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4:00 PM
Ok so the system gain is too low to maintain oscillation
Where is the feedback path anyways?
All overlaid, based on time since the first post for the jam it was in:
It's beautiful
@SpartanDonut Thanks! (I realized that I screen capped, but hadn't uploaded it anywhere)
So... there's a bit of a correlation, eh? Could be that voters come in during the jam, and only vote on what they see and never come back, OR it could be that the earlier submissions have had time to polish and are completely done in good time and thus are more likely to get votes
4:11 PM
@JohnMcDonald some kind of combo of both
I bet there are people who voted and then never came back to the page
@JohnMcDonald I would agree with that.
We can't really prevent voting until the jam is over without also preventing posts.
Unless we did a particularly ugly hack.
@JoshPetrie Thats what Constava sugested. Don't allow posts till the jam is done.
4:14 PM
Community wiki, Do they have votes? How do the moderator elections work?
yeah, there's really only 2 ways to do it: 1) Copy all of the answers to a new post for voting (what a pain) 2) Don't use SE
@MLM Wiki posts have votes, they just don't count against reputation. Elections can only be triggered by SE and only work as elections.
Yea, we'd have to do John's first option basically.
We let people submit their games into the jam thread, but don't "count" the scores.
After the jam ends, a moderator locks the post and creates a new thread, posting all the games into it as separate answers.
I can see that getting messy really fast
I can see how it could be done; you'd have to bake the post beforehand in a text editor or whatever. But yeah. Not pretty. I don't want to do it.
I think if we want to keep having these we should build software for it.
Separate meta questions. Merged into another as answers? (messy)
4:17 PM
It's really starting to get clunky.
@MLM Yeah. I'd have to check what merging actually does to the answers too. I've never done it.
@MLM, I'm going to make some minor modifications to a couple of your words if that's alright. Merge some of the word pairs, and remove the parenthesis that is specifying how to interpret your word
@JohnMcDonald You mean add a dash? No problem with the parenthesis being removed on the one.
Feel free to use the email if you want to clarify
4:36 PM
Well I've got a rough prototype of custom game jam software that lost interest after I went on vacation this April.... I'm very willing to develop this if an individual or small committee would like to provide requirements that I can work closely with - gamejammed.com/GDSESpring2014
What is it built in?
MS MVC. I forget which version of MVC and EF I'm using right now
I think the SE API even allows me to authenticate users so we could implement a "Login with SE" type functionality
(or require it)
And when I say "allows me to authenticate users" I of course mean the way that OAuth works which isn't actually me doing the authentication...
So Apple's Tim Cook came out today. "Tim Cook is as straight as an iPhone 6 Plus"
Whats the deal with the new MoP for the iPhone. I got the generic news this morning about merchants backing out on the adoption of it after already having the hardware implementation ready.
@Shroeder MoP?
Are you talking about the CurrentC / MCX debacle?
4:45 PM
Method of Payment, and maybe? I am sorry I don't know the specifics.
You probably are.
There are two issues, distinct but correlated.
In early October Apple turned on Apple Pay, which is an NFC-based mobile payment system that works with it's TouchID stuff and focuses on convenience and privacy (in the sense that merchants who process the transactions with Apple Pay do not get to see anything about you -- not your name, your card numbers, etc; just an anonymous token).
For the last few years a conglomerate of retailers called the Merchant's Customer Exchange have been working on an alternative mobile payment processing system called CurrentC.
CurrentC's main point is avoiding credit cards, so merchant's do not have to eat the credit card swipe fees. It's also focused on gathering customer information, and using it to feed into loyalty card programs and so on.
CurrentC already got hacked. Not interested at all in their BS.
A few weeks after Apple Pay went live, a few retailers disabled their NFC terminals -- effectively turning off both Apple Pay and Google Wallet.
Turns out these retailers are MCX retailers, and are presumably doing this because they are contractually obligated (although that's been denied by MCX now) or are just trying to discourage adoption of Apple Pay in the hope that when CurrentC starts to roll out next summer that people will prefer it.
A lot of people -- particularly pro-Apple folks -- have tried to spin this thing as a "MCX-versus-Apple" thing, which is maybe sort of kind of realistic.
But mostly CurrentC is a horrible, horrible system irrespective of Apple and Apple Pay.
It's massively clunky, using QR codes and mobile apps and token-based handshakes, it requires a massive investment of your personal data (social security number, bank account numbers), and it works as a debit system and not a credit system (obviously, to avoid CC swipe fees), which means it's probably got much, much weaker fraud protection than credit cards do.
And they've already been compromised. There was an interesting article on iMore about the data they potentially collection and/or will send back to you in the clear.
it's comical how often people try to avoid credit cards fees without understanding the difficulty of protecting financial infomation
4:54 PM
@JoshPetrie whoa, QR codes for payment? what kind of crap is that
QR codes as tokens
@SethBattin And to be clear, CurrentC doesn't avoid fees for the customer, only the merchant. There's basically no benefit to the customer in this system at all, unless you really really like loyalty cards.
(which themselves mainly exist for merchants to data mine your soul)
@SethBattin how's that work?
@JoshPetrie I said people, i sohuld have said "entities who want to process digital payments"
iirc, QR are made to be scanned by a camera
4:55 PM
@SethBattin Yeah, I said that mostly for the clarification of other people listening.
and camera likes to wear a phone's battery down quite fast
QR codes hold arbitrary data, which can be completely random tokens
so that imore article points out that this huge dictionary of data is sent back to you regardless of which email you send to CurrentC as a login.
@SethBattin obviously, I'm just concerned about the way the data is delivered
So in theory if you knew the email of somebody who was using the system right now, you could get their address and stuff just by trying to log in with their email
4:56 PM
@snake5 oh, so, you try to authenticate a payment with merchant,
(I don't think there has been any confirmation of this, but I wouldn't be surprised if this is how they got customer emails leaked)
you can isntead authenticate with 3rd party (for example only, facebook)
you give facebook your password, then facebook gives you a token
then you give the token to merchant, merchant sends token to facebook, facebook verifies it
now you have authenticated with merchant without actually submitting identifying information to them
payment tokens should work identically...but who knows if CurrentC does that properly
oh, I understand how tokens work
I'd like to know how CurrentC does it with QR codes
oh, i guess i'm totally speculating here
but QR would make an ok medium if NFC isn't available
that's really all that i meant
oh, well, what about bluetooth/IR?
5:00 PM
sure, those woudl be fine too
QR seems like a waste of battery life
@snake5 all merchants have scanners, they would just use the code
@snake5 that doesn't make sense
only good for printed ads, the way I see it
well, displaying them isn't that hard, expect for the backlight
generating them does not require a camera
@AttackingHobo battery life of the scanning device
5:01 PM
you show the QR code for a few seconds and its scanned.
scanning device does not need portable power
well...not at retail, i guess
oh, so it's the other way around?
phone shows QR and store device reads it?
does the store give you money when you buy stuff?
Starbucks is the only corporation that has made QR codes a viable method for payment.
hmmm not sure. might be both ways
but really scanning a code doesn't take that much power at all
5:02 PM
QR codes are laughable, and CurrentC is DOA.
it is an antiquated technical design, i agree
Especially after this thing, which has drummed up basically nothing but massively negative press for them.
(their apps on Google and iOS have been tanked to 1-star ratings, thousands of them)
quick work rant:
i am current parsing XML that is sent with a wrong encoding written at the top of it in order to extract a single continuous string of error messages from one node which was generated by serializing a stack trace from a caught exception, in order to determine why a "RESTful" service which transmits all its data in post-body-XML failed
god damn it
6:09 PM
Thank you for the knowledge bomb @JoshPetrie, helpful as always.
This Microsoft Band thing came out of left field a little bit.
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