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Unclear what you're asking?
Q: Home inspection requires exhaust to attic exterior

GaryWe have sold our 1995 built home. One item that needs to be addressed is "Bathroom fans vent to attic and need to exhaust to the exterior of the attic to prevent moisture condensation in attic." I have been told that homes built prior to 2009 (which is when this actual code went into effect) do...

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@NiallC. I'd say off topic. They're asking about the process of selling a home, not about how to actually do the work. Migrate to Realtors.SE or Legal.SE.
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A: How do I wire a GFCI receptacle using two black wires and two white wires?

Tim Gre Ed N"INSTALLING MULTIPLE G.F.C.I. ON THE SAME FEED LINE" However to install multiple gfci on the same feed wire it's necessary to wire the gfci's a little differently. You actually don't connect "any wire" to the load side of the 1st - 2nd - 3rd and so on to all the gfci on the same feed line. It'...

Reads like it's a copy/paste from somewhere, but I'm not finding it with Google

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