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4:05 PM
@ThatBrazilianGuy puppy is normally only for dogs but I call my kitty a puppy sometimes :D
@ThatBrazilianGuy that's awesome :D
@allquixotic Not actually a farm as there were no cows and planting fields, it was just a house in the country with a big terrain and lots of trees
Then I had to move back to Rio and had to leave her with our neighbour :'(
Also I once had a penguin while living there.
"Had" as in one day my mom came home and said "check out what followed me on the road"
Apparently it was trying to follow some sea current or something and got lost
It was sick and we didn't know how to treat penguins so we gave it to a nearby zoo IIRC
...penguin? You sure you live in Brazil?
1 min ago, by That Brazilian Guy
Apparently it was trying to follow some sea current or something and got lost
I really need to find headphones that are comfortable while lying down
4:16 PM
@ThatBrazilianGuy awwwww!! :'(
that poor kitty
but she LOVED you! :'(
I even trained her to use the sand box and gave her anti-flea powder
Only cat I ever had
And now my wife is allergic and I can't have cats ever again ;_____;
the solution is awfully simple
file for a divorce
...and she enjoys torturing me with youtube cat videos. +_+"
38 secs ago, by allquixotic
file for a divorce
She: Hey, check this out, so cute =^__^=
She: !!no
4:20 PM
I doubt she'd actually use !!no to tell you that you can't have a cat, since !!no is a cat
that's just unbelievably cruel
@allquixotic She also complains I'm gaining weight and then later say "let's eat pizza"
that's like my dad lol
To be honest she complains a lot more about herself gaining weight. But still.
@allquixotic But... Where else would I find someone blind crazy enough to want me?
And there's this small detail that I love her and stuff
(It feels so weird "typing that aloud"...)
no need for a woman. they are rotten and life-ruiners ;p
I'm glad I'm single
a cat will love you unconditionally, even if you hurt them (accidentally or on purpose, they can't tell, and they forgive you soon after)
a woman will only love you if you've taken out the trash or done the dishes lately, and then hates you mere hours later
@ÃŁŁǫǛȉЖΦΤїҪ I know what you mean... But don't hate on all women!
Some are cool
4:25 PM
true love is dead; only fake love remains in the world... well. fake love, and the kind of love you express and receive from bonds with domestic animals
the culture of self-interest has taken hold
@CanadianLuke it's not women specifically that I hate; I hate the relationships that men and women get into... they are intractable
There's a lot of selfish people but not everyone out there is a selfish bastard.
the modern world has made them unsustainable
There is a great TED talk about love, and why people cheat... Essentially, it's because there are three types of love people chase
for a decade I chased the type of love which is most difficult or impossible to get, then I decided, you know what, forget it
I am to be 29 years old later this year and the final partner relationship with another person that will ever occur in my life is already behind me
I don't mean to be harsh or judgmental, but maybe you could find someone to discuss it, like a therapist
I went to a therapist when my mother died and it helped me a lot
4:31 PM
you go to a therapist when there's something wrong with you
I'm not unhappy at all, I am content with my life
I have strong / controversial opinions; I've made a conscious decision; and it has worked out well for me
I'm not suffering in any way
Well, you have a rather negative view about relationships. Good to hear you don't feel bad about it, but I honestly hope that life proves you wrong :)
Anyway, enough with useless internet advices, time to eat
you don't hear people talking about seeing a therapist if they have a "negative view about skydiving" or a "negative view about air travel" or a "negative view about spectator sports", do you? :P
like I said, it's a decision, not something outside my control. decisions should never be cause to see a therapist or anyone in the *makes weird hand gestures* psychiatric "arts". those people can actually help people who have problems that they have no control over -- involuntary things. this is voluntary.
"Doctor, I feel this uncontrollable fear when I go to post a question on SuperUser!"
actually, that fear is quite justified *evil smirk*
Well, if someone says air travel sucks and they'll never enter a plane, and that decision might prevent them from life experiences such as, I don't know, being employed in an overseas country, then maybe a therapist might help them deal with the causes for that decision.
But whatever, I should have gone to lunch half an hour ago.
I'm eating lunch at my desk :)
it's nommy yogurt n' stuff
I could too but my desk sucks, it looks like a slum, cables hanging everywhere
4:41 PM
I almost spilled my drink on an eSATA cable plugged into a $170 SSD
I like to live dangerously
@ThatBrazilianGuy you work on a telephone pole? okay.png
Metaphorically speaking.
I took that picture with a methaphorical camera.
4:43 PM
@ThatBrazilianGuy oh, so you painted it really really skillfully (and fast)?
@allquixotic No, I googled it. Yes. I am that good.
I literally tried to imagine what a metaphorical camera could be, and realized it would be metaphorically speaking like an artist who can paint photo-accurate scenes ;p
maybe my literal imagination is not metaphorical enough
WOO the C++14 spec is final!
@allquixotic I imagine it's a camera connected to google that takes a picture, and then google image searches objects to represent the items in the photo metaphorically and then photoshops them over the picture that was just taken.
more shit for compilers that don't even support C++11 to break on.
@DarthAndroid you win; your imagination is more Rube Goldberg than mine
1 hour later…
6:12 PM
Cool, I got two question badges on a site I visited once... In one day!
7:06 PM
Strategic Health Information Technology.
7:17 PM
The Personnel Operations Office directed that the Field Associate Radiation Technician and the Supervisory Health Insurance Technician be purged from the Administrative Support Section's entry logs.
I am 12 years old.
7:36 PM
@ÃŁŁǫǛȉЖΦΤїҪ Really? Where did you get that news story? It's almost as bad as DERP
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