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6:18 AM
Q: Strikers who can defend as well?

GauravI have read that both Rio Ferdinand and Daniel van Buyten started began their career as strikers(I have even managed to train van Buyten to be a top striker in Football Manager). Their career as striker has been unremarkable though. Is there any player in History to have a fair amount of success ...

6:36 AM
Q: Is header allowed in basketball?

GstestsoI know kicking ball in NBA is not allowed, how about header? is header like football allowed in basketball?

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1:12 PM
@steelerfan they got Andy Dalton. in other words, y'all are fine :P
@steelerfan yes! since 2002...i didn't like how they traded Drew Bledsoe. 10 yr 100 mil contract the year before, gets injured, then Brady takes over. looking back, Brady was cheaper and is a surefire hall of famer, so it worked out. Bledsoe got the axe fast.
1:44 PM
@edmastermind29 I felt the exact same way when Bledsoe got axed and Brady got the job. Hopefully the same will happen to Brady with Garoppolo :)

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