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12:37 AM
@IvoFlipse QUIT IT. you're gonna get permabanned lol
3 hours later…
3:32 AM
@GeorgeEdison I revised your community promotion ad for the VLC posts
let me know what you think. i made it more like the other blog ads, but would be happy to change it if you'd like
3:52 AM
hey @KronoS
4:23 AM
@nhinkle: Looks good!
thanks @GeorgeEdison!
glad you like it
@nhinkle I like the Chrome ad too.
thanks :)
let me know if you have any suggestions for changes to either
4:35 AM
Hmmm... Microsoft's Web Platform Installer is extremely slow.
It's been running for over two hours now.
2 hours later…
6:07 AM
hey @nhinkle can you do me a favor?
in a sec @KronoS
lol ok... it's fine, cuz I'm not ready for it yet :P
@KronoS, what can I do for you?
well almost done with the post that waiting to be published and wanted you to look at it @nhinkle
On the blog? I'll go check it out as soon as you give me the go-ahead
6:17 AM
ya on the blog... just putting final touches now
@studiohack you need to show me sometime how to move messages between rooms
aight @nhinkle it's ready for ya...
lemme know..
I just schedule it to go live in about a half hour...
@KronoS which post is it?
Organize your space...
got it
it says you're currently editing it
is it ok if i make changes?
6:25 AM
try again...
@nhinkle Yep! just don't make me look stupid on purpose... I kinda have a small repertoire to keep up
sweet, good to go
@KronoS hold on
mind if I add a blurb under "throw away your old crap" encouraging people to recycle their electronics properly, not put them in the trash?
Ah good idea... got any suggestions?
they're big on electronics recycling around here; in fact, it's law in Oregon that you can't throw away CRTs, TVs, and other electronics in the trash
I'm planning to do a post about electronics recycling and reuse at some point in the not-very-soon future
Arizona is the kinda state that say take it out and shoot it til there's nothing left and it's apart of the soil again... that's our recycling
6:28 AM
Go ahead and a blurb saying to look for recycling and that we'll be covering how exactly soon...
almost done blurbing
oh and @IvoFlipse are you serious about portal 2? if so how do you wanna go about it?
how's this @KronoS?
> When disposing of old electronics, make sure not to just throw them in the trash, either. Computer parts have a lot of dangerous heavy metals and other elements in them, and should be recycled appropriately. Check with your local waste disposal center ahead of time to see what options they have for recycling.
> Some states even require by law that electronics be disposed of safely! Also, you can sometimes make a buck selling old parts online. There isn't a huge market for old parts, but a Pentium 4 can fetch upwards of $20 on eBay. We will have a more detailed article on computer reuse and recycling in the coming months.
(it's all one paragraph; chat wouldn't let me put it all in at once)
just like this is:
still reading the rest of the post
i want some of those boots :P
@KronoS, post updated
6:35 AM
are you done editing?
yep @KronoS
6:46 AM
l8rs thanks @nhinkle
goodnight @KronoS
nice post :)
43 messages moved from Root Access
3 hours later…
9:48 AM
btw @MattJenkins whenever you have time, please have a look at that post from Mark to put him out of misery
k will do
awesome :) much appreciated
@arjan @DanielBeck recommend having you as a buddy on the Apple department on the Super User blog. What do you think?
So, I'm now on to a "How much more memory does 64-bit use?" blog post eh? :D
haha, technically I don't think any
it uses what it needs
w00t we're already over 50% of the page views from last week :)
10:07 AM
Awesome going
ah! that worked :D
A buddy, @IvoFlipse, is @DanielBeck feeling ill?
welcome @Arjan
how does that look?
@Arjan That's what I get for advertising your knowledge?
10:10 AM
True, I like to have all Apple OS X related things back at SU (retake them from from apple.se!)
it looks great @MattJenkins
well @Arjan let's start off by appealing to the crowd then :)
Sorry, @DanielBeck, I've just never seen the word buddy used in any other way than caring or mentoring. You didn't need that, until today ;-)
Btw if anyone has any questions for @yhw42 --> Check the Google Docs in the sidebar
Doh! Page Not Found
Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn't here. Go [to] home
At least the word [to] was there ;-)
Oh, sorry, that link was for @IvoFlipse, not for @me
@Arjan d'oh ;)
10:12 AM
(Wondering how I got to be in the blog editor room!)
@Arjan I clicked it too ;)
I can add you to the blog users @Arjan if you promise the bloggify your faborite Apple question
Now I see, @DanielBeck, that does make me feel sick too. I need a buddy!
I used a secret function @Arjan ==> try @@ someid+name
My faborite Apple questions go unanswered ;-)
(Where's @DanielBeck when you need him!)
10:16 AM
@IvoFlipse I'm not sure what kinds of posts are appropriate for the blog. Any advice there? TBH, I can't even see blog posts of mine like those the Macworld guys published on the SU blog. They don't seem to fit somehow...
what we generally do is take a question and add context, details and your personal opinion
I liked the OS X/Unix signals question that made it into the blog
But there aren't a whole lot like those around
(Hehe, as for my last comment at superuser.com/questions/122352/…, hence not backing up my messages? No thanks! [...] Mail.app (which has GREAT integration with Time Machine by the way). — I had my first full Time Machine restore a few weeks ago. Including buying and installing the new disk, it took me less than 3 hours!
well @Arjan you can write up a nice OSX centered post about back ups ;)
I've to admit that I first need to read some of the articles on the blog. (I'm also still hanging around at MSO rather than MSU, shame on me?)
10:21 AM
@DanielBeck we can also turn it around, write a blog post first, then create a question that fits it and post a summary as an answer + a link to the blog
True, @IvoFlipse, I guess I could combine many of the TM questions into one "Do you know all of the Time Machine secrets?" (Like I love my redundant TM disks, but many just trust in one disk they keep close to their computer....)
There are blog posts not connected to any questions though, right? Like the VLC posts, the browser comparison, and the "Why I switched browsers" post.
@Arjan if you love something --> its worth blogging about ;)
besides @Arjan since you're from the MSO crowd, @KronoS wanted posts about how to ask questions and such
2 days ago, by KronoS
Here are somethings that I would like to see this week:

1. A post everyday again.
2. I'm going to be doing the first WTF post this week, but please be thinking ahead for more ideas in this departement.
3. Productive Thurday hasn't started yet, anybody wanna take it on?
4. I would like to see a post about the maintance or actual use of SU (i.e. asking proper questions, how to edit, answering the best way
Well, I'd LOVE to have a good Time Machine for Windows XP. Man, I cannot get Rebit to run on my dad's computer, and how do I know I can trust it...?
yeah they don't have to be @DanielBeck
There's a pinned message in the the sidebar, that's shows most of the ideas we've had so far
10:25 AM
(Productive Thursday indeed hasn't started yet at my desk here... Ai!)
Tell me about it @Arjan ;P Guess I'll have to stay up till 3 AM again...
As for point 4: isn't a blog too static for that, or are you envisioning keeping it updated?
Currently everyone writes drafts and if possible notifies the others in the Google Docs. We then schedule the posts so we make sure we have at least one post every day and possibly more at some point
@Arjan you of all people know best that things change over time, so if there's a major change, we'll blog about it ;)
there's far too many users who never read MSO let alone MSU and Jeff certainly doesn't blog about every minor feature change
we could ask @yhw42 to help you write a 'definitive' post about how to use the review tools effectively ;)
@IvoFlipse I sure hope it was you who just assigned my password -- otherwise, I'm afraid you might have a stalker
why? don't you agree that I'm awesome? just ask @Arjan what his password is then ;P
10:38 AM
Wow, I am not sure if I can remember "IvoHerebyPromisesYouBigMoney". Have to cash quickly, so I can change it!
that last part depends on what nice things you write about ;)
Q: Community promotion sponsorship -- new game releases for community members

Jeff AtwoodIt's experiment time! We'd like to try the following -- with help from the moderators and community leaders. When a new "big" game is released, provide (x) copies of it gratis to gaming.se community members in good standing, with (y) rep minimum. The game should be ordered by a community leade...

11:27 AM
@IvoFlipse, I have no need for any password, but if you seriously sent some credentials: I didn't see any. So, verify the recipient then?
I used your SU email address which you probably never read :P
If it looks like the Dutch word for rain, then yes, it should be delivered? But if you just clicked the email address then all should be fine, eventually. (I just clicked it myself and it is correct.)
lol I had to think on that one ;P (the word for rain)
well there's no rush, my main message is: write about what you love about Apple products and if you can relate that to Super User, then all will be well ;)
Surely there are some posts in here that are worth transforming or merging into blog posts?
and you should totally do a post about: 10 obscure features a Stack Exchange newbie should know about! (getting edited, closed questions, migrations blablabla)
and we just got tab completion in comments!
As an aside: maybe your email is one of the 90,23% spam that my providers just blocks, according to this: xs4all.nl/klant/veiligheid/statistieken.php (It's not in my own junk folder though, so I doubt that. Most spam is tagged, but still delivered to me.)
hmmm :\ I could try adding it again and just let it ignore the confirmation email
11:44 AM
Tab completion...? Tried, but no cigar.
strange, if you type slower, it gives me a popup to complete it
Password noted, @IvoFlipse So now you're forcing me to login, to change it, hmmm. That opens some gates to, not very non-productive Thursdays!
naah, take your time
I'm going back to work :P
besides I spotted your answers on MSO, mr non-productive Thursdays
Don't go now! You mean auto-complete of @name in comments, on the regular sites?
11:47 AM
(Browsing MSO is not very productive, err...)
Hmmm! Need a different browser then...?
Or I need a diamond!
Not some user script you happen to have installed?
perhaps they're slowly rolling it out, to test it first
oh, darn that must be it :@
SO DISSAPOINTED! Need a buddy, like @DanielBeck.
ffs, those stupid user scripts from Rebecca are far too rogue
11:50 AM
I'm not using it, but this kind of appeals to me: stackapps.com/questions/2116/pro-forma-comments
I guess @GeorgeEdison could write a blog post about great Stack Apps
I have it installed, but I like the sound of my own voice too much to use someone else's words :P
But first, @GeorgeEdison, should fix the image rot. (No, not related to the free hand circle tool, but ALL OTHER image rot. We all know he can do the job.)
stackexchange should just scrape all images and resubmit them if they're not on their own account
who uses Chrome 10 anyway, Chrome 12 is all the rage nowadays
12:07 PM
who uses Firefox 4 anyway, Firefox 6 is way more awesome
Sad that you can't say that for IE, unless it leaks with W8...
@Arjan You're too late for your diamond. This could have been your chance.
12:30 PM
What, @DanielBeck, no diamonds without any further obligation? Pfff, where has this world come to! ;-)
(@IvoFlipse, you're right that in the end only SE knows which imgur.com images are on the non-expiring SE account, and which are not. We need to keep the pressure on though!)
12:54 PM
there's a platform preview for IE10 @TomWijsman
even easier @Arjan would be to scrape the images and keep a local backup if need be :P
you can bet that Microsoft is looking into ways of letting Office run 'natively' through the browser
Compiling an optimized version of Firefox 6 right now, it looks like it is doing it incrementally so won't take that long this time I guess...
1:10 PM
RT @ivoflipse5: Is your work space a mess? #SuperUserBlog has some advice to organize your space to be more productive http://is.gd/Ryxkf9
1:51 PM
hey @IvoFlipse you still here?
if I need to be :)
lol just wanted to make a few comments...
first the views on the blog are way better than I expected for today
wonder why wed is always a slow day
Also re: portal 2 is that still an option?
the easiest way would probably to have me buy a bundle and give them away
ok... lemme know when
also it looks like I won't be able to do the CPU cooking for WTF friday
basically I just need to put some grant money on my bank account so I can use it to pay (its in a savings account atm)
well, we have a whole bunch of posts we could do
1:55 PM
Ya and theres also the dell vs hp post
we just need to create such posts some time in advance, so when we have 2 or 3 of them, we know we'll be able to maintain it for a longer period of time
Agreed this week has been crazy for me and the next few will be also. Getting towards the end of the semester
I'll probably buy a two pack for Portal 2
and if someone else writes a couple of blog posts and/or questions/answers on Gaming, I'll simply pay for the game later on
I'll be able to maintain and review posts and write a few here and there but really need to focus on school a bit
the same here, I really need to get a first alpha-ish version before the end of the month
if you intern with me, I'll force you to dedicate 1 day per week to blogging :P
1:59 PM
Lol sounds like a deal
and now I'm back to figuring out how to control matplotlib images
@KronoS: It might be interesting to write a second article in the near future "Organize your storage to be more productive".
Where you turn that Desktop and Documents folder fill of files into neat Folder/Library Structure.
2:25 PM
@TomWijsman that's a very good idea! and one that I really need to work on myself
and so does @IvoFlipse from what I can tell from the dropbox :P
what? that I like to organize things in folders?
Meh, Firefox is taking so long to compile again, guess I need to read about incremental compilation next time.
@IvoFlipse I'm talking about the slew of articles just lying in the "recommended Reading" was a mess til I came along
pfff, I share my books and I get complaints in return? :P
besides, it took a lot of reading to even know what to put in there
and I'm glad you did :)
and then I come along and with my OCD tendencies see them and go: AHHHHHHH!!!!!
2:36 PM
well I'm glad you put them in folders ;P
me too lol
Q: organize files and projects

dsgHow do you organize your disk for your projects? I find that I spend a lot of time looking for files, which adds extra overhead to my work. I keep trying to implement organization schemes, but they end up being too complex or inconsistent, and so I typically end up putting stuff in ~/temp and w...

hmmm I actually think this could be a useful question is reworded correctly...
I think I'll takle that on in just a bit... have to head to class here in a sec
Write a blog post first, think about fixing that one later
@IvoFlipse I'm actually gonna ask question on file management software...
good like :)
looking for something that I can assign a "category" and it'll move and organize accordingly
would also be nice to have something that I can mass edit file names
so like foo.bar.1.1
2:52 PM
Hmm, the two most recent post could use read more links. :)
make[1]: Leaving directory /c/Users/TomWij/mozilla-central'`
That means... My optimized Firefox 6 Pre Alpha version has done compiling! :)
seen this @TomWijsman?
@studiohack: Yes.
Hmm, looks like this build is broken, how sad...
Oh wait...
Works, the libraries where cached so I had to log out and in again.
SunSpider: 275.1 ms +/- 3.6% --> 264.2ms +/- 3.5%
Kraken: 6446.9ms +/- 0.7% --> 6014.1ms +/- 1.5%
V8: 3716 --> 3899
Peacekeeper: 4465 -> 5421
3:18 PM
@IvoFlipse did mark's post get fixed up?
yes, @MattJenkins fixed it
k scheduled for qotw on mon
Now that the new Firefox is in place, I'm going to move downstairs and get working on
yesterday, by Ivo Flipse
yeah someone write me a good post on junction tools
Whoever wants to take the challenge: I want a post on the elements of an excellent answer vs a basic answer
will you have and interview setup and ready @IvoFlipse?
good idea
I want @Wil to finish up his :@
3:28 PM
@Wil you still haven't finished!!!!
quit your spy duties and get cracking :P
2 hours later…
5:11 PM
I see I'm scheduled for a StackApps post now.
What exactly should the post contain?
5:29 PM
so @IvoFlipse I got an internship... kinda
lol... it's a research opportunity at the University... so I can still work with you
6:05 PM
interesting, what kind of research?
what would you want to write about @GeorgeEdison?
doing an analysis of before and after performance of a doctor's office implementing an EMR system
so just statistics I reckon?
well actually not entirely
we'll be putting together the process of tracking it
possibly writing software (i.e. maybe an iPad app for tracking time spent on a certain process)
but there definitely stats involved as well
6:26 PM
ah right, so you have to get your hands dirty :P
the 'best' way would be if you could keylog the software and track the input, doesn't get more accurate than that
6:39 PM
Well actually right now we're tracking the paper trail process and trying to figure that out
ah, built them an app to make it paperless :P
@IvoFlipse what do you think about a homemade NAS post?
I'd like to built one that's for sure :P
or setup
though I would probably use an old computer for it
6:44 PM
just sent an email to drobo and asked if we could review one of their products
@IvoFlipse but is that fast enough?
what if you want to stream h.264 content?
I just need easy access to the HDDs, it doesn't have to run the content itself
@Ivo: What did you have in mind?
Just any StackApps apps that interest me?
Just the ones I wrote?
whatever you think help users do great things ;)
perhaps mention several
Well, I'll have to skip the iPhone / iPod / iPad ones - I don't have any of those.
I do @GeorgeEdison I can test if need be
6:53 PM
Well, I think the best idea is for me to finish the other article first.
anyway, I'll be back later
7:07 PM
Did you guys change the CSS since last time?
The quotes are sticking against the paragraphs...
7:24 PM
Need an opinion...
I'm liking Windows Live Writer... it's very neat...
Apr 7 at 15:26, by Tom Wijsman
After that, I'll get on to the performance posts. I've got a mail that I'm in the Soluto Alpha and I'm allowed to release a post about it's new features once the next Soluto Beta releases. Those could most likely easily fit in the performance posts as the easy way of troubleshooting things...
I like your post on SSDs so far :)
@TomWijsman Ah, sorry, didn't mean to step on toes... I can delete if you were going to take on Soluto...
I'm going to read it, don't delete it permanently.
I've just received my Alpha mail...
@Mokubai: Just leave it in place for the moment, it could still be useful.
7:31 PM
will do, if you want to take it over/delete it then feel free :)
It just depends on if they changed the Boot feature in a way it could invalidate information.
If not, your article could be useful as a first in a series...
I'm going to leave it under your name if I would post it.
Cool, let me know how it goes. I'm curious as to the PC Genome think it hints at...
If you overhaul it then I'm happy for it to be in your name, I'm not that attached to it ^_^
I like your post nonetheless, so nobody delete it :P
I wonder why it's always me that has the CSS problems. :/
7:36 PM
I was mainly using it to play with Windows Live Writer to be honest, see what it could do and all that.
Let's see what's up for grabs in the google docs then :)
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