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9:00 PM
@Fabian s/Gaming\.//
@GnomeSlice (removed) at you too!
@ArdaXi (removed)
@GnomeSlice ()
We recently had a chance to check out Child of Eden and it looks awesome. Dude. http://youtu.be/TWql8G6Q1a8
Ha, we star so many posts that the Podcasts are evil one just got bumped from the current starred list on the right.
@Powerlord Depends on your screen resolution, but I don't even know which post you're talking about.
9:09 PM
1 hour ago, by Arda Xi
Podcast! Podcast! Kill it! It's evil.
@ArdaXi Yeah, that one.
@ArdaXi That is a request to pin the podcast, or? ;-)
and I didn't think it was based on resolution, as I have a large blank section below the lowest one on that list.
@Fabian Fabian! Kill it. It's evil.
@Powerlord Same here.
Oh. He flew off. Good. For him. Anyway, back to starring.
Oh hey, Valve might start work on getting IPv6 into the Source engine soon.
9:11 PM
@Powerlord Good. Now for us to get IPv6.
My server already has it.
Oh look, Anonymous is trending on Twitter.
Valve is just now starting to deploy IPv6 on its internal network.
> 'What is becoming more and more evident is that Sony has been the victim of a very carefully planned, very professional, highly sophisticated criminal cyber attack designed to steal personal and credit card information for illegal purposes,' Hirai wrote. He also indicated that Sony waited two days before notifying the FBI of the theft."
Which is kinda necessary for them to test IPv6 in Source. :P
That's definitely not Anonymous' style.
Doesn't Anonymous usually make it very clear when they are responsible?
9:13 PM
@Arkive Anonymous is a bunch of individuals. You can't refer to them as one group.
"Just to let everyone know. I am currently working on deploying IPv6 network infrastructure for Valve's network. This is not a promise that support is coming, but rather to point out that without this infrastructure it is very difficult to implement IPv6 support.

Until last year, none of our network equipment would support IPv6. Our network providers also don't have pervasive IPv6 support, at least not on par with IPv4. So there are some technical challenges that we face with regards to network resiliency, which makes it risky for us to use in a production environment.
As such, Anonymous is very unpredictable.
(So, IPv6 in Source is more of a long term project)
@Powerlord Means it's going to take 2 years at least.
Still, at least they're doing something, which is a step up from before, where they were doing nothing.
9:15 PM
Q: Can one build a game based on something that already exists and make money off of it?

user9285I was planning on producing a game but then I had to stall. I have an idea to make a game, but its very similar to a game already out there. If I made my own graphics, audio and use my own code, would I be allowed to sell it?

I mean, it took them 1.5 years to develop Webkit after it was promised to me personally.
When are we getting a migrate route to game-dev for everyone?
@ArdaXi That one would be a duplicate anyway
@Lazers No. After all, cloning a game and selling it would never land you as one of the top angry apps on birds iTunes app store.
@Powerlord Trying to say something?
@ArdaXi Yeah... that I'm too lazy to bold letters one at a time.
Fine, I'll do it the other way
9:17 PM
Q: Is it legally possible to make a clone of the game?

SauliusWith board games like "Monopoly", "Domino", "Checkers", or "Chess", can game developers make clones and sell them? Also, can I make a clone of ZX Spectrum games? Are there many parts of the game with which can do the same?

Fair Use is brilliantly complicated.
> You can copy all of gameplay without any issues at all.
I need to reword this... I need a d.
No way I'm arguing with an actual lawyer, but I'm not sure.
@Powerlord You can't bold letters within words anyway.
@ArdaXi Oh, that's broken? >:/
@ArdaXi The realistic point is that you don't want to argue about that with some big corporation, even if the law is on your side
9:19 PM
I was about to post my finished thing in chat.
@Powerlord It w*a*s never supp**o**rted.
@Fabian If I could afford a lawyer, I would.
Oh blah
That broke because I used the A in Angry
It won't parse asterisks not surrounded by whitespace.
@ArdaXi Depending on the case, you might need a dozen laywers for some years
@Fabian (Un)fair enough.
9:22 PM
So much for cooking dinner... my dad called me to ask me if I wanted to take Mom out for Mother's Day tonight, since my aunt will be in town over the weekend.
Oh! I totally forgot about Mother's Day!
Where did @GnomeSlice's glasses go by the way?
So many stars, wow.
@Mana I'm no expert on starring (I'm usually on the receiving end) but aren't they a good thing?
It's the Star-Spangled Chatroom!
Anyway, time to flee
9:28 PM
@Powerlord Or a starry night on the bridge.
9:45 PM
Downloading the #Stackexchange Podcast # 3 http://goo.gl/nXMnS
^ Trololol ^
@Mana They're on sale today
In a way, they're cheaper. And worth less.
@failbadp Contrary to usual, when they are just worthless.
That makes 0 sense
@ArdaXi I look different without them, no?
@GnomeSlice Well, yes.
9:55 PM
Back in my day, stars meant something
@failbadp Did you see whose name was next to it?
You young whippersnappers don't know how good you got it
makes note: Reverse psychology is disturbingly easy
9:56 PM
@ArdaXi AH
To-do item: Find out who anonymous starrer is, and put him on the list for further testing.
I don't get any. T_T
PSA: You can now subscribe to the starred feed to receive pretty much all messages in this chatroom.
@ArdaXi Heh.
Yes, @GnomeSlice, I did that intentionally because you're not getting any stars.
Which probably means you're the one doing the starring.
9:59 PM
@ArdaXi ... No more stars for you.
Please make your way to the closest relaxation vault as soon as possible.
You will be re-awakened for your test.
Ciao stars.
It was @GnomeSlice!
Cake Dispensary and Emergency Arda Xi Shutdown Chamber
@GnomeSlice Bitalic. Like @failbadp.
I'm Botalic.
10:01 PM
@ArdaXi iTold (youSo)
:930908 Satisfied?
:930908 LlamACase
Wow, I got 85 rep for OCRing and copy-pasting.
Yay me.
(Sorry @GraceNote)
10:15 PM
@GnomeSlice False. I'll go false.
Q: Minecraft - Finding wolves

chandsWolves? What wolves? I have only spotted ONE wolf in playing minecraft for the past two weeks! Can anyone tell me where I can find one? Is there some sort of biome they prefer? Are the spawning rules for wolves any different from regular critters?

Why do we have to have such a longass domain name :|
I wanted to make a promotional TF2 spray but no one is going to type that URL from a spray
10:45 PM
Q: The Memes of Gaming.SE

Nick T In the style of The Many Memes of Meta The term "Internet Meme" is used to describe a catchphrase or concept that spreads quickly from person to person via the Internet (see: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meme_(Internet) for more details) There are a few memes that are starting to get beat to death...

@failbadp Snipe gaming.se on Nov 21
@Lazers needs (@GnomeSlice?)
Q: Bug: New "Vote on more question" messages appear when voting on answers to your own questions

Billy ONeal"You haven't voted on questions in a while; questions need votes too" appears even on your own questions, which you cannot upvote. It should appear as a reminder only when voting on answers to questions that you can actually upvote.

Q: Tags in user search are not escaped

BrianVisit http://stackoverflow.com/users Type in "Jon Skeet" in the "Type to find users" textbox. Click on "C#" under his name/reputation. This goes to http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/c# It should go to http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/c%23

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11:58 PM
@NickT Yes.
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