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12:01 AM
Aggh against my very loud and insistent protests, my boss has taken on not one, but two, highschool work experience kids
It's not that I don't like teaching them - I do - but I just don't have the time to deal with highschoo kids right now
Riveting conversation
hi there
12:06 AM
any of you guys have experience with qemu?
@Chris: unless you need certain specific features, vanilla qemu sucks ;p
@RyJones spring
@Chris I've seen lots of emus
12:08 AM
(UNLESS, you need to run a vm sans admin (which is dodgy) or run another architecture)
i like qemu :D
However kvm (which is a fork of qemu) is awesome.
i just can't get it to pass through an iPod Touch to a win 7 VM
@Chris: That might be worth a question on SU, but I didn't even know qemu did passthrough ;p
@MarkHenderson We'll get them eventually.
The Emu War, also known as the Great Emu War, was a nuisance wildlife management operation undertaken in Australia over the latter part of 1932 to address public concern over the number of emus said to be running amok in the Campion district of Western Australia. The attempts to curb the population of emus, a large flightless bird indigenous to Australia, employed soldiers armed with machine guns—leading the media to adopt the name "Emu War" when referring to the incident. == Background == Following World War I, large numbers of ex-soldiers from Australia, along with a number of British veterans...
12:10 AM
@JourneymanGeek yeah qemu supports kvm too ;)
@cole so 01 January or 40 June?
@RyJones April/May
@Chris: erm, not really. kvm (like virtualbox) uses qemu code ;p
i know ;)
i have kvm working with qemu :)
kvm does do passthrough
12:12 AM
but I tend to use it with libvirt
Q: iPod Touch 5G won't recognize in qemu Windows 7 VM

ChrisI have an iPod Touch 5G, and a Windows 7 VM. I am trying to pass through the iPod Touch to the VM so Windows can recognize it, but I am getting the following error in the qemu monitor. (qemu) usb_add host:05ac:12aa Warning: speed mismatch trying to attach usb device "iPod" (high speed) to bus "...

@RyJones but also, not soon enough
@cole narrow down what part of Renton to live in? :)
Not Renton lol
All depends where I can find a job, too
12:21 AM
@cole get Amazon or Microsoft to relocate you
@RyJones not smart enough haha.
Too much of a generalist for that. Definitely don't know nearly enough Linux for Amazon and not enough MS for Microsoft.
@cole Let them make that decision. Don't negotiate against yourself
@RyJones I've applied to both.
@Chris I never use qemu/kvm directly. Always use libvirt/virt-manager.
@MichaelHampton Oh, if someone can find a dupe target for that question, we can close it with one close vote in every close category!
12:34 AM
How I caught someone/thing MITM patching binaries over Tor: http://www.leviathansecurity.com/blog/the-case-of-the-modified-binaries/ @LeviathanSec
One of our security consultants found serious issues in Tor.
@Jacob Sadpanda is sad :(
@MichaelHampton you have experience passing through usb devices to qemu
@MarkHenderson It's you
What? Tor is untrustworthy? quelle horreur
@Jacob doesn't load for me
@Jacob That's pretty damn impressive work, man.
12:37 AM
@Chris I might have done it once or twice.
@Chris I saw the question already
@RyJones No? time out?
@Jacob white page of death. I refreshed and it showed up, eventually
Pretty cool work, I'm kind of surprised that the scope of the attack is limited to one tor node
12:40 AM
@Jacob This is not just a Tor problem. It can be happening anywhere.
@Jacob finally loaded. Wow.
Russia, of course
@MichaelHampton however, Tor is a great attack vector for it.
@RyJones It's easier to do this to Tor users. A certain global passive adversary we all know can do it to just about anyone.
@MichaelHampton tor users self-select to be interesting to those people.
far better to run a malicious tor exit node
@MarkHenderson The server's country doesn't matter. I can lease a VPS in Russia right now if I wanted.
12:46 AM
@MichaelHampton I didn't say it did
@MichaelHampton Sure, but if there's something nafarious going on chances are it's the russians.
@RyJones Yeah, it's even easier to go after Tor users. Though it ought not take long before such a node is marked as a bad exit and everyone avoids it. After that, though, you just start up a new bad exit... bah.
@MarkHenderson Well, in this particular case it looks like it's just dropping plain old malware to create plain old botnets. But...
Though, as I've said before, you absolutely positively should NOT ever attempt to use Windows in such a scenario...
A: Best practices for Tor use, in light of released NSA slides

Michael HamptonAs a very long time Tor user, the most surprising part of the NSA documents for me was how little progress they have made against Tor. Despite its known weaknesses, it's still the best thing we have, provided it's used properly and you make no mistakes. Since you want security of "the greatest d...

Only applies if you decide to *update* Windows.

Really, the best approach for computers is the same as the best approach for cell phones - burners, and only in locations that can't be traced to you.
@HopelessN00b Locations that can't be traced to you: That is a hard problem in and of itself, especially with video surveillance becoming more pervasive.
Hell, that's why I run Windows 3.11. No more updates to be used in MITM patching, and practically no networking stack. Security!
@MichaelHampton Indeed. Need those realistic-looking silicone face masks to start coming down in price. Or just somehow get everyone to wear ski masks all the time in public.
But wither way, the relatively new ultra-cheap netbooks do provide hope for practical burner-laptops, without the shit-ton of effort it requires now.
12:58 AM
Yeah, I agree with being prepared to ditch your laptop. I just think that's not the only thing you should do. Defense in depth.
I'm surprised that Wesley jumped on that so fast
@HopelessN00b The problem with burner netbooks, though, is getting the thermite packed in.
So many retweets
@MichaelHampton: I'd rather have a self dissolving usb key and run a live os off that
flip a switch (disguised as a physical read-only switch) and... it burns or melts the flash chip ;p
1:04 AM
@JourneymanGeek Depends on what you're doing. I need persistent data, and lots of it. So that's not really workable.
@HopelessN00b I just threw some Windows 95 beta disks in the trash
@MichaelHampton: they do get pretty big. 128gb?
@JourneymanGeek I have a 64GB stick. But again, not quite enough. And slooow
and you could always use bigger storage and keep the encryption key there.
@MichaelHampton: You'd want to run your OS in memory anyway, and if you're worried about actual wrench-wielding threats, you'd keep data minimal anyway.
1:09 AM
@MichaelHampton Well, the real problem is that the government will charge you with destruction of evidence (etc) if you do that, so even with a disposable netbook, you need to use FDE and format the thing before you toss it in a dumpster. :/
@HopelessN00b use thermite
@RyJones That just lets them pile on arson and explosives charges. :(
@HopelessN00b Not in the states. Yet.
@RyJones Uh, yeah, in the States. Before they tightened shit down with the post-9/11 laws even.
@HopelessN00b Thermite is easy to buy or make, and is widely used for welding without any permit or anything. It isn't explosive.
Also, in about half of the states, there are no laws on making and using explosives.
1:14 AM
which explains all those videos where people use tannerite in off label ways? ;p
@RyJones Well, the government neither understands, nor gives a shit about those kind of distinctions.
@JourneymanGeek Tannerite is mostly legal.
@HopelessN00b You're thinking about some hypothetical "nice" government which only imprisons political dissidents. I have darker things to worry about.
@RyJones: I did say off label ways
I've seen videos where they've used it for demolition and... explosive mass boar-slaying.
@JourneymanGeek The only federal laws on explosives relate to storage or transport. Some states have no further laws.
1:16 AM
so if you make it and use it in the same place, without storing it, you're fine.
@MichaelHampton In that case, screw thermite. Pack it with C4 and white phosphorus and call it a sweepstakes prize.
I know how to make a netbook disappear permanently in the US. Just accidentally leave it in a Greyhound terminal.
@RyJones Depending on the state, at least. And so long as there's no malicious cop or DA who wants to charge you with the any number of laws that can be stretched to cover "blowing shit up." (This actually happened not-so-long ago to 14-year old chemistry prodigy, if I'm remebering that right..
1:19 AM
@HopelessN00b Disturbing the peace covers a lot of ground.
And shortly Canada won't be much better, now that they've had their own terrorist attacks.
And pretty much any law with the word "reckless" or "disorderly" or "mischief" in it.
@MichaelHampton In what respect was Canada ever better than the US before those attacks?
@HopelessN00b Ummm... uh... yeah.
They didn't have the PATRIOT act?
@MichaelHampton Also, not enough of a tax base to fund their own NRO/NSA. =)
They're too worried with silly things like... ohh... healthcare.
And staving off the mind controlling zombie mooses.
@MichaelHampton They have a weaker constitution they didn't need a PATRIOT act to get around, though. :) Not that they'd generally bother... and why would they when they can just have the CIA/NSA/CSS/etc do it for them?
1:24 AM
@Wesley Actually... they do.
@Wesley No, they are definitely not worried about healthcare. The Canadian healthcare system has as much to do with healthcare as the TSA has to do with security.
So I've concluded that the only way to be truly safe is to go be a sheep herder in Mongolia.
@MichaelHampton NRO spends that much on strippers and party balloons each year.
@Wesley Well, bear in mind that Canada's total population is about the same as the population of NY state, so... yeah. Don't need to spend as much when you're only trying to spy on 30 million people, instead of 7 billion. And in all seriousness, Canadian intelligence agencies are as bad as American ones, just not as well known.
Anyway, the door is open now. I expect sometime in the next 20 years, the US will begin quietly executing politicals. In the name of fighting terrorism, of course.
1:28 AM
Our spy agencies were committing perjury in court before the CIA made it cool. :p
@MichaelHampton You mean overtly? The US already has been quietly assassinating political figures, for decades.
@HopelessN00b Well, yes, but they were generally from other countries. I mean they will turn inward and start executing Americans.
And yes, quite possibly overtly.
1 hour later…
2:57 AM
[root@PanAm ~]# sh CP021266.scexe
Flash Engine Version: Linux-4.4.1-1

Name: Online ROM Flash Component for Linux - HP ProLiant ML350 G6 (D22) Servers
New Version: 07/02/2013

Current Version: 06/01/2009

The software is installed but is not up to date.

Do you want to upgrade the software to a newer version (y/n) ?y
I need to use the yes command more often
3:37 AM
Woo I am down to 6 un-read emails
Soooo.... been trying to find a new version or update for one of our systems, and guess what I just read about the latest service pack for the software?
> B. List of software fixes for Service Pack 3

1. Added support for Windows 2003 Service Pack 2 and Windows XP Service Pack 3
I'm beginning to suspect I may not be able to migrate this thing to Server 2012 R2.
3:55 AM
So I'm having a stupid VLAN issue. A switch would take a port-based VLAN and would tag egress traffic destined for a trunked port. Right?!
I'm having trouble with communication between a trunk port and a non-trunked port. They're both on VLAN101
But if I change the port-based VLAN to an 802.1q vlan, and then tag the VLAN on the device at the other end, it fucking works
Untag the device, set the port to port-based VLAN and nothing
It's like it's not tagging egress traffic
FUCK it was filtering ICMP traffic
It was working just fine
1 hour later…
5:13 AM
@MarkHenderson I can send you unfiltered ICMP if you wish
@MarkHenderson yes, I'll brew a gallon and send it to you
I don't understand why mymail and myvpn are such common hostnames.
5:41 AM
good morning
Applied to NCS (local ex-government computer consulting company)
They don't have 'linux server' on their list of skills, yet they have 'linux desktop'
And no distro specific skills listed.
@RyJones Laziness.
5:57 AM
@MarkHenderson You make me want to tweet something like that.
6:17 AM
@RyJones Me either. I much prefer the drama that offensive hostnames provide for public-facing services like VPNs and email servers. You'd be surprised how freaked out users get when they get an NDR from achildmolester.[company].com
I need to try that :)
6:46 AM
7:04 AM
7:23 AM
I doubt this will fly as very few people really want to educate themselves serverfault.com/a/639323/9517
heh, I've been moving our websites to another IP range. The only traffic left on the old range seems to be a SYN flood we never noticed so far
8:17 AM
Morning poopers
training on the school's defibrilator today... rubs paddles together "clear" tzzzzt

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