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2:01 PM
CNN just now on Hillary's speech tonight: "To use a soccer analogy...if you don't knock it out of the park, you're in trouble."
@TimStone Wow, what an own basket
I keep forgetting that I bound the cancel button to "arbitrary breakpoint"
@TimStone I mean before it was unbound, so I should know this
2:03 PM
wait do you guys not actually know what the CC means or are you just messing with us...
pay the troll toll
34 mins ago, by Private Pansy
@Sterno That's close captioning, not subtitles
13 mins ago, by Sterno
@PrivatePansy Netflix says subtitles, so that's good enough for me
Followed by the image of him selecting "English (CC)" and me asking him what he thinks the CC stands for
technically correct worst correct
oh, didn't see that part
it's still early, my brain isn't at 80& yet
also forgetting that I can edit my posts. definitely not fully awake yet
2:08 PM
@KevinvanderVelden and it's under the subtitles section.
Awakeness is overrated
@Kaizerwolf Too much blood in the caffeine stream
@Sterno and it's closed captioning, which is a type of subtitles
@twobugs supply additional sugar
my blood is actually pure liquid drum and bass, but i agree
2:09 PM
@KevinvanderVelden so I've been right the whole time! Excellent!
I mean it's more like you both were wrong
Okay, my javascript button binding seems to work for the most part, now I need to make the actual dialogs and code-behind that combine to form the dialog in question
Someone readd the pedantry tag to the room
room topic changed to The Bridge: General Arqade chat, wherein we get drowned in Pokemon GO posts [+murder] [+wrong] [-context] [-fun] [jin-fanclub] [lazers] [-pedantry] [pls] [pokemon-go] [tags]
+++ [-pedantry]
Get on my level
2:12 PM
My level accommodates people without your script
@fredley it would be more impressive if you had the previous set right on the first go, instead of having to edit it
@Nzall ...I did, that post is not edited.
@twobugs parser error
MEH I say
2:13 PM
@twobugs s/these/deez/
@fredley Then why is there a pencil icon on the changelog part?
and yes, I know I said the wrong thing. Not editing it, my point should be clear that it would be more impressive if you got everything right from the start
2:14 PM
(he's talking about the scripted bit where it fetches the entire previous description)
@fredly just got this uh... new lamborghini here
Betfair punters now make it an odds-on chance that Article 50 won't be invoked till after July 1 2017 if at all https://t.co/5biEyDg0vR
what is article 50?
It's like order 66
except it crushes @fredley's hopes and dreams instead
2:18 PM
@Kaizerwolf It's the article of the Treaty of Lisbon that an EU member invokes when they want to leave the EU
shoulda seen that coming
@Unionhawk Hopes and Dreams [SAVE the EU]
Let's just take a moment to appreciate how incredible it is that Undertale is a game that doesn't have a fanbase at all, just a few cool remixes on youtube
2:21 PM
Yeah, it's pretty amazing that game has no tumblr community or anything
Apparently, I had a tab of images of Trump Toilet Paper open in case I wanted to link one
Okay, I expected someone to take "Yuuki" as a name, but what kind of complete monster would pick up "Yawus"?
Okay, I expected someone to take "Yuuki" as a name, but what kind of complete monster would pick up "Yawus"?
@Yuuki a REALLY fervent admirer of Yaweh?
on my end, Nzall was taken, but realNzall wasn't
YUSSSS It worked
i always feel some kind of unbridled rage whenever Kaizerwolf is taken on things
PoGo was out for a day before I got it, and my handle was already taken
2:27 PM
People take fredley on things, e.g. PoGo.
What kind of monster names themselves fredley?
@Kaizerwolf Sounds normal. KaizerWolf is one of those really bland and uninspired names, like PrinceOfEvil
@Nzall Don't be a dick to people.
The hotel I'm staying at is apparently big enough to be a Pokestop.
@Yuuki My office is a Pokéstap, but it's so big I'm actually out of range of it from my desk
@fredley It was not an attack on himself. I'm not sure how making an observation on a name is being a dick.
2:30 PM
there was rare monster from Final Fantasy 12 called the KaiserWolf, and I liked the name so much, but I wanted to be different so I made it a Z instead of an S
ah, like that
and thus my bland name was born
No offense meant, btw @Kaizerwolf
none taken
@fredley Pokéstahp
2:31 PM
can't please everyone ;)
I just pinged myself, how odd
@Yuuki hey
Servers are buggy
Try few times
but seriously, Kaiser is German for Emperor. I'm sure you can see how it might sound edgy to those that don't know the story behind it
for example, those that don't play FF12
I've had a few people in the past think I'm german because of my name, mostly just trolls in multiplayer games
@Kaizerwolf wait, there are non trolls in multiplayer games?
2:35 PM
@arda yeah, there are also tauren, and elves, and dwarves, and German goth kids
sometimes you come across a xXx_420-NOSCoPE$-420_xXx who is pretty chill
but it's very rare
@Nzall don't forget the ponies.
@Kaizerwolf In WoW, you have a bunch of Légölàsx
basically, every 3rd night elf hunter has a name that's a variation on it
oh special characters are allowed? that's neat, but it does lead to a stupid amount of variation
there's only so many xXx_420-NOSCoPE$-420_xXx names you can do
It's funny because people with those names are a pain when you're trying to set up like groupwide weakauras
@Kaizerwolf Those are basically 100% of the names on PSN and XBL though, and it's great
It's extremely satisfying to kill someone with a name like that
2:39 PM
oh absolutely
@twobugs you know what's even better? When the hunter decides to name his pet after the maintank and all your DPS end up assisting the pet
it's also funny to see them in games besides CoD and Battlefield. "did you get lost, little fella?"
oh hey a growlithe
@Nzall That's actually amazing
And the healers start healing the pet while the maintank dies in 6 seconds
2:41 PM
Well, I luckily reserved the name Gokunaruto on my server so my Demon hunter will be set
@Kaizerwolf ohhh that's why your name was reminding me something
There also used to be a kinda-exploit in PvP where hunters gave their pets the same name as themselves, which broke many targeting macros and addons
@twobugs I reserved my demon hunter on another realm: Toosoon on Executus
I have a friend with multiple characters of the same class who just have slightly different altcodes in their name
@arda I am beyond excited for the FF12 remaster on ps4...
which then appears in chat as Toosoon-Executus, which is what Ragnaros says when you first see him in Molten Core
2:42 PM
I just blew my nose and it came out of my eye. That was unpleasant.
@fredley you may want to get that checked out, somehow I don't think that's supposed to happen
@Nzall Okay, that's pretty clever
@Kaizerwolf It can happen, sinuses are all connected up
@Kaizerwolf ff12 is good enough with non remastered graphics imo
@fredley will the karma never end?
2:44 PM
@arda absolutely, I've emulated it on my pc and it's damn fine
definitely stands up to modern games in a lot of areas
@KevinvanderVelden karma will continue until morale improves
Meh, FF12 isn't really my thing. I appreciate what they tried to do but it's basically an offline FF11 and I'd just rather play FF11 because that's an amazing game
One of my coworkers is eating lunch already and I'm going to end his life
@KevinvanderVelden True, although if you want to call CC subtitles then there won't be a word for non-CC subtitles
@Unionhawk All of my hunger has become this pear
2:52 PM
The first image I pulled up from google images was work filter
cc @twobugs
Oh hey, I'm past the Great Firewall and can grab food pics again.
I'd upload my own vacation food pics too, but no mobile uploading.
@Yuuki This makes me hungry
2:57 PM
@Yuuki imgur app
@PrivatePansy no, cc is a type of subtitles, that doesn't mean there isn't a difference
okay, time for me to go home
cya tomorrow
@twobugs ...........lololololololol
Oh hey, caught a Pidgeot.
2:59 PM
That's new
@Yuuki Wow, that'll save a lot of precious pedgey candies
I had some really great beef noodles for dinner too.
Today was a good day.
there was a Pinsir near me, but I couldn't seem to find it. Damned 3 step bug
Maga: make ads great again
I saw a picture on Twitter yesterday that said "Make America Great Britain Again!" with "vote for the queen" underneath it, I was nearly crying from laughing so hard
3:10 PM
@Kaizerwolf pokevision.com
yeah I had checked before I went out, but either it ran away and stayed on my nearby list, or I just couldn't track it
Q: Can multiple players of the same team fight their own team gym?

SyncI have 3 questions related to this: Can multiple players of the same team fight their own team gym in order to raise its prestige? If you have any experience doing this, then can you also add the amount of Prestige you gained and the relative CP of your Pokemon versus the ones that you were fi...

Porygon: caught
Lies and hax
3:18 PM
Not my exact location, but a short enough walk that I could make it
It's still there for 5 minutes
You can make it
> Flight time to London: 9h 30m+
@Unionhawk Another one might spawn by then
if you leave now you could definitely make it @Unionhawk
Superman could make it. Are you not super, @Uni?
3:34 PM
@Unionhawk Another just spawned
Man, it's Porygon central over here
Oh and check out that Gyrados
I'm currently saving data
3:50 PM
Q: How much prestige does a gym lose when battling it?

AequitasI've been trying to keep an eye on this for a while now but I don't really understand how it's being worked out. Obviously the number of Pokemon defeated affects how much prestige is lost. But what are the other factors and how much do they each affect it? I feel like if you use only one you ma...

@Unionhawk Just have @fredley log into your account on his phone and catch it :P
@SaintWacko whatcouldpossiblygowrong.gif
critical error
PLOT TWIST: @fredley already has root access to all our devices
he lost access when they revoked the EU login
4:01 PM
hey @Aequitas it's been a while since i've seen you in chat
> Therefore—and quite unusual in today’s racing world—beauty was very high on our agenda and we work hard to merge the best performance with stunning styling.
what in the world is that @badp
I don't think that word means what you think it means
it looks like @marie
@Kaizerwolf an autonomous racecar arstechnica.com/cars/2016/03/…
4:06 PM
@badp Did you know that not everyone has the same standards of aesthetics?
@murgatroid99 it looks like the unholy child of a drone and a roomba
okay the thing was designed by Bugatti, so that makes more sense
it's many things but "beauty" isn't one
@badp Is that a "no"?
i didnt know EV Racing was a thing, that's neat
4:07 PM
TIL @badp is a robophobe
Q: Super Mario Maker: Course Comments

LumaForSmashI see all these questions on how to turn them off so they don't see them. But, I want to know how to disable people from making comments on my stage when they are in the level, but can still comment after it. You can see this being used in Goomba Story by Hype.

Q: Pokemon go keeps restarting

Menno GroenSince a while, I cant log in with the google account on pokemon go. If I select google, the game gives a black loading screen, en than you see the 'Niantic' logo and it restarts. This happens every time I select google, the trainer club account however still works. I already deleted the game and ...

@murgatroid99 do you find it to be a "beauty"?
@badp it really gets me all revved up
cc @Wipqozn on that AUTOnomous pun
cc @Wipqozn on that CARwful pun
@GodEmperorDune herro
4:12 PM
> Using this software is against the ToS of the game. You can get banned, use this tool at your own risk.
@GodEmperorDune Considering he linked to pokevision which is nearly identical, I don't think he'd mind
@GodEmperorDune pokemans are serious business
@Aequitas i thought pokevision was anonymized or something
you don't have to put in your pokemon go info to access pokevision
It's a bit of a pain to set up/use but it's hella lot more accurate, shows way more pokemon last time I compared the two
4:14 PM
@GodEmperorDune It's not that hard to make a new account for the scanner
@Aequitas good point
plus i think they have bigger problems, like the servers that are on fire, or the three paw glitch which is literally the reason both of these two tools came about
or gps spoofers
step 1. detect you're using this thing
> Python 3 is not supported at all.
step 2. make this thing "see" a rare and amazing pokeman where there isn't one
step 3. see who gets close to the amazing and rare pokeman location
step 4. ban them
4:16 PM
lel the good ol ban the random passerby
@badp y so srs
i wonder how many people are actually travelling to 4 different continents just to catch the regional pokemon
Q: Pokemon go isnt letting me hatch my eggs

Will.Rmy egg is stuck at 1.37 on a 2km egg and when I walk it stays at 1.37 i have already tried restarting the game?.!

4:24 PM
good morning bridge

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