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1:40 AM
@Rachel: Thank you very much. I have modified question as per your suggestion
2:22 AM
@JimG. If you can not keep from being rude and insulting perhaps you should find somewhere else to troll
@BVR I do not know if it is possible but I do think that the question should be good for the site. I have cast a reopen vote and when I have asked no one has given me any reason that it should not be opened but I think the prevailing opinion is that you can not break your commitment with out burning the bridge in a general way. It may be possible in some very localized circumstance. But that would not be a good fit for the site
I know even if it reopened I would not have a good answer for you. I suspect the question will attract several "You are an idiot to think you can" answers that I will flag as not an answer and be ignored. And those answers will get tons of up votes. And even if a good answer shows up it is liable to be downvoted by the goons that like the "You are an idiot to think you can" answers.
@atconway There really is no way that you can do it with out looking like a pretentious douche. But have you considered asking him if he would mind switching to plastic spoons? That is probably the travelpack size instead of the economy pack Costco bag
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10:56 AM
A: How can I get off on the right foot with a new intern?

enderlandEDIT: two people have made comments about the length of this. Sorry, but when you have an intern, to manage them well in almost all cases is going to be lots of work. If this answer is too long to be effective for you then you are going to have serious patience issues working with interns. My ex...

i dont see how this isnt the accepted answer
2 hours later…
12:58 PM
@RhysW well thing is, asker by definition may be not well equipped to judge quality of the answers on a given topic - otherwise, why would they ask? Given that, it is natural that askers will sometimes / often pick answer other than "objectively bestest". :) This fact of life is even officially reflected in the Populist badge...
> answer that outscored an accepted answer with score of more than 10 by more than 2x
your options as an answerer are, either tune it down to the level of asker or tune it up to the level of qualified reader. Each option has own benefits... and own disadvantages
1:42 PM
@BVR Thanks :) I actually flagged your question for a moderator because it looks like there is a bug with how Reopen votes expire, and they seemed to be expiring early
Q: Reopen votes expiring too early?

RachelPer this explanation, reopen votes should expire at a rate of 1 per day after 4 days of no new reopen votes, providing the question has over 100 views. But I've seen at least two cases now where this has not appeared to happen. A question will get additional reopen votes, and the votes start to ...

2:02 PM
@Chad Plastic spoons are definitely the answer. I am going to bring it up 1 day jokingly if the situation ever presents itself. I'm new to my current employer and just don't want to be an ass, but the noise is quite distracting. I wish companies just had things like this in the employee handbook.." Please no smelly fish or loud distracting soup kitchen sounds in the main work area"... :P
3:00 PM
@gnat true, i have one of those badges myself i think, but even from the questioners perspective enderlands was so much better, it actually provided a good list of do's and dont's rather than feel good stuff :/
@atconway believe it or not our employee handbook has a section in it relating to being considerate of others with the food you eat
2 hours later…
5:05 PM
@RhysW because long comprehensive answers are too long and worth downvoting
@gnat cool, I guess i'll get that :-)
5:57 PM
@atconway I get it. It is distracting.
Once or twice a day I get but if they have to eat all day long at least they can be respectful about it
6:11 PM
Would we be able to get a few more reopen votes for this question?
Q: How can I make sure that promises for a promotion will be kept?

Mike WarrenI work at a really sought after big security company. But I am stuck with all the corporate policies that prevents people from easily moving internally into good positions. I interviewed for a senior level dream job at an upcoming startup in the valley. Not having much experience my hiring manag...

6:38 PM
@Rachel I voted for it to reopen. I know on the SE suite of sites there are explicit guidelines for creating and submitting good questions and content. For the most part I totally agree and it helps to keep the junk out. However I just read a question like that and think, "that is a reasonable and good question for the WP, and I'd like to see the answers." Sometimes folks might not see "the forest through the trees" and get lost in closing ?'s too quickly.
@Rachel This is probably the reason I would never be a good candidate for a mod :P I like a lot of the questions that get closed on the different sites. But I get it, too much junk and the site gets out of control.
7:10 PM
@atconway Yeah me too. I was actually asked why I didn't run for a mod position on Programmers in the last 2 elections, but in addition to me probably not having time for the position, I'd probably get kicked off the mod team pretty fast if I could undelete and reopen with a single vote :)
7:24 PM
@Chad Ok here are the offending items in the break room :P This time it appears it was a fork though. bit.ly/ZLfq9D Honestly, the guy is really cool and becoming a friend of mine, so I have to find it somewhat humorous (but I'm still pulling my hair out at times!)
8:12 PM
@Rachel I definitely would have voted for you. [But you probably knew that already.]
9:11 PM
@Rachel hey - upvote this:
A: Reopen votes expiring too early?

Jarrod DixonAlright, two things. There was a recent bug which chose the latest close/reopen vote on a question that did have old, ageable votes - the developer will be chastised when he returns from his vacation. The original spec never worked the way it said - once the 100 page view requirement was met, a...

...and thanks for catching that. I knew there was a problem with how aging worked, but didn't realize it was that chronic.

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