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1:22 PM
it is good to learn new things and new ways, it is bad to train for years with something that is assbackwards from how the rest of the planet will operate, in the case that you need to operate something normal :-)
Then ya end up being the one who keeps saying "At my last job we always did it like this" WELL YOUR NOT AT THAT JOB! :-0
ahh it is only for a chomebook, because google put out a chrome version (once) that also scrolled in reverse , they could apply it :-)
> Submit By: Sep 3, 2014 00:28 EDT

Final Submission: Sep 8, 2014 12:28 EDT
That means submissions start on September 3 and end on 8 right ?
yes with 28minute leeway :-)
Then I have a decent chance of writing something good \m/
And if you procrastinate you could still whip something out
what are you submitting (to:-) ?
"The second payment will be made at the completion of the support period" Ahh , nice way to get it debugged too.
TIL superuser.com/a/806148 - that dmidecode reports the actual IC socket name on your motherboard.
No matter how often I uncheck that box, I keep getting the notification wtf
Go go gadget pagefile SSD!
/me got a 1tb 2.5 inch drive for his brix today
was ~90 quid, but meh, I want the spare space.
1:50 PM
@OliverSalzburg did you try and adjust it in the device item itself (for each of the devices) in the device manager in the advanced tab? Or did you want to fix the fact that it was not running correct speed?
Oh in the USB controller item itself.
@Psycogeek The "This device can perform faster" option pops up all the time (because the device temporarily connects to a VM). I would just expect the checkbox to do what it says it does
@Bob must be that crazy thing that optimizes the installation... oh what was it called @_@
@OliverSalzburg it is microsoft you expect what? :-) I only have that show up when something is not yet fully correct so something does need to be addressed to get it back working right.
@OliverSalzburg Oh Virtual, I see, well it is probably virtually right :-) just not really right.
ahh - NetOpSystems FEAD
I wonder if the inheritor company Nosso's BitWrapper is also a GPL violation :P
2:22 PM
@allquixotic wat
@HackToHell I would interpret that as due 3rd with final deadline (+ late penalty) on 8th
"submit by"
@allquixotic ?
@Bob But there's no mention of a penalty
@Bob just turning on my work computer and 850 Pro pagefile SSD :P
@Bob you don't remember the thing that would beat drums for like 5 minutes while it claimed it was "optimizing for your system"? under the hood it was UPX decompression. lol
this was with Adobe products like 5 years ago
@allquixotic o.O
during the installer!
those installers took so long I never watched them
2:27 PM
I thought UPX was pretty fast tho
the only place I know of an "optimisation" stage during any installer is ngen
@JourneymanGeek Adobe has ways of making everything slow.
(back in my mispent youth, I actually tried to upx compress an entire windows install...)
well all the executables anyway
(it actually sorta worked if you did it on a running system....)
I think I got XP down to under 200 megs.
2:29 PM
just don't use it on NTOSKRNL.EXE
then of course, I think I did it offline, while thing halted and caught fire, and I lost interest and chased a squirrel or something.
@JourneymanGeek Oh, did it emit a HCF instruction?
@Bob: naw, it just died.
Its long enough that I don't remember ;p
Heya @Ale
I got some sushi. They gave me a fork O_O
2:33 PM
...what on earth am I meant to do with this
stab someone and steal their chopsticks?
hm, new keyboard needs some getting used to.
@JourneymanGeek you mean they actually make more than one keyboard model usable by dogs?
this is a MK220 bundle, its a wireless keyboard
@allquixotic: clearly, we prefer mechanicals ;p
also depends on the dog, great danes are HORRIBLE typists.
I can type in the dark on my laptop, and the blackwidow
(but my BW is backlit anyway)
Its a bit plasticky and cheap but it feels acceptable, my dad 'borrowed' my nice wireless mouse, and I need them for my brix ;p
@allquixotic: as long as its not a damned chicklet keyboard
2:40 PM
how much did it cost?
~25 dollars
RRP is 30
for some reason the Microsoft wireless 800 bundle was going for $15 a few months ago, so I grabbed one :P
it's pretty good
this is super skinny tho
but I don't actually use it, so it's just sitting spare...
almost no trim other than the battery compartment
2:41 PM
I have too many keyboards -_-
this is for my servers
I threw out most of my really crappy ones
@JourneymanGeek bit weird to need wireless for that o.O
I have my SGI
@Bob: home server is in a wierd place
I just had a scary daydream that will never, ever become reality
you guys know what sleep is? hahaah
2:42 PM
Haswell-E becomes Haswell-EM (E Mobile), ships in Surface Pro 4 with an itty bitty dGPU
its easier for me to plug that, the screen I'm ordering once my paypal credits, and do stuff
2 minutes of battery life
@AlejandraGarcia: you'd turn into a werepanda.
@AlejandraGarcia no, I really don't.
@allquixotic next SP better be Broadwell with Iris Pro
2:43 PM
also, you don't need to sleep to daydream
SP3 just came out here :P
I'm not getting it
@allquixotic: eh. I consider the E processors a little like a ferrari
@Bob that would be worth the $1750 likely price tag, personally
They're lovely to look at but I'll never really drive one ;p
@AlejandraGarcia what sleep (it's 12:45 am :P)
2:44 PM
@JourneymanGeek I consider the E processors like a dumptruck... and people like us (you, me, Bob, etc) haul dirt for a living
@allquixotic and not very portable :P
lol, where you from bob?
@allquixotic: I'm pretty happy with my high/mid range processors ;p
@Bob right, so we haul dirt in pickup trucks -_-
or in the back of Priuses
2:45 PM
@AlejandraGarcia Australia
@allquixotic: I tend to like my laptops like a kei car
Iris Pro 6200 should be superawesomefuntimes for gaming
and my desktops are usually oldschool volvo station wagons. (and my new one is a sportier volvo ;p)
still !!no Star Citizen, but every other game that exists...
at least medium detail 60 fps 1080p
I'll be mad if they make SP4 1440p or higher though, because pixels == less perf
@allquixotic: Integrated graphics on a gaming desktop is for testing when the DGPU is messed up ;p
2:46 PM
@Bob where the spiders has bar life?
ya, since I'm skipping this one, when SP4 rolls around, depend on specs, I'll g o for one of three options:
discounted SP3
Its not even 11 here ;p
Oh, apparently someone where my brother worked got bitten by a python. In the chest.
@allquixotic you should be able to decrease res though
@Bob lol @ the "none" option
I have no idea how that would happen ;p
2:47 PM
wouldn't be running native res anymore, but it shouldn't be too bad
@allquixotic: or use it as a frontend for steam
especially on a 10-12" screen, halving it to 720 would be acceptable
@Bob apparently that makes a huge difference -- the benchmarks of the Haswell version of Iris Pro were screaming at 720p but basically died at 1080p; from like 58-60 fps to 10
I would be happy at 1080p but probably not 720p :P
@AlejandraGarcia rofl
2:48 PM
@allquixotic probably not for browsing, reading, etc., but gaming? maaaaaybe
I didn't get the reference initially
also, jesus christ. remove element
@AlejandraGarcia it's the small ones that'll get you
small ones? lol
small spiders are deadlier
lil shits
@allquixotic: actualy, I think pixel density is important for text
Also, you don't see the small ones coming.
2:49 PM
black widows are pretty small and not all that intimidating if you are used to seeing spiders
why so afraid you can have superpowers @Bob
the one in that pic is probably harmless :P
we have daddy longleggers here (which are not true spiders but many people think of them that way), which are extremely poisonous, basically lethal unless you are treated right away, but they can't penetrate human skin, so you only run that risk if they get you on an open wound
@allquixotic I think it is :P
2:51 PM
we have spitting cobras
and erm... peacocks.
the long leg ones are usually huntsman spiders, which eat other spiders
those sorta remind me of Reapers from Mass Effect D:
well, except for the baby human reaper
look what you guys did to me! T_T I just picked up my headphones gingerly and looked all around them to check for spiders
@allquixotic waitwhat
the daddy long legs I know of is completely harmless to humans
2:53 PM
Or so they want you to think
> There is a persistent belief that the Daddy-long-legs Spider has the most toxic venom of all spiders. However, there is no scientific evidence to back this up. The myth probably grew from observations that the Daddy-long-legs Spider will kill and eat a Redback Spider. However, the venom is not actually that potent, even for insects.

It had been thought that the fangs of this spider were incapable of piercing human skin. Recently, however, it was shown that the tiny fangs (about 0.25 mm) were actually capable of piercing human skin in a test done on the US television show, Mythbusters, bu
the one you really have to watch out for is the drop bear
@Bob oh ok. thanks mythbusters!
some interesting questions today ^^
@Bob never coming to Australia
2:56 PM
@JourneymanGeek huh, I don't remember seeing that... OMG GOOMHR
@Bob: and the alt text ;p
drop bear good reason for a center post tent
AKA drop bear spindle
user image
I saw it too!
@Bob clearly the most versatile animal is one that can fly, swim, walk, and breathe underwater -- ducks don't have that last aspect, so the fish still has something on him
2:59 PM
..... lol
@allquixotic: clearly someone needs to cross a flying fish with a lungfish.
Proof that evolution has barely begun, and extinction still outpaces it by centuries.
I have this installed, I'll need to get it running tommorrow
(it never ceases to amuse me I can buy a drive in a baggie)
@JourneymanGeek ?
antistatic bags are pretty standard...
@Bob: they are, its just oddly amusing to me.
3:07 PM
How do i overclock my PC with my phone? It is actually comming the UEWIFI (UEFI+WIFI)
especially since they usually have them in a small pile behind a counter
!!tell 17461815 no
@JourneymanGeek I enjoyed the "patented bag-in-can technology" of the saline spray I buy (soothes sinuses)
I was like: ORLY. never would've thought to put a bag in a can.
3:42 PM
Morning all
pretty sweet article find @Bob
I wonder if MS ever patched that.
Any news about sp2 for windows 7?
@AlejandraGarcia I figure there probably won't be one, but they'll continue to roll out incremental updates to stuff
3:55 PM
its a pain in the ass to up to date a fresh install...
Pc techs never die , they just quit booting up one day.
you shouldn't really be installing Windows 7 fresh anyway
did you guys see the screens of the new windows 9?
if you're in an enterprise context, you have a disk image that you pave over the HDD with that contains the updates
if you're in a home user context, just run Windows 8.1
if you don't like the lack of a start menu, use Start8
there's NO reason to use Windows 7 at home
it seems start menu its back
3:57 PM
@AlejandraGarcia image not found
hold on
hotlinking is bad; use the upload feature
can you see this image?
3:59 PM
@allquixotic I have seen a few, more software again obsoleted by the OS update, even though it is basically the same thing. some older games that people cant get working, and i am sure there is some hardware that will also have to be replaced. Never say never until your investment in the OS is teeny tiny compared to your investment in everything that worked in it.
Looks like the 12-year-old's Windows 8.2 mock up
@AlejandraGarcia yup
basically its windows with start menu lol
it looks like a new skin
a new skin of 60 bucks lol
4:02 PM
skins for sale?
> Integration of generational garbage collection
in FF32
Let's not rejoice too early. They'll probably postpone it until FF50.
funny how all the blind Java haters hate on Java because of 2 vulnerabilities in the applet plugin that should be permanently disabled anyway, while Java has had generational GC since Java 7.0, then Mono adopted it, then V8, now FF's JS engine... go figure
@jokerdino ...it's in FF32's release notes. and I have it installed. and running. right now.
4:04 PM
but yeah keep hating on Java
@allquixotic Oh, I hate Java for far more than that -_-
Hold on, FF32 is released?
@jokerdino today
Ah cool then. I'll get the updates in 2 weeks time.
might be 'cause I'm stuck on Java6, but meh
I dislike .NET 2.0 almost as much.
4:05 PM
people who write Java programs that only run on Java 6 and won't run perfectly on Java 8 deserve to be whacked up side the head with a very heavy object
that's a developer breaking the language/runtime, not the runtime's fault
@allquixotic Google 'BCeSIS'
Will ONLY run on Java 5.14
as far as their TCK (which is comformant to all their formal specifications) is concerned, Java8 is 100% backwards compatible to running Java6 programs
No fancy new features here :\
@allquixotic Nono, I'm stuck developing for Java6.
@Bob oh, ok what the bloody hell
Also, I just like how C# handles some things a lot more than Java, and those are unlikely to change.
@allquixotic Hey, we might be moving to 7 soon! :P
Ever tried getting government to upgrade their servers? ohwait you probably have -_-
4:07 PM
@Bob you should buy your boss (or whoever made that decision) a pet sloth
it'll move about as fast as him
@allquixotic He's not the one who's holding it back :\
@Bob have you met the person who calls the shots? are you sure they aren't an actual sloth?
they might be typing the email authorizing you to use Java 8 as we speak
...they started composing it in 2012
which means it should be sent by 2017 or so
@allquixotic Wait, what's so special about java7 having generational GC? o.O
@Bob I might be mistaken; could be GGC was already present in Java6
> Beginning with the J2SE 1.2, the virtual machine incorporated a number of different garbage collection algorithms that are combined using generational collection.
4:12 PM
This avast is causing timeouts :/
@allquixotic yea, try about ten years earlier :P
I think .NET has had it since the 1.0 release, too
at some point they also implemented multithreading in the GC, which is supposed to nearly eliminate threads being blocked during GC except in programs with thousands of user threads
Java 7 has some kinda special garbade collection thingy for Strings.
even in Ruby 1.9.3 I can occasionally feel the GC blocking the GUI thread sometimes
FF memory usage has been going up for some itme
4:15 PM
FF and Chrome have been nexk-and-neck with Octane scores for a while: arewefastyet.com
...meanwhile, Safari is allllll the way over there in the slow corner
Safari uses JSCore, doesn't it?
no idea
QtWebKit does :(
though they are looking to rebase QtWebKit under Chromium
which is slightly scary considering how heavy Chromium is
@allquixotic how's pale moon working out?
4:19 PM
@Bob fine, though the SSD is so fast I can't tell what's in RAM and what's swapped out
I've quietly been using Chrome instead of late and it's also fine, oddly enough
much of Chrome's footprint appears to be shared across each of its processes
Chrome's biggest advantage seems to be its startup time, and new tab time
once FF is going, it's fine
Also, new caching backend in FF32: janbambas.cz/new-firefox-http-cache-enabled
lots of core changes this time
@allquixotic FF startup and new-tab are completely smooth for me, assuming I have under 50 tabs loaded
above that, it lags a bit :P
Pale Moon needs to rebase
but they don't want Aurora, so wtf
> CN = Certification Authority of WoSign

SHA1 Fingerprint: B9:42:94:BF:91:EA:8F:B6:4B:E6:10:97:C7:FB:00:13:59:B6:76:CB

CN = CA 沃通根证书

SHA1 Fingerprint: 16:32:47:8D:89:F9:21:3A:92:00:85:63:F5:A4:A7:D3:12:40:8A:D6
> WoSign is a privately-owned CA in China which issues certificates to the
general public. WoSign started their CA business in 2006 as a SubCA of
Comodo. WoSign setup its own root CA in 2009 and started to issue
certificates in 2011 under this root CA that cross-signed with a
Startcom CA. WoSign has issued thousands of certificates to customers in
China. WoSign SSL certificates are deployed in top 10 eCommerce websites
in China; for bank, telecom, enterprise etc., and most software
developers in China choose WoSign certificate since it supports Chinese.
@Bob I have absolutely no doubt that 沃通根证书 is completely uninterested in helping Chinese "companies" forge certs for the purpose of malicious attacks ;-D
was added to Chrome at some point, too: code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=265799
@allquixotic That's also WoSign
> Vibration API updated to latest W3C spec
oh, so now websites can cause phone vibration? uh-huh.
4:28 PM
what's next? PutinCA? NS(C)A?
@Bob that would never be used to startle you and get your attention to an advertisement. never!
@allquixotic Most American CAs might as well be NS(C)A
> Assistive technologies may cause performance issues on Windows XP
> Windows XP
I thought they stopped supporting that?
or was that Chrome
@allquixotic FF32 still supports XP SP2
@Bob wow
> Recommended Hardware

Pentium 4 or newer processor that supports SSE2
512MB of RAM
200MB of hard drive space
4:32 PM
@Bob Pale Moon basically switches that to required hardware.
looks like FF 13.0 dropped Win2k
such tragedy
so it dropped Win2k ~2 years after MS EoL'd it
expect to see XP dropped around 2016?
though, it was far more popular than Win2k...
people still like Win2k because it doesn't validate serial numbers with a server :D just find any serial number that's ever been valid, and bam
FF added support for public key pinning in this update, too
4:35 PM
rather coincidental, no? :P
update: whatsapp will mark the message as read in the next update lol
@allquixotic adds certain new CA + adds support for public key pinning
@Bob ahh
"we won't add this super untrustworthy CA until PKP is implemented"?
you reckon? :P
4:38 PM
if you change security.cert_pinning.enforcement_level to 2, you can block company MITM :P
that's assuming you can't just remove the cert, of course
@Bob yaaaay!!! woohoohooooo!!! *does the blobby cloud person dance*
that's actually a perfectly appropriate cartoon for this situation.
"Life is GOOD!
Q: Why are gaming graphics not as beautiful as animated movies?

cowboysaifI remember watching the Tomb Raider pre-rendered trailer, and wished those graphics could be in the game itself. Why there is such a big difference between the trailer and the actual game? I understand the game is a completely different concept, it has different pipeline, it has to go through di...

@Bob duh!
"why can't my single piddly GPU render in real-time at >= 60 FPS what movies render with huge server farms with as much time as they need at under half the framerate, without sacrificing quality?"
@Bob lol
I think it would actually be pretty cool to see a technology developed that does pre-rendering for non-interactive scenes, though. like, you could (1) make cutscenes look amazing, and (2) not have to ship gigabytes of video, just the relatively smaller component textures and meshes and stuff, and display a little loading bar while the GPU "buffers" a bunch of finished frames
basically something in the middle of "server farm taking hours" and "can render the frame in 6 ms"
even if it can chunk out, say, 10 FPS, for a 2 minute cutscene you could start pre-rendering, then once you reach the crossover point where you can finish pre-rendering while the cutscene plays (like a video buffering on the internet), you can start playing back frames, which is just taking the pixels and dumping them onto the framebuffer
so you could display visual fidelity that would normally yield you 10 FPS, but at smooth 60 FPS
doesn't work if the user interacts with it in any way (aside from moving the mouse cursor which can be added in easily)
4:46 PM
@allquixotic but the waiting time...
shipping gigabytes of video is probably preferable to most people
@Bob maybe even start pre-rendering while you're playing the game, if your regular game is sufficiently low-end that it can do the real-time crap and have a few cycles left over
@allquixotic if your regular game is that low-end, I don't think cutscene quality will matter too much :P
or just have a long install time and tell people to come back tomorrow, and overnight you do all the in-engine prerenders out to disk
the thing is, you could use the same super high-res textures for the cutscenes that people with dual GTX TITAN Zs can use in real-time, but even if your GPU is a single GTX 480 or something that has to play on "Medium" or "Low" detail normally, the cutscenes would still look awesome
and not have to download 5 GB of videos
honestly, even the video route is pretty awful as far as quality is concerned
1080p H264 at certain bitrate/quality targets is still pretty muddled (in the colors and the way you occasionally get squares and stuff when the scene changes dramatically, etc)
losslessly compressed rendered frames that were rendered in-engine to an offscreen surface or ray traced using OpenCL would look better than lossily compressed video, and would look about the same as you would expect to get with the highest-end available dual GPU solution on the market, but would still play at 60 FPS no matter how low-end your GPU is
you'd just need, as I said, an overnight installer "optimization" routine
4:53 PM
@allquixotic we'd be happy to do that, but many others won't
some games, such as Star Wars: The Old Republic, already enable additional graphics eye candy that is usually disabled, during cutscenes, because they remove all characters from the world that aren't directly involved in the convo, so they can control the number of draw commands
it enables an awesome Depth of Field effect and some advanced SSAO, while carefully being performance tuned to not drop much below 60 fps on a single-GPU high-end card.
if you enabled the same in the "regular" game, the FPS would tank because you can have 50 or 60 characters on the screen at a time sometimes
they might also enable triple buffering temporarily, not sure (that would smooth out the framerate, and input responsiveness is irrelevant during cutscenes)
damryfbfnetsi again:
Q: Blacklist the company tags

damryfbfnetsiThe company tags are obviously meta tags, and there has been countless attempts to remove them before. However, even if those attempts go through successfully, those tags just keep being recreated and resurrected. I suggest that we put a stop to them altogether. By adding them to the blacklist, ...

5:24 PM
is it just me or is SE really slow right now?
oh it's better now
Q: Not able to copy my file 1 hdd to anther

chandra mohan rayhiiiii i have 2 harddisk in my pc of 160 gb and320 gb my os is installed on 160 gb hardisk . and it is working properly and another hard disk is showing in my computer an my some data are saved here but i am not able to copy my data from 320 gb hardisk to 160 gb hard disk or in any removal devic...

@JourneymanGeek hiiiiiii i just keep talking in one long incredibly unbroken sentence moving from topic to topic so that no one had a chance to interrupt; it was really quite hypnotic
> mohan
in the user's name
is that your alter ego? :P
...on second thought, pup is probably napping in his doghouse by now
ears down and all
5:42 PM
If you ping him, his phone buzzes.
really? @_@
I don't want to ping him then :( I'll let the old dog sleep
@allquixotic He described his setup somewhere. Let me see..
5:57 PM
I just thought of a really convoluted way to do that
Who did? @J ... er... ah... nevermind :S
use a modified chatbot to listen for mentions of my name, send a request to a local webserver, that request executes a cgi script that sends an email to me which will trigger a notification on my phone
hm... nah, not worth it :P
@Bob Rube Goldberg
@allquixotic no chat api :\
won't the SE mobile app buzz when you get a ping tho?
5:59 PM
it'd be easier if I could skip the chatbot/webserver step
webserver step could be skipped by running the chatbot on phantomjs
chatbot step... eh, cbf figuring out the auth and protocol
@allquixotic I don't use that app
I can't seem to find it. But here was the context. Journeyman was up early, he said someone mentioned his name, phone buzzed and he was in chat soon-ish.
And then he went on to tell about his setup, think it used a firefox extension like bullet?
6:16 PM
@allquixotic It does. And it's vaguely annoying. I get notifications for every meta post as well now.
Mod diamonds with benefits.
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