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12:33 AM
@BenN most 4Kn drives have it on the sticker. ;p
I need something stiff and meaty inside me.
Perhaps some mature sausage. Or a burger. Or maybe just pizza
Eh, I think I'll go with pizza.
1 hour later…
2:15 AM
@JourneymanGeek Oddly enough, my 3 TB WD Green does not indicate that it is an Advanced Format drive anywhere on the label. The QR code is not of much use, either; it just points to the product page for the drive family (not even the specific model WD30EZRX).
It's 512e, but some older WD drives I've worked with do in fact say so.
@qasdfdsaq Not mine, though.
This is not US branding. The Caviar brand is no longer in use here in the States.
It's just called WD Green.
No "Caviar".
Exact same model number, so must just be a labelling omission
Either that or they think Americans don't need to know. Or the NSA redacted the information so they could hide spyware between the sectors
If you do the math on the numbers on the specs page it seems the sectors are more like 530 bytes. So clearly it's the NSA hiding things
> Advanced Format Drive. To achieve full performance:
• Windows® XP, multi partition and cloning software users – use WD Align software available on http://www.wdc.com/advformat
• Windows® XP, single partition – set jumpers 7–8 prior to installation or use WD Align SW
• All other OS configurations – drive is ready for use as is
That's what many older WD AF drives say. If I recall correctly, the WD Black hard drive that came with my laptop had the same notice.
Seagate AF drives bear the AF logo proper.
And they still come with the same notice outside the U.S.
The NSA is hiding things from you dude. That's the only explanation.
2:25 AM
Don't be so paranoid.
Why would information on sector size be redacted only inside the US, and why would US drives have 5% extra invisible space that's not documented?
My drive is a retail packaged drive purchased from a brick-and-mortar store (Best Buy). OEM drives likely still have the same information.
Yet the other way round would make more sense.
2:54 AM
@bwDraco my HGST laptop drive was labelled with an AF badge
@Bob your cshell file still seems to open the cmd window
There's another issue (it only outputs the first line of the message) too
3:30 AM
Gosh. My laptop is barely able to play this game.
...and it will not run on anything older than Windows 10.
Nothing to do with AXbox integration, it's a DX12 game.
DX12 is only available on Windows 10
Okay. That makes sense.
They didn't bther implementing DX9/DX10 legacy caodepaths
Spent upwards of $2000 on this laptop and just two years later, it is showing its age.
Yeah, laptops generally tend to age faster
Don't have a MXM module?
3:34 AM
@qasdfdsaq Are you on mobile? These typos are not characteristic of normal typing.
No, I have a takeaway box blocking the chat box so I can't see my typing
@qasdfdsaq Yes, and the machine can accept a GTX 980M, but not a cost-effective upgrade.
eurocom.com/ec/vgas%281%29ec (search for "P157SM" and you'll find it)
CA$980 (US$845 as of this writing).
Would rather spend the money towards a new desktop.
I'm waiting about 6-9 months for a gaming laptop worth buying
@JourneymanGeek Compile with /t:winexe
3:45 AM
shrug probably a window either before or after it if in the chain
if it's after (From toast) then you just need to hide the window
problem is I need to go do something else. back in an hour.
Its not toast - more likely the display
shrug No real rush.
How multithreaded are Android apps these days?
With Android devices having lots of cores to optimize power consumption and performance, it's important that apps can take advantage of them.
@Bob someone's hacked together something with the SDK, Might be worth hacking off of that
bat2exe dosen't trigger off the window
Tegra K1 on Nexus 9 uses dual-core NVIDIA Denver, which has very high single-thread performance but is an absolute power hog.
4:05 AM
@Bob heh, the SDK + bobnotify seem enough to hack something that works.
4:33 AM
@JourneymanGeek Link?
@JourneymanGeek hm. if one were to do it properly they'd use the display window but that'sd somewahat restrictive - it basically requires a winform -_-
@Bob could use a non visual notification to fire up something else
that's what jonno seems to have done
4:58 AM
@allquixotic poke
5:26 AM
So anyone built any production APIs before ?
Nobody has ever.
2 hours later…
7:04 AM
@JourneymanGeek Was something to do with winscp :\
couldn't close that either
ahh ;p
had to end that process, then vs2013 started responding normally again
the lag or the VS problems?
and heh. I haven't used winscp in a while
@JourneymanGeek vs
I think the lag was unrelated
Have an Android 6.0 device with a fingerprint reader? As mandated by the Android CDD, rest assured that it is designed to not have a false acceptance rate of more than 1 in 50,000 (0.002%).
7:06 AM
Also. Those giant spiders are a pain in the arse ;p
So I forked from repo X, now repo X has a branch Y. How I get that branch in my forked repo Z?
@JourneymanGeek If they get in there, most def.
I remember being able to configure the fingerprint reader on my old laptop to be stricter with the fingerprint scanning; it could be configured to have a false acceptance rate of 1 in 100,000 (0.001%). Not sure how good my current laptop's fingerprint reader is, though.
@HackToHell Pull upstream/branchY
Where upstream should be a remote pointing to repo X.
7:13 AM
assuming it is git
hi superusers!
@Bob lemme
Whoa another @bob
So who gets pinged ;p
Some programs can be called from the command line. For example (nmap) which you only have to type nmap. Some programs requires you to go in the right directory before calling the program. I was wondering if there was file (with a list of commands to call without navigating) that would automatically find that perticular program. This way, I wouldn't have to navigate to the directory before calling it.
oh and hello new @bob
@bob If it's installed, check registry
It has been a week since I first found this great chat
7:20 AM
In my experience, Google has simply hit it out of the ballpark with Nexus Imprint. It's very fast and very reliable.
Two bobs... it's like Office Space.
Attempted to fix the headphones again
Man, I wish I had a small machine shop :(
what about programs that aren't installed, such as file (I'm using a macbook pro)
7:23 AM
@bob minimal research would be helpful here.
But the answer is "Its in your path"
3 mins ago, by Bob
@Bob_not_a_fox didn't mention his OS tho
@JourneymanGeek I don't even care anymore.
THo technically that's not live support
git pull upstream/xxx_job
fatal: 'upstream/xxx_job' does not appear to be a git repository
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.
7:26 AM
13 mins ago, by Bob
Where upstream should be a remote pointing to repo X.
You need to add the remote first.
git pull upstream
remote: Counting objects: 185, done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (106/106), done.
remote: Total 185 (delta 52), reused 0 (delta 0)
Receiving objects: 100% (185/185), 21.40 KiB | 0 bytes/s, done.
Resolving deltas: 100% (52/52), completed with 7 local objects.
From yyyy
* [new branch] history_job -> upstream/xxx_job
* [new branch] master -> upstream/master
You asked to pull from the remote 'upstream', but did not specify
a branch. Because this is not the default configured remote
I did :D
git pull upstream gives me that
But pull to a specific branch doesn't work
shrug git pull upstream branch
or git fetch upstream branch
who knows, play around a bit, try manpages, try google
maybe git checkout
A: Git fetch remote branch

ralphtheninjaYou need to create a local branch that tracks a remote branch. The following command will create a local branch named daves_branch, tracking the remote branch origin/daves_branch. When you push your changes the remote branch will be updated. For earlier versions of git: git checkout --track ori...

A: Git fetch remote branch

Mark MikofskiI have used fetch followed by checkout ... git fetch <remote> <rbranch>:<lbranch> git checkout <lbranch> ... where <rbranch> is the remote branch or source ref and <lbranch> is the as yet non-existent local branch or destination ref you want to track and which you probably want to name the sa...

i should relearn git
7:29 AM
@HackToHell And do you have an existing local branch?
@Bob no ...
I have a local master
Not that new branch
@HackToHell ...then use one of the answers I linked above, which don't assume a local branch.
Got it
Space works
Pulled and checked out
thanks :D
in the profile_bash file, I added a directory that pointed to a file
whenever I type the file, it doesn't start it, any idea why?
7:47 AM
@JourneymanGeek gave it a shot but didn't have much luck - I suspect I'd need a proper Win10 machine to link the required libs
@Bob 0_0
You don't have a proper windows 10 machine?
I could I guess ? Are you getting it to fire up an external app, or something else?
@JourneymanGeek My only Win10 machine at the moment is a tablet I use for testing.
VS would barely run on that.
Also, I only have VS2013, which only has the Win8 libs, not the Win10 libs (VS2015)...
Well, I have VS2015 installed
I'm not totally sure why ;p
7:53 AM
Any ideas why my 5T hard drive is so slow? I'm trying to figure it out without success...
$ sudo hdparm -Tt /dev/sdb
[sudo] password for ionicabizau:

 Timing cached reads:   11350 MB in  2.00 seconds = 5677.48 MB/sec
 Timing buffered disk reads:  22 MB in  3.16 seconds =   6.96 MB/sec
@IonicăBizău 5T... is this a seagate?
@JourneymanGeek Yes.
Check the rotational speed
You might have a bad disk
7:54 AM
and this may be a good question for the main site.
@JourneymanGeek How can I do that?
I already asked it, but didn't get any good answers...
Q: External drive is extremely slow and freezing when saving files on it

Ionică BizăuI'm cloning repositories on my 5T external drive. It is extremely slow. It is not an SSD, but I feel that something is wrong somewhere. I created two partitions on it: 10k MB (~10 GB): ext4 the rest is ntfs Even when reading or saving a file (using vim or any other editor) it takes more tha...

@IonicăBizău look up the model
@JourneymanGeek I visited all the links already... :D
I have no idea if that works or not. Can't compile it here and I have no intellisense for the Win10 stuff
You'll need to grab the NotificationExtensions.Win10 package off NuGet
And you'll need to reference Windows.winmd through the references dialog ("Windows" on the left)
You'll also need to add the two Growl libs via the references dialog ("Browse" on the left)
and you'll need to go to project properties and change the build settings to x86 instead of AnyCPU
7:58 AM
@HackToHell How can I check that?
(Growl libs are x86-only)
@JourneymanGeek well... if you need more specific instructions let me know :P
Is it possible that by using a Windows machine I can fix the HD issue? Maybe it has some kind of formatting that helps the HD... Have no idea...
or set up teamviewer and I can try to do it through that
8:01 AM
Dragged and dropped in the two libraries...
8:12 AM
Guys, I really messed up
Edited wrong my bash_profile and now I cannot use the ternimal anymore and thus can't change the file
I need sudo privileges to edit it but I do not have them
I am using a macbook pro
@bob Sounds like a job for U&L. Or possibly Ask Different.
8:32 AM
env -i bash --noprofile --rcfile /etc/profile
9:02 AM
hey guys i bought a used lenovo with windows 10 pro original preinstalled (i don't have the installation disk) but I'm a linux user so if I remove windows and decided to reinstall it in the future, will I be able to use the license key currently used on Lenovo?
9:20 AM
@Lynob There's probably no 'key' in the traditional sense
It would be a very very sensible idea to build recovery media and keep it in a safe place tho
10:13 AM
Can memtest86 be run on a Xen bare metal ?
@HackToHell erm. why?
I think the box has bad RAM
It might work
Strange validation errors'
But you might not get results that mean anything
10:18 AM
Bleh, their download page has only images
@HackToHell Boot from the image.
You do have out-of-band management, right?
Have to schedule a down time then
Then again this is only a possibility
Though I strongly suspect it's bad RAM
@Bob my only steam install at the moment's on my desktop ;p
A: How to check for errors in RAM via linux?

RajaBy installing the memtester package, you can check your system for errors while it's still running. No need for a restart, just run that application. To install it, open a terminal and type: sudo apt-get install memtester You can then use it like so: sudo memtester 1024 5 This should alloc...

memtest typically needs access to the bare hardware tho
10:28 AM
Yeah, this means that I can't test all RAM
hm, might as well run it
@JourneymanGeek ubuntu is using up 2 gigs
@JourneymanGeek So close, and yet so far -_-
@HackToHell if you want to be sure downtime's the only real way
The ones we need were there before!
10:30 AM
@Bob ._.
@JourneymanGeek yeah
Maybe I should recreate the project.
@Bob I'm on my other system installing steam ;p
@JourneymanGeek Solved the History problem. Now on to GetXml -_-
lol. I think you might have this done before I'm done installing steam on the linux box ._.
10:36 AM
GetXml should work!
2 hours later…
12:33 PM
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday Saint Valentine,
Happy birthday to me.
Just because well, the song is officially public domain now.
12:56 PM
@qasdfdsaq Happy Birthday to you (assuming it is actually your birthday...)
What the heck... SNOW?!
First day of snow we've had this year... Today of all days
@qasdfdsaq So, not your birthday then?
@qasdfdsaq You're in Aberdeen? I'm surprised you haven't already had snow. The rest of Scotland seems to have had some before today...
1:11 PM
@FaheemMitha Well it is, but I was singing to Saint Valentine
@qasdfdsaq I see. I hope Saint Valentine appreciated it.
@DavidPostill Yeah, exactly. We've had fairly mild weather recently. Then all of a sudden, snow.
@qasdfdsaq http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2657832 "Showers of sleet and snow are likely at times during Sunday and overnight into Monday when they will also affect some southeastern parts of England, although the showers here will generally be a mix of sleet and hail near coasts. Accumulations of 0-2 cm of snow are likely in places at low levels, but locally 2-5 cm over hills and where showers become aligned in bands in the northeasterly flow. Ice will be an additional hazard overnight, particularly after showers.
Here in Liverpool I have been sitting outside enjoying the sunshine (sunglasses required!) ;)
@qasdfdsaq Well, here's your on time Happy Birthday :P
@Bob Lol, thanks Bob
You remembered better than me
1:27 PM
@qasdfdsaq You should have posted this ;)
Hah, never seen that one before
@qasdfdsaq Did I? o.O I thought that's what your little song above was for...
I was asleep when I typed that.
Well I'm definitely taking that pic.
@DavidPostill it's*
1:43 PM
@Bob lol. I'm not responsible for every spelling mistake on the internet ;)
You are now
Why have humans never evolved dust filters for their lungs?
@qasdfdsaq They did. What do you think nostril hairs are for? Filtering or collecting snot?
Yeah but that's nothing like a proper dust filter like you get in vacuums
It doesn't trap big things like a net would
The lungs are the primary organs of respiration in humans and many other animals including a few fish and some snails. In mammals and most other vertebrates, two lungs are located near the backbone on either side of the heart. Their function in the respiratory system is to extract oxygen from the atmosphere and transfer it into the bloodstream, and to release carbon dioxide from the bloodstream into the atmosphere, in a process of gas exchange. Respiration is driven by different muscular systems in different species. Mammals, reptiles and birds use their musculoskeletal systems to support and foster...
"The lung tract is lined by epithelia with hair-like projections called cilia that beat rhythmically and carry mucous. This mucociliary clearance is an important defence system against air-borne infection. The dust particles and bacteria in the inhaled air are caught in the mucous layer present at the mucosal surface of respiratory passages and are moved up towards pharynx by the rhythmic upward beating action of the cilia"
The fact that you can choke, means what we have isn't a proper filter
That's more like a sticky trap, I'm talking like a filter that blocks the opening
1:57 PM
Any filter has to be cleaned. That's what coughing is for.
"Together with the dust that enters with the air, some 20 billion foreign substances such as bacteria and pollen are prevented from entering the body by means of special system in the nose."
That's a pretty good filter.
But they're not, because asbestos, and silicosis
"Air, having deposited dust and all kinds of harmful bacteria inside the nose, then passes over the three undulating structures in each nostril. Any foreign bodies that attach themselves to the tiny hairs there are then neutralized by the antibacterial mucus there. As it meets these undulations, the air changes direction and strikes the mucosal fluid on the wall of the nose."
"The cleaning of the air is most wide-ranging, because if a bacterium or other harmful body were to enter such a sensitive organ as the lung, this could have damage the individual’s health. Yet if any harmful bodies nonetheless manage to pass through the nose, they are caught in the respiratory passages."
I'm sure if sufficient numbers were exposed to asbestos, and silicosis evolution would cause the appropriate mutation to occur.
afk, watching the rugby ;)
That's what I'm saying, what we've evolved doesn't work like a REAL HEPA filter
Real filters just block everything, they don't need to evolve or get cancer when they inhale something bad
2:30 PM
Real filters need cleaning or replacing
Well David says that's what coughing is for, so we can clean them
and filters can be fouled
Filter feeding fish clean them OK
they work on a narrow class of pollutants
A real world water or air filter is pretty damned crazy

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