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12:06 AM
The only easy day was yesterday? ;p
12:20 AM
Q: Is question 39423 (origin of "reaping" souls) on-topic?

DragonLordI just got a vote to close as off-topic on this question with the following comment: I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it's not about a fantasy or sci-fi character or plot device. —Andres F. (source) The question asks about the origin of a particular concept which is fa...

I'll just let it close.
It's a borderline case not readily apparent to a first-time user of the site.
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1:34 AM
Spring recess is coming up.
Wonder why it exists in the first place? Get this:
#springbreak exists for legal reasons—the #Jewish can't attend classes during #Passover, and requiring class attendance is #discrimination
Not having spring break is discrimination against Jews!
(Note that I'm not Jewish.)
An education system (at least here in the US) which does not have a spring break spanning Passover is potentially putting itself in danger of a discrimination lawsuit for failing to accommodate Jewish students, especially if there is a strict attendance requirement that does not allow for Passover absences.
In fact, simply having classes during Passover means that non-Jews get more classroom time which cannot easily be compensated for by make-up work. That alone can lead to a lawsuit.
2:18 AM
Feel free to ping me if you have any thoughts on spring break and discrimination.
2:43 AM
@DragonLord all that paranormal stuff (much of it pure crap too :-) is being classed as Sci_fi , simply because there is not a "paranormal" or "spiritual bs" classifications being used in the tv and movie industry stuff. So much literally NOT Science fiction, is classed that way. Add to that much actual SCi-Fi space junk and and all some authors/writers toss in paranormal and spirit stuff be it starTrek Twilightzone OutterLimits stargate azimov and everything that the site does cover.
Therefore while it might not be actual science(IMO) It certannly has made a large presence In sc-fi stories , movies, series, and by mere movie classification is.
Not only that but "fantasy" :-) is also part of the name of that place, so where the heck else did they think it belonged?
Why some people find such a need to kick people in the head , are they always having a bad day? Goes back (again) to what JMG said, better be having fun with it, because having (stupidass) issues with everything does not help anyone.
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4:01 AM
@Bob: I'm convinced the cable wrap/packaging on the pistons is sheer genius
Very low waste, and everything there is pretty useful.
@JourneymanGeek You should see the original paperback packaging :P
But, yea, it all feels very high quality.
4:31 AM
Tempted to get it
4:48 AM
attack of the clones
What is most hilarious about clones is , for example a US (cheapskate) designer will have saved 50cents having it made in china, pouring huge profits . . . . ooops you just handed the whole design specs to the factory, they sell it direct, and your lasy company pawning off the work to cheaper labor , just lost all the money you were going to make. The greed of stupidity.
After about the 50th time of having china sell your product for 1/4th the price , which included the 100% profit you were going to make, you'd think your head would pop out of your ass , and one more idea would exist :-)
Blah there's no proper interactive debugger for Go
Looks like I have to learn to use gdb
5:08 AM
superuser.com/questions/895019/… <---spam, not even reading it this time :-)
does the spam come in groups, or is it a constant and i just dont see most of it?
5:42 AM
@HackToHell: they're really well built
and sound decent/good
@JourneymanGeek Mi's products are surprisingly good for a Chinese company
And cheap too
@HackToHell: Insanely cheap 0_0
and well built for the price.
Their tablet would be tempting if I was in the market for one
(which I'm not)
yeah, apparently there are different versions of the piston
yeah, three main ones, with colour variations
Wait it's only 300
that's like insane fucking cheap
Which version of the piston is good
5:59 AM
@HackToHell 2.0 and 2.1 sound identical
new one is to be released next week
warning: lots of fakes out there
Official site is better, though not in stock right now: mi.com/in/headphones
@Bob 0_0
Snapdeal has colours of the piston xiomi dosen't make ;p
@JourneymanGeek ... good catch
also IIRC Xiaomi doesn't really deal with resellers, so if you find anything cheaper than Xiaomi's own store it's almost definitely fake
xiaomi dosen't even sell through the telcos AFAIK
6:15 AM
@JourneymanGeek :(
@Bob okay
@HackToHell: better to have all the facts ;p
@JourneymanGeek wait, didn't you say your mum did above?
@Bob: did. They don't now
I thought they never did
I think they did it before they got their own local setup
(I seem to recall the RRP for the redmi 1s was something like 300 dollars. the 2 is ~ 170....)
6:44 AM
ooh there's some much new stuff in Java 8
6:58 AM
It is fryday night (saterday morning) lets get drunk and post on SuperUser [ͦ}
Random would say if we put up a flag that said "Please do not post drunk, only after the hangover wears off and you had your coffee" they would just ignore it anyways :-)
8:00 AM
bleh codechef and java is such a drag
My java code needs to be optimized a lot just to get it running in their vm
8:37 AM
Oh look it's because I can't give it package name
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10:02 AM
What are you running ? o_0
@JourneymanGeek going back from the vet?
@HackToHell Broken software
@allquixotic: naw, just napping on the way home from the supermarket ;p
10:15 AM
while(true) { ruinWeekend(); }
10:26 AM
11:05 AM
codechef is prolly going to kick me out for submitting too many solutions sooner or later
11:49 AM
Wow, switching from unbuffered I/O to buffered I/O makes Go blazing fast
I was wondering why Go was slower than Java
Looks like scanf in Go is unbuffered
I don't really understand why
But hey it's blazing fast
12:41 PM
Hmm so many weird quirks this golang has
I guess it's like an alpha version
1:24 PM
A: Can I connect a USB 1.0 hub to a wall outlet and charge devices?

BobUnfortunately, it really depends on the specifics of the implementation of both the hub and device. Now, the vast majority of simple hubs don't really implement any sort of power control. They'll just connect the USB power lines directly to either their host or an external (regulated) power supp...

Shameless plug :D
Its probably not USB 1.0 ;p
@JourneymanGeek Good point :P
Feels good writing a nice long answer after a couple weeks of inactivity :P
Ya ;p
2:10 PM
I had a weird dream that I posted a very funny but incendiary and offensive comment in chat and it IMMEDIATELY got 5 stars, then pinned, and not 30 minutes later some upset user who lurks in chat but never says anything posted a meta Q how he was so fed up with the de facto regime in chat always being so offensive, and his post got 916 upvotes... lol
I need a few tips WRT Windows management
@BartekBanachewicz Sorry, but the timing of your message is just hilarious :D
(right after @allquixotic's one)
@BartekBanachewicz shoot
@Bob I have a Windows 7 Pro workstation and a laptop+dock with Windows 8. I'd like a setup where I can use my laptop docked in via some kind of remote desktop, to basically have a faster machine locally.
I know it might sound confusing. I'd just like to sort of "unify" the desktop and the laptop when the laptop is plugged in the dock
I sync most of my data via GDrive and GitHub, but I was wondering if there's some sort of Enterprise-ish solution to do it via local network faster
something like some feature of Active Directory
2:14 PM
@BartekBanachewicz Hm. Not sure I understand what you mean.
@BartekBanachewicz do you have them arranged so that you can comfortably see the screen of both the laptop and desktop at once when they're docked?
k, slowly then.
Hmm, windows has (or had?) off-line folders.
Might work to sync the desktop and the laptop
It's easy for your laptop to act as a host and for you to access it via the desktop.
@allquixotic ideally I'd like to keep the desktop disconnected from the screens at all
2:15 PM
It's not really feasible for them to directly share resources.
Oh, you want to do it the other way.
mhm. My dock has two DVI outs, so I can connect everything there
but that means I can't directly use my workstation
As for syncing - Dropbox can detect and sync directly on a local network. btsync is another option (@JourneymanGeek). Windows shared folders could work.
is the laptop way faster (higher spec) than the desktop, or something?
@allquixotic Other way around apparently :P
That's what confused me.
well one option is to scrap docking altogether and just use the desktop directly like I'm doing it now
2:18 PM
@BartekBanachewicz It would help to know the problem you want to solve.
but I kinda like the idea of a workstation working as a server
We have your proposed solution. But what's the actual problem?
@Bob I switch between desktop and laptop and they sort of "desync"
I one of these a work-only device?
both are my personal devices
2:19 PM
If it is: Just use the desktop for all regular stuff and rdesktop/teamviewer/vnc to the laptop for work stuff. ... dang, these goes my ntyping
so I was thinking it would be easier to have workstation sort of... transparent, just as a source of computing power
@BartekBanachewicz Ah, as long as you're not trying to combine processing resources. That is a much harder problem.
Simply put: it's not possible as a whole.
the workstation is about 4 times faster than the laptop so it's not worth it really
Individual applications might be able to, but they'd have to implement it themselves.
If you just want to sync data... see above
4 mins ago, by Bob
As for syncing - Dropbox can detect and sync directly on a local network. btsync is another option (@JourneymanGeek). Windows shared folders could work.
I'm fine with the scenario of "if you're in the proximity of a workstation, it does all the work, otherwise the laptop is working"
@Bob mmhm
I was also thinking if it would be beneficial to upgrade the workstation to windows 8 and sync settings and dunno, wallpaper :P
I just vaguely remember Active Directory being a thing but I've never used it
I was curious, really.
2:22 PM
@BartekBanachewicz AD is more for central management
sorry if I interrupted your conversation with this or something
I just felt it wasn't appropriate for a main site.
In a home environment you're probably better off with a MS account and its associated sync
@BartekBanachewicz What conversation? :P
@Bob hm, could give it a try
Go's scanf isn't able to keep up with that
Have to read raw data bytes and parse
read to a buffer and scan on it
2:24 PM
Still too slow
C seems to be capable of handling it with ease
This golang isn't really good at handling large data inputs :/
I don't think there's anything it's really good at
> With Windows 8, Microsoft is finally adding what’s now called “user experience virtualization” features to its desktop operating system, providing ways to sync various things between different PCs, providing a consistent and familiar environment on each.
...that's always been available on AD with roaming profiles
@Bob that's what I thought
2:28 PM
Blah I still don't understand how AD works
it's not a new thing, what's new is they've extended to work with arbitrary devices over the public internet with a global server
I kinda remember that it basically allows you to log in to any physical device and feel at home
I have a spare PC, should install windows server onto it
you don't need windows server for that I think
IME 90% of server components can be installed painlessly on Pro
I have a server under my desk too and it runs 7 Pro vOv
@BartekBanachewicz The majority of AD deals with management and directory info; roaming profiles is a minor portion
2:30 PM
yeah, which also means the majority of AD is uninteresting to casual users :)
@BartekBanachewicz Nope. What can be installed on client OSes is actually fairly minimal and restricted in other ways.
AD specifically is a rather complicated beast.
You can't reall act as the Domain Controller on a non server build
@BartekBanachewicz: a lot of that just uses skydrive
damn I wish I was a casual user
@BartekBanachewicz: depending on your needs...
I use chrome remote desktop for remote access to my windows box for normal use (anywhere!) and steam streaming for gaming (locally)
and I tend to tie all my systems together with the retail version of synergy, so shared keyboard/mouse/clipboard
2:39 PM
hmm rdp is a bit sluggish
and windows fonts aren't smoothed
@BartekBanachewicz: I tend to favour CRD or nx for remote desktops
both are really snappy, but crd is a little easier to use than nomachine 4 in my use case
also, if its local, just use smb or a fileshare for moving files around.
Syncing is kinda wasteful/inflexible here
teamviewer ftw :P
@JourneymanGeek agreed
I could always move a VM around :P
(I use btsync where I would use dropbox. I use file level sync software for where I want backups. I use plain smb shares for files I need on more than one system in home lan)
In theory, I can use sftp to pull in files from my fileserver externally
maybe I should just buy a switchable dock
damn, technology is hard
2:54 PM
all technology is like regex
you want to solve a problem using ${TECH}. now you have 2 problems.
@BartekBanachewicz: I think you should start by distilling your problem to the simplest elements ;p
what are you really trying to do?
@JourneymanGeek make better use of my computers
That's high level
What's better use?
lemme give you an example. I have ~100gb of music. I need it available on multiple systems. I want backups. That in itself is two problems. For availability on multiple systems, I have it on a samba share. For backups, I have it on two systems - my desktop, with a 3tb disk, and my NUC, with a 1tb disk
3:01 PM
less thinking about what data is physically where
Clever use of fileshares would be useful here
I've tried this nomachine thing, rdp and teamviewer and all are laggy or compressed
110MBps is simply too slow for fluent remote desktop apparently
I've run nomachine remotely and it was fine
I've run chrome remote on a 3g connection, and its still usable ;p
but that's a different problem. IMO
3:04 PM
maybe I should update this workstation to windows 8
maybe RDP would work better then
3:18 PM
So btsync offers unlimited storage?
That's a lot of storage
2 hours later…
5:10 PM
My GFX drivers take up as much space as my Adobe products
That can't be right
5:29 PM
GitHub still under DDoS but is mostly mitigated.
Most services are functional, but occasional failures are to be expected.
I have a feeling the US government is going to get involved in this
I think the Chinese government is getting fearful of cyber-dissidents. This looks like an act of cyber-warfare.

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