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12:51 AM
@BobCross Common sense is not so common
Sure - that's why I generally appeal to laziness. My work is easy, your work is hard, be like me. :-)
@BobCross you probably have the knack of making things look effortless. Lazy != effortless
@Paulster2 interesting article there. Cheesy name for the engine though :)
1:50 AM
@Zaid - Yah, but no denying 2050hp. And that's without turning it up a notch or two. What Tom Nelson said about the skirt makes a lot of sense. I hadn't thought about it before. Now I'm going to have to upgrade to an LSx block ... Poor me.
9 hours later…
10:36 AM
@Zaid - Good Morning! Not that I'll be here much today, but thought I'd throw that out there ;-)
@Paulster2 Hiya!
You doing well?
Yes I am
Been a little busy with unusual requirements at work
I'm glad to here that you are doing well. Things seem to be stabilizing a bit at work. I'm getting my feet under me finally, so ...
What kind of crazy things do they have you doing now?
... Requirements that are more donkey-work than the soul-stimulating, head-scratching stuff that I was spoiled with for the past few years
How's stuff at your end?
Great to hear that you're getting the hang of things in your new role
10:41 AM
Pretty good. I'm much happier here than I was at my previous work role. I'm sure the new still hasn't worn off, but overall I'm having a much more positive attitude.
Lots of work, but I don't mind that.
@Paulster2 I have to agree that the observation about stroker kits is something he must've learnt from a ton of experience. I also loved the way he emphasized the heads, block, headers, intake as being part of a bigger system
As I think I've stated before, my new role requires me to be proactive (which I am by my nature) and it's incumbent upon me to get things done. I'm not under someone else's thumb.
You may have heard of this one before - "The sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the individual parts". That's really quite true with mechanical systems
@Zaid - Absolutely. He really laid a lot out there. Shows his general philosophy on how the build things and that they put a lot of thought and care into what they are doing. I'm sure you pay the pretty price tag for it, too, but you probably get what you pay for.
(Just don't tell that to K&N) ;)
10:44 AM
Does K&N believe their filters are the end-all-do-all?
@Paulster2 Probably not, but they sure appeal to a whole segment of boy-racers
I was looking at my truck's intake system the other day thinking I need to upgrade it. I cannot see how it is anything but restrictive.
I had a Moroso CAI on my Camaro. It was amazing the amount of parts I bought used (for cheap) which worked perfectly well.
You ought to take a picture of it and share it :)
My truck intake?
And for full disclosure: I have a K&N filter in my truck right now ;-)
Ah, I see
10:49 AM
It doesn't mean I'm a fan-boy, though.
Heck, so do I. But I didn't install it
I like what works. I like the idea of a reusable filter ... should save money in the long run. If you get a slight performance gain from it, I'm good with that as well.
Filter reusability may be a reason to go for it, but I take issue with the claimed performance gains. If you had a carb setup I would agree that the less restrictive, the better. But with EFI the whole problem becomes a lot less relevant because of other factors
I see two major factors in EFI that make the air restriction a whole lot less relevant:

1. AFR tuneability based on things like load, RPM
2. Lambda feedback
I take issue with their performance claims as well ... but I don't see any difference between EFI and carb setups. The less restrictive the intake, the more air which can be drawn in. There are other factors in both situations (carb v. efi).
If you can draw in and utilize 10 more cfm in either situation, you have the possibility of a performance gain.
I think Anarach asked a question a while back
@Paulster2 Possible? Yes. Guaranteed? Not unless you change other members of the supporting cast.
10:57 AM
One of the reasons I say what I've said is that I've seen before/after dyno runs with just a CAI installed. A gain of 10-15hp was pretty typical.
On a 4th gen Camaro, mind you.
A: Do I need to reprogram ECU when adding custom Air filter

ZaidThere is no need to reprogram the ECU This is for a couple of reasons: The engine barely feels a difference Contrary to what the name implies, a "free-flowing" intake impacts the pressure at the valve inlet and not the volume of fresh inlet air per cycle. Here are the numbers to back it up: K

@Paulster2 Is this at the top end?
I'm sure it is.
I don't remember exactly. I agree with your ascertain that you don't need to do a reflash on the ECU. There isn't that much of a difference and the ECU can keep up with it.
Something else to remember is, it only does good if the engine can take advantage of the change.
Plus there are other things that be limiting you
Just like a larger throttle body. There is no guarantee of increase in power, but it allows for great potential if you do other changes.
11:03 AM
If you put a larger cam in a Camaro, you need to have the supporting bolt ons in place to ensure you get the most of the install.
I think we are on the same sheet of music here.
A popular mod for the M5 is to relocate the intake air temp sensor because the stock location makes it vulnerable to heat soak. This has the effect of overestimating temperature, which makes the ECU pull ignition timing more than necessary
Yah, there are mods like that for the Camaro as well. I've never been sold on it. I think putting a composite CAI (made of something other than metal - plastic/carbon fiber) can be more beneficial than relocating the IAT sensor.
If you are drawing colder air from outside the engine compartment, plus using a material which won't allow for heat soak to occur without changing the dynamics of how the EFI was designed (placement of the sensor), I think you'd be in much better shape.
@Paulster2 Which brings us back to the concept of systems-level engineering. What works on an M5 may not work on a Camaro
@Paulster2 I've thought about the problem as well (you can imagine the kind of heat soak issues my car will suffer from in the Middle East)
I'm not sure. There are folks who wrap the sensor in insulation material
But it just slows down the heat soak rate. Eventually the sensor still gets heat soaked
I ought to wrap the MAF (which is where the temp sensor readings come from) in something like aluminium foil to see the impact.
Sadly there's no such thing as a 30-hour day
On the Camaro, the IAT is just outside of the throttle body. If you move it, say, closer to where the air comes in at, you'll get a lower temperature (due to heat soak on the intake itself). This would be hard to tune for, though I don't know if the difference would be all that noticeable.
@Zaid - If you want to wrap the MAF in something, you should use heat wrap like you'd use on headers. Aluminum foil isn't going to work for very well as an insulator.
Ugly as sin, but would provide for less heat soak.
@Paulster2 My theory is that the heat soak is mainly through radiation, not conduction
Hence the aluminum foil
11:17 AM
But you'd still get heat soak through the foil ... I agree with your thinking, but disagree with your methodology.
@Paulster2 Maybe some day I'll get round to it. Some day...
btw, I didn't know that the LSX block was cast iron
Or in general that LS blocks can be cast iron
Yes, yes it is ;-)
Most of the truck blocks are cast iron. The LM7, LQ4/9
But are those LS?
My truck has a L33 which is aluminum
Heh. Disguising themselves as distant cousins ;)
11:21 AM
The GM small-block engine family is an engine design intended as the only V-8 engine used in General Motors' line of rear-wheel-drive cars and trucks. The GM small-block series was a "clean sheet" design with only the rod bearings in common in terms of shared parts with the classic Chevrolet small block V8. The basic layout owes a good deal to the essential concept of Ed Cole's original small-block design of 1954-55, though the small-block engine also uses design cues from Buick, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac engines. Some small-block engines are all-aluminum, especially the performance oriented engines...
Not distant cousins, we are talking about siblings.
It's the same exactly block externally. It can use all of the same bolt ons as it's aluminum brother.
It is mainly just the material's it's made out of.
I dunno, all these acronyms make my head spin
I could take an LS3 and drop it right into my truck. Or an LS7/9/A ... wouldn't matter (except for the ECU).
@Paulster2 Guess I could do the same then
Yah, there are a huge amount of them. Just remember, the acronym is not really an acronym, but a three letter engine code.
Yes you could drop any one of them into your Lumina.
Haha ... one of the things about your Lumina is that (and I've said this before) in the states, the Lumina can come with a V8 in it, but it is transversely located ... it's the LS4 engine (short crank snout). You cannot just throw an LS3 in there and call it a day. You have to manage the crankshaft when you do it.
Yours being like a GTO is a whole different story.
Anyway, I should get back to work.
Lol. Kinda like blood type incompatibility between siblings
11:28 AM
I wish you a great rest of the day!
Good analogy, lol.
You too. Ciao
Just obtained the "Strunk & White"
Awesome :D
That is a fairly exclusive club ... only 7 others.
11:47 AM
Q: How to become a self-taught amateur mechanic?

georgiosdI'm a computer systems engineer (we did a lot of embedded systems and some electrical at university) and I own a Suzuki SV650S. I am consider doing several upgrades to it (e.g. replacing the front with a GSXR one etc.) I've seen this post about motorbike maintenance and while that would be a goo...

I smell a Wall O' Words opportunity
12:26 PM
OK I have to ask this.. WHY DONT PEOPLE VOTE?
i have seen other sites which has far less number of views and users or questions in case of Aviaiton but each question and answer at least get 20 votes
every other site people vote.
I simply dont see that here. I will be lying if i say I mind 0% about the REP but its not only for the REP , the votes act as a motivation factor for me personally to take up the time to answer another question.
Here you get tons of views for a question/answer but only 1 or 2 guys vote. I mean, what is holding you folks back.
TO be frank if this were another site the amount of question and answer Me , Steve and Zaid have answered should have taken us to a rep of about 8 to 10K
Paul I do not know how you reached 30k , good for you but you should be around 60 or 70k
for example
has answered only 550 questions about half as paul but has 50k REP in avation.
his most voted answers consistently has more than 50 votes some going til 70
if you take our homeboy PAULSTER2 for that matter he has a measly 27 as his most voted answer and is sitting at 30k REP
I think there are more mechanics and cars than pilots and planes around the world correct me if i am wrong
I am babbling here since I recently saw a guy with 800 REP from ONE ANSWER , ONE! He got 80 votes basically
he has been a member for 3 days
Looking at our ALL TIME VOTERS , IT LOOKS like a static web page. almost 0 changes, with the only new candidate being GEORGE.
By VOTING you encourage people to give out answers even more. I am not saying I will stop giving out answers just because I dont get any votes. All I am saying is that I like the green notification with +10 on it. Its like a pat on the back
Not only me, I feel like the number crunching talent of Zaid , the wise guy advice from paul , the how to be a rock god/mechanic Rory or the Lazy BOB should have more votes and equally appreciated for the efforts. You guys put in so much efforts and get 1 vote.
Even more important is Voting on questions. only then people will feel the question is getting noticed , perhaps I should ask more and the occasional "GOOD QUESTION" quote as a comment would be even better.
12:59 PM
@Anarach The site analytics show that a large chunk of our viewers are new to the site. They are passers-by, not having registered accounts
@Zaid Still , cannot justify getting 1 vote per question or 4 max
Out of 30k visits per day only 10k have visited before
1 hour later…
2:29 PM
A: How to become a self-taught amateur mechanic?

ZaidI'm sure others can provide their own viewpoints, but here are my guidelines: Define your objective(s) Know what you want to learn or master as it will set the tone for what learning areas to focus on, as well as what resources you need. Examples could include: general maintenance (plugs,...

2:49 PM
@Anarach @Zaid stack exchange websites have top ranking on Google search, when people ask basic questions (with good titles) that are easy to search for (why is my car jerking when I put it into gear?) then its likely our SE will be at the top of results
@DavidWinslow the large number of new visitors doesn't surprise me. What surprises me is the StackExchange strategy. As long as we're in Beta, they can't monetize those views per day by injecting banner ads. Boggles the mind, I tell ya
3:23 PM
@Zaid - Wow, I hadn't thought of that, but you are exactly right about monetizing the views per day. Even with a .1% visit to ad click, it would be a net gain (I almost wrote huge gain, but 300 ad clicks is not huge by any stretch).
@Anarach - I think you've seen my preaching on voting before. You definitely have me beat on the wall of words for the subject, though ;-) Nice backhand and follow-through, I must add.
3:47 PM
@Paulster2 This officially Grinds My Gear(Pun intended)
Q: toyota tazz 2e clutch smell burning

nigelhanniesWhen whe put car in first gear there is no power . it also struggle to get into first gear. There is a burning smell coming from the clutch. I have chech the cable and the clutch fluid

Is there anything wrong with his question?
ignoring the clutch part
he is getting smell on putting into 1st gear
and he has no power.
2 hours later…
6:00 PM
@Anarach - I don't have an issue other than it really doesn't ask a question. It needs to be fleshed out by the OP. I believe the comments after mine might be uncalled for.
What kills me is people don't upvote, but they sure can downvote. Realistically that's what we are supposed to do with questions/answers we find objectionable, so cannot blame someone for voting their mind. I was hoping the OP would come back on and help us out a little.
6:40 PM
Apparently that's what it's supposed to look like
but in my truck, there is 1 sensor, right out of the y
@Anarach I come from the Gardening site, where there is even less traffic. You get to low votes after a while
I have a chart from last year. I came back to the site in the middle of May. Just look what one man can do to the stats...
The voting was dragging while I was away, but obviously... if everyone voted like I did the site would be bustling, haha
I will make you a graph of your site (100 week timespan) ...
Looks like y'all have been improving recently.
7:14 PM
@J.Musser Not sure what you mean
Do you mean to say you're missing a sensor?
Or two
@J.Musser Feb 2015 is when I got a bit serious about the site
But I'm sure it's not just me
7:43 PM
@Zaid It might be...
I mean I've done it
@Zaid Oh. This thing doesn't show the sensor I found - but it shows 3 others that I apparently don't have...
It comes right out of the y

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