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12:00 AM
@JohnHammersley Thanks. It seems I missed that. :)
@JohnHammersley ok, I think I summarized my opinions there. Now apologize me, last 2 days weren't the best ones for me and I'm going to try to sleep
Interesting discussion in any case!
Sorry, I couldn't follow this discussion about screenshots completely. One problem is that we're not in control of what packages are on that server. Often it's needed to have up-to-date distributions to get the correct answer.
@egreg or down-to-date :D
@egreg good point - we do aim to respond to requests for installing new packages as quickly as we can
12:02 AM
@egreg: in other news, 2:0 :)
@tohecz In some cases, yes: I can check with older distributions, if the case needs it.
@tohecz thanks for the comments - hope you get some sleep!
@JohnHammersley thanks
@tohecz: have a good night, Tom! :)
@PauloCereda thanks friends
12:05 AM
@tohecz Good night. Are you leaving to Prague tomorrow?
@egreg no, I'm in Prague already, I arrived on Tuesday
I need to try writeLaTeX, it seems a very interesting project.
@PauloCereda hope you like it :-) feedback is always appreciated
@JohnHammersley if you want a feedback, it doesn't work in FF 3.5 (pretty old I know, but I'm quite happy with it)
@tohecz yes I'm afraid we haven't been able to maintain compatibility with FF 3.5
12:08 AM
@JohnHammersley btw a discussion about a code copy button is in meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/32625/…
@JoeCorneli thanks for the link, interesting discussion
@JohnHammersley Sorry for the delay but I think that's a fantastic initiative. It's already implemented in latex-community.org/forum . Great accomplishment.
oops you already gave a link sorry
@percusse thanks for the support! We'd be keen to work with SX developers to help add something similar to SX, if it's what the community wants (as has been suggested above, we could start with a minimal option to test the water)
12:25 AM
@JohnHammersley I'm quite impressed that you can actually track down the changes in the document. I don't know how deep you want to go with package support etc. (as imgur did with the stackexchange) but still it's very very nice.
@percusse we're working on updates/improvements all the time
we've a few packages that have been requested that we'd really like to add support for (e.g. Asymptote)
it's just a case of priorities vs other improvements
@JohnHammersley Do you have any outlook on security issues etc. already ? I know it's ridiculous but you know nerds being nerds etc. I'm asking because our @PauloCereda came up with a super nice tool called arara which is now integrated into TeXLive but I don't know how secire it would be
we have a fair amount of security in place
we keep meaning to take a look at arara (a number of people have recommended it!), finding spare time is difficult alas!
@JohnHammersley Wow!
12:41 AM
is that a wow that people have recommended arara? Or that we have security in place? :-)
@JohnHammersley The first one. :)
I wrote in the manual: Hic sunt dracones. :) But apparently, people don't read documentation. :)
Here be dragons?
(I confess - that was a google search!)
@JohnHammersley Yes. :)
We should talk about arara + writeLaTeX sometime (it is now getting pretty late here in the UK, have to call it a night soon)
@JohnHammersley Sure! Just poke me. :)
Almost 10PM in Brazil. :)
12:49 AM
ok cool - could aim to have a chat next week if that works for you? (this week is crazy!)
Sure! I'm always here. :) You can also send me an email, I'm always online too. :)
:-) I know the feeling
ok - time for me to call it a night
Good night! :)
@Werner Are you really suggesting I don't know Plain TeX? ;-)
@egreg Hey, I didn't comment...
12:58 AM
@egreg Oh my!
...or, that is, the comment is not visible anymore.
@PauloCereda /duck
@Werner Cheater!
@egreg I don't know what you're talking about... :)
@Werner :)
@egreg I have to run to catch the bus... just in time to escape more blows...
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2:28 AM
Voting to close as TL:
Q: Usage of \IfEndWith and \StrGobbleRight Inserting Spaces

Peter Grill2013-03-06: Update: It seems that there was a recent update to xstring. Just updated all packages and the MWE below now produces: It seems as if I am having a problem understanding \StrGobbleRight. The intent of the the \RemoveTrailingSpace is to do what it says, that is remove trailing s...

@PeterGrill Done. And once again an example, that the review mechanism is very slow.
@Speravir Huh? What review mechanism?
@Speravir Oh, you mean it does not show up there? I just votes to close it a few seconds before posting here.
@PeterGrill Yes, I refreshed the page after you wrote here. But if it was as you say …
@PeterGrill I wrote it already some days ago: Very frequently I open a question and see, that someone had voted for closing, but this was not shown on the review page.
2 hours later…
4:32 AM
@PeterGrill Someone voted for reopening (this time it is in the review page) … _Aaah, don’t mind: „The posting was edited after closing, do you want it to reopen.” Something along these words
@Speravir Huh? I don't see it. I did edit it to clarify that it was indeed fixed so perhaps that triggered it.
@Speravir Perhaps. No I don't want to reopen it. I would have thought it would have asked me as I edited the changes? Must be an automatic thing then once you close a question, if the OP edits it that the ones that closed it get notified..
@PeterGrill Maybe.
@Speravir @PeterGrill I have the feeling the Review system is not that ... precise (maybe it is just slow). I have often seen questions I could vote on but they didn't show up in the Review system.
@Speravir Ah, I was somehow skipping that message reading the last few lines in the chat.
4:46 AM
@Qrrbrbirlbel No prob. (Also @PeterGrill:) Found the older one: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/8278297#8278297 @lockstep and @Werner noticed the same.
4 hours later…
8:32 AM
I didn't realise this one was a cross-post. I've just answered it on comp.text.tex
Q: Creating new class file: Where to start?

user67322Recently, a journal I have some editorial involvement with has decided that for its 'rapid publication' outlet, it will no longer accept submissions where LaTeX has been used to format the document. They now demand everything be submitted as a (sigh) Word document. After much whining, bitching ...

2 hours later…
10:47 AM
@JosephWright "Who's" or "whose"? I'm referring to your "colour" answer.
@egreg Good point: altered
1 hour later…
11:54 AM
I replied the SE email. I think I was too much agressive: I said Wordpress' support for Markdown was immoral. :P
12:10 PM
Yay, I've signed up to Lightning Source GlobalConnect so my book should soon be more readily available in Germany and Brazil :-)
@NicolaTalbot Yay! :)
Global market here I come ;-)
@NicolaTalbot World domination. :)
@PauloCereda lol :-)
DANTE membership meeting is over. Now we will continue the talks :)
(And I will show grid typesetting with LaTeX tomorrow)
12:19 PM
@topskip woohoo!
12:34 PM
@PauloCereda still need to prepare the talk, it is spontaneous
1 hour later…
1:44 PM
Q: What was the first bit of mathematics that made you realize that math is beautiful? (For children's book)

LizI'm a children's book writer and illustrator, and I want to to create a book for young readers which exposes the beauty of Mathematics. I recently read Paul Lockhart's essay "The Mathematician's Lament," and found that I, too, lament the uninspiring quality of my elementary math education. I wan...

Differential equations. Definitely differential equations.
@PauloCereda Just scanned through the answers. Ouch. Definitely not what I'd give to a kid to get them interested in maths.
@AndrewStacey To be honest, I had the same impression. :)
@AndrewStacey @Paulo is "that I cannot disprove it" a valid answer? :D
2:01 PM
@AndrewStacey Maybe Pythagoras' theorem, some simple facts about the multiplication table or 1+2+…+n; Mandelbrot set pictures are nice, but their connection with math is hard to understand for young kids. Most of the answers are rubbish.
Many people think that showing pictures of fractals is a good way to build interest in mathematics. I disagree. Saying that a coastline is a fractal is a gross lie, for instance.
@egreg yeah, my thought exactly. Somehow for me, really the consistency of maths impressed me (even as a small child when I didn't know what it is), but it's impossible to express it for small children I think.
@egreg I agree. I liked the fractal pictures when I was a kid, but it made me more interested in programming than in maths as I wanted to draw them myself. I don't think that I really got a glimpse of what maths is really like until my third year of university (studying a maths degree).
@AndrewStacey unless they are quite easy to explain (which is the case sometimes)
@tohecz The fractal pictures, you mean? But the best looking are usually the hardest to explain. Things like the Cantor set or the Sierpinski triangle are okay to explain, but look a bit dull.
@AndrewStacey what about: find a picture that if you make 2 copies, rotate by 3/8 of the full angle, and scale down both of them, you obtain the original one? (And there's only one such shape of a set)
2:11 PM
@tohecz What age kid are we talking about here?
@AndrewStacey I don't know. I only know that this is certainly easier than Mandebrot set
@tohecz "Easier", I'll grant you. Not sure I'd use it as an example to inspire kids to do maths.
@AndrewStacey yeah, that sounds right
It's like shoting an elephant in your own pajamas. :)
@PauloCereda what?
Hi @percusse !
2:18 PM
@PauloCereda Don't take that out of context. ;)
@tohecz Blame @percusse. :)
@Qrrbrbirlbel Science! :)
@tohecz Hello
I was once asked to give a talk to some bright maths school kids. Shudder Boy, did I pitch that wrong. Even their maths teacher didn't grasp what I was talking about.
@PauloCereda You need to add the second part to make it complete i think
Penrose tiling!
2:19 PM
@percusse ooh. :)
@PauloCereda Ah, syntax.
@AlanMunn Bingo. :)
On the math question, by far the funniest is the comment to the person who was enamored by the angles of the triangle:
"I found it completely amazing that the angles in a triangle always added up to 180 degrees. No matter how you drew a triangle, you could measure the angles with a protractor and they always add up to about 180 degrees, like magic. Even more amazing when I realized it wasn't some rule of thumb or approximation, but true in some deeper sense for the ideal, platonic triangle."
Comment: When I came home and told my father, he drew a triangle on the skin of an orange. All angles were 90°. I was deeply disturbed.
@AlanMunn But that is nice :)
@tohecz It is, but the comment is really funny.
2:27 PM
@AlanMunn and your father is tongue-in-cheek :) (apologies if I use the phrase incorrectly)
@AlanMunn LOL I can think of the scream: "Damn you non-euclidean geometry!"
@tohecz Not my comment, though.
@PauloCereda I've written my Master's thesis on these :)
@tohecz boo! <3
Kidding, I like them. :)
you'll get used to the fact that (trianble area) = pi - (sum of inner angles)
2:29 PM
A cool page design that I liked since quite some time ago .... We need CTAN like this :)
@percusse flash :(
not my problem :)
should have thought when choosing Mac :P
@percusse I can open it, but I frown upon these
@tohecz Even worse: takes a minute until I can select an option or can do anything.
@percusse Mac has Flash bleeeeh. :P
2:31 PM
(and I'm not on mac, the last mac I had inflated and stopped working)
ah come on.... it's a good design, it doesn't need to open like google.
2:42 PM
@egreg gb4e strikes again. ;)
@AlanMunn Is there a better replacement? I seem to remember something about it.
@egreg Yes and no. Alexis and I have been talking about writing a new version using enumitem but we've both been busy. There's John Frampton's ExPex which is quite complex and uses non-LaTeX syntax, and linguex which uses semi-non-semantic markup. I still prefer gb4e to either of them.
@AlanMunn The \automath feature is something I wouldn't recommend anyway. :)
@egreg Trust me when you use subscripts as much as we do in syntax it's really handy. Other alternatives make your source much more unreadable.
@AlanMunn At least the documentation should make it clear that _ mustn't be used in labels.
2:48 PM
@egreg That would help. I hate using underscores for anything, so I've never run into that problem. :)
3:04 PM
@JosephWright Again: a question has been closed as non-duplicate
Q: Command with variable number of arguments

vwegertI would like to define a command that accepts a variable number of arguments: \menu{foo} % would result in \emph{foo} \menu{foo}{bar} % would result in \emph{foo} $\to$ \emph{bar} \menu{foo}{bar}{baz} % would result in \emph{foo} $\to$ \emph{bar} $\to$ \emph{baz} and so on. Is this possible,...

@egreg Huh?
@JosephWright The titles are similar, that's all.
@egreg It's a community decision on whether something is a dupe: the underlying idea in both is to have an option {...}, which I can see is the same 'basic concept'
@JosephWright The topic in the linked question is just about a second argument, with a very different goal.
@egreg I can also see this point of view :-)
I guess the other question should be given a better title
3:16 PM
@JosephWright "A macro with either one or two arguments"
@egreg: Oh, it took me forever to find that other question, and now you say I found the wrong one :-( I'm not sure who's right. I see that the goals are different, but isn't the question just the same?
@HendrikVogt Read JLDiaz's answer and judge whether it can apply to the other question; and conversely.
@egreg OK, even if the questions are essentially the same, the answers can be very different since it's kind of an XY-problem.
4:00 PM
@egreg Thanks for the edit. I can't remember seeing a table with such a high ugliness/complexity ratio (Ie very ugly and very simple)
@Brent.Longborough The ptm bit is really funny.
@egreg That's a very in joke then; I never bothered to understand three-letter acronyms for fonts, just went straight to XǝTeX
Was there a change in the stackexchange search?
A search for my user-id and the {tikz-pgf} only gives five results?
@Brent.Longborough In the eighties, the majority of operating systems were able to deal with long file names. IBM mainframe OS and another OS (which I won't mention) decided that sticking to 8+3 file names was the best thing to do in order to save the world, so the standard for CD-ROM inherited the limitation. Moreover, file names of all multiplatform software had to comply, so Karl Berry devised a clever (but cryptic) way to encode information in font file names remaining below the 8 character limit.
Some keywords even give zero results although I have clearly posted an answer in that tag or with that word.
4:11 PM
Q: Is full text search not working any more?

Alan MunnJust recently I was looking for some questions with a particular word in the title or the main text, but search no longer seems to find them. For example searching for the word "gender" yields nothing, yet there are 84 hits from Google of questions containing that word. This used to work as far...

@egreg Ah, OK. Just a minor correction (from an autorità): On IBM mainframes, the limitation is 8+__0__
@Brent.Longborough Even better! ;-) I think you guessed what the other OS is.
Damn why doesn't the markup work?
8 + 0 has a space after +; 8 + 0 too.
@TorbjørnT. Of course, should have looked in meta before. Hendrik Vogt has already asked on meta.SO.
4:17 PM
A: What can't TeX do?

morbusgCoffee :-( some fillage text..

@AlanMunn What do you think about the last post on this page? You can chip in if you wish though I'm not sure :) typophile.com/node/100528
the last proposition seems nice for me .
@percusse From your profile I assume you are Dutch?
4:32 PM
@Qrrbrbirlbel No, I came here to do a PhD originally turkish.
@egreg Yes, I realise that, but TeX.SE doesn't recognise \mbox{8 + 0} to stop it splitting. Just for a test, here it is with a non-breaking space, too: ( 8 + 0 )
@percusse Hm, okay. I do not know anything about the Turkish language. I just wanted to add that the “Germans” have it even worse.
Well, every language with more than one grammatical gender.
Gender neutrality in languages with grammatical gender implies promoting language usage which is balanced in its treatment of the genders. For example, advocates of gender-neutral language challenge the traditional use of masculine nouns and pronouns ("man", "businessman", "he", and so on) when referring to both genders or to a person or people of an unknown gender in most Indo-European and Afro-Asiatic languages. Overview The situation of gender neutral language modification in languages that have masculine and feminine grammatical genders, such as French, German, and Spanish, is very d...
@Qrrbrbirlbel yes, i know a little german too and it's far from straightforward to handle this issue :)
But here is why I'm having difficulty : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…
mayor is original translated by Bürgermeister (master/boss of the citizen). Parodizing it you can do Bürgermeister, Bürgermeisterin, Bürgerinnenmeister and Bürgerinnenmeisterin (depending on the gender (sexus) of the Meister and the Bürger.
I think it is just stupid and very annoying. Genus and sexus are two different things.
And to add something to your discussion: Somewhere I have read something along the lines of: The masculine form should be seen as a variable that can be assign a different person/gender/whatever
Do not mix, not even chapterwise.
@Qrrbrbirlbel I'm not that opinionated on that one. In the end it's a language and they are the way it is(?!) . I wouldn't come up with French if I tried 1500 times though. :) But some structures are seemingly getting old and I have no expertise how to handle it.
4:42 PM
@percusse Yes, language has changes, does change and will change. But do not force it on people and make problems where they aren't any. To each its own, right?
@Qrrbrbirlbel Burgerking! :)
But I do not want to read a sentence like a cases environment.
especially if the context is becoming unfit for the contemporary political and social issues, it's rather uncomfortable to insist. But in terms of what the gender represents in a sentence I couldn't care less. I just want to see if something like googling or tweeting exists for such issues.
@PauloCereda and Burgerqueen ;)
@Qrrbrbirlbel ooh!
4:43 PM
wait burger is masculine? why don't you change that too :P
burgerineking and burgerinequeen.... binomial gender issues...
Burger is english there is not really a "Burger" in German
(No, hamburger and cheeseburger do not count.)
I can have a Frankfurter now though....
@Qrrbrbirlbel Oh. :(
It would have been very nice if cheeseburg city existed. maybe kaasburg counts?
why do I even try?
@percusse Just to be on the safe side: There is no town called Cheeseburg in Germany ...
But we have a small city called "Petting" if it helps ;)
4:51 PM
@Qrrbrbirlbel :-)
@percusse The ligatures are cute, although the lowercase one looks too much like he. The use of [θ] for the pronunciation will violate a deep lexical generalization about English: the voiced interdental fricative is only found in function words and the voiceless one in non-function words. There's likely a historical explanation for this, since the voiced and voiceless versions used to be allophones of a single phoneme. (I.e. they were two pronunciations of the same mental sound).
@AlanMunn o.O
My brain hurts.
@PauloCereda Oh stop it. I've had enough of this "language is sooo complicated" crap. We all speak one so we all know how it works, right? :)
@AlanMunn Don't shoot me, I'm only the piano player. :)
@AlanMunn Which l@ngu@ge do you mean? :P
4:57 PM
My brain crashed at the voiced interdental fricative.
@PauloCereda The piano has been drinking.
@AlanMunn Uh-oh. :)
@PauloCereda Your worst nightmare: pronounce 'then' and 'than' (and actually make them sound different). And add in 'rural area' for good measure.
@AlanMunn Hey that's mean!
@AlanMunn I think I can live with an unpronounceable ligature. But indeed with some work it can fly.
5:01 PM
@PauloCereda Sorry I've been getting a lot of complaints at home about my 'ão' :)
@AlanMunn C'mon, don't tell me you are not pronouncing them right! :)
@percusse The problem is that the gender neutral plural is already in use and has been for many centuries, so there's no incentive to invent a new one.
@PauloCereda Apparently I try to hard and they come out much too emphasized.
@PauloCereda What's right: West of the Atlantic (Brazil) or East (Portugal)? ;-)
@AlanMunn Actually, the problem is that I'm looking for an easy exit not a correct one. A modern stupidity would serve just as well since I don't expect anybody over 40 reading it, heh.
@egreg Good question. :)
5:06 PM
@percusse What's wrong with using the he-she package? (Semi serious question.)
@PauloCereda I have the impression that the realization is quite different in the two countries.
@Alan: now it's my turn: say A Iara agarra e amarra a rara arara de Araraquara.
@PauloCereda Trentatré trentini entrarono a Trento trotterellando
@egreg Oh my! :P
@PauloCereda With a trilled "r", of course.
5:08 PM
@AlanMunn nothing just the supervisor corrections at each of them. I really wanted to use it (full-seriousness)
@egreg I give up. :)
@percusse You sir is a hero.
@PauloCereda I have a hard time with the 'rr' since it varies a lot it seems.
@PauloCereda just doing my job ma'am :P (with a batman accent)
Since we're onto tongue twisters it seems, I've always found The sixth sheik's sixth sheep's sick to be a tough one in English.
@AlanMunn Even I have problems with them. :)
5:11 PM
@percusse So your supervisor wants only the masculine?
@AlanMunn he didn't specify (typical) just didn't like it.
@PauloCereda i was wondering to print my favourite questions in pdf using TeXprinter ?
@texenthusiast Ah, did you download the tool?
@PauloCereda yes its working for 1 question, it's perfect
@texenthusiast Thanks. :) But beware, the tool might not work for some threads. :(
5:23 PM
@PauloCereda it works for the example shown. i just tested that.
@texenthusiast :)
@PauloCereda Is it possible to print all my favourite questions with it at a stretch ?
@texenthusiast Not at the moment. :( I need to rewrite the tool, I'd like to add more features.
@PauloCereda i like to use your TeXprinter, but the other one i think stackprinter.com i did not explore much
ok i see
6:17 PM
Now this is an interesting idea: :) (from a comment on meta.so) "You'd be surprised how much rep you could gain by writing a bot that pastes the title of every new question into Google, and pastes the first result as an answer. "
@AlanMunn Hmmmm....
Conference dinner is waiting now :))) (Croatian food)
@PauloCereda Since you're our go-to bot guy.
@AlanMunn I'm not sure about the ethical implications of deliberately poisoning Google's search results by injecting links to questions in which we could benefit from reputation harvesting. The question is: what will be our bot's name? :)
@PauloCereda LMGTFY
or maybe YALMGTFY
6:24 PM
@AlanMunn ooh classic. :)
Let me write some code then.
@PauloCereda No, please don't. I suspect it wouldn't work very well for our site anyway, other than to find duplicates.
@AlanMunn Oh. :) I might write one that indexes all questions posted in our site, so we can have a quick access to our own content when needed. :)
Any moderator around to highlight another disputed flag? @MartinScharrer @StefanKottwitz @JosephWright
The following dispute
has been echoed as being of low quality in the post itself:
A: Flashmode and OS X Mountain Lion

user26811Use the latest version of Flashmode (v. 7.1.4).

@Werner Do you agree with the assessment or not?
It seems a bit harsh to me. When we tell someone to update to TL 2012 we don't give a whole slew of change histories either.
6:40 PM
@AlanMunn @Werner I disputed the flag. The post is not good, but good enough not to be flagged IMHO.
@tohecz I agree. Unless the poster is actually Claus Gerhardt (the author of Flashmode) they may not know the details of what the update fixes, but just know that it works for them.
yeah, my feeling is that score 0 is somehow appropriate, the post is low quality, but should not be deleted
@AlanMunn My flag was that it was of "very low quality" since, by definition "This answer has severe formatting or content problems. This answer is unlikely to be salvageable through editing, and might need to be removed." (emphasis added)
@tohecz To me there's no merit in an answer like that. It doesn't even state, however simplistically, that the "lastest version" solves the problem.
Assuming that is "answers the question", there's no need for it, I guess.
@tohecz: And, as you commented, we need a little meat around the bones in that one...
@AlanMunn What I find strange is that I flagged it as "very low quality", and the tag accompanied at the bottom of the answer echoes the idea behind the post being "of low quality", yet the flag was disputed.
I don't know whether that banner was inserted automatically or not.
@Werner you know, the thing is that I might have not been the only one who disputed the automatic flag
In this situation I don't find it a very bad answer. There's no change history on the Flashmode site and the documentation doesn't even match the actual version number being distributed. So there's very little to add other than "I tried it and it worked for me.", which is pretty much implicit in the actual answer.
Actually the distributed version is 7.1.5 so maybe it's a bit inaccurate. I'm still running Snow Leopard on my main machine so I can't verify the answer.
6:54 PM
@Werner It's not actually wrong, so I didn't feel that deletion was appropriate
@Werner That was me
@tohecz True.
@JosephWright True.
@JosephWright Thanks. I'm not arguing the dispute; I just wanted clarification.
@Werner The whole disputed thing is not that helpful, as it's not really clear what it's supposed to tell you
@JosephWright Doesn't it just mean "someone disagreed with your assessment" (and nothing more)? Whether that's helpful or not is disputable. :)
@AlanMunn More-or-less, but you also see it if you mark as invalid someone else's flag
@JosephWright sometimes, I made a feature request for this to change, but no official reaction yet...
7:04 PM
@JosephWright The semanticist in me wants to say that that's exactly what I said. :)
@tohecz I've asked about it in the mod chat room: STATUS BYDESIGN
@JosephWright, @tohecz, @AlanMunn: Oh, how to resolve the dispute about disputed flags...
@AlanMunn Sort-of, but I'd say 'you flag, someone else says you are wrong' and 'someone else flags, you say they are wrong' are distinct :-)
@JosephWright I suggested separating "invalid flags" from the other ones completely
7:06 PM
For a Brazilian, I think I did good in 10 minutes!
My broadband has been upgraded: I've had a few days on the 'backup' connection in the evening, but should be back to full strength now :-)
@tohecz Yes, and for others, as reference, see
Q: Separate "invalid flags" in the flag statistics

toheczAs per the discussion on Why do “Invalid Flag” flags get disputed?, the "helpful"/"disputed" resolution of "invalid flag" flags is giving limited or zero value on whether the "invalid flag" flag was justified. I therefore suggest to exclude "invalid flag" flags completely from the flag statistics...

@PauloCereda Arizona, Arkansas, Iowa, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Utah, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Wyoming.
@PauloCereda I'm not able to do it with US, but I should be able to do it with all 53 Euroean country names and their capitals
7:10 PM
@AlanMunn ooh reverse engineering FTW. :)
@PauloCereda Your continued edification is my main goal.
@AlanMunn awwww <3
@TorbjørnT. I can't make the English names of the countries
Today seems to be one of those 'send bug report' days: I've had loads
@JosephWright the benefits of your new high speed broadband?
7:16 PM
@DavidCarlisle :-)
@tohecz Ah, yes, that takes some extra training.
@DavidCarlisle I'm looking forward to enhanced upload speeds: easier to send stuff to CTAN from my flat
@PauloCereda Quite
@PauloCereda LaTeX3 uploads in particular should be a bit less tedious
@JosephWright :)
7:19 PM
@TorbjørnT. I missed four, three of them because of the spelling (Iceland is Island here, Moldova is Moldava, Bosnia is Bosna, I really missed only Macedonia)
Adding a bit of TeX to our chatroom, KOMA is awesome.
I think I'll write a second bot to harvest questions in our site and feeds Psmith with meaningful info, so we can use the bot to look for duplicates. :)
And of course, try to make Psmith funny.
@TorbjørnT. Isn't the capital of the Netherlands The Hague, not Amsterdam?
@JosephWright my ISP suggests I switch to ADSL2 and get a cheaper deal and faster speeds but the exchange can't cope, BT only put broadband to the village at all because they were mandated to by gvt. For years they claimed it "not economically viable" so I'm stuck at 2Mb on a good day and less if it's windy
@DavidCarlisle Here in my flat (Norwich), I've just moved to fibre from ADSL2. My parents house is in a village, but luckily a large one with a telephone exchange. So there we have ADSL2, although I think fibre is not likely. So I can't really complain :-)
@TorbjørnT. shame, I missed 5 capitals :( all in former Yugoslavia
7:29 PM
@AlanMunn Nope, it's Amsterdam.
@TorbjørnT. No, the Hague in a legal sense
@AlanMunn The Hague is the city where the parliament is placed
@tohecz Also royal residence
@JosephWright yeah
@tohecz Yes, that's why I thought it was the capital, since all the government is there.
7:32 PM
@AlanMunn I think that after Germany moved everything into Berlin, The Netherlands remain the only country with such a bifurcation
@JosephWright Ah, I thought there was something "odd", but Wikipedia just listed Amsterdam in the info table, and I didn't see the footnote about the parliament at first.
@TorbjørnT. Most people list Amsterdam as 'cultural capital' of the Netherlands, so that might be it
@JosephWright The Wikipedia entry says that it's constitutionally the capital even though the seat of the government is in the Hague. I'm not sure what that quite means, but I suspect it's a bit more than just the cultural capital.
8:16 PM
@tohecz Ljubljana, Zagreb, Beograd, Serajevo, Skopije and Prishtina/Priština
Oh, and Podgorica (formerly Titograd)
Miguel de Icaza migrated to Mac!
@egreg I missed Moldava as well (Kišiněv)
@tohecz Chișinău in the local language; Kišinëv is the Russian name
@egreg yeah. The ways how the town names are written are crazy sometimes
@tohecz I don't think Moldovans are very happy to hear their capital city called with the Russian name. The country was subject to heavy russification in the past.
8:29 PM
@egreg I don't like Praha to be pronounced with any sign of G, because Czechia was subject to heavy germanisation in the past.
@tohecz Venezia has no B. :) When it comes to translations it's a different thing.
@egreg and so on and so forth ;P
@tohecz I contend that Kishinev is not a correct way to call Chișinău in English, while the name Prague has been used for centuries.
@egreg the question is when it's translation and when it's "using the other name".
@egreg but Kišiněv is used in Czech (and speak about confusion)
I think we've had this discussion before ;)
@tohecz Moldovans are also quite fussy in not using Moldavia, that's the Russian way to name the country.
8:34 PM
@egreg yeah I know
@tohecz Like calling your country Böhmen. ;-)
Although "Bohemicus" is used in Latin phrases about it.
8:53 PM
@egreg do you know the origin of this name?
@tohecz No, but Wikipedia helps. :)
@egreg "Bójové" was a Celtic tribe that settled in this area for a while
A Bohemian () is a resident of the former Kingdom of Bohemia, either in a narrow sense as the region of Bohemia proper or in a wider meaning as the whole country, now known as the Czech Republic. The word "Bohemian" was used to denote the Czech people as well as the Czech language before the word "Czech" became prevalent in English. "Bohemian" may also denote "a socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts." (see Bohemianism). Etymology The name "Bohemia" derives from the name of the Boii, a Celtic tribe who inhabited that area towards the later La Tène p...
@egreg yes, Boii
@tohecz Celts everywhere. :)
8:57 PM
@egreg yeah
@tohecz Probably they were also in Brazil: Asterixão.
@egreg Asterix? :)
@PauloCereda Asterixão was his cousin, who moved to Brazil in search for boars. And because nobody could pronounce correctly his name.
@egreg Oh! :)
@StefanKottwitz: is the TL from texdoc.net updated? :)
@egreg I updated with a \raisetag example, seems \raisetag silently does nothing in equation you have to use one of the ams environments.
9:07 PM
@DavidCarlisle Interesting.
@egreg just looked at the source, it just saves the value away for use in the depths of the ams measuring code, so in equation it doesn't do much useful:-)
@DavidCarlisle Which should be considered as a bug, probably.
@egreg as it's not my code, certainly
@egreg It probably ought to have a default definition that generates an error then the ams alignments switch to the real definition but it may not be safe to do that after all this time as it could make documents that "work" not work.
9:32 PM
@JosephWright could you use your powers to ping barbara
It appears that \raisetag is somewhat buggy: the equation number protrudes into the right margin! (Ping, @egreg.) — Hendrik Vogt 2 mins ago
@DavidCarlisle I tried \begin{align}<equation>\raisetag{-2ex}\end{align} without any shift.
@egreg yes might be specific to multline,...
@DavidCarlisle So it appears. Doesn't happen with gather either.
@DavidCarlisle The shift with multline doesn't depend on \raisetag: there's also without it.
@egreg could it be that one-ine multline were not the most tested code path in that package.
@DavidCarlisle With an overlong two line multline it doesn't happen, the equation number is shifted down correctly.
9:48 PM
@egreg well find two tables questions to answer then you can spend the rest of the evening watching multiline processing with \tracingall
@DavidCarlisle Probably Mike Downes didn't think to perverse mathematicians trying one line multline, as "mult" should be "two or more".
@egreg well he should have made \raisetag work in equation then....
@DavidCarlisle Not to mention pervert computer scientists trying to make a zero line multline. ;-)
@egreg not sure how much of that code came from amstex (never really used that)
@DavidCarlisle It seems quite different
10:14 PM
A: Modular document: separate BibTeX?

DGarsidebiber and biblatex, I suspect, is the way to go. Highly configurable at whatever logical level you desire.

I'm afraid this answer doesn't actually answer the question.
@PauloCereda that is certainly to be commentified
@barbarabeeton See @david's comment above!
@PauloCereda Yes but what is the question actually asking!
@JosephWright That's another problem. :)
@JosephWright bad answer doesn't mean that bad answers are acceptable
@tohecz Of course not
10:39 PM
@JosephWright I added (hopefully helpful) comments to both Q & A.
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@PauloCereda hi Paulo!

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