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Q: How to help a postgraduate student to write a book

user40652What is the best way to help a weak student who has already completed her post-graduation but has also secured a result much worser than her expected result during the completion of graduation,to write a good quality book which shall be recommended to higher secondary level students after it gets...

Hey all. Writers got a flood of these ^^^ a while back; the posts are spam seeds. Also off-topic here, as you'd expect. Please close these if you see 'em!
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@Lilienthal Fair enough, to each their own. Be aware that a lot of non-native English speakers translate from their language word-for-word, and that leads to such absurd sentences. I can imagine languages in which "What is in your head?" could be idiomatically spoken to mean "What do you think?". Hey, Facebook even asks you, "What's on your mind?" :)
My concern here is the hostility that non-English speakers might perceive for not being able to write English well enough, which is especially sad if it wasn't your intention (which it quite clearly was not).
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9:44 AM
@MaskedMan No I get what you mean, it's just that in this particular case the OP struck me as rather disrespectful even accounting for his poor English skills, but I guess that is indeed up for debate.
10:22 AM
@Lilienthal No big deal, just that this is one of the SE sites where the threshold for triggering off a drama is rather low. :D
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Q: How to deal with pornography in the workplace?

pgunstonI work in IT and whilst configuring emails for an employee I found several memes/joke emails containing pornography which have been circling between employees. What is a good way to handle this? Should I report these emails? The emails are 2 years old.

this question probably could use some downvotes on... some answers
2:25 PM
A: How to deal with pornography in the workplace?

Wesley LongUnless it's child pornography, or other content that you know to be illegal in your jurisdiction, you don't worry about it. It may violate policy, but that's not your area. The employees' manager is the one who should be concerned. Also, in some European countries, I know that there is an expe...

That is an overblown comment. It does not answer the question completely or even try. It should just say my opinion is...
@Chad sigh... ugh
Normally I would comment but I might as well try and knock over a cement bunker with my forehead as it is more likely to have the desired effect
Can we get a protect or close on this:
Q: Is it reasonable to want to format work PC when resigning?

SteveI resigned from my job as a developer today, giving one month's notice. I mentioned that on my last day I would format my PC and reinstall Windows to provide a fresh computer for my company to use if they hire another person. Shortly after I received an email specifically telling me to not form...

its a poll question, we could edit it into shape but then it becomes a dup. I am voting close as dup and skip the change
you don't worry about it. <-- why? This seems like a very bold statement to be made without a somewhat cohesive explanation of "why." While some readers may work in Europe, the OP's profile shows Australia. In some companies you may be responsible for not acting, too, especially if it's something that is being shared among employees. At my company following this advice would be pretty bad advice if it was ever discovered that I knew about this and didn't at least inform my supervisor. — enderland ♦ 5 secs ago
@Chad if it his 4 CV's I'll gladly put the last one on it ;)
It has 3 right now
I think thats good enough
protect at least please
it is currently number 3 on the hot list
2:41 PM
@Chad I'm hesitant to do that since it doesn't have any really bad answers yet (none are even downvoted)
I dup closed it
I was about to argue about how yes/no questions are a bad fit for a Q/A but I think that it makes more sense to just close it

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