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12:11 AM
Crunchy, crispy, crumbly!
12:30 AM
:) I just got an answer to that question that's intriguing, but I'm not sure I completely understand it.
@Cerberus guess what my grocery store had when I went to get Jello for the Jello-shots experiment (hint: I'd never seen it in Alaska before today)
12:46 AM
@Jolenealaska Ummm...I have no idea! Something Dutch? Raw herring, stroopwafels?
It's related to the silly watermelon jello shots question. Have you read that?
Umm no...
Q: How to make XXL Watermelon Jell-O Shots without falling apart?

Adrian CarolliI was trying to make XXL Watermelon Jell-O Shots but the Jell-O was not firm enough and fell apart. Should I use more Jell-O and less water next time? The recipe requires unflavoured gelatin but I can't find it in the grocery store nearby, hence can I use more Jell-O so its more concentrated and ...

Since you hadn't read it, I assume you also didn't read the discussion above between me and Jefromi.
For the first time I have ever noticed, my grocery store had mini watermelons today.
So I have a watermelon gelling in the fridge :)
2 more hours before I can cut it open and see what I've got :)
I am just about dying of anticipation!
Mini watermelons sound like fun!
1:01 AM
I ate what I dug out of 1/2 the thing. It was good!
I'm about to make myself dinner. If it works like I think it will, it will be my answer to this question:
Q: How to make Coconut/Chili Sauce (based on Photos)

forthrinThis is a Vietnamese dish described in the menu as "Scampi with Coconut/Chili Sauce". Can anyone tell me what ingredients I would need to make this sauce at home? I enclose two different variants from two related restaurants, where the sauce varies slightly. The one above which is thicker tastes...

That could be nice...I love coconut.
1:28 AM
I like coconut milk, but not the flakes. I'm looking forward to it. I just finished cleaning colossal wild shrimp and I've got a zucchini cut up. I need to cut up an onion and quarter some mushrooms. Them I'll put it together and see what I've got.

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