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12:08 AM
Wooo! Hit 3k rep. :D
congratz! @MichaelFrank
I haven't even reached a hundred lol
Side-by-side with my S4, the G4's camera is amazing.
@xCare Haha, it was off your question as well. Did you get to test out the Portable Win10 yet?
oh, in that case, happy to help ;) ...no, I'm waiting to get my other issue fixed, one step at a time
don't suppose you know anything about boot issues?
Not really. Depends on the issue...
12:11 AM
the chat for it is here, feel free to give it a gander anyone who thinks they can make some sense from it
Ahh... I know nothing about Linux.
no prob
@xCare: you got it working?
for testdisk cgsecurity.org/wiki/Running_TestDisk is where you should start
I have all the software, but being a first-timer am waiting for when you or @Nikhil_CV has some time to guide me through the process, or someone else who knows what they're doing
The test disk guide + cgsecurity.org/wiki/Advanced_NTFS_Boot_and_MFT_Repair is what I'd do.
and the first part of the testdisk guide is non destructive
12:25 AM
mhm, read that... it's a maybe for me like I say, already ruined stuff being impatient so I can afford to wait as the issue takes a soft approach to feel the situation rather than a gung-ho let's git' er done type of thing.
Annnd that's why I suggested the imageing tool
yes :)
12:42 AM
So anyone else out there not super thrilled about the Windows 10 'look' after having used it for a while?
I'm ok with it
it's ok... but ofc, I replace the default images with my own anyway lol
I keep having programs open on the taskbar without icons, it's kinda annoying. I also can't stand the close 'x'. It's just... ugly.
how dare they uglify that X! lol
anyways, off to dinner, gn evry1!
ok, rebooting phone
either I have root now or I have a bricked phone :P
12:48 AM
Sonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny.... Hurry up and change your PS Plus monthly deals. >:(
Ok, it seems to have worked...
My phone reckons it's rooted.. But apparently it's not. :(
Great, now intalling Titanium Backup. Completing backup from my old phone.
Next, I need to figure out a way to copy the backups from one SD card to another...
So I can't leave a chatroom.
It just keeps coming back.
Ugh... It happened again! I click the leave button, then... POOF it reappears.

Meeting in 10... I need a coffee.
1:06 AM
> Big tape reels suggests an audio connoisseur with technical skills
... ... ... -_-
"Vinyls are too main stream"
1:56 AM
@JourneymanGeek That's slightly ridiculous.
@DragonLord Microsoft: Making people matter.
@JourneymanGeek: Can you delete this? The Tweet's been deleted and replaced. I just don't want people following a broken link.
2:06 AM
Woo. Finally given the permission to modify Exchange Distribution lists!
I could do everything else, but apparently modifying DLs was too much responsibility for us and should only be available to the users designated to manage them. /s
I think you didn't mean what you meant when you said this ;p
Oops, reposting it.
💔 You're not connected And the web just isn’t the same without you @Microsoft #MicrosoftEdge #Windows10 https://imgur.com/w1TpmEO
@JourneymanGeek Me? or DL?
he linked to me saying "Edge" when he meant the link ;p
1 hour later…
3:35 AM
Anyone work with Samba 4 yet? I'm running into a very weird issue
@CanadianLuke There used to be this really great blog...
Are you talking about my blog... For Samba 3? :P
@CanadianLuke :P
Jon Skeet, Reading, United Kingdom
813k 396 5686 6823
Time to make another push?
Jan 20 at 1:53, by DragonLord
@Bob, @JourneymanGeek: I'm curious if I can scale up to 30+ answers a week, 150+ answers a month without compromising answer quality or moderation work (think Jon Skeet)
The problem is, how do I find the time to do this?
I'm trying to write to a folder, logged in as the Admin user... But I keep getting 'Access denied
3:42 AM
@CanadianLuke Wrong Admin user?
There's only one... luke
On another topic...
Apr 5 at 15:49, by DragonLord
Customer support is extremely expensive compared to other costs associated with doing business.
Is this still true?
A lot of big companies do pretty much everything they can to cut CS costs.
Automated systems, big FAQ knowledge bases, links to questions in said KBs as the final step before submitting contact requests, and other barriers to reduce the amount of human time needed to handle customer service requests.
@CanadianLuke Is customer service still very expensive?
I have no idea... That's all I was hired to do
3:53 AM
@allquixotic Ok, testing BT w/ LG G4 & screen off, running Android 5.1.
Sink is a Logitech x100 (SBC).
...is that a quick blip I hear? :(
4:09 AM
Hmmm... it almost seems worse while charging.
It's intermittent. Been fine for 10 mins now.
4:36 AM
O_O there's a little dent on the front edge already
Where is start.exe?
I mean in windows command prompt we type start notepad.exe ... it starts notepad...
And when you do where start you get a response saying INFO: Could not find files for the given pattern(s).
4:54 AM
@DragonLord what I said then is still true now.
@JourneymanGeek I don't see any messages from you in the context of that message.
On the contrary, there are many
and that I think trying to force X numbers of answers a week, especially something like 4 a day is madness.
@JourneymanGeek Oh, oh. You were referring to the Jon Skeet message.
yes I was
@deostroll There isn't one.
start is a cmd builtin.
Start-Process in PowerShell is (vaguely) equivalent.
Internally it calls Win32 functions directly.
5:02 AM
Aug 9 at 0:39, by DragonLord
I tried (and succeeded in) posting five answers as part of a Winter Bash challenge (and I was the only one to earn the Bill Lumbergh hat on Super User), but it nearly exhausted me and left very little time for my usual review tasks.
bummer... :(
5:22 AM
@misha256: "I've never seen a drive that lets you change the 'physical sector size' reporting setting": Your Intel SSD DC S3510 is not a consumer product. It is a datacenter SSD. This feature probably exists for compatibility reasons in order to ensure that the drive plays nice in older machines. Enterprise drives of this sort need to be compatible with older servers as businesses tend to avoid making frequent system upgrades. — DragonLord 2 mins ago
@misha256: "I've never seen a drive that lets you change the 'physical sector size' reporting setting": Your Intel SSD DC S3510 is not a consumer product. It is a datacenter SSD. This feature probably exists for compatibility reasons in order to ensure that the drive plays nice with older systems while not sacrificing performance in newer machines. Enterprise drives of this sort need to be compatible with older servers as businesses tend to avoid making frequent system upgrades. — DragonLord 5 mins ago
Anyone is getting Error: "Uncaught ReferenceError: StackExchange is not defined"
5:42 AM
That's hilarious.
(no, not happening here)
Can repro.
6:19 AM
Review audits are a pain
6:34 AM
O_O this phone shows the spotify album cover on the lock screen background
7:15 AM
@allquixotic It stuttered a bit at the beginning, then managed a couple hours without (obvious) issues.
2 hours later…
9:33 AM
@Bob Don't all phones do that? o.O
@MichaelFrank ...my S4 on Android 4.3 didn't.
It had the music player controls but didn't replace the whole background.
Does it do the EQ thing as well?
Uh... I dunno.
10:07 AM
courier is being a pain
Its rejecting my password for some reason
10:22 AM
Flashing 6.0 at the moment on my Nexus 5. Exciting!
@MichaelFrank Lemme know how it goes? :P
(Apparently LG might be one of the first out with it... though I'll probably hold off for a bit.)
hi everyone
is it possible to install linux on potato?
A dead badger on the other hand...
@BlueBerry-Vignesh4303 Depends...
10:25 AM
@Bob Well, it's booting now!
just got confused how they did it also really confused how it works
New boot animation is siiiiiiick
@MichaelFrank ? o.O
@JourneymanGeek also kindly say whether it would cover under topic at superuser
Q: How linux can be installed on potato/toaster?

BlueBerry - Vignesh4303While going over internet came across a weird post related to linux installation over at potato : As you see over here the linus was installed over potato and it was running successfully,while digging further i came across the post which states that linux can be installed on anything : After...

Oh, fancy colours. We've come full circle.
10:27 AM
it might be broad/primarily opinion based but while searching over internet cant see any relevant resources
@BlueBerry-Vignesh4303 It's quite obviously satire.
Like the old saying "But will it run Crysis?"
@allquixotic The more I listen to POTF the more I like it :P
@MichaelFrank but what it confused me was linux on 15th birthday announced its successful instalaltions gizmodo.com/5169714/how-to-get-linux-on-anything
10:29 AM
Or maybe I just like music I recognise.
@BlueBerry-Vignesh4303 It's a joke.
Linux is very versatile, so it will run on a lot of actual hardware that you wouldn't think it could run on. Like calculators, for instance. Thus the joke is that it's so versatile it will actually run on anything.
@MichaelFrank so its just a joke :( ,they claim to install small linux and edit the file using vim editor ,got it
@BlueBerry-Vignesh4303: Its either going to be a HNQ or dowvoted to heck.
@JourneymanGeek Looks like it's following the downvoted path.
yeah guess we can close that question :(,
sometimes false news from internet make us believe its truth @Bob
10:39 AM
@BlueBerry-Vignesh4303 This is not a joke however: pcworld.com/article/161460/storage.html
@MichaelFrank yeah but how could i get some guideliness on how they did it,searched over internet cant claim any resources related to it
so posted over here but just curious how they might have achieved it
@BlueBerry-Vignesh4303 Well, the guy lost his finger... Then they put a fake one on the stump. Inside that fake finger he keeps a USB drive.
@Bob it's just reinstalling all my apps now.
11:00 AM
11:38 AM
I'm currently having trouble with postfix and courier
I THINK postfix is saving stuff to the wrong place
and one of the two accounts I set up dosen't work
@JourneymanGeek Wrong window? :P
@allquixotic Been listening for 2+ hours, no stuttering whatsoever.
@Bob: yeah
and considering nuking the mail server and starting afresh tommorrow
12:08 PM
@JourneymanGeek I remember reading "idiot-proof" yesterday ;D
And, I don't remember why, but, Courier sucks dude, use Dovecot ;D
@OliverSalzburg: Clearly I'm a better class of idiot
I know what's wrong
I just didn't know how to fix it
and there was another issue and blah
Nuked it, and will take it slow ;p
12:44 PM
Wow. type a comment to say 'product recommendations are off-topic on Superuser"
Error. Post locked. Already closed in about 30 seconds
@JourneymanGeek Better than me trying to get zfs working.
"Oh, look a nice guide" 3 hours later "...what are all these errors?" 20 hours later "ok, I give up"
Knowing what's wrong is more than half the battle :P
Much servers, way too many configurations
1:03 PM
Depends what you need.
Also, aren't SoftLayer managed?
In other words, extremely expensive for the specs.
But you're not fully responsible for the software.
Single Intel Xeon E3-1270 (4 Cores, 3.40 GHz)
2GB RAM (4GB maximum)
I don't understand.
You have the equivalent of an i7 (Sandy) there, and you give it 2GB of RAM?!
Starting with very low amounts of memory snd showing a low price is not that insane.
it is just marketing
Now a 4GB of max RAM, that would be insane.
@Hennes It's pretty insane.
With most services they lowest they go with a (modern-ish) Xeon is 8 GB
Goodbye safe harbour construction
If that holds then the fecal matter has hit the rotating impellor.
A good security setting.
I did not get that, though I am not sure if I have flash installed
Creative use of flash block, do not get asked to install adobe flash on almost every webpage
1:17 PM
shrug I always keep it click-to-play
Though the warning has become decidedly more red as of late.
Might have something to do with it being outdated.
Because of course the plugin's update policy is "on user login" which translates to "never"
System Boot Time:          24/07/2015, 6:54:45 PM
Here, PDF
Is telnet a shell? I would say it is a communication protocol
And yes, you can communicate with a shell, or a webserver, or a mailserver, or ...
@Hennes: heh. I got myself suspended again from reviews.
How often must I say that 'reject becauase the edit does not add praise to dogs` is not a valid reject reason?
(and I wasn't robo reviewing or anything. I saw a post, decided to give it the benefit of doubt and...)
1:43 PM
@JourneymanGeek link to the review?
it was a oneliner
IMO, the second line seemed clear enough
2:25 PM
one liners.. o.0
just wrote the longest answer I've written so far
A: Can I configure when Windows 10 updates itself and check the size of new updates?

xCareUnlike previous versions, with Windows 10, the update through the Control Panel is removed. As made clear here, the only way to update now is the Settings app under Update and Security and through Microsoft Store. The differences from Update in previous versions of Windows are as follows: 1) W...

brb, afk
3:17 PM
@xCare You should look into markdown list formatting ;)
@OliverSalzburg how does that work?
I saw a bunch of options in the editor, not too familiar with them at this point
Also, use the power of Unicode arrows → ;D
uh.. k one at a time. I'm guessing that's in-line formatting?
@xCare For list formatting, just make sure to use a dot after the number. So 1. instead of 1)
3:23 PM
The arrow is Alt+26
@JourneymanGeek "might fix the issue" is the give away. If someone is not sure whether an answer will work ("might") then it should be a comment.
I use "might" or may sometimes as opposed to a definitive because it's not always certain if a solution will be the right one if there are other ones especially
But if it requires certainty and I can verify something especially, I don't use that.
@OliverSalzburg thanks for the edit
3:58 PM
@Bob G4? You will need to, at a minimum, reboot the G4 once before you start to get problems
for the initial power-on after pairing, and especially during the first connection after pairing, it's fine - unfortunately, that doesn't mean you can reliably unpair and re-pair every time to get a reliable connection; in order to get that "fresh pair" 100% working functionality back, you have to either factory reset or have an OTA applied.
the first connection after the original pairing after an OTA or reset is pretty reliably good (but that might be because background post-update/post-first-boot stuff is keeping the CPU at higher clocks)

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