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12:00 AM
To be fair it wouldn't be a problem if you guys just
half baked comments from surprise @Wipqozn best @Wipqozn
Inb4 @GodEmperorDune gets modabused
Q: I need help with an only one command

IlleloriaGamingI've been wanting Pokémon in Minecraft for a while now. I found A LOT of commands, but they weren't quite what I wanted. I finally found one I liked, but there's one problem: the Pokémon are disguised baby zombies, and I want to play on peaceful. Does anyone know of a quick way to convert this co...

12:22 AM
Guyz,. i wAntt 2 a hibAAAachi stakehouSE ton ight, and im real d runk now,,,,
@Fluttershy yassssssssss
cc @uni
let the fun begin
12:37 AM
there I drunkified your message for you @Fluttershy
the mod abuse is real
@GodEmperorDune I was going type out a joke, but then I sent it by mistake and since my message ended at the perfect spot I thought it was funnier to just leave it be
@GodEmperorDune and yet, inadequate
I made it that much better luckily
Real Estate

Proposed Q&A site for professionals involved in real estate and real estate transactions, from salespersons and brokers to lenders and investors. If your profession involves real estate, this is your community.

Currently in definition.

@badp @Wipqozn That stealth SE subliminal messaging though.
Is that the reason why you're a mod?
12:48 AM
The power of friendship at work
@Yuuki I wish I could claim that was intentional
@Wipqozn So mod training involves subliminal lessons on SE SEO optimization?
@Yuuki yES
@Unionhawk That's what a BBQ site should be called
@Wipqozn @wipqoSEn
@Unionhawk Steak Tower
"would you like your steak well or very well done"
12:51 AM
@badp or "nuked"?
@GodEmperorDune makes me SEak
@badp SEaking, fuck yeah
SEaring hot
@badp inadequaSE
@Wipqozn I was super confused.
12:58 AM
@Fluttershy Just occurred to me I never starred it! Now everyone who sees your message in the list will just think you were super drunk
I was like, "Alright, I know I wasn't that drunk when I sent that. Wtf."
@Fluttershy but how can our drunk be real if our eyes aren't real?
@Fluttershy apparently drunk you is a 13 year old that recently started typing
according to @badp and @Wipqozn anyway
,. Is accurate though, and usually my last words will be manfled
Autocorrect is pretty gr8 for the rest
just remember that cats do savages the ducks they wang
1:14 AM
I turned off "don't suggest profanities" on Gboard and it's been great
In fact it will suggest Fuck->FUCK which is excellent
Two Berkeley student groups file suit against the University of California over Ann Coulter event… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/856676907089367040
Well. That escalated in exactly the manner I expected it to
(yes good because one of her conditions, still, afaik, was "I get to have people who interrupt me expelled")
(so don't even come at me with "but free speech tho")
@Unionhawk I'd like to see that enforced.
I'd deliberately go to her speech, and interrupt her once.
If the school tried to expel me, I just got my entire tuition, and then some, paid for.
@Unionhawk wait they are suing so that the event proceeds on april 27th?
1:32 AM
Q: How do I get water from a well into my waterskin?

Kenny EvittI figured out that I can use the well, then Lower the bucket, then use the well again, and then Raise the bucket. I'm guessing the bucket is full of water, but how do I fill my waterskin with the water in the bucket?

1:46 AM
Q: what compatibility packs do I need to play GTA 5 online (Xbox 360)and do they need to be purchased or downloaded?

ghost35755PLEASE HELP ME... I WANT TO PLAY BADLY, I just got the game and i wanted to play online but I cant because it says " ALERT, you don't have the packs to play online" ( its not really that but you know what i mean.) I tried to download them all but it didn't work. I saw some of them say downloaded ...

Something about "when taking damage gain that many LP and special summon a token with the attack and defense of the damage you took" or something
So much for the Relinquished comeback
That was my one hope in coming back on that one but NO
@GodEmperorDune yeah, they're suing over the school's suppression of their freedom of speech, claiming that it's because she's a conservative that they cancelled her event.
@GodEmperorDune wait goddammit
I assumed it was like, student advocacy groups, or something
nah, those people complained when she was booked and UCB cancelled her speech.
They cancelled her because her conditions were stupid
1:53 AM
they claim they cancelled her because they feared for her safety
And credible safety threats
then they tried to move her to a day when I believe classes are out?
But also her conditions were stupid and if they accept them I swear to god
(spoiler alert I'm pretty sure they accepted them)
(liek ffs you could say "no that's stupid these are the parameters under which you can do the thing take it or GTFO")
@:frogsiren Crypt of the Necrodancer DLC @incoming store.steampowered.com/app/554000
Contains a bunch of gameplay stuff no-one cares about and !!!! 20 new music tracks and 5 remix packs !!!!
So looking at the times for ME:A on How Long to Beat, my next playthrough (which probably won't happen until June at the earliest) will need to be on a higher difficulty. And I probably shouldn't play a Singularity/Shockwave/Charge or Shockwave/Charge/Nova Vanguard because I can very easily tank damage, as long as I have someone to charge at.
2:22 AM
@GodEmperorDune 8values.github.io/… my results.
2:35 AM
I did that and then I lost the link.
But my results looked pretty similar to that~
(hi @Ash!)
@ToxicFrog waves
Pretty much the same.
I booked a tattoo appointment today! In two weeks I will have my Auri's brazen gear tattoo!
Eeeeeeee yay \o/
2:41 AM

Proposed Q&A site for people who love Airsoft, but need some help.

Currently in definition.

@ToxicFrog I am so excited to get it. It is going to be so awesome.
@Ash oooh, thats a cool design
It makes me so happy. I have read the slow regard of silent things like probably at least ten times. I love Auri and see a lot of myself in her, so I thought it was fitting.
3:01 AM
I still need to read that
huggles @Ash, deploys sleep
@ToxicFrog you should, but I understand if you don't want to because the main series isn't done. Slow Regard does hold up independently of the thing not being done though.
1 hour later…
4:06 AM
Hm. Could sleep at a decently normal hour or I could have a popsicle and start rereading Wise Man's Fear. I think I know which option I am gonna go with.
@Ash posicle! posicle! popsicle!
lol unroll.me sold everyone's data to uber
Oh shiiiiiit
My switch is expected to arrive tomorrow
4:22 AM
@GodEmperorDune yep. A cherry one and a blue raspberry one. And I got to my most favourite bit of Wise Man's Fear where Auri is talking about the lettuce that thinks its a lettuce.
...Er, today
4:57 AM
So someone ran in class like YO AMERICAS DECLARING WAR ON KOREA
I asked "Which korea", he couldn't answer
and I'm googling and only thing I can find is NK declaring war to USA on July'16
Seems like another case of perfect turkish media
reporting news before any other countries agencies even report it
*note: news may be fake news
5:10 AM
@Avery (well, he replied "you know, THE korea", which promptly led me to explaining how there's SK and NK, and how NK is a hellhole and SK is kpophell, how SK has mostly good political relationships other than NK and NK is pretty much terrible with rest of world.)
5:53 AM
@Avery lol kpophell
the North has kpop too. just that they are all songs on their rulers and half of the groups are their rulers in drag

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