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5:03 PM
hello room
@johnp hey
hows the bird watchin
how are you @Ryan please dont point the sniper at meh! ;(
it's fine. i think ill end up trying to use the forty something birds i cutout and see if i need more lol
weather is really wet for taking more shots
yeah I really wish my camera was sealed so I could go out in the rain
if you need any help cutting them out you know where to ask
you can get those nylon cover hoods but im guessing you wouldn't like that
you mean the rain sleeve thing?
I use that but since I shoot manual focus and settings its a real pain
5:10 PM
cool thanks @Ryan :) i think ive almost mastered the channel mask thing! the problem i had before was that i was trying to use a curves adjustment layer to increase the mask contrast instead of pressing ctrl + m
yeah that looks a bit chokey than expected!
@joojaa this laser was given to me for free and I can see it 100 yards out.
at least florida is sunny, maybe you could get away with that for the sake of a few wet days?
@Ryan but is it latex free, lol
@johnp I'd rather the wet days, more interesting photos
5:13 PM
one of my friends is highly allergic to latex and turns out her new canon's coating had latex in it, so cruel!
@Ryan any samples?
@johnp you can do adjustment curve on the layers panel and as long as its turned on the channels will reflect that
@Ryan hey you need to stop slacking and update your site, your last post was august 2016
but yeah if you want to do it directly in the channels then you have to use Ctrl+M (edit menu > curves)
well when i did it either just adjusted all channels or made everything a bit weird
5:14 PM
change the Curve to the appropriate channel
like that will only affect the red channel
omg duh @johnp ! xD
thanks ryan!
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ I need a new computer! and free time!
did you take that shot, it's nice
no, its from unsplash
5:17 PM
agree, I need time to relax too
im waiting to see the price drop on the surface book or pro when the new one comes out for easter
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ but mostly I'm really torn on making any more free tutorials after having someone that spams reddit steal mine as his own with his some 200,000 followers while I'm trying to get to 100
well, it should be announced at least
@Ryan but thats the world we live in. Cant let someone do that to you gotta just keep doing your thing.
spook em with a desist email if you can maybe?
5:18 PM
really makes me think I should focus on either a private video based course or look to getting published. I'm going to work on writing a few chapters and see if I can get Peacehpit Press to publish me.
I called them out on every single comment on the video. Anyone who said, "Thanks for this great tutorial" I replied, "you're welcome because I'm the one who made it. This guy just stole it." with a link to mine
but it still feels pretty futile
they wouldnt they seem to only publish named talent but if you want email me and we can discuss it further
it's horrible
I'll at least try for Peachpit before I look at other options. I'll keep you in mind though if they do reject me
how affordable is it to self publish these days or is that an option?
considering you're a marketing/design guy
i could go that route but I'd probably go online video course before self-publishing a book
I'd rather get a real publisher behind any sort of book and Peachpit Press does one of the only current books I respect
but the main point for @DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ is that I havent done many updates because Im grappling with how much I want to give away for free
5:27 PM
fair enough. personally i dont pay much attention to the publisher's brand when searching for design books, especially if you get a few sample pages of the content to look at
well Peachpit does all of the Kelbyone / Scott Kelby stuff which I have very little respect for and doubt I'd get in without name recognition but if I did that would really be awesome
I think if the book itself was well designed you'd already attract many design readers
but more importantly they do The Canyon Conundrum book which is more the type of book I want to produce
I bought a book on amazon that had a lot of positive reviews, and it was extremely disappointing in content. I wonder if that pay for fake-reviewers phenomenon is as prevalent there as it is on youtube?
A friend of mine self published and asked all of us to go leave positive comments. I did for him. However I actually did purchase and enjoy his book
But I would imagine a lot of them are pay for fakes
5:36 PM
yeah, usually im very thorough and skeptical of reviews but i felt mislead this time :P
Radim Malinic
Brand Nu Limited

Book of Ideas is just that: an outpouring of what one creative director and designer has discovered from many years working in the strange and endlessly fascinating world of the creative industry. Sharing advice on everything from inspiration to inbox control, facing your fears, finding happiness in your work, the art of self-promotion and beating creative block. It is also illustrated with some of the most important and resonant portfolio projects. Book of Ideas is an invaluable tool to any creative at any stage in their career.
this was the one
I could be wrong but based on our conversations and what I see of you I would imagine you're looking for a higher quality book than what most are
most I wouldn't even say are for beginners as much as they're for people that just want to be told how to do X without having to think
well in this case i was looking for some personal insights on design criticism and personal design insights. but the sections in the book had a page dedicated to each with about a third or more of the book showcasing the author's portfolio. it felt like more of a "hire me" book than anything of any substance
@Ryan yeah, there are tonnes of beginner design manuals like that
the book itself was pretty i guess xD
oooh this girl I know wants to do a shoot with smoke and owns a custom auto body shop. She just sent me a photo of the paint booth area. It's got sick lighting and reflective walls
I'm thinking I'll buy some cheap mirrors to stick around the room and bounce a couple of lasers through along with the smoke
smoke 'n' mirrors
that would be a cool setting
5:53 PM
@Ryan Charcoal is not my project. I just happen to be a contributor. || Thanks for reminding me I have poor people skills . . . But in all honesty I think you're a bit upset about us because of that previous misunderstanding on meta.GD. And I wasn't even involved in that drama. || I didn't "ask a more inexperienced user". I asked a moderator on Stack Overflow that I talk with much more easily, and definitely has more experience in destroying spammers and their account.
@M.A.R. are you destroying account on our site?
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ Destroying whose account? o.o
It seems Charcoal is now considering a user tab for use by mods
@M.A.R. I've been a moderator for 2 and a half years and a member of Stack Exchange for nearly 5 and a half years. So... I've been a moderator longer than the person you asked has even been on StackExchange. And you were involved, I literally linked to where you were in the conversation last time.
The tab being about spammer accounts
well you just stated " I asked a moderator on Stack Overflow that I talk with much more easily, and definitely has more experience in destroying spammers and their account" and I was just seeking clarity if a mod that also assists in charcoal or if charcoal is allowed to destroy?
5:56 PM
Now you went to your person in Robotics or whatever who confirmed. You also asked in your spam chat thing and ArtOfCode further confirmed what me and Vincent told you last time and what I again told you today. We have no way to see what you all are removing as spam
@Ryan No one, certainly not me, as someone who hasn't participated in this site, can question your abilities as a moderator.
@Ryan SO. Stack Overflow. I asked a very experienced and hardworking moderator on SO.
@M.A.R. right after I already told you and your response was, "Must be you guys because its fine on SO. We have mostly all mods on our team and they say it works"
which was clearly not accurate
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ He doesn't help us in Charcoal itself, because he prefers just working to clean up SO, at least for now. But he's already familiar with Charcoal
@Ryan Oh, have I really said that? Apologies. Probably weren't listening to myself because I was distracted a bit.
@M.A.R. Speaking for myself but I think when someone in Charcoal comes in here members of the site might have an automatic defensive wall present due to historical experiences. I commend your efforts but I think the members who assist in Charcoal should work on the execution as it does sometimes seem like a site takeover experience. Just from my point of view.
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ Yep, that's what me and tripleee already suspected. Oh well
6:01 PM
@M.A.R. except what you and Triplee suspect misses the point and passes the blame. You need to look at yourselves instead of continuing to single our community out
I'd like to say I could always give you an answer but you guys need to keep in mind this site works somewhat differently then say SO. We give a little more wiggle room and at times, as stated, the best course of action is to post on meta so everyone has a view.
@M.A.R. theres no reason to think oh well, then the fruits of the labor do not help anyone. I'm just simply making some suggestions in the process as I know from communication other members from other sites have the same feeling.
I came to know about that other incident only when most of the drama already happened. The members involved acted a bit uncool, and considering the lack of intonation in writing, it escalated.
@Ryan We don't want to blame anyone in the first place. Just want to move on from that incident
and you came in here and you were the one acting uncool.
I had no problem talking with @tripleee - we were having a nice and productive discussion about it until you came in
@Ryan there is merit in Ryan's statement, too. This is either the third or fourth time someone from Charcoal has made a claim on how we handle our spam but there is not facts, documentation or evidence to support the statements and when we request it we get backlash.
@Ryan I didn't say anything I don't say normally. It's just that you treated my messages with more suspicion and lack of trust
6:04 PM
@M.A.R. but can you blame us? A member we are unfamiliar of with no SE staff indication telling the site what they need to do? I dont see how that isn't understood?
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ Oh, unlike meta.SO and occasionally meta.SE, which have this SO-ic mindset to them, Charcoal always considered the sites in the network separately, which is how me as a guy from Chem.SE felt welcome there
So it's not about "What's correct behavior on SO" Never was
I didn't treat your comment in any way beyond what you literally said
I would love to work and think the initiative can be justified but when a charcoal member comes into our chatroom and makes claims of poor turnaround with no evidence we will continue to take that personally
6:06 PM
"Most of charcoal admins are already mods." - false by my count about 30% are mods
"Aren't you saying what we might be doing is illegal" - no I never said that. I said you need to talk with SE staff because you're clearly terrible at communicating even among yourselves if after all this time you're just now learning that mods can't see your spam flags.
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ Yes, as I said, if we are to assign blame in that previous meta.GD thing, it was mostly on the Charcoal member, because he overreacted a bit. But I'm not looking to do that. Blaming people doesn't help becoming friends
@M.A.R. wasnt really trying to blame or bring up the past though. I'm talking about the member from yesterday.
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ Yesterday?
Oh no
@Ryan I said "Who says you are?" meaning "Who says you're a spam problem site?" GD.SE was getting a lot of spam when I posted that, but it wasn't being overwhelmed by spam . . .
Oh, phew. I thought there was a recent drama after that. I didn't remember messages from back then.
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ I see. There seems to be this feeling that we're (Charcoal is) questioning your handling of spam, while neither I nor tripleee thought anything like that when coming here.
@M.A.R. that may be the case but it would seem that feeling is not felt by my GD.SE peers, wouldn't you agree?
tripleee is just only concerned about handling spam in the most effective way, and IIRC he asked someone to help him with something in Charcoal which dragged me to this room
so let me understand this, "We're not questioning how you handle spam" --- "We're just concerned if you're handling it in the most effective way"
Do you see the irony of what you're saying?
you literally ARE coming in here to question how we handle spam when you don't even seem to know what the mod abilities really are
@Ryan There's no "you" or "we". You raised an issue that you can't see what we flagged as spam, so can't destroy the account. This is a valid loophole, and we're looking for a way to remedy it by adding a tab to metasmoke
6:20 PM
So for like the 20th time --- talk to StackExchange staffers and get them involved in your project. They can then relay the information to us if its important
You're just perceiving hostility here
@Ryan Sorry for not being a mod.
@Ryan Please re-read my message. The spam is not yours or ours so it makes little sense to argue who gets to delete it first, because 6 Charcoal users have the ability to delete the post by spam-flagging it just like 1 GD.SE mod has that ability.
Handling spam is why I contribute to that project, and I don't care in the slightest whether it's SO, GD, AU or whatever other two-letter site's spam
It's just spam and should be nuked
And we're looking to do that the best way we can.
@Ryan They're already involved, by the way. They increased Smokey's API quota from 10k to 20k, as I said. And they helped and discuss the autoflag feature before allowing us to enable it, but this is already too much help from SE's side, and that's why we can't expect more help from them at the moment.
Any link to the problematic spam flag?
6:35 PM
@ZachSaucier ? I don't think there have been any
What's all this talk of "how you handle spam" then?
sorry, I read all you chat from today but I still don't seem to undestand the context
@ZachSaucier Well, uh, long story
ah, so the way it's being handled is just "slow"
@ZachSaucier The context is that there's this Charcoal room to which a chatbot called SmokeDetector that reports spam, which I don't know if you know about, posts possible spam posts. The room had an unfortunate misunderstanding with GD when one member overreacted about a mis-handle of spam by a mod, which I don't even remember. Now we can't cooperate about further stuff because of the unfriendly atmosphere :( Oh well, c'est la vie.
GD doesn't have much of an active userbase
6:42 PM
@ZachSaucier Nah
@M.A.R. then what's all the talk about? :P
@ZachSaucier You tell me
that's not helpful to me understanding xD
@Vincent same
@ZachSaucier how many you need?
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ 1 day until you can burn both tags requested to be burninated
@Ryan 248 xD
6:48 PM
we can play whack-a-mole. I'll undelete the ones this Smoke thing deleted and let you reflag 'em
maybe not while they're watching lol
not worth the effort ^^
@ZachSaucier You know if you look around, you can increase that number easily?
I presume you mean "decrease"
6:49 PM
Find flag-related queries on SEDE
Bonus if you know SQL
or I could be a regular user and just flag the ones I come across :D
Which mean you get a Marshal in 6–8 centuries
I've gotten this many in the few years I've been around, so I'm sure it'll be less than that
not that badges matter in any capacity anyway
Well, the only Marshal I got your way was the one on Chem
@ZachSaucier Yeah, only very little boost in mod elections
who wants to be a mod, lol
6:52 PM
@ZachSaucier their spam bot chatroom's description is something like, "Where moderators are born"
"diamonds are made"

Charcoal HQ

Where diamonds are made, smoke is detected, and we break thing...
ooh diamonds
those have some value
I doubt the ones produced there are real though ;)
@ZachSaucier No, it's real. Really. David came to Charcoal and became an SU diamond. Mithrandor came to Charcoal and hung out for a while and became a pro tem mod on Literature etc etc.
6:55 PM
I don't think you caught my meaning
oh the nuance of the internet
I need popcorn for this
@ZachSaucier I know, just twisted what you said
that's not how jokes work :P
That's how presidents are elected. O.O
I wish presidents were elected based on what they have done, lol
in other news, my favorite song of the day: youtube.com/watch?v=txWQlSTS5iM
6:56 PM
And I wish posts were upvoted based on how good they are
Oh well
@Ryan Are you still listening to electronic stuff? Any you like recently?
@ZachSaucier yeah a few
I followed CloudKid because of the songs you posted but it's getting to be less and less music I like, I feel
Bruno Belissimo, Chromatics, Disconnect are 3 that I've recently learned of that like
my 80s/vaporwave craze is entering a new week xD
the videos are fun, usually consumerism, coke ads or anime lol
7:05 PM
I went onto Soundcloud last night which I hadn't done in a while and found a few I liked too
aw not available here...
ah i know that one^ it was on my suggestions playlist on spotify
yeah I found the Chromatics one from Spotify. Not my favorite but its pretty peaceful. I've put it on to fall asleep to a few times
yeah i can smell the audience profiling off the lyrics :D but i found it relaxing too
its crazy with the somewhat decent headphones I bought for traveling I can hear things in some albums I never heard before
some of the suggestions i get based on other more independent artists tend to be kind of depressive lana del rey-esque which is annoying
would love to see how suggestions are linked together on those discovery platforms
7:35 PM
@johnp I have heard at least one other song from them before but I don't remember liking it as much
you'd probably like my retrowave playlist
yeah there's one other main track by him
yeah got a linky?
It's on google play, but I can get you the tracklist at least. One of my potential projects for the summer is creating a good way to get a playable playlist from google play playlists (confusing sentence, I know)
that would be useful, also if there was a way of doing it vice versa. One of the reasons I didnt keep my google music was how much I missed my playlists. I didn't find them to be as well curated as spotify. Maybe they've improved since
@johnp Your name is here JohnP, on YT it's JohnF... so which is it??
F lol
7:38 PM
my google play playlists are from my own library
gist: 2471ed55a4491010ae7f1a73fb6a01ef, 2017-03-29 19:40:23Z
Neosignal -  - Space Gsus
Carpenter Brut -  - Le Perv.mp3
Carpenter Brut -  - Turbo Killer.mp3
Carpenter Brut -  - Looking for Tracy Tzu.mp3
NightStop - Drive-by Stalking - Drive-by Stalking
Genesis -  - Justice.mp3
Justice -  - Alakazam
Justice -  - Safe And Sound
The Glitch Mob - Drink The Sea - Drive It Like You Stole It
Chipzel -  - 4В.mp3
Chipzel -  - Spectra.mp3
Chipzel -  - Only Human.mp3
Chipzel -  - Forged in Stars.mp3
Dave Silcox -  - Four19
Magic Sword -  - In The Face Of Evil.mp3
Scandroid -  - Eden (Waveshaper Remix)
@ZachSaucier oh cool. I like justice though I liked their Cross album more than the second
You might like Simian Mobile Disco - Attack Decay Sustain Release
it's from the same era
@Ryan I like some of Chromatics' songs so far. I seem to remember hearing a couple in the past but I don't have any in my library
@johnp that's an album, right?
I know Winter Music Conference is going on right now in Miami. I'm not going but there's probably some cool stuff goin on down there
yup, the title is based on synth envelope dials on midi controllers
giving it a listen now
I'll have to work through your playlist you shared later
7:47 PM
haha the vaporwave one is kind of a guilty pleasure one 🙈 there's a lot i need to delete off it
wait until I listen to it :P
8:02 PM
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ @Ryan @M.A.R. @tripleee anything that still needs resolving here re: smokey/charcoal? I see a bunch of dispute but I can't tell if it all got worked out or not.
@DᴀʀᴛʜVᴀᴅᴇʀ if you let me know what you're looking for in particular, I can go find it
8:41 PM
How I feel in this room right now.... xD
stop photographing birds then :P
creepy little flying rodents
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