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@Burgi It's not as serious. It's for personal things like shopping or if phone battery is out or other things where signal could come in handy. See it as 2-way radio but easy to use.
@Boris_yo for an elderly person?
"could be"
have you seen this HNQ?
Q: What would modern IT look like if Silicon Valley had been completely destroyed in 1985?

JesseTGIn the 1985 movie A View to a Kill, James Bond discovers--and then foils--a plot by to destroy Silicon Valley, in a manner that makes it look like a natural disaster. The plot for doing so is a bit dubious, but that's not the point here. What if Bond had failed? More specifically, if we ass...

11:50 AM
@JourneymanGeek In a decrepid space station getting free food, water, and supplies from the government!
@qasdfdsaq or living off potatos grown in his own shit... wait wrong movie.
Someone needs to turn this into a movie...
i'm going to compile an answer based around the impact on games
@Burgi Honestly, IMO the names may end up changing but the overall landscape of the tech industry would be the same as it is now
Everyone is doing the same thing, numerous companies from all over the world are all competing in the same markets. If one were to disappear, we'd just have another with a different name.
We might have Myspace instead of Facebook. Yahoo instead of Google. Linux instead of Windows, etc.
They'd still end up doing the same things, with the same broad market strategy.
If you look at what tech companies are doing today, none of them are particularly unique. They're all doing the same thing, in slightly different ways.
11:57 AM
Windows would still exist but possibly run on different hardware
RISC chips would probably be dominant in desktop machines
We wouldn't have SGI tho
and maybe sun
Would it? Would Intel, AMD and Via all be entirely wiped out by a small geographical incident?
isn't via taiwanese?
@Burgi windows was designed to be architecture independant.
Just that realistically there's no real market outside the big two architectures
@JourneymanGeek Which two would that be?
Arm and x86_64/AMD64?
12:10 PM
longsoon (which is mipsish) only exists due to government assistance, mips...
I don't know enough about the technological differences. But a decade ago there was PowerPC, Itanium, MIPS, and so forth.
IMO Windows is irrelevant - it just has the dominant market position as a result of the circumstances. There's nothing on Windows that couldn't have been done on Mac, Android, or Linux.
We may even have ended up with OSR2 or IBM Unix being dominant, but it doesn't matter. Over 30 years development would have followed market needs and demands in the same way.
@tereško What a load of rubbish. Console manufacturers know full well the human eye can see more than 30fps, they deliberately cap at 30fps for reasons that have nothing to do with what you can see.
12:42 PM
'sup, Super Users? I'm currently trying to get a Gentoo Prefix set up (on a machine that actually runs Gentoo, funnily enough). I grabbed the bootstrap script and ran it, and somewhere along the line, the prefixed Portage broke. Looks like the portage Python module disappeared; trying to run the prefixed emerge gives me a Python ImportError. Anyone had this problem before?
Portage uses Python 2, right? Oddly enough, there is an $EPREFIX/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/portage, complete with __init__.py and not few other modules. Hmm...
Even odder, invoking the prefixed python2 directly with -c 'import portage' works fine (the non-prefixed one gives that ImportError). As far as I can tell, though, things in this environment should be using the prefixed Python; the prefixed bins are at the front of $PATH...
12:59 PM
@JourneymanGeek what i meant is that if you think of windows you think intel x86/x64
I guess something in the script's internals is resetting or ignoring $PATH? I wonder how exactly it's invoking Python...
Studio Banana Things

OSTRICH PILLOW is a revolutionary new product to enable easy power naps anytime, everywhere, OSTRICH PILLOW 's unique design offers a micro environment in which to take a cosy and comfortable power nap at ease. OSTRICH PILLOW has been designed to allow you to create a little private space within a public one, to relax and unwind. Its soothing soft interior shelters and isolates your head and hands (mind and body) for a short break, without needing to leave your desk, chair, bench or wherever you may be.
@Burgi I actually want that now.
Except for hte last picture
is this answer cunningly disguised spam?
A: Internet works on Firefox, but not Internet Explorer or Google Chrome?

badra aliTry the IE programming way of a web request. Save this code in a file ending with .vbs url = "https://www.google.co.uk" localFile = "googleResponse.html" With CreateObject("MSXML2.XMLHTTP") .open "GET", url, False .send a = .ResponseBody End With With CreateObject("ADODB.Stream") .Type...

Here's a funny little thing. If you want to shorten your notes in Google Keep, start the note with ssh-rsa
1:06 PM
@Burgi Yes, it's spam spam spam
Doesn't work with ssh-ed25519 though
@DavidPostill ty for the help
1:21 PM
@Burgi What does it do?
Your spam
at the bottom of the answer there was a totally irrelevant URL and the answer was a bit rambling
1:40 PM
Ah. I couldn't see the bottom, I assumed the Javascript did something bad
didn't even try it
Any RAID experts here on CentOs? (superuser.com/questions/1037353/…)
Why are there so many Linux questions here instead of on U&L all of a sudden
@SolidSnake Drop to shell, load up md.
Ubuntu has it loaded by default during install, Xenserver doesn't, I dunno what CentOS does but Xenserver is based on Centos so it may behave the same way (i.e. you have to manually start RAID to use it in the installer)
2:06 PM
oh ffs
@Burgi there were alpha and iirc PPC windows ports
how do i create a .gitignore file on windows?
@qasdfdsaq maybe m68K macs would have been the thing
@JourneymanGeek Oh I forgot SPARC!
How could I forget SPARC!
It's even still around today!
2:07 PM
spank him
@qasdfdsaq SPARC actually might have had a decent chance.
Although I believe IBM POWER8/9 is Intel's biggest competitor at the high end right now
@qasdfdsaq and arm
and arm actually has a reasonable chance on the desktop IMO
I don't know of any high-end ARM chips
POWER8 is in the 250w+ 12-core 48-thread class.
@Burgi Use one of the open/save file dialogs. Or the command prompt.
Explorer is dumb.
2:11 PM
It competes with E7 Xeons
ARM afaik, is totally low-end, both in the server and desktop markets
@qasdfdsaq What about z/Architecture?
@Bob Don't know much about it.
@JourneymanGeek Maybe he can only see 100+ years into the future
> Proudly, the IBM sales team states that you can save 1.5 million dollars after you have paid them 2 million dollars for your high-end 780 system.
Clearly you need a 780 system to do the math on how you save money
Oh wait, the POWER8 systems have 8 threads per core.
So a 12-core CPU is 96 thread
2:18 PM
@qasdfdsaq Mainframes.
> The zEnterprise 196's microprocessor is the z196 chip, a 5.2 GHz quad-core out-of-order CISC-based z/Architecture processor. The z196 can have a maximum of 24 processors giving a total of 96 cores, 80 of which are directly available to run operating systems and applications.
And a 24-core system is 192-thread
It's a bit dated though.
The z196 is a 45nm part from 2010.
Oh wait there's newer ones now.
The 2007 POWER6 supposedly went to 5Ghz, but the 2014 POWER8 only goes to 4.2
Ahhh I was reading the list upside down.
Interestingly that demonstrates my earlier point quite well
2:21 PM
> The z13 is based on the z13 chip, a 5 GHz octa-core processor. A z13 system can have a maximum of 168 Processing Unit (PU) cores, 141 of which can be configured to the customer's specification to run applications and operating systems, and up to 10144 GiB (usable) of redundant array of independent memory (RAIM).
Despite massively different companies producing massively different architectures, Intel, AMD, IBM POWER, z/Arc, plus loads of different mobile architectures were all fabbed on 45nm processes within a couple years of each other.
Sounds like the mainframe z/Arc is a class above what the POWER8 is aiming at
@qasdfdsaq Probably.
IBM claims it to be the most powerful CPU available.
And the POWER8 is already somewhat above the Xeon class, and barely competes with it only when you cut prices extensively on the IBM
2:23 PM
So it should at least beat whatever POWER they have.
~10 TB of RAM though O_O
Eh that's not really all that impressive
10TB of RAM across 168 processors is about 60GB per CPU
And that's just the usable space.
I don't know what the ratio of usable to physical is for RAIM.
Intel's E7 series support 1.5TB per CPU, so 12TB in an 8-way system
168 processors is pretty impressive...
Yup. Intel are trying to get into that market with their OmniPath architecture
Prior to that, they really didn't have anything that scaled beyond 8-CPUs without third-party proprietary fabrics.
2:27 PM
Oh, z13 is 22nm.
Other than maybe Itanium
> Itanium competed at the low-end (primarily 4-CPU and smaller systems) with servers based on x86 processors, and at the high end with IBM's POWER architecture and Sun Microsystems' SPARC architecture. Intel repositioned Itanium to focus on high-end business and HPC computing, attempting to duplicate x86's successful "horizontal" market (i.e., single architecture, multiple systems vendors). The success of this initial processor version was limited to replacing PA-RISC in HP systems, Alpha in Compaq systems and MIPS in SGI systems, though IBM also delivered a supercomputer based on this proc
@qasdfdsaq so all it did was kill off every other major processor arch
Then die ;p
... Maybe that was their plan all along
Well mips is vaguely undead
SPARC and IBM POWER are certainly not dead
PA-RISC and Alpha certainly died
2:31 PM
Hm. The z13 is the first z/Arch with SMT. Two threads per core.
SPARC isn't as healthy as it used to be tho
I think that's as much Oracle's fault as it was Itanic's fault.
Oracle would just as happily sell you x86 boxen... do they even have a hardware business any more?
Oracle is the EA of the enterprise world. Where good ideas go to be marinated in crap.
> During the HP vs. Oracle support lawsuit, court documents unsealed by Santa Clara County Court judge revealed in 2008, Hewlett-Packard had paid Intel Corp. around $440 million to keep producing and updating Itanium microprocessors from 2009 to 2014.
In 2010, the two companies signed another $250 million deal, which obliged Intel to continue making Itanium central processing units for HP's machines until 2017. Under the terms of the agreements, HP has to pay for chips it gets from Intel, while Intel launches Tukwila, Poulson, Kittson and Kittson+ chips in a bid to gradually boost performan
Huh. Itanium is still a thing?
2:38 PM
Its not dead. Its pining for the Fjords.
Like this thing?
naw, that's clearly undead
Anyone up to speed on visual studio deployment? Is there a way to download individual packages rather than the whole >10gb blivet?
I saw the installer had a command-line option to install individual parts, but nothing about downloading them
ugh. I re-sealed the headset control and have another extra part
@qasdfdsaq Thanks, I will check on that suggestion. Thank you.
2:56 PM
HDMI on the left?
Simply says "video cable"
@Boris_yo The big "Displayport" text should've given it away.
That's a DP => VGA adapter.
@Bob I was about to say "Clearly its easier to ask than to read..." Then I realise it was a textbased chat...
@Bob DP looks similar to HDMI except does not have same corner as it has on the right..
Raining. Spiders.



3:00 PM
@qasdfdsaq Wow ...
@Bob Lol
@qasdfdsaq You sure? Just looks like a lot of webs :P
Is this spider rain or spiders on windshield?
Article says raining spiders. I got as far as the picture and stopped reading.
@qasdfdsaq I will never go to Australia.
3:02 PM
@Boris_yo Pretty blatantly DisplayPor.t
> Spiders literally rained down on a small town in Australia with calls for help heard across the social media sites. Millions of spiders and their silky webs falling from the sky in one location is not something you often see in such a big mass, according to MSN News on May 18.

Scientists say that while this is a common occurrence by spiders, called “ballooning,” it is not common for millions of spiders to take to the air at once. These tiny spiders climb to a high spot then stick out their butts and spin their silky webs.
@qasdfdsaq there's a reason the brits sent their convicts there back in the day...;p
@JourneymanGeek They hoped the animals would kill them, but they were too resourceful?
@qasdfdsaq Sorry to ask, how do I drop to command line from the GUI install of CentOs?
I know why we don't have warp drive yet: The Vulcans landed in Australia; determined the planet was uninhabitable and labeled it a class D planet; and left without exploring further.
Reminds me of spiders episode from Sliders...
3:04 PM
@qasdfdsaq en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emu_War I'm not tooooo sure
@qasdfdsaq To dominate Australia?
^ That's Tanya from Red Alert 2 ;)
Ctrl+Alt+F2 apparently
Also detailed instructions on installing onto MD RAID in CentOS 5: wiki.centos.org/HowTos/SoftwareRAIDonCentOS5
Probably outdated, but gives you a place to start.
@qasdfdsaq @SolidSnake that's switching VTs - you can use any of the F keys in theory. You could also just start a console from the GUI I suppose
@qasdfdsaq Great. I was searching about "Switching to terminal" but it was not mentioned during install phase.
@JourneymanGeek Than Ctrl + F7 should come back to X (GUI)? F[1-5] should be terminal shells... Right?
@qasdfdsaq o.O well at least I was right about the webs...
3:11 PM
@SolidSnake sometimes its f1 that's the GUI shell
@SolidSnake That's the convention, but it really could be any. And installers tend to put it on 1.
You can even have more than one.
@Bob MILLIONS of them!
Even if they weren't flying/raining, I'd s till be concerned about millions of spider webs in the air!
As long as spiders aren't crawling on me or at risk of crawling on me shrug
Or spinning giant webs across the backyard so I run into them while rushing to put the bins out at 5 AM.
If there's a million raining from the skies chances are they will be crawling on anyone/anything that walks outside
I want to know how they bridge 2m gaps to even start the damn webs.
3:18 PM
@qasdfdsaq @Bob @JourneymanGeek Thanks very much for your help.
By flying.
ETOPS: Engines Turn Or Passengers Swim
Engines swim or passengers turn
did you see that indian guy is the first confirmed meteorite kill
Was it a headshot?
3:31 PM
75% of the way to a repcap :)
3:54 PM
I just got pinged by that -_-
hehe let it begin
how is that even possible?
4:13 PM
@Burgi pings aren't case sensitive
4:43 PM
Steve Feldman on February 9, 2016
What's the deal with ad blockers?
SO has adverts?
also why doesn't the SO office not have dual screens?
@Burgi That's someone from sales; many sales people choose to use a single screen.
not in our office...
sales had dual screens before us devs and IT
5:01 PM
@Burgi I'd much prefer having at least two screens to work with.
That's an odd one...
(I have a triple-monitor setup here at home)
this guy has opened same question twice
Q: Server Can't Join Domain Controller

Thomas HuttonSo my server won't join my Domain... I'm fairly sure this is because of issues with my wired D-Link router... as my virtualized Windows 7 machines can join with no issues. Error: Note: This information is intended for a network administrator. If you are not your network's administrator, n...

Q: Server Won't Join my Domain Controller

Thomas HuttonSo my server won't join my Domain... I'm fairly sure this is because of issues with my wired D-Link router... as my virtualized Windows 7 machines can join with no issues. Error: Note: This information is intended for a network administrator. If you are not your network's administrator, notify ...

i dual screen at home and work
i made it a condition of my employment :)
anyway, home time
@bwDraco my work setup is almost identical to that, minus the external keyboard and mouse on the laptop
6:04 PM
Q: Blocking Windows 10 Telemetry Causes Watermark?

Chad BaxterSo I have been using the firewall from Symantec Endpoint Protection to analyze and block telemetry collected my Microsoft. I have recognized a trend. The standard feedback client tries to connect to: settings-win.data.microsoft.com If that fails, Feedback SUIF(unsure about the acronym) tries to...

Vote to close, please.
As much as some of us may hate the telemetry, Microsoft needs the information as part of the Windows 10 development process. It's also a violation of the EULA.
6:16 PM
@bwDraco Do you have evidence to support that?
@allquixotic I'd be more concerned about why they're wearing a horse head.
I don't give a damn about my privacy at this point.
I'm not sure how that supports your assertion about someone else's EULA
Not many people have the money to pay for software these days so they monetize it differently. Advertising is one of the few avenues of revenue remaining in an economy where the individual consumer's buying power is at historic lows.
sounds like M$ is saying that you aren't complying with their terms and conditions for the preview program (which requires you have spyware turned on, BTW) and is telling you that if you aren't going to do what they say that you have to pay for a license. — Wyatt8740 1 hour ago
@bwDraco I'm not sure how that supports your assertion about someone else's EULA
An unsourced comment saying "Sounds like someone is saying" isn't an EULA.
@bwDraco Hmm. I've just looked at the Windows 7 EULA. I can't find any mention of telemetry data. It only says you are not allowed to block validation. Same for the Windows 10 EULA.
6:21 PM
Wheeeeeee! Samsung SM951 - NVMe - 512GB besteld (2150MB./sec read!)
My skylake build just got a lot faster
@bwDraco The Windows 10 Privacy Statement (privacy.microsoft.com/en-us/privacystatement) points (indirectly via a FAQ) to Configure telemetry and other settings in your organization (technet.microsoft.com/library/mt577208%28v=vs.85%29.aspx)
That technet article shows you how to turn of telemetry. So you cannot says MS don't allow it.
Retracted the vote to close.
Killed twp deprecated tags. Temped to work more on [gigabyte]
We really need a weekend for that though. Else we may flood the front page
(mostly been doing 1 -3 every now and then)
But thousands to go
6:37 PM
Q: Implications and necessity (or lack thereof) of a contract clause that requires the user to back up data on their computer frequently

bwDracoOne clause of the Windows Insider Program Agreement strikes me as potentially burdensome because it mandates activity which does not appear to directly benefit Microsoft (emphasis original): By participating, you agree to frequently backup your data. Considering that liability for data loss...

@Hennes So it's all your fault#
@bwDraco How can that possibly be enforceable when there is no definition of "frequently"? - I hereby agree that I will backup my data with a frequency of once a decade ;)
I am iso 900 compliant. I back up my data every milleniun
I am ISO over-9000 compliant. I have data that was taken at ISO over-9000.
Any hint for affordable, low power 10GbE switches?
6:47 PM
Define "Affordable" and "Low power"
Best I can find is in US with 20 useless 1Gb/sec ports, and 3 10GbE ports
< Eur 100
Don't exist.
They do. Ebay
Second hand bracoade stuff
6:48 PM
Even on Ebay you're looking at £30-50 per port.
Not sure about the power part
Well I'll take a wild guess at noisy, ancient, used equipment is not going to be power efficient.
Might work if I fob power usage at a data cnter
put point to point (skipping a switch) 10Gbit/sec does not scale well beyond two devices)
Are you paying for metered power?
And that was EUR 100 (half that for the cable)
Nope. Atm the moment it is at home
6:50 PM
Eh. Most 10GbE devices and cards have two ports
You can just daisy-chain them forever
These were EUr 17 (well 30-ish by 2) and 1 ports
is chat a new feature?
@mrkent No
Oh those.
6:51 PM
I see
Without transcievers, and with poor/absent driver support on some key platforms
They work. 9.6Gbit/sec sustained with 4 stream. 7-ish with one
Win 10 out of the box
win 7 with drivers
and apparently FreeBSD support
ANd I used directly attached copper
SPF+ copper on two sides of a wire
I am somewhat amazed that it worked though
Not supported under VMWare.
I should check Xen
IOserv capabilities though
And I guess I get what I pay for. Which was not bad, but I did not pay much either
Seems to be supported under recent-ish Linuxes though
6:55 PM
Suprisingly enough win10 recognised it out of the box.
win7 needed drivers.

also surprisingly win10 recognised an E2400 Killer NIC, but not the very plain Itel 219 NICs
That's because Intel 219's are extremely new
They weren't available at the time of Windows' release.
Last I checked that Killer snake-oil was just rebranded Realtek and Atheros chips
agreeed on snake oil
Y'know I'm tempted by those Mellanox 10GbE cards now.
I'm pretty sure last time I looked at them they weren't supported on my virtualisation platform. But a) I'm not using ESXi anymore and b) They seem to work on Linux
Odd. Their support page denies it's supported under Windows at all.
And apparently it's not supported under 6.x Xensever which I do use, but there are drivers for RHEL 5, 6, and 7, which Xenserver is based on
Well for £30 each it's not a huge loss if it doesn't work
£30 for 3
Not here they're not
7:13 PM
You mean with shipment costs ?
And transcievers
That said, we do have some spare 10GbE SFP+ modules at work
Aye. My costs doubles with cable/transceiver
7:39 PM
Morning all
Sup dawg
8:01 PM
Apparently we have a new blog post! This is exciting!
anybody know the difference between cd / and cd // ??
Q: Double root folder vs single root folder

TomasOn my Linux box, in bash, I have access to a "double root" folder denoted by two forward slashes: tomas:~ $ cd / tomas:/ $ ls bin/ cdrom@ ... tomas:/ $ cd // tomas:// $ ls bin/ cdrom@ ... The content of the folder and its subfolder is identical to the "normal" single slash root. The double s...

Q: what is path //, how is it different from /

dspjmWe know root directory is /, and according to posix, there is another directory // which differs from /. When you ls / and ls //, the output is the same, so as stat, however if you cd / and cd //, they are different, though the directory content are the same. That really confused me. Anyone got a...

Q: unix, difference between path starting with '/' and '//'

ShumIn unix/linux, any number of consecutive forwardslashes in a path is generally equivalent to a single forwardslash. eg. $ cd /home/shum $ pwd /home/shum $ cd /home//shum $ pwd /home/shum $ cd /home///shum $ pwd /home/shum Yet for some reason two forwardslashes at the beginning of an absolute p...

Q: What is the double slash (//) directory?

ZabbaI mistakenly typed cd // instead of cd /. To my surprise, current directory showed up as //. What is that directory? Why does it exist? apple@snipped $ pwd /home/apple apple@snipped $ cd / apple@snipped $ pwd / apple@snipped $ cd // apple@snipped $ pwd // apple@snipped $ cd /// apple@snipped $...

Q: Why is there a // directory?

CoffeeRainI just found a very weird feature (bug?) with my computer's file system. I can do cd // and it will go to the // directory, but display all the same files as the / directory. Why is this? If I cd .. while in /, it will stay at /. // is the only one that works -- I tried multiple slashes, but it j...

This comes up a lot but since you can't search or Google for punctuation (//) it's hard to know :-P
so pretty much bash is gay
point noted
8:15 PM
Hey it's not Bash's fault it abides by POSIX
/blame bash
im just kidding
/blame canada
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