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8:06 AM
@RaoulMensink For this edit you usually also want to remove the "thanks" and other fluff
8:34 AM
@Lilienthal is that nessesary though? I Kind of feel that it makes the op a bit more human and often more open to suggestions when they put in sentences like that.
Q: Should 'Hi', 'thanks', taglines, and salutations be removed from posts?

GEOCHETI edit a lot of posts every day. I often run across posts with 'Hi' and 'Thanks' on the top and the bottom of the post respectively. I also run across things like: --User Should these items be removed during the editing of the post by an editor?

maybe you are right, just maybe ^^
Always am.
gg xD
8:56 AM
it is so much fun to get Excel calculations to web -.-
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1:03 PM
@Lilienthal If you know anyone going for a masters or doctorate in psychology, the posts that manage to hang around in HNQ would make for a fascinating dissertation.
you mean like "how does fire work in d&d?" :)
1:36 PM
@RaoulMensink heh depends on how complicated they are I suppose ;-)
well its just simpler
I have done a ton of work in Excel. kind of happy to not do that anymore :)
oh that yeah
People think Excel functions are Standard in SharePoint --.--
ugh, sharepoint
my Manager just jokingly said how dare he say that ^^ refering to you
1:42 PM
Hah, I have really strong negative feelings about sharepoint
its going to make me Money so I don't really care that much yet
at my previous job I was careful to not tell people I knew how to do stuff with it because I hated doing the work
@RaoulMensink not a bad attitude :-)
I am exactly doing the opposite, because I would like to work at the SAP Team for like atleast a half year
my last job was SAP stuff and I did not like it :( but I'm doing software development now, so I guess it's good
what type of SAP?
ABAP programming
1:45 PM
ah, yeah. I was doing BODS stuff (their ETL tool) which I was really good at but it was boring
When i get good at something I start to like it :)
I got good at it way too fast
and so I wasn't really challenged
I tend to make challanges :)
I didn't want to be stuck in SAP stuff either
I am pretty sure I could have made a ton more money doing SAP than software development htough
my Company spends so much Money on Basic modules its insane
1:50 PM
yeah SAP is super important for many big companies
not very many people want to do it, especially Americans
Germany :P
just 800 People here though
lol yeah
my team was super international, I was the only American
I like working internationally but... SAP :'(
wel I havent worked with it yet so, I really can't say I just know that it has a future and I would love to stay in germany
ahh, are you from there originally? I was trying to figure out where your name suggested you were from :P
From my Name you would probeply get Spain
or itally
1:54 PM
I was trying to figure out since to me your first/last both are different nationalities, though I'm not an expert in this at all haha
my Family has quite the history
2:09 PM
@enderland SAP = Stupid A** Program
@RichardU ask a SAP developer what it stands for
they wont know it
Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung
(I have a mate who works there in Germany)
he's security though, not a dev
Systeme Anwendungen Programm :P (atleast thats what the sap framework developers told me when i asked last year)
@RaoulMensink that's correct, but the developers I've known had much more colorful names for it.
@RichardU yeh, but our SAP teamleader would call it Super Awesome Programming
2:27 PM
@RaoulMensink He'd call it that in public, at least. In private....
no hes just crazy trust me
> The acronym SAP stands for Systems, Applications, and Products in data processing. The SAP acronym was derived from the original German name, which was Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung.
3:06 PM
@RoryAlsop My bad, I didn't read it close enough. I worked for a German company that loved it, so I should have remembered it. I do remember Waste Management suing the heck out of them too. It's a nightmare to deal with.
One of my old employers had everything through SAP - and they were a relatively small company. So much effort to change anything :-(
@RoryAlsop Small companies often make the mistake of assuming that since they don't know how to do something, a bigger company does. Not often the case. I can tell you a few nightmares about a publishing application that was so awful that we had to create over 150 applications to support it.
wow - that puts my mild annoyance at SAP in a small environment to shame
3:24 PM
@RoryAlsop I swear, I should write a book. I know a company that took four months and two dozen meeting to change one line of code to add a line in a drop-down menu for a form that was only used for reporting, no processing involved at all, other than printing out the form. The drop down menu item was for a product that had already been in production for over a year.
I've led a very unusual life, and a career to match. I should publish it as fiction because nobody would believe it otherwise ;)
@RichardU brilliant :-)
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4:31 PM
@RichardU how about a "critical" feature that was delayed for two years?
I've just handed in the company laptop and badge. My job is officially over. I asked my team leader about what happened to me, and he only said "sh*t happens".
4:53 PM
@Trickylastname :-(
5:07 PM
@Trickylastname I once lost a job because the higher ups wanted my director to quit, so they forced him to lay off 1/3 of his staff. He loved all of us, so it hurt him more than it did us. When we were sitting across the table, his face was longer than mine. There is no reason for a firing or a laying off that I will not believe at this point.
5:18 PM
@RichardU I did all sorts of annoying things with read receipts, my favorite was copying the email a bunch and deleting ALL the copies
5:30 PM
He's an hypocrite. The manager as well. The day after my manager broke me the news they talked sh*t of the ones they fired, in plain sight of the rest of the team while sipping coffee. I took the trouble of telling my team mates what happened, before they lie about it.
5:45 PM
What's this?
SAP talk?
And I wasn't pinged?
For shame @enderland :)
6:11 PM
@enderland Can I pick your brain about VBA a bit?
6:41 PM
@Air sure... haven't touched it for quite a few months though :-)
@enderland That shouldn't be an issue, I'm just at the "getting comfortable" stage
I'm putting together an Access database for one of our local agencies
oh fun
Anyhow, I wrote an Address class that takes the attributes of a unique index on the corresponding table and provides a function to look up the surrogate ID. The issue is that I made the ID column an AutoNumber and from what I can tell there's literally no value in the LongInteger range that AutoNumber can't potentially take on
are you using access as a backend too?
6:49 PM
ruh oh
access as a backend is not desirable
Well my original suggestion was MySQL + Python, both of which I'm comfortable with
you can link access to a lot of databases for their backend
the main project I did in access talked to SQL Server
When I workshopped the data model internally the feedback I got was "this is a small project so I'd just do it in Excel"
And I made the mistake of not putting my foot down and saying "we're doing it my way"
Because I'm relatively junior and everyone else has loads of experience doing things like this and management is clueless about whether they've been doing them wrong
So I made my bed and now I have to lie in it =/
access as backend is really not that great because it basically works by hosting on a network drive
Well, if we can manage we're going to put it on SharePoint
but like as not it's just going to end up on the local machine of the one staff member who runs this program
6:53 PM
Ah, good
Anyhow, everything I'm reading online about how to approach "find a value if it exists" functions is that if it doesn't exist, you just pick some value outside of the range of good values and return that instead.
Which I hate in general, but in particular, it doesn't look like there is such a thing for AutoNumber
is AutoNumber the access way to generate a unique key?
SQL server took care of that for me :-)
Now, it's supposed to start at 0 and increment, and the table should only ever grow to ~10^4 records so -1 should be a perfectly safe value to use for "not found"
But eughhh
And I can't find any documentation that explicitly addresses whether AutoNumber uses the full range of a signed long int
I have no clue on this one
I don't have any problem checking within the function whether the result set is empty, what frustrated me is that when I returned from the function without assigning any return value it didn't give me an empty integer - it gave me a default (0)
I guess I'm just going to have to guess at the lesser evil between returning -1 or using Variant so I can return Null
Only other thing I can think of is to create a Type holding the return value and a flag
And then check the flag to decide whether the return value is BS
7:08 PM
I'm not really sure. it sounds like this is one of the annoying quirks in dealing with access as a backend
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I think this is one of the best and quickest edits I've seen on the site by any OP.
7:28 PM
Air, could you make a test system where you start from INT_MAX instead of 0? That way you could quickly see what happens on overflow. The Wikipedia page for AutoNumber doesn't sound like it'd go negative but like you say it's hard to be sure.
Or I guess LONG_MAX
welcome @Rauwyn, not sure I've seen you chatting here at the Water Cooler before :)
Thanks, I haven't really been on the chat although I've been reading questions on the main site
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8:45 PM
@Rauwyn After 2147483647, it "increments" to -2147483648 and counts up from there, so -1 should be the absolute last place it gets to
But you can also just change the 'new values' generation from increment to random to see that it uses negatives
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11:44 PM
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Real questions have real answers.

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