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12:00 AM
Either this is anycast or I'm being routed allllll the way to the US west coast.
@MichaelFrank Could you do a tracert on for me?
Oh wait you're at work
Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

1     1 ms     1 ms     1 ms
2  reports: Destination host unreachable.
12:34 AM
Am I a horrible person for wanting to link a music video of 'let it go' every time someone wants to install XP on a modern system?
@JourneymanGeek I was thinking about XP 64bit , on this latest install, but software and hardware makers have taken the opportunity of MS dropping it, to stop all support of it totally themselves.
12:39 AM
Make sure you turn on captions.
(protip, turn on the subs)
They didn't just burry it, they cut it up into pieces, sucked its brain out, and filled it full of lead, and sunk it in the Mariana trench
Who's decent with Powershell here?
An empty pipe element is not allowed.
At \\pathofscript\get-folders-files-and-size.ps1:35 char:5
+     } | <<<<  export-csv -notypeinformation "$outputPath\$outputName - $date.csv"
    + CategoryInfo          : ParserError: (:) [], ParseException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : EmptyPipeElement
What's going on here? :S
12:56 AM
@MichaelFrank You're gonna have to provide the source file.
  [string]$outputName = "folders-files-and-size",
  [string]$outputPath = "."

	Set-StrictMode -version 2

	$date = Get-Date -format yyyy-MM-dd-HHmmss;

	if($inputfile) {
		$paths = import-csv $inputfile | select -expand path

	foreach($path in $paths) {
		$files = Get-ChildItem -Recurse $path | Where { !($_.PSIsContainer) }

		$size   = ($files | select -expand Length | Measure-Object -Sum).Sum
o.O that was fast
lol, I was going to paste it before... but decided I'd see if I can figure it out first.
@MichaelFrank ... ... ... you're trying to pipe from nothing
(it's not my script)
12:58 AM
the foreach block is a control block
it iterates through the body, with each iteration containing a $path that's one of the elements of $paths
it does not output anything
so the pipe from the closing brace of the foreach is wrong
...I think
Yea, that's sorta what this is saying as well.
If you use foreach-object instead, it might work better
@JourneymanGeek ...I swear that one sounds different
@Bob: Maybe, I've never actually heard the original version of the song ;p
oh, it's just different relative volume between vocals and instrumentals
@Bob Yea, it sounded odd for me as well.
Anyway, foreach-object throws a different error.
Unexpected token 'in' in expression or statement.
\\test\get-folders-files-and-size.ps1:22 char:25
+     foreach-object ($path in <<<<  $paths) {
    + CategoryInfo          : ParserError: (in:String) [], ParseException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : UnexpectedToken
1:09 AM
...that's not how it works
I don't know ._.
$paths | foreach-object { $path = $_; otherstuff; }
or foreach-object -inputobject $paths { $path = $_; otherstuff; }
you can keep most of the block intact, you just need the $path = $_ at the top
1:22 AM
(it's thinking) :o
@Bob It makes the outputfile now, but doesn't actually put anything in it.
@MichaelFrank I don't think I can help more :(
That's cool. I'm just trying to play around with this while the guy that wrote it is away.
@ekaj I don't know if others would. I certainly would not recommend it.
Networking protocols have evolved quite a lot in the last two decades.
1:33 AM
I'm aware, but a lot of people seem to still reference that book.. the age is why I was questioning it
@ekaj CIDR only became a thing in 1993.
There's a good chance that book is based on classful routing.
Which is very outdated and not relevant since that year.
I'm not worried about classful routing, just the basics of the TCP/IP stack
@ekaj It's one example of something that's changed.
There's certainly more.
any recommended reading for this century? I'm looking around a bit more still
Some people like tracing the whole history.
I personally like to start up-to-date and go back when necessary.
1:37 AM
Well apparently there's a second version of that book..
@ekaj 2011. Pretty good.
If you want something more textbook-ey, there's Computer Networking - A Top-Down Approach
Have you personally used that one?
hm, that sucks
the 32 bit windows 10 vm on the brix is being super slow
1:40 AM
what do you think of windows 10 so far? I haven't messed with it yet
Loving it
@JourneymanGeek Is it updating?
They put out a new build.
I'm still using 7... never did make the step to 8
Added a notification centre thingy :P
@Bob: trying to update now
1:46 AM
worlds largest skyscraper , was going to be built in less than 1 year en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sky_City_(Changsha) Sky City 1/2mile tall building is still just huge hole in ground google.com/maps/place/…
(all the hype it is cool to have an update on)
wtf PlanetSide2 was trying to update on my laptop too
pretty sure I never installed it there
@Bob pwned
Check your phone as well ;p
in fact
it's not even in my library!
that's right, I didn't go through steam
then... why the fuck was it downloading a 10 GB update?
maybe it just knows what you like..
...it's not on some kind of free weekend is it? I have a feeling I may have it in my library as well.
1:48 AM
apparently you like 10GB downloads without being notified
@MichaelFrank it's f2p
oh, right.
@Bob: preview build install failed on the 32 bit vm
its ongoing on my main vm tho
@Bob I think I'm getting closer :)
2:09 AM
1 hour 50 minutes until Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth unlocks!
I'm preloaded and ready to go
You have time to help me with my powershell script then! :P
screw powershell
It wasn't my choice!
but it is my choice to not want to use a language that tries to "unroll" your arrays like a cat obsessed with toilet paper
@MichaelFrank did you do a paren count? for every { there is a } ?
(or does some scripting tool do that for you?)
2:18 AM
Yea, I checked that.
@allquixotic Fair enough.
stuff makes my head hurt , why you no put in all kinds of visible feedback in to show what is going on when run?
It's not my script. I was told to run it then the guy that made it went home.
somehow keep spewing out the stuff it is working with to the screen, when it comes up blank , yet still feeding it in, then you can see. but that's because I am only lamer scripter, who couldn't even do that, writing "hello worlds" at each point in the script :-)
2:44 AM
@Bob ..turns out I fixed it. :)
Well, sort of. It isn't exactly working as intended on some lines.
This looks neat... but wait, MS writing awesome software for android? DOTH I SEE A AVIAN PORCINE EX FENESTRE?
No, Inbox for Gmail looks neat. ;)
3:14 AM
$files = Get-ChildItem -Recurse $path | Where { !($_.PSIsContainer) }
$count  = $files.count
count fails when there is only 1 file in a folder. o.O
3:38 AM
So apparently I need to force an array @(...) when running .count on something, but @($files).count still exhibits the same failure.
3:53 AM
shrug the developer guy will be back on Tuesday... I guess he can fix it then. Home time for me now!
Blah. Tried to install that lock screen. Not available in my country. WTF
4:30 AM
I did not know I wanted to do this: i.imgur.com/PsYeA0w.mp4
5:11 AM
that's insane, who is going to clean up that junk strewn about? and your pants after :-)
5:57 AM
@HackToTell You need to read some of Thomas Pornin's answers on security.se
To reboot on a debian-based system, I typically do 'reboot' as root.. I know you can also do 'init 6' and it will reboot. Is there a different between the commands, i.e. one has a graceful shutdown while the other just stops everything?
6:14 AM
Thanks for your answer. My pc is not a laptop. I fixed the problem by kicking it, I'm not joking, I kicked the case out of anger, the pc went out. Started it the next day and never witnessed the problem after ... — Ascorbin Oct 17 '13 at 8:27
if only that worked more in life
I have to keep up my list, Ascorbin on the Not getting on the shuttle to mars with
Daily wtf is a pain to deeplink to but... Look for programmer x here thedailywtf.com/articles/comments/ITAPPMONROBOT
that's a good article..
6:25 AM
such fun, with my new install(and updates) Realtek instead of speakerfill delaying to the "surround" speakers, it now does some sort of dolby decode (artifact filled) and now i have to apply a different correction method.
Before it was speakerfill, which did delays as much as 50+ms (that's 2 bloody frames of video), now only Effects Room will fill.
Yea they Still manage to screw up onboard audio, 20 years later , now that it is fully 100% usable sound, they messed it up with software .
to think i could have just kept the $20 stereo speakers and never known :-)
My speakers are probably at least 15 years old
I want my creative soundblaster from the 1800s back :-)
Old Altec Lancings, they're great for what I paid for tem
Built like brick shithouses.
6:48 AM
only off by 3ms, soo that is not bad, it still sounds sort of tin-can like.
7:48 AM
I am not being pickey, got it to 1ms, and now of course it is out-of-phase. meaning while one wave on one speaker is going up, the other is going down, dependant on the frequency. another reason it should come out at the same moment exactaly.
i am not trying to make a noise canceling system.
I like my speakers
8:07 AM
@Psycogeek A quick help here please?
@Boris_yo what up?
the resolution of the adjustment for room correction (for time) maxes out at ~1ms so all them number i have fought through , were not really changing it,
toilet float adjuster?
or medical equipment made in china :-)
I need to move this plastic screw inwards but there's white plastic below it that locks it. I need to regulate the level of water in toilet's water reserve.
Or else I will drown.
Am I in the wrong room??
8:17 AM
@Dave You are in my WC mate.
Care to lend a hand? I need to fix this.
no this is correct room, he has to adjust it to use his android on the toilet properly :-)
Had to tell to land lord who bought new rubber but the issue is completely unrelated.
@Boris_yo where is the plastic that locks it other than the valve plunger ?
seem like you just either flush, then adjust, or cram the arm down into the water, and adjust it then.
Well, it depends @boris_yo. The image you bring up is both of us (or all 3 of us) in a toilet... and you ask me to lend a hand. The images which spring to mind, whilst flattering, are not those I'd normally have :D :D :D
6 hours ago, by allquixotic
but it is my choice to not want to use a language that tries to "unroll" your arrays like a cat obsessed with toilet paper
lol, @allquixotic predicted your issue! :D
8:29 AM
@Psycogeek The plastic that lock screw is on the handle below screw. There's no way to move that plastic. It is always parallel to screw.
@Dave Wrong because I mentioned "to fix this"
No dirty thoughts please.
I'm going to ask a stupid question, but, despite how it looks, can't you pull it out adn then turn it?
@Boris_yo ahhh, i see, there is a "detent" kind of thing going on, to keep it from moving on its own. so you flex it a bit and bump it over the thing, like stripping gears. it is not like they put a proper release mechanism in .
Can you do that?
the 2 is supposed to be turn/rotate
@Dave no i cant :-), last time i had to get one of these , I got ones that would hold up longer :-) with the landlord whining and moaning about the price the whole way.
this one is obviously designed for complete collapse and failure in a short time, drowning the residents so the massive population of china can then move in :-)
Yo ucould probably fit a lot of chinese dudes in there as well... hmmm
Did you try brute force with a healthy dose of ignorance?
8:40 AM
applying same level of ignorance when you break it , and the landlord asks "what happened" :-)
I donno, it just broke, i didn't touch it.
@Dave Nope. There's a thread inside that directs the screw. The only way is to screw carefully and wiggle plastic before while trying to screw in. I did this because I had flexibility of screw but the further I screwed inwards, the less play I had with this.

Fix the two most common causes of a running toilet with a Fluid master Fill Valve and Flapper Kit. The kit includes the iconic 400A fill valve, the most popular toilet fill valve in the world. It also includes a solid frame flapper that aligns with the tank drain every time for a consistent, powerful flush. The whole kit can be installed in ten minutes or less and will get your toilet flushing like new again!.
See, he should at least have the all plastic FM 400 :-) which would last at least 8months
@Psycogeek My toilet is different at all. It's not advanced.
Cant even buy a brass one anymore. because they could only sell ONE of those, and it would last some 50 years. how is anyone going to make money doing that?
@Boris_yo could be you can shim it? make a plastic cap thing from pen parts, and fold it down and shove it on the end of the screw.
Eagle Claw

Includes 6 red and white floatsEach float measures 2.5"Use for fishing Bass, Walleye, Tarpon, Redfish, Snapper, Sea Trout, Snook and CobiaFor use in freshwater or saltwater
get a package of these :-) and DIY the float mechanism
Put an Arduino in with a water sensor, and solenoid kit in, hook it up via Bluetooth to your iphone
Make a cool APP with fluid dynamics that represents the bowl fill level, temperature, and PH levels.
9:07 AM
9:39 AM
Q: Are there any unmanaged gigabit switches available without indicator LEDs?

Kevin MorseI need to put a switch into my home theatre stack and am looking for something without blinking indicator LEDs. I’ve debated taping over them but that looks ghetto and actually requires some precision taping due to the small size and location of the LEDs. Has anyone come across an unmanaged giga...

OT, but I learnt something new about my switch.
what i never would have figured, having an ample supply of electrical tape and a razor, they have actually made Gradient grey stickers of all shapes and sizes and levels of darkening for the purpose of reducing the output of leds general. I dubt they look "ghetto". I know everytime I back them out, i end up needing to see them again, so a slight darkening without damaging the product, should work on everything.
Black them out.
craziestgadgets.com/2012/06/12/… here is an example of led dimming stickers

Designed to dim bright LED lights .Dims 50-80% of light (Color Black)
this looks like a better choice

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