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8:21 AM
@Jay nice one. And it all started after you bought my inspirational photographs ;)
8:32 AM
@Jay yay!
8:44 AM
Yay Jay! Have a puppy:
@Jolenealaska Awwwww. Cute!!!
Good morning, all!
Mornin @Stephie
Take a look at this:
No surprize of course that he was chosen.
Notice anything interesting about the cover, aside from the subject?
Dragon is refusing to play.
@Jolenealaska Well, what everyone likes to ignore is that "person of the year" just means "made the news" not "did something good". I'm not sure Trump knows this, though.
@Jolenealaska you mean the damaged chair, the grey face and the facial expression?
9:01 AM
morning ladies
how you doing?
oh dear :(
chesty or tickly?
9:19 AM
@ElendilTheTall not sure yet. I hope it won't "slip down" towards the lungs.
fingers crossed
Thanks to the underage crowd...
working today?
what's on the cards?
9:20 AM
One more day / training and planning session next Wednesday.
@Stephie None of those strike me more than the "devil's horns" made by the M in Time. There's no way they didn't mean to do that.
@Jolenealaska haha
@ElendilTheTall Christmas shopping (online), planning and kiddie pampering.
(And the usual household duties, of course.)
I just cancelled my bakehouse shift - smoke, food for sale and coughing don't go together.
Smart lady!
BRB, this time I'm going to hardboot.
aren't they at school?
9:27 AM
@ElendilTheTall sick. Where do you think I got that stupid cough? ;-)
of course
Sherlock Holmes, I ain't
I'm doling out paracodin (dihydrocodeine). :(((
is that a bad thing?
Well, it's the "big weapon".
Dragon is back.
9:40 AM
I soft booted twice. I was feeling a little nervous that time.
it strikes me that dragon kinda sucks balls
It keeps trying to sell me a $100 upgrade.
The media has picked up on the devil's horn thing. It has also been noted that the pose is strikingly similar to that of Adolf Hitler when he was Man of the Year in 1938.
9:48 AM
@ElendilTheTall I wonder whether it's really Dragon that is the problem, it may just be too hoggy for my poor old machine.
his media team should have picked up on that
@Jolenealaska that too
but it shouldn't have to be that hoggy
not that similar
Whaddya you think?
9:52 AM
there are similarities
but I wouldn't say they were striking
I don't think so either. That could be a totally innocent similarity. Perhaps a few people involved chose the pose to look like Hitler, but perhaps not everybody.
The M though? That was intentional.
well, one thing's certain
the next four years aren't going to be boring
unfortunately, I believe there's a Chinese proverb about that...
Speaking of Trump, he has made some interesting appointments lately. The most frightening is Scott Pruitt as head of the EPA.
@ElendilTheTall Yes
what about someone called "Mad Dog" as Defence Secretary?
that's the kind of level-headed chap you want in charge of a military budget bigger than the next 26 countries combined :/
Ambassador to China is an interesting pick too.
That one I don't actually disagree with, but it seems to be a major departure from his pugilistic attitude thus far.
10:02 AM
it's hard to separate his bluster from the real guy I think
I wondered what the Quid pro quo was going to be concerning him. (Governor of Iowa, endorsed Trump)
he's not stupid
he may not have the best motives, but he's not an idiot
I don't know, I'm finding his continued rants against SNL to come across as pretty idiotic.
Maybe he can have the first amendment repealed while he's in office.
10:05 AM
that's his weakness, his ego
10:16 AM
do me a favour folks
I'm putting together a little online questionnaire for people who have signed up for tuition so I can determine where they're at and what they want to learn.
have a look and see if you can think of anything that needs adding/removing/improving
you don't need to fill it in, natch
Is "this afternoon" soon enough for you?
yes, of course dearest :)
Good. Because I have literally my hands full atm.
she says, typing with her hands ಠ_ಠ
One pinkie!
10:29 AM
As well as I can say, it looks good. But, I don't have any kind of basis to judge.
I mean, put yourself in the shoes of someone who's just booked tuition
Is it overwhelming?
Does it make sense?
@ElendilTheTall looks good, insofaras I don't know crap about cameras ;p
but not overwhelming at all
It does not seem to be asking for too much, as far as how much typing or thinking the user would have to do to fill it out. You don't have the 'starting at' price hidden behind dozens of menus...
The questions seem appropriate
10:47 AM
hello guys. i want to remove protein scum from soups made with fish. i believe this is the item i need: ebay.co.uk/itm/…? however will it remove fish oil and saturated fat?(i dont want this removed). in some descriptions for these it says it removes oil and fat.
looks like it will remove anything too big to go through the mesh
does that include fish oil and sat fat or no idea?
That will remove some of the fat, just what clings to the solids that it removes. Liquid oil will pass right through it. Saturated fat at cold temperatures can congeal into larger pieces that will be held up by strainer.
If you strain the stock while it's hot, you won't strain away a lot of fat.
so when using on a soup, it shouldnt remove sat fat or fish oil, except that which is attached to the scum.
10:58 AM
woot, I've just got two and half weeks' off using only nine days holiday :D
How many days do you automatically get off for Christmas?
legally, just Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day
with days in lieu when they fall on weekends
but at this place we get the week off between xmas and new year
one of the few perks
@ElendilTheTall oh? Neat! Here, it's your bad luck if they are on a weekend.
so this year we'll finish on the 23rd and then the bank holidays are 26th and 27th
next year, Easter falls late
so we have Good Friday off, then Easter Monday
then May 1st is a bank holiday
11:14 AM
Do you have to use vacation days for between xmas and new year?
so I have booked off the 4 remaining days after Easter Monday, and the 5 days the week after that
@ElendilTheTall wise!
18 days off, 9 days holiday used
that would get me shot dead in America
by the CEO
@Stephie no
it's just a kind of perk
it's so ridiculously quiet that it's not worth us coming in
the boss pops in for a couple of hours to check the phones etc
@ElendilTheTall Some of our collegues love to work the first week of January for exactly that reason: finally getting things done without constant interrupts.
Last day of school here is Wednesday the 21st. So a tiny bit of time before the actual holidays.
@Stephie so are your hands still full?
11:23 AM
@ElendilTheTall not really. Have to feed the minors, then check the questionnaire.
tsk, priorities
chicken soup?
@ElendilTheTall yep.
@Stephie What do you think of the Time cover? (The devil's horns and similar posing to Hitler)
@ElendilTheTall makes totally sense and isn't too overwhelming. I like the detailed explanation, e.g. where to find the lens data. And the last box about visual clues / example photos is a great idea.
11:36 AM
thanks folks
@Jolenealaska I can't see a particular similarity between Hitler and Trump - there are only so many poses for a portrait. The 'M' may or may not be intentional, but the outcry isn't new either - see the two tiny tips of the 'M' on the 2013 cover with Pope Francis.
11:52 AM
Another cover with Trump has those too.
What I find way more interesting is the visual langue with the chair.
we're not familiar with the exact physical properties of every kitchen tool on the market
oh well thats fine, if u dont know, just say
And for me, a simple large spoon was always enough.
11:56 AM
@JamesWilson who would know?
^^ agreed!
what are the chances that the three of us would have had the exact same tool with the exact same use case?
seasoned cooks might know how effective these tools are
at removing protein scum but not saturated fat from boiling whitebait?
well u dont need the exact same tool, if you ever used a 'vogue' skimmer u might know what that does
11:57 AM
@JamesWilson seasoned cooks, and I mean the really good ones, stick to very few, very basic tools.
you could just use a spoon to skim off scum ;p
@JamesWilson but no one would care about removing relatively small amounts of saturated fat along with protein scum
well jolene seemed to know, she answered it before
just dip it in cold water every now and then
unless they had your specific dietary needs
@JamesWilson based on common sense
11:58 AM
The finer the strainer, the more fat you will skim off along with solids. At what degree of fineness you will find the ultimate strainer for your needs is outside of a reasonable thing to expect us to know.
That is what everyone of us would have said. It's obvious.
well like i said, the descrition said they remove fats and oils, so i was double checking
If larger than the holes or sticking to sth. else.
Besides, the scum won't hurt you. It's largely a visual thing.
12:14 PM
Off to grab a coffee (and possibly steal a few cookies...). See you later!
I need to jump in the shower. Back soon.
1:16 PM
I'm not walking well enough to shower just yet. So, still here?
of course
I'm always here
no place else to go
<tiny violins play>
Captive audience!
Spoiler maybe... Do we know that the Night's King is the same guy that we saw attacked by the children? Could the current one be a descendent of that one?
i assumed he was the same
That's what's got me wondering. A pretty big assumption, no?
I've found a new (to me) maker of Game of Thrones videos who I like.
1:32 PM
@Jolenealaska why?
you saw the guy being made
then you see the same guy later
When do we see the same guy again? Perhaps played by the same actor, but are we sure it's the same man? It could very well be that I'm missing something.
we're talking about this guy right?
Meh, no cookies.
@ElendilTheTall Yes. That's the 13th Lord Commander of the night's watch.
1:39 PM
But saves my hips - what I don't eat needs not be worked off.
@Jolenealaska is it?
where is that written?
Mormot was nine-hundred something
why was there a Night's Watch before there was a wall and white walkers to watch for?
@Stephie no comment
It was during the war that the wall was built. One of the videos I just watched touched upon it, quoting the HBO history that uses the same actors.
well, I see no reason to assume that he's a different guy from the original
people like to make shit up for some reason
1:43 PM
I'm not assuming anything.
I just found myself wondering if I am in fact making assumptions.
If you are, it would be a perfectly reasonable one
if you're wondering if you're making assumptions about that, then you can do the same for pretty much anything, ever
Morning guys. Just stopping in for a sec before I head out.
hi cindy
How's it going?
Hi @Cindy
1:48 PM
@Jolenealaska How are you doing?
Hi @Cindy!
the gang's all here
@Cindy I'm fine. I've got appointments later to get ready for. You?
@Jolenealaska Same as always. Nothing new, good or bad.
:) No news is good news
1:52 PM
So they say.....
Have you seen the Time Magazine Person of the Year cover?
Do you think the "devil's horns" were intentional?
2:07 PM
gosh today is going slowly
@Stephie how's your chest?
as in your cough
@ElendilTheTall :P
Reasonably well. Not fit for exercise, but ok-ish.
well, if this isn't the neatest logo I've ever seen, I don't know what is: imgur.com/nKRh6ID
That is neat :)
@Jolenealaska Sorry. Had a phone call. I tend not to read into those things. Whether it was intentional or not, someone 'saw' it. Now it'll be rehashed over and over. It's not worth thinking about.
@Cindy Thank you
what oft was thought [by me] but ne'er so well expressed
2:13 PM
Jeez, I'll just take my toys and go home! ;)
@ElendilTheTall You're very welcome. :)
@ElendilTheTall Cool logo.
@Jolenealaska New from Mattell! Conspiracy Barbie! With Tin-Foil Hat!
@ElendilTheTall great!
@Stephie I think I caught what you have.
damn computer viruses
2:17 PM
@Cindy Oh! Hope it's not mould-related! Get well soon!
way to scare the woman @Stephie
"hope it's not asbestosis!"
Hey, they have been dealing with it before. IIRC, Mr. Cindy even had to go to the hospital.
@Stephie Probably is. Without knowing how long it's been there, it would be difficult to prove but, it seems that it may be why we've both had more instances of sinus infections and bronchitis the last few years.
@Jolenealaska broken link?
Hmmm, it works fine for me.
It's a modified onesie. NASA spacesuit.
I see the thumbnail.
that kid has a very ovoid head
2:41 PM
Possible spoiler:
@Jolenealaska Ok, works on my regular old laptop. Not on the iPad, though.
Just a tv show, jojo, just a tv show
I'm just making conversation
Have you heard about the emperor's new clothes?
2:49 PM
3:15 PM
Later guys! Hope you all have a great day! 😀
3:26 PM
@Cindy No, not seriously.
@Cindy Later!
give him a couple of years
3:42 PM
Hello all, is melted butter more oily than room temperature butter, both having the saME WEIGHT?
hello! define oily
Hi @christen! Same weight, same compounds, methinks. What do you mean by "more oily"?
overALL fat content in the cookie, i meant
fat is fat whether it's melted or not
Unless you "boiled off" some water, no difference.
3:45 PM
if i would give that product for a fat analysis to a lab, would it register more fat?
why would it?
but they say, if you would to substitute oil for butter, they say use less oil
yes, because oil is basically 100% fat, but butter isn't
butter is about 80% fat
it has nothing to do with the phase state of the actual product
ok now i see. yes butter is butter melted or solid
3:48 PM
what if i used clarified butter?
you would treat that like oil
would that be same as oil?
more or less yes
Pretty much, yes.
ohh, ok, so i would use less clarified oil
3:49 PM
A: Does sputtering butter mean that water is present?

StephieYes, your butter contains water - which is perfectly normal. While oil is 100% fat, butter is only around 80%1 fat plus some protein and ca. 15% water. Regarding your question where the water comes from - If you look at how butter is made, it becomes obvious that the water was there from the ...

@christen you would use about 80% of the unclarified butter weight
so when it finishes sputtering that meaNS the water is gone
ok i got it thank you
@christen yes. But you still have the milk solids, either on top and / or at the bottom.
That's what browns and gives the nutty flavour of brown butter. (Aka nut butter)
so would i use the milk solids? or just discaRD?
up to you
they're extra flavour
what are you trying to achieve?
3:53 PM
("nut butter" definitely needs some context, sounds like the generic name for peanut almond cashew butter etc without it)
@christen some cookie recipes explicitly use brown butter.
just trying to make good cookies, solid butter wont give me good results, so just using melted and cooled
never had a problem with solid butter personally
what results are you looking for that you aren't getting with solid butter?
There was that article at ATK?
@Stephie "buerre noisette" is clear, just the translation that isn't
3:56 PM
just trying tu use less flour
Q: Difference in cookie texture if we use melted vs softened butter

FelissaI would like to know the difference in the final result if we use softened butter or melted butter in an ordinary cookie recipe. A few days ago i baked chocolate chips cookies i waited for the butter to get the room temperature and then i smoothed the butter with the mixer (...) and at the end ...

@Jefromi Feel free to mod-edit, I can't....
it's chat
stop with the rules
eh no big deal
@christen have you ever tried jacques torres' recipe, using two kinds of flour?
3:58 PM
yes that a good recipe
i am only using cake flour
@christen everything you ever wanted to know about cookie science and probably more...: sweets.seriouseats.com/2013/12/…
Everytime I ponder making cookies, I re-read it and then decide to buy some... ^_^
Thank you Stephie
another lost and lonely wanderer in the woods of culinary ignorance guided back to the gastronomic path eh @Stephie?
@ElendilTheTall we are doing culinary missionary work. <bows>
4:11 PM
does that mean we'll eventually end up being boiled in a pot?
"you know, we'd be a lot more tender if you'd placed us into already boiling water!"
The oven from Hänsel & Gretel pops into my mind...
"Is this preheated?"
"Is that cast iron seasoned?"
"Did you leave us out on the counter overnight? Are we safe to eat?"
Urgh. Dad just called. He wants me to buy (and pick!) his Christmas present for Mom.
Imprecise specs. My pet peeve.
"something she'll like"
<loads rifle>
so what are you getting her?
A scale. The right scale.
4:23 PM
A precise scale, yet not too small.
Richter sounds like a good German make
you could get her a Richter Scale
Earthquakes are rare here.
<rolls eyes>
@Jolenealaska you love it
4:24 PM
LOL Jinx sort of
I'll think about that later. I'll go and deep-clean my wood oven. Winter is coming.
Feel free to make cinderella jokes!
@Jolenealaska So much awesome!
@Catija I thought you'd like that :)
I sent it to my husband.
And, seriously, melted butter for cookies? :(
2 hours later…
6:58 PM
Melted butter for chewy cookies is pretty common
My first week back at work has been pretty fun. Happy hour Monday night, happy hour tonight and company holiday party tomorrow night
@Jay Cool start!
My "first day" got postponed to the 9th - that's an unexpected week of holidays with hubby and the kids.
And: my computer is already waiting for me.
Brand-new! <little happy dance>
1 hour later…
8:37 PM
Awwww! And just as giraffes were put on the "endangered species" list.
9:40 PM
I know!
This picture was in an article about just that.

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