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10:43 PM
Q: Practical implementation of spatial binning for rectangular range queries

Thomas KlimpelI have a bunch of polygons and a coarse uniform grid. I want to implement two different range queries, for a rectangle aligned with the uniform grid: Does the rectangle intersect with any polygon at all? Give me all the polygons which intersect the rectangle. A simple data-structure would be ...

Long time ago, have solved it myself in the meantime, not sure whether I should are want post an answer. After all, it would be some work, would require drawing some images, and nobody seems to be too interested anyway.
Q: Convolution of two radially symmetric functions for double logarithmic plot

Thomas Klimpel Question: I have problems with sidelobes when computing the convolution of two radially symmetric functions. I wonder whether I should just switch from second order to fourth order and refine the grid aggressively, or whether there are more appropriate methods for computing this convolution. ...

Believe it or not, I still haven't managed to solve this one. Funny how little resonance is generated by problems which occur during normal daily work, compared to more general questions of "principles". At least stackoverflow in theory only wants questions which occur during normal daily work. But the science sites are probably more oriented towards academic standards, and hence don't value questions from daily work.

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