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12:04 AM
add another reason to ban id questions: too much of teh dramaz.
Considering that you edited his question as best as anyone could, I'm not really sure what he's expecting us to do.
the fact that his terrible question got a good answer is unfortunately making it harder to make the point.
and answer which, I will note, only barely sortof resembled his question
@KutuluMike Yeah. Though, to be honest, The Mummy was my first thought when I read the question title...
yeah, me too, but then his question talked me out of it.
I think that it was a comment first?
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2:14 AM
Q: What's with the bat branding?

Johnny BonesWhy do the prisoners attack the guy with the bat brand? I'd think many of them are in there because of Batman. Why would a person branded by Batman be especially in danger?

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6:13 AM
Q: Did the dragons fly along wtih Daenarys' fleet?

imu96Pertaining to the last episode of season 6: If they flew along with Daenarys' fleet, then how were they able to fly for so long without eating or resting (since there is nowhere to rest and the only thing to eat would have maybe been a few fish)? Even if they stopped somewhere later on the journ...

6:28 AM
where did this bounty gone.
Why Napoleon didn't got it
> and I've noticed this in the Sci-fi section as well)
What happened with him over SFF
@Catija Nothing more to say +1

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