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12:29 AM
@allquixotic also. Stage 2 of adaptec 8405 raid card testing completed
-Init problem from overclock cause: XMP memory profile (fully tested) +DMA +PCI Gen3 resolvable by minor tweak
-Heat less than the LSI a side fan at 50% speed , and RPM set high(er) at boot, temps below 60*c (so far) just don't open the case :-)
-Stability fine always if it had inited using those setting
-Speed Nice :-)
@allquixotic actually going for it? :P
I'm now two gens behind on phones
...but it works, so...
@slhck if you're using certs, it's probably a password on the cert/key - not transmitted to the server
It does not need to be said , you won most of the bets :-) It was not so easy to just plug in and go, the MaxSlime software is a mess that is unnecessary for desktop, I do not think would ever work on my system. The cli software is a Pain but I am getting there.
The MB peoples say that with a high overclock indeed the PCI might have to be set to GEN2, well I am not overclocking to make anything slower :-) so (of course) locking the bclk to 100, and tuning the memory "better" and getting the right balance. All achievable without slowing down the PCI throughput possibilities. just not "easy".
12:45 AM
@CanadianLuke Who burnt them in before they were given to the customer then? o.O
That is significant in the case of this PCI-e 8X thing not initing. sometimes I could not figure out what its problem was, the PCI-E GPU was ALWAY doing fine. There were many times when I put the pci bus down, and the memory way down, and it still would not init. Somehow I now have a UEFI saved profile now though that will init it when it becomes stubborn.
1:22 AM
@MichaelFrank I did, but no games. 3d Mark and a prime number generator
Customization , where would we be without it :-)
2:28 AM
I will star that right after I see the price :-)
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3:37 AM
It wouldn't be fair to console peasants to rank them against members of PC Master Race. — corsiKa 8 hours ago
4:00 AM
I never much understood online leaderboards for mostly offline games anyway, what value is it to me to see that I am 1839th person on some dumb list anyway :-)
4:19 AM
@allquixotic See, the high-end UHS-I cards are about 75c/GB: shoppingexpress.com.au/view/Samsung-Sale-Oct#flash
4:49 AM
Folks are saying it works in Win8 here: forum.sysinternals.com/syncexe-how-to-use_topic25219.html. They say it's not working in Win8.1, but it seems the problem is they don't know that it's a command line tool. I don't have a Win8.1 machine to test on. Seems fine on Win7. — Jon G 13 hours ago
It amazes me that of all the people replying to that forum topic none seem to mention that it's a command line tool.
No one actually seems to realise
Oh, sure, they propose batch files and the like, but are they even are of the existence of the command prompt?
5:00 AM
@Bob Is... Is that an entire forum thread with people figuring out how to use a CLI tool?
I have the sandisk super speedy 64g ultra 80m?/s micro cards for the phone, it did not do much for the phone I have, poor thing isn't prepared to cope with such speed :-) but when they do . . . I assume I will still have it. Right after the one to buy is instead a 512g 160mb one
(don't remember if it was big B or little b, but it was even tested for real to be bloody fast. )
that doesn't mean the phone could use the speed in any way, or it could be the speed only comes from the new connection method, and it runs in compatibility
I was expecting it to ramp up and make all file operations 2x faster, and for flames to shoot out the sides of the phone :-)
and on the other side of the coin, there is still many "class 10" and UHS-1" cards that vary in speed by as much as 2X. some not even testing up to real ratings.
5:20 AM
@MichaelFrank Looks like it...
Oh look they did realise cmd existed a couple posts down
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6:51 AM
look its Hans & Frans Here to Pump . . . You Up! superuser.com/questions/834132/… team spam
Q: I wish to begin performing steroids?

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Oh, I see you already linked it haha
spammer BTW
Blah, someone beat me to blowing that account up :/
gone! like a fart in the wind.. Hans & Frans got deflated
Q: Can I let my fake flash USB drive get its real capacity through low level format?

KimHGRecently, I bought an USB pen drive which has a cool design. The seller said it is 256gb however, I've already known that capacity would be fake. Anyway, I bought it cause of its cool design and want to use this pendrive. What should I do? I've tried to find a proper tool(vid 1908 / pid 1320) ...

Not sure why that question got so many downvotes.
It's a valid and pretty decent question.
I'd write up an actual answer, buuuut going out now so if anyone wants it... :P
from what I read, they freaking blow-up if you even try and use them that far, they corrupt, and all your data becomes hard to get. most people discover they got scammed, not when it runs out of space, but when they lose everything they put on it.
the downvotes might be because , keeping it, only encourages this type of fraud?
Because of the problem, I always fill the disk up completely and compare the data , before assuming anything. and I also test the speed to see how much fraud it was.
If it is a fraud disk, why would a person think there is any more on it than 2G ? if your making money screwing people, why would they spend 1/2 of it ?
7:06 AM
@Psycogeek H2testw. Does all that for you.
@Psycogeek Whatever they can purchase cheapest. I wouldn't be surprised if slow 4 GB is cheapest nowadays.
Oh dear gawd.
processor does have to heat up for the system to work. That is why computers need heat sink. My problem is that it isn't doing so. — Niroj Manandhar 2 mins ago
Also, bigger will last longer before someone notices something wrong.
@Bob: I think there's a TINY price difference between 4gb and 8gb cheapies
> I tried removing the heatsink and touching the processor but there doesn't seem to be any heat generation
(and 2 of the 3 dx cheapies are acting up sooooo ;p)
@Bob: I'm more concerned with the idea that he has a heat powered processor.
7:08 AM
@Bob cool program
@JourneymanGeek lol, I have seen something similar written before its true :-) if it isn't powered up no waste heat comes out :-) "Assumes facts not in evidence"
@JourneymanGeek Tubes :-)
Tubes do need to warm up
Nonetheless, they arn't heat powered.
I am glad I don't live in the alternate universe where the processing unit used was heat activated :-) Buy the new Tandy 2000 with 2kwatts of powerfull processing.
Mechanical, steam powered computers!
"They do not exactly wrap around as this would soon corrupt the MBR and the partition table in block 0," oh I thought that is exactly what was happening at least on some of them. Fraudsters getting better at making fake flash :-)
More than one person has told me they had used their flash, over and over, and pull the data down , and everything. then suddenly bam. the camera, the video camera, the pc has a fit, and the whole thing is not only corrupted data, but it cant even be formatted anymore.
7:29 AM
There is probably multiple ways that they fail based on what is done to them. like only flashing the front, and relabeling. Getting failed ones out of dumpsters or from manufactures seconds. or leaving chips themselves off the board.
7:46 AM
and the result are in " Checked it through your recommendation and could find the correct space is 6.8GB" only off by 200G , it's a keeper
7:56 AM
Morning all
I'm trying to save a file to a folder. The file is called folder.jpg, but it keeps saying that there is already a file called folder.jpg - There really isn't. Any one experienced this before?
no thanks clippy
The point is, the folder I'm saving too only has mp3 players, no images at all
Hidden files are shown
known extensions are shown
8:11 AM
@Dave Can you paste the output of dir /a folder?
sorry for delay in response :@)
The file is in there (in the cmd output)
in fact, it seems like there are several jpgs not showing...
oh well, this gives me something to get on with, thanks @Bob
8:29 AM
@Dave try refreshing. try showing system files as well
the dir /a output should indicate what type of file it is
yes, the dir/ shows it's a jpg
I had aleady tried refreshing, but not system files..
whoops, I meant attrib
although, that confuses me a bit - jpgs in other folders show fine
... did you mean dir /attrib?
8:35 AM
I'll be away for a bit
if so, that isn't an option ...
@Dave no, attrib is a different command
OK, thanks any way for taking the time :)
oh, I'm sorry
I'll Google quickly
@Dave attrib filename
SH- so it's hidden
So, I guess I just need to change the attributes. Thank you very much :)
Thanks @Bob, big thank you. attrib file.jpg -s -h fixed it :)
9:22 AM
@Dave S is system
H is hidden
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10:54 AM
If I have to update the updater, and download the downloader, should I also configure the configurator?
11:28 AM
Hmm normal processes(!Admin) can't access the sign in screen can they ?
In windows
Synergy seems to be able to access the login screen if I move the mouse in a certain patter
And then the foreign keyboard works ;p
11:47 AM
I think there's a way for synergy like apps to access the sign in screen
MWB does it
12:02 PM
@HackToHell None can.
Doesn't matter if it's admin or not.
You need a kernel-mode driver.
Apparently there's some special variant for keyboard (and other HID?) filters, but it remains that it must be in kernel space.
User space process cannot access the secure desktop in any way.
...or maybe I was thinking of the SAK, but the secure desktop should be the same.
12:20 PM
I have some 3month coupon for uploaded, file server. bait anyone?
12:48 PM
@Bob But synergy is a user space program !
And it can access the login screen
@JourneymanGeek Can you too ?
I have my screen set to the right, if I hover at the right for a while, it eventually switches to the locked laptop
Both are Windows 8 btw
@HackToHell Oh, You're completely certain it doesn't install a driver of any kind?
I find that rather difficult to believe.
Just because the UI runs in user mode, doesn't mean every part of it does
Wait,let me check.

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