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4:02 PM
I actually do write ASM
fracking toaster
That whole thing reminded me of this: s.ave.zone/55d.PNG
Man, I really need to study
I''ll start tomorrow, won't be online very often for a month
@Avery Books are COOL!
@Rahul2001 GL
4:08 PM
@Avery Thanks :)
@Rahul2001 i don't get THAT excited about books (or anything really) but yeah, they are cool
@Avery I used to read a lot
I had been reading a lot lately
egh, anyone can add me up if they want goodreads.com/aozk
4:28 PM
Q: Concurrent access to MySQL via Hibernate JPA

allquixoticI'm using the latest version of Hibernate via JPA 2.1 with MySQL 5.7 in a Groovy-based Swing desktop app. (Security note: End-users won't have access to the MySQL database directly because it's running under WebSwing.) Do I need to worry about concurrency issues with multiple readers and writers...

Cat has queshtin
can anyone explain this:
> Currently our IP Address space is advertised to the rest of the world from our legacy BGP transit/peering routers via a transit-style relationship with the iomart core network, which then advertises the IP Addresses to the rest of the internet. We are going to be changing this so that the iomart core network actually performs the BGP network advertisements directly without any reliance on the legacy routers.
my new gravatar
@Rahul2001 I had a dream last night that Trump was in the freezer section (IN the freezer) at the grocery store, and the store owner was walking back to shake his hand and say hello, and I was like NOOOO!!!! DON'T SAY HI TO HIM!!!!
4:39 PM
@Burgi They are going to advertise routing from new boxen, presumably so the legacy boxen can be trashed.
@DavidPostill which can affect GeoIP, AFAIK
I know a lot of hosting companies whose IPs appear to originate from "Romania" or something but the physical server is in the US
@allquixotic Could be.
@allquixotic That is well weird ;p
@allquixotic noo
@jokerdino why not?
I like moocow
4:49 PM
meow* cow
lol, if there's ever a .action TLD, someone should reserve database.action as an attack page
I googled javax.persistence.schema-generation.database.action and Firefox tried to visit it as a domain
Namecheap says that's an invalid TLD
5:01 PM
also hibernate.hbm2ddl.auto so hbm2ddl.auto
@DavidPostill interesting...
holy crap, hbm2ddl.auto is $2488/year
that's just gouging
how many digits in UK phone numbers?
11.... ffs misleading government websites >:(
it says 10 but doesn't count the leading zero
5:28 PM
@Burgi Up to 11. Some phone number have fewer digits :)
I saw 5
What's the code?
@Avery That's possible if you are in the same area. Then you don't need to dial the area code (the bit in parentheses).
no, it's national
like 118 80 and 118 18
both are caller identification services
5:46 PM
@Avery Strictly speaking they are 6 digit codes
> directory enquiries, formerly 192, is now provided in the 118xxx range, e.g. 118 212, 118 800, 118 500, 118 118
No, at least not for turkey
the ones we have are 5 digits
There are also a few 4 digit codes, like 1471
45 mins ago, by Burgi
how many digits in UK phone numbers?
yeah, that's why I said national
missed that message though apparently ugh
Last time I looked Turkey wasn't part of the UK ;p
we were
we trexited
5:49 PM
We do have a Turkey Island (in Hampshire)
phone stuff should be global
and should be revamped and shouldn't use the old old bell standards probably.
@Avery your avatar is cute :)
thanks :) A friend drew it for me
6:14 PM
@djsmiley2k Yes. This is my post.
There is a Turks and Caicos Island under British.
Trusteeship council tried their best to make them independent.
1 hour later…
7:45 PM
We have 3-digit telephone codes
2 hours later…
9:25 PM
goodnight :)
10:16 PM
@DavidPostill yeah it says 10 in your image but it actually means 11 because of the zero
@Burgi Exactly. The leading 0 (the trunk prefix code) is not counted as part of the telephone number digits.
> Making a domestic (national) telephone call usually requires the dialing of a single or two-digit national trunk prefix preceding any area codes and the destination subscriber number. In most countries, such as Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom, the trunk prefix is 0.
The NSN (National Significant Number) is the digit count after the 0 trunk code or +44 international country code.
> When dialling within the country, all area codes are preceded by the national trunk prefix 0, which has been included in all listings in this article. 0 was traditionally the number dialled for the operator for trunk calls before subscriber trunk dialling (STD) was introduced, and so was retained as a prefix for direct dialled calls.
> ... A Severe Thunderstorm Warning remains in effect until 700 PM EDT
for Anne Arundel... east central Howard... southern Baltimore and
northeastern Prince Georges counties and southern Baltimore City...

At 625 PM EDT, a severe thunderstorm was located over Bowie, moving
northeast at 25 mph.

Hazard... 60 mph wind gusts and quarter size hail.

Source... radar indicated.

Impact... damaging winds will cause some trees and large branches to
fall. This could injure those outdoors, as well as damage
not worried for my life, but I'm worried for my roof's structural integrity if there's hail
10:31 PM
@allquixotic Ooooer :/
@allquixotic Ouch.
Here in New York, we've had problems with shingles getting torn off and rain leaking through the walls and ceiling during tropical storms.
10:55 PM
it was 26C here earlier
@DavidPostill it wasn't helped by the fact that SQL server gives the least helpful error
"one of your 25 columns is too big but we won't tell you which one"
there is an outstanding bug for it on uservoice for the last 13 years
i had to disable errors then insert a single row and export it to match up which columns were being truncated
MySQL tells you which column its failing on
11:15 PM
i meant "too small"
11:57 PM

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