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2:01 PM
how old do you have to be to remember 9/11?
hm. That's a good question
What's the voting age in the US?
i think
2:20 PM
@qwertyuiop That didn't make much sense. Maybe you meant: caat, caaaat, caaaaat
Yes, the US voting age is 18
Since the 26th Amendment
so 3? maybe 4?
Sometimes political parties allow younger people to vote in primaries if they'll be 18 by the general election
we were playing gran turismo on my mates PS2
2:27 PM
Anyone here is good with linux CLI?
How can I make this become recursive:
A: How do I use wget to download all links from my site and save to a text file?

michaswget does not offer such an option. Please read its man page. You could use lynx for this: lynx -dump -listonly http://aligajani.com | grep -v facebook.com > file.txt From its man page: -listonly for -dump, show only the list of links.

A few I expect
Fairly certain PowerShell has a thing for this
Though that's probably not super helpful on Linux
@ThatBrazilianGuy will do recursive iirc
lynx --dump --listonly, parse the output ...
2:35 PM
httrack. Coulda sworn I'd posted a link
@DavidPostill Yeah, that's the direction I want to take, but I'm not good enough with the CLI to make it happen.
I think I'll write a question. Maybe even with a bounty, it's been bugging me for quite a while.
@BenN I'm not that partial to Linux, if it works with PowerShell that's fine to me.
The result of Invoke-WebRequest has a Links property that is probably helpful
Though IIRC there's no built-in recursion, you could implement it fairly easily with that
I've never even been near PowerShell. I'd have to learn it from scratch. =/
It's a wonderful thing
Frankly I'm appalled by the Linux style of "everything is text that you need to parse!"; PowerShell's object-orientation is way more expressive and easier to handle
And anything you can do with a .NET language you can do with PowerShell
@BenN ...and still, it's another new paradigm I'll have to get familiar with.
@BenN Cool, that means I can do... nothing with it! \o/
As in, I myself don't speak .NET (or, in fact, any other language)
2:46 PM
I don't speak inf or cat either/
@JourneymanGeek If you speak INI, you speak INF too :D
@JourneymanGeek I speak cat sometimes. I have no idea what I'm speaking, but the cats even reply!
@DavidPostill why did you remove it?
2:53 PM
@ThatBrazilianGuy It was only doing internal links
@DavidPostill Sorry, can you clarify?
@ThatBrazilianGuy It wasn't grabbing offsite links
Perfect! I need it that way.
@ThatBrazilianGuy OK. Here it is again.
3:00 PM
It creates an xml sitemap so it should contain all internal links on a website. If you don't want xml you can scrap most of the script.
Hi, guys!
Is there any way to scan for open ports of a particular server through Putty?
@ThatBrazilianGuy I think you can delete lines 7 onwards and the links will be in /home/me/sitemap/www/traverse.dat. You can then process this file how you want.
The server you're sshed into?
prolly need to run nmap then?
3:04 PM
@DavidPostill Yeah, I am reading the commented script
same way you would if it were local
So there is no way doing it just through Putty?
dammit, the GTX 1080 is sold out everywhere
"Is there any way to fry a steak using my bare hands and teeth"? Well, you're using the wrong toolset. Marginally related, but still wrong.
(I'm very newbie-ish user, so if my sentences don't make sense, don't laugh too much please)
@ThatBrazilianGuy Thank you, that explains a lot. :)
3:06 PM
@ŠtěpánBartoš putty is 'just' a ssh client
you need the right tool for the job
^--- that
in theory you COULD do some crazy shit with telnet
@ŠtěpánBartoš You use putty, or ssh, to connect to it, after you know which ports are open.
@JourneymanGeek Got it from Brazillian guy's explanation - thank you too though.
You use nmap to find out which ports are open
3:07 PM
but at this point you'd be a ninja
Nmap is the way for me. Thank you very much, dear stuff-knowing people. :)
(gah, every time I come here I get to know I don't know way more than I thought I don't know.)
@ŠtěpánBartoš stuff-knowing people? me?
...minus the good looks
Yet compare him to
3:12 PM
if its local netmap works on anything.
Jon knows stuff. ^^
Ok, now you really got me laughing
although I tend to be more of
That was my last LAN party title picture.
I totally depend on making you guys laugh so I can come here every time I need help and you'll always kindly do so. ^^ :)
@ŠtěpánBartoš Sssshhhh, don't let them realize! I've been doing that for 3 years!
3:24 PM
3:42 PM
@allquixotic Not in the UK! :-P
Also for some reason they have a fibre optic USB christmas tree on the GTX 1080 page
One of only two items actually in stock on that page: overclockers.co.uk/pc-components/graphics-cards/nvidia/…
Wonder if I should buy all four of them and sell them at a hideous markup like some people are doing on Amazon
@allquixotic I should be alright to play today, but I'll have to do something for 15 mins around 5:45 pm AEST (if it goes that late)
speaking of which, I really should sleep
Heh, goes from 6 in stock on the product list to 4 in stock on the product details page to 1 in stock o nthe checkout page
That's today! :P
> Stock Availability
Online Delivery: ETA - 30/05/2016
Notting Hill Pickup: ETA - 30/05/2016
West Melbourne Pickup: ETA - 30/05/2016
Hmm there's a few listed as due today on OcUK too
But also selling for $1500 "pre-order" on Ebay
I could make a few hundred bucks here if this plays out
But I'm too lazy and tired and prefer to sleep on a cat
Story of my life... Opportunity? Nah, I prefer sleeping. And cats.
Urgh I wish Android had an option for silent notifications
@qwertyuiop ...doesn't it?
wait, silent notifications?
4:07 PM
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