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4:00 PM
Anyone running chrome on windows or osx right now?
win 7
I've noticed weird lag recently with gifs
Version 40.0.2214.115 m up to date?
@Joe let me know if this makes your browser lag while loading. Let me know when you are ready.
yea increbile lag
4:03 PM
is that shit real?
I have chat open 2 windows FF & Chrome
ff loaded gif chrome still hasnt
looks like chrome crashed
@Almo Yeah. Really hot water thrown into reallllllllly cold weather
maybe they patched in a leak
that's pretty cool
I could load that gif by clicking on it
but not in chat. it never loaded here
4:05 PM
this might be a stack thing
because gifs have been behaving odd on FF also
@joe no I've noticed it everywhere
Same gif here. i.imgur.com/15YV71e.gif try zooming in on it while its loading
ISPs said "f it... you want net neutrality were no longer going to support animated GIFS"
thats the opposite of NN
they are dropping support globally so its legal
4:07 PM
No its not
Guys, I am wondering, what would an exception of "children could not be evaluated" mean?
They have to support unrestricted access to any legal content
@KalaJ That the children could not be evaluated
great thank you lol
At this line, when I want to draw a line, I want to set a drawing cursor to true and then that would trigger off the setting cursor method from my cursor utility class
so the exception happens here: drawline() { GameObject.Find("RingSpawnPoint").GetComponent<CursorUtility>().drawingCursor = true; }
no idea why
@KevinvanderVelden "Our droids were attempting to locate suitable kidneys to sell on the black market... but when passing an antiquated lead school bus it blocked their scanners so the children could not be evaluated"
4:15 PM
@Joe pff, they're in a lead school bus, their kidneys are already useless
good point
Introducing the new White and Gold Dualshock 4 http://t.co/YK0yE4M3fJ
I laughed hard at that today
4:31 PM
i didn't read anything about that
whats the fiasco?
it's an optical illusion on a dress due to odd lighting
"interner exploded" because people are arguing if the dress is black and blue or white and gold
it looks blue and black, unless you think it's lit differently, then it looks white and gold
since there's no context, you can't tell what the lighting in the area is
4:32 PM
i still don't get it... why is this news?
Because people are dumb
It's blue and black from day one
no idea why people saw white and gold. gold I can get but I don't see white :(
4:35 PM
I see white. :P
But no point in arguing.
with that pic, I can see it as either, depending on my opinion of how it's lit
it's just an artifact of how our minds adjust for what color we think something is given the current lighting
I'm kinda sad that XKCD went with this nonsense
lol he did?
there's a comic now?
4:37 PM
I don't get why it's nonsense?
It's an interesting coincidence. The lighting and colors means it works like an optical illusion. Not exactly something that happens every day.
Yeah, its the same color in both images
The only nonsense about this dress story, is how persistent people are in calling other people dumb or stupid.
4:38 PM
this is great example of how color theory works
my arts teacher saw the opportunity and taught us color theory today
First test of the "alchemical" phase.
It starts with fire! :D
the XKCD is awesome
4:41 PM
Is there a programming language that has it's basic types (float, int etc.) capitalized?
It does?
int translates to Int32
Although they provide aliases so it's not needed. :)
int is just quick way to type System.Int32
4:42 PM
If you hover the aliases you'll see what type it actually is. :)
ah, okay
float is Single
C# defines the lowercase ones, the CTS defines the uppercase ones.
Pascal's boolean type is called Boolean.
Although I don't recall if it was also aliased to boolean.
I installed unity 5 RC3 today, profiling does not work at all on mobile :(
everytime I'm like "who's this guy" and then I read the name and it's always Lasse
I don't recognize the new image yet
4:52 PM
unity seems to be a sinking failboat nowdays, they fail and fail, first they failed with 64bit iOS builds and now they are failing with this
well at least I'm not going to change the picture again any time soon
well that's good
yeah also there are problems with unity on Chrome browser/
and unity 5 is a year overdue, right?
also Unity Test Tools does not build on unity 5
there's one line that needs to be commented out, they seem to have dropped the support for loading assets by their path
Prisons + Prisoners!
5:00 PM
nice! what are your plans for this?
well one of your tasks is to free all the prisoners in a level
i think
ahh just winging it?
like improvising as you go
pretty much
Next I need to figure out what the prisoners will do when they are released
5:03 PM
guys, I have a question, if I have a class that I don't want to attach to my game object, can I still use GameObject.Find("GameObject").GetComponent<ClassNotAttached>()?
for unity3d
get component gets a component of the given class on gameobject names "GameObject"
hmm ok, so in order to call methods from class not attached, I'd have to instantiate it
I can't use getcomponent
you need a game object to have components
I mean I have a game object but I want to use methods in another class
but you could write a static class that doesn't extend Mono behavior... but then you loose the event integration
5:06 PM
that might also be a problem, my current class extends monobehavior
technical details aside what is your goal, the user story
I just posted my exception problem on Stackoverflow
Q: Setting up cursors - children could not be evaluated

Kala JSo, I want to set up different cursors depending on what mode or state my program is in. I set up a cursor utility class to accommodate the different states based on bools. I'm going to break down the class to a small snippet to show you what I have set up. CursorUtility.cs: using UnityEngi...

Now, I'm sure it's because of the way I'm setting up the GetComponent
I personally might tackle the problem by creating a cursor component that lets you give it delegates or actions that gets run on different events the cursor might raise, and then have multiple gameobjects, one for each different cursor and just disable all but one cursor at a time
there are ton of different ways to do that
agreed with that
ultimately I think if you are going to have "application states" maybe those should live in one class
and then the other classes that utilize them (like your cursors) should read from that class on something similar to a "game manager" empty game object
Well I mean to say, all those states are in that class now. What's wrong with the way I set up my current class?
5:15 PM
ok well first this is minor but your passing around strings that represent those states to the different methods?
5:31 PM
sup everyone?
working like a mule
gamedev or something else got in the way?
some pretty major other stuff
well.. good luck with that I guess
Fire and dusts mixing :P
Looks pretty freaky
5:42 PM
thats awesome!
Reminds me of scorched earth
Would make for an interesting scorched earth.
or those old winamp visualizers
that is pretty neat
5:44 PM
I think the dust is forcing the fire up to the surface :P
Their interaction isn't really planned out at the moment. Just adding things.
well... crap... I've switched everything to ECS, but totally forgot about screen management
man.. been writing this hardcore validation request stuff all day
been writing this single webservice request for over a month now
its insane.
Welp, I'm somewhat stuck
I have an asset system which loads resources, and sprite render and map build systems depend on it
however it's all single threaded
and with a bunch of resources it takes a bit to load
I'd like to show a screen while it's loading but my screen management is separate from ECS and I've got no idea as to how to either convert screens management to a system or how to get them to work together
anyone got any ideas from my vague description?
Put the asset load on a background thread, issue load requests, sit on the load screen until you get a notification that all loads are done.
ok, I'll externalize asset loading, get it outside the asset system where it is now located
have an asset loader which spawns a new thread for loading, and before initializing the asset system call the asset loader and show a loading screen until the asset loader reports it's done
sounds good?
6:18 PM
@Jon If you post the xkcd link, we can see the image title.
6:38 PM
@Jon BTW, I don't think the dress has any black in it. Blue maybe, but not black. You can see a black skirt behind the dress, and you can also see a woman with black hair. The black parts of the image aren't really over exposed. And just because part of the image doesn't mean that the rest of the image is. If you look at NASA moonlanding photos, you don't see any stars because the exposure is set for the surface.
6:48 PM
@AidanMueller It's a shitty picture taken by a dirty shitty lense in shitty light
The actual dress is black. but the white balanced and lighting and exposure is fucked in that picture making it look gold brownish
Depending on your local lighting, your monitor color balance and brightness it can look different
Ok what is this about? I think I just heard some joke that was referencing this but it went right over my head
This black (skirt?) part of the image shows up just fine. If the dress was partially black, you wouldn't expect to see so many levels of contrast.
@SpartanDonut What colors does the dress look like to you?
black and blue
man, i really dont care about the color
or any other trivial bullshit like that
6:55 PM
@SpartanDonut How is it black and blue?
Based on my experience with photography and actually taking notice of how different lighting conditions have an impact on how colors look and how that can have even more drastic consequences if a photo isn't taken properly (I've taken lots of horrible photos) I am concluding that it is most likely a black and blue dress
I don't have 100% confidence but I'm fairly confident
The main part of it (the "white" part) is most likely blue. But I wouldn't think that there would be so many levels of contrast in the stripes if they were black.
It could be faded
Not all "blacks" when it comes to cloth and dye are created equal
But I'm a man so I'm not going to debate which shade of black that might be
Sometimes I struggle with a really dark navy vs black in the right light
Color is hard and light makes it that much harder
It's really not worth debating
The black absorbs quite a bit if light, so if the black is over exposed to the point where it appears gold (which it does according to gimp), then the light blue would be way over exposed.
Especially since we can't determine the accuracy in which the camera recorded the color
Have fun with your science. I just don't care. You asked my opinion and I gave it to you. I didn't come to debate
If you asked me what color it was and defend that answer with your life I wouldn't have answered at all.
Well I don't really care. I just don't understand why people think it's black.
Fancy for fire colors
That's why people think it's black
Just google it :P
@William'MindWorX'Mariager Now what you need to do is use color to measure temperature.
7:05 PM
@SpartanDonut Someone commented "Well, whichever company makes this dress is going to make both versions now regardless."
7:37 PM
The best part about that spam post is that the "link" to the kickstarter links instead to the image the user posted.
@AidanMueller the dress in real life is black and blue
just weird semireflective black material and horrible white balance
@SpartanDonut you hear about Walker saying he could take ISIS as pres cause he took the union in Wisconsin?
Oreos: gold and white, or black and blue? twitter.com/Oreo/status/571353077606969344/photo/1
Haha wow
I forgot how incredibly fun it is to play a spellcaster (in DCSS). Blast everything to pieces before it gets to you.
8:30 PM
I want one of those blue blocks in RL
Light is a magical thing
@Almo that guy
yeah :(
8:39 PM
I don't follow politics but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like him if I met him
@AttackingHobo Not sure how black turned into gold. But you would think that the would have used a different picture after they saw it.
weirdness follows:
@AttackingHobo BTW those blocks are purdy.
the blue one is...
8:41 PM
Thanks @AidanMueller working on materials
@AidanMueller Yellow light on reflective black
plus shitty white balance
8:55 PM
for me, that dress, seemed like gold and blue
Seriously why is this such a big deal?
the door is that way --------->
it just caught on in social media, and it's an interesting illusion. nothing more, I think
@JoshPetrie it's just funny, how different brains work differently
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