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3:11 AM
@MarkHenderson Friend of mine was one that had her national something-or-other-ID jacked. =/
@MarkHenderson You know, uhh... that friend. <_<
@Wesley Well time for you to break out your social engineering skills, get her national-id-number-or-thingie and start digging into her history
@MarkHenderson Social Security Number
3:28 AM
Yeah that's how you do it:
@MikeyB profit?
@Andrew You know man, right up until I started playing the video I could have SWORN that was a penis. (and yes, I still played it)
@Jacob "You're about to make a change that could potentially wreck your network access to this device. I'll just revert those changes in a few minutes for you if you can't get back to me to commit them."
@MikeyB reboot +5 ; ifconfig ........
@MikeyB Microsoft did it years ago with the resolution changing dialog box. But before they put that in, I had the keyboard shortcuts for getting to the resolution slider memorised
I think I can still do it
@voretaq7 Yeah it's just nice to have that right up front there to remind you.
3:36 AM
@MikeyB "You are about to make a change that could potentially break the environment. I've notified the sysadmin, who is currently loading his pistol. Do you REALLY want to click OK?"
@MarkHenderson Wow
@MarkHenderson up up down down.... :P
@Jacob Applicable to Windows 95 only
@MarkHenderson That's funny - I used to use Ctrl-Esc, Esc, Tab, Tab, Context, …
3:37 AM
The shortcuts are probably the same up to XP, but weren't needed so badly
@voretaq7 up up down down left left right right. God Mode activated. rm--no-preserve-root spooled
@MikeyB Ctrl+Esc, Esc is a no-op :P
@MikeyB If it works!
@Jacob mmhmm, I'mma rig it up like idkfa in Quake
@Bob Nope, it moves the focus to the start button
Then tab, tab should move focus to the tray
3:38 AM
@Bob Wrong! It switches context to the start menu button without the menu open, from wherever you are.
@voretaq7 iddtd you missed!
@MarkHenderson That's what Win+Tab is for?
@Bob Didn't exist in '95
@MikeyB Yea, I forgot that :\
@MarkHenderson Ah.
@Jacob "Cheaters Never Prosper. I stomped on your boot sector, superblock, and all the superblock backups."
@voretaq7 It's amazing how much absolutely useless information the brain retains.
3:39 AM
@MikeyB iddqd killed you IIRC, KFA took away all your weapons and ammo and said something about being greedy
@voretaq7 I never cheat. Just ignore all of the xbox Dev hardware I totally don't have.
@Jacob pfft, dev hardware. back in my day we had greenwire and a soldering iron young'un!
@voretaq7 I thought kfa gave you all the weapons/keys whistles innocently
3:40 AM
and we knew how to give the Atari cartridges a proper blowjob so they'd be happy and work!
@MikeyB not in Quake :) they fucked with all the cheats
@MikeyB keys, full ammo
you had to use give console codes
iddqd = god mode
@voretaq7 Except that the hypervisor made that sort of thing pointless, unless you could sign your code.
@MarkHenderson yup and dtd was the "gimmie items" code in Doom
(if you knew your item codes. Which I did back then....)
3:42 AM
dqd == degreelessness IIRC
@voretaq7 I honestly only ever use my very expensive 360S prototype dev kit to play games that I want to hack not pay for anyway.
@Jacob DaFUQ's a hypervisor? That some new chip that sits next to the 6502?
@voretaq7 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free60 Read Up, Gramps.
@Jacob en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atari_2600 learn yerself some history whippersnapper!
@voretaq7 Nah, thanks
3:44 AM
@MarkHenderson Heh. I can still find flash games from something like 20 dirs deep within backups of backups of backups from old computers and flash drives.
@voretaq7 Yeah I played that on the N64. DO A BARREL ROLL!
@voretaq7 Fuckkk yeah
Berzerk is a multi-directional shooter video arcade game, released in 1980 by Stern Electronics of Chicago. Gameplay The player controls a green stick man, representing a humanoid. Using a joystick (and a firing button to activate a laser-like weapon), the player navigates a simple maze filled with many robots, who fire lasers back at the player character. A player can be killed by being shot, by running into a robot or an exploding robot, coming into contact with the electrified walls of the maze itself, or by being touched by the player's nemesis, Evil Otto. The function of Evil Otto, ...
Star Raiders is a video game for the Atari 8-bit family of computers. It was released in cartridge form by Atari in 1979, programmed by Doug Neubauer, an Atari employee. It was also later ported to other Atari computer and game platforms. The game simulates space combat in 3D between the player's powerful ship and an invading fleet of alien "Zylon" vessels. Star Raiders was distinctive for its graphics, which (under most conditions) represented an out-the-cockpit, first-person view from a fictional combat spaceship traveling through a streaming 3D starfield in pursuit of enemy spacecraf...
3:47 AM
^ Sigh.
The Granddaddy of Wing Commander
@Wesley aww I loved that game!
Berzerk, the granddaddy of Doom. =P
I also liked Maze Craze on invisible mode with the little guide thingie
@voretaq7 There was one I played involving a circus clown and a teeter totter. It was... special.
@Wesley . . . Are you sure that was an Atari game and not a special game you played at the park? :)
3:49 AM
@voretaq7 I think it was this: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circus_(video_game)
@voretaq7 No the special game at the park was "Make the pocket monkey spit." =(
@Wesley that sounds kinda familiar
@voretaq7 Never played that one, but the sound effects are similar to Choplifter on the 7600
I think this was probably in the top three of my 7600 cartridges:
Sorry, 7800
Okay, think fast, you're on a desert Island for a year and can only bring one Atari, game. What. Do. You. Choose. @voretaq7
@Andrew Oh spiffy
There's no competition. The one game I'd bring and play to death and still not get tired:
@Wesley and penguin command, and ... SUSE used to have a lot of these.
3:53 AM
I played that to death so many times over.
@Wesley I have a PC/DOS version if you want
@voretaq7 I was the bomb at Joust.
I was the bomb at Kaboom :)
I'd stick those pterodactyls like a sniper.
3:55 AM
@Wesley I would take Star Raiders, because I never beat it
I think for sheer hours played it would be Centipede though. My uncle and I would play that from about 7PM to 1 or 2AM on the same life. We'd go through hundreds of phases until the Atari over heated and locked up.
@Wesley How the fuck do you overheat a 2600?
@voretaq7 7800 =/
ah, yeah
that was...not well engineered
I find it difficult to believe that @Wesley and @voretaq7 are within 3 years of age of me
3:58 AM
Warlords is an arcade game released by Atari, Inc. in 1980. The game resembles a combination of Breakout and Quadrapong (an early Atari arcade game) in the sense that not only can up to 4 players play the game at the same time, but also the "forts" in the four corners of the screen are brick walls that could be broken with a flaming ball. Warlords uses spinner controllers for player control, and came in both an upright 2 player version and a 4 player cocktail version. The upright version uses a black and white monitor, and reflects the game image onto a mirror, with a backdrop of cas...
Or maybe i was deprived because my parents wouldn't let me have video games until the original gameboy
@MarkHenderson Were Atari consoles not popular in Oz?
@voretaq7 Nah we had C64 and then NES
Not much in between IIRC
@voretaq7 Hmm, didn't play that one. I played this warlords to death though.
3:59 AM
yeah we had console wars before the console wars here
@Andrew Soooooo wrong
@Andrew Huh, interesting. I'm a 50% latte, 50% black person.
I know people who drink most of those and they are basically the polar opposite
@Wesley it was basically 4-player Breakout
but you could catch the ball and throw it at your enemies
@MarkHenderson like 100% of personality stereotypes!
4:00 AM
And when I say latte I mean, coffee so strong it's banned from export to Iran, mixed with steamed whole milk. None of this froo-froo BS
Espresso drinker = lazy, quits every job
Latte drinkier = loves to cause conflict
Cappucino drinker = not controlling at all, goes with the flow, not many friends
I think the whole thing is actually a clever jab at soy drinkers
@Andrew The Instant Coffee Drinker: "Fuck man, I'm desperate. I just need the caffeine man!"
DID YOU KNOW: In Japan blood types are supposedly an indicator of personality. Hiring of staff will depend on blood types. *Anime characters* have blood types.
This is totally 100% accurate because an Asian friend told me. (also I read it on tvtropes)
@voretaq7 What about the caffeine pill taker?
@Wesley macchiato drinker?
(and I mean a real macchiato, not this caramel bullshit with whipped cream that they call a macchiato)
4:02 AM
Cappuccino drinker: Neurotic control freak perfectionist.
Douchewaffle who orders a "wet" Cappuccino: Doppio Pretentious Latte Drinker.
@Wesley Fucking addicts.
@voretaq7 :'(
"You're not an addict until you take it in pill form" - Me, Re: Caffeine
@voretaq7 It's easier and saves my teeth. --Meth addict justifying snorting crank
Wait, that doesn't help my cause.
@voretaq7 So wait I could take caffeine as an inhalant?
4:04 AM
Note: For our purposes freebasing caffeine so you can inject it directly into a major artery is still "pill form" - I know you people aren't ordering proper pharmaceutical grade caffeine, you're just crushing up the pills and cooking them in a tablespoon...
@MarkHenderson Yep.
@voretaq7 I know, Aeroshots. Coincidentally, their website is offline: aerolife.com
@voretaq7 So you've seen me in the morning.
@Wesley I don't see anyone in the morning. Too many homicides.
4:10 AM
What up!
...is this a bad time?
@Bob huh?
@Jacob A couple of you seem to be having breakdowns due to caffeine withdrawal.
@Bob I don't see what the problem is just acquire more. The symptons aren't that bad to something say en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baclofen#Withdrawal_syndrome
@Bob No, nonsense my good man, come right in. You smell like you've had some good, strong coffee recently.... VAMPIRE BITE!
4:24 AM
4:54 AM
@Andrew My brain just exploded.
@voretaq7 I've got some caffeine tables. Need a few?
@Jacob I'm not an addict, I can quit any time you want me to.
@voretaq7 that's what they all say...
@strugee no it's not - read carefully.
@voretaq7 well, close enough
After you've read you have an important decision to make: I'm an asshole normally -- Do you REALLY want to have to deal with me while I'm going through caffeine withdrawal?
(So far, nobody has asked me to quit coffee.)
5:04 AM
@voretaq7 oh dear lord no
@strugee I. Thought. Not. :-D
I wouldn't take away your one escape from the hell that is known as "users"
@strugee Damn well best not be trynna take mah scotch son!
@Andrew I will reserve my ":D" until I see the prices.
5:10 AM
@Bob yeah, shipping will be the killer
Here, let me help you.
@Andrew I tried them out yesterday
Don't bother
Most of their shit that they claim to ship is either out of stock, or doesn't actually ship
Also your local chinese computer dealer has better prices
@MarkHenderson Sooo... just like Amazon?
@MarkHenderson Look it takes a while to get from Cali to Oz OK? Especially this time of year with the winds and all...
@MarkHenderson Wait... (a) you guys still have those?! & (b) Yours are actually Chinese?!
@MarkHenderson if MSY would stop changing their website every week :/
5:11 AM
@voretaq7 I worked at one for years
@voretaq7 Yes and yes :P
If it was legal to pay me in boiled rice, they would have
@Andrew All I want from MSY is their price list PDF
@Andrew You have MSY in Adelaide?
Good for you
Remember when the MSY price scraper was a Thing? before MSY had an actual online catalogue?
Ehh... no MSYs nearby :(
I actually get a lot of my crap from Officeworks.
@Bob Ours are all gone now. And they were mostly cheap Korean knock-offs
5:14 AM
@Bob They are worth a trip to Auburn
@MarkHenderson Bloody long distance, though.
@Bob Where are you?
My wifes family is in Lidcombe so I'm in the area often enough anyway
@MarkHenderson About 40-60 mins away.
I guess 30 with light traffic.
@Bob Eh, worth it if your local shop is too expensive
@Andrew haha I have a credit with them that's about 10 years old. I wonder if they will honour it
5:16 AM
@MarkHenderson I'd never know; MSY's search is bullshit.
@MarkHenderson they should just sell bubblewrap :P
Which reminds me, I really need to look into a dedicated ADSL2+ modem sometime.
Ooooh. Kogan should start selling PC parts.
This piece of crap tries to do too much and fails miserably at all of it.
@Bob ******** NBN :(
Kogan now sells coffee, pills, fire blankets, first aid kits. Why not PC parts?
and these
... is this what walking into Aldi is like?
5:20 AM
@Bob I don't bother. I just download the PDF and search with Acrobat
@Andrew Aldi haha
I buy so much crap from there
I almost bought a bench grinder the other day before my wife slapped me
@MarkHenderson NEVER have I heard of a search function so bad that I wanted to use an Adobe software to replace it.
@MarkHenderson ummm staticice?
@MarkHenderson bench grinders are awesome
@strugee yeah but I don't have a fixed bench to put it on
5:22 AM
It will be a few years till I get my proper shed/workshop
@Andrew Load of bullshit results, though.
here's what you should actually buy: a dremel
those are so useful it's not even funny
@strugee Ohh I know
Search for phone => screen protectors and other accessories.
etc etc
my mom cuts my dog's nails with a dremel
5:23 AM
@Bob yeah I just use ebay for that
@strugee Nnnnnnyyyyeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
@MarkHenderson Local Aldi's moved mostly to baby clothing now o.O
@Bob They do weird things like that sometimes
@MarkHenderson ?
My local Aldi has bins and bins of electronics stuff
5:23 AM
I did snag a nice measuring tape though.
@strugee The sound a dremel makes at 15krpm grinding something
@MarkHenderson yesssssss
@MarkHenderson Damn. I need to go there :P
We get all the ads for their tablets and crap, but they don't actually have any.
Too small.
@Bob I bought digital calipers, a digital protractor, a full set of trowels, and a shovel. Just this year.
@MarkHenderson do you do it monthly?
5:24 AM
@strugee I shop weekly
@Andrew They had ceramic knives a few weeks ago. Got a set. They're... not bad, actually.
None of them were planned purchases, they were just there
Oh and I got one of those powerboards that turns the other points on and off based on the load of the first point
So when I turn on my amplifier, it turns on the apple tv, subwoofer, etc
@MarkHenderson That one sentence describes Aldi perfectly.
@MarkHenderson that's incredibly cool
5:27 AM
@Bob And don't they know it
woo one of my answers got defended against a trivial edit
They put all the junk food right next to the entrance doors and then in the boring middle bit of the shopping they put all the cool things that you didn't even know you needed
We have two Coles' within 5 mins walk of each other...
(You can probably find the suburb I live in now :P)
I don't even know why.
Pushed Woolworths out years ago, maybe that's why.
@Bob Because one used to be a bilo and then they renamed them all to Coles
Rhodes Waterside used to ahvea Coles and a BiLo and then they rebranded and they had two Coles at opposite ends of the supermarket
(now one of them is a kmart)
@MarkHenderson Nope, the second one replaced a Food for Less, which replaced a Franklins before that.
I wonder if Franklins still exists.
5:30 AM
@Bob Oh yeah my local used to be a Franklins, then was a Foodmart, then a Food for Less, then an IGA and then closed down for health violations, all within about 2.5 years
> franklins.com.au parked with Netfleet.com.au
I keep forgetting there's a MSY in Ultimo.
OK Linux people. Dumbass question coming right up:
I want to create a tiny cron script to run every night at midnight. What is the canonically correct place to put that script (CentOS)
I'm guessing ~/ is not correct
Eh I'll throw it in /usr/local/bin/ and hope nothing explodes
5:50 AM
@MarkHenderson If it doesn't have to be midnight, but merely daily, maybe /etc/cron.daily?
@Bob Well actually it has to be at 3am, but more about where do I put the script file itself
Got no problem modifying the crontab
0 3 * * * /usr/local/bin/whatev.sh
And yeah it has to be 3am because it has to be after another task runs
Today I was in a meeting where someone asked "do we have scheduler software to run programs periodically or do we need to purchase some"
@LucasKauffman I bet someone sells one
@LucasKauffman Yea, you need to buy Super Scheduler 3000.
5:52 AM
@Bob I sold the ScheduleTronic 9000
@LucasKauffman Ohh I bet that one can schedule up to 1 minute of granularity
Q: Can I use vodka to clean my keyboard?

user1068446I spilled beer on my keyboard a while back, and some of the keys are sticky. It's driving me crazy, and I don't have any isopropyl. Can I use vodka to clean it?

You can always use some of the vodka on yourself and then not use your keyboard :) — Timothy 22 hours ago
ugh, java is not suitable for any purpose.
it came from the Devil's keyboard itself, lubricated with orphan tears.
if you are a Java developer, I suggest you reduce your negative impact on the world by becoming a war criminal... or switching to a better language.
5:57 AM
no! it's not! java was involved.
how're you?
@FalconMomot :(
Not by choice, I assure you.
that language is like
My First Cut at OOP Language Design (TM)
I always wondered whether the counts are true except for the last one... lol :P
6:01 AM
the last one is false
got one, looking for another one.
@AzkerM When Iw as a kid there were 9 planets
@bob there seem to be a few double-dots on the Coles map in Sydney
@Andrew Well, now you get to guess!
@MarkHenderson I'm not sure how many planets there were .. hell I don't even know those numbers are true... but the last one yeah :P
6:03 AM
@AzkerM Wait, Debian releases are named after Toy Story characters?
@AzkerM 2 years old
@MarkHenderson you... didn't know that?
@Andrew I did not
@Andrew Neither did I.
I'm not much of a Linux person
This... changes EVERYTHING!
Oh wait, no.
6:05 AM
@Andrew Yeah! its an old one but thought of just sharing it.. BTW, its the release of 14.04 LTS today.
Didn't had much time to do the beta testing or to have a look into the features.. but we'll see what changes does the stable release gonna make
@MarkHenderson oh there was an interesting post someone made about Adelaide being backwards for 20+ years because of the State Bank collapse, is Sydney not stupid?
> Download Ubuntu Desktop

You can choose between two options when you download Ubuntu for a desktop PC. Ubuntu 13.10 gives you all the latest features, while Ubuntu 12.04 LTS comes with extended support.
Is there a generally accepted way of migrating from Ubuntu to Debian?
@Andrew Well all our politicians are on their way into the shitter based on ICAC findings and our premier has been found to be a lying sonofabitch so, yes. Sydney is stupid.
@MarkHenderson everyone is leaving Adelaide because nobody wants to invest or take risks, supposedly because of some screwups 20 years ago that nobody wants to repeat. or something.
Hmm, I'd try Melbourne if it weren't for the hipsters
@Andrew Hrm, I don't know anything about that
But Adelaide is totally backwards
Pity because it has the potential to be really nice
guess nobody wants to invest in the bizzo there
6:11 AM
It just needs more white-collar industries and nicer facilities
You go to shopping centers in Adelaide and you'd swear they haven't been maintained since 1970
Also needs higher density housing and less urban sprawl
how far is Adelaide from Melbourne?
I still need to visit australia one day
@LucasKauffman google.co.uk/…
6:12 AM
@LucasKauffman 9-10 hour drive
@MarkHenderson that's quite far
90 minute flight?
6:31 AM
@Andrew You actually have rectangular blocks? Nice.
@Bob in the CBD, yes.
Sydney's more a "we built wherever the fuck we wanted".
and squares!
and the suburbs are full of trees.
@Andrew I'm not too sure.
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