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@ChristianRau why was a pointless duplicate answer deleted? Probably because of those things.
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2:20 AM
Q: Trying to identify a late 70's early 80's animated television special about an evil magician who kidnaps a young boy

user9161I have a somewhat vague memory of a animated television special from when I was a preteen in the late 70's or early 80's. All I can remember was that there was an evil magician who was forcing a young boy to stay in his castle or home and at night when the magician would leave the castle or home ...

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4:01 AM
Q: Was the Miss Gulch's 'theme' original?

eidylonIn The Wizard of Oz, while Dorothy is still in Kansas before the tornado, the mean old lady Mrs. Gulch, from a couple farms over who rode the bicycle and kept threatening Toto had sort of a menacing little tune/melody that plays while she is riding along. Is that tune an original composition fo...

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11:40 AM
Q: Identify film about Mother hijack the hospital to save her child

NestIt is hollywood film, Story is: The child(i can't remember boy or girl) admits in hospital. The hospital does not treat > her child because she can't pay the huge amount. A mother hijacked the hospital to save > her child. Police arrived the hospital, they send female officer to talk a...

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1:40 PM
@Keen It was indeed pointless. But we're not just deleting bad answers, we're not even flagging them as not an answer.
2:14 PM
@ChristianRau also thinks the same. Now keeping high hopes for X-men.
2:30 PM
Q: What is the best way to get BBC America (Who and Top Gear) in the US?

user9170I've got FIOS and I'm on the ExtremeHD plan. PrimeHD, the next step down is $38 cheaper a month, and has all the channels I want, except BBCA. I could use Amazon and get episodes the next day, buy all 14 episodes of each show (Who & TG) for $3 and save $372/yr. So as I see it, currently, I'm spen...

2:46 PM
Q: Please identify the movie: Joker looking guy with a gang of boys, ends up in psychological treatement against Cynical activities

user10766Hero is leader of a gang that does lots of public destruction and gets psychological tretment no to do such activities.

Q: How does the dagger work in Prince of Persia

Tom LyndHow does the dagger work in Prince of Persia? If the holder goes to the past, to change things what becomes of that time/world/characters which passed that time, if it was illusion,then everything becomes illusions for everyone(Since the holder can be anyone) which is impossible,

2:58 PM
Q: how can I follow new episodes coming out?

MickeyI watch a lot of TV shows and I can't follow all of the new episodes coming out. Until now I used tvcountdown.com. I picked all the shows I watch and it generated a link in which I can see what episodes are coming soon and how much time is left until the episode airs. Sadly the site is closed now...

@MovieReel what next?
3:37 PM
@MovieReel Wut? Now if that isn't "unclear what you're asking" I don't know what else. But I guess I'll leave the responsibility of starting the close-votes and commenting to others for now (if any).
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5:28 PM
Q: Woman likes married man who kindly turns her down

Shiz Z.I'm trying to identify the source of this scene in a movie or TV show: this was a TV show or movie from the 1990s or 2000s a younger woman is attracted to an older, married man he might have been of some sort of Spanish-type descent, but I'm not sure they might have worked together, but I'm not...

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7:48 PM
Q: Movie where a little girl dies and becomes a robot

0x499602D2I saw this movie only once back in the very late 90s or very early 2000s (2000 - 2001), I can't really remember when since I was about 5 years old at the time. This is a movie in which the protagonist is a boy (I think he is about 8 or 9). Here are a few points I remember about the movie: The m...

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10:01 PM
Q: Looking for a 80's movie

user9178I wonder if someone could help me about a movie I been searching for. I do not remember the title, and I can just vaguely remeber what it was about, but maybe someone out there knows what I am talking about. The few things I can remeber is a guy with a bike who uses electricity to charge himselve...


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