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Q: In Wristcutters: A Love Story who do the police work for?

Hack-RIn Wristcutters: A Love Story, which I have to say is my all-time favorite movie, who do the police work for? The People In Charge (P.I.C.) are revealed to basically be angels of some sort. They apparently hold the only real organized power, as when they shutdown a suicide cult. However there w...

Q: In court, why they introduce girls in bikini?

user36887In Spring Breakers (2012), I know this movie contains lot of hot bikini's & nudity. But I was shocked to see Girls in bikini even in court, its looks like judge decision will be disturbed to see girls in bikini form. why can't they even provide proper uniform to them ?

Q: Why are unboxings so popular?

Tyler DurdenI notice that some of the highest view counts on YouTube are for movies of people unboxing toys. Seemingly ordinary toys sometimes have view counts of over 100 million. What is the explanation for this?

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3:13 AM
@steelerfan you here?
@MannlyMann I'm here!!
4:01 AM
Q: Circa 1980s TV movie about kids in an apocalyptic future

user42529I saw this on TV on my birthday in 1990, and it looked like a made for TV movie that might have originally aired in the 80s. It's about a group of kids in the future who know each other online and have never met in person, and they decide to get together for the first time. An adult even helps th...

@MannlyMann Ping!
I'm only going to be around for another half an hour. I don't want to miss you :(
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Q: A movie about monster come out from the ground

ashura91This movie is new. I think it's released in 2010++. It's language is English. There are a group of people defending themself from a swarm of this monster in a bunker. The monster has sharp claws and spit acid (I'm not sure). The guy fight mostly with a knife. The monster rise from the undergroun...

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Hello folks o/
Q: Why Memento (2000) not entered/nominated in 73rd Academy Awards?

user32670Memento (2000) was first screened at 57th Venice International Film Festival, which was held between 30 August - 9 September 2000. Actually First screening is enough to nominate the movie for awards, this is what happened to The Revenant (2015) movie. Then why Memento (2000) not entered/nominat...

Missing O and the meaning changed.
or is it just intentional?
Common, I didn't had breakfast, so I can eat few letters
You didn't have. How come? Woke up late?
I always woke-up late
Might go for a tea or coffee in few minutes
5:46 AM
Have coffee. It'll work better.
Do you know when exactly Lucious Fox come to know that Bruce is Batman in batman begin?
Don't remember film in that much details
In The Dark Knight, he knows it.
@AnkitSharma Look at this.
A: What is the source of inspiration for the Fat Bastard character?

MatthewThat obese piper was me and I am Fat bastard. My name is Matthew and I was known at one time in Nashville as "Bagpipe Guy" I was the hardest working gig bagpiper in the state, maybe in the country. I averaged about 20 funerals a month, 2 weddings and a host of fire fighter, marine and Police gigs...

Some random claim
I don't think it's rude or abusive but downvotable for now
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Time to change DP
Q: The usual suspects: why verbal got legal immunity?

TabWhy verbal got immunity while he was one of the person clearly involved in crime? Also at the fight scene there was a van full of cash that verbal was supposed to take with him. Didn't he taken it with him?

6:25 AM
@AJ Uhm...yeah. That's weird.
@AnkitSharma I have been drinking tea all day :'(
And I just burned the sh*t out of my mouth on chicken soup :(
@steelerfan I had filter coffee :'(
OMG. Filter coffee? No way! ;)
because my office only have plain dumb tea and filter coffee
And had no company to go outside
Awww. You need to work at a hospital. We have an entire cafeteria full of awesomeness!
@Randal'Thor Will you be asking a Dan Brown question for the challenge, then? ;)
@steelerfan lol
6:36 AM
@AnkitSharma Coffee Machine can't make a good tea.
Tea stalls are better.
I have to have fresh honey in my tea. My old neighbors would bring me fresh honeycomb from their beehives. OMG. Have you ever had fresh honey straight from honeycomb?
There is a popular cafeteria named ThirsTea here offering many kind of teas which one can't imagine.
It's like the best thing ever! You can actually take the honeycomb and chew it in your mouth like gum. It's delicious!
Yet another thing that I miss at my old house :'(
No more fresh honey. Bummer.
6:41 AM
I got a beehive here. Should I borrow some? :)
Oh, totally!!
It's the best!
I don't like sweets at all. Like, I hate sugar...but, honey is awesome. I love it!
On the rare occasion that I eat a piece of bread, I love to have toast with fresh honey on it. Mmmmmmm
Yeah honey is good.
I use fruit jam sometimes.
Have you ever tried pepper jelly?
Sounds spicy
It's a jelly, but made with bell peppers and jalapeno peppers. It's sweet and savory with a little kick. It's delicious with cream cheese and crackers.
6:44 AM
hmm. Now it sounds yummy.
It is! It has kind of a vinegar taste with some sweet and a little bit of spice. It's awesome! I love pepper jelly!
I'm mad at myself that I didn't bring Napoleon any when we were in vegas. I brought him some of my dad's salmon, but no pepper jelly.
Sadly it is not available here..
Pepper jelly is an Oregon specialty!
Have you ever tried Chutney?
I think that I have tried peach chutney.
You can always order pepper jelly ^
rose city pepper heads has the BEST!
6:48 AM
Funny. When I searched Peach, it suggested some women dresses.
@steelerfan no but I did tasted natural honey
@AJ not hear d about it here
@AJ Peach chutney?
@steelerfan Peach
@AnkitSharma I mean here at pinkcity.
@steelerfan sound fun
Well, peach has become another word for a woman's anatomy ;)
At least, that's what the kids say these days...
6:51 AM
> someone or something that is excellent or very pleasing
Taken from dictionary
@steelerfan Face/Off. Just recently watched.
Peach chutney sound too weird for my taste
@AJ Ohhhhh! Did you like?
6:53 AM
I like mint chutney
@steelerfan Yep
@AnkitSharma Mint chutney?
@AJ I love that movie. I believe that I asked a question about that movie a while ago.
@AJ pudine ki chatni
@AnkitSharma Got it.
@AnkitSharma lehsun chutney tastes great with curd, and Dal.
pomegranate seed chutney is best
6:57 AM
@AnkitSharma Never tried. Mint chutney and Lehsun chutney are very common.
@steelerfan good
@AJ On the way to kashmir from jammu, there is a famous dhaba who serve Rajma(kidney beans), rice and pomegranate seed chutney
It's amazing
@steelerfan I can't even watch it, blame Nicolas Cage for it
@AnkitSharma ok
pomegranate seed chutney is similar to mint chutney , just replace pudina with anardana but it taste better if made well
@AnkitSharma It is kinda sweet, isn't it?
@AJ no
anardana is not sweet
@AJ this:
anardana is used in cooking too but not so common
7:10 AM
Anyway, Rajasthani food is incomplete without Garlic and Mint Chutney.
Only tried Gatte ki Sabzi
Did you like it?
Step sister of Besan Pakoda Kadhi
@AnkitSharma yep
@steelerfan left when we started talking about Indian food. ;)
7:36 AM
Q: How long is an epic?

Jack MaddingtonMy dictionary had the following definitions fur the word epic epic: telling a story about a hero or about exciting events or adventures and epic: a long book, movie, etc., that usually tells a story about exciting events or adventures I wanted to know, in practice, how many hours long...

Can't remember who asked, but I didn't like Doctor Strange very much.
@DrRDizzle that means I should watch it
Visually impressive, but there is almost nothing to actually anchor that too.
@DrRDizzle Then it is a nice movie.
The story is as cookie-cutter as they come.
7:39 AM
@DrRDizzle You got weak memory
All the characters are functional-at-best, with the exception of The Ancient One (who I really liked)
The humour never quite gels with everything else.
What about my sweat heart
She may as well not be in it.
@DrRDizzle Is she portraying as night nurse
She's almost entirely perfunctory to the movie
7:43 AM
It's OK though, because she's pretty throughout.
At one point she just turns and stares directly into the camera and says "I hate Ankit Sharma", which I thought was a bit odd.
Yeah, she literally just stares at the screen at says that, and then the film carries on like nothing even happened.
Hey man, don't shoot the messenger.
It's not me who liked directly into the camera and coldly stated that "I hate Ankit Sharma" to the world.
It's Ms McAdams.
7:57 AM
@DrRDizzle A Rap song for you by @AnkitSharma.
@AJ I can't watch that now, I'll try and remember to watch it later.
@DrRDizzle Ok.
Q: Hindi subtitle for (10 Cloverfield Lane 2016)

Mahdi JaziniI have searched famous subtitle websites but i didn't find :'( Where to download Hindi (Indian) Subtitle file of (10 Cloverfield Lane 2016) Movie? Thank you :'(

8:16 AM
@MovieReel @AnkitSharma
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because Recommendation questions asking for movies/TV-shows or resources to locate or watch movie/TV content or download movie/TV show related content are off topic. Feel free to ask for people's opinion in chat. — A J 1 min ago
9:10 AM
Q: Animations to teach reading

Jack MaddingtonI would like to know, what animation techniques exist to say to teach reading, and how effective are these? I am in part interested in Preston Blair's contributions, but am also particularly interested in what had been done to date to improve these techniques our add new ones to the INTERACTIVE m...

@AJ self deleted now
9:35 AM
@AJ Sorry. I am Napoleon's wake up call sometimes ;)
@AnkitSharma Really? You don't like Nicolas Cage?
@steelerfan yes
Have you seen Nicolas Cage's superman costume form unreleased film
Sorry, but Face/Off is the best movie ever released.
Not only does it have John Travolta pretending to be Nicholas Cage pretending to be John Travolta, but it also has Nicholas Cage pretending to be John Travolta pretending to be Nicholas Cage.
Face/Off is just ridiculously awesome fun!!
9:40 AM
@DrRDizzle Not the best, but good. I liked it.
@NapoleonWilson Are you seeing this? Dizzle loves Face/Off!! Did you already know about this?
Yeah, I'm being slightly facetious when I say it's the best. But it's definitely a really fun, surprisingly well-made, totally bonkers 90's John Woo action movie that doesn't get half the love it deserves.
Totally Agree!
It was really underrated, imo.
It was very well made and just ridiculous and awesome!
@AnkitSharma Ugh. Is that actually Nicolas Cage? It almost looks like a wax figure.
Lets make the list:

Pros: Steelerfan and AJ like it, good rating

Cons: Nicolas Cage and even Dizzle like it
9:44 AM
I am confused now
How can Nicholas Cage ever be considered a Con?
Even in terrible movies, he's always fun to watch.
Though Nicolas did overacting sometimes, but I assume it was demanded.
I saw a documentary like movie about how that Superman never got made. Tim burton was supposed to direct it wasn't he?
@steelerfan Yeah, and apparently elements of his script made its way into Man of Steel.
@steelerfan his costume looks like a sluty gigolo dress
@DrRDizzle Really or just your I hate men of steel rant?
9:47 AM
@AnkitSharma No no, really.
can't read that link
Did anybody watch National Treasure series?
It's an article about the similarities between the Superman Lives script and Man of Steel.
There aren't loads, but enough to make you wonder.
@DrRDizzle Well, at first the director was Kevin Smith I guess. He was in that documentary going on about what an ass Jon Peters was.
@AJ Wasn't there just the two movies?
@steelerfan Yes there were.
Did you?
9:51 AM
@AJ Yes, I have seen both of them. The first one was better. the second one always bothered me about the President's kidnapping. The President knew that Benjamin Gates didn't kidnap him, so why was there a nation wide manhunt for Gates still?
@steelerfan Apparently, Snyder included a deliberate nod to the Superman Lives script in Man of Steel in the form of a couple of polar bears.
@DrRDizzle Have you seen that documentary?
@steelerfan agreed.
@NapoleonWilson Could you please look at my working girl question and tell me what other tag I need to put on it? It wouldn't be "realism" would it? Do we make tags for actors? Like, a Harrison Ford tag?
@AJ Hmmmm...that actually might be an interesting question to ask.
@steelerfan Might be. But it must not sound like an opinion-based question.
9:56 AM
@steelerfan no and no
@steelerfan Unfortunately not. I'd like to though.
@AJ Maybe. I remember the President saying something to Gates when they are in the tunnels about if they go any farther, then it would be kidnapping. There has to be a factual explanation as to why the manhunt was still going on for him even if the President himself said that he wasn't kidnapped. I wonder if there is some kind of out of universe law or something.
@AnkitSharma Sorry. I just asked Napoleon because you told me that you weren't sure when I asked you a few days ago :(
@DrRDizzle I actually watched most of it. It was on HBO a few weeks ago. Pretty interesting.
@steelerfan It's something I've been curious about for some time now, mostly because I just can't imagine Nicholas Cage as friggin' Superman. It would be like casting Kirsten Dunst as Dumbledore.
@steelerfan realism tag is for the reverse use then that question and I personally not a fan of actor tag
@AnkitSharma Okay. Gotcha :)
@DrRDizzle Well, it's actually comical listening to what jon Peters wanted in the script and hearing Kevin smith talk about it. Jon Peters wanted Superman to battle an enormous spider for his big fight scene.
10:02 AM
On the side note I think Tim Burton is not a good pick for superman type film and also Nicolas Cage's costume made him look like a slut
But I want to check The Death of "Superman Lives": What Happened?
@steelerfan That's actually one of the reasons that people think that Man of Steel borrowed from Superman Lives. The World Engine that Superman fights looks a little bit like a Spider.
Yeah. It was kinda crazy listening to that guy talk about all of these weird ideas ;)
@DrRDizzle lol
> Peters also insisted that Brainiac's robot assistant L-Ron was to be voiced by Dwight Ewell, calling the character, "a gay R2-D2 with attitude."
But yeah, @AnkitSharma is actually right about something. Neither Tim Burton nor Kevin Smith are the right people to be making a Superman film.
Kevin Smith is just hit or miss. I saw him talking about how Prince wanted him to direct some type of documentary film one time. It was hilarious.
10:06 AM
Tim Burton fits well for batman stuff but picking him for superman too prove WB is dumb
I don't like whatever come out of Kevin Smith's mouth but not seen his work to judge
Clerks is a good film, but nothing else I've seen from Kevin Smith has proven that he knows what he's doing.
I am sure Coyote Ugly will not be counted as he only done rewrite
Never seen/heard of it.
He directed flash episodes and going to direct one of sueprgirl episode too
Kevin Smith did Coyote Ugly?
10:10 AM
@steelerfan rewrite script
@steelerfan On the sidenote I like that film
That movie is soooooo bad. I can't believe that Maria Bello is in that pos movie. it's just...just awful.
@AnkitSharma Oh, no :(
@steelerfan I know, I supposed to hate it but I can't, sorry
@AnkitSharma It had good music!
It used to come a lot on one Indian channel
@steelerfan yeah
The acting was just...horrific. Even Maria Bello was bad and I usually love her.
10:15 AM
I just really really love One Way or Another
> Kevin Smith is scheduled to direct the ninth episode of the season, "Supergirl Lives", with a teleplay by Eric Carrasco and Jess Kardos, from a story by Kreisberg. The title is a nod to the script Smith wrote for the unproduced film Superman Lives.
> The eighth episode of the season ends with Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon recruiting Supergirl to help fight the Dominators, setting up the crossover between The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, in their episodes "Invasion!", based on the DC Comics limited series of the same name
10:36 AM
@AJ He's not stupid. As Coleman Reese puts it in The Dark Knight:
> Don't tell me you didn't recognize your baby out there pancaking cop cars on the evening news.
@NapoleonWilson That's when Fox comes to know that Bruce is Batman?
Or as he puts it himself in Batman Begins:
> Mister Wayne, if you don't want to tell me exactly what you're doing, when I'm asked, I don't have to lie. But don't think of me as an idiot.
And as he said in Bruce Almighty:
> Clap on, clap off, clap on clap off, the clapper.
@NapoleonWilson I think he comes to know when Bruce was attacked by Scarecrow/Dr. Krane, and Alfred called him to cure Bruce.
@NapoleonWilson At that time, Bruce didn't started as Batman.
@AJ Well, that's when Batman first makes a big appearance anyway. Before that noone but some muggers and Gordon knew there even was someone like that around.
The only thing before that was the raid where Falcone gets captured and he might have made his thoughts at that time already, too. He certainly knew that Bruce was up to something.
@AJ Sure.
@steelerfan I'm not sure it's underrated, though. I had the impression that people generally consider it a good film and one of John Woo's best.
If anything, then Broken Arrow is underrated in that regard.
@steelerfan Yeah.
10:48 AM
@NapoleonWilson I don't know about that. Most people hear the basic concept and see the leads and write it off straight away.
@steelerfan Seems fine as it is, no?
@DrRDizzle Well, those are people that generally don't like action films, though. You won't get those people to appreciate the film, of course.
@AnkitSharma Wut? Hubbards' L-Ron? Or L-Ron of Rivendell?
Indeed. If people complain about evil Superman now, I couldn't imagine their reactions to weird gothic fairy tale Superman. Burton might be a reasonable pick for Batman, but definitely not Superman.
@AnkitSharma Me too, it's a really nice film.
@steelerfan Wut? It's a nice film. I didn't know you don't like it.
@NapoleonWilson WUT? You like that movie :'(
I liked the music in it.
@steelerfan Sure I did. It's a nice underdog story about making your dreams come true...with table-dancing girls.
@NapoleonWilson Okay. Sure.
So...like Showgirls but with more clothes and less stupidity.
And John Goodman is cool.
@steelerfan And why aren't you sleeping?
11:03 AM
Sure. John Goodman is cool...and the music ;)
@steelerfan Every man like wet sexy girls singing
@NapoleonWilson Because AJ and I were talking about National Treasure 2 and I got a wild hair to ask a question. I'm sorry :'(
@steelerfan Oh, you asked a question? \o/
@NapoleonWilson Yes! I have been known to do that from time to time ;)
Is it about the kidnapping thing, though?
@steelerfan I know.
11:05 AM
@NapoleonWilson Yes. Oh, God...why?
Q: Why did the President still send the FBI after Benjamin Gates?

steelerfanIn the film, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, Benjamin Gates must locate the Presidential Book of Secrets. The only person who knows the location of the book is the President of the United States. Benjamin decides to attend a birthday party for the President at Mount Vernon. Benjamin then i...

@steelerfan Nothing, just asking. I'm not sure there's a satisfying answer, but it's not a bad question.
@MovieReel one more tag which look lame due to character limit. But question seems good +1
@NapoleonWilson I'm sure there won't be. That part in the movie kinda ruined the whole thing for me :(
@AnkitSharma Well, there's worse. isn't really a bad choice.
@steelerfan Oh, well, I wouldn't go that far. I still liked it quite a bit.
11:07 AM
@NapoleonWilson I just don't like placing 1,2 ,3 when original film don't
@NapoleonWilson agreed
They should really do more of those films, they're harmless family fun but quite entertaining.
@NapoleonWilson I liked it fine. That part just always irritated me. The first one was way better, imo.
I think that they are making a part 3
Q: How long is an epic?

Jack MaddingtonMy dictionary had the following definitions fur the word epic epic: telling a story about a hero or about exciting events or adventures and epic: a long book, movie, etc., that usually tells a story about exciting events or adventures I wanted to know, in practice, how many hours long...

@steelerfan Oh, cool!
^ Is it not more of ELU/ELL thing
11:08 AM
Holy hell! It's after 4am!!!
I really need to get to bed!
@steelerfan Duh!
@steelerfan So much to relaxing and then falling asleep. ;-)
@steelerfan Awww, have a good night and sweet dreams, though.
@NapoleonWilson Awww. I'm sorry, babe. I am still totally relaxed and ready for sleep :)
@NapoleonWilson I am sure that I will now ;-*
@steelerfan Awww, hehe! ;-*
Noone laughed about my L-Ron puns, though. :'(
11:11 AM
@NapoleonWilson I didn't even see them, babe. I'm sorry :(
@steelerfan Don't worry. You wouldn't even get the cool one, since you hate The Lord of the Rings.
@NapoleonWilson again...I'm sorry :'(
I always seem to be apologizing to you ;)
@steelerfan Awww, don't worry, I'm just joking around. ;-)
@NapoleonWilson Of course you are, my dear! I know that, silly bean :)
@steelerfan good night
27 mins ago, by Napoleon Wilson
@AnkitSharma Wut? Hubbards' L-Ron? Or L-Ron of Rivendell?
@NapoleonWilson I didn't got it too
11:23 AM
What the mothereffin' shit?
Q: Why are unboxings so popular?

Tyler DurdenI notice that some of the highest view counts on YouTube are for movies of people unboxing toys. Seemingly ordinary toys sometimes have view counts of over 100 million. What is the explanation for this?

3 answers? Everything positively scored?
And closed as "primarily opinion-based"?
That's plain off-topic!
:33136904 To shut it down as off-topic.
17 mins ago, by Ankit Sharma
Q: How long is an epic?

Jack MaddingtonMy dictionary had the following definitions fur the word epic epic: telling a story about a hero or about exciting events or adventures and epic: a long book, movie, etc., that usually tells a story about exciting events or adventures I wanted to know, in practice, how many hours long...

17 mins ago, by Ankit Sharma
^ Is it not more of ELU/ELL thing
And I also favourited it since auto-deletion won't grip with those answers and this thing has to disappear.
@NapoleonWilson got it now
@AnkitSharma Yeah, it's not really about movies or TV to begin with. If anything, it's more literature that movie anyway.
Is it not suitable for ELU/ELL??
11:28 AM
But if anything, "too broad" or "primarily opinion-based" could grip, too.
@AnkitSharma I'm not sure they really want that.
It's a definition of a literature term.
The question might be salvagable by phrasing it movie-only, which could also elimate a big deal of the "too broad" aspect.
I tried something.
Looks better
I'd say it's fine this way.
11:50 AM
@steelerfan sorry I was gone for the night I had a couple of tests to study for
@steelerfan I don't know. I suppose I should, since I suggested the challenge ...
Shit, I was about to post a question, and then realised it had already been asked.
@Randal'Thor ohhh
We have 2 but both are pre-ToW
I just did a tag wiki excerpt for instead (subject to approval, of course).
12:05 PM
I trust you enough to spare me the Wiki-plagiarism check this time.
Uff literature still not succeeded
I have stuff there to migrate
@AnkitSharma What stuff?
Q: Is James Bond explicitly described as caucasian in Ian Fleming's books?

BeofettThere is currently some controversy over the subject of James Bond's race since a minor celebrity has stated that Idris Elba would not be a good casting choice because James is "caucasian". Was James Bonds' ethnicity ever specified in the books beyond "Scottish" (which I believe was added after ...

Q: What order should I read the Robert Langdon books?

DForck42The Robert Langdon books by Dan Brown consists of: Angels & Demons, The DaVinci Code, and The Lost Symbol. Does it make the most sense to read them in that order, or does it not matter if they're read in the right order?

@NapoleonWilson I didn't even look at Wikipedia for this one - I know enough about it to be able to write the excerpt off the cuff. And thanks - now my rep is back to a multiple of 5 ;-)
@AnkitSharma Yeah, no. I haven't favourited this thing for reopening for years just to see it migrated away. ;-)
12:09 PM
@AnkitSharma It's nearly halfway! crosses fingers
@Randal'Thor Anyway you can ask from previous two films.
@AnkitSharma Questions older than 60 days can't be migrated, unless you bug a CM about it.
@Randal'Thor I know, already did that before
@Randal'Thor Is that why you didn't provide a proper tag wiki accompanying the excerpt? ;-)
@NapoleonWilson then why didn't you rewrote it for fitting our site yet
12:12 PM
@NapoleonWilson Partly that, and partly because I probably don't know enough about the film to be able to provide a decent tag wiki without referring to Wikipedia or IMDb.
@AnkitSharma Because I didn't get around to it yet.
@Randal'Thor Well, I usually just repeat the excerpt and add links to Wikipedia and IMDb. The tag wiki isn't really supposed to do that much else, it's not really there to explain the movie for anyone. Maybe add some links to the tags for the other films in the series and be done with it.
@AnkitSharma There's about 10-15 closed/deleted questions I have favourited and that I need to revi(s/v)e some day whenever I feel like it.
@NapoleonWilson Hmm, OK. In the past I've usually tried to flesh it out with a bit more info than the excerpt.
Yeah, that bit for me is links elsewhere and maybe some more info on related tags.
And I also tend to flesh out pseudo-sentences into actual sentences when copying the excerpt to the wiki, as well as employing proper markdown.
So "2011 Armenian Columbus movie about that. Based on That Book." Becomes "This Film is a 2011 Armenian Columbus movie about that. It is based on That Book."
But it makes sense for someone who reads Dan Brown to like the National Treasure series, to close the circle to an earlier discussion.
@AnkitSharma Why? Do you know Scientology and The Lord of the Rings?
That being said, do we really need in addition to the other [tag:*adaptation] tags?
12:34 PM
@NapoleonWilson Well, neither of those are really my thing. I read one Dan Brown novel out of curiosity - given The Da Vinci Code's outstanding success, the guy must be doing something right, and that might be useful to know. And I didn't say I liked National Treasure particularly (didn't even know there was a series) - again, not my thing, but probably slightly more so than Indiana Jones.
@Randal'Thor Well, Star Wars is successful, too. ;-)
@Randal'Thor Hmm, ok then.
I doubt people read Dan Brown for his literary craftsmanship.
I never said I enjoyed it :-)
Sure. I was just saying that success among the rest of the world (whose general taste doesn't necessarily go congruent with your own in many other areas) doesn't have to be a reason for expecting to like something.
And I wasn't particularly expecting to like it. Just wanted to examine it to see if there was anything I could learn about how to write a successful novel. You know me well enough to know that I don't generally consume things just because they're successful (in fact, that's more of a turn-off than a turn-on, if anything).
I used to have more time for reading than I do now ...
@Randal'Thor I know (that's why the approach surprised me). But I wasn't arguing against anything anyway, you read and try what you want to read and try.
12:58 PM
@NapoleonWilson Not seen LotR
@AnkitSharma WUT?
Didn't I told that 100 of times
Hmm, maybe. I thought I might have mixed that up with Star Wars, though.
Feb 8 at 19:27, by Ankit Sharma
@DrRDizzle I haven't watched LotR/Hobbit, so that option disqualify
Which is pretty much the same anyway.
1:00 PM
Jun 15 '15 at 9:55, by Ankit Sharma
As i am still avoiding LotR/Hobbit
@NapoleonWilson That's possible or maybe because of the question about suggested order I asked
@AnkitSharma Oh, right.
@NapoleonWilson I never planned to watch it but asked taht question for ToW and future reference
Sure, it's a nice and canonical question.
I really like when answers bring up interesting and insightful arguments for rather unconventional orders.
As long as the answer isn't just "the prequels suck, dude!".
1:04 PM
Which, unfortunately, works for Star Wars and LotR. ;-)
@Randal'Thor Oh, heh!
Anyway I wanted to participate in this ToW but I have no question from previous two films and I can't make a successful plan to watch inferno yet
I only had that mickey mouse da vinchi code question which I asked years ago
@Randal'Thor I didn't know that's what happens then. Cool. So at least it's by-design.
@Randal'Thor Meh.
@AnkitSharma I hope I can check it this week. But I rarely have questions anyway.
I have many question from the vampire diaries but most of them will be answered as , "hey it's a CW teen supernatural drama, not everything supposed to make sense "
That's a lot of deleted comments.
Was somebody being Not Nice?
1:18 PM
@DrRDizzle No.
@DrRDizzle everybody always remain nice here except that Dr guy :P
@AnkitSharma And that Sharma guy.
@Randal'Thor no that guy is super sweet and nicest guy anybody can ever found in this cruel world
Q: haunted house/castle horror movie

bdkiI am trying to find a horror movie from my childhood (I want to watch it again) and this is what I remember: group of people are trapped inside house/castle and they are trying to escape In one of theirs escape plans, man in trying to cut the door, but he was possessed and he is cutting his ha...

@AnkitSharma Hmm, we must be talking about different guys.
There are a lot of Sharmas in the world.
2 hours later…
3:07 PM
Q: Animated movie, animals captured and put in hanging cages in a castle, 90's early 2000's I think?

CynderMizukiI found this site whilst looking for this movie, seems like someone had asked about it before but the thread was deleted when I clicked the link. 2D Animated movie from the 90's or early 2000's I think. I can only remember a scene of animals, I think forest animals, in hanging cages in a dark cas...


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