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12:07 AM
I was wondering if every ubuntu/ubuntu mate iso package was bundled with grub2 ?
12:44 AM
@Burgi acclimatise is with a z , acclimatize, are you using a machine based spell checker? I still see your edits as an "improvement" anyway.
@Psycogeek i'm british
so then you speak english ? :-)
we spell it with an S
of course
we should tax you guys for using our language or something... ;)
that aint even how it sounds out (this time)
12:48 AM
One time somone was going to add 4 letters to the alphabet and have the whole thing type read print show the way it sounds. That would have been too good to ever happen.
Like the US ever fully adopting the metric system.
i believe the Z usage in american comes from the fracas we had when you threw all our lovely tea in the sea. you took a lot of the french spellings
(instead of adopting it just enough that you need both always)
we are the same
weights and volume is all metric
distance is still miles
that said, at school i was taught all metric
its only because my parents use imperial measurements that i really know what a foot is
if all nuts and bolts were all metric that would be so sweet, i could get rid of a whole set of tools. tools which do partially "fit" on the others , but are never right.
poor Celeritas, looks like they have really buggered up their PC....
Q: How to tell if CPU is actually overheating or is a false positive?

CeleritasHow does the CPU know it's temperature? I've been having trouble turning on my computer as I keep getting "CPU fan error". I reapplied thermal paste and got a new heatsink/fan and still the same problem. Could it be a false positive? How can I tell? Any other causes of the error that don't actual...

3rd question is as many days about this CPU
12:57 AM
ahh they deserve it for using stock intel sincs :-) for $21-24 usd they could replace it with one that is ~2x cooler or quieter , take your pick.
all the time and trouble, would then be over.
which reminds me. I carry my motherboard by its heat sink :-) just seemed like a convienient way to move it, and no ESD
which reminds me, since i washed my car i have been getting enormous static shocks when i get out of it
i'm actually scared to shut the door because they have been so large
1992, the year dinosaurs began roaming hollywood
also my current rep
@Burgi ground your car?
yeah i need to get one of those strips
i'm thinking of that as my avatar
legacy.wcnc.com/story/news/local/2015/10/17/… "Officials: Majority of gas station fires start from static"
@Burgi is that an alien alien?
1:08 AM
its a sombero
with three eyes?
@Burgi then changing your user name to Seniour Burgess
that i don't understand
they might be bullets
so next xmas i can have a hat on my hat
dawn of war 3!!!!
1:15 AM
@JourneymanGeek What version of Trident?
not sure
ahh, what is the term for a pathological lier?
Politician? Sociopath?>
1:26 AM
...appears to be based on IE6 SP1. Yuck.
IE7. Huh.
(I was checking out the answers here softwarerecs.stackexchange.com/questions/12025/… )
Why the hell are they still shipping the IE7 rendering engine in Windows 10?
Why did they not release Microsoft Help 2?
Why can't they make something new that uses EdgeHTML instead?
I think the old help viewer is obsolete
and its an 'off label' use. Its amusing but probably useless unless you've been creatively dumb and somehow managed to break all the other browsers
1:33 AM
PowerShell Invoke-WebRequest for the win
At least you could download the installer for a new browser :D
and using the old rendering engine is a good way to ensure backwards compatibility for chms
Ah, that might be why they kept it
Microsoft Help Viewer 1.x is the offline help system (local help) developed by Microsoft that ships with Visual Studio 2010 and its associated MSDN Library. Microsoft Help Viewer 1.x supersedes Microsoft Help 2 which is the help system used by Microsoft Visual Studio 2002/2003/2005/2008 and Office 2007. This is a new product and does not use any of the old help 2 code base. During development it was referred to as MS Help 3.x. With the growing need for a general Unicode based help system, it has the potential of becoming the next general help system for Windows. == History == Jan 2008 - A...
Ah, well. So they just use a web browser instead.
Online help has fallen out of favor...
@bwDraco because new IE can emulate old modes.
iirc the embedded browser component emulates old rendering by default
including when used in VS2013
You can change which mode it uses, though
It's not literally an old rendering engine
probably uses IE11's engine in IE7 mode
(with all of IE11's security features/fixes)
1:49 AM
Shiver me timbers!
Compatibility mode!
IE5 is completely broken.
Firstly, SE uses fairly modern stuff in their CSS and JS
secondly, you're changing the document mode without changing the user agent, so even if SE does implement some fallbacks they won't activate correctly as they'd do on a real old browser
Though I doubt SE uses UA detection for fallbacks
And any company mandating the use of IE7 should go die
(I still have to support it)
2:38 AM
Q: What is this port on my 1999 laptop?

Felix DombekMy Maxdata Artist Harvard SL Pro laptop, dating from 1999, has this port on its back side. I have never seen this anywhere else, neither can I identify the little icon to its side. The size of the port is ca. 1×3 cm. What is it?

Who Cares? is this important to your museum? did you need to plug something in that you cant? does it make you endlessly curious? get a life :-)
10 years from now someone is going to ask the same thing about that goofy I-Thing connection.
Its a connector, it connects stuff, forgedaboudit.
oh it is an expansion port, now there is an answer, like what isnt an expansion port :-)
just when i was thinking it connected to a microwave and works with a software cook book to set the time for tv dinners.
1 hour later…
3:58 AM
Ivy Bridge mobo first-generation USB 3.0 chipsets + cheapo Anker VIA USB hub chipsets = disaster
I really want Skylake just to get away from these terrible USB 3.0 implementations
do modern chipsets solve the problem where USB 2.0 devices "broadcast" (like an unfiltered ethernet hub) and USB 3.0 devices are "point to point"?
like, can you plug in USB 3.0 and 2.0 devices in the same hub and everything's happy?
it all "works" here, usb3.0 on my boards with intel monitor still doesnt sleep and wake correct, but that works great, because backup disconnects.
I have seen (though) some really odd looking configuration layout in the device manager, that does not make total sence to me.
When viewed as "device By Connection"
that "USB Root Hub (xHCI)" doesn't indicate any sub-devices when I plug any of my two USB hubs into it
but when I plug in actual devices, they work

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