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12:09 AM
@OliverSalzburg What are those?
Google Takeout is a project by the Google Data Liberation Front that allows users of Google products, such as YouTube, to export their data to a downloadable ZIP file. Usage Users can select different services from the list of options provided. The services that can be exported as of February 21st, 2013 are as follows: * Blogger posts * Google+ +1s, Circles, Pages, and posts * Google Buzz posts * Google Contacts * Google Drive files * Google Latitude * Google Profile * Google Reader sites * Google Voice settings * Picasa albums * YouTube videos The user can elect to export all of the av...
@tapped-out Thanks!
no problem!
is it just me or have there been a lot of "not an answer"s today?
i've flagged 6 today
12:34 AM
@ruda.almeida Those specifically are my Google+ photos. Picasa refused to sync :(
@tapped-out: there's been more than usual this week
not sure if its a good SU question so I'll throw it out here first
I have a 1tb drive that keeps getting corrupted, but smart tests seem to be fine, outside old age
its NTFS formatted and it takes TWO DAYS to run chkdsk on it
I'm pondering reformatting it to see if that helps but I'm wondering if there's anything else I should do that's fun for a crapped out drive first
dd'ing the whole drive to /dev/null in order to read the whole disk?
i.e. dd if=/dev/[whatever] of=/dev/null bs=512
its on windows at the moment...
and that would probably spit out anything that won't read, yes?
oh, this is the drive from that computer you were talking about... yesterday?
12:47 AM
it should ... IIRC dd stops on errors
this is the second time its gotten itself messed up and chkdisking
and its the shared system, so everyone else suffers from it being down
thinking of dusting off my old netbook class mini ITX and putting it in there instead
since if it goes down, no one cares ;p
one wonders if it's the drive or something else in the system
oh god
that would be fun since the system is about 5 years old
the PSU and video card are significantly newer
tested the ram within the last year for some unrelated issue
but the only way to test that would be to pull the disk and put it in another system, and since it's a shared system... probably won't want to do that
oh, pulling the disk once the chkdisk is done is a definate
most of the data on the disk is mine, from when I was sharing the system
12:59 AM
I'm likely getting a temporary, basic windows 7 instance up on my mini ITX - I have a key somewhere ;p
you wouldn't need a key if you're running it for <120 days
I neither concede nor deny considering abusing trial rights for windows ;p
snickers xD
Hey guys, if I am getting an SSD for my laptop (for use in my modular bay), how can I move my windows installation over? I want it to boot from there but still be able to access my other drive if that's possible.
1:01 AM
we actually have enough running computers to do it
@Cyclone: any good cloning software should do the trick
assuming you have enough space on the SSD
a fresh install has some advantages tho, depending on the version of windows
So I can clone JUST the OS and boot from there but still use my normal crap?
without cloning my data haha
@Cyclone: hmm.
if you have data and OS separate...
I SEEM to recall some cloning software lets you say what not to clone
I'd probably go on a massacre clean up spree first tho
and you're sure you can boot from the modular bay?
1:05 AM
@tapped-out: people do that suprisingly often
^from something other than a CD drive
the last laptop I owned that could boot from non-CDs in the modular bay had a PIII in it
I'm positive I can
@tapped-out: unless you somehow have a sata based system with an atapi drive (so at least up to c2d era), they use standard sata
and uh yeah I'd probably uninstall..as much as i can first
@Cyclone: why not a fresh install?
you can use the sticker at the bottom with the appropriate media
1:08 AM
Cause I'm a programmer and I have hundreds of things installed that'd be a huge pain to reinstall
then just install what you want
But is it possible to install win7 cleanly on this new ssd and then access my crap without needing to reboot?
crap being internal hdd
data? yes, probably
installed programs? unlikely
1:10 AM
crap also being programs
data, hell yes. installed programs, not too easily
ok well if I dont need to uninstall my old programs off the old drive then it isnt a concern any
thanks guys
/me now wonders about another HDD in the modular bay of tx2000
reminds me I need to clean my desk so I can get another system up here ;p
i've probably got 7 working computers in this 10'x12' space
1:17 AM
I have a desktop with a large case, and my 12 inch laptop
I want to add my old 14 incher
then use that for IRC and chat, which is what my school laptop is doing now ;p
the four "active" ones are my handbuilt desktop, the tx2000 (erg), an nc6220 and a Vostro A90 (business model mini9)
plus a RasPi, and a thin client (wyse s30), plus an obscenely old PowerBook (3400c)
personal - handbuilt desktop, thinkpad x220. shared - handbuilt c2d desktop. Brother has a asus gaming laptop. I have an old R61 and a R60 in storage
pondering resurrecting one or both of them
i swear, one day i'm going to take the tx2000 out back and end it
so many problems
1:25 AM
looks like you're not the only one
its got one of those nvidia cards
i've never experienced those issues though
(although the VGA out's quit working)
@tapped-out: that whole family ... dies interesting deaths
I've had two desktop G80something based cards
one was the legendary swedish chef ;p
Q: Is it normal for a Dell Inspiron 530 to have is fan to spin up 3 times before it POSTS?

Journeyman GeekI picked up an used Dell 530 desktop. It seems to work, but it has an odd pattern of powering up the case fan (which might be faulty - it sounds like a jet engine) 3 times, while blinking the power light. No other fan seems to activate during the time, and it goes silent after that. I'm wonderi...

nice "Powar Majagemajt Satup" there :P
video card was dying.
Thats my dumpster dell, was running it for a few months, before I got around to building nyx
ah the joys of video memory corruption
1:30 AM
ya, popped out the card and ran it onboard
wasn't doing much gaming then, so it was good enough
just wanted something I could hang off a decent keyboard and screen off XD
honestly it would make me so happy if it would die, like, finals week xD
Adobe Acrobat has comment spellcheck.
It considers vertices to be incorrect spelling, and suggests vertices's.
the thing runs hotter than my toaster (sad commentary on both the laptop and my appliances :P
yes! :D
1:43 AM
1:55 AM
io9.com/… this is cool
i count 5 from Germany, wow
2:22 AM
@allquixotic Nice review! Also, I second the comment suggesting the thumb keyboard. I use it sometimes (not often) but it's very handy. If you set the size to something you're comfortable with, you can type with just your thumbs, like on a smartphone, with a bit of practice. Also, the pen input mode is very nice. Handwriting recognition is superb, and it picks everything up intuitively and easily.
heya @BenRichards
2:42 AM
Hi @JourneymanGeek
my dad just started doing a database course on coursera
got the old chap hooked ;)
Haha cool :P
2 hours later…
4:49 AM
Windows 8.
WiFi was 'off' for the lasth our. The WiFi toggle swithc only toggled flight mode.
Gotta love Windows 8 :)
Turns out, there's a WiFi on/off switch buried in the MUI settings menu...
Microsoft likes to hide things....
4:52 AM
I restarted. I disabled/enabled the adapter. Was on the verge of a system restore, or ripping the adapter out physically.
Was the WiFi toggle switch a physical switch?
That happened to me once. OS saw the adapter as working. Hardware was like NOPE
Good gravy. Thanks @Karan for pointing out that duplicate chain.
@Bob with WiFi problems I always just use the built-in troubleshooter. It seems to Just Work. It enables anything that's disabled, and resets the adapter, and just fixes everything.
@tapped-out friends don't let friends buy HP. I learned that the hard way.
/me thinks he has an old compaq box somewhere
dead hard drive, possibly
5:09 AM
@nhinkle Tried that.
For some stupid reason, it could not tell that WiFi was turned off.
The adapter itself was enabled.
@wolfo9999 Fn special key
All it does on this laptop is toggle flight mode.
Funnily enough, this started from spamming that key...
@nhinkle I went from HP to... HP. -_-
2 hours later…
7:18 AM
I'm now using a shared hosting service and am looking for VPS instead. Is there any way I can compare these two to each other to see how much RAM and such I need? Or should I ask that somewhere else?
7:39 AM
What are you planning to run?
Can you share any details about your current hosting plan?
Unfortunately it's Dutch, but it has dual quadcore 3.7GHz, 128M PHP memory limit. I'm now looking at a 256MB / 2.4GHz VPS. Most important thing is that I want both Node.js and PHP on one server.
I know nothing about this server stuff, to be honest :)
Hang on; 2.4Ghz @ 40%!
I got a VPS and would never trade the configurability back for shared hosting, even if it might be a little slower.
Because.. full control?
7:50 AM
Yup. Starting from the PHP version, the backups you can take, managing VirtualHosts like it's meant to be without a crappy web interface, etc
That's what I thought as well. Also; in my end application I'd like to install an SSL script - is every VPS compatible with that or do I need something more?
I have no clue about SSL to be honest but it's a plain vanilla server and you can do with it whatever you want :)
Okay :) and you have an own IP address anyway, right?
And... (you're not done with me yet!) I can just set up multiple subdomains with Apache's VirtualHost? Just checking :)
7:55 AM
Yep you can. Of course you need the domain provider as well, but yeah!
Yes, of course :) one last question... if you want :)
Something I'm more worried about: on my shared server I can setup multiple domains on one hosting. The DNS of all my domains point to the same IP. Is the same possible with a VPS?
Of course. You will just configure the VirtualHosts in Apache so that they serve different sites on different domains.
Okay, great! Thanks a lot :)
7:58 AM
If you want to try the performance in PHP I could maybe give you an account on my VPS. I have 256 MB RAM (512 burst)
@slhck I have no idea how to do that, actually. But my websites aren't really used a lot anyway; so I guess I can just start with 256MB/980MHz and upgrade if needed. But thanks for the offer! :)
@CamilStaps Some plans don't offer later upgrades, but you'll have to look around. In case you wanna try something let me know okay?
@slhck yes, thanks!! I'll ask first if they offer later upgrades before I buy something :)
8:40 AM
Anybody with Windows 8 wanna test if this does what it's supposed to do?
A: Can I enable window drop shadows in Windows 8?

bartia little program of mine : http://laurent.horus.free.fr/shadows_1_0.zip it's like yzshadows but works on Windows 8...

1 hour later…
9:41 AM
9:57 AM
@slhck Not really :P
@Bob Bah. You're just afraid!
10:15 AM
I could check it out in a vm later.
11:00 AM
@HackToHell "... if I had a knife, I would stab you!"
Hopefully my Windows 8 still works
It realized I'm using the same key on another computer :P
11:28 AM
Shadow can be configured a bit
If I understand how that addon works correctly I don't think it will help. If messages aren't in the same folder (which they won't be as pop emails are sorted into folders and gmail emails aren't) then it won't find a duplicate. — Sam Hasler 2 hours ago
Why don't you just try it?! O.o
> pop emails are sorted into folders and gmail emails aren't
nope nope nopity nope
pop has no concept of folders, just an inbox
and labels work well enough as folders in thunderbird :P
can get a little ocnfusing with the same mail in multiple folders, though
About Thunderbird and IMAP: I have about 10gb in my gmail inbox, if I configure IMAP in thunderbird will it download all the messages or just the headers?
@ruda.almeida depends how you configure it
The thing is, the extension I mentioned treats every item in the Thunderbird navigation tree as a "folder", so you can just run it on the root node of an account. This would be immediately apparent once you run the thing for the first time :P
But that solution is still stupid. The proper approach, IMHO, would be to simply set up filters. Because you most likely want future mails sorted automatically anyway
@OliverSalzburg Well, often i raise possible concerns when I can't really test something for myself.
11:43 AM
But I guess he's just looking for something that requires as little effort as possible
@Bob He's the guy that set up the bounty. I would assume, if he wants a solution to this problem, he has Thunderbird installed
And a little trust in a proposed solution by yours truly wouldn't hurt every once in a while! :D
Some people and their email... I know people who use IMAP, but still move their mail into local folders (manually, obviously). And then they ask me how they could have the same email folders on their mobile as well.
And I tell them, well, use IMAP instead of POP3. "But I'm already using IMAP and it's shit. It doesn't do what I want!"
11:49 AM
Q: Web browser with memory management

mrgloomIs there any web browser with manual memory management exist? So I can limit memory consumption, also it would be nice if can handle 'infinite' number of tabs.

So... it should be able to limit the RAM to infinity? :D
Yeah, a browser that only consumes 20MB of RAM and opens infinite tabs. Suuure.
@slhck Eh. I've got something like that going.
As long as you don't expect fast swapping.
@slhck I wonder what he expects the browser to do once the limit is reached...
Most applications don't even handle out of memory situation gracefully, let alone web appllications :D
12:06 PM
@OliverSalzburg Presumably, unloads some tab's contents from memory.
And/or temporarily saves to disk.
Good point, I guess you could always swap stuff out to disk
12:24 PM
 I’m delighted to announce that we’ve reached an agreement to acquire Tumblr!

We promise not to screw it up.
1.1bn USD...
Not much of a shocker .. tumblr is huge
Instagram however ....
12:44 PM
@HackToHell How are they generating revenue though?
I think they added ads recently ...
I don't see any on gemsfromstackexchange.tumblr.com which is why I'm confused :D
Maybe it's just another way to gather information about users, and that fact alone is worth 1.1bn :P
too much swearing :P
looks like they don't officially ad adds to tumblr blogs
only to the dash
Just like blogger
1:08 PM
Makes sense. They show you the ads that fit the blogs you're reading
I really wish I knew how effective internet ad campaigns actually are :P
Then I could judge if that was a reasonable price for something that has 141mio users
Yeah, but on the other hand, Yahoo probably isn't buying it to advertise Yahoo on it :D They'll probably just sell ads to other companies as usual. And then they only care if the companies pay, not if the ads was effective
Peppers be growing \o/
@OliverSalzburg What kind ?
@HackToHell Bell peppers
1:30 PM
Ah capsicum, they are tasty with fried rice :D
2:18 PM
Q: Graphic Interface doesn't start

ruda.almeidaI came back to work after a week away and this is what greets me: I have no idea where to start or what to look for. There are no USB devices attached, besides mouse and keyboard. The same message shows up if I disconnect both and reboot.

@ruda.almeida: dosen't look like its booted up completely
@ruda.almeida Try a different kernel
@HackToHell Can that be chosen at boot time, or do I have to either install or enable it?
Grub shows the kernels installed ... at least in my install
These are all the new peppers I planted this year.
2:22 PM
@HackToHell Ubuntu used to boot directly to the user login dialog and doesn`t show grup, or shows so quickly I never noticed. Ho do I enforce it?
Small one on the right: Jalapeno.
Two fast growing ones (planted on the same day as the jalapeno). Ring of fire
Press <kbd>Shift</kbd> ?
@Hennes Cool!
@Hennes What's the pipe for?
Let me get a close up of the testbed.
2:25 PM
What does that do? Or is it simply required for them to grow?
@HackToHell Thanks
@ruda.almeida you will have to change the timeout value in grub.cfg
@Hennes What kind of soil do you use? Anything special?
Required: Yes and no
Plant do use oxygen. Not just generate it.
@Hennes Sure, I just assumed it's enough when the part above the soil has access to the air :D
When there is sufficient light and CO2 then fotosynthesis generates more O2 than the plant uses. But it uses part of that.
And it generates it above ground while the roots also need some air
Which is why worms are 'good for the sol'.
I tried to help root growth by adding an air pipe
2:29 PM
Interesting. So, is that something that is simply an optimization that can be done while growing any plant?
Or is this procedure specific to peppers?
Yes. there are three ways to help the plant:
Heheh, kitty is tired :D
1) Soid which allows a lot of air (I often use 1/3rd perlite, 2/3 normal ground)
2) Pots (brick pots, not plastic) which permate air
@Hennes use earthern pots
@Hennes That is really cool. I like the transparent "pot" approach
2:31 PM
3) Adding air someway else, e.g. by dangling the roots in air and spraying water over them
AKA aerophonics
It is part of a milk bottle where I cut off the top
Just to see if it would work
@Hennes they don't need that much air ....
@JourneymanGeek Yup. Works great.
But uses power, can leak on my wooden floor, ...
Adding a couple of worms is easier ;p
2:32 PM
Aye, worms would be easier. But this was a fun experiment
Compared to last years plants these do seem to grow deeper and less wide
So it seems to be working.
Ofc. to get proper measurements I would need a set of these.
Some with extra air.
Some extra wide
etc etc
I never grew big plants in pots
I live in a flat. No garden. :(
Biggest plant I managed to grow are these:
@Hennes Same here, the other day I was wondering about renting a garden :P
user image
@Hennes Daaamn :D
2:35 PM
the peppers need extra light in Dec/Jan/Feb (even if it is only an hour or two) or they loose lots of leaves
The wierd colour is from the MH lamp (high pressure metal something)
@Hennes wow
Here is one without the weird colour
@Hennes I live in a flat now :'(
Red Basil and Ring of fire outside
2:45 PM
wrong link
looks like the resolution wars have started YAY
@Hennes How long do these plants live? Do you have to replant every year?
And how are you still alive with those many hot peppers :D
The habanero Orange (the large one) is now in its third or fourth year.
They can live a lot longer, but the fruit yield will drop off.
If you want to plant them yearly: plant in Jan/Feb (with enough light) and harvest late late summer. The fruit needs about 120 days to ripen
So I keep them indoors during the winter.
My heat tolerance has increased somewhat in the last years. ;-)
Also, I wear gloves when picking the hot ones (e.g. habenaro, scotch bonnet etc). Most of those get cut into strips, dried, then ground into a powder.
My kitchen now has several peppers, from the tame dull red cayenne (shop bought), to yellow madam Jeanetta, deep red Scotch bonnet powder and nice orange habanero powder.
But I produced more then I needed. So I cut back on some peppers and planted more herbs.
Fresh herbs++
Last Friday we had dinner with 6 people. I put some cheese filled peppers on the table. Two other ate them. One got into a problem with his stomach. The other stopped after one. I finished the rest is the delicious filled peppers.
@Hennes: chillis dehydrate pretty well
Yup. most do.
Jalapenos somewhat less easy (thick skinned fruit), but the others I grew dried easily
2:57 PM
we indians do this thing where we marinade chillis in a mix of buttermilk and salt.. then dry it
damned addictive. ;p
You take the chillies out and dry them?
Or so little buttermilk then you can dry it all into a cake-ish thing ?
option 1 is closest
the former. we soak the chillis in a buttermilk/salt mix
then drain and dry
I need to grow more stuff :D
@OliverSalzburg: we tried to grow a potato once ;p
dad killed it
we also have turmeric and ginger plants
XD, this should be amusing
Quick scanned and bookmarked
3:02 PM
Dad got an avacado ! i have no idea what to do with it :D
we have one of these
@HackToHell: scoop out the flesh, mash, touch of lemon and salt
or just eat it as is
@JourneymanGeek classy
I grow some ginger a few times. Three attemps. Two rotted, probably due to too moist ground. The third grow intoa nice small plant which died when the cat headbutted it, shearing the stem from the underground stem.
@JourneymanGeek it's not ripe yet
since the only person who can read it is @HackToHell
ta.wikipedia.org/wiki/… original article I linked ;p
funny story about that plant
3:03 PM
Plant the avacado seed. Those plants do look nice and grow quickly (well, lots of food in the large nut. I guess it will slow down after it is a meter tall)
parents got a piece the size of a thumb and planted it... and darn thing keeps growinf and growing
@Hennes I am in a flat now :/
@HackToHell: meh
I hate living in an apartment ;p
my granma's place is awesome
(that and LOTS of dogs)
And I might move next month depending on the place of study
@JourneymanGeek I had a huge garden and lots of cats!
lots of cats in my neighbourhood
just not the awesomeest cat ever :/
3:06 PM
LOL regionally locked tracks on spotify play if you use shuffle :D
(the one eyed ginger :/, apparently lacked the depth perception not to go too near a snake)
@JourneymanGeek I take a long time to read tamil
so do I
but the google translate link was craptastic
(amusingly, I THINK my tamil is better than most non diaspora tamilans... least compared to those people on that talent show my SIL was watching)
@JourneymanGeek lol :D
@OliverSalzburg: overwatering ;p
3:12 PM
tamil is cryptic and annoying
tamil is elegant ;p
3:26 PM
When did this become Seasoned Advice?
3:43 PM
oh, cool. Adds to list of sites to read.
3:54 PM
Bug fixing with the Inception soundtrack playing out loud and bashing your keyboard like a possessed organ player is my kinda Monday.
4:50 PM
HELP! Unity won't boot and my Xorg.0.log says "something something NVIDIA something".
Q: Graphic Interface doesn't start

ruda.almeidaI came back to work after a week away and this is what greets me: If I press enter it displays the tty1 login prompt. I have booted using a 12.04.2 Live USB and it seems to work fine, I`m using it to write this. I have no idea where to start or what to look for. There are no USB devices atta...

Wow, I forgot how long it takes to use physical hardware with optical media.
Boot windows 7 DVD, get to the first part where you can enter something: about 15 minutes.
5:06 PM
Heh, unfortunate when you need to kill a post...
@KronoS Regarding your question, what's wrong with the Gmail contacts?
5:40 PM
Shog9 on May 20, 2013

Stack Overflow has always had a strong focus on individual merit. Although collaboration is encouraged to some extent by the editing features, attribution on posts and the design of user profiles all tend to emphasize rugged individuality, that lone wolf toiling away at a keyboard.

But most of us don’t actually work that way. We’re social creatures by nature, and the most challenging part of finding a good job can be finding the pack you want to run with. In spite of the dearth of features aimed at networking, folks have been using Stack Overflow to find and research potential colle …

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