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4:19 AM
Q: NFL vs. CFL regulations

alamootWhat are the main differences between regulations of the NFL and the CFL? I live in Canada and follow the NFL, but also watch CFL games once in a while. I know a few differences; for example in the NFL each team gets 4 tries to carry the ball 10 yards, but that is only 3 tries in the CFL. Also ...

Poor Panthers :(
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5:53 AM
Within 15 points to cover this weekend.
6:12 AM
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7:25 AM
Marian Hossa just became the 80th player in NHL history to reach 1,000 career points. Congrats, Hoss! http://t.co/QI7mJhOXnm
thanks for sharing @MartinSleziak :D
Well, I have to admit I follow Slovak players more than the others.
But I think that in the last season Blackhawks played nice hockey.
I did not see much of them this season. (I generally do not watch that much of ice-hockey, because of the time-zones difference.)
the hawks all always contenders
tough physical hockey
They shown lost of nice combinations and individual moves, too.
yep, they are well rounded...
@MartinSleziak did you watch game 7 on wed?
sooo much drama :-)
7:44 AM
@IceBoy This is about baseball right? I do not fallow baseball at all... :-(
It's cultural. I follow (some of) the sports that are popular here in Europe.
Ok, I'll need to go now. See you later!
see you pal :-)
thanks again for the update
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12:10 PM
Q: Why do female footballers play a higher number of international matches compared to a male footballer?

YaitzmeI see female footballers who have played over 300 international games and several who have more than 200 caps. A sample of the top scorers in women's football: Player, Caps Abby Wambach, 228 Mia Hamm, 275 Christine Sinclair, 211 Kristine Lilly, 352 Birgit Prinze, 214 The corresponding record...

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5:24 PM
^^wins on a broken leg. i'll take tiger historically over rory anyday

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