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12:09 AM
@JourneymanGeek That Excel question was harder than I originally though, but I figured it out! :D
@JourneymanGeek ? what is this?
(can't watch vids right now)
I think it's that hairy landing from a couple days ago. Just a lot of wind blowing the plane around.
samba shares on phoebe broke again :/
and I changed something and broke it more
@JourneymanGeek now I'm considering renaming that container when I (finally get around to) migrate it
but I like the name :\
@Bob On my server, this weekend, I'll run lxc clone gp phoebe just to further muddy the waters :D
12:22 AM
@allquixotic we're gonna have to start namespacing our VMs :P
or FQDNs ;p
12:47 AM
(I've half jokingly considered just giving all my boxen AAAA records ;p)
wouldn't it be A (IPv4) or AAAA (IPv6)?
@allquixotic Nah, he obviously wants to insure them.
*has been up since 5.30. Roomie woke me up cause that's when his latest girlfriend (who's a street dog) is around ><)
Q: How can common users defend against the StageFright vulnerability?

S.L. BarthI was just informed of the StageFright vulnerability in Android devices. A specially crafted MMS message can gain access to data on the phone; so presumably it's a buffer overflow with subsequent privilege escalation. Details have not yet been disclosed, but the practical question is: how can ...

1:05 AM
Q: solar system is really free?

Richardone of my friend said he has solar system on the roof of his house and it is free installation and no payment on the system. Just pay set amount monthly to solar company. I did not believe. Is there some one can explain how that solar system company doing business. what is the consumer's benefits...

PSA: Android users should disable automated MMS downloads until security patches are released & installed.
Hm... should I pin that?
cant even get MMS on my phone without the Data thing running, as the text seems to go though one way, and that can be aquired without the multimeida part.
@Psycogeek Yep, the point is to disable downloading the multimedia part.
Since that is a significant attack vector that the user has no other control over.
Ok, I'm pinning it.
I always had the auto downloading of MM on, just because who the freak needs MMSpam :-)
@Bob I can't even get MMS to work on my phone :P
1:12 AM
That just leaves when a texter specifically states they are sending a pic that they themselves took?
@NathanOsman Probably a network provider issue, but MMS is pretty dodgy in the first place.
So the vulnerability then would be pretty complex, the sender would have to have a virus on thier machine that embeds the vulnerability onto thier pics before sent?
@Psycogeek The vulnerability isn't just with receiving MMS, but how the MMS is process once it's on the phone.
@Psycogeek Nup. That's one way, spreading as a virus. But attackers can also send to random numbers directly.
@Bob It makes email look reliable in comparison.
1:15 AM
@MichaelFrank Not really. The vulnerability is specifically with how video (3GPP) files are processed. MMS is one vector for infection, and particularly dangerous because it can happen with zero user interaction, but MMS itself doesn't contain the vuln.
(so, second part of your statement is right. first part, not quite)
@Bob right but the question is, other than spreading specifically crafted MMS, does it go to the point where any viruses are so complex as to craft the crap to a regular persons pic of thier kids they took 2 seconds ago?
@Psycogeek Once it's downloaded and run through the vulnerable library, the attacker has full control (in the worst case).
One suggested attack involves doing this overnight and auto-deleting the message. The victim would never notice.
Windows 10 out ?
Doesn't show up in MSDN
@Bob making that good enough that , the hacker could be the one claiming they are sending you a pic to begin with. that is pretty seriously involved, like the hacker would have to have A) something to prove B) somone to hate :-)
@Psycogeek well, once you disable auto-retrieve it basically becomes email-style anti-spam: don't open any attachments you aren't expecting
1:19 AM
Q: 4K videos on YouTube are a little choppy on high-end specs

Trought BrantI've watched various videos, and it's the latest version of Flash and all appropriate settings. I turn the videos up to 4K (2160P) and they chop a little bit ... like every frame isn't smoothly seen. Also, I am using a 50 MB internet connection, but the video buffers non-stop and barely plays. ...

@HackToHell Not sure. @DragonLord hasn't posted a big bold message stating it's out yet... so maybe not?
Oh wow, lenovo released drivers for my laptop for windows 10 <3
@HackToHell because while evryone is going crasy for RES, they have entirely forgot about frame rates? I hate that, the general concentration is on more of one, and we still dont have 60FPS video, which IMO should have come first, and yet barely even exists anywhere.
@Psycogeek But... but.... cinematic experience! /s
You mean like fight scenes where it is just a blur , after all that work on the set for HD, then all the coreography for days, i get 3 blurred frames. Well its not like they ever hit anything anyways :-)
The queasy cam stuff also looks a lot better when there is more FPS too, It just all seems so odd to me that for 50 years we have struggled with horrible frame rates and Grain in film. 50 years later when we can basically present a Eye View of what is going on, they add IN grain , and reduce the frame rate, cause it looks like film.
But film was always the "limitation" of representing stuff.
1:37 AM
How the hell do you get 1GB of data into your roaming profile folder when the limit is 30MB?
Hmmmm apparently Mozilla might have patched it back in FF 38 o.O
I thought they only patches FF OS
looks like this might not apply to android
oh so stagefright is the Feature :-) and the vulnerabilty. dont they need a name then for the hack? StageFrightTerror?
@Psycogeek ha, rather unfortunate name
yea that
2:02 AM
T minus 2 hours to the launch of Windows 10.
Prepares fireworks...
Launch? My system already downloaded it..
Er, well, it's almost done downloading...
dig foxholes, prepare for bombshells. Like: "i thought you said that bug was all about it being a pre-releace"
I won't be up to finish the whole countdown.
@DragonLord REALLY?! This is the last version of Windows. EVER!!!
2:05 AM
@MichaelHampton How'd you jump the queue? :P
@NathanOsman I didn't? Your system should already have downloaded it, if you left it turned on and connected to the Internet today.
Look for a hidden folder C:\$Windows.~BT
And decided to sign up for it.
I dual boot and am using Ubuntu right now, so it won't have :P
I'm still waiting a couple months till I have time to deal with potential issues...planning a clean install on the desktop.
superuser.com/questions/946621/… <-- needs just one more spam flag
2:07 AM
@Bob It's interesting.. the download includes driver updates
Need to pick up my new backup hdd I keep forgetting about too
I've got an updated Intel HD Graphics driver, an updated Synaptics trackpad driver and an updated Intel gigabit Ethernet driver
I might try the upgrade install, but only after a full image
Looks like they're trying to make it smooth
Been neglecting that for lack of space recently :/
2:09 AM
oh god
hello @MichaelHampton!
Setup will also warn you if you have incompatible programs before you upgrade
@MichaelHampton now thats seriously prepared.
how long!
@Michael try to warn
The GWX tool will tell you also
Mostly the incompatible stuff is going to be AV software and things like that
2:12 AM
Did I mention my desktop's drivers are just generally screwed up?
joy. I won't know till I get home from work ;p
So how do I save bandwidth if I have three machines to upgrade?
Upgrading will either fix it our break everything
I don't want to download the 3+ GB of data three times over my 1 Mbps connection...
@NathanOsman Supposedly, after you upgrade the first PC it will offer to let you burn an ISO or make a USB stick
2:13 AM
That I must do.
It also supposedly does P2P sharing over your LAN
I haven't been able to verify that, though
I'll see what happens I guess.
@MichaelHampton are you going to upgrade day-one?
@PatoSáinz Yeah. Then I'm going to take the hard drive out and shoot it
2:16 AM
surely the NSA can recover data from shot drives
Well, it's getting replaced with an SSD...if the SSD ever shows up!
@MichaelHampton so how has everything been going in your life and at Slack!
@Bob well I use CyanogenMod nightlies so I guess I'm as patched as I can get
@MichaelHampton: This is why I am glad I have good local stores
I can wait months to afford a bit of hardware. Shipping drives me nuts
2:19 AM
@JourneymanGeek So, in the US there are some shipping programs where UPS or FedEx will ship your package fast, and then hand it off to the post office in your town to actually deliver it. These services end up being very slow for some reason...
@JourneymanGeek same as you: but I'm lazy enough to have something shipped to me (with 3 days delay) from a store that's 35 minutes away in an underground trip
I just ordered some RF circuit from China and it's going to get here in approximately 25 days... shipping sucks
My package was at a distribution center down the road on Sunday and still hasn't arrived. It was just handed to USPS today...
I'll count myself lucky if it arrives tomorrow
...Actually I'm not sure if it was handed to USPS today
I'm almost done with the Windows 10 download. The main 2.7 GB image has finished downloading.
I'm done, at 5.60 GB
ehh strange... @MichaelHampton is GWX supposed to begin autodownloading now? Mine hasn't done anything yet
2:27 AM
@MichaelHampton: for most hardware? I take a train, and within an hour or two I'm at home, screwdriver in hand ;p
@PatoSáinz It will, sooner or later
well at least I upgraded my home to fibre optic so it won't take two days to download 5 gigs
@JourneymanGeek You live in a major city where all the tech gets shipped through anyway. There's no need for you to have anything shipped.
> Tue 28 Jul 2015 17:14

Shipping information approved by Australia PostOpen tool tip

Wed 22 Jul 2015 06:35

Shipping information received by Australia Post
They got all the way across the US in almost record time for ground shipping and then 70 miles from my house all the delays start
2:43 AM
plus it still has to be shipped to arizona , just because no package shipped across the continent should miss falling in the grand canyon.
> Latest update: Thursday, Jul 23
4:14 PM
Package arrived at a carrier facility
Wednesday, Jul 22
12:07 PM
Shipment departed from Amazon facility
Hebron, KY, US
Tuesday, Jul 21
11:21 AM
Shipment arrived at Amazon facility
Hebron, KY, US
9:18 AM
Package has left seller facility and is in transit to carrier
Same package, different tracking site
@Bob Looks like it departed the country.
@Psycogeek You joke about this... but I bought something from Massdrop once and it got all the way to LA before somehow making it's way back to Arizona and getting lost.
I had to email Massdrop and they sent out another product to me.
@MichaelFrank ah, massdrop... Their tracking is basically blank for the better part of a month and then it randomly turns up at the doorstep
@Bob How was that supposed to be shipped?
2:52 AM
@MichaelHampton Amazon standard
@Bob Hmm. Is your tracking number two letters, a bunch of numbers, then "US"?
Usually goes through i-parcel (UPS) but this one went through auspost somehow
@MichaelHampton nah, 8 digits, auspost tracking number, 0, 4-digit postcode
@Bob That's kind of odd...
You can try putting in your tracking number at usps.com and see if it shows anything there. If it's arriving by auspost then USPS probably touched it at some point.
Apparently auspost has their own branded parcel forwarder from the US now, operated by singpost
Shipping is getting crazy
2:56 AM
This might be going through that
Anyway, it's due next week, so not really complaining... Just slightly dodgy tracking
@Bob I'd try that tracking number at usps.com again, ... without deleting any digits.
Can't get anything shipped fast from US without spending far too much
Er, delete the postcode, but not the first 8 digits
@Bob Not these days. I used to be able to ship fairly cheap, at least for small packets. But those days seem to be over.
Nup, tried full number, and deleting the last 4 and 5
@MichaelHampton the other way is even more ridiculous
Cost over $100 to return a convertible laptop to Amazon. At least they covered the shipping fees.
I think we people in South America get the worst... long wait times AND sometimes shipping costs >18 USD
3:03 AM
@Bob The USPS code should be exactly 22 digits long. Try the first 22 digits, and then try dropping the first 2 digits and providing the next 22 digits.
hell a tshirt from American Apparel is cheaper than its shipping
Depending on the item, $18 is positively cheap... Though we are further away
It costs me $25 to send a small (2kg) packet to Australia
@MichaelHampton other way via auspost is 40AUD by sea, 56AUD by air
@Bob Completely insane, either way
3:11 AM
@MichaelHampton precisely
Except for my speakers ;p
@JourneymanGeek can you nuke this superuser.com/questions/946621/…
Just to note, things are extremely xplody at work, so I might not really pay attention here ;p
4:13 AM
4:30 AM
To solve the problem of Fake Apps in the microsoft store, microsoft has asked all legitimate apps to remove themselves from the store, so they be seperated from the scams and shams.
4:42 AM
We routinely review apps based on performance, fake ratings and fraudulent user reviews and take steps to remove apps if they do not meet our certification guidelines, of sending us $100. We are aware of the issue and are actively removing a few apps that offer little money to us, or confuse customers, by not paying up. We will continue evaluating our collection process to make sure Windows offers the highest app quantity available, reguardless of any functionality.
(actually they removed 1500 apps once, and 100 or so at various other times, the above is only a parody)

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