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2:02 PM
Oh good thing I didn't find my deerstalker or pipe, looks someone dressed up as Sherlock.
Oh boy, someone brought his own theme music.
All of Trump's gains have come from Johnson -- who's down to an all-time low in our forecast -- and undecided. http://53eig.ht/29vlkLI
Aaaand someone has the blow-up T-Rex costume. This is great.
And I think someone else is Left Shark.
Q: Trick or Treat polyglot

BrainStoneSince Halloween is coming up I though I might start a fun little code golf challenge! The challenge is quite simple. You have to write a program that outputs either trick or treat. "The twist?" you may ask. Well let me explain: You program has to do the following: Be compilable / runnable in ...

Hillary won't be terrible in office
Q: Is there anything different in Skyrim, Special Edition?

Fredy31Apart from the textures uprez and bug fixes, is there anything different in Skyrim: Special Edition compared to the old Skyrim? What I mean is: Is there some new quests Some quests have a different outcome? Some story beats have been changed/streamlined? Basically I'm currently if I'm buying...

Q: Can I search for mods by author?

EvorlorIn the Special Edition on Xbox One, is there a way for me to search for all of the mods created by a single author? As a console player, I find the list a bit overwhelming. I cannot decide which mods I should download, so I wanted to limit my selection to just the best few authors.

2:13 PM
as long as you don't end up at war with Russia
50 minutes until four day weekend.
I'm actually kinda glad I didn't put together anything slapdash, everyone else's costumes are really great.
@GnomeSlice yes
I mean what
@GnomeSlice trump would prevent war with russia, he's great friends with putin =p
That's true
2:18 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Yeah, it's not a war if you roll over and play dead like a good dog.
@GnomeSlice Hillary is one of the most experienced foreign-policy negotiators in America. She'll be fine.
@Sterno so disappointed that none of these are friday links.
@KevinvanderVelden I was waiting to see if anyone would say "You can't fool me!" like they do ONLY with RB links
They literally trained it by getting A and B to communicate in a way such that C could not eavesdrop and A and B worked it out by themselves
2:21 PM
@KevinvanderVelden the one thing trump probably wouldn't fuck up is peace. he's got business interests all over the world
Russia is just doing concerning stuff
@GnomeSlice True, though you are assuming he's competent enough for that. A thing for which I've seen little evidence
@fredley "No one knows how it works"... well yeah, nobody tried
> The researchers didn't perform an exhaustive analysis of the encryption methods devised by Alice and Bob
@KevinvanderVelden This is going to end up etched in stone someday, I know it
One day there will be a human who can crack the encryption
He will be The One
How many days do I have to hear about trump v clinton?
@Unionhawk Plus 4 years after Trump wins or about 4 months while he challenges after he loses
@Unionhawk for ever and ever and ever
2:33 PM
@Sterno Goddammit
@Sterno You really think he's going to give up?
@Frank I mean it doesn't really matter if he gives up or not in most states
He'll appeal it straight up to the Supreme Court. Probably file multiple lawsuits just to drain everybody.
except in a recount, you cannot contest a national election in the state of Ohio
period end of story
recounts are automatic at a margin of iirc, one half or one percent
@Unionhawk Is that expected good or bad for Trump?
2:35 PM
@Arperum Ohio is a toss up
@Unionhawk You're a toss up
I mean no, because I already voted
And I only get one vote
@Unionhawk so the correct layout then?
if so, then try shift + button next to left shift
user image
cc @fredley
Q: Unreal Engine - Is it possible to explore the 3D assets of a game?

isyncI'd like to know if it is possible to "explore" the 3D and art assets of an Unreal Engine based game, for me, that's XCOM: Enemy Unknown / Enemy Within? I've read elsewhere that, on PC, tweaking the game in terms of language etc. is possible by altering files in the game dir. Now I was wonderin...

Q: Theological Combat: how to attack

vanao veneriFirst time when I built a couple of apostles I wanted to attack the french missionaries. But I couldn't. Is it because I am not the founder of that religion? Or is it because I am not at war with france? Or something else?

2:40 PM
@sequoiad that's Z
@Wipqozn Worth it for Boaty McBoatface
I can't do it can I
God dammit
@Unionhawk oh yeah just looked at an american keyboard, we have another button between z and shift
@sequoiad ... We do?
Oh wait, never mind.
containing | and \
2:43 PM
I'm on raspi-config now
I think... standard is 104 key?
ah, that key on yours is above enter, which is half the height of our enter
104 key english us works
or in some pics you have an extra key next to backspace
...why did you need to press | to get mac address?
You could just run ifconfig
@Wipqozn 10/10
@Wipqozn Although a Royal Yacht joke would have been more cutting
Yacht is a word that looks like it sounds like the noise your brain makes while remembering how to spell yacht.
2:52 PM
@arda I was doing ifconfig | less
@sequoiad That key contains < > and \ on an azerty layout
@sequoiad Yeah it was set to 105 key (international) EN(UK)
Either way I need to have the correct layout lol
So satisfying to watch
> The security of your one-time pad system depends on the randomness of the key. Don't use a computer to generate your keys. Do it by hand.
Hahaha, humans are reliable random number generators, sure...
@Yuuki Use dice
But make sure they're fair
2:57 PM
@fredley Just enter 4
@fredley Need to roll it quite a few times to generate enough bits.
3:13 PM
@Unionhawk yeah, It's just interesting, I never actually look at other region's keyboard layouts
I really wish I had a wired keyboard and mouse at my house
Q: Contest is over. Can I see my ranking?

Fredy31In Tuber Simulator, a contest has just ended. I don't seem to have made the top 500 (the only ones that are shown), but still, I would like to see where I ranked. Maybe not a full on ranking #, but at least how much people liked my room. Can I have access to this information, and where can I fin...

Q: What's the best gaming laptop that's fairly new?

CAShepSo I'm looking to buy a new gaming laptop, my budget is between $1000-$2000, and every laptop I researched had 50% good reviews and 50% bad. So I'm in a pickle. I want one mostly for running a high-quality Minecraft Shaders like SEUS. So far I've looked at the 3 leading companies: Alienware, R...

Unless logitech happens to have a driver that works on raspbian lol
So, should I download Skyrim again for pc? What's actually different now?
Is it just hd textures and lighting effects?
Oh well, hijacking the mouse from this computer station until someone needs to use solidworks
3:22 PM
@RedRiderX what is that?
since then /r/chemicalreactions has added a couple more warnings
@RedRiderX but why
3:26 PM
Q: Is there a way to access skirmish without being in queue for a match?

Fredy31I want to test some graphic settings (but this question could also apply if you want to do some warmup before going into competitive) and I'm looking for a way to get into skirmish to test my settings in a 'real' match before going into matchmaking (to see if I get constant FPS). So is there a w...

Q: Programming with Python in a recent version of Minecraft

FlorentI've been teaching Python programming to a friend's son using the book Adventures in Minecraft. This book comes with a starter kit that contains a pre-configured Bukkit (v.1.6.4) server, and targets Minecraft 1.6.4. My friend's son would like to use a more recent version of Minecraft, unfortunat...

@fredley Idk but it seems real shady.
@RedRiderX Oh, apparently it's just some scam
scammers gonna scam
some of you linked to a webpage that would detect when users say 'fuck' out loud
remember which website was that?
brb, googling 'fuck detector'
3:33 PM
God I hate forums
"USE THE FORUM SEARCH FEATURE AND SEARCH 'unrelated problem' AND FIND WHAT YOU WANT" "...thanks, here were the results of that, that doesn't help"
@Frank Trump is never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
/remove Sterno
fredley has removed Sterno from the list of this room's owners.
/add arda
3:36 PM
@RedRiderX It will win, but the smallprint will explain that you haven't won
@fredley Yeah they say you have to sit through a vacuum presentation to win.
@RedRiderX yyyup
I just got brexited
@Sterno how does it feel?
Terrible. I don't know how @fredley lives like this
3:42 PM
@Sterno he doesn't
he has been hibernating for the last three months
Isn't that a state of living?
@Sterno fredley has been replace by brexit fredley.
I wonder if I should change my name to @brexit
I will consider my options
Then pick the worst one, in true brexit style.
3:49 PM
Hmm... why does this thing say "No wireless interfaces found"
it has onboard wifi I thought
@Unionhawk the Pi 3 does
@Sterno Fred "Brexit" Archley McFredface
4:10 PM
@sequoiad I know
@Unionhawk just checking the obvious :P
@Unionhawk does it have a physical switch to turn it on?
what OS are you running? Raspbian?
Raspbian Jessie with PIXEL
> Connect iPhone to MBP - dongle.
Use new lightning headphones with MBP - dongle.
Use old headphones with iPhone - dongle.
Three different dongles. So much courage.
4:15 PM
@arda I assume a direct thunderbolt to lighting cable will exist
For the iPhone to MacBook case
Tank bred for your love. RT for a chance to win a Grunt Collector's Plush from @TeamSanshee! 😍 https://t.co/2Jk6p235xM
@Unionhawk You'll still need to give apple extra money for it
you'd think iphones would connect to macbooks wirelessly
Oh no
4:18 PM
Turns out you answered that.
WTB Skyrim with Dark Souls combat
The onboard wifi isn't the best afaik. How's the signal level on your pc @Unionhawk?
@Unionhawk I've heard this problem once or twice with various versions of Raspbian when not using NOOBS, does ifconfig -a list a wlan interface at all?
ooooh I wonder this
It did last I checked. I'll investigate later
4:21 PM
What will happen with touch function keys thingy on bootcamp?
Skyrim is more fun than I was expecting
4:33 PM
hungry, but cat on lap.
send help
@Sterno Is it the same amount of fun that it was before?
Q: Fire Emblem Fates: Revelations/Birthright

Partridge PlayzI have gotten Azura and Ryoma to reach rank S but there's no parolouge for Shiro pls tell me why this is very very weird.

damn, torchlight 2 is fun
@StrixVaria I don't know. My daughter was born right around then so I never put much time in it. Probably.
I'll probably get bored in another 8 hours like I did last time
I mean, it's the same game other than a graphics improvement
5:09 PM
Q: Where can I find Heavy combat armor at?

Robert__garnetSo i have found Military fatigues and combat armor but i dont know where to find heavy combat armor. I have look at the places gunners spawn but i cant find heavy combat armor.I have the sturdy combat armor and the normal combat armor so i dont need those. Do you get it in a mission or something....

5:21 PM
Q: un-bound dremora isn't despawning after i complete the conjuration ritual spell quest

The gaming duoSo i was playing skyrim and finished the conjuration ritual spell quest and the un-bound dremora isn't despawning and i wasn't sure if that's supposed to happen. i've tried reloading to a previous save and the same thing happens, so any help will be appreciated.

@Yuuki Oh god, it's worse than assembly
5:42 PM
/ world! world!/Hello,/ world! world! world!
@arda Apple, the Dongle Company.
The best dongles, terrific dongles, $49.99 dongles.
Q: I modded my minecraft i played with it for some time and later it started to crash when i go to the map Please help me

Fr0zen LT---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // Sorry :( Time: 16.10.29 20.23 Description: Unexpected error java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException at java.nio.Buffer.checkIndex(Buffer.java:540) at java.nio.DirectIntBufferU.get(DirectIntBufferU.java:253) at net.minecraft.client.renderer.RenderGloba...

reposting this
apple IS a dongle company nowadays
I mean can you blame them?
Dongle is such a fun word
(that's a tiny usb-a mouse adapter connected to a huge converting 50$ dongle)
plus tax
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