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9:51 AM
Can I use fireworks for clickable/interactive prototyping ? could anyone suggest me if there is any other tool?
I have no experience with Fireworks, but when I need a working prototype I either use Keynote or Axure
It depends on how complex the prototype needs to be
1 hour later…
11:12 AM
@Srivi There are a ton of tools, depending on what you're looking for.
I tend to use HotGloo a lot, but the best tool depends on many factors
Omnigraffle is also pretty good
2 hours later…
12:59 PM
@JohnGB Congratulations on 30k, John! Well earned!
@BennySkogberg thanks.
Damn 200 rep cap slowed me down. Now I just have to try catch Roger
Which is going to take a while
You're getting really close to the 20k mark.
Soon you too will have maximum privileges soon
5000 reps / 200 a day = 25 days if Roger gets zero all these days - unlikely.
Maybe end of may?
Very unlikely
So more like 2-3 months if I am consistent
We'll keep you motivated :)
Soon I can edit tags without community approval - yay!
Thats 200 reps again - no more today unless you get accepted answer or bounty.
But I like it when you need approval
I have a ton of approved edits from you and kontur doing that
I need the edits!
1:14 PM
LOL - Don't you have Reviewer badge on suggested edits yet?
I want the gold one.
Need 700 odd more
I need 450 new first post to be Steward, and 185 flags more for Marshall....
Flags take ages here
I haven't been flagging at all until recently
That's a lot of new first posts for you
If you want easy flags, head over to Arqade. They have crap posts every 2 minutes or so!
But everyone knows that they aren't worth as much as UX badges
UX bronze = Arqade gold. Right @BenBrocka? :)
1:22 PM
@JonW look for a 1 rep user on the front page, click through, easy flag
Sad but true
@BenBrocka Yup. It's usually "I ALSO HAZ THIS ISSUE MY GAME WONT LOAD IT SUX HOW I FIX IT???" posted as an answer.
Same answer on Shar*Poi*t really. Goes like "Did you find an answer to this"? too. Flags are easy there
Popular ones get lots of "I think...." or "this is dumb" answers too
Arqade sometimes makes me want to reconsider gaming as a hobby.
There should be a way of filtering by idiot level
1:25 PM
It's like Counter Strike on a Friday night...
So that the idiots only see each other :)
@JonW Honestly it's far far better than many sites for gaming
Somehow it became "standard" for gaming forums/etc to allow a fairly high level of idiocy and it's hard to fight back against that
1:38 PM
I felt my ears burning...:-)
@RogerAttrill because we were talking about rude people :D?
oh - hang on - that'll be blazing hot spring sunshine.
How long will you stay ahead of John?
1:56 PM
Until 10 May.
2:07 PM
We'll see if our brokers agree :)
2:30 PM
I suspect it will be for longer than that
My bet is somewhere closer to early June
I've been slacking on quality of answers recently. I've dipped just below a 40% accept rate
That's better than mine
But then I answer a lot more than you do
And a lot of the questions by new users never get marked as correct or not
Still I have to give @RogerAttrill the edge in quality of answers
I think it will be mid May if I average 70/day and you average 200/day
(the current state)
Are you in a slack period with work?
Nope, just a period of being up late at night mostly
So often by the time I wake up I'm on 100+
What happened towards end of November? Struck by insomnia?
2:37 PM
I'm working on various smaller tasks, that I often need a 5-10 minut break from. I answer questions as a form of break.
Actually, yes.
I spent 3 months travelling before then and couldn't get my sleep schedule back to normal
Now I've come to like the silence and peace at night :)
That explains it!
Anyone know any good tutorials for getting started in photoshop?
Trying to pick it up but I've always been more of a CSS guy
Can you get your hands on lynda tutorials?
They are often a good starting point for web/design stuff
@BenBrocka Photoshop for doing what?
It's best to focus on specific tasks as the program is huge if you're trying to learn everything
@rk. They offer a lot on their website: lynda.com
2:49 PM
Probably not at that price, and not learning for work. Guess I could try their 7 day trial though
Ah, I totally missed Ben Brocka's comment
I know, hence I asked if you have access. My school and company both have had access to them.
@BenBrocka Are you after proper training, or just the odd website with a bunch of tutorials on it?
@BenBrocka There are a lot of books that cover it well
That is a much cheaper option
@BenBrocka I always good some good advice from good-tutorials.com/tutorials/photoshop when I was trying to figure out how to do things in PS. Not sure it's still as good as it used to be though, but as a tutorial aggregator it's not bad.
2:51 PM
@JohnGB I don't know honestly. I just want to be able to do some basic graphic design in it, for instance I need a "channel art" banner for Youtube. And maybe mock up some pretty buttons or something for interface elements
nettuts+ have some free tutorials and stuff
@JonW Nothing that's a big time/money commitment for now. Just something to get me started so I can play around and learn more at my own pace after I stop wondering where the hell everything is
I currently know where the magic eraser is and that's about it
And cropping stuff
I used to know GIMP but nothing looks familiar
@BenBrocka I tried to switch from PS to GIMP a while back, but I was far too stuck in my ways with PS that nothing in GIMP made any sense.
@rk. oh, those look like they could be good
@JonW they don't seem to transfer as well as I'd expected. I just recognize some of the barebones stuff like "oh those are my layers"
2:55 PM
Adobe Photoshop CS5 The Missing Manual
Usually all I'd do with PS is just decide in my head that I want to do something, I dunno, like 'How to make a poster effect' or something. Then just google that and try out a bunch of tutorials.
I couldn't get on with videos, I like to follow written guidelines so I know how long it's gonig to take and if it's in my skill level. I don't want to get 20 minutes into a video before I find out that I have no idea what they're talking about.
@JonW I guess that's basically my learning process for coding
if you hate someone, endorse them on linkedin for SOAP APIs and waterfall methodologies
I hoped it would be more like video editing where I just clicked through menus until I found something that worked
But there's like 18 billion menus so that's not going to work out
@BenBrocka Or just use my other tutorial approach I mentioned on here recently. Go to a PS forum and post something like "Photoshop is rubbish, it doesn't even have a Sepia effect' or something and then sit back and wait for all the 'advice' that'll come flooding in!
3:09 PM
@JonW heh
Did chat error out for anyone else?
Apparently so.
Q: Chat.SE is down

ManishearthI get this when I open any page on Chat.SE: Could this be fixed?

@JonW nice approach :P I should try that sometime
3:30 PM
@JonW I didn't realize chat was .NET
or at least hosted on IIS
SE is mostly an MS stack
Q: Which tools and technologies are used to build the Stack Exchange Network?

aleembPicking up from the blog, what are all the details on tools and technologies used to build the Stack Exchange Network? Return to FAQ index

should I be surprised? i'm surprised. that's cool
4:05 PM
SE uses WMD! Oh Lor!
oh - ok - it's not this, phew!
A weapon of mass destruction (WMD) is a weapon that can kill and bring significant harm to a large number of humans (and other life forms) and/or cause great damage to man-made structures (e.g. buildings), natural structures (e.g. mountains), or the biosphere in general. The scope and application of the term has evolved and been disputed, often signifying more politically than technically. Coined in reference to aerial bombing with chemical explosives, it has come to distinguish large-scale weaponry of other technologies, such as chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear. This dif...
@RogerAttrill You're thinking of North Korea
(nu)clearly! haha!
4:44 PM
@JonW That website is indeed a live webcam
People are working now, but the refresh is slow
1 hour later…
5:56 PM
Does anyone have a particular browser-based markdown editor that they prefer? I just got back from doing a usability test with a user and I'm really thinking for this group WYSIWYM is going to be better that WYSIWYG.
For WYSIWYM the best is WYMeditor
but that is fairly different from typical markdown
It's more for ontological markdown
my use case is older office workers who are not confident technology users who need to create simple web content where being limited to h1, h2, h3, bold, italic, bullets, and the occasional image embed is perfect
@JohnGB looks interesting
Then straight markdown is better than WYSIWYM
What platform?
I was thinking the same wrt straight markdown
it is a custom web based app so i'm looking for a javascript/jquery solution
back end is .NET however my need is pretty much just client side
Codemirror does syntax highlighting for markdown, and is an excellent editor
More focussed on text editing, but has a great API, and loads of projects are based on it
You can find projects on the net that have added buttons to codemirror for the usual bold, italic etc...
Also, I saw one mode where the styles of the headings were large, and the hyperlinks were underlined etc...
not very polished - and I think currently impossible to differentiate different levels of heading
but getting close to being the nice middleground we have all been waiting for... WYSIWYMAMOLWYG (what you see is what you mean and more or less what you get)
6:10 PM
@CharlesWesley I would use what SE use
it's also .NET and JS
also open source
@BillyMoon Thanks, i'll check that out!
@JohnGB I was reading about that as well. There are lots of choose from so I was wondering if anyone had direct experience with any. I think i'll try a few and then see if the users give me any feedback one way or the other.
i'm curious if they would find syntax highlighting helpful or not. it's harder to guess what they will do since their technology comfort level is much lower than I normally design for
I've used some backend ones to handle processing and conversion to html, but nothing in js
Or just steal what Wikipedia use
Easier to explain to someone that you edit it like you would in Wikipedia
With these users that would elicit a blank look lol
Give them plain text then :)
Like what you had back in 1970
if i could :) i'm sure they would prefer that actually
it's interesting working with users that have successfully avoided technology to this date. i feel like an evangelist bringing the good word to the frontier
thanks guys!
3 hours later…
Should't the 'k' be next to 23?
@MishaScholte Still a stupid question
assuming that's this
Q: Is coffee a good excuse for a slow application start-up time?

edgaratorI was dragged into a meeting with a client to consult on any usability issues as we watched a user performing day-to-day operations with a software application. The first thing that happened was that after the client double-clicked the app's icon we waited around 8 minutes for the app to load. N...

@MishaScholte Oh. Yes, I think that ship has sailed though
10:16 PM
@BenBrocka Yes, I agree. Pretty weird question

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