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5:02 AM
Q: Underworld Series

SnowmanThe Underworld series of movies currently has four movies. According to Wikipedia, the movies were released 1, 2, 3, 4: but chronologically, they are ordered 3, 4, 1, 2 (3 and 4 are prequels). In what order should one watch the movies to achieve the greatest continuity and best understanding of ...

5:46 AM
Q: TV movie about the travelers

MarkI'm trying to remember the name of a TV movie from the past few years about a woman whose husband dies and she finds out he owned some land that she knows nothing about. She goes there to try to sell it and finds out things she never new about her husband including he had special powers and was a...

6:34 AM
Q: Gang of men with dog like teeth, which they use to kill everyone

SandySandsI saw this movie long ago on TV, somewhere in 2004-2005; one scene where a gang of 4 men, ordinary looking, are fooling around with one blonde girl in red top and the main guy is talking to another buddy, convincing him to join. Later all these "men" bite into the girl's neck with their dog like ...

7:09 AM
Q: 2K versus Quad HD (QHD)

JannikIs there a REAL difference or is it both the same. According to a german wikipedia article 2K is a resolution with a width of UP TO 2048 pixels. Therefore 2560x1440 doesnt fit into this range. Furthermore on the english 2K article (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2K_resolution) I can see only resol...

7:45 AM
Q: Do movie actors/actresses dub their scenes after shooting or do they use the audio that is in the scene?

Mark GabrielDo they record the audio separately? Or is it all taken in one shot? I think I remember watching some cheap indie films whose audio and video, particularly the speaking of the actors, are not very convincing. I was wondering if everyone records the audio separately.

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12:12 PM
Q: Which movie is this ? or name of actors in this picture please?

nomanPlease can you tell me the movie name ? in this scene as you can see picture girl is drunk and these boys are taking her to home !!


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