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1:04 PM
There isn't a single article on the webs which explains the differences between all am, fm, sm, mw, and lw
what are they?
radio broadcasting technologies
oh amplitude/frequency/something/more things/last thing modulation?
never heard of the latter 3 :P
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modulation just add a few more to this wiki
1:36 PM
@Ell short, medium and long wave
ah right
That'll be the monthly system image :)
And there's the daily document backup :)
@JourneymanGeek I've been looking at 'cloud' backup :P
At least until I remembered I'd rather not be uploading all my data...
@Bob Whatcha using?
@JourneymanGeek Acronis
Decided to stick with it for now, though I'm not entirely sure...
Ahh k. Not seen the ui in a while
1:48 PM
@Bob is it for me as well ?
@JourneymanGeek Yea they changed it up. tbh I preferred the old one.
I wish someone could share there knowledge with me as well
I am stuck for weeks
You're doing it wrong.
1:49 PM
I have a problem with a relocation error at the mintue
@Developer Honestly? If you really need that kind of attention, pay someone.
I've been stuck since last night
All of us here are unpaid volunteers.
not sure if what I'm doing is possible
Sure, I'll help if I know what's going on and if I feel like it.
1:49 PM
Pretty much.
But you seem to have too many expectations.
same with any Stack Exchange chatroom
there are always the few which feel entitled to help :S
@Bob do you know it's not allowed to ask for payments on SE ?
one has to go pretty low on that
Dropping your own questions on the chat for attention is actually pretty rude.
I'm not asking for payments. I'm saying you seem to be acting as if we have some obligation to drop everything and devote all our time to you...
1:51 PM
Almost everyone does that, and very often
that doesn't mean it's appropriate to do though
@Bob nope, I never did that, you took it wrong
Not here, no
No one is asking you to pay someone. If you absolutely need to get something done, maybe you should have to.
You've done it in n a few room
1:52 PM
@Developer "I wish someone could share there knowledge with me as well" that implies that we're withholding knowledge from you for some reason.
ok, carry on picking on me
@Bob nope it doesn't it's just a wish
wish isn't an order
it does not implies anything
Naw. I've told 2 people off today. Nothing personal.
Your frustration doesn't sit well here. We would help if we know what to do.
I am frustrated but reason is problem where I am stuck, nothing else, I have cloned my pcs hundreds of times, this is just 1st time I can't make this specific scenario work
tool is there, disk2VHD, but how to make it work with UEFI boot seems like a big chanllenge to me
@Developer Then the question you should be asking yourself is "what did I do differently this time?"
1:54 PM
and google is not on my side either
@Bob in past I have used softwares like V Clone, which is not available anymore to me
Q: How can I repair the Windows 8 EFI Bootloader?

ElmoI installed Windows 7 and Windows 8 in EFI mode on a hard disk some days ago. Today, the bootloader got missing/corrupted. I currently have the Windows 8 installer on a flash drive and tried using the Automatic Repair option to repair the bootloader but it didn't do anything. The Startup Repair ...

@Bob I believe I was following same steps without any luck
@Developer that's why you ask a question
but posting it on chat when you want attention is not the right way
I was stuck at rebuilding bcd
Eh. Reinstall from scratch inside the VM would be the easier way. Especially if you've spent weeks on it.
2:04 PM
I want to get cached domain passwords out of vhd
And that is what we call an XY problem...
it's more like an alternative
I know how to get them out of a machine, but not vhd
@JourneymanGeek Just finished watching. Sounds like something I might try at some point :P
2:16 PM
hi O_O
@allquixotic 'lo
How's things?
I - as a newbie - need a little bit of help. On Debian 3.2.73 I've created an Apache server (school purposes), and I have a task to "resurrect cgi's". In cgi-bin there are two cgis: printenv and test-cgi. Both with 777 permissions. I need to make them work.
Ow. CGI.
Back to the 90s, eh?
"-bash: ./test-cgi: /usr/local/bin/perl: bad interpreter: No such file or directory" is the answer I get when trying to run them.
Learning the basics.
2:20 PM
What's your shebang?
@ŠtěpánBartoš Technically, these 'basics' have been outdated since about a decade ago :P
But, sure.
What's the shebang line?
And what does which perl say?
Errrrm, I'm learning how to CGI, but I haven't learnt what "shebang" means yet (at least as a termin).
usr/bin/perl <- which perl
!!tell 29358646 wiki shebang
Shebang may refer to: Shebang (Unix), the #! syntax used in computer programs to indicate an interpreter for execution The Shebang, an Australian radio show shebang!, a Canadian breakdance crew She-Bang, a character from the cartoon Static Shock The Whole Shebang: A State-of-the-Universe(s) Report, a book by Timothy Ferris Shebang, a mid 1960s dance show hosted by Casey Kasem shebang, a matter, affair, situation, usually in the phrase the whole shebang. shebang, a hut, shed or shelter; a primitive shack where liquor is sold illegally. Shebang, a Swedish pop-rock band (2000-2008) See also She Bangs...
Well I'm sorry, could've googled that on my own. Gimme a while to read through.
@ŠtěpánBartoš shebang shebang....
2:24 PM
@ŠtěpánBartoš Also, run which -a perl
@ŠtěpánBartoš sounds like they're missing out a lot of things you need to know as a linux newbie.
Journeyman Geek: Yeah, it's a weirdly tutored subject. We aren't really learning to linux, it's just basics of stuff.
Wait. 3.2... I totally missed that.
@ŠtěpánBartoš I think your debian version might be old enough to drink in some countries
You just made me laugh at least. ^^
2:25 PM
try... er...
Y'know when I said outdated since about a decade ago?
That applies to your Debian version too.
School server, school rules.
I know there's a command line to explicitly run a perl command
Your school server is probably ridiculously easy to hack.
speaking of school servers, I've been trying to set up a gentoo "subsystem" on mine
2:26 PM
@JourneymanGeek /usr/bin/env perl typically but I want to see his current shebang line.
(silly me, forgot the path to env -_-)
speaking of being old enough to drink... you might want to bribe a senior to ask what he did ;p
@ŠtěpánBartoš Basically, I want to know what your current shebang line is, and where you got it from. Was it supplied by your teacher?
Cause in a school assignment it's generally best to deviate as little as possible from supplied materials, lest you be accused of copying code from other sources :P
(also, this sort of question is ok. Its horrifying enough to be cool. In case someone else wants to complain)
(Unless you happen to be able to explain all of it.)
Well I'm still not sure if I understand that shebang wiki page correctly. And it ain't in my lang. So don't laugh at me too much.
2:28 PM
I've used fakechroot but when trying to chroot into .gentoo I get /bin/bash: relocation error: ~/.gentoo//lib/libc.so.6: symbol _dl_find_dso_for_object, version GLIBC_PRIVATE not defined in file ld-linux-x86-64.so.2 with link time reference
First line of cgi.
@ŠtěpánBartoš Basically, the very first line of a script that tells the OS which interpreter to use, and starts with #!.
@ŠtěpánBartoš you could try #!/usr/bin/env perl
I got it right! Yay.
@ŠtěpánBartoš Ok. And about that which -a perl?
2:29 PM
@ŠtěpánBartoš That's with the -a option? o.O
you could just try #!/usr/bin/perl then
Where did you get your current shebang from? Was it a script supplied by your teacher?
Also thank you guys very much for being this helpful.
Bob: yup.
2:29 PM
because if there is no such /usr/bin/local/perl then your script will not execute
@ŠtěpánBartoš such a shame :/
@ŠtěpánBartoš is this a intentionally broken script that needs to be fixed?
The suggestions from @Ell should work, but I'm trying to make sure you don't accidentally break it in such a way that it doesn't work at marking time :P
@ŠtěpánBartoš What kind of course is this?
^this is a good point
General Linux intro, web programming, etc.?
2:30 PM
Information and communication technologies.
ahh if it's meant to be broken then that's okay :P
Like, global introduction into everything and nothing.
Odd. Do you know if the teacher talked about shebangs? :P
@ŠtěpánBartoš might be handy to open with "this script is supposed to be broken" ;p
2:31 PM
Maybe that's one of the things you were supposed to fix. Maybe.
Or maybe the teacher made a mistake.
@JourneymanGeek I'm sorry. I'm really confused from it all. :/
Or maybe the server they mark on is configured differently (ouch).
Are you currently testing this on the same server it will be marked on?
@ŠtěpánBartoš meh, not a complaint. Just handy, since its confusing otherwise.
It's possible that he talked about shebangs, although none of my co-pupils were able to help me.
#!/usr/bin/env perl is probably your safest option, but no guarantees...
2:32 PM
I missed 3 lessons :/
I'll try then
Ah... yea that could be a problem.
It helps if you know exactly what your goal in this assignment is, y'know :P
(And I used to have problems with going outside the scope of assignments, since the lecturers tended to just go over crap I already knew :P)
I know right, that's why I'm here for help instead of just asking a question. Here we can figure out not only solution, but even an assignment. :P
If they're marking it on the same server you're currently using, fine. Get it working and you're probably good to go. If not, ... I don't know.
Can I ask for help next? :P xD
I'll form an orderly queue
As before... no guarantees of a response.
2:35 PM
@Ell well, we do know who you actually are...
Okay everyone, thank you very much. <3
and you do know we might suddenly start talking about random crap...
so. Meh, hit us with your best shot
@JourneymanGeek that's fair, but my question is much more mundane
Hm. I need to figure out why Acronis thinks my user profile is >250 GB. Total disk usage is < 150 GB...
okay so basically
7 mins ago, by Ell
I've used fakechroot but when trying to chroot into .gentoo I get /bin/bash: relocation error: ~/.gentoo//lib/libc.so.6: symbol _dl_find_dso_for_object, version GLIBC_PRIVATE not defined in file ld-linux-x86-64.so.2 with link time reference
2:36 PM
@Bob caching symlinks?
@Ell that's not mundane.
@JourneymanGeek Possibly? I hope Acronis isn't that dumb!
Grabbing WinDirStat now.
that's probably pretty deep
^I'm wondering if it's possible to achieve what I want with fakechroot or if I need the actual chroot :/
@Ell *sees gentoo*
*nopes out*
2:37 PM
I'm not sure why it says GLIBC_PRIVATE is not defined because I've looked at the symbols with readelf
I'd encourage you to ask that as a question
On a scale of "I know this" to "over my head", you're about ISS-level.
Okay, I'll write up a question on the site propper :)
You might get a better response at Unix & Linux
2:38 PM
@Bob possibly. I'm never sure which to ask on
I'll try unix & linux for today
@Ell Technically, either, but I usually prefer unix.se for the more in-depth questions.
Its on topic for SU
but this is such wierd and esoteric stuff, yeah, U&L
I'd like to help too, but ... I guess everything here is over my knowledge.
If you need help with czech lang. or music, I'm your man.
2:41 PM
you learn by going a little over your head
It's gonna get better and better, as I've said, I have just begun.
Maybe I'll help someone here in 5 years =)
Heh. Feel free to stick around!
Quite frankly the single most useful skill I've learnt is how to use google properly ;)
@ŠtěpánBartoš you'll be helping here sooner than that for sure :)
And for everything else there's mastercard stack exchange
2:43 PM
but yeah - google is your best friend
@JourneymanGeek Oh yea, I found that xkcd cheat sheet on the wall of one of the manager's offices :P
!!xkcd tech support cheat sheet
Too damned true.
Hm. I only have 15 GB of music.
I swear that's gotten smaller o.O
@Bob Well this applies to me as well, at least in topics I know al a bit. ^^
2:44 PM
It's just that when google advices ain't simple enough, you need someone to translate them ^^ :)
@ŠtěpánBartoš that's when you google iteratively
Well I went a bit wrong path overally, ended up somewhere in sudo apt-get install perl, and while not being in sudoers, I just bashed my head against a wall a few times and ran for your help.
I'm not sure apt-get install perl would work
Pretty sure the repos are gone
2:48 PM
and most linux systems rely on some flavour of perl anyway
IIRC debian tends to have 'active' repositories for the last 3 versions or so.
We're at debian 8 at the moment
Well that's why my PuTTy has grew a beard when I connected there.
"Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 (a.k.a. sarge) was released on 6th of June, 2005. The new release includes many major changes, described in our press release and the Release Notes."
etch was released in 08
so, not quite old enough to drink but...
Hey, I loved 2005. I was 10 years old, and NHL 2006 got released.
Um, I really like staying here, you seem to be nice people, but 1) everyone here knows much more about the topic than me (feels bad) and 2) I kinda gotta go, got two gigs in the evening.
@ŠtěpánBartoš Heh. Have fun, and good luck.
@ŠtěpánBartoš we don't talk deep complex stuff most of the time
Hang out a bit when you can anyway ;p
2:54 PM
did he say he likes staying here because we are nice people?
So, thank you very much for help and have a nice weekend. I'll definitely come back, as 1) I'll get better in this, and 2) even only for the chat, I like it here.
Gotta flag him off!
Goodbye, and thank you. ^^
@jokerdino Love you too. :P see ya all!
@stepan love ya buddy.
@JourneymanGeek I think I've found the answer to my question
it was right in the man fakechroot >.<
I've yet to test though
hm. doesn't work.
2 hours later…
5:11 PM
is @DavidPostill here?
Wake the f-- up :-)
@Psycogeek You called? was having a break and afk
@DavidPostill i am going to add some garbage to your post, then will want you to fix if needed . BRB
Hmm. Which post?
ok ...
5:22 PM
@Psycogeek what did you add??
The screenshot
what colour is that, exactly?
ah.... freehand circles
@Psycogeek Hmm. And what's that screen shot have to do with the 4 event ids I mentioned?
5:28 PM
why... does my windows 10 PC have a GNU sleep command??
@DavidPostill nothing. the user asked for event logging of both operational and failed. the symptoms are of a unsaved regitry a Fail.
I got the linux command on windows thing...
It's... pretty neat
sudo doesn't work however :(
@Psycogeek Sorry, I don't think the image adds anything to the answer :/
@DavidPostill that is why i wanted to warn you, there is rollback.
@Psycogeek I know ;) Thanks for the warning (which was unnecessary)
5:33 PM
do people actually look at that :-)
I have to.
But I ignore it later.
I look at it... considering the fact that I get about one notification a month
I still dont know how to Clear the whole Inbox.
@Psycogeek I do. I want to know when people vandalise my answers ;)
@Psycogeek You can't
5:36 PM
feature request
A: Clearing inbox messages

Shadow WizardNo, there is no direct way to clean those "messages" because they're not standalone - they represent some real content that exist somewhere else and only linked in the message. The only way to have messages removed from your Stack Exchange Inbox is to delete the related posts/comments. For exam...

why would you want that anyway? friggen 4 year old obsolete junk ? Yea why :-)
I have 352 pages * 20 messages of inbox messages
Ooer. Bug. Click on -> "No inbox items"
we got PETAbytes, relevency isnt an option.
earliest message "welcome" from programmers.se ;)
5:41 PM
@RahulBasu When I signed up.
When did you sign up?
Apr 24 '14
oh... not that long ago...
Super User was Jun 22 '14
5:56 PM
I've successfully switched to duckduckgo.... which, btw, is pretty damn good
@RahulBasu arent you going to miss being redirected and delayed , and traced, and . . . nevermind :-)
lol, no.
I am really surprised that there was not a huge public outcry when google changed it to everything being redirected. If it wasnt for the cache , i would have quit using it then.
Why did the do it anyways?
IF people had a fit about it all over the web like they do about the most mundane stuff, google would have thought they should cange it back.
@RahulBasu to control the world , why else .
6:01 PM
Someone mentioned me.
You can control the world with 302? What has the world come to?
@Caterina'Catty'McCatface hey!
6:02 PM
@Caterina'Catty'McCatface I actually thought about it a couple hours ago.
Hey @Bob, hey @RahulBasu
Because I rediscovered that the S7 DAC's manufacturer. Then searched chat. And realised you told me about a month ago.
is it May already?
ARRRGH... Why did microsoft even create hlp files if their operating systems were never to support it anyways?
I remember in Windows 95, the help was actually kind of helpful
6:03 PM
@RahulBasu hlp was designed in 1990...
Then why do apps still ship with it?
It hasn't been supported for about a decade. And hasn't been recommended for about two decades.
@Bob heh, Wolfson?
@RahulBasu Because you're using shitty apps.
@Bob :/
6:04 PM
@Caterina'Catty'McCatface Yea. Or Cirrus Logic.
hey ! i use a lot of sh. . . Older apps , it is the new ones that seem to suck most.
@jokerdino Oh shit. It is.
@BenN "help was actually kind of helpful" now they have "the Web" for that :-)
"I have tried about 12 video joiner program wich I have found on Google Search. Each of them have on of the following issues: - a virus - an intallation problem - crash
. . ." http://superuser.com/questions/1071628/an-issue-of-merging-multiple-mp4-video Now who was it that said "did you use Google Search First" ;-)
6:28 PM
@bwDraco what are you smoking? This question was asked on April 5th, that question was asked yesterday (BY YOU) so if anything YOUR question is a duplicate of mine, not the other way around (How can I make a duplicate question of a question that didn't exist when mine was asked?). Also, the issues were not exactly the same as yours either, even if the cause was the same. But if you must insist... I guess I'll mark your question as a duplicate of mine, which is the more accurate assumption. — Cestarian 2 hours ago
...and I think I was downvoted in spite.
Well, I stand by my word. The whole point of my question is that it's meant to be canonical.
Q: "One question to rule them all" questions on SuperUser

Ivo FlipseSuperUser is haunted by repeated questions on topics as: Antivirus suggestions Virus/Spyware removing Best practices for troubleshooting common problems Best buy guides for hardware and software In contrast to StackOverflow and ServerFault, SuperUser visitors aren't always as computer savvy o...

in this case all of them would become obsolete wouldn't they?
Or has Nvidea no intention of ever fixing it again?
(even though many people now have no intention of testing another one)
@Cestarian That's not how this site works. We don't purely close duplicates by question age. The more general question tends to be the duplicate target. If a question (or very closely related category of questions) has been asked often enough, largely with the exact same answers, we create what's known as a canonical question to serve as a duplicate close target. See, for example, superuser.com/questions/100360/…Bob 1 min ago
6:45 PM
@Bob Yeah, them guys who bought Wolfson
7:42 PM
We have the cure: http://www.anker.com #BatteryLife https://t.co/bYRPaqbvsu
Huge fan of Anker.
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