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Q: Should there be a warning when a post is tagged with [java] and [javascript]?

Pokechu22Since java often (though not always) is different from javascript, it might make sense to have a warning when both are used in the same question. This would probably be similar to the warning with sql: It might look similar to this mock-up I made: Does this seem like a good idea? ...

hey icy
is it time for LoL already?
I will not take it personally if you want to avoid my apparent LoL curse :)
but I'm going to play, and I'd like to have you as a partner
lol I don't take the game quite seriously enough to avoid a friend
I take it seriously enough to cuss out someone who seems to be trying to screw over the rest of the team... but no more than that
hahah ok :)
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2:06 AM
Hi all!
I figured to get time away from Computer in order to straghten out my mess
So I am back and good as new
I need a nice Game Dev Professional name for my Acc here.
Anyone know any?
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3:18 AM
@7Blue_Beast7 I don't even know what that means.
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Q: What is GDSE stance on "recommendation" questions?

Krom SternOn the main StackOverflow site there is a specific close reason: Questions asking us to recommend or find a book, tool, software library, tutorial or other off-site resource are off-topic for Stack Overflow as they tend to attract opinionated answers and spam. Instead, describe the prob...

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Q: Can I post the same question on Stack Overflow and GameDev?

mydoghaswormsIs there any etiquette around posting the same question on two StackExchange sites? I have a question that is programming related, but involves a game I want to write in Cocos2d-X in Lua here, which could also be suitable for GameDev. Must I choose one site to post this question? Will it upset ...

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10:22 AM
Looking at codebases with inconsistent naming conventions hurts my eyes so bad.
10:55 AM
@Tyyppi_77 get a job in web development to get really used to it
most code isn't any better
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Today I linked Gaffer's fix your timestep article again in an answer (gafferongames.com/game-physics/fix-your-timestep ) that must be the link I post most on gamedev.se :)
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Man I don't understand how Zoey Quinn can dodge overly generalized questions about harassment and give such a positive image of gaming, and the game industry, in an interview with MSBNBC. Even after all this harassment: youtube.com/watch?v=NAzo34c4eEE&app=desktop
I can understand people disliking Brianna Wu, but man we need more people like Zoey Quinn in the gamesindustry
And damn it! Even after all these years, I keep being Dutch, gluing words together!
12:45 PM
Of course the comments are filled with garbage
How she is a 'professional victim' etc...
Apparently they never visited her twitter profile. Man there is some garbage coming her way
But still, it seems like its all dying down a bit. I hope so. Lets continue to make games :)
1:20 PM
Maybe she gives such a positive image because she's not stupid and realizes that generalizing all all the haters into one large category is a horrible idea and blatantly wrong?
Or maybe it's a conspiracy :O
1:41 PM
damned adobe flash installer cleared my IE tabs again
@RoyT. disliking her for what?
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Q: Is "Needless to say" ever worth saying?

DanI get a weird twinge in my stomach when ever I have the urge to write "Needless to say." If it's needless to say, it would seem stupid to say it. Am I right? Am I wrong?

"On sites with a minimum character requirement it can helpful if you're writing a short sentence."
@Almo Needless to say, though obvious to anyone interested and quite commonly voiced, there's a possibility that it might indeed be claimed to be the case.
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Seems quiet. I'm gonna break the silence:
Not her best, I think. "Shatter Me" had more variation to it, and the "Skyrim" one with Peter Hollens is a real work of art.
I like phantom of the opera too
@MartinSojka but it really was nice, I mean one of her best works ...
It is, it just feels like she went "Ok, we have this piece, but it's way too short - let's repeat it whole, only louder. That'll do."
I didn't hear any repetition, only tunes I've heard real repetition in are from 90's techno era
3:49 PM
I can understand that for exaple this: youtube.com/watch?v=1OiAyGMPD80 might sound repetitive to some people, but I guess I'm listening to tunes in a very different way than most people. To me that is constantly changing and there's almost no spots that sound repetitive. Also it helps if you listen to the HQ version (not the youtube version) from a set of studio monitors, but still.
I like music that has some shape to it
Also I think that most music is ruined by having vocals in it :P
That's debatable but I can understand your point
There are some great music with vocals, but most of it is just crap I don't want to listen to
And THAT is a way that I listen to music differently than most people (I think). I tend to not hear the vocals / lyrics being sung but more listen to the melodies the vocals are singing.
3:52 PM
Yes, exactly what I do too
I quite like vocals as an instrument but I will agree bad lyrics could completely ruin a song
for the most part I'm apathetic to lyrics though
I also enjoy lyrics that are fun to sing because of the way they sound regardless of the actual content / words being sung
A lot of that has more to do with rhythm than the actual words though
But obviously it's a mutual one will help the other sort of scenario
This is one of the rare ones that I like the vocals in: youtube.com/watch?v=QwhPOlIuSXM
They just fit so well with the music, as sounds
I don't even hear the lyrics as words, but as sound
That is a unique song.... lol
Not for me but I can see the appeal
Just heavier than I like but I really do like how the overall tone of the song keeps changing from section to section
Makes it fun
Yeah, it's one great piece of mixed music styles
4:08 PM
I actually like video game music as background music. There are some games with awesome soundtracks.
Peter Gabriel has some good examples for vocals as instruments, for example in Signal to Noise.
*many games with awesome soundtracks.
I think this qualifies as "vocals as an instrument"
Yeah it does
hands down some of the best music ever in a videoe game
4:12 PM
I guess this does, too
lately the only thing I've liked in those AAA titles are the music
@snake5 Was that soundtrack heavily inspired by something else? I swear I've heard that melody a million times.
@Lokkij nothing I could think of
@Lasse lately being which years?
according to what sounds good by music theory, it's not that surprising that some music are starting to sound familiar like if you had heard it already somewhere
@snake5 Uhh, like, after Battlefield 2142
that was near end of 2006
4:19 PM
yeah, that's almost 10 years now of not liking AAA titles
surely there has been good music for games before that time
as for games themselves, well, I myself generally like two games a year on average, and the number is really growing lately
I said the only thing I've liked in those AAA titles is the music, of course there has been a lot good music in games before that too
after 2006 there have been lots of misdirected games though, I can agree to that
animators and other movie-making people had seized control of studios
gameplay was basically "get annoyed while watching all this cool stuff"
that seems to be all over now, though
if some music sounds similar to others, this is a really great example in my opinion:
listen to the first 1 min
and then compare to this:
the second one is in finnish, but the similarity comes in the melody, and the melody of the vocals
4:43 PM
Ugh my PC is dying :(
TUrns itself off, wont go back on
Suspect is the harddisk (strange). Since it turned on again after I disconnected it. Though once I reconnected it the PC still worked. It wouldn't turn on a second time, and again disconnecting the HD would let the PC boot, but again reconnecting the HD would still let the PC boot. WHAT IS THIS SOCERCY?
doesn't look like the hard drive
PC can easily work without one
maybe the PSU
True, but a broken one can mess up the power system
perhaps your PSU is dying
That was my first hunch as well, but I connected a multi-meter and the readings seem fine
@RoyT. how could that happen?
4:46 PM
@lasse I had this problem too when my cpu fan was stopped working
@snake5 maybe by creating a short circuit?
But yeah HD is a long shot
@RoyT. should just fail some tests and get disconnected
I've seen TWO acer desktops die because of bad capacitors on the motherboard
PCs are generally self-diagnostic unless vital parts are broken
@Lasse possible, I've seen too
4:47 PM
The motherboard has solid capacitors, so at least that isnt it, could be other motherboard stuff though
@snake5 I've been a sysadmin for a few years (student job). When there is a real hardware problem self-diagnostics often wont find it
@snake5 solid capacitors are pretty common these days
@RoyT. "real problem" being? from my experience, a PC could even notice that RAM wasn't properly connected (some dust in the connector)
exactly those were the dead ones, the others were fine
@snake5 well a PSU with fluctuating current. A motherboard with a wiring error near one of the memory banks. Bad GPU memory. Those kind of things
4:50 PM
GTAT is going to sell their furnaces to try and cover their debt.
GT Advanced Technology.
oh :D
Hmm according to HD Tune my HD has no bad sectors, and SMART says everything is ok
Sapphire glass manufacturer that went backrupt recently.
I was reading a thread on an investment forum the other day filled with idiots who dumped their entire life savings (incl. retirement) into the stock.
4:52 PM
It also tells me that the maximum write speed of my HD is 10MB/s wtf..
Which is now worth 50 cents a share and likely to be cancelled outright as part of backruptcy filings.
must be a nice feel to own a piece of large company
Worst was a post from some fellow a few days before the stock crashed, saying how he thought GTAT was awesome and had so much room to grow...
...he managed his mother's portfolio for her retirement accounts, and boasted of continually ignoring her requests to sell her shares of GTAT, which she had several hundred thousand dollars worth.
Instead he moved the shares into accounts she didn't know about and hide them, supremely confident he was going to make tons of money.
*average sorry
@RoyT. PSU is generally impossible to diagnose because the diagnostic system itself depends on it, and same goes for the motherboard
4:55 PM
Three days later it went from $15/share to worthless.
He lost his mother almost half a million dollars.
as for the GPU, it's basically left to the GPU and they have sloppy BIOSes
@snake5 yeah thats true
@snake5 same goes for the CPU, but thats already all major components
my GPU once died spectacularly after many years of service
was glitching all over the place
there wasn't really even time to notice, it started and finished its death on the same day :D
(or was it a few days of minor bugs before..)
I prefer stuff outright dying
As it is now I cant trust any component
I don't
I'm lazy and busy, if it can die a bit longer, I have time to prepare a replacement plan
4:58 PM
And then at least when you find the broken thing, and you replace it, you instantly knew what it was
@RoyT. always possible to attach the hdd to another PC
PSUs are cheap enough to try another one
these days I wouldn't bother, though
if I can't instantly see the issue, it's a waste of time to debug without proper tools and knowledge
Though I'm definitely not poor, I only start my first real job next month (I'm in the Twilight zone between student and employee). So fixing it cheap is nice.
I also do not have great experience with experts, especially with these "it happens 5% of the time" issues.
What to replace first :P
It seems so unlikely its the PSU when it doesnt crash instantly under max load (prime95 + furmark to get both the CPU and GPU at 100% load)
5:14 PM
Though your symptoms don't entirely match
but if we are basing it solely on how long it takes to crush under max load...
Sounds like nothings wrong with your computer ;)
Except for that it randomly turns of and then wont turn on, sometimes... :P
Oh wait I get what you said
mobo or psu
Guess I'll just have to keep it under max load forever :P
it should turn on and simply not post if it were anything else
Well since the mobo is neigh impossible to replace, I should start with the PSU
Dont think they have motherboards for this CPU anymore :)
and at least a new PSU I can keep using after I upgrade the rest of my hardware
Though the one I have now provides ample power for a new rig (650w)
5:30 PM
The other thing that comes to mind is the overheat protection that is generally built in... my experience with that is only with CPUs not being seated right though
And your CPU seems fine under max load so I dunno
But it would make sense as to why it doesn't come back on for a bit (still too hot)
CPU max temp, now after 20 minutes of 100% load is 63C, guess thats not it
And it wont come on for several minutes, not directly
the GPU maxes out at 80C after 20 minutes
Man man man
I hate these kind of problems
If only one of the devices had a large blinking "Its me" led
5:48 PM
You cannot star your own messages
@Almo I can't even star my own messages. But I can pin them, which is amusing.
6:24 PM
bunch of lockdowns in ottawa.. was a shooting
1 gunman killed.. 1 soldier killed
news are trying to say its a terrorist attack.. ugh.
well, it seems people want to be frieghtened about terrorists :(
1 guy, shooting up paliament hill.. probably mad at life, and politicians.
Back in my day, that was called a psychopath, not a terrorist.
given modern blame styles, it's not the bad guy who's at fault, it's the system's fault for letting the bad guy through, and if it's "terrorism" it sounds more organized and easier to blame on a group that could be stopped by the system.
a single psychopath is hard to stop, and leaves no room for blaming the system and feeling like it's fixed when ever more security measures are put in place.
right.. nothing could stop that guy from shooting john lennon
6:32 PM
wrote a starfield generator today, lol
I was like.. drawing one out.. then thought, wtf am I doing
wrote a star class, and starfield class.. and blam, just have to tweak some vars and got different sizes and shit
I did a starfield for my old asteroids clone
just randomly placed white diamonds with randomly generated speeds
gave it a really nice depth
i have circles and diamonds randomly
i played with different colors.. but that was kinda bad
6:39 PM
I'd have to research star colors
u got something for us @Almo
what you mean?
unfortunately, no
it was written with REALbasic in about 1998, and that computer was stolen
I'm pretty sure I don't have the source anymore, either.
it was really, really fun
I played it quite a lot
nice little animated short, ehehe
6:50 PM
I liked the art style
this guy really likes to think he is some sort of messiah I think
7:06 PM
I think the world upsets me
I don't like paying attention
@Almo pretty cool
yup! pretty cool :)
If only people wrote SQL statements anymore ;)
@SpartanDonut woah ... people still do that ?
7:18 PM
I thought that was only by computers these days
Anyone fancy working with me to build a mesh generator off my voxel code in unity
sounds like a job for someone who is not me
I'm thinking my next step is to put my unity project on to github
its got the noise stuff and my voxel stuff so far so im generating the voxel data but currently only have a shitty minecraft style mesh gen
its about time I did somethign with it but im a total geometry retard
7:31 PM
I totally build my SQL statements :(
For shame
7:58 PM
@Almo you sir are an abomination to programming
someone just that to me from IGN
8:23 PM
double blub.
@Almo same here
nearly anything built by an ORM, more complex than a one row read is quite worthless and time-wasting anyway, so not much of a choice there
feels strange though that I have to do all these things and get paid so little
being able to use 4 types of SQL servers, 3 and sometimes more programming languages and many other data/markup languages is pretty much a requirement
@snake5 say whut? why would you think that?
@Wardy because whenever I do happen to request something slightly complicated from an ORM, I regret it and have to write the query in SQL later
ORM's save a ton of time ... in our case we turn our db in to an OData endpoint that our js can basically walk in our apps ... no need for anyone to touch SQL code again
lots of needless joins occur
8:32 PM
if that's your case you're doing it wrong
for some reason SQL servers don't bother optimizing them
it often depends how you write your query on top
@Wardy I'm doing it the only way possible
hardly "wrong", I'd say
I can write linq against EF that is extremely messy then get the same result with half the generated SQL
@Wardy what query? I request an array of objects
8:33 PM
you can then further "alter" the excution plan by adding something as simple as an index
@snake5 "requesting an array of objects" is a query
@Wardy not in ORM world, it isn't :D
uh yeh it is ?
whats your distinction between the 2 ?
one being a direct request for abstract data and another being some automagic query weaving to bring me something I supposedly expect
ok in this case all we care about is getting a queryable collection of objects
anyway, I guess I hate myself, still lots of work to do and getting into conversations about semantics :(
have to finish my lightmap renderer ASAP
8:37 PM
in my case I have (for example) a complex dashboard that results in around 1200 lines of SQL being generated (in the worst case) all completely dynamic because of the options on the page ... how the hell would hand crank that ?
I still get a result in under a second
and im crawling about 15 tables for the result I want
that's in our old "slow code" ... the updated version we are modelling right now can do it in a fraction of the time that takes
@Wardy been there, done that, by hand, all very simple
dynamic SQL by hand ... so you basically would have had to write about 12,000 lines to account for just a small subsection of the variations to get an optimised useful implementation then write a ton of logic to pick the right sections of that SQL that you would need to create the correct query
I think not
Oooh... my SQL usage is way, way less complex than what you're talking about.
@Wardy not even close to 12000 lines
take two zeroes off, that'd be about right
picture this:
table that you can add rows to
each row you can add has the following options ...

exclude include
field selector

you can add as many or few of these as you want
in my case I had to provide options for building a query against all of the fields in all of the 15 tables in scope
8:43 PM
no time for other pictures, got enough of my own
you need fewer tables
there's no justifyable way that you can do that in a reasonable amount of time by hand cranking SQL IMO
played AAtrox today at lunch... wow. what a monster. kicked Kayle's ass top
I played with an Aatrox today at lunch... what a piece of trash
8:44 PM
@Almo we do but in this case if you have 1 table that is "contacts" and then another that is say ... subscriptions ... how would you reduce the number of tables when you have over 50 million contacts ... to combine would result in a rediculous cross join of combinations making the result unusable
Let me clarify... WHAT A PIECE OF TRASH
@SpartanDonut lol
aatrox kinda sucks as a champion, but he would beat kayle because of his counterpoke
8:45 PM
@Wardy ouch :(
yeh that's just 2 ... got another 13 to add yet
and we still get results in under a second
and I never wrote a single line of SQL
EF is op really
it can be ... but you have to be nice to it or it'll shit on you
it shit on me anyway :'(
its like any technology ... it lets you do some brutal stuff
8:47 PM
but I didn't have problems with speed. it just flat out didn't like to work.
but if you do ... be ready to get shat on
@IcyDefiance oh really? ... odd first time i ever heard that lol
what were you trying to do with it ?
Code first is a bit tricky to learn with db migrations and whatnot
yeh takes a bit of getting used to but its great working from the business domain out
too many techies think the db is the most important part and that you should start there
but often how something is stored is completely different to the business requirement for process
so starting with the business logic and entities makes sense
database structure is a side effect that can be heavily optimised in the most suprising ways
8:50 PM
well I'm sure I was using it wrong. it's just really weird about when it'll create a new table automatically or just complain about a table not existing, or if you change an attribute to nullable it'll go "OMFG I'M DIFFERENT I'M GONNA DIE"
sometimes I'd make changes that should have had an effect and they didn't, like it was doing some crazy caching and not updating or something
it was just one weird thing after another
I really like the concept of EF. I just couldn't get it to work in the short time I spent with it.
@SpartanDonut EF = ?
yeh you do have to learn to live with some oddities but once you know how to deal with those and fix them quickly you think nothing of it ...
Entity Framework
ok lookin that up thanks
for me these days it's a bit like when I get a missing semicolon in C# error I kick myself for being so dumb rather than sitting there going "well VS should have just added that for me".
EF is much the same for me ... oh it's complaining ... why did I do that again ... jeez
9:02 PM
yeah I guess anything gets like that after you use it long enough. I'm used to things "just making sense" and EF didn't, so that's most of my complaint.
exactly my thought with geometry
to me all this game dev stuff is totally backwards
like Unity, as much as I hate on it, makes a whole lot of sense out of the box. Most of my points on the main site here are from answers on Unity questions, and I've only used the thing for maybe 30 minutes total.
yeh unity is pretty straightforward if you want to make something simple like a tower defense game of an FPS
890-something points, thank you very much >:(
I should answer more questions though, lol
eww tower defense. the only game genre I dislike as a whole with no exceptions.
well at least you've got a chance then I feel like deleting this one but it's significantly less joking than the rest
9:07 PM
SERIOUSLY !!! WTF!!! ... our CTO has spent 6 months migrating just 50 users email boxes from exchange to gmail and today he put a posto n the corp netowrk which was basically "the first 16 mailboxes are being migrated now"
Jeez that guy bugs me
eh no need for that now is ther @MickLH
@IcyDefiance You know... LoL is a variant of tower defense.
I like what I call "good" tower defense games
no, in LoL you're defending the towers, you're not placing towers to defend
if you have to fine tune your play of a particular level down to single units built at specific times, then it's not good.
7°7 sʎɐs sʎɐʍןɐ oɯןɐ@
Savage Moon is one of the good ones: you have 3 stats, defense, money collection from kills and damage. they're all 0
you can up to -1 any stat to +1 another
so you run +2 money, then if you've over pushed, you switch to have plus attack to take up the slack
or if your towers are getting killed due to not being upgraded enough, you temp add some defense
so the path you must navigate in the gamespace is a little wider because you can pfutz with the stats
in that game, if you ever thought "If I had killed that enemy i would have gotten the 100 cash I needed to build that one tower that would turned the tide", you're doing the level wrong.
so it had a nice strategic feel instead of being all nitpicky tactics.
I managed to complete all levels and take no base damage
in ordinary nitpicky TDs, I would never attempt such a thing :)
9:15 PM
Heh, weird. I watched a video today from this RagnarRox guy and now he's following me on twitter.
@Lokkij his analytics solution works then did he just get your twitter handle or your password too?
Q: Random/Procedural vs. Previously Made Level Generation

PipWhat the advantages/disadvantages of using random/procedural generation vs. pre-made levels? There seems to be few that I can think of, other than the fact that items may be a problem to distribute in randomly generated terrain, and that the generated terrain may look weird. The downside to pr...

When did you become so awesome?
Hey, this chat remembers what your cat typed before you closed the browser window. What a weirdly specific feature...
holy shit that's a long-ass answer
9:27 PM
@SpartanDonut always
@RoyT. cool
It is a really good answer
but it's long :D
the second (the original) is good too
Apparently @congusbongus decided to edit my super old question, for whatever reason
and all the links in that top answer too. it's like a tv tropes article. so much more reading to do.
idk, but I'm surprised a question of mine actually got into one of the pretty famous ones, comparing it to most questions on GDSE
Not even on the first page of the top voted though
whoa, I was wrong
lost of questions around 50-60 votes
a ton of them with 36 votes (and 35)
and the rest of the 30s... holy crap
"famous" on this site is more like 200 votes, and most of them are closed because they're bad questions
9:33 PM
I'm on page... 21
yeah, I spoke too soon
anyhow, going to robotics
cya all!

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