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9:00 PM
But no longer do.
Okay then, let's move on.
A: "Best Before" says "11 MA 23"; is it May or March?

CallithumpianLooks like the store staff was right, MA=May. This is from an answer to a similar question on a Canadian website: Ah, I love this time of year. I get asked this question twice a day at work (grocery store). It Goes: JA FE MR AP MA JN JL AU SE OC NO DE One more year, and I'...

You can also think of it as uhnen uhness
Two iambs.
Plz send me teh xplanacionz of the top coment on thet answa.
I think I know what he means, but I wanted to check.
Winter winter winter road repair winter?
If you should like to say uhnen uhness
Imagine sonnet meter, more or less
That actually helps.
Winter Winter Winter Winter Winter Road Repair Road Repair ... etc.
It's a joke. There are two seasons in Canada: winter and road construction.
9:02 PM
Okay. Go me.
Go thou.
I have no idea what the imperative is.
Indicative is "thou goest"
Imperative is "Go thou"
As in "Go thou and do likewise."
9:04 PM
Warning, it's for immature audiences ...
Q: "I'm not understand" — help regarding sentence structure

baydaI am trying to learn/improve my English by remembering grammar rules. Everyday, I read a lot of technical documentation and have many conversations with my colleagues from US. I already have many phrase templates, but sometimes I urge myself to stop using this and try to figure out rules by whic...

Q: door pronunciation ?

uraywhy 'door' pronunciation is as in 'o' not as in 'u' ?

"Teach me English in one easy answer." Sure! No problema, amigo!
Five will get you three the "I'm not understand" guy is Russian.
Isn't "no problemo, amigo"?
@Robusto Could be Ukrainian.
9:14 PM
Same difference.
Or he could be Moldovan.
In Moldavia, they speak Russian too.
Dmytro Ivanovych Vyshnevetsky (; ) was a Hetman of the Ukrainian Cossacks. He was also known as Baida in the Ukrainian folk songs. Biography Dmytro Vyshnevetsky was born into the powerful family of Ruthenian magnate Ivan Wiśniowiecki (?-1542) (part of Gediminids bloodline and the youngest son of Michal Zbaraski) and Anastasia Semenivna Olizarovychevna (?-1536). The Wiśniowiecki family takes its roots from the princely family of Novhorod-Siverskyi, through Dmitriy Korybut (see Kaributas) and Anastasia of Ryazan. At first Dmytro Vyshnevetsky lived in the town of Vyshnivets of the Kremenet...
Moldova, or Moldavia?
9:17 PM
@kiamlaluno — The only Moldavian I am familiar with is Smetana. Who wrote The Moldau. And that's that.
Wikipedia has four people and an island by that name. All from/in Ukraine.
Moldavia (), is a geographic and historical region and former principality in Eastern Europe, corresponding to the territory between the Eastern Carpathians and the Dniester river. An initially independent and later autonomous state, it existed from the 14th century to 1859, when it united with Wallachia as the basis of the modern Romanian state; at various times, the state included the regions of Bessarabia (with the Budjak), all of Bukovina and (under Stephen the Great) Pokuttya. The western part of Moldavia is now part of Romania and the eastern part belongs to the Republic of Mol...
As a courtesy ro future readers, that was a joke, Smetana was Czech.
@RegDwight — OK, then I know zero Moldavians. Thanks. I was clinging to that bit of disinformation like a drowning man to driftwood.
I did think that was a joke.
Hey @Vitaly, what's your take on the name Байда? I submit it's Ukrainian.
9:21 PM
The only thing I know about Moldavia is The Moldau. Period.
I second to that.
My Eastern European history and geography are somewhat sketchy.
The Vltava (; ) is the longest river in the Czech Republic, running north from its source in Šumava through Český Krumlov, České Budějovice, and Prague (Praha), merging with the Elbe (Labe) at Mělník. It is 430 km long and drains about 28,090 km2; at their confluence the Vltava actually has more water than the Elbe, but joins the Elbe at a right angle to its flow so that it appears a mere tributary. The river is crossed by 18 bridges and runs through Prague over 31 km. Several dams were built on it in the 1950s, the biggest being Lipno Dam in Šumava. In August 2002 a floo...
Do you ever get the feeling that an information embargo is placed on your country? I get that in Russia every once in a while: pretty much no one speaks English, books from Amazon cost me twice as much as they would cost any American or European, universities don't subscribe to major scientific periodicals, I could go on and on.
I. Am. Sick. Of. That.
9:24 PM
They have Amazon in Russia?
They haven't, that's the point.
They still ship to Russia, and that's what contributes to the price being twice as much. Shipping costs. And the customs.
@Vitaly — I thought Russia was @RegDwight's country. Now I'm confused.
I thought they had a FedEx office right in the middle of the Red Square?
Tom Hanks almost convinced me they did.
So let me get this straight ... Russia is not worker's paradise?
9:26 PM
Worker yes. Online shopper, no.
Online UMG viewer?
Eben nicht.
That would be you.
Half the subjects at school should be taught in English, IMO.
That's like saying that half the subjects in American schools should be taught in Mongolian.
@Vitaly — I thought there were no subjects in Russia once they got rid of the monarchy. Everyone was a comrade.
9:29 PM
Q: Prepositional phrases on the internet

StevesIs there any online dictionary or database of "verb + preposition" phrases? What I would like is to enter e. g. "justification" and it would give me: "justification to somebody", "justification of something", and other possibilities (optionally with description of the meaning of each phrase).

Sorry, bad joke.
I sympathize. The trouble is, when Russians come to America they become Republicans because they fear the Democrats will bring socialism.
First and foremost, they should teach Russian in Russian schools. Seriously. Russian kids these days can't write a single sentence in their mother tongue.
They are not very bright in the first place. That's why I suggest teaching English.
How would that help them, or the English language?
English is easier.
9:32 PM
@kiamlaluno — Nope. I've been corrected by Spanish-speaking people before. It's No problema. Problems are female — of course.
Q: Should I translate my own writings on language I also know greatly?

Daniel ExcinskyNabokov was very discouraged when he translated his Lolita into Russian. And he spended half of the year on it. So should I be busy with the translation myself?

Just kidding of course.
@Robusto It seems I don't remember well; I thought they said problemo in Spanish, differently from Italian that says problema.
Tengo un problema.
9:34 PM
Anyway, problema's grammar gender in Italian is masculine: il problema, un problema.
John McWhorter: "English really is easy(-ish) at first and hard later, while other languages like Russian are hard at first and then just as hard later! Show me one person who has said that learning Russian was no problem after they mastered the basics—after the basics you just keep wondering how anybody could speak the language without blacking out."
I am tempted to star that.
@kiamlaluno — As I say, I used to say "problemo" until someone threatened me with a gun.
Viceversa, eco is feminine: la eco.
@Robusto I understood; still, it's masculine, even in Spanish.
@RegDwight — I see you can resist everything but temptation.
9:37 PM
You can't tell it was me.
It's a red star. That's how I knew. Do we have to go over this again?
yesterday, by Robusto
user image
Anyway, that's my parting shot. Gotta run. TTYL.
That's the plane Gagarin died in.
I will probably leave in a few minutes, too.
Terrible headache.
For hours.
Just checking other sites...
@kiamlaluno I figure "Drupal" isn't enough, you also have "Drush".
@RegDwight How do you know I installed Drush on my computer?
9:44 PM
DA told me.
Actually, "Drush" is a short for "Drupal Bash." It's a CLI command to change something in a Drupal installation.
DA spies its own moderators!
Do you also say "Drut" when you mean "Drum kit"?)))
@RegDwight If it is not a Drupal drum kit, no. :-)
I take that to mean that for a "Drupal drum kit" you would say "Drut".
If it would be, then I would say "drumkit."
9:50 PM
Okay people, I think I'll be off then.
Night all.
@RegDwight No; it is superfluous to say "Drupal". ("Drumkit" could be "Dru(pal dru)m( )kit".)
@kiamlaluno Hahaha. That will take you another hour to edit into shape.
I'm out!
I hate when it doesn't work.
@RegDwight Goog night.
2 hours later…
11:52 PM
@RegDwight — Why was Gagarin flying a MiG-15 in 1968? Surely that model was out of service by then.

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