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9:01 PM
I don't know if I have any salsa or not. I should get some if I don't. Then this whole thing could end with a really good, long lasting, guacamole recipe.
Assuming of course that the salsa doesn't mess up the preservation.
You could make a separate mash with all the ingredients but the avocado, lime, and vitamin C, and add it to the guacamole base just before serving.
Or...smear a layer of the separate stuff on top of the base stuff and only mix them while dipping?
If the other stuff interferes with keeping it green, sure.
As you suggest, it might very well not interfere...
If even lime juice doesn't interfere...
Onions and the herb-that-be-not-named certainly won't.
By the way, you said vitamin C was flavourless?
But it's ascorbic acid, so it should taste acidic? Or did you mean compared with lime juice?
So, longer term storage in the fridge is my last bit of experimenting. Yep, no taste at all.
Is 'acidic' a flavour in itself?
9:13 PM
So...when I take a vitamin C pill, it tastes very acidic.
I thought it was the ascorbic acid itself that tasted acidic.
But...it's not? There is something else in vitamin C pills, which tastes acidic?
That was self-referential
somewhat, there was no taste to it using 100mg per 50 grams of avocado
@TomW What was?
@Jolenealaska Ah, I see. So it might be the small quantity.
@Cerberus everything you just said. You're defining the taste of whatever it was you were eating as the taste of that thing, then asking why that thing tastes of that
I did not?
9:16 PM
A lot of Vit C pills have orange
Normally, I would assume all acids taste acidic. But, in this case, I suspended that assumption.
This looks fun:
And rightly so, because a very small quantity of acid can barely be tasted, which is why it barely tasted acidic.
Raw-milk cheese is the best.
I thought it was forbidden in some places...
@Cerberus what do you mean by 'tastes acidic'?
What does acidic taste like?
I assume you know that.
I accept that there's something in common between, say, lemon juice and vinegar. But it's more of a sensation, something different to taste. It makes one salivate, sure.
Assume less.
@TomW Am I missing something? Acids taste sour. That's what's in common between lemon juice and vinegar.
9:24 PM
Any conversation about flavours becomes much more difficult if one cannot assume that one's interlocutors share a general idea about what the 5 basic flavours taste like.
I think my assumption was efficient and justified...
I've never tasted vitamin C without an artificial 'orange' component to it, to be dissolved in water
It doesn't have any resemblance to either of those things to me
Relatively recent, so maybe there's not an awful lot of literature on the details.
I think it also contains sorbitol or some other artificial sweetener
9:25 PM
For vitamin C I'd assume that you're tasting something with nowhere near the same concentration.
@Jefromi Mm ahh.
@TomW I have. It's very sour.
@Jefromi What do you mean?
It looks like it's possible to get a pretty low pH with enough ascorbic acid though.
The pill Jolene used was 90+% vitamic C, I believe, as was the pill I took.
I thought that in most of the practical situations you end up actually tasting something containing vitamin C, it's pretty low concentration - wasn't talking about grinding up a pill and tasting it, for example.
That was what she did.
I think.
Grind up a pill and mix it with avocado.
100mg of vitamin C is what she used, with 50g of avocado.
9:28 PM
Was directed more at Tom's comments about it not seeming like lemon juice or vinegar.
How much is that? Half a pill, I don't know.
Apparently it is as simple as acidity = sour, although this was only discovered fairly recently. And apparently it's easily masked by other taste receptors
A thing can be acidic without tasting acidic.
Tasting is subjective. If you taste something acidic, that means you perceive its acidity by tasting it.
@TomW Yes, sweetness masks acidity. And the recentness of the discovery is more about precisely what the receptors are sensing. The knowledge that acids taste sour is really old.
It seemed unlikely for avocado to mask a significant acidic taste so easily.
But the reason must be the small quantity of acid, she said she could taste a little bit of acidity later.
9:33 PM
I'm putting together what's shaping up to be a great salad for lunch.
I am making (possibly not all today) stollen, chocolate crinkles, chewy chocolate ginger cookies, persimmon cookies, and pecan brittle!
chicken thigh pieces I sous-vide in a spicy gravy, chilled corn and diced avocado to roung it out. Yummy!
persimmon cookies?
Interesting! I don't think I've ever tasted persimmon.
I've had a lot more since moving to California.
9:40 PM
@Jefromi A kerststol?
@Cerberus I weighed it out on my gram scale. It would be 1/5th of these pills 'cause they were 500mg
I'm using this recipe I think: seriouseats.com/recipes/2014/12/… and I only knew the German word before, but looks like yes!
@Jolenealaska Ah OK, makes sense.
@Jefromi Hmm interesting.
Christstollen -> kerststol, woohoo, I speak Dutch now!
9:42 PM
In Dutch, the singular is stol.
And we call the stuff that goes into it "almond spice", not marsepein ("marzipan").
But both are made from almonds.
Yeah, I had to double-check that stollen was singular.
Apparently, German has both Stollen and Stolle as singular, and it means "tunnel"...
2 cops shot, sitting in their car, in Brooklyn. 1 dead, 1 critical.
9:58 PM
Evening all
Hi Tall!
I've been up to no good!
That goes without saying
I've got all kinds of new avocado data.
Vit C is the key!
Onion is the key!
Add vit C and you cant make avocados brown.
onion works too. Very well.
10:01 PM
So soak it in blackcurrant juice?
Or rosehip juice
oops. not that one that was actually 21 hours.
Well, kudos
(if you were talking about steak or something I'd be a lot more enthusiastic)
As it is I would rather eat my own arm rather than an avocado.
I've got one more thing to do. To take all the best options, and put them in the fridge, sealed.
I need to ask you something. It's important.
Deep breath
10:07 PM
In words, how you do you pronounce '2014'
How do*
twenty fourteen
two hundred one, four!
1976 = Nineteen seventy-six
In the year twenty-hundred...
10:09 PM
The number of people still saying 'two thousand and fourteen'! Nnnnggggg
2006 In the year aught six
or ought, apparently both are correct
Isn't 'aught' an archaic form of 'anything'?
'is there aught i can do?'
yes,. and nothing apparently
There are many names for the number 0 in English and related concepts, and there are concomitant names for the decades whose tens column contains the number 0. The names for the number 0 include "zero", "cipher", "null", "naught", "nought", "love", "duck", "nil", "zilch", "zip", (the letter) "o" (often spelled "oh"), "aught", and "ought". There are various subtleties of usage amongst them all. Some usage of these terms is driven by a desire to maintain an explicit distinction between digit zero and letter O, which, because they are both usually represented graphically in English orthography (and...
10:12 PM
Sounds like a good Saturday night!
Well, my Christmas food shopping is done
I couldn't find a lone Turkey breast so I bought a small crown (both breasts on the bone)
Brisket is got
Croissants for breakfast
Buttloads of chocolate and cream to make dessert
The open invitation to all chat regulars stands.
CN says he is going to take me out. Hmmm...he has said that before.
Anyone who can make it to my New York penthouse is welcome
I hope he does, i don't like to think of you on your lonesome on Christmas Day
For some reason Christmas never bother me. It's Thanksgiving that gets me melancholy.
That's America for you
10:21 PM
Maybe it's cause Christmas is a religious holiday that I only celebrate in a secular way, so it's not "real" to me.
And I've already opened my biggest present.
And Christmas in my family home always involves huge drama. I'm glad to not witness that.
The perception here is that thanksgiving is more important to Americans in general than Christmas.
Whereas here, lacking TG, Christmas is the biggy even though the country is largely secular
Well, I better retire. Have a good 'un
Christmas is bigger to most, I think. Die hard atheists are the exception.
Cya Monday morning! :)
or are you off next week?
10:41 PM
@Cerberus Tall thought it was a 4 too :)
That's part of the reason I used printed numbers this time.
Haha OK.
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