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10:00 PM
because lol final fantasy xD
It's probably the most complete material design thing out there
@badp nod already waiting for invite.
i just xD'd twice in one day
what the hell is wrong with me
heh I enjoy games D:
X was great. And then X-2 was like "nope, forget all that, everything in X was useless. COSTUMES"
10:00 PM
I don't hate cod or wow or ff
I hate people who hate artforms; I hate publishers who punish gamers
I reserve the right to hate anything and everything I want to.
And I reserve the right to hate that.
I hate a lot of things :D
Hate is such a strong thing, I mean dismiss.
I don't hate things. I am just sorry that I have to experience them, and then sorry that others do as well
10:02 PM
I hate lots of things.
Especially @Wipqozn
Apr 3 at 19:02, by FEichinger
@Wipqozn You are not "neutral", you're practically married to him!
Q: Are the Skeleton Traps permanent?

ScribblenauticalAfter the release of the Halloween Update for Clash of Clans, I noticed a new trap (the Skeleton Trap) had been created. The cost to upgrade them is pretty expensive (600,000 gold is insane), so is there any information regarding the duration of the Skeleton Trap?

Q: Good rogue deck for starters

gosukiwiI really enjoy playing Rogue, but people say it's a weak class or you need really expensive cards. I'm just looking for a decent deck so I can learn to play and maybe start hitting ranked once I get used to it. So far, I've researched different decks, and found a decent cheap deck in reddit, but...

@OrigamiRobot Yeah, that wipqozn guy's a jerk.
@Unionhawk We are bitter, bitter, handsome, bitter enemies.
10:12 PM
Q: Mine craft Forge not loading

Kyle HendersonCan some one help me as when I try to load up Mine craft forge 1.6.4 nothing happens apart from the launcher closing.

In other news: damn you @OrigamiRobot now my interest in modded minecraft has returned (I got burnt out on the last server again)
@Unionhawk Noooooooooooooo, my interest left when I remembered I am bad at storage systems
I can do storage if you can do Big Reactors (confirmed in the DW20 pack)
Deal? Deal.
Is that what we did last time?
Pretty much, hometree wise
10:15 PM
All hail the HomeTree
I made the mistake on that server to say "Wow, this thing @Kevin did looks cool, let's try to do something on that scale"
And then the server host died the end
Er, hosting company
Yea, I heard
Basically my burnout is all @Kevin's fault.
@Unionhawk It's your fault for playing unfinished videogames
@badp Your fault for confirming Half Life 3
or something
some joke about @Kevin==Half Life 3 here
10:21 PM
You just can't deal with the truth
I can't handle the truth
it's true
Is reactorcraft a thing now?
I kinda wanna do something super complicated that will blow up if I make a mistake
Not sure
It's available for 1.7
So maybe
I'm pretty much guaranteeing that it won't be in the standard DW20 pack
but I'm willing to be wrong
I really want to use my free Azure hosting credits from work for gaming servers. Somehow, that will make Azure feel worthwhile
Aww, @Sterno wants to play Minecraft with us!
10:26 PM
Well, Mineraft maybe. That game sounds awesome
@Sterno What's the problem with that?
@badp I have no time to play games on said servers
I would play Mineraft
I feel like that's probably a minecraft mod already
But it's probably called something stupid like "raftcraft"
or "boatcraft"
I would also play Raftcraft
Or even World of Boatcraft
10:34 PM
TIL @Sterno likes boats
Boats are pretty cool
I can't blame him
Actually I can
@DwarfSlice ReactorCraft is an expansion of that.
10:52 PM
What is Spacechem?
@OrigamiRobot something you would like if you liked great permutator
@OrigamiRobot factorio.com
Woo, lvl 51 now
wonder how far I will make it by the end of my shift tonight
I kind of enjoy the spacechem music, but I kind of also feel like it's taunting me all the time
11:10 PM
I should make dinner now
I was going to make scalloped potatoes
I need to get on with my day
Mammon get
(This one is scary)

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