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8:00 AM
go for it, make @DForck42 proud of you
ignore dizzle and walt
Well...Dizzle I can ignore. I have an altar dedicated to Walt at my house, so, I can't ignore him. Plus, he is skynet. I must not anger him ;)
Poor Dizzle always gets bullied indeed ;P
@steelersquirrel just don't tell him that you enjoyed it ;)
The moment that he takes back all of his "Patriots are the best" talk, I will stop bullying him :P
The only bullying that I ever do to Dizzle is the occasional "GET OUT" after a praise of the Patriots ;)
I can't bully him other than that. I like him too much and think that he is super funny and witty :)
I do poke him but he take it quite positively. He looks like a good friend material
8:05 AM
Hahaha! I know! That's why I love watching you guys go at it! ;)
You guys need to start charging admission :P
I'm sure Dizzle is still a kid ;)
@MAFIA36790 he is older then you :P
I know ;)
Dizzle is a home owner and a car owner now. He has graduated into responsible adulthood ;)
I must finish researching this little mermaid thing. I know zero about computer animation production system and it's purpose :(
8:33 AM
I wish I had younger brother like dizzle, so that I can tease him all day for his bad taste
@steelersquirrel and have gf too
I am sure I have seen her gf somehow
Well, he has had her since he was like 16 hasn't he?
You guys make gf/bf quite soon
Huh? I'm not Dizzle's gf ;)
Dizzle is super rich too.
@steelersquirrel :O
8:38 AM
Q: Identify the movie with Navy Destroyer attack with alien in Pacific Occean

IronmanIn this movie there are many navy destroyer in the water. When the earth people send signal to the space. The alien receive it and from respond there are came to earth. When There are coming there are broken into 5 part. In Which one Part go to Hong Kong and nearer country. and Other 4 part go to...

"you guys" as in americans? Isn't Dizzle British?
I conjure up an Englishman with a black coat, hat and a monocle.
@steelersquirrel You guys means foreigners ;)
@AnkitSharma Oh, haha! Well, I didn't have my first bf until I was 19!
Dizzle has arrived!!! Run for your lives!!!
Spider-Man Homecoming trailer is great.
8:44 AM
@MovieReel Is he not the guy that misspelled mafia?
@MAFIA36790 go take ur revenge
@MAFIA36790 I so wish that this was true :(
@steelersquirrel chill; he is not Skynet.
::silently closes the tab::
@steelersquirrel I still not have any :|
now we can bully him face to face
@AnkitSharma Awwww. Don't worry. We are nothing but trouble, anyways ;)
8:52 AM
sour grapes :D
I always thought that I was a late bloomer when it came to my first bf and stuff until I came in here ;)
9:16 AM
Anyway, has anyone actually seen the Spider-Man Homecoming trailer yet?
9:36 AM
Not yet
Seen that teaser only
There are two trailers out now, an American one and an International one. The American one is better, you should watch it.
9:55 AM
In office
Will watch tonight
10:48 AM
I'm giving up on inverted rainbows for the night. Time for sleep :)
@steelersquirrel good night; Let Savitar not terrorize you
@steelersquirrel :'(
@steelersquirrel good night
A: How was Flash able to reverse the colour of Reverse-Flash's costume?

yemiIm guessing barry altered the electro magnetic radiation that all colours give of,matched it to his colour choice and changed the colour scheme.

cc @ankit
Pure speculation and nonsense
@MAFIA36790 Who is this Savitar person?
@steelersquirrel He terrorizes squirrel in the dreams.
11:02 AM
@MAFIA36790 Oh, you mean Napoleon gotcha ;)
I just down voted an answer. I feel so guilty.
@steelersquirrel Why do you feel guilty? We must downvote bad contents in the site.
> Speedforce, ain't gotta explain sh$#
@MAFIA36790 I know. I just hate doing it. It was just so ridiculous.
The guy was just rambling on about how his hairdresser's son was bff's with Brandon Lee and a bunch of nonsense that had nothing to do with the question ;-(
11:28 AM
@MAFIA36790 Edited ;)
@steelersquirrel 1,663 total downvotes but still have no guilty feeling :p
@steelersquirrel villain from flash TV show
11:42 AM
@AnkitSharma I did on 249.
@AJ my DV ratio is almost 1/10
I voted on almost 900 questions and 444 answers.
5,511 question and 5,289 answer
You equally voted. ;)
Q: How there is a mark on the ground even before kill happened?

user44166Miss Peregrine going to kill the beast, but we can see there is body mark on the ground. Beast exactly lies on that mark after she killed it. How there is a mark on the ground even before kill happened?

11:55 AM
@AJ coincidentally
12:19 PM
Q: What were the advantages of having twin agents?

Adrian WraggIn the first series of Quantico, Nimah and Raina Amin are recruited by Miranda Shaw, following her belief that identical twins have built-in advantages over other agents. There are a few supposed demonstrations of what these advantages could be: They are able to convince people they are a sing...

Does anyone watch Quantico here?
@MovieReel Nice question
@MAFIA36790 I did but don't have an answer
Morning @john
@AnkitSharma BTW, I watched that episode; everyone were surprised when the twins were introduced.
12:43 PM
@MAFIA36790 I was not as I known it beforehand
1:13 PM
Will be going to watch LoT after 17 mins, @ankit.
I need 4-5 hours at-least
Q: Why is Moana character actually needed?

sharptoothIn Moana movie the plot is around main character (Moana) who is returning the heart to Te Fiti to... well, prevent world's end. Here's the order of events: long before the story Maui steals the heart and loses it and it falls into ocean water then when Moana is a child the ocean pushes the hear...

Because it's a Disney Princess movie not Adventure of Ocean ;) — Ankit Sharma ♦ 3 mins ago
1:24 PM
We need Dizzle!!
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