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3:00 PM
dont you ... me
@AnubianNoob Lol the image this bring to mind is a dude trying to take a shit and each time he does, you poke his nose.
He's more of an on top guy actually
i have a very interesting imagination
@AnubianNoob oh a guy can be on top and still be the backend guy
on top frontend
hi mom
lol im corrupting you
im sorry mrs. anubian
3:04 PM
@AnubianNoob Hi son. :)
Hey Cinday
oh no don't worry you're not corrupting me
oh man I really want an one plus 2 now
My phone has been pretty dysfunctional the last 2 months
Ahh the internet... it's done the its job before i have
p much
The touch screen is screwed up
so I've barely been using it
Which is good, because during the school year I'd be on my phone all day
obnoxiously so
i guess you can still chat with us once school starts then
@AnubianNoob ah i see, you are one of those guys
3:07 PM
Now I barely look at my phone, and never in company
So this has been really good for me
But I'm kinda tired of having a dysfunctional phone
@Jay Hey @Jay!
@AnubianNoob never AT the company or never in the presence of company
@Cindy When is the final interview again?
@Jay Never look at my phone when I'm with other people
@Jay Still waiting to find out.
@Cindy oh ok
3:13 PM
It's driving me nuts.
yea i totally understand the feeling
4 interviews though...
@AnubianNoob thats pretty standard for managerial type positions
there are a lot of people to meet
Yeah but it sounds really painful
4 is a lot. I'm running out of things to say.
@AnubianNoob Pretty nerve-wracking.
3:17 PM
@Cindy i assume its not with the same person all 4 times
@Jay The first three were with 3 different people. The 4th will be with one of those three.
@Cindy well generally the interviewer will control the flow of the conversation so you shouldnt worry about running out of things to say
naturally they wont be asking the same questions again if they alrady spoke to you and if they do, then its not that bad to recycle a little of what you said before
@Jay I know. ;)
no need to worry. if you made it past the first 3 rounds, they already know how great you are ;)
but i totally understand that anxious feeling between each interview
I guess I'm just anxious. I want to feel like I've got it, but that will make it much worse if I don't get it.
3:22 PM
a tiny bit like after a first date
where you really like that person you are dating but unsure if they liek you back
@Jay Yes. And I really need it.
It's been 11 months now.
@Cindy yea and that really amps up that anxiety.
a bit like needing to get laid after a 11 month dry spell
(Im sorry, lol i'm making everything about sex today)
I promise i'll tone it down... for now
That's okay. The biggest difference is that if I have a dry spell I can still pay my bills.
I think that analogy still holds
we are all slaves to money.
3:26 PM
@AnubianNoob It does.
and money is a human construct... we created our own slavers
That might be the dirtiest thing I've ever heard Cindy say
@AnubianNoob Just because you call her mom doesnt mean shes not a human with human needs :P
Moms are human, too.
haha I am aware
It was an observation
3:28 PM
Just ragging you. :)
Mom's are just the birthing vessel where we burst forth into existence.
lol jk
Hello everyone.
I see the Young Things are hard at it.
@FaheemMitha Hello.
Hi @Cindy. How goes it?
Oh, I see. More interview frustration.
@FaheemMitha Same as always. How about you?
3:31 PM
@Cindy Trying to buy a new TV remote. My life is really exciting.
Our old one seems to be dead. And it's much easier to buy a new one than try to repair the old.
I actually don't really watch the TV, but others do.
I keep it on for background noise mostly.
@Cindy Daytime soaps? I think that's what they're made for.
My kitty likes it, though. I don't even know if there are any daytime soaps left. I heard of a lot of them being cancelled.
Do you have a picture of your cat?
"You slept my Johnny? How could you? You are my sister!!!! slap"
"He's mine! He loves me more!!!"
3:36 PM
@Cindy Daytime soaps are an inevitability of life. Like death, taxes, laundry, and dirty dishes.
@AnubianNoob I'll have to check. She looks very much like my avatar.
@Cindy I second the cat pic request. Everyone loves a good kitty pic.
It's what the net was made for.
@Jay Huh?
@FaheemMitha Daytime soap dialogue
I'll check on the pic. If I don't have one handy I'll take one. (Later when she's awake.)
@Jay I hope it's not quite as bad as that.
3:39 PM
@FaheemMitha you have too high hopes
@Cindy Do you have multiple cats?
@FaheemMitha No, just the one.
@Cindy Ok. What is his/her name?
@FaheemMitha Someone down the street moved and left her and she adopted us about 8 or 9 years ago. Her name is Patchwork. But we call her Patchy Cat.
@Cindy Oh, I see. So two names. Dumb question, but do you have to register cats in the US?
3:42 PM
@Cindy sour patch cat
@Cindy hahaha "she adopted us"
@Cindy are you one of those people who believes that cats own people rather than the other way around?
Don't ask your cat. We all know what she thinks.
Well, I bought the new remote. It was very exciting. I may need a moment to recover.
@FaheemMitha Don't know about elsewhere, but here they are supposed to be registered and must have current rabies vaccinations. The rabies thing surprised me because I didn't know that indoor cats had to get them. I had to got to 'kitty cat court' over that.
@Cindy 'kitty cat court'? What is that?
a court in which a cat is the judge
3:46 PM
@FaheemMitha What I called it when I got a ticket for no rabies vaccination and had to go to court for it.
@Cindy Oh, you went to a real court?
@FaheemMitha Yep.
oh patchy look what did did
@Jay "look what you did"?
Anyway, good to see you guys. I must go for a bit as I have a few errands to run. Be good! :)
3:54 PM
See ya!
@Cindy I think the standard response to that is "not if we can help it".
Grabbed a quesadilla and veggie beef soup
@Jay Is it good?
much better than i was expecting
@Jay Are you at work? Cafeteria?
4:05 PM
4:17 PM
Oh shit, i totally just decimated like 33% of my month's data plan
installed hearthstone on my phone and just saw that it was 750mb
@Jay You should use wifi, probably.
I actually don't have a data plan.
You play hearthstone?
@AnubianNoob once in a while
but its been months so my decks are probably super outdated
4:20 PM
Highest rank?
i have no idea what any of the cards do
Esp with the grand tourney expansion
ermm at one point i think i got to rank 5
That was ridiculous
never got to legends
4:21 PM
that's p good
13 or smth is my best soo...
5/2 ice rager
2 overload 1 3/4 totem golem
3 cost 3/2 battlecry summon a random totem
thats pretty awesome
though i dont play much shaman
The new cards are just way better
sigh... im not sure if i want to grind for the new cards? and i definitely dont want to spend money
oh wow, i only had one meeting today and it got rescheduled for next week
@AnubianNoob how much does the 5/2 cost?
Same as the magma rager, 3
oh i see. but magma rager is 5/1
4:25 PM
Yeah, it's a direct power increase
those bastards
to be fair i dont think ive ever used a magma rager outside of a arena deck
haha yeah
whats your highest arena wins?
i got to 12 wins once.
like 5 or smth
I don't even have very many cards
and the pack i got as reward had a legendary in it. probably unrelated but still
it had malygos in it
4:27 PM
sylvanas, thaurissan and al-akir are my only legendaries
im not sure i remember what tharissan or al-akir is
are they new?
ah ok nvm looked them up
al-akir is lackluster
sylvanas is really good in certain situations
and thaurissan is also very situational
whats your favorite class(es)
i like playing aggressive so hunter was at one point my favorite but a bunch of hunter cards got nerfed
so its not as strong anymore
and i havent played in so long i dont really know what i like anymore
i liked playing mage with lots of secrets
rush hunter was still good
You could climb to 12ish before people could counterplay it
Rogue and shaman
@AnubianNoob rogue was always my weakest
hows the meta nowadays. is it still mid-game oriented or has to rotated to late-game or early-game
5:00 PM
ermm Egg
5:34 PM
sorry went out to get lunch
@Jay I built a really nice (for the cards I have) rogue deck so I've been going with it
And when grand tourney came out I grabbed a couple of packs and got some nice shaman cards
oh i see
i have been playing long enough to have a pretty decent collection of cards
1 hour later…
6:39 PM
I'm currently engaging in a strange and quintessentially 21st century activity. Deleting browser tabs. I have too many open.
ah yes, way too many people have the terrible habit of having way too many tabs open and then complain that their computer is slow
I'm a dynamic gc
I don't have large numbers of tabs open
I close as I go
I have too few
@AnubianNoob you da man.
cool my headset just arrived
What headset?
6:48 PM
now i can attend conference calls and still do other things
What kind of headset?
plantronics supraplus hw251n noise canceling headset for deskphones
@Jay Is it good?
unfortunately i dont have any more calls today so i dont know
ill find out tomorrow
its relatively comfortable
Do you have a lot of calls?
6:52 PM
everyone should update their profile picture with real pictures
show me your beautiful faces!
i think ive only seen @Cerberus and @rumtscho faces
We should do a frying pan video call haha
@AnubianNoob erm... i think thats going too far
frying pan meetup
frying pan retreat
6:59 PM
Frying pan religious sect.
if you set something like that up. itll just be me and you who show up. i highly doubt anyone else would
With everyone locked in a building to do the sect leader's bidding.
@Cerberus lol what are you evening going on about
I thought we were planning the Frying Pan's logical conclusion.
It's not the end. It's a new beginning
7:04 PM
who would be the leader
Jolene, duh
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