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6:21 AM
Hi Everyone!
7:12 AM
Morning @aravona
No activity in here yesterday :O
7:26 AM
@WedaPashi aww sorry ^^; I wasn't around yesterday because I was out for the day
tweeted a bit but otherwise just spent time with the family - we went for a horse drawn carriage ride in Windsor
7:47 AM
@Liam I had a 6 hour meeting, followed by a team evening out at the Edinburgh Festival. Had a lovely dinner then saw Mark Watson (also saw him and Keith Lemon sitting in the bar afterwards :-)#
7:59 AM
I was on a leave y'day as I had gone to a friend's funeral (Wedding, I meant :D -- loss of freedom and lots of questions ). Took my motorbike and rode close to a 600 miles yesterday.
@WedaPashi nice! The bike ride, I mean
@RoryAlsop: :-)
@aravona @roryalsop: Thank god @Liam was busy. Else he would got bored like hell :D :D
@WedaPashi lol true.
Saw a trio out on the Thames kayaking yesterday - cannot wait for the new ones to arrive tomorrow!
8:28 AM
@aravona: Good. btw, did you fix your kayak?
@WedaPashi ... no I was never going to fix it?
@aravona: Oh yeah, as you, I and @Liam discussed
8:44 AM
@WedaPashi getting two new replacements tomorrow, different model but designes by the same guy. They will then collect the old ones next week. So we will get the weekend to test them out. Very excited! I really want to get out on the water again.
9:25 AM
Well I'm not speaking to any of you today :P
ha ha
@Liam who said that..? ;)
9:41 AM
I'm wonmdering if we should be encouraging more geographic tags? I find myself adding and onto every other post.
Well ones that are specific to to country anyway
@Liam If the question is country specific, then yes - that's what the guys have done on Treavel.SE (even state-specific)
If it is a question applicable to a wider region, I'd suggest not bothering with a geographic tag.
Although what do you think of things like. Ocean, mountains etc as tags?
@RoryAlsop yes I mean the specific stuff, e.g.
Q: How to get weather forecasts at Yellowstone?

MiliWe'll be camping at Yellowstone for a week. What solutions are there to get weather forecasts? I am aware of: NOAA weather radio: would prefer to avoid if there's anything better because it's bulky and costly (for something that's only used this once and only works in the US) Smartphone + dat...

@RoryAlsop I'm not sure about this? What context do you see it working?
room topic changed to The Great Outdoors: who said that? [banana-measurements] [because-freedom] [desolate] [enthusiasm-of-weda] [queen-of-tgo] [www-goliveoutdoors-com]
@Liam: Hey buddy!
@Liam that one looks good with a US tag, as the specifics to yellowstone are probably relevant across the US (general US meteorological info etc) but not for the UK (as we have our own met office)
@WedaPashi hi weda!
9:55 AM
@Liam not sure - it was more to see if we think there is a need
@RoryAlsop Yep, that's what I mean.
@RoryAlsop Am I right in saying the tags have a good SEO rating too?
@Liam: Oh, I just read you were not gonna talk to any of us :P :D
@Liam I tend to try and Tag countries in my posts... mostly because some US answers would just never work here lol
@Liam apparently so
10:13 AM
Do we already have a question about manual hand signalling?
10:24 AM
@WedaPashi manual hand signalling?
@Aravona ....euphemism
@Liam ... that makes it so much clearer
@aravona: Yes
@Liam hahahahahaha
@WedaPashi yes doesn't tell me what you mean lol...
10:37 AM
I was going to say that
@WedaPashi for car driving? Semaphore?
I am referring to those which are used to signal a rescue team, or may be a rescue helicopter
@RoryAlsop thats what confused me... signalling on a bike?
@aravona @liam @roryalsop: I have always love the DIY thing. After I asked abt a Hydration Pack, i have come up with a make-shift tent thing :D
@WedaPashi don't most people just wave their arms or use a signal fire / visible marking?
There's a question on this somewhere
10:44 AM
@aravona: I don't know. In India there is no concept called Rescue Helicopter unless you are in Himalays and Army is around :D
There's currently nothing I want to ask a question on... so my aim is to keep up with hiking, kayaking, and camping and gain knowledge so I can give better answers.
I intended to know if there is a set of signals or some sort of a protocol
So far I could only give great horse related answers and we never get that kind question as it's more likely to be on sports.se
@WedaPashi unless you carry semaphore flags I doubt it.
Yep, here you go @WedaPashi
Q: Is there a standard set of light signals for mountaineers?

VoracOn a recent winter backpacking trip there was some confusion and danger of separation of the group. The group had not walked together before. Some members were not very experienced, while others were quite fit. The group separated several times, during night time. Later days there were fogs. T...

@Liam @aravona @roryalsop: Thats why I say @liam is awesome! :-)
10:46 AM
@WedaPashi yes...your right
@WedaPashi most shelters you can build depend a lot on your surroundings... you often see a lot of... Eeyores House... type structures in UK forests as it's quite common to get a branch that has grow horizontally. We used to make these are Girl Guides and on school teambuilding weeks.
They'd suffice for a night at least.
@aravona: Frame that into an answer
@WedaPashi I don't think it would be more than a comment love
I suppose I can try...
@Liam: LOL @ drop it and run.... (obviously don't do this) – Liam...yesterday
@WedaPashi :)
I seem to of talked myself into taking a group of about 6 people from work up tryfan....
user image
None of which have any mountaineering experince
how hard can it be?!
10:58 AM
@RoryAlsop I've done simliar before but not quite so many
think I'll drag a couple of friends in to give me a hand!
@Liam: Take me along :-)
@WedaPashi It's not as scary as it looks. It's a Grade I scramble, 3,000 feet
@WedaPashi gave it a go...
A: Setting up a shelter

AravonaWhat kind of shelter you can build will depend on what is around you at the time. If you are in a forest or woodland you will obviously have more to utilise than in a desert or moorland, but from my own experiences I've built shelters in British deciduous and coniferous woodlands. During Girl Gu...

Put a link to one of Ray Mears videos in - imo he is actually a good guide for outdoor living - no Bear Grylls piss drinking, just good ways to do things.
@Aravona I love ray mears
user image
11:13 AM
@Liam me too, he actually just... explains things, then shows you how to do something. I'd seen the bbc program where he made the shelter I linked to so knew he had done a good one.
Please paint Ray Mears and Bear Grylls having a survival off. Bear has managed to hollow out a badger carcass and is attempting to climb inside it whilst Ray has built a theme park out of sticks and leaves and is having a whale of a time.
@Liam ... Ray Mears probably could do that though haha! Brilliant
@liam: LOL @ the image :D :D :D
I would like to see Vic Reeve’s version of Lloyd Grossman using 2.5 tonnes of Battenberg to crush David Cameron in the Yorkshire village of Kettlewell. Can you make it happen?
11:16 AM
Jim'll paint it is awesome
@WedaPashi hope that answer explains that kinda shelter, if not the video should! I'd say most kids in the UK could build a lean to for a single night and be ok - if they can't their parents need to damn well teach them how!
I wanted to add an image but my work PC didn't seem to want to :(
@Dynadin lurking git.
@Aravona I do not lurk. I float around like a jellyfish, quiet and unassuming.
@Dynadin lol...
Welcome to the madhouse!
@Dynadin: Hey mate! Welcome :-)
@WedaPashi thanks!
11:25 AM
@Dynadin LOLZ
@Dynadin: Did you mean cheers! ? @aravona :D
@Liam ... your answer on the water trap question got completely grammar overhauled..!
Benedikt seems to not like the bad grammar
@WedaPashi thanks, thank you, ta, cheers ... add any more I might have missed.
@aravona: Yeah, Benedikt is on a role today with edits :-)
@WedaPashi @Dynadin ... he probably did... in both the thank you and the get me a beer sense haha
11:29 AM
@aravona: hehe
@Aravona ... now I want a beer.
@Dynadin no beers without me, that's cruelity to office workers.
@Aravona Yeah, it's embarrassing really, I think he's german...I've spoken english my whole life and he keeps owning me!
Anyone an opinion on reopening the Rock climbing Trad question that was closed earlier?
@Liam My english is bad and I should feel bad.
Yayy, I've never had a beer :D
11:33 AM
@WedaPashi that is highly commendable :)
No liquor in fact. :-)
I have to admit I enjoy the odd tipple.
Signal is poor today
11:49 AM
Wine is awesome
and gin
and whiskey
especially gin
I like a good shandy
And cider
Ahhh whiskey. I do like a hipflask of that while on a jaunt.
Q: Should we be using geographic tags more often?

LiamWhen and how often should geographic tags such as united-states & uk be used?

12:07 PM
Geographic tags would certainly clarify some questions.
@Dynadin yeah, that's what I think!
@Liam good question.
Not every question but we should encourage their use more
Agreed. Will post my thoughts
@Aravona Maybe edit the question or answer if you feel you can add or improve anything?
12:21 PM
@Liam just added my thoughts another answer. It never ceases to amaze me how people can assume a 'cheap item' is cheap everywhere.
I know we tend to avoid shopping but in cases like the geocaching items, first aid kits, repairs etc it cannot always be avoided
@Aravona yep, makes sense
@Liam :)
12:48 PM
@Liam @aravona: Good thoughts :-)
1 hour later…
1:54 PM
@Aravona morning
@Aravona Oh, sorry. must of nodded off...
2:08 PM
Don't worry @Liam it is that kinda day here too
2:42 PM
Finally getting the Snowdon blogposts up
3:09 PM
@Aravona I don’t think I have ever driven through it without buying something
Yep, that sounds familar
@Liam ... there are two cotswold outdoors, a field and trek, a trespass... ALL had sales on! And we get a BCU discount at cotswold outdoor until Sept
@Aravona Then theres the Joe Brown shop in Capel curig...
3:41 PM
@Liam haha
4:29 PM
I've just noticed this question
Q: How does a route setter grade a climb?

JonRock climbing and bouldering tours are classified e.g. Sierra from 5.2 to 5.15c or Fontainbleau 2 to 8c+. As you advance in your climbing experience you achieve higher grades and learn new movements, new aspects of already known skills and new combinations of them. Moreover, there are route ...

migrated from sports.SE
Which made me look at their site and specifically their tag sports.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/climbing
So they have 10 climbing questions. Surly these should all be migrated to us?
5:14 PM
@Liam not if they're on-topic at sports.se, but if they're off-topic at sports.se, they could be sent here.
See this for the reasoning (same thing applies to other sites on the network):
A: Is it okay to inform users to stop promoting Apple.SE when a question is fine to stay here?

nhinkleI've noticed this too, and it's an annoying trend, so let me make the official policy clear: If a question about an Apple product is on topic for Super User as defined in the the FAQ, then it should stay on Super User If a user comments saying that questions about OS X should be moved to Ask D...


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