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10:00 AM
Because government sanctioned synthetic heroin is far safer
It is medically legal here, kinda
We have a huge grow farm run by private funded by provincial government
It's medically and recreationally legal here in Washington, but it was far easier to get in California
And other investors
It is slowly changing
I went to a gynecologist and I had a medical card in 10 minutes
And then got delivery
Ever since it went medically legal here, I found out that I have some kind of word-of-mouth cred locally as an engineer
10:03 AM
@MickLH please do explain hahah
A few groups have reached out and had me design industrial style systems for them
Oh man, that's great
Lol it still feels weird, I'm not used to talking about it in the open
I did all the federal paperwork for the labs even though it's void because it's not even legal federally yet ;)
Yeah, that's how a lot of washington busineses feel
Everyone is a little scared to make a living out of it
I guess it's no different from a regular lab making medical supplements
But I'm fine with staying off to the side with that ;)
I saw one group have their entire operation raided by the feds
But surprisingly, they didn't go down for it. It went to a technical level, and after they proved all their solvents and additives were approved, they got off the hook.
10:13 AM
It's just a weird political state we're in right now
Just the whole federal government and state and local goverment having conflicting laws and organizations
It's good for me in a way though: The common hydrocarbons are off-limits, which basically shuts out 99% of the jackasses who would have hacked together some piece of shit leaky system made of PVC and duct tape
So it filters down the people to only those who can afford a real system, and filters away most engineers who would be willing to work on one
I mean... That sounds bad, I'm not against DIY'ers and at-home hackers
But I am very against doing it wrong.
That's a quality only professionals have, and it's extremely important
It's important to do it right or not do it at all
10:48 AM
I made something really quickly!
11:18 AM
Mate, I just gotta say, I love your shit
11:38 AM
That's some disturbing imagery right there
Can GameDev moderators IP ban people? There's this question asked on a fresh account that's nearly identical to another question asked yesterday by a fresh account that got closed for being wildly off topic.
Yeah they can
But it's really easy to circumvent
Yeah but it's like, what the fuck? Why couldn't he just ask it somewhere that it's relevant
What pissed me off the most "Looking for quick response from here. Thanks."
Like what? You're asking people to answer an off topic question and do your work for you, and make it snappy.
11:54 AM
Gamedev is not glamorous
People think making a game is a fucken joke
Gamedev is honestly the hardest job I've ever had, with websites, apps, financial shit, and everything I worked hard, make things i was satisfied with and got paid for it. Game development has been my dream for more than a decade now and I still haven't made something I'm proud of and I haven't made a buck of it despite putting in hours nearly every free moment I get
Tell a girl you write games
She will think you are useless
Oh mate, I've already made the commitment to shun women and spend the rest of my life trying to make a game I'm proud of
My father still thinks I repair computers all day
There are people that have zero concept of what programming is
One girl I met online thought I programmed TV shows
12:00 PM
There are people that that think programming is learning Javascript on Kahn Academy
Which is worse
I dodged a bullet with her total nut job
She is a speaker for faith healing or some bullshit
@MattJensJensen Yeah, I do this too :D
You've said enough. Have a nice life. Bye.
"faith healing"
That's the first indicator you need to get the fuck out of there
So many crazy women on those dating sites
12:02 PM
I learned that the hard way
Luckily they're going to start teaching all kids programming in schools here
Another one asked about babies before our date
I... what.
She didn't want to waste her time if I didn't want babies
I cancelled the date
That's a fairly smart move, people that tend to get ahead of themselves in their thoughts tend to get ahead of themselves in their actions
12:09 PM
Man, Overwatch is killing it
It looks fantastic
I'm hyped towards Outlast 2
Will Outlast 2 be multiplayer?
I have no clue what Overwatch is about
but it looks amazing
Ofc not lol
Overwatch is a FPS game, online only
It's like Team Fortress 2 in it's essence, because you have all sort of characters and maps with different objectives
Plus lots of really detailed character models that make you feel sexually confused
'33 percent of respondents thought that non-GMO tomatoes "did not contain genes" and 32 percent thought that "vegetables did not have DNA." So there's that.'
12:18 PM
The conclusion is that now we know that at least 33% of the population is stupid
If this research were made here in Brazil the number would probably be far higher
Well... in the same study 80% of people they asked wanted the government to label all food that contained DNA
What food doesn't contain DNA?
Like, what a small tiny portion of food has absolutely no DNA?
IDK, maybe candies that don't rely on sugar, something completely artificial is hard to think of
I don't consider that food
You can't, or at least shouldn't lunch those things but at least it's edible :P
Aspartame is "edible" but you'll die if that's all you eat
12:24 PM
Yeah that's what I meant, you can't rely only on those to eat
No, I agree
Looking forward to pissing myself becaue of Overwatch 2 though.
You probably meant Outlast 2 :P
Oh goddamnit
Yes, I did
@MattJensJensen people think winter is because of the earth's elliptical orbit, too.
12:36 PM
@Almo I personally believe that winter is caused by the Coca Cola Polar Bear shitting snow in the sky
Winter is because Jesus goes on vacation every year and his warm love is too far away
Doot so hard motherfuckers wanna find me
12:59 PM
I'm waiting on my new keyboard and mouse before I finish doot
How long must one wait?
Shipped yesterday
Probably Monday
The anticipation is deadly
Oh shit
Says it will arrive tomorrow
Now I have real gamer gear and I'm gonna kill all those noobs with shitty business level gear hahahahaha
No longer must I depend on my skills alone
I miss gaming, I haven't played a game in a couple weeks
1:15 PM
I sometimes play a match on hearthstone
is freaking comfortable the mobile version
I could play in the morning while taking a shit
That's the main reason mobile games were invented
Hearthstone, can't win if you don't pay for the better carda
bullshit, you can't win cuz you bad
never bought anything
just play and play and at some points you can purchase packs with points
Hearthstone does have balance issues with new decks having unbalanced power
I'd have to play 1000 hours to get the cards people buy
1:22 PM
yes, despite they're actually trying to fix it
The game favours paying players way too much for me
They're making a pretty penny from it
sure they are, idea is genial
started from low budget
low blizzard budget
Are you italian, german, or french? hahah
italian :)
1:25 PM
No no, it's english but I only ever hear europeans use it in conversation
I didn't even know genial was english until recently, I always figured it was german
not properly a false friend but it sounds like it :)
I'm Italian too
My grandmother is Italian
my grandmother was an uruk hai
From Lord of the rings?
1:32 PM
No, I'm pretty sure that Lord of the Rings was based on finish people
Lifehack. Don't have a selfie stick? Why not kill yourself?
That escalated quickly
So Microsoft just killed Nokia
1:35 PM
And their mobile game
Glad I never bothered supporting win phones
I was required to have iPhone, I wish I had a Tizen
Iphones are for schmucks
Thanks mate
I mean, I agree
1:51 PM
What's so good about Tizen?
I'm a simple man, I want phone calls and SMS out a phone and I want it to be programmed in C++
TIL vampires suck blood for vitamin D
From where?
Today I learned Australia had a war against Emus
The Emu War, also known as the Great Emu War, was a nuisance wildlife management military operation undertaken in Australia over the latter part of 1932 to address public concern over the number of emus said to be running amok in the Campion district of Western Australia. The unsuccessful attempts to curb the population of emus, a large flightless bird indigenous to Australia, employed soldiers armed with Lewis guns—leading the media to adopt the name "Emu War" when referring to the incident. == Background == Following World War I, large numbers of ex-soldiers from Australia, along with a number...
Yeah it was crazy
straya scares me
2:08 PM
I think about it, how grandpas tell their grandchild "Oh I have fought in the Emu War, so much feathers and blooshed"
Two grandfathers
The Emu War was fought by two men with machine guns
Hey guys, im trying to send position updates of 50entitys over udp to a other client. I dont wanna send it every tick only every 50 ms or something like that, whats the best way todo that ?
Mate, take the state change delta and broadcast that if you're looking to do it dead simple
So i only need something like a timer for it ? Is it that simple ?
Not quite, networking really depends on the type of game, what kind of game is it?
2:13 PM
A "duengon crawler"
Is it realtime or turn based? Physics involved? Using an engine?
Physics are involved, yes ^^ But only collision stuff. Not any engine, totally written in java and libgdx. Its also realtime :)
Oh mate, realtime networked collisions is a pretty big topic on its own, and to roll it your own especially. Just read Gaffer on Games: gafferongames.com/networking-for-game-programmers
Literally the entire blog
Ok thanks man :)
I appologize if my answer sounds like a homework assignment, but honestly, if you've never done networking for a realtime game before, you really are in for a lot of work
2:26 PM
>.< I think i dont need to read all the blogs, i already made it to send the positions ^^ The problem is that its being sended every tick, so the game on the host machine runs very laggy >.<
what matt said
Telling your client the state of things every 50ms without any client side simulation, interpolation, or prediction is going to be worse than not having networking at all
yeah that's totally not an option
At best, your game looks like it's running at 18 FPS
networks suck ass
droppin packets and shit
2:29 PM
At worse, you just got into a fist fight with a cactus
Plus UDP is unordered
so you could get old packets overwiting more recent state
Networking is so difficult that most AAA studios don't even have done really well
Especially not when ping shoots up
Thats right, i thought using udp, because i heard that udp would be very good for "position updates" and stuff like that.But Tcp is much more reliable.
TCP has many more layers of validation and session management, but comes with a latency cost
you can implement your own reliable stream on top of udp
at the very least you can start with a frame counter to prevent old state from fucking your new state, but still, you've got a lot to do before networking looks good in a realtime game with physics
Thats a good idea, ill gonna try that. Why is networking so "hard" ... it sounds so easy :P
2:35 PM
You're coordinating two massively complicated realtime software applications with many subsystems in realtime
So, it's hard in theory and in practice
And every single part of the internet is a complicated and flimsy system barely hanging on by a thread
@genaray it doesn't sound easy if you know what it really means
@genaray must use UDP
must NOT use TCP
TCP is ok if your game is turn-based.
Deal with dropped packets
2:41 PM
But for realtime UDP is absolutely a must.
or if you're really edgy you can just use IP
hey guys, I just noticed
You really can't
2:41 PM
There should be a code typing game, so that you can improve your speed writing code
I don't think so
speed of typing is the least of your worries when coding
Yea I know, it's all about the quality
spending time to think and plan out your code before starting is more important
But it would be more fun than typing quotes like here play.typeracer.com
Bill Gates said "Measure programming output by lines of code per day is like measure airplane manufacturing by weight of planes produced per day"
2:42 PM
There are plenty of decent typing games
@MattJensJensen care to share? :D
Typing of the Dead and Epistory come to mind.
Typing of the Dead is fucking fun man
one of my favorite games
I'm at school and can only use chrome :P so I play typing games
You beat me to it mate
2:43 PM
lol Steam is blocked
TotD is fun on a LAN two player co-op
Es tut me so leid
Any others?
Honestly nothing more than Typing of the Dead comes to mind
Typing.io was made for programmers specifically
You're a good person in my book if you learn to type by typing the entirety of the linux kernel
2:48 PM
Typing of the dead is the only good typing game
Does the world really need more than one good typing game?
I don't know, I like Project LRNJ too. Though I doubt it'll help you learn typing skills for coding.
vimadventure teaches VIM movements in a JRPG
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