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5:00 PM
Ok, re-flashign stock -_-
@Bob What did you de-stock?
Because for some reason I was trying to install SuperSU 2.46 instead of SuperSU 2.79
and it spent 10 mins on the boot logo
and I got bored
soooo let's do this properly yea?
Also go to sleep. I don't want to feel responsible for any more poor judgement induced data losses today >_<
@Annaduh well, I kinda need my phone to be usable tomorrow
and I'm pretty awake anyway
@Annaduh Lot of information is missing. So many people don't even know that PMK is sent encrypted in case of enterprise but in PSK it is never sent. It is a little different, i'm trying to find out those steps taken among YOU,AP&RADIUS.
5:02 PM
PMK is never sent full stop.
IEEE 802.11i-2004, or 802.11i for short, is an amendment to the original IEEE 802.11, implemented as Wi-Fi Protected Access II (WPA2). The draft standard was ratified on 24 June 2004. This standard specifies security mechanisms for wireless networks, replacing the short Authentication and privacy clause of the original standard with a detailed Security clause. In the process, the amendment deprecated broken Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP), while it was later incorporated into the published IEEE 802.11-2007 standard. == Replacement of WEP == 802.11i supersedes the previous security specification...
@defalt Did you end up looking at the IEEE spec I sent the other day?
Notice where in the diagram the PMK is being sent? It isn't
> The PMK is designed to last the entire session and should be exposed as little as possible; therefore, keys to encrypt the traffic need to be derived. A four-way handshake is used to establish another key called the Pairwise Transient Key (PTK). The PTK is generated by concatenating the following attributes: PMK, AP nonce (ANonce), STA nonce (SNonce), AP MAC address, and STA MAC address.
The product is then put through a pseudo random function. The handshake also yields the GTK (Group Temporal Key), used to decrypt multicast and broadcast traffic.
If you really want to read some detail go here: cwnp.com/uploads/802-11i_key_management.pdf
This is a handshake of PSK. Where is RADIUS server?
@defalt This is the handshake of 802.11i, and has nothing to do with PSK or RADIUS
Read the PDF I sent you if you insist on figuring out how RADIUS works, but bearing in mind the reason you can't find that information when looking for info on the wireless 4-way handshake is because it's not part of the 4-way handshake.
Q: Network compuer hardware

Somesh DaveWe can not run any other site on office pc why can I only run my company website on office we tried to change office modem so we can run all website except for my company we tried to connect these two modem together but this did 't work The first modem is netgenie on which we can only run comp...

@Annaduh yup
@Annaduh also I'd actually give up with
they've been asking for what I think is a week now
and still aren't getting it.
5:13 PM
@Annaduh this pulsing boot logo is giving me anxiety issues
@Annaduh When you login with username and password in Enterprise, does the AAA key (which is created by RADIUS server and is sent to AP through wire) is that AAA key same for every client in the enterprise?
@djsmiley2k Oh
@defalt No
> The 802.11i amendment describes the generic process for 802.1X/EAP authentication and key management processes, which includes both generation and distribution of AAA, pairwise, and group keys. There are five specific key types that are of particular interest in the 802.11i amendment. These keys (and their 802.11i definitions) are:

Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) Key - Key information that is jointly negotiated between the Supplicant and the Authentication Server (AS). This key information is transported via a secure channel from the AS to the Authenticator. The pa
jointly negotiated between the Supplicant and the Authentication Server (AS)
The supplicant being the client right?
> The AAA Key is derived from the keying material exported by the EAP method (MSK and EMSK). This derivation occurs on the AAA server. In many existing protocols that use EAP, the AAA Key and MSK are equivalent, but more complicated mechanisms are possible

When not using a PSK, the PMK is derived from the AAA key. The PMK shall be computed as the first 256 bits (bits 0–255) of the AAA key: PMK ← L(PTK, 0, 256). When this derivation is used, the AAA key must consist of at least 256 bits.
4 mins so far...
@djsmiley2k ya
5:15 PM
Wooo I understood \o/
@djsmiley2k +1
Multiple Supplicants, Multiple AAA keys floating about.
5 mins...
@Bob booting again?
> The Supplicant and AS authenticate each other and generate a PMK. The PMK is sent from the AS to the Authenticator over the secure channel.
5:15 PM
just waiiiiiiiiiiit
breath in the blue
@djsmiley2k yea...
it took 3 mins after a stock flash
it's 6 mins and counting after a root install
which might've broken things again
went and followed these step by step this time instead of DIY droidviews.com/…
yeah this is why I stopped messing with my slowly dying phone :(
well, with newer TWRP and no-verity
This is obviously blatant plagiarism and unauthorised copying but the chicken farmer illustration was far too funny to pass up
tho I'm coming to you and @Annaduh next time.
5:17 PM
If i ever get a new phone :/
@Bob Oh yeah, that was one I saw earlier too
that image just made sense too
because the eggs are identical
thats the key encrypting the 'golden egg'
I think now i get it..i don't know what this user was asking in the comment, i couldn't able to reply sooner see this security.stackexchange.com/questions/152999/…
then the client can decrypt it
5:18 PM
@Bob Bear in mind the root install should involve several restarts of its own
@Annaduh ...huh?
I restarted after first time into TWRP, after no-verity install and after root install
@Bob Maybe I'm thinking of CF-Auto-Root
10 minutes, til home time....
will @Bob's phone booted by then?
It restarts into a proprietary temporary recovery to install root, then restarts again then restores normal recover then restarts again or some shit
(Sang to 2 minutes to midnight by Iron Maiden)
5:20 PM
@Annaduh yea that's what cf does. did it work without enc?
@Bob Never got round to decrypting. Don't have a full backup yet.
@Annaduh ah
I'm gonna give this set a shot: forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s7/how-to/…
I've tied a dozen variations on that already -_-
some following instructions, some just randomly trying
windows 10 warns you about syncing when it's on a meter connection... how does it know o_O
...okay, just got the Pro version of the network monitoring app. The customization options are remarkably extensive. Wow.
@djsmiley2k Either you've set it to metered or it's autodetected the IP as one of the main mobile providers?
5:24 PM
Thanks, @Annaduh!
@Annaduh You corrected him lol
@Annaduh if you set it to metered, does it stop it downloading huge updates? :D
@djsmiley2k it won't download updates at all on metered
AFAIK anyway
@djsmiley2k It stops Windows Update doing anything at all
I've solved everyones windows update issues
5:27 PM
@defalt I correct many people
@djsmiley2k Lol
Except you can't do it on wired connections
but wired metered is a thing
people with crap ISP's
why do you haet your customers MS?
No, but USB and Bluetooth tethering is a thing
Metered VPNs are also a thing
Basically anything that's not 802.11 can't be set as metered
microsfo y u so dumb
u cat like linux devleopner
"Coverage map won't run unless you update Google Play services"
Really now? I can't view a coverage map or do a speed test without updating google play services, but all of Google play services work fine without said update?
gps update couygh cough
5:29 PM
ok now i've got the whole story.. just a last question..how AAA key is received by the supplicant?..it has to be encrypted and decrypted somehow because supplicant is wireless..it is easy to send AAA to AP because AP and the RADIUS server are connected through wire
Right i'm off
be good kids
@defalt You type it in to the supplicant's username/password box
@djsmiley2k Cya
ok my eyes are getting tired now
oh yeah right..those credentials
I should have just said "Magic" to troll you
But alas my trolling days are over
5:34 PM
@Annaduh We're in! :D
@Bob Congrats!
Post-root boot worked!
Now I'm annoyed you've overtaken me
Also my battery charge went from 50% to 43% in the process
so yea even attached to USB you kinda need a charged battery
@Bob Did it take all that time? 10-15 minutes? :-o
5:34 PM
@Annaduh FYI this is what worked forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s7/how-to/…
@Annaduh only 5 mins on the last one
I should've just searched for XDA instructions -_-
My battery went from 100% to 63% when I was faffing about with it
Still never got rooted
note to self, ignore random blogs talking out their arse about android
tbh I'm not sure that I have root yet :P
gotta get through the setup screens first
Yeah, those blogs were the ones I was moaning about earlier
@Annaduh naa i didn't understand that point..i type my username and password and send them to authenticate..what happened next? what supplicant does after? wait for receiving AAA?
With shitty/incorrect/data-destroying information
5:37 PM
@Annaduh well, data-destroying was required
@defalt It's all in the PDF I linked
but apparently it's possible to do a backup with FlashFire before
which works fine on the encrypted => decrypted transition
Short story, the AAA key is generated from the shared secret information (username & password)
PMK is then generated from that via various hash functions
It's never sent or received anywhere
See farmer/chicken/egg diagram
Which I can't make any sense of yet djsmiley seemed to understand perfectly
I wonder if anyone makes a keychain SIM/microSD wallet thing

SIMCases® SIM Card Storage case with 3 SIM Card Adapters + 1 Iphone Eject Pin + MicroSD USB Card Reader This is a great accessory for your SIM cards, MicroSD Cards and iPhone pin ! This card holder case will protect your valuable SIM cards and Memory cards from getting damaged or lost ! NEW Improved Model with high quality sim adapters & sim cards now all fit tightly and securely, tested. Slim credit card style which is lightweight and can be carried in your wallet, Product size: 8.5 x 5.4 x 0.2 cm - 85.00 × 54.00 x 2.0 mm - 3.33" × 2.12" x 0.07" inch, same size as a credit card. You can also use the sim card adapter to store the nano sim card, you can store more nano sim cards in the Micro sim slot by inserting the sim sideways and the adapters can store 2 more nano sim cards and 1 Micro size sim.Ideal for travelling and for multi sim card users.Nice gift for someone who travels.✔ Package Includes: ★ Ultra slim black Holder case ★ 3 SIM Card Adapters ★ 1 Iphone eject tool pin ★ Quality high Speed MicroSD USB Memory Card Reader ✔ Holds 4 different sim cards ★ 2 regular size sim cards★ 1 Micro size sim card★ 1 Nano size sim card✔ Holds 2 MicroSD / TF Memory Cards ✔ Holds 1 Iphone eject pin (included). ✔ Holds MicroSD Memory card reader (included) ✔ Holds 3 SIM card adapters (included) ✔ The adapters can convert:★ Nano to Micro size★ Nano to Standard size★ Micro to Standard sizeThe SIM card adapter allows you to convert your sim card size, This is ideal if you want to use th
Close enough
@Annaduh but i type username and password into the browser..how they are retrieved by YOUR Operating System to generate AAA?
Solves sooo many of my problems
5:42 PM
@defalt Err... browser has nothing to do with 802.1x?
@Annaduh Battery info in settings now shows charge rate!
@Bob :-o
Wait no.
> RATED DC 9 V; 1.67 A
Except I'm plugged into a computer.
let me check where i type username and password
5:43 PM
Oh that's just the phone capabilities
Well, maybe max. Bleh.
Having a tech orgasm
@Bob Yeah that's the phone's max capability
Also conveniently the same as written on the stock charger
Oh fuck it's so light my body clock hasn't realised it's 7pm yet
If I had that sim case I probably wouldn't have lost my Venice photos and memory card :-(
@Annaduh ?
@Annaduh thanks for teaching
@Bob That SIM/memory card storage thing
So awesome
You can't imagine how good it feels to find something like that after struggling for years carrying SIM cards and memory cards around in your wallet, taped to your phone, in silly pill boxes, etc. and constantly breaking/losing them
5:48 PM
@Annaduh I carry them inside an old LTE modem/hotspot with the battery removed :P
It's the moment of a) all my problems are solved b) this is an amazing innovation and c) Someone else has the same issues as me, I feel so understood!
@Bob Lol, would that fit 2-3 SIMs and 2-3 memory cards and still fit in my pocket? :-P
@Annaduh ...yes?
it'd fit 20 microSDs easy
The S4 LTE-A is 50% faster than the LTE, and the box is also 50% wider...
@Bob Oh you mean in the battery compartment
lol yea
I thought you meant the actual SIM slot :-P
Most hotspots around here are quite thick, usuallly 1cm+
Anyway should be off to pub
But so many things to do and so much stuff on my mind my brain is a bit overloaded
Also want to root my phone but it seems Bob's beat me to it
That said, should be able to easily backup and root and reflash my phone at the pub, cept I'd have to take my laptop for just one of the flashing parts :-(
Unless I downgrade then use flashfire but meh.
128GB memory card ftw...
5:52 PM
@Annaduh yea about 1cm
TiB really needs a way to select multiple to restore
@Bob it has?
huh. whoops.
I backed up the wrong camera folder
there goes my photos
turns out "Camera" was teh folder I originally copied from my G4
DCIM was the S7 one
and here I thought "oh I don't need to copy every dir, that'd take too long... it's mostly music anyway!"
oh well, i'm not recoering that data... encrypted and all
Urgh some drunk twat spewed on my motorbike and used my glove box as an ashtray
@Bob facepalm
6:10 PM
@Annaduh Was this on your way to or from the pub?
posted on March 29, 2017

It truly works and I mean it.

posted on March 29, 2017

@GFSE ur images are too crap to see
@Mokubai neither, while it was parked
Urgh, GFSE keeps making me think of GBE every time I read it
grevious bodily.... evacuation?
6:25 PM
Great Britain Exit?
6:58 PM
@Annaduh text is noticeably fuzzy at 720
1080 is fine
7:31 PM
@Annaduh always on display toggle is on the second page

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