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Q: Assuming I already have a game made, how much will it cost to publish an app on the windows store?

Candied HatSo I have vs2015 (Enterprise), MonoGame 3.5, and a Dev Center account. I've activated developer mode on my Xbox One. Also, my Dev Center account works but the verification page says my verification was denied. What do I need to do to get my app published on the Xbox One store for a price of aro...

The math for the engine :P
Torque curve, etc
12:13 AM
Welcome to the disco. Dance with me.
Q: Unity3d Fog Does not Obscure Horizon?

PipsqweekIf you look through fog that continues to horizon it should obscure the horizon. But in Unity (so far) it seems that the horizon shows clearly through the fog. This ruins my underwater effects, etc. Is there a way to get the horizon to obscure behind the fog? EDIT: It is worth noting that I am ...

@Hjorthenify it's in the code I pasted
my game is about dancing floor
you are a donut. And you must do cool donut moves to earn admiration point from other donuts.
Sounds horrible.
And when you reach max level scene goes crazy adding 10000+ lights and burning your GPU and setting your CPU on fire.
@jgallant This game is an art. It aims to bring more in-depth emotions that are normally not possible with an ordinary game.
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Oh cool
I will price it 60$ because people are so dumb, they think higher price is equal to guaranteed quality game. The shock of realization that this game is not worth 60$ bucks will add the "artistic value" to my game, making it actually worth 60$ because the surge of emotion turns it into an art..
Price it at 1 million and wait for martini shkreki to buy it
I might get sued in that case. I don't want to engage myself in unnecessary lawsuit.
This is what I enter the chat to... This made my day :D
Thanks @Bug
You are fine as long as your game is under 60$. You will never get sued for "advertisement". No Mans Sky proved it.
(To be fair No Man's Sky never actually said anything about gameplay and people somehow just got hyped)
@StephaneHockenhull you are most welcome. Now if you are genuinely appreciating my form of expression, you can pay me instead of clicking like button or starring me.
I would gladly take 1,000$ for my hardwork of being entertaining. I think it is underpriced. If you were someone else, I would have called 1 million. You are welcome.
I don't have bank account... so you know, you can pay me with paypal or bitcoin.
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Such generosity, much mercantile skills
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I read some reddit economic debate today. From what I understood, Obama was more of investing for the future in exchange for the immediate economic advantage. And he tried to build system that supports his long term plan. If you believed nation could support citizens during the impact of immediate economic disadvantage, then you are more likely to support Obama. Trump is going for the opposite? And Trump's got point as well because exchanging current economic advantage results in the chain
reaction of (potentially) collapsing economic. Also boosting current economic rather than investing for the future actually makes people's lives better.
and blablabla very long and complex terms exchanging and stuff that I cannot really udnerstand from that point, but the discussion was very polite. No hate from one side to the other. It was a very constructive format.
A nice change
Q: Where should multiplayer games start? Client or server?

Gustavo MacielI'm starting to make a small multiplayer game, and even though I have experience with games and networking, there's just one thing that keep me from making this. The question is: When starting a multiplayer game, should one start making the server first, or the client first? This looks like a d...

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I feel like being forced to develop non-material resources paid of at the end for small countries that didn't have such resources
Especially now where your culture and entertainment can be sold through virtual markets. I bet those China Dota2 export makes hack of profit
I just had a battle with C++ to get it to accept a template that would blindly swap two pointers by reference...
spent 30 mins trying to do it the "C++" way, ended up casting with (void**)
Error reading at location 0000001A
pointers are always to the same types. It was a template but I didn't want C++ to generate 1000 versions of the functions that are 100% identical since all pointers are the same size...
The template by its type declaration insures both pointers are compatible. And it inline-calls a single dumb function that does the dirty work.
Prevents template code bloat.
1:09 AM
I don't really use templates somehow >_< I guess it's because all I need is already built in.
It compares two node pointers in a tree and figure out which is first and which is last in the tree when traversed like a treeview, swapping the pointers if needed.
Actually... Vector2,3,4 and matrix structures are templates at core I think
Vector2 ? core C++? nah
DirectX SimpleMath
Let me check... Because I remember reading doc and seeding template all over
oh, yeah, I'm not using DirectX
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matrix <float, 2, 2> fMatrix = { 0.0f, 0.1, // row 1
I believe all number types in directX is derived from some abstract template that defines type and dimensions
Q: GLSL - skewed parallax occlusion mapping

totblI'm currently trying to implement Parallax Occlusion Mapping, based off a post on sunandblackcat.com With my current implementation, I have the following: Notice how the parallax effect is skewed away from the camera? I can't understand what's causing this to happen, so I'm posting here in th...

The DirectX file format is an architecture- and context-free file format. It is template-driven and is free of any usage knowledge. The file format may be used by any client application and currently is used by Direct3D Retained Mode to describe geometry data, frame hierarchies, and animations.
@StephaneHockenhull what r ya using?
1:35 AM
OpenGL and my own engine
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Q: Issues with opengl rotation matricies and shaders

RobertI am having an issue with my rotations in my opengl shaders. My program works fine before I add in my rotation matrices. (ex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9fAbH5hoEM) After I add rotations to my shaders though there are issues. (ex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3H1FaSmLC4) Here is my vert...

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@StephaneHockenhull Most linkers will fold that, even if the compiler ends up generating it.
@BlueBug Different kind of templates, there.
I'm surprised that site is still up, man, it's old.
3:01 AM
@JoshPetrie Still a lot more work for the linker and it already takes longer than compiling 24 files.
I prefer to avoid generating duplicate functions if I can. Makes the compilation faster as well.
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Q: How does Unity's QualitySettings.masterTextureLimit work?

eternalI'm trying to get to the bottom of how masterTextureLimit works, but my results have been inconsistent so far. I created a massive sprite (8192x8192), and I'd like to resize it at runtime to save performance. The idea is to start with large sprites and then resize based on the monitor's resoluti...

Dev Blog- Sea Trading Game. Updated ship loading/ unloading dialog, bug fixes, finished game over conditions. kd7uiy.com/2017/01/dev-blog-sea-trading-game-improving.html
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Q: Phaser Game is not registering Collisions and Input

Felix O'BrienI was developing a phaser game that is remade from the Zenva Phaser Tutorial. I did some work on it last night, checked it was working and went to bed. Now this morning it isn't working! Instead of me having to explain, my game is https://felixdebug.neocities.org/ no input is working and he no l...

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Q: Custom protocol bit shift vs short int switch statement

PSDI will start by apologising if this should of been asked on SO or another stack exchange site. I am designing a multiplayer RTS tile based game where all game logic is handled by the server (written in C) and the client is being made in Unity for ease of cross platform deployment. I am designin...

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Q: Unity3D CrossPlatformInput StandardAsset Multitouch

Kenneth BrayI have a small game I am working on, and I am trying to add touch support to it. Before I try to add that into the real game I wanted to do a test run on a small project. The project consists of a capsule to be the player, and the application accepts movement from a on screen joystick, and acce...

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Q: The copy right of marvel characters in games?

youssedi want to develop an android game contain marvel or dc characters and publish it on google play and i want to ask if marvel/dc have copyright on thier characters that google play will not allowed to publish my game

hello world
checking out that GGJ
first of all you should have warned this was scary game!
:( I am a soft guy. I get scared easily
second, oh man... is this what Doom was like? I never played that game.
that screen distortion was too much
its tied to the music waveform
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Q: Layered UI architecture

ShchAlexanderI'm working on GUI system and I want to implement tooltips and dialogs. Base components hierarchy looks like this: So every panel extend ComponentContainer class, and other controls like button extend Component class This is my current component hierarchy: My main idea to add layers. For ex...

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Q: Setting up android sdk for unity development

Monzterrfirst of all i'm a newbie, now i want to import my unity project for android phone and i need to download the android sdk now i have a few questions: 1.Do i need to download all the platforms or just the latest ones? 2.I already downloaded the sdk tools and build tools, now i want to download t...

It's just me or getting a notification from SE bot for every new asked question is a bit annoying?
I prefer when it was just a small box in the top-left of the screen
11:02 AM
flag it as spam
i did that once and some random shmuck from a lame SE came in
wagged his balls around
No offense, but for example being high rep on arqade doesn't really look like a good thing to me.
lmao... oh my
Be pleased that NSFW SEs aren't allowed
Q: White Background in Icon for Google Search on Mobile Device

Martin HabedankWe experience an issue with our game icon related to google search on mobile device. Here is a screenshot: As you can see, our ccon has a white background on a green wall. We are aware that we have to use a 512x512 PNG with alpha channel. The shown image is a 80x80 JPG which is, I guess, crea...

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Shouldn't all questions there be closed as opinnion based, since the bible contradicts itself on almost all topics?
Q: Is it legal to copy a trading card game mechanic?

electronicdaisyI have two questions: Is it legal to use a trading card game mechanic in an online game as long as one does not use the images of the cards of said trading card game? If so, would one be allowed to use card effects and other information of the cards of said trading card game?

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@DH. why should i be? that would've been way more fun
@jgallant something doesn't feel right though... try going with something aroung 30-40
and release all keys and hold left (or right) key down
the car goes into drift mode (as expected) and slows down, but then it'll start gaining speed for some reason up to 26
@DH. you can ignore the bot, I think most people like it (I know I do)
A: What is the bare minimum I need for setting up the Android SDK for Unity development?

GnemlockThe first thing you will need is the actual SDK Manager. You can download the command line version from the official website, but I found a link to the Windows GUI version via a helpful Stack Overflow question. The official link should provide the GUI version for both Mac OS and Linux. As of this...

This answer is strange
Half of it is about android studio and stuff you need for it, while the user uses Unity
@Ali.S i guess i scrweed up somewhere
12:36 PM
@jgallant that's why we test your games ;)
@KevinvanderVelden Here at work I have a Full HD screen so it's OK, but at home I have a 1366x768, so it feels really bloated when the bot start to post two or even three times
12:53 PM
the local sideways velocity is somehow propelling it to speed up.
Q: Drag Ball to Hit Barrels (Z position remains constant)

Piina KansaraI am working on simple game like bottle shooting. As and when I drag a ball and drop it, it should have velocity as per dragging. But My Player Object(Ball) gets Z value constant every time (say 0.55). Thats why it is not being thrown on proper direction, but always in center of barrels. I am at...

Q: Unity3d saving with prefabs: Bad Idea?

paul pI am developing for Android.In my game data is in objects which aren't derived from MonoBehaviour.So I am using binary serializer and taking references from the gameobject.It works, but I have too many variables to save most of variables are in script attached to gameobject Gamemanager So I made ...

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Q: Need a way to convert to xnb from within code

user96803I am making an editor for the game I am to be building. The problem is I need a way to add files to the content manager in my game within the editor. I am using my.computer.filemanager and it works just fine. However, I need a way to convert files to xnb so the game can use them. I want to do...

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Q: How do I unsubscribe from this community?

FinnTheHumanIt's toxic and not helpful. Downvote me to hell, not a care in the world, how do I unsubscribe though? From Game Development specifically?

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Guys, what would you suggest as first language for someone, who never did any programming at all?
Python maybe?
Depends on the context
I started with Pascal
That sounds like a horrible choice
I thought about Python, but IMO that's very different from every other language (and I need to learn it roo)
It's easier to read at first for newcomers
1:42 PM
Pascal is very old, it's really hard to run it nowadays
I need to do a project next year and I thought I start a programming class.
@Bálint the only thing really unique is enforced whitespace, to my knowledge
Enforced whitespace is nice, it makes sure they learn a good style
So what's the problem =p
I'm just here for opinions
If nothing came in, I've just stick to Python anyways
We don't do opinions here... oh wait no this is chat. Carry on
1:45 PM
@Bálint Not actually, you have FreePascal and Lazarus to do it
The whole look of python is different, no brackets (I know that this is not unique, but it's rare), the defining of stuff
Is Python strongly typed?
It is, but it's not statically typed
Is it interpreted or compiled?
(though that isn't a language feature, that's an implementation detail)
Probably that's a reason for not being statically typed
Last question: Is there a good, free IDE for it, or should I just stick to something like atom.
1:50 PM
It's a language design choice, they're not related
There's several free IDEs for it, I don't use them so can't comment on that
(vim ftw)
Huh, python 3.5 adds support for typing hints
2:04 PM
@Ali.S thx dude
Last question, should I teach Python 3 or 2?
No idea, never tried to learn python
I'd say python3, python3 is great and does all the things
all the things!
2:22 PM
import everything;
from everything import the_thing
2:38 PM
Do some of the stackexchanges start and die prematurely? Like can anyone start a type of stackexchange? How did christianity.stackexchange.com start even?
through a greenlight process
they go through area 51: area51.stackexchange.com
3:02 PM
@jgallant plz add reversing, I'd love to do some knight rider turns
yeah i have it in, just didn;t have it active
it feels awesome though, really cool
its cooler than it looks though
the car is completely cuztomizable
just add some content files and meshes and a city and boom, you've got an awesome racing game
3:54 PM
Q: Grid on a terrain in unity

user96808I have added a terrain with a grass texture in unity and I was wondering how to put a grid on top of it so I can place buildings on it on runtime..I dont want the grid to be visible though in runtime. Thanks!

4:12 PM
heh, boom
you out of all people should know better than that :P
@BlueBug I like hanging around here sometimes: judaism.stackexchange.com
I don't want to intrude but are you a jew?
Is that a politically correct term? A jew?
You only see it in the "funny" memes
"A jew" has negative connotations, "are you jewish" would probably be better
I am not jewish, but I find how they look at things interesting.
Maybe a movie isn't a good source, but it sounded particularly jewish when this happened. A father was going to teach his daughter the Talmud when it was still the domain of men. He started closing all the shades, so nobody outside would see them doing this. "But father, if God doesn't mind you teaching me this, why close the shades?" "God won't mind, but I'm not so sure about the neighbors."
there's a kind of practicality I find in many of the answers there.
4:27 PM
After all the shit and discrimination they've been through historically they've needed pragmatism in those things
@Almo Ah all right, cool
@KevinvanderVelden Right yeah this is a great point
@GameDevelopmentMeta Are we that bad or is he who does not understand?
He's had one question (this one) which was closed as too broad
4:34 PM
He's upset, but if he is talking about his question as I assume, he's not wrong to feel that way. And certainly given how he was treated in some now-deleted comments, I am entirely unsurprised he feels the site is toxic.
Yeah, the question is very broad...
If that's his whole exposure to the site, it's a pretty horrible and rude experience.
Ok, well given the comments that are below the answer to that question, I would understand his on-going displeasure..
Q: References for 3d game development

chdprasadI have an idea for a simple 3d game, where the game is played on an inclined plane and has few bunnies running around. I want to do this as a learning project. I played around a bit with godot engine ( https://godotengine.org/ ) and wish to try to make this game with this. I do not have any grap...

Bang, dead.
4:45 PM
i worked on a third-person anti-grav bike shooter, and we gave some of the enemies predictive straigh-path shots. If they shot, and you didn't change speed or trajectory (I know trajectory includes speed, but I wanted it to be clear), you would get hit.
turned out to be pretty fucking annoying
@KevinvanderVelden Mr Torgue requires explosions to be capitalized
5:04 PM
Q: D3DCompileFromFile() failed, gives an error HRESULT

Emanuelei'm reading the "3D game programming with directx 11 " book (Frank Luna) and i'm struggling becouse he uses the old D3DX11CompileFromFile() method, which can't be used anymore. So i searched on internet how to solve this problem and i found out i have to use D3DCompileFromFile instead, which is a...

5:27 PM
resident evil 7 looks awe4some
Yeah, but I can't run it though
I liked the way they did it before, a 3rd person fixed camera!
8 hr game
80$.... geesh
at least give me 9 hours
Hey, wait for the 30$ DLCs!
5:44 PM
capcom got pretty bad with that shit for a while
6:01 PM
@Ali.S try to break it now
@Tyyppi_77 reverse works
@jgallant Regarding the question from last night.. Did you come up with the equations or did you find them somewhere? Im just curious
I just decided to linear interpolate between a set number of values
They already have 2 DLCs for RE7 that will get released february, 10 bucks each
@jgallant Always lerp
the torque curve is set to 8 points
6:10 PM
@DH. So you have to pay 100$ to get a decent game..
you could always add more points to fine tune it
@AlexandreVaillancourt Or be me and wait a year to get it for 50% off
@DH. Yeah. If people stopped to pre-purchase games, maybe companies would re-consider pricing/content/quality before releasing the game...
indeed.. look at BF1
the new norm is 160$ games?
count me out
heck, I don't even buy 80$ games, they are just too expensive
I wait for them to go on sale.
And I wait to have time to play them :P
6:14 PM
I buy them first, them I think when I'll be able to play them
That's how you get a steam library that has 500+ games ;)
Bought humble bundle, now I have Victor Vran and Evoland 2 to finish
I actually 200 games, but I played most of them
Oki, cool :) I have purchased a couple humble bundles, so I have many games there that come from there; but I haven't played most of them..
Yeah, most games I didnt play came from bundles
I wonder when my new profile pic will appear
6:20 PM
It did on SO
It seems you didnt change in all your accounts, and only SO
there's "save and change on all SE sites" when you update profile
His parent user is on SO, so it would probably change it in chat too!
Maybe he didnt check that option?
6:31 PM
His profile picture on GD has changed too...
So... just a matter of reloading?
Should I blame cache?
@DH. Server cache I'd say, es..
Doesn't matter which side the cache is wrong, just wanted to summon the meme shouldiblamecaching.com
Q: Book for game developing with ruby

ZeroRuby is a language that is not used in game developement which makes it hard to find books on ruby that teaches you what is required for game developement. I am currently having a hard time finding any so i was wondering if anyone could suggest me a book that teaches you what you need to know to...

6:40 PM
Is a function of an object that calls the same function on another instance of the same class is "recursive", or it just calls it in "cascade". e.g. a particle that calls "collideWithParticleInContact" on a particle that it touches, which calls in turn the same method?
that's cool man
thanks for sharing
Q: What is the difference between OpenGL and Vulkan API's?

user96759I was looking to benchmarks and I can't see a difference. OpenGL 4.5 is same with Vulkan. I am new at 3d graphics development but here is the question: Are all graphics API's the same? Is the only difference the FPS?! Is that true?

@Almo funny thing: I did press that button!
ok I figured you would have :)
6:54 PM
It's different from before there as well
And on all other sites :P
7:12 PM
And now on the chat
@JoshPetrie I never know what to do with answers like this one... gamedev.stackexchange.com/a/136305/40264
Flag as link only.
Since they were 'advertising as their own product' and not masking it as "hey I found that super tool" which would have been spam?
All right, thanks!
7:32 PM
The hot/cold data concept is strictly about cache access, right?
@DH. yooo, cool
7:44 PM
Q: Hold the Screen?

berkcMy game has similiar mechanics as Flappy Bird game. When you tap or hold the screen with your finger, character goes up. Everybody who tested the game forgot to hold touching the screen, instead they played it only tapping the screen which made some parts of the game difficult to pass. I want to...

where should i store my bitset ? binary file ? or something else ?
i mean file format actually witch file format should i use when storing bit set
Do you need to edit it?
By hand?
by foot
on paper
8:04 PM
"gangs of unsupervised tykes repeatedly punching, kicking, and shaking a robot in a Japanese mall."
@yahoo5000 Use JQuery
no only write and read by code
Then I'd say binary file :P
Why would you do it otherwise?
8:20 PM
@AlexandreVaillancourt not sure maybe there is some other file formats witch easier to read or something
I'm sure humans do a better job, and/or it's much cheaper..
Q: Measure elapsed gpu time of draw call

Zachary BurnsI'm rendering to a texture via DrawIndexedPrimitive (SharpDx). In some specific situations, the framerate drops significantly when doing this render. The framerate can be improved by rendering to a smaller texture. I want to gracefully degrade the quality of the graphics performance at runtime b...

@Almo They just better hope there are no unsupervised children at the orchards they are automating: "the robot is programmed to run away from people who are below a certain height and escape in the direction of taller people. "
@AlexandreVaillancourt also would this work or i have to bath them ?

std::vector<bool> mapRevealed;
std::ofstream fout("test.bin",std::ios::binary);
i mean i cant write single bits but if i cast vector as char it would write whole vector as bytes and i would not need to worry about anything right ?
might also need calculate size
8:38 PM
what :D
You're in C++11, right?
and i am using c++ file stream not C
yea that make sense , but using from will return me first element and casting it as & its same isnt it ?
oh i dont even eneed to cast as reference cuz front returns me reference
@Hjorthenify could you give me some info why data instead of front ? data returns me pointer front returns me reference
i mean data return pointer to whole array
8:50 PM
@yahoo5000 data returns null if the vector is empty
so i could just check if vector.data != null and then write right ?
Unless the write call already checks for null
Then you might as well save the branch
so if vector.data is null so write call wont write anything ?
9:01 PM
@yahoo5000 make sure you also write the size before you write the data, otherwise you won't be able to read it back correctly..
you mean size then whole bitset ?
Also one bool does not mean 1 byte, which is what you're doing with .write
i know i have to /8
i mean vector.size / 8
You don't know that actually
That's an implementation detail that is not portable to my knowledge
(also, if you have 4 bools you'd write 0 bytes that way)
My god having multiple accounts is such a pain
hmm yea you right
Just write the code yourself with boolean operators
what do u mean ?
9:06 PM
I mean, take 8 bools, put them in a char, write that char
Don't assume things will work between platforms
yea but that change nothing i mean if there wont be full set of 8 bits then last byte could not be written
No, you take the bools and you put them in a char. Not you put them in a vector and hope that the vector does things the way you want
You write the code
yea i got you but i take those bools from vector right , and vector have its own size and if there will be missing some bits it will be the same , i mean you writing last byte and there is only 6 bits left
Then leave those blank, you need to write how many bools you've output anyway
Unless you want to use end of file as that?
should i ?
9:10 PM
@KevinvanderVelden would be better to do std::ceil((float)vector.size() / 8 );
it will be same and i would not need to put them on my own
std::ceil(vector.size() / 8.0f); looks better :P
that would work right Josh ?
I dunno. It's equivalent to what you posted.
That's all.
I dunno what you are doing :D
fout.write((char*)&mapRevealed.front(), std::ceil(mapRevealed.size() / 8.0f));
mapRevealed = std::vector<bool>
9:17 PM
int index = 0;
while ( index < vector.size() ) {
	char t = 0;
	for ( int j = 0; j < 8 && j + index < vector.size(); j++ ) {
		t |= vectors[index+j] ? 1 : 0;
		t *= 2;
	fout.write( t );
I do not know of any requirement in the C++ standard for a std::vector<bool> to pack 8 bools into a single byte in any order
It's often optimised that way but that does not mean it's always optimized that way
why t *= 2; and not 1 ?
What would t *= 1 do?
shift by one
No it wouldn't, read it
It would multiply by one
oh i though its pointer :D
why *2 ?
9:23 PM
Because I keep forgetting which bitshift is the equivelant of that
i mean i had found this sample , but for some reason did want to do more job and was willing that will be simple as give size and reference stackoverflow.com/questions/27589460/…
okay i see now , so *2 shits and you shift 8 times untill pack one of bytes then write
Oh hey my code is wrong actually, it should be shift then or, not the other way around
Q: Turning a Java single player game into a multiplayer game

Daniel OliveiraI recently built a game with libgdx for my desktop. I would like now to make it a multiplayer game. How could I do this? I was thinking about using node.js but there are some problems: I use Box2D and other Java libraries to help me making the game simulation and this would be hard to write all ...

9:40 PM
I'm off to bed \o
good night
9:58 PM
Q: Creating custom editors for components with custom classes

Enrique Moreno TentLet's say that I have the following Component using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class TestPlayer : MonoBehaviour { public int health = 0; public int maxHealth = 100; } It is cool, but the editor could look better. So I wrote this Custom Editor using UnityEditor; ...

@KevinvanderVelden already?!
@KevinvanderVelden why does it often optimize it?
i mean it shouldn't
other wise vec[2] != vec.data()[2]
10:16 PM
Hello - I'm looking for recommendations on a PC build to use for working with Unity and Blender. Anyone with a link, five cents or something?
So I tried to use directXTK SimplePrimitive
and I realized it sets all kinds of stuff whatever the way in which it requires to render whatever it needs then DO NOT RESTORE the states it changed
not happy
@MartinHN really, any decent computer can run Unity Blender. What are you trying to do
@BlueBug My current PC build is 8 years old, so I'm upgrading anyway. Wanted to figure out if I should look for a specific chipset to make rendering faster when working in Blender, or other gotchas like that. FWIW, I'm looking to get started as a hobbyist game developer - I've been coding web for 15 yrs, mobile for 7 - but I'd like to try something different as a side project at some point.
for most game programming applications, a normal PC will be fine for you
unless you're doing something super GPU heavy like Crysis, I don't think there are specific things to worry about
You def need some really decent GPU if you are interested in shiny rendering stuff
That's all I can say about building PC. Get a cool GPU to burn through all your g-memory and ultimately set it on fire doing lighting.
So I spent like 3 hours total reading about DirectXTK builtin tools and writing to use them
and now I think that was totally absolutely not worth it.
:) Alright, thanks for the tips. Sounds like it's pretty safe to go for a good value-for-money build then.
10:31 PM
for most hobby game programming purposes, yes :)
11:15 PM
@jgallant I sell on Unity asset store and become rich.
/sarcasm of course.
That's a nice contribution though :).

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