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12:00 AM
It was pretty much over after that botched blacksite mission anyway, guess I'll restart
Woo, unlocked Advanced Cocktailcrafting :D
(well, in KoL)
Yay :D
my actual house lacks things that are booze, except for one frozen hard lemonade slushy thing I should eat?drink? at some point
@AshleyNunn just wait til you get superhuman cocktailcrafting
I'll be drunk forever.
12:09 AM
@AshleyNunn to star or not to star
what is xcom?
@Dragonrage aliens don't kill me, don't kill me, no more
@AshleyNunn Since you normally enjoy these image puns that I find.
Xcom is a pretty cool guy. eh kills aleins and doesn't afraid of anything
Xcom is a pretty lame guy. eh killed by aleins and panic of everything
12:19 AM
Oh FFS, in this new game @Unionhawk is the sharpshooter
damn, rekt
@uni how are you liking EU?
Wow, I was about to move that to android hell but my work here is done for me
@GodEmperorDune Is fun
@Yuuki hahaha I love that :)
Q: What types of cover are indestructible, or require more than one action to destroy?

DarthPizzaI've noticed that some types of cover in the game are completely indestructible. One example are cars. While you can blow a car up, it won't actually destroy it as a piece of cover that you or enemies can hide behind. I've also noticed that some types of trees actually require more than one acti...

Q: Which special editions of the PS4 feature the updated power supply?

Bryan FI have heard the PS4 has recently been updated. I like some of the changes, including the mechanical power and eject buttons, but I especially like the improved power supply. I read some articles about the updates, but I have yet to read a list of which special editions feature the upgrades. Whic...

Q: How do I tell when a car will blow up?

DCShannonUsing an explosive to blow up a car next to an enemy is a great way to get some extra damage in. However, I'm not always sure when the car is going to explode. Sometimes, it explodes immediately, sometimes it blows up at the start of the next turn, and sometimes it takes all the way until the st...

I hate cars.
Stop catching on fire
@twobugs oh clickhole
I love Clickhole
If loving Clickhole is wrong then call me @Unionhawk
@twobugs sure thing, @Unionhawk
Of course it didn't.
6 hours ago, by StrixVaria
In case you were on the fence about Codex (asynchronous card game meant to have the strategy of RTS games), know that there is a card called Revolver Ocelot that is a literal ocelot with a revolver.
He coincidentally posted a picture of it since I mentioned it.
@Yuuki apnic /ftfy
12:41 AM
@StrixVaria cc @Unionhawk cc @fredley
12:51 AM
user image
@StrixVaria Uh....um...how does that even
@StrixVaria ayyy lmao
@AshleyNunn XCOM
@AshleyNunn rookies are terrible
That's how.
1:04 AM
Q: Did patch 1.3 change the Lone Wanderer perk?

boomstickThe first time I loaded Fallout 4 after installing the latest patch the VDSG entry on the loading screen told me about the Lone Wanderer perk and said it applies when traveling without a companion or dog. I've never seen this particular entry before, or never noticed it anyway. Did it always say...

1:47 AM
@StrixVaria /cc @twobugs
I told you moving straight in their face was a legit strat
And I told you it would give you bad accuracy ;)
@StrixVaria That dude is probably poisoned
I like that you can see the outline of the Sectoid's head through the gun
Anyway, some weapon classes get a penalty for close range encounters. I believe rifles might be one of them? I know shotguns get a stupid huge bonus at close range
(It's like +40% under 5 tiles for Shotguns I think)
@twobugs To the point where shotguns are more accurate than blades, IIRC.
Yes, and have higher damage even AFTER blade modifiers
1:53 AM
So pretty much, even though blades are cool, send all hunters down the other tree.
There are some decent blade skills I think. And it's nice to always be able to attack the same turn you dash.
But for pure damage? Shotguns are superior
@murgatroid99 oh I get it, CLEARLY the answer is 21 because while each row sums up to 42, it is well known that 42 = 6*9 = 54.
So uh. Sanders got 60% of the vote in New Hampshire, Clinton got 40%. And yet, Clinton is likely to receive as many if not more delegates from New Hampshire. Democracy!
checkmate atheists
the loominati lizardfolks have you fooled, sheeple
@twobugs superdelegates. lawl
2:01 AM
So much of the American political system is stupid as hell.
well yes
Superdelegates are awful. Electoral college doesn't really work or serve a purpose in 2016.
And don't get me started on our voting system which is demonstrably non-optimal
Congressional Districts? Horrible.
@twobugs its designed so that the party bosses don't get taken for a ride by the voters
@twobugs do you WANT to live in a system where you don't know who's gonna win 80% of the states with years in advance?
spoiler alert, Clinton won like a year ago
they just threw Trump in so you'd be entertained for a while
@badp haha
2:09 AM
Stack Overflow - Beginner

Proposed Q&A site for beginner Programmers to get answers for beginner focused questions which may not be best fit for Stackoverflow

Closed before being launched.

What if(hypotheticals)

Proposed Q&A site for someone who has an hypothetical situation he wants answered.

Currently in definition.


Proposed Q&A site for small business accountants, auditors, CPAs, EAs, and those in the process of learning accounting

Currently in definition.

Google Enthusiasts

Proposed Q&A site for Google Lovers, Power Users, and regular people that use Google and Google related services.

Currently in definition.

@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment what if this was closed
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment Oh wow
Look at @uni, playing XCOM: EU. Everyone point at laugh.
Wow am I not steam friends with @uni?
2:27 AM
@Sterno hey, not everyone has a fancy computer that can handle xcom2
@Sterno Who's @laugh?
@twobugs If Sanders gets the popular vote and not the nomination, I'm voting for Trump out of spite and leaving the country.
@Yuuki My friend just said the same thing. I'd probably write in something stupid like Son Gokou
@twobugs Write-in does less than nothing. At least having the other party win gives some incentive not to do that stuff.
Alternately, write-in Sanders.
Wow @ this plot twist from XCOM 2. The aliens came to Earth in XCOM 1 because they were really upset about Benghazi
I'd probably write-in Sanders. If the super delegates destroy the Democratic party before Trump can destroy the Republican party, man...
Q: What is this game called?

AskahKuwestion I guess it's a SNES game, but I don't know the name. Google reverse has failed me. Nothing. Please help me.

2:42 AM
@Lazers2.0 Okay, so this user has an image but it's only a partial one and nothing else. Still seems on topic? Rude comment, though
@twobugs If they were any sort of intelligent, they wouldn't go against the popular vote unless it's a really, really close margin.
It's never been about intelligence, it's been about voter suppression
This has sadly been the story of American politics on both sides of the aisle for too damn long.
Unlike the Electoral College, I don't think the current superdelegate system has ever overruled the popular vote.
Hm, I feel like this is just "business as usual" but I don't have a source to cite for that
However, similar techniques to superdelegates are routinely employed all over the country to suppress voters
You can't control the demographics of your city and those pesky minorities might start getting people on the city council? Simple - just add "super councilmen" that the entire city votes for to dilute their power!
This job seems nice, but I'd have to buy a car to get there. Bleh.
@Wipqozn I actually just started playing it tonight. Failed the first mission a couple times, then just completed it
Lost one soldier, though :(
3:05 AM
wat @ this application
"list at least a total of 5 personal references"
So... exactly 5?
@twobugs I recognized the game's art style as being from a Quintet game, then found a picture of the tower area from Terranigma that uses the same floor tiles and similar walls.
Well I already did the interview so I'm not doing 5 personal references
@Powerlord Hm, I think you're right. Good call
In fact, it's probably Tower 4 from Terranigma, but I'm too lazy to start the game to check.
Q: How can I tell how many kills my soldier is away from promotion?

skullyHow can I tell how many kills my soldier is away from promotion? I'd like to get this information, especially when in the middle of a battle, as if I know that I'm just a few kills away from a promotion and the enemy is sending reinforcements, I can reliably "farm" for a bit to get that soldier ...

Ugh, they want a PHYSICAL signature
3:15 AM
Wiped HARD on that mission
Q: How do I climb down from the hideout in Firewatch?

user1306322I got stuck in the hideout and couldn't find my own way out, except for some glitches in map wall mesh, very much like in this video: But that sounds very far from the proper way to get down. I'm pretty sure there should be a stone with a coil of rope tied to i...

Q: How can I open up the console in XCOM 2?

skullyI'd like to know how to open the console in XCOM 2 so I can add resources to my inventory on a casual playthrough. I can't seem to find a keybinding for it in the options menu, and in the game options. How do I open up the console in XCOM 2?

3:41 AM
Okay, xcom people, how do I actually equip weapon mods, and this nanoscale vest?
Oh wait, here it is
Okay, I figured out weapon mods, now what do I do with this nanoscale vest?
It's an item, takes up the same slot as grenades
Yes, the game is very misleading about that
Q: Using command blocks to generate random custom map

Thomas WarnaschI'm working on a randomly generated custom map in minecraft using command blocks. I'm mostly new to their formatting and usage. My goal is to use pre-set "tiles" and then connect them together in a meaningful fashion while stil having an "end" tile by use of the /clone command. An example would...

4:00 AM
I'm quite surprised this question isn't closed yet.
Lost two soldiers that VIP extraction mission
weve been getting a bunch of muscle spam in the past couple days
@AshleyNunn I bet it's the usual spam networks, trying something new.
4:29 AM
Q: Using Self-Hypnosis For Breast Enlargement

byrongutieTea Tree Up A Cup Breast Enhancement Cream Oil, had also been used to help various forms of Staphylococcus Aureus, (staph infections,) including Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus. (Better known as, MRSA.) Tea Tree Oil is similar to mupirocin. (Mupirocin is an antibiotic useful Up A Cup ...

@Lazers2.0 More spam
@Ben (and everyone really) - flag spam, don't comment on it. We want to delete it ASAP, so spam flags are teh way to go
(because they'll auto destruct it after so many)
@AshleyNunn Must use the hug gun!
I dunno, I like that the hug gun isn't always necessary
Q: Why Do I Feed So Much?

VirusThePandaMe and my friends are trying to start a League Of Legends team, and I got replaced from Top Primary and Mid secondary, and was placed into Jungle Primary and Mid Secondary. But it seems that whenever I play something other than Top or Mid lane, I always feed! (Example: Master Yi Jng: 1/13/2). How...

4:46 AM
@Chippies That's excellent
It is indeed :)
Sigh, feeling like I'm in a funk lately
Guess I'm just kind of frustrated because I've applied to a bunch of jobs and it's a pain and the ones I'd like to get for convenience reasons aren't responding at all. The one I just interviewed for seems nice but I'd need to get a car (I currently use public transportation) and even a decent used one would be a significant sunk cost
@twobugs That's frustrating :(
@twobugs It's very frustrating looking for a job.
4:51 AM
Yeah, job stuff stinks
It sounds like platitudes, but you can't let it get you down.
I'm also hoping to stay with my current employer but move to a different department cause the benefits are great
That feeling you get when you get an offer is awesome.
@Frank Hah, true enough
I've come full circle on some of those statements. Used to hate them for being so simplistic, but there's some good advice there (even if the hard part is following it)
stun lancers what the fuck
4:53 AM
Ah, to return to a point in XCOM where Stun Lancers were my biggest annoyance...
(Not that they aren't a pain, but it gets worse)
Man, this mission is going very badly
Tried to hack one of those scanner things
It not only destroyed my stealth, but brought in more enemies
Aside from the hacks you succeed for story, hacking seemed to be pretty brutal
and mission failed
Wait, what
It never gave me an opportunity to restart the mission
What difficulty are you playing on?
The second hardest
I'm thinking that may have been a mistake
XCOM 2 is brutal
I may play it through once on the normal difficulty
5:01 AM
Also do not play on ironman unless you want to suffer
Yeah, the problem with ironman is bugs
Excuse me
Man, every retaliation mission I save exactly 6 civilians. It's always damn close.
@kalina just got killed. I think she's my first KIA
Just got shot through two layers of solid cover
That's what you get for not hunkering down.
Everyone knows you should just hide fully behind cover and never, ever shoot back. The aliens might get bored and go home.
My next mission is going to be 5 grenadiers and one sharpshooter, because they're the only ones not wounded. I feel sorry for whatever city they send me to
Also, fuck berserkers
5:09 AM
I can't wait to get better armour
I hate losing soldiers
@twobugs I just watched this and based on the short video, someone just stacked two sets of blocks really, really high?
It looks super lame.
Soooooo....question; what do we do with game identification questions that had an artifact, but the link has gone dead?
Edit in a different one?
A) Why would anyone be reading an old game identification question to know the link was even dead?
B) Close it. Delete it. Rejoice.
@Sterno Triple ---
I guess I fail at strikethru
I thought I had triple
5:14 AM
@Sterno That's really insensitive. This is a world where 9/11 never happened and all you can do is criticize it?
@Frank shrug
A) I dunno. But that's sorta the point of allowing questions to exist.
B) I like this plan!
I mean....I guess we could
but I don't see a point tbh
Its served it's purpose, I think.
5:15 AM
and really, who's going to go looking for that stuff anyhow
Close all the ITGs
Q: What Is This Game?

RyanI found this video on webm land and cant figure out what it is, but it looks fun. Any help would be appreciated. http://webm.land/w/pQHY/

That's the question, if anyone's interested.
I've voted to close already.
: Accepting an answer on a question should automatically close and delete the question.
@SaintWacko will keep his rep, so I don't feel guilty about doing so.
@Frank Whew!
5:19 AM
@Sterno Better yet: close every question.
: Upvotes/downvotes on questions and answers should have their resulting reputation gains/losses reversed, such that upvotes give -5 (or -10) reputation to the recipient and downvotes grant 0 or 1 to the downvoter.
: When a question is asked, it should immediately be closed and an A/V artifact requested. No special algorithm is needed to check whether or not one actually exists. 99% of the time, this close reason will be correct.
Future mod candidates, feel free to borrow these as your platform when you run.
In case you needed more reasons to think Internet Archive was awesome and/or a giant time sink, they now have Windows 3.1 games and software.
Is dark.
(we need light bulbs)
5:45 AM
kolmafia did something weird
there are no pygmy bowlers
@Yuuki have you ever seen that? bowling alley unsolveable because it never encounters bowlers?
5:59 AM
pretty sure edcension screwed something up, bumcheek ascend is much more reliable
so i fire up my long war newfoundland mission... move once to try to find a pack of 4 chrysalids... instead i find 10
hmm xcom 2 is 60$ e.e
i wonder if it will go on sale
Mathematica has a builtin for determining goats. I don't know how to feel about that. — Robert Fraser 15 hours ago

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