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12:10 AM
@durron597 I've had occasion to dabble over on graphic design...
A: Why is pure blue darker than pure green?

MichaelTHuman perception isn't the same for all colors. Our eyes have different color pigments which absorb different frequencies of light. There's a bit about this over in Physics.SE: Why do green lasers appear brighter and stronger than red and blue lasers? From this question a chart is presented th...

@MichaelT I like how you cite my alma mater :)
@WorldEngineer Hyper physics has been one of my go-to places for optics questions on several sites when giving answers.
Things like the lens equations and macro photography, or aberrations and multiple lenses correcting them...
I'd be nice if they updated the layout of it to modern web expectations, but at the same time, its still organized nicely.
(There are times when I miss gopher in the pre-web days - everything was in a strict hierarchy and made it easy to remember where to go to get somewhere)
@MichaelT Yeah...my understanding is that it's kind of the pet project of one or two people
In all fairness, this is the website of my OS prof.
This looks vaguely interesting in a "putting programming in a game where it probably isn't actually needed" kind of way
1:01 AM
btw, @Oded - the reminder popped up again. Take photos of the door.
Oct 1 at 17:48, by Oded
@MichaelT a few weeks to go... Remind me in 3 weeks ;)
Oct 1 at 15:57, by MichaelT
@Oded a reminder just kicked off for me to remind you to take photos of the Stack Exchange office door... though IIRC that may be later in the month and I just didn't update the time for that.
Q: Simple actor system in F# - concurrent dictionary issue (code works)

Jimmy HoffaIt works, but a couple of things that bugged me here, the biggest one being my usage of the ConcurrentDictionary for become, it should only update, but I couldn't get TryUpdate to do the update as given an arbitrary comparison value for some reason it always decided the comparison didn't merit an...

That was fun
@WorldEngineer That's like...in the realm of something I could make :P
Bruce Willis is not impressed!
Bruce Willis stuffs a boot in Matt Damon's gut!
Matt Damon spits up bile.
Matt Damon stuffs a boot in Bruce Willis's gut!
Bruce Willis spits up bile.
Bruce Willis punches Matt Damon in his ugly face!
Matt Damon bleeds from the ears.
Matt Damon punches Bruce Willis in his ugly face!
Bruce Willis bleeds from the ears.
Bruce Willis punches Matt Damon in his ugly face!
Matt Damon bleeds from the ears.
Matt Damon punches Bruce Willis in his ugly face!
Bruce Willis bleeds from the ears.
(for example-> terrible randomness on the attack choosing, but it does try to pick randomly)
I figured if I made an actor system, I should populate it with...actors...nyuck nyuck
(I should have made Bruce Willis occasionally pull out a gun... Matt Damon can't take Bruce Willis!)
1:31 AM
Oh... I've got to go there... tenbaridgewinery.net/wines.html (home page: tenbaridgewinery.net )
@MichaelT cranapple wine? That does sound interesting...
@JimmyHoffa I had a cranberry / raspberry taste of another local wine the other day. The raspberry was the finishing flavor in it (I got a cranberry / orange wine, which doesn't have the distinction between start and finish, but you can still pick out the flavors)
That also appears to be the 'current stock'... they change up their varieties apparently.
> Varieties include Apricot, Blackberry, Blueberry, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cherry, Cranberry, Elderberry, Gewurztraminer, Muller Thurgau, Peach, Plum, Raspberry, Strawberry, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Vinifera grape, Zinfandel and white Zinfandel.
> Tenba Ridge produces a number of wines that have won national and state awards. The most recent accolades come from the 2012 Wisconsin State Fair Professional Wine Competition, which awarded the winery with a silver medal for its peach apple wine and bronze for its blueberry apple, black raspberry apple and white cranapple.
peach apple? oh... that sounds good.
I want to try a few of those!
@AshleyNunn You need to drive over to this side of the lake.
Maybe when I am done my notice period I will get something nice to celebrate
@MichaelT Well, I do have a car share membership.....
1:43 AM
@AshleyNunn About 11h drive.
I've never driven more than like two or three hours to get anywhere...
@AshleyNunn 2 or 3 hours won't get you anywhere 'round here, so technically I could say the same?
(I've been places farther, but someone else was driving)
@JimmyHoffa It gets me to a few interesting places, I think
11h would be a long drive solo for a person.
I've done some 10h days in the past... and they're draining.
I also note that with age, I'm not sure I could/should do a 10h drive... 8h fairly constant is about the limit now.
@MichaelT I drove Pittsburgh, PA -> Denver, CO leaving Friday ~noon and arriving Saturday ~8pm... one stop in the middle for a 4?6? hour snooze, that was no bueno, don't intend to do anything like that again...
1:47 AM
I haven't driven in....three years, at least
so 11hrs would be a bad starting point
Longest single day for me I think was Twin Falls Idaho - SF (listed as 10h 26m on google maps)
Driving through Nevada was awful... hot (dry, dehydrating) and boring landscape.
Another long day was Redding, CA - Seattle, WA (9h 37m).
@AshleyNunn I'll also point out that you'd have to drink most of it there. You'd only be able to bring 1.5L of wine back into Canada before duty kicks in. canadaonline.about.com/od/customs/a/alcoholcdnres.htm
i could make that work :)
2:02 AM
@MichaelT as in it's her duty to bring at least 1.5l of wine back to her motherland? That sounds like a proper definition of duty...
On the other hand, a 'fishing' trip can take up to 24 cans of beer per person into Canada as a visitor.
@MichaelT Can you just fish for the bottom of a can or does it have to be the swimmy kind?
@MichaelT What
@AshleyNunn People I've worked with have gone on fishing trips up to Canada. Its not that far from Northern Wisconsin. Muskie and walleye. Though, knowing fishermen, a significant portion of the time is spent drinking.
Well, yes, but a 24 seems like a lot for a day or so
2:13 AM
@AshleyNunn well, you've actually got to be there for more than a day... and it tends to be a week trip.
ah, okay that makes more sense
Note: Muskie is not a small fish....
Yeah. they really aren't :)
Ah ha! So that's how you use dancer... and thats how you make it elegant.
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5:16 AM
@JimmyHoffa for sure! Trust me, once we start stealthing missions this game is gonna turn around. I played for ~ an hour this afternoon, and in that time did 6 missions, went up 7-8 levels, and made at least 10 million. It's way better than running and gunning

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