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1:11 AM
Need a bit of help. I can access all of my PATH'd executables by appending .exe onto them (e.g. where.exe) but just where won't work anymore. Did my PATH get borked?
fixed it
Dosen't sound like a path issue. What did you do?
swap system PATH with user PATH
I restored my "backup" wrong
That's weird though, it shouldn't do that.
Gosh dang it, why did I do that
@oldmud0 Sounds more like PATHEXT
1:16 AM
I restored my old system PATH. I hope my computer doesn't bork on reboot.
1:36 AM
This is out of the reach of my laptop
I didn't spend $2000 for nothing!!!
I am absolutely flabbergasted by the system requirements here—GTX 680?
That card uses a fully-enabled GK104 operating at higher clocks than my laptop's GTX 780M
...which means I cannot run Assassin's Creed Unity
I've been playing with the idea of building a new desktop, part by part as funds become available
With current technology, the build would be Z97-based, i7-4790 mildly overclocked and coupled to a high-performance air cooler
16 GB of RAM with a future upgrade to 32 GB
1:54 AM
I still live with my "worthless OEM" graphics card from NVIDIA. haven't bothered upgrading to gtx 999 yet
runs space engineers pretty well, 45-60 fps
512 GB Samsung SSD 850 Pro for system and applications, 2 TB WD Black for pictures and other large data files
a single GTX 980 card, on a board which allows future expansion using SLI
wait we're already at 980?
...all hooked up to a 800-1000W power supply and protected with a Tripp Lite SmartOnline UPS
@oldmud0 Yes, we are
wow, I thought I was joking
90-105% the performance of a GTX 780 Ti with 33% less power consumption
yet this is still on 28nm
All-new Maxwell Architecture, GM204 GPU, by far the most efficient GPU ever made
2:02 AM
2:51 AM
I want my Win 8 drivers :(
Worse the version number for broadcom is the same
> Broadcom_6.30.223.201
@DragonLord: Been pondering upgrading to a 970, but my other cards do what they do well enough
Probably helps I'm stuck with a 20 inch 720p monitor for now
(of course, this means I can run most games on ultra settings, even with a humble 2gb graphics card...)
@oldmud0: they skipped the 800 series for some reason
Think it was something to with with bringing the numbering up to speed with the mobile gpus
@oldmud0: "Worthless" OEM cards are probably better than onboard ;p
Downloaded and installed an driver for a different version of the chipset and now WiFi wirks
Fuck you broadcom
Now only Bluetooth isn't working
3:26 AM
wow, dat metafeed link.
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5:47 AM
6:10 AM
6:22 AM
not that I need another mouse
that thing looks weird
@bob so did you get pdf printer? thing running?
@Psycogeek nup. gave up...
windows refuses to find ntprint, probably corrupted driver cache, no idea how ot repair that
ya figure there are probably 3 of them freeware pdf printer things. I was doing that before, and one of the PAy ones was recommended, a few days of trial , and many people are done.
Cutepdf is what I use ;)
Q: I was caught cheating on an exam, how can I minimize the damage?

naughtyjojoI got caught cheating in an engineering exam; my life is almost over. One normal engineering course at my university had an unreasonable amount of work: each week we would have like 5 quizzes (1 labview quiz, 2 class quizzes, 1 computer lab quiz, 1 graded report). The course merging with another...

6:36 AM
Oh, that one.
My first reaction is 'your innocent friend should also get a dean's warning and (s)he should be suspended for at least a week'
@JourneymanGeek "my building pancaked and 120 stories collapsed on the occupants :-) now my life as an engineer is really over "
@Hennes: Friends don't 'help' friends cheat
Friends help them understand the material ;)
6:38 AM
oh, a tip from @kitten_lindy: Do not twitter search on 'bad kitty'
In other news: I fire up tha interwebs before I had my coffee.
6:53 AM
7:04 AM
@Psycogeek I'm actually paying for the Adobe one, so... yea. I'd rather use it if I can :P
good idea, cause it goes together :-)
7:18 AM
That's just disturbing as heck
And probably NSFW
(Blowing that up before someone flags it)
Resizing a 500 gb partition, hopefully the partition survives ...
New Taylor Swift album is... ok.
There's nothing super earwormy tho ;p
7:34 AM
Gparted says disk resized, windows says not
Laptop lesson #1: Don't move your laptop around with anything connected to it
7:55 AM
@JourneymanGeek Huh, it's out? checks Spotify
@JourneymanGeek Fearless and Speak Now were best for that :P
@Bob: Yeah, Its even out on HDtracks ;p
Not on Spotify yet :(
last.fm/user/faileasgreywolf/tracks seems to indicate it may be.
> The artist or their representatives have decided not to release this album on Spotify. We are working on it and hope they will change their mind soon.
Doesn't come up at all on mobile, and that message on desktop.
8:00 AM
I just won't listen to it then. <=== benefits of not really caring :P
Either the intel 3.0 USB driver doesn't know which is 3.0 and which iis 2.0 or the backplate of the motherboard and manuel are wrong? I am soo confused.
a person would expect that when they plug into the ports Marked 3.0 on the MB, that it would then come under the 3.0 hub item in the device manage. but it is as if all of them are reversed.
8:25 AM
not all of them. Thing I did not need to know. a single external drive hooked to the "root Hub" or through an onboard intel secondary hub (one more hub) runs at the same speed.
hmmm, there is a pattern forming. 3.0 device in 3.0 ROOT hub (as shown in device manager) windows says (and I do to) it is running 2.0 , is indeed in 2.0 slot. which would not be weird if that was shown Through a 2.0 Hub item first.
Go Flex 3.0 type shown direct to the root 3.0 hub, but is 2.0 speed, and 2.0 port
8:48 AM
2.0 input device falls under 2.0 hub in 3.0 port , somewhat logical.
Same 2.0 input device , in different 3.0 port, assumes the one that is direct without hub.
But 3.0 storage device in these various slots , does not show connection diagram as being through hub, be that in 3.0 or 2.0 slot location.
So I am not insane :-) there is a pattern. the connection diagram just looks confusing.
Conclusion: A person could see in the connection diagram in the device manager, that the 3.0 device IS hooked to a 3.0 hub) , But it could be in a 2.0 port , and therefore slow.
That could solve the mystery of 1 SU question I read weeks and weeks ago
My plan has always been to hook up the fastest stuff to the least hubs, that was not really an issue for HD speeds. but I know how to find it now.
My problem was that a 2.0 input device was acting like it was in a 3.0. it was not, but it is now travelling that path. 3.0s seem like they have more buffers or something and have been shown to have tiny latencies, even though they make fast stuff faster.
9:29 AM
Another picture, this is the very rough short test, one with an extra hub. any variation is nonexistent , because it is well within the variation of a simple test.
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1:14 PM
Q: Lap top screen blinks when I use Foxfire

Irawhen I open foxfire the top part of my screen strobes and blinks I have reinstalled the software , restored the computer to an earlier date but the problem still exists i have no problems if i use chrome or aol any suggestions on how to eliminate the annoying flashing

Bet it's a troll.
straight out of those tech support nightmare stories
aol still makes a browser?
shrug hell if I know
I think I have an aol disk somewhere though
...and I've never been to America
if the question is real, it just sounds like the usual garlics chip thing isn't working right, the machine is overheating or it has an AOL virus on it .
Writing a UI is like playing with Satan
@Bob you wouldn't have to be, the scam they were running was to claim $29.95 loss on their taxes from sending out a disk that nobody installed or some such creative money/paperwork thing.
@HackToHell because your using a demonic language to write it?
1:22 PM
@Psycogeek yes, Java and XML.
It's way fucking easier with Visual Studio an C#
For {{demon[[][(09) . then. . {]][{{( force )}}>))
fuck IntelliJ fuck Eclipse
The Swing App Framework in NetBeans is decent
resembles VS's designer, actually
but they're dropping support for it
I am writing an Android app and an Windows phone app that basically do the same shit
I finished the Windows phone app in 2 days
It's been a week since I started with the Android one
Well shit.
Moto vs Samsung -- Moto clearly has battery life and durability/build quality in its favor; Samsung ONLY has display size and that stupid S Pen in its favor.
heavily leaning towards going back Moto @Bob
1:33 PM
it's simple
larger battery, smaller screen, same SoC == better batt life.
how can I say no to that? :D
no thanks clippy
@allquixotic Same res, though, so the smaller screen isn't as pronounced.
@Bob Still less physical area to illuminate with the backlight.
@allquixotic s/backlight/display/
is the Moto AMOLED or LCD?
3200 mAh on the Note 4 vs. 3900 mAh on the Moto
1:36 PM
No backlights here.
so both the Note 4 and the Moto are AMOLED?
I wouldn't be surprised if the Moto was using a Samsung panel.
just one cut slightly smaller and higher PPI
then again the 5.2" form factor is REALLY reminiscent of what the Galaxy S series does lately
I wonder if Sammy will use the same display as the Droid Turbo on the Galaxy S 6.
S5 is 5.1" 1080p
So, possible. But much higher PPI.
they COULD make the S 6 5.2" without most people noticing
such a tiny difference
I'll be honest, I still prefer the Motorola software, even after spending months with the S5

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