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Q: Art hitchhiking tv show in america

Dom BishopI watched a tv show where artists would compete to travel across America through paying for travel with their art. It was maybe 7ish years ago and a cable/sky channel. I remember one of the artists creating a huge canvas on the ground and then flying in a plane to look down at it from the sky. Th...

Q: 80s or 90s action film

StephThere was an 80s or 90s action film I really liked but I forgot the title. There were two main characters. One was a white male with long hair in a pony tail and the other was an African American (possibly wesley snipes)? I remember a scene where the guy in the pony tail is running outside with ...

2:17 AM
Q: How does the Universal Translator work?

TimIn Star Trek Voyager, The 37's, its revealed that the Universal Translator somehow turns speech into the recipient's (the person hearing) language for each individual person, regardless of how many there are in the vicinity. The Japanese guy even says: you are speaking Japanese From this i...

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@Passerby You're gonna get bronze badge. There are only one question and answer remaining.
and congratulations for gold badge.
You can now use dupe hammer. ;)
5:04 AM
Q: What does the number 4587 mean in Legends of Tomorrow Arrowverse

rominaWhat does the number 4587 mean? In one episode of Legends of Tomorrow, it was the pass for Felicity's warehouse and in another it was a cell number.

5:48 AM
@AnkitSharma Is it your day off today?
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7:04 AM
@AJ yes
Shivaratri is a big deal in Banglore
@AnkitSharma ok
What about u ?
There are total 11 holidays this year.
And Shivratri isn't among them.
Are you going home this Holi, @AnkitSharma?
8:02 AM
Maybe will go to Goa on Holi
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9:09 AM
> We are currently offline for maintenance
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10:32 AM
Kubo is a nice film
Achcha H
Very good
Isn't it animated movie?
Yes animated
I think @DrRDizzle like kubo
@DrRDizzle I liked the sarcasm.
@AnkitSharma He's not been here around lately.
I don't know where he got busy.
I got cold due to sudden change in weather.
It was like summer 2 days ago and now it's kinda cold here.
I am just hungry and will have dinner soon
@AnkitSharma What dinner? Are you going to eat food remained from last night? ;P
If you wait 2 more hours, it will be dinner anyway.
Is there any term for food taken at 4 PM?
10:53 AM
I mean lunch
@AJ don't know
Did you watch any of Ice Age movies?
All of them
Anyway, last one wasn't good as others.
I recently watched it.
And didn't expect it to be as it was.
The favicons of Workplace and Puzzling look very similar.
11:29 AM
Q: How Steve McQueen Doing ka-Chow with glowing headlights?

user47287In Cars 2, Steve McQueen have sticker headlights. Then headlight glowing when he does this?

11:41 AM
@AJ I like first and 3rd one only, rest are bleh
Q: What is the meaning of Frank-N-Furter's words to Rocky?

user47288In one scene in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Frank-N-Furter says this to Rocky: In just seven days, I can make you a man Rocky is already a man with muscles. What is the meaning of Frank-N-Furter's words to Rocky?


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