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@Frank meta.gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/11085/… I don't think this is correct: Sorean's answer is first for me even though it's not accepted
"Serious Sam 2 is really really nice" --TB
@Aequitas I've checked this on various browsers, no repro
Accepted is at top
(most recognize Serious Sam 2 as terribad)
(I played some of it and wholeheartedly agree)
@AshleyNunn with votes|oldest|active?
With active selected
Obviously, you change the default, it's going to change the sort
If you manually change it to votes, then of course Sorean's will be first
but standard page view is active
So since you selected "votes" you will see things sorted in vote order
but for the average viewer, active is their sort
and active will have accepted first
12:11 AM
Votes is standard for unregistered iirc
@TrentHawkins RedBlacks
Literally just the two team colours is the name
@Unionhawk It's been so long since I was unregistered anywhere, I wasn't sure.
My laptop charger is not here
This is a bad day
Also oh that's tonight.
Well, it's in my car which isn't here
12:12 AM
@AshleyNunn oh I thought votes was the default
So it's going to be fine
2% battery let's gooooo
@Unionhawk Ah, so it is :)
goodbye @Uni
at least you got to get to terms with your true self while you were with us
@Aequitas Looks like it is for unregistered
I guess I'll play DvZ when my brother returns with my car
12:15 AM
so if the new answer gets enough votes to surpass the outdated one, it will float to the top for unregistered users.
(or for anyone sorting via votes and not active/oldest)
And, iirc, accepted trumps votes in votes sorting
Which makes things more fun
@Unionhawk Nope, in the one he posted, if you sort by votes, the accepted goes below the one with more votes
Well then.
Oh God I'm bad at this (deep breaths uni, calm down) I AM THE DEFINITION OF CALM, OTHER UNI
(internal screming intensifies)
I always hated you the most.
12:21 AM
Finally you confess your TRUE FEELINGS
Why is this canon
You're the worst person
You were supposed to say "(What? No I don't!?)" but okay.
Literally 1000 megawipqozns
or with a similar permutation of exclamation and question marks
Which happens to be one gigawipqozn
12:23 AM
@GnomeSlice I'm aware, but in the past Ottawa's team was the roughriders ... along with Saskatchewan, who were also the roughriders.
@Unionhawk You should simply come to terms with the fact that it is. You now own the source material. You are the source material, too.
5 mins ago, by badp
(internal screming intensifies)
also you know what the worst part is
Q: How are we supposed to get the "Peer pressure" badge?

deprilula28The peer pressure badge is adquirable if you got 3 downvotes on a question and you delete it. How are you supposed to get it, considering that you have a Reputation loss, just because of badge?

you missed the premiere of hell's commutijn
("ij" is pronounced "e" as in "tsundere")
(or "e" as in "@unionhawk")
12:30 AM
Q: how to play on a minecraft map on different networks

shadowMe and my friend really want to play minecraft maps together but we don't know how and using ip addresses doesn't work and neither does the port.We do not want to create a private server people do it on youtube so I know that you can please help me.

Someone save me from this stupidity
Q: Start Steam in Offline Mode

TysunaI need to start Steam in offline mode without first logging in. I know there are already questions like this, but there are no decent answers that I can comprehend. Is there just a simple way to do it?

12:57 AM
@SepiaLazers they say there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers, but...
No, there are no stupid questions, just stupid people
Q: Steam is having trouble connecting to the Steam servers

TysunaI have the ability to start in offline mode, yet this still comes up. What does that even mean (since I'm not connected to the Internet and also apparently started in offline mode)? Why would it make me connect to them in offline mode?

1:21 AM
Hello all
@Unionhawk As a stupid person who has asked stupid questions, this is offensive.
1:36 AM
|o| Touchdown!
For those of you placing bets on how long uni would take to send the message I've been meaning to send, those of you who bet "one hour" are winners
Contact @badp to claim your winnings
@StrixVaria I thought this was going to be a steamshovel harry thing after how long the tutorial was but no, I don't even get sweet music
All right, now I have to figure out logistics and such. Dammit @badp
This is all your fault
Which means it's @Wipqozn's fault which means it's society's fault.
In last weeks Elementary, Sherlock trolls Watson with Friday.
1:52 AM
I refuse to believe you.
Which is to say I don't
@Unionhawk That would have been my bet nods
Not the greatest photo, but...
@TimStone contact @badp for your retroactive winnings
Sterno: 1 Unionhawk: negative something or other
Well mod abuse is up by like infinity
2:07 AM
@Ktash heya :)
Q: modded minecraft keeps crashing when loading or creating a world

William SchreiberMy modded minecraft keeps crashing whenever I use a old world or create a new one. The old world used to work on a different computer. Crash Report ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // I feel sad now :( Time: 11/30/15 8:47 PM Description: Unexpected error java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException ...

I made a fourth of what I thought I'd make on Indiegala
To nobody's surprise ever
is it an issue if people have made nearly half their rep from suggesting edits?
@Aequitas Are they decent edits?
If they're proper edits, why does it matter?
Rep cap for edits is 200, I think.
2:18 AM
@AshleyNunn no
@Yuuki oh okay then
Yeah, they can't keep doing it forever and ever
it stops after a point
Or 2,000. Point is, there's a cap.
and also, that's such a tiny bit of rep. And they have to get them approved. (People approving crappy edits is a separate issue)
@Aequitas The only real problematic way to get rep is creating alternate accounts and upvoting yourself. That gets you a ban. Working within the rules of normal rep gain is fine, otherwise the ways you gain rep would be different.
2:31 AM
@Yuuki 1k
You can get 1k rep from edits up until you're 2k
Either way, if someone wants to make 500 good edits, then they are making a repworthy contribution to the site.
Is it even possible to spoiler a show like that
@Aequitas It means they're good editors.
@Unionhawk keyword there is good
Meh? If they're approved then 2 2ks called the edits good
Q: Fallout 4 X-01 custom house

Titan31 Hunter29so i was level 26 in fallout (few days ago, now level 31) and i decided to have a chance at getting the x-01 power armour. i beat those annoying robots with two fat man shells and i opened the door to the suit. Unluckily, i only got a t-60... i realized that i needed to be lvl 27 so i loaded my l...

Hold reviewers to a higher standard if anything
2:42 AM
i've seen a user add a line to an answer and approved, only for the same user to then suggest a reversal of it
thats 4 points for a total change of zero
But the idea that suggested edits give rep therefore should be more scrutinized than the process in place is stupid
And the idea that we should reject any suggested edit that makes a positive improvement to a post is actively harmful to the site.
Yes. I am aware
See my reply, to the effect of "if I make the edit is it okay?"
Holy shit that's the crux of my argument
"If a 2k user made that edit, would it be considered acceptable"
2:49 AM
@Unionhawk I agree with you but the consensus is not so I stick with that
The consensus is currently @Frank, so
@Aequitas Pretty sure the consensus is with @Unionhawk
I agree with him as well.
Per last meta votes, anyway, last I checked
His post is older than mine, and I haven't checked
Where's that
Please hold
2:52 AM
I see it kinda like voting - people are going to have different ideas on what constitutes an acceptable edit the same way they do for voting on posts.
Q: Editing Grammar

TheUnicornMasterI often fix grammar on questions, including capitalization errors, misspellings, etc. I've been doing this for a while, maybe two weeks or so. No one has really said anything about my edits until today. A user asked me to "stop proposing minor edits". Lots of my edits do happen to be minor, but I...

@AshleyNunn and like voting, certain users like to show up and inform everyone they voted wrong.
It's one of those things where we can't really force a consensus. Would it be great if every edit forever and ever handled every bit of a post that needed some love? For sure. Are we going to get that? Probably not. Should that stop people from making any edits they see to make a post better? I'd hope not. I'd really rather have people try and not get all the bits, then not try at all.
Will I strongly suggest people (especially highly established higher rep users) take a look at an entire post before submitting an edit? Hells yes.
But should we punish people because they missed stuff? Nope. That just makes us look awful.
@GnomeSlice since when im sure everyone was with frank
I see suggested edits as a way to teach people the sorts of stuff we wanna see. If we teach people that they have to be 100% perfect all of the time, we're going to lose people faster than we gain them.
This is literally and figuratively my point
2:55 AM
That said, if there's an obvious spelling mistake or something while you are editing tags or making a format edit, grab it too.
Weird. That meta score doesn't reflect the attitude I've seen in here.
Maybe it's another case of 'loud high rep user convinces the weak minded new to follow him'
@Unionhawk I figured. I'm trying to say "I've thought a lot about this since the last big arguement we had in here, and my stance has changed some, and softened"
@GnomeSlice until my post and strix's post existed, @Frank's was the only one
I see
2:56 AM
Sorry for the word vomit.
Like I've said, automatic CW doesn't happen anymore. So we can literally edit a post a hundred times and it's fine as far as the system cares
well go vote in that meta
Really, the real thing I'd want to see more than suggested edits being "perfect" is people who REVIEW using that "improve edit" or whatever button.
Don't punish the low rep people for trying.
Help them!
The whole POINT of the edit system is that this shit is supposed to be collaborative
so let's stop expecting ridiculously high standards, and COLLABORATE.
Now, before someone goes "excuse me Ashley that's just going to let crap through" well then all that tells me is that then we have people who are reviewing who really, really should not be trusted to do so
2:59 AM
I was literally just typing that word into a comment so now I'm gonna not say it or people will think I copied you
@GnomeSlice Nah, it just means we are on the same page :)
Q: How to remove Mirror Match from purchases with Gibbed Save Editor?

EchoFiveI purchased the Mirror Match enemy type from the Armax Arsenal Arena store, but these guys are on an entire different level than the other enemies. I like to set enemy type to random to spruce up the matches I fight, but I have no desire to fight the Mirror Match enemies just yet due to their dif...

Sorry, I've apparently developed feelings about this.
Literally me right now (sorry, I just got another nice answer on meta, what do you want from me)
@AshleyNunn You're supposed to care about the site as a user, especially as a mod
So that's good
3:01 AM
@Unionhawk I have no idea what this is from, but it cracked me up
@GnomeSlice Sometimes people say I care too much (because I legit spend most of my time here, doing stuff)
knew I recognized that clip from somewhere.
If a post only needs minor improvement, committing a major change just so you can say you left your mark on it seems like abuse. Also, there's an 'improve edit' button in the review queue for a reason; if you see something that somebody missed during their edit, you can help them out and top it off! Collaborate! — GnomeSlice 9 mins ago
There I did a meta contribution
For once
I also contributed to a mod discussion on r/listentothis today. I'm on fire.
Where is my brother with my car and by extension laptop charger
@AshleyNunn you poor thing
rick and morty get on it
new season confirmed!
haha fkn trollz
They've signed with adult swim for a season three, so that is confirmed
I'm excited for the new season of The Eric Andre Show
Also on Adult Swim
3:09 AM
@Unionhawk yeh but look at the date of it -.-
Same as soundcloud link but you can actually see what it in in the post now
@StrixVaria there is a surprising amount of strategy involved in this game...
@Arperum Yeah it's not bad.
Q: Can't load external servers!

Emily FryeSo a few days ago I just redownloaded minecraft pe and it got a new update 0.13.0 and I tried life boat servers but it won't connect it keeps spinning and saying disconnected from server plus the green button won't light up either. My friends iPod will work but not mine. PLEASE HELP!!

Q: Calculating attack rating of an army with craft weapons

AltiWhat is the formula that determines how craft weapons affect the total attack of an army when commanders or troops are equipped with them? Why do none of the online battle calculators take craft weapons into account?

@Aequitas fwik, they're working on it
3:51 AM
@Unionhawk Good job, I think you managed to get @Frank to watch a couple seconds of Rick & Morty. Better than I've managed.
I almost feel bad for making the implication that @Frank is Mr. Needful therefore the devil, but, eh, worth it.
Goddammit where is my laptop charger
Q: Command blocks executing w/out required parameters met

Designation 6of10I'm trying to use command blocks to spawn a Grinder mob once at a certain spot whenever the player's "Grinders" score is equal to the set ammount. Eg. 1. I'm using this command (With differences for each amount and position): execute @p[score_Grinders=20] ~ ~ ~ setblock 17 5 22 redstone_block ...

4:11 AM
TIL Warwick Davis played every goblin in the Harry Potter series.
Well, I guess that's what happens when you restrict casting choices to English/British actors and there's an entire race of beings roughly 3 feet tall max.
Q: I dug a really deep hole in creative mode in minecraft but i didnt die and now im stuck in this weird area, what should i do?

user131389I was in creative mode in minecraft and I got lost, so I dug a really really deep hole in the ground to I could die and then respawn where I began. I dug the hole and fell somewhere, but I don't know where I am. All I can see is the moon and sun. I can't move and I don't know what to do. Does any...

Q: Detect broken blocks that don't drop items

IceMetalPunkI'm trying to make certain aspects of survival more "painfully realistic" using command blocks. One of those things is that I'd like mining through stone (or other hard objects) with your bare hands to inflict damage on you. I thought this would be as easy as setting up a stat.mineBlock score and...

Q: How do you move a tile in OpenTTD

chx101Can you move a tile in OpenTTD 1.5.2 (depot, station, etc)? If so, how do you do it? I don't want to demolish it.


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