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2:54 AM
First image of Jared Leto as The Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad film: i.imgur.com/mX4UIFr.jpg
3:49 AM
Q: Who does Justice Ashland represent in the West Wing?

hawkeyeIt is said that the West Wing responds to some of the issues that came up in the Clinton and Bush Presidencies. In particular, the MS represents Clinton's Lewinsky Scandal, and the episode Isaac and Ishmael episode was a response to the 911 tragedy. We see that Justice Ashland was furtively wri...

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5:15 AM
Q: Why Heath Ledger went to restaurant in Batman

BaTmaNAny one observe this ? Its interesting to see Heath ledger in restaurant ..

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7:33 AM
Q: A scary movie or short? (Might be twilightzone or a short story scary thing)

michelleA little girl goes to stay with her businessman dad. She is taken into the room she'll be staying in. He leaves her in there and she finds a little door across from her bed. She finds some boxes in there and takes them out and is going to OPEN one when her dad calls for her. She shoves it under t...

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10:38 AM
Fun fact: The first 7 seasons of 'The Simpsons' were about vampire analogies (and the 8th was about dissecting bodies with the lights out):
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12:03 PM
Q: Topic Challenge: The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Napoleon WilsonThis and the next week see the broad release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, the newest movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), particularly their flagship movie putting together most of the characters from their various sub-series. This might be the right time to delve into all those various c...

12:29 PM
@MovieReel we had this question before
12:40 PM
@AnkitSharma Ha, I told ya. I'm pretty sure I had seen that screenshot before.
12:56 PM
I have seen it more then 10 time on facebook
But we had a question about it here too
Maybe deleted
1:19 PM
Q: Why didn't he get the power of it?

Ankit SharmaIn Avengers: Age of Ultron, In comics, whoever holds the Mjolnir, get the power of Thor too. So why does it never happened in movie?

Q: prison break need s season 5

lauraI just started watching this about 3 wks ago on Netflix I'm on season 4 episode 10 but there need s to be a season 5 what was the point in the show if it don't carry on it suck we need more burrows and Michael pls make a season 5 even if it's 10 episodes it need s a good ending

1:38 PM
Q: Make the Ignore theme more suitable for spoilers

Crow T RobotWhen I spot a tag about a movie / show I plan to watch, I ignore it to help hide the spoilers, unfortunately the only slight reduction in colour doesn't really help and I inadvertently find myself reading the first few words of the question before my brain catches on and I skip down. As spoilers...

Q: A murderer traps three adults in a cash machine room

georgechalhoubI have seen this movie two years (or one year ago) on osn. Having it be on osn, it means it isn't old (2010-2014), it has good production, and is American. Start: There was some party related to people working for a company, and one guy who liked a girl but never told her that he did; so he deci...

Q: Why and how Valentine ( Kristen Stewart ) disappeared ?

AtanuCSEClouds of Sils Maria Spoiler ahead: The story is about Maria Enders, she is now middle aged and a director wants to revived her character that she did 20 years ago. This time director wants to cast Maria as another character in the new version. Clouds of Sils Maria is about Maria's fighting to ...

@AnkitSharma ... Sorry, I didn't just want to edit the "roaster" not exactly knowing if that was what you meant.
@MovieReel enough spoiler question for now. Will come with more later.
@Paulster2 hehhehehe....thanx for the edits and suggestion
Looks like i am still half slept while typing :D
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3:58 PM
Ugh, I really hate that Marvel keeps releasing their films in Europe and other territories ahead of the US by several weeks. Nearly spoiled part of Age of Ultron for me, but now I know about something that happens at the end.
4:52 PM
Q: Did Hugo Weaving Copy Carl Sagan to play Agent Smith?

Paulster2I happened to be watching an episode of the 80's show Cosmos which was hosted by Carl Sagan. Sitting and listening to his voice, I was puzzled, thinking "Who's voice does this sound like?". I came to the conclusion he sounded just like Agent Smith from The Matrix. My question is, Did Hugo Weavin...

5:11 PM
@MattD So one of those guys who let a single word spoil the entire movie? Gotta love this one then. ;-) (Though, it's really just one week, you can't be ahead of the world in everything).
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6:45 PM
Q: B&W 1950s scifi movie, energy force in a vault escapes

KlaatuAn energy force type of monster is imprisoned in a concrete or metal vault. We never actually see what it is, it’s just a very bright light. It’s kept alive (or restrained) by electricity. Something happens to release the monster and it feeds on all the electric power it can get. To destroy th...

7:22 PM
Takes a deep breath,
exhales his judgement.
Why’d they kill his dog?
John Wick.
@Catija Ha, didn't even think about this (and I already wondered where I'd seen that dog killing thing recently, too). But no, the breath taking and exhaling part is not so prominent there, I think.
@NapoleonWilson True.
What the? When did they change the headings in the Community Bulletin to not all caps? I hope they didn't listen to this thing.
Q: Uncap the mini-headers in the sidebar

nicaelSimilar to the already completed request to uncap the usernames. Please do the same with mini headers in the sidebar, but the first letter should remain capital, of course (as done on other sites, e.g. Stack Overflow). And all the others: "Related" (instead of "RELATED"), "Linked" (instea...

Seems another unique design feature is gone. ;-(
Next they'll tell me T-shirts were cancelled.
7:39 PM
Ugh... when did that happen... meh.
Not meh, mehta!
So go complain to someone about it. :P
@Catija I did already. (Obviously my Saturday evening is rather boring. ;-))
I'm not a someone who can do anything about it :P
Hey, I'm baking a cake... and it at least has pretensions of being German, though it's not, actually.
It's called a Blitz torte.
And what's it made of, lightnings?
7:50 PM
Well, no. I'm not sure why it's called that.
Is it at least fast to make?
It's a two-part batter, half cake, half meringue, made into two layers, with a whipped cream and berry layer between the two cake layers...
I guess compared to normal cakes it's faster... but it's a lot of steps, so I'd have to argue it's pretty complicated.
Q: Why was the design of the sub-headers in the Community Bulletin changed?

Napoleon WilsonI recently noticed that the design of the sub-headers in the Community Bulletin has been changed to not use all caps anymore and I wonder why this has been done. Seeing that a request for this has been declined by the community for various reasons, as described in this answer, and that it seem...

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