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12:00 AM
@kan Never rely on shortcuts. :)
@PauloCereda But, then, the only recourse to a terminal is click on the friggin' icon. :)
@Speravir: Thanks. Are you aware of any flattening tool (except adobe) for pdf files?
@kan Fair enough, but why did you close your terminal? :)
Mine is always open.
@PauloCereda No, the moment I log in, the only thing appears is the desktop.
@HarishKumar You’re too fast for me. :-D I’m just writing something to IrfanView. Wait some minutes, please. :-)
12:03 AM
@kan XFCE?
@PauloCereda Yes.
@Speravir Oops, Sorry. I will wait. Please. :-)
@PauloCereda Hmm: Shift + Ctrl + N for a terminal. :)
And, Shift + Ctrl + T for a tab. :)
And, Ctrl + Pgup and Ctrl + Pgdn for moving between tabs. (Learnt this one from you, remember?) :)
Will be back after a restart...
@HarishKumar IrfanView, there is an installer version, but also a simply packed ZIP version, that I use and should also be enough for first testing. But perhaps for support of PDF you need also the plugins ZIP, I cannot remember anymore (it will be useful for other purposes, of course). It supports command line as well, but for the rare cases I need it I actually use almost only the GUI version. Cont.
Will Bayern win the final? !!/eightball
will Bayern win the champions final? !!/eightball
12:21 AM
@HarishKumar Cont. Open the file there. Click ‘ i’ on toolbar or on ‘Information’ in menu “Image”. Under “Current Colors” you will see the actual color depth (“Original Colors” is only different if you changed something in between). Go again in menu “Image” and click on ‘Decrease color depth’ (you see key stroke combinations on the right of most menu entries …). Cont.
@HarishKumar Cont. Choose lower depth (don’t ask me about these 65536 colors thing), and save under a different name (for security). Conversion is BTW done simply through saving with a different file extension. Try out, if it's looks still good and prints faster.
@Speravir Thanks for the detailed procedure. I am on it :-)
@DavidCarlisle Wait!! Didn't you hide things under the rug? How'll the OP revisit the old numbers here: tex.stackexchange.com/a/110435/10679?
@HarishKumar Not to forget: In saving dialogue there can be opened an option window. It’s worth to look on this.
@Speravir Sure. I am on it. Thanks. Feed back later. :-)
@cmhughes Hi Chris. 8.20 is out? ;-)
12:39 AM
@HarishKumar Hi Harish! wow, you're lightning quick! yes indeed- no real major changes... a small tweak to the log file to tell the user where latexindent.pl lives :)
I need to update latexindent.exe- will do that tomorrow
@cmhughes Some how I am not getting notifications so doing it indirectly. I am having all versions with me and on a constant watch ;-)
@HarishKumar that's great, you're still the chief tester! found any cases when it has failed? :)
@PauloCereda Having difficulty in locating the version 4 of arara.exe/jar. Can you please provide a link?
@cmhughes I didn't find any thing serious. But I must admit that now is our exam times. Hence could not dedicate much time for my (mis)adventures.
12:43 AM
@HarishKumar no worries :)
@PauloCereda TX :-).
@PauloCereda Is it enough if I put it inside the folder of version 3. What about old rules? V4 is aware of V3's rules?
@cmhughes thmtools now has a mdframed key, so you can simply say:

[   spaceabove=0pt, spacebelow=0pt, headfont=\normalfont\bfseries,
    notefont=\mdseries, notebraces={(}{)}, headpunct={\newline}, headindent={},
    postheadspace={ }, postheadspace=4pt, bodyfont=\normalfont, qed=$\blacktriangle$,
    mdframed={   outermargin = 1.3cm , %
    leftmargin = 0pt , rightmargin = 0pt , %
When I wrote the answer you linked to, the mdframed key was not yet available, so I had to use the hooks. This is no longer required.
@GonzaloMedina ah, thanks, I didn't know that! brilliant! I'll update the answer :)
@HarishKumar Yes. :) So far we have only one V4+ rule: github.com/cereda/arara/blob/master/rules/halt.yaml
@PauloCereda TX and I have that rule downloaded yesterday :-)
12:46 AM
@HarishKumar oh. :)
@Harish: remember, we are in the test phase, so things might go terribly wrong. :)
@PauloCereda I am enough courageous to break things on my PC ;-)
@HarishKumar Yay! :)
@PauloCereda I just fiddled around to figure out some problems with screen real estate for XFCE. :) I am still keeping the panel. :)
@cmhughes Compare @PauloCereda's speed with mine. They aren't comparable. He is replying at C
Dear guys, Can I avoid connecting to MiKTeX update server? needs one last vote. Take a look on my answer and especially on comments below my answer.
12:54 AM
OK! I figured out how I'd remove the bottom panel. :)
@Speravir Closed.
@HarishKumar OK.
@Speravir How did you make that picture, I mean highlighting and graying out?
@HarishKumar With the nice and free Greenshot. BTW IrfanView has a screenshot function, too, and some simple image manipulation possibilities, but not in this way.
@HarishKumar I also have an old version of FastStone Capture, but did not use it anymore for longer time, since I know Greenshot.
1:29 AM
@Speravir That is a new tool looks interesting :-)
@HarishKumar Yess! Rounded corners are not (yet?) possible (FastStoneC. has), but that’s not sooo important.
@Speravir But it looks like faststone capture is shareware!
@HarishKumar Aah, yes, but I caught somewhere an old version, that IMO was free. I am too lazy to search for.
1:51 AM
@HarishKumar I BTW always try to make screenshots in front of a white background.
@Speravir Good for eyes :-)
@HarishKumar ;-) But seriously: If you have semi-transparent windows (see Aero design), it is really useful.
@Speravir Absolutely. For that only feature I like windows 7
2:06 AM
While this discussion is on, shall I show off my ignorance: how do you capture parts of the screen in ubuntu?
@HarishKumar And others hate this (me not,as you can judge from my screenshots).
@kan I have absolutely no idea, but I am very sure, that there are tools.
@Speravir True! Me neither. :)
I'll ping @PauloCereda with that question... how do I capture parts of the screen in ubuntu? :)
@kan I just found – Google threw out: Shutter - Feature-rich Screenshot Tool (Google search: google.com/…).
@Speravir Oh, thanks. I'll try and post an image. :)
@egreg Instead of finding out the answer, is it worth suggesting the OP that they install the newest TeXLive (they're still on 2009).
Q: Latex on linux: Path problem after new install of TeXlive

Yemon ChoiThis may well be a duplicate of something that's already been covered here -- in fact it seems close to the problem described at "How does LaTeX find package files?" -- so I hope this is not too trivial. I have just had to do a clean install (Ubuntu 12.04 if that makes a difference) on my deskto...

@Bugbusters 's bounty message makes little sense here: tex.stackexchange.com/q/37866/10679 I am lost, most of the time with his/her questions.
And behaviour.
2:23 AM
@kan Take Screenshot default one does not work for you ?
@texenthusiast PrntScr? It used to work on unity, but does not on XFCE.
@kan I mean this
@texenthusiast OH! There it is! YES!
I did not know this!
Oops! That is an old one, I think (so, I had learnt the trick somewhere...)
@kan when you type in the dash home your keywords like in google it will give the recommended softs and even take to ubuntu software center to get you installed. I use shotwell for editing incase required.
2:40 AM
@texenthusiast Oh Thanks for the suggestions. :-) (But, there is no dash on XFCE, only on unity, I believe.)
@kan ok :)
2:54 AM
@kan he would have messed up user .bashrc
3:05 AM
@texenthusiast I see. :)
@kan are you on xubuntu ?
@texenthusiast Yes. I am on Xubuntu (XFCE session).
There is a strange bug: auto hide panel not working.
@kan ubuntu is becoming bloated over time. after my studies i will switch depending on trend
@texenthusiast True.
I hate unity now.
3:26 AM
@kan rpm-fedora deb-debian and gentoo -custom build bin
@texenthusiast Hmm?
Do you mean, these are good?
@kan yup my choice for future experiments
@texenthusiast Oh, I see. OK! Please let me know what you feel when you do try them,
@kan i am new paulo is right one for distro , actually i am not from csc. Ubuntu has certainly reduced the barrier for linux
@texenthusiast Hey! But, you can share your experience.
3:31 AM
@kan sure :)
Later then!
3 hours later…
6:08 AM
Hmph, the OP never came back.
I am back to my work.
On Topic ? VVV
Q: Pandoc: How can I get numbered latex equations to show up in both PDF and HTML output

user1027169To make a numbered equation in pandoc, I defer to using pure latex: \begin{equation} a^2 + b^2 = c^2 \end{equation} In PDF form, it gives a nice numbered equation, however, this equation doesn't show up at all in the HTML output because the equation is within the \begin environment and is igno...

1 hour later…
7:30 AM
Joseph Wright has added an event to this room's schedule.
8:18 AM
Hello anyone there?
I am back from lunch.
@kan ??
@DavidCarlisle Did you look at the OP's prescription? (S)he wants to have 1, 2a, 3a, 2b, 3b, 4,... while, in your case, if you have seen 2 in the sequence you produce, you can never see it again. :)
(unless of course, you \addtocounter a negative number...)
I think Claudio's answer deserves more upvotes.
@kan oh well if OP needs that just needs \addtocounter{pro}{-3} at same time as setting probtype
@kan ah as you said:-)
@kan what? more upvotes than mine? heresey!
@DavidCarlisle See, he is at 3. While my answer, very little automated answer is, at +7.
After all, upvotes help visibility.
I guess, I'll put up a bounty.
8:37 AM
@kan we could get everyone to downvote you, if that would help?
@DavidCarlisle :(
@DavidCarlisle I am reading the TeX Book to understand your magic. :)
@kan just read the bits with double dangerous bends and of course appendix D.
@DavidCarlisle I am doing the exercises along.
I'm on a roll today: the Latex 3 project is "like herding cats with a robot sheepdog whose operating system is still under development"
A: How do packages work ? Why aren't they all pre-initiated?

Charles StewartHow do packages work? Packages are an extension mechanism that is standardised in Latex. Latex is itself made out of Tex macros, as are packages, and Latex defines commands and interface structure that allows the packages' Tex code to be executed. There is also a substantial social infrastruct...

About right?
@kan very conscientious:-)
8:48 AM
@DavidCarlisle I loved reading Appendix D
@CharlesStewart Of course sad thing is that many of those "tricks" are now "standard programming practice" and the code used every day in common latex packages (and even the latex format is far more "tricky")
@DavidCarlisle I find the Latex sources hard to read
9:04 AM
Apr 16 at 1:18, by Paulo Cereda
Marion Ronee Daney

The new question today in the doctor's office is, "Are you Allergic to Latex?" How do I know if I am allergic to latex? What are the signs of latex allergy? Are there routine tests available for the diagnosis of allergy to natural rubber latex? Latex Is Not My Friend can give the Doctor's information on this allergy. This book can help people understand about latex allergy. Latex Allergy is a concern all over the country. There have been many changes that the FDA has implemented, since Latex Allergy has been diagnosis. There are different types of medical gloves that are available and safe. The decrease in cornstarch in the latex gloves can lower the risks of latex sensitivity. Latex Is Not My Friend is a story of my suffering through this Latex Allergy. This book also, contains other people's stories and information on Latex Allergy that I have researched over an eight-year period. There are so many Doctors, Nurses, and Scientists that had many concerns about Latex Allergies and they worked together to improve the healthcare concerns regarding their patients. The goal of this book is bring peace of mind and understanding.
Apr 16 at 1:18, by Paulo Cereda
Capitalization is really important. :)
@kan Indeed. And, I'm appalled by all these people who don't correct use superscripted and subscripted small caps when writing the other latex...
1 hour later…
10:30 AM
anyone here ?
@DominicMichaelis no :) Hi
mh tikz doesn't like me :(
@DominicMichaelis tikz is way too crazy
arg i don't know why it doesn'T make what i want
working on a MWE ...
10:59 AM
would you try somthing for me ?
@DominicMichaelis An MWE? Sure.
while trying to make a mwe i got a question about the mwe i was doing :D
why is the rectangle not blue ? pastebin.com/p9mHsvDX
@tohecz see you were rude about Tikz, and they start to arrive....
@DavidCarlisle they? you mean my supervisor being furious because of me missing our appointment?
@DominicMichaelis some issue with expansion
@tohecz the tikz mafia.
@tohecz that could answer most questions on site:-)
11:10 AM
my original problem is here pastebin.com/ccBNiMf0
@DavidCarlisle oh tikz mafia. Well, as long as they don't mind me using tikz with edef :)
@DominicMichaelis Somewhere between its definition and its use, \pgfmathresult gets redefined. If you \let\tint=\pgfmathresult and fill=blue!\tint!white then it works.
@DominicMichaelis expansion issue
@tohecz its another problem, because here it get colors but if i write very thin in the filldraw it has no color
@DominicMichaelis I always \edef the tikz commands and then I run them :)
\foreach \x  in {1}{
  \edef\y{\noexpand\filldraw[fill=blue!\pgfmathresult!white, draw=black] (0,0) rectangle (\x,\x)}
11:13 AM
@DominicMichaelis Same problem. You need to save the result of \pgfmathparse. Use \pgfmathsetmacro whenever you want to use the result of a \pgfmath operation unless you are using it immediately afterwards.
@DominicMichaelis Another option:
\foreach \x [evaluate=\x as \tint using 100*\x] in {1,0.95,...,0}
\filldraw[fill=blue!\tint!white, draw=black] (0,0) rectangle (\x,\x);
oh it works now thanks a lot didn't thought of it, but I think it is funny that it works without the very thin but not with the very thin
@DominicMichaelis The very thin is invoking something that uses pgfmath, whence overwrites the \pgfmathresult macro.
@AndrewStacey expansion issues, expansion issues, expansion issues. As I say: \edef FTW :D
@tohecz There's a difference between an expansion issue and an overwriting issue, I think. Just saving the macro under a different name shows that it isn't an expansion issue: the macro is still getting expanded, it's just that it isn't being expanded to what you think it is. I think that in this case \edef is the sledgehammer to \lets dainty nutcracker.
In particular, there are times when simply expanding everything in sight doesn't work and finer control is needed. So educating in the ways of \pgfmathsetmacro would be a good thing.
11:24 AM
@AndrewStacey but since what you are whacking is tikz, quibbling about the size of the hammer may be thought slightly perverse:-)
I'm reminded of Tweedledum and Tweedledee, who might have explained the different types of expansion with the following dialogue: T'dum (or was it T'dee?): "You'd better stand back, I tend to expand everything I see." T'dee (or was it T'dum?): "Well I expand everything, whether I see it or not.". So here, the first (T'dum) is \edef whereas the second is the main TeX process.
@DavidCarlisle The problem with whacking TikZ is that it might whack back.
@AndrewStacey well I did warn @tohecz :
20 mins ago, by David Carlisle
@tohecz see you were rude about Tikz, and they start to arrive....
@DavidCarlisle But I was already here.
@AndrewStacey lurking and greyed out, you gained colour (and Jake flew in) just around that time:-)
11:39 AM
@tohecz Use \begingroup\edef\y{\endgroup...}\y so you don't risk to overwrite any meaning of \y.
Meanwhile, how's Psmith?
!!/answer How are you?
Oh, Psmith is still sick. :(
oh he is dead
@egreg I assume from the fact that you ask, that you just passed me in today's count? (Oh not passed just caught up, finally:-)
Tweedledum (David Carlisle) and Tweedledee (egreg) decided to have a battle
For Tweedledum, said Tweedledee, had gotten more rep than him today.
11:42 AM
@DavidCarlisle I didn't ask for "battle". Anyway, it's a tie at the moment.
I need to rewrite Psmith, the current scheme doesn't work anymore. :(
Damn you CHAOS guys.
@PauloCereda At least it gives you an excuse for not getting round to fixing dandelion bugs.
@PauloCereda What happened?
@DavidCarlisle ooh good plan! I need to fix Psmith!
@PauloCereda Anyway, did you get TestFlight on your iPad yet?
11:46 AM
@AndrewStacey I suspect some of the ajax calls in the chatroom infrastructure changed drastically, so Psmith seems to be deaf (the bot can't listen to anything in here, although it's deployed). :(
@AndrewStacey I'm failing miserably to install it. :( Something wrong with Safari, I'll try to update my iOS again then go to the TestFlight dashboard again.
@egreg: Is it possible to convert the following LaTeX2e macro to a expl3 function? Do you have an idea? \def\convertto#1#2{\strip@pt\dimexpr #2*65536/\number\dimexpr 1#1} I found this definition here: tex.stackexchange.com/a/8337/5239
12:01 PM
@MarcoDaniel Adjust the final representation:
  \egreg_convertto:nn {#1}{#2}

\cs_new:Npn \egreg_convertto:nn #1 #2
  \fp_eval:n { \dim_to_fp:n { #1 } / 1#2 } #2
@egreg I tried it with ` __dim_strip_pt:n` but without any success.
@MarcoDaniel If you do \fp_eval:n { round( \dim_to_fp:n { #1 } / 1#2, 5) } #2 you get at most 5 decimal digits
@egreg Thanks
@egreg Now you are part of my package ;-)
\cs_new:Npn \egreg_convertto:nn #1 #2
  \fp_eval:n { round( \dim_to_fp:n { #2 } / 1#1, 5) }\,#1
\cs_new:Nn \xframed__all_option_output:
  \tl_set:Nn \l_tmpa_tl { \begin{longtable}{@{}lll@{}}\caption*{Options}\\\hline\endhead }
   \tl_put_right:Nn \l_tmpa_tl { \multicolumn{3}{@{}c@{}}{length} \\\hline }
   \tl_put_right:Nn \l_tmpa_tl { \prop_map_inline:Nn  \l__xframed_length_option_prop {##1 & ##2 & \egreg_convertto:nn{cm}{##2}\\} }
   \tl_put_right:Nn \l_tmpa_tl { \\[-\baselineskip]\hline\multicolumn{3}{@{}c@{}}{skips} \\\hline }
@MarcoDaniel \tl_set:Nn \l_tmpa_tl { \begin{longtable} clearly you ought to write an L3 longtable package, for consistency.
@DavidCarlisle :-) -- longtable was/is/will be unique ;-)
12:18 PM
why does this not work ? pastebin.com/7Z7evMUz
@AndrewStacey Either way, \edeffing it this way is a solution, because there is no code executed between \pgfmathparse and \pgfmathresult
ah i forgot some " "
@DominicMichaelis btw, do you know that you can paste a multi-line code to the chat and avoid using pastebin? If you paste something containing an end-line into the input box, a "fixed font" button appears on the right
\coordinate (r) at (5cm,0cm);
\coordinate (h) at (0cm,5cm);
\foreach \x [evaluate=\x as \xeval using 2^\x] in {1,2,...,7}
\pgfmathparse{\xeval-1}\foreach \y in {0,1,...,\pgfmathresult}
     \filldraw[fill=\col!\tint!white,draw=black,very thin]  ($ {\y/\xeval}*(r)+(h)-{1/\xeval}*(h)-{\y/\xeval}*(h) $) rectangle
oh like this, it still doesn't do what i want it to do :(
ah now i got git
@tohecz Oh, I agree that it is a solution.
12:30 PM
@AndrewStacey And the problem is somehow in expansion, because you want to know what you get at the moment you write it, and not at the moment it is expanded ;)
@tohecz: Tom, my Yamaha arrived. :) Lovely piano sound. :)
@PauloCereda Hello! Nice :)
Here is the final result i love it
\coordinate (r) at (5cm,0cm);
\coordinate (h) at (0cm,5cm);
\foreach \x [evaluate=\x as \xeval using 2^\x] in {1,2,...,7}
\pgfmathparse{\xeval-1}\foreach \y in {0,1,...,\pgfmathresult}
     \filldraw[fill=\col!\tint!white,draw=black,very thin]  ($ {\y/\xeval}*(r)+(h)-{1/\xeval}*(h)-{\y/\xeval}*(h) $) rectangle
The triangle is an idiophone type of musical instrument in the percussion family. It is a bar of metal, usually steel but sometimes other metals like beryllium copper, bent into a triangle shape. The instrument is usually held by a loop of some form of thread or wire at the top curve. It was first made around the 16th century. Shaping On a triangle instrument, one of the angles is left open, with the ends of the bar not quite touching. This causes the instrument to be of indeterminate or not settled or decided pitch. It is either suspended from one of the other corners by a piece of, ...
Originally it is for measure theory a sequence of cubes
@tohecz do you like it ?
12:37 PM
@DominicMichaelis yep, I suppose it comes from some boolean image recognization and storage as squares, right?
@PauloCereda the high point of my musical skills...
actually it does not have such a deep meaning, I just need a sequence of squares inside the lower left side of the unit square, where the sum of the areas converges to 1/2 but i guess it can be interpretet in a boolean way
@DavidCarlisle :)
@DominicMichaelis the point is, if you take such a triangle painted in black on white, and you start cutting out the largest possible squares, you obtain exactly this ;)
oh right
1:31 PM
Do you come from a land down under?
Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder?
You better run, you better take cover!
@PauloCereda ɐıʃɐɹʇsnɐ ɯoɹɟ ʇou ɯɐ I
@topskip ooh!
@PauloCereda BTW 'Meow': is there a LaTeX package that uses placekitten.com for dummy pictures?
@topskip I think Aditya wrote something for ConTeXt.
@PauloCereda What is 'ConTeXt'?
1:40 PM
@topskip Hey, you are Mr. Gundla. :)
@PauloCereda I remember vaguely
@topskip <3
LOL I wrote it wrong. :P
Once upon a time there was the land of ConTeX .... they lived happily thereafter.
(me procrastinates again...)
1:54 PM
@JosephWright: could you unfreeze my sandbox, please? :) chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/6505/paulos-sandbox
@PauloCereda Done
@JosephWright Thank you. :)
Too localised:
Q: Numbered equation makes small sum operator

Thomas Gillespie VestergaardI am using the followig: \chapter{Theoretical framework} \section{Econometric framework} \begin{equation} {r^{h}_{t+1}}= \alpha+\beta x_{t} + u^{h}_{t} \end{equation} %random test equationn \begin{equation} {a}= \log \left( 1 +\sum_{k=1}^n b_k \right) \end{equation} However this makes the...

Havent heard from the OP.
2:13 PM
@FilippoAlbertoEdoardo Are you looking for sth like this: i.stack.imgur.com/Uyx0n.png? Then, I can post the code as an answer. — kan 2 mins ago
Would be glad if some one can comment on whether I am sane there...
2:55 PM
Yeah my first expl3 package ;-)
@MarcoDaniel Yay!
In some days I will write a documentation
@PauloCereda :-)
@MarcoDaniel: ^^ best documentation ever. <3
@PauloCereda You have the code ;-)
@MarcoDaniel Exactly. Good code is its own documentation. :)
2:57 PM
@PauloCereda arara is parade example
@MarcoDaniel <3
3:26 PM
Wow, two Necromancer badges for answers to the same question.
I always knew you are all black magicans
@AndrewStacey I am master of the arcane?
@JosephWright I'd be feeling better about it, too, if I hadn't just watched The Hobbit.
3:37 PM
What do people recommend for customizing a title page in LaTeX ? Is the titling package the best out there or is there a superior choice ?
could someone give me a link with the planed benefits of latex 3 `?
@DominicMichaelis first para of:
A: Will LaTeX3 improve freedom of package ordering and reduce "options clash"?

David CarlisleIn so far as the top level LaTeX3 code isn't written, I'm sure it will improve "freedom of package ordering", "freedom of speech" and generally move the world towards peace and harmony. To answer your implied comment about LaTeX2e (the main point of this answer:) Might it be possible, for ex...

@DavidCarlisle :-)
@DavidCarlisle xor
4:02 PM
This R thingy is quite interesting.
4:28 PM
Isn't the asteroid belt bigger than \maxdimen?
@MarcoDaniel Because it's not really an answer to the probably "too localized" question
@DavidCarlisle :)
4:49 PM
hello @all. This question needs 3 closing votes by normal users: Question mark in output instead of citation number. The MWE worked fine for me, and the issue was already asked before.
5:28 PM
@JosephWright: Is this my flaw or goes something wrong here with optional arguments?
% arara: pdflatex: { shell: true }
% arara: pdflatex: { shell: true }
\NewDocumentEnvironment {example} { mm  }
\NewDocumentEnvironment {xexample} { o o  }
  \IfNoValueF { #1 }%
6:04 PM
@MarcoDaniel I'm afraid it's a problem with fancyvrb, rather than xparse. Why don't you try with a key-value syntax?
% arara: pdflatex: { shell: true }
% arara: pdflatex: { shell: true }

\NewDocumentEnvironment {example} { mm }

\keys_define:nn {xexample}
  caption .tl_set:N = \l_mdxex_caption_tl,
@egreg Great. And everything for a simple documentation ;-).
I tried also with \begin{xexample}[caption=Another caption,label=foo] and it seems to work. Of course you want \captionsetup[lstlisting]{font=sf,labelfont=bf,skip=\smallskipamount}
@egreg Your answer is great. I will ask a question and you can provide the excellent answer.
@MarcoDaniel I'm trying to see whether it's possible to pass also options for minted
@egreg Great
6:19 PM
@MarcoDaniel It's easy also to have a language= option. :)
Now the train is arriving. See you after dinner.
Q: How can I define a new minted environment with optional arguments?

Marco DanielI have the following mwe: % arara: pdflatex: { shell: true } % arara: pdflatex: { shell: true } \documentclass{article} \usepackage{minted} \usepackage{listings} \usepackage{caption} \captionsetup[lstlisting]{font=sf,labelfont=bf,skip=\smallskipamount} \usepackage{xparse} \NewDocumentEnvironment...

6:44 PM
Hi all, I just did some software updates and now none of my `pattern=xxx` are working anymore.
I do load the `\usetikzlibrary{patterns}`. My .tex file compiles fine. On TeXworks. But all the paterns region come out black on the pdf output. When I try to look at it using acrobat I get an error message "An error exists on this page. Abode may not display the page ...". In the log file I do see:
Package pgfplots Warning: running in backwards compatibility mode (unsuitable t
ick labels; missing features). Consider writing \pgfplotsset{compat=1.8} into y
Hey all: I am very glad: I'm no the only LaTeX user in my new group
follow up: you can find an image of how the output looks here:
the black region are where they used to be patterns before.
@vrleboss Are you by any chance compiling with xelatex?
opacity is not taken into account either.
@TorbjørnT. I have to compile using pdflatex+shellescape because I use the circuit macro package. But let me try on a dummy tex file
@vrleboss No, it's just that patterns doesn't work with xelatex I think.
6:56 PM
@TorbjørnT. Ah ok! However it did help. When I do just a pdfLaTex compile i get the pattern
@vrleboss Do you use hyperref with ocgcolor options by any chance?
Hum Weird on my dummy file the pattern show up with the shellescape as well. Must be a package conflict in my main tex file I guess... Any known confilct for pattern
@percusse let see...
i do have the \usepackage{hyperref} not with ocgcolor though
but i'll try disabling it just to see anyway
Ok so I found the culprit: \usepackage[pdf,crop=off]{auto-pst-pdf}
Now I don't know why I have this in my .tex file :p
@vrleboss :-)
Deep inside you want to switch to PSTricks
@percusse oh I think I am starting to understand..
well both with \usepackage[pdf,crop=off]{auto-pst-pdf} and \usepackage[pdf]{pstricks} I have the same errors??
I mean same back output for the patterns
7:18 PM
@vrleboss PSTricks don't play well with other guys when it comes to PDFLaTeXifying. Try with XeLaTeX if you must use PSTricks graphics
But that has issues with shadings too as @TorbjørnT. mentioned.
well yes XeLaTeX doesn't help either :(
@vrleboss Welcome to the club :-)
Q: Fundamental differences : PSTricks, TikZ/PGF and others

percusseOK, since this is a pretty vague and subjective question. I need to set up some borders around the discussion that I intend to benefit from. But before anything, I certainly do NOT want to excite the comparison frenzy and other ... I bet you can't do this with that... or ...Mac vs. PC... or ...va...

Best is to port everything to one of them either PSTricks or TikZ
What is weird is that it was working fine before i did some update:
1st update:Version 0.4.4 r.1004 (release)
2nd update: TeXLive utility -> update all package
7:41 PM
@MarcoDaniel Answer on line. :)
@egreg great and I voted.
Both answers are well. I think I will open a bounty in two days.
@MarcoDaniel Why stopping half-way and limit the options to the caption and the label? ;-)
@egreg There is no reason. But the idea with \obeylines is great (for me)
@MarcoDaniel I'm not so sure.
@egreg Do you see any drawbacks?
7:51 PM
@MarcoDaniel Possibly; do some experiments. In the mean time I'm streamlining the code.
wanted to put this into bibtex:
note = "[\emph{Sīc erat scriptum}.]"
which doesn't (yet) work, whereas
note = "[\emph{Sic erat scriptum}.]"
@egreg :-)
(notice that some ancient Romans must've taken a big hammer and hammered down the dot of the i )
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