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12:04 AM
@Lazers Is that part of an expansion?
I don't remember that being possible in vanilla Civ5
AC Revelations—failed a Den Defense.
My lack of experience in tower defense shows here
I did recapture the region, but let's just say that just a few hours of Plants vs. Zombies experience could have helped here
PvZ (or any other tower defense game) experience would have transferred to an AC Revelations Den Defense mission.
@AshleyNunn That looks cool.
It shows how much more there is to learn, even in the world of gaming...
@MBraedley There's a bunch of neat stuff in the artist's store but since I wear my MedicAlert as a necklace, I don't really buy other ones. But this one is just cool.
(I used to wear a MedicAlert bracelet but I lost like 4 of them and tehy are hella expensive with shitty clasps.)
@AshleyNunn what about MedicAlert earrings?
I'm sure they make those
12:11 AM
@MBraedley I am trying to imagine that as a thing, and I can't
Q: Question about the number of souls from Thresh's Damnation

RandomizerIf Thresh will stay in the bottom lane for a certain period of time (say, 10 minutes) and he collected all the souls, what can be the total approximate/average number of souls? Also, is there a way where Thresh can increase his souls gathered faster than the 'average' number of souls collected? ...

Q: LCS: Will tie-breakers count in the Fantasy League?

Fredy31With the NALCS tie-breakers coming up, I'm wondering. Will the tie-breakers get me points or are they not counted in the results? Note: Was not sure if this question belongs here, but fantasy LCS is a 'game' to some extent, and it's ESports. I do think it's the best place I could post this.

@Lazers There's a fucking fantasy league of legends league
@Unionhawk yeah. it's been a thing for a while
12:31 AM
@AshleyNunn Yeah... this reminds me, I really need to get my allergies re-tested. Last time the results were inconclusive, but I have varying negative reactions to every antibiotic I've ever been prescribed.
@TrentHawkins sounds like fun.
Q: MassEffect2 change crosshair style

inf3rnoIs there a way to change crosshair style in ME2? I'd prefer a single fixed size point in the middle of the screen or a circle if that is not possible. off: The default crosshair style is annoying. Btw. the changes since ME1 are annoying as well, no inventory, cannot import key bindings, cannot ...

Q: I can't get resident evil4 to work

Andrew CastilloMy resident evil 4 won't work on my Xbox when I plug the flash drive in, when I click to play my game it says "Can't launch resident evil4"

Time for a third restart of Pillars of Eternity
@Wipqozn No. I downed Father Whatshisbutt, but that's as far as I've gotten. Very little playtime this weekend
When I do have time, I play Pillars of Eternity, because I can play that in 20 minute bursts
And it doesn't make my son cry if he sees it while playing in his exersaucer
Hahaha, just got a linked in invite from a "lawyer at lawfirm". Spam bots are just getting lazy these days
Q: Minecraft piston door is only shut when lever is on, but how do I turn it off with another lever?

user106796This is a frequent problem I've been having with the designs of some doors. Basically, the door, to be shut must have its redstone to be powered by a lever. So when I want to enter my house I must simply turn the lever off, turning the redstone circuit off, but I'm not able to open and close it f...

12:42 AM
@Ktash what are you talking about that is totally the most legit bestest opportunity ever
I don't know. He might be outside my connection level. Too high up
So apparently someone either knitted or crocheted a Captain America cosplay.
I don't know the difference between the two so I hedged.
@Yuuki show the image, I'll be able to tell most likely
@Ktash oh yeah, all his law lawyer goodness
@Yuuki I am reasonably sure that is knitted
12:45 AM
That has got to be really warm
I really hope that's not at SDCC because yikes
@Yuuki that must be mega itchy
@Ktash I'd be scared they would overheat and pass out
Yeah, that'd be bad
My model for today
omg she is GORGEOUS
12:56 AM
ugh, fuck raedric
Q: Which stats (if any) affect accuracy?

SternoThe pre-game manual in my /docs install folder for the game says that Perception affects accuracy. However, the in-game tooltip for Perception doesn't say this, and the Accuracy tooltip also makes no mention of it. Is this a case of the manual being out of date, or the tooltip not reflecting rea...

@Unionhawk That's awesome. It will be interesting to see what comes out of further study.
@spugsley This is a true statement
@Ktash I have so many great shots from today. I don't even know where to startttttttttttttttt
@Ktash did you see the ones I did last Wednesday? Omg that girl is everything
12:59 AM
Someone is selling their print of the LoK art by the creator. 2 of 100.... And donating the profits... It's so tempting to get but so expensive :(
@Ktash Which?
@spugsley A great place to be :D
@spugsley Yes. I did. And yes. She is. Just... ughhh
@Ktash I fucking knowwww. She is probably my exact type of girl. No joke.
@AshleyNunn Turtle-Duck Date Night (Minor LoK spoiler, if you somehow avoided it)
@Ktash Oh, that is awesome.
1:01 AM
@spugsley She is really just all sorts of beautiful
So since today is day five in a row that I've ran, can I treat myself to a milk shake? That's how health works, right
But holy crap pricey.
@spugsley Yes
That is 100% how it works
@spugsley Sweetie, you're an adult, you can do whatever the fuck you like :)
1:02 AM
(even if it's not, what @AshleyNunn said)
@AshleyNunn Yeah... but I so want it because it is awesome. But price :(
@Ktash Yeah, I don't think I could justify 5 months of rent, but it is holy shit pretty
I may have to do that
It is. It is also #2 of 100
dammit @spugsley
1:03 AM
@Unionhawk lemme guess....you want one?!?!?

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