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12:06 AM
@AshleyNunn I rock , I know
I am back. I took a picture of the Best Buy snack area and the cashier thought I was crazy until I explained that my very dumb friend didn't believe Best Buy sold food
@AshleyNunn What did you wind up ordering?
@AshleyNunn oh what. I love just the fish.
So now an American Best Buy employee knows what a dunce @Wipqozn is
Raw fish is delicious
@twobugs I do require a picture now
Because our best buy doesn't sell food
You'll get it whenever I decide to upload it
Which is sometime
12:15 AM
@Wipqozn crispy salmon roll, spicy tuna roll, and salmon sushi pizza
@twobugs So never
Basically it's rice encased in panko breadcrumbs with sushi stuff on top
I've gotten it once, and it was decent. I should get it again someday.
> Two Brexits
Oh hey it's odin sphere!
@twobugs How is that?
I didn't realize you had the ps4 hooked up too
12:23 AM
It's good! Watch the stream and find out :)
@ardaozkal This is what the reject button is for ;)
@AshleyNunn already did :)
1:36 AM
user image
Q: Copying steam game from a computer to another one

BoomPow31so, my friend just bought payday 2 like yesterday, and he doesnt want to download it because it will take like 15 hour. there's two subject here, let's just say A and B A the ones who bought payday B the ones who has payday and already download it so A goes to B to copy the game, and the, then A...

@GnomeSlice gramps, use the force
@Sterno @Unionhawk You've infected me with your bad mojo! I resorted to reinstalling windows, and now it just bluescreened!
2:01 AM
Q: How to make a hunger game starter in minecraft?

GirlWant to make a hunger game starter in minecraft that when you pull the lever, the block goes up and the games start

Q: Black ops 1 cheats or glitches anything and everything can help

Adam HodgsonIs there any way offline where I can get unlimited ammo for zombies? I have an old and slow computer so I can't hack the thing!

2:12 AM
Q: Terraria What's Underground?

CreeperI am playing Terraria and I want to know what's underground and what I can mine. I really don't know what's underground In Terraria. But I do have a merchant.

2:31 AM
Oh, and Firefox is constantly crashing again
@MBraedley hi
minecraft ques is interesting
So don't take this the wrong way, but you should just take in the conversations here for a little bit before seriously joining in. We try to be friendly to new folks, but we tend to also have little patience for things that irk us. If you don't know what irks us, it's easy to get on someone's bad side quickly.
That said, I'm the only one on at the moment, and I'm headed to bed.
not really
I'm always here
(because I'm a markov chain)
@Dr.ZOMBOOS we have a feedbot that posts these
@Dr.ZOMBOOS Yeah, you're going to want to improve that a bit. Make it a bit more readable, more formal.
@MBraedley how can i do it
Q: Is grand warden unknown???

Dr.ZOMBOOSAll coc players know that the heroes are really important in coc. But if i say that the GW is unknown so? Because BK is related to barbarians, the AQ is related to archers but what about Grand warden????

Remove excessive question marks.
Remove the... forgot the word. Don't write stuff shortly.
"coc", "GW", "AQ", "BK"
Please examine what I edited if you want to improve yourself :)
2:53 AM
@ardaozkal thanks for the tips
@ardaozkal thats ok
@ardaozkal acronyms, I think is the word you are looking for
yep, thanks :)
can you uupvote @ardaozkal
Ask questions with a clear title. For both title and body, consider the people who will have no information about your question. Some might know nothing about the game but still research.
what is super user
2:56 AM
@Dr.ZOMBOOS asking for upvotes is not considered a good move. No offense, but I'm not an active voter.
@Dr.ZOMBOOS ? superuser.com?
@Dr.ZOMBOOS SuperUser aka superuser.com is a stackexchange website like this. They specialize in issues about computers, usually Windows as there is also askdifferent for apple and askubuntu for ubuntu.
non-ubuntu questions sometimes go there too
Q: PS4: copy/paste text in messages

l'L'lThe PS3 allowed the ability to copy/paste messages when composing or replying to messages. Where is this function on the PS4?

3:16 AM
How long has SPAZ 2 been in Early Access? Anyone know?
@Frank I don't even know what that is
@Frank sec
@Frank 1 month and 9 days
@AshleyNunn Space Pirates and Zombies.
3:33 AM
Ah. :)
Damn. Early access is supposed to last six to twelve months.
So I have to wait for this for like a year.
This is why I don't like early access because I am just like it's so close yet so far
And if I play it now, I won't want to play it once it's done.
4:01 AM
@Frank I'm kind of in that place with Gang Beasts
It's the first Early Access game I bought into.
@Frank yeah, that's true too
@Frank You pick up Tokyo Mirage Sessions?
Sorry, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE?
@Frank For a bit now
4:31 AM
16 more books til I get my goal of 125 for the year.
I read a lot of books but it never really hits me until Iook at it like that.
Q: Can you defeat Fallout 4 without siding with anyone?

Kai QingIs it possible to defeat Fallout 4 without ever having sided with anyone? There are certain story points which seem to indicate you'd need to be sided for this person or another to science their way into the institute, or whatever else NPCs need to do to further the story. But for all I know you...

5:11 AM
Q: Fastest way to get money in Skyrim?

Dodoboy88I've been playing for a while, but the only problem I have is generally not having enough money. I want to build my house for Hearthfire, but I don't want to spend all my money solely on wood and stone and stuff. What are some quick ways to get money?

Q: Do Star Tokens roll over to next year?

msg45fFirst year of play here. I don't particularly want to grind mini games to get the 2000 token prize. If I don't turn in my tokens this year, will I still have them for next year's fair?

Erdo─čan called for removal of name "trump towers" in Trump Towers ─░stanbul
(trump doesn't own it. It is a franchise)
5:28 AM

Andy CruzHI I've been playing Minecraft PE and ever since the 15.0 update I don't have my skin I made and I try to export the skin to Minecraft and it won't work and I even tried with a different skin and it still won't work plz help

5:43 AM
Why did I decide to read zombie books that creep me out right before bed
6:26 AM
Q: Is there a way to avoid or counter Pyrogen's 1-hit KO?

NBN-AlexIn Mighty No. 9, the boss Pyrogen (Mighty No.1) will enrage his health is =< 50%. When enraged, he'll glow with a blue flame, but all of his attacks become deadlier. To make matters worse, he'll grab you and destroy you in one hit if you're caught in any of his attacks. No other (Mighty) boss ha...

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8:48 AM
@fredley wat
Q: Gas Guzzlers Extreme. Online with friends

John DemetriouIs there a way to play Gas Guzzlers Extreme online with friends on steam? I am unable to find a way. EDIT when I say online with friends I mean one of the group hosts a game, the rest of the group connects to it, and the whole group plays alone without any external people

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9:32 AM
Q: MCPE can't join other peoples single player worlds using xbox

Itz_PotatoNothing to say in the body, i guess i could say it trys to find the world but then it can't connects.

Q: GTA 5 Online banned account?

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9:53 AM
The End

Proposed Q&A site for eschatologists and those that are interested in the apocalypse/Armageddon/Doomsday, and how life will progress afterwards.

Currently in definition.

Microsoft Windows

Proposed Q&A site for anyone interested in Windows its self as an operating system and or development platform.

Currently in definition.

Q: Minecraft - /stop problem

NickI am an op on a minecraft server and when I was fiddling around with commands I wrote in /stop I didn't know it would stop the server and now the server won't come back open. The server owner is never on so he can't do anything. So is there anything I can do to get the server back up or do I have...

10:50 AM
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment wat
11:02 AM
@badp Asking for a friend.
11:53 AM

Proposed Q&A site for fans of Scrabble, best word games, competitive Scrabble, discussions of rules, ...

Currently in definition.

@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment Surely the whole point is that life doesn't progress afterwards.
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment Scribble.SE?
12:12 PM
Q: How to get api mojang "client/access token"?

PetkoHow to get api mojang/minecraft client/access token?

12:23 PM
Q: crash reprt problem pls help

Sondos Shabayekmy Minecraft crashes and show me [15:31:21] [main/INFO] [LaunchWrapper]: Loading tweak class name cpw.mods.fml.common.launcher.FMLTweaker [15:31:21] [main/INFO] [LaunchWrapper]: Using primary tweak class name cpw.mods.fml.common.launcher.FMLTweaker [15:31:21] [main/INFO] [LaunchWrapper]: Calling...

12:43 PM
you know
the more I think about it
the more it's clear that the UK is actually not going to leave the EU
It'll be "EU Light"
you might lose scotland over the whole debacle, but the brexit is not happening
@KevinvanderVelden it already is
but it hopefully won't be as EU light as Cameron's deal
@badp Me too.
Cameron is leaving without starting the process, and Boris won't want to be the one to start it.
His plan seemed to be fixing the mess Cameron 'caused'.
I guess Cameron also lied about triggering article 50 immediately
Although he did actually cause it, the referendum was a ploy to get elderly votes.
@badp Seems to be.
12:45 PM
that said
% who got through our final #EUref poll turnout filter by age group: 18-24: 36% 25-34: 58% 35-44: 72% 45-54: 75% 55-64: 81% 65+: 83%
It appears that your peers failed us all, you young'ns
well, okay: our peers
Yeah I know.
the 25-34 age bracket is nothing to brag about
@badp but @badp it was raining
@Wipqozn yeah, I do suppose a few of the elderly that could've, didn't vote
to be fair I dunno if those numbers check out with the other numbers
people seem to be accepting them
@badp and the youngsters would have gotten their phones wet
You can't get your phone wet. That's crazy.
12:48 PM
@Wipqozn the youngsters have waterproof phones now, it's the new thing
I don't but I'm almost 27 now
@badp yeah but then you need to dry it off
@badp I do. I'm rad.
and I am 27!
27 best age
@badp Define peers though, because everyone I know my age voted.
well you know how it is
when Berlusconi won his first elections, you would hardly find a person who voted for him
@Ronan WElll 42% of those people are lying. SORRY RONAN. THE INTERNET POLLS DON'T LIE.
12:52 PM
very few wanted to publicly admit to voting for him
I'm not saying doubt your friends
@badp Yeah I can't know what the voted for, but they did vote and we're talking about turnout.
but I guess I'm happy you have chosen such a responsible and thoughtful group of acquaintances for yourself!
well done you, Ronan.
Q: Undertale - Why is undertale so popular before it being released

BSimowWhy was undertale so popular. I know the game is FANTASTIC but how did people know about it without youtubers helping the game? Don't say it was from its kickstarter there is a lot of games that are released and they were kickstartered but didnt gain the fame of undertale why??

@Lazers2.0 sigh
@badp This wasn't a conscious act, I don't get any thanks for that.
12:55 PM
@Ronan eh. I do believe you have some amount of control over that
wait a second
@badp Yeah.
I thought you had to be 18 to vote in the referendum?
@Wipqozn yes?
@badp I'm pretty sure @Ronan is forever 16
12:56 PM
@Wipqozn yes?
@Wipqozn I've tried telling the government that, but they insist I'm 20.
whoa whoa whoa I thought you were just making the best out of a software bug
@Ronan BAH! Typical corrupt government.
this time perhaps with a better question and answers
something like

[ ] Yes, and we should join the Eurozone
[ ] Yes, but we should stay out of the Eurozone
[ ] No, but we should remain in the EEC
[ ] No, and we should leave the EEC
"no one" will vote for 1, and the leave vote will probably split between 3 and 4, so 2 wins. EZ PZ
@badp Dastardly
1:04 PM
Did you use the same trick to become a mod?
no, I had to rely on the tl;dr effect
Yeah, the choices were @badp, @Wipqozn, @Wipqozn, and @Wipqozn.
ain't no one got time to click on over a hundred links
@Ronan explains why @Wipqozn won at the fourth try
/cc @Wipqozn on that sick burn
1:07 PM
@badp Statistically, because no one voting leave knows what the ECC is until the day after the vote?
@Ronan but then you force the blathering idiots in charge of Leave to agree on some sort of plan of action
also by showing 4 as the extreme option -- just as extreme as joining the Euro must feel to a Briton -- you might cause people to show those idiots as the dangerous extremists they really are
At least this has shown us how low trust in political discourse has gotten.
what I need to know is
who came up with the idea of 50% being the target
was it just an assumption by the media
No idea.
did people on either say naturally assume 50% made sense
1:13 PM
Leave voters aren't very smart so if you say Supermajority to them they think you're talking about comic books
Any responsible remain voter should have been against the referendum on principle, in case it went wrong
responsible voters should vote
Sorry, make that any responsible remain supporter
responsible politicians should have a better idea of what can or cannot be the subject of a referedum
the Italian constitution explicitly disallows referendums on foreign policy
the less the better- people don't know how to govern themselves
keep in mind however that this website is mostly run on direct democracy
where most things go down by a combination of popular vote and what actually ends up happening in practice
1:17 PM
@badp Democracy.
50%+ = majority.
@Frank Democracy can be democracy even without a 50% bar.
Keep in mind that I argue with the mods here on a regular basis and keep getting warned about things
But I also help people
@badp No, but's that's generally where it's seen as, "More people support this option than the other."
@Studoku In a mob, no. We just can't encompass the nitty gritty details and high level outcomes.
Still assumes that every opinion is equal
But going too far in that direction turns us into a nanny state.
1:19 PM
I thought I recalled that some forms of referendum votes in Italy required more than 50%
but that's actually about parliament votes about constitutional matters
@Studoku They are, when you boil it down.
Of course, this whole Brexit thing is a master class in mob idiocy.
anyway, I think it's reasonable to say that some things are too delicate to be the subject of a referendum, but if there needs to be a referendum, it can't be a simple yes/no question, and if it is it can't be a simple majority
@badp If there are high level repercussions, you ensure the referendum is non-binding. Such as this one.
Because then you see what happens when, holy shit, you idiots actually voted to leave.
@Frank if you're going to do that, why hold the vote to begin with
if you make a referendum with a simple yes/no question
and you set the bar at 50%
you get "mob idiocy"
@badp To gauge popular opinion.
1:23 PM
In a democracy, you're governed by the will of the people.
If they had been overwhelmingly in favor of leaving, you do that.
yes, and you need to be careful in how you ask your people what their will is
@Frank oh so now the bar is no longer 50%? :)
If you're right on the line, and then see so many people wanting to take it back, then you don't do that.
I take objection with "wanting to take it back"
This is a very important reason for our age bracket on how our vote actually counts
Except it's non-binding to begin with.
1:26 PM
@Frank Why are all opinions equal?
and it is real and it is a real responsiblity and real things are really going to happen
even if it's not binding, real things are really happening
the real pound really went down
the real stock markets really crashed harder than the real 9/11
the really stupid real PM really did resign in what might have been his least stupid act in a while
@Studoku Everyone is entitled to their opinion. No matter how wrong or asinine it is.
@Frank I disagree
that is not a drill or a thing that is going to stop being real
@Studoku Great. You're entitled to your wrong opinion. :P
1:27 PM
Q: What happens when Reaper loses sight of his Shadow Step destination?

DanmakuGrazerLet's say a Reaper has already started teleporting with his Shadow Step, and a Mei places a wall right in front him. What happens to the teleport?

@badp And that's just a taste of what would actually happen if leaving was actually followed through with.
Great, now to lie to people until I get enough votes, then turn Britain into a fascist utopia
These voters didn't actually think through the repercussions at all. But seeing it happen after they voted made them regret their choices.
And Cameron's going, "I don't wanna govern these morons no more. Buh bye."
@Studoku Not everything has to built on a lie to have a differing opinion.
1:42 PM
that said, when we held our referendum about repubic or monarchy
that's hardly a matter one would consider reasonable to hold to referendum
and the southern half of Italy didn't split off
so who knows
I guess this was a little bit different since it happened so soon after WW2 ended.
and republic won by 8.6%
which is not a lot
and it was a simple yes/no question with a 50% cutoff
so what do I know?
I can imagine my sicilian grandfathers being as shocked then as we are today
at the end of the day what do european kings do today anyway?
did Queen Elizabeth even comment on the Brexit?
I won't lie, I didn't even know you had a monarchy
@TimStone Yeah, and Mussolini wasn't our king, and the king just let him do his thing I guess
what was he doing?
probably jack shit
According to Wikipedia, it's even worse
...I found myself downvoting a leave voter.
apparently he was either unable or unwilling to go beyond his role of keeping the democratic process in check
1:51 PM
Everyone was like "Hey King you should stop this uprising of fascists, we'll win no problem because even the people marching against us aren't sure about disobeying the king"
and then yes the King just gave up and let Benito do his thing
he expected his parliament to stop him
Yeah, he actively invited him to Rome like a silly
so I guess what I'm saying is
someone needs to give one hell of a speech to the British people
and that someone is Queen Elizabeth
if it's the last thing she does
it's pretty much her job description
@Fluttershy Almost took bullet king down with just the marines pistol. SO CLOSE, YET SO FAR.
and I don't know in what direction her speech is going to be, but the unity of her kingdom is in peril. While she would probably remain queen of an independent scotland, just like she queens over Canada and Australia, she can't just idly sit by
1:56 PM
Q: My daughter (15/f)'s friend (15/f) faked having cancer - our daughter found out via Facebook and is devastated. What do we do?

bedfordsh585kplWe're from the UK so things are a bit different from this site. I assume it's mostly aimed at Americans, am I right? Anyway, our daughter Angela (not her real name), who's 15, showed us a Facebook message she received from her friend Lauren (not her real name), who's 15, it said basically that L...

apparently the king of Italy really didn't care for the racial laws against the Hebrew, but didn't speak up
I liked the part where he transferred power to his son after it all went to shit thinking people might like him better but kept the title of King because he didn't want to get new business cards
I guess the cat was out of the bag, through the couch, in the bed, with her litter of kittens
yeah, sounds like he hated all of it but felt powerless throughout
He must not have gotten the memo on the whole "king" thing
he only started kinging around when WW2 was lost
2:03 PM
Oh, Umberto
@Fluttershy Trigger twins pistol kill
Skyward Sword is fun so far. Up to the first temple. I forgot how much they repeat stuff, but the art is great
I think I had only beaten the second temple last time I played
I wanted to like that game so much but it is literally unplayable for me because I cannot do the motion controls correctly
Aw :( I can see that being a big problem
They're a little... imprecise even in the best of times, so I can see how that would quickly snowball
I'm really hoping they do a Skyward Sword HD with a controller scheme
(They could map the sword commands to the right stick like Revengeance did)
Also I really wish they had written Fi better. When her actual character shines through she's great, but most of the time she's just on Clippy duty
Speaking of, I desperately want the Clippy emblem in Halo 5
2:19 PM
@Fluttershy SECOND FLOOR COPLETE. Snake boss (more like your mom boss)
@twobugs I would really like that because i like what I have seen of the game and I feel like I would really love playing it
@Fluttershy Died on third floor :(. I got through quite a few rooms before dying though!
Q: Steam won't give me a CD-Key

imulsionI bought Dawn of War: Dark Crusade in the Steam sale so I can play as the necrons or tau in multiplayer. I don't want to install the whole expansion when I already have Soulstorm, so I downloaded a tool off the internet that will unlock the races provided I have a valid Dark Crusade CD-Key. So al...

2:40 PM
@Fluttershy I can now consistently beat the trigger twins.
Man, I love Mira Grant's Newsflesh stuff for how damn well written it is but I just finished her short story about a zombie outbreak at comic con and it has made me never want to leave my house again and I need to get groceries today :p
@twobugs you have a 96.4% chance to be annoyed by Fi as it keeps throwing percentages at you
3:09 PM
Q: How I make tellraw to execute only once in a clock?

iDoomfullI am making a project (creating a smart robot to help players). So far, all works just fine, the crafting recipe for the robot etc.. But I want a way to control the robot's movement thru tellraw (chat) , the problem being that I want to put tellraw in a chain command block, but to repeat in chat ...

3:19 PM
Q: Destiny- level will not show on map

Mitchell RichardsonHay I am level 40 on destiny and light level 280. But mission icons on the dreadnaut will not appear on the map this also includes patrol icon. So I can not carry on with the game. I dot really want to start all over again. Any ideas please????

@badp Pretty much
Fi keeps listing percentages that are just made up and it's dumb
But there's this great scene when you first meet her where some dude is reciting the legend
And Fi is like "Ah yes, the oral tradition. It's extremely unreliable and horrible. Here's the Real Deal"
3:50 PM
Q: TF2 weapon switch scroll not working

festiveinklingI cannot switch weapons with my scroll wheel. I checked the controls and it still says that it is bound to the scroll wheel but every time I want to switch it doesn't work.

@Wipqozn Woo! They're a pain, but once you figure out their patterns, they aren't too bad.
4:27 PM
So, the more I play, the more I favour the marine and pilot
The marines sidearm is fantastic, and is perfectly capable of taking down bosses. The pilots sidearm is pretty shit, but lower shop prices, a lockpick, and being able to have two active items is really handy.
me right now
@twobugs the real deal is 89.92% more accurate
95.64% of the time
on 97.12% of accounts
according to 94.2% of the possible interpretations
I still haven't bought anything this sale.
I wanted to buy a bunch of things
but the problem is that if I buy a bunch of things I'll only end up playing maybe 1 or 2 of them
until they are replaced by the newer shinier thing
doesn't help that I know there's a newer shinier thing on June 5th
so I guess I'll finish Lieat today and appreciate it for its short narrative and then move along to something else
aww, Ireland :(
I'm assuming you mean July 5th?
4:37 PM
yeah July 5th
@Yuuki I bought like 30 games... for 2$
@badp ?
@Yuuki Nep VII, which obviously stands for Nep V-2, which obviously is the 4th game
5-2 = 3
V stands for Victory
yes they're explicitly messing up with people
4:38 PM
2 stands for?
2, too, is an acronym.
/cc @Unionhawk
Friendly reminder: If you were looking to get any donations matched, today is the last day to get them in :)
4:58 PM
@Ktash ping me when it is over
@Ktash also, did you match the donations or are these just your own donations?
@ardaozkal Will do.
I'll do the matching at 9PDT tonight. Those are just my donations. I'll just be doubling the value in the partner page
So, 11 hours. Ish

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