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12:02 AM
@BlueMoon93 He's a community manager (CM). They're staff. His username is shog9.
A: Who are the Community Team, and what do they do?

jcolebrandWho is on the Community Team? Robert Cartaino Shog9 hairboat Grace Note Tim Post Jon Ericson Gabe Pops Ana jmac Nicolas Chabanovsky bluefeet Juan M animuson JNat What do they do? They help you out. No, really. But yeah, that's about the most generic ...

12:44 AM
I have finally got my silver
@natural If you didn't get a message from a moderator, you can't have been suspended. If it was right after you first started, it might just have been that you made a bad post and got enough downvotes to put you down to 1 rep. But anyway, never mind - bygones and all that.
@DForck42 Hey, are you not coming to Literature any more? :-(
@Randal'Thor I think that he was kidding ;)
What's with the miscellaneous chat room?
@Napoleon Are we allowing cross-posts by the same user now? I raised a flag the other day on a question which had been cross-posted (downvoted and closed here, upvoted and answered on SFF), but you declined it.
(And yes, I can tell who handled the flag when the decline text is "Um, acknowledged? ;-)") :-)
@Randal'Thor That's it! I'm raising a meta rant about you disclosing this information :P
in Miscellaneous, 2 hours ago, by natural
Just a chatroom that I have decided to pop up if anyone wanted to talk on here for any reason, maybe to get away from the other people. Basically a stand-by chatroom
12:50 AM
I think that this room covers pretty much all "miscellaneous" ;)
But...okay :)
@user22792 I'm not a mod here, so there's nothing I can't reveal :-)
> maybe to get away from the other people
Maybe there's someone natural doesn't like in here?
@Randal'Thor Are you talking about the one that Richard wanted migrated the other day?
@Randal'Thor Awwwwww. I hope not :(
@user22792 I dunno what Richard wanted. I'm talking about a question which was cross-posted (by the same OP) both here and on SFF.
For goodness's sake don't bring Richard into it, or else anything any SFF user says will be wrong! ;-)
Oh, sorry. Hehehehe!
@AJ Worldbuilding is based on the most awesome concept of any SE site I've come across. It's basically a whole site about constructing fantasy worlds or fantastical scenarios. Over there you can get well-reasoned and sensible answers to questions like "how do centaurs breast-feed?" and "what would be the effect on the human body of increasing gravitational force?" and "how would society change if people could read each other's minds?" It's a completely wacky and brilliant site.
12:57 AM
@Randal'Thor Is that the site with those riddle type things that you post in here sometimes?
@user22792 Riddles aren't questions about constructing fantasy worlds or fantastical scenarios.
You must be thinking of Puzzling.
Which is another awesome site that's deviated even more from the SE norm.
@Randal'Thor Riddles can be a pain in the backside.
Dec 6 '16 at 17:17, by Rand al'Thor
@Walt You could say I'm the Walt of Puzzling ;-)
@Randal'Thor Hahahahahahaha. yeah I reckon XD
I've finally got my first silver badge
1:02 AM
Congrats :-)
Which one?
Thank-You :D
its the 300 voting one
now im going for the 600 gold badge
600 votes
Ah. Those are fairly easy to get for silver/gold badges.
As are Enthusiast and Fanatic, sometimes known as the "at least you turned up" badges.
thats why i went for it ;)
How do I do the UTC one?
1:08 AM
UTC one?
The silver 'visit the site for 30 consecutive days (counted in UTC)
UTC = Universal Coordinated Time, the official time zone used by SE.
I.e. British time, give or take daylight savings.
Literally all you have to do for that badge is show up on the site.
Every day.
For 30 days running.
im AUstralia, so thats gonna be hard
Why? All you have to do is subtract 10 hours.
1:21 AM
Q: Short film about woman on subway who flirts but never talks

Tenzin GyurmedA long time ago I remember watching this short film about a woman who goes up to a man on a subway and flirts with him non-verbally, every single day, until one day he decides to break the ice and talk to her. At that point she walks away and he never sees her again. What movie is this?

@MovieReel An upvote?
@Randal'Thor Um, wasn't that question closed here anyway? I'm not sure what you expect me to do there.
@Randal'Thor I've visited the site for 192 days.
@NapoleonWilson Yes (although it does have a reopen vote). But I thought the policy was that if someone cross-posts a question, one of its incarnations should be deleted?
@Randal'Thor Ah, I see.
1:35 AM
@AJ Nice job! It's hard not to miss a single day in so long.
Q: Anyone with a "visited: 2048 days, 2048 consecutive" in his/her profile?

VonCBack in May, 27th 2009, the Stack Overflow team introduced a little counter to monitor the consecutive days you visited the site. And 30 days later (June 26th 2009), the first "Enthusiast" badges were awarded. Today, 04th January 2015, is two thousand and forty-eight days later. Today, 17th Nove...

1:58 AM
@Randal'Thor Y...yeah, I guess.
"Constructing fantasy worlds" is a rather optimistic wording, but to each his own. ;-)
@natural Congratulations! Don't forget to vote responsibly, though. ;-)
Hey, can you guys just star this message so I can get another badge please? thanks :)
2:18 AM
@Randal'Thor What is your day count?
@Randal'Thor omg
You know you don't have to open your computer. Visiting through phone browser works too.
@natural Maybe have a little patience and try to get badges the natural way. ;-)
Q: Early 2000s film where a guy drives off a cliff at the end and lands in a movie set

Tenzin GyurmedThis film was made in either 2000 or 2001, and the main character is a guy who is a drifter. I remember there were several scenes where he was hitchhiking and then later was riding in and old-fashioned pickup truck through the countryside, and there was an old guy or two sitting next to him play...

Q: Series of short shows in which the main character was unaware of his situation

RockPaperLizardThere was a series of short shows (under 10 minutes each) in which one of the main characters was deceased, but he didn't know it. I think perhaps he was a zombie, but he was unaware of his situation. The series was a comedy. The main actors, IIRC, were all in their 20's. I don't know if it e...

Q: YouTube Channel

Akanksha VishwakarmaTo everyone out there! What features you would like to see in YouTube to improve with respect to its UI design? PS: This is a design challenge and your suggestions are most appreciated.

@AJ Currently 89 on SFF and its meta, 70 on Literature and its meta, various lower numbers on other sites.
That's not my record though - I do have 3 or 4 Fanatic badges.
@MovieReel You what?!
@MovieReel not on-topic and POB as well.
@Randal'Thor cool. I have three golds on SO, Puzzling, and M&TV. I have silver one on Language Learning.
@AJ I've never logged into SE on a phone.
@AJ You know you're a real fanatic when you start to get Fanatic badges on meta sites ;-)
2:33 AM
@Randal'Thor I did. In fact, I'm currently chatting though phone. I have app too.
Ah, these modern people and their new-fangled phones :-P
@Randal'Thor Ah I know. I do visit meta regularly, but couldn't manage to visit continuously.
@user steeler understands.
@Randal'Thor Modern people? You're not 90s?
@AJ Best recipe for consistent meta participation: a diamond.
@AJ My age notwithstanding, I'm very old-fashioned.
Anyway, it's getting late for me, so goodnight.
2:39 AM
@Randal'Thor I do participate in mrta. I have convention badge. But not because of answers on quarterly rewards challenge or favorite Q&A.
@Randal'Thor Ah. Isn't it almost 3 am at your side?
good night
3:23 AM
Happy New Year @AnkitSharma
3:34 AM
@AJ we are getting holiday for it tomorrow
Wow I missed a long chat
@AJ same to u
@AnkitSharma oh nice
@user22792 that was a mistake and then became a joke
@NapoleonWilson bleh
@natural congrats
@user22792 natural made it , ask him
@Randal'Thor +1 to the remark
@Randal'Thor but it's all based on mixture of hypothesis and plain assumption
@natural don't loose patience we Star stuff here quite easily, just try to impress us ;)
@Randal'Thor you mean musty
@AJ happy Navaratri
4:04 AM
Q: Who is this actress from 70's French movie?

PinheadAppeared in old French sexploitation movie

@AnkitSharma happy Navratri.
@AJ do you got holiday today or tomorrow ?
@AnkitSharma nope
4:23 AM
hey guys
@AnkitSharma I might even have to come on this Saturday to finish project.
A long discussion about my answer.
@natural hi
@AJ ohhhh
@natural hello
@AnkitSharma hi back to you
@AJ will not read it from mobile :p
@natural wassup
4:25 AM
@AnkitSharma Fun part is I wasn't part of it.
@AJ uhuunnn what O.o
@AnkitSharma Read when you get time.
@NapoleonWilson Heh - sorry, my bad! ::offers you a smoke:: — Mr. Kennedy yesterday
lol ^^
Once our whole offfice's Saturday off got canceled due to delay in most of teams and so many holiday happen in rest of month. And coincidently I had zero work to do that day
@AJ k
@AnkitSharma Must be October/November
@AJ I don't remember but it was around the time when lots of strike happened
4:32 AM
@natural Do you like cricket?
17th Good Answer and 70th Silver.
@AJ he said no already :p
But he don't mind playing backyard cricket
5:38 AM
Q: What happened to Peggy Olson's short-lived attitude change in the beginning of season 2?

sorbetIn Mad Men S02E01, Peggy Olson becomes assertive, speaking up during meetings, even berating Lois at one point. But in the subsequent episodes, it seemed like this attitude change suddenly went away as soon as it appeared. What happened?


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