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4:05 AM
Q: bizarre shot made while playing in eight ball tourniment

tonyaWhat happens when the eight ball is shot an the eight ball and the cue ball get wedged together in same pocket an neither ball falls, just stuck suspended in pocket while playing in a regulation eight ball tourniment?

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1:46 PM
Q: Why call 'safety' if the turn will pass to the opponent anyway after failing a called shot?

systemovichIn 8-ball pool, if I fail a called shot, the turn passes to my opponent. There is also the option of calling safety, in which case the turn will pass to my opponent as well. What is the advantage of calling safety?

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5:26 PM
Q: What is the Spider 2 Y Banana?

thinly veiled question markIn a Jon Gruden interview on ESPN, he calls a play Spider 2 Y Banana: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jV02cGw-PvQ I have no idea what to make of this. What do the words even reference, and what do they mean?

5:56 PM
Q: How are points in the ATP/WTA ranking computed in case tournament final is delayed (and finished during the following week)?

MartinIt happens quite often that a tennis tournament is not finished on Sunday. Due to weather or other reason. A few examples (I wanted to include various leves - Grand Slam, ATP Tour, ATP Challenger Tour; I have no doubt that many other examples can be found): In 2012 US Open the final match betwe...

6:32 PM

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