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12:14 AM
Q: how to shut down a server from the webinterface

wenzulI want to be able to shutdown my server remotely by clicking on a button on a web page. The server runs Ubuntu 14.04.1 64 Bit and a python web application. I have not decided which yet, but it will be either Apache or Gunicorn. I need to be able to shut the server down remotely since I won't alw...

When the only tool you have is a hammer....
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2:29 AM
this is all linux fault :-) now i have a CLI to reconfigure the driver itself ? another book to read, and another set of parameters.
Think it would take them 10-15 minutes to put that in a gui , and tell me what button push when all it does is FAIL!
the proper way to do this is to put it into compatability mode (Whatever the heck that would be) and let me break it later with the commands :-) I can Do that.
3:01 AM
So confused, have no idea what laptop to buy :/
And prices are fluctuating hard
"Note that the maximum target queue depth in-use by target devices is a very
nebulous number, which changes dynamically over time based upon . . . ." Now that explains a lot, I am stuck in the nebula cloud , even error event sencors are down, must find some way out before the return period expires.
By the time I get this working and completely figured out, i will be able to shut down every server in america , with a few simple commands :-)
@HackToHell you will be happy to know the price only goes up on the really good ones, and the lemons it drops :-(
(its the lemon drop hypothesis)
4:01 AM
@Psycogeek lemons?
What about them
lemon (lèm´en) noun
1. a. A spiny, Asian evergreen tree (Citrus limon) widely cultivated for its yellow, egg-shaped fruit.
2. Color. Lemon yellow.
3. Informal. One that is unsatisfactory or defective: Their new car turned out to be a lemon.

The American Heritage® Dictionary
A product (usually a car) that cannot be "fixed" or has many flaws is so widely known to be "a lemon", they actually enacted "Lemon Laws" for at least cars, where a person can get thier money back if it is proved that there is a known defect that was not disclosed to the buyers.
this is great
found it by accident ;p
4:23 AM
Q: How do I print 10,500 e-mails and their attachments?

user4167750For some unholy reason I am required by work to print out 10,500 e-mails AND their attachments (which accompany about 70% of the e-mails) through Outlook 2010. I, like you, am appalled at such ridiculous inefficiency and the 55,000 pieces of paper we have estimated this will cost us and the world...

The revenge of the paperless office :-) comming to a theater near you.
4:41 AM
110 reems of paper, 24# paper reem is 2.25in. tall, making a stack of paper that would go from the floor to the ceiling 2 times, at a total ~20.6 feet high, as nice tight stacked new before even printing.
reem=ream oops.
approx 8 trees
5:35 AM
Ow. Just ow ow ow.
Restocking Fee : -$42.00 ~~~ÕLÕ~~~ Uhh NO! not unless i can choose where it gets restocked :-)
2 days of hard labor, and i get -42bucks -shipping -shipping back, oh you gonna pay for that.
5:56 AM
the adaptec is $100+ more besides, i will have lost the whole price of another motherboard, and do not even know if it will work. Must . . . be . . . some . way to make it work, it cant end like this.
I found one other (german) user with very similar issue, with 9341, they got 9361 instead, and are not problem free with it either, other than that finding users with it is limited. So Serverfault may know, but they would kick me out for being a measly low-life desktop user.

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