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Gentlemen, let's get to work! :)
1165 unanswered questions right now.
ok this one should be closed, the question is answered in commands and it is very localised anyway
@PauloCereda shocked you drew a duck!
@cmhughes Where?! :)
@DominicMichaelis Agreed
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why not the white wolf ?
@PauloCereda about 5 lines up!
@cmhughes That ain't me, sir. :)
Anyone new to the sessions?
Q: Is there a LaTeX template for electronics data sheets?

rickhg12hsMany electronics data sheets appear in very similar formats. E.g., Analog Devices DAC data sheet in PDF has a very common format. Is there a LaTeX template for generating a document like the above?

@egreg Yup
9:03 PM
TL: no MWE after many months
@Joseph: welcome to the party. :)
Q: mdframed frametitle no page break

AbstractDissonanceHow can one prevent the frame title from breaking? I'm getting a break right between the title and the contents which looks silly. I still want the content to be broken as normal but I want the frame title to be on the same page as the content.

@egreg Yup :-)
@PauloCereda :-)
OT (it's about viewers)
Q: How to use vlc as an `externalviewer' in Beamer?

rashaI have generated an avi file with matlab and it turned out that QuickTime was not able to play it. VLC was able to play it. My objective is to include this avi file in my presentation using beamer. I'd prefer the avi to be embedded; if it is not possible, I'd like at least to play it externally...

Looks like this one was resolved in the comments- I did ping Ignasi, but so far no answer
@Ignasi fancy making an answer? :) — cmhughes yesterday
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TL: it works and no contrary MWE has appeared
Q: PL/pgSQL and minted

Geert StevensWhen using Minted to highlight a PL/pgSQL script, I get following error: TypeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute '__getitem__' (File '%pythonpath%/scripts/pygments/formatters/latex.py', line 133, in _get_ttype_name) So I tried to use the PostgresLexer, but when trying to compile, this gi...

this one didn't react on a comment for over a half year, and hence not answerable anymore close as to localize
@DominicMichaelis Agreed and voted
All good so far
i don't have enough reputation for close vote sorry :(
@DominicMichaelis Don't worry: I do :-) If there is agreement here I just mod-close things
I have infinite close votes :-)
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oh thats truely a lot
@JosephWright ← Infinite votes! :)
Too localized (and not too different from another question of the OP):
Q: How I can create a text box and place it in the footer

user25118I want to create a text box and place it in the center of footer area. Is there any simple way to do it?

I'm going to answer this one during the next days ... so please don't close it :-)
Q: different type areas on even/odd pages

Nils Lin some (very rare) cases, it might be desirable to have the type area, particularly the text width, be different on even and odd pages. Let's say were typesetting a textbook that's supposed to have small illustrations or annotations in the margin of the odd pages -- so we'd need a narrower type ...

@FrankMittelbach OK :-)
@JosephWright just have to make up my mind on what to say ... solve it or explain why it can't be solved :-)
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TL ("please do this for me"):
Q: Two-column/counter on ever page/fancy header

Barla CamI am not good at two-column and counters. I am trying to an output like the following one: which has a header, footer and counter at every column.

@FrankMittelbach How about some quantum answer? Both! :)
This one is for @percusse
Q: Nested axis: several concatenated axis with different ticks

LeJoshI'm trying to convert a so called "dotplot" into latex. This plots are used in biology to compare sequences. Each axis represents a sequence and the coordinates of a dot are the actual X and Y position, similar to a plot without markers. While the overall plot is quite easy, I'm struggling, agai...

@percusse: sir, to the cannons! ^^ (Peter Gunn theme playing in the background)
TL (no correct MWE after several attempts):
Q: \leftmark with section*

user23710I am using \leftmark in on top of each pages of my report for reminding the current displayed section, thanks to a .sty file. However, I sometimes have to use some \section*, like for Introduction and Conclusion. To keep them anyway in my table of content, I am using the following code: \secti...

by the way, why is this so late today? haven't these sessions been earlier in the past?
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@FrankMittelbach Summer time (and the living is easy) ...
Boo, it's winter time for me. :(
old question, no activity since jan. 2013
Q: Customizing the target at creating context sensitive JavaHelp with Tex4ht

raulixWith tex4ht I created all the files needed for javahelp (to show the html pages and accessing specific pages for a context sensitive help). I have to access these specific pages by a key. Unfortunately these keys (target) are generated by a sequential algorithm: <mapID target="section-1" url="d...

Q: Latex templates more suited to modern Tech (Web 2.0)

Naps62I would like to know the viability of using Latex for producing posters to promote an event. Something around the lines of this. And obviously, if there are any useful packages for this, or maybe some other tool other than latex. PS: i know what Photoshop is of course. I just want to know what i...

A very cold 14°C winter.
@PauloCereda hah, 2 degree's here and it is supposed to be summer time
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[this one ](tex.stackexchange.com/questions/70382/…) no activity for over a half year no real minimal working example user was off for over 3 month
Q: More generic live preview editor? (can support pandoc and/or custom scripts)

Jello_RaptorI'm a fan of using things like pandoc, GPP and Rake to make my source files to look cleaner, be human readable, simplify my workflow and get some level of style/semantics separation (especially for larger projects). Yet, using these workflows I find I really miss having a live preview, like I did...

@FrankMittelbach :) The coldest I ever got was 4°C in a freezing morning. :) I have a friend living in the northeast who told me she had to use a heavy blanket when temperature was below 23°C. :)
Avatar news: we have now a bear, a duck and a cat in the chatroom. :)
It feels a bit like off topic to me here
Q: Unrecognised \thesection, \thesubsection, \topmargin, \headstep and \headheight

AlejoI am using LaTeX for first time. However, I am writing a report based on someone else's. I have noticed that TeXStudio does not recognise: \thesection \thesubsection \topmargin \headstep \headheight They appear to be highlighted in orange and a small reading saying "Unrecognized command" appea...

Q: ACM siggraph conference bibtex is not working

Gravity MI am writing a paper for acm siggraph and my bibliography file is not detected. In the .tex file, \nocite{*} \bibliographystyle{acmsiggraph} \bibliography{temp} The temp.bib file, @article{Park:2006:DSI, title = "Discrete Sibson interpolation", author = "S. W. Park and L. Linsen and O. Krey...

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TL (bug report)
Q: xepersian prints [ instead of ] in figure environment

Stefan MüllerWhen I use the following document, I get a [ rather than a ] after the comps. When I remove the figure environment, everything is fine. \documentclass{book} \usepackage{xepersian} \settextfont{XB Niloofar} \begin{document} \begin{latin} \begin{figure}[htb] V[\begin{tabular}[t]{@{}l@{}} ...

whats TL ?
@DominicMichaelis too localized
ah tnkas
whats tnkas?
this one has no activity for over a half year
it should be a thanks but my finger messed up
9:20 PM
@DominicMichaelis Needs an answer, but seems a reasonable question
yeah but i can't answer it i am sorry
@DominicMichaelis no activity doesn't mean it is not worth keeping
@DominicMichaelis you don't have to :-)
largely this session is around getting rid of questions that should not be arround either because they are TL or otherwise unsuitable
smetimes people answer things during this session but typically it is just weeding out ...
@FrankMittelbach Yep. :)
9:23 PM
@DominicMichaelis of course it was ... that's what my smilie tried to say
this one the op didn't react on some questions
Psmith, the TeX bot, in fixed font mode: Let's take a look at the last cricket results:

- Boland 256/10 &  224/10  v Gauteng 275/5 &  208/10 *
- Border 314/8 &  206/10 * v North West 373/9 &  190/3
- Easterns 294/7 &  248/8 * v KwaZulu-Natal Inland 386/7 &  168/5
- Griqualand West 213/10 &  241/6  v South Western Districts 154/9 &  108/10 *
- Namibia 304/10 &  176/10  v Western Province 8 &  473/9 *
- Moors Sports Club 262/10 &  6 * v Sinhalese Sports Club 324/10
- Cambridge MCCU 99/10  v Essex 328/5 &  335/3 *
Oh no, Cambridge lost! (@DavidCarlisle)
OT? (Seems like a printig problem.)
mh here there should be a MWE here shouldn't it ? tex.stackexchange.com/questions/82626/…
Q: Variability in darkness of printed fonts although all look black onscreen

MAKI just received a proof copy of my book from CreateSpace and noticed different fonts printed to different opacity/darkness. I can actually see blank dots/pixels inside the large fonts used in section headings. I wrote the book using TeXShop 2.33 with the Palatino font \usepackage[osf]{mathpazo...

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!!/eightball Do you like this session, Psmith?
@PauloCereda Psmith, the TeX bot: The great 8-ball says: my reply is no.
@DominicMichaelis Indeed.
Oh. :(
@FrankMittelbach Yes, but anything that needs an answer can also be tackled. Ideally there would be more of that, but this is the time-consuming part :-)
@JosephWright which is why it typically doesn'T happen in the session
@FrankMittelbach Yes, I know
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!!/choose answer questions, close questions, have ice cream
@PauloCereda Psmith, the TeX bot: The great oracle says: close questions
Q: How can I use the Vim LaTeX-Suite multiple compile option with BibTeX and the -aux-directory option?

simickI have a document composed of several subfiles and so have used the -aux-directory command to put all of the temporary files in a subfolder, 'auxdir', to keep my working folder clear (and me sane). I now, however, can't use the multiple compile feature of Vim LaTeX-Suite, presumably because the ...

Close as to localized this one
@PauloCereda had ice cream after a very nice dinner
@FrankMittelbach Really? Which flavour? :)
TL (see last OP's comment)
Q: How to avoid extra pages before titlepage with scrbook and glossaries? Strange problem

IngoI am encountering a very strange problem when combining the scrbook class and glossaries package. When using the glossaries package, two extra pages will always be added before the titelpage. This is obviously unwanted behaviour. Here is an example (cropped picture): If I do not load the gloss...

9:29 PM
@PauloCereda green tea
and i had kimchi before
kind of a late birthday celebr...#
close as to localized the question is answered in the commands
@FrankMittelbach ooh! :)
Off topic? It's about how to submit a paper to a journal
Q: IEEE paper submission subfig missing

zagyI use IEEEtran bare_jrnl.tex and my .tex file builds on my machine without any problem. I use subfig package. (subfigure doesn't work) When I try to submit my manuscript IEEE page says subfig is missing. I tried to change my .tex file and disable subfig package. However, I couldn't. I use subfl...

Q: Visualizing broad Tikz tree graph

EricModules of software I created produce Tikz QTree diagrams for visualisation. The problem is that some trees grow quite broad... Even when I try to massively shrink them by Tikz settings, I cannot fit them on the page. I use the following, which has no effect: \begin{tikzpicture}[level/.style=...

@egreg sorry
@DominicMichaelis no I don't think so. it is more that the comment should be made an answer
it is a good question and some people may learn from it
9:33 PM
@Kurt What do you mean?
@egreg comming between your two messages ...
Q: Where can I indicate a new font directory?

OddantIt's been quite few days I started to use XeLaTeX to make my scholar reports. And I still wonder what is the good way to indicate a new font to use in my document. I've included the package fontspec and set up my new font for respective categories of secsty package. For instance : \chapterfont{...

@egreg How about a short answer?
Q: Cyrillic symbols with Charter font

AlvarI saw many russian mathematical books which used Charter font for both text and formulas. How can I use Charter in my pages with cyrillic symbols? I use \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} \usepackage[russian]{babel} for cyrillic. I tried to use Charter with instructions from font catalogue, but it ...

one upvote for answer missing (don't know if answer is okay)
Q: Automatic switching of math font based on current text font

godbykI'm writing a document using xelatex and have set up my document fonts using fontspec as follows: \usepackage{fontspec} \setmainfont[Mapping=tex-text,Numbers=OldStyle]{Linux Libertine O} \setsansfont[Mapping=tex-text,Numbers=OldStyle,Scale=MatchLowercase,SmallCapsFont={Linux Biolinum Capitals O}...

Q: Missing pplr7t font file

user25899I'm a new Ubuntu user and I'm trying to use all the programs I regularly use on Windows on Ubuntu, one of which is TeXworks. When I try to compile my .tex file using the green arrow circle in the top left corner of the window, this error pops up: (/usr/share/texlive/texmf-dist/tex/latex/psnfss/o...

Q: Content page, page numbers and few images missing after converting from LaTeX to HTML using htlatex

S M Tadmir Bin ChistiI am trying to make a User Manual in both PDF and HTML format. I have generated the HTML file using htlatex but my content page, page numbers and few of my images are missing from it. My images are all in JPG format. This is my main .tex file: \documentclass[11pt,a4paper]{report} \use...

9:42 PM
One (and only one) vote here
Q: Bold arrows in xymatrix

user17786How can I produce a bold arrow in the package \xymatrix? I've tried with \ar@{\bf{->}}[r] and similar alternatives without success.

@Kurt It's better than nothing, but I'm weary of virtual fonts in the days of OTF...
here no fixed MWE after several month and the MWE is no kind of minimal
TL (no reaction since Dec. 2012)
Q: Problems with minted code in print preview

Caio RiosI'm having a problem with the code blocks configured with minted. After generating the PDF, the codes are displayed correctly. However, if I print preview or print the work, the codes are shown with some white spaces. I would like some suggestions for solving this problem.

@MartinSchröder :-)
Q: sweave beamer FancyVerb Error

Kamakshaiah MI am getting following error while running compilePDF in R+Sweave. FancyVerb Error File Ended while scanning use of \FancyVerbGetLine Otherwise there is no problem. I am able to create document by inserting chunks, but only in beamer this problem (FancyVerb Error!) is occuring. Can somebody pl...

9:45 PM
TL the question didn't got fixed after several months
Q: Is there a way of implementing postscript images in beamer environment?

stankowaitI had no problems including postscript images in other document classes like article. But I never figured it out with beamer. Does anyone have an idea? I use Texmaker and what I would normally do is to hit F2 (latex) and then F9 (dvipdfm) and I would get a pdf-document with postscript-images as ...

Off Topic
Q: Is there a way to convert PDF or PS or HTML to texinfo?

Curious GeorgeI have several documents in various formats I would like to be able to read in Emacs. I tried the html2texi Perl scripts but I'm missing some dependencies and I don't know Perl so I can't fix this. Is there an automatic way to convert from PDF or PS or HTML to texinfo that Emacs can display? Than...

Migrated, TL?
Q: Headers and footers for listing environment?

Chris HaydenWhat I need to be able to do is apply a header and footer when I use the listings environment. I have a few requirements: The header and footer should be outside the listing itself, i.e. they are not part of the listing content. The amount of space between the header and the listing should be ...

One (and only one) vote here (answer from comments)
Q: XeLaTeX and 10x20 font

Andrés Sicard-RamírezIn Emacs I use the 10x20 font because it has a great support for Unicode symbols. I tried to use this font with xelatex using something like \documentclass[10pt]{book} \usepackage{fontspec} \setmonofont{10x20} \begin{document} \texttt{Testing the mono font.} \end{document} but I got the foll...

TL (and I'm out of votes):
Q: Using the cntdwn package with latex->ps->pdf

user25844I would like to use the cntdwn package in my slides. The problem is that I am using the features of Pstricks quite a lot. I am therefore compiling by using latex->ps->pdf. Although I put dvips in the options for the eforms package, it doesn't seem to work. No error message is given during the c...

Q: How do I fix a title problem with beamer?

kloopI am using the following command for beamer: \begin{frame}\frametitle{some long frame title (some short text)}\end{frame} The problem is that short text is too long to fit with the rest of the title so it goes to the next line. However, instead of going to the left most corner of the title (b...

9:49 PM
seems to be answered by the comment of @herbert writing answer or TL?
Q: Problem with old ConTeXt separated list example

ojsI have been trying to get the following small example from ConTeXt garden to work without success. \starttext \usemodule[database] \def\SendMe#1#2#3#4{\framed [align={flushleft,lohi}, width=4cm, height=2.5cm]{#1\crlf#2\crlf\crlf\uppercase{#3\crlf#4}}} \defineseparatedlist[Address][separator={;...

Q: beamerarticle package doesn't work in my Mac TexXShop system

John PryceThe Beamer userguide describes how to keep a presentation & an article in the same file using the "beamerarticle" package, with some article-only stuff some pres.-only stuff some common stuff There's an option [ignorenonframetext] which is meant to make stuff outside a frame appear in the article...

I'll drop. night guys
@Kurt No, deserves an answer. The approach with minipage is obviously wrong...
@Kurt I asked Herbert to write an answer.
@lockstep okay.
9:51 PM
Q: Cover picture or text is not showing in my video in latex

Arijit HazraI am new to LaTeX and recently when I tried to prepare a presentation in beamer I included \documentclass[xcolor=dvipsnames,10pt]{beamer} \usetheme{boxes} \usepackage{graphicx} \usepackage{epsfig} \usepackage{subfigure} \usepackage{epstopdf} \usepackage{float} \usecolortheme[named=ForestGreen]{...

(seems like an outdated installation)
Another vote here, please
Q: Long division of polynoms with equivalence classes

ErikI know of the polynom package for typesetting long divisions of polynoms. What I want to do is to typeset a long division of two polynoms that contain not numbers but equivalence classes based on the modulo. By that I mean that I use sets of numbers where the division with rest by a predefined nu...

TL, see comments
Q: DOM to LaTeX resources/toolkits?

yayuI want to convert some webpages to nicely formatted Latex documents. The webpage is a discussion forum, with deeply nested comments. Before I begin to write my own naive implementation, are there any tools/scripts which help with such html->latex structure transformation. For example, suppose a t...

TL (no reaction to MWE request)
Q: Continue alignment to new page when using enumerate

user1784343I would like to keep the sentence starting in Let w to be inline with the (ii). It is a continuation of the (ii). However it gets aligned with 2(b) instead. I am using enumerate to get 2b and another enumerate within for (i), (ii). What should I do to keep everything under (ii) to be aligned ...

asking Paul for answering again or TL?
Q: frame size beamer

AyaI am using beamer to create a simple presentation. I want to be able to set the width and height of all frames with respect to the slide size? Then I also would like to change the margin between columns, so that I make use of space more efficiently. working example: \documentclass{beamer} \usep...

Q: How to automate mpost for FeynMP Graphics via Texmaker + Miktex on Windows 8

LauraProducing FeynMF graphs requires manual running of mpost command on .mp file at terminal each time after [latex] compiling the tex document. In other words it goes like this: Latex + dvips + ps2pdf + View PDF mpost abc.mp Latex + dvips + ps2pdf + View PDF As you can see it takes three steps t...

TL (problems with outdated version, because my experiment worked)
Q: LaTeX poker package

emanueleI have downloaded this package that allows to me to include poker card symbols in my LaTeX document. I followed this post to install the new package, except that I installed the package into /usr/share/texmf-texlive/tex/latex/poker. Following the doc inside the package I have tried to compile the...

10:01 PM
sorry i am pretty tired are you going to do something like that again ?
Upvote given answer needed/TL?
Q: RTL orienting TOC and typesetting Estern Arabic Numberals in Arabxetex

NinaI am using arabxetex package and need my TOC oriented from right-to-left as well as to have page numbers be in Eastern Arabic Numberals i.e (٠‎ ١‎ ٢‎ ٣‎ ٤‎ ٥‎ ٦‎ ٧‎ ٨‎ ٩‎)? Table of Contents should look like this: (صصض....... ٣) Here is a minimal example: \documentclass[a4paper]{article} ...

out of votes :-)
TL (Juni 2012)?
Q: Contextual Alternatives in LuaLaTeX

AnaphoryI am creating a blackletter font and would like to use it with LuaLaTeX, which works fine for nearly everything so far, except for using contextual alternative glyphs (in this case, r→ꝛ after round letters). Ousia reports that as a bug for fontspec, and gets the answer that it seems to be a bug...

@Kurt upvoted and edited (mentioned xelatex)
Instead of closing I converted comments to answer, so exactly one upvote needed: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/62225/frame-size-beamer
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@Speravir are you doing black magic?
@DominicMichaelis Not that I knew. What do you mean?
I can't turn comments into answers
@Kurt Nope. Very local, but I'm interested. :-)
ah you just make a community wiki your self
@MartinSchröder okay :-)
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@DominicMichaelis We just name it so.
TL (no MWE asked for in January)
Q: XeLaTeX and importing an ANTLR grammar

PanerI have written a book in XeLaTeX, and I want to include a file which is an ANTLR grammar. I get errors saying ! Extra }, or forgotten $. How can I tell XeLaTeX to inlude file as it is, without it thinking that dollar signs start math formulas?

i just knew that on meta oms answers are converted to comments
@DominicMichaelis Once a month. It will be announced again.
out of votes
tex has an incredible high answer rate in the stack exchange
10:15 PM
i've still got votes, just no close votes :-)
@DominicMichaelis It used to be higher. ;-)
tell me what to upvote i got plenty of votes but i am not sure which answers are good and which are not
Q: installing vanilla texlive

dustinI followed the instructions in "How to install "vanilla" TeXLive on Debian or Ubuntu?" but when I do sudo dpkg -i texlive-local_2012-1_all.deb it doesn't work. How can I complete the installation so I can use tlmgr?

@lockstep voted
Q: Error installing livetex on Ubuntu 12.04

HishamI use Ubuntu 12.04. I had the texlive 2009 and wanted to upgrade to 2012 but it did not go very well. Now I am trying to get back to 2009. I removed texlive from the system (or so I think) and removed repo for texlive-backports updated and upgraded apt-get. Then I tried to install texlive. I get ...

10:18 PM
shall i use flaggs for close votes ?
@MartinSchröder okay, correct: out of closing votes :-)
@lockstep When did texlive become livetex, lol
TL (it seems most of the unanswered questions are):
Q: Installing beamer

ursodacortesiaI am trying to install Beamer in my machine. I am following the breadcrumbs of the packages that Beamer needs by the missing .sty error messages, but the last one I hit a brick wall when he tells me File `textcase.sty' not found. I could find the previous packages by the .sty he told me I w...

@jasperloy it't not perfect it commutes
@lockstep The solution is to install the full TL, solved.
10:19 PM
@lockstep agreed
NARQ (MWE not compilable)
Q: How can I control my caption box width size so they aren't overlapping?

MagpieI have two side by side figures with captions that overlap unless I make them stupidly small. How do you reduce the size of a caption so they don't overlap so that it does not effect the width of the figure? \documentclass{article} \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} % Use 8-bit encoding that has 256 glyph...

Q: WinEdt can not recognize MiKTeX after setting the root

sweetyBabyI tried to update MiKTeX from version 2.8 to version 2.9. Then I installed the version 2.9 in C:/program files/Miktex 2.9 and then configure the MiKTeX in WinEdt by "Tex->Miktex-> Miktex options->roots". However, after restarting the WinEdt, the MiKTeX can not use, the buttons of the MiKTeX are ...

Q: marvosym can't find umvs file

Luisjomen2aI've just downloaded the CTAN package for marvosym font package, but while compiling I get the following error: kpathsea: Running mktexmf umvs ! I can't find file `umvs'. <*> \mode:=ljfour; mag:=1; nonstopmode; input umvs Please type another input file name ! Emergency stop. <*> \mode:=ljfour...

I do not know, is the answer right?
Q: How to enable LyX forward search with okular

gggThe title says it. The instructions in http://wiki.lyx.org/LyX/SyncTeX no longer works for forward search. I think the PDF command: okular --unique "file:$$o#src:$$n $$t" is no longer working for new TeX software. Inverse search is workable though.

@MartinSchröder bye
No more close votes. :(
10:27 PM
flags case close votes too right ?
@egreg Let’s wait half an hour. ;-)
don't you need 90 minutes ?
it is summer time again
@egreg Now that I arrived, I can contribute with closing votes.
@DominicMichaelis Yes, you are right :-\ :-/
TL (Gonzalo can vote)
Q: Does \rotatebox{0} on a tabular have some problems?

marreI apply \rotatebox{0} to a tabular with a 3 times reproduction of the same column. The result is different than without \rotatebox. \begin{center} %\rotatebox{0}{ \begin{tiny} \begin{tabular}[t]{|\Tattab|\Tattab|\Tattab|} \hline \GMLta & \GMLta & \GMLta \\ A & b & c \\ \hline \end{tabular} \end{...

10:32 PM
@egreg voted.
Can someone please help me with this question? tex.stackexchange.com/questions/107302/…
@gekko just hope you don't get your question closed :D
@DominicMichaelis How come?
This is a feature request (NARQ)
Q: Highlight missing closing brackets in TeXworks

user1301428Is there the possibility to perform a check in TeXworks to see if there are any missing closing brackets? With this I also mean brackets not related to specific latex commands (e.g. ( and )).

@lockstep voted and also three other questions you linked before.
10:34 PM
@gekkostate don't worry, I'm sure someone will look at it soon- this is a chat to try and keep the site tidy at the moment ;)
@DominicMichaelis Technical note: Go with the mouse on the message you want to reply and click on the hooked arrow appearing on the right (or click on the left for a popoup menu, where you explicitly can see “Reply to this message” after the mentioned arrow). And you do not need to write a new message for every sentence. There is a limit for all not fixed-spaced content, but it is looonger … (Oops, now that I write this you do exactly this.)
@gekko right now we are closing a lot of questions and we post the question which should be closed
@DominicMichaelis oh haha! Alright. I will be more careful next time :D
Q: Can I write all the same things with siunitx package, when I use amssymb,amsmath, instead of siunit package?

YirmidokuzI have been writing my text with using the siunit package, so far, along with amssymb and amsmath. But I have noticed that there is a package called siunitx and now I wonder if I change the package to siunitx, do I miss something from my document ? Of course, after correcting the written codes a...

@egreg voted.
10:43 PM
TL (no additional info):
Q: graphics in miktex

Michael HardyI'm running miktex on some version of Windows, and I included the following code: \input epsf \epsfxsize=6.0in \epsfysize=3.2in \epsffile{graph.eps} This worked when I ran latex on linux. What I get is a blank space in the document where the picture should be, but no picture. What should...

do you delete the closed questions ?
TL (no additional info):
Q: Paragraph headings followed by line space and no indent, but indents or line space for "unheaded" paragraphs

Carl R. CastroI would like to have paragraphs with a heading followed by a line space (i.e. blank line) and then no indent for paragraph text after that line space. By "paragraphs with a heading", I mean paragraphs created with an explicit command - e.g. \paragraph{This is the Paragraph Heading} - and with pa...

@DominicMichaelis No, closing and deleting are different cases.
@Speravir isn't a unanswered closed question not still unanswered ?
@DominicMichaelis Generally speaking, no.
10:49 PM
@DominicMichaelis Not for the system.
@DominicMichaelis No; only open questions can have the "unanswered" status.
Am I the only one with closing votes left?
nope i didn't even had votes close to start :D
@GonzaloMedina Seems so.
and jeff does have "some" over
10:58 PM
Something for the emacs cracks:
Q: TeX-run-Tex wrong type argument in emacs

xenI use such a function for compiling LaTeX in emacs (AUCTeX) taken from here (accepted answer by Jouni K. Seppänen): (defun run-latexmkk () (interactive) (let ((TeX-save-query nil) (TeX-process-asynchronous nil) (master-file (TeX-master-file))) (TeX-save-document "") (...

@DominicMichaelis All moderators do not have a quota.
Status update: 1109 unanswered questions (-56).
is it good or bad ?
@Speravir Hmmm... then it's not much the help I can offer.
Q: Is that any way to make verbatim environment line breaking automatically and justify left and right

user1285419I am trying to show the text literally in verbatim environment with line breaking automatically. I Googled this and people recommended using the listings package. I am following the instructions in the help and figure out the code as follows \begin{lstlisting}[breaklines=true, breakatwhitespace=...

@GonzaloMedina You can still vote and post new candidates, if you find one. On 0:00 UTC all others get their new daily quota back and so can vote again.
@DavidCarlisle @egreg I consider you as Emacs cracks. Did you notice the linked question above?
11:14 PM
One vote here, please.
Q: Odd results using FP package inside table environment

user24909I'm trying to create a number of running totals using the FP package. I define a macro for adding numbers to a running total and then I define a macro to output the final value. The problem I'm having is that I receive a different output from the totals macro depending on where I call it. If it...

@Speravir yes but I've been out all day an just got in I can do a few close votes where requested but iIm too tired to answer questions:-)
@egreg +1
@Speravir You consider me wrongly. I'm just a satisfied customer.
@DavidCarlisle OK, make a bookmark. ;-) And let @egreg check your answer.
@DavidCarlisle BTW he, he @GonzaloMedina See, another one who still has closing votes. :-)
Another vote here (CW)
Q: Is microtype-2.5 (beta-08) stable enough for production use?

sebschubI am affected by the performance issues of microtype-2.4 and enter the last phase of an important work (fine-tuning of page breaks, overfull hboxes, etc.). The compile time with microtype is about 4 minutes, with microtype in draft mode 30 seconds... A faster compile time would, therefore, vastly...

@egreg Done.
11:18 PM
done to
@JosephWright Would you consider answering this one?
Q: testing whether a variable or control seq. is a box in LaTeX3

AlexGIs there a way, in LaTeX3, to find out whether a given control sequence or variable is a box register (created with \box_new:(cN))?

@JosephWright You are a regular TeXworks user. Isn’t this one more a feature request, so the only answer would be “No, this is not possible in the moment, the sources must be changed for this.”?
Q: Can several TexWork users in a network use one common copy of the Hunspell dictionary stored on a server?

Espen DonaliCan different TexWorks users, working in a network, have a central place for storing the HunSpell dictionary, instead of all having a local copy on their computer? The reason is we need to add new words to the hunspell dictionary. That would be much easier if we have only one copy of hunspell in ...

@DominicMichaelis For CW ( “Community wiki”) answers in this monthly session mostly one vote is enough.
@DominicMichaelis There is also a daily quota for upvoting, ask our specialists @PauloCereda and @percusse.
ah right if you upvote the same person to often the votes are reversed
11:32 PM
Does anyone know if I use includegraphics with some pdf file, will it try to display the entire pdf (the whole page with all the blank spcae) or just the TikZ figure?
the hole pdf
if you make a tikz
use the documentclass standalone
there you will only have page that is exactly large enough for your graphic
@DominicMichaelis BTW: 4 messages, that could have been one …
@AlanH Beside Dominic’s advice with standalone see also the package tikzinclude.
@Speravir Oh I am sorry I am used to press enter to often
@DominicMichaelis Well, happens to me, too, sometimes. But you can edit for 2 minutes.
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