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12:02 AM
@Bob or someone's playing with you and making and deleting the dir in the right sequence
at just the right time
@allquixotic eh, this is the only app that should be accessing that server
and it doesn't delete dirs
so... yea, would fall under the category of "something's terribly wrong"
still, I do check for it (and throw the exception accordingly), so... not really an issue anyway
(and that's why the comment is there)
A: Can't understand loops :(

KristianThis question has been asked and answered a number of times already, I would suggest you take a look here for an explanation (taken from Stack Overflow, which is the programming sub-site in the Stack Exchange family)

Now I'm sad :|
The internet is such a harsh place.
Any tips on what I should've done instead?
12:20 AM
@Kristian General advice A: don't answer with only a link.
General advice B: don't answer questions that are clearly bad.
Noted and noted.
also, thanks!
We're here to help people, yes. At the same time, we do expect some level of effort, if not in research then at least making it clear what a question is about. Otherwise it becomes too much work (or guesswork).
On a more positive note, I just posted my first answer on StackOverflow. I think I've found a new hobby :p
I would say it's a badish score for an i5, but a goodish score for a 1.7GHz CPU
this is a comparison with my laptops i5-M520, which is a 2.4GHz CPU
so by comparison, yours is a lot faster
although clocked a lot lower
I'd guess its a ULV chip, so its probably optimised for low power use
(also, probably perfectly fine)
also, what the hell is an 'until' loop?
I know there's if/else and do while loops
Oh, its fine to ask stupid questions on chat.
until command
Statement(s) to be executed until command is true
1:03 AM
Though, I should have fishing googled it first ;p
@JourneymanGeek yep it's those new ULVs
it's the "1 / while" loop :P
@HackToHell: comparing desktop and laptop processors isn't entirely fair.
Or laptop and ULVs for that matter
instead of "do something while statement is true" it's "do something until statement is true"
Unless you mean lower scores
1:05 AM
@JourneymanGeek That i5 is 3x faster than my desktop AMD Athlon :D
@HackToHell: There's a reasonable chance my bay trail celeron is faster than your desktop Athelon... ;p
my laptops i5 vs my desktops i5
"i5" has about as much meaning as "chip" nowadays
anyhoot. it's 3am and tomorrow is workday. So... it's been a blast, goodnight!
@JourneymanGeek :D
1:29 AM
(also cpuboss is nice for chip to chip comparisons)
1:56 AM
@HackToHell must take into account that passmark and many of the benches are multithreaded, and much of the programs are limited multithreading. like standard desktop web and word and paint type stuff and some games might only make Full use of ~2 cores. encoding, high end games, benchmarks , might make use of all possible cores. So when seeing numbers when the core ammount is different , might not reflect how you use it. Depending on How you use it.
@Kristian Sorry, was gone by the time you responded before. It's one of these: graphics.kodak.com/DocImaging/NZ/en/Products/Document_Scanners/…
Smashes out about 98 pages per minute.
For me and a laptop i might prefer to stay higher in clock numbers with less cores. because i would need more general speed, from minor operations (less threading) for a desktop i want one 20G speed core :-) but that isnt presentaly possible, so gimme more cores and more again. Most of what i am waiting long time for is multithreaded, so while speed is the need and One fast ass processor would do.
Including of course that a laptop with extreeme speed 4 cores and (not very usefull) hyperthreading too, would cost to much.
EX: if i was to choose say a 4core X 2.8g or a 2core X 3.2gig + the pricing on such things. If the stuff i was doing (or waiting to long for) will Pin to 100% every core, then i would probably need more cores.
If instead i need speed for normal operations, and games that play well on a laptop, and other programming that did not really get or use heavy multithreading, i would want the clock speed most, and the 2.8g would not be as exciting.
My little 59$ test chip (desktop) with only 2 cores and no hyperthreading, was pretty speedy, but almost every benchmark made with it said it was Dirtbag :-) because the benchmark will use constantally every core you throw at it, and also kick up another 5-8% when there is hyperthreading. Multithreaded encoding was also at dirtbag 1/2 speed. but none of the other programs acted slower that are not cpu hogs.
2:34 AM
I just dont think i would be playing battlefield 4 on a laptop (one that seems it would load ~3 cores) There are another ton of games that would be perfect for when on the smaller platforms. I also dont think i would be doing 4hour encodings.
@Psycogeek: and if you did, there's great local streaming options
hm, maximum compression on xz saves me a gig or so on a grab bag of files off my dad's old system
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3:58 AM
superuser.com/questions/828702/… <---this question certian to belong on (migrate) another site Suggestions were to DIY as seen in the comments.
For a moment I thought i had accidentally landed on another site :-)
just because it was not attacked with downvotes and closes.
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6:04 AM
@allquixotic Stable official 64-bit Firefox planned for second quarter 2015... about time
> hope the move to MSVC 2013 won't break Firefox in older versions of Windows like XP.
> It won't, they've spent a fair bit of time making sure of that. I think they even support pre-SP3 (except for some of the executables only used by developers for testing).
tho that would be a PITA for me
@JourneymanGeek hm?
oh, I still have one XP box ;p
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7:42 AM
Ok i knew this LSI raid thing was going to be hot. but this is pure nutz, there are no drives connected, it is doing nothing but pluged in. how do they make a chip start a BBQ in the computer without it actually doing anything?
There should be a law against this form of uhh is it global warming or just sheer stupidity?
it has a light breeze across it, a fair sized passive heatsink for the tiny chip that it teeters on top of, and it is 65*C
Take the 50,000 of these in a server warehouse and replace them with something smart (like intel might do) and you would start a tornado of climate change around the servers :-)
8:01 AM
the gpu in the next x16 type slot (one spare space between) is sucking up the heat from it is wondering what it did to deserve that. Well Mr gpu you blew 100watts out your butt to render a desktop screen, so suffer.
The cpu is idleing at 8Watts , saying "don't look at me"
looking for a very post.... somewhere, an answer had a story about an IT guys work...
8:21 AM
That's super vague
i know...lol
i am aiming for mega-vague
Also such a question may be ot. Or an entire book
i am not going to post it ;p
the post was very funny and very clever
8:48 AM
I pulled the LSI back out, to test things (loosly) it only draws about 10-15W just exisiting , checked the GPU speed (because it uses them lanes) and cpu speeds with benchies, and there is no negative effect on the other things, so it must be in its own internal world of infinte loops :-) thats ok.
I am going to use it for raid0, so it must be like a wood chipper running 24-7 every once in a while i will thrown in some data , and it can spew it out to the 4 disks
9:28 AM
I got pictures, if it matters.
it is Model 25461 called 12Gb/s SATA+SAS controller
Then (things i was wondering about) how they adapt to the sata.
this is a shorter wiring set, aparentaly SAS uses a hotter signal and higher termination, so it can do longer cables (although as we know you can do that with pata or sata too, it just was not standard)
And this is called a Mini SAS, not many pictures showed well what it was made up of.
There are 2 here (8port type card) one left and one right
This is the sas mini wire. I will have to say it is stepping backwards again with connection, as it has a whole lot of stuff connecting, with really thin connection, and the connector is a bit sloppy
If this was in very tight spaces, and trying to bend things around with the mega pile of wires comming out, it just isnt robust. Other wires had even more stiffness for 2" at the connection point , so bending around corners not so easy.
End view, so you can tell better it is 2 rows of connections on a single mini sas
9:53 AM
Q: How can I get a reliable debugging connection?

Oliver SalzburgWhen I'm trying to deploy/debug our mobile application, I usually connect my Nexus 4 and try to cordova run android, which will usually tell me that no suitable device was found. A quick check with adb devices also confirms that no devices are attached. However, the phone did register as a porta...

If anyone has any ideas…
The impossible picture, this is supposed to show how big it is as a low profile compared to the gpu card (shrug) Can not really get the camera at a good angle.
What version of windows?
I seem to recall adb has issues on 8
@JourneymanGeek Windows 7, if that was directed at me
@OliverSalzburg yeah it was
The phone that works most reliably in this regard is our BlackBerry z10. The Androids are a major annoyance. >:(
Who the f uses 3 digits after the decimal on a quotation? At first sight it looked like they want 100k for some RFID reader
10:09 AM
Hmm... wireless drivers worked on this pc before I upgraded to the latest Ubuntu...
> *-network DISABLED
description: Wireless interface
product: RT3090 Wireless 802.11n 1T/1R PCIe
vendor: Ralink corp.
How do I enable it? :/
Check if its in /etc/networks
I've done it manually, but I don't remember the config off the top of my head
10:34 AM
> # symbolic names for networks, see networks(5) for more information
@jou That's all that's in that file..
That looks off
you sure it's not /etc/network/interfaces ?
Er. Check there :p
> auto lo
iface lo inet loopback
there we go.
Well I found the driver on the RALink website... but it's far too late to figure out how to make and install this manually. zzz....
11:41 AM
@Bob nice! so Mozilla can do what Waterfox has done for years, in at least another 8 months from now
that would be almost as sad as Ubuntu going "hey! in Ubuntu 16.04, we plan to introduce hardware 3d acceleration support!"

Smoke Detector School

Where Smoke Detectors learn
12:01 PM
wish i did not know that, The LSI company profile shows that it is "sandforce" technology that is running my raid card (or cooking it). The specs themselves say it pulls 13Watts normal and 19W max. so that corelates with what i am getting. then they want "Airflow must be at least 75 linear feet per minute" oh thanks, now i just find a fan that is not listed by Cubic feet of air.
hmm a bit of math and i could figure about how many MPH the air should travel, i can get a weather station in there and see.
and of course "Temperature range: 0 °C to +55 °" which is perfect that they tell that After the install guide tells you to stuff it in and turn on the computer. and that it is pushing 65* in a case that all other temps are (now) below 40*c
50cent heat sink, no fan, no fan attachment, i am so happy you saved $2 on the $350 card.
hehe my Adaptec 6405E specifies cooling in linear feet per minute and has a very tight temperature range too
but I didn't adjust my cooling to accommodate it
in fact a Radeon R9 280X dumps its waste air out onto the heatsink of the RAID card, and it works fine :P
@allquixotic i have the reverse, the heat from the raid card, sweeping up right into the 2 intake fans on the gpu.
but i doubt the 13watts is going to bother it.
In the slot i have it in now, it will get hit by a side fan, but the side fan is a big 120mm type running about 1100rpm normally and the air from it does the usual spiining out around the edges (vrses shooting the air straight in).
the most airflow is where the fan blades are moving fastest.
how neet, the computers case, has temperature probe. I stuffed it into the heatsink and it says 71 :-O Very useful clue. Put the side of the case back on, creating the Hall of air flow (and side fan) and it is back down to 65*
Ahh as usual even small ammounts of movment of air on the passive sink (think zalman) makes a world of differance.
down to 50* Yay , just dont take the side off for troubleshooting.
12:29 PM
@DragonLord looks like this section needs some love -- almost as if the original content were snipped off and spliced elsewhere -- but I can't find any evidence of it in WikiBlame
Wikiblame, the community edited encyclopaedia of finger pointing?
here it is wikipedia.ramselehof.de/wikiblame.php WikiBlame is an online browser-based tool for searching the revision history of a MediaWiki based wiki for a text string to identify the author of a particular change to the page. "
That would have been my second guess had I known about it
12:51 PM
(needs citation) and the (need citation) found it to be (edited by corporate vested interests) the best method (edited by big pharm) for destroying the (edited by scientists being paid 500,000 to falsify study) General charateristics of.
Ahh it still IS better than the encyclopeidais i grew up with, which only had time and money to even feature the largest of the companies.

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