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6:00 PM
or «The Shotgun of Dealing 3 Damage»
or «The Cursed Shotgun of Sucking It Through»
yeah, I'm gonna name the shotgun
although it's stock so people won't see it during killscreens
@failbadp If you rename a stock, they do see it.
Renaming a stock creates a new (non-stock) version of the same item.
Yeah, and supposedly they even have a separate entry in the master items list. Sounds strange, I know.
So, when I kill you with my License To Kill (read: Knife)...
If that uses up a backpack slot then I'll skip
Yes, a renamed stock item takes up a backpack slot.
6:12 PM
Q: How to hide the "has created a masterpiece" announcement?

Martin JaniczekWell, the title says it. I tried to edit the /data/init/announcements.txt: [MASTERPIECE_ARCHITECTURE:A_D:D_D] [MASTERPIECE_CONSTRUCTION:A_D:D_D] and delete the :A_D:D_D but it didn't work. Should I write something instead?

It occurs to me that I named my knife after a James Bond movie, but used a US English spelling...
For the benefit of @shrdlu, we shall all observe a week dedicated to using the terms bacon and cyber interchangeably. #baconsec
Hm, does a genuine item lose its genuine quality if renamed?
/cc @Powerlord
Nevermind «The Cube of My Merely Preordering Portal 2» doesn't fit (by 2 chars)
6:22 PM
@failbadp So remove 'My'.
You'd suck at Twitter.
@ArdaXi Yknow, on Twitter you get "unlimited" free tweets
Name tags are much more valuable.
@failbadp Well, yes, but that destabilizes your follower count.
A stable follower count is worth something too.
@ArdaXi I have like 75 followers, and that's probably more than I'm comfortable with
I mean, I made one personal tweet (I believe) and I lost 5 followers over it.
Who knows what those 5 I don't follow back think!
6:24 PM
I have 167 right now.
@failbadp No. They maintain their item name color. However, the WORD genuine goes away unless you include it in the new name.
@Powerlord Thanks
Behold my Vintage Head Magnet and Vintage Fungineer Dropper!
Vintage Head Magnet = Vintage Huntsman. ;)
BTW I was thinking about the Medieval Medic set, and the ripoff it is
Medieval Medic is only good if you're on a Medieval level... or if you're a REALLY good shot with the crossbow.
6:27 PM
There are no set bonus mainly because, what would they write? "Wow! This set lets you actually be useful on Degroot!"
@failbadp Um... it does have a set bonus. +1 Health per second heal rate.
The tooltip doesn't mention it
@failbadp That's weird. It was there before.
well, okay, the tooltip mentions no set bonuses at all for whatever reason
Q: What are the prices of PSP downloadable games and PSOne Classics for EURO region?

sarmackieI do not have any Sony gaming console currently at my disposal, and PSN is down anyway, so I just want to ask if anyone remembers more or less what are the current prices of PSOne Classics and other downloadable PSN titles for the PSP, for the European region? I am mostly interested in prices in...

No other close votes on this? It's like the perfect example of "too localized"
6:29 PM
1 hour ago, by Powerlord
@Lazers temporally too localized.
But I'm at work and can't visit Gaming, so can't vote.
ah, gotcha
Ugh... gotta love SourceMod. No functions to search through values in an array unless it's the Handle-type array.
So I guess I search through every element in the array to see if one matches. >:/
(Since it's only max of 8 elements...)
@FallenAngelEyes Not really, it's relevant right now.
Sure not the bestestestestest question ever
@failbadp i.e. "specific moment in time" as per the too localized close description?
As Joel said yesterday, "too localized" is much more localized than "this month in Europe"
especially "in Europe" sounds like a very shoddy ground to call "too localized"
6:33 PM
This question is only relevant as long as PSN is down.
hence, specific moment in time.
The booster questions for minecraft are relevant as long as boosters still work
@fail We can't source any of the answers because the PSN is down and seeing as s/he can't buy anything anyway off the site, I'm not sure really how relevant or helpful this question is.
As far as we know, that's in 5 seconds from now.
When the site is back up and they are able to buy stuff, then they'll be able to see the prices for themselves
@Powerlord Notch may also fix the minecraft booster glitch in the next 5 seconds as well
6:35 PM
@failbadp Good point, lets close that too. :P
@FallenAngelEyes In other words, this question's answer becomes irrelevant when the question becomes relevant?
@Powerlord Brilliant, no?
@Powerlord Oddly enough, seems so. They're asking if anyone remembers prices off the top of their head because PSN is unavailable.
Which, when extrapolated, means that the question and its answers will always be irrelevant?
@Powerlord He's considering to get the PSP instead of... other choices (?), but he can't do that fully because the PSN is down?
@failbadp What other choices? The DS/3DS? An iPhone?
6:38 PM
Perhaps. Thanks for coming up with alternatives; I couldn't think of anything myself.
I don't read that into his question at all.
@ArdaXi Why else would you care?
@failbadp Curiosity?
Wanting to buy a game once PSN is up?
Why else would I ask about prices of a "Sony gaming console [not] currently at my disposal"
@failbadp "Currently". I took that to mean he usually has one, but it's at a friend's or whatever.
It could go both ways I guess.
6:40 PM
@fail @Arda I think speculating about his intentions is rather pointless unless they decide to clarify that for us
@FallenAngelEyes +1
meh, go ahead and close that question if you feel like it; it's not getting my supervote.
@FallenAngelEyes Haven't you learnt anything about me? I love doing things that are pointless. Especially if they're discussions.
Also free flag weight for whoever flags this question for deletion once the PSN is back up
@Arda I know, hence why I said something early on. :P
@failbadp So, it should be deleted then, but now it's not too localized?
6:42 PM
Yes, the keyword being "too"
Doesn't "too localized" mean that it would be closed later?
um, no?
What is flag weight?
A: What questions should be closed with reason "too localized"?

Joel Spolsky"Too localized" should be used for very tiny geographic regions or vanishingly small periods of time. It is used when a question cannot possibly be answered because nobody participating in the site is likely to know the answer, and even if it were answered, nobody else would care. For me, the ca...

Hmm, unless I made a mistake here, I think this Mapchooser Extended Sound plugin is actually done! :O
6:43 PM
> Why is there a green Honda Civic parked out in front of my house?
@failbadp Because Joel is spying on you.
@ArdaXi «I am increasingly seeing trigger-happy people who misunderstand the purpose of this close reason... yesterday someone on Meta.SO voted to close a question about Stack Overflow Dev Days 2011 on the grounds that it was "too localized." COME ON!»
What's the price range of PSP games in Europe?

This is too localized because:

Who cares?
Is the PSN still down? Go check.
What are the chances that this question could ever be answered in a way that would benefit anyone else?
Now is back up?
@failbadp Look, if it's not too localized, then you can't justify deleting it once the PSN is back up.
NO! I forgot today was Thursday, and I have a 3:00pm meeting. >:/
6:45 PM
Saying it's not too localized is saying it will stay relevant for at least a few months.
(EDT that is, so 15 minutes from now)
@ArdaXi Good point. Once the PSN is back up you'll just answer with a link to the PSN store
no deletion after the PSN is up. Perfect.
@failbadp And will the question be relevant then?
@MatthewRead First and third questions don't apply here
@failbadp Subjective. For this question, third is especially relevant.
6:46 PM
@ArdaXi Worse yet, the answers that aren't links to the stores will be wrong the first time Sony decides to change PSN prices.
@Powerlord Exactly.
Do you think a question about what the price of Portal 2 is would be relevant?
Is it sad that the code to load the sound sets is like 15x longer than the code to play said sounds?
@ArdaXi Oh really? Comparing game prices when comparing consoles is not useful?
@ArdaXi this
@failbadp It won't be the minute Sony changes prices.
6:48 PM
@ArdaXi or Nintendo changes prices.
@failbadp Eh? Not applied? But Joel says:
> even if it were answered, nobody else would care.
@ArdaXi That's a different close reason; one that's not "too localized"; not interesting or whateveritscalled
For what should be closed as too localized
@failbadp I would call that too localized. Among others. It's also the exact same thing this question is asking, but a different game.
@GraceNote Okay, I was under the impression that people compared game prices when buying consoles. I guess nobody ever has done so, or does, or will do that. Fine.
6:50 PM
Note to self: sell a $1 console with $4,000 games for it.
PSN was supposed to come back up some time this week, but that was before Sony discovered SOE was breached as well.
@failbadp I love it when you get annoyed like that.
@ArdaXi I get annoyed because you all get worked up because you have to change my mind
@failbadp I never at any time assumed I could change your mind.
6:51 PM
Then why... oh right, pointless stuff. Stop it.
Read the tagline.
> Gaming.SE blind debater.
Fine, then continue, but don't complain later.
@failbadp When have I ever complained about a pointless debate?
6:53 PM
I'm sure we don't need to dig up that again.
@failbadp Now I'm curious.
Dig it up!
Mar 26 at 23:03, by Arda Xi
@failbadp Telling me to stop, plainly, will get me to stop, contrary to popular belief.
@failbadp I'm not here to change your mind, nor am I worked up.
@failbadp Oh.. right. That.
I.. erm... well... that was different.
@GraceNote Sorry for catching you in my unfair overgeneralization
6:55 PM
It's just that, if you're trying to apply a policy that says "You only close things when they're too localized to the point that no one cares", then saying that "Who cares?" and "What are the chances that this question could ever be answered in a way that would benefit anyone else?" is not applicable is counterproductive to your stance and it'll hurt your defense of your stance that the question isn't too localized.
At any rate, I think we all need a cooldown and a topic change.
Well, I have a meeting in 5 min. Anyone have a pillow I can borrow?
@GraceNote That's not what I meant, I meant "they're not applicable" as in "that's not true; people can care about it"; obviously that's not a position you can prove objectively however. It's much easier to assume the contrary.
@failbadp Everybody hit the showers
Like, say, promotional grants. Who wants to help organize a time for a small chat meeting? ♪
6:57 PM
why not organize now as the time?
@MatthewRead Because I only have about 194 seconds left?
But if you are volunteering as my assistant, great, I'll send you the notes later tonight. ♪
@GraceNote Let's throw up a doodle.
@GraceNote Hmm, on second thought I obviously have no idea what you're talking about
When would you be available @Grace?
So I can cut on the cho----
@GraceNote I would, but I should not be given responsibility. Or so I'm told.
7:03 PM
Q: What's the best program to use to record Minecraft?

fredleyI want to record myself playing Minecraft, what program should I use?

@Lazers Sounds like a shopping recommendation.
Closed as dupe.
7:19 PM
And now for something completely different:
That 375 kinda is a letdown. All other numbers are more interesting.
Ah well.
@failbadp Especially the heading is really a buzzkill.
With a bit of a Captain Obvious feel to it.
I'd never take that feel off you
@failbadp listens to the crickets Make another joke, I like the silence.
The cool kids are busy elsewhere ;)
and so am I.
@failbadp No we're not.
7:33 PM
Q: Portal 2 - Hidden areas in single player campaign?

Warren  PAre there any hidden areas in portal 2 single-player campaign? I have finished the game a few times, and have had a casual look around for any fun hidden areas, but I must have missed them.

@failbadp I'm cool now? :D
@Lazers Do they mean aside from the ones related to achievements?
@Powerlord You're... e specially cool.
@Powerlord There's one related to an achievement.
I mean, the Good Listener one is hardly hidden.
@failbadp Of the day? At the rate you're making them, might as well be of the minute.
7:35 PM
@ArdaXi Portrait of a Lady, The Missing Experiment, Final Transmission...
@Powerlord I stand corrected.
You'll be happy to know I closed that question
@failbadp As a dupe?
is it a dupe?
I was thinking that the hidden areas were asked about before.
7:36 PM
@failbadp I've voted to reopen it.
@ArdaXi Somehow that doesn't surprise me
It's not a list in the sense of the lists we disallow.
The answer does not change. It's rather trivial to create one right answer that stays correct forever. Nowhere in the body does it ask for one spot per answer.
I've used my supervote; go ahead and overrule me
See if I care ♫
@failbadp I think you missed the first part of "community moderator".
You're treating this as moderators v. plebeians.
raises eyebrow moderatorS?
7:39 PM
@failbadp Well, yes.
You was meant singular.
In my eyes it's more like me vs close police; more often than not Grace is not on my side in this kind of discussions
as Juan does the only winning move
@failbadp The close police happens to be the community.
@ArdaXi [citation-needed]
@failbadp The fact that they're succeeding.
What you're doing now is alienating a user.
It's not even the fact that you used a super vote that I have a problem with. It's the way you did it.
I explained the vote with a comment? Oh silly me
7:42 PM
"The question as it is asks for a list of one hidden area per answer, with voting based on... popularity?" This is, and I will risk suspension to say it, absolute bullshit.
How alienating
Next time I'll just close
And it's the only justification you're giving.
That'll feel better.
It will, in fact.
@GnomeSlice: Don't make me cut you.
7:43 PM
@failbadp It wouldn't be good, but it would be better.
@Powerlord I don't think I deserved that.
@failbadp Tell me where that question asks for one area per answer. Some kind of hidden markup only moderators can see?
@GnomeSlice Fine... don't make me slice you. :P
Actually, it'd be better to punt a Gnome anyway, but... your name isn't GnomePunt.
The Art of Video Games: The Votes are In! http://bit.ly/k0N8D7
@ArdaXi Oh, so now reasons to close questions have to be explicit?
7:45 PM
@failbadp A little bit more explicit than that.
Weird, I've seen people arguing to have questions closed because of what the reader "really wants"
I could answer that question in one answer.
@failbadp Yes. That was you.
At any rate - I was cleaning up meta, I'll get back to it
Hang on. Are you trying to make a point by closing this question? Because you're hitting innocent users in the process.
No I'm not
7:48 PM
@GnomeSlice I don't suppose there's a non-podcast version of this? :/
@Powerlord I just noticed it's 50 minutes long. Since I participated, I was sent a PDF of the winners, let me transcribe it.
@failbadp I take it you don't have problems with people assuming things about you. Since you so happily do it to others.
Also, France is now a unit of measurement?: arstechnica.com/science/news/2011/05/…
@GnomeSlice Hmm... I may have that PDF in my inbox, then.
@Powerlord Right, a France wheat is a Mexico corn.
@ArdaXi I reverted my decision, FYI. Go make your global answer now, instead of asking me to justify every little click I do and don't make
7:51 PM
@failbadp You're a moderator. You are expected to justify your decisions.
That's part of the deal.
Contrary to what some people might do, I don't just do things to prove I'm right. I'm too busy to write up that answer right now.
@ArdaXi Usually I justify before people ask me. I guess that's a mistake ;)
@failbadp So you just forgot, or you thought that comment was a justification?
@ArdaXi The comment was my justification. Period.
@failbadp Then you might've wanted to justify the assumptions you made in it as well.
7:54 PM
Now I'll be back later. Have fun feasting on this event to cry mod abuse all night long
Oh, just checked my VGMusic email: There are required updates coming for HL2:DM, CS:S, TF2, and DOD:S this afternoon.
@failbadp Again with the assumptions.
I haven't used the term 'mod abuse' once.
@ArdaXi Yeah, mod abuse is my catchphrase!
@Powerlord I've linked the PDF in chat.
@failbadp I have nothing to say except thanks for trying to make the site better and thanks for being willing to reconsider your decisions.
7:55 PM
@GnomeSlice Yeah, even if you hadn't, there was a link to it in my VGMusic email.
I'm trying to figure out how Pac-Man for the Atari 2600... one of the worst arcade ports in existence... ended up winning one of the Atari 2600 slots.
@Powerlord It's about the art, not the gameplay.
...But I wouldn't have picked a port for an 'art' exhibition anyway...
@failbadp The problem is that you can't back down gracefully. You have to have some kind of last word degrading someone else.
@GnomeSlice Hm... then again, look at its competitors./
Haunted House? Seriously? The game where you spend 90% of the time seeing a pair of eyes in a hallway?
They couldn't have nominated something like Barnstormers?
Chrono Trigger didn't win in its category? I like Zelda 3 and all, but Chrono Trigger spanks it so hard graphically.
@Powerlord It... what?
@ArdaXi The US Smithsonian Video Game Art Exhibit.
8:00 PM
@Powerlord The problem here is that they left voting open to the community.
Which degrades the poll into a popularity contest.
@Powerlord No, I meant that last part of the sentence.
@ArdaXi Chrono Trigger is more graphically advanced than A Link to the Past.
Then again, popularity becomes even more evident when you see Doom 2 winning over Deus Ex and Unreal in the PC category.
@Powerlord You're not getting me. Imagine you just heard "spanks it so hard graphically" out of context.
(I was just casually reading the stream, so I read it bottom-up)
At least Portal beat Call of Duty: World at War (and Half-Life 2).
Not so sure I agree with Minecraft beating StarCraft 2, though.
Okami beat Kingdom Hearts 2 and Final Fantasy X? Interesting.
Now if only Capcom wasn't using Okamiden as an excuse not to translate the second Ace Attorney Investigations game.
What's really interesting is the five games they'll have available for people to try at this exhibit. They are: Pac-Man (arcade), Super Mario Bros., The Secret of Monkey Island, Myst, and World of Warcraft.
Blizzard is likely thanking the Smithsonian for their efforts to make everyone everywhere play WoW.
@Powerlord Where are these listed?
@GnomeSlice Very bottom of the PDF.
Oh, right.
@MatthewRead Appreciated
8:19 PM
You can offer more precise bounties now?
Oh, and
@GnomeSlice How do you mean?
Frozen Synapse Single-Player Detailed, Release Soon http://bit.ly/jtJ5e4
@ArdaXi You can offer bounties in increments of 50 all the way up to 500, instead of 50, 100, 250, and 500
8:30 PM
Hmm... temptation to go home early rising...
I'm disappointed Sid Meier's Pirates! won over M.U.L.E., since I'm pretty sure the latter had a more significant effect on the art of game design than the former did (even if it was a great, more widely-recognizable game)
@Brant I should blame @Powerlord but I'm really just going to blame you for making me cough milk after misparsing that as Sid Meier's Bacon.
Also, Fallout over Grim Fandango? Halo 2 over Psychonauts? Seriously?
@GraceNote Now that's a game I'd play.
Actually, I was gearing up for a long, pretentious list of the games that should have won over the ones that actually did, but most of the important ones did.
8:49 PM
Q: 2D game about a stranded person

JustSidA few years ago (ten or so) I loved to play a game which was basically a "you are stranded and have to survive" game. It was totally iso 2D and it begins with the player swimming to a randomly generated island because his ship sunk. The player needs water (which can be obtained from rivers on the...

Q: Removing an Item from another player on world of warcraft Wrath of the Lich king

Eon Rusted du PlessisI am experimenting around with a private server (for testing of course) with a trinitycore , and I'm in an hiccup. How do I remove an Item from another Player?

9:01 PM
woot! answered my first itg question!
@Arkive Congrats. They're always fun
@Brant That is indeed a gross error. The first thing I thought when I reached the bottom was "no Psychonauts? Really?"
Although to be fair, I'm a pretty big Tim Schafer fanboy
@GraceNote I'd hit that... er... play that. I meant play that.
@Powerlord The Freud is strong with this one.
@failbadp What exactly is this "@GraceNote's Gaming Promotion Meeting"
9:15 PM
@sjohnston If you'd look over there for a second...
2 hours ago, by Grace Note
Like, say, promotional grants. Who wants to help organize a time for a small chat meeting? ♪
pulls out 2'x4'
@sjohnston Image not found.
@sjohnston Yay, clue by four!
9:22 PM
@ArdaXi Works for me.
> Forbidden You don't have permission to access /images/08/080530instructions.jpg on this server.
Ah, there we go. Looks like I broke it
No, anti-hotlink policy probably.
@sjohnston forbidden
@failbadp Yes, thanks, it's broken
got it
9:24 PM
1 min ago, by Arda Xi
> Forbidden You don't have permission to access /images/08/080530instructions.jpg on this server.
@ArdaXi Okay, forbidden
@sjohnston The site doesn't allow hotlinking I guess.
I can see it if I access it directly.
Consequently, it's now in my cache, so I see it in-line as well.
Hardly seems worth the trouble
Chat has an upload to imgur option just for this.
Oh right, I suppose I should mention I have a Firefox addon that lies about the referrer.
9:28 PM
@Powerlord Which is why referrer-based hotlink checks are useless.
By default it tells you that the referrer is the root page on the domain whose image/page/etc are loading.
If you want to properly stop hot-linking, you should use cookies or something.
@Lazers Do I even need to mention these WoW servers are of... questionable legality?
@ArdaXi I so rarely post images that I forgot that option existed
@Powerlord I thought we allowed questions in the grey area, caveat lector.
9:35 PM
@ArdaXi Yeah, that seems to be the general consensus
I think it's one of the first times Jeff's opinion touched the community's.
Many questions of legality like this are bound up in EULA contracts, and the legal precedents regarding EULAs are...muddled at best...
@sjohnston A website is not bound to EULAs.
Q: What's with all the clicking the pros do in the opening minutes of Starcraft games?

MattI've seen this on many streams. Are they just running macros? Hopefully others have noticed this and I'm not hallucinating...

@ArdaXi No, but for stuff like private servers the EULA is an important factor.
9:46 PM
@sjohnston Well yes, but as I said, caveat lector.
@ArdaXi And my point was that that attitude works well when the legality is merely "questionable." If we were talking about something more blatantly illegal, that might be a problem.
@sjohnston Yes, of course.
Ugh. It is so hard to get work done in the last 30 minutes of the work day.
Especially when my co-workers wander the halls, looking for busy-looking people to distract
10:04 PM
Q: What has happened to EAX and other hardware sound enhancements?

Vilx-Since Windows Vista has dropped support DirectX support for hardware accelerated sound, new games using EAX have become virtually nonexistent. So what are games using today? Have game developers decided/realized that nobody cares about cool sound effects and are rather doing simple effects in sof...

10:43 PM
Jonathan Coulton has sung a song called "Sweet Caroline". The plot thickens.
11:40 PM
Q: How does APHEELSIK work?

Sadly NotAs an Assassin in Desktop Dungeons I'm trying to use the APHEELSIK glyph to help me kill higher level monsters. The game says APHEELSIK: Poisons an enemy, negating health regeneration until player next deals damage. So after attacking a zombie a few times I get low health and use APHEELSIK ...

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