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Q: Movie with a home invasion at start

LywA movie or TV episode (pretty sure movie) made in the 90s, I think, set in that time. A family is murdered by some gunmen one by one. I specifically remember a teenage girl dancing in her bedroom to some music and saying 'Oh my God!' before being shot. The son of the family has the gun held aga...

1:01 AM
Q: How did Jimmy and Frank get married?

Rogue JediIn What Happens at Howdy's Doesn't Stay at Howdy's, Frank tricks a drunk Jimmy into marring him. However, in the very next episode Modern Wedding, Jimmy is unable to marry Sabrina because he's technically still married to Lucy, his first wife. Lucy's death certificate is required for him to get ...

Q: Topic Challenge: 50 years of Star Trek

Napoleon WilsonIn addition to the broad release of Star Trek Beyond, the 13th installment in the official Star Trek movie series, this year also celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek franchise, one of the biggest and most famous film and TV franchises, and science-fiction universes in general, to dat...

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2:59 AM
Q: Critically acclaimed prequels?

KeltariI was having a discussion about the Star Wars prequel trilogy and how they sucked. There are so many reasons prequels dont work. For example, putting your characters who you know are in the sequel movies into "mortal" danger is pointless. You cant kill Obi Wan in the prequels, as he is in Epis...

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4:27 AM
@MetaReel @napoleon, That is indeed awesome!
5:27 AM
Q: Did Cameron betrayed John Conner?

RANSARA009In Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles season 2, Final episode when Cameron meets John Henry his asking from Cameron "WILL YOU JOIN US" after that John Conner find Cameron body but her CHIP & John Henry missing. in the Display Screens Message showing for john Conner that "I'M SORRY JOHN" so...

Q: Idealhealthdoctor-com-hydro-muscle-max-reviews

NarniemiHydro Muscle Max:-Revive sexual coexistence: Are you experiencing erectile brokenness? Are you excessively drained, making it impossible to get cozy with your accomplice. You won't trust how brilliantly physical activity can get a positive change in your affection making. Enhanced execution and m...

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6:35 AM
@MovieReel it's a spam ;(
7:03 AM
Q: Horror movie on HBO

Davyi suddenly have urge to watch back the horror movie on HBO that trauma me as a kid but i don't remmember that movie. the movie is about nightmare in a brain of dead killer that kidnap girl drown them. so police need to hijack into his brain and got killed by nightmare in his brain.

7:51 AM
Q: An affair between a student & his friend's mom. What's the movie name?

Blaze This is the mother of Halil. She has an affair with her son's friend. What's the movie name?

8:45 AM
Q: How did this violation of the "Penn & Teller: Fool Us" rules get past the screening process?

ViziionaryI recently asked "Does the producer demand to have the trick explained before hand, privately?", where it was confirmed there is a screening process for the show in which the contestant magician must explain the trick to a "3rd party" magician, Johnny Thompson, who verifies whether or not Penn & ...

8:57 AM
Q: Mirage Imperial

lindsyfarikaMirage Imperial PInkyPrIss Evaluation: This silky, silicone primarily based serum effortlessly glides across my face for simple spread-means, although absorbing swiftly. Almost just about every assert over the Valere Anti-Growing older Serum Site (together with the dozens of products the same as ...

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10:13 AM
It's Connor, for fuck's sake!
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12:38 PM
Q: Why "The Big Short" shot in comedy genre?

user38206The Big Short movie is all about serious things: 2008 Crisis (which banks blamed the bad things on immigrants, the poor, and even teachers), mortgage-backed securities, ISDA agreement, AAA percentages on subprime loans etc, why they got idea to direct in comedy genre?

12:49 PM
@MovieReel Please tell me that picture's title is actually some innocuous Turkish word. Please?
1:18 PM
Q: Identify movie: old guy con artist that complains life is too long

FlightI watched part of this movie on TV, probably in the 90s. It was about an old guy. He complained that, as he aged, walking became harder, things felt heavier, etc. There is a quote I remember, he saying that most people complain that life is too short, but actually it is too long. The old guy i...

1:41 PM
Q: "THE LEG-CROSSING SCENE" in Basic Instinct was real?

RANSARA009in 1992 release movie Basic instinct there was some sex scenes. there was one particulate scene "THE LEG-CROSSING SCENE" when Police questioning Catherine about murder she done this scene. my question is did Sharron stone done this nude scene real or used Double?

1:59 PM
silence of graveyard
2:10 PM
once again, mr skin to the rescue!
@KutuluMike +1.
Enjoying old episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh!
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3:30 PM
@NapoleonWilson Are you here?
@MovieReel HAHAHA! I'm laughing hysterically right now that Mike answered this. Awesome.
Q: Identify Hollywood person in picture

KylarLast year while at Disneyland, I had breakfast in a restaurant filled with 40's, 50's, 60's era Hollywood pictures - people who had eaten and drank at the restaurant/bar that was on the spot before Disney took it over and build the Disneyland Hotel. I was able to identify almost everyone except t...

Q: a japanese movie abouyt 3 story, i think

omidcraisan movie may be japanese, in this movie a girl wants to marry a boy although he refuse to marry and this make a girl crazy. at the end the boy come back to girl and tight rope to her to poll her everywhere, this movie had 3 or 4 episode

@MovieReel C'mon there can be much better informative title ;\
I'm still chuckling at The Basic Instinct question ;)
@steelershark The comment of Mike was more epic than the answer ;P
@MAFIA36790 Yeah, I saw that. That's what I am laughing so hard about right now. OMG. Mike's hilarious.
3:41 PM
Excellent reply to OP's awkward query, I would say.
so that means we saw her Real under parts in the scene.. Good point Kutulumike — RANSARA009 2 hours ago
HAHAHA!! Still laughing...
Okay; I don't know with what perspective OP is viewing the scene.
You've got a bloody perv on your hands here.
Yep. We know that Mike is a perv. It's okay :P
3:45 PM
the scene's not even that impressive.
Stone is naked for a really long scene w/ Michael Douglas later on.
It was just shocking in it's time is all.
i guess.
I mean, I remember being shocked by it.
Wait till he posts a question asking for the actress's phone number and contact details.
Unless he already has and it got deleted.
3:48 PM
I'm not laughing.
if he does, just make sure you jot down his info before you delete it
I was more shocked at the girl on girl make out scenes... I had never seen that before. Shocking!
@Randal'Thor Oh, sorry. Seriously? You're seriously saying that someone would do this?
@steelershark This particular user literally did this in his first post on SFF.
would that constitute a "rule violation"?
@steelershark I didn't know about that. Was it first of its kind?
3:51 PM
it's not like it's anything new for males to ogle over that scene. I guess it's the 90's version of Phoebe Cates topless scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High
@Randal'Thor OMG. Sorry. I had no idea.
@MAFIA36790 I don't know about the first of it's kind, it was just really popular and that kinda stuff just wasn't in mainstream movies back then.
Oh, OP is suspended in SFF, I see.
@MAFIA36790 Have you seen the movie?
@steelershark No.
Q: Is Joker a member of Suicide Squad?

De Daywho are the members of suicide squad? is joker a member of suicide squad? this page isn't much help https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suicide_Squad

It's really good. Basic Instinct is fabulous. Great thriller/mystery/twist ending. It's great!!
It amazes me that the same guy made Basic Instinct and Showgirls. It's baffling to me.
3:58 PM
I've not so much time to see movies. Only see 1-2 hrs TV; most of it would be news, cricket, TBBT.... that's it. But I'm quite free lately and recently watched Rocky IV.
OMG. Rocky IV is awesome!!
@steelershark I'm a fan of Rocky Balboa!!
"I must break you" - Ivan Drago
@steelershark He was the best opponent of Rocky, I must say.
@MAFIA36790 OMG. I love Rocky! Woohoo!!
4:03 PM
@steelershark \o/
Yeah. Drago was a great opponent!! Clubber Lang is also awesome. Oh, and Thunderlips of course ;)
I cherish Stallone's Rocky more than Rambo; the latter is a bit junkie sort.
BTW, what is Stallone doing nowadays?
Yeah, Rocky is just an awesome story. It's got heart!
@MAFIA36790 Have you seen The Expendables movies? That's what he is doing :)
4:21 PM
@steelershark Ah!
They are pretty good. The first one is the best, imo.
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5:59 PM
@NapoleonWilson Sorry that I missed you. I have to go :'(
Q: Why were audiences led to believe that Mike Webster died from a taser gun?

steelersharkThe 2015 film, Concussion tells the true story of Dr. Bennet Omalu uncovering the truth about brain damage in football players due to repeated head injuries. The film focuses primarily on the Pittsburgh Steelers and former player and member of the Steelers, Mike Webster. The film depicts the p...

Could you maybe edit my question for me? I might have got a little long winded with it. It's about a Steeler! I get too involved with it and don't say things the way that I want to. Hehe :)
Anyways, I am sad that that I missed you. Have a good weekend :)
@steelershark I am now.
@Randal'Thor Oh. Now I didn't know that.
@steelershark And Robocop, Total Recall and Starship Troopers.
@MAFIA36790 Well, easy, drop The Big Bang Theory. Now you have more time to watch reasonable stuff. ;-)
@steelershark Aww, sorry. I was shopping. :'(
@MAFIA36790 have u seen madari?
6:22 PM
@steelershark Seems fine, though.
6:38 PM
Q: Black and white (maybe), movie/ tv episode - alien assassins

Graeme SmithThere's a movie - or possibly a 'Twilight Zone' type TV episode - I've been trying to find for a long time (without success). Here's what I think I remember (I'm old - neither my thinking or memory may be what they used to (blush)): 1: I remember it as black and white. 2: The basic premise invol...

6:55 PM
Q: Why Stevenson Award shows Sheldon Cooper Ph.D. as he got Ph.D. at 16?

A JIn the Episode of The Big Bang Theory, The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization, Leonerd mentions that Sheldon got his Ph.D. at the age of 16. However in the episode of The Jerusalem Duality, Sheldon mentions that he got Stevenson award at the age of 14 and a half. So, why does this award mentions S...

7:46 PM
Q: Films about teenagers that go into the woods and get hunted?

user38213It's an oldish film. Pretty sure it was a horror. I remember one of the guys at the start took some magic mushrooms. I think they went to stay in an old house or cabin and they thought that they were being watched? That's all I can remember really! (not cabin fever or anything like that)

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10:22 PM
@steelershark Guess what's on TV tonight... Legends of the Fall! But I'll probably have to DVR it, it's on at 3:00 am (provided it didn't get replaced by Munich terror bullshit).
10:43 PM
Justice League , wonder woman trailer is out
10:54 PM
Hello. Would anyone recommend some good horror movie that doesn't involve ghosts?
Seems like 99% do... Few exceptions are few Zombie movies (and even some of those kinda do) and Alien
I've seen already: The blairwitch project, the shrooms, all the aliens (arguably not horror anyway)

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