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8:09 PM
@Jolenealaska Does anyone here care that you voice your opinion?
(Meaning: better then swallowing)
(don't get me wrong!!!) :)
Yep, they care
I am a high-rep user and an elected moderator. That gives me a small amount of leeway.
It is my nature to push the envelope
I haven't been fired yet.
Today, I had the same conversation with a colleague of mine who said: "I like that you're outspoken"
Me: "That's because I only worry about the job that has to be done, not about my career"
@Jolenealaska You tried, but the shape is unwieldy, no?
In a chemistry laboratory, a retort is a glassware device used for distillation or dry distillation of substances. It consists of a spherical vessel with a long downward-pointing neck. The liquid to be distilled is placed in the vessel and heated. The neck acts as a condenser, allowing the vapors to condense and flow along the neck to a collection vessel placed underneath. In the chemical industry, a retort is an airtight vessel in which substances are heated for a chemical reaction producing gaseous products to be collected in a collection vessel or for further processing. Such industrial-scale...
I'll be 50 this summer. If there is a single thing I could teach the younger generation(s), it would be to please not be silent.
babbles with abandon
8:20 PM
@Cerberus Starred!
Haha gracias.
@Jolenealaska Well, fortunately for you, your speech is protected by your constitution...
... very few people around the world have that unalienable right.
@Fabby I'm scared for that
And even the urban dictionary proves Cerberus's pint!
Scared that we don't have that right???
Or scared that yours will be taken away?
I'm scared that it might be taken away
8:23 PM
(it has been hollowed out over the years by both Republicans and Democrats alike)
@Jolenealaska I didn't know about the 6th sense.
So vote them out!
Vote anything but Republican or Democrat!
:D :D :D
Well, I voted 150 times during the last election to no avail
@Fabby not in this election
A vote for a third-party was a vote for Trump.
8:26 PM
You must've guessed I'm not American... Want to hear my opinion?
(I was joking about that 150 votes thing)
@Jolenealaska I suppose that would be quite a feat if you pulled that one off!!! :D
Yes, @Fabby, I have concluded that you are not American.
Nobody else is American here either
So what would you do?
8:29 PM
Hillary and Putin both despise one another, so that's the wrong vote.
Trump might be a good businessman, but will he be a good president?
(the scale is *100, I think not)
The libertarian was just a stoner
He has already been the president from hell
One month in office
Green party is what I would have voted and told anyone of my friends that all revolutions start small
@Jolenealaska What? Worse then Nixon???
He's not brilliant, but he's not that bad neither...
Trump is way worse than Nixon. Nixon just got caught red-handed.
Reagan was way worse than Nixon.
8:32 PM
@Jolenealaska I'm from 1967 too: I remember Reagan...
So far, Reagan was worse then Trump,
But then he had 8 years to be worse... :D
(can't remember Reagan's first month only)
Trump has shown his evil colors this quickly.
Well, at least he's done more in one month to do what he promised then Barak in 8 years...
He can't move his lips without lying
(I'm an outsider and take an outside view)
@Jolenealaska :D :D :D
That's just the definition of any politician anywhere!
And gets called on it over and over again.
And then we see Conway.
Most politicians at least try to look sincere
8:35 PM
2 definitions I like about politics:
Trump couldn't care less
A politician is lying when his lips are moving
Politics is show business for ugly people!
Hillary was an average politician. Fact checkers called her on about 20% of what she had to say.
Trump leaves them speechless.
Yeah, but she was WWIII in the making as both she and Putin despise one another.
I agree with Jojo.
8:37 PM
So I'm happier with Trump then Clinton...
@Fabby Naaah.
Things would just gone on like before with Hillary.
Nobody wants war, neither Clinton nor Putin.
@Cerberus Have you ever worked in a company where 2 VPs in the same group despised one another?
Not pretty!
(When i imagine that on a global scale? Shudder! )
Maybe she would have been more likely to begin a small invasion somewhere, but the American public really, really didn't want a big invasion anywhere, let alone a war with a serious opponent.
(And they still don't.)
8:39 PM
@Cerberus I was in the military back when the first Gulf war was started...
Why did that war even start?
I was at NSA back then.
It was a stupid reason to start a war, and an even more stupid reason to stop it.
Because the daughter of the Kuwaitian Embassador was paraded in front of Congress and she testified "Babies were taken out of their cribs and smashed to the floor by the Iraqis"
When Iraq invaded Quwait?
Se was born in the USA and was never in Kuwait unless for short holidays
@Cerberus yup. that one
@Jolenealaska :) then ou get the point.
8:41 PM
But that incident isn't what prompted Hussein's invasion...
Public opinion is easily swayed with the right tools of Propaganda.
We were protecting our oil interests in Kuwait. Iraq threatened those interests. Like I said, stupid.
@Cerberus Nope. That was the CIA backing him.
@Jolenealaska Face it: The CIA runs the US...
You're ex-NSA; you should now.
(And oil money played a big part of that, yes...)
I do know of shadow government. I don't wear tinfoil to bed.
"Shadow government" is a bit too far for me.
Whenever you hear the word "Lobbyist" or "lobbying" repace it by "corrupter"and "corrupting/corruption"
I've worked and traveled all over the world including Africa, the USA and Russia
People anywhere just want 3 things:
1. a good life
2. a better life for their children
3. for the Government to leave them the heck alone
8:46 PM
Do you think Americans are different?
so most people aren't politically active.
And those that are elect Trump
@Jolenealaska Nope... Like I said: everywhere around the world
@Jolenealaska They're not interested in politics neither. They're angry their jobs were outsourced.
Take away all the angry people, and Trump has very little support.
(which doesn;t mean you should become and angry person yourself)
I am of an age that I care more about the upcoming generation then I do my own. I am angry for them.
Stay gentle, calm, work towards a better world each and every day)
@Jolenealaska Don't be angry!
Share your wisdom instead!
People learn by making mistakes and some mistakes you must've made yourself before you can learn from them
8:50 PM
Alright, here's a small, tiny microcosm of the whole thing.
This chat room?
No a story
Listening and shutting up (going for a smoke)
For perhaps five years my life was intertwined with another.
He lived in the apartment below me.
The guy was the best friend of my boyfriend.
I don't like him. Quite frankly, I never liked him.
Everything about him is offensive to me.
Apparently, he kind of fell in love with me as I was falling in love with this friend.
It is my nature to be kind
With this guy I regret it.
He is a bigot and otherwise just vile to me.
@Fabby Meh, not that easily.
8:57 PM
Don't regret anything you've ever done: It an additional experience that make you the wownderful person you are right now...
@Jolenealaska And in Saudi Arabia.
But what started the war was Hussein's invasion, not the American counter-invasion.
@Cerberus You're in the wrong milieu: I've been in the military where all layers of the population interact with one another...
We were not wrong at that point. I stand by that.
@Fabby Nah.
@Jolenealaska THERE YOU GO!
And with that, I bid you farewell and go to sleep!
shutdown --halt now
9:01 PM
Sleep well!
Dammit, I can't stand it. I'll just mail the box to him with the stuff. I can't imagine facing him and any good coming out of it.
I know what he would say...
"I can't believe you're still mad about that!"
What is "that"?
Any damn thing he's ever done ever.
Or said
Or just basically being a prick.
And a whiny little shit to boot.
I use the term "little" quite loosely.
Yep, mailing is the way to go.
Is this your former neighbour?
Yeah, CN
He is the poster child of the Trump supporter.
And you have some of his stuff?
I can't even imagine being in his presence for more than a nanosecond without reaching for a weapon.
9:11 PM
Why, has he become so much worse?
Yeah, a couple of books, a few videotapes, and a box cutter that belonged to his father.
And the expected alternative would be to have him come pick it up?
@Cerberus He hasn't changed, circumstances have changed.
I would rather not bring him here
9:13 PM
Then mail it.
I have been to his to place. He is squandering a tremendous opportunity there. But I am so beyond caring that I truly don't give a crap. He is a loser, a bigot, and vile to me in every way that matters.
I can't meet him face-to-face, because I will say exactly that.
I cannot see any good coming from that
Then that seems wise, mailing it.
I still have to swap emails to get his address, but I can probably pull that off without drama.
I have faith in you.
Damn it's past noon
Way way way past my bedtime.
Good night
9:24 PM
Sleep well.
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