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5:00 PM
Not to give the designers 1000 more heuristic knobs to tweak, and the developers 1000 more complicated subsystems to babysit if they want the "cool features"
CryEngine is a really bad name for an engine...
5:20 PM
....it's from Crysis
which was a branching series to Far Cry
so it makes sense historically
the company's name is CryTek, after their first game, Far Cry (1)
I'm not at all getting on their case for liking their own name... I just didn't find the original game to be anything special.
it wasn't really by today's standards, but at the time it was awesome
I only really remember the map editor stuff
It's fuzzy memory but I'm pretty sure I played with that thing a lot... I thought that was ridiculously awesome, but the game itself I never finished because I had Halo
lol right
the original CryEngine was designed to push the boundaries of then-current graphics cards, by incorporating a longer draw distance, better vegetation rendering than almost anything commercially available at the time, no loading pauses, and HDR rendering.
lol! I just realized the parallels
5:29 PM
I mean my "Far Cry / Halo" relationship was repeated with "Crysis / Garry's Mod"
GMod was, and is, awesome
I put effort into hacking Crysis to run with "Very High" graphics settings on Windows XP and I thought the technology was ridiculously awesome, but the game itself I never finished because I had GMod :P
that shit blew my goddamn mind as a kid in high school
making Rube Goldberg devices come together was the tits
the tits!
5:30 PM
building giant vehicles out of scrap and thrusters, making rollercoasters, racing watermelons, killing zombies, I loved it
and now
!!afk lunch
Well, he's not not afk? That's kindof like not being afk just doubled right?
Garry's mod is indirectly why I hated Minecraft so much...
MC was a severely watered down, reduced form of GMod suitable for people who find coloring with crayons too difficult when there are no lines to color inside of
MC is more about survival. Plus there are mods that let you build some cool stuff.
That sentence alone just proved that you not only don't understand GMod at all but also that you've never actually played it either
Holding a mouse while a friend says "Try build mode!" doesn't count.
Garry's mod is more about survival than MC.
more moddable, more buildable out of the box anyways
You can implement 100% of Half-Life 2 on top of Garry's mod... Or you can use it exactly as minecraft building only cubes restricted to a grid with only "weld" mode
You can play on a server which limits your resources, and only rewards them for mining.
You can trivially see that MC does not satisfy its own goals because it requires heavy modding to be "fun"... people build novelty logic out of redstone because it's the coolest thing you can do there. It takes a half fucking mile square of land to build a basic calculator.
Minecraft has "build tools" outside the game, because the game's purpose of building is inadequate
In garry's mod, electronic components were one of the very few (2) mods people often installed.
It was very normal for people to build autonomous flying drones with targeting weapon systems in garry's mod.
(Out of raw low level logic hardware and basic build tools)
Basically... GMod is Minecraft for intelligent people.
So naturally, GMod is strictly more functional in every dimension, and MC is strictly more popular with the average human.
5:49 PM
@MickLH No, you do not have to mod it to have fun.
I like minecraft just the way it is.
Lots of people in mental health facilities love dinner time just the way it is too.
So you're saying that people being interested in a certain game makes them mentally ill? Nice.
I'm saying your anecdote is irrelevant.
You made the comparison.
Some old folk homes put up fake bus stops so that escaping old people can be rounded up
5:50 PM
Well still, lot's of people just like the simplicity of minecraft.
@AidanMueller You did just give strong supporting evidence of my point though. You have proven absolutely that 100% of people setting out in the defense of minecraft in this specific situation have dire logical error in their interpretation of my argument.
You make it sound like I don't like GMod.
I haven't played it, but I would love to try it and think it looks cool.
What? How?
what a jerk.. pfft
5:52 PM
It's just that I think that they are different games for different purposes.
I just said you obviously haven't played it, which was half joking half serious. The serious bit was because then you'd be aware that the "purpose" of MC is a strict subset of the "purpose" of GMod
IDK man. I think it's possible to enjoy both.
And people do.
Right, like I said above. But, that doesn't mean that GMod does not provide literally every single function of MC though.
And that does not even try to dispute the fact that GMod's implementation of every single notion provided by MC is strictly a more functional superset.
5:55 PM
Do any of the "Minecraft" mods for Gmod also provide the same level a random generation?
Also, my language is not stupid-compatible. I do not use heavy redundancy and error checking, I expect you to not just parse, but also validate until you find the logically consistent parse.
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