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12:39 AM
@Shahar Nothing from back then on the status dashboard: google.com/appsstatus#hl=en&v=status
12:57 AM
Still not working on my computer... Literally every website except Google works (and Google sub-websites, i.e. Gmail)
Works fine on my phone though. What happened to my computerrrrrr
do an nslookup for google. Do you get a response?
[pro:~/I] shagie% nslookup
> www.google.com

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:	www.google.com
Name:	www.google.com
Name:	www.google.com
Name:	www.google.com
Name:	www.google.com
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2:11 AM
sigh - the comments in programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/251079/… (10k link). It seems that people have the conception that a question must fit somewhere in the SE network... and if it doesn't fit anywhere else, it goes on P.SE.
(glancing at OP's age - a self reported 18 doesn't help the case much)
At times I despair that the next generation of programmers is going to be asking questions like "hey, I downloaded the frob framework - how do I use it?" to which someone will ask "Have you read the documentation? What are you trying to do?" and get a response back of "No, I just want to know how to use it. I don't want to bother reading anything."
2:52 AM
It seems like that, but it's always seemed like that. If history is any guide then eventually a subset of them will achieve enough competence to bitch about the generation following them.
3:27 AM
RTFM is an initialism for the expression "Read The Fucking Manual" (sometimes "flaming" or another metaphor or profanity is substituted for "fucking") or, in the context of the Unix computer operating system, "Read The Fucking Man page" (see man page). The RTFM comment is usually expressed when the speaker is irritated by another person's question or lack of knowledge. It refers to either that person's inability to read a technical manual, or to his perceived laziness in not doing so first, before asking the question. In expurgated texts, substitutions such as "read the flaming manual", "read the...
"The initialism appeared in print in 1979 on the Table of Contents page of the LINPACK Users' Guide[2] in the form "R.T.F.M." -- Anonymous, suggesting that it was already well established."
no citation but still fun: "The phrase RTFM was in common use in the early 1950s by radio and radar technicians in the US Armed Forces. Operators frequently did not check for simple faults before asking questions; for example, checking whether a power switch was on, a fuse had blown or a power cord had become disconnected. A common response would be, "Did you check the oh en oh ef ef switch (On/Off).""
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11:14 AM
@MichaelT The $0.55/mile is a standard set by the IRS. Pretty much everyone uses that rate for reimbursement as it avoids having to set individual company policy and that's what the IRS will allow them to deduct for business expense purposes. I remember back when gas prices were more volatile the IRS would update that rate on a quarterly basis.
11:39 AM
This is why it's recommended that answers be self-sufficient. Did you read the FAQ yet? — devnull 1 hour ago
^^^ Responding to a Meta question by Jon Skeet.
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12:45 PM
@YannisRizos I love the assumption there that Jon is the only one linking to his blog posts. 'Cause, you know, only Jon Skeet reads his own blog much less refers back to it....
12:55 PM
btw, even reddit doesn't like the "where to start questions" - reddit.com/r/java/comments/2bk9qa/where_do_i_start
Looking for question with worst answers of the format 'pros and coms'
ok... found some.
My experience with pros/cons is that in practice they give a good overview about the most important points that are relevant for most applications. The main difficulty is probably to sufficiently specialize the question. If one has narrowed it down then discussing pros/cons is probably still a good idea. — Trilarion yesterday
@Trilarion you get questions like programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/4325 and programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/73823 and programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/21230 which have some pretty awful answers in them. These questions don't try to encourage good answers. It is the quality of the answers at the site that draws people here - both to ask them and to answer them. By encouraging answers that are "pro: one sentence. con: one sentence" it reduces the expectations and has other people post similarly poor answers. — MichaelT 5 mins ago
2:01 PM
Grrrr. Out of delete votes so I can't start the process to make some of those examples disappear...
hmph. I don't like the "Why would programmers ignore ISO standards" question currently at the top of the page, but I can't find any reason to fault it beyond it being confrontational, which, to my understanding, is inside the rules
Maybe I just need more coffee
@Ampt Yeah, that's one where you basically just have to let it ride
Drop a down-vote on the question and that will slow down the popularity
I wish there was an ISO.SE
"Why are ISO standards so out of date and useless?"
People would likely ignore it just like they ignore the other ISO standards. :-)
'cause they're made by committees
and they have to balance the interests of all the interested parties
And the more interested parties you have, the more difficult to balance, and the slower the process goes.
2:17 PM
I Really Love ISO Standards.
I need to head over to Gaming.SE today and get some advice on starting DnD... I may have drunkenly joined a campaign
@Ampt you mean RPG. Gaming = video games.
@MichaelT We have RPG.SE?!?!?!
ping ping ping-pingping
Q: I'm looking for a good Coup de Grace weapon for my sneaky dude for when he needs to get up close and personal with someone, any suggestions?

DorianOf particular interest are weapons that can be used one-handed, hidden relatively well, and are light, but I'll take a look at everything that's suggested. Weapon proficiency is not a problem for me in this since I don't intend to use it for much else besides Coup de Grace. Right now I'm lookin...

Questions like that.
Q: How would one create a bag of coin-changing?

NT3RPI was chatting with a friend about Dungeons and Dragons, and he had mentioned that in 4th edition, there is an item that converts coins to different denominations. In the campaign that I am running, the players are carrying around quite a bit of copper and silver, and it would be useful for such ...

Q: Can you put a Sphere of Annihilation into a Bag of Holding without tearing a hole in reality?

Thomas JacobsAs long as you can fit a Sphere of Annihilation into a Bag of Holding without touching it (and costing you your Bag), could you put the Sphere into the extradimensional space of a Bag of Holding and carry it around as your mobile disposing device/magic murder bag/orphan pickpocket deterrent/whate...

2:23 PM
well, I'll give it a shot
Btw, on that ISO thing...
Fortunately, no one works in Canada where dates may be formatted as YMD (government), DMY (French speaking) and MDY (English speaking). I really feel sorry for people trying to do localization there. — MichaelT 55 mins ago
@Ampt I decided to go with "Too Broad" after reading over the question and some of the answers. It's turned into a poll, and too broad is a good enough way to close those down.
@GlenH7 good call. I'll throw mine on
I got over to the RPG general chat and they're all talking about videogames
wtf @MichaelT
(I imagine that's how it feels when people come here for programming advice and get beer and tequila advice)
Is that where we go for programming advice?
2:35 PM
Nah... thats the Lounge.
@MichaelT At least they won't need a chat room built for them.
@GlenH7 last activity in their chat room was 32 days ago.
Q: Should we consider closing this beta?

dwjohnstonThere isn't much activity on this beta at all. It currently has 0.4 questions a day, and 179 visits a day. Can we agree that this beta may have failed?

@Ampt But maybe...
in The Taphouse, Jun 22 at 20:22, by Andrew Cheong
I'm at the San Diego Int'l Beer Festival. If anyone else is here let's meet up! I'm with a few friends. Mostly electrical engineers.
@GlenH7 Long term, I suspect that home-brew is likely to survive and beer not, and home-brew expand scope to cover beer. The reasoning is that home-brew has problems, not discussions. People don't have problems with beer as such (beyond a few 'basic' ones).
Looking over the questions on beer.SE, I'd definitely agree with your take on the matter.
2:41 PM
Q: Do we run out of questions or?

FallenAngelBeer.sx is quite active in the first days of its closed beta. But now, there is no new question in the last 4 days, and there is very low activity on the existing questions. I can say I am novice in beer topics, I try to answer if I can and I try to richen my answer using web so it may help more...

All beverages might be too wide, it can be narrowed to alcohol beverages too. Wine itself may produce quite a lot of questions alone, adding this to other alcohol beverages and local drinks will make the topic wide enough. — FallenAngel Mar 18 at 8:55
A: Why not expand homebrew.stackexchange to include beer.stackexchange?

Robert CartainoI tend to agree with you. I will be evaluating the private beta of "Beer SE" soon, and this is what has become evident to me as I watch this site develop: My Beer SE Evaluation The cross-cultural interests between "Homebrew SE" and "Beer SE" have way more overlap than I would have anticipated. ...

One of the beer.se mods doesn't think the site should be expanded to cover all booze - claimed it would dilute the quality of questions. (his pun, not mine)
@MichaelT The only problem I have with beer is when (Keg|Pitcher|Cup).isEmpty() starts returning true
but given that they have <300 questions total, it's hard to claim that dilution would hurt them
@Ampt You need that 4.3L dewar / stein
@GlenH7 /handheld keg
@GlenH7 you'll return null before it starts returning true to isEmpty.
2:46 PM
@Ampt For proof that I've gotten old - I don't even want to think of trying to drink that much beer in a single evening.
@GlenH7 trust me, we didn't need proof
Trying to help somebody over at the second monitor with a C/Java problem
calling C natively from Java and getting memory overflows
@Ampt I fortunately have never had to play with that dark art
@GlenH7 Tried calling C from python before
And people think reflection is a dark art? Ha! JNI makes reflection look safe and clean.
didn't go so hot
2:57 PM
Calling C from !C can be done... but its, well... there's a reason people don't write in C.
@MichaelT well when you're comparing it against the Krokodil (NSFW Search term) of the programming world, even meth looks like family fun
(advice: do NOT do an image search for Kr...)
@Ampt especially after lunch.
should have put that up there
2:58 PM
Or before lunch.
Or before sleeping.
Or when awake.
Or ever really.
That's one where I really can't understand how people even consider trying it
@GlenH7 news articles suggest it goes "do heroin, run out of money, try to find the high for cheap (lacking any remaining reasoning abilities)..."
That makes sense
it was a joke. one that kind of made me gag as even I read it
3:07 PM
heroin being the gateway makes sense though. Heroin is one where you tell yourself you won't become a statistic and become addicted
When at home, alone... ask yourself if you have trypophobia and then do an image search.
I fear the results will be one of those "things cannot be unseen once seen."
Trypophobia (/ˌtraɪpəˈfoʊbiə/, from the Greek: τρύπα trýpa "hole" and φόβος phóbos "fear") is a term that was coined in 2005. It is not recognized as a condition in the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or other scientific literature, but thousands of people claim to have a pathological fear, revulsion or disgust of objects with irregular patterns of holes, such as beehives, ant hills and lotus seed heads. == Research == British academics Arnold Wilkins and Geoff Cole, who claim to be the first to scientifically investigate trypophobia, believe...
Glad I don't suffer from that
As the world is more asymmetrical than symmetrical
@GlenH7 Did you do the image search?
3:12 PM
No. You said not to. :-)
@GlenH7 can you change your display name to Sir Glen of Programmers please?
I'll even follow you around with a pair of coconuts
@Ampt I'll take that under advisement
@MichaelT not as traumatic as I thought it would be
but I didn't scroll down very far either
Q: What are the minimum memory requirments a microprocessors must have to perform any calculation?

ProgPlease excuse my ignorance in low level things. A lot of the written below might be very wrong. As far as I understand (and I might be very wrong), there are two types of memory locations a microprocessor can have: registers and stacks. My question is what is the most basic set of memory locati...

I really want to give an answer there... but I don't.
@MichaelT something tells me that last one in the list of things they exposed people to is a bit of wikipedia literary embellishment of sorts...
@MichaelT the first few results were enough. Thanks.
3:20 PM
@Oded that's just unacceptable behaviour
@MichaelT Too broad
@Oded I don't know if they simply weren't that bad or if I've become desensitized to those sorts of things. Or both....
Things like 'how much memory do you need for HUGE NUMBER as stream % 3?' - answer: 2 bits.
@MichaelT Need some serious gumption to be able to carry that one off.
Or "for a math problem, you just convert it into a stack and then there's that..."
3:23 PM
@GlenH7 I am a former Army Paramedic. I know what I don't want to see anymore ;)
I'd imagine the training alone would have gotten you to that state. Actual combat situations would likely be worse.
... do a search for 'strange beard' - there's one that involves its continuation into chest hair.
1 min ago, by Oded
@GlenH7 I am a former Army Paramedic. I know what I don't want to see anymore ;)
And then there's this guy...
3:28 PM
(his name is Elmar Weisser - thats safe to image search... if facial hair doesn't scare you)
6 mins ago, by Oded
@GlenH7 I am a former Army Paramedic. I know what I don't want to see anymore ;)
must... not... star...
See, that last picture was when the international beard contest was in London...
That's the Brandenburg Gate.
@MichaelT Was that one in Brazil?
Can you imagine what it must look like on a bad hair day?
3:32 PM
@Oded lets see...
@Oded or just the day after one of these events. "Honey, your windmill kept smacking me in the face last night so I bent it behind your ear"
Stuffed it down your throat, more likely
Its under the 'Full Beard Freestyle' category - worldbeardchampionships.com/full-beard-freestyle-2011
This year its in Portland! October 25th
Will be in Denver at the time.
Its not that far... (joking mostly about people's perceptions of maps)
Years ago, young woman that I knew from England was visiting the US and wondering if it was possible to drive from Vegas to San Francisco to New Orleans and then up to NYC to visit (and spend time with) people in a week.
3:38 PM
@MichaelT some of that, yes
all of that? no.
The answer was "if you do nothing but drive - yes. And then pointed out the actual distances involved.
The 'problem' is that when you look at a printed map of the UK and US, you might miss that 'scale' part at the bottom.
Vegas -> LA is quick
LA -> SF, not so much
@GlenH7 its the mountains that really mess up that time.
SF -> NOLA. Oh jeez...
Sammy said he used to be able to do it in 16 hours....
@Oded Watcha going to be out these parts for? Visiting the SE office?
3:40 PM
My father and I, driving tandem, did Madison - SF in 3 days... in August... in a car without AC (that had my stuff for moving from Madison area to SF area)
@MichaelT Wow!
@JimmyHoffa yep. We have a dev/CM/SRE meetup
Basically MSN - Des Moins and the I 80 from there.
@Oded ah, like a user group presentation thing?
@MichaelT Was just looking at the map and wondering where you cut South
3:42 PM
Wait, you're in London - no?
I'll post an answer as soon as I finish rewriting my database to use ISO dates for its internal date format. — psr 2 mins ago
sorry england. (same difference)
We planned on stopping in Salt Lake City... unfortunately there were conventions there. So instead had to continue...
@JimmyHoffa more a company get together (minus sales people).
London is right (and is in England, so also right there)
@Oded ah cool. Why a get together in Denver? Isn't the main office in NY?
3:43 PM
There's a city on the border... Wendover. Small gambling town.
@JimmyHoffa too many people - the NY office can't hold us all, apparently. And cost probably also factored in there somewhere.
Think of that drive at about 4 or 5 in the afternoon in August.
@Oded ah so a large gathering. Guess must be if they're dragging your ass all the way from London. Well late october in Denver there's every possibility for snow, and at least A-Basin will be open for skiing while you're here.
@MichaelT bad place to have any mechanical issues
Heh. Dunno if we will actually get to do any touring.
3:46 PM
@Oded Tell 'em you heard of some nice small towns up in the mountains that they should have rented out instead.
Nice, quaint sounding names... "Aspen" and "Vail"
@Oded you're not flying all the way from london just to sit your ass in a chair for a bit then get back on the plane are you? That would blow, lots of flying with little return
@MichaelT neither of those would be open in october
@JimmyHoffa They're open year-round. But you wouldn't be able to ski.
@JimmyHoffa Not for skiing. I stayed in Snowmass in late Septmeber. They've got lots of empty rooms then.
(speaking of mechanical difficulties... I'm glad that its all down hill from Snowmass to Glenwood Springs)
Probably some of their lowest rates since summer time hikes are done with and ski season hasn't started up yet
@MichaelT this is true, but then those places haven't much to them other than fine restaurants during the off season, and in the summer months they have some outdoors activities, but october it'll be too snowy for anything and not snowy enough for skiing
3:48 PM
@GlenH7 its also post fall color season when the photographers show up.
yeah, I wouldn't want to be in any of those places in October...
you'd have nothing to do unless you enjoy a winter hike (to be fair there's very little hiking in those areas to my knowledge, most of the land around them has been bought up)
We tend to have lots of internal tech talks, brain storming and general discussions. A bit of socializing too...
Its great when a CEO shows up and wants to contribute... though they seem to have difficulty distinguishing 'contribute' from 'spam their product'
3:50 PM
@Oded that's cool, still that's a fuck lot of flying no? isn't it like ~10h england->US and then you'll have to catch about 3.5h-5h flight from the east coast to denver
@MichaelT deleted. Though he already managed to get answer banned.
just for a brainstorm... I'd bitch for an extra day or two to space the flying days apart, I hate flying that much so close together
@JimmyHoffa yeah. But the idea is to get to see people face to face. It is incredibly helpful/needed for a distributed team to do that.
@JimmyHoffa Snowmass has quite a few trails... and then up in the Maroon Bells...
Getting to know people is #1 priority there.
3:52 PM
@Oded Just post your GTKY questions on MSE... right?
@Oded all the more reason you should make them spring for something outside the office
> Q: Hey, I'm Oded. AMA!
@MichaelT what is AMA? I've heard this...
Ask me Anything
3:53 PM
I've not paid attentino to find out though
reddit mainly
Frankly, don't know what the plan is. If anything like NY, beer starts around 4pm and lasts till the last person standing/sitting/lying down/throwing up
@Oded those are my kind of networking events
3:53 PM
@Oded Denver starts earlier than that...
you occasionally see main stream news mentioning that So and So did a reddit AMA.
oh, make sure that karaoke gets in there too
@Oded I believe the SO office is in the same building I used to work in downtown with a brewery in the lobby... good beer...
@MichaelT some of them are phenomenal. Off the top of my head Jeff Bridges did an awesome one earlier this week
3:54 PM
Arnold Schqadfajwtager does awesome ones too
@JimmyHoffa Denver offices start at 4PM Eastern, right?
Denver is known for brewerys and has highest per capita liquor stores in the nation. A very drinking culture here so... sounds like your recollection of NY is a good guess as you what you'll see.
ok, that's not a fair smattering
@Ampt Look at comment count and up votes on that smattering.
@JimmyHoffa will need to check that out :)
@JimmyHoffa no loady. Trying via google cache
@Ampt the celebrities appear to be on IAmA - reddit.com/r/IAmA
@MichaelT yeah, thats where the link goes :)
That said, it would be interesting to get Shog doing a reddit ama.
(though for some blast from the past - reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/gulpx/… )
4:06 PM
anyone have any good PDF reader recommendations?
google chrome really bogs down under large pdfs
I like FoxIt. Dunno how it deals with very large ones though.
1 hour later…
5:31 PM
Is this a known troll?
Q: Generate Same Sequence of Random Numbers in IDL and C

SamWeissI am in the process of developing a C version of a program originally written in IDL. The programs generate arrays with random number generators. I use gsl_rng_uniform and gsl_ran_poisson in the C version, and both random number generators use the gsl_rng_mt19937 algorithm. It's important to note...

5:59 PM
@GlenH7 One of those 'hmm... dunno'
Reads like Andy to me
6:14 PM
@GlenH7 Let's close it, as it's off topic:
This question is off topic because it is about the usage of some API. See the help center for what's acceptable here (mostly conceptual questions about software architecture & design). The question would be a better fit for Stack Overflow, where it has already been asked and closed. — amon 1 min ago
@amon That works.
That's as good of a reason as I can think of
Technically it's okay to ask here after getting closed on SO, but it's a crap question
I was half-tempted to leave a diatribe asking if they understood what "random" meant but figured it would be wasted effort.
6:33 PM
This question appears to be too broad for Stack Overflow, which is for specific questions about coding that can have definite answers. Discussions of high-level design concepts and best practices are more appropriate for Programmers. Please read this meta post for more information. — Adi Inbar yesterday
Someone directed him here.
@psr Yep.
The things hat struck me as 'odd' is:
Thanks for the info. Would it be good etiquette to repost this in the Programmers section? Sorry, I'm new here. — SamWeiss yesterday
Now its possible that he's new in that "he signed up but never used it"... but... well... just stuck me as odd.
@MichaelT And there's a very subtle Hobbit reference in there
@GlenH7 that's Gamgenious of you
Our resident troll is known for his subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle user handles.
(aside, resident troll tends not to for such things as a sierpinski carpet (thats not a randomly generated identicon)
The Sierpinski carpet is a plane fractal first described by Wacław Sierpiński in 1916. The carpet is one generalization of the Cantor set to two dimensions; another is the Cantor dust. The technique of subdividing a shape into smaller copies of itself, removing one or more copies, and continuing recursively can be extended to other shapes. For instance, subdividing an equilateral triangle into four equilateral triangles, removing the middle triangle, and recursing leads to the Sierpinski triangle. In three dimensions, a similar construction based on cubes produces the Menger sponge. == Co...
6:41 PM
No inflammatory comments at the moment though, which contraindicates normal MO
@ajb it could be, though before doing so an effort should be made to narrow it down to one question (rather than three). I don't see a similar question in the chess tag on P.SE. You might want to visit The Whiteboard (P.SE chat room) to talk about how to do this. Furthermore, since this question has an answer its best to flag it for migration rather than reposting so that all the answers remain in one question. — MichaelT 7 secs ago
Q: Chess game design problems

Aviad ChmelnikI want to implement a chess game in java. So far I thought of these classes : Piece: an abstract class. All the pieces types are inherit from this class (like Queen,King,Pawn and so on. The class piece will have methods like getLegalMoves() getMovePath(Cords source, Cords dest) that are implem...

There's actually some interesting ideas that could be had from trying to do an elegant chess design.
he may also get help on codereview
@Ampt needs code first.
7:36 PM
My latest worrisome habit: Spelling python as pythong everytime I try and talk about it on chat
8:34 PM
@Ampt License the image and go to cafe press - cafepress.com/cp/customize/…
because you know you want to see the history.
@MichaelT putting new meaning to "trouser snake"
@MattGiltaji I'm pretty sure phrases of such nature only need one meaning...
@MichaelT where do I send my money
@Ampt It would be... problematic for me to design that and then have you buy it from me when I haven't done any licensing of the image. On the other hand, you could probably do it for yourself (I bet your GF would love that - I hope she's the one wearing it) for 'personal use' without getting in any licensing issues.
@MichaelT It's probably not for me, no
8:43 PM
Make sure you get an appropriately matching set.
almost missed the edit
Does tuple imply 3?
or asked differently, does tuple always imply 3 and only 3?
i thought tuple implied two?
at least in python a tuple implies 2
I'm not sure which is why I'm asking...
apparently a tuple of 1 is called a monad
In mathematics, computer science, linguistics, and philosophy a tuple is an ordered list of elements. In set theory, an (ordered) -tuple is a sequence (or ordered list) of elements, where is a non-negative integer. There is only one 0-tuple, an empty sequence. An -tuple is defined inductively using the construction of an ordered pair. Tuples are usually written by listing the elements within parentheses "" and separated by commas; for example, denotes a 5-tuple. Sometimes other delimiters are used, such as square brackets "" or angle brackets "". Braces "" are almost never used for tuples, as...
apparently tuples can have up to n elements
8:56 PM
Maybe I should be snarky and find a unicode character similar to (but different from) the "?" character and name my class ?-tuple.
A tuple space is an implementation of the associative memory paradigm for parallel/distributed computing. It provides a repository of tuples that can be accessed concurrently. As an illustrative example, consider that there are a group of processors that produce pieces of data and a group of processors that use the data. Producers post their data as tuples in the space, and the consumers then retrieve data from the space that match a certain pattern. This is also known as the blackboard metaphor. Tuple space may be thought as a form of distributed shared memory. Tuple spaces were the theoretical...
I'm sure the team will love that
try and find one that doesn't have the dot at the bottom
just barely noticable
@Ampt That's a brilliant idea
8:58 PM
@GlenH7 ¿-tuple
Or the Canadian form... 'eh-tuple
And I'll bury a comment in an obscure place that explains what the ascii escape sequence is to input the character
@MichaelT Shouldn't that be "tuple-`eh"
@GlenH7 then conveniently merge it with another file and have that get removed
That could be pretty funny as I'm looking at a
Dictionary<string, Dictionary<DateTime, ☥-tuple>>
for my construct
9:04 PM
Just think of the evil you could do with Ruby - defining methods...
if time.🕔?
Oh dear gawd.
try that one
it's a mini question mark
My boss would be chewing me out in a nanosecod with just ☥-tuple or similar
@Ampt what's the escape sequence for it?
9:05 PM
It isn't uncommon for Haskeller's to go build up a lexicon of functions using math symbols, doing stuff like: ⊥ = error
i couldnt get that to work though
The question mark (?; also known as an interrogation point, interrogation mark, question point, query, or eroteme), is a punctuation mark that indicates an interrogative sentence, clause, or phrase in written English and many other languages. The question mark is not used for indirect questions. The question mark glyph is also often used in place of missing or unknown data. In Unicode, it is encoded at U+003F ? question mark (HTML: &#63;). == History == Lynne Truss attributes an early form of the modern question mark in western language to Alcuin of York. Truss describes the punctus interrogativus...
oooh even better, get the cyrillic backwards N
@Ampt I've had problems with escape codes depending upon the browser / editor.
@Ampt does that mean these fancy ?s are "enhanced interrogation marks"?
@Ampt 'cause I want them to know it's different.
@JimmyHoffa that's borderline cruel.
9:07 PM
that's semi noticeable hahaha
@GlenH7 nah, it makes perfect sense
error is a less reasonable name for bottom than the symbol is, it's just named error from the technical convention even though it doesn't mean the same thing as error in other languages would
@JimmyHoffa I read that as "You had absolutely zero chance of understanding what I wrote, so I chose some obscure symbols just to eff with you some more and rub your nose in it."
@GlenH7 have you accepted Haskell into your home and into your heart?
There's also ␦ (which is different than ?) fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/2426/index.htm
The "rude or offensive" comments in this chat room are certainly of a different variety.
9:10 PM
@GlenH7 As opposed to "I will taunt you with familiar symbols arranged in ways that you have zero chance of understanding".
@psr yeah like return @GlenH7 >> shirt <$> pants <*> mannequin
everyone here is familiar with those characters, but that configuration of them makes grown men weep.
@JimmyHoffa I'm reasonably sure that's a compliment, right? :-P
@GlenH7 read correctly it's more of a suggestion (not a bad one given the time and the day right now)
@JimmyHoffa Hopefully it has something to do with going home right about now...
9:38 PM
@GlenH7 I knew it! You've known Haskell all this time!!
@GlenH7 from now on I'm bothering you with all my Haskell questions
@JimmyHoffa How is that any different from the way things are now?
@GlenH7 what are your thoughts on the monadplus reform proposal?
monadplus? I thought monads had to be alone
10:01 PM
@JimmyHoffa I say get rid of immutability so that you can have monadplusplus.
@psr >>=++

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