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3:00 PM
@AlexandreVaillancourt UPDATED :d
Updated :D
w00t! I'll be able to keep on working on my farm during lunch time!
what changeD?
bug fixes
and you can use TAB in the server connection interface :P
Ah, and the rotten food now remains on the inventory food tab
3:01 PM
yeah, this server thing
I can't type or anything in nit
it sucks really bad
someone is probably already released a custom server i imagine
Ah, no, I mean in-game, when you connect to a server
Nah, that server window is purely a log
there are server commands in-game, though
what if i want to reboot the server and send a message to everyone playing
You log-in :P
@Almo Not enough bpm for me :)
By default, the server only accepts 8 connections, not sure what is the size of the bigger communities..
@AlexandreVaillancourt ah so you're a BPM fella. OK :)
da funk is a bpm?
3:06 PM
Yeah; when I work and need to focus, I listen to this di.fm/goapsy
burps per minute
Beat per minute?
i do about 0.2 burps per minute
and how many fps can you do?
depends if i had garlic
3:07 PM
@AlexandreVaillancourt hmm I read this is as very fast, sounds like 216 (I use a tool to measure BPM), but it dpeends on where you put the downbeats, could be 108. :)
216 burps per minute... how would you not puke?
@Almo Maybe my definition of what I like is not based on BPM then!
BPM is pretty important to most people, actually.
Yeah man, its important metric.
3:11 PM
I have a pretty high tolerance for low BPM :)
I have a low tolerance for country music
What about bluegrass?
Havin' an Ice Cold Beer, In mah pickup truck, driving down dirtroads in mah four bah four, country road, with mah country girl, twaannnng.
BlueGrass should be renamed to ShitGrass.
So much better than original.
3:13 PM
@Jon country girl? You mean cousin?
honkey tonk
me and muh girl broke up. But decided to remain cousins.
@Jon Well that guy is not redneck enough
@UriPopov hahaha!
not much of a choice
@Almo And this is hmm, well, it's not my kind of music :P
3:25 PM
it's pretty odd, but it illustrates why I think the previous one is "fast" and this is "slow"
88BPM is hella slow
yeah it is
Well, I think it won't bother or annoy me if it's playing, but I'll certainly not chose to listen to it :)
what i'm playin right now is 129
3:29 PM
I like hardcore
like angerfist
hardcore what
is it metal or gabber or something?
dont kno. I've always just seen it as hardcore
dood I think that's Gabber
well on wiki
someone who knows more might subdivide it something else, but it definitely has a gabber-type sound to it
3:31 PM
his genres are listed as Hardcore,Gabber
yeah that's pretty fast and noisy stuff :)
(I don't use noisy as a derogatory)
lol, no, if he says he listens to hardcore, it's because it's hardcore. it's the hardcore that is close to gabber, not to metal hardcore :P
Once in a while I take a listen to frenchcore!
Wakes me up!
The number of electronic music genres is TOO DAMN HIGH
3:34 PM
Yeah, it has the advantage that you can find more something you like and put a label on it!
Too much coffee + hardcore/frenchcore makes me physically uncomfortable though :P
Lol, nice set of videos :P
THIS is an awesome site
I kind of liked "gloomcore"
Are you trolling our friends that are on mobile? :P
hahah sorry :)
Gees that seems like complete!
Ah man, the good old days of Industrial/EBM... reminds me of my CEGEP (College) years!
I'm going to make a game where you play as a crow.
3:50 PM
What do you do as a crow?
@Almo Do you happen to have a contact email for Simon Goodwin or a way to contact him? I ask because linkedin's asking for money in order to do so.
hang on
I sent him a mail asking if I can give you his address. Will let you know
Alright. I appreciate it.
I'm working on a video for Harmonix by the way. Mainly covers Frequency and Amplitude though.
Always been a big fan of them as they are pretty much the grand pappy of most rhythm games.
4:05 PM
Barely. Seems like something pertaining to grahics/models than anything.
4:15 PM
@Almo Uhh, flash
@Tyyppi_77 It is
A mod told me, that there's currently no official SE site to put the autodesk modeller questions, so they need to go here
What's a dude who uses a bazooka called? If one throws grenades, he's called a grenadier, so what's the same for a bazooka?
Asking for a friend.
@Tyyppi_77 I once heard it being called "Stovepiper"
4:58 PM
@Tyyppi_77 I'm going to vote to close... it's more suited to 3d modeling Q&A
5:13 PM
5:28 PM
@Sie Beatmania is (the pappy)
I had Beatmania II DX for PS2
good fun, though most of the music was bad (as in all konami music games)
@Ali.S Until we have a 3d modeling stack, gdse is the only stack where maya and 3ds max questions fit, and it's related to game dev in this case, so it is on topic. For now at least :)
5:56 PM
@Almo I'll put in a note in the video. I still think Frequency/Amplitude is what truly set off the genre though.
Guitar Hero is
F/A both failed commercially
Amplitude sold about 100k copies, which is miserable for a pretty expensive PS2 project.
Guitar Hero made Konami's Guitar Freaks irrelevant. GF had 3 buttons, horrible UI, and half-length songs.
Ya I get that but it set GH in motion or am I in on the wrong here?
Red Octane who made the controller contacted Harmonix saying they wanted to make something like Guitar Freaks for home use. Harmonix said yes.
So perhaps at a certain level their work on those games precipitated GH, but the genre did not become mainstream until GH because of its huge accessibility.
Activision bought Red Octane to get the IP, and had Neversoft take over software development. Neversoft are the ones who fucked up GHIII
Perhaps Neversoft fucked it up at Activision's request, I don't really know. But that was when the gameplay of GH got ruined.
fortunately Rock Band continued what I would call "correct" gameplay. :)
@Almo I agree GH made it main stream but I've always felt the other 2 despite their commercial failure set the tone.
I'll add the info you gave into the video though.
6:12 PM
That will depend on your perspective. If you're looking from the creators' perspective, then yeah. But from players' perspectives, then it's GH. Choose one, both work. :)
I found the game GenePool
It's a neat little game
@Almo why not both? :)
an option
I think I'll say Beatmania started the genre, Freq./Amplitude refined it, and TH popularized it
Nah, it's PaRappa the Rapper who started it all :P
6:21 PM
This conversation now...
@Almo Where does that leave me now?
@Sie your situation reminds me that I did not complete my Master's Degree, in part due to the research that was involved :P Can't write shit when your paper's going to be reviewed by a panel of PhD's... and you can't write shit when your text is going to be reviewed by the Internet :S
I think PaRappa is technically the first. So I'll say PaRappa started off the genre, Beatmania refined the genre with custom controls, Freq./Amplitude refined some existing concepts, and TH popularized it. Sound fair? Lol.
if you really want to get tehcnical...
6:30 PM
Oh Jesse. Lay it on me.
Toe Jam and Earl Panic on Funkotron had the beat-matching music gameplay before Parappa.
looking for the very earliest antecedent of some types of gameplay will drive you fucking nuts
Just don't try to re-write this: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhythm_game
Couldn't you call Pong a rythem game with the noise? Lol.
I'm just going with PaRappa. Besides the focus is on Harmonix at the end of the day.
6:40 PM
Yeah, you can focus on that :)
the first Toe Jam and Earl said "You have to collect all the parts of your crashed rocket ship to leave earth."
But they didn't tell you what they looked like
then while playing you find this:
@Almo So.. terraria/starbound is just a ripoff!! REPORTED
And you think... "oh. this must be one of them."
@Almo They probably realised the problem when they were making the final assets
7:02 PM
I think it was intentional because it was funny
it's really obvious when you come across it. Those lights on it flash, too.
@AlexandreVaillancourt I guess
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