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12:00 AM
@DragonLord Thanks
12:35 AM
I need to change that message.
I have just been restarted! This happens daily automatically, or when my owner restarts me. Ready for commands.
less confusing. ;p
@Hennes: 960 would be a decent option. no 760?
I'd recommend at least getting a Maxwell chip if you're gonna buy in right now
which one? well, that comes down to price
despite being someone who's traditionally on the Red Team (AMD), I have to recommend the Maxwell architecture as the most cost and power-efficient (and also fastest, in most gaming benchmarks and at least a few compute benchmarks too) GPU architecture right now.
I wrote a pretty nice answer for a question that's very likely to be closed by the community
12:50 AM
not the best bitcoin mining GPU though... that award goes to the R9 295X2
@allquixotic: AMD's always been significantly better there
funny how the different applications of GPU technology have different leaders for each sector
Intel's IGPs, strangely enough, are the fastest at fixed-function video encoding. Go figure. And the quality is awesome, too.
Nvidia is best at gaming, and quite good at compute, but their consumer cards just can't keep up with AMD on compute, so AMD is technically the compute winner. Especially since I don't think there's a Maxwell Tesla out yet.
and Nvidia is dead last in terms of fixed function encoding speed.
I don't there will ever be
Q: how do you stop a user from harassment?

CodeMedWhat steps can be taken when a user gives endless, long-winded, and bellicose comments expressing opinionated answers almost every time you post a question? Most users of this site are here for information exchange and understand that the whole idea of stack exchange is for multiple answers to...

1:03 AM
I was just going to point that out :$
1:24 AM
@Ramhound reckon he's talking about you? ;)
quick question: gimp or krita?
@tereško gimp
Gimp as that's the only one of those that I know about.
Krita looks more... Inkspace-y
1:46 AM
gimp is more featureful
@MichaelFrank - doubtful
I never submitted a comment towards him until tonight
@Ramhound I know. I would have found it extremely amusing if the person he was talking about started trying to solve his meta issue for him. :P
@MichaelFrank - god forgot to give me a sarcastic meter when he made me.
"Irreverent Information" is the comment for an edit in the queue, lol
the question I have. was it added or removed :$
Flannel tacky? or in?
and does a $20 discount make it in?
2:04 AM
@Ramhound Shirt? Yes. Pants or Jacket? Probably not.
It is a shirt.
I guess it depends on what colour or pattern it hsa.
which one is it? tacky or stylish? I have a need for a good long sleeve shirt, a company has a $20 clearance on their clearance colors, but if its tacky I won't bother :$
isn't flannel flannel?
@Ramhound Yea, but I wouldn't buy it just because it was cheap if I didn't like the design.
I am trying to decide if the shirt is good enough to order, I ordered some olive colored shirts for that purpose ( and because I needed shirts and $12 durable polo shirts ) is a good steal
2:10 AM
@Ramhound For $20, probably a good deal if the shirt looks nice.
clipy must die
Hey I was just wondering if anyone might know about a file comparison program that can compare large amounts of DWG or DGN or PDF files?
All I have managed to find so far are programs like WinMerge or Beyond Compare, which only compare text or file names
2:52 AM
compare how? Just identicalness?
<plug> with a bit more details, this might be a good question for software recommendation stackexchange </plug> ;p
3:04 AM
Could be looking for diff (hmmm), or for exactl duplicates (easy peasy), or textual-content-but-not-other-stuff duplicates (back to 'hmm' again)
@JourneymanGeek Well there's a fair amount of information that could indicate a file difference. Trouble is, some of it, I am yet to find a way to compare. For example - one of the main issues we have is an immediate difference in file name (to an extent). Eg. "Drawing1**#A**.dgn" and "Drawing1**#B**.dgn". There may be a difference in file type too, just to make things more complex. Eg. "Drawing1#A.**dgn**" and "Drawing1#A.**dwg**"
Then there's a difference in Date Modified (once you have identified the files you want to compare), possibly the file size.
What kind of 'difference' ?
Then, from there you will need to identify if there is any difference in the actual file itself.
Eg, a line has moved or a new object has been added
@Ben If you just want to know "has anything (the file itself) been changed?", then an md5sum or similar should suffice
3:09 AM
If you want to start getting fancy, and ask "has it substantively" changed, that's where things get 'interesting'
A hash of the file
!!wiki File verification
(cavil, where u go)
File verification is the process of using an algorithm for verifying the integrity or authenticity of a computer file. This can be done by comparing two files bit-by-bit, but requires two copies of the same file, and may miss systematic corruptions which might occur to both files. A more popular approach is to also store checksums (hashes) (message digests) of files for later comparison. == Integrity verification == File integrity can be compromised, usually referred to as the file becoming corrupted. A file can become corrupted by a variety of ways: faulty storage media, errors in transmission...
@bertieb So how would you identify that they are two of the same file?
Also depends on the file type. Personally the simplest thing to do would be to manage these in git.
If they are identical? completely? Get something that will run hashes and compare them
@Ben They would have the same hash (eg c80b4f2cd6a3a00c9d73f7b93140289c)
Ok... just to be clear, some of the terms you are using are a bit unclear to me... "md5sub", "git"... what are these?
But as JG says there are programs that will do this sort of things for you
3:12 AM
hashdeep comes to mind. The sane thing though is to have some flavour of version control ;p
@bertieb That's what I'm looking for, but can't for the life of me find :(
"duplicate file finder" or similar
@Ben what OS?
git is version control, as JG says
Windows 7
3:13 AM
(it works with hashes behind the scenes, but don't worry about that for now)
@bertieb chat (and the rest of SE) went down a while ago, and broke Cavil at the same time D:
@allquixotic (ah, thanks!)
I have just been restarted! This happens daily automatically, or when my owner restarts me. Ready for commands.
@Ben I can't make any recommendations for Windows 7 as haven't used any duplicate-finding software thereon
But it must surely exist, and someone will probably point you in the right direction
I would imagine that there would be something free (and likely also something Free) too as it's a relatively straightforward problem programming-wise
@JourneymanGeek Wait... there's an SE for that?
3:18 AM
Anyway, quarter past 4 here, 'night all; don't let the $LOCAL_BUGTYPE bite!
thomaslaurenson.com/tag/hashdeep has a link to hashdeep on windows
@Ben: I'm a mod there ;p
@JourneymanGeek Ooohhh... cool. I'm just having a look now, and funnily enough, there is already a question asking something similar
Q: Archive file compare / diff software

AdrianI am searching for a software that will compare all files from two archives. It should: Mark the files that are different (have modification) between them. Mark *New for files that are not in second archive (or in one and not the other) When you open one of the files modified to show difference...

Also, once SE updates. I'm no longer #7 in the all time SU rep tables. I'm #6 I think :)
@Ben as I sorta expected. ;p
Ok, @Journeyman I have done up a question (haven't posted it yet), what sort of information do I need?
I think there's a post on meta on that. meta.softwarerecs.stackexchange.com/questions/336/…
softwarerecs.stackexchange.com/q/16376/125 this is how I'd do a polished up question
4:02 AM
@JourneymanGeek What do you think?
Q: File comparsion software for large amounts of Drawing files

BenI'm trying to find a program that will compare two directories full of these drawing and image files. What this will be used for, is to update a full directory of drawings on a periodic basis. The directory will contain many folders, sub-folders, and sub-sub-folders and so on. I want to be abl...

4:24 AM
Mention your OS!
hm. One plus two is out mid this month. Am tempted but I've so totally maxed out my hardware budget till nov :(
@JourneymanGeek Yes... Very important haha. Cheers
4:39 AM
god I love mosh. I've had a connection to my server from work for over 3 days, when connections to servers over ssh in the same building arn't as stable
5:44 AM
@JourneymanGeek I like the concept, but the security is untested, and it requires a *nix client.
Huh. 2nd gen moto x is $400
but it's relatively underpowered
but it has decent firmware updates :P
That I can attest to ;p
6:11 AM
@Bob: the *nix client is why I don't use it more.
6:36 AM
well lack of native windows client. Oh, and there's a android client I have a licence for (juicessh)
7:27 AM
so bored :/

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