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@allquixotic Google has resisted government (unpaid) intrusions. I think they'd be even more resistant to bribes. They've got ways of making that money with legitimate analytics that users are comfortable with.
Online classes can get annoying. I got annoyed with some questions and retorts. So, I formulated a master retort.
2:03 AM
Back to the topic of microtransactions: A less-than-perfect implementation in Assassin's Creed Unity
> As a player who purchased the $100 option, nothing made me feel more disrespected than finishing the game with $56 of Helix credits and nothing to buy. The only options left were gear I hadn't unlocked (and had no need for) or else buy 74 premium boosts that I did not need thanks to my high powered gear.
Complaints of bad UX with the AC Initiates integration were noted as well
> The launch of the previous console generation brought us HD gaming, higher development and marketing costs, a $60 price tag and downloadable $2.50 horse armor. This current generation brings us even more beautiful games, even higher development and marketing costs and yet the $60 price tag remains.
> Adjusted for inflation, a $60 game costs the equivalent of $51 in 2006. When it takes 10 game studios working together to create Unity, experimenting with in-game purchases and companion apps as a way to generate additional revenue isn't greed, it's survival.
This is what I've been arguing all along. Games are becoming too expensive to develop.
@DragonLord: yes and no.
AAA games are getting more expensive to develop
but there's the other end as well... which is part of the problem.
You're competing with free/freemium.
and in a sense, yourself since a lot of folks tend to buy games on sale.
The industry I work in shares a lot of aspects with game development (VFX). Funny thing is a lot of costs are lower
The better tools you work with are already designed for 2K/4K
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USB flash drive failures with No Media in Disk Management seems like a common enough issue to require a canonical question
This is the intended canonical question:
Q: USB flash drive no longer works, Disk Management reports "No Media"

Abdullah GheithI have a 32 gb usb stick. I was in mac (vmware) putting some stuff on. Then accidently removed the drive. I put it back in, and wanted to format it. Using disk utility, i choose 1 partition, it automatically filled in 312 GB and i just clicked format or whatever. It didnt take long the i could th...

I'm working on an edit to the canonical question—to avoid edit conflicts, please don't touch it until I say I'm finished
what is the canonical answer ? They are likely cheap crap , or faked sizes that died ?
Merge superuser.com/questions/311111/… into the boxed question above.
2:53 AM
A lot of the users that have faked out fraud flash chip item be they cards or sticks, report "everything was working fine then . . ." Most of the FULL reports of a fake discovery are "Everything worked great until i reached the end of the actual nand storage that exist, then then the whole thing dies with no access even to the 2gig that was there."
The only actual solutions i have seen so far, are to tell the controller what the actual size is, and then having a fake chip with its real size.
Abdullah Gheith: This question comes up often enough that I've made this a Community FAQ question. We expect to merge answers from other questions into this question—when this happens, please accept one of the answers by clicking on the check below the voting controls so that we have a designated canonical solution for this problem. — DragonLord 1 min ago
The edit is complete.
Q: USB flash drive no longer works, various utilities don't recognize it, and Disk Management reports "No Media"

Abdullah GheithI have a USB flash drive which is no longer recognized by my computer. Windows Disk Management and DiskPart report No Media with no storage space on the drive and I cannot partition or format the drive: Various disk partitioning and data recovery utilities don't recognize the drive or only giv...

Answers ? 0 , gratiitous 1 ? Wouldnt you expect an answer to have say 2-3 other people that indicate it might work :-) or do we delete those comments also?
@JourneymanGeek, are you available? I'm preparing a Community FAQ question and I need your help.
I have as many as six duplicates, and at least one of them needs to be merged into this question.
3:00 AM
Do they have distinctive/useful answers?
I feel this question is the best candidate for merging into the boxed answer above.
I've notified the OP using a comment and hopefully they'll come back to accept an answer. (Last activity was about 10 days ago.)
Step back a bit if its ok
(That's to say, gimme a moment to work out what exactly to do ;p)
Why do we need to merge them?
Existing answers on the boxed question are not that good. I need a good starting point for a canonical answer.
is there any one specific question with an absolutely awesome answer?
No, but this answer is more useful than the others because it clearly identifies the problem
FYI: This question is more general but the "No Media" case comes up often enough to require specific attention IMO
Emphasis is to be put on the No Media error
3:06 AM
I'm inclined to suggest posting a new question, posting a good answer there, then closing/merging into that. I'm not sure if that's the right way to do it tho
I'm also thinking its kinda specific.
Okay, I'm composing a new answer. It will be community wiki.
no need for that
(community wiking)
Alright, I am writing a brand-new question and answer describing the issue. The edits on the boxed question above will be rolled back.
I'll roll the edits back just before I submit the question and answer.
there was a location on the web that specialised in discovery and re-flashing of fake MP3/4 china devices with fake storage ammounts, and flash chunks. they seemed to be very sucessful in "repairing" junk, but it required special stuff, and difficult low level softwares , and procedures. Even with the sucesses they had , i was like well there is a trash can :-)
Now i just test end to end all the stuff i get on the day it comes in, and never had a fail out of the ~15 chips and sticks i use. Plus the stuff in many devices (almost forgot all the flash in things)
Because i saw it might be possible to fix them, and save the $8 :-P I would want to avoid telling people "there is nothing you can do" because (if it was a fake) it possibly can be unfaked the same way it was programmed to be fake.
3:29 AM
Q: USB flash drive no longer works, various utilities don't recognize it, and Disk Management reports "No Media"

DragonLordI have a USB flash drive which is no longer recognized by my computer. Windows Disk Management and DiskPart report No Media with no storage space on the drive and I cannot partition or format the drive: Various disk partitioning and data recovery utilities don't recognize the drive or only giv...

List of duplicates:
That's annoying
Mind integrating some stuff off some of the other questions into yours?
I'm working on it.
> I've got a USB drive here, that somebody asked to try and fix. When inserting it, it shows up in explorer, but when I double click it I get a message saying "Please insert a disk into drive H:". So I went to disk management, to see if it was correctly formatted. It doesn't show up in the upper pane, and in the lower pane it tells me there is no medium in H:.
closed a few, I'll let the community handle the rest ;p
3:35 AM
No medium.
no no
I mean the tool in question
bbalegere links are not dead (as seen in the comments) or have been since fixed superuser.com/a/693176/98855 and it is some tools that at least can see
Hang on, I'm working on it.
@DragonLord and "no medium" could be just a different languages translation of the exact same message?
I've got a lot of information to integrate from other answers and may not get to it today.
3:40 AM
well, according to Verizon, they're going to start letting people opt out of X-UIDH soon, but instead of giving them an undefined amount of time to decide to create the opt-out UI (and infrastructure changes), I'm now running under a VPN 24/7
openvpn udp from Maryland to Virginia Amazon AWS region... very fast c4.large instance with the Enhanced Networking SR-IOV path
never mind, googled it
@allquixotic: ow
@allquixotic Wow, that must cost you a pretty penny
Leave it to school to totally ruin the "free Windows 10 upgrade for a year"
People are frustrating. Do people really think Microsoft would invalidate your existing license if you had to reinstall it?
or god forbid change the motherboard on a license type that allows you to do that?
Something about it [not being smart business or something tag line here]
@JourneymanGeek Can you change the duplicate target?
Q: USB flash drive no longer works, various utilities don't recognize it, and Disk Management reports "No Media"

DragonLordI have a USB flash drive which is no longer recognized by my computer. Windows Disk Management and DiskPart report No Media with no storage space on the drive and I cannot partition or format the drive: Various disk partitioning and data recovery utilities don't recognize the drive or only giv...

A: USB flash drive no longer works, various utilities don't recognize it, and Disk Management reports "No Media"

DragonLordThe No Media error means the flash memory controller on the flash drive no longer recognizes the flash memory and cannot communicate with it. Because the controller cannot communicate with the memory on the drive, it appears to the computer as a empty disk drive. To the computer, the drive is n...

Answer updated.
@DragonLord: not easily
3:57 AM
Sorry, have to go in a few minutes.
Thanks for your help. See ya tomorrow.
ATT just got Rollover data. YAY so now my tiny data package can actually be used every once in a while as needed, instead of always being so tiny it would go over to even use it sparingly and rarely.
4:31 AM
mass downvotes again, cpet the porn question superuser.com/questions/871794/… Worthy of an upvote even :-)
4:52 AM
And it is duplicated with this one superuser.com/questions/871764/… ahhh what a mess. same basic understanding of the problem in the questions, different answers on each.
5:23 AM
superuser.com/questions/871868/… <---100% Spam. (getting killed by users quickly)
6:09 AM
@DragonLord Perhaps a firmware flash can help.
6:31 AM
hm that went badly.
I'm trying to get pfsense running
7:00 AM
I got it working the first time, then I can't connect to it. Even tried reinstalling.
anyway, can't really be bothered. I don't really need another firewall/router XD
7:29 AM
Review of an edit: (0) Causes Harm ? Whine moan. I want to be able to Comment so i can be specific about what i felt was wrong to edit.
Causes harm (well it does in a tiny way) is the only one that allows me to comment. If i pick that , am i going to Ding the editor more than is nessisary? like get them screwed from editing or banned for being a dick ?
I just think whatever has changed here is wrong. actually "Causing harm" Deserves no comment :-) Spam deserves no comment, malicious deserves no comment. Unnessisarily changes , and good intentions bad idea , that deserves a comment.
5 hours later…
1:06 PM
ok now what did i screw up, all the youtubes are hopping to httpS , even when not logged.
I do not recall that happening before, and my easy downloader no longer grabs all the possible video links
1:29 PM
Not a lot of reports about it yet, first report being 15 hours ago (simple issues over embedded youtubes). why would youtubes have any need to all be ssl ? are they about to add pay channels? and beer commertials
what are these price tags on stuff :-) Geesh I probably missed that a long time ago. its the YouFlix or do we call it Gulu
"Also, you can bypass it by making sure you are signed out of youtube" it looks like I am signed out, could be I am trapped.
1:46 PM
@Psycogeek they just moved off Flash
You can still enable it if you want.
I think the button on youtube.com/html5 still works
I have not yet installed flash this time, so i have been viewing with the html5 thing
(or whatever IE 11 is doing)
It has been defaulting to HTML5 ? so the button there did not seem to change anything.
If they moved off flash, does that mean installing flash (finnaly, when i get around to it) for my old browser it would not work for youtubes anyway?
2:02 PM
all rise!
@Psycogeek IE11 only does MSE on Win8
@Psycogeek I believe at the moment it's still possible to use it.
They just changed the default.
oh thanks
hey @Bob, Labor have trounced the LNP in QLD
@SabreTooth The honerable Saber Tooth residing, you may all be seated now.
got my first accepted answer on SU!
2:07 PM
@SabreTooth I really have no idea what the difference between the two is :P
Wait, I was supposed to stand up?
Been ignoring politics as much as possible for the last few months.
...especially if it means I need to read about anything Abbott did.
@JourneymanGeek yes, yes you were
@Bob oh heck yeah
Oh well.
I had my feet up too
lol - close enough
2:11 PM
Hey, look. FF36 is disabling Flash Protected Mode now.
Good riddance.
I've had it disabled pretty much since it came out.
I mean... the sandboxing was a good idea. I'm all for the concept.
huzzah!!! what is FF36?
However... true to form, Flash has managed to absolutely fuck it up beyond belief. Protected mode means extreme instability.
Not just stability - it also slows things down noticeably. Which is ridiculous, considering the resources to spare.
I wonder if their idea of sandboxing is to emulate a full x86 machine in software.
@SabreTooth Firefox 36.
it cant be connected and still protected, so everything has to flow through the secret FF VPN be encrypted, and displayed without touching the hardware, it is the magic alone that takes time to conjure. :-)
posted on January 31, 2015

I like potatoes too!

2:25 PM
A: USB flash drive no longer works, not recognized it and Disk Management reports "No Media"

DragonLordThe No Media error means the flash memory controller on the flash drive no longer recognizes the NAND flash memory and cannot communicate with it. This often means the NAND has failed. Because the controller cannot communicate with the memory on the drive, it appears to the computer as a empty ...

Is there a problem with the answer format?
I'm just about to begin discussing this on Meta.
@DragonLord there is a bigger problem (IMO) with the comments going on, that is not about the actual issue. beutifully clean Q&A already tortured in human conflict (or some such creative writing)
2:46 PM
Q: Is it okay to use headers to summarize content?

DragonLordAbout a month ago, I adopted an answering style from Thaddeus of Science Fiction & Fantasy Stack Exchange. The new format uses bullet points below a level 3 header with a brief summary of the content. The idea is to make key points stand out: ...Go for smaller chunks of text, isolate the main...

As the original creater , and if it isnt going to cause large problems, could you just have rolled back any of the editing that you Really could not deal with?
People are often informed that they can roll back (as solutions) but they rarely do so.
I would probably be the same and want to "know why" first, but i would guess that if rollback was just done by someone, the intended desire of the original writer would be quite clear.
And it could just end right there and be finished.
I was tempted to rollback myself :-) but that might have caused more comments :-)
3:11 PM
moral of the story: rollover or rollback , shit or get off the pot, flatulance will get you nowhere.
3:22 PM
@JourneymanGeek, are you around?
A: Excel Formula Bar Display

KEGNot sure of what your intent is with showing the formula in the formula bar. If you are trying to check and audit your formula you could use the Excel Functions provided by XL-Viking (XL-Viking.com) These Functions will show you the numbers (or variables) of your formula instead of the Cell-Refer...

Never seen this one before, but it's pretty clearly spam in my eyes.
3:49 PM
@DragonLord superuser.com/a/872017/98855 hate to lose facts. before deleting "comments" like these I could post a real comment that says "Users have indicated that you should be aware that addware/malware could be present in installs from the locations linked. At the least be sure to use the advanced or options install method, and have a backup prior" ?
The rest of it (the specific malware) often does not apply the same as the advertising packages can vary , or are added via scripts that pull down varied packages from the web.
4:04 PM
@Bob Have you seen this ACI?
@DragonLord spot instance :D it's costing me between $10 and $25 per month depending on the spot instance price
@allquixotic Probably not.
it's just a little more than a penny per hour
$0.016 right now
@allquixotic The air date (presumably for the US) is 10th Feb :P
Safe to assume I haven't seen any of the 2015 ones yet.
Especially any that don't have survivors.
Speaking of, S14E2... I haven't seen it yet, but I was looking up that incident recently o.O
Can't remember why...
Hm, might've been from here, which was started by ACI anyway :P
also, @ThatBrazilianGuy, you may want to watch that ACI. it's about a Brazilian airliner.
@Bob 48/55 survive in the one I linked above :))
err. the initial crash anyway
@allquixotic That's pretty impressive for a jungle landing.
Looks like S14E1 had a majority survive too.
4:12 PM
42/55 total
Not as good as complete, but better than the other way...
after all is said and done
4:35 PM

5:09 PM
@allquixotic Just watched it...
Basically dead reckoning navigation; ouch.
5:19 PM
Gotta love GNSS.
@allquixotic ...the ACI episode disagrees with the Wiki article :(
Doesn't mention radio relay:
> When Garcez believed the aircraft to be close to the destination, he attempted to use his VHF radio to communicate with Belém Tower. Failing to do so directly, he used another Varig airliner operating flight RG266, as a radio relay to talk to Belém Airport.
> When First Officer Zille finally took notice of their initial mistake, he and the captain decided, after checking their navigation charts, to make contact with Santarém airport (they believed it to be the closest airport in the vicinity), and made an almost 180-degree turn, now establishing a 350 magnetic course. After some calculations, Garcez realized that the aircraft did not have the necessary fuel to reach Santarém, and he started heading south again (along the now properly identified Xingu river). Finally, he decided to contact Marabá airport again, to find his location. The radio f
> At 20:05, Belém Center called Flight 254 again demanding a report. The captain stated that he had a 170 magnetic heading to Marabá (in reality it was Goiânia), and that he was receiving a bearing from the Carajás beacon (which actually was the Barra do Garças beacon). Garcez was perplexed when Belém informed him that the Carajás locator had been shut down since 19:30, and the Center decided to try and illuminate the Carajás runway, in an attempt to facilitate Flight 254's orientation. Realizing that he would not have enough fuel to reach Belém, the captain decided to head for Carajás Airp
> At 20:40, Garcez informed Belém center that he would be making a forced landing over the jungle
> Even after shutdown, the engines were still windmilling (rotating due to the passage of the air through them). This gave the airplane some rudimentary and unreliable hydraulic control, but better than having no power at all. Garcez commanded the lowering of the flaps, which only moved to position Two, (around 10 degrees) due to the failing hydraulic system.
(ACI said flaps were set to 2 before engine failure)
The Wiki article isn't in-text cited, but it does seem quite detailed
cbf reading the references right now

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