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12:47 AM
Q: How to cite nonpersonal email

user36800My boss cites email to him as "Private communication". I want to cite email from a subject matter expert to a number of individuals (of which I was not one in the original message). It is not private nor personal because it involved 3-4 recipients. And it is wasn't initially sent to me. How d...

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11:01 AM
Q: Creative Commons license for a book - educational use

ColometHow can i create my own educational license for my schoolar books? I´m thinking in a fork of CC-BY-SA-NC + EDUCATIONAL USE. What should i have in mind before write the license? thanks

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12:21 PM
Woo! Submitted my first change request.
12:35 PM
brews tea
12:58 PM
drinks tea
Pretty funny
Sadly I think Harper will win anyway, for reasons I can only ascribe to "people are stupid and/or masochistic"
I wish they'd make voting mandatory.
I think that right up to the point where I remember how stupid people are.
I think maybe you should have to earn the privilege of voting. In some way that you can't buy it.
Like everyone who lives below the poverty line automatically qualifies. The higher up you go, the harder it gets.
Or something. I dunno. I don't want to disenfranchise people who are already at a disadvantage.
But conspiracy theorists and bigots shouldn't be allowed to vote.
So that narrows it down considerably. Makes counting easier too.
1:15 PM
I think requiring everyone to vote would offset the nutcases and bigots, many of whom are already voting anyway.
1:25 PM
I don't know. There are a lot of stupid people out there who are likely to vote for the prettiest or funniest or most ironic.
I'm willing to make the experiment.
I envy Australia. They have mandatory voting AND ranked ballots.
You're so nice. You must be Canadian.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Yeah, well, that's not going to help convince me.
Just kidding. I do like the idea of mandatory voting, almost as much as ranked choice.
@KitZ.Fox Their government seems to be relatively normal. Actually, too conservative for my tastes.
@KitZ.Fox I think ranked choices would be even better, but that's a harder sell.
It will probably happen, eventually, here, unless there are major societal problems.
It'll start with cities.
People will get sick of a whacko nobody wants getting elected mayor.
They'll demand ranked ballots so that the most acceptable mayor gets elected.
I think we're going to get it in my state.
Then, when that proves to be just fine, eventually they'll demand it for provincial and then federal elections.
1:30 PM
Because the last ten gubernatorial candidates were elected by plurality.
yeah here it's almost every single election everywhere that's elected by plurality.
that's what you get for having so many parties.
The problem is so bad that they're considering doing away with electoral districts and just divvying up the seats in parliament according to the popular vote.
yeah and we don't even have parties at the municipal level, thank gods.
1:44 PM
meeting time, cya later
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2:46 PM
Q: Question about punctuation and action tags

jhw145I'm new here and a new writer in general. I'm trying to get a handle on action tags and punctuation and I'm wondering about these two examples: Claire huffs out a heavy breath, then speaks. ”I think you’re really good for her, you know.” She nods at Helen in the rain. "Maybe the best thing th...

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3:49 PM
Q: How Can You Include Public Stakes in a Character Novel?

Tommy MyronIn Donald Maass's book Writing the Breakout Novel, he talks about stakes. He goes over how a breakout novel needs two kinds: personal stakes - what the hero could lose - and public stakes - what the world of the novel could lose. Together, they make a powerful combination. I've found this to be t...

4:12 PM
Q: How to self-publish?

Alyssa BynumI couldn't find anything to do with self-publishing. Could someone explain this to me and how I could do it? I know that I should know about this but I sadly don't.

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5:28 PM
But you didn't have to cut me off, make out like it never happened and that we were nothing.
6:17 PM
Today, I am enjoying re-reading things I wrote.
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10:18 PM
Q: Need help in a clarifying a paragraph that communicates with the slogan

user3907211My english is not strong, so I am trying to rephrase my slogan and descriptive paragraph to make it more clear and catchy. Slogan: Making deliveries more convenient. Descriptive paragraph: Are you never home when the delivery man rings? We provide package pickup boxes in your neighborhood. With...


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