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12:50 AM
@Chad I had an opportunity for the consulting thing so maybe something will come of that, but I don't think I ever want to leave this area. I have a lot of family that I am very close to. I don't want to sacrifice family for career if I don't have to and I am not at that point where I have to yet.
BTW... the manager called me and told me that she will have this HR mess straightened out, she got the CIO to sign off on something and that I get the transfer, promotion and a full 10% raise
The job will probably be aggravating and infuriating but at least I am getting paid extremely well compared to my peers
I think I can put up with it for a few more years
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4:40 AM
Q: When does one call themselves a "Consultant"?

I AM LI currently do a number of things at work, but I have no idea what to officially call myself?, I was a IT/Telco Design Engineer previously and now I do more Program Coordination/Governance, Resource Management and Project Management work all part of the PMO team, but I still do volunteer on some ...

This question on the Project Management SE site will likely be closed as off-topic, so I wanted to see if you all thought it would fit here? Whatdya think?
I know one answer will likely be "a consultant varies from company to company", but I can't help but feel this could have some value here...
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7:55 AM
@jmort253 the definitions of a consultant arent strict enough to solicit any single right answer, like the top anser by zsolt on there currently, its just a person who provides advice professionally, i dont think there is any more to it than that tbh, thats my two cents anyway, others might think differently
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12:30 PM
@maple_shaft I think a big part of your problem is that you want to compare yourself to others rather than setting targets for yourself. I know it is not easy to shift your thinking away from the comparison attitude, but the rewards in terms of perceived quality of life are so worth it.
@jmort253 I dont have a problem with that qustion
1:01 PM
2/3 of those answers are not great
@enderland They would definately end up downvoted here
Though Jmort could just delete them on migration.
@Chad I am moving for a more reasons than money
yeah it is a risk but I kind of figure that I am more at risk by staying
I talked to someone about this exact thing yesterday - the money vs "I like my job" factor, heh
@maple_shaft I was not suggesting you would decline the promotion
i'm setting myself in such a place as to not have to care about what my income (within reason) is after a few years
living considerably below means, etc
so if I ever have to make a choice like taht
I can always know I'm not financially screwed
and so even for 50% more for a job I dislike I can turn down
1:06 PM
@maple_shaft But if you focus on what you need to be happy and not what other people have your level of satisfaction with your life will go up. You can always find someone who has more than you for doing less or worse. If you focus on your needs and your tasks and maximizing those your level of satisfaction with your life will improve greatly.
@Chad I recently realized that I am going to be a dad. I honestly could give two sh--- about what others have, I am just terrified now that for the first time, if I screw up, then it is more than just my way of life on the line
@maple_shaft I would consider it far more of a "screwup" to be a dad who sold his soul and vitality for money rather than having a career he enjoys....
@maple_shaft yeah what you want no longer matters. But Congratulations! That is great
My wife is very independent, she could absolutely survive without me but a child?
it just isn't about me anymore
I feel like I am losing my mind
I grew up with a father who never seemed to enjoy his job and was nearly always complaining if he said anything about it
1:11 PM
I feel so powerless
we had plenty of "stuff" and "wealth" (though I think my parents did NOT have as much as they led us to believe)
In a few months you will stop worrying about your mind.
@maple_shaft this might be helpful
A: Career goals: How do I define it?

enderlandThere are a couple ways you can approach this. Here are a couple potential questions you can ask yourself to give you guidance: "When I think of myself 10/20/30 years from now, who do I want to be? What do I have to do in terms of career to get there?" "What do I enjoy doing - how can I make my...

maybe not - I'm not sure
it can really help to write some of that stuff down
(as silly as it sounds)
@enderland Thats just the thing. If I honestly did what I wanted to do, then I would do nothing. I would be Ron Livingston from Office Space
@maple_shaft hmmm. well. That might be a bit more of a problem then ;)
1:19 PM
or at least, anything I would want to do I would be making 1/5th what I do now
if it was an enjoyable fun thing to do, then they wouldn't pay people a comfortable living wage to do it
I've always tried to think of more "what sorts of things do I enjoy doing - what are the elements of what I LIKE which makes me like them?"
not the specifics like "play with code" or "use excel" or whatever, but what about those things (or whatever they are)
I like building things, solving problems/puzzles and teaching others
plenty of people get paid money to do stuff they LOVE doing - do NOT let yourself believe this is not possible
> You've reached the maximum of 5 Deletion votes per day; come back in 10 hours
never said THAT, just that it is the exception rather than the rule
1:23 PM
@BenBrocka agreed
@maple_shaft Perhaps, but, they don't just magically wake up one day and find themselves doing this
it takes active searching and work, because career decisions for all sorts of reasons will show up - and if you don't pursue that career you WANT and LOVE there are plenty of managers who won't know, and will lure you away from it
FWIW there's still some stuff ripe for deleting at the bottom of this list. You can ignore the unanswered ones, they'll go boom automatically
@enderland I guess I really would like to be a software architect and mentor
I love talking software design and I love teaching others
thats why I love StackExchange so much
@maple_shaft my question then is, are you trying to be that person? or hoping someone just offers you a job doing that?
@enderland Its what I try to do now, but the company never built the team they promised me
The new department is full of .NET devs who are struggling with an IBM Java reorg
I know both pretty well so I saw this as an opportunity to take a design lead and to teach
Plus IBM products are awful so I will have some interesting puzzles to figure out :)
1:30 PM
hmm. I guess I would spend some time thinking about this whole idea - because at the end of the day, no one is going to just offer you a "dream job" - it takes YOU making that clear, mainly to yourself, that you want a job you enjoy doing
and then, doing the things which are required
if you think this new job is a good way to get there, then that's wonderful (not ALL jobs are always enjoyable, this is absolutely true)
but if not, I'd seriously think about whether you are just taking a job for a paycheck - knowing you want to do something else
I've got to run though :)
I always do what is required of me.. but I ALWAYS express what I want. Thanks for the chat
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3:07 PM
Q: Best approach to dealing with pranks

chrisjleeMy coworkers are constantly playing pranks on each other. I don't really want to be a part of it. What is the best way to approach others about it without being alienated and being seen as the outlier?

How do i be an outsider with out appearing to be an outsider
@Chad i disagree, just because you dont want them to play pranks on you and vice versa doesnt mean you are an outsider, just not engaging in one single aspect of it, as long as he still interacts with them on other levels hes not being an outsider, no one ever likes / enjoys / takes part in 100% of the activities
3:32 PM
A: How should I measure time spent on work assignments?

Jan DoggenYou need to install some time tracking software on your computer that allows you to instantly switch to another task. I've used custom-build software that I cannot distribute that did the following: It let me predefine projects and tasks It ran as a tray icon app. Double click the icon, choose ...

Views on this answer?
@RhysW everyone in the office plays pranks on everyone else... I no longer wish to be be part of everyone.
or everyone else
@RhysW That question is off topic it is about doing your job. In this case determingning the requirements for a software project
4:24 PM
Q: How do I take responsibility for my code when colleague makes unnecessary improvements without notice?

JesslynOne of my teammates is a jack of all trades in our IT shop and I respect his insight. However, sometimes he reviews my code (he's second in command to our team leader, so that's expected) without a heads up. So sometimes he reviews my changes before they complete the end goal and makes changes r...

Does that belong on programmers? I am thinking it does
5:19 PM
Hi all
4 hours later…
9:22 PM
@Chad i read it as a small group of people, a certain team for example, not everyone in the office,

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