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NHL Playoffs bracket based on current standing: nhl.com/ice/…
Regular season ends in less than two weeks.
7:35 AM
Q: Can this question be re-opened?

dh47This question of mine is closed as duplicate,as I already edited the question stating the difference between linked question and mine,the people who casted to close may not have seen my explanation or else they didn't understand the difference b/w the questions.In the linked question either quest...

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Q: How lifting low weight many times affect muscles?

LeonidMy weight is about 165 lbs. My workout is basically a modification of Jason Blaha Ice Cream Fitness novice program. What If I will do two sets, each one with 30-60 repetitions with low weight, say 33 lbs. Adding one repetition on each week. How it will affect my body? Will it increase endurance/m...

Q: Very few options under Migration Flag?

New-To-ITWhen I am flagging questions, I have tried to use the site migration flag(This post belongs on another Stack Exchange site), but I never have any options. Every time I click on that option, it only gives me one or sometimes 2 options and it's never one that would actually work. Is there a reaso...

2:30 PM
@MartinSleziak I cannot believe Jagr is still playing. I was in grade school when he was a Penguin.
2:54 PM
Q: Have any players ever won an NCAA football championship with two different teams?

pacoverflowAre there any players who have won an NCAA football championship while playing for two different teams?

@edmastermind29 Among the players I've seen playing, I remember Chris Chelios playing quite long.
It is very impressive what Jágr is doing at his age.
Florida will probably not make playoffs, but they still have a chance.
I don't know to which extent lists on Wikipedia are reliable, but anyway: List of oldest National Hockey League players
On the other end of the spectrum, we had this question here on sports.SE: Who was the youngest player to play in an NHL game?
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I finished the StackEgg game in 324 days. Can anyone beat it?

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