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@MBraedley Lol
Fair comparison? Not in the slightest. Do I care? No.
@Unionhawk Chicago is 9 times the size of Halifax. Of course it's going to have 9 times the gun crime.
2 mins ago, by Unionhawk
Fair comparison? Not in the slightest. Do I care? No.
Though I think Chicago still wins on the shootings per capita, with 1,800 shootings and roughly 3 million residents, versus 50 and roughly half a million. But, even that is still not an entirely fair comparison.
Either way, not a fair comparison, don't care
Also, that's for definitions of "wins" meaning "loses"
@Blem I see your burgers and raise you more burgers
I am hungry now
@MBraedley I see your more burgers and raise you even more burgers
@SaintWacko but are they as good as mine? 'Cause mine are really good
@KernelPanic Don't think so
Might raise that question on Meta Stack Overflow Exchange
Oh ffs
12:44 AM
there you go
@Unionhawk :P
I can never remember how to do that
Q: How Do Doors Keep Fire from Spreading?

BlackVegetableIn FTL, higher levels of the door subsystem provides three purposes (in addition to interacting with an event or two): Higher levels of the door subsystem give more durability to the subsystem, making it harder to destroy (which causes you to lose control over your doors.) Higher levels of the ...

@MBraedley They recently added a new one to the menu: double patties, with roasted garlic cloves between them, and swiss and sauteed mushrooms on top
It's because you use <strike> on the main site
12:54 AM
@MBraedley 12 murders? That's... so tame.
Mooseheads (local major junior team) is up 4-2 in their playoff game. Winning this game will tie the series.
user image
@MBraedley Sadly, my local major junior team ALSO sucked this year. :P It's a bad hockey year for me.
Hey thanks all
I guess I had to buy some new fancy clothes for the occasion
@RedRiderX do you have to travel far?
1:05 AM
And I guess I'm going to be a pall bearer
@MBraedley no, we always lived close by
like, visit every week close
@RedRiderX My conodolences. :(
Well at least you don't have to deal with airlines. I know it's not much, but it's something.
Q: What's the max player allowed in a multiplayer game?

NMCWhat is the max player allowed to play simultaneously in a multiplayer game ? Is is the same for both and internet and LAN game ?

Yeah that is nice
but... I don't know...
I... Don't feel that sad
I don't feel a god damn thing for this thing
@RedRiderX Don't worry about that. Also, don't worry if you all of a sudden become sad over something completely unrelated. Grief is weird.
1:12 AM
Hmm I guess
It might not have sunken in yet. It sounded like it was sudden when you mentioned it earlier.
@MBraedley yes it was very much the first I had heard about it
Though honestly, I wasn't overly surprised
This has been quite a while coming
And I feel like I've had a while to come to terms with the condition he was in
Q: Team Fortress 2, span multiple monitors

Ctrl Alt DesignI'm trying to run TF2 at a custom resolution. I have 3 monitors at 1024x1280 (all together 3072x1280). When Team Fortress 2 only gives me one monitor as the max resolution. I tried setting the startup options in steam to 3000x1200 with the -w and -h, but no dice. Any ideas?

Any who here is a cool picture of a tardis:
1:25 AM
@RedRiderX Oh, I really like that. :)
@Wipqozn That was your fault
@Blem Awwwww yessss effing Watermelon! :D
@RedRiderX Looks like the tardis is regenerating
Have new episodes of Doctor Who come out yet?
Also an interesting picture of the Tardis:
@Yuki No, and the only information I've found is that they will be aired 'in 2014', with some sources saying July.
so these are apparently a thing. (Fruit Punch flavored oreos)
1:38 AM
@TrentHawkins Huh. The Doctor Who wiki says "likely August".
tiny image is tiny
@StrixVaria You're wrong
I haven't even said anything.
@James the piece is called "Regenerating Tardis" so yeah that's pretty accurate
1:41 AM
@Yuki Although, by the sounds of it, they aren't doing those annoying half-seasons this year. so, longer initial wait, but you get the whole thing unbroken.
@AshleyNunn This sounds... unpleasant. <_<
@TrentHawkins Oh, I'm not complaining about the wait. I'm just wondering if it already started airing and I missed it.
@Fluttershy Yeah, I don't think they would be tasty. I am more just fascinated they exist.
@Yuki it's like this august right?
1:43 AM
@RedRiderX Apparently.
@StrixVaria So, so wrong.
2:30 AM
@Fluttershy You were right, Ducktales Remastered is awesome :D
could anyone trade a couple pokemon with me real quick? Just need to trigger 2 trade evos
@BenBrocka still need someone to circular trade for evolutions?
@TrentHawkins yeah, logging on
Q: Sightseeing: Tollifer's Last Stand

John GaughanThe Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls achievement Sightseeing says to "complete all of the following events in Westmarch." There are sixteen events to complete in Westmarch Commons and Westmarch Heights. The final piece of the puzzle for me is Tollifer's Last Stand. According to this post on Blizzard's ...

2:43 AM
@TrentHawkins thanks!
Q: Counter besides review button in top bar

BunyipWouldn't it be easier to have a number (maybe in brackets) besides the review button at the top to show you how many items you can currently review? At the moment you have to click the review button to see if there are any items waiting, and there might not be. While it is not a big deal, I don't...

2:58 AM
cc @FEichinger
3:19 AM
3:44 AM
@benbrocka very impressive.
@FEichinger How you really do it. Wanna GFSE that?
Might be a bit big.
The system should just go "NO" when someone tries to set their name to "Troll" etc. and automatically set their computer on fire.
@Seth Troll is right.
And/or set them on fire. I'm not picky.
@Frank No kidding.
@FEichinger Slightly smaller version i.stack.imgur.com/qCFpF.png
3:54 AM
I would've unceremoniously deleted the answer, and the account.
Oh, did I not delete the account?
Meh, "That's how you REALLY do it." is worth a screenshot
Especially when "How you really do it" is "Google it"
Nope, the account was gone. I think I took the picture first, so it would so the username.
but we have this guy:
Yeah, usernumbers (deleted) doesn't quite have the same effect.
@Unionhawk Indeed.
4:01 AM
aaaand the steam download scheduler stopped working again
Q: Minecraft Pe Server problem

user75076My problem is that when I join a minecraft pe server there is a block blocking me and when I go to third person view I can move but there is this type of invisible forsefield blocking my way also it says "please login to your account" or something like that but when I put my password and all it ...

Q: What is reflected in the Mirrorball?

SaintWackoThe Legendary Wizard Source Mirrorball is reflecting something, but I can't tell what it is. I wouldn't be surprised if it was an Easter Egg of some sort. Does anyone know what it is that the Mirrorball is reflecting?

4:14 AM
@Seth tumblr wouldn't like that.
@FEichinger I figured. You could just post the imgur link, but it's up to you.
Q: Can random events destroy your ship?

IQAndreasAccording to the wiki, there are no events that can completely destroy your ship (ie, taking it from full health to zero health), however, there are events which can reduce the health of your ship. Can these random events destroy your ship, or can your ship only be completely destroyed while in ...

4:36 AM
> Skyward Sword - Low% in 9:56:49
Jesus that's a silly category
As if the any% isn't long enough, let's also skip everything ever.
(Skyward Sword any% RTA record is 5:20:54)
4:53 AM
Q: How do i get rid of these huge black holes that are getting randomly generated in my minecraft world

Shadow Jonarc LandexI just went on to my minecraft world and in the middle of a underwater structure that i had built with no issues yesterday was a huge hole. I can;t place block or even go into it. Several of these appeared and they even started to occur on land. Also i have the Mo' Creatures mod and alot of the r...

5:11 AM
Q: Frogs fell from the sky. Now what?

user1306322The Reign of Giants DLC brought some changes into the game. For instance, when a terrible rain pours, there is a chance that frogs will come flying from the sky. After that rain there are so many of them that I couldn't count. There is a bee hive near my base, so I guess now I have a bee sting f...

5:26 AM
Q: Koalefant doesn't appear when following trail at night

user1306322I tried following the trail at night a few times, but about at the 8th footprint, character doesn't say anything like "animal must be near" and no further traces appear. I suppose it could be a bug, but maybe I'm just doing something wrong. Also, I'm playing with the Reign of Giants DLC content e...

5:38 AM
Q: CS 1.6 is hanging for a while and then running again

HanzeI'm playing the game online but it's getting hanged (stops movement).. after a while (about 10-15 sec) its running again.. it's happening periodiacally (40-50 sec in gap). i'm not getting any clue what might be happening.. please help

5:51 AM
Q: is there a way to set a location as not discovered?

Aquarius PowerI am looking for a way (mod, console command, savegame edit) that allow me to mark a location (that was found/discovered) as unfound (not discovered). Many times I find locations that I want to investigate later, but later I dont remember which one it was...

6:22 AM
@Seth what is GFSE?
Q: Should I hack asphalt airborne?

Amit JokiLast time I hacked asphalt airborne using cheat engine. After few days, the game was deactivated. But I love lamborghini, and want to have it, but cannot pay them bucks. So, how to hack as well as not to get banned?

6:42 AM
Q: Better/ Worse league players online at a certain time?

user75008If you had an opinion what time are the best players online in league of legends? When are the worst players online? I ask this because of similar patterns I've discovered in other games, but I'm not sure it holds water in league considering that the servers are set to regions instead of with ...


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