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Q: I need help identifying a movie from late 90's early 2000's martial arts

IvyHey do u happen to know of this movie, it's an Asian martial arts one where 2 or 3 best friends or something do underground fighting then the main guy actually gets big with it but he gets mixed with the wrong crowd and he ends up sleeping with another girl and his wife catches him and leaves him...

Q: What is the name of this movie?

Bo KlaasseI'm desperatly trying to find a movie i watched years ago, please help me, it's been bugging me for weeks: Movie about a guy who had a lot of money, but his life changed, he did drugs, and in the end he robbed a jewelry store with some other guys (there where like two storylines, which I recall t...

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Q: How should we handle "What if" questions?

MoozThe community over at Sci-Fi & Fantasy have found that asking "What if" type questions should be off-topic1: To prevent your question from being flagged and possibly removed, avoid asking subjective questions where … ... you are asking an open-ended, hypothetical question: “What if ...

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@Mod_contenders : to eliminate suspense. I got my t-shit non-site specific and cap today.
6:42 AM
Didn't got the time to check if the size is perfect or not. No personalized card and din't even know what they are supposed to be.
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posted on March 30, 2015

Colorful, silly, and utterly benign, Home is a passable diversion, but there's no shortage of superior animated alternatives.

posted on March 30, 2015

A waste of two fine funnymen, Get Hard settles for tired and offensive gags instead of tapping into its premise's boundary-pushing potential.

posted on March 30, 2015

Smart, original, and above all terrifying, It Follows is the rare modern horror film that works on multiple levels -- and leaves a lingering sting.

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@NapoleonWilson nice response
you know, though, you start off with "we don't really need a change in tagging" and then basically agree with me -.-
without even including the tags we need to discuss your post straight up says "delete cut, international, plot-device, translation, specific-scene, vampires, zombies, sex, violence, profanity, christmas, fight, revenge, technology, time-travel (merge into science-fiction), movie-franchise"
I like it
Q: Interstellar movie black hole concept?

GandalvTheGreywhen cooper and co goes for the first planet to explore , it is revolving around the black hole . now why didn't the space ship of cooper gets sucked into the black hole as we know that the gravity of a black hole is enormous how are they able to land on the planet?? Did cooper had super jet whic...

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Quote of the day : "With one leg in the past and one in the future... it's no wonder we're pissing on the present." - Rang De Basanti
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Q: Is there any history between Irene Adler and Sherlock holmes in Sherlock Holmes (2009) movie

hitman4890Can anyone say what is the relationship or history between Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler in the 2009 movie Sherlock Holmes. In the movie when they are shown together first time, it seems there is a back story.

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Q: What did Jon Arryn mean?

Matthew StevensonSo in Game Of ThronesGrand Maester Pycelle says to Eddard that Jon Arryn was rambling a lot before he died but he kept repeating "The seed is strong." Now I have seen all four seasons all the way through and I still don't know what it means. Lysa Arryn says that he was talking about Robin but she...

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@Flyk I don't really basically agree with you. Most of the tags you proposed for deletion as well as the philosophy that's based on I just don't agree. That's why I especially emphasized the word "significant" in that first sentence, as well as the word "use", since structered categories or not, the practical application of tags won't change much.
@AnkitSharma I wonder where he takes those strange quotes from. Could you include the speaker at least in the chat comment?
11:24 AM
@NapoleonWilson lol, done
Will do that from next time
11:39 AM
@NapoleonWilson no, I think you're still under some impression that I'm trying to do anything other than start the discussion, my way as proposed still isn't "the right way" necessarily but it provides a starting point for the discussion. I feel many of the points you raise are valid and we can definitely work with it from there.
my wording is shocking
I guess the big one really would be genre tags - personally I don't like them and you don't seem to either - removing them would break functionality with other sites though
@Flyk Then maybe we just don't agree about the technicalities and what is "significant" and what isn't. Well, better than total disagreement, I guess. ;-)
if we can build a structure for filter type tags for title/ending/whatever
@Flyk I don't really care about what other sites track on our site, though.
cleaning up the remainder is still a big difference
@NapoleonWilson right, so you'd be fine with the removal of genre tags?
I still think, though, that first and foremost they make for great general questions about the genre. But I agree that even in this use case science-fiction is a bit used too often for my taste.
11:43 AM
I'm fine with the keeping of things title and credits and cameo, plus pretty much that entire block of the discussion if we work it all into a structure where they're used consistently
But while I'm not too sure about their use on ID, one could argue that there could very well be genre experts interested in ID question about "their" genre sepcifically.
@Flyk No, not right away at least.
if we keep genre tags, it's basically impossible to enforce their correct use (ie: only in conjunction with anything non-ID) without them being massively abused by ID questions
I can see their obvious use
@Flyk Unfortunately you won't ever achieve consistent usage. There are always people mistagging things. But really, apart from retags of newbie questions, I really think most of those things are used very consistently. That's why I said that a proper structure, while nice especially when incorporated into the help center or a faq meta post, won't really change much in their practical application.
@Flyk Well, then maybe we should just keep 'em on the ID questions.
ok let's do some easy wins
from your post it looks like you agree with deleting/merging/re-tagging any of these, right? cut, international, plot-device, translation, violence, profanity, christmas, fight, revenge, technology, time-travel, vampires, zombies, sex
@Flyk Well, later, I guess. Your meta question didn't really run for a significant time and sits at +6/-5. And my answer sits at 3 only. And that thing ran for, what, 2/3 days? We should definitely wait a while. And then we should make a proper meta question for those general topic tags in particular. It doesn't really matter what I think should go.
11:50 AM
@NapoleonWilson no I'm not saying action
I was moving to the end of your post
@Flyk Well, then thanks, phew!
add movie-franchise to that list as well
@Flyk Don't know.
@NapoleonWilson oh, the top of your post says yes -.-
use franchise names instead?
like we do with marvel-cinematic-universe, etc
But movie-franchise seems about general problems of franchises, not for questions about any kind of movie in a franchise. Similar to sequels.
11:53 AM
I'm not sure we need separate -adaption tags - it opens the possibility of up to three tags on a question where one would do. We don't really specialize in adaptations nor do we specialize in books, video games, etc
@NapoleonWilson should those be film-industry or something similar?
sequels prequels etc are abused
@Flyk Well, that has already been discussed. But I tend to agree that sperate adaptations might have individual problems. The only thing that's really shit in this approach is the pure adaptation tag.
@Flyk I know, doesn't make them bad tags for me, though (yeah, I know, for SE this exactly makes them bad tags).
@Flyk Yeah, I know your viewpoint on those. Not sure, I like 'em.
That being said, I don't really see a problem in single-handedly killing those 2/3-question tags that noone should have ever created in the first place, like cut and international.
are you telling me to clean tags?
@Flyk hm?
@Flyk I'm not telling anyone to do anything. It was just a statement that I might do that when I'm in the mood or that I won't be sad when someone else does that.
yes, wording
@Flyk hm?
12:05 PM
no it's in your top question
I think first-appearances and most-appearances would fit into cinema-history
@Flyk Maybe.
your post says "not too useful"
I'm not saying clean it entirely now, but it's on multiple questions I'm editing
or leave it for another time
Oh look, some is acting already. Gah, I gues I shouldn't have talked too generally when I was actually talking about international and cut only. I should know I have to care what to say in your proximity. Gah, anyway, I'm not going to roll back that shit. @community blame me.
you meant literally just cut and international?
@Flyk Right before saying, I'm not sure.
12:13 PM
@NapoleonWilson cool, I didn't remove it, I haven't touched anything that isn't in the list of obvious to destroy
like "fight"
@Flyk Nevermind...
@Flyk Where's that list, though?
@NapoleonWilson cut, international, plot-device, translation, violence, profanity, christmas, fight, revenge, technology, time-travel, vampires, zombies, sex?
although obviously time-travel would just be merged into science-fiction, most likely
They are obvious? By what measure? Me and you agreeing? 3 voters on a totally broad and much huger answer supposedly agreeing?
me and you agreeing on something should be memorialized with a yearly celebration
that's worth at least 100 votes
at least.
@Flyk Then I wonder where the many celebrations of the last weeks were. ;-)
12:18 PM
I wonder what would happen if I waited until all the moderators were asleep and then just fixed the tagging system
apart from the obvious account suspension
@Flyk Uh, like you did before? I guess you know what will happen. Moderator messages aren't sent out of nothing, they usually count as warnings.
@NapoleonWilson I'm sure that was obvious the conversation that occurred in chat afterwards
Oh, you mean with the site? I guess that will just become a totally clean SE-conformant site where noone can reasonable tag questions anymore.
I mean clean it to the general specification in your post
You keep talking about "fixing" something? It ain't broke!
12:21 PM
there's still be quite a few surviving tags
@NapoleonWilson you know we have a ?
@Flyk Uh, no, we don't. ;-P
oh, damn
Ahh.....again a tag discussion :|
was that me?
@AnkitSharma morning
this has been quite a productive discussion actually!
That being said, I know the tagging is not perfect. But I think it is far from the total and utter mess that you seem to make out of it. I have no problem with cleaning things up. What I don't like is an attitude of "you're all doing it wrong, obviously!" just because you supposedly have Mr. Attwood on your side on some other sites.
But I feel I'm again getting way too serious for the current discussion.
@AnkitSharma Haha, if it only was discussion. ;-)
12:26 PM
For the list of tags we were talking about, you said this:
> Those should be invalid tags, which from your list would in particular be vampires, zombies, sex, violence, profanity, christmas (wut?), fight, revenge (seriously?), technology (is time-travel a sub-genre or does it belong here, not sure).
> I understand very much that those can be prominent themes of a movie and there can be interesting questions asked about e.g. the depcition of violence in movies or the evolution of vampires and their treatment in movies. But if we want to bring some kind of structure into the tagging process and want to draw a line somewhere, then this should be the point we should not cross.
> In contrast to title or character, sex or vampires, while interesting topics to talk about even on our site, are not directly related to the field of movies and are only things movies could be about.
Uh, I know what I said. So what?
a whole bunch of those tags that you say agree should be deleted had negatively voted meta discussions about them, posted by me
of course my reaction was going to be "you're doing it wrong" when that seemed to be the way it was going
your response on my meta post still acknowledges that there needs to be some form of a cleanup
we still have a whole load of other stuff in your post that we've not discussed yet either, but I need more coffee
and the sun is out and it's all warm
it's almost like summer time
So...yeah...I guess...?
@Flyk Good evening :)
since we agree on how name tags should be handled
12:32 PM
Hmm, it was a total rain storm here and now suddenly everything's shiny but still raining very slightly. One nearly wants to go outside smoking and looking at a rainbow. But I'm glad we switched to weather.
do you think that should be extended to awards as well
@NapoleonWilson so u got mod specific goodies
@NapoleonWilson really, you'd rather talk about weather?
@Flyk That would actually mean...?
I have clear blue skies here and it's like 24 degrees
12:34 PM
@AnkitSharma No, but you did, it seems. Hmm, maybe I'm lucky and they deliver it when I'm still on vacation.
@NapoleonWilson removing "awards", having "academy-awards", "otherawardname-awards", most of the current stuff retagged film-industry
@Flyk Pff, don't know. Maybe?
(where otherawardname = whatever)
@AnkitSharma Too bad they don't have some kind of package tracing for that. I wonder how many months from now I should wait before complaining.
@NapoleonWilson Hheeheheh....
Now i think.....i had better gone with white then black
Now see when will we are going to get mail for site specific one
@NapoleonWilson Are we going for Furious 7?
12:42 PM
@AnkitSharma Noone ever knows. I guess at the same time we get Community Promotion Ads. ;-)
@AnkitSharma We? That's quite a journey! You propose we meet at the middle, somewhere in Dubai or Doha? Do they show it there? I hope in English then.
12:59 PM
@NapoleonWilson LOL....i mean TOW
Topic of the week
Q: Weekly Topic Challenge - Ideas

Napoleon WilsonQuite a while ago we had a so called Topic of the Week where users were encouraged to ask questions about a specific topic and compete for the best question. In an effort to revive this kind of challenge, I'll try to follow Jon Ericson's excellent guide and would like to ask for topic ideas here....

is Furious 7 out next week?
2nd april in india
3rd on us
@AnkitSharma Oh, in this case, I don't know. But I guess we can. It only has a single vote now, but well, since there's nothing else why not. Better than letting it rot away.
1:35 PM
That vote is also mine :D
I am quite bored today
me too
I was going to go and be lazy in the sun but it's started getting cloudy
I am just bored in office and have some house work....so just leaving office
Leftover work can be handdled tomorrow
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Q: How does the button mechanism work?

kenorbIt was shown that the mechanism is empty, therefore how the button mechanism exactly work? Does it mean it's fake?

3:52 PM
Q: In Interstellar, was Ranger spaceship able to fly in zero gravity?

Ravi ManiyarIn Interstellar, before proceeding to the Miller's planet, we hear Cooper saying that "how far off of Miller's planet do we have to be to stay out of the time shift"? Now, Romilly, in response say that "just the cusp" (which I assume the orbit part of Miller's planet). I was not a science stud...


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