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12:00 AM
@Axelrod Well, there were a lot of Steelers fans surrounding me. I will post pics when I get them scanned from my nephew :)
@NapoleonWilson awww, thanks man. I was just happy to see my team play :)
@steelerfan Welcome back!
@steelerfan I'd assume as a streaker your chances to be catpured on TV would have been a little higher.
@NapoleonWilson Thanks! I missed you guys!
@NapoleonWilson I haven't watched game yet on tv. My sister said she didn't see us though. I should have streaked. Dammit!
Would have definitely needed live coverage to see it if you had.
And I didn't!
I got a few autographs!! So excited!!
I gotta get out of here for now. Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I will be back later :)
Take care, @steelerfan
12:15 AM
@Axelrod See you guys later when I have more time to chat :)
@NapoleonWilson Wait. I'm a streaker? Did I know you in college? ;)
@steelerfan WUT?
12:34 AM
Q: Different skills and levels of a Pau in Farscape

NinjakrebornIn Farscape a Pau priest is supposed to be able to advance in ranks to different levels. Apparently each level can grant a new ability. Zhaan was a 10th level pau, and I know they mentioned something being 12th (to the point where I am at). From my research online there isn't currently an upper ...

Q: Identify this movie

SteelbluelibraGuy says "Mmm! Better!" Kind of drawn out after slurping something, or snorting something. Maybe it's "Oooh! Better!". Single line that sticks out and have no idea what movie it came from.

Oh crap
Disagree. MAN OF STEEL was a GOOD film & I will staunchly defend it! https://twitter.com/DanielRochelle/status/671487790572511232
He has 40000 followers
"it was better than F4ntastic"
^--- setting the bar super high there, aren't we?
@DrRDizzle I don't even know what this is about at all. (o_O)
@NapoleonWilson some comic book writer/reviewer disagrees with Dizzle, I guess.
(not a guy who writes comic books; a guy who writes articles and reviews about comic book movies)
Q: Terminator time travel issue

Daniel StowersGiven the mechanism of time travel shown across the Terminator media (films and TV series) - namely, the traveler being sent from a machine to a point where there is no receptor device - is there anything in-Universe that explains how the traveler even appears back on earth, given not only the ax...

12:45 AM
Well, if he says it then, it definitely gotta be objectively good.
@MikeEdenfield He called out DC fanboys for being overly defensive, and I said "I can't blame them, it must be hard trying to deny that Man of Steel was a bad film all the time."
Q: I can't seem to find a movie I once saw years ago

PeterIn the movie there was a guy who met a girl in his dreams. After a while he started to sleep more and more, sometimes even during daytime just to spend more time with her. He even redesigned his flat to be sound proof and dark to help him sleep undisturbed. His dream relationship eventually put a...

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7:10 AM
@steelerfan Miss u too
@DanielRochelle @elmayimbe Thanks 4 the free publicity, MOS came 2 years ago and are still talking about it, this is good for B v S!.
hahhahaha,...well said
7:31 AM
I don't know enough about this site yet to avoid having comments removed. Can I read somewhere about what's allowed in chat?
7:56 AM
@DanielStowers This would be a start: movies.stackexchange.com/help/be-nice.
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11:40 AM
Q: 70's-80's Alien movie with a green man

Nagy PéterI'm looking for a sci-fi movie (70's-80's). Two aliens loose a laser gun on earth. A man finds it and for some reason his head turns green :). I don't remember exactly.

@AnkitSharma We still talk about The Room from time to time, doesn't make it a good film lol.
2 hours later…
1:50 PM
@DrRDizzle Its like comparing Gigli with Iron man 3.
Makes no sense comparing critically and commercial flop film to a successful film which you had problem with.

**The Room**

35%·Rotten Tomatoes

**Man of Steel**

7.2/10 IMDb
56% Rotten Tomatoes

And for sure there commercial success is way apart.
2:14 PM
@AnkitSharma I was just pointing out that the fact we talk about something doesn't make that thing great all of a sudden.
@DrRDizzle "OS came 2 years ago and are still talking about it, this is good for B v S!." Where great word came from?
@AnkitSharma He/she is clearly implying that talking about Man of Steel proves that it is a good film.
@DrRDizzle your interpretation skill is bit weird.
"good for B v S" means a free publicity here.
2:37 PM
Q: What Director Has Lowest Goofs In Movies?

Seyed Ali MahmoodyHas Anyone knows to What Director Has Lowest Goofs (or zero !) In Movies

2:55 PM
Q: What is so great about the movie "The Godfather"?

Kameswaran GaneshI just watched The Godfather. Though felt like a good movie, I wasn't able to realise the greatness of the movie. But there seems to be a general consensus that it's an immortal movie. It is #2 in RT's 'Top 100 movies of all time' and is also included in TIME's 'Greatest movies ever made'. Wh...

3:26 PM
@MovieReel seems kinda opinion-based to me, but at the same time, there must be objective reasons the movie goes onto so many 'best movie' lists. hrmm....
3:40 PM
@steelerfan what is your position on the Cleveland Browns?
@MikeEdenfield Well, they are in the same division as Steelers, but they have never been a threat.
Baltimore is usually the threat, we are rivals with them. However, Cincinnati is the threat this year. We will be lucky to make play-offs this year after Sunday loss to Seattle :(
@NapoleonWilson Does the term "streaker" mean something different in Germany? You said I was a streaker, meaning that I rip off all of my clothes at public events for attention/publicity. Of course, I don't do things like that :)
@steelerfan when I woke up this morning, my entire facebook feed was nothing but this video:
@MikeEdenfield Dude, you need to start watching football! That was a frigging awesome game lastnight!! Even if Baltimore won, it was great!
@MovieReel Didn't this debate already happen?
@DrRDizzle What is happening? I am gone for a few days and there are no arguments to come back to between you and@AnkitSharma? ;)
4:04 PM
I am tired now
@AnkitSharma Hey!! How's it going??
Same boring work
Our companies Sr VP has lost his mind, he travels a lot to our office and irritates us.
More focused on new developments then existing issues
Rest is fine
Sorry. I go back to work tonight. One thing that's good about the medical field....NO OFFICE POLITICS. Everyone just has affairs with everyone else at the hospital.
Sounds cool and boring at the same time :D
@steelerfan I suspected that too but can't find it
There is never a dull moment :)
@AnkitSharma Yeah, I swear that I read a question similar to this one.....
4:10 PM
Maybe its deleted and i forgot the query to check deleted questions
Maybe..... I remember the question being about Coppola, but talking about the Godfather a lot.
@steelerfan I was watching the highlights from the Ravens / Browns game.
it appears that both teams forgot that when you have the ball you are supposed to score, not the other team.
@MikeEdenfield hehehehe. Yeah, very true!
@DrRDizzle Just thought you might want to know........PATRIOTS LOST SUNDAY NIGHT!!!!!
@DrRDizzle Did you hear me? Just wanted to make sure!!!
@NapoleonWilson Got Antonio Brown, Codyy Wallace autograph. Went to the local Steelers bar on Saturday night, Brett Keisel showed up!! (He is a former Steeler player). He signed my Superbowl XL hat and let me touch his superbowl ring. I saw some people post the video and some pictures, but all you can see is half of my forehead and my arm. Meeting Brett Keisel is a HUGE deal for a Steelers fan. My brother in law was soooooo pissed that he missed that!!
@steelerfan Go Patriots!
4:22 PM
It confused me.
@AnkitSharma Grumpy Superman is grumpy.
@DrRDizzle they are gone :D
Roethlisberger was a TOTAL dick. All of the other players before the game acknowledged the fans and at least waved or slapped our hands. He didn't even look at us. JERK!!
@AnkitSharma That's what I mean. Go Patriots! Go elsewhere!
@DrRDizzle Grumpy is my fav dwarf
4:24 PM
Poor @AnkitSharma. He can't take much more of people at work!!! ;)
Seems more interesting then 50 shades of gray :D
@AnkitSharma I GOTTA see this!!! Fifty shades of grey made me want to kill myself.
I didn't watched it yet and have no plan
You are not missing much. The two people have NO chemistry. He is an arrogant ass. Acting was horrible. I couldn't get through all of it. I didn't like the books either.
I don't understand why women went crazy over the books......to each her own I guess.
I liked Jamie Dornan in once upon a time, don't know about his other works
@steelerfan Relief for dirty mind :D
4:39 PM
I hadn't seen him in anything else, so I am not familiar.
He is huntsman/policeman in once upon a time, small role but acted well.
@AnkitSharma Yeah, I guess. I can think of a lot better things to do than letting someone boss you around. Whatever, some women are into that sort of thing.
It has now been [16] hours of DC fanboys screaming at me on Twitter.
@DrRDizzle Seems fun :D
@AnkitSharma Wait. Is he the father of Brittney Spears sister baby?
4:42 PM
@AnkitSharma You can tell they are in their teens.
@DrRDizzle Are you picking on children now? ;)
@steelerfan I'm trying not to, if that counts?
@steelerfan What :O
@DrRDizzle Child molester :D
@DrRDizzle I understand. I get the same way about football and my Steelers.
@steelerfan One just said that Man of Steel is good and critics are biased because of the difference between the critical and audience reactions on Rotten Tomatoes, and then got really mad when I pointed out that there are only 3 MCU films with a lower audience score than Man of Steel.
4:45 PM
@AnkitSharma Nevermind. I had him confused with someone else.
@DrRDizzle Gheez.....they take it so personal!! ;)
@steelerfan They really do. The irony is that all this follows on from a tweet (not mine) asking DC fans to not be so touchy.
Sounds exciting
@AnkitSharma It would be if the conversation was anywhere near as interesting as the ones I have here.
4:49 PM
I think it's funny how worked up people get over that stuff. It's very entertaining.
@steelerfan I still find it really weird that people are so willing to give their all to a company.
As i can't understand marvel fanboy in same way.
I have favorite among both and enjoy and criticizes both.
@DrRDizzle Well, some people don't have anything else in their lives. Some people can't tell reality from fantasy. It's a little sad.
But we surely have different opinion on many including Man of steel of-course
5:01 PM
@AnkitSharma Honestly, I've never even actually seen the Marvel equivalent of the DC fanboy, or the X-Men equivalent. It's weird.
@DrRDizzle I have seen both.
What are we complaining about today?
I am more DC guy but that doesn't make me enjoy marvel any less
@MattD how kids making dizzle crazy over twitter :D
@AnkitSharma It's the other way around, I'm OK just rebuffing their increasingly frustrated arguments.
@AnkitSharma You seen an X-Men fanboy?
@MattD I am sad Steelers lost on Sunday, but it's all good since Patriots lost too. Dr D is picking on children about Man of Steel......you know, the usual ;)
5:04 PM
@DrRDizzle Yeah, someone liked Xmen origin and i started ignoring him :D
I am X-men fan but the live action franchise not much, i have issue with half of them.
5:15 PM
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared is a British series of shorts, created by Becky Sloan and Joseph Pelling since 2011. It was originally released through the artists' website, later being uploaded on other platforms like YouTube. Each episode is made to appear like a typical children's television program, consisting of singing and talking puppets similar to those of Sesame Street, but eventually takes a dark turn, usually involving gore. The series parody children's television shows by ironically juxtaposing puppetry and musical numbers against psychedelic content and disturbing imagery. Five episodes have...
Why i watched this and its react
@steelerfan I'm pissed my Packers lost to the Bears on home turf, especially since Favre and Starr were in the house to retire Favre's number.
I lost my mind
@MattD Yeah, that was pretty shocking that Bears won that one.
5:38 PM
@steelerfan Sucks that we'll likely get into the playoffs on a wildcard spot, but I believe that's what happened when we won the Super Bowl back in 2010.
@MattD I believe so. I am still recovering from that Superbowl :(
@steelerfan Oh yeeeeeeeah, we played the Stealers in that one.
@MattD Yes, you did :(
@AnkitSharma I love that series
You have quite different taste then me
Anyways, finally i have started American horror story
5:43 PM
@steelerfan And I wouldn't have assumed otherwise. ;-) But it would certainly have guaranteed you some air time on live TV.
@NapoleonWilson Well, maybe if it wasn't so cold...... I watched game lastnight. Didn't make it on TV at all. Bummer.
@AnkitSharma deleted:yes
@steelerfan No, I'm pretty sure we had one specifically about The Godfather.
@MattD Yeah, unfortunately I slept away during that one and missed nearly all of it. I only once awoke during that ceremony for Favre. Which is a pity, since I guess that would have been more exciting than the Cowboys game before.
@NapoleonWilson What was the post about adolescence and stuff regarding the 5 year anniversary of Movies and TV?
5:59 PM
@steelerfan It was just that, a congratulation to the site for its 4th anniversay (on 30th of November) and an encouragement to keep going its way even if it might be a difficult one sometimes/lately.
@NapoleonWilson Oh, Gotcha.
if M&TV is going through adolescence, does that mean SF&F just had its mid-life crisis?
@MikeEdenfield LOL!!!
What was so bad about adolescence? I loved adolescence.
@steelerfan Well, the usual cliché stuff you know, finding your own identity, hating parents, struggling with emotions,...
Anyway, gotta go unfortunately, haven't slept for 34 hours and tomorrow is an important work thing. Good night!
@NapoleonWilson Have a good night :)
@NapoleonWilson Gotcha. I guess I was fortunate to have not went through all of that.

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