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1:40 AM
@NapoleonWilson You will be glad to know that I ate half of my sandwich. Happy?
2:35 AM
Q: End of the World Type TV-Series

LeonzolaI remember a TV show that was aired around 10 years ago. Trying to remember what it was called. The world froze over Humanity lived in these domes ontop of the ice Domes were connected via bullet train Some 'Domes' were at war with others, if you broke laws they threw you out onto the ice, peop...

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5:51 AM
Q: Who is the shrewdest Shark?

iMerchantThe question is pretty simple, which Shark Tank investor has had the most success (and/or losses) from their Shark Tank investments? Ideally, I would like to see total dollars invested and their overall return on investment. Is there a scorecard somewhere? Is that information available anywhere...

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7:20 AM
@NapoleonWilson It's an aggregation site for many different types of content, from news to videos to memes to basically anything else you can think of on the Internet. It's divided up into communities called subreddits, which are specialised for one type of content, from the broad /r/news subreddit to the very specific /r/childrenfallingover subreddit.
No plans for civil war yet :'(
Maybe weekend now
7:57 AM
@AnkitSharma Booooooooooooo
What i can do, nearby theater gets full quite easily for superhero films
Anyways it's not full but no good seat available
2 hours later…
9:56 AM
I heard spiderman too shown in civil war movie ?
10:30 AM
@siddheshshinde YUp
he is shown in the trailer too, so it was never a surprise
1 hour later…
11:48 AM
I think MCU tag will cross them both soon
Our star wars tagging have some issues.......i think i will do after it
bleh ;p
12:37 PM
Q: who the guy is, and where he/she(mostly think its a guy)

user34230it is where there's this guy. Something happens to him,and he can't remember names of faces or things. ( i vaguely remember him saying the... the..., ) it is not fitz from agents of shield. but it could be from someone on grey anatomy, i'm just not quite sure i think it was a medical show, henc...

I don't understand why the first answer to that Dark Knight question about Bruce Wayne's knee has so many upvotes. It doesn't even answer the question.
Kinda like my question about The Village. The question isn't answered at all, imo and it still has equal amount of upvotes. I don't know, maybe I am just cranky this morning ;)
Q: How did he set up time bomb?

user34231In Last Action Hero (1993), Jack Slater actually take cards on dead body, he sees it. it has 5,4,.... etc So he realized that Benedict planted Time Bomb, then he ran away. My Question is: How Benedict exactly planted a time bomb so that count down matches numbers on the card? Here is Final E...

OMG. Big frigging deal that the Doctor said that he doesn't have any cartilage left in his knee. That wasn't the question. The other answers at least address the reason rather than just stating what his diagnosis is.
I have no idea why this is annoying me so much ;)
1:15 PM
Q: Why did Lynn sleep with Ed in L. A. Confidential?

eYeI could never underatand why did Lynn do it if she had feelings for Bud and she also knew how much he hated Ed.

Q: Help identify a skit - SNL / MadTV?

MartyTrying to identify this skit. I think this was from an SNL or MadTV episode but I'm stumped. The premise was a few co-workers. One was a bumbling idiot and one was the smart one. The issue was that the rest of the workers believed the bumbling idiot rather than the smart worker. This infuria...

Q: Se7en Ending another question

Arghya ChakrabortyOk guys so I saw Se7en and accepted the fact that the box contained Tracy's(Mills' wife) head as otherwise Somerset would have instantly said that Tracy was well and Mills would have not shot John Doe. However what I fail to understand is that John Doe wanted to make a masterpiece and kill or tor...

@steelerfan Hmmm, it happen sometime. Answer for popular question also get more love then they deserve
@MovieReel Can't you come up with some sensible title
1:53 PM
@steelerfan Me neither.
@steelerfan Knowing that you ate healthily and didn't disappoint your sister? Yes, happy indeed. ;-)
2:44 PM
@NapoleonWilson I sent you an email. God. <sigh>
@steelerfan Can I call you now?
@NapoleonWilson Uhm, yeah. Go ahead.
3:29 PM
@NapoleonWilson I don't know if I can watch The Night Manager today. I'm sorry :(
@steelerfan Don't worry, we have all the time in the world.
@NapoleonWilson OMFG!! Could you be more frigging awesome?
@steelerfan As long as this thing doesn't get old on you, then no, it seems I can't. ;-)
@NapoleonWilson Never!!! That will never get old!!! Don't ever think that!! :))
Oh, Lord. My coffee is kicking in.
@NapoleonWilson Awwww. I'm hardly annoyed anymore :))
@NapoleonWilson Did you go see that Captain America movie the other day?
My nephew is going to see it tonight.
3:51 PM
@steelerfan Yes, it was quite nice.
@NapoleonWilson Well, he loves Captain America. I will never forgive him!! ;)
@steelerfan Why?
Q: Are the comic strips in the Marvel logo relevant to each film?

Tom HartIn each MCU film, you get the Marvel logo will lots of different comic strips flashing on the screen. Do these strip differ to cater to what each film is about, or are they always the same?

@MovieReel I think we had that already. And yes, they are.
@NapoleonWilson The guy is a frigging Patriots fan!
4:01 PM
@steelerfan Oh, right. But he has to, he's Captain motherfriggin' America afterall!
@NapoleonWilson God. You sound like Himarm! That's no excuse for being a Patriot's supporter!! ;)
@NapoleonWilson I know I've seen it... but I can't find it.
4:15 PM
Q: Does Arnold intentionally strengthens his accent?

eYeThere are plenty of soundboard apps with Arnold famous movie quotes that make him sound really German and sort of funny. Considering how much time he had spent in United States before his filming career began I suspect that his accent is slightly exaggerated in the movies. Was this done intentio...

Today is National Nurses Day!!!
Someone should send you some flowers or something.
I'm going to miss out on all of the cool stuff at work today :(
You're off?
Oh, duh... you're probably on sick leave?
@Catija Hehe. Awwww. I have plenty of flowers from my surgery :)
Yes. I am on sick leave
4:31 PM
@steelerfan Oh, congratulations then!
Q: Vegetation in Jurassic Park

user2813274Is it ever explained how the vegetation in Jurassic Park was created - the dinosaurs were explained by blood preserved in a mosquito, however before Alan Grant turns Ellie Sattler's head to see the first dinosaur, she is examining a leaf while remarking that it "doesn't belong here". I assume tha...

Yeah. I am bummed that I am not at work today. The Doctors are always really generous on Nurses day.
I get to be stuck here with my sister, instead. Ugh. ;)
1 hour later…
5:35 PM
@NapoleonWilson I just sent you another email. I honestly don't know how you put up with me. God!!! ;). :(
5:47 PM
@steelerfan Just don't worry about it so much. ;-)
I'm outta here for a bit.
Too silent in here today anyway
6:21 PM
Q: movie of astronauts around 70s 80s

Javier Coviani am trying to find the name of a movie from around the 70-80 about an astronaut in a mission in Space. He has an accident or so and returns to earth turned into a very old man does anybody recalls this movie? I have not more than scarce images in my mind from early childhood any help will be ver...

6:41 PM
@AnkitSharma Are you around?
I am talking in mos currently ;)
@AnkitSharma You're a Hinduism mod ... does the Mahabharata count as a religious text, in the sense that many people would be offended if it was referred to as fiction?
People can
This is in reference to this answer, which some people are saying violates SFF policy on religious works being off-topic.
Mahabharata is a story of fight between cousins and krishna guided the good side, how to fight
@Randal'Thor I can't say much for the matter from SFF point of view but Mahabharata is surely religious book, After Vedas Mahabharata have lots of importance religiously
Mahabharata is my fav story ever.
@Randal'Thor But the first version of the question said myth and people do take religious story as mythological stories , so to me it was valid answer but then question got edited
After 4 close vote, is that question even have chance of survival
6:53 PM
@AnkitSharma I think the OP always intended it to be only about works of fiction (as you can see in their comments migrated to this chatroom). Even the first revision said "Where in speculative fiction [...]".
Anyway SFF scope always confuse me , as I am bad in classifying genres
Like how James bond is not SFF but Nolan batman trilogy is
Question: "Which works of speculative fiction [...]?"
Answer: "In the Mahabharata, [...]"
^ would you call that NaA?
Just speaking as someone who knows the Mahabharata, not as an SFF user or anything.
To me Mahabharata is history or religion.
Fiction not so
@Randal'Thor I did not think answers could be off-topic.
only questions.
answers could be "not answers", but if it attempts to answer the question but is just way off-base, it's just a bad answer. -1 and move on
7:29 PM
@KutuluMike You could post that as a second answer here ...
Q: Did Maester Luwin Really Believe That Sorcery and magic is no more

Deepak KamatSince Bran became a cripple and began seeing the three-eyed raven in his dreams, Maester Luwin insisted on it being just dreams and nothing much. We can believe that an old knowledgeable man wouldn't want to worry a kid about these things even if he knows those are really, he could probably be ...

8:20 PM
OMG!! One of the Doctors from work gave me a coach bag and a dozen roses for nurses day!!! That's like...like so frigging awesome. I can't believe how frigging cool and generous that was!!! I am completely blown away right now.
@steelerfan The single one who's a Steelers fan?
@Catija Are you familiar with Coach bags? OMG. They are like $400 bags. Good lord!
@steelerfan I'm familiar with the crazy prices people will pay for all of those brands... Coach, LV, Dooney... etc. It's absurd. I don't even own a purse at all. I use a canvas bag I got for free to carry stuff around.
@steelerfan Happy Nurse day
I am so not a girl...
8:23 PM
@Catija Yeah, I would never pay that much for a bag...I'm so not a girl either ;)
@AnkitSharma Awwww. Thanks buddy :)
But you would use it? Because I don't know that I would :P
I am too afraid to use it...it's yellow though. An homage to the Steelers ya know ;)
@NapoleonWilson Yes
God. He's not really single and all of us got roses and a bag from him. It's not like I was
singled out
What color of roses?
@NapoleonWilson good question
Yellow with red tips ;)
8:32 PM
Too much steeler's nod ;)
@steelerfan O_O
@NapoleonWilson OMG. I'm just messing with you. They were pink roses. All of us got pink roses. God, Napoleon!!! ;)
Pink rose = Friendship and gratitude.
@AnkitSharma I think the bag I got was a nod to the Steelers.
All the other girls got different colors. I got yellow. Steelers!!
I just thought that was like...like so frigging cool!! OMG!!!
@steelerfan HAHA! That makes it even more special - that they got something they knew would connect to the things you like. So often, that sort of gift isn't specific to the receiver, they just buy 10 of something and give everyone the same thing.
Which one is it? Is it like this one: coach.com/…
Because that is actually pretty nice-looking.
8:49 PM
Hmm, I wanted to rewatch Death Hunt for quite some time. I wonder if that's that "avalanche suicide" thing, though, I don't remember an avalanche at the end, I think.
@Catija OMG. That's it!! Isn't it beautiful?
It is! Most of those high-end bags are so logo-covered they really turn me off but that one seems really nicely designed.
So, I just called the girl that he is...ahem..."dating". Yeah, she picked the bags out for us. Haha! Typical ;)
Wow, it's 23k in Indian Rupees
And it's not too big, either. Some of the bags my mom has are huge... I have no clue how she ever finds anything in them... oh, wait... she doesn't. She spends 10 minutes every time looking for her keys... though now she has a car that doesn't need to use the key, so she spends less time looking for them.
@steelerfan HA HA HA Well, at least you know that he didn't do it without her approval. :D
@AnkitSharma How much would a dinner at an average restaurant cost? To compare... or maybe the cost of a movie ticket?
8:53 PM
@Catija Hehehe. Well, he had to get approval from her when we went to the Blazer game a few weeks ago. I guess it's more serious than I thought ;)
Doctors clearly get paid too much ;)
@Catija depends what u consider average but for good restaurant ones 1k is enough for one person
Movie ticket in PVR is from 230 to 370
some do go to 600/700 for movie too which i avoid
I think Napoleon's on a cleaning spree. :P
What is he cleaning O-o
8:58 PM
That's what I wanna know ;)
ohhh edit spree
@Catija I haven't checked into the site for over a day afterall (if not even two).
He is top editor so it's not much new ;)
Well, I just committed to spend $65 (per person) for a fancy Mother's Day brunch on Sunday...
9:00 PM
It's in an Omni ... It better be good.
I'm so excited that I have a mom for Mother's Day now!!!
My birthday ( which i also share with my sis) is coming and my expenses are already in trouble a bit
Don't know what to do
What's an Omni?
@AnkitSharma Are you twins or do your parents just like simplifying things?
And for god knows what reason i want to buy iphone
9:01 PM
@steelerfan Hotel chain.
@Catija different year, she is 5 year older
My parents are gone for the weekend, so no flowers from me on sunday.
@NapoleonWilson Is it Mother's day in Germany, too? I thought different countries celebrate at different times.
@AnkitSharma Was that planned? ;)
@Catija I can't speak for other countries, but sunday is Mother's Day here.
9:03 PM
@NapoleonWilson Interesting!
@steelerfan Maybe ;D
And Father's Day is in June, second Sunday as well?
I think mothers day have globally one date to celebrate
@NapoleonWilson OMG. I hope that you will give your mother something when they get back!
@Catija No, that was yesterday, coinciding with Ascension Day.
9:05 PM
@NapoleonWilson ... Interesting.
@steelerfan Sure, next weekend then.
India/US and most of countries have same
Apparently Father's day is the third Sunday in June here? I could have sworn it was the second... but whatever.
I get an awesome Mother's Day gift every year ;)
@steelerfan What?
9:08 PM
@steelerfan From your careee?
@NapoleonWilson No. My sister gets me something from Sheena. Hehe. We are weird ;)
@steelerfan Hehehe!
@steelerfan Aw, that's cute.
I'm obsessed with this body butter from bath and body works. That's what I'm getting. I was already told ;)
@Catija So, does Andy get you anything for Mother's Day this year? What's the protocol on that? Like, are husband's required to do that for first time pregnancies? I have no clue how that works.
9:16 PM
@steelerfan Me neither! The lady who took the reservation for brunch asked how many mothers there were and I said my mom and I'm pregnant... if that counts and she said that it definitely counts.
9:28 PM
@Catija Sure it counts!! I believe that!!
@Catija So, will Andy be in trouble if he doesn't get you anything? ;)
@steelerfan Nah. Probably not.
@Catija Awww. Good for you :)
@NapoleonWilson Well, I'm glad that we are not planning to watch The Night Manager. My sister completely effed it up and only DVR'd like 30 minutes of it. Grrrr...
How close is she to her due date?
@steelerfan Meh, don't worry, we'll just watch the version you DVRed in exceptional quality yourself once you're home.
@NapoleonWilson Yeah, but are you going to be able to watch it with me since we have such different cuts of the show?
@Catija So, what are you ordering for brunch? Do you already know?
9:40 PM
@steelerfan Everything... Did you see the menu I posted? It's a buffet... I don't have to pick :P
@steelerfan Well, we'll just try it again once. If it doesn't work out then that's bad luck. But we can still watch them more or less simultaneously and discuss the recent episodes.
@Catija Oh, duh. Yeah, I didn't notice. I'm not in my right mind at the moment ;)
@steelerfan I'll blame it on the drugs... it's cool.
@NapoleonWilson I know. I just feel bad that you have to wait on me :(
@Catija That's exactly what I'm blaming it on ;)
@steelerfan Don't worry. I also have to catch up on Game of Thrones.
9:45 PM
@NapoleonWilson OMG. I haven't even started to catch up on that yet. I will have to wait to get home for that as well. Arghhh!! I am missing everything at my house. This will be my last spring at my house and I am missing all of my lilac blooming, the awesome yellow finches that come by my bedroom door onto my deck, the awesome hummingbirds, my beautiful dogwood tree that blooms outside my bedroom window. I am missing all of that with this beautiful weather :(
@steelerfan Oh god, I'm so sorry. :'(
Now, I really want to go home. Bummer :'(
Awww/ :(
I'm going to go home on Monday, hopefully. It's all good :)
YAY! Hopefully all of those lovely things will wait for you, then!
9:59 PM
Awww. I am sure that they will be. Those are the cool things that I am going to miss at my house. Oh, and Trillium. They only grow at a certain elevation. They are everywhere around my house in the spring. They smell soooooo good. I put bunches of them around every room in my house in the spring.
Oh! I remember that! Trillium is such a cool flower! When I was at camp near Seattle in 5th grade, we would go on hikes and see it in the forest.
Yeah. You're not supposed to pick them in the wild, but they grow everywhere on my property. I mean, they are everywhere. They smell so good. You only need like 2-3 flowers to make your whole room smell awesome.
I also have wild orchids which are beautiful as well. They are also everywhere on my property.
Oh, wow... the camp still exists. That's crazy. It was part of school... we went for a week... it wasn't summer camp. We were there in March, or April. We also ran into skunk cabbage... which wasn't as fun.
And then when my lilac trees bloom, it smells so frigging awesome and I wash my sheets and then I hang them outside and the wind blows the lilac scent into them. OMG. It's like the best...EVER!!
@Catija Oh, kind of like Outdoor School? We had that too in the 6th grade.
@steelerfan Yes! That's what they call it... but not what I remember calling it when I was in fifth grade.
We went for a week, adopted a tree, learned how to identify plants... got "badges" for different activities.
Sang songs... all that sort of stuff.
As a separate thing, we also went to a salmon fishery and they showed us how they mix salmon eggs and sperm and sent us home with some for a giant fish tank in the school... and when they hatched, we took them back and got to release them.
10:09 PM
@Catija Yeah! That's exactly what we did! We did all kinds of outdoor activities and stuff. I remember that I got the badge for archery. I guess I was a good shot ;)
@Catija OMG. We never did that, but that's a cool frigging thing to do!
YAY for growing up in the NorthWest!
YAY!! The best place to grow up!! :)
Q: Romance movie from before 2000 about a college-aged couple on a road trip

KwstasMostI am looking for a romance movie before 2000. This movie is about a "cool" young guy and a "not so cool" young girl - who was studying at a university - who are going on a road trip together and they get to know each other this way. I also remember that they run out of money in their trip.

OMG. They are running free HBO this weekend!! They are playing all of the Game of Thrones episodes back to back all weekend!! OMG!! No way!!
HAHA. We don't have cable, so we'd never notice... but we have access to HBO on our Roku, so we've been watching it as it airs.
10:23 PM
Well, I already get HBO at home, but I am so far behind on the seasons. I have nothing better to do than to sit in bed and watch it all weekend ;)
Well, then you hit the perfect timing on it!
I know, right? Wow! Something actually works out in my favor!! ;)
Seriously, your place sounds like a total paradise. Unfortunate that you're getting rid of it.
@NapoleonWilson I know, I know. I haven't 100% made up my mind, yet.
@steelerfan Da...wut? I thought it's all scheduled already?
10:37 PM
@NapoleonWilson No, I have to make a decision by June 15th to sell or not.
Sorry if I confused you...
Nothing is set 100%. Although, I am in no shape to make any decisions right now ;)
@NapoleonWilson Uhuh. You say that now. You have no clue the work that it takes to maintain the place ;)
@steelerfan Um, indeed.
@NapoleonWilson What makes you say that? :P
11:21 PM
I am outta here. @NapoleonWilson Don't stay up too late!!
@steelerfan I'm on vacation! But ok.
@NapoleonWilson Hey, that doesn't mean you need to stay up all hours of the night!! Don't argue with me right now!!! Hehehe ;)

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