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12:31 AM
@JourneymanGeek have your humans ever played "1, 2, 3" with you? and do you understand the numbers they're saying?
> Nikki? One! Two!!!! THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!
(with a ball in hand)
she's completely fooled and starts to turn around each time I fake a throw, until three
doesn't understand "one" or "two" are just prep :P
> Dumb cat. Numbers are trivial. I learned those as a pup. !!;p --JourneymanGeek, 3 secs ago
12:45 AM
Yup. Also know halves and what time it is.
And that sometimes the humans don't actually throw the toy.
(And a few words spelled out. Like c h e e s e)
Also we play hide the toy more. Fetch is a game for puppies
@JourneymanGeek wow, nice :D
@JourneymanGeek lol
(ash sit. Stay. I mean stay until you are called (boredom while the human finds a place to hide the toy) one, two (two and a half? two and three quarter? REALLY) THREE, COME ON!)
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2:55 AM
Q: can I know who on the network copied a file from my computer from my shared files ? and how ? on windows

user3542690How to find out who copied my files from the network, is there is a log file on windows that tracks who copied files and when.

Uhh, why were you sharing them, if your worried about who shared them?
1 hour later…
3:59 AM
C:\Windows is 20 gb now ._.
4:27 AM
Cobian Backup service hung during verification
The backup did complete and I manually verified the archives
I can't kill it by any means, seems to be a zombie proces
The system is now stuck rebooting, and I think I'm going to get a blue screen.
Still stuck.
5:17 AM
Okay, I've forcibly rebooted and now the whole network stack has failed:
Q: Hyper-V Virtual Ethernet Adapter not working probperly - Code 31 on Host

Chris SI have a Windows 8.1 machine with Hyper-V installed. From a "clean" Hyper-V configuration I open Virtual Switch Manager, create an External switch with "Allow management operating system to share this network adapter", click OK. Everything seems to work properly but the host loses network connect...

Changing the switch mode in Hyper-V Manager causes a BSOD 0x20001 HYPERVISOR_ERROR.
Okay, turning the Hyper-V role off and on fixed it.
Recreated the virtual switch, rebooting to verify.
Everything is working now.
6:03 AM
A: Why is Hyper-V classified as native hypervisor?

DragonLordHyper-V is installed beneath the operating system. The host OS itself becomes a virtual machine. This change is transparent to users and applications because it can continue to directly access the hardware. Hyper-V consists of a hypervisor layer upon which there is a parent partition as well as...

When I set up Hyper-V for the first time on my laptop, I actually had trouble understanding why it is considered a bare-metal hypervisor.
What really amazes me is the fact that hardware-assisted virtualization technology makes it possible to virtualize an existing OS in a fashion that is almost entirely transparent to users and applications.
I never actually thought this was possible without needing to modify device drivers or applications to match.
7:46 AM
the web just ruined another toy that has been around for 20 years :-)
What is next Online Lego, with co-op mode ?
should I always buy the cheapest possible hdmi cable?
I know it's usually in fashion to be snobby about purchasing anything more expensive than a $1 monoprice cable on cyber monday
Until that doesnt work, or unless you need 25foot ones. Monoprice has some excess quality ones for good prices still.
haha I actually need a 25/30 footer
For 1 doller?
no I'm wondering if I should spend $9 or $18
7:57 AM
There are different electronic devices that have better or worse signal strength and terminations being proper and all, but for the most part $45 HDMI works as good as a $15 one.
Idel Versandhandel GmbH

KabelDirekt High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet (1080p 4K 3D) - TOP Series (KabelDirekt is a popular cable brand from Amazon Germany). Please refer to the below manufacturer description regarding the production and quality control.
what do you think about these two?
What i would pay more money for is cables that have some flexability still, even cheap hdmi cables are rudely and overly stiff most times.
yeah I actually do hate that now that you mention it
Oh wait i mean to say even $$$ ones are stiff.
yeah I got ya
so if 30 feet is my target length here do you have a recommendation?
I hear there's some good monster ones at circuit city hehe
8:03 AM
Ugg, 8 or 13 , is it really that much ? I would do the "better" one there. I would also look at the people who had problems with either (1star) and see what thier problems were. If it was interferance, wonder how simple ferrite beads might have helped, because cables with em do not cost that much more.
Thanks for the advice
It's a trivial question but I wanted to make sure I wasn't spending way too much or anything
quality could be more important on instalations that move. when using in the feild with a camera or something. Vrses Installing it once in a solid non-moving un-changing situation where returning the cable as soon as you get it would be an option.
and yeah my application is about as standard as it gets just console to monitor but with some extra footage
Achtung! Get de german cables :-) As long as that is "german" in the respect of making good stuff.
(no i dont speak german)

Best Video Quality ? 1080p to 1600p? Our Certified HDMI 1.4 cable supports maximum pixel clock rate of 340 MHz 10.2?Gbit/s which allows for WQXGA (2560X1600), or up to 1600p.? This future proofs your cable beyond today¡¯s 1080p. Backward support for 1600p, 1080i, 720p, 720i, 480p & 480i? Supports 12-bit color, also known as Deep Color¢â Highest Sound Quality ? Latest lossless surround sound technology? Enables highest sound quality:? Ultra-lifelike 192/24 Dolby¢ç?TrueHD and DTS-HD¢â lossless surround sound, available on Blu-ray Disc¢â and HD DVD¢â movies.
found one!
8:15 AM
that review is usless not verified purchace :-)
Should probably get the slow-speed ones anyways. Doing things right takes time :-)
9:05 AM
it's hailing o.O
9:23 AM
still there? a storm or storms are moving across much of the US now.
in tornado alley hail precedeth the tornados
@Psycogeek we had a massive storm last weekend
(not really as bad as it looks) Water vapor
category 2 cyclone-force winds
I remember you saying such, but i thought they had moved on.
@Psycogeek Earlier this week => smh.com.au/environment/weather/…
We don't get hit that hard where I live, luckily (other parts are far worse, we're relatively high ground).
Still, first hail I've seen in a while.
9:44 AM
do/did you also get lightning?
My location shows up :|
@Psycogeek Yea.
The lightning was pretty far off, though, judging by the light-sound delay.
10:33 AM
Ooh I can buy steam games with tf2 keys
@HackToHell I'm too broke to buy steam guys. My net connection doesn't even let me allow the free ones either. Woe is me.
o0 what's your connection speed
@Psycogeek Screw tornadoes. Nepal just had a 7.9 mag earthquake followed by several 5.0 mag aftershocks.
@HackToHell At best, 200kbps. This is what happens when you're in a third world country.
@Nick I remeber the time I had to live off a 258 kbps connection
I currently have a 512 kbps one :D
@HackToHell I salute you for your Bear Gryll's survival skills.
10:42 AM
Opera's data compression thing helped
@HackToHell Google Chrome has a data saver extension from google but I have to disable it to log in to stackexchange.
Um, speaking of net connections. I have a tiny question. I'm connecting via modem and the modem has a software that comes along with it. Modem software is always annoying to me.
It's more adware than actually useful.
It takes like 25MB of my precious memory which I know is tiny but you know, every drop contributes to the ocean.
dunno about Win7, but Win8 seems to have some kind of built-in drivers for USB-attached modems
Windows natively seems to have a connection module
I'm unsure what to input here though.
that's dialup. different.
at least, I think it's different
@Bob Why does my computer recognize my connection as dialup?
10:55 AM
@Nick That should work
Reliance shows up in my network sidebar in 8.1
@Nick probably because they use the same basic command set
And I can connect to it from there
@HackToHell Again, different thing.
I don't think Win7 actually recognises GSM modems.
Win7 != Win8
@HackToHell Wait, regardless of what I input in the dial box?
11:01 AM
@Nick It's usually the same as of what the software dials
check the software config files
If the modem is from ZTE, the dialing number is saved in some file in the program files directory
@Bob ?
Dialing number wut. 3G modems use APNs; they don't dial numbers
At least not the last time I checked...
Mine is a 3g modem
And it dials some number
I don't really know the details
11:03 AM
But I do remeber doing that while I used Windows
^My 3G Modem does the same
Why don't you upgrade to 8.1 ?
@HackToHell So, you're saying I should just dial in *99# and hope for it to work.
Hm, apparently most modems store a default APN that they'll use if you don't provide one.
@Nick It did work for me
ZTE's crappy dialer used to keep on crashing
11:06 AM
Also, @Nick, make sure it actually comes up as a modem with the driver uninstalled...
@HackToHell I have (or atleast my dad has) a Sony Vaio Notebook running 8.1. So, it's okay, the more I know the better :)
(=> USB modems often load as mass storage by default for driver install, and then modeswitch to a different profile. the one I'm trying now does that)
@Bob Yeah, that's exactly what's happenin in my case.
@Nick You need something to perform a modeswitch for you.
Win8 will do that automatically.
12 mins ago, by Bob
=> http://www.3g-modem-wiki.com/page/MDMA+%28generic%29 give that a shot
@Bob Well, atleast it takes less than 25MB in memory. That's a plus side.
11:11 AM
@Nick And might not work.
It's not detecting my Voda/Huawei modem-as-a-storagedevice :P
Ugh, I have to disconnect now. Hopefully, I'll be able to come back. (Disconecting...)
@HackToHell If you're reading this message, your solution worked.
Ta da ;d
Hm. So you're basically running with the original drivers, but without the user-mode program? shrug works for you, I guess
he will. eventually
Works with ZTE modems ;p
11:18 AM
@HackToHell The assumption is that either you have the original driver package installed (and you're still running their software at some level) or it simply cannot work because Win7 does not implement a USB modeswitch and therefore doesn't ever know there's a modem connected.
In this case, it'll work as long as he doesn't remove the driver.
Yep, you need the drivers
Looks like someone got the *nix USB_modeswitch tool working via MinGW, though => draisberghof.de/usb_modeswitch/bb/viewtopic.php?t=118
so that's an alternative
or use Win8, which seems to at least work automatically with Huawei devices, and probably others
@Bob Yeah, your thing looks like it works but it doesn't work. It doesn't get me to the internet
@Nick shrug just a random one I found
11:26 AM
I currently either use the included drivers, or use it as a hotspot
Or use it on Win8
haven't actually plugged this one into the Win7 desktop before today
It's weird though. My sys was up and downing data but my browser couldn't.
@Nick That would have the same issue anyway => it only works as long as the original drivers are installed
which means it won't work if you decide to uninstall them
@Bob I still don't get what you mean by original drivers. Are you reffering to the ones intalled initially by the modem?
22 mins ago, by Nick
@Bob Yeah, that's exactly what's happenin in my case.
Ah well, the modem software has nothing to do with the drivers installed.
11:30 AM
If they initially present themselves as a mass storage device, then you cannot use the modem side without sending a special command.
Windows 7 will not do that by itself.
@Bob Talking to me can get frustrating after the first hour. Or it can be fun :D You decide.
@Bob My USB is categorized under "Devices with Removable Storage" in My Computer.
@Bob Sure, now, I can uninstall the modem software just as long as I take care not to uninstall the drivers. I'll be careful. Thanks.
All that net downtime has seriously gotten me addicted to the chrome dino :D
Really, I can do this for hours if I have the mario theme song playing in the back.
12:07 PM
@HackToHell: Is there some native USSD dialer hiding somewhere in windows?
@Bob: Btw, that software you gave me is actually helping me out with sending USSD commands. I finally know the number of the internal SIM Card it's using. Really, it's awesome.
They don't tell you the number?
Mine can supposedly send and receive SMSes (as in, the carrier allows that, not just technically able to)... never actually used it for that, though, and no idea how charges are calculated.
@Bob Sure, they do when you subscribe for it but it's my grandad's subscription and he's not around...
No, I don't mean he's dead. I just live in a different city and he's loaned it to my dad... ah, forget the details. End story, I didn't know the number it till now.
@Bob USSD's are better than SMS. It only needs a connection to the GSM network.
@Nick I just meant I was given my SIM & phone numbers presumably for that purpose.
@Bob Speaking of text messages, do you have any idea where to find where the text messages sent to my modem's number go?
I've been digging around the files in the modem's storage but nothing.
Mine are received on and stored on the device (it's a wireless access point). Accessible through the config webpage.
A USB-attached one generally provides access via the included software.
I'm not sure if there's a standard AT command for accessing it.
12:20 PM
@Bob Yeah, this one didn't have it for some reason but I know it gets SMS
And you can send the commands through the serial conenction: 3g-modem-wiki.com/page/executing+AT-commands+under+Windows
@Bob ...well, this is something to really look into.
There's probably complete programs that do this for you, but that's the manual/low-level method :P
@Bob Mhh, I don't know why but I'm against installing stuff into this particular notebook that I'm using. I really don't want to be held responsible when it crashes. So, I'll play around with this low-level stuff. Maybe I'll learn something.
@Nick Well, it'd be pretty lightweight anyway.
This isn't complex stuff.
12:29 PM
@Bob I know but acronyms always make it seem like gibberish.
@JourneymanGeek I swear to you, the most frustrating part of learning is implementing it practically, the second most frustrating part is understanding terminology.
If people did more of the former, the latter is easier.
@JourneymanGeek True dat. I guess lingo comes naturally when you're familiar with the territory.
naw, you just need hardheadedness, and the willingness to occationally roll in the mud.
(didn't actually roll in the mud, but close enough(
12:46 PM
@JourneymanGeek Mhh, too bad most of it washes off when I philosophize in the shower. I seriously need an SD port to my brain.... water-resistant, ofcourse. No, wait, you guys said SD's were slow. What external stroage medium would you advise for the brain?
(make notes)
There's a whole folder full of everything I learnt at work ;p
@JourneymanGeek I'm note good with it.
I have like 3 tons of notebooks (for sci&math) and they're all useless. I'd use Evernote if I had like... a phone, or a comp which I owned.
I use sublime text and a bunch of folders there ;p
In theory I can just copy over the folder tree and open it in that
@JourneymanGeek To divert a second, sublime text used to have this multi cursor thing on one of my systems. Now, in later installs, I can't seem to get that anymore. What's the hotkey for that?
same version?
I think 2 has it, 3 dosen't
12:53 PM
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, I know that. I have 2 currently.
not sure
work has a licence for 3
I use 2 on 2 of my boxes and both have it
@JourneymanGeek Maybe I'm not using it right. How does the thing come about? Is it like some key+left-click or something? I can't see anything relavent by running through the key bindings.
seclect some text, quick find all
or ctrl click
@JourneymanGeek re-installed it. Now, it works, your combo was right. Yay!
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, sublime text does have benefits including the fact that with its snippets you don't have to install any other auto-complete software. Templates ranging from "Sorry, we have to break up" to "The dog ate my homework".
Open folder
Seriously. Its magic.
Turns it right up to 11
1:07 PM
@JourneymanGeek Omg, seriously, this is sooo useful. Makes a lot of other editors look like notepad.
But seriously, to this day, I've never found anything more lightweight than notepad.
Notepad and MS Paint have saved my butt so so many times.
@JourneymanGeek If Sublime-Text had like a Hemmingway extension though, I'd be writing much more literature than I am right now but I guess, till that happens, code is all that it's useful for.
Lol. I used to use it for management assignment writing
1:33 PM
@Nick it's basically a TextEdit control wrapped in a window and menu.
@JourneymanGeek I really need to get into that habit :\
Everything I do is terribly under-documented.
@Bob Mhh, sounds like Notepad should be one of the first things that they should teach to make in Visual Studio, maybe.
@Bob: also in linux the type command is awesome
@JourneymanGeek Whatever it's used for. It's always useful.
@Bob I speak from experience when I say two things, one: don't get emotionally upset and throw away perfectly good documentation (or anything for that matter) just because someone upset you. two: you have to habituate writing (documentation) because it's like a muscle that needs flexing.
On the contrary
I write documentation so I don't get emotionally upset
@Nick Thunderbolt
1:48 PM
@allquixotic See, this is how I learn about neat things :D No amount of blogs or search engines can beat good old fashioned humanity ;D
@Nick No idea
@JourneymanGeek Psychiatrists (or atleast some lifehacker) often say you have to write documentation because one gets emotionally upset.
@HackToHell That's because there isn't. I searched a ton, it turns out you need an external USSD dialer. I'm sticking with @Bob's mdma for that, even though it pains my eyes to look at it.
@allquixotic A Gigabyte per second is seriously fast but this is just an interface. Isn't it only as fast as the storage drive you connect to it?
2:20 PM
@Bob and what about notepad glass? same thing?
@Nick whazzat
@Nick MDMA => the program not the drug :P
2:31 PM
@Bob ^ transparent notepad. I don't know the repurcussions of my actions though.
@Bob I seriously did not know that that was ecstacy. Again, I didn't know it was called Molly either. I didn't expect to be googling drugs when I first walked into this room.
3:02 PM
@Nick of course, but some SSDs can probably keep up with that
you can run a GPU over thunderbolt too
@allquixotic Now, that's useful. GPU directly linked to me brain. This is nice imagery. Hopefully, I won't have to shed seretonin levels like robocop.
It is a tad late for breakfast (17:00-ish), but....
Making me hungry before bed :(
3:18 PM
Speklapjes (Slabs of bacon), veggie burger plus green asperagus tips, vegy sausages, veggie 'some soty of sticks'
I am not sure how, but I also burned a hole in the center of this flimsy use-one bbq
@Hennes You might be making me an iota bit hungry.
@Hennes As long as you imagine it's breakfast, it's still breakfast.
Might I also make you thirsty? I just poured a .5 litre bottle of Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier Dunkel.
@Hennes Sounds like you did a complex manoeuvre.
@Hennes I have no idea what that is, but, yes, you did make me thirsty :(
Dark wheat beer :)
3:24 PM
@Hennes Sounds like you're squeezing blood out of a German. Might make Edward Cullen thirsty, not me.
My glass is shaped differently. The closest I had was the glass for a Paulaner Weissbier)
There a few things the Germans are very good at:
Building stuff properly.
Tastless beer (pils)
And good wheat beers.
@Hennes Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. Another alcoholic.
(and probably a few other items)
@Hennes The only germans I've met are highschoolers who can play the violin while dancing the polka.
Damn great people.
@Hennes Yeah, German cars, German watches, German scientists, German evil-scientist and um, evil-dictators. Seriously, all built to perfection. Seriously, I'm not being sarcastic or anything, I really mean it.
All built to perfection except the evil people. They always lose. I guess, their failure is inherent of being evil, not german.
@Hennes You even have beer-specific glasses! o.O
3:31 PM
Aye. I try to have the right class of glass for a beer.
to you as a reference.
Darn, that should have been in another windows
$boss just asked me to test something on Tuesday.
I just mailed him the results of the requested test (which I already did on Friday morning).
Does anyone here know about Windows Batch Scripting or the like? I see all these cmd line commands like "php -s" and I have no idea where to type in hor how to use.
To the first part: yes. To the second part: ...what on earth are you talking about?
@Bob I have no idea what I'm talking about. You know those commands you see on github that's supposed to download some file or something. Idk how to use those.
3:46 PM
I think you want a shell (either cmd.exe, psh or any other shell) and a path to the installed PHP binary
Batch-scripting usually refers to a list of commands in a file for command.com or cmd.com
And ofcourse, you would need to have php installed
@Hennes Ok, I have powershell. I see a lot of red when I type anything in.
PowerShell != Batch/cmd
@Hennes I have absolutely no idea when it comes to terminals and stuff.
And it depends on what you're typing in.
@Bob idk man. I see it often and I'm just baffled by all of it.
3:49 PM
Usually when you use windows you end up using [start] [run] "cmd.exe" a lot
Or maybe I just find that the easy way compared to navigating confusing stuff int ehGUI
@Hennes win+c or just win
If you have a windows key.
Many keyboards still lack that.
@Hennes I basically use cmd for tasklisting and killing. yeah sometimes for running if I'm safe mode. Plus a few other commands I know.
Quite a few things which I start that way.
and none of that has anything to do with cmd
they're all independent programs you can execute from any shell
3:52 PM
Which is why I said (any shell) and 'batch scripting usually with ....)
@Bob speaking of independant programs. I remember installing those pstools. I haven't gotten them to work. The just open and close immediately. Idk how to actually run them in a shell. How do you do that?
there's only a few builtins, e.g. if, for and pause
actually, that might be it
@Nick They expect arguments. Call them with arguments.
I only got two batch files on my work laptop
@echo off
echo Starting outlook in one minute
timeout 6
start "" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\OUTLOOK.EXE"
That one in the startup folder makes sure outlook starts a bit later
If you don't want a CLI program to close the window after exiting, run them from cmd (which will load the process, redirect its output for you, and stay running after the process exits)
Oh, one more. start_sofon.cmd
@echo off
set Sofon_EXE_Dir=B:\Sofon2014
set Sofon_DB_Dir=B:\Database

Subst B: /d 2>nul:

set Local_Drive=%~d0%
set Local_Dir=%~dp0%
cd %Local_Dir%
if exist StartSofon.cmd goto LocalDirOK
goto LocalDirError

if "%CD%" =="" goto NoLocalDir

set Drive_B=%CD%
setx Drive_B "%Drive_B%" >nul:
goto Subst_Drive

Set Drive_B=.

subst B: "%Drive_B%"
cd \
if exist StartSofon.cmd goto SubstDirOK
goto SubstDirError

setx Sofon_EXE_Dir "%Sofon_EXE_Dir%" >nul:
3:57 PM
@Bob I don't know what you mean by that but I just manually typed in the path to location of the file in cmd.exe and it works now.
@Hennes God, this looks powerful. What do I have to save that as? .dll?
that is a .cmd file used to start my local test program.
Usually it is installed on a server, but with a little bit of creative coding we ended up with a test version on an USB pen drive.
I have to mass uninstall a lot of programs next month, maybe this will help.
@Bob Yay, I did this :D
4:05 PM
If you're going bulk-uninstalling, find a good graphical or at least interactive program to allow you to make selections.
@Bob So, what should I do instead? Install a mass uninstaller.?
Trying to write a batch script for a one-use delete or uninstall is just asking for pain.
Mass uninstalling is best done with $favourite_OS CD.... :)
@Bob ugh, so who do reccomend for the job? CCleaner?
@Nick I haven't had the need for one myself.
Generally, I'm fine with just going through the list one at a time when I need to.
Don't usually have too much crap installed anyway.
But it's alarmingly easy to nuke a system or remove something you don't intend to when you chuck an untested script at the job.
You wouldn't be able to properly/easily select the correct programs to uninstall with a script anyway. And most will require navigating some interactive uninstaller.
4:09 PM
Let me ask this first: Why do you want to do a mass-uninstall?
Regular cleaning?
Out of disk space ?
@Hennes Not my computer. I have stuff like github and evernote installed. personal use programs that the owner doesn't need nor likes.
Setting the programs to automatically self destruct on say, May 21st would be cool.
@Bob It's fun that I'm treading in dangerous waters now :)
Well, all I have to do now are grasp those github shell codes, learn what the heck Powershell is and does and actually start playing around with making .cmd automations. These are the best days of my life :)
4:30 PM
Powershell is just another regular shell.
@Hennes Really? Because the commands are get -something and it's just generally more confusing than cmd. idk anything.
I just spent the past hour saying I don't know to everything... I should stop not knowing and try knowing.
Powershell is just like any other shell. The 'command' you name are actually commandlets which are sort of little programs.
1 hour later…
5:41 PM
Wow. Just wow

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