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12:00 AM
Everyone, please be advised that this is normal. The chatbot will do this every day as it is set up to restart automatically.
5 hours ago, by allquixotic
@DragonLord I just installed a crontab file to make Cavil restart daily at midnight EST so I don't have to restart him constantly by hand :)
@DragonLord I awoke on Tue, 01 Sep 2015 00:00:11 GMT (that's about 2 minutes ago), learned 100 commands
Yep, chatbot just restarted automatically.
Not midnight EST, though. Midnight UTC.
ahh, interesting
@bertieb old old complaint. Its a won't fix
I do wonder if there's a userscrupt for it
12:47 AM
@Boris_yo ohhh yea, that was not very "mindPowered" more like placebo powered. I have never heard of a camera or codec that changes quality based on the storage keeping up. stuff usually either works or it does not. either the buffered data is written out in a timely enough way that the camera can contrinue writing to it, or it does not.
Although . . . there are codecs like windows own codecs where if they cannot keep up with the data rate they were Told to encode at, they drop frames instead of increase compression. But that has nothing to do withe the rate the storage is working, only how much they were supposed to "lose" in the lossy compression scheme. that one codec happy to drop actual frames, to fit the specified size.
ugh... lifehacker updated their website again and now I can't change it from Lifehacker AU to the international site. -_-
1 hour later…
2:08 AM
@JourneymanGeek There's one for changing the sound.
Would be pretty trivial to set the volume, actually.
I might try making one later
document.getElementById('jp_audio_0').volume = 0.5
Hm, nope.
Looks like the volume attribute isn't supported yet...
Or maybe it is? I'm confused now.
Oh wait it works.
2:35 AM
Just got a BSOD, yet another SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION.
Seems to be the Logitech mouse driver this time:
Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 10.0.10240.9 AMD64
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Loading Dump File [C:\Windows\Minidump\083115-6406-01.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available

************* Symbol Path validation summary **************
Response                         Time (ms)     Location
Deferred                                       SRV*E:\sysdebug\debug-symbols*msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols
Symbol search path is: SRV*E:\sysdebug\debug-symbols*msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols
> EXCEPTION_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000005 - The instruction at 0x%p referenced memory at 0x%p. The memory could not be %s.
Some driver must have segfaulted.
> Probably caused by : hardware ( nt!ObpCreateHandle+31c )
Hardware issue?
@DragonLord we know what is crappy about setpoint software :-) but what is so special about it? Is possible you can do without it and generic for a while to test?
Well, it happened as soon as I let go of my mouse. Definitely seems like a driver bug.
(Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX, in this case.)
This is probably another buggy driver.
SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION is commonly associated with graphics driver bugs and this machine has had a history of Intel HD Graphics driver problems.
I've never seen SetPoint cause a crash before.
most of the input device can run off generic MS driver junk , which is going to be more tested , then you miss out on some mouse features for a while and see how the machine works , so you know if a specific software is part of the issues.
One second after I let go of my mouse, I get the sad face blue screen.
Pretty sure this was a SetPoint fault, not a hardware failure.
@DragonLord but you also do not get Mon-Off proper, and because that is based on input too.
2:46 AM
It's a userspace app issue.
I'll test it.
Nope, closing SetPoint did not address the monitor-off issue.
Or wait a sec...
Never mind
Okay, probably a driver problem.
What happened was that I recently plugged in my Logitech Unifying receiver to a different port and the system had to install drivers again. The crash happened shortly afterwards.
Not a hardware issue.
SetPoint likely caused the crash.
...but why would IP_MISALIGNED be part of the problem?
A misaligned instruction pointer cannot be caused by a software bug, right?
@Bob I probably shouldn't complain. My phone notification is a dog whistle air horn.
Any ideas?
> Misaligned IPs don’t always result in a bus error, they can be caused by drivers writing more data in a buffer on a stack which results in a stack overflow, this also results in a bugcheck to prevent critical memory corruption.
Driver was probably loaded into the kernel twice due to the reinstallation of the mouse driver.
During this installation process, something might have gotten overwritten in kernel space and corrupted the kernel-mode mouse driver's memory.
That triggered the bus error, causing the crash with MISALIGNED_IP reported in the bugcheck analysis.
The processor tried to execute an instruction that wasn't aligned properly. Sounds like kernel-mode code getting corrupted when the driver was installed.
Sounds a lot like a hardware issue (my CPU might be going 😟) but could just be a driver fault.
3:17 AM
@DragonLord well who is it that has 2 different ram modules stuffed in thier machine? I would say check with memtest86 but you sufficentally have done that. Also i Still wonder why peops with laptops are not more critical about thier rams matching and being on a compatability list. Matching so they get Dual ram channel speeds? I see SU questions many times where people slop in some ram, and i want to say But but but what about . . . .
@DragonLord hardware , Driver for hardware , which is a software issues and which is a hardware issue :-) Drivers for hardware , are "Hardware issues" but not really :-)
Hang on while I update WhoCrashed. (I still have a valid license for WhoCrashed Professional.)
Oddly enough, WhoCrashed thinks this is a driver bug.
I took a closer look and saw no memory corruption in the NT kernel image.
Q: Why I cant access my flash drive even though I try to format but still show that it might be protected

PakazoaI have a new flash drive with some of my important files inside. I try to copy some files from another laptop and than suddenly all the data inside my flash drive were all gone. When I insert it back to my laptop—an Acer Aspire running Windows 8—from there its automatically pop up flash drive to...

Ya know sooo many of these are about FAKE sd chips, I would like to refer them all to one thread which tells exactally HOW fake chips end up failing , and how they look to the systems and programs. And how foolish you are for not having tested it :-)
(I of course am not positive this is fake sd, just that it has the same symptoms)
3:36 AM
5: kd> lmvm LMouFilt
Browse full module list
start             end                 module name
fffff801`21e30000 fffff801`21e44000   LMouFilt T (no symbols)
    Loaded symbol image file: LMouFilt.Sys
    Image path: LMouFilt.Sys
    Image name: LMouFilt.Sys
    Browse all global symbols  functions  data
    Timestamp:        Tue Mar 18 20:21:03 2014 (5328E2EF)
    CheckSum:         0001AE59
    ImageSize:        00014000
    Translations:     0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
Guess I'm updating SetPoint.
@DragonLord You didn't try that already?
look it says Filt, does that mean filter? i hate filters :-) Why you no try to put clean MS generic driver in and see if it stops some of the insanity first?
4:01 AM
Watching the election nomination stream online (at work ;p)
Close call for SingFirst team as it fixes lapse in forms: They did not fill in constituency, Tanjong Pagar, they are contesting. Mistake has been fixed.
I almost didn't get to vote again :/
4:12 AM
also, I've been messing with supervisord and python, and lighttpd. I set up the equivilent of mod proxy, and pointed it at a simple python http server and chucked my random files there
4:35 AM
@JourneymanGeek supervisord is alright, but better to use init itself if you can
systemd, upstart, whichever
unless it's sysvinit in which case... yea, supervisord is probably easier :P
@Bob: couple of reasons. We use it extensively at work ;p
From the research I've done and from the numbers themselves, there seems to be a $40 delta between the promotional FiOS pricing as listed here and non-promotional prices
This article (old) indicates a $210/mo price for 300 Mbps. This has likely remained unchanged; the promotional price is $170, a $40 difference.
$60 (for 150 Mbps) and $260 (for 500 Mbps) are both $40 away from a multiple of 100.
In conclusion: $80 for 50 Mbps service. Not good.
Cable isn't symmetric the way fibre is, but I don't upload videos or other big files very often.
TWC retail rate for Maxx 50/5 Standard is $58.
(TWC Maxx has been rolled out here, but not in every location TWC serves.)
It's Verizon not publishing their full retail rates ($40 delta!), as well as the (mandatory) removal of POTS cabling upon installation of FiOS, that has pretty much eliminated them as an option for us.
(cc @allquixotic)
Verizon has left us with no choice but to select a competitor for reasonably-priced yet still fast Internet service.
5:15 AM
@DragonLord what do you mean by symmetric? One of the sales tools used against cable broadband was that other users could be pulling so much data that it slows down other users. To date , there has never once been a time on cable where I did not get the rated speed, assuming the server at the other end could supply it.
In my own little side of the world here, no other users have ever slowed down my cable broadband, although i always expected them to.
superuser.com/questions/965628/… <--- spam of the week :-) 4 views no downvote yet?
IPspeak "were raising our speed" = "were meticulously raising our price in a way you will not notice"
Q: What I have is a say so respecting Free Youtube Downloader

StuzppyrzIt is one of the top professional values. It is a short synopsis of the Youtube Downloader software situation. These are the hidden secrets of Youtube Downloader Application. http://sourceforge.net/projects/youtube-downloader-android/

5:31 AM
Gone. You might want to de-onebox that
6:05 AM
T-Mobile will start throttling unlimited 4G users who are grossly abusing the system, bypassing the 7GB tethering limit (the unlimited data only applies for usage on the cellular device)
There's an important difference between legitimate use of an unlimited data plan and gross abuse. RT @JohnLegere https://twitter.com/JohnLegere/status/638206554978676736
2 TB of data on a cellular data plan. Is this reasonable?
Sorry, but cellular data networks have much more limited capacity than wired broadband networks. Mobile data plans are not a substitute for a proper wireline broadband service.
@DragonLord To be clear here: there is nothing wrong with the amount used. It is quoted as a scare tactic, nothing more. The real issue here is circumvention of the ToS by tethering (over ~ limit). Using the words "unlimited" and "2TB" together is presenting an entirely different and unrelated set of facts.
If you are offered unlimited without conditions, using 2TB is not abuse.
@DragonLord it would be for me (tethered) If it wouldnt cost me like 5 times as much.
2/ On @TMobile, Unlimited LTE is unlimited…as long as it’s used on your smartphone. Period. Watch Netflix on your phone all day. #legit
I do understand.
6:10 AM
If one of the conditions is no tethering, and you violate that, then that's completely different.
Tethering is capped to 7 GB.
As I said, mobile data is not a substitute for wireline broadband service.
@DragonLord The issue is I'm seeing this presented everywhere as "2TB used on unlimited". Few people publicly mention tethering limits being involved.
@DragonLord That has nothing to do with it.
As long as you are within the agreed terms, you can do whatever you like.
Tethering is limited. The issue is users circumventing the limit and grossly abusing the system.
The real headline should be "2TB used over unenforced 7GB cap".
Anything else is lying, by omission at the very least.
1/ We sell an unlimited LTE smartphone plan – no wireless co sells a replacement for wired broadband. #callyourISP
@Bob The cap isn't unenforced. The users in question are deliberately bypassing the throttling after 7 GB of tethered data.
That's theft of services.
6:14 AM
@DragonLord Ok then, "2TB used by bypassing 7GB cap".
"unlimited" should not be brought into it. It's a different issue.
Of course, personal opinion is that a distinction based on use ("tethering") is bad too, but that's also a different issue.
11 mins ago, by DragonLord
T-Mobile will start throttling unlimited 4G users who are grossly abusing the system, bypassing the 7GB tethering limit (the unlimited data only applies for usage on the cellular device)
> ...bypassing the 7GB tethering limit (the unlimited data only applies for usage on the cellular device)
There's an important difference between legitimate use of an unlimited data plan and gross abuse. RT @JohnLegere https://twitter.com/JohnLegere/status/638206554978676736
i dont watch a lot of t-mobile commertials, but if they spend millions of dollers saying one thing (unlimited) then have restrications of any sort, could be 10,000$ of the advertising would want to go into Bigger Disclaimers :-)
And? I'm not saying these people did nothing wrong. I'm merely criticising how the media (et al.) have presented this.
I promiced my dog unlimited hamburger, but it wasnt long before he was a gross abuser :-)
6:50 AM
What percentage of people will be effected by the change ? only 1% of users are gross abusers. so your network cant handle 1% of users actually being unlimited, yet your entier sales pitch is unlimited? Go away kid you bother me.
"I use +100GB per month of on-device data. Would love to know if I am a problematic user." Your next. and dont cry to me if your box of cerial only has 12Oz in it :-)
heh. Wierdly, we have unlimited wired internet, and formerly very generous wireless. Alas, if I want 4G I'll need to go from 12gb to I think 2 a month. Not that I use 2gb a month ;p
7:23 AM
;p. Isn't that the whole point? Like that whole guide on the itanic architecture?
@JourneymanGeek itanic?
@DragonLord So 7 GB is the limit in "unlimited"? Good to know :D
Yeah, he was writing a series of posts about the itanium architecture, with reference to the windows port
8:04 AM
@JourneymanGeek So, I'm back to investigating ZNC :P
Might do what this guy did and run ZNC with Quassel connecting to it.
Or maybe just raw ZNC.
@Bob: What do you need?
ZNC + quassel seems like an odd combo. ZNC makes more sense if you also want to use an arbitrary IRC client, like I do
Quassel is a bouncer, just less flexible IMO ;p
If I was doing this, I'd try to pair up znc + a web based IRC client
Which I'm not doing cause its too damned distracting ;p SE chat is bad enough!
@JourneymanGeek Always-on IRC. Searchable log.
@JourneymanGeek Yea, I kinda like the idea of Quassel, but I don't really want to be locked in.
Running Quassel on top of ZNC would give me more options.
@Bob: hm. I THINK znc has logs. A persistant web based IRC client would make it shiny
I might just start with ZNC and see if I still want Quassel.
I guess.
8:14 AM
Now what to name the server... hermes? :P
> Angelia (Ἀγγελία), spirit of messages, tidings and proclamations
My dedi servers have no name ;p
> Arke (Άρκη), messenger of the Titans and twin sister of Iris
> Iris (Ίρις), goddess of the rainbow and divine messenger
The server is nameless. The VM is called "journeymanweb"
arke would be a good bet. I've never heard of it ;p
@JourneymanGeek You just want to use iris :P
lol. My namespace won't be expanding for a while.
8:20 AM
@JourneymanGeek Yea, I'll probably go with arke
(My laptop(s) are fine, desktop will likely end up being a 'fixed' name like the primary laptop)
and any future hardware is likely to be replacements not total new builds ;p
This the dedi?
@JourneymanGeek Ya.
Also named gaia :P
I don't have a rhea anymore, though.
My lxd host might be named rhea.
I don't have either ;p
and hestia, my rpi is currently not running
@JourneymanGeek New server has gaia, calliope, pheme, clio and now arke.
Old has (had?) gaia, rhea, phoebe, terraria (now calliope), firefox (now pheme), web, leto, blog
ahh. I run nearly everything (well in theory) on journeymanweb. Eventually ttrss will be moved there, with everything on its own subdomain. Right now I have wordpress, and a proxied python web server ;p
oh and maybe wallabag. Not decided on that yet. I have a subdomain setup and pointing at the server, but I don't really use it that much
but everything will run on the same server with different virtual hosts.
8:57 AM
> Uses common DH primes No, DHE suites not supported
DH public server param (Ys) reuse No, DHE suites not supported
9:42 AM
@Bob: travel.stackexchange.com/questions/53923/… this is probably the least strange question I've seen from him ;p
@JourneymanGeek ...that's the same guy?!
I saw it earlier but I could've sworn I checked the user and it was different...
;p Same guy
9:54 AM
I must say tho, he's pretty effective at getting them imaginary internet points.
@JourneymanGeek And appearing on HNQ :P
@JourneymanGeek Hot Network Questions
ah hah! yup
what's a good subdomain for an irc bouncer?
irc.? znc.? ircb.?
10:01 AM
I just use the ip address ;p
Don't forget you'll likely use a non standard port, and its not like you can direct traffic by hostname.
If its going to sit on its own server, maybe, but znc is lightweight enough that that's a waste.
ooh. tho, you can do reverse dns I guess?
@JourneymanGeek It is on its own server, and its own IP :P
Assigned 1GB of RAM for now. Might reduce it if I ever start running out, but that's probably not gonna happen.
SP-64 :D
znc.foo.bar makes sense I guess.
@JourneymanGeek I'm chucking it on the dedi.
10:08 AM
But that's cause I've run IRC servers in the past
Everything on the dedi that's remotely permanent gets its own VM.
and IP address? ;p
@JourneymanGeek wellllll I did buy a /27
(but mine comes with one. I got a second. Anything important goes on the VM so I can semi-trivially dump it out. The main install is essentially disposable ;p)
10:47 AM
@JourneymanGeek now I need to pick a port
what's the default?
@JourneymanGeek there isn't one :P
znc@arke:~$ znc --makeconf
[ .. ] Checking for list of available modules...
[ >> ] ok
[ ** ]
[ ** ] -- Global settings --
[ ** ]
[ ?? ] Listen on port (1025 to 65534):
6669 maybe?
@JourneymanGeek maybe. I was thinking just 6667
I use ninety one twenty
10:49 AM
any significance?
meh. Wierdly I don't think the standard IRC port is good for that.
eh, I don't run an irc server and I don't plan to
No idea. I just used that cause my ISP used to block both the standard web powers, and its become my standard "I NEED A PORT" port.
7666? :P
Yeah. ;p
I wonder if anyone ever uses a >5 digit port ;p
11:40 AM
wigle.net i am wondering if they thought about how they would present every wifi on the map , like zoom all the way down in the default location.
Of course it is nice to know that the data is all gathered together , thanks to 20K users , on a site that is run by your basic hackers :-)
assuming they are any good (at hacking), they could create the first non-telecom intercontinental connection.
12:23 PM
omg evan caroll is still here
downloading MGS V now, yay!
12:41 PM
@JourneymanGeek well, the max is 5
so >5 is impossible
12:52 PM
If i told you Google has real time satalites , called Skybox and it connects to the Net (for display) skybox.com/blog/introducing-skybox-for-good and they would use it to provide data to huge business corporations "Skybox Imaging empowers global businesses to make better decisions with timely, high fidelity imagery and infinite analytics" Would it then be wrong to think thier robotics team would someday make terminators :-)
Really though when the biggest intrusive spying agency in the world today, that tracks everything that everyoned does, buys up every autononomous robotics division it can find. and attemts to implement the most far fetched computerised stuff ever dreampt up. Also creates AIs as mindless as they are, can spy on people from frilling space.
Then people are Warned , for years of this kind of thing comming, and could it be any less like a movie that the people themselves will usher it in, with a smile on thier face to thier own doom. or at least the doom of thier jobs, privacy, mental state (when everthing is contrived)
Oh sure it starts out with nice little self driving autos, which google themselves admits that it is virtually impossible to do. autos that with humans in place already murders thousands of people and cripples millions each year. But we all know how it ends, the people against the stupid but highly protected machines (protected by money and power)
Empowering SkyNet today . it will not matter if the skynet version of robotic autos kills "less" people per year, and mangles less people each year (permenent torture). Because google and machines are about STATS . the stats will show that some percentage less people die when the robot is controlling them.
Because 1/2 the people that die and are mangled today , cause it to themselves. It is not all the law abiding citizens driving the speed limits, that creates the massive ammount of auto deaths. Driving "normal" does not get that many people killed, it is the people who drive like Idiots.
When the stats show that the machine only slaughters 25,000 people, who were doing NOTHING wrong, who were following the rules, when the machine mangles 5 million people, that will be just Fine. because the stats say it is safer.
This is how our society and government and insurance companies , and big businesses operate. To them all we are just stats, if the stats show an improvment , they could care less that now regular GOOD drivers take on 50% more risk and damage and death, via the machine. It does not matter to them Who was making up the stats, so it will not matter to them that the robots create most of the death , as long as the numbers, the bean counters, the machine, says it is "better"
1:25 PM
@JourneymanGeek people are saying bad things about it's micro transactions
@tereško: well, I have no intention to play the MP parts of it
it seemed that FOB was a singleplayer element
(I have only started reading about that game today)
1:46 PM
It has not mattered to people that google is deeply tied to the government already, with a percentage of thier finantial statements , and a percentage of thier investements in both foreign and domestic governments . "We invest primarily in U.S. government and its agency securities" as stated in thier own (cant hide that) finantial records through the years.
Because they also Control the media we are seeing, each project being portrayed to the public as "best thing that could ever happen to the users" but each reality of the projects end results , and if you look in the "wheres the money". we can see that they are no different than any other company or agency that sells the users out. The google portrayal By Google :-) looks exactally the way they desire. the benign open source , give away.
Behind the scenes exists the actual picture, the giveaway for peoples data to marketeers and governement. "We are the Good Google" is all that will come up in search. in research though is is more like "we are the same as any others".
Skynet (box) will launch 10 robot sattalites? 20 ? no "As per reports, Google is planning to launch 180 micro satellites in orbits" Damn invasion that is :-)
2:13 PM
If you can seriously believe that no google skynet real time world photo sattalites will not be providing pictures to secret (sort of) US Drone assasination operations around the globe, then you either no nothing about the massive drone operations, or you have
Ostrich fever
@Psycogeek How useful would you find buying ballhead with quick release for monopod?
B&H Photo recommends bundle with Benro monopod and ballhead with quick release.
I also see folks buy Manfrotto monopod and ballhead with quick release.
I never used monopod but only tripod ...
@Psycogeek Headstomp fatality! Jax wins!
@Boris_yo i already covered that. but there is a differecne between "ball head" replacing a pan tilt head. loose the ball and the top weighted part goes loose and will fall down, and is hard to control. but a Ballhead on a set of sticks (pod legs) gives you the ability to balance the pods Head , when on uneven surfaces. 2 different things. Pivot ball heads , only usefull for photo, are creative but sloppy 2 handed things.
@Psycogeek Covered when?
@Boris_yo way back up when you asked about that mini carbon fiber thing.
2:23 PM
@Boris_yo you know you can rent most of this stuff, even from general local photo or video shops. for a mere 5-10% of the costs, you can try these marvels out at what your doing, and discover.
@Psycogeek Yeah. Remember you did.
@Psycogeek Not where I live probably.
@DragonLord Are they using any Block C spectrum? Verizon can't impose any kind of "you must only use this data on the cellphone" type restrictions because of the Block C rules. And that also requires them to allow that "unlimited" means REALLY unlimited. It's not gross abuse if you're entitled to it by law.
If they're not using any Block C spectrum then they are perhaps not covered by the open access provisions and are thus allowed to impose restrictions like that (as draconian and misleading as they may be).
@DragonLord Verizon and AT&T both use Block C, so if you have grandfathered unlimited, they are required to effectively sell you a replacement for wired broadband, until or unless they terminate your contract, which so far they haven't done for any unlimited users. They are locked into a "take it or leave it" agreement with you as a customer: either they keep your business, or they terminate it and get $0. They can't demand that you use less data. CAN'T.
As long as the customer refuses to sign a new contract, they have to let you continue using your existing one, OR pull the rug out from you completely and stop doing business with you. However, it's clearly more profitable to them to let unlimited data users remain on their network, or they'd have already cut us.
Gee... if unlimited data is profitable, one wonders why they don't offer it on new plans. Oh, yeah, that's right: they're perfectly content marking up the cost of bandwidth by a factor of 10 because capitalism.
I mean, look, it says right there in the contract that Verizon can terminate service to you at any time, for any reason. If they decided that the cost of my unlimited data were too much to bear and that I was effectively an unprofitable customer, what possible business justification could there be for keeping me? Thus, I must conclude by logic that they are making money on me, despite using >100GB of data per month.
@Psycogeek What worries me is that transport is the largest employer in America (and I'm sure elsewhere)... 3 million or something. If all the taxi, bus, lorry, delivery, forklift drivers around the world are replaced... What do those people do instead? It won't be their fault either. It'll just not be financially viable to employ a driver who needs to sleep, let alone all the other issues with human drivers. That's a lot of extra jobless people.
@Psycogeek And that's not even including other industries which could potentially be automated (and most industries can be... white collar too).
My family pays Verizon about $350 per month, plus a full retail phone or two every year, which they get a cut of. I can't imagine that using 100GB per month costs them that much, especially when their backhaul is definitely unmetered, and the towers I connect to are primarily not saturated.
@marcusdoesstuff oh noo teamsters :-) I bet they can do away enough auto machines , for the machines to become legally armed
Imagine a road train of 50 autonomous trucks , bent on revenge. and me sitting there in that little tiny gas saving car with my car pool buddies .
3:07 PM
this isn't as worrying as artificial general intelligence but it's still a pretty big issue that no one has a solid answer on how to solve.
@marcusdoesstuff this guy is already sold :-) Google says the autos are far from taking over just yet. the thing cant even cope with rain yet (working in CA is not a problem) the engeneers had to map everything in only a small areas where they are testing them, to the centimeter, and it still does not know what do do when things change. The auto still cant differentiate from a cop waving them through, or a gangster holding them up. In the everyday is a new road repair california
It has not ability to cope, in fact it basically can do little to handle the "worst situations" that a human deals with, which with todays cars are about the only thing a human does deal with :-)
The speed of much of the testing that was done was under 25MPH, here in california after the novelty of it wears off, they will just run that idiot off the road and go on.
it is anything but safe now, when it gets into an unknown construction zone , it tosses its hands up in the air, another perfect place to bump it off the road , and have every witness waiting behind it to say it was at fault :-)
it is sheer fantacy that it is anywhere close to being driverless, but it is Working, everyone believes in the bot, because A) it is google B) it is neeto as heck C) they think they will be able to afford one (50K added to car cost) D) it is the future E) google sells everything to us, why wouldnt it look better than it is
Right now a loose shopping bag , would turn it into a hazzard.
I would say it couldnt possibly deal with snow or ice, but most humans do not deal with those 2 proper. so a computer could potentially make it through those situations "better" but the machinery would not be able to see anything, and it will just be plow kill (again) because much like california drivers being impatient, people Always overdrive in the snow and ice, giving it zero chance to survive at safe speeds.
3:49 PM
Hi @DavidPostill
Hi @Prasanna what can I do for you today? ;)
David I want to know how you guys manage to participate in Superuser so extensively
Ah. I'm currently unemployed :/ So lots of free time.
can we chat in another room
i have couple of questions - if you have few mins now
@Prasanna Give me 5 minutes
3:57 PM
i;ve created a new chat room here - chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/27653/…

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