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2:01 PM
@HopelessN00b that's not the two-employee company's fault though, is it?
@BigHomie No, but it should give you some indication of the type of app... and how much support we can expect.
@HopelessN00b recipe?
@HopelessN00b yeah I had a feeling you were going there w/ the support
@AdamC We make food. So, basically the company's whole ... everything.
@HopelessN00b oh shit
2:02 PM
heh, I'd switch to git.
@BigHomie Yeah, and it's not like it's gonna be Google-able either.
@HopelessN00b no files to try and recover?
@HopelessN00b heh, not a chance, and if those guys support that app in their 'part time' then have fun
I saw Beck this weekend.
and this desktop is a separate Windows 98 machine that also crashed?
2:05 PM
@AdamC Nope. They done got overwritten, so they're gone, gone.
@BigHomie: OS/2 4.5 man
@BigHomie Heh. This is/was a separate XP machine.
@HopelessN00b: no backups?
@JourneymanGeek Newp.
2:06 PM
@HopelessN00b good news
also, wiped out how?
@HopelessN00b you get to remake your company's recipe system with disaster recovery and modern software
like system level or hardware level?
@AdamC: oh, this is when IR kicks in, and/or panic
@JourneymanGeek Upgrading the software to the new version that supports Win 7 overwrote the install directory.
@HopelessN00b: oh, not TOO bad
you may be able to hit it with recurva or something
2:07 PM
@AdamC Hell, no. I'm not sticking around that long, and for shit like that, I'd have to charge them a lot more than they're willing to pay.
There is a reason, afterall, that we're running our most business critical stuff on a cheap, desktop PoS.
@JourneymanGeek IR?
incident response
I see.
@cole know any good PowerShell peeps
2:09 PM
@AdamC <<
@JourneymanGeek I'm making that a sticky
I've Powered a Shell or two in my day as well.
(Oh course, in this situation, I would do a unplanned hard shutdown, a full disk image, then try to hit it with a few different recovery softwares, and forensics tools....)
but most places would probably get mad if you just pulled the plug :/
Plus, I'm not nearly that motivated. Sounds like something that would make me late to my 5 PM interview. =D
@AdamC por que?
2:13 PM
I swear uninstalling AutoCAD takes 5x longer than installing...
@HopelessN00b: heh, don't forget. I have the (misfortune)fortune of actually getting an education in PHBism, and dealing with em.
@BigHomie ?
@cole we need a speaker
@AdamC ah no I don't know anyone local
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, well, I have a business degree myself. Management Information Systems.
@HopelessN00b: eh. My other major is in management
2:15 PM
Chief Shit Fixing Officer.
@JourneymanGeek So you're really getting an education on how not to be a PHB, if you think about it.
Am I the only one without a degree? shit.
@HopelessN00b: with management? No. It sucks.
@cole nope
@cole: third attempt. I'd be buried up to the neck in debt if not for my parents.
and honestly? I'd skip my own convocation if I hadn't promised my mom she'd see it.
2:16 PM
@cole Over-priced, over-rated pieces of paper you can't even wipe your ass with, unless you like paper cuts up your crack.
@HopelessN00b depends on the job you want
at least here you most likely hit a limit in career without a degree
eh. I might actually want to try to get a computer science degree part time.
heh, they don't even call you if you apply for a job without one.
They may not call you with one.
@JourneymanGeek then is not the job i want anyway, fuck them and their piece of shit HR..
@DennisNolte: However a job would be nice. I can't live in my parent's basement forever.
(hypothetically, we don't have a basement)
@JourneymanGeek get a woman, move with her, no job needed for stuff like this, just tell you are a student :)
2:19 PM
@DennisNolte I stand by my statement. 2 year colleges are supposed to be here you go to get trained in a trade (job/career stuff). 4 year universities are supposed to be about an education, but they're not... not anymore.
never seems to worl ;p
@HopelessN00b: meh
the cyberforensics course I did was worth the time and effort
Anybody wanna be a Salesforce admin
I should have taken BIS rather than management but I figured it would be faster.
please let this shit burn to hell..
2:20 PM
We should all just goto school for accounting.
@HopelessN00b in what country are you in ? US? we have 10 years general education with slightly specialising, and 3 years after that for getting ready for university, so basically 12/13 years until university. 3 years Bachelor, 2 more for Master.
@DennisNolte US
Well I'm going back to school in the fall so
I've been reading Practical IT Service Management, it's a slow start so far but I'm interested in digging into it.
@HopelessN00b how many years until you can specify what you want to do (trade, languages, IT etc)?
2:23 PM
@cole I've heard good things about WGU, quality program and they have a good competency based program to pass out of classes.
@DennisNolte College. So, 12 years of school before you can even decide on a career option and learn about it.
@AdamC tried WGU
@DennisNolte In theory, you can do that at any time. Like, when you're 6, if you want. Most people wait until after their first year at a 4-year university to declare a major.
@cole if you want to go PT it's harder eh
But I'm not going back for IT so - WGU doesn't help me.
2:23 PM
Oh right you want to reboot.
Some high schools (years 9-12) have trade classes, but they're often a joke...
@NathanC so only some courses in high school are different? everything else is same for everyone?
@DennisNolte sorta depends on how fast you progress
@DennisNolte Basically, yes. There are exceptions but for the most part everyone learns the same thing.
@NathanC trade classes in an academic high school are different from technical high schools.
2:25 PM
@AdamC Well in my case, I took a bus to a technical high school for that class
@AdamC ye but that happens first in like 10th or 11th grade right?
Sad part was, I already knew everything they were teaching from volunteering with my school's IT department...
@AdamC sweet thanks
@AdamC Meh. Academic high schools are a joke anyway. Just a way of buying yourself into the Tier 1 universities, so you can become a banker or lawyer in one of the big cities on the coat. <yawn>
2:26 PM
@NathanC be glad you at least had people who know their stuff, for me it was building the network with the teachers.. first time the specific class was tought in that school i went.
and for a tech course to have basic excel usage, like how you enter a formular for nearly a half year this was a fucking joke..
granted there was a lot of interesting stuff (we had to build nearly the whole school)
it was the time the school invested in computers, they were a mechanical/electrical teaching school before.
still, the teachers were not that well educated
@DennisNolte College was a similar thing...I didn't learn a whole lot that I couldn't have figured out otherwise, but it gives a shiny piece of paper saying that I know stuff.
And 4 years experience of working at a helldesk...
@NathanC yep, the second i had my LPIC1/2 certs the invitations for job went flying by it was hard to decide..
@NathanC ye, that helps too, cause you know the peoples bullshit and all the lies they tell you just to get what they want
i wonder if i should celebrate working that long in the field or actually beeing sad for still having to work.
@DennisNolte The second one, definitely.
@HopelessN00b thanks, if i need a larger depression i will always come here.
@cole what are you interested in switching too btw
2:32 PM
@DennisNolte No prob. It's my specialty.
@AdamC yeah I know somewhat of a Powershell Aficionado, but I live in MI
you could UStream me to your thing
Hehe thought about that too :)
Getting talks is hard </duh>
@AdamC you'd have to let me know the time and subject ahead of time though, and I doubt I'd be much interest to powershell experts, but I have done some pretty cool stuff w/ it
@BigHomie PowerShell is always a great talk topic, still not a lot of people exposed to it, it'd be an hour long intro talk.
Not sure how good a teletalk would be though.
@AdamC that's true, I've been on it at least 4 years now and I was late to the party, yet that are still admins who don't Powershell
2:40 PM
I just giveaway PowerShell books now and hope a winner comes back after reading the book.
Maybe I'll fly @MDMarra in to do a talk.
@AdamC engineering or another science related degree
@cole Nuclear engineering!
@NathanC it's spelt nuculear
@NathanC I'm thinking chem.
@AdamC Ha, I see what you did there
2:44 PM
@cole just do accting and become some IT dork's boss.
@cole Chemistry is interesting...just math isn't my strong suit.
@AdamC I would slit my wrists.
This FlashPanel is sick.
@cole but you'd be able to fix your wrists with ALL THE MONEY FALLING OUT OF YOUR POCKETS.
@AdamC FlashPanel?
2:52 PM
@BigHomie This is high-level budget stuff
Q: Pictures of text, acceptable or not?

Håkan LindqvistEvery now and then I see questions (and the occasional answer) that include pictures of text, often commands and their output and similar. Maybe I'm stating the obvious, but for clarity these are the main problems I see with this practice: The text is not searchable makes the question and any...

@AdamC I don't care about the money - I make good money now.
I let each guy choose what training they actually want to take
@MDMarra oh, meh, thnx anyway
@AdamC Google Apps, ya? I've been looking at that...
2:52 PM
@MDMarra how are you doing over there?
@ewwhite Living the dream. Someone else handles the money, I just say "Give us 3k per engineer for exams"
@MDMarra not bad.
I probablyhave more stuff for you
@MDMarra well that's super cool!
I wish I got training.
@ewwhite You keep talking about all of the stuff that you have for me, and then move on to more stuff that you have for me rather than giving me actual work!
@cole They have goals to hit. I don't care how they get there as long as they do
@MDMarra I have crap to deal with like the Davalan guy leaving for vacation today... (wut? I just converted them to Exchange last week)
so now, no PCs are being domain-joined or anything...
the guy just said, "use Outlook Web Access... I'm out... BYE!"
@MDMarra The place in PA is just slow.
3:01 PM
@MDMarra nice
3:13 PM
@ewwhite sounds like an asshole ;)
@tanner I'm a Google App admin full-time before I used to do with EDUs.
35 minutes left!
@cole It's also raining sideways here
Blue Skys down here, surprised it cleared out so quickly.
3:29 PM
1min till work is done, but ~15 till my driver arrives, sux..
and still way too hot outside
Holy shit
there was tornado in Revere.
It's blowing sideways!
so my NAS is backed up fully each weekend. In theory. In reality, my NAS is backed fully each friday noon through monday afternoon
My mom just told me my aunt believes scientists can create the polar ice caps.
I'm getting an average of 350 MB/s on the tapes, but the processor is pegged at about 95% all weekend (because NDMP and small files). Anyone have any advice? Netapp NAS (5 years old) and netbackup with a VTL over FC for data, and bonded 1Gb/s network links for NDMP metadata
I was thinking synthetic fulls
@cole most likely they can, but noone will pay for it.
anyway, hf, until tomorrow.
3:50 PM
Can any of you make sense of this pricing? osnexus.com/pricing
Oh, i think I get it.
Ok so I have a plan
Has this been posted yet? It's short but hilarious
That was way funnier than it should have been
@cole wanna be my intern
unpack Amazon boxes
Starting pay $60k
@AdamC ok!
4:04 PM
I'll do it for $55k
hey have any of you Windows admins been able to boot into audit mode using the keyboard shortcut in W7??
@BigHomie Ctrl-Shit-F3 always works for me. All the way up to 8.1 and 2012R2
Damn. I am in the wrong country for this. (The pembury is great though)
Beer festival on the way! Starts on Wednesday. http://t.co/5tNojOCUZM
@MichaelHampton so weird. At the oobe screen right? I've tried it on VMs and also on this laptop, nothing
@BigHomie Yeah, works fine for me. Is your keyboard broken?
4:11 PM
don't think so
@AdamC I make way more than that lol
Q: Command to 're-apply' previous command?

tdmIs there an easy way to re-apply a previous command to a new command line entry? Say I typed in chmod u+r,g+x file.txt but forgot the sudo. Could I simply type sudo <some easy symbol>'? Pardon for the possible noob question.

but that's not bad for an intern
@jscott Don't let the bastards grind you down.
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