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4:01 AM
@edmastermind29 nice call on the Broncos covering the spread during the third quarter.
4:44 AM
Wow, Denver just dumps the Chargers. Denver is just EONS better this year.
With that kind of game I bet they'll reach the SB again.
2 hours later…
6:36 AM
Q: What do you do to initiate and hold the edge during a carved turn on a snowboard?

RD PhairI've read many books and many posts on other snowboarding forums, but there is always something new to learn from more experienced riders. I switch to the new edge just as I cross the fall line but frequently skid during the second half of the turn and into the new traverse. For me this is mostly...

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2:02 PM
@IceBoy it was quite fulfilling. watched a majority of the game...and watching emmanuel sanders lay out for some passes was beautiful.
@Seth on D is the huge thing. last year, you could have called them the enver broncos
on any given sunday thursday...
@IceBoy yes sir. and denver has a running game. woo.
you were sweating the spread for half the game pal :P
@IceBoy it was only a matter of time ;)
i should have got 9 points ;)
2:11 PM
@IceBoy there's something about the number 7...
7 was a bargain
@IceBoy but in broncos history...colts that become broncos tend to do well
no more bargains going done the stretch to the playoffs?
@IceBoy playoffs? you're talking about playoffs?
are you watching the WS?
SF could be a dynasty
2:17 PM
@IceBoy been watching it off an on. both games have been blowouts so far. won't get a chance to watch the next two nights...so sunday will be my earliest opportunity (if i dont watch SNF, ha)
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3:56 PM
@edmastermind29 shame is, it likely means he's retiring
4:46 PM
@waxeagle yes. however, had he played in 9 or less games last season (he played 14), the lakers could have waived his $9 mil salary for this season.
@edmastermind29 dang
but if anyone were to get a back injury, I would have thought Kobe before Nash. After all, Kobe carries that team :P
@waxeagle yeah. could have brought in some talent...if they wanted to play with Kobe
this whole story...I'm stunned it's grown legs
tbh, the reason no one wants to play with Kobe is that he's old, the Lakers really don't have much cap space and there were more attractive options this season, teams much closer to titles
(and if you're a title seeking sort, you're not going to a weak team in the West)
@waxeagle exactly. the west is deep. even with durant out, OKC will hold its own to get a top 6 seed (and I'm being generous).
how long is KD even out? 2 months? not much time in the NBA, if they go 500 they'll be a #3 by season end
maybe 4 or 5
4:52 PM
perhaps the Nash injury will give Jeremy Lin a chance to play. even with his short outburst in NY, i always thought he was serviceable and got crowded in houston
would be interested to see how he does
@waxeagle yeah. they don't have much to worry about imo. now playing the spurs will be interesting.
@edmastermind29 sure will be
but KD will be fresher in the playoffs than anyone else, that's going to matter
@waxeagle who in the east has your eye?
@edmastermind29 indeed
4:57 PM
@Seth who do the hawks play this week?
@edmastermind29 Cleveland is the obvious favorite. I don't trust DRose to stay healthy for a whole season, but if he does, Chicago is a top team. Indy will be a dangerous middle seed of George comes back healthy. Miami restocked but is seriously old...I really have to think it's Cleveland's to lose
Washington is still a few years away...
@edmastermind29 Carolina :/
@waxeagle If George comes back this season, I expect it to be the final quarter of the season.
@Seth interesting matchup. I see seattle winning that, but carolina's nothing to sneeze at.
Supposidely the team is "confident".. but they say that every week.
5:00 PM
@edmastermind29 yeah, I think they can make the 5 or 6 without him, and if he's back and actually himself, they could upset someone in the playoffs
@edmastermind29 That's what they said about Dallas..
@waxeagle Paul Pierce is a few years away too....from retirement
However, there is hope left. The team that played those first 4 games is still there.. mostly.
So many people out for injuries.
@waxeagle true. and if roy hibbert comes back (where did he go last season?)
@Seth they are overachieving thus far....idk if it keeps up
@edmastermind29 yeah, sadly that has less to do with healing, and more to do with psychiatry...
5:01 PM
@edmastermind29 true enough.
@Seth i think that's what denver is getting away with. arizona, sf, and sd had injuries
@waxeagle yeah. will be interesting.
denver is pretty ridiculously healthy so far aren't they?
That is true. Denver has to play SD again this season. That will be interesting.
@waxeagle montee ball is hurt, but hillman has picked up the running game and then some
Your own division is always hardest.
5:03 PM
Madden just opted out of Tampa
@Seth outside of NE, SD, and maybe CIN, I don't see too many games to worry about. but any given thursday sunday, right @IceBoy?
@Seth definitely, I wouldn't be worried about Washington this week otherwise
Ooh, GB plays NO. That'll be.. interesting.
@waxeagle You're worried about Washington?
5:04 PM
@edmastermind29 you got that right pal :D
@Seth oh NO. GB will be fine...R-E-L-A-X. NO seems to be mistake prone on offense this season.
Oct 20 at 4:39, by Ice Boy
@Seth at this point in the regular season I won't worry too much about the close loss, always remember the lesson, 18 wins and 1 GIANT loss to a WILD card team.
@Seth Only a bit, Dallas should crush them...but like I said, division games
@waxeagle And Washington is starting the real McCoy....look out.
5:05 PM
@edmastermind29 I'm looking at the Easter, and literally the only teams that got better this off season (at least in a contender sort of way) were Cleveland and Chicago
Washington might have a case adding pierce, but aging starts don't count
@Seth tough injury
We're going to need a lot of Russell magic and trick plays to survive this, I'm afraid.
@Seth i know how that feels. that was last season.
@Seth how long will that magic last?
@edmastermind29 What do you mean?
@waxeagle true. the pau gasol signing is legit.
5:06 PM
@waxeagle ah, yes.
@waxeagle young team tho. leadership could go some ways...but not this season
@Seth he's been houdini at times...which is great...but is it sustainable? i generally like the player, and am rooting for him, but what he's doing at times seems to defy logic.
@edmastermind29 yeah, I can't see it. Not this year. I think this year is Chicago's if Rose stays healthy. If he's hurt, I think it's a Cleveland Miami final with Cleveland winning, and then beating whoever comes out of the west.
(and I think it'll be OKC if Durant gets healthy, and the clippers if he doesn't)
(whichever team beats the Spurs in the conference finals)
@edmastermind29 That's why he is so good ;)
@waxeagle ooo...the clips.
yeah, don't sleep on the Clips
5:09 PM
@Seth better than luck? i'm aware of any potential biases but what do you think?
Oct 18 at 15:37, by Ice Boy
user image
@IceBoy legit
@IceBoy quest for six....wins
@edmastermind29 quest for the number one draft pick ;-)
@IceBoy suck for....i'm sorry, that was 2012. who is worth sucking for this season?
@edmastermind29 Oh Andrew Luck? lol. I thought you meant you thought all his tricks were just luck.. lol.
I haven't seen Andrew Luck play, so no idea.
5:16 PM
@Seth yes lol. well, he is doing something so i can't quite be that ignorant to call it luck :P
That's what I was thinking :P
@Seth fair enough. i've seen both play, and although I think Luck ultimately has more upside and pro-offense savvy, Russell Wilson holds his own and either qb would be a great choice if you were to choose one or the other.
@Seth dreaming of another SB?
I'm not really into comparing "what QB is best". I think there are good ones and not so good ones, but I'm not going to pick a winner.
it's a team sport for a reason you know.
@Seth fair. i've beaten the Manning vs. Brady argument to death...but I do not hide the fact that both are excellent.
5:18 PM
@IceBoy dreaming? I'm not doing any dreaming.
If the team can get past their internal issues it might happen again.
@Seth exactly...why Tom has 3 rings and Peyton has 1. :P but in all seriousness, I know what you mean.
Or Denver, SD, SF, someone, could upset that in the post season.
Like you yourself said Ice Boy, any Sunday now ;)
@edmastermind29 I think (and this is just my ignorant opinion) part of the reason Peyton only has one is his offense can be a little... one sided at times.
I watched some of the pre-SB predictions and people said "with Denver's running O and his passing O this game is over" (paraphrasing).. but I don't recall seeing Denver do too much running during the SB.
I think Manning is a great QB, but he needs to make sure he mixes it up, being such a great passer the other team kinda knows what he wants to do.
but I dunno. Life is like that. Some people get better "luck" than others.
@Seth it's fair to say that...since it appears that everything has to go right or it won't...but he also adapts. i also believe brady's coaching is top-notch, and peyton doing all the work...come playoff time (and I'll have to find the article), Peyton hasn't done well because the defense has been prepped well.
@Seth or tricks or whatever you wanna call it anymore :P
true ;P
@edmastermind29 oh yes, he adapts. I didn't mean to imply he didn't. Like I said earlier the team as a whole is a lot better this year. They adapted.
5:37 PM
Sep 29 at 15:22, by edmastermind29
user image
@Seth yeah. still get nervous watching them, but they've allowed 17-26 points in each game this season...with their offensive output, that's enough to win.
5:53 PM
Sep 28 at 22:25, by Ice Boy
user image
@IceBoy change your name to pic boy :P
6:17 PM
Q: Is it OK to cut a player from a rec level football (soccer) team?

GlenH7I coach a U10 boys recreational soccer team. In my area, we generally have more players wanting to play than coaches available to field teams. That said, some degree of turnover on a team seems to be normal but I have noticed lower turnover with each season. I have a looming problem for this n...

6:41 PM
What a win for 17yo Coric over Nadal in Basel. #SwissIndoors http://t.co/EWp1wplmF0
@MartinSleziak What's going on with Nadal lately? Injury, right?
7:02 PM
@edmastermind29 I did not really have time to follow sport news this week. (I had some stuff in work.) But it seems that he still hadn't underwent surgery for appendicitis. (It is probably not that bad if he can play.)
BBC sport: Nadal is playing in Basel this week despite suffering with appendicitis, and takes on Borna Coric on Friday.
BTW Coric is US Open champion in Boys' singles.
He will be in top 100 after this tournament.
7:28 PM
NFL owners vote to require future Superbowl hosts to play a London game
(Jerry Jones balks)

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