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Q: change order with contractor for bathroom - unreasonable price?

merkFirst time home owner and first time doing a major renovation. Hired a GC to completely gut the kitchen and bathroom and a few other things around the house. Per the contract we signed with him, all finish materials in the kitchen were included, finish materials in the bathroom we supply. Bath...

Are cost questions on topic?
1:51 PM
@Tester101 Newp. That's first on our list of off topic reasons.
2:10 PM
in The Workshop, 46 mins ago, by Tester101
Would a question like this be on topic here?
Q: What are the tradeoffs supporting the bottom of a big drawer

wallykI am building drawers to finish a bedframe I built. The sides are made of 1x6 cedar (actual 0.75 by 5.5 inches, 19 x 140 mm). There are four drawers, each has the exterior dimensions 39 x 36 in (100 x 91 cm). I hand cut dovetails to join the boxes and plan to route the insides to hold the bott...

Recommending migration to woodworking.
@Tester101 Migrated. Are you mobile today and outsourcing all your modding?
3:16 PM
I was waiting to hear back from one of the mods on the woodworking site. I don't like to migrate things, if I'm not familiar with the scope of the migration target site.
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This user is persistent.
They really enjoy asking off topic questions about treadmills.
5:52 PM
Persistent, just like someone that doesn't mind spending long periods of time on a treadmill.

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