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9:03 AM
@JourneymanGeek looks like I'll be getting the new AP after all :P
(Another ebay sale cropped up)
@Bob yeah. That's precisely why I use the term lactovegan :p
ac better live up to its claims
@JourneymanGeek curious: is this your whole family or just your own choice?
@Bob AC goes way beyond its claims
If you have decent kit that's configured properly
OK not beyond its claims, beyond expectations maybe
9:14 AM
@qwertyuiop heh, I just need better urban (read: walls) range
@Bob Oh well, that won't really change
Performance at range will go up, actual maximum range is limited by government regulations.
all my client devices are ac-capable now... the S7 even does MU-MIMO but I'm probably not gonna spend extra for an AP that does that
MU-MIMO is snake oil outside of dense enterprise environments
@qwertyuiop *shrug* better performance right at the edge of range might help
@Bob That should improve greatly then
9:16 AM
at the moment, there's this zone where I still get some reception but I'm better off switching to LTE
well, technically, I'm always better off switching to LTE
Since AC basically brute forces it when it comes to performance
*grumble* ADSL *grumble*
And mandatory beamforming etc.
MU-MIMO on the other hand... yeah when you've got 180 devices hanging off one AP, then you can consider it
@qwertyuiop yea, beamforming was pretty much the #1 reason I wanted to go that way
honestly, most of the time I'm within 5m of the AP, and old 802.11n gear works fine
802.11n supported beamforming in the standard, even some a/g had it in a proprietary format. But AC is the first standard where all devices must support it by default.
@Bob If there's just one rarely-used patchy edge that's problematic why not add a second AP
9:18 AM
@qwertyuiop hm... not something I've really seen advertised, but then I tend not to splurge much on networking gear
usually mid-range stuff, some really cheap ones occasionally
@qwertyuiop I had a second AP... then it died :P
Actually, gonna replace that one too. But even that one never quite stretched all the way to the end of the yard, and that's as close as I can place it
I experimented with an outdoor repeater duct taped to a camera tripod in the middle of a park once, running off an old laptop battery
One of these days I'll figure out how to get roaming working well
either it's too passive and only roams when the current connection drops entirely, or too aggressive and switches back and forth when in the middle
It's easy: Openwrt.
@qwertyuiop did it work well?
@Bob Well enough. It did what I wanted. Which was experimenting.
9:21 AM
@qwertyuiop afaik it was a client issue, but I haven't a clue how to configure it on Android, and the limited Intel options on laptops (aggressiveness setting from 1 to 5) didn't help much
I had about a total of 300,000 sqm coverage area
@Bob It's both
@qwertyuiop oh, nice
@qwertyuiop ah, damn. yea, gonna have to look into that more
at some point after I finally got all this working I pretty much said screw it and decided not to touch it as long as it kept working
If your network beacons are ever so slightly different, e.g. different routers, settings, etc. then some devices will refuse to roam (e.g. Galaxy S3) some devices will cut out while roaming (e.g. Galaxy S5) and some won't care much at all (e.g. Intel 6300) and some might not care but should and roams when it shouldn't and ends up with a dead connection (e.g. some shit I had to troubleshoot, can't remember which)
...yea, that was pretty much my experience
doesn't help that one of them was some Netcomm piece of shit that had ot be rebooted every other day
then eventually crapped out a year later
I just never bothered replacing it cause I couldn't decide if I wanted to go ac or pick up a cheap n AP :P
then you got me looking at ebay and I did end up picking one up ... that got used elsewhere
I believe my S4 or S5 refused to roam between a DD-WRT operated DIR-615 and an OpenWRT operated DIR-825, unless both were set to WPA1-AES, because in WPA2 mode one tiny feature flag was different.
@Bob lol, I did? :-P
Like one supported LDPC and the other one supported both LDPC and HDPC or some crap like that... my memory is faint.
Or was it certain WMM modes?
Whatever, running everything on Openwrt helps cause it's got a fairly consistent soft-mac across all platforms
But getting OpenWRT to work on 802.11ac devices is hard. By "hard" I mean I tried compiling daily builds from source twice, 3 months apart, and it didn't work so I gave up.
9:27 AM
@qwertyuiop ow.
Back in the old days I might have actually debugged the driver myself but nowadays I'm just too lazy.
yea, I'm running dd-wrt on one and stock firmware on the others -_-
welp minion has made an account manager cry... :S
@Bob family + culture
@Burgi Tell us more about this minion
9:28 AM
@Burgi give him a medal
@JourneymanGeek ah
Oh someone bought my CPU
At a somewhat largely inflated price.
@qwertyuiop that honestly sounds like something I'd just plain give up on... don't have the patience to go digging into that :\
I like how this new SD card claims to be "temperature proof"
@Bob lol
> You received a payment of £129.99 GBP from <buyer name redacted>
Huh lol, that's actually exactly the same price (to the penny) I paid for it a year ago. And it wasn't even deliberate.
turns out our mass email mailing provider does not save the email tests after sending them
what is it?
9:32 AM
an email went out with the wrong font size
its only 2px out but she flipped out and ran off
and o.O
@qwertyuiop new server?
@Bob Nah, desktop. It's basically an oddball CPU that was made as an i7 980x and relabelled as a Xeon. I upgraded my old i7 920 by buying that a little over a year ago
ah. weird.
standard consumer socket for a Xeon...
9:34 AM
LGA 1366.
oh wait that's normal
Actually you'd be surprised. E3 xeons have always worked in standard consumer socket motherboards (LGA115x), E5 xeons have always worked in high-end consumer socket motherboards (X58/78/98 etc).
@qwertyuiop yea I just checked o.o
I always thought they were special
Nah. It's literally a couple efuses and a different CPUID
hm. old micro sd is in some weird half-failed read-only state
I want to send it in for a warranty replacement, but I can't delete my data off it -_-
9:36 AM
Hence buying a Xeon W3680 for £80-120 and getting the same performance as a i7 980x which still sells for £200-250.
@Bob Ah I have one of those that's the same (A Sony 64GB)
@qwertyuiop do you have to mod it, or just slot it in?
@Bob Straight in. Same socket. Same specs.
@qwertyuiop Transcend 64 GB one here
lifetime warranty, so they say
Need BIOS support for the "Xeon" CPU ID string, but that's literally it.
I'm pretty glad mine failed into a read-only state, better than all my previous MicroSD cards which failed into a no-read state -_-
@qwertyuiop yea, I managed to rescue the photos :)
9:37 AM
@Bob Pretty much the same image when I chkdsk'd mine ;)
R-Studio recovered everything on mine. As I'd expect it to. Best data recovery software ever
@qwertyuiop as is clear from their wonderful website
@Rahul2001 Y'know I was so angry when my botched windows 10 upgrade left my computer unusable I wanted to sue them but I never believed it'd actually work
@qwertyuiop Same here... turns out it does work
Heh, as does some sort of invisible, undocumented, auto-rollback feature
The initial upgrade got stuck at the rebooting screen for like, 4 hours. After which I got bored and force rebooted it, after 3 times it decided to rollback the upgrade.
There wasn't any option to cancel, abort, or rollback manually, none of the startup menu entries worked, it was just out of sheer luck and frustration that it turns out hitting the reset button repeatedly makes it rollback
10:00 AM
@qwertyuiop ...I just copied it with Explorer :\
Urgh, ffs. The one time in my life I have to use the Glasgow route it's diverted and takes 40+ minutes extra.
Can someone help me with a short and silly question?
I'll have an exam in some minutes about computer networks. We need to encircle subnetworks in a picture representing the network. The routers are the borders to this.
But do i need to include the router interfaces in the subnet?
I thought so already :) Thank you
10:27 AM
Oh, apparently I got annoyed with that image at some point and added it to my adblocker...
@qwertyuiop perhaps you use it too much...
Perhaps not
Perhaps we'll never know
10:36 AM
11:13 AM
Why is this room so quiet?
On widnows 10 machine, we've started a node server on port 3000, however, in the browser (on the same machine) we type http://localhost:3000, the browser isn't able to connect...?
Anyone have a clue related to that problem?
@Rahul2001 because some of us have work to do! ;)
@JourneymanGeek lol haha
@Bob the joke is that AC boys who are racially Chinese are awful in their mother tongue. They tend to stick with English for the most part.
@jokerdino ah.
The irony comes from the name Anglo-Chinese.
11:29 AM
Is it possible to use lxc to run a process sandbozed
without having to use docker and all
@HackToHell pretty much.
though lxc is a more 'traditional' containerised vm
Oh awesome, I wanna try it out
Is there a guide or something?
@jokerdino Heh
I'm basically incapable of speaking my mother tongue these days
@qwertyuiop heh. I was immersed in it
I learnt to speak english from cartoons
11:37 AM
My limited English came from Cartoon Network and reading newspaper.
I apparently sounded like yosamite sam at one point
eee baah?
(yoh-sah-mit-eh, not yosa-might)
I think you're confusing a texan accent with a mexican one.
and that is a VERY important distinction in texas
11:45 AM
Same here, Cartoon Network and movies.
@qwertyuiop which is ?
@HackToHell Chinkeynese Mandarin
@Bob: Can you tell if this is a fox or a dog or a wolf or a whatever?
mouth says fox, ears and colour kinda say dog..?
looks like a puppy
@JourneymanGeek the other gifv
@qwertyuiop I'd say dog
but some weird half breed
11:55 AM
Sounds like a souleating hellbeast... so fox
...youtube source video says fox
There's sound? o_0
@Bob Oh
arctic fox... explains the colour
@qwertyuiop you might be the second or third to post that
11:56 AM
@Bob Oh
5 hours ago, by HackToHell
@ThatBrazilianGuy https://i.imgur.com/lSWDCWB.jpg
12:09 PM
Hmm trying to recalculate the euref result and finding out men die a lot
@qwertyuiop Pretty well known that women tend to have longer life expectancies in developed countries..?
men die once.
@Bob Yeah, but that doesn't tell the whole story
Shorter "life expectancy" doesn't tell you much about when they die.
^-- this is where were going towards.. you heard it here first.
Thinking about moving to the UK
12:21 PM
@qwertyuiop Hmm
lol Greenland looks way too big.
@GuitarShoeDave Crap website design. HTML 139 Errors, CSS 3 49 Errors, CSS 2.1 641 Errors.
12:28 PM
@DavidPostill: the site just had a facelift last month. Wouldnt be surprised.
yeah its my favorite website related to financial news
@GuitarShoeDave When the banner chops off text it loses all credibility ...
I dont have that issue
Latest Firefox
12:30 PM
firefox stinks
now i'm really confused...
FILES_CRIT=($(find ${DIR} -maxdepth 1 -type f -mmin +${CRITICALVAL}))
That should only be defined if a file is found, right?
@DavidPostill @DavidPostill: Btw, thats an interesting dataset
@GuitarShoeDave :) Unfortunately @qwertyuiop probably won't see it as she has me hidden :/
12:35 PM
wow that's cool @GuitarShoeDave
but it doesn't explain wtf just happened in my script, either way, using ! -z now instead of -n
as find is returning whitespace instead of null
tho it was working before, which is .... weird
eww :)
@djsmiley2k: commandlinefu.com is pretty cool too.
saves time
so I did 1 find, and it returned empty string
whcih worked
but once I did 2 finds, works no more
@dj: You probably want to do the for x in find etc; do whatever "$x"; done
ah heres an example
for h in `find /proc/*/fd -ilname "/tmp/Flash*" 2>/dev/null`; do ln -s "$h" `readlink "$h" | cut -d' ' -f1`; done
lemme know how that works ^--
12:42 PM
"The Electoral Commission said a record 46.5 million people registered to vote. The question on the ballot paper was: "Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?" The side that gets more than 50% of the votes will win.*" --- (irregardless of the outcome)
It wasnt a fair vote
They counted the majority of the leaves first.
But where's the Scottish not English?
vacation apparently
The whole thing was a giant farce
But most people seemingly didn't realise that until afterwards
12:55 PM
People who changed their mind hours after finding out the result shouldn't have been allowed to vote
Irresponsible f***tards
@djsmiley2k: It was staged. And was an unfair vote.
@qwertyuiop: I wholeheartly agree with that.
@qwertyuiop Amen
I didn't mean that! :/
"I voted on a whim because I didn't think my vote mattered!"
"I wanted to vote remain but voted leave for the lols because I didn't think they actually had any chance of winning!"
I told all my 10 friends in the UK to vote remain.. They all did.
I remained in my house.
12:59 PM
I didn't tell anyone to do anything
They were planning on voting remain.. :P
But it seems everyone on my Facebook who has mentioned anything all claim to have voted Yes
I didn't vote because I couldn't be sure personally which I felt was better.
@GuitarShoeDave Hmm. Must be my settings then. Probably min font size or something. I have a similar issue with chat (user names get truncated on the bottom).
my head says remain (still does)
1:01 PM
@DavidPostill: Possibly one of your extensions. Havent installed any of those yet, which ones do you have installed?
i keep having massive arguments with my mother about the vote
she voted to leave in '75 and she voted to leave now
@GuitarShoeDave Too many to list :)
@DavidPostill: ha!! , im going to start with ublock
@GuitarShoeDave Here you go:
I think regardless of the outcome though, I think the UK will be the best to live once the whole octopus unwinds
I really need to move out of here.. ASAP
1:06 PM
my American friends are telling me that the news over there is all about brexit and it has pushed trump out of the news
@Burgi Hahahahahahaha
Also the fact that Trump is over here might have something to do with it
@GuitarShoeDave Yep. That's how I block all the caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat and taytaytay images :)
Well I dunno if he still is, he was last week
1:07 PM
@qwertyuiop help, afk, awsm, ban, color, convert, define, die, doge, domain, eval, export, findcommand, forget, forgetseen, github, google, hang, imdb, import, info, inhistory, jquery, learn, listcommands, listen, live, mdn, meme, moustache, mustache, norris, nudge, parse, refresh, spec, stat, stats, tell, timer, todo, unban, undo, unonebox, user, weather, wiki, xkcd, youtube, zalgo, ;), ;p, \/s*, after5, ahh, ahhfire, areyoukidding, bababababat, baroo, beatingbloodoutofarockwithahalberd
bespecific, boberror, brainf__k, bunny, caaaaat, caaaat, caat, cabbages, cancer, caniuse, catdrop, catsh
@qwertyuiop i think it is your duty as a citizen of the world to take out trump while he is in scotland
1:08 PM
Tuesday, June 28, 2016 -
Monessen, PA

2:30 PM


Donald J. Trump for President Policy Speech
This event is not open to the public
@qwertyuiop only in Britain
@Burgi A few seconds later:
@DavidPostill: It's not uBlock ;(
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