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1:36 PM
is MSE chat/The Tavern broken for anyone else? it still thinks I'm not logged in even though I've been posted on PSE and MSE and I can talk in other chat rooms
1:52 PM
@Ixrec Funny things break there some times.
unrelated, I think this is the most WTF thing I've seen in the review queues to date:
Q: Mermaid problem (OOP)

user3841610A Mermaid is half human half fish and half human. It has upper human body and lower fish body. When under water its upper part swims like a human while its lower part swims like a fish. Please explain how can it swim like a human and a fish at the same time? Note: I don't want the actual code bu...

Btw, sense of scale for Middle Earth's voyages:
@MichaelT Isn't middle earth supposed to be part of Europe?
@Ixrec Kind of... though the thing is its hard for americans to think about how far it is to walk that distance in Europe.
of course, gotta make it extra obvious for the americans
1:56 PM
@Ixrec It really reads like a homework problem. Its answerable, but it needs more information on what the OP thinks the answer is. Otherwise its a bit on the too broad side.
@Ixrec Well, there are different sense of scale.
lol I wasn't suggesting it was a good question
I VTC'd as unclear
In the US 100 years is a long time. In Europe, 100 miles is a long distance.
just though it was abnormally funny for a bad question
I once had to explain to a British woman that "no, you can't drive from New Orleans to New York in a day"
Or another time, that my trip to drive around the west coast for some photography was the equivalent of driving the entire perimeter of the mainland of Japan.
maybe it's a non-issue for me since I'm an American living in the UK, so I've already been through the requisite "distance shock"
1:58 PM
I get real funny looks from europeans when I was "yea, I drive an hour and a half to go get a nice dinner in the next city over... one way"
that sounds weird even to me
Eau Claire has some ok places to eat... but I wanted something else... so I drove to Wausau: google.com/maps/dir/Wausau,+WI/Eau+Claire,+WI/…
then again, I lived in the California Bay Area; the "next city" being 1.5 hours away is already weird to me
@Ixrec I've got a messed up sense of distance... I did a road trip one summer when I was unemployed that spanned three oil changes (start, later, and even later) and a new car... and then I put another 1.5k miles on it before I got back to Wisconsin.
When I take a vacation this year at some point, I'm looking at the National Grassland in ND (its the only state west of the Mississippi that I haven't been to... well, Alaska and Hawaii, but those don't count)... thats a 13h drive for me.
(thinking National Grassland, Black Hills, Devil's Tower, Black Hills, Badlands)
sounds like it'll be nice when you get there at least
2:07 PM
personally, I'm really glad I can commute by train here in Europe, having to drive every day or for a long time seems like it'd be incredibly tiring or stressful
When I lived in Mountain View, I did a year where I commuted by train... just to see what it was like. Light rail to work, caltrain up to SF when I wanted to go there.
2:20 PM
Two more 20k (or a mod) delete votes on this before it is likely to be punted to SO:
A: please Correct For Loop Design

Venkateshclass aaaaa { public static void main(String[] args) { for (int k = 10; k < 0; k++) { for (int j = 10*k; j >=10; j=j-10) { System.out.print(j+" "); } System.out.println(""); } } }

Because I know that level of crap answer won't get deleted on Stack Overflow easily... and the down votes get removed when migrating.
2:36 PM
@MichaelT I took care of it.
This isn't a programming question... it's a physics one. If you can put the physics into the question, it might be an answerable one from a programming perspective. Is this your teacher's idea of a good time? BTW, you don't need OOP to solve this problem; all you need is a function. That function must incorporate all of the bodily movements and demonstrate forward motion, and that's all it has to do. — Robert Harvey 14 mins ago
@RobertHarvey My comment was along the lines of "you need to finish your homework before we'll help you with it."
It's a terrible homework problem. I wouldn't even know where to begin answering it.
Good Saturday morning, BTW.
2:52 PM
Got Poppa Murphy's cinnamon breakfast pizza the other day. My nephew (3) was disappointed that the pizza didn't have pepperoni on it.
Sounds like a flat cinnamon roll that Luigi made.
Is Javascript used only in the browser and node.js, or is it also used in other places?
@RobertHarvey I once used it on Windows because I didn't want to also have to learn another language. There's javascript consoles too.
@RobertHarvey not counting the bizarre legacy systems where I work, that's all I'm aware of
Q: How to run .js file from a command line on windows?

RadekI have a shortcut with 'target' "C:\Users\Public\TestPro\TestPro Automation Framework\taf.js". I want to run that from a batch file so I copied the "C:\Users\Public\TestPro\TestPro Automation Framework\taf.js" into cmd.exe command line and pressed enter. Nothing happened. How can I run "C:\Us...

Why I want close votes on deleted posts refunded:

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