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12:01 PM
Hm... Are I infected BIOSs common?
@Nzall Brand makes no difference.
@Bob when I mount it in osfmount, testdisk can see all the files!
but how can I copy the entire thing from testdisk to some folder?
or to some new image?
I see options like 'C' Copy selected..
idk, been a while since I used it
ok, ta
@Rahul2001 Define type. you mean like the DDR number, or also frequency and timings?
12:12 PM
@barlop for the most part, run testdisk directly on the image and it should be able to fix it. then you mount the image as usual.
of course make sure you have a second copy of the image...
That's a screenshot of the memory in cpu-Z
Reason i'm asking is because I'm going by the store directly after work to pick it up, and I need to be sure that I got compatible memory
but if the brand doesn't matter, it shouldn't be too big a deal
actually, i think I don't have a choice either way, because the store I'm visiting doesn't have the exact same brand of memory in local storage, only in their external warehouse
@Walmart I don't use drugs
@Bob looks like it's copying. I might post the question at some point and let you know and then you can write an answer, could be a short answer, and I can expand on it if need be, and accept it.
@Bob thanks
I think that q n a could be useful to people.
i could post the q and the a myself if you prefer, but you deserve some added rep for that and you answered it so I can let you know when/if I post it. Or rather.. I could post the Q and A, then you post an A and i'll accept yours.
@Nzall The DDR number has to be the same, but if you get new ram that is outperformed by or outperforms you old ram, in either case, you'll be limited the lower-performing ram, IIRC
Same model is probably the way to go
12:21 PM
@Rahul2001 issue is that that particular brand of memory is only in stock on their warehouse, not their storage
But their 16 GB memory IS in storage...
I'm not sure whether it would be worth it to get the 16, because I'm fairly sure 24 GB of memory for a gaming PC is overkill
Then again, if I ever want to start developing at home, it could be useful
I gtg, I'll be back later
@Nzall eh, if the guys at the shop know their stuff thay'll help you out
Otherwise I guess you could get any other memory
12:40 PM
@Rahul2001 I don't think so. And even if they were I would be surprised if the exploit would affect all the different OSes listed.
@barlop seems like fairly typical disk recovery... idk. but you should probably self-answer; you did most of it
the client wants a huge redesign 2 days before the marketing campaign goes live
@Burgi Just ask the minion to do it. He can do anything in 2 days, right? ;p
and the customer services people are insisting that us devs populate the website
its content fracking managed!!
Yo peeps
David, you're wearing a hat?
12:52 PM
@MyDaftQuestions is that a statement or a real question?
well, the hat and sunglasses is confusing
Hats are cool.
he's from Liverpool though, I don't think much sun gets up there
Quick question, I'm looking at OneDrive and reading about the version control. It states it offers it for documents but doesn't state what a document is
Does any one know if a document means a MS Office document or does document = file
@MyDaftQuestions yes
@MyDaftQuestions Yes
@MyDaftQuestions It keeps my bald head warm :)
12:59 PM
You said yes... but I have an or in my question :s
For example, will it version control MDF files?
@DavidPostill Honestly, I think that question smells like a troll. I mean, a virus on one device, yeah, but in all devices that have firmware? And what would even be the point of a virus that breaks so much?
We get trolls like that pretty often
@MyDaftQuestions It should do. Some file types are blocked but mdf is not in the list.
maybe not a troll but just a self deprecating username..
it's reasonable to be very cautious about claims of version control.. 'cos it's asking about backups
probably a badly chosen username if it can be mistaken for a troll..
trolls also wouldn't normally chose a username like that.
oh you're not talking about the mydaftquestions guy asking about version control.
I hope not!!
And I use this account only for asking daft questions. it's my lazy account for when I've had too many beers and JavaScript won't do what I want
Meaning I accept downvotes with this account he he
1:09 PM
@barlop I meant the guy who @Nzall linked
1 hour later…
2:28 PM
Is this LG slim drive worth it?
Was thinking of replacing original DVD drive with hard drive. It would serve as fail-safe OS if something goes awry with SSD...
@Boris_yo Why replace it? do you not have free lots in your computer left for harddrives?
@Nzall No. Only 2 total.
2:51 PM
@Boris_yo DVDs are 5 1/4 inch... hard drives are 3.5 inch ;p
personally I don't have an optical drive on my systems
If its consumer grade/cost....
I might actually find that interesting
> But the storage media giant has hinted that it plans to release these drives by 2016.
Another article there
> In order to stop free usage of other software tools such as LibreOffice on its platform, Microsoft is planning to put a curb on such software’s running on its Windows 10 platform by 4Q of 2016.
What the what the whaaaaaat?
@JourneymanGeek Surely they can't do that ...
@DavidPostill I am doubtful of your source
@JourneymanGeek I'm doubtful of yours ... ;p
3:02 PM
I have no source!
3:12 PM
@JourneymanGeek FAKE NEWS! All of it!
@JourneymanGeek Shiny!
@JourneymanGeek ... ... ... that page makes me want to punch someone in the face.
(They even have an appropriately sized one)
@Bob ;p
not only is it wrong, the tone of the writing sounds clueless. and then you know someone, somewhere, is citing it...
3:19 PM
practically speaking I was only citing it to discredit the source ;p
@Bob But... Who has all the time to make up info and write articles on it in a blog which isn't even popular?
@JourneymanGeek it makes Yahoo Answers sound reliable
@Rahul2001 delusional dumbasses
@JourneymanGeek congrats
@Burgi About 30 seconds before they called me...
"I think I'll be getting that next year"
I'm pretty sure they believe their own conclusions. Doesn't make it any more correct though.
3:24 PM
is it a discharge medal?
its a halfway point medal
so you got paid AND got a medal
sounds like a good week...
The 4th medal there's the "nearly discharged" medal
"congrats, you're halfway to getting through the museum tours training alive!"
3:27 PM
@Bob museium tours, stocktakes, coffee deliveries...
@Nzall lol. fail.
@JourneymanGeek see, fraught with danger
hope you have an escape plan when you discover stale coffee in the museum storeroom
> Service served as NSmen/ ROVERs only.
you have that one right?
3:30 PM
Maybe bark at it.
@Burgi Its people who love the reservist life enough to spend a few more years at it ;p
Mostly officers.
nvm it was a terrible joke
3:49 PM
@JourneymanGeek So, recovery complete (I hope. If any of the newer stuff was in a corrupted dir entry, they're gone.). Time to ... well. Uh. Fiddle with the drive? :P
Clearly @Bob is using one of these:
Stage 1: Examining basic file system structure ...
  214016 file records processed.
File verification completed.
  0 large file records processed.
  0 bad file records processed.
Stage 2: Examining file name linkage ...
Correcting error in index $I30 for file 5.
CHKDSK discovered free space marked as allocated in the bitmap for index $I30 for file 5.
Sorting index $I30 in file 5.
Progress: 214183 of 228936 done; Stage: 93%; Total:  0%; ETA: 141:00:16
That's... a nice ETA
almost there
Progress: 214299 of 228936 done; Stage: 93%; Total:  0%; ETA: 317:48:50 ...
Hm. I might've hit the broken area.
4:06 PM
wtf, you can't install Ubuntu with a "weak password" but using a strong password and setting it to log in without asking for a password is perfectly cool
Hm. My current chkdsk ETA is at 775 days...
@OliverSalzburg Maybe remote access (SSH, etc.) reasons?
@Bob Maybe, yeah
It just hit 999 days!
Progress: 214973 of 228936 done; Stage: 93%; Total:  0%; ETA: 999:00:00 .
Actually that's probably as high as it goes...
wait. is that days or hours
4:35 PM
has anyone else gotten signed outta their google accounts recently?
I've not been signed out in browsers, but stuff like my phone, and chrome sync was
I think it might be part of what we've seen with the cloudflare leakage
@djsmiley2k My phone was this morning. Laptop not ...
yup, exactly what I'm seeing @DavidPostill
phone signed out, chrome sync signed out, but gmail/inbox still signed in
sync at work got signed out too
@djsmiley2k "there has been a change to your account ..."
yet you go to security, and nothings changed according to that.
Glad I'm not the only one seeing it, I was getting a bit worried.
@djsmiley2k Ditto ...
4:45 PM
@djsmiley2k Hey, how are you?
I've got a question
I've created a user on windows
a new one
I've put a .mdv file to run with access
i've never come across an mdv file
@djsmiley2k Yep, same here
an mdb file
I'll get back at home to submit my questions
the week has been rough
@DavidPostill there was an update regarding this on the Google Help page. And on bugs.chromium It said that it was nothing to do with the cloudflare stuff though.
4:58 PM
@Rahul2001 Oh. Linky?
@AndyK Access Database
@DavidPostill hm... Let me dig it up
@Rahul2001 Thx a bunch
And the bottom of this page addresses the cloudflare stuff: bugs.chromium.org/p/project-zero/issues/detail?id=1139
5:31 PM
thats concerning... our office cleaner has gone missing
the cleaning company hasn't heard from him so they phoned his wife and she hasn't seen him either...
@Burgi check outside in the car park where the druggies hang out ...
although why she hasn't raised the alarm before now is odd
@DavidPostill they've been moved off by the builders
anyway... home time
Sleep time, except that I have a mock test tomorrow so I'll study all night
So if I have laptop's internal DVD/CD writer I don't need to purchase USB external DVD/CD? Is internal DVD/CD writer meant for mobility?
@Boris_yo What do you mean by "mobility"?
5:39 PM
@Boris_yo Wha...?
5:59 PM
"I have a startup" is just the younger brother of "I'm in a band"
What about DSLR?
@DavidPostill To take it with me. On the go.
2.1 tyoping
@Boris_yo Well you can just take the laptop ...
6:17 PM
and he's now gone to have dinner \o/
Some notes on AotS: At launch, the game's system requirements specified a 4C/8T processor ("Intel Core i7 or equivalent"). As of Escalation, the requirement is 4C/4T.
Again, the game will not run well with fewer than four physical cores.
As for the upcoming desktop build, it's likely to be Ryzen 7-based but I'll need to see the reviews before I can come to a final decision.
6:35 PM
so apparently, my memory wasn't G-Raid, but Kingston
So, give up ~20% single-threaded performance (vs. i7-7700K) in favor of a 60-90% multithreaded workload advantage?
and the particular brand that I got installed right now was out of production
Damn, the fan of my CPU cooler overlaps the leftmost RAM slot
I suppose the advantages of Ryzen's many-core design and superior SMT implementation will grow with time, but many applications still need high single-threaded performance.
I doubt I'll be able to install 24 GB now
(e.g. in heavily-threaded workloads, Ryzen gains about 25-40% from SMT compared to Intel's 15-30% advantage from HTT)
6:41 PM
As you can see through the dirty window, my CPU cooler overlaps my RAM
@Nzall Yikes. Have you considered a closed-loop liquid cooler?
@bwDraco Nope, I'm not going to bother with liquid cooling
I don't feel comfortable enough with the idea
Modern CLLCs are not that hard to install.
@bwDraco I don't care if you could install them blindfolded. I don't feel comfortable with the idea of having liquid inside my computer case
I'm curious though: could I go for 20 GB of RAM by installing 2X8 and 1X4?
or would that not work?
It'll technically work but you'll lose memory performance.
6:46 PM
Okay, guess it's swapping then
Most applications will not perform noticeably worse but a few may slow down with a single-channel configuration.
I assume that includes games?
Typically only a slight difference.
Maybe a 2-5% drop in performance, but it's not a huge deal.
Who is up for an active directory question?
Specifically relating to orphaned SIDs
7:01 PM
What's your question?
7:15 PM
I am digging through a server's GPO objects, and I am finding references to accounts that only show up as SIDs. Typically when I see this it is an explicit setting that someone set for an account somewhere, then deleted the account or group, but not the references. And that has almost always meant Safe to delete
If it were a file ACL or whatnot I would not think twice about it, but in this case I am not sure like attached
Authenticated Users already has that privilege, so adding specific SIDs does nothing
So the question is, like elsewhere, if the name does not resolve to something humanly passable, does this mean it is orphaned here as well?
It is not the particular role per se, that was one example of many, I am trying to get back to reasonably clean.
when I see SID I think deleted account, but never really set anything in a gpo and then orphaned it.
You can use this SF answer to make sure nobody has that SID
It should be safe to remove those, since I'm pretty sure they never did anything at all
Do you have anyone around who might know why/when specific users were added?
no, they had like six administrators in a year.
I am favoring the clean slate approach, but it is a mess a long time in the making, I will hit more pits than I want if I just pull the plug and start over.
Well, the SIDs aren't hurting anything, FWIW
You could make a backup of your GPOs and then clean them out
7:23 PM
I figured they would cause no harm, I am more afraid of having to research what they all once were or might have been, or just assuming they are dead, so if they were not hurting anything there, they should hurt not more gone.
yeah, someone got happy with them for sure, from what I have worked through thus far, over half is obsolete anyway in the current environment.
Hang on, S-1-5-80 indicates a service account; do you have any of those?
I don't remember whether those count as Authenticated Users, so it's conceivable those entries did (do?) something
howdy anyone use PXE booting before here?
@William Yep!
@BenN do you have to have a router to boot one computer off the other
You need something to function as a DHCP server
7:26 PM
darn that probably means I need a router.
maybe not serverfault.com/q/581292/… not really sure
Yes, I assumes they were service accounts, and probably detritus from the manually excised link/exchange server that once used to be in the domain (but not uninstalled, just turned of and manually hacked out)
If nothing should be using a service account, then you can definitely remove S-1-5-80 entries
Thanks, I will probably just kill them after a good backup, and then fix whatever does not work if it breaks anything.
@William windows and linux are both capable of running a dhcp server
@djsmiley2k yes but i'm not sure in the way I'm attempting to do this. I just want the computers connected together can I ran a dhcp server and a PXE server on the same device?
7:39 PM
quite normal todo so
IIRC you can make Windows Deployment Services do that with minimal fuss
I imagine even a point-to-point network would do the job
what installs I have a W7 and ubuntu box?
Say again?
dhcpd seems necessary
What do I install?
what device is pxe booting?
7:41 PM
either or doesn't matter
Oh, Windows Deployment Services is only in Windows Server, sorry
they are identical machines one with ubuntu one with windows
You can grab an evaluation version if you feel strongly about using WDS
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