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3:40 AM
Semantically I don't think "He could think of nothing as much worth saying" and "He could think of nothing as worth saying" are equivalent. — Man_From_India 18 hours ago
What do you think about it?
3:55 AM
A: "as much" vs "much"

David M W Powers He could think of nothing else to say, or as much worth saying. It is perhaps a bit archaic. To understand the effect of the "as" we could drop the "much" and even the "else to say" and recast the "nothing" -> He could think of nothing as worth saying. -> None of his possible respo...

I don't know why, but the sentence - "he could think of nothing as worth saying" - doesn't sound good to me.
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5:28 AM
Word of the Day: belt and braces
> You should draw the dots showing the interesting electrons. The half arrows show where they go. This is very much a "belt-and-braces" job, and the arrows don't add much.
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8:18 AM
Crop rotation is the practice of growing a series of dissimilar or different types of crops in the same area in sequenced seasons. It is done so that the soil of farms is not used for only one set of nutrients. It helps in reducing soil erosion and increases soil fertility and crop yield. Growing the same crop in the same place for many years in a row disproportionately depletes the soil of certain nutrients. With rotation, a crop that leaches the soil of one kind of nutrient is followed during the next growing season by a dissimilar crop that returns that nutrient to the soil or draws a different...
rotational crop
I liked that adjective.
9:04 AM
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11:02 AM
@Man_From_India Yeah, they're different
11:49 AM
Good morning! :-)
@snailplane Morning!
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3:12 PM
@user178049 Not if it's deliberate and indicating an informal, friendly tone, and not if I'm not quoting someone's speech while trying to ascribe that characteristic to them (because it'd be difficult to represent an accent in writing otherwise).
> Why you cannot starve in desert?
- Because of sandwiches there / sand which is there
More natural: Why can't you starve in a desert?
4:58 PM
hi is this correct english ; The main idea of this project is to manage the raw data of the measurement and then work it in MATLAB
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6:05 PM

Proposed Q&A site for bangla (or Bengali in English) is an Indian language. The site would contain all aspects... starting from Literature and culture through grammar, spelling, translation to typesetting, font, encoding, optical character recognition; everything.

Currently in definition.

6:16 PM
@Joe Did you mean work at it in MATLAB?
@Joe When talking about the language, English is capitalized. Furthermore, a sentence begins with a capital letter. Also, manage in that sentence doesn't look good. You probably want something else, but I don't know what you're trying to say. Perhaps obtain?

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