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12:27 PM
Q: Plaintext, unformatted links appearing a lot more often

DomIs there a reason why many users have started including links in their raw, unformatted form? I see them in a lot of questions and answers lately. I don't know the official policy on this, but they don't look as good as formatted links. Is this type of practice something that could be a cause...

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1:37 PM
Hey @JohnB
hello hello
How do I go about migrating one of my answers to a different Q?
is it a duplicate question?
imho, yes
Q: How do I choose secondary branding colors?

user1655395How can I make my branding color palette from primary colors? This is the url with the logo and the primary colors: http://www.onetravel.com/ How can I make other colors?

there is a merge function that we have but rarely use
I'm going in, wish me luck
good luck
oh, great!
muchos graçias! :D
de nada
how's you doin'?
super, more snow tonight
1:42 PM
oh yay /sarcasm
what're you guys in, now? six feet?
I am not sure overall, certainly not that much though haha
spring should start soon, no? and flood your basement
it's been a pretty tame winter actually, it never snowed more than 8cm at a time
yeah, but it did quite consistently
It hasn't broken me yet
1:46 PM
good :)
I like cold weather, I think I dislike mild weather more oddly enough
mild is like that little tease of almost warm, that's what makes me go bonkers
at least with cold there's no glimmer of hope :D
hehe, I kind of feel ya--I really don't mind cold, it's 'hot' that I really dislike
I like hot too! And my place doesn't stay very cool, terrible air circulation. I guess I like the extremes
I know most places in the UK don't have air conditioning, is it the same in NL?
We have, on average, three to five days a year that we'd need it.
so except for large office or commercial buildings, no-one bothers to install it
I would probably very much dislike hot weather if it were the same here
1:57 PM
It's one of the main reasons I dislike it--it's hard to escape here
I think my meta post about closing questions is a bit moot. Lots of the Qs I see in the close queue really, really deserve a close :/
I've been keeping an eye on the analytics. We are seeing a slight bump in posts. Oddly, we always see a slight bump in posts at the very end of February...
end of feb? weird time
otoh... in jan, all companies have new budgets and start hiring designers
and they'll want results in march--so all those designers really get problems they need solving close to their deadlines :P
you may be on to something
2:13 PM
hey @Matt, what's up?
learning how to teach non-technical people to use Git
hopefully not using the command line
I will use it but there are some GUIs
I think it'll be more on how to use version control
2:16 PM
I have a difficult enough time teaching technical people how to use it :P
I really should use it when doing WP themes
@JohnB sigh
> Instructions for performing a merge: come ask me to do it
as I just did
good to know that was by the book
hah, how fitting!
does mac come with git installed?
2:19 PM
I would doubt it
I don't know though
lol.. a gui for a Linux box.. how moronic
so Windows has an auto completion installed but Mac doesnt??
in a terminal?
that can't be right
is it a setting you can toggle maybe?
no Windows has auto installed default but mac and linux you must install it
but I do think we will setup a cron to view the commit logs
2:31 PM
I guess it depends on the distro, works fine in Mint and I didn't install anything
2:57 PM
@Scott I didn't remember until late last night but did a very very short test just opened a .PSD into Affinity and then opening a .PSD (exported from Affinity) file into Adobe. Opening from Adobe into Affinity worked perfectly, opening from Affinity to Adobe didn't. It's already on their website as an "Accepted Bug" they're looking into resolving.
damn 12k. That's absurd.
@Ryan Im just gonna hire you for SEO.. lol
@Matt haha I really do spend more time writing than designing these days
I hate doing it for my sites
Its my favorite part! I really need to buckle down and finish the AdWords Certification too
I don't get the guy that commented on it this morning
@Matt are you able to see site visitors? Unless its just my imagination it looks like my question helped spike the overall visitors to other questions too. Couple of questions on main page right now have gone over the 1k mark
3:22 PM
I dont think so
you should have silver now
@Ryan that was my impression as well. I thought we were riding the tail end of the hype :)
@Vincent we are, great play by ryan
kudos, then :D
Glad to help :)
It and the 10k view badge were my goals. Not like I really care about the reproducing it that much or bounties lol Though it would be cool if I could reproduce it
I hope it also nets us some good new users
3:42 PM
oh I am in heaven now.. github.com/drdrang/wp-md
4:20 PM
Thanks @Ryan Much appreciated
4:38 PM
@Ryan but seriously, a 'not enough attention' bounty when the Q got you a 10k views badge within three days? Aren't you getting a little greedy? :P
@Vincent do you plan on buying something nice with your rep? A new car? Then might as well enjoy it.
Oh, I'm not critcising the county, just the bounty reason :)
well at the time it had around 8000 views and I wanted to make sure it didn't die as soon as the dress was out of the news. It was the most honest reason I could offer
you said you were going to put 500 down even before it got popular and stuck to it, props
Ah, I see
4:43 PM
@Vincent yep John's right too. As soon as I posted it I said once allowed I'll put a 500 bounty on it
the bounty reason is funny though :)
a man a man...
Given the amount of rep I've gotten from the question it basically was a net zero
pretty sure you've put up the most rep for bounties on the site
2550. Scott has put up 4050
4:46 PM
@JohnB I think scott did one that amount
what did he give 4000 for??
you can't give 4000 @Matt --- that's total combined of all bounties
Max for any one question is 500
oh bought to say
@JohnB what are the lines in that?
I want to bounty a question but dont know of a great one to apply it to
4:47 PM
fraction of rep spent as a bar graph looks like
@Vincent so stingy. So much rep, so little bounty :P he just wants to have more than me before the next election haha
hehe. I have been looking out for Qs I'd like to slap a bounty on. Haven't found the right one yet.
so close to the moderator tools priv level, I don't blame you
yeah, I've had those for like three weeks and then the site graduated :/
then you will be one of us
4:53 PM
I wish privs was tied to gross rep instead of net rep
little disappointed on SE treats members in beta differently after graduation
@Matt ok, bounties. NOW.
@Vincent also before I forget I saw your cpt post
@JohnB yeah I considered not giving out bounty. Part of it was I thought I was auto-in for Mod whenever another one was needed. Didn't realize I'd have to run again
4:54 PM
wp custom post type
But now I just don't care all that much. I save money in real life I should at least enjoy my fake SE cash
@Matt digs in memory ...where?
@JohnB do we all have to run again for mod
@Matt no, moderatorship is lifetime
ah! that one
4:56 PM
unless you either resign, break the rules, or become inactive for a long time
@JohnB warning or challenge? :P
so are you two going to run for the next mod election?
@Matt just a vague acquiantance I thought I'd help cos' I couldn't do so myself
dunno yet.
I'm having problems sometimes balacing the board with work :/
Id vote for ya.. campaign manager.. arnold swazternager supporter..
@Vincent ya Ive had that too
@Matt I might run again. Not sure yet.
4:58 PM
@Vincent haha whoops forgot the "unless you"
I voted for Vincent, Myself and one other in last election :P I won't say who the third was haha
wasnt me, lol, nah I dont even remember
otoh, I'm managing my time a bit more and it kind of pays off
:O you can vote for yourself?
I dont think I did
that thought never crossed my mind--actually surprised it's possible
4:59 PM
I wasnt expecting to really win though
@Matt must've been the charming avvies :P
I doubt I'll run again. I'm mostly seen as a blunt ass by new members, and rightfully so. Vincent or maybe Zach would be better
Im told Im too blunt but I always look at it wont be good for me to sugar coat it but just say it like it is to address it.
@Matt if you're blunt then I'm a wrecking ball
dont think zach has enough rep
@Ryan yep..
5:00 PM
I don't think there is a rep requirement
@Ryan not the Miley Cyrus one, I hope
that's only on SO
I do have to say.. sometimes I see ryan post and I say... glad he said what I was thinking or daaaammmmnn
be back in a bit
some blunt is healthy. I think the two of you are doing good work in that respect. Too much of it... not so much :)
5:02 PM
ya but I can easily say my votes have suffered but all Ive ever cared about was getting to 10k but I dont see much rep votes anymore but then Ive taken a major step back and trying to let more new users get into it
lol... treeish
thb, I think it's a good thing as well that you and Ryan are balanced by John and Yisela (and myself somewhat) in being the 'good cops'
we kinda take turns on being the "stern parent". The real nasty stuff mostly goes on behind the scenes...people love telling us how much we suck when replying to mod messages
I never really see Yisela anymore, hope she is doing ok
she is :)
@JohnB ya I remember a few, wow
5:08 PM
busy getting her business started in Frankfurt, though
oh that sales one?
freelance right?
yeah, she's moved into freelancing
takes a while to get that started
and be able to live off of it
(I can attest)
so, if you ever consider going freelance... be sure to have some savings you can live from
for at least half a year
@JohnB that's really not that public, actually, or I have a very selective memory
I remember some incidents with Confused (who's coming out of cooldown in a couple months) and a couple other users. I am under the impression that you manage to keep things like those under wraps quite ok
well, I appreciate the feedback. It takes a lot to aggravate or offend me
I remember a chat between you and confused that drove that home :)
5:20 PM
ha.. confused.. wow
wow most fascinating article I've read in a long time --- businessinsider.com/…
omg for a very brief moment I saw the dress as white and gold
it literally gave me a jolt feeling in my chest
whoa this video is amazing vine.co/v/O2rvPnlEzqi
@JohnB don't tell @Scott he'll think there's something wrong with you
5:24 PM
my ears were tickling
I've seen that video, hasn't been verified though as authentic
@Ryan it's ok, now I think there's something wrong with me
@Yisela isn't that your nose?
we say ears back home
5:25 PM
@Ryan yeah my first thought was wondering if this video is edited or not
maybe both
nothing but good things, don't sweat it :)
That's right baitches.. I make it rain up in 'ere!
@JohnB there's not. I'll explain tomorrow when I answer my own question --- or attempt to anyways
@JohnB I have friends who see it in a different color depending on the time of the day and stuff, I always saw it blue
5:26 PM
hey @Scott
That video is tweaked when the dress is pulled away.. it's a blend between color correction and none.. which is why the background isn't seen until the dress is blue.
Hey @Vincent
@Scott please fool compared to rep you give out the smallest amount. You're a 1% making a tax write-off.
Only the top half of the image was visible when I saw white and gold. I thought "Oh hey, someone edited the image to make it actually white and gold". Then I scrolled down...and questioned all of life and the cosmos
watch the left side of the video..... s'all I'm sayin
5:28 PM
@Yisela you been getting some nicer employers these days?
@Scott you get a freelancer yet?
werent you looking to get an assistant
oh I've been too busy
thats kinda a paradox aint it?
5:31 PM
it is
@Vincent Ehhmmmm... so, so. I got lots of new clients, so there is a mix
I've been sort fo burnt out a bit too. So really just doing what I have to lately.
@Yisela any Dutch ones? :P
@Yisela howdy stranger
5:32 PM
haha no, I'm sticking to British now!
@Matt hi Matt!!
@Vincent there was a top gear dutch trip last night.. dark and gloomy
@Matt then went to NL?
micro cars
hehe, yeah, compared to yours. We don't have much room here
so if I showed you a truck I used to own very similar to this one: i.ytimg.com/vi/c0CAdr6RyJs/hqdefault.jpg you would think that was a tank?
5:36 PM
Why do clients just assume you have nothing else todo and will drop everything the instant they need something? Greedy bastards.
@Scott greedy bastards is an extra line on a bill
@Matt quite
even the concept 'truck' is hardly normal here, esp. in cities
Well I'm just amazed and how "can I get it NOW" some clients become. Absolutely no consideration.
well after I buy a house im buying one like this 2015pickuptruck.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/…
sorry to hear about your micro-thing issue Matt :)
5:38 PM
ha.. ya with a family and moving sheets of material I need something with a long bed..
I like the lifted because it balances the ride
that what all the guys with big trucks say :)
lol. Don't forget that fuel is ridiculously expensive here compared to the US
oh Ill still have a micro car with great gas mileage
The old coupel that lives across the street from me has (no kidding) 4 cars and a motorcycle. It's ridiculous.
A truck, a PT Cruiser (cuz they're old) 2 smart cars and the motorcycle. Just silly for 2 people.
guys, I'm going to go home. by bike.
5:41 PM
see ya V
@Vincent nice! Have a good bike ride
5:58 PM
anyone familiar with hosting a github solution internally?
"github solution" = a website or something?
well Im needing to do it locally but I have people that cannot use a terminal so Im trying to find a solution
you can push to github from your terminal if you set it up, if that's what you mean
not for me.. I need to get people that dont use a terminal setup to use github
there's a GUI for it
makes it so they don't have to type commands, just press buttons
6:04 PM
nah Im looking for something current like gitosis
in other words.. can't trust the wife and kids or employees to update correctly :)
^^ lol
nap time.. you young whipper-snappers have fun.
6:25 PM
this post on algorithmic design systems is a good read
I agree with the notion that developer's work will be much more thought and less direct code and that designers will do more similar things in the future
6:43 PM
It's an interesting read. Though I don't think it's anything too profound. 'code' as a design tool isn't anything all that new.
@DA. Did you have a particular part of what I wrote you disagree with? You sound quite angry towards SMART in your comments on mine but not really sure why you put those comments on mine instead of just on the Question or as your own Answer
@Ryan, yes, definitely angry at SMART. Not you. :)
My comments weren't mean to disparage anything you wrote, but more as a 'heads up' to the OP that getting to specific with SMART goals can actually backfire...both for yourself as an employee, and for the company in terms of managing quality product. SMART puts internal HR process above and beyond good work and product, at least in my experience.
Just seems like you could make that an Answer or comments on theirs instead of on mine. I think my suggestions were decent enough. I certainly don't get bogged down in HR and QC... we don't even have an HR or QC really. And I guess I think the OP might be in similar position since everything they described is what I do
Small business probably with little resources and they're tasked with being a one woman/man marketing and design department.
Having ways to try and figure out if anything you've done is working is a good thing, but you're right that its not the only thing and very hard to be accurate about. Its just something to sorta consider.
@DA. agreed, but it's pushing generation over direct end creation - something I think not enough people are doing or working towards
@Ryan again, my comments weren't meant to disparage anything you said. They are good suggestions in general, but there are some warnings that I felt important for anyone having to put them into a SMART system. It does depend on the company, of course. A (literally) smart company that uses the system properly could benefit greatly from your suggestions. Alas, every company that I've worked at that uses SMART uses it for all the wrong reasons.
(As for an answer, I don't think it belongs on GD so voted to close. I think it makes more sense over on workplace.se)
6:54 PM
lol alright sorry to hear that. Sounds like you've dealt with a lot of stupid intra-office politics and blame games
Yea, actually, that's perhaps a better summary of my concerns: If a company is using SMART, odds are it's a company full of intra-office politics and blame games.
As such, it's sadly not a design question at that point but a 'how do I win in the game of office politics?'
eh as far as not being GD, I'm sure I view it differently because I'm in that position. We're designers by skill but have been tasked with an expanded role. Is it "How to design an advertisement" no. But it is "How might I measure if my advertisement was successful" and since we don't have a marketing stackexchange I think its okay
Especially when a large majority of our users are constantly complaining all of the questions are software how-tos.
I think that would be a good question.
Alas, I think "How do I measure the success of a design artifact?" is a very different question than "How do I make SMART goals so I look better at annual review?". The reason I am highly suspect of SMART is because of that disparity. SMART doesn't truly measure the quality of the comapny's product output. Rather, it's measuring how well someone is at playing the office politics game. :/
Thats kinda how I viewed the question. If anything I find it a little Too Broad since it wants to know how to measure advertisements, trade show materials, catalogs" etc.
I guess its because I've never dealt with SMART I didn't take the question like you did
but anyways I need to get back to my own jobs. Trying to plan out our next informational video :)
@Ryan yea, I imagine the question reads very differently for those that have had to deal with SMART and those that haven't.

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