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Q: Movie about a girl who lost her arm in an accident

Lisa HolcombAll I remember about this movie is that the girl has a prosthetic arm made at some point, she is living with an older man (her uncle or grandfather?), it is suspenseful somehow, like why is her arm gone? She doesn't know what happens to her or her family. 1960's/70's feel to it. It is in English....

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Q: Billy Bibbit's age 1975 drama One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest?

HaroldSure we all know he was young, but what about something more specific? How old was Billy in Cuckoos' Nest movie?

Q: The old sci fi movie "Eye To Eye"

Caji316Anyone know where to find this online? I did a google search and movie search with no results. It's an old , probably 50's, 60's sci fi movie and in it the man asks the creature "Let me see you eye to eye" Title of movie says "Eye To Eye" on the 5 second piece of the movie..Thanks

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Q: I need help identifying a movie

JessI can't remember much at all from this movie, even though I read about it about a week ago. It was a horror movie put into two movies. In the beginning, there was this couple that was having difficulties in their relationship, and they were thinking of breaking up. In the sequel, it was a few yea...

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Q: Movies Like "olympus has fallen"

Gautam3164Can anyone suggest me the best actions movies like "olympus has fallen" or "white house down".

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Noone want to talk about time travel?
A: Weekly Topic Challenge - Ideas

Napoleon WilsonSeeing that Terminator Genisys seems to get down to some serious timeline manipulation stuff, instead of yet another franchise challenge, we could make a more general challenge concentrating on questions about the intricacies of time travel in movies and TV-shows. From plot-explanations of weird ...

@NapoleonWilson hhehehheheh....
You can still say "with the popular demand"
And nobody going to question that
:D :D
12:14 PM
Meh, +1 is the minimum to make a challenge, though. If noone votes on it and I still make a challenge the query thread loses its validity and it becomes a purely personal endeavour.
Q: Want to watch some slasher movies, please suggest some

GuruGulabKhatriI have watched Wrong Turn 1-5, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (every movie from 2003), Hills have Eyes 1 & 2, Friday the 13th, Inbred, House of 1000 corpses and its sequel whose name I don't remember, Cabin in the Woods and Piranha. Can any one suggest more movies on similar theme? P.S.: I am not into ...

Even if it largely is already. ;-(
Duh, maybe we should really think about a canned recommendation close-reason.

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