crash a level by pushing a turtle off of a cliff, which seemed like it should be something they had thought of, considering how simple it was
and later I had to reload another level, because I accidentally pushed myself into the background scenery and couldn't get back into the foreground
and I only played for like half an hour
very disappointing, it seems like it could be a cool game
but I have lost most of the motivation to play it now
Uggghhhhhhhhh shit is getting ugly back in NY. :(
2:47 AM
@Chippies It was less structured and clear about what was going on than I expected it to be
@LessPop_MoreFizz ??
@RPi_Awesomeness some asshole murdered two cops. The police union has decided to pour gasoline on the fire by using this moment to score political points and blaming the mayor for it.
@murgatroid99 Yeah I agree, in the real world your boss comes rolling out the door on his own chair after you two
@LessPop_MoreFizz Ugh
@James lol
@Chippies I got stuck. I poked at it for a while, couldn't find anything I could do, so I stopped.
2:58 AM
The blood of 2 executed police officers is on the hands of Mayor de Blasio. May God bless their families and may they rest in peace.
For example.
Wait what? Is that an official account?
Yeah, the Sergeants Benevolent Association, it's the management Union.
3:00 AM
<proceeds to coo like a pigeon>
cc @Ktash kisses from Capt America ;)
3:13 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Ah, of course, Mayor de Blasio is Professor X and his failure to use his telepathy and mind-control to foresee and stop a series of events carried out by a separate individual is condemnable.
@Chippies How cruel
@TimStone that's one of the milder statements too.
This is circulating too.
Q: What are the differences between the game modes?

Private PansyMini Metro has three game modes - Commuter, Scenic and Rush Hour, the last of which is not implemented yet. I've played mostly on Commuter, which seems to be the normal mode where difficulty increases until you fail, and the score gets uploaded. The game doesn't have any in-game explanation for h...

3:19 AM
And then, there's this wonderful display of Courtesy, Professionalism, and Respect.
It's amazing that we continue to even function as a society with the ease with which self-serving hatred and ignorance spreads.
FYI, don't read the comments on that one, even more than usual.
Thankfully I didn't scroll down that far or I'd probably be sitting fuming at the screen.
But yeah, the race baiting and just general opportunism of the PBA tonight is making me violently angry.
@spugsley :O
3:26 AM
Q: Why does the Smash Bros. announcer say "Rainfall!" in the Wii U character select screen?

Michael RatanapinthaPretty much as per subject. (And if he also does so in previous games or the 3DS version, sorry.) When you select 8-Player Smash, he says, "Eight-player Smash!" but when you pick regular Smash mode, he says what sounds like "Rainfall!" I thought this might be an Engrish-y way of saying "Ready to...

So jealous of lil' cap'n right now...
@Lazers I don't know how I feel about the last half of this question
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yeah, how a public distrust of heavy-handed cops is somehow considered more disrespectful than using the horrific execution of two fellow officers for grandstanding is beyond me.
Q: Zombie-Pigmen Farm in Minecraft 1.8

Sentinel GamingI am wondering what is a efficient zombie-pigmen farm layout/design for Minecraft 1.8, and how would it be built?

@LessPop_MoreFizz "Wartime"?
So you're saying for the past couple of years, police officers haven't been acting like pretending to be soldiers?
3:41 AM
@Ktash :3333333333333
@spugsley Your eyes in that picture though... they are so pretty
Thanks for the edit @AshleyNunn
@Ktash awww, that's lovely. Thank you. I needed that. Everything my mom bought me is literally like 4 sizes too small so I'm feeling pretty gross tonight
@spugsley :( I'm sorry. You are absolutely stunning in every possible way and you definitely deserve to feel that way
Seriously, there is a reason it is so easy for you to break me on the regular
She still shops for me in the junior's section even though I have a lady body so I just need to keep telling myself that it's not me, it's the clothes and that my mom believes that fitting into junior's-sized clothes is the perfect measure of size-appropriateness
@spugsley She just wants her little baby girl back.
3:49 AM
@Yuuki nope. She just wants her daughter to be a size 4.
@spugsley My version is better.
yeah, if only
Q: Does every player have to be in front of the TV to play effectively?

RapitorJackbox Party box allows players to play using their smartphones, tablets, and computers instead of the controllers. 100 people (as the game advertises as max players) certainly won't fit in my small game room. Even 4 would get crowded. How much of the game's "information" is displayed on the ...

So, who wants to play games?
@spugsley did she at least include gift-receipts for exchangy goodness?
3:50 AM
@spugsley Well that is not only completely unrealistic, but not ok. YOU are the perfect measure of size-appropriateness for you.
@Ktash agreed. I'm getting there but ya know, BDD and what not
@Yuuki I'd like to say yes but a)I don't have a lot of games other people would play (or that are multiplayer) and b) I think I am just about to watch WALL-E with @OrigamiRobot (because he was horrified I'd not seen it)
@AshleyNunn PLZ
@spugsley I know. It's not an easy thing. But you are beautiful. 100% and exactly the way you are. And I know some days my reminding you won't help much but I will do so always. Even if some days you have trouble seeing it, you always are
@AshleyNunn OMG WALL-E
@Ktash that's really sweet. Between you and Ian you'd think I'd be good but it's still hard sometimes
3:55 AM
Why do I feel like at some point this movie is going to make me cry or something
Also at some point I think there needs to be a Bridge-wide co-watch of something :P
@AshleyNunn Well, it's in the works.
@Ktash What was the thing you were suggesting for this again?
@spugsley I know. And that isn't your fault that it is hard, which is why I will always do my best to help remind you. Because sometimes your brain or self may be fighting that when it shouldn't and I want to help you win the battle in realizing it
@Yuuki Ummm, hold on, I have to find it
Rabbit or Synaptop were the two discussed
That's right.
So, what are good times for movie night, everyone?
I'm assuming Christmas Eve is probably right out, huh?
Also, any suggestions for movies? Should we go with a Christmas theme?
My stomach is talking and it's telling me not to tell you anything.
@TimStone's stomach. My old enemy...
4:05 AM
@Yuuki Die Hard, the greatest Christmas movie of all time.
Wait, does that make me Imperius?
I feel that in the context of me and @TimStone's stomach, I'd actually be Mega-Diablo.
@Yuuki yeah, I will have stuff that night
I'll put up a straw poll for movie night then.
Pin it and we'll see how people decide.
Or I'll make a meta post or something.

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