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12:40 AM
@johnp apologies but Im confused with what you're asking
lol no worries
if the answer doesnt answer the question or in scope then encourage the answerer to edit the answer
the op wants a semi circle it isn't necessary to convert any clipping path to get it
so the question looks kind of misleading for other readers
feel free to edit the question
1:10 AM
so quiet in here
1:49 AM
@Ryan you use adsense on sites?
7 hours later…
9:09 AM
g'day all
Q: Is there need for a third custom off-topic close reason?

VincentToday, we retired the 'what have you tried' custom off-topic close reason, as per consensus on this meta question. Every Stack has access to three custom off-topic close reasons. Retiring one means we have space for a new one. Is there any need for one? If yes, what should it be? Please also re...

hey Luciano
9:26 AM
@Vincent: Maybe you should add the remaining close reasons in short to the meta Q
as a reminder so to say
ah, good one
consider it done
because it is
10:02 AM
@Vincent color me happy
maybe as a third reason "PLEASE DON'T SHOUT"
another one? :/
10:45 AM
@Vincent no. It's just one of those things that really, really annoy me...
10:56 AM
hi guys
is this a good website for asking about combinations of colors, etc?
as a question, I mean, not while chatting, like here
11:40 AM
hi @nbro welcome
of course, just don't ask a question that you can find an answer just by googling it
well, my question is specific to my problem, i.e. a website I'm creating
I just would like to have an idea of how bad or good is what I've done in terms of design, since I'm not a web designer
there are some guidelines for critique as well, check this before posting the question meta.graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/questions/681/…
ok, I'm going to read that article
ok, thanks! but if I've more than one "specific" question about my website, should I've make those questions independent, or can I ask them all in one post?
better to ask questions separately, you get more focused answers
ok, thanks
I think it's better if I ask my questions here because I guess they would lead maybe to subjective answers
because I just need to have a feeling if it's really bad or good, I need an opinion of a graphic designer
the website I needed to create is a website for monitoring other websites, i.e. my website should visualize the state of the servers that are hosting those websites, i.e. it should display if those servers (and consequently websites) are up or down (plus other info)
I was requested to create a grid of squares for each website
I was also requested to create a search box to search for a specific website
keeping this in mind, I created the following
this is the top part of the website:
this is the top part with the search area:
basically the search area collapses whenever I click the search button in the navigation bar
this is a bunch of boxes
and this is the footer
now, whenever a website goes down, this is what happens (with a simple transition) to one of the boxes
my questions are:
1. Are the overall combinations of colors ok/good? By overall I mean, do for example the background color of the boxes match with the background color of the footer and navbar? Another example would be, does the red and green of the thumb match with the background color of the box?
of course I've looked around a little bit to understand if they match or not
but I would like to listen to a human opinion
for now I leave just this question, also because I've already posted too much, sorry
12:27 PM
@Darth_Vader you have been exposed... :)
@Darth_Vader nope
I have 29 vacation days to use in the next 2 months. Why am I here!?
12:48 PM
@Ryan go home ;)
just dropped my mother to the airport....well for some ¬_¬
never had much of a desire to see australia for some reason..any of you been?
you should go with ur 29 vacation days :P i read somewhere that many americans dont take the holidays they are due... that true?
The more I travel for the company the harder its gotten to take them
if my car wasn't a lease it would be easier. I'd road trip somewhere like Georgia or Arkansas or something on a long weekend
dunno where ill go now all my friends are leaving meh
12:57 PM
@Ryan travel!!
1:12 PM
happy friday.. anyone got anything interesting planned for the weekend?
may wash the dog so he can stay inside again :3 very exciting, how bout you?
1:28 PM
hey all
I'm off to Frankfurt this weekend, meet with the big Y
Yahoo? lol
ooh cool. Have you two met already?
tell her we said hi!
1:34 PM
have fun @Vincent
will do! :D
you, @Darth? More work?
yep yep
no one wants to comment on my question above?
@nbro what now?
@Ryan Just asking if someone wants to say its opinion on my question above, if not, then I will ask somewhere else, maybe
1:45 PM
@nbro not trying to be rude, but there is a site for questions. Why not ask it on the main site?
@Darth_Vader I know, but my question could lead to subjective answers, and this could not be good
aye I thought you were going to post it as a question on the site since you said, "as a question, I mean, not while chatting, like here"
well we do allow critique questions, just follow the guidelines, wiki
@Ryan Yes, I said that, but I also said afterwards that my question in reality could lead to subjective answers
so I decided to ask here to you folks
since in this place opinions are allowed
yup, they are :)
1:48 PM
@Darth_Vader I read those two, thanks to @Ryan, but still, I'm not sure if my questions are ok to be asked on the main website
ah well I was also doing actual work when you posted the rest so I missed it. Colors seem fine enough. Its not some amazing design or anything but the colors are legible
Why are you doubting the colours?
(I second Ryan)
@Vincent I don't know, I'm just not a graphic designer (just some background in pure arts), so I'm not sure about my design
We have a critique room which is great for things like these: The Looking Glass
Although it's not usually very crowded, so if you really want some feedback, it's always wise to make some noise here to lure people there
@Vincent Thanks for telling me about it
1:51 PM
@Darth_Vader im going to the summer cottage once i get the car paked
The Ink Spot is the right place if you want to ask 'would this be an ok question on the main site?'
@Ryan, @Vincent Do you think there's something about the layout I could improve?
my first impression is that the boxes are rather large. If you'd put, say, four on a row, it'd become easier to find my site by scrolling
how many entries are there going to be?
@Vincent I see... In reality I had before more info in a single box, but then I decided to make a flipping box, and put the secondary info in the back of the box... (actually I still was not able to implement it, lol)
@Vincent Also my idea was to make the website as simple as possible and not too "fat"
scratches back of head This is also a great question to ask in the UX.SE chat room. I see UX issues with it, like having to read small, hardly distinctive urls in big boxes to find mine among a sea of others
are you able to, for example, fetch the site's favicon to display it in the box? That way, I'd be able to pinpoint my site way, way faster.
1:57 PM
@nbro there's a lot you could improve. There's always stuff to improve
Why is it that people think graphic designers are good at the math behind color? I mean most of you just set the editor to do it its not like you ever calculate the color values yourself?
@joojaa why thanks :P
I try to do my stinking best to construct my HSB colour palettes and this is what you give me, @joojaa? :P
@joojaa I have no clue. I leave the color calculation questions open cause we haven't explicitly made them off topic but I sure don't know why people ask here
@joojaa I guess you must be... having a good eye for colours is fundamental... and I'm sure you took at least one course (or tutorial or read something) about theory of the color
Well that's not true. I do know why they ask here. Because this is StackExchange and most of the users are programmers
2:00 PM
yes but eye is not the same thing as calculating the color transform. That is eyeballing it which is direct opposite of the color computation
@nbro in my experience color theroy is not the same thing as calculating color transforms.
@nbro i mean i had a scientific intro on this stuff and it was nearly as complicated as my hardest engineering math allowed me to comprehend
I wish we had more design designers here. Advertising, print, illustrators, concept artists.
@Ryan agreed
So many "I'm a programmer but I think I can do your job so can you tell me how to pick a color for my site? kktnx"
@joojaa probably because it wasn't a course for "real" graphic designers
@nbro no we had a few of those but they mostly dropped out on first-second day
only 2 were left at the end
But the thing is a graphic designer very rarely needs to know how alpha blending is computed. Thus only very rare to find designers that do.
2:06 PM
@joojaa I see, but this is a different course of what I was talking about.. I was talking about a more practical course where you apply your eye to observe and critique things... I'm not talking about matrices or transformations
@nbro Yes but the thing is the question of how to compute the color values gets asked semioften
So my question is why on earth do they think that computing the color and wiriting the tools of the trade is a Graphic Design skill?
@nbro yes i had one of those courses too.
They don't. They're just programmers that wander over from StackExchange
yes but why on eart we dont kick the question back to stackexhange is my real wonder
I'd be in favor of it although I'm not sure SE is the right place for it
perhaps flag them to be migrated to Programming
or isn't there an Image Processing exchange that you're the leader of?
2:14 PM
@Vincent I feel like you've answered that HSB question before
Me too
@Ryan btw, you said there's a lot to improve, and also that there's always something to improve (I agree), but could you tell me in your opinion what's really not good and should be changed?
couldn't find the answer among my answers tho
@nbro not really. its too early to give feedback to you. develop it more
right now it just looks boring but its too early to tell
@Ryan mmh... I know it's not that exciting because of these greys, but it should be simple... I will look around a little bit more but I would like not to make it a circus
Thanks anyway for all help!
2:28 PM
damn I missed the whole discussion
@nbro also look around for other dashboards and see how well they deal with the issues you are trying to solve
3:16 PM
@Vincent what is your HSB answer?
@Vincent :P Yes that is what i mean that's fine for a designer. Ask how to get HSB from RGB and bang your outside the scope of Graphic Designers. Im not saying you can not, im saying its not really the thing you need.
@Vincent upvoted
Any of you been on Hardware Recs? Are comparison of two specific laptops on topic over there?
@JohnB think it was you that mentioned the face liquify feature before? have you tried it? just reading about features for CC before i upgrade...it's bizarre!
@joojaa bows
3:30 PM
@johnp I have not, I think Ryan did
yeah I tried it once
what do you think of it? do you think it's reliable enough for touchup or have u noticed any artifacts like with the old liquify
3:44 PM
uh not sure I barely use liquify. Give me a few and Ill try it again
just having a live chat with an adobe person now ....eep
Q: What 2-in-1 is suited for high level graphic designers?

RyanI'm running into issues with my current laptop (an old Macbook Pro Retina) while trying to screen record graphic design tutorials so its time for an upgrade. I don't do much video work beyond the screen recording but might want to and even Photoshop and Illustrator now has some features that uti...

they're still selling cs6....hmm
cs6 design and web premium is still about 2100 usd ;(
4:01 PM
What do you want to be able to do with it?
Which apps and what tools
Just got CC in the end :P hopefully for only a few months unless I win the lottery or something lol
mainly print stuff, I guess. I will probably do some crash study with web and possibly UX once I graduate but I'm more interested in photography/illustration....the dodgy stuff :P
CC really isn't that expensive and they've been doing a decent job updating it. I wish they would update more in the direction I want to see it go but meh
of course I don't pay for it so :)
4:17 PM
it is for me... ;( and i was about to say that before you did :P
i guess if i do proper freelance stuff i could get it a little cheaper
with a tax number
think of it this way, a single banner for a company you can charge like $400 for pretty easily. If you do 2 banners in an entire year you've turned a profit (not including all other costs though). That's an entire year
yeah...i have no reputation but i guess ill be fine
it's mainly just for getting a folio together so im hoping an employer will pay for it when they take me under their wing :3
neither do I yet. That's why I work for a company while building a reputation on the side
but you know ALL the things! I know you said you're doing it for free, but with workflows demonstrated on ur tutorials you could charge for that level of knowledge
LOL, @ryan is like me he does not think its hard or worth hard money cos its easy for him :)
4:25 PM
@johnp you mean for my designs or charge for my tutorials?
I'm the other extreme; I'm shallow and materialistic
Well, not really. But myeah
well, both I guess. I haven't seen your designs
@johnp im surprised you dont sell enough to affors our tools. I mean i dont sell at all but thats just because im not pursuing a career in this.
Well I haven't tried to sell anything yet. Just finishing college projects
@johnp thanks eventually I'll try to put together an ebook or get hired to do courses and such
Not sure it'd be a good idea for me to go freelance before getting more experience, but if I did, I'm not sure what sort of work I'd pursue
4:29 PM
my designs themselves aren't that good. I really need to work on illustration more to open up new possibilities and be able to make more of my visions
or I just need to get out of the b2b corporate "you could use Arial for all we care" industry
That's why I'm interested in artisan niche stuff lol
the problem is finding a market that's viable
yes ofcourse
I wish there was a pill I could take to get rid of all the jitters mentors have inflicted on me over the years...
4:36 PM
I need to find a redditor that will post my YouTube tutorial to their Photoshop Tutorial community
indesign is downloading itself again....bye bye data
you know what's good for sharing that sort of stuff (even though it's weird as hell)
google plus
it never caught on over here, but i find people use it for interests based browsing
I need to do more in LinkedIn, for a while I was keeping up with some of the Photoshop groups over there even though I don't like the platform. Now that I have my site up I'll have to probably resume a little cross marketing to those people too
i wonder how people get hired with companies like Lynda :P
That would be my ultimate goal to get signed to a big name like that
Signed to a company like Lynda or FStopper or something and become an Adobe or Wacom ambassador would be a dream
5:00 PM
well I haven't received any Close Votes or Downvotes on my question so far but no upvotes or answers yet either
5:38 PM
@Ryan well thats a tough one
@Ryan getting over the we dont care of your stuff really but dont hate it either. Hence no downvotes or upvotes.
sorry guys my internet dieded ¬_¬
well i think the mods here would all be capable of that. this site is a good indicator of well you'd do :P
i assume you're all mods btw xD
6:28 PM
spying on u on fb @Ryan :P they're asking for a lot of work in a short time frame...hope they pay without issues
6:41 PM
I don't understand why this question is a thing? :/ graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/questions/75417/… It's so straight forward, I'd close for lack of effort
1 hour later…
7:52 PM
@johnp TL;DR haha
ooh is that a close reason now? :P yay
1 hour later…
9:20 PM
This has thrown me into a fit of laughter. What is wrong with me

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