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12:01 AM
yes they are not but but as java beginner i would see that exception handling strategy should help find the root cause when the product is running in production setup otherwise http client has not clue what is happening on distributed setup unless it is informed by the problem jvm?
every exception in the distributed setup(say a servlet has issues) has to come to view console to take an action, how do i htink of that?
@durron597 Humor, fighting that requires both dexterity and tactics, fighting has good mix of simplicity and depth, interesting match-ups between most combinations of ships. Biggest complaint is that the opening is slightly tedious (ooh, more mining, yes!). The pure combat mini game is pretty good too.
12:27 AM
@psr Don't have to mine if you want to go mine VUXs with Fwiffo
12:50 AM
@durron597 You have to know that though. I haven't played in a while, so I actually recall what Fwiffo is. A good matchup vs. VUX that you can get early on, I guess.
1:01 AM
@psr Fwiffo is the spathi you find on Pluto at the very beginning of the game
1:19 AM
Alpha Centauri for me
not so much physical dexterity
They are doing a proper sequel to the Ur-Quan Masters
1:51 AM
Urkle Masters?
@MetaFight Open Source Star Control 2
2 hours later…
3:48 AM
Remember that time Riker brought a highly addictive mind control game onboard the enterprise for fun?
classic Riker
Then Wesley takes his date and they hook it up to a computer to analyze it before playing it?
classic Wesley
4:09 AM
Then Data saved the day because he's the only one who could because he's a robot
classic Data
4:20 AM
@Ampt The Game
first introduction of the wildly inconsistently portrayed Ktarians
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10:54 AM
i wrote this program but am not able to understand if this is pre-order or in-order or post-order traversal. please help me.
/* ListDirectoryWithFilter.java */

import java.io.File;
import java.io.FilenameFilter;

public class ListDirectoryWithFilter{

	public static void listRecursive(File dir){

			File[] items = dir.listFiles();
			for(File item : items){
					String fileItem = null;
					if((fileItem = item.getName()).endsWith(".java")){

	public static void main(String[] args){

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