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@Catija Noone did so. It entered the queue and got closed from it. I genuinely don't know why you didn't see it.
@Catija I only see 1 so far, though
@MattD Yeah, I agree!! That's very cool, though, for your wife :)
@NapoleonWilson It wasn't in the queue... if Walt voted to close it right when the question got asked (as I imagine he did)... then it didn't stay in the queue...
Oh, you mean it might, sorry
Even if you saw it in the queue @NapoleonWilson it somehow got added back today... because you closed it today.
5:02 PM
@Catija Huh? We're talking about the '80s VHS thing from meta, right? That was in the queue and got closed from it. I checked.
:27501478... But Walt says he voted to close it a while ago... not today.
@Catija It might just have stayed in the queue for a long time. I don't always immediately act on everything I see either.
Perhaps when it got edited this morning, someone else voted to close and it got added to the queue... but it wasn't there. I clear the queues as I see them every other day or so. I never saw this question.
@Catija Sure, and it was in the queue all that time, I guess. Don't forget that Walt only has single-vote duplicate powers for ID, not general close powers.
Q: Mafia movie with rape scene at beginning of film

HarisThis is a really well known mafia movie, similar Goodfellas or Once Upon a Time in America. At the beginning of the film, some guys enter someone's house and when leaving one of them rapes a woman, who seems to enjoy it.

5:04 PM
@Catija How do you know that?
@NapoleonWilson I asked him about 10 minutes ago.
@Catija Oh, God. Is there a new way of "hooking up" now?
9 mins ago, by Walt
@Catija A while back, I think. Certainly not today.
@Catija Um, I'm only saying that because I'm sure Walt has no problem with that. But it was about 16 hours ago.
Then it went into the queue and some other people voted for it, including a moderator.
So, somehow it flew under the radar for nearly a month with no one voting to close it? That's also very unusual for us.
5:06 PM
I think it reappeared in active because someone (Andrew?) edited it and then cde rolled it back or something
@Catija Possibly. Happens.
Meh. Anyway, moving on.
@MovieReel ...Aaaand another one bites the dust (which might sound like I enjoy closing stuff, which I don't). ;-(
Gotta love those "classic mafia films where a woman enjoys being raped"... they're magic.
Well, in fact it sounds pretty much exactly like Once Upon a Time in America.
5:11 PM
.... which he said it wasn't?
@Catija OMG!! What movie is that?
@steelerfan The one described in that recent ID question.
Q: Mafia movie with rape scene at beginning of film

HarisThis is a really well known mafia movie, similar Goodfellas or Once Upon a Time in America. At the beginning of the film, some guys enter someone's house and when leaving one of them rapes a woman, who seems to enjoy it.

@steelerfan ;-)
@Catija Oh, HA HA! Sorry!
5:13 PM
@steelerfan Well, as said, Once Upon a Time in America would be one of them.
@NapoleonWilson And the woman enjoys being raped in that film?
@Catija On of them does. Another one doesn't.
@NapoleonWilson I don't know. I don't watch movies with rape scenes.
@Catija Ah, I solved it
@Catija: I edited the question, but that is what he said.
5:15 PM
@steelerfan It's not too seriously staged, though. And it's a generally excellent film, especially for lovers of classic gangster stuff. But sure, it certainly doesn't excel in feminism, but well, 20s/30s and such.
@NapoleonWilson But the film didn't come out in the 20s/30s... it came out in the 80s.
@NapoleonWilson Oh, I don't care about feminism, I just can't handle watching it.
The solution is, as always, that I'm an idiot. I did vote to close it 16 hours ago, and totally forgot about it. In my defense, these are all starting to blur together.
@Catija Sure, still I don't think it hurts the film. Don't get me wrong, the film isn't making a statement for it being ok.
@Walt Awww, it's ok :D You're not an idiot.
5:19 PM
@Catija Oh, you have no idea.
@Walt Seinfeld doesn't exist in my world. Sorry.
@Walt HAHA!! Hilarious!!
@Walt: We have had two ident questions posted today that were identical re-posts of questions from two days ago... so it does all blend together.
@Catija That poor world!
@Walt It's a magical world, actually. I made it myself. And it's not limited to the show Seinfeld... it's the entire guy.
5:21 PM
@Catija For some interesting insight into the film's approach to its characters' treatment of women you can also take a look into this answer (or also its co-answers for that matter).
@Catija Yeah, he hasn't done much since
@AndrewMartin Yeah, and I think I wrote the same comment on both. :/
@steelerfan By the way, my smiley message was in response to an entirely different chat message and not the rape discussion it was inadvertently chronologically posted as part of. I felt I should make that clear.
@NapoleonWilson Oh, no worries! I understood! Well, I wouldn't think that you were smiling about someone being raped, silly :) Well, unless..... resists inappropriate comment
I was going to leave a comment on the rape issue, and thought it was better to just close. It's a rather controversial way to phrase a question to begin with, so the fact it lacked any other discernible detail is probably a good thing.
Considering watching Alien today because what do you mean why?! (And I haven't seen it in a while, really)
5:30 PM
@Walt: I saw the question earlier on the Mothman Prophecies. I haven't seen that in about a decade and I remembered liking it as a child, so am watching it right now!
I'll give you a hint... it's not as good as Alien
@Walt Nice!! Always a good choice!!
@AndrewMartin I could've guessed that ;)
@Walt: It's shocking I know, but it's the truth :D
@AndrewMartin And you're chatting simultaneously? Give us a play by play
@Walt: Kline has just gotten a message, but it WASN'T HIM. The other guy would swear in a court of law it was him, but it's not.
@Walt: He slammed a door and there was a reflection. SPOOKY.
5:32 PM
When's that bridge thing
@Walt: He's looking moody. Kinda like Mulder, but not quite.
@Walt: Coming up.
@Walt Yeah, speaking of rape...
@Walt: We've just seen a glimpse of someone who looks like his dead wife. Eery music starting, so it must be her.
@Walt: Laura Linney is freaking out over it.
@AndrewMartin Well, it might not be as good as Alien, but I really like The Mothman Prophecies.
@Walt: There's a wailing sound and he's not outside trying to look like Mulder again.
@NapoleonWilson: Me too. It's utter nonsense, but I do enjoy it.
5:34 PM
OMG!! Seriously ROFL RIGHT NOW @AndrewMartin!!!! HAHA!!
@Walt: The wife says "tell John I'm sorry for ruining everything".
@Walt; This is DEEP STUFF.
Even if I'm not sure how to answer that question other than "it's supernatural stuff and all that".
@Walt: LauraLinney doesn't want to confirm it's his wife, but IT IS.
@steelerfan :)
@NapoleonWilson: That's why I'm watching it now. It's based on the book, but NONE of this is in the book. He's not even married in the book.
@AndrewMartin If he's not rambling about tulpas, it ain't him
@Walt. DON'T YOU DO THIS TO ME. That's what he just said. He sounds v ery serious.
@Walt: A phone is ringing and there's eery music, so it must be freaky stuff coming up.
@Walt. STATIC. Lots of static.
@Walt: He's listening to a tape recorded, sitting on the floor between two beds in a motel because atmosphere.
5:35 PM
@AndrewMartin Probably a cat leaping out of a kitchen cupboard
@Walt: Perfectly good desk and chair. Not sure why he's not using it. Eejiy.
HAHA!! OMG!! Tears streaming down my face right now!!!
I never know what they're doing there in the first place
@Walt: He didn't like what he heard so he just hammered the recorder into the floor. Apparently that will fix everything.
@Walt: He's driving fast and blinking a lot, so things are getting real.
@Walt: We're being shown white lines going quickly by on the road, to emphasise JUST HOW FAST AND SERIOUS THIS IS.
@Walt: He's gone to a clever physicist who can apparently explain everything. He started hearing voices. His explanation is that we can't see electricity and air, but they're there, so this Mothman is true.
Meh, seriously, I think it's a really good and atmospheric film. I wouldn't even call it nonsense or ridicule it in a so-bad-it's-good sense, since I genuinely consider it a very good film. But to each his own, of course.
5:37 PM
@Walt: I can see a few flaws with that argument, but whatevs.
JESUS CHRIST!! Frigging hilarious!!! OMG!!!
@NapoleonWilson: No I like it. But the background to it isn't great.
@Walt: He's now speaking in a whisper despite the fact they're in a big room together alone with no one who can hear them. SPEAK UP MAN.
What about the man, though? The one who prophecies? About moth-related issues? [Yeah, I barely remember anything about this film. So thanks for all of this ;)]
@Walt: He was put in a psychiatric hospital, which apparently means we should believe him more. Apparently, some issues here but we'll ignore them for now...
@Walt: He turned away years ago and never looked back, apparently. His eyes look dark and his beard menacing.
I now believe that @AndrewMartin is a product of Richard and Wad ;)
5:39 PM
@Walt: More fast car scenes.
@AndrewMartin I never trusted Beardo
@NapoleonWilson: I forgot how much I enjoyed this
@Walt: Very suspicious.
@Walt: He's looking at his wife and appearing all pensive.
@Walt: The photo of her that is.
@Walt: It just zoomed in on her eye in the photo, then we saw the Mothman, then we saw nothing, then it's another scene. Freaky biscuits.
@Walt: Phone is ringing (despite the fact he smashed it in). He slept on the floor because atmosphere.
Seriously, if there are no bugs I'm going to be seriously PO'd. Aren't there giant insects? That can shapeshift or something?
...Wait, that's Mimic. :/
@Walt: He's answered the phone. He's dropping something. There's a tour. He's panicking.
@Walt: JUST THE MOTHMAN. Giant Mothman. Who is called Indrid Cole.
@Walt: He dropped the phone without saying goodbye because atmosphere.
@Walt: Again, he#'s doing all his work on the floor USE THE DESK MAN
@Walt: There'll be a great tragedy on the River Ohio, according to the voice recorder voice.
@Walt: He's telling Laura Linney. He's panicked. Laura isn't impressed.
@Walt: There'll be a great tragedy on the river, so he's panicked. The governor is visiting today so he's scared.
@AndrewMartin Jeepers Creepers
5:42 PM
@Walt: Although if the governor died, given the state of American politics, maybe that's not a bad thing.
@Walt: He's now pinning Linney against the wall in a slightly aggressive, desperate, ever-so-slightly-sexual way.
@Walt: As he tells her something terrible will happen he's playing with her hair. That's kinda... an unusual choice, but whatevs.
@Walt: He's grabbed her aggressively again. She's slipped away from him and told him to leave.
@AndrewMartin Thanks for all the Walts, BTW, people think I'm molesting a metronome. <turning volume down>
@Walt: :)
More driving scenes.
Eery sounds. A plane. A restaurant. A jazz bar. He's drinking. He looks stoic. A plane has arrived.
We see a flashback. He told governor to cancel tour. He looks panicked. He looks like a madman. This is all very heavy.
Wait, aren't moths blind though? What a lame monster!
They're not blind according to Google which knows all.
We've just seen the plant tour. It was good, it was fine. No trouble. All is well.
John looks confused. Mouths "son of a b*tch".
He has a message. This must be serious.
It's in an envelope and there was a noise when he was given it, so it's clearly eery.
His wife will call. Georgetown. Friday. Noon.
@Walt OMG!!! LOL!!!
5:47 PM
@AndrewMartin But they are according to Karl Pilkington, which trumps it
He's going back to Washington to see her. He has to go. His expression looks the same as when he was beating in phone recorder and happy with wife at start of film (since he only has one expression).
He's in his room. There's music. He's thinking of her. Poor bloke.
Just lots of eery music and no dialogue. Tension is rising.
It's five to twelve. She's calling soon.
False alarm. It's Laura Linney.
You know, a quick copy&paste into a word processor and you can sell this as a novelization
She booked him a flight to get to Ohio. She wants him there for Christmas so he's not alone. Apparently it's Christmas Eve (I missed that part).
@Walt: My thoughts exactly. I could be a rich man.
Linney is giving him some counselling. Telling him to ignore the message. He looks sad. He's crying. He misses his wife. I'd give him a hug. He looks broken.
Oscar material on display here. He's pouring his heart out.
He must have tweezers.
He's still crying. This is quite drawn out.
He hangs up
The phone is ringing. Is it his wife? The clock is chiming for noon to tell us YES.
He's edging towards it. What will he do? WHAT WILL HE DO?
He's standing over it. The music is thumping. This is so intense.
He's crying. He pulls it out of the wall and throws it across the room. He looks relieved.
IT'S RINGING AGAIN. It's out of the wall! HOW?! We don't know. But it's doing it. He walks out the front door. As soon as the door shuts, the phone dies.
We see a zoom out of her picture on the floor. The mothman seems to fade away. Is she gone forever? Was she ever there?
I'm so deep in this I can't even see any of you any more.
He's driven back to Point Pleasant. There's a traffic jam. Lots of beeping.
The cars are jammed over...
Over... A BRIDGE. Yup it's the bridge scene.
Linney is here too.
@AndrewMartin Oh, I baked myself a pie while you were at it
Further up though. John gets out of car and walks to another person to ask what's what. Something with the traffic lights. Not sure what. Linney is investigating too.
Everyone else is just beeping their horn, as if that's helping when there's a tailback miles long.
John looks worried again. TRAGEDY on the River Ohio. THE BRIDGE. JOHN REALISES.
TRAGEDY IS ABOUT TO STRIKE. He realises. Oh my god he mouths. He starts to run. He's really running.
Linney is confused. The bridge... the bolts are falling apart. No one realises.
NOW they do. There's noise. There's panic. Linney is standing there wondering what's what. John is yelling get off the bridge (in a surprisingly quiet voice).
Not sure why he's not screaming.
5:57 PM
@NapoleonWilson Guess who is finally watching Spectre tonight?
The bridge bolts are coming off. A boy just got killed. The big scene is here. Lights are flickering. Death approaches.
@steelerfan: About time!
Linney knows what's what. She's screaming too. The bridge is ripping apart. No one seems to be moving. Apart from Linney and John. Everyone else is pretty damn slow to react.
@AndrewMartin I know!! It just came on pay per view :)
There's a bloke STILL IN HIS CAR. WHY?!
The whole bridge is collapsing! How did he not notice! Big chunks of iron are falling down.
People are so scared. STILL people are in their cars though. Not sure why. Only Linney and John seem to care about helping people.
The bridge is gone! It's collapsed! The cars and people are falling!
@AndrewMartin [Trivia: in the director's cut, the bolts come off the boy and the bridge is killed]
It's collapsing pretty slowly, but rest assured - it IS happening.
@Walt: Heavy stuff.
The music is terrifying. John can only watch. It's so tragic.
Lots of light and noise and flashing stuff and this is it THE CLIMAX.
Now it's silent. The action continues. But everything is a haze. John stands on the b ridge and looks down. He can see Linney's car. She's sliding into the water down the last of the bridge. This is like her nightware she told him about ages ago before I started my write up.
He jumps in to see her. Not a dive, but just a nice jump. No belly flop, so good stuff.
6:02 PM
@AndrewMartin And Mothman turns out to be just an insurance salesman from Boise with an unfortunate surname
He's swimming down through the water after her, fairly speedily too. He seems to be going quite far down in one breath. I can't hold mine that long. Impressive.
He's trying to get her out. STILL one breath. Good good. Now he can breath in an air bubble in her car. He doesn't even gulp. Sounds fine. Flippin' Olympian over here.
@Walt: Poor Indrid. I once bought a book because the main character was called Andrew Martin. True story.
They're not on the rive. Presents are everywhere and they're wrapped.
@steelerfan Yay! \o/ (How come?)
If people hadn't brought them home yet, why where they all wrapped up?! Does everything get giftwrapped in the same paper. Bizarre. I wrap my presents at home. That broke the fantasy for me.
@AndrewMartin So apparently I am watching a lesser movie than Alien today, just vicariously
Now we see rescue squads. Cars being lifted. He rescued Linney by the way.
@Walt: But you're enjoying it more
@Walt: I can do Alien after if you prefer.
We're seeing the rescue attempts. He's alive. She's alive. They've blankets around them. They're walking towards each other.
6:05 PM
@AndrewMartin I'd do it, but I don't type as fast. Certainly not with digits covered in Cheeto dust
Still here
Did you guys see the new OK GO video: rollingstone.com/music/news/…
Had to edit an ident questions.
Q: Help I want to figure out what this movie is?

Tracey CavenderI don't know any names, year etc. The movie is about 3 college friends that have graduated. They are kidnapped by a nerd that they picked on and bullied in college and he is out for revenge. I remember a few scenes like one girl is babysitting for a family member and one room is full of clown...

6:06 PM
Their videos are always awesome but this one is insane.
They're hugging. Music is playing. We've kinda stopped thinking about the Mothman at this point.
@AndrewMartin Nah, I'm not getting the full picture yet. Rewind to the beginning and start over
That's a wrap. Credits.
@Walt NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This has been story time, brought to you by Andrew Martin.
@Catija: :D
I'm done! Need a break from typing!!
6:09 PM
@AndrewMartin Yeah, they're probably reduced to stumps. And for The Mothman Prophecies, no less. :/ Well done, anyway, it was... an achievement of some kind, I'm sure
Usually the vomit comet only gives about 90 seconds of weightlessness at a time, so I don't think they're on the vomit comet.
Thank you.
I'll do it another time.
Maybe for Ben Hur, or an extended version of LotR
But for now, here's an exhaustive recap of Who's Your Caddy. <flexing fingers>
This sucks, verily. <turning it off>
@AndrewMartin Oh, definitely have a rest, you've earned it :) I'm off too, to eat that pie
6:14 PM
What type of pie?
Cherry ala Twin Peaks?
@AndrewMartin Leftover pie. So rhubarb, pimentos and pizza crusts
@NapoleonWilson It just came on pay per view!! Ron Burgundy and I are going to watch!!
How interesting
@steelerfan Cool, I actually wanna rewatch it, too.
@NapoleonWilson Really? Do you want to watch it together?
6:17 PM
Everyone go watch Alien too, to cleanse your palate :P
@steelerfan I'm totally stoked for seeing what you think about it (and how many references to previous films you recognize).
@steelerfan Oh, not necessarily, that doesn't really work so well remotely, I think. And I don't know where to get it from anyway. Just enjoy it!
Now I really need to go to Japan... Three years, though... ugh.
@NapoleonWilson Fine :'(
@steelerfan Oh, I'm sorry. If I can find it we can do that, though. It's not as if it's a totally bad idea.
@NapoleonWilson Yeah, I am excited too. I love James bond!!!
@NapoleonWilson Really, it's fine. I have no idea what time I will be home tonight, anyways. I'm sure that you will be in bed :)
6:23 PM
@steelerfan I don't know where to get it anyway. It's not out on DVD yet, so all the "inofficial" sources on the internet still have totally awful quality.
@steelerfan But enjoy it and tell me afterwards how you like it.
@NapoleonWilson Of course I will, silly! You're the first person that I will tell :)
On the bright side you have Mr. Burgundy to warm your lap as company.
resists another inappropriate comment
I don't know if my father in law will be home or not to watch with me. We'll see when I get home!!
@steelerfan Didn't you initially want to watch it with him anyway, if I remember correctly?
For the full Spectre reunion you could also invite that friend of your brother-in-law's you went to watch it with, too. ;-)
@NapoleonWilson YES!! He was swimming in Jack Daniels that night!! I don't know where he is, I woke up this morning and he is not here. He usually leaves me a note. I tried calling him on his cell, but he's not answering. So, I don't know if he will watch it with me or not.
@NapoleonWilson OMG!!! HELL NO!!!
6:32 PM
Q: 75th Hunger Games Predetermined

StevenWas the 75th Hunger Games predetermined to send the victors back in, or was it changed by President Snow when he needed a way to get rid of Katniss? The Quarter Quells are the only Games that are different. This is convenient since the President needs one.

@RobertF Greetings :)
@RobertF Greetings!
@NapoleonWilson I honestly don't know how my brother in law is so awesome, yet all of his friends are complete jerks. Well, aside from my husband. But, God!!
@steelerfan So your husband did know him before?
6:45 PM
Question: Does this qualify as a new movie trope? Frequently in movies featuring a high powered official, business executive, or lawyer, said character is seen marching through his office while trailed by a crowd of underlings. Examples: Robin William's character in Hook, Mr. Kurtzmann in Brazil. There must be plenty more.
@MovieReel Catija with the win on that one. :P
I've never seen any of my bosses do this, or any executives in the companies where I've worked. But it's a clever way of showing the audience who's in charge. Maybe more common in movies from the 80s/90s?
@NapoleonWilson Yes, they were best friends. I actually spoke to my husband for 6-7 months on the phone before I met him IRL. My brother in law set it up. I guess that's why he seems to think it will work again. I just told him to stop. No more!!
@steelerfan Oh, which also might explain why you find your sister's story so interesting.
Q: Condom wrapper as cheating evidence

namelessPlease try to help me find this, because i really want to watch it. It was a movie with a sex scene like this: After a make out session, the woman asks ''will we ever fall to bed?''. After the sex, she stings him, because, as she says ''sex hurts''. At another scene, he suspects she might be chea...

6:50 PM
@RobertF Sure, maybe.
@NapoleonWilson Yeah, sure, I guess. I'm not about to write about it, though ;)
Damnit, @AndrewMartin Stop answering my questions :P
@Catija: Stop answering my questions.
@Catija: Your answer is good :)
@MovieReel Pretty sure that's in a lot of movies.
6:56 PM
@AndrewMartin @AndrewMartin Upvote both of you. So irs win-win always with u guys.
@MovieReel grrrr.....
@AndrewMartin I just wish I knew where the wikia gets all of the info... I've certainly never seen it in the films or books, that I remember. I guess there's probably extra info out there somewhere about the mechanics of the Games but I wish that they cited their sources.
Can we just say that it's twice as awesome when @Catija and @AndrewMartin answer the same question!! :))
@Catija: That's why I've tried to move away from citing from them.
@Catija: I asked a question on the Sci Fi stack yesterday, about Snow's age, because it's quoted as being 75 and NO WHERE does it reference it.
@Catija: We think the answer was that Donald Sutherland was 75 when cast as Snow, and somebody just entered it as Snow's actual age - not really how it's meant to work!
@Catija: The books are pretty detailed. I love finding books online in pdf form, because then you can search through them and find key phrases fairly quickly.
@AndrewMartin Yeah. It's annoying.
@AndrewMartin I have them all on my Kindle app, which was how I knew the earlier question (for my comment)... and it has a search function, which is nice. It's amazing that the Games Master wasn't ever even named in the first book!
And it seems to be all from Katniss's point of view, so if she doesn't know it, the reader doesn't, either... which is where the films are so different.
@Catija: I suppose it's because the books are all from Katniss' viewpoint. She certainly never met him, or saw him die. In fact, Snow is only mentioned twice - when she passes him as part of the opening parade, and when he puts the crown on her end at the end.
@Catija: Boo. No accepted answer.
7:01 PM
@AndrewMartin The crown part was one of the things I was most disappointed at with the film... the imagery of the single crown splitting in two was so beautiful in the books... and they didn't do it in the films, so I missed it sorely.
@AndrewMartin Sorry. No accounting for taste.
@Catija: Exactly ;) I never read the books until the first film, but I absolutely loved it.
@Catija: I always felt with both the books and films, that the first was my favourite and each one after I liked a little less.
@Catija: J Law plays her awesomely, but in the books I found Katniss increasingly frustrating, and even annoying in Mockingjay.
Yeah. The first book would have been a fine solo story.
@Catija: The whole world is falling apart and for her it's just "Gale or Peeta. Peeta or Gale." Over. And. Over.
But she never really wanted Gale, I think. That's not ever how I read it. He wanted her and she wanted to want him but they never had that shared experience. He could never understand her, particularly after the games.
I agree.
But I didn't need to read about her inner thoughts about it over and over and over again!
7:06 PM
HA HA HA. Yeah.
7:18 PM
in Mos Eisley, 37 secs ago, by Jack B Nimble
user image
@NapoleonWilson He's posting hearts instead of telling everyone they are dead to him? Hehehe :)
@steelerfan Check it out, noone got 4, can you even believe that?
@NapoleonWilson Are you f***ing kidding me? Those fools! How can you not get Dirty dancing?
@NapoleonWilson awwwww, you're on #13! Moulin Rouge I believe.....?
@steelerfan Yeah, but the other name doesn't match...
@NapoleonWilson You are so f***ing awesome!! You know my real name, just replace it ;)
7:38 PM
I can't figure out #15?
@steelerfan They've already solved it all over there, so you could take a peek.
@NapoleonWilson I don't really feel like going in there right now. Maybe I will later tonight when I get home.
@steelerfan I could tell you, too.
Do you mean you really figured out all the rest? Wow, I got like 4 or 5, I think.
@NapoleonWilson Tell me! Yes!! Tell me!!
7:43 PM
@steelerfan An Affair to Remember apparently.
@NapoleonWilson Oh, well, that explains it. I have never seen that movie :)
I haven't seen many of the things on there (and others I have seen but didn't remember the names).
I got all of them, except #15 :)
Oh, wait. I Didn't get #8.
@steelerfan Hmm, they say Life on Mars, but I don't really buy that.
@NapoleonWilson Yeah, I haven't seen that. That couple sounds familiar though!!
7:55 PM
I've never seen Moulin Rouge, but wasn't she quite an evil b---h in that film not interesting in a romantic relationship at all?
@NapoleonWilson Oh! Oh! Oh! It's Sleepless in Seattle!
@steelerfan Drgh, of course that was missing!
@NapoleonWilson Yeah, that movie wasn't romantic at all, IMO.
@NapoleonWilson They said Life on Mars over in Mos?
I've even seen that ages ago. But didn't really like it that much. While I can appreciate romantic films that was a bit too boring I think. They never ever saw each other until the end.
But well, on the other hand that was long ago, maybe nowadays I think a bit different about the matter. It certainly is romantic, I guess.
@steelerfan Yes. Or at least one of the users guessed so.
Yeah, it wasn't that memorable. They had zero chemistry.
@NapoleonWilson Those fools!! ;)
Oh, God. I am going to have to go in there and set them all straight, but knowing them, they are probably onto another topic by now ;)
8:05 PM
@steelerfan Yeah, now it's a quiz about Mars-related films.
Or already something else entirely.
@AndrewMartin I have no problem posting an answer regarding the symbolism or rather unintentional symbolism of cats in Silence of the lambs. I will just have to do it when I work overnight on Friday :)
@NapoleonWilson Good Lord. Wad must be in there :)
@steelerfan Oh cool. That's actually an interesting question, especially when the answer isn't just "that's total crap you made up there".
@steelerfan No, he doesn't seem to be.
Otherwise the topic would just be annoying random GIFs from Facebook or wherever. Or highly deep life-experience monologues.
@NapoleonWilson Yeah, I made a comment about the symbolism of oranges in The Godfather to compare it to. I am working a double swing/noc on Friday. I will do it then :)
@NapoleonWilson HAHA! Yeah, about drug addiction, orgies and how much David Bowie is missed ;)
Q: Why was there a painting of Rue?

cdeDuring Katniss' individual assessment in front of the Gamemakers in Catching Fire, we see Katniss pass by and notice a painting of Rue on the ground of the training center. Katniss is affected by this, a haunting reminder of when she buried Rue surrounded by white flowers. But why is the paintin...

@NapoleonWilson I killed the animation for you :D
8:15 PM
Thanks, upvoted.
Ugh. There goes my peaceful house. Everyone has to get here at once!!
I still find it cool that you continuously seem to have pretty much a hostel for family and friends.
I know, right? My friend and her two kids are still staying here. My sister and I are sitting her down and having a "talk" with her tonight. She needs to get her act together. Ugh.
@steelerfan But doesn't she still have marital problems?
8:31 PM
Ugh... I don't like it when people answer their own questions like that... just looks like they're trying to get votes. I know it's fine... I just don't like it. If you were going to figure it out yourself in five minutes, why bother asking the question... I would never do that. I only ask questions when I've already done the research and can't figure it out.
@NapoleonWilson Yeah, but apparently she was having an affair and that's what caused the problems and then she goes and hooks up with my other houseguest!!! I mean, she was like that in college, but it's time to grow up now and stop being a slut!!! I can't believe that I am friends with people like this!! I have been single for a year and a half almost, I don't go running around acting like that and I don't even have kids!!!
@Catija I have no problem with it when it's an interesting question without an obvious answer, as it seems to be in this case. A good question with an interesting answer always brings the site forward. But I'd wish they did it as a proper BlogOverflow in that case.
@NapoleonWilson "BlogOverflow"?
@Catija Posting question and answer at once. (By ticking that little "Answer your own question" checkbox when asking.)
Oh. Yeah. I've spent 10 minutes looking for the quote from the book to answer it for nothing...
8:33 PM
@Catija See, that's why.
@Catija I don't really feel comfortable doing it either. Maybe waiting a while if noone else has an answer :)
Much better than an ID question getting a one-line self-answer after a minute, though.
@steelerfan Sure. If you're get bored waiting because nothing happens for a day or two, it's totally different.
@Catija Agreed :)
Well, sure, I've also answered my own stuff when I later decided to do a little more research.
8:36 PM
But if you're going to answer within a half hour, you should answer at the same time as you ask.
I wouldn't have much of a problem with doing a BlogOverflow. The only thing that hinders it is actually that if I have a remotely engaging and non-obvious question, then I don't know the answer anyway. And the questions I just find myself in the first google/Wiki result aren't really worth asking anyway.
@Catija Sure, that's what that checkbox is for afterall.
@steelerfan Oooohh, I see.
@NapoleonWilson Do you see the people I am dealing with here? ;)
Now I also get why the hookup last weekend pissed you so much.
Right? Grrrr!!! She's an adult, but when she drags me into it and brings it into my house, then I am going to say something!!
8:52 PM
@steelerfan So I guess I shouldn't bring my dates when I'm staying at your place for vacation.
@NapoleonWilson HAHA! Well, you're not married and you don't have any kids!!
@NapoleonWilson What? Hey, wait a minute............... ;)
@steelerfan Oh, I'm of course joking. It's not as if I even could get a date anyway. ;-)
@NapoleonWilson You can always get a "date"...
@Catija Granted.
@NapoleonWilson OMG!!! Stop!!! You're too hard on yourself!!
@Catija "for the night" Hehehe :)
@NapoleonWilson I know you're joking, silly! I'm keeping you all to myself, sorry :)
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