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12:07 AM
Clearly you drink too much coffee
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1:48 AM
Q: Recovering corrupted java script file

Richard GrantI had a flashdrive that went corrupted on me and i had to resort to data recovery software to get all of my work back. All went well except this file that i NEED. recreating this file would be a MAJOR pain in the arse, its the heart of hundreds of operations. The file contents: 658f c919 ebfc ...

As a trained forensics dog, if someone asked me to do this, I'd hide under the bed.
2:06 AM
ooh, this is arkward. Found an answer to a question on SU. On a site that tells you how to grow weed
1 hour later…
3:06 AM
Yep... so been off the computer for a couple days. Basically my ACL detatched from my Tibia and took a piece of bone with it. Fun times! I go in for surgery on Monday morning (Saturday afternoon here).
@JourneymanGeek It's hardly coffee when you call it 'Iced gingerbread frappe' though :P
I'm kinda nervious about monday
On one hand, I'm super confident about the technical side of things. On the other, this is the first in person interview I've gotten so far
I was kinda the opposite with my current job, I'm cool with talking to people, but I was going into a field that I've never really worked in before.
Pretty much the same here.
(And in general, I shine talking to technical people. I'm a geek after all)
3:22 AM
it's my first time in the chat, so i don't know what to do :p
Think of it as IRC with googlable logging ;p
sadly i never used irc before
Get off my lawn! (jk)
lol :p
so what do you discuss in this room
Mostly things.
3:24 AM
Its a general room, but certain topics, like the shittiness of beats audio, computer hardware and such come up a lot.
Also fountain pens.
The whole room is logged (and there's transcripts for everything)
yeah ;p
i see « first day (1569 days earlier)
Oh and keyboards mice and such. I am SU's resident keyboard snob
Yup ;p
and everything started with 'crickets' :p
3:26 AM
Ugh... this Poweredge 2850 is blocking my computer chair... but it's too heavy to move with my broken knee! D:
lol my wife would kill me if she saw what I just did...
What did you do?
I sorted... dragged it while hopping around on my good leg.
Dude, walking stick ;p
(heck I have one, though, its mostly used for pushing around the little bricks the washing machine is on)
3:29 AM
I have crutches, but... then I couldn't use my hands to pick up the server, right?!
did the tags to superuser posts got capitalized recently?
Not as far as I can tell
Doesn't look like it from here
Are you still using the dark theme? Perhaps that has something to do with it.
And eh @nakinlaulu style aside, your lack of capitalisation is going to get fixed.
3:33 AM
oops, it's the the theme effect
Dark theme?
Check his SU profile.
ahh, that
have to change it in the .css
hurts my eyes :p
3:36 AM
I run a dark theme on my secondary desktop
I should put it on everything but lazy XD
you can sync addons on the browser
i think it should get synced along with stylish
Yeah, I should.
are name and email always private on the user profile?
I don't remember
I see everything, being a mod ;p
(well not everything but those things I see)
I don't see email addresses.
3:43 AM
so it's not private then, at least for mods :p
In general though, we wouldn't even bother to check ;p
i'd like to make it public, and don't see a meaning for those fields to exist if they are only private
@nakinlaulu: In theory we can contact users through that email
Also, its used for things like account recovery I suppose
However You don't want a mod message
but you can have separate email when you register
it's for gravatar sync only i suppose
it's cool to be a mod :p i think you can even see people typing.. in the text area like in skype
You just get a few extra buttons
In fact, my chat window probably looks the same as yours
3:52 AM
Looking for an opensource library that can do traffic shaping on linux.
I mean I have the source to tc open right now but I really don't want to go that deep.
in case if you're using dark theme
i think i've obsession with dark themes and lowercase (eye problems perhaps)
4:44 AM
@nakinlaulu Light on dark is often less straining on the eyes
It certainly is for me
@JourneymanGeek, I mitigated an SSH brute-force attack a few days ago on the server
Had to disable the SSH service for a while
chuckle If you DON'T get those I'd be surprised.
Logged in through the out-of-band console to recover
Haven't seen the attack resume so far.
I really see no way someone's going to successfully brute-force a 4096-bit RSA key
Waste of server resources.
5:00 AM
@DragonLord yeah, i wish every gui had a dark theme
@JourneymanGeek SSH logging verbosity has been increased in an attempt to catch more attackers.
I've seen a lot of log messages without IP addresses
what's being done after the attacker is 'caught', i guess the ip gets blocked. or not only?
Fail2ban already monitors the system log, but sshd wasn't providing enough information.
5:39 AM
@nakinlaulu: Pretty much, for a user-set period of time
@DragonLord: Could always go key based
5:57 AM
1 hour ago, by DragonLord
I really see no way someone's going to successfully brute-force a 4096-bit RSA key
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11:20 AM
11:35 AM
there's android 4.4 for my old phone
11:57 AM
Over the air, via the manufacture , or a tested by users on the web?
12:09 PM
Entirely experimental, made by some random fella, currently guaranteed not to work well ;p
12:20 PM
Has anyone here worked with Intel's Galelio board ?
what's dat? one of dem processing units on a PCI-E card?
Nope, an arduino clone
Or so they say
@JourneymanGeek my networking-fu is not very strong but I'm pretty sure the issue here is about configuring the VM's network settings on the Windows host and, as such, I think the Q belongs here. Am I right?
Q: Cannot connect to the server through host machine that I created in guest machine in Linux Mint

gmasterUsing virtualbox I am running a server on Linux-Mint(guest) and client machine is windows-8 (host). When I try to connect to the server (which looks like from windows-8, nothing happens. Chrome shows this: So to solve this I have been looking through the Internet ...

12:52 PM
Done now.
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1:54 PM
This keeps being funny:
I know that one
@terdon: his terminology is horrible p
@JourneymanGeek poor fella's confused :)
2:20 PM
@JourneymanGeek lol
2:39 PM
haha, where do you find those images?
2:58 PM
the site is overwhelmed with ads
I tend to read it via rss and with adblock
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4:49 PM
So I have a webservice, and most calls require a valid account id and password. However, it's an F2P game. I've got a captcha for creating a new account, and for when you enter numbers in the contest. I don't want to hit them with 2 captchas their first time in, so the plan is to create the account when they send their first entries.
this means I need one call to the service, "Get Available Contests" that has no authentication.
would you consider that a security issue?
it seems to me the only thing that could be done is a malicious guy hitting it over and over to stress the database, but I guess that hitting ones with authentication and no id still would stress the db
so it seems like a non-issue. I want to know if my reasoning is wrong here :)
Gonna pull a all nighter
Let's see how sleep deprived I can get before I give in ;p
5:25 PM
@nakinlaulu Ehm. It is? I did not notice that.
Addblockers for the win
if you have some rep, the ads are reduced
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8:18 PM
@Sathya I was asking for clarification between the outlook.com webmail interface and a local mail client with an outlook.com email account.
Probably could've phrased it a bit better, but meh.
9:09 PM
!!/xkcd 1172
9:49 PM
Q: How do I increase the total size of my storage devices?

user245115So, I've noticed several things about devices I've seen in person. I have a Western Digital My Book 3TB External Drive Plugged into my PC that I bought from one store because it was on sale and I needed extra storage capacity. Then, at another store, I saw they sold the same external hard drive w...


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