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I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it should be moved to Programmers (option didn't appear in the question belongs on another site option) — Francisco Noriega 1 min ago
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@FranciscoNoriega Programmers.SE is no more a source of SEO expertise than Stack Overflow is. The question doesn't touch on any of the topics covered in the help center for being on topic. As it is written, this question would likely be closed on Programmers.SE... and I'm not really sure how to make it fit the scope of the site. — MichaelT 40 secs ago
@whatsisname Yep.
I know mods love moderating locked questions... but could you please clean up some of:
Q: How Do Computers Work?

Rob P.This is almost embarrassing ask...I have a degree in Computer Science (and a second one in progress). I've worked as a full-time .NET Developer for nearly five years. I generally seem competent at what I do. But I Don't Know How Computers Work! Please, bare with me for a second. A quick Goog...

In particular:
A: How Do Computers Work?

nbtWell, despite being an expert Z80, 6502, 6809, 68K and 80x86 assembler programmer (or at least I was 20 years ago) I can frankly say I know zilch about digital logic, transistors or electrons. So don't feel so bad!

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@WorldEngineer is the only religion I know anything at all about
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Seldom do people on their deathbed say "Gee, I wish I'd worked harder," More often, they express the wish that they'd spent more time with their families.

Heaven forbid people be lauded for finding a niche, getting good at it, and settling in, while enjoying time with their families and living a balanced lifestyle. Instead, we push people to play the image game: make sure your resume is shiny and paints a robust picture of ambition, just in case the zombie apocalypse hits and we all have to look for jobs... where exactly?
feh, religion.
I wish I'd worked harder on my own projects.
Nowhere is this attitude more evident than in the software industry. "You don't write code outside of work? What's wrong with you?"
enh. I would argue that you can't be happy in a job until you're happy to do it for free.
though linkedin articles are progressively not great.
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Everyone's writing articles to become "in"fluencers. Many of them are authors or public speakers, and use it as a platform to promote themselves.
indeed. they might do a better job with better articles.
If writing software were the only thing I had to do in a job, then maybe I'd continue to do it after hours. But there are other demands on my time. By the time I get home from a full-time occupation, there isn't much energy left for writing the next Angry Birds.
I still have to eat once in awhile, and go to the gym. And there's still that pesky old dream of becoming a concert pianist.
Oh, and wife time. Can't forget wife time.
or else.
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I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because off topic, possibly for programmers.SE — Steve Bennett 1 min ago
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scrum or not?
Q: What causes floating point rounding errors?

nmatI am aware that floating point arithmetic has precision problems. I usually overcome them by switching to a fixed decimal representation of the number, or simply by neglecting the error. However, I do not know what are the causes of this inaccuracy. Why are there so many rounding issues with flo...

the dragon of numerical error is such a glorious intro to an article about floating point math
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@SteveBennett this question is off topic on Programmers.SE - "what language ..." is specifically listed in the help center as off topic. You may wish to read What goes on Programmers.SE? A guide for Stack Overflow to get a better idea of what types of questions should be migrated to Programmers.SE. — MichaelT 57 secs ago
Lets see how high we can get @gnat's blood pressure:
Q: Off-topic triage options for migration don't include programmers.SE

Steve BennettWeirdly there doesn't seem to be a way to say a question is off topic, but doesn't belong on one of those 5 specific sites.

Incidentally, that meta post was from the same person as the Duga comment that I just replied to.
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This question is probably better suited for programmers.SE — Loocid 31 secs ago
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@Loocidthis question is a very poor fit for Programmers - it would be quickly voted down and closed over there, see Why do interview questions make poor Programmers.SE questions? Recommended reading: What goes on Programmers.SE? A guide for Stack Overflowgnat 1 min ago
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This question would probably be a better match for programmers.stackexchange.comHavelock 28 secs ago
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This question is useful and has a useful answer for programmers. Why on earth was this closed as off-topic? — mydoghasworms 53 secs ago
Since this is primarily opinion based as Daan mentioned I feel this question will get closed down pretty fast. This is not the right stack to ask this question. Try asking programmers.stackexchange.comcptnk 16 secs ago
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Hi, unfortunately this question is regarded as off-topic in StackOverflow. You ought to try programmers.stackexchange.com. — Juxhin 1 min ago
@Juxhin no it's not this is at its core a "what books should I read" question which is off-topic everywhere on SE. I suggest you read What goes on Programmers.SE? A guide for Stack Overflowratchet freak 1 min ago
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I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on the FAQ page update in 10 minutes.
Last call for feedback.

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