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12:07 AM
@steelerfan Or just distract me somehow else.
(Sorry, I'm bad today. 0;-))
@NapoleonWilson Well, normally I would, but I don't know if I could "distract" someone who is afraid of centipedes. I mean...I do have my standards :P
@steelerfan Well, I told you I'm not as manly a man-man as you might be used from the North-Western wilderness. :'(
Ugh... Andy wanted to grill, so he keeps going in and out of the house... and now there are mosquitoes everywhere and I'm convinced I'm going to get Zika.
@NapoleonWilson Awww. Of course I know that! I just like to f**k with you!
See, that's a thing I never cared much about. I always tended to keep the lights on and window and doors open the whole time and my parents would get pissed about it all the time. But I also have no doubt that our mosquitoes here are ridiculous compared to your wild and fierce American ones.
12:19 AM
Catija has the fierce ones...she's in Texas ;)
@NapoleonWilson Well, if that's the case, just frigging call me already! ;)
@steelerfan Oh, hehe!
The mosquitoes here are huge.
@NapoleonWilson Seriously. I'm over at my caree's house and I'm frigging bored!
@Catija I have heard about them...
When I was in Seattle, I don't think they even had mosquitoes...
2 hours later…
2:06 AM
@Catija the mosquitoes in the NW are totally small.
So, I go and make dinner over at my caree's house about once every two weeks and I am over here and made dinner tonight. I made like a greek pasta salad thing. OMG. It was actually really good!! WOOT!!! You would be so proud of me @Catija!! bows
Q: What is this camera effect used in The Ugly Truth (2009)?

user35239This Question inspired me. Effect: Background comes very close, Nearer object go far at the same time. Effect used in this movie around 78:41.

YAY! Congrats!
I know, I'm so excited. I was on the phone with Napoleon and cooking this and I told my caree that I was cooking and she just looked at me with this face, like...seriously...Oh, great. HAHA! It was frigging hilarious. But, it turned out really good!
2:35 AM
Q: What happened to Kochanski between season 8 and 10 of Red Dwarf?

StephenWhat happened to Kochanski between season 8 and 10 of Red Dwarf? At the end of season 8, Rimmer had gone back to the "real" universe and the other 4 had gone to the mirror universe. After that, what happened? How were they all reunited and specifically, where did Kochanski go?

3:31 AM
Q: Can Wonda Maximoff (scarlet witch) be realistically imprisioned in the MCU?

David HobsIn Captain America: Civil War, when Tony visits the floating prison, we see Wanda in a straight jacket in her own isolated cell. Makes sense considering how powerful she is. But could she be realistically constrained? In the comics, from what I understand, not a chance. But in the MCU, if she can...

4:30 AM
@Catija Look what I found for you!!! ^^
Then, of course after the little guy gets here...^^
OMG. This is sooooo cool. I could go absolutely nuts on this stuff.
I am getting my friend a bunch of stuff because she is having a baby. I am seriously going crazy on all of the cool stuff they have. OMG.
OMFG!! Seriously...that is like the most awesome thing...EVER^^
Okay, I'm done. hehe!
I am always here if you need ideas for clothes/nursery decorating tips :P
5:36 AM
Q: Its an old movie not sure if I can remember much but I'll try

meganWhen I was younger I watched a movie there was a newlywed couple I do believe they are anyways and they had some sort of problem. So they went to this castle/mansion near by to stay the night while they were there weird stuff started to happen. The lady was being violated by a ghost and at some p...

@steelerfan lol
So cute
@steelerfan Yeah, someone just informed me few days ago due to soem US companies dependency on my work ;D
@KutuluMike ROFL
@steelerfan I don't, i will even kill them on first site
@Catija Sounds good.
6:16 AM
Q: What is this name of the shot used in Carrie (1976)?

user35239I saw this shot in so many movies: Cape fear (1991) also. so what is name of this shot used?

6:33 AM
Q: Movie about slug like creature eats people from the inside out

meganIt is a strange movie I watched when I was young can't remember much but a slug like creature. There was this heavier set lady and she would kill people with this huge slug like creature I remember this one scene where she had a lady held so she could put this creature in her through her stomach ...

2 hours later…
8:36 AM
Are we going to call netflix The punsiher web series ??
even when it's not going to coem on TV
8:46 AM
or we are going to call it 18 or whatever year it comes
9:42 AM
@AnkitSharma Sounds good.
For now i have added in MCU tag wiki and not removed Inhuman yet
@AnkitSharma didn't come on TV either. You don't really define TV-show as "showing on broadcast TV" any more, it's much broader defined.
hmmm, fair point
And even then it's not that easy. I watched House of Cards on a normal TV channel.
in Mos Eisley, 15 mins ago, by Wad Cheber
So M&TV doesn't have a "don't flood the front page with edits" rule?
9:46 AM
@AnkitSharma Urgh! They have, just not such a restricted 5 per 15 new questions rule.
Anyway i have done too much recently that i am not going to edit anything from the old stack soon
@AnkitSharma In your endeavour, have you considered selecting one tag that most of the rest have and then merging the rest into them at the end? [tag:the dark-knight-rises] looks like a good candidate.
@NapoleonWilson nice idea, didn't gave it a though
But that also need to retag many question again
@AnkitSharma 10 of the remaining 21 are for TDKR.
@AnkitSharma Yeah, you don't have to do it now, just something to keep in mind.
9:50 AM
So you only have to fix 11 instead of 21.
On the side note i still think, it's better to make synonym of too
As we have question about ending tagged with plot explanation sometime and it's bit unevenly used
and 64 tagged with both
And in total ending exists with 153 Q only
and 5 times it's used with ID tag
@AnkitSharma Yeah, and I'm still telling you it's a story for another time.
Next time someday
It's not like we don't currently have quite some retagging to do.
There's currently 3 different retagging projects running.
10:16 AM
Q: How could Sam pull Michael in the cage with him?

griffinwishOn Supernatural, in 5x22 "Swan Song", Sam(while controlling Lucifer) was able to pull Michael with him in the cage. How could he do that? Michael is an archangel, he could've just zap Sam out of there with no troubles. Or was it because maybe Sam had the powers of Lucifer?

@MovieReel Um, is this actually a crossover between Supernatural and Lucifer or is he just tagging it with because of some guy named thus appearing in the episode?
@NapoleonWilson later
lucifer is DC comics show and supernatural just have that character from bible
Problem is Lucifer tag doesn't have tag wiki yet
10:35 AM
@Rincewind hi
Nothing.... :)
and you? Anything interesting happening?
No just doing cleaning over Hinduism .se
So nothing interesting... :(
I have to give time to both the sites where i have diamonds
10:39 AM
Of cause... But that does not mean it's interesting
It is like house work you need to do it but one can't say it's interesting
I enjoy working on movie.se and i feel responsible for hindusim.se.
And sometimes it's interesting too
That is good!
Means you don't loose interest]
I always find something interesting here
So what's going on with you
10:44 AM
@Rincewind Hello, and welcome to Movies & TV!
@NapoleonWilson Thank you :) It took me long enough to find!
Oh nothing... which is partly why I am here... I was looking for something to do!
@Rincewind hahahahhaha, fair enough
@AnkitSharma :)
Here i am avoiding office work to spend more time on SE
@AnkitSharma We are all avoiding work then!
10:48 AM
same pinch
Who didn't cry at that scene in The Never Ending Story?
@AnkitSharma Ah... Well... Maybe this is a good thing, we can join heads and think of new ways to avoid work
@Rincewind The one who have not seen it yet ;D
@AnkitSharma gasps
@AnkitSharma What have you seen????
@Rincewind Train your juniors to do your stupid work and avoid your seniors ( but for me my senior already avoiding me :D)
@Rincewind You means recently, Just Game of throne latest episode and Spud film.
@AnkitSharma lol well that leaves only one thing to do
@AnkitSharma We have to give you a movie education...
10:55 AM
@Rincewind I have some movie watching rules
War/army, spy, pre 90s films are blacklisted.
Comedy , romance only when i have nothing else to go for
No weird accents , so i mostly go for US only.
@AnkitSharma You are missing out on some of the best movies! The 80's made great movies
Then i have lots of TV series to complete and i hardly quite a TV series if i starts
@AnkitSharma Well weird accents are a bit hard to listen to sometimes if they are bad as well!
@Rincewind I do break my rule sometime.
@AnkitSharma That is understandable
@AnkitSharma lol that is good!
11:00 AM
@Rincewind My English is not that good to pick all the accents and those UK slang terms are too confusing.
@AnkitSharma Well so are american slang if you don't know them!
@Rincewind mostly people make me break that rule and mostly it's fro extra ordinary good works like Schindler's List which i adore from heart
@AnkitSharma Well I have heard that it is a great movie
Some of my most favorite movies come from the 80's
Life Is Beautiful and Schindler's List are my top pick for nazi themed films. I can re-watch them any day
@Rincewind which?
@AnkitSharma Have you seen inglourious basterds?
11:04 AM
@Rincewind we have two big 80s fan here @steelerfan and @NapoleonWilson and maybe more
@Rincewind heard a lot but never tried
@AnkitSharma Oh... Those movies with Bruce Willis (I do know the title I just can't bring it to mind!), Dirty Dancing, Greese, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Breakfast Club, Back to the Future!
@AnkitSharma Oh you should watch in I love Quentin Tarantino's movies.
@AnkitSharma Although they are rather violent with lots of blood (the only movies I watch that are like that) so I am warning you beforehand!
Seen all Star Wars but not liked them much. I am confused if i have seen Ferris Bueller's Day Off or not but it's in my list to watch soon. Tried Dirty Dancing but it is too old for my taste, theN i watched it's sequel instead :d
@Rincewind I like kill bill and i can see violence to any level.
@AnkitSharma lol they personally were not as good as the first one...
@AnkitSharma Well then there will be no problem... :) But it really was a great movie about Nazi's
Is it not the film with German accents ?
@AnkitSharma Quentin Tarantino does not really do accents but there might be a few...
11:17 AM
@Rincewind Indeed!
@NapoleonWilson The 80's were the best!
New member for steeler's 80s club ;D
@AnkitSharma But see some clips on youtube and if there are lots of accents you can tell me off!
@AnkitSharma It would seem so!
K, i will go for it soon
11:26 AM
Inglourious Basterds might be my favourite Tarantino film, or maybe Django Unchained?
@NapoleonWilson Django Unchained was brilliant!
@NapoleonWilson That moment with the KKK and the discussion about eye holes...
@Rincewind Oh, I actually didn't like that scene so much.
shooting themselves because they can see shit!
I tired Django Unchained but not my cup of tea
Inglourious Basterds not yet
@NapoleonWilson It just showed up the stupidity of such people so perfectly
11:28 AM
@Rincewind Sure, but I found that whole discussion a little too ridiculous and forcefully unfunny and out of place.
@AnkitSharma why?
@NapoleonWilson The hole movie was out of place... look at the final scene with the horse
@NapoleonWilson the whole movie had a sense of the ridiculous about it
@Rincewind Sure, but I just didn't find that scene funny. I don't know, it was too forced and stupid to me.
@Rincewind different taste
@NapoleonWilson It wasn't funny but it did show the characters in a way that really showed where such ideas come from..
@AnkitSharma That cool... :)
11:41 AM
tor.com/2016/05/30/… The Evil Empire the good guys?
@AnkitSharma Huuummmm?
@AnkitSharma I to hmmm
@AnkitSharma I was humming to you hmmming
So it was a hum for a hmm
reminded me coldplay song for no reason ;D
@AnkitSharma It was :)
11:50 AM
@AnkitSharma Does sort of or ...youtube.com/watch?v=AMT698ArSfQ
@Rincewind How :O
@AnkitSharma There is a line? Where they go Hey Ha hey dhfsnjdnslfsk in spanish
it did
can't explain why!
oooh i remember now
That song was remade in hindi too
Q: Why did Christine Collins never demand DNA testing on her fake kid?

user35252In Changeling (2008), Cops handed over a fake kid to Collins, then pretend for it to be the real kid. Then why can't she demand a DNA testing on this fake kid?

@AnkitSharma I think it was made in every language
11:54 AM
yeah stupid famous song
It was a very popular song
popularity ! =quality
Take twilight and Justin Bieber for example
@AnkitSharma Never!!!
@AnkitSharma Hate the lot of them!
same pinch
@AnkitSharma Did you see Zoolander 2?
11:57 AM
no, not either 1st one
@AnkitSharma The beginning was great they shot Bieber
Sound fun
@AnkitSharma They are ok if you like silly but I was more asking to now if you saw the scene with Bieber
@AnkitSharma It was....!
@AnkitSharma Now if only the you do that to all copies of Twilight!
@MovieReel Ouch.
or possibly a nice big bonfire...
11:59 AM
@NapoleonWilson lol
@Rincewind twilight is like a vampire X-men film with bad writing and acting. Seen them all hate them all
@AnkitSharma Seem two Trailers and hate them all!
@AnkitSharma They SPARKLE!!!!!
@AnkitSharma I mean really????
@Rincewind In the last part they all have different different super powers
@AnkitSharma puke!
One can control water, other have some telepathic power blah blah x-men
@AnkitSharma rolls eyes
other bored, disgusted and looking for a lighter faces
12:06 PM
I have seen the first one, but don't really remember much at all.
@NapoleonWilson Well they aren't good and aren't worth the memory space!
I watched them all to find the reason of being famous and found none
Well, Kristen Steward goes smooth on the eyes (as does Robert Pattinson too a bit). But that doesn't help when all she does is stare into the void with a grim look.
blastr.com/2016-5-27/… I like Simon Peggs movies
Sure, he's fun.
12:09 PM
@NapoleonWilson Really liked.... At Worlds End
Also liked Hot Fuzz
@Rincewind Yeah, my favourite from the supposed trilogy.
I also watched Paul on TV recently. Also very good, especially interesting for the inclined science-fiction enthusiast, with its many references and allusions.
@NapoleonWilson Oh yes Paul!! Had me in stitches...
Still 48 tag wikis to write. :'(
@NapoleonWilson :( Need help?
Sure. There's always need for people writing tag wikis.
12:17 PM
@NapoleonWilson Where do I need to go?
New here still!
@Rincewind A start could be browsing the list of tags and looking for those that don't have a tag wiki yet.
@NapoleonWilson I will start there! :)
I'm currently trying to give at least all the tags on my questions a reasonable tag wiki. And there's still 48 left. I ask questions about too much crap noone cares about, I guess. ;-)
Hail hydra
you are not a secret hydra agent.
12:22 PM
agent - yes
secret - no
@NapoleonWilson Well at least 48 things noone cares abut ;p
@AnkitSharma Hail the Good Guys!
@AnkitSharma :D :D
1:23 PM
Q: Stories turned to movies multiple times

AaronWhich Story has been made into a movie more times than any other story?

Ok, down to 40 already.
How the hell Lucifer question get 31k views :O
Well, the title probably drags millions of people from the internet that are not aware of the TV show but more interested in the Bible character.
As evident from the many bullshit answers citing some kinds of religious texts and legends.
1:40 PM
> Think you are mistaken, islam does not mention this anywhere.. read first and then make comments!!!
Yeah, amazing irony, even more so as an answer rather than a comment.
Do you know the comics or TV-show? Maybe we should delete that other answer, too? It also seems to be based on some religious text entirely unrelated to the show.
Because they don't have rep to comment or maybe they don't care at first place
@NapoleonWilson no, i don't. I think @KutuluMike knows
Anyway after so many review he still got only 3 upvote
I've watched the show but I haven't read much of the comic
@AnkitSharma Sure, when most of the viewers are non-users anyway.
Valunknown's answer surely seems from some scripture
The Book of Hosea is one of the books of the Hebrew Bible. According to the traditional order of most Hebrew Bibles, it is the first of the twelve Minor Prophets. == Background and content == Hosea (הושֵעַ) prophesied during a dark and melancholic era of Israel's history, the period of the Northern Kingdom's decline and fall in the 8th century BC. The apostasy of the people was rampant, having turned away from God in order to serve both the calves of Jeroboam and Baal, a Canaanite god. During Hosea's lifetime, the kings of the Northern Kingdom, their aristocratic supporters, and the priests had...
1:45 PM
The TV show doesn't say anything at all about Lucifer's mother, and in the comics he doesn't have one.
pretty sure that answer is quoting from Hebrew scripture, not DC comics.
I'm normally not too inclined to delete bad or wrong answers as long as they try to answer the question. But this question is bound to attract bullshit from people who don't even know anything about that TV-show, let alone that the question is about that (which might also be a good reason to edit the question a little).
I do agree tag didn't had tag wiki before or title say nothing but question body clearly mention the TV series
2:08 PM
@steelerfan OMG so much yellow.... eeeek.
@NapoleonWilson religious answers to fiction questions also tend to attract more heat than light; those have started flame wars on SF/F before.
it's one of the few times I think SF/F mods have deleted answers
Q: Horror movie : Alien creatures like a ball sticks behind the neck and they put a tentacle inside the head to control their hosts

Anastasio90It's an 90's horror movie i watch it when i was kid , i only remember the aliens , they were like a ball they stick on the neck of humans and put their tentacle inside the head , that's how they control them. Sorry for my English :p

@KutuluMike I know one case, text evidence was used from hindusim.se and i got pinged on MOS for it
And here by Rand too
That question was bit weird to start with , it asked for sci-fi and fantasy text and Mahabharata can be treated as fantasy if u ignore religion part
2:30 PM
we try to steer way clear of religion because even defining what is/isn't religious is enough to start a flame war.
i think ancient mythology is as close as we let ourselves get and even that was contentious
hmmm, i can see that
gasp I see my adoptive daughter was here ;)
@steelerfan and she joined you 80s club here.
3 hours ago, by Ankit Sharma
New member for steeler's 80s club ;D
@AnkitSharma I knew that she would. She's awesome. Why do you think that I adopted her? ;)
2:44 PM
in Mos Eisley, May 23 at 22:38, by Napoleon Wilson
@steelerfan Heh, it nearly seems like she's a younger, European version of you...
@NapoleonWilson Haha! I told you that she was awesome!
I mean, I don't just offer to adopt anyone
The only thing that I regret is that I won't get to dress her in all of those cute Steeler baby clothes. Haha!
So, I almost killed a bobcat last night. It ran right out in front of me. It was a really big one, too.
Yeah, how was your camping trip? Chilled 'n easy?
I didn't stay. I just did a quick turn around. I only stayed up there for an hour. Honestly, it was way too loud. There's a pack ocoyotes that wouldn't shut up ;)
Wow, hehe!
@Rincewind How dare you come in here and not say hi to your adoptive mother! I see that you have joined the 80's club with Napoleon and I. I knew that I adopted the right person ;)
@NapoleonWilson It gives me the greatest thrill to say this...but, I have to go to work!!! WOOT!!!
2:58 PM
@steelerfan Aww, I'm so glad for you. Finally!
@NapoleonWilson Aww. Thanks, babe. I'm outta here :)
2 hours later…
5:02 PM
Disney has ordered Rogue One to undergo 4 weeks of reshoots in July, as they're not happy with the current version of the film as it's apparently not testing well. news.com.au/entertainment/movies/upcoming-movies/…
@MattD Hopefully they won't have issues with crappy wigs the way Fantastic Four did...
5:31 PM
5:55 PM
Q: what's this scary movie's title?

ehsanthis is a rather old movie that begins like this: a family move in to a new big house which they had bought from an old couple. they go to the house to take it but they find out that the old couple has disappeared. they start living there. all i can remember from the movie is father and son swimm...

Hooray! I'm so glad to be back at work!!
@NapoleonWilson Are you still at work?
@steelerfan No.
@steelerfan ;-)
Q: In American Dad, is everything part of Stan Smith's heaven?

CBredlowIn Season 5, episode 9 of American Dad, the Rapture occurs, and while Stan doesn't get raptured, he stays and participates in the war afterwards and helps kill off the anti-Christ. During that battle, Stan is fatally wounded and taken to heaven. Since each heaven is tailored specifically to each...

@NapoleonWilson Can you call me at 2pm PST?
@steelerfan Um...sure.
6:07 PM
@NapoleonWilson Well, you don't have to if you're busy...
@steelerfan I'm not, don't worry.
@NapoleonWilson Cool! It's a date!
I gotta go :)
@steelerfan You weren't on!!!!! :,(
But yes I am now a happy member of the 80's club!
and I have decided that we need to give @AnkitSharma a movie education
@steelerfan did you know he has not seen The Never Ending Story?
6:52 PM
7:02 PM
WTH new tag can't be crrated from mobile :O
Nope. Never has been possible. You need a tag created somewhere?
Q: Allow creating new tags

Danubian SailorHow do I create a new tag in the mobile iOS/ Android app? This operation is currently not supported. When I tap the tags section, a search window opens; when I type something not existing and press Done, the tag section remains blank. Please add such option to the apps. It is specially importan...

Then somebody need to fix this american dad question
Thanks , it was messing with my head somehow
7:32 PM
Q: Meaning and influence of the tip at the end of Men In Black 3?

Ishan TanejaI know many things did not make sense in Men In Black 3 but the last scene where griffin is eating pie and notices K did not give a tip and looks up to see a meteor and as soon as K remembers and gives the tip Griffin exclaims "That was a close one" and the meteor crashes with something(Satellite...

7:53 PM
Q: Addams family and Addams family values

MarkMany of the family display extreme abilities. After watching the first two movies from the nineties today, and thinking of another movie where anjelica huston played the mother of an eccentric family (the royal tenenbaums), i want to know if the explanation for those abilities lie in genius. Are ...

Q: The Munsters: What episodes does Lily Munster vacuum the house in reverse?

XplodotronIn the Munsters, Lily Munster uses the vacuum cleaner in reverse! So crazy! The vacuum sprays dust all over the place and it is quirky and hilarious. Can anyone name any of the specific episodes where she does this? I tried scanning through some episodes in YouTube but no luck yet.

8:42 PM
9:40 PM
Half of all questions are attributed to a single user and his never-ending questions about explaining single lines of dialogue.
10:07 PM
@NapoleonWilson This one never should have had the tag in the first place: movies.stackexchange.com/questions/10557/…
Can't you just ask one of the CMs to nuke the tag, though? Is it really easier to manually remove them?
@Catija It's not many anymore, though. Just ~10. Then we can merge it away.
Ah, gotcha... what are you going to merge it with?
I'd rather not bother the CMs with stuff that we can still tackle ourselves. They usually give the impression of rather not wanting to be bothered with such lowly maintenance issues. And it would involve weeks worth of s. So I'd spare that for the really bad cases.
Sure. I just had imagined it was on hundreds of questions.
I hadn't looked at the question count.
@Catija . About ~66% of the remaining ones already have it anyway and from the others most should have it.
10:11 PM
Ah, so you're just removing it from the few that don't have it and shouldn't?
@Catija Indeed. That's the easiest way.
Makes sense.
cde describes the process in his now updated question.
Ah, missed that part.
10:29 PM
Q: Jail movie. Dancing

E LHere the two screenshots made from youtube clip Guy is watching girl's (ass) dancing through the glass. When guads came he cries 'she's not done (yet)'

@NapoleonWilson sorry. Call me in 5 minutes :)
11:24 PM
I suspect I'm the only person here who will appreciate this but it's still f'ing awesome.
11:38 PM
Considering the fact I don't even know why it's exciting... I'm going to guess you're correct.

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