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3:00 PM
DON'T LOOK @SaintWacko
@djsmiley2k No, they have mostly made sense.
@Michel @Coronus Don't watch that if you haven't seen the episode
It won't be as awesome if you do
@SaintWacko have you seen the video tape rental one yet?
@djsmiley2k You mean Don't Blink?
@OrigamiRobot errrm end of series... 6.... made sense?
@SaintWacko if it was don't blink, then yes :D
3:01 PM
legit or dodgy?
A: Is it possible to download a previous version of minecraft_server.jar?

Tha-Warrior-XxIf you want to get older versions (1.0.0 minimum) just write pipix on google and take the first one, might be in french sorry but you just go down to download for mac or windows ( no linux ) then skip ad up right, DON'T DOWNLOAD THE AD, and it will download. PS :Just in case URL is : http://www....

@djsmiley2k Yeah, that was early in the series
Where they first showed up?
@SaintWacko I really liked what they did with that
@djsmiley2k That's why I said "mostly"
@djsmiley2k Yeah, that was good
Still, I think my favorite episodes were Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead
Forest of the dead had a number of faults with it which I can't recall now
3:02 PM
Run. For god's sake, run.
@SaintWacko I'll keep an eye out for those titles.
but some things didn't make sense.
@SaintWacko If I have to pick, I'd agree.
@Coronus Those are the others written by Moffat. They're amazing and creepy
@tombull89 I can't read french, but that looks like an MC mod or clone.
3:02 PM
Then again, river, means anything can be explained. lol.
@OrigamiRobot Now whenever a light goes out, it's creepy
Ok, so The Girl in the Fireplace was Moffat? I was going to mention that as another of my favorites. I really like his!
@Coronus Oh, yeah, I forgot that was one of his
girl in the fireplace....... french?
mechnical robots?
@djsmiley2k Yeah
I think so
3:04 PM
@SaintWacko And when he said "Look me up" it was badass.
that one was cool and scary.
@djsmiley2k Yes, the creepy masks
The two scariest Aliens/monsters in my Opinion 1. Vashta Nerada 2. Weeping Angel
Not Q/A just fun!

Proposed Q&A site for me and my friends!

Closed before being launched.

@OrigamiRobot Almost as badass as at the end of the whole Prisoner Zero thing
3:05 PM
other things just seemed thrown in to be included tho
@Michel Yep
such as the van gogh thing. It was awesome them meeting, and his paintings
but the actual story of that ep was..... rubbish
Vashta Nerada are awesome
@Coronus Yes. Girl in the fireplace was great.
"Hello sweetie" is almost equal to "would you kindly" imo
Of awesome phrases that you can share iwth people
warning, don't google it if you don't want bioshock 1 spoilers :D
3:07 PM
@SaintWacko Too bad that was only ONE episode until now =(
So not to spoil anything for me, but I watched Smith and Jones last night and I wonder. Is Jones his new companion?
@fbueckert The proposed 'questions' make it
She's from the past.
3:07 PM
Martha, yeah
Oh, nonono.
@djsmiley2k Yes, that's her.
@Coronus Just keep watching :)
no, then
@fredley o.0
3:07 PM
@SaintWacko :P Fine.
@SaintWacko That line annoyed me so much
@Coronus Martha is awesome
<3 Donna, and Amy is hawt
Of all the companions, I disliked Martha the most.
other two, I don't really care about.
3:08 PM
@fredley It's perfect for telling people not to spoil Doctor Who for you, though
@fredley I love her Accent when she says "Spoilers" =D
@SaintWacko Yeah, I liked her in that episode.
Wait, no, it was Donna.
@djsmiley2k Aye, Amy is beautiful
@tombull89 I think you misspelled 'Donna'
3:08 PM
@tombull89 What? Martha was awesome!
So was the Doctor's Daughter
@SaintWacko Pond is beautifulest
@Sconibulus ^^
Donna's grandfather was like her only redeeming quality
3:09 PM
I want to talk about spoilers but I can't :O
@SaintWacko Eeyup. I want to see her more!!! Only 1 episode is too harsh >.<
@djsmiley2k Please don't :(
My favorite line is probably "My vision is not impaired."
@Michel Yeah, same
The end of series.... 7..... that girl......... is it souflle?
3:09 PM
30 mins ago, by OrigamiRobot
5 mins ago, by OrigamiRobot
@Wipqozn No, Souffle Girl.
@SaintWacko I'm making a special effort to talk carefuly just for you :)
I didn't like Donna as much as the others
Or was it end of series 6....
Anyone who says Martha was not the best companion is wrong.
anyway, the very small girl with ... tb?
3:10 PM
I love in Children of Time, seeing old companions all badass
@Fluttershy Not the best. 2nd best.
Souffle girl is Asylum of the Daleks
@Fluttershy She's my favourite of the main companions.
@fredley Beautifulest. Bravest. Awesomest =P
@Wipqozn You have been redeemed, good sir.
3:10 PM
@Blem what did I miss?
@Michel sigh
@kalina Doctor Who mostly
@OrigamiRobot I'm not counting Souffle Girl since those episodes haven't started yet.
@kalina Doctor Who companion talk.
@fredley no, he just apologised for something
@Fluttershy OK then, Martha is best.
3:11 PM
well meh, gone again
I ruined the chat for @kalina when I started the talk. =X
I liked Tennant and Piper, and Smith and Pond, Mrs.
I'm glad I find somewhere I can talk about dr who! \o/
fortuantely my wife loves it too \o/
Rose was the worst.
3:12 PM
no regrets but I wished that she liked it a little at least xD
@Michel meh, it's not my chat room
@djsmiley2k You do know there's a Sci-Fi and Fantasy SE?
Okay, I'm going to watch Doctor Who when I get home
I've only known Rose in the new series. If Martha makes me stop crying over losing her, I'm happy to get to know her.
@Michel This
3:12 PM
@tombull89 i didn't
@kalina Nothing, just me being inapropiat towards @SaintWacko
@OrigamiRobot I think you misspelled 'Donna'
@kalina you usually have strong arguments.
but unless the chatroom hash alf of you guys in it, it's not going to be much interest to me
@SaintWacko you and me, both pawn =D
3:12 PM
@Sconibulus Donna was awesome because she started the "calling the Doctor on his shit" thing.
@Michel shrug
@djsmiley2k It doesn't.
Didn't Martha do that?
and Rose?
Was Donna the wedding dress girl, the secretary?
Most of us hate SciFi.SE
3:13 PM
@Blem it's not like I'm dating him
@Coronus Yeah
I still have the Christmas special to watch :3
@Coronus yup, with the church being attacked by weird time demons
Oh, the black hole one - that was cool
3:13 PM
I've got a lot of catching up to do
Hi satan, etc etc etc :D
@tombull89 Was she actually a "companion"?
@kalina I said i was sorry for being inappropriate towards him and you, it is just a bit boring at this seminar
You liked the one with Satan?
I thought the last couple of Christmas specials were dissapointing...the last one was okay, but the one with the singing trees and the flying fish and Katherine Jenkins...
3:14 PM
@Coronus No
@Sconibulus the story was a little dumb
@Coronus Yes, for a series at least.
@Sconibulus but I enjoyed it because the doctor wasn't there for most of it.
oh the christmas ones all suck other than the titanic one
@djsmiley2k The titanic one was the best, I reckon.
Isn't the anniversary coming up?
3:15 PM
I didn't like the Titanic one much, I did like the one where Tenant showed up
@Coronus 50th, yup
all the living old doctors to appear, appently. Moffit has denied it.
A: Is it possible to download a previous version of minecraft_server.jar?

Tha-Warrior-XxIf you want to get older versions (1.0.0 minimum) just write pipix on google and take the first one, might be in french sorry but you just go down to download for mac or windows ( no linux ) then skip ad up right, DON'T DOWNLOAD THE AD, and it will download. PS :Just in case URL is : http://www....

@Coronus All living doctors, if you believe rumours and hearsay
"Just google it" answer o.O?
And I also liked the flying fish and the ice with souffle girl
3:16 PM
@Michel Protected
Grrr.. I have to get some work done but all I want to do is watch Doctor Who now. THANKS GUYS
somebody ask a question I can answer
@fredley Thanks
@kalina Sorry, still Doctor Who
@kalina Uh... uh... what did you have for lunch?
3:18 PM
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Cheese
@YiJiang'sEvilClone not here, I mean for rep
asking politely for donations didn't work, so I'm going to have to work for it
@fredley Just cheese?
@SaintWacko Actually, probably not cheese
@kalina I'll go ask some Doctor Who question on Scifi, just for you
3:20 PM
I don't think much cheese went in her mouth
@fredley Er... I'm not quit sure where you're going with this
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Interesting how the first suggested Question has the word "doctor" in it.
@Coronus Ha! Hadn't even caught that
@SaintWacko Coincidence? I think not.
LOL missing ONE comment with 5 or more to Pundit
3:25 PM
@SaintWacko Don't go that far.
@Michel will trade one comment upvote for 3 answer upvotes
Geez, I have a comment with 22 upvotes
I'll take "Questions that get you on an FBI watch list" for $200. — SaintWacko Mar 1 '12 at 17:21
@kalina That is cheap!. 2 upvote and 1 comment for 4 answers
@Michel deal
@kalina You already made 20k...
3:30 PM
Oh, hey. I have Pundit.
you get any privilages with 20k+ (lazy too look atm)
oh wow, I thought AnswerSwarm was over?
@fbueckert I was surprised when I found that I have outspoken o.O
@Michel you should have pundit soonish
3:30 PM
wasn't it supposed to end at midnight?
Q: Tips for saying "Banana Bread" inconspicuously

wokAs a spy in SpyParty, I'm having a hard time contacting the Double Agent: it seems as soon as the sniper hears the words, he/she starts highighting everyone who is in a conversation and lowlighting the others, which makes the following of the game harder for the spy. What are some basic tips for...

@SaintWacko I need to actually play this...
@OrigamiRobot No! Monster Hunter!
@kalina <3
right, made it to 20k, time to submit my account deletion request
3:32 PM
@kalina Can I haz your reps?
@fbueckert Buy me a Wii U and I will.
Q: Does cooldown reduction works on passives like Le Blanc Mirror Image?

iberI watch League stream and streamer Siv HD don't know if it works or not. If yes on wich passives it works?

Q: How do I beat the Trial of Archimedes?

BenLate in the game, the Trial of Archimedes is a definitive road block with a much higher difficulty level than the rest of the game. Part of the problem is that there are multiple difficult stages with no checkpoint in between, only a pause. There is also no option to switch difficulty, unlike p...

Q: I can't access any of my regular MineCraft servers even though it was working yesterday

AnonymousI usually play on the Xeraingaming server every day and it works, but mysteriously today it didn't work. I tried to do the Sky Does Minecraft server and it didn't connect either. Then I tried other random servers from the internet and they worked. Can anyone explain this? And in plain terms beca...

@OrigamiRobot Pfft. You need a TV, first.
@fbueckert I thought you didn't care about reps?
@kalina I don't.
3:33 PM
@fbueckert I'll worry about that.
I'm making a crass joke about people quitting and giving all their stuff away.
where is my new NUKE EVERYBODY button?
I thought 20k was meant to be special
@kalina You get to delete answers without moderator intervention
I care a lot about rep. But all of that care is devoted to having more rep than @Wipqozn.
@kalina I ALWAYS see this "oic" as a pig "oinc" take me a couple of seconds to remember that is "Oh I see"
3:34 PM
And edit tag wikis without needing approval
@YiJiang'sEvilClone wait, I no longer get reps for tag suggestions?
@kalina Now you get to vote to delete answers.
@kalina Uh, no
@YiJiang'sEvilClone do I get to delete moderators without moderator intervention?
@YiJiang'sEvilClone nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
oh well, now I no longer need to submit tag edits
that's just freed me up an hour a day
@kalina It's not like the additional rep will gain you anything anyway
3:35 PM
@fbueckert I have a TV. Buy me a Wii U!
@kalina Doesn't get you rep, don't need it.
@SaintWacko I'm generous. Not THAT generous.
I still don't have 10k
@Michel first of all, how rude
@Michel secondly, wouldn't it be "oink" ?
@kalina Maybe you're just bad at spelling!
wait, I can edit tag wikis without authorisation?
BRB editing all tag wikis
3:40 PM
finally winning the colliseumum
only takewn me all day.
@kalina it was a general comment. It was not meant to you. It's impossible for a intelligent person like you (based on your answers/questions/chat...) be something less than great
@kalina What have I done '-'
@Michel you are directly responsible for the great vandalism of 2013
@kalina I know... T_T Try to not hurt too much.
3:42 PM
quick! Downvote!
@kalina It's raining since yesterday, it's cold, it's windy ...
Not a nice place to be atm
*South of Brazil
brb food
@Michel How cold is cold?
How hot is hot
3:50 PM
I'll need those temps in 'MERICAN
@Blem It is currently -15c right now.
With windchill, it feels like -22c.
we got 0c in denmark right now
Was only 78F yesterday :(
@fbueckert I hate windchill "feels like" numbers. They are fake, but they are the only number everyone talks about.
@JasonBerkan To a degree, but they do drain more heat from you than sitting out of the wind.
3:51 PM
(Usually to brag, because -45 sounds worse than -30.)
@JasonBerkan How fake are they
oh hai
@tiddy The actual temperature is -15. The wind just gets things down to that temperature faster.
Wind is the only real cold that usually gets to me. Ambient cold doesn't affect me as much, usually.
When I was a kid, they reported it as a the amount of energy (calories?) lost due to wind. 1800+ was bad.
(i.e. exposed skin freezing in under a minute)
3:54 PM
I felt the most cold I can remember in my life in Apulia. I used to live in the highest point of the region (which was rather planar - but still). It must've been nowhere near 0°C (as in higher than that) but very windy
...and I was standing still, waiting for the gates to open
Mont Tremblant was -35F @ Peak
Depending on how fast you moved down the mountain you could develop some skin damage
Because, you know, Canada, we actually have an entire gov't website on wind chill:
Here the weather's just shitty. Sunday it kinda snowed. Today it kinda rains. Gray skies all over.
It snowed here yesterday but today has been pretty uneventful.
We set a snowfall record over the weekend!
3:57 PM
This winter's got both personal records for Most Snowfall and Most Shitty Snowfalls
@badp You have Shit Snowfalls? Damn, and I thought we had it bad.
That sounds disgusting
Sorry, bad joke, I know.
Had to be said, though.
They are predicting that the snow pile outside of town (where all the snow from the streets is taken) is so large it may not actually melt this summer.
3:59 PM
"shitty" as in "half-hearted, only technically snow, every other hour, mostly actually water, only good enough to cause anxiety and annoyance and slippery floors and shitty looking streets"
@JasonBerkan Yikes. Your town drops all the snow into one single area?
@Powerlord I took part in it! I just left to try my internet connection. :P
And to realize how god-awful I am at Dota ... sigh
@JasonBerkan Time to grab the hairdryers!
@fbueckert It was two, but they built a new development where the one snow pile was. I think it all gets put out by the dump.
@JasonBerkan That area's going to get crazy soggy.
4:02 PM
can't be as bad as the Netherlands
@fbueckert We have 52cm of snow on the ground, compared to 20cm the last time we had horrible flooding. The entire city is going to be soggy.
@JasonBerkan I don't even know how much snow Winnipeg has.
@JasonBerkan I'm sorry, what's floods got to do with snow?
All I know is I've shovelled a ton this winter.
@badp It melts.
4:03 PM
@badp Snow turns into water when it warms up
The Bobcat industry here is extremely busy, as everyone is hiring them to remove the snow from around their houses.
Winnipeg has at least two or three different snow disposal sites.
@JasonBerkan I don't understand if it's the snow melting and causing floods or if the floods hit the snow and melted it causing more floods
@SaintWacko This must be that liquid ice that I hear, that rare substance we get when ice is exposed to warm temperatures. The only thing as rare I know of is solid water.
And they're dense and packed enough to allow vehicles to drive up them.
4:05 PM
@badp Former, I imagine.
Actually, there's a house down the street (and I rather mean down, in a topographical sense) that has this issue any time there's a snow. They've had to remodel their basement very often.
@badp Just the snow melting. I'm thousands of miles from any water source that would cause flooding.
@Unionhawk Are the Thaumcraft tools useful?
@OrigamiRobot You can make them self repairing.
And each has a neat ability.
@RonanForman I have the pick and the hoe.
The pick occasoinally doubles your ores (useless with Thermal expansion or IC2) and the hoe can bonemeal stuff using durability.
4:08 PM
@kalina Don't forget you can vote to delete things with negative scores now too.
That's not a bad button to have.
Q: In the colliseum I'm ranked 2 in team battles, but I can't fight Wandering Swordsman

djsmiley2kWhy can't I fight the rank 1? It's just kind of greyed out for me although I'm rank 2 in the colliseum?

@OrigamiRobot They all have high encahntabilities too.
@RonanForman That was the question. Are the effects actually useful with the other mods we have?
@OrigamiRobot They're useful in their own sort of way; you can enchant them, for one, and you can put Repair on them, which is like the rechargability of IC tools
@OrigamiRobot Apart from the pickaxe yes, but the repair enchant is awesome.
4:13 PM
Looks like the shovel can be useful while building.
@OrigamiRobot Also, yes, the other tools have other different cool effects; the Hoe of Growth acts as bonemeal that works on silverwood trees, for example
@LessPop_MoreFizz ooOOoo
@tiddy That's just so wrong.
@GraceNote mmmmhhhh solid water
4:20 PM
@fbueckert Probably has a severe personality disorder
@tiddy probably?
I read as far as "sexually oriented pony art" and decided that I don't want to know
I don't understand why people go to doctors xTimes a year for various ailments, but the times they visit a psychologist almost never
or psychiatrist
@kalina I'm glad you said that so I know not to read any of it.
@OrigamiRobot glad to be of service
4:23 PM
As thanks, I will not star anything you say today.
anything else, surely?
@tiddy People don't like being told "You are crazy.", while "You are ill." is pretty fine.
I don't think I've starred you today.
The brain doesn't like being told it's broken? Whaaaaaaaaaat?
@tiddy my brain is broken
4:24 PM
@tiddy 'xactly.
@tiddy Negative social stigma, etc.
it doesn't mind being reminded
Apr 22 '12 at 16:25, by Ronan Forman
user image
@FEichinger Mental health issues are hardly "you're crazy"
Just a reminder that this is a thing that was posted.
4:26 PM
@BenBrocka Point is that mental health is an alien topic to most people.
@FEichinger I'm all too aware of that, attitudes about psychology in general are disgusting and archaic
Truth is we just don't know enough
Consciousness is still a black hole to scientists. I take that back, we know more about black holes
@BenBrocka Everyone has problems. The sooner people accept that, the sooner they can get better.
Though I do think mental health studies have reached a point to address the guy who is marrying a preteen female animated character
when is @spugsley making another Let's Play?
4:30 PM
@Blem She's all into photography now.
a Let's edit Photos?
@Blem Let's Photoshop!
@YiJiang'sEvilClone even better
@tiddy We know a lot more than people realize, and far too many people use "oh, it's complicated stuff" to justify not bothering to learn which is extremely harmful
I realize this, and this is an exciting time for neuroscience, but there is still a ton of work to move this into pubic awareness
4:34 PM
user image
I want to watch this sport.
@StrixVaria I'd watch this.
As would I.
Q: How to change map in custom game sc2 from 1v1 map

KazurarI just got Wings of Liberty and I wanna play some 4v4's with ai's so i'm not horrible against my friends when we play. I'm trying to add a game in the custom games and it's just letting me do 1v1 and I can't seem to change the map so I can put in more players. How do I change the map from Xel'...

Q: Can I sell more with a second trade port?

xaedesWhen I have a second trade port does this increase the global delivery rate?

@StrixVaria I wonder how you get back up after falling like that
@SaintWacko I assume that's what the man cowering on the side is for.
4:48 PM
@StrixVaria Yes. Only if full-contact is allowed though
They almost look straight-jacketed into those things
@tiddy You'd have to be to prevent you from injuring yourself in the process.
Ignoring the giant inflatable orbs you're stuck in, I think it would be incredibly awkward and/or difficult to run and kick without moving your arms
Do we really need a tag?
@fbueckert I think so
It's pretty much a completely different game from fortress mode
4:58 PM
@SaintWacko If they're that separate, then they shouldn't need the base tag; they're two separate game types.

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