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5:35 AM
@RoryAlsop my other half likes driving like that too. You'll go past us :)
2 hours later…
7:17 AM
Worked late, till 3.30 am last night. And office sounds boring a bigtime on fridays :(
@WedaPashi 3:30am? Ouch...
@Aravona: Seriously. :O Crash landed on my bed as I reached home. Didn't care for the dinner as well.
@Aravona: Whats up with you? Any plans for weekend?
@WedaPashi work all today, then Sat we are havig a party... Sunday no plans... might go for a looooong walk :)
7:33 AM
@Aravona: Plan is set. Ride to inner parts of Western Ghats and then trek for a two days. Gonna miss Day 1 of third test match. But thats affordable :)
@WedaPashi oh nice!
Too harsh a response to this guy? ...
A: Affordable Festival Tent

AravonaBlacks / Millets do festival pop up tents in your price range (take it out the bag and it literally pops up) in your price range by Eurohike and Vango, who are both good well known brands. You'll be able to buy them brand new so shouldn't have to worry about leaks / getting too wet. But remember...

I just don't see the point in caring for how good a tent is when you're going to spend less on a tent than I did on my hiking boots lol...
8:16 AM
We are at 3.4 questions this morning.
8:46 AM
Stupid ingress
I'd spent the last couple fo weeks building a nice big green area around my flat
This weekend there's this big puppet show, so loads of tourists have flooded in
Some level 12 has gone around and destroyed all my hard work
Included the portal that's directly under (or is it over) my bedroom
it's like he's mocking me
Aww @Liam that sucks....
I found myself getting really angry
This is obviously stupid
None's bothered to get the one's in Queensferry so I'm still good :)
@RoryAlsop Always fancied going to Orkney
@Liam gotta love gamer rage ;)
Did you see... 3.4 this morning :) and also I still feel I was rude in my answer a bit
@Aravona Totally not rude
@Liam @Aravona: Ingress sounds a really interesting thing now. I am gonna have to root my Nokia X and get the Google Play on it.
+1 for the answer @Aravona
8:54 AM
@WedaPashi I've not had luck with ingress yet... haven't uninstalled it... but haven't had much chance to use it.
@Aravona and @Liam: And I almost forgot to tell you all, I did come across Wild Boars the last weekend.. Hell they are aggressive!
Q: What are the odds that I stand a chance against Wild Boars?

WedaPashiI have been trekking and camping since last 6 yrs. I have over 600 hikes and about 30 technical rock climbs under my belt. We often tend to camp up in forests, and at our sides, wild boars are pretty normal. Though I have never been under an attack by a wild boar, I just want to know that instead...

This question reminded me of the incident
A: Affordable Festival Tent

Tom CollinsMost small tents these days are pretty easy to set up, but you will have to do a little more than just "throw it at the ground". :-) In the US, we have a retail chain called Walmart that sells pretty cheap stuff. This is where I would go. I don't think they're in the UK. Maybe you have somethi...

Is it possible you'll have company? If so, plan on that as well.
@Liam LOL suitable protection....!!
@Liam: This was epic "Is it possible you'll have company, lolz....Remember to wear suitable protection..."
@Liam: See even @aravona just agreed to the same :D
room topic changed to The Great Outdoors: Remember to wear suitable protection... [custard-king-of-foods] [euphemism] [sausage-metaphysics]
8:59 AM
@Liam @Aravona: [sausage-metaphysics].. :D ROFL.. Can't stop laughing!
@Liam Brilliant. Oh this is the best Friday at work ever now... Love this chat!
@RoryAlsop @Aravona @Liam: Should it be a comment, than an answer?
A: Affordable Festival Tent

user3840692For a festival a pop up tent is also really cool. It takes about 2 sec to open on this webshop you should find some of this tents.

@WedaPashi Yeah maybe. I didn't think it was a good answer.
@Aravona I couldn't agree more :) Love this chat!
I've flagged it for the mods
9:01 AM
@Liam @Aravona: We flag it then, savvy?
@WedaPashi aye.
I've gained over 500 rep this month!
@Aravona: I too have 512 this month. @Liam leads us at 777 :D
@WedaPashi Whoop whoop
And @Aravona Gets a Nice Answer badge now!
The comment fom AM_Hawk here highlights what I love about climbing
Q: Rating unothodox climbs

Outlaw LemurThis question is sprouted from Brick Wall Rating I occasionally climb in places where it seems unorthodox, such as a brick wall. I've found that even with the plethora of hand holds that buildings tend to offer, it tends to be some of the hardest climbing that I've tried.(just ask Kristen Stewar...

Climbing isn't compeitive in the same way that other sports are
Climbers spend more time helping each other than trying to put others down
9:12 AM
@Liam yup! More sports should be like that.
@Liam: "
Climbers spend more time helping each other than trying to put others down" Very very well said.. Same goes with Mountaineers to.
@WedaPashi yup just got notified of that badge :D
Today is slow going.
@Liam @aravona: The thing I am gonna do this weekend is, ride tonight into remote region of Western Ghats, good forest and mist to ride through. Will gain 1200 mtr on a trek, and by the end of the eve, plug in headsets with Hans Zimmer's music and read "The Climb" by Anatoli Bourkeev. A saffron tent in the wild. The best part is, gonna be alone. A good solo trek! Love wekkends, glad being a trekker!
@WedaPashi Sounds awesome
9:28 AM
@WedaPashi sounds lovely :)
@Liam @Aravona: Thanks :) Already excited about it. Haven't been to a solo for quite some time now
@WedaPashi Never gone solo, I always go with my other half.... we are glued at the hip as the saying goea
9:45 AM
@Aravona There's something to be said for a couple of days with only yourself for company. Done a lot of good thinking like that over the years
I used to make a point of every year going off on my own without my girlfriend (at the time)
@Liam I don't get much opportunity to be alone, and when I do have the chance I tend to avoid it anyway, I don't like being on my own much :)
I can easily see how it can be useful and suit other people though :)
10:01 AM
@Aravona and @Liam: Yeah, I mean its entirely up to a person if he/she loves being on his/her own or not. To be on the safer side, its always good to have a companion. But like @Liam said, being alone can make you calm your mind when you can actually find the time to think about the things that need your thought-process.
@WedaPashi If I want to be alone I have a hot bubble bath and read :) lol
@Aravona ha ha
@Liam that is about as girl as I get and sometimes I am super girl and have a class of wine... sometimes I ruin it with a can of lager
@Aravona You sound like my girlfriend. She likes to pretend she's all badass and not girly. I sent her some flowers cos she got a new job...totally melted.
10:16 AM
@Liam I'd prefer something that doesn't die... don't give me potted plants thouhh or I will kill them... I am a bad gardener... though I have girly traits they don't show often - this weekend I'm actually going to wear a dress! It's been... almost a year since I last wore one, skirts are a bit more common
@Aravona Yep, you two would get on....
@Liam haha!
10:35 AM
Two quick tag edits.... some.of our tags really don't need much saying about them... I liked the tag for Bears... 'Questions about bears' lol...
Q: In an abandoned quarry, is it possible to pry loose rocks from walls until stable?

anatolygI have an abandoned quarry near my house, in which I would like to make a hiking route. Almost all of it is enjoyable hiking and easy scrambling, except one part, which requires climbing (estimated French grade - 4) up about 5 metres, on a wall with mostly unstable holds. So I wonder whether it ...

Wow, like really really don't do this
I genuinely concerned for his safety here
@Liam for climbing in an abandoned quarry or messing with the unstable walls or both??
10:51 AM
@Aravona I climb in quarries all the time. But I don't climb in an unstable quarry with loads of unstable material on the top and then start pulling rocks out of it!
This is madness
@Liam @Aravona: An abandoned quarry is where I began and learned to climb. Though its a risky place
You can see how aweful the place is. Look at all the scree underneath it. These are rocks that have fallen off the top
@Liam @Aravona: Bingo! I always look for some place in quarry which looks stable and mainly without loose rocks beyond a concerning level.
@Liam @WedaPashi I've only climbed / abseiled twice so I honeatly don't know hence asking... from a hikers POV I'd still say be careful around that as well, we once walked along the cliffs near Weymouth and when we were on our route back the cliff we walked on earlier had actually collapsed.... 'safe' path included.
@Aravona Sometimes your can't allow for random acts of nature, but that is an accident waiting to happen
I always think climbers are actually some of the most cautious safest people I know. People think it's all putting your life on the line. It's not it's calculated risk and mitigating that risk as much as possible
10:58 AM
@Liam it looks it... but my point was even when an authority deems something 'safe' there is risk
I might have to stop answering questions. I feel like I'm hogging them
Aww... I've done 6 questions and 5 answers... I can't think of what else to ask atm
11:38 AM
If you want to see some awesome photos of mountains and climbing I'd recommend ukclimbing.com/photos/top10.html
this is amusing
@Liam I thought Paul had a good answer to that climbing question
@Aravona Yep
user image
Awesome photo
@Liam beautiful!
After our climb I'm going to post a picture for everyone of us at the top with Cinders
@Aravona Yep, do that!
11:53 AM
12:20 PM
Hey @imsodin
@Liam: Beautiful picture!
@aravona and @Liam: You are giving some amazing answers mate. Definitely adds a value to this site. I have so far 43 Questions and 28 Answers
@Liam @Aravona: I am planning to cover the Hull to Liverpool section of the Trans Pennine Trail, which is roughly 290 km or 180 miles. may be in April 2016
@WedaPashi oh nice :)
@WedaPashi Cool, I think I remember your question about this (a long time ago).
I can point you out some nice places in Liverpool
Eurocamp customer service sucks
room topic changed to The Great Outdoors: Remember to wear suitable protection... [euphemism] [sausage-metaphysics]
@Aravona aw, wouldn't let me turn that into a tag :(
12:35 PM
@Liam what into a tag?
@Liam: Sure mate. And, I'd be glad if you can join.. Same goes with @aravona and her other half :)
@WedaPashi aww thank you :)
12:51 PM
@WedaPashi yeah cool, Keep us posted
@Liam @Aravona: Definitely!
@Liam: Whats plan for weekend?
@WedaPashi My friend holds a little mini music festival every year
I'm off to that
Say music festival (only his band plays in it)
@Liam: Oh thats lovely. Do you play anything? Or Sing?
1:06 PM
@WedaPashi No, no. I'm just going for the drinking :)
@Liam: Ahh. I don't drink :)
@WedaPashi I'm self teaching guitar.... very badly
@Aravona: same here.. :) but its fun!
@Liam and @Aravona: I have just been informed that my bike is leaking fuel. Have to rush now. Gotta get it fixed so that I can leave tonight. See you friends!
@aravona: Have a good weekend, @Liam: Enjoy music the more and less the drinks! :)
@WedaPashi have a great weekend!!
1:24 PM
@WedaPashi See ya
Friday afternoons are the worst.
@Aravona I'm quite busy this pm. Trying to make things faster is my speciality
@Liam properly zoned out and cba.... two full hours to go as well??
1:45 PM
Seen this is in Liverpool this weekend
Made my commute to work this am a nightmare
They are kinda cool
Just having a look now... but its hailing outside O.o
Oh wow those are huge puppets.
Hi everybody.
Hey @PaulPaulsen
2:01 PM
@PaulPaulsen Hey Paul
@PaulPaulsen Hows life?
@Liam Well, okay. Just visited a presentation of a masters thesis in university. It was really not that good, you really could feel the professor´s disappointment.
@PaulPaulsen Your Thesis or someone else's?
@Liam Someone else´s. I didn´t even know him, just went because the topic seemed somehow related to mine. But it wasn´t. But it was somehow frustrating, and I didn´t want to hang around in the institute afterwards, so I can´t go on working on my thesis today. Which I really should.
@PaulPaulsen Glad I don't have to do that kind of thing anymore TBH. I'm very much a commercial person these days. I used to work in a University, drove me mad!
@PaulPaulsen with uni work sometimes a break is as important as pushing on.... if you aren't going to progress well a break migt freshing your thinking
2:08 PM
@Liam Well, I am still in my Bachelor´s, so I don´t have a choice. But TBH I like it, only the topic of my thesis is a bit complicated and I am not sure if I like it ;)
@Aravona I think my problem is I don´t do any work between the breaks ;)
@PaulPaulsen well I can't same much on that I was very lazy and still got a 1st
@Aravona I hope for the same ;)
@PaulPaulsen I wish you all the beat of luck :)
@Aravona thanks :)
2:24 PM
One more hour and I can relax.
Do you say "a used tent" or "an used tent"?
Grammatically or personally?
I would say 'a used' but checking with my fiance whose degree is in English
@PaulPaulsen apparently it is always 'a used'
@Aravona thanks
2:40 PM
@PaulPaulsen no problem love
2:51 PM
@PaulPaulsen not sure that guy cares about a broken tent as he was planning to throw it away after the festival.
@Aravona I understand that, but it´s bad if it breaks in the first night or even before so you can´t use it or have to get one there (or have to look for company ;) ).
In the UK they are also in fields so not 'rough terrain' just uneven
@Aravona Rough was referring to drunken people falling in your tent and breaking something.
Do you think I should reword the answer to make it easier to understand my points?
@PaulPaulsen I've personally never been or plan to ever go to a festival, but cheap UK tents like the one you showed I covered in my link to Blacks
Cheap pole tents in the UK, rather
@PaulPaulsen perhaps as 'rough terrain' implies rocky ground to me.
@PaulPaulsen after Glastonbury a few years ago (a repeatedly common thing this actually) the fields were flooded by rain... most festival goers wear wellies and don't care for the environment, I say this not refering to decent outdoorsmen.... I used to know people who made a 1m high pile of beers cans in a campsite and left them there for others to cpean up... suffice to say we are no longer friends
@Aravona Well, I thought maybe I could just mention it ;)
3:01 PM
btw this was Glasonbury a few years back: bbc.co.uk/blogs/legacy/learningenglish/glasto_rain.jpg
@Aravona O.O looks like they chose the campground very carefully. I saw a lot of muddy festivals, but this would probably not be possible around here ;)
+1'd your answer as well because it is a good one for that kind of tent.
@PaulPaulsen they tend to choose the cheapest farmers field... he might be at Leeds or Reading festivals, since he said late august
@Aravona This doesn't happen anymore. They drainage on the site was screwed that year.
3:19 PM
@Liam still it has happened and could happen if it messes up again. Every year it rains at Glastonbury there are followup pictures of being ankle deep in water.
What bothered me mpre than rain where the pictures my friends at the time posted of their waste that they left behind... sheer disrespect for the outdoors and other people :/
@Aravona yeah, that bugs me
@Liam can't stand it. Especially when there are bins provide.... when we camped in Weymouth Haven seagulls got into the waste bins and spread it everywhere... that's unfortunate and you can't blame a bird for doing that... be that as it may people just helped tidy it up.
@Liam me too. People bring regularly three-piece suites and the kind and leave it behind afterwards.
@Aravona Unfortunately the top of snowdon suffers from this. It get's a lot of tourists come up on the train. They have a picnic, leave all their litter, get back on the train and head back down. When I've climbed snowdon before I head off from the simmit stright away and have something to eat somewhere quiter
3:36 PM
@Liam really? When I climbed in May 2012 it was very clean up there.
@Aravona hmmm, not been my experience. I suppose it depends. #
normally covered in flocks of seagulls eating all the tourists leftovers!
@Liam maybe we were lucky I guess! :) we had beans and sausage at the summit lol
@Aravona The route your planning is a much nicer route up than the main path
3:54 PM
@Liam never done the main path :)
4:20 PM
Somehow my laptop has problems with overheating, so please don´t wonder about my random disconnects....
4:34 PM
@Liam concerning the root cellar: yes, i think we are saying the same. I just thought it´s not that clear from your answer. But now it is :)
@PaulPaulsen I think your answer might explain it better. Feel free to add another (better) answer
I'm off see ya
@Liam Maybe I will suggest an edit to yours. See you!
Thank goodness its friday
@PaulPaulsen cya mate
5:02 PM
@Aravona goodbye, and have a nice weekend. its the one with the wine&cheese party, right?
@PaulPaulsen yup! And thanks :) you too

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