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12:07 AM
Q: Song in "Lone Star" (1996) Trailer

dingo_danI've got a song stuck in my head. It starts at about 23 seconds in to the trailer for 1996 film Lone Star. I'm not sure if it's the same one that starts the trailer, which I've found to be Papertrail written by Mason Daring and performed by Duke Levine, which shows up on the film's soundtrack lis...

12:35 AM
The trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron leaked. screenrant.com/avengers-2-leaked-ultron-hulkbuster-photos/…
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2:37 AM
Q: What happened to all the aliens in this Movie?

Bobby AlexanderIn the movie Prometheus, it is evident that the black goo backfired leading to the death of most of the Engineers on the planet. Now 'something' killed the Engineers, something like the 'Alien' that came out of the Engineer towards the end of the movie. There is also a part where Fifield and Mi...

3:16 AM
Q: How did they find the location to the moon?

Bobby AlexanderIn Prometheus, how did they find the location to LV-223 just by looking at a bunch of cave drawings and inscriptions?

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7:37 AM
If you mean ID, they mercifully seem to be waning. Even I was annoyed by the recent outpour of vague ID questions, with this one taking the cake:
8:06 AM
@iandotkelly While you're currently in status updated mood, is there any news on this discussion?
@Walt Let me assure you they won't ever.
8:34 AM
Yeah, I meant waning at the moment, sorry
It just seemed there were more than usual. Glad that's over

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