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12:00 AM
unless Utah is planning on forcing the homeless into these apartments against their will, there are still going to be a lot of migratory homeless people in Utah
Q: how do i change profile name on minecrafte

carla sepei have two children with two accounts for minecraft. when we log in and play we are taken to the other users world. how can we separate both accounts on the PC? Please help, mother very confused!

12:28 AM
@Krazer The 100% is too optimistic, I agree, but they've already had great success with it.
@RedRiderX um, isn't that what Gary's Mod is for?
I should really see if one of these apartments are actually available.
@AshleyNunn The Habs are playing! You should go watch!
@MBraedley Ohhhh yes because I have nothing else to do with my night ;)
12:52 AM
That's 2 points tonight for my pool as well
This disturbs me greatly.
@RedRiderX Why I like most of those!
12:58 AM
Border Security might be the scariest show I've seen: natgeotv.com/ca/border-security/about
@RedRiderX I like it a lot, me and my mom watch the Canadian and Australia versions all the time
It... it just creeps me out totally
@RedRiderX For what it is worth, all thhe people know they are being taped and stuff
Hmm yeah I guess
1:00 AM
@RedRiderX I only know this because people got all weird at the CBSA so they released a lot of statements being like "yo people know this is going down"
It's more that Border Security is the subject of reality tv
and they can refuse to be shown, as well
@AshleyNunn I would expect that, yeah
> The odds of getting a legendary from a cache are about 1 in 10. So since there are 5 distinctly different legendaries to get, you will need to open, on average, 50 caches to find one.

Of course, that doesn't mean that you only have to open 50 caches. Open 49 caches and not getting a ring does not guarentee you will get it on your 50th try. In fact, if you haven't got it in 49 caches, your expectation should still be 1 in 50 from that point forward, as the previous drops don't influence the future ones.
dat logic
"You should need 50 to get one, but if you didn't get it after 49, you'll need 50 more from that point forward. In fact, you'll just need 50 more FOREVER"
So right and so wrong
1:06 AM
@Sterno How I probabilities.
@Sterno This... is not my experience at all.
@Sterno Where does he say that?
@Sterno I'm assuming that one of the five legendaries is a ring
@MBraedley ring of royal grandeur
@SaintWacko I am following his logic train out and putting words in his mouth.
The concept behind the second part is sound, (s)he just explains it really poorly.
@Sterno so his logic is that you have a one in 50 chance of dropping the ring, which to me is sound logic
1:09 AM
The error is saying "You'll need on average 50 caches to find one"
@Sterno Ah. I think you may have misunderstood. He's just saying, essentially, that the dice have no memory. Just because you have a 1 in 50 chance of getting something doesn't mean that you're guaranteed to get it in 50
> you will need to open, on average, 50 caches to find one.
@Sterno Right
@SaintWacko yeah, it actually isn't.
@MBraedley I don't know anything about whether the numbers are correct, I'm just talking about the statistics
@Sterno I didn't see this message. I'm not contesting that, I'm just curious where you got the "50 more forever" thing
@SaintWacko Assuming I'm using the right distribution, the chances of not finding a single legendary in 50 caches is 0.005 or 0.5%.
see a blue icon, jump to the bridge to see drama darn! is not here!
@Yuki Yeah, I think they're talking about the ring in particular
Thus, the chances of finding at least one legendary in 50 caches is ~99.5%. If I'm doing my math right.
1:15 AM
The naive approach says that if you have a 1 in 50 chance of something happening, then it'll take 50 tries on average for that something to happen. Pretty sure that's not the case.
@Braiam I have trouble believing something is actually offensive when it's something that occurred that long ago. I feel like someone just went back through chat looking for something to flag
Okay, assuming each legendary has an equal chance of dropping (i.e. Ring of Royal Grandeur isn't any less probable than another legendary) and only 10 distinct legendaries are possible from a cache, the chance of getting at least one Ring of Royal Grandeur from 50 caches is ~64%.
@Yuki yeah, that's pretty close to what I calculated
@MBraedley Binomial distribution?
Just making sure I'm using the right maths.
Simon says leave your fly open for one hour. If anyone comments, tell them that you're glad they're enjoying the show
1:19 AM
@MBraedley It sounds like it should be right, but I'm not certain
It really depends at what threshold you consider "on average" to be.
@Yuki no, I raised the negative probability (98%) to the number of tries (50)
@MBraedley Yeah, I took the long way around.
Binomial distribution was (50c0)(0.02^0)(0.98^50) which just simplifies to (0.98^50).
@Yuki Maybe I'm oversimplifying, but wouldn't it just be (chance to drop legendary)x(chance of the legendary being the ring)x(50) = .1*.1*50=.5?
@SaintWacko The last part isn't multiplied.
1:22 AM
It's been a while since I've taken any statistics
@Yuki Why's that?
[(chance to drop legendary) * (chance of legendary being the ring)]^ 50.
@SaintWacko Because each cache is one trial.
Okay, I think I made an oopsie.
@Yuki yep
Whatever, back to studying databases.
CC @AshleyNunn
Go go gadget security!
1:25 AM
@MBraedley Please tell me the Lightning are making goals you just aren't telling me about
Ah, I was right
I was oversimplifying :P
Q: Help with installing Minecraft Mods on a Mac

EnderHippy599Having problems with mods not appearing in Minecraft on Mac OSX 10.8.5. I have installed Forge and the 'Mods' button appears OK under the 'Multiplayer' button in Minecraft. I have downloaded some Mods and placed them into the ~Library/Application Support/minecraft/Mods folder. I have tried rem...

Also, on average, it should take 34.3 tries to get what you want
@AshleyNunn one, but that was before my excited shouts, and after a previous goal
@MBraedley .booo that makes you still the winner currently and I don't like that :P
Okay. Lemme see if I understand public key encryption correctly: I have a message that I want to send to, let's say, @SaintWacko. To send it securely, I encode the message with my private key (which I keep for myself). Once @SaintWacko gets the encrypted message, he decodes it using my public key (which I give to everyone else). If he gets a readable message, that means the message was sent by me.
Is that right?
1:28 AM
@AshleyNunn oley, oley oley oley! Oleeeeey, oleeeeeey
@Yuki no, everyone would be able to read that. You encrypt it with @SaintWacko's public key, and he decrypts it with his private key
@MBraedley Well, someone needs to tell my instructor that.
@MBraedley I've never quite understood how something encrypted with one key can be decrypted by a different key
You sign messages with your private key, which allows others to verify your message with your public key
Oh, this is a beautiful discussion.
@MBraedley grump grump grump
1:31 AM
@MBraedley Ah, that's what my instructor meant. Okay, that makes more sense.
Why are all my "Nice answers" two second "oh, this is easy" questions I see from @Lazers?
@Yuki Yeah, it's easy to get it mixed up.
I like cryptography, but I've never understood the whole private/public key thing
@SaintWacko something to do with exponentials and cyclic math
1:32 AM
@Wipqozn Same thing, really
@fredley the new tablet styles seem to be working
I forget the proof of it, but it has to do with laws of mods and all that fun stuff.
I guess it just took some time to show up
Math is so cool.
Also, I'm off to bed.
I should have left 30 minuts ago actually..
@Wipqozn Sleep well :)
1:33 AM
well actually an hour...
Also, for anyone interested in this stuff, this is an interesting read
@Yuki @MBraedley
there are a few bugs though
1:36 AM
@AshleyNunn oh, and did I mention the first goal came 11 seconds into the game?
@MBraedley ffff seriously Lightning whyyyyyy you letting the Habs walk all over you
@AshleyNunn and I only have P.K. in my pool. Although Tampa just scored
@MBraedley Good. Go Tampa! (Although P.K. is a pretty decent pick, I must admit.)
Oh, so close!
1:41 AM
@SaintWacko The secure, actually used way is rather complex.
But the basis is quite simple.
your face is quite simple
is tired
the glorious sound of @FEichinger facedesking so hard
Does anybody know how to beat the boss in Lost Izalith?
The turtle just went to bed, I've not played it (I should though)
unless not dark souls in which case I still can't help you DAMMIT WINDOWS I ALREADY BACKED UP MY STUFF
but are you suuuuure
Q: Putting tags above blocks when looked at

user3487713Is there any way that I could put tags on blocks when a player looks at it? If you are confused about what I mean by tags, I am talking about the kind that you get from naming a mob with a name tag. Anyways, like I said, is there any way to do this with a command or something? I want players to b...

1:54 AM
I'll be getting my broom out on Tuesday because the Habs are going to sweep this series!
You're lucky @AshleyNunn is too nice to ban you :P
@MBraedley nnnnergh nooooo
I bet she'd do it if he tried hard enough.
@Fluttershy I have a large dislike for the Habs. :P
@Fluttershy it wouldn't be fair to rag on the Leafs at this point, they didn't make the playoffs
2:00 AM
@MBraedley Don't remind me.....
Okay, off to bed. I have to work tomorrow
grumbles about the system change
@AshleyNunn it'll be better with two more west coast teams
@MBraedley but...but....but....
2:16 AM
Q: What is a "Detoation?"

maxwellbIn the dungeon Pharos Sirius, some area blasts are called Aetherial Detoation. What is a detoation? A typo/bug? Something from Final Fantasy lore?

Sometimes, I wonder if I should just go into IT instead of programming.
@frank its getting worse, and I've been out all day.
@frank I think we're in call a plumber territory.
2:42 AM
Q: Is there any benefit to keeping resources in my clan castle?

PileOfDutyWith the new clan wars update, any resources won will stay in your clan castle until you withdraw them. When you withdraw them, the game asks "are you sure?" which led me to wonder if there is any reason to keep them inside the clan castle. What benefit, if any, is there to keeping resources in ...

3:01 AM
Q: Minecraft Locks Up. I tried everything!

shawn221I just can't get Minecraft to work no matter what I try. I tried to delete the game files and redownload, nothing changed. I tried to switch to different versions of oracle java and openjdk, nothing. I tried updating to the latest GPU drivers, and I got an increased framerate, but still crashes. ...

@Yuki Its not any better.
3:17 AM
I don't suspect it would be
Q: crushing mode with new user account on ps3

user74822recently I made a new user account and started playing uncharted3 again with new user account although i finished it already with the main account..I finished the game on normal and hard still no crushing mode on multiplayer......tell me is it possible that if u make new user account and finish t...

3:35 AM
looks around
I know this one, I know this one!
Right here o_o
3:39 AM
3:53 AM
The Bridge is kill
Q: How can I get easy critical hits with the Charge Rifle?

Nick TFor the Gen 5 challenge "Critically Conditioned: Charge Rifle", I need to get 30 critical hits with the Charge Rifle. As any good Titan isn't standing in one place very long (and even if they are they are rotating and slightly gyrating), lining up hits is tedious at best. I had the thought to r...

Two people invaded me at once and I beat the piss out of them. Get on my level.
4:05 AM
@GnomeSlice But, clearly 'getting on your level' is what those two gentlemen just did, and you 'beat the piss out of them'. Why would I want to follow their lead?
@LessPop_MoreFizz That sounds yummy
@AshleyNunn I am just sad I was unable to procure this variant: eviltwin.dk/Imperial-Doughnut-Break
@LessPop_MoreFizz Oh man that sounds even more awesome
I have an ale brewed with dates and chipotle peppers.
It is... interesting.
@Fluttershy Pepper beer seems to be the big trend atm
they are super hit and miss. :(
4:13 AM
I'm fairly sure this one is a miss. But I'm going to give it another shot.
I also tried a beer that looked like wine. It was off-putting. >_>
4:29 AM
Q: Is my "Soul Shriven in Coldharbour" quest in The Elder Scrolls Online stuck?

Alex319I have gotten out of the start zone in The Elder Scrolls: Online and have gotten to Stros M'Kai and Betnikh. However the quest "Soul Shriven in Coldharbour" is still in my quest log as not compelted, and has the current objective "Talk to the Prophet". I canot find where this "Prophet" is - selec...

Q: When i load hexxit, it stays on a white screen

user74824My hexxit on the technic launcher loads properly, when the launcher is done loading hexxit, it pops up the hexxit thing and then it stays on a white screen and the Mojang sign doesn't even pop up. I've left it there for at least 2 hours+ while i was doing something else and when I got back, it w...

Anyone here?
4:50 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Is that Pizza the Hut's girlfriend?
I have no idea.
She is clearly a princess of pizza.
I'm gonna pretend she's Pizza the Hut's girlfriend.
speaking of which....
5:06 AM
gah... I modded some cheat parts in Kerbal Space Program and every time I get close to bringing myself into an orbit, it crashes to desktop >_< of course it would do that even before I first started modding, but it's so annoying

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