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Q: NFL: Why do kick coverage teams always run all the way down the field

Bachrach44I've noticed this frequently in the NFL. When there's a kickoff that is downed in the end zone for a touchback (or is out of the back of the endzone), the coverage team still runs all the way down the field. Sometimes the receiving team is already walking off the field as the referees take the ba...

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Anyone here?
1:37 PM
Q: Why have the Williams F1 team changed their livery and branding recently?

pleinolijfI have noticed that the Williams F1 Racing Team have shed the Martini branding this last race (and maybe the race before as well; I don't recall). It's nowhere to be found on the car, the racing overalls, even the name of the team has changed (although the official championship entry is registed ...

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2:56 PM
No one?
@DemCodeLines yes?
3:20 PM
Hey, remember me?
Q: really fat hockey goalies

Bachrach44I've always wondered why some creative hockey team doesn't find a sumo wrestler, strap a pair of size XXXXXXXL skates to his feet, and tell him "sit there in front of the goal". Simply based on their size they should cover most (if not all) of the goal, making it all but impossible for the other ...

@edmastermind29 the rec-ball coach
@DemCodeLines yeah, you were coaching a youth basketball team (and got an answer to your question IIRC, not to be confused with Roc-Nation @waxeagle)
@DemCodeLines how'd that go?
We reached the championship last year... and then lost, in the 2010 nba finals style
@DemCodeLines you had superstars vs their team with really good team chemistry?
3:25 PM
Not exactly superstars, but we were leading throughout the game, until they caught up in late 4th quarter, tied the game and won in overtime
It was heart breaking
@DemCodeLines so, like heat vs spurs game 6 2013 nba finals style?
@DemCodeLines i'm sure...its heartbreaking to hear! anything of note that went wrong?
Well yeah kinda. More like 2010 finals, just replace Celtics superstars with spurs good players
They were big
We couldn't score on them
@DemCodeLines ahh. you got a notch under your belt...sounds exciting nonetheless.
@DemCodeLines didn't go full kobe on them?
The funny thing is, we played the undefeated team in the semifinals and won despite being the underdogs. They had a great big guy, but we made him ineffective by continuously running and making him tired.
@DemCodeLines were your team in better shape?
3:29 PM
But we didn't do the same in the finals.
Now it's time for a new season. I'm debating if I should coach again this year
@DemCodeLines when i played pickup basketball this summer, i was in much better shape, and i tell ya, i could play a full game and then some. it's been several years since i could do that, and it makes a world of difference so things don't fall off the waistside so easily.
@DemCodeLines pros and cons?
I had a number of different reasons I coached last year
Those reasons mostly don't exist anymore
@DemCodeLines gotcha. times change, circumstances change. i was an assistant fencing coach for a few years, but i ended that recently since life was going into a different direction for me
I did enjoy the experience, however :)
@DemCodeLines :) glad to hear about it
3:40 PM
This is a little childish situation, but I graduated last year from high school (and had a crush on this girl). I also, for some reason, felt very lonely and just missed school and the environment. My primary motivation to coach was to be near the school environment as well as get that last look at this girl.
I knew that she might be there at the championship game, since I had seen her there the past couple of years. So my hope all season was to make it to the championship game.
@DemCodeLines :P i couldn't read between dem code lines. and i'm a few years graduated from college...and one thing i heard from my internship that rings true with me is, "i miss college, i don't miss school."
@DemCodeLines so your true motivation built your team to get to the championship game
The irony is that I got to the championship game, but she didn't come (maybe because she knew I was there, maybe not)
It was already bad enough not seeing her there, but when we lost in such a heart-breaking manner, it was just terrible
@DemCodeLines oh how i don't miss those days. i'm involved with youth and see all the crushes going on :P
@DemCodeLines ehh, i gotcha
But every time I think about it, I realize that the goal was to get to the championship (whether for her or for other reasons) and I did get there, so was my goal completed and was it a success?
@DemCodeLines i'd say so, but that's for you to answer
3:48 PM
Anyways, that girl stuff is now in the past and I'm not as motivated to be near that school environment as I was last year, so I have to decide, do I still want to do it? Funny thing is, I met one of the other coaches a few days shop at a store, and his question was if I was going to do rec ball this year (maybe he wanted me to join him). Till now, I had decided that I wouldn't do it, but after him saying that, I'm rethinking about this whole thing (and it's driving me crazy)
@DemCodeLines what about the other coach is intriguing you?
@edmastermind29 1. Someone wants me there. 2. I had a pretty good experience and enjoyed drafting, making plays etc.
@DemCodeLines #1 is huge and truly is a morale booster/drainer. #2 doesn't happen if you don't have motivation from a girl, #1, or otherwise.
4:06 PM
That's certainly one way to look at it
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There are plausible scenarios that have an 11-5 NFC team missing the playoffs and a 5-11 team winning the NFC South: http://t.co/mrlJ8o3lzA
ridicuolous. Someone suggested that there be a new rule to excise the playoff spot from very poorly performing division winners. Im wondering
i feel like you'd need (or at least want) to completely rebalance the schedule if you did that
8:48 PM
Q: As a new player, what football (soccer) skills can I improve exceptionally quickly to be a better team player?

Venture2099I have recently joined a soccer (football) team at work playing as a right-back. I have very low experience in playing although I am an avid fan of watching. With limited time to practice, What skills could I work on to improve my ability in a short space of time? In summary - which basic ...

@waxeagle Well, it's already doubly imbalanced. Singly imbalanced is still better

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