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11:00 AM
So there's now a My Little Pony comic series. Unfortunately it's published in the US, so to get a copy of it here you'll need to import it
You can also get it on the Comixology app or on iBooks, but both are DRM'd, and on launch day they are priced the same as the physical copy
*waves @BoltClock*
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Hey
Steam was a total asshole when it came to downloading Tomb Raider
At least, on my PC it was. I had to resort to downloading it on my dad's PC then moving the files over
So much for pre-loading
"Hey I have the preloaded files can I start playing now?" "No, I'm trying to download it" "But I have them!" "But I need to download them." "But you just did that last weekend!" "I don't remember."
It also had a world of trouble downloading some TF2 update, but when it was done I was presented with Genuine promo items from Tomb Raider. So that was a pleasant surprise - because the update surfaced only yesterday
11:21 AM
I looked at GnB Comics and Comic World. The former didn't have stocks, and reservation is member only. It does have copies of the Adventure Time comic, though, for S$20. The latter have all of the currently available issues, though stocks are low.
tomb raider is full of quick time events from what I've seen of it so far
EVE Patch \o/
user image
what the fuck?
So yeah, I grabbed Issue #1 Fluttershy variant cover for $7.20. And now I think I'm going to frame it.
just cancelled my pre order. also props @badp for that ars review
11:33 AM
@ThomasMcDonald oh wow, I hope that is "29 seconds 46 cents"
@badp top link on r/games reddit.com/r/Games/comments/19p4ks/…
unfortunately not
Well, it at least saved me £35
@ThomasMcDonald wow
@ThomasMcDonald I don't want to play this game, because EA.
11:35 AM
I want to play it. But I want to play a proper Sim City title :(
lol keep buying children
ea will huggle your money for you.
@ThomasMcDonald Not sure which one I'd rather prefer to see, MMO style "please wait" or this:
because it takes many days for all of those megabytes to arrive in the UK
hmm yeah
@ThomasMcDonald 1. Play SimCity 2000 2. ??????? 3. Profit.
I preordered through Amazon
11:38 AM
@fredley was 2. rage quit and go to work instead ?
@fredley SC4 is superior /hides
@djsmiley2k Possibly.
11:59 AM
@kalina clearly british localization is taking a while to change those z's
you don't want to play a localised game do you?
Console players

Proposed Q&A site for console players, Xbox360, Playstation 3, Wii etc.

Currently in definition.

@badp It should have been developed in proper English anyway
hm, I don't have matlab on my laptop. this is problematic.
@ThomasMcDonald Proper english utilizes Oxford spelling. We realize here in America that your most renowned institution of higher learning was onto something when they organized their dictionary to spell words using the mighty Z.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yes! Get this console "player" (if you can call them that) rabble off my lawn! ;)
12:05 PM
Reorganising things takes bloody ages better spent refining your tea making skills.
Oxford spelling (or Oxford English Dictionary spelling) is the spelling used by Oxford University Press (OUP), including in its Oxford English Dictionary (OED), and other publishers who are "etymology conscious," according to Merriam-Webster. Apart from OUP, British dictionary publishers that use it include Cassell, Collins and Longman. In digital documents it may be indicated by the language tag en-GB-oed. Oxford spelling can be recognized by its use of the suffix ‑ize instead of -ise: organization, privatize and recognizable instead of organisation, privatise and recognisable. The spell...
Good enough for Oxford, Good enough for America. Z.
@LessPop_MoreFizz TIL 'en-GB-oed' is actually a language tag
I use the z versions because in most cases when you can -ise and -ize, Italian uses -izza so it's just more natural to me.
e.g. organizzare/to organize
I could care less about who endorses what spelling honestly
but not much
@badp This is because Italian borrows from the same Greek root as English, which uses a Z.
S spellings are dumb uptight prescriptivist bullshit.
Alternately, crazy Australian language-muckery.
12:09 PM
I dunno, does saxon actually have greek roots?
@badp The words that end in Ize do.
They tend to be rooted in french, which in turn is rooted in Latin, which in turn comes out of greek.
@badp English is like 1/3rd romance language don't forget.
Particularly many of our more polysyllabic words.
Well, I can think of non-ize alternatives for most -ize words (memorize/remember, visualize/imagine/show, etc.), except organize. Maybe "sort"?
@badp English is not the same as Saxon ...
@MartinSojka O RLY
@badp Depends on context. Prepare, create, construct, establish.
... not that "prepare" is any less French.
12:18 PM
This is my headcanon
I dunno how close to reality it is
Oh. You meant "Germanic".
I studied that "English" is an "Anglosaxon" language without really understanding what it actually meant
@badp Brief History of the English Language: Once there was an island, where people spoke languages similar to Gaelic. This island was conquered by Germans, who spoke an ancient German language not terribly dissimilar from modern German. This was old-Anglo Saxon English. Eventually, the island was conquered again, this time by French people, who spoke a variant of French. These French People tried to make the native Germanic people speak something more like French, but the best they were...
able to achieve was to get everyone, themselves included, speaking a horrible bastard mutt language that was part French and part German. This was English.
Incidentally, this is why most of English's "vulgar" or impolite words are short and vaguely German sounding. They are considered rude because they are language German peasants would use, rather than their educated French noble lords.
@LessPop_MoreFizz frolic those words
To add to that, the Germanic-speaking lads came in many different waves, from two different places: First from (today's) Lower Saxony, later increasingly from Denmark and Norway.
12:32 PM
You would have thought OUCS could have made it a little easier to set up matlab...
Although I guess that's more of a fault of MathWorks than OUCS.
Decided I'll spend my money on Arma III rather than SimCity
@MartinSojka I was simplifying for @badp
@badp I could've just linked this:
12:38 PM
Watch them learn nothing after filling a game with microtransactions, diluting the core of the game and then seeing reduced sales (though seriously, 25% less than chart topping sales, which still topped charts, is enough to shelve a AAA series?)
@BenBrocka did you buy it?
they are the tesco of games.
Tesco only stocks 1 or 2 of any product, the top ones, and nothing else.
Some products they simply don't stock at all (Jam Tarts for example).
Yes, Dead Space is the only thing I was willing to purchase from them at all at this point
I'm reading 334 by Thomas Disch. I borrowed it from the Central Lending Library
Any good?
Which was stupid, because I could've reserved it and have it delivered to a nearby library. It would cost $1.50, but it would still be cheaper than the round trip fare to the Cental Library
12:51 PM
Do you have to go back there to return it too?
No, I can return it at any library.
Truth is, if EA fails, the world loses one game company and gains little in return. What's worse, the assholes that made EA evil become unemployed and get to infect other companies too.
It's ostensibly a novel, but it reads more like a set of short stories set in the same universe. Well, the same apartment building, which is where the novel gets its name from.
@badp No, if EA fails the industry gains a HUGE precedent not to release disgustingly cynical games and completely ignore fan feedback in all possible ways
@BenBrocka If EA fails people will simply stop pouring money into videogames
12:55 PM
Despite what EA may have told you, EA is not the entirety of the gaming industry
They're been putting more and more into shitty mobile games and I couldn't care less if that crap fails
@BenBrocka They are destroying much of it, however, and that discourages others from entering it I suppose
It's quite neat. Written in the 70s, contains a good many common dystopian scifi troupes.
It reads a lot like Stand on Zanzibar which I was trying to finish last month, except it didn't have the fragmented narrative structure of that novel, which prevented me from finishing it
@badp If EA dies, those people and their money will mostly go elsewhere. EA is not the only company making games, AAA or otherwise, and plenty of series still get great sales and reviews
Right now, there's a rather short list of names I have to remember never to buy stuff from: EA, Ubisoft, Activision are the top three and there's little more, basically. If any of them splinters, it'll be a mess sorting out which parts continue their abhorrent business practices and which deserve a chance.
I mean, it isn't as bad as Apple's hold of locked-down, dumbed-down, puritan-friendly, money-eating, air-quotes-magic, non-computer computers. :P
12:57 PM
I seriously doubt there are many gamers out there legitimately thinking "Man, if EA doesn't exploit me I just don't know, I guess I'll stop buying games"
I'm probably using the word neat a little too much now
@BenBrocka Typically buyers only give their money after the product is made, you need funding beforehand in the first place however.
@BenBrocka BioWare SF isn't really Bioware.
I'm afraid that those who are supposed to do this kind of investments may be really put off by a failure of EA
Bioware SF makes the Facebook games and Mobile games that you so loathe.
12:59 PM
also something has been the cause of empty notification bubbles on Chrome for a few days now and I'm having that thing.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I know it's not the Bioware, hence "step", but it's part of the brand (at least as far as EA is concerned)
@BenBrocka It's the part of the brand that makes Facebook games.
Great, I said the word "buy" on Twitter and I'm getting all sorts of spam
The other step was Ray Muzyka and that other guy walking out.
My complaint about EA clearly meant I have home loans to get rid of
1:00 PM
@MartinSojka Yeah, the docs leaving was a much bigger deal.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'm sure there's no connection with that, microtransactions and lower Dead Space 3 sales. Better add more microtransactions
... right, and Greg Zeschuk. Who the hell invented their last names?
@MartinSojka Sounds German
@YiJiang'sEvilClone "Zeschuk" only looks German, but there's no German word with a similar structure. "Muzyka" is simply Polish for "music", which I still think is silly as a last name.
1:09 PM
@MartinSojka Possibly an Ellis Islandization of some more complex Germanic or Slavic name.
Q: Where can I train my Pokemon in HeartGold/SoulSilver after Kanto?

TeeOhI have been using the Elite Four to train my Pokemon while running through Kanto. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of defeating Blue in Viridian City without leveling up my Pokemon enough, so now the upgraded version of the Elite Four is very difficult (All their Pokemon are lvl 60-70). Where ...

If I remove the tags and am I doing right? I got confused in this question o.O
@Michel No, it needs those tags.
Pokemon is all messed up.
There's a tag for but this question doesn't apply to all the 4th-gen games, just the 2nd gen remakes that are on the 4th gen engine.
If you look through pokemon questions in general you'll find a lot of tagging issues.
I guess we could have a meta discussion about it...
@StrixVaria I swear, if you title it or in any other way make a "Gotta Tag 'Em All" joke, I will downvote it out of spite.
Just sayin'.
Now I regret not actually poking at that Fix It Felix machine to see if it actually worked
It looked legit enough, though the coin slot was sealed.
Q: Pokemon tag problems

MichelI was looking at this question and got worry, should I remove those two extra tags ( soul-silver heart-gold ), or is just not needed? So I asked in the CHAT and got a good point from @StrixVaria Pokemon is all messed up. There's a tag for Pokemon-fourth-gen but this question doesn't apply ...

@LessPop_MoreFizz I should have done that....
@LessPop_MoreFizz So...
1:27 PM
@Michel Downvote cast.
Q: Do "story-id" questions actually bring in new users that stick around?

DVK The story-identificantion questions do an excellent job as a way to bring in new users, which is important for us to continue to function as a community. While the core regular users are important, a constant influx of new participants is essential. (from @Beoffet's answer on moderator candida...

@LessPop_MoreFizz Was not in the question, was not @StrixVaria and was a quote of yourself =P
@LessPop_MoreFizz I like their meta design
You are mean T_T I'm digging for +6 posts with 2+ scores =P (badge)
@kalina You and me both
@Michel ok your avatar already made me double take who you are once
@Michel Pfft, meta downvotes are worthless anyway.
1:31 PM
The "one winged angel" always looked a little unbalanced to me
@YiJiang'sEvilClone It's just in perfect profile you philistine.
Honestly I have no clue about Pokemans so I'll just ignore the relevant meta question
Simcity update: download complete, patching complete, servers up. off to work I go.
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Don't you know Angels are two dimensional?
@DavidB Don't worry, they'll be offline by the time you're back home.
1:33 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz not for the badge =P hahahaha
@badp I understand the pessimism, and my 1AM self that was refreshing the digital download screen agrees... but for now - excited
@kalina Interesting fact... my image on the chat is diferent from the ARQADE =P so... I'm unique =)
@DavidB I was just making a shitty half-joke half-prediction informed by the Diablo 3 debacle
@LessPop_MoreFizz @kalina may want to have a word with you
1:36 PM
@YiJiang'sEvilClone I think she'd be quite flattered if I called her two dimensional.
Or was that flattened.
har har
so... funny
@badp meta.gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/6957/… I will downvote your posts in spite if you keep using backticks to quote people, too. :P or "I will downvote your posts in spite if you keep using backticks to quote people, too. :P" or "I will downvote your posts in spite if you keep using backticks to quote people, too. :P"
@Michel STAHP
@Michel Must.. resist... urge to... flag
1:38 PM
@YiJiang'sEvilClone What kind of flag it should take o.O?
somebody is eating something that smells like feet
Offensive. Your formatting is offensively poor.
@kalina Cheese, perhaps?
1:39 PM
no, feet
/me dies
Q: Pokemon tag problems

MichelI was looking at this question and got worried, should I remove those two extra tags (soul-silver heart-gold)? So I asked in chat and got a good point from StrixVaria: Pokemon is all messed up. There's a tag for Pokemon-fourth-gen but this question doesn't apply to all the 4th-gen games, ju...

like, six month unwashed old sweaty boot feet
Well yeah, some cheeses smell like feet. Or is it some feet smell like cheese?
it's... eugh
"funny" in the same way that @LessPop_MoreFizz is
I knew I shouldn't have smoked that joint before work
1:40 PM
@YiJiang'sEvilClone I'm a poor person... I'm a developer T_T
@kalina why did you then?
@djsmiley2k because... meh, work
@LessPop_MoreFizz for great justice
Sorry. I don't get it.
It's not my role in society to ensure you "get it"
1:41 PM
She... consumes hallucinogenic substances to get through work?
@YiJiang'sEvilClone sounds like a sad life
never smoked, right @YiJiang'sEvilClone?
Pot isn't a hallucinogen
1:43 PM
well, yeah. :D
If your joint is making you hallucinate... you have some scary 'weed'.
Okay. back in a bit. Need to go run an errand or three.
my brain does that.
So, i guess my brain is scary.
no, I just have an overwhelming desire to sit here and watch youtube all day
I have that without smoking
Hmmm, no. Like I said, where I live weed can get you killed. Though not by you consuming it.
1:44 PM
then youtube makes me loose all faith in humanity.
And I cry in a corner.
normally I have enough multi-tasking capabilities to arqade + work + play EVE + watch youtube
@kalina At the SAME time o.O?
@kalina We should probably fix that and nominate you Chancellor of the Getting of the Its Office.
@Michel multi-tasking
@LessPop_MoreFizz is kind of over-taxed in his position and could use a little backup.
1:45 PM
@badp I would reject such nomination
@kalina I know... I was trying to make an emphases here ¬_¬
@Michel well it's easy
You are a woman, you have extra gens to do so many tasks
it's like mens to open bottles of mayo =)
Youtube sits on one screen playing in the background, EVE in an RDP session mainly on autopilot with only some input required, Arqade is just clicking on stuff and downvoting people, and work is whatever brain cycles are left
@Michel Jeans. They have extra jeans, those lucky ladies
1:47 PM
@Michel are you suggesting it takes multiple men to open a bottle of mayo?
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Yoga pants > jeans for women =)
@Michel What a useless gene. I have no reason to open mayo. Can I get a refund?
because that's just a waste of resources, when you could get squeezy bottles of mayo instead
@OrigamiRobot uAHuahuA
We have a better geo location than women too =)
but then you don't get to swipe bread on the inside of the bottle to reclaim the mayo stuck on the glass.
1:49 PM
Wow Singapore's Misuse of Drugs Act is pretty insane
@tiddy Yup.
Ironic that it's not the weed that kills you, it's the law
Good luck with all that
sweet part =)

I need to eat some mayo this week to try this again... so long I don't eat mayo =(
honestly I'm surprised that people anywhere feel confident enough to openly claim they consume the stuff on the internet
@tiddy except maybe people in Netherlands?
It's legal in 2 US states
and multiple countries
1:51 PM
@badp the law in the UK states its illegal but unless you're dealing with quantities that pass as intent to supply it will just get confiscated on the first warning
@badp Well, merely claiming to have done something on the internet usually won't result in anything, since it's hard to trace back to a real person and impossible to verify the claim
I am confident enough to openly claim to have crossed the street without looking both ways first. Take that authority!
Resources are better spent investigating elsewhere for criminal scums to catch
Halt, criminal!
1:53 PM
It's not illegal to say you've done drugs where I come from
So yeah, I have a physical copy of MLP Issue #1.
I guess I should feel happy, for I have consumed, and HAVE TAKEN PART IN THIS GLORIOUS CAPITALIST ECONOMY
damned capitalists
@YiJiang'sEvilClone Consume eh?
@tiddy Where I come from, it's probably illegal to hold hands unless you're married.
1:56 PM
@fredley yes, he ate it
@kalina Not before licking off all that delicious ink
@OrigamiRobot Sounds insane
@YiJiang'sEvilClone I don't know, if I were to know kalina "in real life" and I knew she did illegal things and this was proved in tribunal and I failed to denounce her, wouldn't I be held as an accomplice?
1:57 PM
I didn't make that btw
@tiddy Jurassic Park?
My second favorite park
what is your first favourite park?
parks and rec
@kalina South Park?
Nick Park?
1:59 PM
parks and rec?
SP is 3rd
But seriously. I do feel rather happy I have obtained this comic. Now I just have to evaluate if the amount of utility I have gained from the consumption of this comic is sufficient to justify it's hefty price tag, like the good rational consumer I am suppose to be.
@tiddy Nick Park must be first then

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