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3:07 AM
I'm so tired of my credit card being stolen.
dodgy sites?
No idea. One way or another I have my card stolen at least once a year...
Target and Home Depot were definitely two of the culprits.
No idea this time.
In any case, I was just trying to transition off of that card to make it my backup card, so...
3:48 AM
Do you not live in that good of an area? Home Depot and Target are usually on the up and up where I live. Hell people go to Target to avoid Walmart lol.
4 hours later…
7:45 AM
Not 100% with the door, thoughts?
8:07 AM
there's an adjective missing there
100% happy*
@Tyyppi_77 it looks like the door is made of stone
maybe give it a metalic look or something
make it out of iron or steel
The prison doors are metallic
So I wanted to do something different for the bunkers
hmmm ... so is this like a blast door ?
Yeah I was going for a heavy look
Maybe it should be thicker?
hmmm, that's an idea
or because its such a heavy door have open and close a bit slower
but that might promote some annoyance during place
8:12 AM
yeah I feel like it can't really be slower TBH
It's a little better already I think
The window is a little awkward too I guess
I just noticed how my flipping cheat flips the shading on the side stones
8:33 AM
I think this is a lot better
8:58 AM
as its like "bunker door" would it not be cool to make it the width of the wall ?
hmm that might be confusing to users though
forget that idea
9:32 AM
Why there are no fast and GPU drug free 2D engines/libs nowadays?
9:59 AM
drug free? ... lol ... why does 2D require a gpu? it's a parallel problem in places but usually not massively parallel
or did i miss something
Q: 2D library/engines that runs fast on any modern PC

anatoly techtonikToME, FTL and a lot of other 2D games that move just a few sprites and pixels per frame on the screen are getting 2-10 FPS on modern 3.1 GHz CPU with 8 Gb of memory. How come that the game industry pushed so hard for GPUs that now it is impossible to run a game that would be lightning fast on 166...

quality question lol
I felt it should a have deservingly bad 2D answer that clearly misses the point
totally commented on it
ugh... this egg sandwich sucks.
10:46 AM
@Darth_Wardy Someone thought it was low quality.
@Jon Eggs suck in general :P
In general?
I don't think I have ever witnessed an egg sucking
Eggs are good, I prefer them boiled
I eat them boiled all the time
I like to dip chicken into egg yolk
Its like a sacrificial bath
I don't really enjoy chicken period
11:00 AM
chicken period sounds pretty nasty
That's why it's called egg
try saying that 5 times fast in front of black people
11:16 AM
ez as $\pi$
@AlexandreVaillancourt I think you missed the sarcasm there, like in the comment trail on my answer
I did not miss it: someone else flagged it as low quality, which was clearly not the case, and I hit the 'looks okay' button. It was effectively a bad answer to a bad question :)
that was the point
Q: 2D library/engines that runs fast on any modern PC

anatoly techtonikToME, FTL and a lot of other 2D games that move just a few sprites and pixels per frame on the screen are getting 2-10 FPS on modern 3.1 GHz CPU with 8 Gb of memory. How come that the game industry pushed so hard for GPUs that now it is impossible to run a game that would be lightning fast on 166...

I can't seem to get any hits when I google "bla-bla-bla memory" though
11:25 AM
It's just that some ppl out there like to use flags instead of the downvote button.
We'll have to remind our artists that a LOD is not only about poly count, but also about texture count...
I'm so cheap that I don't like to downvote
I try to not flag questions that shouldn't be flagged though
Yeah, I aimed some thresholds in my rep to get the privileges that come with it, but at some point, well it's just rep, losing one point here and there doesn't hurt.
And often I see a +1 popping on my reputation count, because a -1 answer got deleted or something :P
Yeah like I'm trying to get to 1K currently
I answered a question yesterday like 14mins after it was posted but the OP still hasn't responded :(
I can only really answer SDL questions so I try to snatch all those
Yeah, way to go :)
So I'd like to try putting together a small test trailer, is Windows Movie Maker in any way competent for that stuff?
11:31 AM
Sometimes I get lucky and answer a question that gets promoted across the network. Get tons of rep like that.
I need to make a trailer eventually so I'd like to practice a little.
My answers are rarely cool like that, often it's just a link to SDL docs and an explanation
I have no idea; here we capture with Bandicam, but I don't have a clue about what tool they use to produce the final video.
A: Rotating hitboxes in pygame?

Tyyppi_77As mentioned, pygame doesn't directly offer support for rotating hitboxes. However, you could either look into coding your own non-axis aligned box classes, or use a little cheat. The cheat basically calculates the axis-aligned hitbox that completely contains your sprite. It's pretty easy to calc...

That's probably my "coolest" answer
Yeah, those questions are really more generic (and often off topic, but I don't answer those).
@AlexandreVaillancourt Yeah I tried a bunch of free ones a week ago but they all seemed to struggle with... well, responding to Windows
Crashed like 3 different programs with a single clip
11:33 AM
Yeah, you got my +1 on that one hehe ;)
Hmm, what size are you using?
1920x1080 at 60 fps
We've tried to capture 3 monitors wide, but the result is, well, shit. It only records the top fourth of the screen or so...
I've used VideoPad at school but the school has a license for it
Where is the Blender of video editors?
The GIMP of video editors?
Did you try to reduce the framerate?
Or you could try to do your capture at your school :P
Nope, but I don't think that really should be an issue
Capturing is not an issue, editing is
11:36 AM
Ah, right!
I use OBS for capturing and that works great
I'll try that one!
Now I'd just need an editor that allows me to apply transitions and most importantly crop the video
OBS is not 100% accurate on colors atleast according to the Cogmind dev
But it was really easy to setup and to me the quality is good enough
You could try Adobe Premiere and pay for it for just a month (20$ USD)
There is apparently a free trial period as well!
12:27 PM
Hi. I'm new here!
@PichiWuana Hi! Welcome then!
@Tyyppi_77 Thanks!
@PearsonArtPhoto Nice!
12:34 PM
I would like to take a look, but this site is being blocked by the company proxy
Sadly that seems to happen... It's pretty basic, so...
@PearsonArtPhoto sounds nice! If you go in depth to basic explainations with the next one, my days to come will be made :)
@PichiWuana Hello!
What's new?
I'm hoping to do a bit. I only understand a few basics, but I think I've got enough to do a 4 part series.
12:40 PM
Is LibGDX with Android Studio a good place to begin as a beginner in game development? (I haven't almost worked with graphics, just with console...)
basics are what stops me from trying to write my own shaders
I can't really sort out conjunctions between sprites and shaders code
I do partially understand vertex and frag stuff (more vertex than frag)
but actually I lack time to practice it
@PichiWuana Java is a pretty popular choice, however not really my piece of cake
@Leggy7 Where did you begin with Game Development?
@PichiWuana what do you mean? my first approach?
@Tyyppi_77 I already studied 2 years of Java programming including Object-oriented. Is it enough?
@Leggy7 Yes
12:46 PM
big thoughts of my will to pursue a huge project like open world MMORPG with a lot of dynamic aspects
GameDev has it's own tricks and things, but you really only learn by doing
in other words, build an AAA title in 2 guys :)
I started with Pygame & Python, now I dev with C++ansd SDL2
btw I began with monogame xna
then I moved to Unity
12:49 PM
I have taken tutorials on how to develop a complete game like a simple Flappy Bird with LibGDX (most just copying code but understanding) but I feel it's not the best approach because it is centered in some specific topics and then I don't learn the basics
@PichiWuana You can make games with whatever you know. As long as it has a game loop, you can do a console game...
(console -> command line)
@AlexandreVaillancourt Yes, I have done console game. What I want is to have graphics.
Yeah, I'll see what I can do. The next part of my shader series is to go over in detail what the standard shader can do.
There's a lot more power there than I think most people realize.
@PichiWuana Kk!
That's my issue now
12:53 PM
@PichiWuana Android Studio can be a bit... frustrating even with those experienced with Java
To be really honest I started with Game Maker, which has a lot of stuff impossible to be done, but simplifies a lot of the low level stuff, so it's good to prototype or design basic algorithms
@DH. Yes, it was a bit
Well if you're comfortable with Java, I'd suggest you start with a Java engine. The one you mentioned is quite popular..
Now I moved to Unity as I had a course early this year, learning a lot still tho
Maybe simply start with windows/mac dev at first before jumping to mobile..
Unity is just 3D, right?
12:56 PM
Nope, both 3D and 2D
@AlexandreVaillancourt Hmm, I think that's a good idea
But for Mac, if I'm not mistaken, I need Swift or Objective-C
@DH. I think most game engines could state something similar.
LibGDX was what I was going to learn before I started learning Unity.
Seems to be popular
unity is somehitng really really powerfull and quite easy to understand
But very frustrating with bugs and some functionality that's missing that you'd think would be there...
1:00 PM
givs you a lot of features quite flexible to cover mostrly all the develpment concerns
And it's with C# programming, right?
@PichiWuana You can do Java on Mac
@AlexandreVaillancourt Just which softwares? Just with LibGDX?
Well the goal of Java is to be portable, so I guess you could work with Java and LibGDX on any platform.
Yes and no
Anything that uses the core java libraries is portable, libgdx uses platform dependent stuff for opengl rendering and such
1:07 PM
oh ok
However those binary dependencies are available for multiple platforms so it does run on mac
It just doesn't run everywhere java runs
I understand
Is Unity also used for modeling (e.g. Maya, 3DX Max, Cinema 4D, etc) or do people import their modelings?
It's not a modeling tool no
There's a texturing tool written in it (not as in a plugin for your game project but a standalone tool using the unity engine) which is pretty cool
So people import their modelings?
1:57 PM
So I made a quick demo trailer, go check it out: youtube.com/watch?v=554YJKJ-XSw
great job tyyppi! but it lacks a very important feature: the epic voice telling the amizing things you can do!
Yeah all that stuff will be in the proper trailer eventually
That's was just me slamming gameplay footage of the different environments together with fades
I have a more proper trailer outline planned out for later use
And thanks!
by the way it looks impressive. it is the first time I have a wide look of the whole screen. lot of action in your game tyyppi :)
I'm happy to hear that <3
Showing off your work is definitely one of the best parts of gamedev
actually the only thing that seems wierd to me is the ai
do you plan to make enemies respond faster? :)
2:12 PM
Yeah I definitely want to improve the AI
the game is a little too easy
but it's good that you reminded me of that
then just on thought
the screen is pretty wide related to your character size and allow you to know things that happens quite far from you. is this in the mood of the "keep it simple, keep it cool"?
because you could think to have the character not able to see what's not in his direct vision, like inside room with a closed door
but also maybe a thing like this breaks somehow the adrenalic setup of your game
If the game is a little too easy for the creator, it's probably about right.
Or so I've always heard...
@PearsonArtPhoto i think that only an heavy beta testing would answer this problem
I don't think so
Fair enough, but you probably don't want to make a game that's hard for you.
2:24 PM
If you game is supposed to be hard, you should just test it, you don't need to beat it yourself 100%
Well, it depends on the game I suppose.
3:12 PM
I'm having an hard time to balance my game for instance. It is supposed to become very hard but should allow beginners to learn the basics. Then the learning curve should be quite fast but it is not easy to scale all the features
@Leggy7 yeah I've went for more of an "arcade" thing here
3:27 PM
That doesn't seem like something that should be done.
@Tyyppi_77 Generally no, but it doesn't matter much since the question is closed.
I was kinda like "uuh, the question is closed, and the OP wants more answers"
3:51 PM
Q: How should we handle the 'inspector' tag and 'unity-*' tags?

Josh PetrieThe inspector tag mainly seems to exist to refer to the Unity inspector. There are fourteen questions with the tag as of this writing. As a tag, "inspector" alone is far too broad (not only Unity has a property inspector UI, for example, and it's generally unreasonable for one to be considered a...

4:02 PM
@StackExchange That clearly reflects the fact that unity answer is not as good as what's here :P
4:20 PM
hi friends
can I able to change what is new text in android?
I have published app into market but some what written wrong text in it
can I change it without publishing new build again?
@Siddharth Of course, at least in Google play
@WeaponX from where I can change this text?
I logged in but found nothing to change text
4:44 PM
no I found solution for this
you need to click on uploaded build for this
then one dialog box come up and their you can update text
@Tyyppi_77 really thanks for help
Is burst fire in games actually a burst of ray traces or is a single ray trace with visuals to make you think it's a burst?
@WeaponX too :)
@Siddharth no problem i just hit the page and yes it is possible
@erebel55 Depends on the implementation I guess
@erebel55 If you mean burst fire from weapons in FPS games? Ofc, even because each shot is fired separately frame from frame, not to mention that it's pretty common to hit 2 of the 3 shots
4:47 PM
yeah in FPS games
1 hour later…
5:48 PM
@DH. usually (to my knowledge) a burst is a trace each shot, though as tyyppi says, you could fudge that and do a single trace and cheat. Though if your burst is over any noticable amount of time, players might notice
A trace every couple frames is ok. what networks DON'T like is lots of traces on one frame, so shotguns are frowned upon.
Except when you are on Serious Sam, because the shotgun in the game shoots in a pattern :P
This is an orthographic projection I know it... ?

Is this an orthographic projection :

GLfloat lenstypematrix[] ={
Pss guys
Anyone there? I just finished my apush test today, only got AP bio on monday now
your gay? :P
nah :p
6:02 PM
aww poor you
Just wondering if anyone knows of a good online linear algebra course?
I'm between using the MIT courseware or Khan academy, just wondering which would be better... :|
I just bought debra Anne Ross algebra books , pre-algebra + basic math , her geometry book , I also bought another book algebra a complete introduction and yea algebra is basically finding unknown numbers if you wanted a quick tip : ).
It's actually rather easy once you understand that concept .
Oh linear lol
-__- : ( sorry
np it's the thought that counts ;)
6:06 PM
I tried your life was in my hands ..
Falls off a cliff
I'm between now whether if I should take a online course or purchase a textbook... :(
poo there's so many routes to take, I'm not sure what to do now o.O
Q: Where to start learning Linear Algebra?

Sergio TapiaI'm starting a very long quest to learn about math, so that I can program games. I'm mostly a corporate developer, and it's somewhat boring and non exciting. When I began my career, I chose it because I wanted to create games. I'm told that Linear Algebra is the best place to start. Where should...

6:22 PM
i think i need to figure out a way to not have to sleep
I'd settle for figuring out a way to survive on, say, 5 hours of sleep.
6:38 PM
Farley Mowat (I think that's how it's spelled) started sleeping 10 minutes per hour to watch the wolves. He kept doing it when he was done
7:26 PM
"A close vote should not be used as an ultra-downvote"
Q: How does one do tangent space normal mapping

terryIn order to do tangent space normal mapping, all I have to do is TRANSPOSE or INVERT(since there orthogonal) THE TBN basis?

tempting though
there should be a "kill it with fire" option which is not a downvote or close vote, but it specifically for demoralizing the user
7:45 PM
8:03 PM

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