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7:34 AM
Good morning gents and ladies, how is everyone doing this fine Monday?
4 hours later…
11:55 AM
yawn o/
12:23 PM
@Ryan it was the better answer yours s good too but this one had some scientific underpinning. And offcourse populist is nice bonus and damn hard to get
12:54 PM
@PieBie greetings design warrior how are thee
Hail @Darth Overlord! All is dandy and well on this side of the ocean. Have another interviewee over in five minutes. (We're looking for a colleague icym) Last one was really promising
@PieBie that's cool!
How's life treating you today?
already Monday emails are rough. I started turning off my work emails over the weekend so they pile up for Monday =P
:( I don't get why that Animation question was closed as opinion based. For those of you that closed it could it not have been edited and improved instead?
12:58 PM
@Ryan link?
Q: Which is better for flat animation, After Effects or Flash?

user65824I'm thinking of becoming an animator. I mainly want to make videos similar to Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell, who make videos like this. When I searched for AE and Flash comparisons for flat design purposes, all the examples that came up seemed to be made in AE. I know that AE is more powerful, but ...

I went through the close votes review Q earlier
because it is opinionated?
If you ignore the "better" and just take it as "Which is the correct tool" there's nothing wrong with it IMO
If the word better is really that difficult for you all to ignore, then edit it out :\
Flash is not the correct tool to use, Flash doesn't even exist anymore.
@Ryan but that doesn't mean that it's still not available to be used and he is only going to be able to answer his own question when he starts diving into it. Asking someone to use software, to me, is bad because someone else's skill in a software is different
@Ryan still seems opinion based to me
1:03 PM
Then go edit it or ask for them to clarify
You do it since you seem so interested :P
so even if you take away best he already answers his own question, which software do I use to make X, well that's After Effects or Flash and you already know that, so what the purpose of the question other than you're asking how to do X in so so software
@TheMuffinCoder I like it!
@Ryan I life the sketches
@ZachSaucier then why do we still have the tag 'software-recommendation'? That's always going to be a little biased and opinionated no?
1:08 PM
I always thought they should be off topic :P
that's what software recs is for though
@PieBie I particularly disagree with the tag because it usually leads to how do I do this in X software.
I think the better of the question would be, I tried X in Y software and my output is Z but Im not getting the look Im hoping for how why is my output not working?
I don't know. It's not the tag's fault it gets misused...
@PieBie I think his point was that even if it is a "valid" question, it immediately leads to, "Okay, this software is best. How can I do it in that software?"
@PieBie well at one time of the sites life it wasnt an issue
wow, experiencing some lag in the chat... weird
anyway, I'm not advocating for or against the tag. I do think it can have a use.
and I agree with @Ryan that the Q is not really opinion-based. It's asking for the most suited software, not the best.
1:21 PM
I dont understand, but @ryan if you think it can be fitted why not just go ahead and make the edit? I dont see it but another view or even if Pie can think it can be useful by all means
1:34 PM
and.. everyone disappears, lol
nah, I'm still here. but the candidate just arrived, so I'm gone :p
1:47 PM
@Darth_Vader I'm tired of arguing with people over what is on-topic and what isn't. Its an endless frustration
@Ryan wasnt trying to argue with ya boss..
if that is the case fine, let the community decide, I'll just mod close all Q&As that show no effort
hey gents
greetings! how was your weekend
slow and flu-ish
I just edited and reopened the question
1:53 PM
@Vincent oh feel ya there, I went the entire month of April sick.
It was a lightning-flu, I think. I started feeling cold yesterday afternoon and I'm just having a cold now
@Ryan you in Italy? :P
@Vincent nope :( I wish
judging by the location on your last instagram pic ;)
yeah, actually deleted it shortly after posting. Couple photos I keep debating on sharing or not and decided not to
1:58 PM
ah ok
pity, it's a nice one
thanks. Just trying to be selective in what I share. At some point I think I'll have to end up making a "work account" for IG entirely, for now I'm just trying to be selective
2:42 PM
oh I saw Deadpool over the weekend and that was pure awesomeness
ah, haven't seen it yet
ya, ryan has redeemed himself for the Green Lantern..
never saw that either, just heard about the utter junk it was
2:52 PM
ya it was crap
I did hear the new fantastic four tanked but it was going to be hard for chris evans to paly two roles, lol
ok, time to go teach. see you guys 'round!
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4:23 PM
@Vincent ahh well domt use wouldnt know
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7:24 PM
@joojaa wow, I am really in shock that your question is still getting as many views and upvotes as it is. This could very well lead to my first 100+ upvote answer before long
Maybe in enough time it'll even cross the 100 mark for the question itself for you
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8:43 PM
Maybe it's better to protect this question, or even close it outright, because it's going to attract a lot of flies:
Q: Basics of InDesign

user65114I am a GM at a H-D Dealership and just had to let our graphics designer go, and I'm in a pinch. Is there an outlet I can use personally to learn the basics of InDesign, so I can get by with using some simple graphics to use with our mailers, flyers and email blast?

@PieBie its only be viewed 60 times since it was posted over a week ago. Unless its nonstop spam or getting tons of traffic we don't generally protect things
ok, it'll pop up again if it gets more spam answers...
9:08 PM
All protection does is prevent answers from users with less than 10 rep.
I'd be more inclined to close it as a shopping question.
Answers will either be subject to link rot (the Stack wants to be a resource in its own right, not a clearing-house for other resources) or frame challenges.
9:41 PM
I flagged it as 'What have you tried', feel free to flag it too

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