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12:36 AM
@NapoleonWilson Are you still awake?
@steelerfan Yes, I told you I have to watch The Living Daylights.
@NapoleonWilson Well, I 'm sorry. I didn't know what time it was on. Anyways, I was just going to ask you to call me when you woke up in the morning. I have to leave work right now to go to the hospital.
Anyways, whatever. I gotta go.
@steelerfan Oh, I can totally do that! You'll be at work then?
@steelerfan Awww. :'(
1:32 AM
Q: Why Did Tim Burton Cut the Ballad from Sweeney Todd?

ghostdogSo, I've been thinking a lot about Tim Burton's movie adaptation of Stephen Sondheim's stage musical, Sweeney Todd. (Or, rather, I was recently reminded of a question that I had when it first came out, and that was never quite answered to my satisfaction.) So... I was always disappointed that th...

1:43 AM
Q: In The Flash Season 3 Will Barry or Wally get a suit ring?

Slater8rIn Season 1 The Reverse-Flash has a ring that, when he opens it, his suit comes out and he can just jump in an zoom away. Do you believe that in season 3 or soon to be episodes they will be giving Barry or Wally a ring?

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2:50 AM
@NapoleonWilson Yep. I will be at work.
3:20 AM
Q: T.V. True Crime Help With Episode

megaidolIts a true crime show about a 2 older brothers and one is on the run while the other is helping him hide out on a boat . The one brother(suspect) comes in occasionally to get supplies from brother. Well they finally get him and while the suspect is locked up awaiting trial he tries to higher a hi...

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4:55 AM
Q: Man capturing creature right before death

KathleenNeed help identifying an old black & white horror move. A man finds a way to live forever by capturing a creature right before almost killing himself. He tries to do the same for his daughter, but an accident happens & she ends up be-headed.

5:35 AM
Q: Does Reilly have any autonomy or do Joy, Sadness, etc. control everything?

ThunderforgeIn Pixar's Inside Out, Reilly has personified emotions: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear. They all seem to have some control over her actions, and we see throughout the movie that they give her ideas or trigger certain emotional states (but don't seem to decide the specific words she says)....

5:49 AM
Q: movie about a priest trying to canonise a woman

Babsmovie is mostly about a priest having relationship troubloe with a woman while he tries to have her mother canonised by the church for some healing miracle she performed back in WW2 on a german soldier he dumps his girl to dedicate himself more to the church, then finds out another priest was a ...

6:18 AM
A Poll
What did make that Charlie Chaplin question got so much attention? Is it because he is the great actor?
6:31 AM
Q: Why was Bing Bong collecting memories?

ThunderforgeIn Bing Bong's first appearance, he is seen taking memories straight off the long term memory shelf. Later, his bag has dozens if not a few hundred memories in it. Why was Bing Bong collecting these memories?

6:46 AM
@PaleBlueDot You must be near to archaeologist badge.
@AJ It's still in the HNQ; that's weird, though.
7:03 AM
@AJ haha. Not really tracking it. Just going maniac on adding relevant tags for better cataloging.
@PaleBlueDot I was once like you. I edited a lot of post while reviewing First Posts and Late Answers queue on SO.
While visiting any post, if I see it needs improvement, I edited it.
7:31 AM
@AJ not anymore? ;)
@PaleBlueDot Well, then I found this website and Puzzling, so spent more time on them than SO. ;)
@AJ awesome.
@AJ I am always amazed to see how SE has grown from just SO to all its sister sites. Who are maintaining the quality just like SO
@PaleBlueDot Well mods and users of course
7:50 AM
@PaleBlueDot Though other websites do not need that much maintenance as SO.
@AJ of course not. SO is monstrous. It needs that level of maintenance
8:04 AM
@PaleBlueDot What is the time there?
8:21 AM
@steelerfan in a TV show, they use distracting method rather then treating
@AnkitSharma Good. I thought that you personally knew someone with PTSD.
I think it's rare in here
Never heard about any real patients
@steelerfan so is distracting a good method for PTSD?
That terminology question didn't get much attention.
@AnkitSharma I don't really know what distracting method is. My husband had it, my brother in law has it, just because they were both in combat situations in the military. It was treated with medication and counseling. It's common in veterans.
@AJ yeah :'(
@steelerfan by distracting I mean to not give them any free time
On the other side wifi is down today
8:31 AM
@AnkitSharma Interesting. I would think that it would drive a person crazy, but, I guess it would work for some people.
It was used in a show on a PTSD similar condition for a vampire
And it worked
@AnkitSharma It is still in HNQ. But not that much attention.
8:53 AM
Q: which scenes: almost peace, but the bad guy just says one more thing then it's war

comptonSo I'm looking for scenes where: 1 - there's a stand-off or tense situation 2 - there's some talk, and maybe they will fight, but then it looks like the tension is resolved 3 - the hero or protagonist is on his way out the door 4 - but then the bad guy says one more thing which the hero can't...

9:11 AM
I must say that it is very weird to see the front page filled with black instead of orange ;)
Q: Please identify the movie depicted in the attached picture:

Philippine Kid I saw a tweet on twitter last july and it contains the person's favorite film scenes. I was able to save the picture he uploaded but I did not record the title. I tried tracking and tracing the tweet but I was not able to do it; the tweet might have been deleted already. So attached here is the...

9:57 AM
What how @steelerfan
@AnkitSharma Huh?
Front page is black
U said that
I just didn't got u
I was just referring to PaleBlueDot making all of those edits ;)
@AnkitSharma didn't got
@steelerfan ohhh
wow wifi back
10:03 AM
Time to put my face in some edits then ;p
News update: Sequel question is out of HNQ lit but Charlie Chaplin still intact
Now u need 14 more upvote to get that badge @AJ
10:20 AM
@AnkitSharma Seems so
There are only 10 great answers including yours.
I only have one answer with 100+ votes and it took ages to reach there
@AJ Yeah we need more, we have few but got less love
Is there any link listing top answers?
For a post to remain in HNQ, it needs to be active in any way, like edits, comments, new answers etc.
Mostly good time is evening and morning.
10:40 AM
^ use this query
Ohhh mine is at 4th now
OMG Top one is very detailed one.
And surpassed the accepted one by 102 votes.
For Binocular, mine has 4 votes and is pretty more detailed than accepted one.
@AnkitSharma You've got good score in film-techniques tag, but need more answers.
I know
It's my fav tag
Did you watch wrong turn 3?
11:10 AM
I think yes
I remember nothing much
I have no idea of that film
seems invalid but not sure
Let @NapoleonWilson come and handle this.
Q: What's the name of the movie where girl trial is for rape

Prity SubramanyamI don't remember the name of the movie but the girl is easy to sleep around and one of popular boys goes on date with her and they get intimate and in between she says no but the guy rapes her. Then follows a trial where the case is really looking bad as the girl had many relationships. But there...

@AJ Man, it's fun to explore the data explorer. It's really easy and handy too.
11:19 AM
Yes it is.
@MAFIA36790 This was really a good step by SE.
@MovieReel awkward title
12:04 PM
Q: Looking for a movie

Isak Døsen ØvstedalI'll put up all information i have about it. It was shown on tv1000film and other viasat channels. If i remember correctly it starts with a house/boat beeing rushed by Swat/fbi/police looking for "diamonds"?. Other scenes i remember is the main character at a party mingling, then him and his d...

@MovieReel Yeh; that's why the identify-this-movie ;( People have really become dull to concoct a good informative title T__T
Q: Why Captain Léon changing spoon positions of Jane Clayton's plate after she left her?

user41543In The Legend of Tarzan, Why Captain Léon changing spoon positions of Jane Porter Clayton's plate after she left her ?

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1:38 PM
Q: What medieval(?) movie features a scene in a wooden multilevelled marketplace/naval office/stock market or similar?

Nikolaj LandrockRelease and country: I would say American and the release must have been somewhere in the 90s - my best bet is 96-98 at some point. Might be later. Reason I am so interested in this movie, is because it gave me a really cozy-adventurous fairytale feel - it's hard to describe, but it's the kind of...

2:09 PM
Q: Did "Riley" Helped robbers to Robe Connors House?

RANSARA009In Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles season 2 Episode 7 "Brothers of Nablus" Connors find they have been robbed (endig of the episode we can see its 4 guys), they took their Money Credit cards, diamonds, Id's & even food. when Sara asking from john whats happened to the security system he p...


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