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12:08 AM
I'm looking for a way to bind Super_L+hjkl with xmod
I tried some things without success
someone can help me ?
have no idea what that is
thanks @Dave
here is the question : superuser.com/questions/1006839/…
1 hour later…
1:33 AM
... o.O
There's a linter for markdown
And there's an extension for Spotify integration with Visual Studio Code. On OS X only, too.
1:58 AM
not to worry, you'all sound like your talking alien speak to me half the time :-)
add to that , i guess to solution the Patent problems, each of the OSes applies new words to old things.
2:13 AM
A: Trying to understand linux support for 4TB hard disk drive on legacy BIOS

Rod SmithI'm the author of the GPT fdisk partitioning software, so I know this subject pretty well. Previous answers have promoted some misconceptions that I'd like to address.... If you want a partition size greater than 2TB, you must use GPT instead of MBR. Probably. The catch is that that MBR max...

> I'm the author of the GPT fdisk partitioning software, so I know this subject pretty well.
I think that gets pretty close to a canonical answer ;p
Tangent much :-) it was just a data disk, makes the answer 1 sentance :-)
This is a really interesting comment I got on my imgur post: "There is no such thing as a crappy program, there are only crappy users."
I'm tempted to reply to that comment with a link to the wiki article about Software bugs
2:50 AM
I have a bunch of old 40gb IDE drives I dug up
I should probably wipe em for disposal/harvest magnets from them
@JourneymanGeek amazon.com/dp/B018IZ6YLM scheduled as a "lightning deal" in 35 mins (5 mins for prime) :P
How much after the deal ?
Dunno yet.
@Bob nice
but "This item does not ship to Singapore, Singapore" And well I don't want to do it until I get employed again ;p
@JourneymanGeek Ack. And, yea, the timing.
If @allquixotic is here he could probably check the price. Should have started for prime members now.
Probably doesn't ship here either, but I'm curious how low they'll go.
3:00 AM
Also, no idea if its SST or MST
I wouldn't be suprised if the crossover's the same panel
ahh SST
Is that good or bad? :P
Then its probably worth looking at, other than all y'all are unbelievers in the cult of 4k
DO NOT buy a MST panel.
(4K30 at best, and a lot of folk report trouble with em)
Also anything in the last year or so (so the second generation of 4k displays) should be SST
thats a good deal
3:05 AM
MST is a hack, it basically sends two streams of DP, acts like two monitors and does some crazyass daisychaining.

TP-LINK Technologies TL-WR841N Wireless Router - 300 Mbps TL-WR841N Routers & Gateways - Wireless. TP-LINK's TL-WR841N Wireless Router is designed specifically for small family and home office networking. With optimal speed of 300Mbps you can handle tasks such as streaming music, uploading photos, video chatting, and all other basic online activity.
@Dave It is a refurb. Though probably as good an intro as any.
(You can actually daisychain 2x 4k monitors on dp, but meh, you'd be running at 30 hz)
Oh look a cheap router and openwrt supports it \m/
@Dave heh, as I keep telling folk, 4k content isn't here yet, but the monitors are at the point where you can buy one with not too many compromises and good build quality at slightly sub-ludicious amounts of money.
3:07 AM
@Bob: I love woot.com
@Bob: that deals through woot
Also make this compile go faster
This is my 3rd attempt @ brunch cm_jfltevzw-userdebug
for cm13
Ah, you tempting me more to unlock the bootloader of my phone
Already rooted it, the phone was too boring without root
Needed XPrivacy
@HackToHell, luckily I was able to unlock mine (well its not really unlocked) through some vulnerability in the MDK firmware.
its loki patched though.
Now I wanna flask CM .-.
There are exploits for me to unlock the bootloader too, problem is there is no way to lock it again
< running a samsung galaxy s4
So if I go in for a warranty issue, I'm done for.
3:11 AM
@HackToHell, if you would like me to build you cm 13 for your phone, let me know and I will.
its running marshmallow
@HackToHell: Yeah luckily for me Knox cant be tripped on my phone.
@Bob reviews for that seem decent too
@Dave Nice
@Dave You have an official branch for your device ?
Tho, Its TN (but meh, if you're dipping your foot into 4k, it may not matter that much)
@David, just pulling it all from Cyanogenmod's / Invisiblek's repo.. nothing forked.
Its all out there, just not merged
sure your device is out there too.
but gettin the build environment setup takes a good 8 hours
and knowing what you need takes a while too (this is my first real attempt)
I compiled cm11 a while ago, couldn't manage the 20 gig download so had to use @JourneymanGeek server as a temp storage
3:18 AM
whats your phones device ill check and see if the dependencies are all there.
@HackToHell XD
I totally forgot that I did that.
I'm assuming I used a VPS for storage tho
#### make completed successfully (28:02 (mm:ss)) ###
I accidentally fixed the dryer.
(I was trying to clear a path in my brother's old room for accessibility. Found a bunch of spare belts for it)
what a coincidence, and i bought a new washer yesterday
Our drier is mcgyvered
3:28 AM
the old one we had lasted 3 months... (woman doesnt know how to take care of them)
Belt broke, we got a few large industrial o rings to replace it.
Door broke, I made a magnetic latch.
oh nice
(old headphone magnet, steel cover plate from a desktop that was pre perforated)
I'd like to share this epic burn
lol nice
what a hack
nice way make use of an old desktop
i.imgur.com/TrrDYpe.png (do not mention the OP's name. Ever)
@Dave oh, the desktop was probably dead 5 years
My brother kept some old cases in case.
3:33 AM
This gives all IT nerds that hoard stuff to show that there is GOOD use for the stuff. Totally going to rub it in my womans face when the same shit happens to us.
She seems to think all the electronics that I keep arent worth saving.
And i'm like.. You see all these components (resistors etc) on this ??? ARDUINOOOO??
(she rolls her eyes everytime)
3:51 AM
@Dave I don't really hoard stuff ;p
(Used to. I just keep enough hardware to throw out to keep my parents happy, and a few legacy pieces of kit)
Like my SGI octane, and my previous home server.
and ... 2,3 laptops?
Oh, and power cables (I can never find em when I need em!)
Q: What's causing this render?

Mike FredrikI have a scene I want to render in Maya. Every time I render it, this thing shows up. I have NO IDEA what this is, can anyone help me figure out what this is or how to get rid of it? Thanks

funny thing is we had people at my old job whose only job was to grok wierd shit like this.
finally getting somewhere on my rom.. Its actually starting... 139 apps to optimize to go
hopefully ii have mobile when the shit starts
@JourneymanGeek 3d dust bunny
@JourneymanGeek turns out the sale actually starts in 2.5 hrs
from now
4:09 AM
@Bob Even if I get a call from the possible new employer in 2.5 hours ... ;p
Still makes more sense for me to get the crossover XD
@JourneymanGeek Which one is that? the 2 interviews one?
@Insane I swapped your {} for <code> blocks in the edit. Gave you the credit but that's a useful thing to know.
@Bob yeah.
ah. still no word? :(
(since anything else I have on pipe is at 0 interviews)
@Bob yeah, its wierd
I'm following up again midweek.
nice I have mobile data
going to bed and going to droll on my marshmallow os
4:12 AM
droll? How droll.
> curious or unusual in a way that provokes dry amusement.
i have a kitten sitting on my hand rolf
This is why terrestrial terriers are superior.
No need to worry about them sitting on the keyboard.
All i have left to do is build a buildbot
but im going to bed for now
take care
@JourneymanGeek Thanks, yes that is useful.
4:30 AM
I'm in a college networking class and my professor asked "Why do you think the OSI theoretical model is designed using a layered approach?" I'm confused because I've searched Google for alternative approaches to the layered approach, but I can't find any. Are there other approaches? I feel like any other approach would be synonymous with the layered approach.
In essence, higher layers depend on the lower layers working, while lower layers need not care about what the higher layers do.
Example: Layer 1 just physically moves bits and does not care about what data is being sent.
Layer 2 carries frames to specific network devices (identified by their MAC addresses), which obviously requires a physical medium (and that's layer 1), but does not care about the semantic content within these frames.
Thanks for replying and I agree, but I feel like that's governed by the needs of the hardware and software to transmit and receive messages, and that a layered approach is logically the only choice.
I guess my confusion is with the actual question, I don't understand why it's even a question. I mean if I answered: "Why do you think the OSI theoretical model is designed using a layered approach?" with "It's the only logical choice." would that be incorrect?
4:47 AM
Layer 3 carries packets with routing by IP addresses to enable transferring data across different networks and depends on the lower layers to work, but does not by itself manage the delivery of these packets or ensure that packets can be delivered reliably (that's TCP, which is in layer 4), nor does it care about the meaning of the data contained within the payloads of the packets as used by, say, a Web browser or server (that's HTTP, layer 7).
@JonnyHenly Not incorrect, but it doesn't show your understanding and won't give you any marks.
The alternative to a layered approach is, of course, having everything in one "layer".
Where everything depends on each other in all directions and comes as a big lump.
Q: Line spacing after nested bullet points is inconsistent

BobParagraph breaks result in double line spacing everywhere except immediately after a nested bullet point. Top-level bullet points are fine, it's just the nested ones that exhibit this behaviour. This is inconsistent. And it looks bad. Example: foo foo foo bar? bar. More: Sandbox te...

!!/tell 25779027 xkcd abstraction
Actually, a case can be made for the non-layered approach where absolute performance is needed in a specific application.
But for something like networking that's expected to be widely used, for a long time, and compatible between a large number of disparate vendors? ... no.
@Bob that's what I was looking for, I couldn't wrap my head around an alternative approach.
4:53 AM
Layering like this lets you mix and match different protocols within each layer without disrupting lower layers.
@bwDraco Without disrupting lower layers*
@Bob Depends.
Higher layers might or might not continue working, since they often make assumptions on the lower layers.
@bwDraco Layered abstractions are usually only 'guaranteed' one way. The other way might work, it might not.
Layer 1, for example, can be Ethernet, 802.11 (Wi-Fi), LTE, or some other mechanism to carry bits but it doesn't matter to the higher layers.
Have to get back to work.
Wouldn't a lower layer on transmitting be a higher layer on receiving?
4:58 AM
@bwDraco Technically, layer 1 would be the physical layer and Ethernet et al. also cover layer 2.
802.11 frames are also converted to and from 802.3 (eth)
But, yea, in this case the higher layers are usually not affected.
@JonnyHenly ?
@Bob as in the last layer when sending is the first layer when receiving
Yea, you can view it that way.
I gotta get back to work as well, thanks for the replies and help @Bob and @bwDraco
5:14 AM
We are aware of low fan speed reports on select GPUs with Radeon Software Crimson Edition. We intend to publish a hotfix on Monday.
Lots of GPU failures, apparently (cc @allquixotic)
@JonnyHenly for certain values of 'logical'
The idea is though you can swap what layers are, and/or encapsulate layers inside each other.
But its really an abstraction, which is why people use a simpler model than the 7 layer model
crimson is that the color the chips get :-)
I have always disliked the temps they think these GPUs can run at, i would swear i lost one (after much time of use) due to thier 90*C+ temps. have not lost one by using more agressive fan graph
If they ain't white hot, they are running cool ;p
5:30 AM
@Psycogeek I think they try to keep it around 80 now?
Or was that 85...
Everyone wants quiet and cool :P
But I'd also be happy to sacrifice a bit of performance for it.
@Bob tho, idle temperatures have gotten higher too.
...unfortunately, that doesn't win simple benchmarks.
My GPU fans don't kick in until I hit ~50 degrees
(course full blown fan speeds are loud)
I completely rearranged one one time to get way better cooling, but then it took 3 slot spaces instead of 2
I guess it is sort of amasing that they still put out 2-3 times the heat of a CPU , and managed to fit it still in such small places.
that is where forced air turbo jet cooling :-) comes in.
then they do this , all go no blow
Is that... a cardboard box?
5:41 AM
could be?
Uh. Just got an email from Toll that my parcel was collected.
...my parcel that I collected two months ago.
6:11 AM
Sounds like toll. ;p
It's almost exactly two months.
Collected 1st Sept, emailed 30th Nov
(they're the ones who dumped my SSDs at my front door ;p)
@JourneymanGeek They thought it'd be funny to put it at a collection point (random tiny news agency) >2km away.
For reference, the post office, CBD, and shop I bought it from were ~600m away.
toll is one step better than china post ;p
6:29 AM
Q: "Throw you with a stone" vs "Throw a stone at you"

CFdVIn South African English a common mistake is to say: "I will throw you with a stone" where the correct phrase is: "I will throw a stone at you". Why is the first sentence wrong when one can say: "I will cut you with a knife"? Both are "I will" -action- "you with" -object-. Possible reason: the o...

@Bob glad I got out of AMD before that debacle
and the buddy I sold my R9 280X to isn't the type to update drivers often, so he probably doesn't have it
Hi guys. I'm searching for a VPN service that changes IP automatically any X minutes or X hours. I don't want to use TOR. Do you know any service? Paid services are better options.
That feels a bit dodgy.
@SaeedNeamati airvpn.org might do what you want
@allquixotic thanks for suggesting. I'm looking now.
6:47 AM
@allquixotic Might be good to warn them to avoid this version.
Or maybe not, if they get the hotfix out fast :P
7:16 AM
@Bob is that like "i want to axe you a question" lol
I'm pretty sure G+ switched back to 3 panes after linus bitched about it not working well on his screen ;p
@JourneymanGeek We close questions that obviously belong on the apple.stackexchange.com right?
Even though they technically fit with "Super User" if the apple.stackexchange.com didn't exist?
If its on topic here, it stays here
So OS X questions other than hackintosh stay. Iphone questions go
Ipads... tablets are a grey area
Right, yeah. Clearly OS X questions stay I've answered quite a few xD
Yup. We don't migrate questions that are on-topic here to another on-topic site unless the OP explicitly requests it.
7:23 AM
I just totally noticed they had a raspberry pi stack exchange also raspberrypi.stackexchange.com and I remember seeing a few RaspPi questions on Super User
I guess that'd be the same thing. Just advise them to maybe ask there but it's still on topic huh?
I'd just leave them be
Unless its super specific.
I donno rpi GPIO pin related stuff?
But if we moved everything that was on topic elsewhere
We'd only do windows ;p
Yeah true
In fact I very rarely point folk at other site
cause SO tended to do a horribad job at it.
So unless I'm a regular, its a great question or I know its on topic with some cleanups, I try not to migrate. Telling someone to crosspost is also a bit of a faux pas
I've more seen others telling people to crosspost
Versus me doing it myself
And I usually follow up with "And delete your question here if you do!"
I think it's reasonable to suggest migration to another site if a question is effectively a tumbleweed after a significant period of time
that basically means SU's community is not serving to help that user out of lack of experience/knowledge
7:31 AM
How do international folks mail-in rebates?
@Boris_yo same way domestic people do, I assume. in an envelope
Yes but given they have international payment method and located outside of US do they fall within eligibility?
@Boris_yo Don't a lot of Mail in Rebates send you checks? So I don't see why it matters. Most banks accept US checks (but make you wait ages before they clear!)
And if it's not a check it's a prepaid gift card. In which case you don't have to do any extra work at all
@allquixotic I'd think there's multiple critieria for that.
Migration is better than crossposting, but ideally It needs to be a great question, without proper answers, that would be better answered on the other site
(or a mod on the other site is all "I want this on my site, could you kick it over?" and well, its a great question that's a better fit there than here than...")
@allquixotic don't forget, we can't migrate questions over a certain age
@Insane I wish they returned through credit card or direct bank transfer...
7:42 AM
hm. This is sad.
I'm looking at a IDE ribbon cable and I can't remember if the blue end goes into the PC or the black end
I don't think it matters
the pinout is the same on every end of every IDE cable, but they colored certain connectors to help people visually keep track of master vs. slave
@allquixotic I'll also suggest if it feels like the kind of uber-specific question that probably won't get great answers on SU. But I'll also make it clear that they should request migration, not cross-post, and that it's their choice.
@JourneymanGeek is it a "cable select" cable? i think blue, but on a CS cable there is a crossover that will show up or something.
There's no obvious crossover
Facebook has got to have the slowest, most horribly painful, web interface I've ever used.
7:51 AM
Also... oops
looks like my main PC has no IDE connector
that solves that
naw, I have another box with legacy connections
But most of my monitors are not working and its in another room, so I'll need to dig out the little screen
(and lol, I have 4 40gb disks)
Granted 3 of them are HGST
so might still be running
@JourneymanGeek USB caddy?
Going for physical destruction ;p
8:20 AM
These drives are old and I just want them inaccessible.
@Dave I still need an email address. Sorry, in case I missed it
@JourneymanGeek Then why connect them? :P
@Bob hm. Good question
Noooooo idea ;p
I was gonna wipe them then throw them out
(I just happened to find all this stuff cleaning up the room where the computer used to be and my brother's room. And I was curious)
Then I decided the hell with it. Lets take it apart
8:46 AM
(and heh. The real question wasn't "how should I connect my IDE drives" it was "How do I securely destroy the data on those drives")
8:59 AM
@JourneymanGeek I thought you might've wanted to check if there was anything you wanted to keep :P
Maybe boot up that copy of ME for old times' sake.
@Bob they arn't my disks
and no, I think they ran XP
XP did come out in... 03?
@JourneymanGeek Always fun to gaze into the past :P
9:40 AM
@Bob It seems it is by design (ie following the markdown spec)
@DMA57361 Yeah, the Markdown specification deliberately describes this as being the correct behaviour. — Tim Stone Nov 15 '11 at 17:54
@DavidPostill Norepro on MarkdownPad with GFM or classic renderers.
That would be good to add then to your question ;)
Note that comment is 4 years old, the spec may have changed.
9:56 AM
@DavidPostill Massive edit done.
I kinda typed up the original real quick while at work :P
Q: Destroy a hard drive without proper equipment

Konrad RudolphI need to make two hard drives unreadable. Unfortunately, I have some constraints which make this harder than usual (in particular, they rule out the answers to other questions): I don’t have a computer to mount the drives and erase them (weird, right?) I don’t have a strong magnet I don’t have...

10:16 AM
@DavidPostill "I don’t have the right tools (screwdrivers …) to properly dismantle the drives"
But I DO!
@JourneymanGeek If you completely dismantle them I'm sure nobody will be able to read the data ever again. Bonus: You get some nice powerful magnets to play with ;)
@DavidPostill I did mention I was going to dismantle them right? ;p
And I tend to use the platters as coasters ;p
I missed that bit ;)
2 hours ago, by Journeyman Geek
Going for physical destruction ;p
I'm a little bit too gleeful about that
10:58 AM
@JourneymanGeek Acetone?
@DavidPostill Do you happen to know how long the big dupe banner stays?
Or is it permanent?
(considering that this is a 'possible' dupe and not actually closed as dupe)
@Bob No idea. You want me to remove the dupe vote? ;)
I don't see the banner. Maybe only the OP does?
I can't remove it. It was a flag not a VTC :/
11:17 AM
@Bob naw, just shiny coasters ;p
Without knowing what sort of drives they were from...
and well, its not like I have the seekrit recipie for breadsticks in there anyway
11:53 AM
@DavidPostill Not necessarily true unless you dismantle and then pulverise the parts.
@DavidPostill I'm going to have to favourite that
Next time someone says opening a drive will instantly kill it, I'll refer them to the answer there
@qasdfdsaq instantly kill it? No. Make it reasonably hard for someone to piece together, especially once I use random platters as coasters? Maybe.
@JourneymanGeek Nah I was referring to Ramhound's condescending comments on a different question a while back.
ahh ok
(I'm actually fairly well versed in ways of killing drives properly dead.)
Someone wanted to replace the heads in a drive and he basically called him an idiot for trying because opening a drive without a clean room will instantly kill it.
Meanwhile people who actually have some knowledge agree with my side:
> Platters are resistant. Someone said about fingerprints over it: once we opened one HDD, and with it running, we thrown some cigar ashes over it. It was still useable. Putting fingers over it: we still could recover information. It only stoped working when we used a screwdriver to create scratches over it.
On that note I have disassembled a drive myself as well as swapped heads, motors and PCBs. It's not easy that's for sure but also not as impossible as some people think.
Oddly enough I personally have very little experience when it comes to destroying drives. At work, we have a box we just put it in and it's dealt with by a certified I.T. destruction and recycling company. At home, well I've not had any need.
@qasdfdsaq oh, these are old drives, and well, I've actually used old hdd magnets and such to mcgyver things fixed.
Normally I'd hit it with dban and leave it in the void deck, or give it away.
12:00 PM
Pretty much.
Swapping motors isn't trivial. The one on deathstars are fixed in place
I've taken old drives apart for fun (and even new ones) but never had any reason to actually destroy the data. Most likely it had nothing secret on there anyway and if it did I'd probably have it encrypted to begin with
Ironically the old seagate was the most "teardown friendly)
I got the stepper motor out ;p
Ultra high precision stepper motor :D
I'd likely use it as a bearing/lazy susan if for anything.
12:03 PM
@DavidPostill Oh, that might be it. Ah well.
12:36 PM
What's the Windows 10 equivalent of a wakelock ?
So you want to leave the monitor and system on?
power options I guess
@HackToHell Phone or normal?
@Bob normal, my laptop goes to sleep at random times
Need to stop tha
I'm pretty darn sure mpc hc does that cause it doesn't happen if I have it running
@HackToHell Random?
So you're really trying to prevent sleep, not find what's preventing sleep?
Yep, i should have said so :D
1:10 PM
Why don't you just disable auto-sleep in power settings
I did, in every possible place
$170 right now.
@JourneymanGeek Monitor ended up going for $311
2:01 PM
@Bob pretty nice
Sometimes I have a little too much fun...
A: Connect two USB Devices to one port

Journeyman GeekSure. You use a USB hub. A usb hub basically goes "Hi. I'm a usb hub, and these devices are connected to me" There's a microcontroller of some sort, often a simple blob covered one, and it handles it. The name "hub" indicates a few things. You have one upstream port and many downstream ports. ...

There was Harman Kardon speaker for iOS devices that was selling at $29 I think when it retails at $199. Crazy...
Now considering there is a service that connects travelers and buyers this builds an idea of buying this stuff and getting to yourself with small fees so you can resell in your country.
@Bob The reviews on that one were pretty good too, considering its TN
I wonder why people returned them tho. I half suspect they tried to hook em up to systems that lacked the grunt, and caught fire
@JourneymanGeek Hm.... now I'm wondering if I should've... nah.
@OliverSalzburg sa@dbo.email
@Bob heh, I donno. I think in 2-3 years 4k's going to drop a fair bit in price (tho there'll be actual crappy 4k monitors) and there'll be actual media.
2:10 PM
@Dave that's a damn nice domain
@bob: yea.. i have a couple nice ones.. like ghetto.ws
@JourneymanGeek I am considering grabbing one of the Dell IPS screens. But good ol' 1920x1080 at 24".
@Bob as I said, my next one's probably a 28" korean 4k TN
@bob: Only main reason why I have them was primarily for virtualhosting on internet relay chat networks back years ago. (I dont irc anymore)
well the dbo.email one was recently bought.
man I used to have some amazing domain names.
and I do kinda prefer bigger screens if I can afford it ;p
2:14 PM
they've all pretty much expired and have been stolen by the chinese
2:34 PM
@OliverSalzburg: Thank you!
2:49 PM
@Dave You're welcome :)
3:21 PM
@Bob that thing is total shite - I'm getting my money back - it's a horrid, horrid device
no HDMI/MHL/SlimPort cable works at all, it's horribly slow, can only download/stream 720p, weird aspect ratio...
they should be embarrassed to have put their company reputation and name on such a piece of utter tat
it's not worth the raw materials it's made from.
I did benefit tremendously from Cyber Monday, though :D
I got this for $139 USD:

The CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD PFC Series UPS with Pure Sine Wave output safeguards mid to high-end computer systems that use conventional and Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) power supplies. Its automatic voltage regulation (AVR) topology delivers clean and consistent AC power. Its patented GreenPower UPS advanced circuitry reduces UPS energy costs by up to 75% compared to competitive models. The CP1500PFCLCD has a capacity of 1500VA/900Watts, (10) NEMA 5-15R receptacles and (2) maintenance-free, user-replaceable 12V/8.5Ah batteries. The intelligent multi-function LCD panel displays real-time UPS vitals for ease of control. Connectivity via (1) HID USB and (1) DB9 serial ports. Surge Protection for RJ11/RJ45 amp; coax. Two 5Vdc USB 2.0 charging ports for portable devices. PowerPanel Personal Edition UPS Management software, a standard Three-Year Warranty and a $500,000 Connected Equipment Guarantee are included.
normal price is $260, usually sells around $240
ended up going with line-interactive topology after all...
3:51 PM
Bob will be happy; he was a proponent of line-interactive :P
4:04 PM
@allquixotic Cyberpower huh. The brand names get ever more exciting!
Normal price $260? It's £255 on Amazon UK :-o
I wonder if those things have gotten any more efficient. My big annoyance with my current line-interactive UPS is that it uses 25w of power while idle.

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