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5:07 PM
Q: Buying hjerim house in Windhelm

Leah Victoria HansenI've completed the Blood on Ice quest, I just don't know what else I have to do. I'm not too far into the main quest line so I'm worried about siding with the stormcloaks and how that might affect the main quest. Do I have to tell Ulfric that I came to Windhelm to fight the imperials to get on hi...

Q: Starting COOP with bot in Rocket League

GmodCakeI would like to start a coop in Exhibition in Rocket League, my friend did join my group but I can't find out how to start a bot game with him, how can I do it ?

Q: How to clone yourself in minecraft?

GuestUserI want to make a clone of some person that will just stand there, like basically clone myself. What is the command for this? 1.8.8 please. I do not want to clone any blocks, I want to clone myself..

5:38 PM
@Unionhawk And like 500k of it was after I went to bed yesterday.
That Super Metroid hype, I guess.
5:54 PM
Save won out at 185k vs 174k
Yes, nearly 400k was donated towards save/kill the animals
Making it the top bid by nearly an order of magnitude
(chrono trigger 100% is next top at 65k/65k)
@Unionhawk save/kill?
Super Metroid, save the animals versus kill the animals
Hmm I don't remember that choice.
Q: cant login to mojang

Fangcrafti reset my password 2 times now and it still wont fuggin log me in I tried to make a new account same stuff it says it already exists I try to log in it says it doesn't match up with the log in info MAKE UP YOUR FUGGIN MINDS YOU IDIOTS WHO RUN MOJANG

6:35 PM
oh google, you silly!
@RonanForman They do it ever year.
It's easily their most popular vote donation thing
@Wipqozn I meant that choice in the game.
Now there's a username
6:52 PM
@RonanForman oh, it's something you can do during the escape sequence at the end of the game. There's a room where animals are trapped, and you can take a detour to save them.
It is too late to undo this operation
7:05 PM
can anyone recommend a free software for backing up data?
@Chippies If nobody replies, check on snapfiles.com
That's where I get all my freeware like that
@GnomeSlice oh, I looked at it and was confused, as it doesn't seem like a backup thing, lol
There's a couple of 4.5/5 ones there.
I don't mind looking for something myself, just would like to know if anyone has recommendations because they've used something themselves
And their review scores are pretty legit
@Chippies My dad would know
he's a big nerd about backups
7:07 PM
@GnomeSlice cool beans, I'll give it a look
Although he probably just wrote his own software for it
saw this mentioned in some article, seems like it could be good...
probably legit
also has user reviews
which is a good sign
snapfiles is like tvtropes for me
I have all these pointless little widgets and shit on my desktop that I got from there
@GnomeSlice cool, this is better than the website, since it asked for email
@Chippies looks like it's up to date too, 8.5
7:10 PM
I'm downloading it now, gonna check it out
Q: minecraft installation error

loukas21i have tried to reinstall minecraft but when opening the launcher for the first time it gives me the error "Unable to update minecraft launcher", this is what my native log reads as # Native Launcher Version: 63 Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium Application Hash: 040e43e8a8b004992c0e5d3b...

@Chippies I use the software that came with my NAS. What are you backing up to?
@Ktash external hard drive
it had a trial version of some backup software, but I never bothered with it, since it's just a trial
Yeah. What the complexity of the backup you want to do (timed? once? certain files? whole drive)? And what OS?
7:20 PM
@Ktash Windows 8.1, most likely just initiate manually it whenever I feel like, only some files
Q: Why won't my minecraft server work?

user120207I've made a minecraft server, i opened it and even had one of my friends on and it worked fine. I then closed it and when i tried re opening it, the console started opening and closing like when the eula is set to false when mine is clearly set to true.. how do i fix this? i tried making a new on...

I mean, technically I could back it all up manually, but software would be better, since it would be able to tell which files haven't changed and don't need to be rewritten
@Chippies Well, I mean, Windows copy can do that as well, but yeah, software is probably better overall
Windows has native backup, but I think it's drive/OS rather than files
this Todo Backup software seems fancy enough to do what I want and easy to use so far
I'm trying to figure out what exactly I want to back up, lol
Q: Any problems when buying used Xbox One game on disk

0x49D1There are plenty of new game releases on used disks sold online(for example on amazon) and the price of the disk is almost always lower then the new one. Are there any restrictions or account bindings when you buy a used game like that? Or I can just buy the disk, install it on Xbox's hard drive...

7:34 PM
Yeah, I can't remember what I used before my current stuff. I think I did it mostly manually. At least for a while.
Now I live a life of luxury and have automated backups 3 times a week, and two times a month to a RAID
It has already saved me once (almost lost all my pictures)
this external hard drive is the worst and it's driving me mad
it keeps reconnecting every couple minutes
and I have no idea why
even while it's being used
@Chippies it looks like Windows 10 has full backup utilities in it
@Ktash I'm too lazy to upgrade yet, I gotta be in the mood for that...
I'm liking 10 more and more every day... But it did seem to randomly try installing Candy Crush for no reason, so I'm gonna have to look into that
I also don't want to do the upgrade thing, I want a clean install
and I read you have to do the upgrade first to get the product key
7:38 PM
@Chippies Ok, but, you don't even have to reinstall anything. It literally just downloads, takes a bit, and then starts in 10 mode
so it just seems like a lot of work
@Chippies someone woh's done it told me the 'upgrade' has 3 options
save documents + programs
same documents only
wipe everything
Ah, yeah, for a clean it is much more work
aka clean install
eh, it's never a "clean install"
the only clean install I trust in is format C: and then install
maybe MS has improved their upgrade software...
7:40 PM
yeah i know
Just thought I'd put it out there :P
err wow
i thought my wife was bad D:
Also, that's a fairly small drive (by today's standards at least)
@Ktash it's an SSD
That's a lot of data on your SSD. Games, I'm guessing?
7:42 PM
@Ktash games and software and windows
I am down to a point where I have too much software on it and not enough games...
Yeah. My SSD has a bit over 300 on it right now from that stuff. So that's understandable. Cutting it close though :P
games are easy to move to HDD, but with software I have to actually do more than just copypaste
it doesn't help that the few games I have on the SSD are all 10+ gb
or the fact that I have GTA V on it...
7:56 PM
Q: Stuck at 3 million border mark minecraft

FireGuardianSo I was daring and went past the 3 million mark on one of the private servers i play on and now can't get back to spawn because it keeps kicking me with "illegal Position" as its reason. Is there any way I can get back to spawn?

That's one way to do it.
> Around the same time, we learned that Mark [CEO of Mt. Gox], only had one bank account, shared with Mt.Gox's customer deposits.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Everything about Mt. Gox is absolutely amazing.
What's Mt. Gox
I love the fact that they called themselves "Mt. Gox", as if it was somehow less embarrassing than the original name of Magic The Gathering Online Exchange
@GnomeSlice It was the biggest bitcoin bank. They took the "money" and ran.
8:02 PM
I mean, it's horrible that they stole all that money.
But the whole story around it is really funny if you ignore the earth-shattering reality.
Q: Is it possible to permanently disable your shield in Clash of Clans?

Joe MoranoFor reasons I'd rather not get into, I want to permanently disable my shield, so unlimited people can attack me one after another. Is this possible to do?

@GnomeSlice Mt Gox is the Magic The Gathering Online eXchange.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Not any more, I looked it up.
Yeah Mt Gox was run by a bunch of clowns
8:07 PM
It is a japanese based website for buying and selling magic cards that somehow managed to become he world's larges bitcoin bank before collapsing in a wild mess of mismanagement.
And, y'know flat out criminality.
allegedly they were "hacked" and lost most of the bitcoins
But who the fuck uses his own personal account for something like that? that's just flat outr madness.
@GodEmperorDune They were "hacked" and the CEO disappeared at the same time, sounds oh so believable.
Also the ceo's account balance increased by about a million dollars when that happened
Coincidences these days
Q: Is there a way I can delete my friends waypoint in voxelmap on her server

JoelIs there a way I can delete my friends waypoint in voxelmap on her server I want to do this troll but she made a waypoint in the place were I hide and she will just teleport in

@Chippies uninstall!
That's like, what.... 50+ GB?
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