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5:01 PM
@MickLH ^
oh sorry
@Tyyppi_77 Lets check by assuming the facts and seeing if that implies what we want
    so bisection will find `t` where `f(t) = 0`, so start from your equation
f(t) = cubic_bezier(0, x1, x2, 1, t) - x
    and replace f(t) with 0
cubic_bezier(0, x1, x2, 1, t) - x = 0
cubic_bezier(0, x1, x2, 1, t) = x
you can replace the "$$" with "`"
if that works in a multiline.... I guess not
oh well
@MickLH So it's right, right?
HMM I might be getting accurate results
5:07 PM
@Tyyppi_77 Yeah, as long as that's what you want to calculate
checked my latest phone bill, got charged for movies
like, pay per view
CAVEAT, I don't have TV service
I think I might post this on reddit to see if others had similar charges
That's horrible
5:08 PM
This is no laughing matter, the system charged me for something that is not even possible
Sounds like the usual, @Jon. I'm almost sure at this point that they just add random charges here and there to get money out of the people who don't notice or are too lazy and/or incapable of fighting back
Literally every single person I know, with every single phone and internet provider, has been able to find some charges somewhere that they did not rightfully incur.
And have been able to get the charges cancelled and refunded over the phone in most cases
What kind of precision limit would I like?
@Tyyppi_77 Might as well go to machine precision
Float only has 24-bits of mantissa to fill
So is there a constant I can just query?
just do 24 iterations lol
5:11 PM
That's not a perfect way to deal with it, it's oversimplifying the situation
But, it's close enough
It exits at my check earlier
if (abs(BezierFunctionCall(x1, x2, c, t)) < FLT_EPSILON) return c;
As expected
at 22 iterations, it seems to find the closest value possible in float space?
Floats are non-linear
You lose precision as the absolute value grows larger
5:15 PM
Okay, so I did 10 checks using the bezier editor, checking values in the editor and what my code returns
seems to return quite nice results
Plot graphs! everyone loves graphs
I don't think I can render those easily in my game
loop() { printf("[%f,%f],", x, y); }
copy paste into maxima, plot2d([discrete, [],[],[].....])
5:16 PM
the printf data?
Yeah, that's the format for plotting a table of data in maxima
how many points would I want?
enough to make it worth graphing?
as close to infinity as you're willing to approximate?
100 might be good
windows console is not good for this stuff
5:23 PM
ouch lol
pipe your output to a file
C:\> GunHero.exe > log.txt
@Tyyppi_77 windows console isn't good for much compared to Cygwin
I normally use a custom console, Console 2 I think
oh god I'm not relying on Cygwin am I? I could have sworn vanilla windows console can pipe
yeah it can
I don't understand how it can feel like so much work, tabbing between windows and typing
And so I'll have to take a break.. by tabbing between windows and typing
5:28 PM
fuck the text is disappearing in maxima when i paste in
@Tyyppi_77 I understand if you call fuckits here
the clipboard data is all valid
pastebin accepts it
what the fuck is wrong with maxima?
I always use right-click paste
I think the problem is in the wxWidgets front end
yeah it's still disappearing
I get horrible sketchy behavior from all copy/paste operations, but it's minimzed when using the right click menu exclusively
I forgot all the subtle details but it's just programmed into my unconscious at this point
Like moving the I beam cursor thing to home and end and selecting the last character or something
5:31 PM
tried restarting maxima
Some magical voodoo that makes it accept a paste, or not deselect while copying
It's really, really bad
And restarting never helps, only the voodoo, for me
Sometimes I literally just use the command line version instead
same commands work there I suppose?
Yeah everything is the same, except you will get ASCII art instead of rendered math
apparently a rejected flag design from my province, lol
Whoever came up with that flag, should not
5:34 PM
hmm the data is not complete
there are a few points missing at the end
@Tyyppi_77 do you mean the values are wrong, or there just aren't samples?
it ends at [0.97
and then nothing
no y value, no closing parenthesis
so no samples
meh, sounds like your program maybe ended before the buffer flushed
@Jon who the fuck
Literally, the only way I could imagine to make that flag worse would be to put a big swastika on it... no even that would just dilute how horrible mosquitoes are
5:37 PM
how do I make the console thing execute?
@Tyyppi_77 how do I parse meaning?
like what shift-enter does in the gui app
oh, you need a semicolon at the end of every command
The GUI adds it for you
5:39 PM
it renders an odd sized plot
If it's in a gnuplot window, you can just resize it, and click the button in the top left
It re-draws at the resolution you resized to
the axes are weird
x goes from -1 to 1
y goes from 0.0003 to 0.001
uh.. and that doesn't match the range of your samples? that's kinda fucking weird
anyways, just give maxima explicit range then plot2d(....... , [x, 0, 1], [y, 0, 2]);
Sometimes, it's so hard to stick with this program lol
5:42 PM
do the ranges go in the [] or the ()?
() like: plot2d([discrete, [x1,y2],[x2,y2]], [x,0,1], [y,0,2]);
now there's nothing in the plot
maybe my data is wrong then
Did you check the numbers in the text you copied.... ?
To make sure they are.... numbers?
yeah, they look valid
As in, not all near zero
1.38475364E-16, 0.38745639E-16
5:44 PM
[0.000000,0.000000], [0.001000,0.000374], [0.002000,0.000749], [0.003000,0.001126] and then they keep groving
alright well screw it, that's good enough
would you want to try if I paste you the data?
put another [ ] around your data points
I don't know why maxima is choking without it, but that worked for me
5:47 PM
user image
Thank you so fucking much Mick
I never could've done this without your help
np, glad we got through it :P
me too... I learned a lot
Not only about these curves but also about tools that I can use for this stuff
I already investigated using the closed form solution directly... and that requires you to either 1. implement complex numbers in C++ (ugh) or 2. manipulate your formula to operate in the entirely real domain (ugh)
5:52 PM
I tried the 2nd approach, because it should be shorter code... After some squeezing I got it down to 2 kb of nasty raw C++ with all 3 letter variable names
I basically recommend against it lol
aight that's kinda nice to hear
sorry you had to go trough all that work tough
haha nah don't worry, I didn't do much by hand
I've already written tools to do these manipulations
Sometimes I can't get around it, and need a big nasty formula in a simulation
ah that's a relief then :)
I haven't tried implementing Newton's method yet
but that's my knee-jerk reaction to this problem
5:54 PM
Right the derivative method, right?
I might even do a higher order householder method
okay then
I really gotta call it a day now
I'll see if it needs / I can do some optimizations tomorrow
I haven't worked on a programming thing all day.... I probably should at some point
Thanks once again, maybe next time I don't have to be taught everything by practically holding my hand
cya guys
Oh, I just realized the secant method should give fast convergence like newton, but without calculus tools
5:57 PM
Math way above my head
I'm taking pre-calc next year in school
They need to be teaching calculus in the 4th grade
can you imagine real life @Pip? yeah? ok you know calculus at some level lol
I agree that it should to taught earlier... I don't know about 4th grade though
man if I took the time to draw a picture of newton's method... you'd say "Yeah, obviously." and I'm not a teacher lol
lol, I just reserved my "Windows 10"
I recommend reading "Issac Newton" by James Gleik. Great book, and it's short.
6:11 PM
don't they know, it's already released and I should be just reserving it?
Issac was some kind of fucking weirdo
But he said this: "I was like a boy playing on the sea-shore, and diverting myself now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me."
Then he got stung by a jellyfish and said "Fucken shit"
He didn't like to tell people about his discoveries... unless it looked like someone else might discover it, and he was loathe to have it look like they found it first.
i think i am gonna try to self finance this next car
not sure if wise
what you mean
pay cash for a car?
6:16 PM
they have cash discount, but their financing sucks
yeah, pay cash
i have a line of credit
getting a loan for an asset that depreciates as fast as a car is not the best thing
paying cash is better
well its not upfront cash
i'd have to pay interest on it
oh ok
6:16 PM
but its not a lean
how much
Jello everyone :D
lien I think you mean
if you finance through dealership, you have to make minimum payments
if you miss one, they can repo the car
what's your interest rate?
6:17 PM
its not great, but at 30k, it accumulates about 120$ interest per month
not bad for a car, though usually you can get certain cars at 0%
though there's still the lien issue
but the deals are, either you get a CASH incentive, or a great financing rate
i kinda like the cash incentives the more I look at them
Well, you're a smart guy you can do that math and see which costs you more :)
i guess i'll have to do math, lol
still not sure what I am getting though
going to test drive in 40 mins :D
cool what you trying?
6:19 PM
Ford Explorer
we have
its actually small
yeah, i am avoiding the turbo
love it.
6:20 PM
premium gas ain't cheap
Also, winters here are insane man
little car like that would get stuck everywhere
I'm in MTL
the car has a computer that kicks ass in snow and ice
6:21 PM
just google moncton snow
I was driving out into Rigaud with it in the winter, handled it fine
hahah :D
this was last winter, the banks are where the city dumps from main street
last winter was the worst winter we have ever had though
kinda have a feeling it isn't goign to get better
Proves no global warming
6:22 PM
Subaru Impreza AWD
does the fiat run on AWD?
get one of those
yeah i checked out the WRX, then I told myself i was an adult.
the fiat is FWD I think
I drove into some deep snow at one point, and it did pretty well
6:23 PM
I'm used to a 390HP Hemi
the traction control thing works quite well
hahah neato
sucks to go down
like, test driving 200hp cars, and i'm like... MEH...
I said Explorer, I mean Escape btw
They make this little Escape thing, with a 220HP 2.0L engine that does 10L/100km
I miss 2007. Remember when bloom was a big deal and it was everywhere? Those were the days.
7:03 PM
@Honeybunch Bloom?
too little bloom
needs more bloom
any time :)
7:13 PM
> NRUB'YIGLITH, SHAMEBEAST KING OF GROTESQUERY, WRITHE-LORD OF THE MOIST BEYONDHOOD. Hearing his melodious chirps and tongue-clicks causes one's bones to explode.
Great villain for a video game :P
@Almo That doesn't look like an overused post-processing effect to me
It's definitely "Bloom" though.
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