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12:00 AM
I checked and it had allocated about that much.
That's why I expect it's because it's full.
I tend to over-allocate for VMs ;p
@JourneymanGeek Yea. I'm not trying that.
@JourneymanGeek I considered doing that, but didn't bother :S
I just need this for some quick-and-dirty pentesting on a webapp.
(for example, my kandan VM is 100gb)
I KNOW I'll never need that much
@JourneymanGeek Well, my Win10 VM is taking less space.
And that's after several updates and a massive program installation.
If I'd buy a new mobo, and could pick betweenECS, Gigabyte, PCWare/Mega, AsRock, Asus, MSI and Intel, which ones are good brands and which ones should I run from?
12:02 AM
I normally expect Linux to be pretty lightweight.
Kali... NOPE
@ThatBrazilianGuy Intel makes generally good hardware.
Never used their mobos before though.
@ThatBrazilianGuy: Intel dosen't make mobos anymore.
Never heard of ECS, PCWare or Mega.
Others sound alright.
I'd go with Asus. ECS is supposed to be a decent niche vendor.
Gigabyte makes great boards but some systems had VRM issues so look up the model before you buy
32 GB VDI.
If this doesn't work I'm giving up.
(disclaimer. Accidental asus fanboy. My monitor, videocard and motherboard are all by them ;p)
12:05 AM
@JourneymanGeek Someone's seeling DH67BL, DH61CR and DH61CRBR
Old model.
(I'm considering building a new desktop system, with and Intel Core i5 650)
Old new stock or second hand?
I really, really really hope unused
From past experience, intels motherboards are a joy to work with, but not very feature packed.
12:07 AM
What kind of features would they lack
The shiny stuff ;p
(extra SATA ports and such)
So... prolly nothing that matters.
There are motherboards ranging from USD 35 (non-Intel) to 70% of my montlhy salary [Asus Maximus V Formula/Thunderfx - BOX] ;____;
35 quid?
Buy 2 in case one dies? ;p
Maximus V is fancypants ;p
The cheapest i7 (Core i7-920) costs 25% of my salary ;_____;
@ThatBrazilianGuy get a motherboard that is 120% of your monthly salery then :-) it is the entire base of the whole computer , dont skimp on it unless your planning on replacing it every 2 years.
12:14 AM
A processor + mobo is about quarter my monthly salary ;p
Damnit. Temptation.
385 games on my steam library and a hardware that can't run 10% of those
(In my defense, 95% of those were bought over 4 years on humble bundle and steam sales)
(I suspect my old system can run a good chunky of my games)
12:17 AM
how much is spending 1/2 a month picking the right one, from reading 500 pages of user forums about them, to see which problems are the least of your worry, then analising the electronics for best chances of working in a few years
@ThatBrazilianGuy: You should get someone to buy the parts in the US, and go on vacation to pick it up ;p
If you try to enter Brazil with computer hardware, the customs officer go all Gollum over you
I mean, as a person, in the airport, not as a company or something
And mailing it is out of the question.
12:21 AM
A friend of mine bought a fancy laptop on the US (USD 1.5k I think) and opened the box and installled stuff to say it was used, and inverted the lid to pretend it was "just some tablet"\
(god that must suck)
A lot. Not all the time, but when I want to upgrade my systems, yeah it does
If I could buy a raspberry pi for USD 35 I'd buy 10 and start classes for kids that wanted to learn computing
would have to find a place for that, might not be so easy... (In fact, I am currently trying to find somewhere to teach WordPress pro bono, an NGO or something, and it's a bit difficult to find and organization interested.)
almost all these board brands mentioned come in about 4 flavors. The Flagship models , one for overclockers with deep pockets, one for gamers who add the name game to it and suddenly they have deep pockets. Then there is the Made just about the same way, with the same basic electronics, a few less features boards that many people buy (and has a lot of user support because of it) . then there is the Weakend versions of them, that are not designed for overclocking and will work . . .
On second thoughts, that's not a good idea to quote here.
12:25 AM
. . For just about anybody. then there is the super economy models, that are built like crap, and the cheap minies. which are good for the purposes that suit them, but bad long term investments.
I once heard that ASrock was asus mobos that failed QA tests from assembly lines and then rebranded
Asrock used to be Asus' budget brand.
Then they became independant
I heard that at least 6 years ago ;p
probably more
Then asus bought them back, and they started making 'odd' enthusiast boards with 20,000 sata ports.
12:28 AM
And then there was PC-CHIPS. Oh, the memories. Oh, the horror.
Leaking capacitors... blue screens everywhere
To call them budget brands would be an understatement
besides the quality of the board, the software they supply is next, most of it unneeded , some of it needed for special purposes. it all sucks , so if a person is actually needing any of this software, it would be good to check with users for just how badly it does suck.
@Psycogeek When I build a PC, I only install the mandatory video/audio/network/whatever drivers and nothing else
(from the CD that comes with the mobo I mean)
The rest is 99.9999999% of the time just crapware anyway
The software is only important when you see these long featured lists of stuff it can do, and begin to be swayed by it, when the software supplied is less important than the hardware build quality
@Bob: If I get this running, want me to convert it to an OVF and shove it somewhere?
12:51 AM
@JourneymanGeek Nah, I think I have it.
Trying to get IIS to stop screwing around now, though, so I'll have to leave this for a bit.
1:10 AM
@JourneymanGeek I like the Kali default wallpaper :P
A: How to prevent unauthorized access to bluetooth speakers?

howbMan, OOO Man. THIS IS AN ISSUE IM HAVING W/ THE ROACH NEIGHBORS. DOING RESEARCH AND AM GETTING SUCH AN EDUCATION. WHAT APPEARS ON MY BT SPEAKS IS THE HK AND ANOTHER SEQUENCE OF #'S and the u d name of the minimav mini mac they are using to turn off my speakers - which I rarely even use. Im al...

What in the world is this???
Gone ;p
@DragonLord Too much tinfoil. Or not enough, depending on your point of view.
I would also describe it as Nonsense and more importantly Not An Answer.
1:21 AM
@JourneymanGeek ...and yes, I flagged it as not an answer.
And I deleted it, then realised you did, and marked your flag as helpful ;p
Didn't give me time to flag :(
superuser.com/questions/855427/wifi-extender-or-powerline I'm tempted to write a canonical homeplug question.
(or a blog post somewhere)
A: How to prevent unauthorized access to bluetooth speakers?

howbIf there is a way to reconnect and block them from shutting down my BT CONNECTIONS. Right now when searching and ttemt i ng to reconect the speakers purchased keep geetig device no found, or ONLY thier: "Rosenmy Mercado mini mac", OR, "HK ONYX STUDIO", OR # Sequence; 01:4F:,etc They also do this...

@DragonLord Flagged as VLQ. Mostly because I can't understand enough of it to even tell if it's supposed to be an answer or not.
1:36 AM
I'm watching cars of the people. They're about to drop a Lada Riva off a chopper with nothing but a weather sock on it.
With Soviet anthem in the background
Maybe its the russian one.
2:07 AM
In america we use weather ballons they are cheaper :-)
In america they drive through storm on road call dem StomerWatchers. in russia we just drop them through storm, we call them storm troopers
2:53 AM
I'm confused.
@JourneymanGeek You got the Kali VM running?
I can't install the guest additions :S
CD was automounted with noexec
Logged in as root eh... scary :p
@SimonSheehan Eh, it's just a VM.
I don't intend to set up user accounts on it.
I also don't intend to do any web browsing or expose it to the internet directly.
All things considered? Running as root is harmless.
Worst case I accidentally nuke it and have to reinstall.
> 139 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 2 not upgraded.
After this operation, 774 MB disk space will be freed.
crashed post install ;p
ahh, needs PAE
Tor exit server “opened and an unknown USB device was plugged in only 30-60 seconds before the connection was broken” http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.network.tor.user/34619
3:10 AM
I'm not that paranoid about privacy
I don't use Tor nor do I plan to in the future
@Bob: copy over the contents of the disk, then make the .run script executable
Oh and that'll fail cause of lack of kernel headers.
@DragonLord: I used to use it as a troubleshooting aid ;p
@JourneymanGeek how?
@DragonLord: To check if non connectivity to a site was on my side or not
So If a user had issues with a site I helped with, I'd point them at operator (opera + tor in one bundle) and ask them to test.
@JourneymanGeek I just remounted as exec
course, the cool kids use isup.
3:19 AM
Q: Linux Console System info program like linfo

user287318There is a nice program written in php5 that displays a lot of system info on the running system. Visit: http://linfo.sourceforge.net/ Is there a comparable tool that runs in a linux console and displays the info directly on screen? I know about lshw or lspci but that is not what i'm looki...

The PHP one sounds like a recipe for disaster.
I see duplicates! :D
Q: Is it OK to use toothpaste instead of thermal paste when fitting a CPU?

RichieACCI was told many years ago to do this by someone who at the time knew more than I did. The CPU was a celeron in the Pentium 2 era. It ran cooler with the toothpaste between the chip and the heatsink than what it did with nothing between. Has anyone else ever heard of or tried this? What were t...

3:40 AM
Have to transfer about 200 gigs over a 10 Mbps LAN
Some of those answers horrify me.
@HackToHell: Ow.
Not even 100?
What's the best protocol for that ?
@JourneymanGeek nope :(
SMB is unreliable, doesn't continue and stuff
@HackToHell: what OSes, and what sort of files?
@JourneymanGeek Linux to Windows
Also, your hat looks like a begging robot.
3:41 AM
Essentially a backup of all the files
hm. The to windows part makes this tricky.
Guy didn't want me to make an image file
So now several small files and stuff
SMB is slooow
I'd say rsync
3:42 AM
It hits peak of 10 Mbps only with larger files
I get close to line speed on smb ._.
tho in this case line speed for me is fast ethernet
USB drive?
Or are you stuck on USB 1.1?
I don't have a USB drive :/
I could rsync but one end is windows
I tend to use sftp and cyberduck from linux to windows
but, that's secure, not fast
Will a private torrent be faster ?
Atleast it will have resume support
Why not btsync?
Not sure about speed, but its reliable.
3:49 AM
Ooh will try it out
The linux side is webui only
There was a Wells Fargo Root CA?
@HackToHell @JourneymanGeek Just use plain FTP.
(Or FTPS/SFTP if you're going over public internet.)
@Bob Okay, I'll try a part of the transfer with it
4:05 AM
@HackToHell Is it a high-latency connection?
@Bob Nope, local home lan
2ms ping tops
@HackToHell Sneakernet?
I don't have a large enough drive :/
then run faster
@HackToHell Then do it in a couple steps.
4:31 AM
@Bob The max USB drive I have is 4 gb ._.
4:55 AM
User named "Rainman Noodles"... I like that name
May his noodly appendages bless you. Ramen.
5:36 AM
Apple firmware hack: trmm.net/EFI
@allquixotic Gotta love video card drivers: blogs.msdn.com/b/oldnewthing/archive/2014/04/22/10519239.aspx
Weeeeeeeeelp. Apparently Nvidia is the culprit.
I wonder if that explains the terrible memory leak in FF on my desktop.
I'll have to check when I get home.
"With physical access to the machine" potentially a person could write a new firmware for any machine. or they could take it to the freeway overpass, and drop it on someones head Killing people :-)
I think we should worry more about how terrorists would be able to use these computers as weapons of mass destruction, with physical access, and all computers in skyscrapers should be bolted down in steel cages.
also "persists between OS installs" and "infects other firewire devices and can cross airgaps"
Not really sure why I'm concerned about endurance on my SSD
Samsung's warranty is capped to 150 TB TBW on all capacity versions of the SSD 850 PRO, and that's just so that write-heavy enterprise workloads are not covered
Exceptions may be granted if this limited is exceeded under a client workload
Given that, and disregarding the warranty, the bare minimum expected endurance on my SSD is 600 TB TBW
5:53 AM
@DragonLord because of the tiny numbers that the specs have for the actual parts, are rediculous compared to a HD. Because failing in any way sucks, and it being "able" to move stuff that is about to fail, or to keep stuff from failing, does not define edge case scenarios. A fault based system can have more fails.
In reality, considering the endurance of 3D V-NAND, that number is probably closer to 5 PB (!) TBW host writes, or more than 30 PB (!!!) TBW on the NAND (after write amplification)
...and it's not like I'm going to put multiple full drive writes on the SSD every single day for 5+ years
@Psycogeek Explain?
Sure but the system will put tens of thousands of writes on it for you every day :-)
Certannly a person can open the resource monitor and see what kind of psycosis of the windows OS is about writing stuff endlessly. Course it is more prevelent in the "pro" and server systems, where logging & tracing is a constant.
I can see myself putting up to 10-15 GB of writes on the drive each day (and usually less), but that's nowhere near the warranty's 40+ GB per day for 10 years
There are critical hidden file items for the file system, that get heavily abused, and will require wear leveling shifting as a constant. One error moving this stuff around, or one actually failed Bad guess of the transister charge states, and you have error.
Modern SSDs monitor the state of each block as it is read and will intelligently adjust as required
Samsung has a sterling reliability track record and failure rates are very, very low
Doubly so for their high-end, enthusiast-grade drives
(You can thank Samsung's complete vertical integration for that)
6:01 AM
@DragonLord but everyone is thinking BIG, if i put 50 movies on it, and read them for the rest of my life it would never fail. but if i have to change whole blocks over 645bit pieces repeating 10 times a minute for 24 hours a day, then that is something.
Nickle and dime somone to death, and they have no money :-)
@DragonLord: You can probably quantify that with magician ;)
@DragonLord And we know that computers determining the state of a piece of hardware , works right everytime. even though stuff like "SMART" actually only adds at most possible 20% fact that your drive is going to die before it does without it telling you. Smart being another hope and pray system, that a person could believe reduces thier need for a backup, putting them at even higher risk than not even looking.
@Psycogeek That's why I still take regular backups.
@JourneymanGeek Yes, I have Samsung Magician installed
I'm also using CrystalDiskInfo to monitor the TBW count over time
I'm at about 12tb since I got the drive
So IMO it is not so much that it will die tomorrow, it is that it will fail, and MAY not always patch itself up correct. and Little tiny changes in files big and small are barely noticable, but can become hugely annoying and destructive. I would far rather something not be able to BE stored, than for it to be stored changing 1 tiny bit in there off by 1 binary 0or1
Because ya dont SEE tiny errors until it is to late :-(
So now backups should include full bit comparisons, so you know if any aspects of things are collapsing internannly and corrupting single bits, otherwise the backup itself is invalid.
6:13 AM
@Psycogeek That's what MD5 and SHA hashes are for
And like re-reading the file out of the caches ? :-) not all checking methods actually check
So far the testing users have been doing have not actually proved anything other than the car can drive 1,million miles, I am still waiting for the proof that all the passengers arrived with thier cells intact
We wouldnt want this new fangled stuff to be party to the collapse of the system, In That Way. because the little tiny errors that are never figured out, are the worst kind.
When a hard drive started relocating sectors around it was "Its Dead Toss it, run for the hills" even though the system was designed to do exactally that.
ooh, my desktop is at a little over 2 years
457GB TBW, the vast majority is from cloning (three attempts made) and several benchmarks
But when the new technology lives by relocating sections that fail, it is "oh thats great, it is working as designed"
I think I've put about 5-7 GB on it today
6:29 AM
When somone would assemble 4 hard disks together people would say "oh my that is highly unstable any aspect of it could fail at any time, and the whole thing would go" but when the new technology raids together 16 nand chip units in a box , where were all the Raid0 haters?
Its faster, and still simpler ;p
It just seems that if treatment of the new technology was the same as the old stuff that has been around and has not been sped up for crap (hd speed advancements have been density) that we really never would have "accepted" MLC and 3D and expected the manufactures to stay with a binary SLC cells method.
@Psycogeek: At lower cost tho, significantly
If you wanted to go just for reliability, you'd go SLC and large process sizes.
3d nand tho, increases density without process size shrinks.
now SLC is mostly dead right? people (i mean ME) are not going to fork over $1100 for the same size as the $200 one even if the numbers for the internal components are ?? 100times longer?
SLC is still around in enterprise drives.
And really, if you plan for 5 years or so, and don't skimp and buy a shitty drive, your SSD is prolly fine.
6:39 AM
Especially now that it has all grown up.
It is no longer puking on your shirt every once in a while
(and hell, the only reason I'd prematurely replace my SSD is if I wanted to hand down my old one to my laptop ;p)
I put the SSD in for pure speed, and testing. my raids are just as fast, but not when it comes to all that tiny stuff, and the whole system is little parts and pieces now, so the SSD still blows away the raid , even defragged, and cached and short stroked , and anything else i could think of.
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8:00 AM
> December 22, 2014, 4:04 pm, Sydney AU A carrier delay has occurred
December 22, 2014, 12:33 pm, Sydney AU Package arrived at a carrier facility
December 22, 2014, 11:46 am, Sydney AU Package has left the carrier facility
December 22, 2014, 11:46 am, Sydney AU Package arrived at a carrier facility
December 22, 2014, 10:06 am, Sydney AU Completed customs clearance process
December 22, 2014, 10:01 am, Sydney AU Package arrived at a carrier facility
December 20, 2014, 10:05 am, Los Angeles Gateway CA US Package has left the carrier facility
8:16 AM
I just realised my current desktop is ~2 years old ;p
Man, time flies.
(though thankfully, I'll probably have an easier time saving for the next iteration ;p)

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