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12:00 AM
@Noctrine what?
I'll burn it
I thought, when I left college, I'd be free.
But no.
any option to use other IDE's?
any option to use another IDE and just import into Eclipse once you're done?
like, anything to avoid Eclipse
@IcyDefiance what language are you using?
Java right now
and the prof wants it all done in Eclipse for some crazy reason
which is the only reason I'm using it
12:03 AM
I hear good things about IntelliJ
I'm considering buying a license just to have - just in case.
yeah but I was asking whether jobs will force you to use Eclipse
IntelliJ, Netbeans?
Oh, good ones won't.
I'm well aware of other IDE's
Good ones will buy those other IDEs for you.
12:04 AM
well really I'd rather avoid Java entirely, but I know that won't happen, lol
Why is java considered 'ugly' and most programmers hate it?
Is it because it is too verbose? Or because it forces you to use OO even when you shoudn't?
I finally figured out how to Post using Python Tornado
Web programming, I think, is less writing but more reading.
12:19 AM
@Jovito for me it's just because C# does everything that Java does in a way that's a million times nicer to work with and has 0 drawbacks
like just having to make 2 functions for accessors pisses me off when in C# with Visual Studio I can just type "prop," hit tab twice, choose a type and name, and boom it's done.
or, maybe that I feel like it since I am n006 when it comes to web. Maybe, now I think, web programming is more "writing" since it is mostly all hard coded script.
soooooo much faster, and looks a million times better too
man, I've just found out I can't really use AMP on my system :(
since my graphics card doesn't support dx11
@IcyDefiance does C# supports other paradigms besides OO?
don't think so. everything has to be inside a class anyway. never looked too much into it though.
12:22 AM
So it's just pretty java?
C++, Python, and PHP all support OO but don't force it, right? C# isn't like that
@IcyDefiance technically you can defined every function as static, which results in not being OO
since you mentioned function, does anyone know how to have function pointer to function that's a member of instance of class?
@Ali.S I guess, but that's true for Java too
@BlueBug in C++, or...?
global function pointer != member function pointer in c++ , void f()* cannot be used as a function pointer for a function that's inside a class, c++
12:24 AM
right, I ran into the same problem once. couldn't find a solution anywhere, but apparently they're adding a native solution to C++ soon...or maybe already have? I just heard about it indirectly.
c++ quantum physics.
@BlueBug global function pointer == static member function pointer
yeah but screw static unless you really have to use it
I'm too braindead to understand it right now, but it looks helpful, lol
@Ali.S aye, but I wanted to have function pointer to instance of class, Maybe I can't do this because this is a bad practice?
@IcyDefiance sweet document ty.
there is a pointer to member function
12:27 AM
I wouldn't call it bad practice, exactly, though it would probably be difficult to delete that pointer when deleting that class instance
pointers always pissed me off. that's why I quit trying to use C++
non static member function pointers have weird syntax type though. stackoverflow.com/questions/990625/… int (Foo::*p)(int);
int(Foo::*p)(int) != int(Boo::*p)(int), (if I remember correctly )
You have to choose which class your non-static-function pointer will have as its type. So I can't have non-static-member-function-of-any-class, but only non-static-member-function-of-this-particular-class-pointer.
12:44 AM
eeeeeeyyy! C++, folks! have a good night, hope you had fun, goodbye!
night night~
12:57 AM
and the prodigal son returns.
I ain't killin' no cow for you
Free Version.
Drawback: It must be windowed with a low res in order to work well. Otherwise a-okay.
Also something else in the works but not ready yet.
Oh and does anyone know anything about AES and the Skype Protocol?
In fact, yesterday I tried packet sniffing port 247 - agh can't remember it exactly but it worked for the most part except skype encrypts incoming connections with some cipher I forgot the name of(it's not the Rijndael cipher, but I understand that they use this to encrypt Voice Communications)
:O Grey!
Hi @Noctrine!
Awhile back some people were working to reverse engineer the skype protocol for alternate clients, don't know how far it got - or how applicable it is anymore tho
1:07 AM
I have actually read through a successful attempt to reverse engineer the protocol Skype's P2P setup (skype's protocol included) but they've probably changed lots of things.
I don't know if I'm wondering into the "security"/hacking side of things, but I find it really interesting. My goal is to be able to packet sniff data from browsers and telephony communications from devices on my home network.
heh, played around with that kind of stuff in college.
That and sending altered data along the stream when people would get on your network
@Noctrine Cool :D Have any tips/tricks for me?
So I made a simple TCP packet sniffer yesterday which is able to receive data from "my computer" only. I need to find out the ipv4 internet protocol address of every machine so I can listen in on multiple ports.
Not only do I want to do that, I'd love to alter the packet somehow before it's sent to the target server. Not sure if that's possible with a TCP transfer protocol though?
Since most of everything is TCP/IP suite these days, I wouldn't really kill myself over handling other protocols. Since I'm only aiming for a set of programs.
but the Skype Protocol though. Very clever.
@Grey OIII
@BlueBug o/
1:16 AM
\o <3
@Noctrine lol I would totally do this. Except I would link them to demotivational posters.
and since AES 256 bit encryption is very strong, decryption requires a key I would have to to guess and check my way through approximately 2^256 and the the chance of me finding the correct match is 2^255
even if I had a super computer I would probably go through maybe 10 pentillion in one year without uninterrupted guess and checks.
So the only feasible and known solution to me is to reverse engineer Skype, which is illegal in the US I believe since it is protected by certain laws.
Back on topic though.
1:41 AM
Oh man. Goat Simulator is getting a retail release in the UK.
Lick the wing.
So I got into the D3D 12 early access program.
(Also, seriously people, read the FAQ)
Q: Android: OpenGL vs Native API

AzuraiI am making a game very similar to Final Fantasy (as far as RPG/Party system goes, and the free-roam aspect of the gameplay. The roaming will be like Pokemon-style). Should I go for OpenGL to accomplish this? I do mean the graphics themselves are pretty simple, sprites, a giant canvas (Even thoug...

I think the problem is the FAQ is hidden behind a link titled "help", and typing a post really isn't hard so why would anyone need help? and even for people that do click on it, there are too many questions there to bother with.
is it possible to add a box next to posts that says
1:48 AM
Maybe we should give new users "litmus tests"
*posts the question anyway.
*gets perma-banned for insubordination
@BlueBug ban this man, Josh!
aye... that happened... long long time ago... to my first account.
Oh man :(
1:49 AM
ban this man again, Josh!
@JoshPetrie so what's new about DX12?
nnnnno ;_; This is my second and I haven't made any more mistake from that time point. I even have "good question" bedge.
Whats significantly better than DX11?
going for night walk, ttyl.
@BlueBug ookay, stay safe
1:54 AM
looking here: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/directx/archive/2014/03/20/directx-12.aspx
it seems it's mostly just performance improvements, no crazy new features.
performance improvements are always good though
hrm. performance improv, more lower-level hardware abstraction. So they extended the API's capabilities and lowered CPU time by 50% :O
(I say this because I'm looking at thread comparisons in their pictures)
whoo finally done with Java! hahaha!
except I have to take mobile apps next year which will probably be all Java -.-
damn it all
@IcyDefiance haha a friend of mine is taking Java as well and shares your sentiments.
I hate Eclipse a lot more than Java
but yeah
2:10 AM
Network Programming is a beast.
That's all I have to say about it right now haha.
I wonder if switching to a Unix-based OS will make a difference in my learning experience. Lots of people who are involved in security and such frown at windows for some reason. I think windows is cool, but that's coming from someone who's deaf dumb and blind in the ways of network and sys programming.
depends what you're trying to do
security frowns on windows because it's very, very unsecure
like you can stick a flash drive into a computer, boot into linux, delete all account passwords, and reboot into windows again with full access to everything, all in like 5 minutes
@IcyDefiance Really? I thought having firewall + security programs cleared that stuff up :p (joke)
oh the firewall and MSE isn't bad
MSE is the only antivirus I run and I've only had 1 virus since I bought my own computer
that virus was so bad I had to reformat to get rid of it because literally nothing else worked. but still.
as far as hacking tools go, though, there are a lot more for linux than for windows
I see.
there's even a few linux-based OS's specifically designed for hacking
this is probably the most famous one: backtrack-linux.org
no longer being maintained...well okay then, go with kali.org
2:20 AM
Woah. Whole' OS'es based on pen testing :O
note: only hack your own equipment. hacking equipment belonging to someone else is usually against the law. must be ethical and stuff.
like even if it's your own account on someone else's hardware, I bet it's still against some law
@Grey Under NDA.
@IcyDefiance yeah I'm doing it for educational purposes not to maliciously steal info
or invade other users privacy without permission
I hate this answer, I answered this question soooo long ago, it's not even good and it has 32 upvotes on a -60 voted Q:
A: Is it true that in Python you can import specific functions from a module unlike in PHP?

SerialYou can do from module_name import function and you can do multiple by: from module_name import function1, funtion2 etc And yes, that does work. And you can do from module_name import * which imports all the functions.

2:38 AM
lol and I hate the only question I've asked here
I was not a smart person at the time
well, not as smart as I am now
holds head up in pride
I guess that's the lowest voted question that is still open
hmm...should I find a new game to play, or learn how to make metro apps, or work on my solitaire game...
Write stuff
like actual words, or code?
because writing actual words is a pain
Interpret it as you will
2:44 AM
nah, interpreted languages are too slow
didn't mean it like that but okay
that's true
like python
and english
screw english
We are typing in english rn
no we're typing in 'murican
Ahhh that's different
2:47 AM
meh I'm too bored. I guess I'll just work on solitaire.
@icy wait!
Idea: Grab textual data from a game.dev se question and determine if it "violates FAQ" by looking for certain keywords.
yeah ive got nothing
actually... lol that's not the worst idea ever.
I would imagine it requires a fair degree of ai studies
Because if someone says
"How do I fix X"
You would have to differentiate between what is "debug my code pls" "make me diddy kong plox pls"
2:49 AM
AI could help, but the easy solution is just to come up with filters that return a high percentage of bad questions and then a human can look through the results to decide what to do about them.
first filter would be looking for questions with more code than other text
second filter would be questions containing "engine" or "framework"
things like that
but no, if I'm gonna program, it'll be either Solitaire, Project Euler, or learning about metro apps. don't need any more projects.
Project Euler!
Those are always fun.
unless you try making your own fast BigInteger class
I gave up on that, though, and I'll just use the one in System.Numeric now
@IcyDefiance I just grabbed someone who made a lib online
did anyone see RoyT post this as a comment to a question a while back?
js scripting for xna
I would have probably seen that if I was still using XNA but it sounds neat!
2:59 AM
it could get monogame-ed easily enough, the JINT code is public, too
runs on the compact framework
I think I'd rather use Python if I were to implement scripts in one of my games, but that's still pretty cool
that is if Python is reasonable to implement. I have no idea.
probably not reasonable to implement your own, but pythonnet.sourceforge.net/readme.html
yeah that helps
I have no plans to actually use it, but who knows, it might be useful sometime
well, i just feel like scripting is big missing piece of XNA projects
I've searching for a decent scripting options for some weeks now (off and on), but i didn't have much luck. Then i just stumbled on that question and Roy had alreayd solved all my problems
3:18 AM
I think im gonna roll a build out of something really queekly
okay don't go anywhere guys uploading build to website
oh man. such outdate plugin
private void Deal()
    //shuffle into reserve
    List<Entity> tempDeck = new List<Entity>(allCards);
    Random random = new Random();
    for (int i = 0; i < allCards.Length; i++)
        int nextIndex = random.Next(tempDeck.Count);

    //deal to tableau
    for (int slot = 0; slot < tableau.Length; slot++)
        for (int i = 0; i <= slot; i++)
so elegant now :')
definitely worth redoing almost the entire game
I even had to make a double ended queue because of the waste pile's funky positioning crap. but still.
3:40 AM
oh man. im having ftp issues
I cant upload the web build. HELP ME @Spartan
unity game, right?
you can host it on dropbox somehow
I think you just have to upload the html file
well, and the unity file and whatever css/js it generates with it
really just upload the whole folder you build into
but yeah, it'll work
okay. hold on to your jimmies.
its uploading
it just gives me builds.html
no webplayer
well I can just download both, but I know there's a way to make it play right there
doesn't look like it
public folder in db were removed 2012
you should still be able to make a public folder
host it on google drive instead
Right click to zoom and break game
i don't understand your game, or capslock
do not attempt to understand the mind of Grey. he can't even spell his name correctly, so obviously he's crazy.
@IcyDefiance pffffffffff
@SethBattin It's just one scene
Does it look pretty?
Everything done on da cpu doe
@Seth est pretty or nt?
4:11 AM
when i zoomed in, it made me think the pink square was falling down
it was not
yeah, it's interesting to look at
I zoomed in, and then a right-click menu appeared
it was odd
Next build will be my level I have been working on :>
4:45 AM
nice color choice
in full screen mode, screen gets stretched.
I like how the stars move to the left side to make the triangle look flying.
5:00 AM
5:20 AM
if (a == b && c == d && ((e == f && g == h) || (i == j && k == l)))
organize that nicely, lol
assume variable names are (or can be) much longer than one character
this is the real example right now:
if (foundation[i].BoundingBox.Contains(e.X, e.Y) &&
    drag.Count == 1 &&
    ((foundation[i].Count == 0 &&
    (int)drag.First.GetComponent("cardNumber") == 1) ||
    ((char)drag.First.GetComponent("cardSuit") == (char)foundation[i].Last.GetComponent("cardSuit") &&
    (int)drag.First.GetComponent("cardNumber") == (int)foundation[i].Last.GetComponent("cardNumber") + 1)))
1 hour later…
6:36 AM
I think this game is finally ready for an alpha release! :D
just a little more testing, then I need to figure out how the heck to make an installer
although maybe I shouldn't call it alpha if all it's really missing is a few buttons like "back to menu" and "new game"
7:01 AM
need to make a Windows exe installer?
@IcyDefiance need to make a Windows exe installer?
yeah, but it's .NET, so I think there's an easier way built into VS
ah cool

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