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12:52 AM
So Windows 10 is meh.
@JeffreyLin better than 8?
I'm going through like 300 updates to update to w10 from w8
@Ieuan Probably. It has DirectX 12 and stuff
Dunno yet, not actually sure if I'll upgrade.
People are saying that it allows Microsoft to be Big Brother and whatnot.
I'm just gonna dive in lol
How long do you think it'll take for SP1 to come out?
@JeffreyLin idk, couple months probably
12:56 AM
So I have a half broken Ubuntu and a half broken Windows.
Which is just a teeny bit problematic.
@JeffreyLin just blow both up and install arch with gnome or cinnamon
@Ieuan That's what I originally planned.
@JeffreyLin well I mean, I'm just running w8 now and I'm updating to w10 if possible
Need to upload my 7z's to MEGA though lol.
I don't really have any relevant input
1:00 AM
And plus, if I blow everything up how am I supposed to get the update?
@JeffreyLin through iso released in like.. 10 hours or something
@Ieuan I need to do that first then.
@Ieuan More like 15
@JeffreyLin sure
Also, my Internet Explorer and Firefox are exploded so I'm RIP when it comes to uploading files.
@JeffreyLin download waterfox
1:02 AM
@Ieuan Using what fricking browser?
@JeffreyLin how are you chatting rn?
@Ieuan Phone.
It doesn't download...
TTYs still work.
I'll just wget it. And then move it to the windows partition.
Fix my Ubuntu now.
@JeffreyLin do you have to change your clock every time you switch between Windows and ubuntu?
or is that just a Europe thing?
1:05 AM
@Ieuan /etc/defaults/RcS or something.
Turn the thing off.
@JeffreyLin I don't have my dualboot anymore lol
Check with your Linux box.
It's because Windows is skrub and uses GMT instead of UTC or something.
@JeffreyLin we all use GMT in Europe lol
@Ieuan But Linux uses UTC
@JeffreyLin Yeah cuz linux is nice and all but not at all UX friendly lol
1:08 AM
Q: Windows vs Linux Local Time?

arielnmzEver since I started using Linux in dualboot with Windows I noticed that when I rebooted the machine, the time on the other OS was wrong, e.g. it was 12:00 on Linux, then I rebooted and on Windows it was 18:00, and when I checked the BIOS, the RTC was set to 18:00. Since my timezone is -06:00 CST...

TL;DR: Windows is doing it wrong
@JeffreyLin Meh
How did I even break the Ubuntu box?
When I boot up there's no top bar on the login screen and when you log in you see a black screen.
You have to startx and unity to get to a working desktop.
@JeffreyLin the service just isn't started on boot?
@Ieuan But that will start X on tty1
Never mind.
Rebooting pc takes years after installing 88 updates
I just wanna do apt-get upgrade or pacman - Syy or w/e
1:19 AM
@Ieuan I heard that that many upgrades would probably break Arch
@JeffreyLin meh I updated an old arch VM a couple weeks ago, had about 80 packages installed and about 60-70 of them needed an update
Took longer than a couple seconds but it didn't crash
It performed pretty badly after but reboot fixed that
But the thing is
If Windows would just make it not this big of a hassle every fucking time I wouldn't have to let it pile up like this
Yeah, even dist-upgrades aren't that crazy.
/r/powerwashingporn/ new favorite sub
When I get a house I'm just gonna buy a power washer and go over the exterior every summer
Damnit reboot again
2:16 AM
> Windows 10 – Microsoft’s shiny new operating system launches tomorrow.
Read that as "Microsoft's shitty new operating system"
Mojang is saying that my password is wrong.
Also @Ieuan keep in mind that to prevent explosions it will be a rolling release, so you won't get it at 9 AM PST on the dot. In fact, you might get it days later.
@JeffreyLin you can get it now already, it's just not officially released for another couple hours
2:46 AM
@Ieuan How did you get it?
Also I'm bothered that SE and ChatSEy aren't the same app.
4 hours later…
7:05 AM
@JeffreyLin which is not minecraft
@JeffreyLin well one is made by stack exchange, the other by @fredley
3 hours later…
9:50 AM
posted on July 29, 2015

Hello! Windows 10 is rolling out and so is the new Minecraft Edition! We’ve written up some instructions on how to get your free copy of Minecraft Windows 10 Edition at  https://mojang.com/2015/07/get-minecraft-windows-10-edition-beta-for-free/  Please follow the instructions <3

10:08 AM
@KevinvanderVelden it is Minecraft, just PE
Which they don't clearly state anywhere afaik
True, I meant "Minecraft" as in the full name being minecraft =p
10:21 AM
PE and minecraft aren't that different for most vanilla players, honestly
it's just us crazies that don't want anything to do with something you can't slap 200 mods onto
11:21 AM
@Jochem there's a lot of features missing
and weird shit
There's a couple blocks in PE that aren't in normal Minecraft
2 hours later…
1:40 PM
@Ieuan Nether reactor comes to mind.
Alright guys, before I do something stupid, do I need more than 4 partitions?
Probably not
Screw it, I'll stick with msdos.
posted on July 29, 2015

We have released Minecraft version 1.8.8 to fix some security issues and improved some functionality within Realms. Updating is highly recommended from older versions, and is 100% compatible with all 1.8 versions.

3 more hours until explosions
2:37 PM
@JeffreyLin Just two; system and data
there's some arguments to be made for system, data, logs, disk-based caches, but not really on a desktop system
@Jochem I did the one partition for everything thing once on a server, ends up just being a hassle
Because you never have enough space
it's a safety feature, really
your users can't cause the entire system to grind to a hault. Neither can a syslog misconfiguration or rampant cups / mail daemon
I do agree it's a major PITA
So one for bootloader
One for Windows
One for shared drive
One for /home
One for /
Darn it
I tend to put /usr, /bin, /sbin, /lib and /lib64 on their own partition (bind-mounting to the rescue!), mounted read-only unless I have updates to do.
2:47 PM
@MartinSojka on a home pc?
The second one is where /tmp and /var/tmp live, mounted noexec, nosuid
Third one is /var, /home and /root, nosuid
And the remainder is the root (/) partition directly, aside of stuff like /sys, /proc and so on, which are virtual file systems anyway.
@KevinvanderVelden There too, yes.
But this is a dual boot PC
Huh, sounds like a lot of hassle for a home pc =p
Just a matter of habit, really.
So should I go with GPT then?
2:55 PM
@JeffreyLin Put bootloader on Windows partition
It should automatically sort itself out
@Jochem someone with your first name just ordered something from me
@Ieuan huh cool
@Jochem do you write your name with 3x M by chance?
nope, just the one...
@Jochem oh well, guess it's no free surprise visits for you then :(
That sounds ... ominous.
3:07 PM
@Ieuan aww

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