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6:27 AM
Q: Meaning of the phrase: To drive the ball "on the up"?

BogdanovistI have heard many times cricket commentators referring to players driving the ball 'on the up'. By the context, this is taken to be a difficult and risky thing to do and makes a good shot even better as the batsmen is displaying some boldness by playing the shot to that delivery. As in "that was ...

Q: Origin of the term "Heavy Ball"?

BogdanovistI have often heard commentators describe particular bowlers as having a "heavy ball". By context, this seems to refer to a fast bowler being able to bowl a delivery that seems to impact the bat with greater force that would be expected given their pace. In other words, they aren't a particularly ...

7:06 AM
Q: Is this a dismissal by hit wicket?

Sports FanConsider the following situation, A batsman's bat got broken while hitting the ball,then a piece of the bat flies in the air and hits the stumps and the bails were down. Is this a dismissal by hit wicket?

2 hours later…
9:34 AM
Q: Is it possible for a bowler to bowl chain overs?

Sports FanIn general, Is it allowed to bowl chain(continuous) overs in international matches? Answer if yes, How many overs can the bowler bowl continuously? if NO, Is it not allowed from the beginning of international cricket history or did the ICC banned it recently? Consider the following situation,...

4 hours later…
1:27 PM
Are there too many cricket questions? Does Sports SE get boring to people who don't follow cricket? - Question mainly to people from non-cricketing nations
I, for one, enjoy the questions. Wanted to know the others perspective if we need to tone it down or something.
1:41 PM
@Orangecrush start a cricket proposal! just kidding. i don't follow cricket...but what it is doing is generating content for the site, and you (nor anyone else) should NOT feel bad or feel the need to tone it down for having "too many cricket questions."
@edmastermind29 I will read that as *should NOT ;-)
@Orangecrush please do :D cause that's what I meant.
@Orangecrush I do have to say...I was going to post in here and say, "Welcome to Cricket SE!" Haha...but decided against it.
2:38 PM
@edmastermind29 Wait another 2 months, I will start a petition to get this renamed to Cricket SE!
2:54 PM
my problem is that most of the cricket questions I've seen have been borderline garbage with barely competent english...but we do get a lot of them.
they need better curation/editing though
@waxeagle Yeah, have to agree with you. Grammar is something that needs major improvement. As for the content and the way they are presented, I am confident that it will get better with time. Just hoping that it is sooner than later.
1 hour later…
4:24 PM
What did anybody think of the first round of the draft?
As a St. Louis and Minnesota fan, I think it went pretty well. I thought St. Louis would take Cordarelle Patterson and leave Tavon Austin to Minnesota, but either way is fine with me.
1 hour later…
5:35 PM
@Orangecrush if we're not already there...
@mmyers there was a draft last night? lol
5:55 PM
@Orangecrush We just need "Sports Fan" to live up to his current name...not his previous name of "Cricket Fan" which he is living up to very well :)

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