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12:24 AM
@Psycogeek Brillent!
Oh, I swapped out my squeeky work mouse for a less worn out identical one that's clicky. Bliss!
12:39 AM
@JourneymanGeek My Razer mouse started to squeek before I replaced it.
@MichaelFrank: this was a stock dell mouse
I grabbed a new one, this one was so worn out the clicky mouse wheel didn't click ;p
I am so confused why quoting an wikipedia article earns me 12 upvotes, lol
1:09 AM
I was super confused by an edit review just now. Couldn't tell WTF the editor was trying to do. Rejected it and BAM! Review Audit...
2 hours later…
2:51 AM
@JourneymanGeek speaking of HP build quality... I think the screen just failed. again.
or maybe it's the cable, I don't know
certainly can't see any physical damage... pretty sure I know what a smashed LCD looks like
I'll try for another warranty repair, but I'll probably replace it anyway
but I can't decide between hat one and three others :(
Do I want touch? ...maybe. 4k display? probably not, but it does have an i7, which'll help me
they all weigh about the same
first one's rather thicker though
then again, I was waiting for the SP4
ugh... decisions, decisions
I'm not sure I can wait much longer
or do what I did and get something dirt cheap and decent pending? ;p
(I'm planning on a new primary laptop at some point in the future, but the little stream is doing ok for now. I figure the market will be flooded with options in a few months ;p)
3:11 AM
@JourneymanGeek prob is, I need portable compute power prety soon
already got a Stream-class device
somehow I don't think installing VS on it is a good idea
(but I also have fairly reliable, fast remote access to my home box, and our office systems arn't half bad)
Even if we manage to use up all our ram playing short film clips...
3:47 AM
I wonder how hackable it'll be. Might make a decent thin client
4:29 AM
@JourneymanGeek most likely runs a Linux variant
depends how locked down that is, but someone will find a way to get root access (hah)
4:50 AM
@Bob: Yup ;p
5:01 AM
1 hour later…
6:04 AM
This superuser.com/questions/885282/… <---- was probably clearly spam, yet it got edited to remove the link which would more clearly make it spam. It does not have much longer to live.
it is gone
So's the user
6:25 AM
I hope you made it extra bad for them, after all i had to Read that :-)
(saying WTF the whole time)
Uhh, superuser.com/questions/885301/smart-way-to-export-mac-mail might be team spam? if i remember right this is one of thier common themes.
superuser.com/questions/885290/… <-- sort of confirms a team spam , being the same company
7:20 AM
@JourneymanGeek laptop screen seems fine now
hm. Cable then?
7:35 AM
@JourneymanGeek yea, that's what I'm thinking
but claiming warranty is a pain in the arse with intermittent problems
I think I should just keep hunting for a replacement ASAP
8:12 AM
@Bob: yeah ;p
@allquixotic chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/20357883#20357883 might get this instead of the SP4... any advice/opinion?
maybe fleabay a cable, or open it up and see if there's something off?
@JourneymanGeek I've opened my old HP laptop before, and the cable is effectively part of the screen
It terminates in some kind of FFC connection
the mobo side is easily detachable though
@JourneymanGeek sorry, wrong initialism
I meant FFC :P
8:15 AM
That sounds normal
I'd rather wait for it to fail and go the warranty route
It's easy to mess up FFC
8:34 AM
Like that?
heh. That's cool, most of the shit that's been stumping me ends up being someone else's problem ;p
8:57 AM
@JourneymanGeek no, that's the detachable type
the cable is FFC, but the connector is pretty much permanent... stuck down, possibly gued, no actual socket
@JourneymanGeek It's a bundle of wires that runs through the hinge and expands to an FFC
Until that bit it still sounds normal. The fact that its fixed to the screen is wieeeeerd
Something like that.
@JourneymanGeek Oh, it's detachable if you really want to
Thats more or less what I was expecting.
9:04 AM
just bloody hard to get it back together
the screen side doesn't seem to have a proper detachable connector - it looks glued/taped down
9:17 AM
@JourneymanGeek Hm. P/N 686898-001
I love how complete HP service manuals are :P
Hm. Pretty sure there was a big piece of plastic covering the cable in the last one I took apart. This one might be different.
...ok, probably. this keyboard actually has proper release clips
the last one was terrible
That's the HP?
@JourneymanGeek ?
> 4 Removal and replacement
Preliminary replacement requirements
Tools required
You will need the following tools to comple
te the removal and replacement procedures:

Flat-bladed screwdriver

Magnetic screwdriver

Phillips P0 and
P1 screwdrivers
Oh that the clips are for ;p
@JourneymanGeek ?
Never mind ;p
9:22 AM
I really do love how thorough this is.
How did they get those numbers?!
It's weird. Build quality is shit, but repair and availability of parts and manuals is excellent.
Which makes the manuals more useful? ;p
Kinda like how ladas came with an INSANELY complete toolkit...

Cause the damned things would always break down ;p
3 hours later…
12:38 PM
@JourneymanGeek ladas?
@JourneymanGeek that it does :P
@Bob: Plural of lada. IN SOVIET RUSSIA, YOU PUSH CAR!
lada? o.O
I think I need to restructure my private key use. How are you guys doing it? One key for each service and copy the key to all devices? Or have one key for every device and use that on multiple services? Or have unique keys for each service on each device?
Obviously the last option would be the safest, I guess, but it's a hell of a lot of keys
Is car. Good soviet steel. Will either break down, or break things ;p
I currently mix-and-match and it's already terribly confusing
12:48 PM
@OliverSalzburg That's what I do! :P
Really, you're supposed to have one key per device.
But I did do one key over all my devices for half my services... does make it harder to change if a device is lost
Q: What is the best practice: separate ssh-key per host and user VS one ssh-key for all hosts?

staticIs it better to create a separate ssh-key for each host and user or just using the id_rsa key for all host to authenticate? Could one id_rsa be a malpractice for the privacy/anonymity policies? Update: having one ssh-key for all hosts: ~/.ssh/id_rsa ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub in comparison to separat...

I already know that I'll end up locking myself out of somewhere when I start to change things up :\
Having multiple keys on the same machine, so you can use them for different services is such a PITA
I have like 4 keys on this machine which I use regularly. Unlocking all 4 keys after a reboot is so annoying
1:15 PM
Remember that forced Spotify upgrade?
1:34 PM
1. Put a .cmd into OneDrive 2. Edit the file through the web interface of OneDrive 3. OneDrive replaces CRLF with LF 4. The file still runs fine, but you can no longer edit it properly with Notepad
2:17 PM
2:36 PM
cyberduck has a cli tool
TIL that Chrome does not delete session cookies if it's set to "Continue where I left off"
@Bob old news :-)
@Bob very "good" specs, but it's apples to oranges -- the SP4 is detachable to a tablet-only form factor, will almost assuredly be lighter, not have discrete graphics, and have Broadwell or even Skylake.
I'm probably gonna wait for Skylake because it's coming so blasted soon after Broadwell (provided there are no more delays)
I would actually kind of expect Microsoft to do a Broadwell, then a Skylake release of the Surface Pro... the Skylake one may not come until Q1 2016, but it'll be there not long after
Broadwell is very much a redheaded stepchild
2:52 PM
@allquixotic: heh, funny thing about MS...
they design suprisingly awesome hardware for a software company
2 hours later…
4:38 PM
@Bob You were the one who mailed me the router, right? Just got it, I think. Haven't opened the box yet though.
5:16 PM
aaand like clockwork, another GSoC, another tidal wave of poorly-trained programmers from third world countries introducing themselves on the mailing lists in extremely broken English, whose "portfolios" of accomplishments on Github consist of a few assorted repositories of documentation, and a metric ton of repos that have been forked from an upstream but with no local commits made
probably because the prospect of getting paid that much money for a summer's work is almost inconceivable to them compared to what they would make locally
5:33 PM
@BenRichards have you tried the new Fedora 21 yet?
@allquixotic Nope. Don't have a machine on which to install it right now and I'm not running VMs at the moment.
ah, I thought you used Fedora as your main OS for some reason
or some kind of Linux at least
my self-installed RAM and SSD updates to my work lappy have enabled me to comfortably run Fedora 21 in a VM
I did have Debian on my laptop but I ditched that when I screwed up the partitioning and instead of reinstalling and messing with Linux again to make it somewhat usable I just put Windows 8.1 on it.
It runs much better anyway. :P
It is a 5 year old laptop and Windows just works better on laptops than Linux.
as a native OS, yeah, def... in my case I'm too chicken to wipe the work partition entirely (AD integration, probably some 802.1x ethernet authentication, blah blah) so I VM into Linux then VPN out to my server :P
not going to shell out for a Windows license to put in a VM either
retail licenses are still very expensive even though upgrade licenses are cheap
I mean I had it running great but it was definitely a little more laggy and more power hungry (even after installing power management profiles to it).
It was a little hard since it's an AMD platform on a laptop, which I find doesn't tend to have as good driver support on Linux.
5:40 PM
I remember you saying you preferred doing development on Linux too for some reason
I am very used to GNU tools but I do like Visual Studio as well and am trying to use it more. What prevented me before was that Visual Studio was just really expensive.
oh yeah, definitely, Intel's the way to go (full stack - wireless, bluetooth, graphics, etc) if you want to run Linux on a laptop
Though now they have a free version out that's actually good so yeah
But I do a lot of Windows development in Cygwin as well. I'm just working out how to make it build native Windows executables.
MinGW64 ;)
It used to have support for it but apparently that changed in a version upgrade which is lame. There's gotta be a way.
I installed the Ming libraries and stuff but I gotta figure out how to make it link against Windows and not Cygwin :P
5:42 PM
assuming that by "native Windows executables" you mean "linked against msvcrt", since Cygwin .exes and .dlls are still native Windows PE executables
So I don't need a cygwin1.dll or whatever it is
My tetris game is currently back to being a Cygwin executable for the moment while I figure this out
you should be able to install, run and use the MinGW64 Windows native executables to build msvcrt-linked (32-bit or 64-bit) EXEs and DLLs from within the Cygwin environment
I used to but something changed and they deprecated whatever switches I was using I think
It was a while back
5:44 PM
just gotta use the right compiler triplet
I could just build it with the Visual Studio compiler as an option too since that's installed :P
I should transition over to doing Visual Studio command line development in Cygwin
oh, I mean for the build system
Oh, I can still use GNU makefiles, just point it to the visual studio compiler
5:46 PM
if you make your build system cmake, you can write one CMakeFile and have cmake itself handle the details of how to drive the compiler, whether it's MinGW, Cygwin's own compiler, gcc for native Linux on Linux, Sun Studio, Visual Studio, or whatever
I never used cmake so I don't know how it's different than GNU make
basically it's a lot better.. you tell it how to compile your source code on a much higher level rather than giving specific command lines
it then translates your higher level instructions into compiler command lines for the user's platform
I'll have to look into it
a lot of projects are switching to CMake to be truly cross-platform; the nice thing is that CMake binaries are available for OS X, Windows, and every Linux distro under the sun
including Cygwin
Ah awesome
Yeah I think I have it because some source projects I was building used it
Never actually played with it other than running it though
The VS command line compiler is actually super easy to use
Much like gcc in many ways.
5:51 PM
cmake can generate visual studio projects for VS2008/2010/2012/2013 builds
Which is nice. You don't even need to fiddle with solution files and the like. They aren't much more than makefiles anyway. They just are used for defining the libraries, file lists, and command lines.
Oh neat
basically: as easy to use as the GNU and MSFT toolchains are individually, making portable software would require you to cook up at least two build systems manually to make everyone happy
with cmake, you cook up one build system and everyone is happy
That's pretty dang awesome. I'm gonna have to look into it now!
also, unlike GNU Autotools, cmake does not require you to have access to a Bash shell -- you can run cmake just fine in cmd.exe, generate your Visual Studio project or nmake file, and off you go
on Linux, you type cmake . followed by make, and done
You can change GNU make to use other shells if you want. It just defaults to bash :P
5:58 PM
hey @ThatBrazilian Guy
[sean@localhost ~]$ which brazilianguy
/usr/bin/which: no brazilianguy in (/usr/lib64/qt-3.3/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/bin:/sbin:/home/sean/.local/bin:/home/sean/bin)
well that sucks
6:28 PM
> [me@work ~]$ whereis brazilianguy
brazilianguy:[me@work ~]$ type brazilianguy
bash: type: brazilianguy: not found
> [me@work ~]$ nsa-query brazilianguy
Error: paremeters unspecified. accepted parameters: --address, --phone, --fullname, --childhoodnickname, --spouse, --bestfriend, --bloodtype, --soccerteam, --prefferedOS, --twitterpassword, --facebookpassword, --browsinghistory, --purchasehistory, --creditrecord, --politicalview
@allquixotic o/
Back from lunch. Now back to work!
6:43 PM
A: Is it possible to upgrade my Dell Inspiron 3421 processor?

DragonLordThe processor is not upgradeable—consider installing an SSD instead. Your laptop uses a soldered (BGA 1023) processor, which cannot be replaced without special equipment. You should consider installing a solid-state drive instead. The vast majority of consumer workloads are not compute-bound, b...

> The vast majority of consumer workloads are not compute-bound, but are I/O bound due to the slow random I/O performance of mechanical hard drives.
@allquixotic That tetris game I was making, I picked it up again. Trying to work on implementing text rendering right now. I'm gonna use SDL_ttf to do that, which renders text into a texture buffer, but I have to figure out how to get that to work. :P
Do you agree with this claim?
I've done OpenGL textures before but this is a little different
I would agree, @DragonLord
Didn't used to be the case but it is these days
Just wondering if I was giving sound advice.
Sounds good to me. I usually say the same thing
7:35 PM
@DragonLord you have to qualify the statement with what yo mean by "consumer workloads", but I'd agree strongly for things like office apps, web browsing, photo browsing, video watching, that kinda thing
for example, without changing the very average and unimpressive mobile Core i5 Sandy Bridge CPU and discrete GPU in my work laptop, but just upgrading the RAM from 4 GB to 8 GB and installing an SSD to replace the HDD (Samsung 850 Pro :D), performance has basically approached ~98% as fast as my Ivy Bridge i7 on my desktop with a RAID array of HDDs.
whereas before I would wait and wait and wait for anything to happen
the main consumer workloads where CPU still matters are (1) gaming, (2) any kind of content editing; audio editing, video editing, image editing, etc
and for gaming, it only really matters for RTS (AI), and simulation games (unbounded complexity)
7:53 PM
What's the deal with duplicate answers?
@MichaelFrank Flag the newer, lower-quality answer using a custom mod-attention flag.
Be sure it adds no substantial new content before flagging, though.
It could have been a minor edit to the original accepted answer.
8:49 PM
These revenge serial downvotes are really funny
But the amount of times its crossed over to SO isn't funny.
If I were to turn a bunch of my questions into community wikis what would happen to my internal question score on a SE?
( had a nice gentel person serial downvote 4 of my answers on SU then proceed over to SO and do the same
@BenRichards wrong person; pretty sure I never mailed anything?
@Bob Oh it must've been someone else. Gotta check the log.
@allquixotic yea, I think I might actually prefer a full laptop... Though no digitizer :(
A detachable like the T100 is good
But the SPs so far aren't great for lap use
@Boris_yo I got the router, I think. Have yet to open the box. :P
I knew it was someone whose name began with a B!
@Ramhound if it doesn't result in an auto-reverse, then report it
If they do it once then they'll do it again
Though, more significant if it's ongoing, but even a one time thing is bad
9:01 PM
Here is the problem. Its been ongoing over the last few months. It happens then gets reversed but every once awhile I will be dinged at a question over at SO. I am at the point where I have multiple -7 questions, and I believe my questions are not actually being randomly discovered, its just odd.
@allquixotic and for a common non-consumer workload (hey, isn't content editing not a consumer workload? :P), development of any form tends to benefit from a more powerful CPU, but moreso for larger projects - the compiler is happier
But a fast disk and more RAM helps even more
1 hour later…
10:10 PM
( good lord SO is unfriendly )
10:30 PM
@Ramhound I don't quite understand why your questions are so heavily downvoted there... have you tried contacting the SE team via the contact form?
I went into a chatroom, I think I talked to a moderator, he never indicate one way or another. I explained the situation. He suggested something, indicated those votes wouldn't likely be reversed, then indicated they were not great questions without saying specifically what was wrong with them. I stop posting there for a lot of reasons their moderators were one of the reasons.
Figures.... BradleyDotNET wasn't even a moderator
I can't even find a moderator over at SO in a chatroom, lol

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