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12:20 AM
@DavidPostill Gotta keep it at 16! :P
(I didn't actually d/v it)
Q: Windows 10 takes 2+ hours to boot

user1780242I am running a Dell T7600 workstation with RAID 5 configuration on a Perc 310 adapter running Windows 10. I just converted my partition from MBR to GPT. I changed the Bios to boot in UEFI mode. It wouldn't boot using any of the existing UEFI options so I used a Macrium USB boot drive to gain acce...

Sounds like a driver...
I'd say its raid
But a T7600 should be pre-UEFI I'd think
12:40 AM
one assumes it was working fine before he started messing with it :-) just get him away from it, and MSes wonderous self-repair features will kick in and everything will be fine. I am still wondering if anyone actually advantages from the self fix features, when all we see here is it collapsing in on itself.
uh oh, windows server doing the "preparing network connections" crap againn
it dos it 5ever
6ever, 7ever, until I have to go up to the attic and press the power buttons with 1000 metric newton-poundds of force
it's like watts per meter kelvin but much more intuitive :>
is the oldmud Hour of power, with the liters of juice, running wattmiles
12:57 AM
how many minutes are in a dollar?
(1 U.S. dollar) per (Euro * gbp) = 0.628057211 U.S. dollars^-1
good deal
if you look at google earth it looks like notch's house is being remodeled
or maybe m$ is modeling it for him
so it has panels everywhere
anyone remember when microsoft was heading towards integrating windows in the home?
It would have worked if apple did it first :-)
sure, yeah, DOS didn't work because apple didn't do it first
had 897087897560 viruses
covered biweekly by danooct
finished RAID reconfiguration without a hitch
I already have to re-boot my central heating system, wasnt really interested in busting more stuff. Cool thing about appliances (what once was women) dont put up with that stuff not working.
does your central heating system have a /bin/ folder or a system32 folder by any chance
if so, you need to delete it right away
diskpart totally violated the rules of CLI
DISKPART> select volume D
DISKPART> extend

DiskPart successfully extended the volume.

really, without warning or confirmation?!
I was going to expand the system drive too!
Oh crap, do you happen to remember the password for the toilet, i really gotta go now!
1:10 AM
it lets you take full control of the flush
That requires admin privelages
yeah, it's gotta be root,root
you know how insecure e-toilets are these days
all those bacteria and viruses floating around
or just buy a new toilet, they have parallel flushing, with 192 flushcores at 4kL/hr
The update for the toaster stopped, now the front door lock isnt working
1:13 AM
reflash microwave firmware, richard stallman got a GPL one
Screw it, i am , , , it is after all, , , going through the windows
window: Permission denied
gonna have to sudo that
anyone here still use nt4 server?
!!tell 25759354 no
i would have to obligatory downvote that, just on principal
1:17 AM
yeah well me neither
instead, I use server 2k3
ntvdm64 plz
Why would you need to run 16-bit applications still? Geez... On a server?!
nah the server already does that
@allquixotic Because vendors.
1:36 AM
@oldmud0 someone on sf got rid of his last ones a few months ago.
I might have install media somewhere....
mail 2k8 media if you want this atrocity to end
someone back in 2003 probably spent $4000 on the monster that is in my attic
Oh its from my misspent and desolute youth, when I used to pirate software :p
1:51 AM
2k3 with 25 cals
who would do such a thing
how do you negative star chat posts
Someone running a terminal server?
sure, I dunno how to run the terminal server but it's probably not useful anymore
it is like melting steel beams with jet fuel they tell me
2:10 AM
nice ocr
I don't like xaml, just because it's XML
2:25 AM
@oldmud0 OCR? that's not OCR.
that's me typing the characters you typed
you actually took your time, effort and energies to copy my ascii art exactly how I made it in its full stupidity
 @@@@@@@ ____________________________________________
 / \ / ppl stil run win10u1 \
 | o | O | | /
 | < | | wat /
 \ --- / <________________________________________/
 | ^/^
 / \
 / \
 / \"
    @@@@@@@    ________________________
   /       \  / ppl stil run win10u1   \
   | o | O |  |                        /
   |   <   |  |     wat               /
    \ --- /   <______________________/
       |  ^/^
      / \
     /   \
    /     \
the underscores aren't rendered on a 1-for-1 basis in WPF for some reason
so they seem way too long there
i think you need only half as many
I can't star my own posts :(
But I will remember this
2:49 AM
What exactly are local security policies?
Where are they stored?
They're not in System32\GroupPolicy :/
@allquixotic monospace font pls :P
@oldmud0 it doesn't say in the UI for them?
thanks a lot to m$
Found it, it's at %winroot%\inf\sceregvl.inf
3:14 AM
woot. figured out how to change the bloody language thing in Windows 10 where apps decide to use my native language instead of English
3:39 AM
asdf? adsf!!!
It just says, "English" 3 times
By the way I still use good ol Winforms with good ol MainMenu
Sorry if that offends anyone
And I have no SSD in my computer
Again, using a computer older than 2 of my cousins might offend some audiences out there.
worst manual I have ever read in my life:
> When the airptane away from the ground in 30cm position,the helicopter will suffer by itself blade vortex to become unstable, we callit " effect response " ,when the helicopter weight lower. and the " elfect responso " affect will be bigger.
4:08 AM
@allquixotic So... current rumor is the iPhone 7 might drop the TRRS port entirely, and require a Lightning connection for wired audio.
Probably won't affect you as much since you're mostly on BT.
4:31 AM
@Bob @_@ wow
yeah, good thing I use Bluetooth :D
5:14 AM
@oldmud0 Arf.
6:08 AM
Hm, shiny
Tho I'm surprised you can power one of those directly
6:43 AM
@JourneymanGeek Power what directly?
ANything. The RPI's kinda ...
Oh, they bypassed the USB port
@JourneymanGeek I'm confused.
@Bob they fitted a nano USB wifi thing into a pi zero by soldering it directly to the test pads for USB data, and siphoning power out of the main power input
@JourneymanGeek Yea, but I don't really get what's so surprising about that o.O
@Bob: I thought they did it the semi correct way, and the pi 1 is kinda finicky over power draw

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