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I find it suspect that his mom felt Gollum was demonic, but apparently had no issues with the Uruk-hai, the Nazgul, or Sauron himself. She's really going to have a tough time with those ghost men under the mountain in Return of the King....
1:14 AM
Hey, @ChristianRau, remember when we were talking about a "de-remastered" version of Star Wars? It's only the first film, but some fans managed to make it happen. It's insane what they went through to get it done. youtube.com/watch?v=dHfLX_TMduY
I'm sure they've done the whole trilogy
or someone has, at least
Ah, found em: Empire and Jedi
1:50 AM
Q: Who is this actor/model? What is his name?

Maria Rusu Can someone please tell me who is this actor or model? Thank you very much.

2:22 AM
Q: I need to know the name of this movie

JimI watched this movie way back in 2004 or 2005 .Its like a fictional biography of a movie actress+comedy+tragedy. The plot goes like this. The movie is about an actress's life.It shows how she goes mentally sick as she climbs up in her popularity. An imaginary woman is always around her ,which h...

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7:23 AM
Yeah, I've heard of them before, but didn't bother to look further (since I didn't ever have too much fondness for this whole original-whining, maybe because I didn't ever seen the true originals but only the '97 versions). "Wah wah, give me back this other old guy that apears for 3 seconds as a ghost and whom I don't know either, meesa no likes Hayden Christensen!"
But to each his own, certainly an interesting fan project. They even have the original dubbing tracks. Maybe this way I can check if that strange dubbing effect in Bespin I always wonder about exists in the original, too.
Oh my, this sequel gap thing and its stupid example answers really start to cost reputation.
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8:38 AM
Q: Where does the "One of us! One of us!" chant originate?

billpgI've seen the chant "One of us! One of us!" parodied in both South Park and Big Bang Theory. Where does it come from? Is "Gibble Gobble Gibble Gobble" (added by South Park) part of the original chant?


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