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2:59 AM
@edmastermind29 You obviously don't know our team that well :)
Also, it seems like we lost more then 2 veteran players. To quote Terry Blount on ESPN:
> It's still to be determined how this will turn out. Seattle lost 10 players who had 58 years of combined experience. They've been replaced, for the most part, by much younger players and, in many cases, players with a lot more talent. But it's hard to make up all that experience they lost.
> So far, it seems to have hurt them the most on the defensive line in losing defensive ends Chris Clemons and Red Bryant and defensive tackle Clinton McDonald. Those three players accounted for 11.5 sacks last season.
@edmastermind29 I'm interested in seeing what Cincinnati can do. I think Seattle plays them later on. Arizona will also be interesting. Doesn't look like either San Fran nor dem Saints will be doing too good this year. Dunno about Philly. Theirs seem to be close games.
Wow, the Saints have a tough season.
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1:22 PM
@Seth never claimed i did
@Seth I think Arizona is a dark horse this year amid the injuries. SF doesn't look too good. The Saints are meh as well. Philly has a suspect defense.
@Seth thanks for the info
Falcons haven't showed anything impressive on a consistent basis. Green Bay looked awful against the Lions. Does anyone really think the Cowboys finish better than 8-8?
@IceBoy I was wrong about the Jets :P
@edmastermind29 it's all good :-)
@IceBoy i think they were in the red zone 7 times and only came away with a TD?
@edmastermind29 if they 'boys could ever be a darkhorse playoff contender, this might be the year
I mean, granted, their wins are over TN, and a huge come from behinder over St. Louis...but still
@waxeagle Philly has been coming from behind as well.
no RG3 in washington...Philly...is philly, and NYG look bad
1:28 PM
@waxeagle wasn't it last season the boys were 5-1 in their division and the only divisional loss was week 17?
@IceBoy born and raised ser!
@edmastermind29 I think so :(
yeah well...not like they would have done anything in the playoffs, Romo had back surgery before that game
@waxeagle yeah. it was funny because i was thinking....if romo were in this position, this would be picked off....and alas, it happens.
who is that #19
trying to catch with one hand?
1:32 PM
@IceBoy miles austin...who is now a brown
@edmastermind29 thanks for the info
2:20 PM
Q: What happens if a receiver is beyond the end zone in football?

cwallenpooleI suspect that this is just "out of bounds", but what happens when a receiver catches a pass and has two feet out of the end zone at the far end? Is this just out of bounds or is there more forgiveness in the end zone?

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3:51 PM
Q: Who will win Super Bowl XXVIIII?

T.M.RichardsThe NFL is shaping up quite a bit differently than last year, and many of the teams that we assumed would be doing very well up to this point simply are not. In addition, there are several teams that have been a surprise and remain undefeated. This is making it more difficult for me to predict wh...

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8:13 PM
Had heard he'd died on the news yesterday, but this is just weird: sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nfl-shutdown-corner/…
@waxeagle yeah...and the wife reported him missing after she didn't find him sleeping or something?
just really, really strange
wasn't McNair's death strange too?
@waxeagle his mistress committed murder suicide if i recall correctly
that's right
just another casualty of life in the fast lane...
8:18 PM
Bironas was a place kicker...those guys are hardly known for their luxurient lifestyles/salaries
(I mean, granted, he could claim best kicker in the league for a couple of years there...but that's like being the fastest O lineman)
But, the "you in the big league now" mentality is everywhere.
@IceBoy i believe Bironas was in the fast lane switching lanes...
@edmastermind29 Indeed, my friend.
@waxeagle lol. remember vanderjagt?
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I'm on a losing streak. Maybe hockey will break it...
...the Jets crashed and burned last night :(
8:27 PM
@IceBoy hmm...but if you warm up too much, your luck will melt.
@IceBoy if they had a decent QB...
I better start watching NHL preseason.

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