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12:43 AM
This keeps getting more and more complex... Sigh...
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4:22 AM
@jgallant flood fill is obviously the answer there... his question seems to want to start a discussion though and isn't very clear to me. Something something diagonals duplicate question something
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7:42 AM
Q: How do I create a closed beta on Google Play?

WabbitseasonAs per suggestion I'm splitting How do I create a closed beta on Google Play or the App Store? up. Can I upload the game I'm developing to Google Play as a closed beta, so I could generate a couple of keys/tokens for my testers? I'm hoping to only publish the game for the public after I'm happy ...

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10:31 AM
He commented again
Telling me to properly read his question.
What a fucken piece of shit.
I'll help
I commented back.
All he wants is someone to tell him he is smart.
I edited the question. He literally wrote "hmmmmmm I pause that might work'
what question
Q: determin if a shape of tiles is closed

Jason HowellsI’ve been in the process of trying to workout if a shape is closed. I decided to use VB.net as my language of choice. Red = walls Light Blue = water Black = Towers Dark Blue = Fill A similar question was asked here: Determine if a set of tiles on a grid forms an enclosed shape A lot o...

You need to read it before edit
11:11 AM
This was the most retarded thing of the day on GDSE
"9 years professional programmer", complains about a good answer, but if he really were that good he wouldn't even make a question to start with
It's not as if every programmer is a good programmer
I'm sure the off-shore people in india have programmed for many years as well
Yeah IKR, that's exactly my point, if time meant real experience and knowledge then fine, but no one gives a damn for how many years you how to code a if
Guys he is using vb.net
By choice.
Over c#
Nuff said
I'm working in VB.net right now =[
I am sad
lol good point
11:19 AM
By choice?
Sorta, there's a third party library we're using that has a security issue
I'm fixing it and then compiling it and locking up the source in a vault
Vault 69
In fallout vault 69 is the vault where there was 1 male and the rest all female
Ah good thing that I'm not the only one that remembered Fallout Vaults when reading "vault"
I dunno, I don't think they deserve having VB dropped on them, trump probably has a vault somewhere I'll just drop it in there
12:08 PM
Anyone get BF1 yet?
Wondering if the multiplayer is shit like battlefront
Or of I have to spend 300 dollars to play
I miss the good old days of gaming
Nah, not my game
Well that's it then fuck that game.
300 BRL here
so that's bout 90 euros
12:11 PM
The most expensive game I've ever seen
I paid 70 euros for wow CE box and considered that very ridiculous amount of money for a game, but I wanted it anyway
nowdays I won't buy CE boxes any more
Fuck this game in the ass seriously
Well CE boxes are different, you get more for the money, so it makes perfect sense that they're more expensive
WAR is the last CE boxed game I have got
aka warhammer online
I got the CE box just to get in to the beta, and it flopped completely for me and I quit it even before the release
What is CE?
12:16 PM
And yeah I agree they are different and offer you more
Collector's Edition
I just have so bad experiences from pre-purchasing something
And paying ridiculous amounts of money
Well, the closest to it I made was buying early access games
In my case it were KF2 and Starbound
9 flags from marshal :P
way to kill the conversation, Tyyppi!
12:28 PM
12:44 PM
When reading the fucken manual goes wrong.
I'm taking a math course on complex numbers and it's really fucking awesome
All I remember from complex numbers is i = sqrt(-1)
Yeah that's the base
Complex numbers come in handy when rotating in a 2D plane
Then there's also the cool e^(i*pi)=-1 thing
I just realized that Mick never really came back (not that it's a bad thing)
See I learned all this math before I did game programming. So most of the math I learned I didn't really give a shit about at the time.
I'm not really sure if I'd want to actually use them though... I'd think that using the unit circle would be a lot more readable
(Oh, sin and cos! This code must be doing rotations or calculating positions based on rotations)
But yeah essentially complex numbers are the quaternions of 2D
12:56 PM
And mick did come back but he hates it here
never really came back
Hasn't been around in 18 days
He's on discord
Yeah I figured
I have pizza
But it's 10 am
12:58 PM
I feel like I need to wait a little bit longer
Dev Blog- Sea Trading Game kd7uiy.com/2016/10/dev-blog-sea-trading-game-improving.html Improved selling price, make factory goods, and produce seeds!
@jgallant yes, requirements to be polite and such are such a drag =[
@PearsonArtPhoto Nice stuff!
@jgallant CSS isn't loading for me
1:01 PM
It's coming along slowly...
So is that the ship stuff that you've been struggling with the last few days?
I spent far too long just thinking about how to do certain parts.
The ship is easy.
The problem I'm running in to is making a reasonable AI system for the cities to tell them what to make.
Oh I see, that does seem like a tough thing.
The first order pass worked reasonably well, but I'm struggling to get it to the next level...
On the other hand, you could just make them produce anything and give international monetary support to everyone :P
1:04 PM
Needs more docks
Like IRL it doesn't really make sense to grow pretty much anything here in Finland, but thanks to EU support some farmers can still make a living here
I can do that pretty easily, it's just a bit of a tweak to my parameter file.
So far my crops are very much based on the climate in the United States.
You should add a tradable item called RumHam
I'm needing to add things that can be planted in other locations.
I should at least add pigs, so I can have Ham in the game...
Yeah. So does that essentially come down to a map lookup? Or..?
1:05 PM
Then rum
They are biome dependent.
So for instance, Barley I think grows better in the colder climates.
(I forget off hand, but...)
Yeah so city.ProduceGood(goodMap.RandomGood(city.area.Biome));?
It's a bit more complex than that...
Yeah I can understand that.
What kind of other factors do you have that affect the good?
There are about a dozen "Modifiers" that will change the production.
1:08 PM
Aight yeah I've never made anything complex like that
So there is one for anything that requires something else to help produce it, called seeds.
What's the goal of a city? Maximize their profit, or build a certain set of goods?
There are some based on temperature, tools available, location type (Biome or "factory" building), etc.
The goals of the city vary, but they can be to make a profit, simply survive, or keep their people happy.
The latter 2 are basically "Make at minimum these things"?
And the first one is "Make the things that sell best and cost the least to make"?
Although that's not really how I do it.
I really think I'm going to have to overhaul a good chunk of that system... Sigh.
The more I look in to it, the more I realize it's just not quite ready... Still, it's good enough to at least get a sense for how it can work.
1:14 PM
I think you could represent it as a maximum flow problem, but not sure how yet
Your project has been a total revamp of the systems in it all the time (not that's a bad thing, but you're looking to make it really good)
@KevinvanderVelden Seems like a lot of variables to me, but that's actually a very interesting idea
There are certainly things that haven't been revamped much with time.
I'll look in to it, hmmm...
I wouldn't necessarily call that revamping but polishing
Many things I put up what was essentially a skeleton until I could figure out exactly what I wanted and how I wanted to do it.
The map system has essentially been identical to what it was when I first set it up as I had envisioned, for instance. I did make 1 very small tweak, but it was pretty minor, so...
Movement has remained mostly the same, except I improved the speed of my A* algorithm quite a bit.
I'm curious now, what class file do I have that hasn't changed for a long time...
Most of the UI stuff hasn't changed much, although it's overdue for some polishing...
Wow, I don't really have very many stable classes. I'm not quite sure what that means...
1:24 PM
It means that you're working a lot.
I knew that the piece that I'm working on now would be complex, but that it would be the key to the entire game...
I'm starting to get there, but... Sometimes it seems a bit insurmountable. Still, it's coming along slowly.
Ahhhhh pizza.
Never trust someone that doesn't like pizza
Kill him.
sprites need work, they need to be faster and there's no kill functionality yet
1:37 PM
Darn :}
that should be quite simple though I think
Actually, what do you think of that sprite?
I like it.
I kinda ripped off a pixel art skull that I found on google image search
I probably should alter a few pixels
Heh. You are such an asshole stealing other people's work the shame!
well there's only that many ways you can draw a skeleton head with the resolution in question :P
1:47 PM
Send that guy that creates that pixel skull 1 dollar
naw I tweaked it
looks more tall now
So in short: Don't stop on blocks with skulls on them. Seems reasonable
I'll certainly try to trap enemies in this just to see the blood
@jgallant did you download GORB from that link i sent?
Now I kinda want to make a horizontal version too
That might actually be a lot harder because I don't have horizontal crushing implemented
1:57 PM
How many levels are you going to use the feature in? Is it worth it =p
Probably not a lot.
Yeah I think I'll just stick with vertical crush traps
Pragmatism saves the day again \o/
yeah thanks
At least I think that's the word, I 'unno. You know what I'm talking about
now code clean, then commit, and then levels
2:56 PM
@almo not yet.
link lives for like 2 weeks
so not a huge hurry
3:16 PM
Hey, I've been noticing something weird lately. Every single one of my questions has been downvoted, and not only that but even the answer I wrote for myself (clearly explaining what the problem was) was also downvoted.
the only thing I can figure (given a comment that was previously deleted) is that "this is 3D game maker and you cannot do that so heres a downvote"
is that really the case
could someone look for me please?
I'm not sure
Those seem like reasonable questions to me
@TheGreatDuck serial downvoting usually gets caught by a script that hunts for that shit
if it's one person doing it, they should find it
I don't really think it's serial downvoting, the questions just aren't very good
Half of them are a dump of code with a self answer
@Almo Well I know from my experience that there are a large number of people who think "You shouldn't do 3D in game maker, period".
Nothing wrong with self answering though
3:26 PM
Like for anyone using Game Maker to make 3D stuff those questions are now a great resource
@KevinvanderVelden I specifically describe a problem though. One is supposed to "dump their code" when they have a problem.
@Tyyppi_77 No they're not, because the questions are still bad =p
@TheGreatDuck one is supposed to provide a minimal reproducing sample
@KevinvanderVelden That is the minimal reproducing sample.
"uuuh, only part of my 3D model is rendering in GM, I better google this"
3:28 PM
@Tyyppi_77 you don't understand though
> The issue is that in older versions of game maker, models were stored in arrays which have a maximum storage of 32000 indexes, or roughly 10000 polygons.
I think question would be a good question after some editing: gamedev.stackexchange.com/questions/131729/…
there are people who actually think "you just shouldn't be using GM to begin with so this question should be deleted because it's game maker"
I'm trying to argue that atleast that question is a good question
@KevinvanderVelden my question got an answer. Therefore, it is a good question.
3:29 PM
The weird thing is that all your answers/questions seem to have 3 downvotes
@TheGreatDuck That's not a thing though.
And the others are not a minimal sample, in one of them you've included loading for a dozen irrelevant things
But not included the relevant thing (or a description of the file, that would've sufficed)
@TheGreatDuck Yeah, no it doesn't work that way. A question is good on it's own merits. Answerabillity is indeed one of the things a good question has, but not the only thing
because that is the code that I ran to make it work.
Minimal reproducible sample, not dump your code
3:32 PM
what if it were loading a dozen irrelevant things that make it break?
Is it? Did you test that?
Because from your own answer that's not the case
no, because I'm not idiot
also, I was told that answer by someone else
@TheGreatDuck Then why bring it up?
because you brought it up
Erm, no? I'm talking about you bringing up the idea that the irrelevant code broke it
That's specifically is the irrelevant code that should be removed to get a minimal sample
3:33 PM
and you asked why the supposedly "irrelevant code" was there
my point is that when asking the question I had no knowledge of what was or was not relevant.
Why didn't you test it then?
because I didn't think to test that.
there was no reason it would break
that would be idiocy
So why paste it in? =p
The fact that you preserved it means either a) you thought it relevant or b) you just copy pasted everything
Note, I'm not saying you should be banned from the site or have the things deleted but I am saying that the questions need work to be good questions. Which is a valid reason to downvote them
(I didn't incidentally)
And this is all, of course, my opinion. I don't mean it as an attack on you, I just have high standards for questions here
you're kind of starting to be rude, no offense. you're jumping on me saying I just "copy/pasted" everything. If I'm asking a question about code in game maker then should be posting all the code that was executed for that particular thing, period. It is the minimal number of things that were executed. There were lots of other junk that I got rid of. I kept everything involving the graphics, period.
Actually the idea of a minimal reproducible sample is that you get just the code that makes the problem appear, in as few lines as possible. So to get a minimal reproducible sample, ideally, you should have tested if those extra loading things broke it (you have the thing set up after all, it's not much work for you), and if it didn't break it you'd remove it
3:40 PM
"that the questions need work to be good questions" except what you don't understand which is what I tried to tell you before, right before I received the downvotes on some of them a very rude individual came by and said "3D in game maker?!? Delete all your code right now you idiot, restart your project and go use unity."
Yeah that guy is rude and an ass
Totally agree with you there
@TheGreatDuck did he really say that?
what a prick :(
I don't have the powa so I can't delete the comment
but I would
I believe it's already been deleted? And you can flag as offensive
@KevinvanderVelden It's literally two lines. I don't see how it's that big of a deal. I think you are way stretching it way out of proportion. I mean, literally, the only reason the first code is even written as anything other than one line is because a moderator came by and tried to demand that "your code must be formatted perfectly and you may not have them written on one line like this, period"
I did flag as offensive
it's already gone
just saying i probably got a downvote or two from them
3:44 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Honestly, I would prefer to have just left the first code on one line, and not expand it. There's not much useful there. I mostly just left it the way it was so people could replicate the problem the same way I had it.
but that still doesn't really explain this question having 3 downvotes?
Q: Do game maker's 3D rotation transformations use intrinsic or extrinsic rotations upon axes?

TheGreatDuckI have a pretty difficult problem on my hands. My 3D character moves through space and rotates. I do not know the angle of rotation at any given time, but I do have 3 x,y,z unit vectors serving as the character's coordinate system. I see that in the euler angle page on wikipedia (https://en.wiki...

@KevinvanderVelden yeah, but what is wrong with it?
clearly there must be something wrong if it isn't just people downvoting for no reason. :p
Minor nitpicking on formatting, otherwise I really don't know
That's a good question in my opinion =p
well most people will downvote anything involving game maker from what I understand
are you familiar with it?
"most people"
if "most people" downvoted any GM related question, you'd have WAY MORE than 3 downvotes there.
3:49 PM
@Almo From what I understand, most people think of game maker as a tool young children use and that it is completely inappropriate as a game engine
you don't need to ping me every time
"most people"
@TheGreatDuck I edited the nitpicking things I had with it
how do you have any idea what "most people" think about GM?
Because hey, I was gonna list them here and it's easier to just edit them ^^
I don't think that about it
I mean, Nidhogg, a popular game on Steam was made with it
3:51 PM
What I mean to say, is that game maker is very much looked down upon as a tool, and then those who don't like will also quite vividly say that "you are no supposed to do 3D in game maker".
you wouldn't believe how many times I've noticed people literally say things like "just switch to unity. 3D in game maker isn't worth doing"
Game maker is pretty cool, though it has some limitations due to design decisions that are annoying but meh
i know the one guy I mentioned was being rude, but there's a large number of people who have the same attitude and are just nicer about it
what's really confusing here though:
Q: Why is game maker displaying a model without all of its polygons?

TheGreatDuckI have a game maker saved model that I created and saved in a little generator I made. I loaded it into a game made in what I think was game maker 6.0 (I used an ad-hoc-ed execute_string() cheat system to "add" graphical control so bear with me if I don't know the exact version). The problem is t...

I answered the question and the answer got downvotes as well
Not that it's that big of a deal
but it seems like people have something against the answer as well
@TheGreatDuck "very much looked down upon" I don't get where you're getting these data from.

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