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2:43 PM
@Vincent @Darth_Vader I've read the sexist convo and took screenshots.
Either you contact your "staff" or I write to them again sending them all this. And maybe post on Meta StackExchange to see what to do. This is clearly not me making drama, this is digusting.
@go-junta which?
I'm not blaming any mod, that wasn't your words.

sexism part 1

Nov 19 at 17:08, 6 hours 50 minutes total – 131 messages, 8 users, 1 star

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sexism part 2

Nov 20 at 0:00, 44 minutes total – 146 messages, 5 users, 3 stars

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what are you talking about?
@Darth_Vader I thought I've been active enough :P
The Scott, DA01 and the other mods. I don't know if you were present or not.
2:46 PM
@ZachSaucier you didnt even notice, how is that active?? lol
just because I don't come a couple days makes me inactive?
I don't mind, doesn't do anything anyway, just seems off
@ZachSaucier actually yes.
You know guys, this is the reason why women use male pseudo.
sorry I don't have 100% daily commitment o/
Well Zach, that is nice "drama" you missed
2:47 PM
@go-junta im sorry I clearly dont see what "convo" you are talking about
ok.. let me be clearier.. what do you see sexiest because frankly Im not going to take the time to dig up past events and start a fire in the fireplace.
Go-junta is talking about Scott saying the mods are playing favorites on account of sex.

I've accepted that the mods (all men) have fallen for the "oh I'm jsut some poor little girl that's being bullied" routine. And that's why Iv'e been abscent. Who knows may be when the site gets a female mod that can see through her mindgames or when she has an issue with a female member maybe THEN she'll be seen by the staff the same way some users are seeing her.

I'm not stating you all are mysiginysts or chuavanists at all, Please don't think I mean that. I mean she, as a female, is playign female mind games with a bunch of guys. Thats all
oh darth...
the second transcript contains more bs
if you want to deny this isn't horrible...
oh darth what? You have come in here, and again, are tryin to start a fire and I'm not for it. We made peace and Im not going to bring that mess back up.
2:49 PM
We've read that. We, as a mod team, are aware of those chats.
Yeah well, take a few minutes if you can and read. I guess my links should work
Well vincent, I will report this for sure if you don't
Why? Why are you bringing things in the past back up?
that event was almost a week ago. tensions were high and it was addressed. Frankly it seems like you are trying to find ammo for something, if you want to use that is fine but you are a tad late to cry foul
If something deserved a suspension, those words were
@go-junta you can report it all you want but frankly it was 6 days ago this occurred and you are just now "reading it"?
2:52 PM
yeah I came to screenshot racist comments I got before
You know, a rape could be reported even a week after. But you're right, that would probably get the same care
that's shocking
lol, so false
very funny eh
funny that you think it's a valid argument, yes
@go-junta now thats messed up to bring up rape into the mix of a person starting an issue and I will tell you right now if you want to start down that route you can piss off.
no we're in a situation where something disgusting happened and all guys turn their back.
keep going I'll make sure to keep log of this as well. Apparently it's alright to treat women the way those comments do on a public chat and target an individual that isn't there to defend herself. Now you'll serve me the piss off and drama queen.
2:55 PM
I will not tolerate some treating a pissing match between people and how you have been clearly told to let it go but refuse not to is frankly pissing me off. The mention of rape because you are a woman is sexiest and I will not tolerate that one bit. Ive been a silent for long but frankly you dont seem to get this as clearly as we can put it.
you can screen shot all you want I dont care
Not doing anything about these comments was clearly a bad call.
maybe you reading the screenshots over and over will finally get into your head to LEAVE IT IN THE PAST
@go-junta Suspending Scott, your, or both is not going to make those comments go away if you dig them up. As you can see, @JohnB has been renouncing the remarks and warning Scott about them.
Look, you seem to think it's alright. You're a moderator. I asked for help already. Now I ask why the F*** these things are allowed. You don't care, it's in the past. Well look, if I call you an idiot, that's in the past too. A few seconds ago but you shouldn't care or punish me for it then. I'll simply send this to the team and ask on a real meta.
@go-junta you are clearly just trying to find a reason to get someone suspended and I believe that issue was addressed. I am not going to go 6 days after the fact and suspend someone that clearly has an issue with that person. You ask any third party person and they will say your motive is to simply get someone suspended.
3:05 PM
What would happen if we suspend Scott for a week? He comes back after a few days, and then what?
3:17 PM
hi @Rishab.Ag
@Ryan hi
How r u guys?
I'm great! One more hour of work before off for Thanksgiving
And you? Are you US?
No, I a Indian
No, I live in india
ah. One day I'd like to visit. Such an interesting looking place.
Yes, you should
3:30 PM
Can I crash on your couch? lol
(Kidding of course)
@Ryan why did you even go in, lol
company lunch at noon :P
one of my coworkers that took the whole week off is coming in just for the lunch haha
@Ryan \o/
@ZachSaucier sup man.
just doing some work I have listed on my to-do because I fixed my PC yesterday
3:34 PM
@ZachSaucier hey hey. Was that a good question for you?
I don't know much about exports. I could probably figure out how to add the necessary stroke stuff but I don't feel like putting that much effort into that question :P
animation wise yes it's part of my skillset
3:59 PM
Hi all, not sure if this is a dumb question to ask but why would a printer need a pdf document with text converted to outlines?
sounds like a dumb printer to me :P
@AndrewH in case the font won't embed
or the printer can't read the font from the pdf -- i.e. ancient software on the printer side
(to paraphrase @Zach :P)
How common is it for a font to not be embedded? Odd, this is a major printing company. I was just wondering if this is something I should be asking clients to send me graphics with text converted to outlines but I have never had a problem printing anything.
Or do I need to embed/package the fonts myself?
Honestly for the printer, its probably not any issue. Where it is an issue is if someone sends a poorly constructed ad that some in-house designer needs to try and fix a little of. Like when some beginner designer sends a 1/2 page ad that has a slug going over part of it. Now some designer might have to hack that slug off. If they don't own the font then opening it for minor corrections in Illustrator will be much harder
(if we don't have this as a question already it might make a good one)
I see, that was actually a question I made on here. Well how to open a document in Illustrator and convert text to outlines.
4:16 PM
heya @TimPost
@Ryan Hey-o :)
I'm off! Have a happy thanksgiving to all you 'Mericans, and a good week to the rest of you's
@Ryan happy thanksgiving!
@TimPost greetings
@Ryan happy thanksgiving!
@TimPost nice to meet you shakes hands
@Ryan Eat well
4:41 PM
I just popped in to say I agree with @Ryan about that picture.
@Vincent @Darth_Vader likewise :)
5:13 PM
Oh, happy thanksgiving from Éire!
@Vincent @ZachSaucier I thought it was common practise to convert fonts to outlines, and I've dealt with a lot of printers like this... What are the downsides to doing this, if any?
The way I see it, it's up to the designer to make all adjustments to text before going to the printer... does outlining text effect postscript?
@johnp it can make the text look heavier than it should. With a font, the pixel level hinting is handled by the RIP software when rasterizing a plate. If you give it a bezier curve instead, that hinting is thrown out
anyone black friday shopping?
haha no way
shoot I got all my TVs that way last year, lol
ah i was afraid of that :/ i always associated hinting with screen type for some reason
5:25 PM
@johnp it only really matters for smallish type. With larger shapes it's almost impossible to tell
gunna embed the fcuk out of everything from now on :v @FirstDraft thanks for the info!
yup. Yeah, it's best to embed all fonts when sending to a printer. I've seen some wacky stuff happen (dropped/replace glyphs) when you assume they have the same font, but it's actually a variant
yeah, I wouldn't trust em otherwise. So I'm guessing not all printers have the ability to preserve hinted typefaces? I'm curious, cus one of the italics I'm using for a brochure at the minute has really small counters
I'm pretty sure it's a postscript-level thing.
That is, if the printer/RIP has PS support, it will handle just fine
I see, I see. I've never embedded fonts from typekit before...I'm assuming this should be possible, though the actual font files can't be accessed physically like non-typekit typefaces
5:34 PM
Sorry about that @Ryan @Darth_Vader @JohnB -- it all was honestly not malicious. Have a great Thanksgiving!
anyone know if the xbox 1 is going on special this year?
it probably is somewhere
@johnp that's the sort of case that the print-spec PDF's are made for
Xbox One is pretty bad here. Get a PS4
nah just got an xbox 260 not long ago and like it
only game Im looking for to play is the new star wars one and a racing game
5:37 PM
Xbox has a tendency to flash static on the TV kind of like a strobe. It's pretty horrible. Takes a couple reboots to clear it up for the most part. PS4 doesn't suffer from any of that.
@Scott you see documentation on that?
clearly a software/hardware issue it's not cables or connections.
@FirstDraft hehe, duh John! obviously, bit slow today I guess
I've got 5 devices hooked up via HDMI only the XBox1 suffers from this and I've swapped all cables.
thanks @FirstDraft
5:39 PM
sure thing
before I wreck ur head entirely one last question! Do optical type sizes negate the need for hinting, if the printer can't preserve it? as the letters are adjusted depending on size anyway?
5:58 PM
Any ideas for how to signify that a stylesheet is the one currently used? The blue highlight currently shows that it is being viewed (I'd prefer not to remove it)
maybe bold, but that's not quite as obvious as I'd like
@ZachSaucier bold italic?
Another new face :)
I'll go with that for now at least
thanks @ArtOfCode
No worries :)
6:44 PM
A glyph to the right @ZachSaucier a star or exclamation point or something.
on the next iteration I'll likely do a radio button next to each
Q: GD.SE site behavior and the future

Darth_VaderThere have been some issues of site behavior and in an attempt the mods tried to be diplomatic, commutative, and reach out to people to solve issues and give guidance but this has appeared not to work. After consulting with SE staff and peers we are here-forth going to take harsher actions since...

@Darth_Vader Any reason why you signed it instead of leaving it off (signifying that it's all the mods writing it)?
ha I did
changed that
7:48 PM
WTF? Have i scaled my participation so low that i do not see this ot what
8:04 PM
@johnp ...was afk. No, I don't think that optical size variations negate hinting. They both address the same sort of problem, but on two different levels. And of course, both show the need for embedded fonts rather than outlined type in a document
8:17 PM
My article simplifier extension is now published on Chrome's store! My first published app :)
1 hour later…
9:35 PM
Interesting read: thewrap.com/…
@KitZ.Fox what now? what picture?
1 hour later…
10:48 PM
Ya know... private chat rooms are seen before you mods remove/hide them. Just wanted to let you all know that.
@Scott Those rooms were never private to begin with because Go created them. Only mods can create actual private rooms. And we're not really hiding them, we just freeze them when they're no longer in use
and they disappear. I'm not going to get into it Ryan.
just know I've seen... and read. That's all.
I'm (apparently) not allowed to pursue this further. That's fine.

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