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12:12 AM
@enderland who cares any more. I give up on trying to keep this place working... Instead i think ill enjoy the ride down!
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1:48 AM
As a quick feedback on that issue - few months after it got all resolved and steeled down - this above was (and is) the best approach! Do not ever falsely assume that you might "buddy up" with your management, that you might "express yourself" or anything like that! Think from a professional point of view: do you job and keep the private mess away from the work place. If you are asked about it directly, try your best to stay away from mixing yourself in. — GeekSince1982 5 hours ago
2:19 AM
@Dawny33 it's amazing how nice it feels to make an impact like that :-)
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8:56 AM
Yes always fall in line and never show personality!
9:26 AM
Anyone know if this tag () is useful?
There's also which only has a handful of questions.
yes i think it is
A few of the security ones should be moved to job-security, a fair few should probably be tagged instead. I think the tag itself might be useful but it needs a definition and probably a warning not to confuse it with .
@Lilienthal I think, reading across those questions, that simplifying as you suggest is best, but the tag should remain. I reviewed them just to see if any would be appropriate over on Security.SE, but sadly not.
@Lilienthal I see that most of the background check documents related questions are tagged with
I'm loving the debate. Great minds battling it out. And I've got a front row seat.
9:36 AM
So, maybe !=
@Dawny33 Yeah those should definitely be retagged imo.
Yeah, and you're right. Most of them would go good with the [tag:privacy] tag!

Would start cleaning up after work [An Indian holiday tmrw] :D
/me looks it up
@Dawny33 Vasant Panchami?
yeah! Looks like you've already started the cleanup task.

Maybe your fan here can help. Eh @Pequod? :P
Please don't encourage him.
Man, there are a lot of Hindu holidays listed. I'm only really familiar with Ghanesh Chaturthi and Diwali.
9:51 AM
And we celebrate some of em better than a World Cup :D
Need help in conjuring up a nice wiki for this tag:
I think @Lilienthal loves the bants really. What a cutie
@Dawny33 Added something basic.
Yeah, that looks good enough!
@Dawny33 That should be my slogan if I ever run for moderator: "Lilienthal: Good Enough - Vote Adequacy"
10:10 AM
11:05 AM
Do you guys think we need to have clean up events once in a while, like some other sites do?
11:42 AM
Q: Broken Windows Review #5

LilienthalWelcome to a restart of the Broken Windows Review project. These posts are intended to simplify the cleanup of closed questions. By listing a number of such questions in a single meta thread, users can quickly find questions that are in need of improvement, reopening or deletion. See this post fo...

Comment threads on that pointed out that we have 25% closed questions so I'm unsure of the format for future reviews
This one just lasted way too long, caused way too much debate and was entirely too much effort for few results imo.
I'm thinking just simplifying part of the template, reducing the "debate this below" angle and linking vastly more questions.
Like "all closed ones from Sep 2015" for instance and only providing links.
If people feel a question is worth saving they can start a comment thread in an answer, otherwise it'd just serve as a collection of easy links to questions that need delete votes.
The main problem is that there is no delete vote queue from what I can tell.
Apparently there IS actually a page for it:
But annoyingly it doesn't really distinguish questions and answers
12:19 PM
Q: Should I end my emails with "Thanks", or leave it be?

AdelI have a habit of ending all my emails like so : Thanks, Adel But the default setting is that every email automatically says "Regards," at the bottom. Is the "Thanks" unnecessary in that case? Or is it a good add-on to include? Many of my colleagues would only start off with a "hi" and don'...

More thought provoking stuff
We need our best on this
12:47 PM
@Pequod if your goal is to make fun of other users let me be perfectly clear - that attitude is not welcome here. It seems rather ironic to be mocking other people for their inability to grasp "common sense" questions but demonstrating you seem unable to grasp basic common sense in actual interpersonal interactions yourself. — enderland ♦ Feb 2 at 17:42
+1 @enderland
Wow @ his deleted answer.

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