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12:22 AM
I'll be trying to find you some flags, @studiohack :)
12:33 AM
awesome @MarkSzymanski :P
12:53 AM
@studiohack: This seem off topic to you?
Q: How do i connect a USB GSM modem to Asterisk?

MikeHi. I have a USB GSM modem(ZTE MF100 to be specific) and i want to wirte a program that could use my modem as a cell phone. I found: * how to send sms using AT commands; * how to make a sip/iax softphone and connect it to Asterisk(anyway, theres a problem that dlls im using is x86 and im sti...

@MarkSzymanski I'm not sure...I don't know enough about that to tell...let's wait on the community for this one...
he is asking a question lol. maybe too localized? @MarkSzymanski
Wait, it looks like SO material @studiohack.
> i want to wirte a program that could use my modem as a cell phone
Vote to migrate?
ohh, yeah you're right. I read that without realizing. good catch @MarkSzymanski! :)
yes, vote and then I'll move
12:56 AM
Voted, @studiohack.
and gone! :)
I wonder if we'll get anyone trying to migrate it back, @studiohack XD
lol @MarkSzymanski
studiohack loves Synergy's copy/paste feature
Where am I getting these popups from? o.o
1:01 AM
I'm only on Super User and GitHub, and I'm getting popup ads.
oh no!
that's bad @MarkSzymanski - better scan your rotten Mac! ;P
Nah, I don't think I will, @studiohack :)
And, I have to go for a while, talk to you later!
laters @MarkSzymanski!
2 hours later…
3:03 AM
@studiohack, I decided to flag the question because it was "rhetorical" as stated by Saxtus in a comment, and a rhetorical question can be flagged as "not a real question" because it specifies that "[t]his question is ambiguous, vague, incomplete, overly broad, or rhetorical and cannot be reasonably answered in its current form." What are your thoughts on this?
Q: Baking your graphic card in the oven... have you tried that already?

macThis is a follow-up question to my previous one on what is wrong with the graphic card of my laptop. As the card is practically dead, I am considering the possibility to try the bake-it-in-the-oven resuscitation technique. I just discovered about this on the interwebs, but by googling it it look...

3:18 AM
it is just a weird question overall, so if nothing else, it is too localized...i feel it is also sub/argumentative @DragonLord
and sorry, I'm not really available right now
@studiohack, thank you for your time. Good night...
np @DragonLord, just a little slow. good night! keep on flagging :)
3:32 AM
@studiohack: Not a real question?
Q: Is acquiring software from an external source a good practice or not?

ishaIs acquiring software from an external source a good practice to install or run on a test machine that is isolated with any internal network?

damn... minecraft is addictive
It seems extremely vague to me.
it is, and too open-ended...closed @MarkSzymanski - good work!
Thanks, @studiohack!
@MarkSzymanski: and somewhat incoherent. besides, most software is external :P
3:34 AM
I'm trying out Firefox 4. It's amazing.
Much nicer than Chrome.
Q: Why jumbo frames affects the performance of the server

performanceuserI am running some performance test for our product. Currently all the testing related machines(servers, file servers, clients, db) are on a 10G network connected by a powerful Dell OpenManage Switch. We are using iscsi for the file server. We have a cluster server that contains several nodes. ...

And, it shows a small indicator whenever there's a new chat message :)
@MarkSzymanski I LOVE FF4
yeah, have you gotten the Tab Badge addon @MarkSzymanski?
No, I haven't.
I'm going to see how long I can go without any extensions.
3:35 AM
I don't really need a badge, the small light-like indicator is great.
not even ABP? ;p
@JourneymanGeek: ABP, Ad Blocker? No. I don't care much about ads.
I don't go to many sites with them.
@MarkSzymanski: yup.
The only sites that do have ads that I visit have the beautiful kind. I.e. Fusion and Carbon ads.
ads make me want to vomit
3:41 AM
@studiohack Yes
@studiohack: If you saw this ad would you want to vomit? d.pr/ve9e
@MarkSzymanski yup
@Jacob thanks
@studiohack: Why?
I don't like any ads! they take up space, constantly getting me to waste my time with stuff I don't need or want or have time for...
</rant> end of discussion :P
Ah :P
3:42 AM
I hardly recognize SU with ads...lol
@studiohack's about to pull a Master control on us!
> end of line
@KronoS what happened? :P
Whoo! Deputy badge! :D
lol @KronoS I don't even know what that means (Master control) haha
3:48 AM
blah. i sliced open the finger i use for the trackpoint, and favour while typing
ooooooo sorry to hear @JourneymanGeek
@studiohack: this is why men shouldn't do housework ;p
@JourneymanGeek I do housework all the time :P
@KronoS I should have that....
@studiohack: my mom makes me help with kitchen prep. Its booooriiingggg
3:49 AM
I do that all the time man, its cool hahahaha
one moment, you zone out, and WHAM. blood all over the walls
@JourneymanGeek my wife makes me clean the kitchen all the time :P
my mom makes me help in the kitchen all the time :P
My dad makes me help him in the kitchen XD
He has been making my brother help him more now, since he actually likes cooking :P
4:09 AM
Goodnight, everyone.
night @MarkSzymanski
3 hours later…
7:27 AM
Got Vista or Win 7 and want to go back to XP? Here's what you leagally can do: http://is.gd/CkMQui #SuperUserBlog
vista to XP i can grok... 7 to XP... no way ;p
also superuser.com/questions/271152/cmis-desktop-clients the tagging on this is totally off
8:00 AM
It's Friday! LAN Party Time...
8:37 AM
Good morning everyone
The 'yesterday' 'two days ago' in my activity feeds aren't correct are they... they don't line up to midnights...? (Wheras the actual dates listed lower on down do)
9:02 AM
@PriceChild What is your time zone?
morning all
morning @DMA57361
gradually waking up now I have some coffee
@DanielBeck London. I may be wrong but it just doesn't seem right..
Morning all!
9:06 AM
For example, superuser.com/questions/270289/… says i posted it 'yesterday' wheras on my feed it is in 'two days ago'
(Coming in the middle of a chat...) I thought the site just uses UTC and javascript locally to work out the local time?
@PriceChild I'm 1 hour ahead of you and it says "1d" in your feed
Mmmm, coffee sounds good.
and "yesterday" for the post
@Mokubai There's still some left in the pot if you want some
9:09 AM
Anyone else actually having a productive morning for once?
though it was really the day before yesterday
@Mokubai A what now?
I know, I'd almost forgotten what they were too...
@DanielBeck Bah sorry yes.... too many feeds. Yes my activity feed is correct. My rep feed isn't.
Aaaand there's that productivity brick wall.
Well, it started well, especially for a Friday...
9:14 AM
@PriceChild This one's easy. Rep feed uses actual dates (i.e. April 15 = today), while everything else seems to use 24 hour periods (i.e. 23 hours ago = today). That's why the post and activity feeds say your post on April 13 was yesterday.
@Mokubai I think your mistake was logging in here ;-)
@DanielBeck Does that not sound silly to you? :-)
@PriceChild That is always a bad move, yes.
Is there a bug tracker somewhere or should that head to a meta? (I know its not really that important but its still a bug imo!!! :-P )
They should really award a platinum badge for more than 100 days consecutive visits... I'm already at 216 :-/
If you're not without internet access for 200+ days you are "Doing it wrong."™
9:22 AM
Where, except on foreign country vacations, am I without daily internet access?
@DanielBeck You mean you don't take your internet with you when you go abroad?!
@MattJenkins Wasn't on vacation since i got my iPhone, so I can't say for sure.
1 hour later…
10:37 AM
@PriceChild hehe
@Mokubai You haven't just spent an hour being productive have you?!
@MattJenkins I've been massively productive, gotten everything ready, then took a look around and realised I now have to spend the rest of the day waiting for someone else to order the bits I need to carry on... now to get on with something completely different :)
11:27 AM
@PriceChild I see posts tagged on meta with 'bug', I guess I'll do that.
evening folks
Hey @Sathya how goes?
11:44 AM
@Mokubai good, just got back from my sis's housewarming ceremony
Oh yeah, nice place?
@Mokubai yep, very nice :)
not too far away from the city
peaceful area
Not too far away, but just far enough away to be nice...
12:12 PM
Hi folks
Just got quotes for car insurance: Churchill: £562. Swiftcover: £309. Daft innit. Never liked that damn dog anyway. The meerkats came in at £331
@JourneymanGeek an advertising campaign used by "compare the market.com" (a price comparison site for car insurance in the UK)
@Linker3000 who did you use for comparing?
I found that confused.com is owned by churchill and they have a policy only available through that site which is cheaper - for me, it worked out cheapest by quite a bit
12:46 PM
@Wil Hi, tried them + elephant + moneysupermarket
I thought the meerkats would be a mystery to a few here!
Just re read my message... sorry... wrote that wrong... I meant confused is owned by admiral
admiral/elephant/bell are the same company and have cheaper policies through confused.com
More Than: £900.24 HAHAHAHAHAHA!
Charge More Than everyone else
Still, at least I'm not a young driver - the prices for insurance are insane
last time I looked at car insurance it ranged from about £250 right up to over 9 thousand pounds!!!
They were all between 250 and 700 pounds, except one that was about 9,200!
Insurance just feels like such a scam, but nothing you can do about it...
When I bought my first new car (from Ford), Ford offered to insure it for a couple of K more than I bought it for...
@Wil Tell me that when you drive into me.
12:59 PM
@PriceChild ... I never said people shouldn't have protection, but I would rather pay £5k or similar once off and any claims are taken out of that... (ok, I don't really know a better alternative)... but, it doesn't seem fair in the slightest that when someone crashed in to the back of me, my premiums went up as they classified me as a higher risk as some people are more likely to have an accident after being hit!
found the screenshot I took of it ;)
@Wil agreed, definitely not fair your premium going up if it wasn't your fault.... unless the accident (by a similarly aged/located/etc. driver) caused billions of pounds of damage, resulting in your bracket's premiums going up 8-)
@PriceChild Just at a light, someone went in to the back of me... they wanted just to pay to a garage, but... I have a 4x4 with wheel on the back and that got pushed in, dented the back door slightly and it was going to cost quite a bit, so it had to go to insurance.... but, it is the same at EVERY insurance, next time you mess around with quotes, if you put a no fault claim on, you will see your prices go up!
My mum got a new car and said I could drive it if I got insurance, but I don't think I will be doing it anytime soon!...
!!! Yikes
@Wil meh yeah, it gets about "if i get this fixed properly, it costs £X but will mean £Y more in premiums for the next 3 years... which is cheaper" which isn't nice
1:05 PM
@PriceChild i just think it is still a scam, I got everything back - didn't take my excess as it was the other persons fault, but my premiums still go up!!! I wouldn't, but I wonder if technically you could sue the other driver for the difference for the next 3 years as it is a cost that is pretty much their fault :/
car insurance in this country is completely arse-about-face.
@Linker3000 crossing my fingers that it is cheaper next year when I am 25! but it is a class 8(or 9, the one before highest) vehicle so very expensive!
You're not insuring your car against damage, like you do in other countries - you're insuring you against causing damage to others.
In sweden you insure the car, not the driver.
@Wil Yep, not fair. I don't know :-(
Anyone can drive it without needing insurance of their own
1:07 PM
@MattJenkins This happens over here with company cars... as long as you've got the relevant paper work and are an employee. So its not unheard of.
Hmm... Aurora has gotten a single spell-check result stuck at hte top of all context menus. Awesome.
Is it "Peripatetic"?
"Traveling from place to place, esp. working or based in various places for relatively short periods"
one of my favourite words... especially when coupled with "Monkeys"
1:24 PM
A radio "panel show" once asked the guests to suggest their 'most evocative phrase' and the winner was judged to be "Over the hills and far away"
Another good word is "Moist"...
moist peripatetic monkeys....
1:36 PM
ubiquitous moist peripatetic monkeys
2:20 PM
we have peripatetic monkeys
I do not want to know if they are moist
superuser.com/questions/271293/sat-exam-in-mws i'm not sure if this counts as being localised, not a proper SU question or just plain junk ;p
2:38 PM
@JourneymanGeek Well, they're going to fail the module on "Using Search Engines"
lol. wierdly, one of the schools i went to had a... shockingly worthwhile module on library skills that included that
2:56 PM
@JourneymanGeek its junk
It mentions the Stack Exchange...awesome
3:49 PM
What a fun backup:
Pool is 705.27GB comprising 1251627 files and 4369 directories (as of 4/15 01:05)
Holy Crap that's big!!!
hey @Linker3000 I'm looking to put together a NAS for backup of a Doc's office... got any suggestions?
they'll be hosting their own EMR system so data will be growing at a semi significant rate
@KronoS Well, I was overruled in my choice of kit and had to go for an HP storageworks box which, IMHO, was way over priced. I was looking at a Thecus unit which was about 1/3 the cost - hang about...
Thecus N8800PRO, 16TB - £2502.55 (3 yr ) - £2807.55 (5 yr)
8 x 2TB WD RE4 discs
(upgradeable to 10GbE)

That cost included on-site warranty (3 or 5 year)
Hmmm rack mount won't work here... they don't have a sufficient rack
@KronoS Ah!
but I was looking at this:
3:57 PM
Hmm - don't know those ones. Start here...
(Thecus deskmount kit)
By the time we'd bought a storageworks box, a host server and the disks etc. we were at about £14K - FFS!
The IT Director is in his comfort zone with HP kit - that's a bl**dy expensive comfort zone though!
ya I'd say so
I was aiming to buy TWO Thecus units for each site and have a local DR spare and a remote async copy - 4 units would have been waaay cheaper than 2 HP solutions.
ya for sure... so these NAS devices... do they run an OS?
and can I use an SSD as a buffer?
@KronoS Most of them run some vanilla or tweaked Linux - that 705GB backup is PART(!) of one of our NAS boxes and I can login via ssh and the backup is done via rsync. Not sure about SSD buffer support. If you want to roll your own: openfiler.com
The HP storageworks box has a 512MB flash-based write cache.
Oooo thousand pounds is too much
4:25 PM
@KronoS You still after messy work area photos?
I still haven't got round to this bit yet - I inherited it, I hasten to add.
thanks @Linker3000 updated the post
@KronoS Linky?
@KronoS Nice!
Anyway, I'm off home how - apparently the main road's partially blocked due to a vehicle fire so wish me luck! Laters.
oh man good luck @Linker3000
4:48 PM
I can show you cables if I had a camera. ^^
5 hours later…
9:30 PM
pretty quiet today
9:40 PM
10:05 PM
afternoon @digitxp
Thinking about getting a job :-/
how hard is that, where you are?
10:19 PM
Eh...I live in the middle of nowhere and I need papers, so... not really if I can find one
papers @digitxp? meaning? (if you don't mind my asking, that is)
Working papers.
Because I'm in HS
I'm sure somebody out there has a crappy website and realizes it...
ah ha...okay
not to toot my own horn, but I am a pretty good web designer for my age B-)
that's something to be proud of @digitxp, especially for your age
10:50 PM
@MarkSyzymanski: please don't use such strong wording, are not welcome here, try something else, such as thus off-topic here
11:06 PM
Alright, thanks for the advice @studiohack!
np! :)
@MarkSzymanski your blog post will be posted next week
@KronoS: Yep, I heard ^_^
Thanks ^^
@KronoS told him :)

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