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8:03 PM
Ok, done:
Following the first commandment of baking for children:
Thou shalt use sprinkles.
I thought the first commandment of baking for children was "thou shalt use a ton a frosting, even after the portion the kids swipe before you get it on the cake". Or at least, that's what I thought when I was a kid :-/
@derobert Different denominations? ^_^
Apparently. Will no doubt result in a holy war someday.
Fought with rolling pins and palette knives.
my mom's was "don't let them lick the beaters, that's gross (but tell them it's cause of raw eggs)"
8:14 PM
@Jefromi I used to get to lick the bowl & beaters until my mom heard about salmonella in raw eggs.
@Stephie And probably announced by banging spoons on the pots, because it's kids after all.
8:34 PM
@Jefromi in my parents' household, I and my father fought over the beaters and bowls for licking
my mother looked at it, amused
2 hours later…
11:02 PM
wassup @Jolenealaska @ElendilTheTall @rumtscho
And other people I might fail to remember
oh no I'm the forgotten mod
Sorry @Jefromi
You weren't around much during my occasional delurks
Just teasing! I know I'm not the chatty one either :)
Bit late for the Europe folks unfortunately, and... no idea what time it is in Jolene land!
Her hours are pretty unusual anyway :P
11:31 PM
Bit late for the weak, feeble Europe folks who don't see the benefit of staying up until the early hours dicking about on the internet
11:45 PM
right, that's what I meant
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