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Q: Jurassic-World: The Game - Is there a way to farm DNA?

GabrielOshiroThere are three achievements concerning DNA Stranded Part 1 - Hold 1,000 DNA Stranded Part 2 - Hold 20,000 DNA Stranded Part 3 - Hold 60,000 DNA As far as I know we can get DNA from card packs, by selling dinosaurs or by watching ads. Is there any technique to farm DNA to unlock those achieve...

@StrixVaria Siege of Turtle Enclave is a pretty crappy game, I just like how the theme can be used on the bridge
12:31 AM
Q: How to fix Minecraft being off-center?

Isaac Trimble-PedersonI have a very annoying issue that is making my Minecraft experience, as well as any other games using LWJGL as an engine. This is what my Minecraft looks like: As you can see there are black bars there, and it also seems like the mouse doesn't line up with the buttons - as if the buttons are ...

Q: Can you have one FIFA ultimate team in two accounts?

RaulI want to know if there can be two psn accounts using one FIFA ultimate team

Wow, that was cutting it close on the fuel
@StackExchange Now do me?
Q: Is there a way to redeem Steam games from Steam keys while I'm not on my PC?

Mark GabrielI'm going to be away from the country (and from my PC) for a month. However, I'm going to receive some steam keys from a friend sometime next week, and I was wondering if there was a way for me to redeem steam games while I'm away. I only have my mobile phone (Android) and tablet (iOS) while I'm...

1:06 AM
@GraceNote Have you actually seen a Ninja before? of cause not, because they are Ninja's! they aren't supposed to be seen. so that could actually be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle acting as a regular boring one as a means of hiding and the moment no one is looking it quickly disappears to fight the Foot Clan and returns because it's super speedy
@Chippies So, either I'm a dude, or I'm a butch lesbian. While I'm pan, I'm femme-pan, so....yeah, let's not call that hard science, hm?
I want to see that peer reviewed science.
@AshleyNunn I think the actual science is just if you were exposed to more or less androgen levels before birth, which can affect some physical traits
The digit ratio is the ratio of the lengths of different digits or fingers typically measured from the midpoint of bottom crease where the finger joins the hand to the tip of the finger. It has been suggested by some scientists that the ratio of two digits in particular, the 2nd (index finger) and 4th (ring finger), is affected by exposure to androgens e.g. testosterone while in the uterus and that this 2D:4D ratio can be considered a crude measure for prenatal androgen exposure, with lower 2D:4D ratios pointing to higher prenatal androgen exposure. The 2D:4D ratio is calculated by dividing the...
Makes sense (the actual science, not all the other junk)
> Some authors suggest that digit ratio correlates with health, behavior, and even sexuality in later life.
a) how many is some b) how wide were their science testing groups c) etc d) science e) this feels like pop science to me
(I am the most skeptical of these sorts of things especially where they try to find reasons for sexuality or gender expression)
1:15 AM
> Lesbians have a lower digit ratio, on average, than heterosexual women[82][83][84][85][86][87][88][89][90][91][92][93]
seems to have a lot of sources there
how reliable they are, idk
A lot of wikipedia sources doesn't mean it is well done science
It just means someone found a lot of sources
which could very well all cite the same bad science study
"From a study of 136 males and 137 females:[15]
Males: mean 0.947, standard deviation 0.029.
Females: mean 0.965, standard deviation 0.026.
Assuming a normal distribution, the above lead to 95% confidence intervals for 2D:4D ratio of 0.889-1.005 for males and 0.913-1.017 for females."
If this is the whole study that the entire thing is based on, that's shitty science
@Chippies Saying stuff like "some authors" is specifically against Wikipedia's policy.
(Sorry, I am a giant skeptic of a lot of things.)
"weasel words" is the policy name, IIRC.
There are no forbidden words or expressions on Wikipedia, but certain expressions should be used with care, because they may introduce bias. Strive to eliminate expressions that are flattering, disparaging, vague, clichéd, or that endorse a particular point of view. The advice in this guideline is not limited to the examples provided and should not be applied rigidly. What matters is that articles should be well-written and consistent with the core content policies—Neutral point of view, No original research, and Verifiability. The guideline does not apply to quotations, which should be faithfully...
Alright, who bet on the 78%? Looks like we have some winners.
Now you just look like you were here and were super wrong about something.
1:21 AM
@Unionhawk is weird.
@Unionhawk yah, this is why you never trust Wikipedia as a sole source for anything
@AshleyNunn well, I don't really know how to look for reliable study sources, nor do I really feel like reading through a whole bunch of stuff :) The digit ratio seems to imply that high ratio means more feminine physical traits and lower ratio means more masculine physical traits, which could easily correlate with the rest of the stuff
@TimStone Yeah, well
@Chippies yeah, but if they only studied under 200 of each gender, that's not a very widely applicable result
none of the studies seem to have more than couple hundred subjects though
1:30 AM
And that's why people need to stop applying tiny studies to the whole of humanity, it rarely ever works
But if I don't do that my study doesn't sound as impressive
and if my studies aren't impressive then how will I get grant funding?
Sorry, pop science and stuff like this just makes me frustrated because it is often drawing really inaccurate ideas about humanity
1:32 AM
Q: How do I enable only mods from a specific collection in Gmod?

PistolRcksI would like to have a LAN party with my brother with only a few choice mods that I picked out in Garry's Mod. I don't want my brother to have to download all the other mods I have installed for myself every time he joins my LAN party. What do I do? P.S. I'm using the latest version of Garry's M...

No, I understand. I love science and while I think pop science probably has noble intentions (somewhere) it can do a lot of harm
(See anything by Dan Ariely, Freakonomics, etc)
@Chippies this denies the relation to androgens and estrogen, not the difference between male and female digit ratio btw
I think I could gather 200 people of whatever gender (binary or otherwise) and ask thme about their fingers and draw a whole other set of conclusions
Especially if this is limited geographically, or socioeconomically
1:36 AM
Still very tiny when you consider humanity is 6+ billion
So saying "all people do this thing" is like gathering SE and drawing conclusions off of that data set, which anyone would know is skewed in many different ways
But people forget to isolate the info and assume it works everywhere
> The correct answer to the question why men and women (or Toxoplasma-infected subjects and Toxoplasma-free subjects, and probably also heterosexuals and homosexuals, less fertile women and more fertile women, etc.) have different 2D : 4D ratio seems to be, because the representatives of the former groups usually have larger hands and longer fingers.
@AshleyNunn So you're saying Minecraft isn't a buggy mess? ;)
and that's where we get people believing horrible science - because one person once said the thing
@originaluser Get out.
and then someone repeats the thing, and then someone repeats the thing, then Jenny McCarthy.
A dire case, perhaps, but still.
1:40 AM
Has anyone played Crimzon Clover? It's on super sale this week and I'm tempted to buy it
Q: How to use springboards?

GuyI have tested and tried to figure out what the secret is to doing a big jump on Springboards in the original Super Mario Bros, but have been unable to figure out what triggers it. The closest theory I seem to have is that you have to press "B" while in the air and then hit "A" as you are jumping,...

1:58 AM
Uh oh
They're building a Chipotle here.
Here as in in your house?
Right around the corner, so close enough
Oh man
Uh oh as in "oh god the traffic", or Uh oh as in "oh god my wallet" or what?
Also a Panda Express and a Kiku Steakhouse (I don't know what this is except that it's a Japanese Steakhouse)
Wallet and/or physical health
2:02 AM
Man I loved Panda Express back in the day
Thankfully there isn't one near where I work
but I always ended up feeling sick after I eat at one
I don' know what any of those are
@originaluser yeah, so much grease
@AshleyNunn fast food places
@AshleyNunn You changed your avatar!
@GodEmperorDune That much I got.
@RPiAwesomeness One of the other mods on SE made me a crown :D
@AshleyNunn lol :D
2:08 AM
@originaluser that's pretty much anytime i eat chinese takeout, but it's oh so tasty
It's most becoming
@AshleyNunn Panda Express is fast food chinese, Chipotle is fast food mexican that is I'd rank 2 tiers of quality (or more) above Taco Bell (and an order of magnitude higher price (that is, food costs roughly 6 and some change, whereas food at taco bell can be 60 cents))
@Unionhawk Alright. I know how bad TB is, so that's a good way to explain it)
Oh god I start work tomorrow
what if I suck
It's like Taco Bell but not at all, and good
what if they hate me
@Unionhawk ah. There's a couple Chipotle's in Toronto, so sometime if I am bored and there, maybe I will make it a thing
2:17 AM
@AshleyNunn They clearly don't because they hired you so... >_>
@Unionhawk shush, that's all logical and things
I am mostly stressed because due to events of tonight being not at all what I planned and involving more....stress than I expected, I didn't get my police check done
so I have to do that and it means getting up possibly very early tomorrow if I don't want to wait (or if I don't want to explain to my new boss why today-me didn't get there....its a legit explanation, I just feel bad)
@AshleyNunn why do you need to do that, i thought employers did that on their own accord
What the hell
@Memor-X Here it depends on the size of hte organization
some get them done through an agency, but since this is legit a tiny ISP shop, they asked me to go get it
and I really don't mind doing the legwork, I just have to do it and I didn't tonight.
There's... apparently alcohol delivery in Dayton now?
And the University of Dayton Research Institute made their app. That's hilarious.
2:22 AM
@AshleyNunn ahhhh, here i thought the employer just calls some number that connects them to the police and after passing some business details (ie. a Business ID Number) they can get the resaults back, i didn't think third parties get hired out. makes sense then for all businesses
@Memor-X Yeah, at least here it is done through various agencies and junk in my experience
especially if they are doing a vulnerable sector check (this one isn't, but I have had to do those, they take longer and check more)
But you need a minimum order of $30 to get alcohol delivered
Students of Dayton, if you're too drunk to walk to sunoco (5 minute walk) that you need to get shit delivered, you don't need $30 worth of alcohol
@AshleyNunn oh they do police checks in Australia but i assumed the business contacted the police directly, maybe they use a third party here too i wouldn't know, all i know is that i never had to get the check done myself and i ain't worried about it because i never been in trouble with the police before.
my only run in with the police was when someone lit a fire in the forest at the back of the school and they were interviewing students who were around the area and i had a panic attack, the police woman who help me calm down was cute
@Memor-X I'm not worried either, the only thing I have ever gotten ever was a highway traffic act charge for jaywalking, and I dont think that even shows on a police check
because if I am right, it's not anything covered by the Ministry of Transportation, which Highway Traffic Act is
(I am still mad I got charged with jaywalking)
I'd imagine something like a DUI would show up but yeah
2:34 AM
Hell, I'd be way more inclined to hire someone charged with jaywalking
Is that Doug?
I mean that guy does work for cartoon network so who knows
Q: How do I use Razer Game Booster on Garena League of Legends?

SEBASSZCHANI just got Razer Game booster and I wanted to have my League boosted when I play. When I open RZR Game booster I click on League of Legends then I click start now, this opens my Garena and I log in to League like normal. Did Game booster work? Did I miss something? What do you guys suggest? cheers

2:37 AM
@Unionhawk I don't know what that gets charged under
"This check will include the following information as the record exists on the date of the search:
(a) Any criminal convictions from CPIC and/or local databases,
(b) Summary convictions for five years, when identified, and
(c) Findings of Guilt under the Youth Criminal Justice Act within the applicable disclosure period."
And then they go on to say that Ministry of Transportation information is expressly not included
So yay
in Minecraft Talk, yesterday, by Ieuan
People make the dumbest stuff in js
2:55 AM
@Unionhawk different sort, multilingual and radices would be good but it's implanted so stupidly. would be better as something like .toString for any variable so people can be punched then they try and do it with incorrect datatypes, ie. .toArabic, .toMorseCode, .toSmooth.
though i can think of 2 functions they missed, five.smart > generates a proof that 5 = 5. five.dumb > generate a proof that 5 = 5 by saying "i have 4 apples, if i add 1 apple i have 5 apples, 5 = 5"


Read this: rules.javascriptroom.com. Before asking inform your...
3:08 AM
Q: Easy way to execute remote admin commands?

TrivisionZeroSo I'm finishing up my survival games map, adding final touches and such, but... I need an easy way to execute remote admin commands, like setting my own gamemode to creative, starting the game, or resetting the game. Right now, I am using a tellraw command on a clock, so I can easily and quickly...

@GnomeSlice no u
@spugsley O⅃ ⅃ ⅃ ⅃ ⅃ ⅃ ⅃ AH
The kerning there is disappointing
3:26 AM
ugh my printer messed up my order :/
now if they can't overnight me a new print, I'll only have one to hang for the exhibit next week
Oh no :(
yeah I'm really not happy
I can't imagine. I wouldn't be either
Hopefully they can do that and it just becomes an annoyance rather than a hinderance
I hope so. Usually their customer service is great. But idk, they don't have a lot of time
guess what my friend just showed me? This is me TEN YEARS AGO
far right
Ok but you look like a princess in that dress :O
3:35 AM
look at that baby face!
we went and tried on prom dress for fun!
lol we were like two years away from prom lololol
@spugsley i'm assuming your avatar is infact what you really look like in which case you are pointing out that you had much longer hair back then
yeah, that is me in my avatar :)
yeah, my hair was crazy
trying to grow it out again. Not that long though O_o
Meh, sometimes it's fun to just got try stuff on :P
yeah it was :) We got thrown out though because they figured it out lololol
Makes for a great story then :)
3:44 AM
I just found out there's a Canadian, Texas. I don't know how to process this information.
Who, Ted?
Canadian is a city in and the county seat of Hemphill County, Texas, United States. The population was 2,649 at the 2010 census. It is named for the Canadian River, a tributary of the nearby Arkansas River. Incorporated in 1908, Canadian is sometimes called "the oasis of the High Plains." Canadian is on the eastern side of the Texas Panhandle adjacent to Oklahoma. == History == The trails along the river are older than recorded history. Francisco Coronado came through the area in 1541 in a vain search for the Seven Cities of Cibola. In 1840, Josiah Gregg and thirty-four men from Missouri passed...
Oh I see
I thought you accidentally an "in" and I was like "you're going to have to be more specific"
"There's probably more than one Canadian in Texas"
3:58 AM
@spugsley why do you always break my headcanon?
You should hang out in OrigamiMumble when @spugsley is there if you're concerned with headcanon
@GodEmperorDune :O what was your headcannon?!?!
@Unionhawk WHY
Headcannons are meant to be fired, and headcanons are meant to be broken
4:02 AM
@spugsley i dunno, i was grasping at something non-creepy to say to @underage_spugsley
@TimStone five.tooSlow()
@Unionhawk you skipped like half of the process
No u
Besides, explain to me how you can have a headcanon for someone whose avatar is their real face
Other than maybe a voice headcanon
4:06 AM
Checkmate. @Uni 1 @GodEmperorDune 0
why do i always lose to @uni of all deku scrubs?!
@GodEmperorDune HAHAHAHA
@Unionhawk I used to have my (heavily photoshopped) face as avatar, people still had their headcanons broken when I posted a clean photo
No, I don't know what point I'm making here, stop asking.
I don't even remember this
4:17 AM
@Chippies I don't believe this happened.
Who are you?
Actually, I posted a clean photo of myself twice
on two different occasions, two different photos
@Chippies GASP
@Chippies GASPGASP
I don't believe you or remember this
4:18 AM
@spugsley I am like 90% sure you were in the chat for one of them...
(I was)
I think it's pretty established fact that if I don't remember something it didn't happen.
@spugsley okay, seriously, BREATHE! YOU'RE TURNING PURPLE!
It's got nothing to do with stars, if I wasn't there, it effectively never happened
actually, I'm like 78% sure @Unionhawk was in the chat for the first photo
4:19 AM
Those are good odds.
I remember a photo and @origami was like "Wait you don't look 20 something"
@TimStone good enough to be true, but also good enough to cover my ass if I'm wrong
@Unionhawk yarr, you were there
I don't think that counts that's like me saying I post pictures of me so you all should have an established headcanon (I have one)
(find it because I wont)
Yeah, my headcanon clearly states that @Chippies is a Kirby plush
4:24 AM
@Unionhawk would you like that to be broken?
@TimStone wow. What a time to be alive
in this great country
Holy shit
I think I need to lie down
4:26 AM
You probably should
What's that brain? I do need to lie down because I've got an executive breakfast in the morning?
@spugsley like featured or browsing?
more of me on the right!
@Unionhawk You're buying me breakfast in the morning?
Aaaaaaah. Headcanon revised.
4:27 AM
@GodEmperorDune featured :3
As an executive I'm pretty sure this is a prerequisite
@spugsley congrats, i didn't know you were preggers
4:36 AM
that's your pic, right?
its @creepy_house_spugsley
cool, do you get anything for being featured?
nah, just cred :p
another line on my CV
4:39 AM
your cv has so many lines
@GodEmperorDune it's getting there :p samanthapugsley.com/cv
@spugsley wow, an album cover too!
yup :D That was a shining moment
and a book cover now toooooo
gotta add that but not sure how. Might make a separate category
5:01 AM
In honour of @AshleyNunn's new job tomorrow: youtube.com/watch?v=nL24aNugo_4
That is all.
Q: What's the fade condition of the following karambit in csgo?

iyuuAnyone knows what's the condition for the following fade (80/20, 90/10..) ? PS: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/536272482585903971/C89D18D02A2CBC1D2274EE7ABE4C7F7025F59E57/ BS: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/536272482585904260/9080E8A4E8DF4CFF3CB2F66BF48AE57E9927B...

5:29 AM
Q: How much Xp per hour at Great White Sharks?

General StubbsIf you answer this question please post your fishing level too.

@spugsley Yahoo!!!!! :D
5:44 AM
Q: League Of Legends fps drops

dontknowwhattodoHi I have the fps issues, when I did play in the last patch it did work fine. but this patch seems to fuck it all up! I did play on high graphics and had shadows and anything at high, now i play on low graphics did turn shadows off but still got the problem, I normaly have 60 fps when i play but ...

5:56 AM
Q: Why does it take so long to "recall events"? What's really happening during this time?

Egghead99I recently initialized my PS4, wiping its internal memory completely. Today, I reinstalled inFAMOUS First Light and downloaded my latest save game from the Playstation Online Storage. Upon first loading the game, I was presented with this screen: What is my PS4 doing when it says it's "recallin...

6:55 AM
7:15 AM
Q: Is there a canon outcome to the Kronus War/Dark Crusade?

RobotnikA lot of games feature alternate storylines depending on which character/race you pick at the start, and Warhammer's Dawn of War: Dark Crusade is no different. With 7 races vying for control of the planet, there is presumably 7 different outcomes to the overall storyline. The question is: Who ac...

Q: Where to encounter zombies?

gamecanI've been on two terrifying biomes so far, but haven't encountered any zombies. Are there other conditions that are needed for zombies to be present?

Q: Which troop should I upgrade first ?

HugoTorLevel 37, HQ 16, I'm asking which troop I should upgrade first in my arsenal ? I play with all the troops, but most of the time, for PvP, I use Tank Medic or full Warrior. Sometimes RZM.. So many choices ! I don't know..

Q: Minecraft:Tp with teams not working

Werts WorldIm trying to make a machine where it teleports a mob with a custom name to a player in a team but when i activate it it says "The entity UUID provided is in an invalid format" The command is: "/tp @e[name=Steve] @a[team=Disgiused]" (By the way i know that disguise is spelled wrong!)

7:56 AM
@Wipqozn Seem that in the meta chat board there was a discussion with Shog about putting some sort of disclaimer banner on the Health SE site. Maybe you may want to give it a look - here
I will try to update you if anything new is posted.
Hi all, anyone >10k think I've edited this enough to warrant undeletion?
Original problem was that the question focused on 'is it possible' rather than 'how to do it'
8:16 AM
Someone's on a serious Minecraft VtC spree.
it's galacticninja
Yeah, I noticed.
Just be wary when reviewing: Some of them aren't 'tech support' ones, but server configurations and vanilla crashes (which are still on topic AFAIK). I've VTC a couple as dupe of the minecraft errors question and left open (I think) 2
Yeah, I'm reading them carefully before voting.
8:45 AM
Morning chat
Morning @Kevin
I was apparently logged out of the bridge while still being in 2 other rooms, so I just edited the room URL to have the proper ID because apparently I know that off the top of my head now =/
Morning @Bridge
9:00 AM
Bleh, it's sunny outside and I have to work
Q: Do i lose all my gold when i ascend?

VengeanceI know that ascending causes me to lose all my hero levels and resets game but do i lose all my gold too? This probably sounded stupid, but i had to ask. Apparently i have to add more characters in order to submit my question, so here is a meow cat :3

9:19 AM
Q: Do I have to run Skyrim (SKSE) everytime I want to open my Skyrim?

SEBASSZCHANSo I downloaded SKSE and started my skyrim the normal way, I got popups that SKSE was not working properly so I ran Skyrim (SKSE) and SKSE worked properly. But the question is do I really have to run this everytime I play?

9:43 AM
Q: Can I cure Vilkas even if he's my spouse? If yes, how? :)

SEBASSZCHANI married Vilkas a few skyrim months ago, and just learned he could be cured of lycanthropy. How do I cure him as my spouse?


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