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Q: Problem with connecting mobile broadband in Ubuntu 14.04

PandyaWhen I plugged mobile broadband top right bar new mobile broadband option appears then immediately disappears then again appears then immediately disappears and so on... If I click on new mobile broadband immediately then it gives error when applying settings because modem disconnect before I co...

Q: Can't Connect With Mobile Broadband on Ubuntu 14.04

PandyaI am using Idea Net Setter with BSNL 3G Sim for connecting as mobile-broadband. I installed Idea Net Setter by their Linux installation file install_linux as shown below: Begin verify CD... Verify CD succeed! Begin copy install file... Copy install file succeed! It didn't install a dashboard....

@AzkerM Kill with extreme death?
@Wesley OW!
@Jacob Pain is weakness leaving the body. Did you do your p90x routine for the day?
Remember, you can eat whatever the heck you want each Sunday. =P
@Wesley ye
@Wesley no no I can't either
Your p90x edition doesn't do cheat days?
5:06 AM
@Wesley I choose not to follow that part
we shall kill your highness :P
@Jacob Okay, that's an option. Do be a tad careful because austerity catches up to you and wears you down. Eventually.
@Wesley nawh
@Wesley I would just eat non stop all day
Breakfast would be fucking fries wrapped with bacon
Then I'd have a buger with the lot for bunch
Lunch would be two pies
Afternoon tea would be a whole chicken
Dinner would be two entire large pizzas
lolz! seems like that's so much to bear to your body.. :P
5:09 AM
Cos thats how goddamn hungry I would be
@MarkHenderson Go for it. If you go balls deep with p90x, have your Sunday cheat day.
Even Dwayne Johnson does cheat days. Of course, his is after half a year of clean eating and getting paid to pump major iron.
@Wesley Now that's a role model
Actually he's a terrible actor and probably an even worse role model
@MarkHenderson From what I know he's a good guy. Not the best actor, but he does good in meathead action roles.
Doesn't cheat on his wife, married to her forever, has kids that are good.
Wow, I'm a dipshit
They divorced.
Okay well, push me down and piss on me.
@MarkHenderson I have the advantage of not liking to eat. It's such a annoying chore. I want to do fun things, and stopping to eat several times a day just suuuuucks
I got up to like 195-ish while I was on a bulking diet in my heaviest weight lifting months. When I got hammered with two months of straight vertigo... and just now stepped on a scale a month ago or so, I lost about 15 pounds.
And that was through three junk-food holidays. Christmas, Valentines, and Easter
Freaking Cadbury mini eggs, man.
Actually, no, about 20 pounds. I'm 175
@Wesley OH yeah you're so fat at 195 da fuq?
Man get otta' here
@Jacob I was better at last years 195 than I was when I was 18 and 195. Way more muscle. Was doing some really good leg days and packing on a lot in my chest.
So wasn't fat, but was meaty. It was a bulk phase. My intention was to start a cut about April when I hit 205 or so. However, vertigo had other plans for me.
5:15 AM
@Jacob 88 kilos? Fuck man that's like 2 kilos lighter than my first goal weight :p
@MarkHenderson Put the TimTams down, tubs. =P
@Wesley I started in may last year right at 300, I'm down to 265 or so right now
@Jacob How did you feel at 300? Did your joints hurt? Just generally bleh?
@Wesley Nah not really.
Yeah you're painfully young and have that advantage.
Quick recovery and resistance to wear and tear.
And 35 pounds down - that's good. I know everyone is probably throwing their worthless advice at you making you want to scream, but I'll add mine: Baby steps. Keep it down to small achievements for the long term.
5:17 AM
@Wesley which is exactly why I'm doing this now and not later. Well that and girls...
@Wesley I don't weigh myself often, I really just care how I look.
I literally tell people to start with 60 seconds of something once a day and don't add a single second for a month at least. Not until they get to 30 consecutive days of one minute of something
I usually weigh 145. I don't really check unless there's a scale sitting around in someone's 'stroom or I'm at the doctor.
It's about habits, not weights, bodyfat percentage, this or that. It's about making a good life change.
But I don't lift.
@Wesley How the fuck can I when my wife does this for easter:
5:18 AM
@Skyhawk How tall are you?
@Wesley 71in
And that's not including the shit that we got given from family
@MarkHenderson Burn it with fire.
Son of a mother. You know what I'd do? (And I say this as an unmarried man) I'd kiss her on the cheek and say "I love you, but I'm not eating most of those."
Or at the worst I'd smile, pocket some of them and give them out to people at work each day.
5:19 AM
@MarkHenderson It's just poison mixed with the blood of African child slaves.
@Skyhawk Okay, I'm 70. That's pretty lean. I've been 120 ish once when I was sick -- can't say I liked it. Was always cold.
@MarkHenderson P90x? That's how, or insanity too
@Wesley You mean if I were fat I'd be warm?
Warm er, yeah.
@Wesley I actually don't mind mild discomfort.
5:21 AM
@Wesley Her theory is that they will last a month
I.. doubt it
@MarkHenderson Heh, my mom is kinda like that but a few levels up. If she had that in the house she'd expect it to last until next Easter. So you can see where I get the "eat like a bird" habit from. =P
@Wesley Most of those eggs have an expiry date of June. I think the shops just throw out all their old stock knowing it iwll get sold
@Jacob Is 300 pounds more because of dormancy or because of eating habits?
If I may ask.
@Wesley dormancy, my diet was never too terrible, but I never did anything
@Jacob Gotcha. So you didn't sit down and eat a XL Pizza with stuffed crust five meals a day? =P
I don't understand how people afford that.
It's expensive to be obese. It's a good thing I don't like eating a ton because if I sat down and thought about it, I don't have enough money to eat very well anyway. =/
5:25 AM
Same story here
I don't really eat like that
I'm just dormant
@MarkHenderson What do you weigh?
@Wesley The best part about being lean is that the weight and balance implications are highly favorable.
@Jacob 95
I used to be 101
500g a week was my goal and I was able to meet it most weeks
(that's kgs btw)
@MarkHenderson That's 209 in real numbers BTW
@MarkHenderson Not bad
5:29 AM
@MarkHenderson Heh, you'd be pretty tiny if not.
@MarkHenderson That's 222 in real numbesr
@MarkHenderson Get shredded.
@Jacob It's not great. BMI classifies that as obese. By a long way.
Almost morbidly
@MarkHenderson "Big, Morbid Idjit"
@MarkHenderson How tall are you?
5:31 AM
@ShaneMadden (5'10 1/2 in real numbers)
Whereas my wife is 189cm and is 9 months pregnant and she weighs 95kg
@MarkHenderson You said she was 6'2, that's 6'2 1/2
@MarkHenderson Hah!
@MarkHenderson She could seriously kick your ass couldn't she.
@Wesley Well, I dunno. Thats just what she told me
@Wesley Nah she's as weak as piss
5:33 AM
@MarkHenderson lol'd for real
No upper or lower body strength. She can't even get out of a pool without using the ladder
@MarkHenderson Neither could I...
@Jacob Well then maybe she could take you in a fight
@MarkHenderson She's got the reach advantage. Maybe she could smack him from a distance, then bob and weave.
Unit conversions are silly. Apparently I'm 183 cm and 73 kg.
5:35 AM
I took a nap today from ~6pm - ~11pm... I don't foresee sleep in my near future... Plus I have to get up for work at 6:30am.
This sucks
@ShaneMadden You skinny freak.
@Wesley Indeed.
@ShaneMadden Actually Tom O takes you. He's 188cm and like 57kg.
Is it weird I know all of this stuff about people?
I have a rolodex mind that only remembers information if it's useless.
@Wesley Only a little.
@ShaneMadden I will forever remember your height and weight as of this date.
5:37 AM
@Wesley ..clearly I need to change them, then.
However, this will come in handy if I get married. I will never forget a birthday or anniversary.
Switching to lard + bread diet.
@ShaneMadden Get ripped.
@Wesley I don't wish to.
Though the leg thingies work pretty well after skiing for 4 months
@ShaneMadden Functional strength. Nice.
I had legs of steel after years of rollerblading / rollerhockey as a teen.
Then I got into IT and became a marshmallow.
They said I could become anything I wanted, so I became the Michelin Man.
5:40 AM
@Wesley Heh, one of my coworkers from the last job does roller derby. He was down in your neck of the woods for it a couple months back actually.
@Skyhawk How do you stay so svelt and trim?
@ShaneMadden Ohhh rollerderby! I was convinced that I'd be happy if I could just get one of those rollerderby girls to date me.
I'm weird.
Also, one never did.
I wasn't hardcore enough, apparently.
Plus I cried when I twisted my ankle.
@Wesley That's what he did, seemed to work out pretty well.
@ShaneMadden Jealous.
1:41AM oh crap, time for bed - 3 hours
We've got like six female derby teams here in Phoenix
5:42 AM
@Wesley Man, get on that!
@ShaneMadden I KNOW!
@Wesley I don't respect your AUTHORATAY
shit, no stars
otherwise I would star you, @Jacob
@strugee meh whatever
@strugee Stop starring so much!
@Wesley Aren't they all lesbians? </offensive>
@strugee Wait it's you who stars all my things.
@MarkHenderson All except the not lesbian ones.
@Wesley probably
@MarkHenderson Chocolate has expiry dates now?
5:46 AM
I have really low standards for what I find funny
Suddenly, @DennisKaarsemaker!
@Wesley ohai!
@DennisKaarsemaker I thought you didn't like Chef. =P
@Wesley I don't
5:47 AM
@DennisKaarsemaker u suk :(
@Wesley that won't make me like it :)
@DennisKaarsemaker Hey, I know, you want to use NixOS and NixOPS!

Global DevOps Engineer - Remote


Full-Time Remote Position in a Distributed Team We're expanding our globally-distributed, remote DevOps team. The team…

Posted on Careers 2.0 on April 22, 2014

10 hours ago, by Wesley
NixOS and Haskell - do I get complementary moustache wax as part of the compensation package?
@Wesley never heard of it
at risk of starting a flamewar:
why do people here hate NixOS so much? it seems like it's a pretty interesting way to manage a system.
5:49 AM
@DennisKaarsemaker That's because you're a healthy adult.
(disclaimer: I haven't tried it out yet)
@Wesley that's the closest you ever got to giving me a compliment!
@DennisKaarsemaker is a fantastic human being, charming, intelligent and I love him.
5:51 AM
Oh wow he really did gee tee eff oh.
@Wesley add a " tuh"
NixOS seems to be an edge case research project that has yet to be tested and confirmed useful, so I give props to those willing to jump in the bandwagon and kick the tires, but at the moment it almost appears to be fanning the flames of corporate cultures that just want to roll their own because their too amazing to use big enterprise distros and packages.
@strugee ping
@strugee Because youaren't looking in the admin perspective?
@Wesley I hopped in a private tab, so I wasn't logged in, and laughed for 3 straight minutes at this reaction
I'm still laughing
@Jacob hmm
I dunno, it seems like the atomic changes would be useful
There are just some startup shops, typically run my CompSci doctoral candidates that were too busy sipping luwok coffee and reading Gravity's Rainbow to finish their dissertation, and they think they're Cthulu's gift to 1s and 0s so they have to do everything different because of deep thoughts and informatic theory precision!
5:55 AM
but I can see how it would be annoying to work with, especially if you're used to a more traditional approach
ok, I looked at the nixos page and can really only say one thing
it's like gentoo, but on more crack
not again
now look up Guix
At the end of the day you just end up having a couple hundred gentoo instances, fourteen of which actually have a workload on it, and the other 186 are just micro instances making Amazon richer until the startup tanks on its VC and everyone scatters before the repo men come to take their IKEA desks.
@DennisKaarsemaker Totally lol'd
I'm migrating everything to a custom compiled I think Nix the package manager is important, I really do, as it's going to test out different theories. Maybe in 5 or 10 years it will contribute it's thought and theory to mainline distros.
@DennisKaarsemaker I love The Comms Room so much
@Wesley proofread thyself
watching youtube on 3g is frustrating
6:00 AM
Oh wow, I was thinking "It would be totally hilarious if NixOS was based on some trendy kernal like hurd" -- aaaaand it's based on hurd.
Wow, that's just too good to be true.
@DennisKaarsemaker Be thankful we're not still using acoustic couplers.
Do you know what it's like to have to whistle porn across a line to your buddies?
@Wesley is it really? I... did not realize that
actually, that tracks
@Wesley "Is that a cock I'm hearing?"
@strugee Yeah. That is the most hipster-ironic thing I've heard all year.
@Wesley I think the Hurd is important for the same reason NixOS is: it's really interesting
@DennisKaarsemaker "No IT'S YOUR MOM"
6:02 AM
same with Plan 9
even though they're not widely used they have really interesting ideas that make their way back into the mainstream
NixOS is interesting in the same way that internment camps are interesting, in that it has morbid research potential but the people that are responsible should be executed by firing squad.
oh jeez, that nixos thing is built by an otherwise respectable dutch university.
And with that, I flee for bed.
headbonks @DennisKaarsemaker
you have fleas in your bed.
@Wesley you know, if you had divided loyalties in a conflict, and it was between internment or conscription, internment might not seem so bad...
6:09 AM
EC2 is difficult to use properly
little, trivial things like "I want my instances to have a Name tag for the console which is the same as their automatically generated DNS hostname" are obscenely complicated.
Ah - I don't really do much with them myself
6:24 AM
WOO who wants to pay 8c/MB downloaded?! telstra.com.au/small-business/broadband/office-broadband/…
Anyway I'm off for a long weekend, see you fuckers Monday
(/sunday, ymmv)
@MarkHenderson what year is it?
have a good weekend

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