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4:00 PM
@HackToHell More like the original HL and CS :P
Though that followed on from Doom...
The only game I remember playing when I was a kid is NFS and GTA
With Half-Life, they pretty much invented a new genre of gaming. The story was very immersive and it was overall just a great game. Thus, Half-Life 2 was widely anticipated and it delivered on every aspect people wished for.
I don't know when you've played HL2, but in 2004, it was amazing to say the least
I played it in 2011 ;p
user image
This was when most games would run on id Tech, Unreal or a commercial fork of either. While Source probably still has some id Tech code in it (but then, which game engine doesn't :P), it was a new major player in the game engine game. :D
@OliverSalzburg Everyone's still waiting for HL3 :P
4:09 PM
And the source engine is getting old, iirc valve is building a new engine for hl3
I never liked zombie/alien/whatever games solo :\
Sven Co-op was fun, though.
Played a bit of Black Mesa.
@Bob Myself included :P
@HackToHell That is a great warning.
@Bob God, I loved Black Mesa :D
I still haven't gotten around to install Black Mesa
4:10 PM
@OliverSalzburg Goldsrc*
Followed by Source :P
@Bob Yeah, HL2 was the first Source game, right?
Aha ! found it
With Gold you could still taste the Quake ;D
@OliverSalzburg I think so.
HL2, Quake, Doom all got me nauseous .....
And I think that's one of the reasons why I don't like them much
But then Portal was amazing
4:12 PM
@HackToHell Ah. Change the FoV.
@HackToHell The irony! It burns!
Portal's game play was awesome, I would play for 15 mins and sleep for the next hour :D
@allquixotic That sounds vaguely familiar...
It was a bit more overwhelming that classic fps games ;p
4:16 PM
Seriously, though. If you get nausea from FPS games, consider changing the FoV.
@Bob changing the FoV doesn't help
If the game involves a closed space, I get nauseous immediately ...
However games with open spaces like tf2 are fine
I can play tf2 for hours before nausea sets in
If all the games allowed you to switch from third to first person easily like in Skyrim then it would be awesome ...
How insightful!
Q: A "simple" 3rd grade problem...or is it?

RetrosaurSo this is supposed to be really simple, and it's taken from the following picture: I don't understand what's wrong with this question. I think the student answered the question wrong, yet my friend insists the student got the question right. I feel like I'm missing something critical here. ...

Also I noticed that games like Far Cry 3 and Crysis shake the first person view based on the environment, that makes me nauseous within seconds ...
4:23 PM
Wow, that dude seems to be asking the right questions
Q: Has piracy ever resulted in a developer getting shut down?

RetrosaurHas piracy EVER resulted in a developer getting shut down? That is, has piracy ever been so detrimental that it brought about the downfall of a game studio? If I were to release a game, should I be extremely wary of pirates and plan accordingly, or is it safe to assume that it won't damage me wha...

Q: how to get wifi to work on fujitsu siemens v2000

AndrásI got my mother an old fujitsu siemens v2000 to use, but I can not see any wifi connections. According to the device manager, the driver is installed. It is listed as Intel Pro/wireless LAN 2100 3B Mini PCI adapter. Update Driver does not help. Ipconfig /all lists the mac address, but the state...

Heebr @_@
@OliverSalzburg interesting !
Both of those questions are currently hot!
Why was their game even allowing pirated copies to authenticate? — Vaughan Hilts Apr 30 at 12:57
At first I thought it was some kind of experiment ;P
So technically piracy didn't bring it down ;p
4:29 PM
Well, the piracy one appeared in the ad spot several times. I assumed it's due to being very popular right now
@OliverSalzburg My mind was elsewhere ...
@HackToHell And you'd have a pretty big advantage :P
@HackToHell Oh, okay ;D
@OliverSalzburg Yea, I posted that one earlier. Made someone feel like stupid :(
Installing a Windows system that needs tons of updates on a machine that produces no video signal when rebooted.... is a PAIN
4:33 PM
Anything related to *install is a PAIN !
It's constantly deciding to reboot, leaving me with a black screen :P And then I have no idea when I can shut it off
I guess I should simply enable remote desktop...
@HackToHell I usually don't mind. I actually consider it fun :P
As long as everything goes as planned ;)
@OliverSalzburg and it never does
wtf... Remote Desktop opened the window on my second screen, which is in portrait. Now the connection is stuck on 1200x1920
@OliverSalzburg try again :P
you can force a size with /w:<width> and /h:<height>
@Bob I did, same resolution. But then I changed it in the connection dialog
And I just rebooted, screen black, RDP works :P
5:32 PM
Anyone familiar with OSX in here?
@Luke Yup
I got an iMac in here that Finder keeps crashing. I can't get far enough in to run Disk Utility. Boots into SU mode with no issues, Safe Mode doesn't load anything other then the dock and the Finder error message
I have a 10.6.8 (same version) install USB drive, and when I boot off that, I'm getting a wierd "no access" picture with the spinning gear at the bottom
Wow, I just deployed the HTPC in the living room and connected a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. Those are such a scam
They only work if the wireless receiver is max. 20cm away from them
Hence the reason they're advertisement looks like this newegg.com/Product/…-pla--HTPC+%2f+Media+Center+Cases-_-N82E16811208039&gclid=CPugjqCA_bYCFchM4AodGGIAHA
@Luke Hm. Never experienced that. What's the error message say?
5:46 PM
Nothing at all
The gear at the bottom is just spinning
Solution - If you bought the Mac, sell the computer and buy a system with 10x the performance. If you didn't buy the Mac, tell the person who did that you're going to sell it and buy something with 10x the performance and never to buy you a mac again.
Other than that IDK
Thanks @Griffin... But it's a customer's
@Luke You just put me in checkmate there...
Well played
@Luke Well, you said "the dock and the Finder error message"… nothing specific there?
Does the iMac support CD?
5:51 PM
It supports CDs but I don't have any Mac CDs
The dock appears in Safe Mode, but I can't click anything on it
The Finder error is just an application crash
With the crash log and everything? That could give you some hints as to what's wrong
I remember Simon Sheehan had an iMac where a faulty AirPort driver would make the Mac crash.
6:08 PM
USB low power issue
6:21 PM
Interesting… any devices connected?
I had the flash drive plugged into the Apple keyboard
Anyways, the rror coming up:
... It seems useless to me, let me scroll
6:56 PM
And yea, the error messages are useless to me
7:32 PM
@Luke There's probably no way you can get them out of there right? Picture of the screen? Something in the crash dump should give you a hint about what's wrong.
Can't see it though
I click on anything, and within a half second, it pops back up
Is it something like this?
It looks as though the error is Symbol not found: _kBackupBrowseOtherDisks
Can you copypaste the whole thing? Maybe I can spot something, or Daniel Beck has an idea.
I'll open a notepad window... I can't really access anything else
Actually, let me see if I can copy and paste... I don't think I can
Saved a text file, gonna see if I can copy it in SU mode to a flash drive
This is getting irritating...
I create a new folder to mount /dev/disk1s1, but keeps telling me the owner isn't root, and Incorrect superblock
7:49 PM
Huh.. you're only root in SU mode. That's weird.
I know
I got it finally
Can you check if that folder and binary exists? /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Backup.framework/Versions/A/
Anyone know the damn key to get a samsung windows 8 laptop into bios?
Delete, F2, Enter
none of them work
Correction...f2 worked, but windows 8 is retarded and kills the bios
I need to boot off usb..google's not remotely helping
1 hour later…
9:20 PM
@slhck Folder exists
9:30 PM
Q: Finder crashes constantly

LukeOn an iMac 10,1 system running OSX 10.6.8, Finder is crashing on every startup, including in Safe Mode. I have the error message posted, but it seems very cryptic. As per a conversation in the Root Access chatroom, the file /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Backup.framework/Versions/A/Backup does...

2 hours later…
11:55 PM
@Griffin hardly 10x the performance ;p
maybe half the price tho
even then, if you want to run OS X...
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