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12:03 AM
@RedRiderX yeah but i pay with pp lol
I don't need the bundle is just something i shouldn't pay for that I want
although I did just move up to fulltime...
@GnomeSlice Wait how do you pay for Amazon with paypal o.0
you can't?
I had to put in my CC
maybe I just use my credit card then
i forget I almost never use it
I only use it if absolutely required
12:12 AM
@Unionhawk yeah that's the one I got
I would've liked mercy or the new dva skin
12:32 AM
@GodEmperorDune o
I haven't​ seen the new skins
I got the rein emote which is excellent
Reinhardt x hammer otp
I have yet to win an arcade despite getting a 1deag hog vs tracer and a potg where he just ran off the cliff
I may have missed every hook that hog round but the point is I got the one shot right click
To be fair I haven't played in months
So I took all the armor off of my Avalanche on Saturday, while I was packing up to go home.
There's...a lot of extra bits on him.
Q: Is there a bias against self-answered questions?

Steven VascellaroI recently posted and self-answered the question How do I unlock all the characters/stages in Super Smash Bros. 64?. After the question was received negatively, I received a comment which brings up something I've suspected for a while, but could never put into words. Self answering questions ...

1:03 AM
> There needs to be an investigation into whether anyone in the Trump administration has ties to America.
1:16 AM
If I were a person who drank as a result of things not going my way I would be blacked out right now. This first Stanley Cup Finals game is a fucking nightmare.
The refs are notoriously incompetent, but they're topping themselves tonight.
[BREAKING UPDATE] For the first time in years, new details emerge about possible fate of Horizon Lunar Colony:… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/869358115812106240
Doomfist is a gorilla confirmed
This is remarkable. Please read it. http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2017/05/max_heros_last_words_tell_ever.html
1:47 AM
@Unionhawk urg, all because of one dickhead.
1:59 AM
Q: Witcher 3 Blood and Wine where am I supposed to get Winter Cherry and other transmutation ingredients?

Matas VaitkeviciusI am playing Witcher 3 Blood and Wine and have transmutation recipe to change Greater Green mutagens that are plentiful to Greater Red mutagens... However transmutation recipe requires Winter Cherry. I have been going through all herbalists and alchemy suppliers in expansion and old game and no ...

2:15 AM
@Unionhawk fuck, I'm am crying mess now. This is heartbreaking.
@Ash yeah everything about that was awful
i mean its great that people jumped in to help but its so fuct
people wouldn't need to if it wasn't for that dickhead in the first place
2:30 AM
@SepiaLazers I accidentally wrote you many words.
@Beedrill who is playing?
I really hope all my meta words made sense.
@GodEmperorDune thank you for correcting my spelling, I was on my phone so I miss stuff sometimes
2:50 AM
@Ash Yeah, that's pretty much what I was thinking initially.
In that most negative reactions are probably because of the compilation nature of his self-answers.
Yeah, I suspect people are just like "oh no he is stealing info and thus stealing rep"
@Yuuki from what i understand that question/answer in particular isn't compilation answer (unless i am missing the 2 N64 questions). if people are downvoting the question because he said he was planning on doing a compilation self answer for something else then that's the wrong use of the votes in my opinion
infact i don't know why the Wii U SSB questions were linked
@Memor-X Well, he literally states that this is a compilation question/answer even if he linked Wii U SSB questions.
@Yuuki but Wii U SSB is not N64 SSB...right?
i always thought they were totally different games
And several of his previous answers have been compilations.
> For those wondering, I asked this question so it could be used to consolidate similar questions
That means that this was intended as (and will be interpreted by other people as) a consolidation/compilation question/answer.
Regardless of whether or not other similar questions for that particular game exist.
Argh, part of me wants to get Disgaea 5 Complete but part of me also knows that I'll never finish the story mode.
And I think I like the characters in Disgaea 4 more than 5.
3:02 AM
@Yuuki got it last week. still havn't set up my Switch yet. plan to in the next couple of months because i have a Doctor's appointment and the trip is a 2 hour drive
@Yuuki yeh, the only thing missing is a proper roll for Flonne
i think all Disgaea Games released after 4 should have DLC which adds a separate mini-episode for Fuuka and Desco
@Ash crosses "correct an @ash typo" from bucket list
@GodEmperorDune That's the white whale.
I am bad at typing on my phone.
@Yuuki the hardest cheevo to get
@Ash you're no @gnomephone
This is true
Oh hey I have hit 200 books for the year
3:18 AM
@Memor-X Best girl is Asagi.
@Yuuki Asagi? who is that? obviously some side character who's not important enough to get her own game
@Yuuki is it ok to suggest a movie even if you don't plan to attend the movie night?
@Memor-X Probably not ideal, but no one's stopping you. The only thing that would bug me is if you vote on a movie suggestion with no plans of attending.
3:48 AM
Q: Gap in invisible boundaries at gate to cyrodiil in skyrim xbox 360

The Mattbat999I looked on the elder scrolls wikia on the white gold tower page and seen where it said that there is a gap in the world boundaries at the pale pass gate? Does anyone know where this gap is? I have no dlc/mods link: http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/White-Gold_Tower

I hate when you have to restart after a program installs but at least my SSD makes that take like 30 seconds
Well. I'm now a witness to an accident.
A van just smashed into a parked car.
@Ash ugh I hate it when they require that
most stuff doesn't even need it
@Avery Calibre did and I was in a Skype call so my friend timed it and it took me 57 seconds to restart and then call her back
@Frank O.o
Wow, didn't know calibre did that
@Ash I seem to be the only witness.
4:13 AM
@Avery I had to update it to latest version so it would work with my Kobo again because the Kobo also updated today
@Frank Lucky you
@Frank you're going to blame it on @Wipqozn, right?
@Ash i like living on edge, I have the "ignore version" thing ticked
one day I will break the device's internal db but that isn't soon, hopefully
@Avery shrug I like when things work
and if I don't keep it updated it doesn't work
because as soon as it and Kobo get out of sync on versions, it says nope
i'm assuming this is Kobo?
@Memor-X well, yes that's their app
but I have one of their actual e-readers
4:25 AM
@Memor-X yeah. Kobo is an ereader manifacturer and ebook store, that's their ios app
@Ash yeah, as I said, you can disable the nope-out but yeah, it's risky
todo: use more alternatives in place of "yeah"
@Avery if by risky you mean "it literally won't work and you can't transfer stuff"
and it's so low impact like it's not one of those programs where I'd think they'd do anything shitty that wouldn't make me want to update
@Avery bro, word up, bird up, i concur, seriously,
There is an option to force it, but that risks corrupting the library db inside the ereader, that's what I mean as risky.
@GodEmperorDune I tried to interpret this as a sentence, not a list of suggestions
@Avery to force what?
Ignore the kobo version and copy anyways
4:28 AM
@Avery alright hten
Pretty sure some people would freak out if I said that in mobilereads, but I had no problems yet.
....weird, I'm rate limited on SE
(as in I can't view sites at all)
It's not the first time this has happened, it's just been a while :P
It's happened to me a few times, but I think only when a userscript or something went awol
Not that I've ever let that happen or anything >_> <_<
4:41 AM
5:03 AM
I forgot my charger at home
aka certain someone forgot to placw it in my bag this morning
and am at 1%
fantastic beasts and how to get them the hell out my house
@Avery certain someone aka you?
@GodEmperorDune grins
That indirectly reminds me of this tweet which is still hilarious to me over a day later

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